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David Wallace From The Office 07/09/16

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It's Saturday Let's Get Weird with actor Andy Buckley aka David Wallace from The Office. Mount Rushmore of all time Office characters are discussed as well as the entire PMT crew and Andy reading a script from an episode.
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Welcome to it's Saturday. Let's get we're just a reminder for everyone. There we're trying out this Saturday morning, format fifteen to twenty minutes loose having your gas talking about weird stuff, not the usual, show things we pro. I want you every Saturday night, but we are going to let you know when a new Saturday shows coming we let you know yesterday, so here's your new show today its anti buck the Uk David Wallace, you should check out, though, his new show its Bravo Monday nights odd, MA I'm out. He said that it is the perfect receives the first show by women for guys Yeah just cover women sit around making a show for deeds talking about men. So it's perfect for you guess it's perfect watch it watch it. Your girlfriend. I want you with your wife. Have a great time, and here Is it salary? Let's get weird
eighty Buckley decayed David was party, might take I argue that son of a bitch, that's an here. We go. Where were you that's a weird? We have special guest. Eighty Buckley a K, David Walls, he just gonna talk over me. That's fine, though, because that's what this is. Let's just start, I feel You have something you want to get off your chest.
I don't even know what it may be, but if it's, what what's your beef right now, I beg Be nice, it's actually it's a discovery. I know Pierre. he's real name and everybody. It is. Lorenzo Actually, I think I should change my name to Lorenzo because that's a much poorer name them aroun, absolutely look on your base. Just then working started with that. Oh, my God is he. What does he about to? Do? see you, I'm still hold to add things in my place my oldest son. Who had so funny, I'm trying to find? I get a picture I want to show. You only get show uses time of us the field man, and when he was four years old? We I can't see you thou, so why don't you ready? I shall just say great picture, because I know what really looks like. I know what you are like out or you're. Some looks like I'm assuming it looks like half of you
In addition, the ballpark, but a bang. Well any change. My agent I got your password. Is that are changed apparently am I don't know by the end of this I'll get on there. This is unless technically savvy than I as the last time we spoke, which, if that's even possible, that's, I dont know how that's possible. But let's start with this: where are you are you? Are you in southern California? I'm in the sitting. In the exact same chair with the exact same computer with the exacting stuff on the wall. Behind me, then April. First, two thousand fifty and when we were signing up an end starting this call. You are completely about all these child locks. You the budgetary locks on your computer. Why does that stop you from being established exactly I don't know how they get set up, but I do them.
I guess I do they automatically do them. My son. Does them on me, but he knows how to get around them cite some. I can't figure out this Skype Thing wild. I wait. We here's with having your son is preventing you from looking at porn because he wants a brother. So he's a dad, don't don't use it. I dont wasted wasted. You're, probably right I have no idea what you're talking about. This already start off to be a wild show last lasting instead of always start Little hello, my Toronto bodies, who I referenced, the resin brothers. Benny, Sammy and MAX what up tell us what is the praises re right now. There there there are the ones. Tell me all about pardon my take. Ok, you know her. and here we are again hello, fellas prison
It aren't lady and listeners I'll even off that counts. We Itunes rakings. I don't think they have. I tunes Canada, so we actually oppression amber we'll just say we appreciate yes string, that's tied to like a glass roof. Crown Royal that side, you neither last, as other communicating, think that's basic glee at eight, That's, let's do this, let's see you know we do Mount Rushmore Saint on the show, so we pick a topical, we and we created debate out of thin air it at the top. or of of a different thing. What do you want? My Rushmore did I, let's do list, you amount Rushmore with you. What were we? I guess I do you guys come up with it, but I'll tell you. One thing I think is a ridiculous is always Olympics and golf. You guys golfers little bit little obey media olympics. Does it's not golf like?
of your golfer. I grew up a government to be entourage. I got two planes and big events. Big deal. They'll be where you do now, I played the: U S: amateur played in a major I don't know this man, I'm fucking am enow. Unlike all kinds of letters to me, baby, it's too bad. You get gets its funding to see you guys you get. I can't believe I can set up. Don't even see me, nobody it does seem silly always say You want to win the british open. You want to win the masters running the Uso in fucking care about the Olympics. This is my thought. You know it's a golf, never been a part of it. It's like track and field. let's sit overweight, lifting it swimming. It's all that, in a very same like let's do the Math Rushmore of arms exports that we should get rid of all. Should we do about Rushmore Olympic Sports that we should add. or should we talk about cabin Durrant? Nobody is
I'd. Have you want? I want given regular calendar it like shit. other sports. I say we talk about the top five drinks, I see you can't see it. I got a little article harem written about the top five drinks. It does. It really feel person. What do you say you're like a lot of visual uses, shopping us, give referencing things, I have a whole mural, it's really too bad. You guys outward now you're fucking without I can't believe I can't do this. This is. I'm giving one last night, What are you guys pick them others to try it in the caravan Andy, its university. I you're gonna, do a parental controls once make some changes, type the administrators name and password to allow this- and I believe,
come up with every year. now. This is I've gotta and parental control. Could you know your son becoming like a cam girl? That's exactly and he's express, its interest in that, and I like we gotta, be managed at that doubt going wait till he seventy manner. You would what what Rushmore does yeah Forest Phd I was gonna say We could do more Rushmore of office characters. Oh ok, let's do You know I was on that issue: even better the rigour I want to start you guys, dark. As I don't know, the format are then our Rushmore of Office, characters with David Wallace himself, ominous start. I want to start with because Scott, but I want to be clear that all my mom Rushmore, it's Michael Scott, with the Jamaican beads in his hair. So that's just gonna throw out their Todd. Packer.
He's. Obviously I'm I'm on my love tat. That's actually really good choice. I was gonna, take tat, maybe even number one overall Todd's, a guy that definitely like. punch from nerves with us, because we hate nerds on the show by the way we're not book guys out of in. You know that road blocks there, hey man, I area vote and with the auto works it sir, are you getting paid for that plug? I am not, but I hope to get you know me. We'll get an audible book in the mail. you're killing you know you download books like they don't have mounted anymore. That's that's kind of their wholesale. What I actually think that, like that I would work in your house all because we ve had so many weird things happen in twenty minutes. Technology wise, I think, you're, the first man ever who would get an audible book mailed to you, yeah nature and rifle this any ajax right, yeah fuck it with this guy you getting at
my more rational way, so my Rushmore, so this is a we're coming up with like the greatest moments. Are the greatest characters care his yeah? That's C Mon Rushmore gadget. What we come up with four yeah yeah, that's up, that's all you got to be with you explained about Rushmore after restarted my Rushmore, I actually my big Kelly, poor guy. I think I it is. Credit for being who areas, especially where her relationship with Ryan. and then are you making over me. He worked My favorite color was when she was like I'm praying and then they start cut to earn she's like that. This thing I'm gonna pod gasp look at you I know in my favorite is, is when she gets. she says a princess dies. Funeral was like the satisfying Roma time that my sisters, applause underrated, great Davis. and my last my fourth
person on the Mouth Rushmore. I you know, Dwight is to Amelie's Dwight, wait for you guys. I, like any Bernard Nardoo Bernardo Guy, good good. Will I'm gonna start with I've got prison MIKE, as number one number two I've got date MIKE nice to meet me. You jerk I can do that right. I got residual you guys. It's Michael Michael scorn. number three and then number four, I'm just gonna do tell me just areas, somebody else, so Very those easy I was very easy. I envy your eye. If I have it here which again doesn't work, because it's a fucking podcast but my this visually feeling podcast we had up paying pictures were their words as far I Michael Scott What is the name of his movie, the MIKE the Michael's? Oh my god, the Michael scar. What has it done.
The movie that he made right level midnight level man I am. I have the poster. While causing the guy so. After listening to this, which you are because this applaud gas and he's got the poster he has shown to us yet, but you can imagine man. I gotta he's gotta go now we're gonna stop to to see us a majority of us. It's now tell you, can you expect? Why do you know what I gladly because this podcast sponsored by audible, please described the poster too you know what you're at home, you can just google it and brain up on Google and just see. Imagine a world where Michael Scar gypsy. You had date date MIKE prison MIKE. Tell me he scorned and trying to start nobody, I guess I gotta go. I got it. We gotta get to wait a little Lucia, Holly lonely
I sent me she was a girl, Michael Scott Female. Scott Crap, When you made your anger Bernard itself, funny there is a scene and what was the episode? I can't remember what it was, but it was a scene where he comes in with a cheese, tray and Michael is hiding underneath the cheese tray. Because he has answered no talking to Jim. And he had Michael's panic that anything. Jim is selling him out, which is in fact doing the opposite. And and I mean he had ever came. Andrew Bernard came in and I mean he had a laughing that I'd. There was then that I realize holy shit. He so frightened. honey? I can't believe because he had all of us laughing for thirty minutes including the crew like everybody, just couldn't stop laugh in the way he kept doing. these scenes, which
sound telling that is almost bad is like something on a par gas, because he has just told us that all else knows it's gonna work behind the scenes stuff here that I am shocked that nobody has taken Kevin alone yet, but where would you go either? You know that we are going to have to go to anchor, goes well. The Hank you're a handsome son of a bitch Sadly, let's go where I don't even know if I've ever seen a picture of you but since its handsome Hank I am thinking I'd whew woven Holly. First, the up, You had you're stuck I'm offering loss on. I M really Andrew Bernard story. Gonna, throw see you know you had
He had GM talking jam was great the option to secure energy. Two of these Yet there are you, taking out, praises the dinner party like Windows, that dancing to hunters music. If took me by the hand, Jan Post job or pre job pretty important. I guess post because she just got even more insane. She Elizabeth, I know this will be great, also state where my stretch pants almost all moving together. Only through the part where you fire general How can you just like you remember, Signa Cassio, Not that's not. The reason is because of these. No, it's not When I look at the camera. Those like the first time I looked at the carers. It was fun but that's about all I get. I was crazy
My eyes were stuck on you like will get to Threeg or by not being I may go with Kevin Malone specifically when he says I am I totally bang Holly Armada. Guy. If I had to pick where they recover more, it's the chilly job. Children have lapsed so hard on ethnic. I think minors phones or that's an Eminem, If anyone out there hasn't listen to the office of them, watch the office. This has to be the worst podcast its ever been created. the invitations there are. You came. Take myself, you sounds great, though as any other times it somewhat major, laugh What lies behind the scenes? Still Well, when you work with them, I mean you just burst out laughing with sea. I would burst eleven him all the time.
The steep, Michael scarred, Michael Scorn, the Avis number. I do our your skull. I'm going to show it to you. You should go home, Move Broadsheets com right. The guy have his number I'll come on. That's big! Look it up we can't you in a look it up. As e mail got like such a friend zone. I'm not even whatever whatever it's, not a friend's, it's like a lesson of friends I've got a person's you. Now come on you have his number. Lorenzo I don't! I don't like it whose it was famous person. Your cell was famous Harrison in my cell phone,
I can't see some wine I don't know. I think I got more Wahlberg number in here. Would you can we call Mark he day he didn't really return any God like now, see returned a couple, but Spend hours there was years ago away, let me see, I don't I get the shifting and I will just unleash the worse parson accents of recall. Emma imagine going to call me back in my kid. I got plan number. you have kept Malone's number think I do have Malone's number but it's actually a guide and kept him alone. It's not right. This is this. Is this is great for air time.
How do you know where we are in the shower? we are at I hadn't or the need for clarity I had I haven't. Wait Holly and who else I'd take Holly Catherine, Jan Post boot, job host, boob job. And then, Then. I guess I gotta go. We mention I technical, I guess I gotta go David walls can only. I know it. I think it's like a football player playing with themselves and man. You have to wait, it's like if you don't it's like a Donald Trump laid down from the level for himself. Well, since you know your its active ballplayer play with himself. That's, yet it's exactly what but are being how I gotta play with myself and without
There was a concise, well put together Route Rushmore about the shattered it. What's your pants, Hank hangs out. Now, right here, Number one I got Cree Breton now ago, nicely dancer Ryan hours. at which rye an hour ago, the tenth of the the bottom line, however, when he was corporate Ryan Howard, I like the temporary Howard to corporate. I like him after he came back, ok, they're tearing it ahead pad tie. There are of choice that, when of a I just wait, There you go really now did it. The thing is Hank really. Cells is well why he is behind him very passionate, good job, you just as the words I hate to see two says it comes out with it is you can tell he's like. I would get him.
At this the earthquake. here. I must give you four names. Reason this war, always has ulterior motives? He wants go golf right now so that let us wrap it up. What look? Let's get some final thought so. Do you actually know what a final picture. You want to show us that we can do about it. I show you what I showed you this trip back earlier, yeah right through this again Only fitting that I show you a Stanley nickel boom please go sailing echo folks. They like two, if it's possible I'd like to act in a scene with these Erika. Let's do it. I to end the it's Saturday. Let's get weird episode, which has been very weird. We are now going to do a script reading from the office. It is from the broke episode when David Wallace negotiates the purchase of my Scott paper company- if
are any Hollywood agents out there, one a call we judge spot. We just saw the script for the first time and I can tell you right now can be dynamite, so here David Annie Andy Barclays, playing David walls. Naturally, he's playing Charles what I've even to know a character until now, Pierre He is playing Michael Sky, and I M playing pan. So let's do it action, because the situation. You're companies for weeks all. I know this business, I know its suppliers are charging and they can't be making very much money prices are low, but I know you can't keep up that way. I'm sure, scared, probably in debt. What's the best offer you gonna get. I'll, see your situation and raise your situation. you're companies losing clients left and right stockholder meeting coming up and you're gonna explain why, while most profitable branch is bleeding so they may be looking for a change in the CFO, so
Don't take any two without wait, Michelin. I think I just have to wait out. You ok now I dont know that I can get as I do have to go to board, for approval has about fifty that fifty that label would have to talk about what. Ryan's, like oh shit, we're had of others. I forgot. I was also right. just amongst ourselves. Yes, please take Europe, you outside. Am. I gonna get sick, three thousand dollars. We are so rich. Are you kidding me then? If it comes back in after we ve taken some time to negotiate
amongst ourselves see and then because my personal okay, so Prison mighty thought it over. And yes, you accept our offer. We can finally put this whole thing behind us. No wait, that's you ship it his No, did you give us an automatic? Please yeah? Oh ok, Michael, How could you do this to me? Michael you caught me sixty thousand dollars Why are you so you get the whole thing You got money. Okay,. We need more committed every week. We need jobs. Would you rather have been involved in a fish, I'd rather have sixty thousand dollars. Obviously, no Michaels jobs are safer, agreed agreed, but that's all ok, yeah discuss these things shut up shut up
I want my old job back, a woman, parking space there. I want to see bring them make them anymore, and I want all gone. not firing job is very valuable. That's very kind of you to say did. I knew him go on now. Even as part of an animal, ok, then I want pan back. you already have a new reception sales. Thank you and I s purse. Yes, he is at the moment stop parent company. In its heyday, that's right, but is continued and Ryan. Ryan, two thousand dollars, Michael right,
no dad I'll care Rhine, murders, entire family he's, like a son to me. Realize what you're asking for here salary, plus health benefits, and good old style ensure tax and social security for three people more than sixty years on multi million dollar by out the are our demands. Your company cannot be work that much our companies were nothing. That's it difference between you and I Please this isn't about money. Can me David tomorrow my company goes under. I will just start another company and then another and another and another. I have no shortage of company names. Michael that's one of em Yes, these are our demands.
This is what we want. Our boys are in your court. Ok,. Ok, we're the room, please! Yes, yes, yes, I write. Yes, you do believe it that's what I'm talking about. And see Better than a real one, I think we got. Everyone why did he just? Why didn't you just do prison, making everything done at its present MIKE? It's it clearly written for Britain might now it happened. You, you want to call me just on that issue than is presently see. I can't believe it. I dont have the number You know what give me his email address and I'll email him the script and then we'll call it it's funny
email address. Stephen J corral illusion era?
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