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NBA Free agency is ready to roll and the guys are here to tell you which team Kevin Durant is going to as well as what exactly is going on with Lebron's banana boat gang. Mount Rushmore of mountains is today's debate. The guys are then joined by a psychic who is able to converse with God and Death and give us updates on all the legends that passed away in the month of June. She also was able to give closure to the Harambe saga and apologize for Big Cat after he took Death's man card last month. Segments include "PR 101", "Ya Think/No Duh", and the debut of "well that makes sense" and "cold call" to Coach Jim Harbaugh.
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mba free agency is here and it means one thing we're just gonna die about kevin turann were next month it's gonna be kevin durrant mania even though he's gonna end up just going back to oklahoma city is anybody else actually free agent i'll just go and it's it's it's a sign whiteside hairs barnes and by the way the scariest thing your team can do is have harrison barnes take a trip to your city i was gonna say like every team that doesn't get kevin ran to play for him should have to have her suburbs like play one week for them next year that's surplus that way you ve got a little like skin in the game right if you fail in recruiting right a lot before giving calendar as shit for like going on the store why would amount to item yoga like just meals so i visited all that like every single other team italy so where do we think he's going i mean he away nice whether babes here he said derec rosen carmel are pretty good new york always the heat
san antonio possibly get down there with pop no no acts tradition in boston harry harry guide hatred is are we hanks mike i'm gonna spend the wheel quick ready yes just hang in closing ah if kevin durrant goes to the gods the warriors do they ever lose a game and i saw that that's great question yes one that we need to debate further i think it one way that gun can get better it's by having a player on the team that they beat in the playoffs joined them i think that would make them resort your enemies nine winds better i also love when we get the clippers and mix because like oh yeah people forget the clippers are also went away so but then there not really yeah like nato i dont have preventing the staple center but i'm kind of an elite clippers truth her i don't think i've clippers
actually play in that city i think they're like moreover to make your team so the kevin around sweepstakes are in full bloom friday is the official started the nba free agency people lose their mind they love to talk about it we're in summer is now let's talk about there also either so here the other free agencies cause restart our guy shot out to the brute crew said this he he's told that beside its kevin durrant lakers wish list includes whiteside orford nick platoon harrison barnes lebron james and ryan anderson leubronn amazon there no eye out of the projects but but basically according to chris restart the liquors one sign everyone the entire india yeah basically they wanted just they want to burn the franchise unlike literally collectively payment and then they cleared all the cap spaces we also have a late breaking news dwayne wade has said that he is open to offers
this is the element that that's always form with nba free agency you have these like sub plots you know last year with the andrey jordan our cuban got shot got lots of the clippers kidnapped him this year dwayne aid is on a banana boat with chris paul on the broad james deciding where he's into go play basketball great i'm glad that those toured are back in them in his ear on this the cruel you don't i hope i really really hope that he goes out to golden state is never gonna happen but i hope he just gonna stay and then gabby hast it like i used curry gets handled with showing gabby around oakland like she's like please don't make me hang out with this crazy bitch you hand gabby just ruins the chemistry of the entire that that would be wonderful keziah other chemistry its top notch as we ve seen there they didn't self combust or anything in the nba finals right but i i wanna see asia have to just kind of deal that put the
at the banana boat they'll be a book written about the banana boat at some point what goes on on a banana boat i think it's a lot of fun waves europe is is you just get told behind a boat yeah think that later the chase ornament yet you well while ok you were running back and for all a lot of waiving people on shore yeah no guys you are on the banana boat also little alpha move by leubronn i dont know if they ve actually been on the banana about this year but last year he took the back he me aid chris paul and dwayne wade sit bitch conall ok listen i'm the man don't forget that you sit in the middle the ban about you don't get the best or i would say that sitting bitch sitting in the back out out said that the alpha move is sitting at the front of the banana about ok i guess different i guess we have different ways to look at what put it this way i wouldn't white rhetoric rafting a couple days ago i was in the front alpha mill
nobody else behind me i got so much more wet than they did you got you had a cornerstone had a much better tyrant splash so if you're sitting up right you're the guy that seven a blast everybody else's like just dealing with you run off by the way are we just fell into the trap the nba free agency trap we just did three minutes out of banana but it's amazing it just hide haven't like that you you basically in in the month of june and july after the nba finals you based black out and then find yourself talking about a banana boat for ten hours if we can do three minutes on a banana boat we can cover this summer weakened we can work away remedies letter about at least a few few episode licking biggest let's they never get off this brand about speaking of the summer we have the olympics coming up again and we have some breaking news from the olympics as well ok what is the
the sea or which are even other to see all the olympics exact ages is just the most corrupt person in the world right he's just it's a guy in a hotel room with workers right in his head you want this job all that comes with it is hookers cocaine and big bag of money that not but your doorstep and you don't know where they come from yegg you're only job is keep bodily out of your office pray do to make sure bobby doesn't see the shredder in europe so the ceo of the olympics said if i have to write on a piece of paper my top ten worries today zika wouldn't be there so this is a nice little spend zone because everyone sagamore zika in this guy's like hey listen we have like a million scarier things zeke is really scary will shrink your head and well if you're pregnant everything about getting pregnant don't ever come to our country but turned
out there like a million other things we worried about maybe this is just a classic prank by the olympic see and he's yeah he's mitt he made everybody afraid of zimbabwe no i think it's nothing to worry about so he's like major gas jerk off right losers right major freezers from simply who is whose whose scared cat yeah if you you froze your sperm i would must burma actually i would never freeze out i don't think it wisely you gotta boil it i think it works like that we have our mount rushmore the day so just just if you i've missed the last few episodes summertime means there thou sports going on so we have to create our own debate you wouldn't know that from listening to part of my take note by delay by weight well i'm a shot this is great episode grave got right all time episode we're yet we haven't hit or peak in this episode yet purchase sticker can i both slept like twelve hours last night after a very rough sunday in
monday shall yeah i want to give us a special shot out to her listeners power through that one europe you guys were hurting on a monday to your house or we were on the same but we're not better than you we don't think that we're above you so you know we're in that boat together now we're back my rushmore this is how you survive the summer you create your own debate people mt rushmore is everywhere we hear on the show dumont reservoirs we ve done mustards numbers bowser first one i have no it is the weakness of the weaker some compelling stuff so today we have maybe our best one this is huge we're doing the mount rushmore of mountains ok so give it to us i've got mountain first does such a that's an order you know i gotta get have the king on their man based you know you know a sick bed if you guys if you guys don't put not rush one little you're tryin waiting all as all generously provided abroad and yet
number two is the minds venus the man the mound on a lady oh yeah number freeze mount sign i am a big bible guy ok and therefore is splash mountain o nice little wild garden hey you want to go you want me to go ok i have mt mckinley i refused to call screw that smart mckinley to me now i've k too that's it took his cage you the same is killing at all they're on opposite sides the world it using synthetic we'd get ok so i am i so are we talking about the weed are we talking about them katy was right next to errors in its actually now as big as errors but it's more deadly its hearted club that's why i put it on their even though i thought it was kilimanjaro i have mt michabo we ass a man who wants a sex but somebody and then i have mouth which proof
a small mountain in the world worth it's in australia it's like a hundred and fifteen feet which i don't understand is like a hidden you couldn't like the tiniest he'll be the smallest bomb in the world but that's the small mountain was just like a burial ground midget as yet one of the road don't say the inward alicia on yet which ridiculous is that i also my reasonless i had mckinley princess he's not the on my list and i also had what was your third one moment timber yeah i had momentum on rationalist getting into debt change him up now washington hank has literally just pulled up where do your research on your mouth now i just spent last week an email washington lloyd i say look i got no no washington in new hampshire yes windiest mountain yes it is
i do have fun with our common lot with mountain but actually eighty perhaps ok appellation mounds ok go the whole really allow every single one of you put a whole range on mount rushmore mount engineering to younger than the himalayas ok occasion like it and then mount lusty what's alan docile nonetheless as the fourth hey really if you search large smell google is the fourth one down i'm a nurse i let her get unbiased here ominously hank one the mount rush moors of mountains because he's like a true mountain guy he went mountains all the way through when it went ashore hocker that nobody put rushmore animal rational yes i guess i'm not i mean i need a little more sleep i guess that's ok that's that's not as good as electrical i little somber news we ve had some des low thoughts and prayers to pat summit and body ryan quintessence show football guy in basketball mind
that's what i wanted to tell the story about pat summit i think everybody proudly read the same article as i did about her today when she was at tennessee and bruce pearl wouldn't when you go to the ministers snitch bruce was apparently haven't relaxed ethical practice all the guys we're paying attention their guph off path summit we now in the court took over the practice kick bruce pearl off into the stand said i'm gonna run these guys random so hard that they peut and bruce protest took it went off to the side pat summit finally a woman's basketball coach for men love it so thoughts and pursue them but here's a good news we actually spoke to them so here is are very small she'll guest we were i visited a psychic and we spoke directly to death and all the people that have passed in june this is made
is our best interview probably that we ve ever done well it was kind of it it was a triple threat we talk to god death and dead people all the same garonne bay hitler by proxy yeah i mean don't even authors learn of enough characters to list how many people we interviewed so but enjoy yeah here we go talking to death ok so were here now with a seer we're here to try to speak with our powers so basically what happened was about a month ago i have a feeling that i might have insulted death and since that point there have been numerous deaths of silver reason the sports world so we're wondering if we can either speak directly to death or
any of these people and see what exactly is going on ok i like to say first of all that this is done for entertainment only while i have to mention that i do have perception and feelings psychic feelings that to a number of people they turn out to be one hundred percent accurate so i'm trying to turn in why these debts have occurred and i can see a woman short brown hair young woman not that
not that mature if she were in orange maybe in her sixtyth like sixteen their issue issue wearing orange orange yes she is what's yeah i hear your army aka other data birth is available he is playing on june fourteenth making fifty two here so fifty two how old that make her so she passed actually today was sixty four sixty britain were not really were more sabre magic skies not really mascot but some one else joined her ok i don't know who came in first if the male came first passed on earth and then her
but there was a mail so so most they went together they what is he wearing i believe he may have been more mature than her older ok yeah owner i also see ok no his anger he's very upset because that's kind of personality young very did you say buddy buddy exactly this that's what i am hearing whether that's his body can you ask him if he's gonna be on the silence for the sun's this here see that again place do you think that is beginning asp if he's gonna be watching his sons if he's gonna be on the sidelines with his sons this year
i don't know but i i can see that he is very upset and arm he didn't expect to go he's a free was a fine he was a fighter was he in these eighties like ear to eighty two and he was a good man very good he is a sum is angry here as he appeared to many people he really had a very good heart a good soul spot and he was a door here you were in a whatever he put his mind and heart to do he did an accomplished you know he was an amazing person to see if you were in the room
i can't see jewelry on him but you have to know then he's in a high a place where he was soon like a ring guys anyways so the higher play so can you can you apologize for me to death in the higher play for upsetting setting higher berets i wanted to give back the man card i talk yes i can do that shit that what's your last name cats cage easy you know who could do that actually for you is body that would be so great that would be so great so body wherever you are and this time when place their needs forgiveness
and he needs peace in his life i'm sure you know him than cats make away for him pardon him there were you are give the man card back in your name jesus we pray thankless that's iran what do you think that that might help stop the deficit been experienced yes there's one there is one other prayers one more that's about to go oh actually are there's one more and we they have just done this on time now is it is it a man yes baseball man yes sir thomas that's but we may have intercepted here ok
we had i would be is one of my young all time favorites yeah we can't let him go so what it what can we do to stop that have we maybe forgiveness and ask forgiveness can we as we can we ask death for forgiveness and dancing can we just ask him to please not take tommy i think that we have already done that ok great thank you so we haven't one other one other soul we really wanted to connect with it was really close to us it was his name was harangue bay and he was a gorilla from cincinnati an actual guerrilla and he was shot and killed by a worker at the zoo and we were wondering if you could somehow speed jerome bay in just find out if he's in a better place because we really cared for him a gorilla
one sole saw a child's accidently and into the gorilla pit and the zoo keepers were afraid that harangue bay was gonna hurt the child he wasn't he wasn't that's horizons and i heard a child and i see that see everyone thinks that he was gonna hurt the child but we always laying with a genuine use hope hope the child of the moat exactly haven't front so had no intent pensions of hurting the child at all souci upset at asked for taking his life i can't see that ok zocor did you know that i didn't want one year his intentions were not to hurt the child that that i can see seriously that's really important for here but is eaten see happy now happiness he i can see that i can see
can win animals can get a message to just gelatin i just in trying half of humans around bay i'm sorry ok we all share a from the bottom of my heart o king did you know him it just one of those things that you know you you don't know what you have to he was something special to us and he's meant more to us than most human so it just one of those things that you know you you don't know what you have to it's gone you don't know how important he learned views very much that that means a lot we never madam but i felt like i had a connection to him and i felt like a her aunt miranda the gorilla so and he was he still had life with that's the that's the tragic party wasn't he and guerrillas live for a long time so it wasn't that's
that's what was really sad about it came we appreciate you sonny matter well i pray that he's dead he rest in peace and that he be all right in you know we are the ones that suffer here right when we leave the earth and we leave the body that's when we have our peace right join god in heaven this is a temporary life did you have another oh well also we had it we had to to miss boxers probably the two best boxers and they both pass and we want it if you could see them if you could talk to them just make sure one did one was a mohammed ali yes yes you that may sound i liked him very much under he was a good man
i feel though that his death could have been prevented ochre the blows to his head were soon but so much since overtime and over years that's exactly what other then i think it was parkinson's yeah that's did you know that i just know fund i heard some any had something ok but i do know medically dig david the name part rights were but actually it was not something i've i believe that if he was not a fighter right he would never have died rosa because that you think if he was like a woman soccer player it would have been safer and he has absolutely the head the absolutely and trade a lot of blows tat the damage to the brain so and then the other one was also a fighter he was younger
his name was campbell slice can can you send any message to him jimbo slice young slice i can't even see him at all operators when did he die he died upright two or three weeks ago he died see was june sixth jest sixth so three days after muhammad ali passed away i didn't know if muhammad had anything to do with campbell's passing but it was just it was too much of a coincidence that two of the best we see black he was yasser yeah young yeah they hungary are blocking them permanently yeah well i can pick him up now allow yeah is he okay with various you won't believe this here happier where he is our thanks god thank god campbell he eta
had an interesting life yeah but that's post puts me to eat for sure to know that he's happier and an arm so we talked ok i think that's everyone yes your question that might be a little crazy can you speak to god well i i like to think that i do and i like to hear that i like to feel that he hears me and i tell my friends and family and clients that when we pray we're telephoning god right so ok so let us intuition is god phoning us better resources this is my question so god takes he has as does he has a tough tough on whose whose them the famous person he has in his telephone like who does the most famous person here
big star he loves us all equally is there one person though that's just like he speaks to instil known can get can get got on the line here god loves are all of us are currently all his children you know all right i had one one final question that i didn't want to i'm going to ask it i don't you don't have to answer if i'm asking anyway three of us which one of us is gonna die first you don't want to know that i do do we want to know that if you can tell us that we want elder dante's is god's doing god is to give her in particular have liked but we want to know if you know what we want to know we don't want to not know it please i can see them we are going to live long lives i hope you do you don't know no ok i have one more question i can feel that you are all very good hearted guys cycles and very i feel good with use good
i feel that i see a lot of money with use us could in the future i feel that year you're lucky you guys are lacking do you can ask something add one last question its canada left field but adolf hitler can you tell to him and his tone that i'm not a big fan jerk do you are able to speak to them or not able to speak to him but i if i if i if god can hear me let him know senator when do i get it i got her kitten stick i believe is mine and if we all have the same in connection with the same mind and we all feel that with this well i don't like to see hate but what he did was a horrible thing right three end i feel that you know that's why he is not here today is great but god gave him a very punishable very painful death good good
good i'm actually can i swear i swear here no nobler now those are at him what you say that all right i'm afraid that's it that's great thousands thank you so much him that was recurring guest death on part of my take i won't talk to get real quick about seek seek is my go to add my go to website forgetting take the games i tell you a little story we're in chicago the other week and it was also out because we did not use you we chiquita said to be darksome wait until we got there and try to bite off scalper and guess what didn't work out up with standing room only tickets you know what that is that's when you get inside and you have to move seats every time somebody comes up and says hey that's my seat i felt like such a loser i wanted to break up of myself i do not like doing that we should have you see gig with seek gig what they do is they have an algorithm they know the fair market value of every ticket use
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they will say they ve cash at check and then use it to buy something illegal mean don't do it but they were there ask any questions so down the frequency gig up an inner promo code take tea a k e today i you guys cracked up a few times i was a little disappointed that i was crying when you when we talk about iran bay i was not laughing i was crying but i kept a straight face the whole way to get our does through now i've got recurring guess death huron bay pat summit body ryanair and mohammed ali let's just say this and jesus i think that that will not be the last time we interviewed death i think that that will be back i i truly do especially the fact that were in new york city we will see we'll see death again sir let's hope that for wild alright i say as long as we get six more months out of time and with sorted we say this light we say yet not slowly save time out his life
let's get system segments let's start with pierre werner one johnny man's l zone johnny is he border a flight to carbo in a josh gordon jersey his in kabul you know what he deserved a vacation from his life a vague listening he also sub treated his own father with hashtag hi dad after dad called my druggie sub grant sub grams sub grandam pure while one johnny is just now like a professional party or and he's the best one out there i would just gonna say that they are the pure cabinet this is he just says when it goes back the he's got massive diarrhoea from exit unlike diarrhoea as you learn hank you haven't really ever had an office job but
you just say explicitly like i've got diarrhea to your boss your boss is going to go yet okay don't go down that road with me i get it you read stomach issues that's gross so like johnny comes back ruins madame and they just he has done area has everybody egg as sorry had the mechanism revenge revenge and discordant through a keyhole over there and then before you know it public opinion back on his young people empathize with a guy with diarrhoea i think we're we all agree on that i also like the johnny did the judge gordon jersey because a kind of reminded everyone hey are you know i'm a fuck up but josh gordon you got to spend every year have i ever been suspended for you know how pissed you think just gordon that johnny's just drag them enter through thought that's not don't think johnny's body is like the most alluring advertisements spot right right now so he goes he goes through
looking alternatively like he's lost fifty pounds two like he's added sixty years too yes he said couple miami that we joke but we obviously he does need help hopefully he gets help but until he gets help we're gonna be here helping him with ideas so it's it's literally the least that we can do is we can do so johnny if you listen ass we know you are that diarrhea and keep that josh gordon jersey on your good all we have a everyone's favour game you thinking no doubt give it to us ok i've got a really good you thank you ready for this my you think comes from jose conseco's oh get jose can seiko tweeted this out today you just watch my pet and it biomechanical arm that delivers the perfect power swing is gonna be and by major league baseball you think no it's fine mechanical arm you think
jose come on bro no dirt i have one as well tim tito was in the news guy had a heart attack on a flight tim people didn't go up and give cpr some the professionals we're doing that but tim tebow's did start a prayer circle and willed that may and back to life tim t saving another man with his prayers your vague doyle there's one guy who could save me didn about now here's the thing was thinking about this today if you bring a guy back from death or like say here you don't have a pulse write you a letter technically like correct flatland incorrect isn't that giving an abortion to death true is the right so like anything is i lashing guy but he's over here is gave one in the third deaths gotta
but in the oven and the third trimester and tebow's got the shot back out like that's he needs a kind of look at his faith measure what i'll talk to a pastor and see if that's ok thing for you i wish we had asked deathlike hey what do you think about him tito just intercepting that pass at the oh yeah nice of him to be on the other side of that raise yet finally someone through tim tito doc you think you know do what are you got all you have a new segment i do these are always electric as i dont know if they're gonna be good or of thinking we we have so many segment so we don't remember that we have to bring back the put it put one in your ear whole idea so this new segments god will that makes sense ok so per might floor recurring guess on the show the opera would run off let into my dams by the way because i made fun for not flying clarified
eliza yeah you just get usually beforehand like i'm not a coward i fly now yes like well you didn't coward ok so the nfl fell somebody we all remember the the out zira report about pay me all those guys the inner fell it turns out they can't interview player about that al jazeera report until after they would impose a suspension on them that makes sense i'm confused so according to the unifil bylaws they are allowed how to actually sit down and talk to the players at their accusing of cheating ok until after they have imposed a punishment on them got the only by that they would be allowed to do that is if they had clear evidence like if in making it clear evidence so they talk until they talk to russia so well thanks in advance did you see james harrison also said that the
if roger it now wants interview me s come to this house i want them to have i mean that has to be that's home alone featuring james harrison would like booby traps everywhere roderick adele he's gonna have the blowtorch have the ornaments out sirocco you're just gonna sit up autumn accepted she's gonna be like massive pitfalls ready to rush the bench press they have on his neck ah i like that james harrison he's old school guy and yo it he can get away with doing this roderick adele it were say tom brady said tell you what you come to my house and then we'll talk about gulliby like yours suspend just doubled james harrison can say that godot when these literally pulling a dan cats and clapping himself it's ok you know everybody does it just gotta take a picture of him tweeted everybody we fly with a bullet there's no way that that roderick those even entertained responding to that offer no chance we have a noose another new segment cold call debts
this one i don't know how it's gonna wanna know how often we're gonna do this but we're gonna do it now and we're gonna do it whenever pops up so jim harbour has is phone number in is twitter while i'm assuming mrs office number but either way he sleeps in his office is a football yes so he's probably there right now so cold
all is new so me where we just called call people yet let's do it again he remembered at this part out into western hello you reach her about the university of michigan but you are recruited please understand we are in a time period in which i cannot return your com have a great day a great weak a great bought a great year gobble up at the town please record your method when you finished recording you may hang up one for more option a goats
tommy smith i want to say thank you for giving me a call back yesterday as a recruit i was really glad to hear from you again give me a ring back when you have a second hey coach this is big cat i'm not well i might have eligibility left so i could potentially be a recruit but that's okay you can call me back anyway it's those gray look great of the ncaa rules ask i know you have the seventh kid on the way have you ever thought about it i think a thirty one year old man because i would be happy to be your eighth kid that's not a recruiting though i don't think but i am or occur so please please can we go about it so cost both back at this number you won't be breaking the laws for half of it but the other half you will because we're recruit but not a recruit either way we're gonna rambling i love you and that was called core and cold calls is often running we might we your cash back up your calls back now
i think i'm a grub x i regret makes a cup hank what you think i so last segment we have hank explains a hank you're driving a work there's no accidents on the roads how does traffic form that that is a deep philosophical what he's crazy out his draft we weren't ready for that ok out i'll see what i can do so when there are a lot of cars that are all on the road together some people i'd like shit heads up and the second one person starts driving like a shit what does that mean that through dr st what say change lanes and they cut it a little bit too close the car behind what i saw their eggs for a second slows that day there's like a little tiny bit of confusion and a tiny bit of confusion affects the five cars behind them and focus behind them you also notice that if there is ever even like the slightest bit of rain everyone decides to drive i was superseded perfectly servant whether traffic so hank what
asking for is a word that can only exist with only robot cars yeah but don't those are coming hank robot cars are coming gathercole backers used to drive around my neighborhood in texas all the time and my dream was for one of those to hit me and like bright can arm is google chrome you mean you're robot cars legs the self dry in car you saw them yes there why don't you jump and further will because i've cameras all around him and so my dream is less like russia you know how they have the dash yeah outcomes and people just do it jump in front a card my dream was for one of those to hit me like maybe i would doubt take like a broken arm or broken ankle broken leg and then i would never have to work again as they could see google so but what hank you're looking for it you're living in a world where do you think that every car should be driving the exact same speed yet some will drive ten thousand above yet some dr ten miles an hour below i began to see how maybe those too our travelling at different rates of speed would have a little bit of
problem there might be a jam i really hate you never tax and drive so you slow down when you taxing drive you take your eyes throw you not driving very well you're part of the problem here but if there we all know are those known in front of me yeah are we going i would really are slowing down at one point where europe has arts or there are others people real earlier three lanes of highway who all three lanes get back up because there are too many cars and so eventually when a car has to leave that to slow down right send the cars behind them absolutely is this beginning to make sense at all to you a little bit ok the bottom line you live in a fucked up city with a big dig and it ruins traffic for everybody's ok that does not work for that that works thou ok i just google how to traffic happen
when a winner road is running at or near its full capacity drivers naturally sgi closer and closer together the risk what is that whenever someone breaks a person behind it will break a little harder if he hasn't he'll grass and so the person behind him will break a little harder to and because everyone is so close together they shockwave affair to keep on going and after i'm thirty com people have to break so hard though they come to a halt after this the accused that's like when people use the word q the queue still keeps moving back each car which joins the cue the key word again we'll be stationary for a little bit longer and articles that's pretty register i wish we could i sort of better yet where you guys are very eloquently on your part that was also my head let's end the show guys i made it i officially made it life now
eight it on dern wells headline tweets no shit iceland beat england in a shocker that was talking soccer and the headlines that reveal ass war here was the here they were iced someone ice one that's it just iced iced one i know the word is just iced as off the next one was rich rake the rich tori long dawn another actually because you your boy miracle on iceland come on just tell me ass brilliant i mean i'm there you guys are now in the presence of greatness dern val headline tweet nor congratulations were very proud i was able to see it actually because you over soldier friendship
therein and you were weren't able to get me on blocked we ever tell that that i am i texted revelatory said can you unlock fifteen aegis replied probably not so let me note mrs pardon on me and then just just as well because i'll get blocked again but would twitters new rule i can't even see like yet nobody i now seems like that's its brutal y gotta use your account which nobody else burner with learners that is the show we will see you on friday before the fourth of july we can we also have a green bonus show coming for you we don't know what slot is going to go in either it sorry let's get weirder maybe that's what she said for two july show but big things coming oh and special nelson's raw make sure you are you not all announced on the part of my take blogger are twitter account so far apart my take till it ruined fall part my take we will the video there big big big news huge news
and we will see you on friday
rate in review at this one was a great episode you know now you can wait review it thank you tell everyone see affright i love you guess we'll send enough its part mighty presented by bar stool sports
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