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Dirty Jobs Host Mike Rowe, Baseball Hall of Fame, GameStop Stock And The Origin Story Of Billy Football

2021-01-27 | 🔗
We start with baseball hall of fame writers getting their yearly moment in the sun. Tom Verducci writes a love letter to himself. Barry Bonds deserves to be in.(2:21-15:28) Aaron Rodgers is staying a Packer.(15:29-18:49) Gamestop stock has ruined hedge funds.(18:50-26:55) Hot Seat/Cool Throne including Mufasa the Lion.(28:53-43:52) Dirty Jobs host Mike Rowe joins the show to talk about his new show, Six Degrees with Mike Rowe streaming now on Discovery Plus, Dirty Jobs, his broadcasting career, and being the voiceover for a million different great shows. (45:09-1:25:57) Jake swears for charity and we finish with FAQ's and Billy Fooball'sĀ origin story.(1:27:07-1:42:19)
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At today's pardon my take MIKE row MIKE row. from dirty jobs. He's got a new series out. We talk to him about it, six degrees, micro, very, interesting interview, in an interview that we started talking about jerking off chick. And it was by far the most Turkey's the most fascinating way you could do it also he has one of the greatest voices of all time, so a very full. Different type of interview that we ve got three today, we ve got game: stop baseball hall of Fame, Aaron Rodgers clean up from Monday huts, cool thrown our darling it might have been put into a corner, a charity corner box into a charity corner for swearing on the podcast, and then we finish with guy.
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history in your hands is heavy. Who said that What was it Winston Churchill, fighting nazis, or was it Tom, Vranitzky filling out about baseball hall of Fame Ballot and leaving the greatest baseball player of all time? Very bonds of those JFK inaugural Address it s, not what the writers can do for you ask your ass. Not would baseball can do for you begat ask what you can do for baseball and in this case its living off for the greatest pleasures of all time, so it is baseball hall Fame season when the writers get their shine, where the writers get to tell you how important their job is to decide the fates of the players. We love to watch which, just as an aside, I dont know why it's up to the writers. It should be the players, it should be players, voting peers, like hey, who is the hardest guy to ever, get out how bout bury, but he should go in either way. Tomboy duty, we had to a few
different things that happened. A top refugee released a video that I'm gonna throw it out, there is gonna, be unintentionally the funniest video of twenty twenty one it started it was Tom Bertuccio sitting in his beautiful sunlit office. study in his house on some prob. My like suburban, Connecticut began. I guarantee you just cause at his voting room. He uses body here to city arms, it's down. He s got like, especially in Greece. let her opener that he uses to open up the ballot, and then he sits down with the one with like a quill pin and he does every year the same way, and so the Theo started whoop. Couple clips and put it started. The weight of history in your hands is heavy. The baseball hall theme vote. Is a triumph in minimal
the weight of history, in your hand, is heavy even what it is. But one sheet of paper, the baseball Hall of Fame ballot is a triumph of minimalism. It's a fucking piece of paper dude and then he went. This is the best part about the baseball hall of Fame in these stupid fucking reporters that think they are the most important people in the world. He is Please doing a love letter to a piece of paper in the simplicity of voting vehemence. One page, no logos, no pictures received and returned by mail. It it's like hey that's not something we should applaud in today's day and age when you could fucking email, your vote in and not have this entire process actually is like a look baseball. Opium sensory, this they don't even step because their cheap and I got to send it back in
isn't that just so fucking pretty it's like day baseball games in the World Series, it's like things. It's like a hot dog in the bleachers. It's like none of those things Tom for duty. You are you sucked your own dick for fucking six minutes with this video and I still loved words perfect, because Dig aims in the World Series is like back when nobody could watch baseball on television like people missed, World Series games because they were at work like Daytime World Series games, various nobody gloves and a hot dog in the bleachers. There is a timeless beauty in the simplicity. It's been this way since forty began in nineteen thirty six. Now you can watch it on tv. Everyone can How can you tell me which is better to him? It's like. I was only when a select few could partaken here. active. Yes, when it was great the video was, it was like to celebs singing imagined video, it's that video of
only twenty one, yet where it's that self important they should use, have dish a baseball writers would like you to improve Springsteen background. Doing their own version of the imagined video and it's it's ridiculous, because very bonds is a fucking hall of fame Josie he's making a promotional video showing up don't like how great this process is, while we're leaving off one of the biggest players, one of the biggest parts in baseball history, that's ever existed, it's it's ridiculous and I'd like to ask the writers how many of you used. substances and tools that weren't around for the for the old days of baseball right juicy internet. Guess back I'll day, they had to file it using a typewriter sounds like it's easier for you to do. You should be judged against the people that you compete against, not against them.
Basically, there saying I'm not gonna vote these guys and because I dont think they're better than math yes readily available espresso shots. I can guarantee that in have that nineteen forty to die. I hope you will no doubt he cooks right exactly per, I mean, don't even get me started with with the admiral usage of baseball writers, it Enzo Tom bertuccio He got this whole video At the end he has the line. I mean the fact these narrating his own video to adjust so funny. He does even realise our, but he says there that's so is talking about the baseball theme in this very important thing. The most important thing in the entire world is filling out baseball theme vote which, by the way for teen voters just left it completely blank yet which until then that is we, that is true activism.
That is true, standing up against the man, but he ends it with this whole thing about how the baseball famous so important- and he says that- so when you truly understand the weight of what you hold in your hands and then it gets up out of his boating. any such walks in his son, drenched boating room and walks off. Without it knowing the fucking Why would I lie? I like TAT, the guys that did not filed guys or girls it did not put about in the mail and sent back and they probably just don't care, reproaches and check the mail and they're gonna see it in their like in a month and build oh shit, yeah here's my olefin vote. Meanwhile, Tom Virtue validity is creating like jerk off instruction porn for himself, and I love that He is actually made this video because something I he would have wanted to watch a baseball writer do when he was growing up. right, is really enriching themselves. There's no market allows our doors, it's it's its future
Tom for duty congratulating little time for duty on growing up and getting a ballot for the baseball, and I have to dive to take my hat off to baseball writers, because there were very smart when they started the hall of Fame, because if you get it on the ground floor, it's like any awards show out there. If you just declare that this is an award show that you are presenting, guess what you have the power moving forward. All eternity and some people, just half like market themselves to you and kiss your ass over the course of the years say: you're, the one that gets a gate keep this institution. That really has nothing to do with writing about baseball. They think they, like writing about baseball, is more of a sport in playing baseball, correct and Jake sure you put this in their give us a reminder that we need to make a video sucking our own dicks before the taking awards this year and how important it is. The weight of history is in our hands. Every time we give out a fling made up award,
the other story. Ice hockey gift. He marked Craig, who writes for the athletic, wrote a column that was titled I wanted to know why I felt so crummy about my twenty twenty one hall of Fame ballot, so I asked a neuroscientist. This is real. I do not believe these people exist. I actually I'm so happy. They exist because they make our jobs so easy. The fact that no baseball writers have even like a one percent of self awareness. makes our jobs easier. Could we can sit back and watch timber duty right, a love letter to himself and jerk off in is his boating room and then we can have a good laugh and be like what the fuck is baseball. Don't leave it up to the fence Graham fans boy get you just give you bear
you did? What did the neurosciences say? Did he I didn't have any with exerting rain reason? Why feels bad? Maybe because you ve convinced yourself over the years that you're so important that everybody should look up to you, because you get to check apiece baby did even get a sticker artemisius younger. That says I voted on Do you know what it is? I can tell you. I didn't read the article, but I guarantee you the neuroscientist was like hey. You know why you're having so much trouble with this is because you all made so much money writing about Barry Bonds and how baseball was back with Sammy, Sosa and Mark Mcgwire, we're hitting home, runs and now you're playing holier than thou yeah. That probably feels like you're a really shity person, because you are, yeah, exactly you're slapping the people in the face got an age you all. You might get used to this point, because, if you're at, if you're at that point your career, where you're able to make a self documentary about your courageous votes, then your definitely a guy that was on the come up in the nineties.
That was just cash in the checks, and everybody knew that there were using steroids this. Why they should make the Astrid shaped Wing of the whole thing there should be. If you want to say, like ok, everybody that played in the nineteenth and early two thousands there is there's looming doubt over whether or not you were on the juice just make a room in the Hall of Fame. That shaped like an aspects and then put all the stuff in there that you have with these guys. Let a man and then see which room gets more attendants, the one where it's like in the dead bawler on legacy. Three fingers Mordechai exhibit again are no. I'm gonna go watch very bonds, homerun seven hundred feet. They should actually, instead of making the astronauts room, it should just say a big sign above and say these guys, fucking ruled and you how it parentheses, fuck, baseball writers, yeah, I might green Breeks dumb rules. We should give more power baseball riders? We should actually give them the opportunity to vote people out of the whole thing.
We should actually make them. We should packed the court, it energy just be only the Supreme Court's just be the baseball writers, like I'm just saying like what. If we made like five thousand more he's more if you ve ever written the word baseball on the internet boom your whole favor. I have a question Jake our darling, Jake Jake. I know deep down, there's been a point. Your life were you aspired to be a curmudgeon, baseball writer who decided who is making in the hall of fame? Do you still all those feelings. I mean yes, you're right, I my first, My first step into the business was as a writer of the sports editor for Cyprus, Bay Circuit ice companies, but not really anymore, because I've position, my stance to want to be a broadcaster sought orally envy the people were voting. I envy the people who are calling the begins. Ok, ok, fair, but Jason If you are offered a vote in the Hall of Fame, you take it right.
it would be not been honour. It would be. I think that what they should do, they should have this bill. I can in person ceremony whereby its only like the most on athletic baseball writers, so the real heavy sweaty like four hundred pound, guys with suspenders and comb overs. I want them in a room sitting like a jury and they bring. The players up one by one like they're on trial, and then just these fat slobs have to explain to like a very bonds or Arthur Alex Rodriguez. Here's what I am not voting, you into the Hall of Fame and Jesse, that dynamic in the real world at play, yeah, actually in order should Be- is Tom produced. She has to strike, bury bonds out to keep out of the whole thing. Are you a bit about it on the vehicles, whatever their age? He would it would. If you Give Tom and knife right where big into knives and guns in terms of our new rules this week give time for dirty a knife and then put em
on an acre of land with very bonds and bury bonds, doesn't get any food or water and see if Tom, did you, can kill, bury bonds within a week. I, like it, The most dangerous game, Jake inject, tell me I just want to make sure that our future is a secure. You know oh and not naming names, but you know at least a couple. People from your life is a big J journalist that watch it. Tom Bertuccio Video and there, like TAT, was awesome. Yes, ok, good, because I'm just a mushroom line yeah. I just want to make sure there kid still out there that are watching like Mitch, Album and and Bob costs in timber duty be super self important, and that is what I want to be more Bob cost us a super important self you forgot towards ELF Snuff donate money too. The radio station. I got a lot of opportunities. Oh wow figure. He pays you off no yeah. He paid
So what happens? They pay off the future broadcasters, so they won't see anything bad about em. I do I like the idea that they should there should be a high not like a higher limit in terms of you're, too short. There should be a height limit in terms of your too tall to vote for the Hall of Fame so I only one I can Rosen Thorn Bob causing you have to be under five six to vote for the whole thing. That was actually good foreshadow, because Jake did get paid off. Listen to you After the micro interview, we did get the zone ten to the bar stool fun for Jake to swear on the pot gas so makes you turn it tuna. For that other thing. got talk about. Aaron Rodgers, of course, is staying Packer now was all for not on Sunday night, everyone melting down everyone saying. Oh my god, it sounds like you think about it actually proves, How ridiculous like twitter in the end, I could be which will get you in a second game. Stop, but one tweet, a couple tweets of people watching that zoom being, like sure, felt like you saying goodbye and then,
entire story, and then he see pretty much was like no I'm not going anywhere. I was talking about other free agents on the team. I knew deep it wasn't going anywhere because I think its destiny for Aaron Rodgers to torture, my soul for another decade, but what I mean, what you don't eat you. You don't think he's gonna where IP empty. I want to believe that he's go, I'm gonna pretend like he might be going somewhere for this entire off season and probably for years after that too, because it's fun to talk about. I like the fact that Aaron Rodgers- knows that he stirring up drama so when he, when he did an interview after the game, he knew exactly how people can react. He was like I'm gonna, be despondent when act LE I'm ill treated like my family, essentially role, one big family here in Green Bay. Somebody act like I'm a very disrespected in, like I might beyond the outs and might split after this and then I'll come back out clean it up later I'll get another weakened in the new cycle, where I'll be able to lay clarify what I meant and then you have to think like the packers. Would Aaron Rodgers be able to forces where town? Probably
I think, if you think of dick about it, probably would be able to bear. I you're right, I don't he's going anywhere, but I'm still I'm gonna pretend like. I don't actually believe that, unlike you, like go somewhere causes more fun, I think he'll just be there forever and every time that I start to think he's getting old he'll, be I got here's another envy p. I notice that we are not. He did not say that he was not going to become the full time. Most jeopardy did not deny that. That's true, that's true! we have a ye. I mean the other anything else from championship son. I saw that video Josh Alan being a leader and hugging every bill on the sidelines. It made me a little sad and yet more work get going infer the suitable here soon yeah I mean that that's about the only big story that came out of it besides affected people, love to remind us that we are wrong about the chiefs and credit. We won't, we were the first to say that were wrong about the cheese. We brought that story does not mind me. I set it up
in a half into the gate. When I realized how wrong I was about the chiefs, we own up to our mistakes, we were very wrong about the cheese and I'm gonna bet on the chiefs, although I did gonna have a moment. Did the problem does your is with the two weeks you just have so many moments where you can second guess yourself and be like who actually, maybe I like this, but instead of this bet, but I need some just hold me to it: I'm gonna bet on the Chiefs yeah. I want something. I think you should work I want to put on Tom Brady. I was thinking about making the biggest out of my life on time, ready before we left Detroit and but I was going to wait two weeks and think it out, but I think that's why I'm and up I like that. I, like you, we put into it. Yeah, Why does the logic on me to give us three good reasons about on the box on Fridays? Are ok, I, before you hearty courtroom game. Stop we gotta talk working stop
It is the story than is sweeping the internet right now, if you are on the internet or familiar what's with, what's going on here, is all very short version of it? As far as I understand, because I ask everyone to explain to me like a six year old and I got some good responses, but essentially game star, is like nothing stock. We all know game, stop it's it's a brick and mortar placed itself, video games, it's basically a dinosaur, and this one guy. downright it basically has been like hey all the hedge funds have shorts on game. Stop Vertigo down, I'm gonna start pumping it we're all gonna pump it at every time. It goes up the rich guys have to buy more of it to cover their short, which then makes it go up even more, and essentially it's a perfect storm where this stock that is essentially an obsolete stock, is now gone up from fort hours to two hundred dollars in the span of five days. Yes and the big guys we're losing all the money and the little
eyes on ready and the internet are, are robbing them blind, which, if you don't love this story, you have no soul. It's us I love and lot in an what's happening is their finding out that message. Boards and common sanctions are to elect a new factories in coal mines, the twenty first century. The Wall Street is, whilst reaches now figuring out what athletic directors and link given have known for years, which is that, like you, you cannot write any sort of federal regulation, that's more powerful than just a group of people who love to post on a message board and get there fucked over by which is perfect for game stopped, because game stop is actually the king of oh yeah, yeah, you're, a copy of donkey con countries worth fifty cents. Now, Sir, I know you pages rattler, yeah yeah, exactly so I love it. I love buying stuff, like people are buying stocks as a joke and its act. fucking over entrenched wall, street billionaires and
stripping, all their they're, taking money from the very rich and giving the poor. So basically like the libertarians of red it have invented to excess you're doing there just axing people and I fucking You get, how can you ruled against the people and writer right now is a reason why it is our Rinaldo shouldn't be are you are here, No, no violating the Owen makes me nervous into a stock on arms identical on guy. I think it's just head would stands. Yeah cynical about all this, so I assume that eventually, the hedge fund, guys will have so much money that they can wait. Everyone out and fuck everyone over, like, I feel like always went no matter. What, even if this is it's a win? The battle lose the war type, a situation. I don't know enough about finance, but that's my that's. What I'm nervous about tat the little guys winning right now, but the big guy always wins, but maybe I'm wrong, and maybe, though, just take this fuckin place down, and it will be incredible its
at the end of your favorite book, though big cat, the baby Gore when they're like I read it at in the movie out and obviously in the movie, they did make a movie about it. then a movie there like and all the people that were involved in this got arrested and they did time and they changed the entire way that, like the financial, should a structure in something like just kidding, nothing really happened. I feel- and I yet like that, it's the same type of thing. Words like it should change things, but it just they're going to figure out. made it just pay Taylor way I it so. I saw tat. There was one dude that has so much exposure to it that if there's a pretty big hedge fund that if it gets round known others different one well, that gets up to like a hundred fifty dollars share. Two hundred what's up Billy was Ability Melvin Melvin. If it gets up like a hundred fifty dollars pressure this entire hedge funds out of business, which has earned it did after hours or so far explosive. Yes, oh, what will probably happened is there's gonna, be one hedge fund that goes out a business like stearns or whatever and then they're gonna come back.
Rewrite the laws, so it's gonna be illegal to talk about stocks on line and that now now: they're fucking you again for the next hundred years, but they make you feel like you want this one, but even that Melvin I had fun. I saw that Steve Cohen and another guy put in a bunch of money into it to try to save it, so they essentially now own Melvin. And that's all it's gonna happen is like the even richer guy's going to come over. The top and they're gonna win more than anyone. But the only thing to be said is that you on tweeted out the work. Three bats like he is the richest sky and he's China he's kind of siding with the with the rubble. Forty is an internet college. Right, you are, Muslims, is deferred. He's a senator millionaire, yeah yeah he's got some poor he's got some poor, so I can't, I hope that it keeps going up I mean I love this. Can we do this with another stock? I guess if we say it, I am alone, then we can't.
Not Amazon. I am to see em see no one stop Billy, but a Billy's, like Billy of course saw this didn't understand what was going on in ages by blockbuster, putting Michael Jordan Building Block is what she per nope, overleveraged, really you're you're missing the part where it would show someone shorted it right. There. Try that win. are you telling me that someone has shorted blockbuster that's worth forty cents, yeah Waymore, who somebody high that's That's how that's what it's damage when she was dead. Why is it still revive it? I mean who after is actually buying stocks of blockbuster, not shorting, I'm pretty sure that exactly yeah, I, no I'd visibility. Got a financial adviser. Despite what you might think about him, I think tat maybe there's allowed people have sorted.
under armour. I still have a lot of under armour stock from what I bought. I bought a shitload under armour stock just because they came out with ugly shoes for Steph curry back in like two thousand and sixteen so maybe get that rumour go another light very heavily leverage on the short sighted and under armor be really like that jumped off. I just don't. I when I asked people to explain its, we like, I was six someone told me either we kind of invented this idea, what we didn't, because it happened before. But someone said to me european tweets that mischievous keys, bad bears fans too he's good to change a narrative and make ESPN look bad, the more people, tweet, your risky is good. The more pressure ESPN faces, tweet he's good. At the end of the day, ESPN is forced to tweak good about too risky. That's the envy pay yeah you rightly exactly what we did. We didn t we force them to give an award to it and we grows evidence, we close our drew breeze and it was like his forty second birthday or something like that. Yeah sets exact
right. That's actually very good comparison for those whatever whatever happens. I I have to get in on one side or the other. I can't just sit here. On the sidelines of history and not pick aside. Weren't put my money. I think I think I have to buy. I think they're forcing me to buy game. Stop If we care had we annual hundreds of young all right now, does your beyond the side of the fucking hedge fund. These guys are the worst by their say in the red. It though I mean I was reading a lot in the Wall Street bets read it today, like they're all. I cannot get to a thousand whole till a thousand yeah. You know that old there's, like some all their shot, saying whether there is this. The second tat, like my did to start asking me about stock, is the time that I know I'm supposed to sell it to carry out restart, asked me about stock or something like that. The second sports podcast. start talking about a stock, probably the right time to sell, but you know what fuck it I met, but When I asked the boy
yeah. When I asked on Twitter equates we like a six year old alot of people, history and about half the other. People are like well now it's over, like we ve it's a big tat. We had about it, it's the damn yeah it is. It is officially over you're like five days later, dude the parties over thanks. I am. I am the marker on the closing bell of when the parties over you're, not at home. I tweeted I think I am. I guess I thought about buying some, and I know it's gonna- go down right away. I think out once MAGIC Johnson Recap today's news on Twitter. At that point it is time to move on
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Bream, dotcom, ok, hussy, cool, thrown pity ok, my hot seat? Is presidential dog twitter account your member backing like two thousand? Sixteen, there was a. That's when, though, like we re dogs and the racism dog got into a big online dispute over who is more racist. Well, these d leaves her back in a big way. So somebody started a twitter account called the oh Paul office, get it and said. Ah, This is what a park and they tweet out statements. from Joe Biden, dogs like referred, to their humans, as are humans and using other like fun. Little dogs lying like that I've seems, It's fun right. Well, guess what they earn a beef right now with rival twitter account at the first dogs and at the first dogs there count is dedicated to the first dogs, America, Chap and Major Biden are humans. Protests and floaters are heck an awesome rights
I wonder how it is that account should be on the safe side here. Right, like rising tide, lives, all boats, not the case. We'll path has had to issue a safety announcement about their rival. Account actually exist. a safety pronouncement. Friends, the first bugs pretends to be a White House affiliated Paul count our puck out. They have a white, I'll start Gov linking their vile and made it look all very serious. We notified twitter safety and other relevant Whitehouse humans. we have never been mean canines before, but this is impersonating upon official institution. It's wrong like feeling humans like that is wrong. We know from trust and sources. They are not in any way shape or form Passos with the White House. So there's its realize you're on the streets. This is gonna, get only. I think that I stand on the side of the account It is pretending to be the official account has at least they have balls enough to be
Like saying you were the official account these fuckin dogs and the other is like saying we're just here to have fun pretending to be dogs and it ruins the mysticism of it. For me, if you're gonna try to read the dog, be the fucking dog yeah treat like the dog all the time you have to do that night. It's there was. A baseball writers are infatuation with the first dogs yeah stupid shit. There hacking good wilfers, my call throne is dead, zoo animals. Oh, that's right: way to now, no way because we ve guy. Presently we ve been waiting on. We ve been waiting for someone to fill the guerrillas size hole where a heart seems impossible ever since two thousand sixteen, when IRAN Bay was taken from this way too soon, and I think we have it. I think we have an egg, its who foster the lion, Lastly, the lion. He died right, European Foster He was in this Singapore Zoo, ripe saving children now, which are now even even better than that so
do. You know: Cecil yeah, your best friends, their petty pause and they re announces death yesterday by now the birth of move ass, his son Simba. They say They they turn into a life life ounce of being like we have a new cub Simba named after Disney's the lion king and it was conceived with seamen from the Father who foster then they added on that move. Faster died during the Jaculation procedure when he was accidently electrocuted by the product stuck up his ass to make him come so ass, a class died, getting is prostate Zap and his sperm was It was maintained and they the birth to his son just the other day. If there's any justice in this world is somewhat more,
all the fucking hell will grow up to just now. You all know he'll be no blue cocky. Every week we had the trader, so colonel yelled, even if not all over so symbol is its the continuation of forces seed, and I think that we should respect professor. He went out the ultimate high but their dead? How Europe is to be with a tried, chases high, that's gonna, be the new Otto Erotic expect fixation like instead of being David, carrying hanging from a new swell. You crank off is just stick just stick this electric since wrapped around a baseball bat up your ass? Well, you come, and I just let it go from there. So you are a tumor, foster, we're thinking about your body, Let us put our now about that. That's a pretty valid gap vowed replacement. I know we Don T, shirts or baby Trojan Jack off wanders gum, mourned someone trying keep up on Simba he's the chose, yeah yeah Simba. Does we gotta by some baseball cards
it is for these high the streets. It is forty that my father died got like thrown to his death and then symbols the new linking that's exactly what's gonna happen. Symbols either does come all over him all the time or he's going to kill the traders. Yes, absolutely we nuts that some angry Jews yeah he was made out of wood if it would have been real yegg. This is like the new acts. Man that's born, he's got like electricity in his body. Yes, yes, I Hague, your huts equal terms on the hot It is Billy's boy Jose, can Seiko so Kalen Kalen Presley our coworker went out there doing a Sunday conversation and they sent a camera guy to film because- like footage for a video and He tweeted yesterday we ve had a camera guy in Vegas for five three days now waiting prosaic and taken a train because hooligans this isn't training. So I think think he's
Don't listen! I've really! That's rap poison bill he's tranquil! I talk to I talk. Caleb. Yesterday Billy I he's training he just jockey. He doesn't want to be film training. I think, he's just so. I sat at a lot different. No, I think he's I think he's just so slow Billy that, like you're gonna, have to be speed because those sky, bring report the killed gave me was. He is very, very big and he was scared about a size, but there's no chance that he has the speed to take you down. Yes, I knew I was gonna Muslim. If you now anything so I've just been trade, speed, punch output that stuff. You know four woof yeah like movement so I'm right going into the fire out- reveal too much, but I am planning fight. I got so serious does that first, video, the release of me fighting, was legitimately for my first week aspiring.
There are real, I gotta one end until they get parts in the face. I live in much of the face several times. You need to learn what was put you in the face. Just actually Alia. Let me ask you this: Billy, so rough rowdy, Billy, verse, Jose signals coming up next Friday. It's right before the suit woven, be West. Virginia I've been thinking You are my champion, so I am obviously rooting for you with all. My heart if you were to lose because we have to just throw these things. If you were like get knocked out, would could be upset. If I laughed, I think my reaction will beat a laugh if the things I've been ponds in the face by a lot more athletic stronger guys that I was, I can say, go at this point of his life and I didn't get tat, I got knocked out gonna get knocked out, but if I lose it currently by I'm, not gonna get knocked down the first thirty seconds like yelled I don't think that's either. I don't. I don't think that that either I was just trying to play out my head.
Because they're gonna be announcing the fight, so my reaction is going to be very natural. Whatever we are thinking about it, I was thinking about it and I think, if you got knocked out, I would be very out worried for you and feel bad after the fact? But in the moment I'd laugh and be I've. Whoops now was a bad idea. Still gonna have a fight. You Of course you accuse yourself no after I fucking nominated Mama calling just call Jose Scumbag, look right right now. I've like been no. Funny business like totally hyper focus on this fight and serve clouded. You like, I had no idea what was going on in the risk, as I was also in quarantine, saw just you I prefer August on this, and I am going to kill the sky legitimately. I'd like being eight isolation punching stuff in work: out in just like. Have you come I'm two hundred and ten? I come I've children, ten pounds in five pounds of seem. Are you coming you caught
but you're not cause, I'm not coming. you gonna back here. real, backed up. Where would have it would if we live as our answers, I think it's actually urban myth Billy. I would sum this up before my fine. No ITALY's out no gully early, we talks. We talk to Teddy ATLAS. He said that the best prize fighters he's ever been around. They save it up and then they drink it right before they go yeah. So are we going? I do what I have actually been studying it tight you see we ve got seven times a day, but you go seven times a day until the last week. Then you stop Does it so you? What are you actually yonder body? You actually does your body not saying that this is what the science says. You I've nature body to high emission. and then you have zero emissions and builds up all inside of you, then you like, get angry at everybody around you and try to punch snakes
you're doing it right. That's why you're pissed off! Let me look what happened to foster. He came in he instantly guide. I can't have happening you I kid I had nothing is going near my prostate at all. Ever so that's the court should go I read your high level. I think what we should do is we should we should make a title built for this, and will you be called like Jose? Can Seiko is a swollen rat and then If he wins, he asked to hold up the Jose Conseco's a swollen rat built. Yes, I like that. I like that. wait! Where are? We all take you to your call drawn on a cool drones Florida. Why? they know your that's good and operate. I and my heart see Nummies day there. They want to host the two thousand twenty one Olympics a summer of Tokyo bows out.
Europe has another. Just gonna tell floored again everything my hot seat is the NBA security. You guys see the the Bam Tiree church swap that went down which is highly illegal in today's NBA. It was very funny they they essentially had to do it like it was a truck deal and The NBA security is now in the hot seat, because Jersey swaps and are allowed, but guys are finding a way to Jersey, swap so to figure out how we can stop these players from playing forty eight minutes against each other sweating all over each other, breathing all over each other and then doing the absolutely ridiculous thing of swapping jerseys, which is that's how you spread grown a virus. Well, yeah the put it under any walk out that sport is a guy, don't have anything, that's it What were the NBA in the protocol? Yes, very tough, Michael drawn is hard body. Twenty twenty one, because we delete it
I wanna let everyone, no people were trying to get shape this. Your hard body is goin off the soup. I've been stuck in a casino for six days, I've been eating. Candy I've been living inside of a casino, it does not not conducive to hard body, so I'm doing it. So if you haven't started, don't worry I've missed anything February. What's? soup of every seventh February, seventh insuperable yeah, I'm lobby in the gym february- and you won't- you won't see me out of the gym until my bodies- heart theirs given the old age too. That is gonna get extensive use are currently not not by me. I will not be going to that Jim, but hook up the walk there. yeah. I saw I feel, like cars bodies are shower, I'm not about the hard body life's Nova. We should just stack up a shitload dude wipes man. You are
We are having a hard body. I don't think goes with the rest of this. Well, it's it's more. It's I mean, let's be honest. Secondly, hard it's gonna be adjust less soft, so less off body, twenty twenty one I want to maintain my hug ability, though ordered behaviour. Will you gotta believe it? Soft We have heard here with our own. hot seat. Is Ben astern he's officially fighting Jake Paul in a boxing match Bet Austrians, not a striker he's a and c a wrestling champion, so if he gets knocked out by Jean Paul, it's gonna be really disappointing in shape. Policy can continue to have a fraud boxing Greer Billy, Jake Paul loans is a new when it's their exactly it's an eclipse bite Nepal picks guys who have zero reach bodily I'd. A hundred percent beat the shit Jake all he wouldn't touch me, but Jake paying virtually reality. That is to say that, for after the way,
you gonna cut Embroil, Andrea cut them on local. Even if I the only way lose tickets? I go. It is a known fact: ups, railways is really Billy. You got us. What Hake is saying is when you beat Jose, CAN Seiko. If you lose, I will laugh whatever, but when you pay losing, when you beat him, that's when you say I'm calling out the Pall brothers daddy. I do. They didn't build, never vitally excite actually would beat up. They only choose guys. They know they can like studies. You can then withdraw jail. Absolutely that's the only reason they wouldn't fight you, Floyd, nay, whether that writing. I said I'd I'd I'd like speed data. Only reason there are fighting. Billions goes Billy's to advise Adele Susie. If I was, if I was five two zero reach, but like Jack and looked athletic, I probably have or voted signs, wouldn't white Lily soviet. We could totally Peters. I would invite you so if you like, you are you're you'll be permitted
turn Nobunaga right right back into the other, gave you ever richer by totally. I do love. Never. I do love how looks online and bill. You even have to admit this that when you see a headline on my team, see being like Jose can Seiko to fight parcel sports in turn, you like Yanks, that's a tough luck for Jose can psycho You should never be you should always will eventually will you graduate college of a full time job whenever you want to put. I think part of your contract should be that you have to be referred to as an intern forever. Just so we can evaluate the suffering of the people with this shit. We're like this latest Aristotle turn. I got it. I got it. I get a crazy to held back five yeah yeah. This is our regular, very great shirted ok roads we'll throne,
This is all about. I had another one. Some of you have one time. Let's get me my corner caused when you're taking me jack. Yes, I've cod all them several times. It's actually quite easy when you like core them occurs like a diet that sound so bad aids. Before we get to micro, Zip, procuratorship, cholera com, sash, p empty it's finally, new year, the perfect time take your business to the next level by hiring the right people by finding qualified cases can be challenging, zip recruiter, dot, com, Slash p m t, makes it easy so go right. Now I want you post javelins, hypocritical signal to over a hundred top job sites with one click, then zip, recruiters, matching technology skins. Thousands arrests, amazing profiles, send you the most qualified people for your job you're really interesting. The candidate you can even invite them to apply for your job with one click. Zipper critter sends them an email from you and you stand out from the competition it so effective. Forty
employers opposing zip critter get equality, can it through the site within the first day and right now you could try stipulated for free its hypocritical com. Such p m t, that's hypocritical com, such p m T voted separately, dot com. Slash p m t right now. It is recommended by all the leading job search firms. Everyone uses zip recruiter. That's we can find the best jobs its. We need be posting the best jobs if you want to find the best people for your job typically Judar COM, slash p empty for free, zip code outcome such be empty, zip code of the smartest way to hire. Ok here is micro. Okay, we now welcome on a very special guessed. You know him from the jobs. You know him from being the voice of discovery. Many many years. You know him from shark weak, but fifteen years ago. You know from pvc. You also She'll be watching his new show, it is micro,
He has new show out, it's called six degrees with micro now streaming on discovery plus. So I was watching some of the previews and the show as far as I understand, is very daunting. You basically we like everything, is connected in the world. I would go back in history and figure out that connection. Do you think That's carbon over Chee! Remove like what made you do this, because that seems dont yeah. We persuaded further fences, you know from the promotional side of things, but in reality I needed something to do during the locked down- and I thought you know dirty jobs was rumination on work, somebody's gotta, on Hobbes. Returning the favour on decency. To do something around history really for people who would never watched history show. So I thought well what if we just
identified two seemingly disparate points in the context of a really Nicholas question like can a horse? You find your soul, mate or it can. A mouse trap cure your hang over or How did a volcano redeem eminence career right, the more preposterous, the better and then take an hour to take a deep dive, on the u to bribe holes and find at east six links. They can actually get us from point a to point. Be the thing about. The show that made a fund from anyway was we throw everything at the screen. Right is animation, archival footage bits. We recreate the launch of the Hubble as well as the San Francisco earthquake, with puppets just cause began actors and reactors, some of whom are all that talented wearing costumes that aren't very convincing, sometimes in wigs that dont really fit doesn't matter?
hired my my old buddy chalk with ice who, with great actor, who portrays thirty five. There are forty historical figures, a lover orally, so we just it's a hot massive stuff design to illustrate the incontrovertible fact that all the information in the world is now available to everybody online, but never before has it been grouped up in a chronology that is so seemingly insane, that's really interest yeah, it's strange because it until you just kind of pitch that that show I really thought of it. but a few years ago. I think we were speaking with somebody, maybe it history channel about doing like a Wikipedia Wormhole thing for a wicked, declared that was like along the same lines were you followed the links round. The internet is vastly. However, these kind of tied together. Can you go back.
Roquat kin mousetrap cure, hang over. That's the one, I'm interested sure I mean spoiler alert. The only way to really explain how this thing spools out is to this sort of just tell it to you, but you know higher maximum created the first repeating mousetrap about dollar fifty years ago. He also created the light bomb and a thousand other things, including the Maxim machine gun, and The machine gun change the course of the of the first World war, It killed so many people so quickly and made so much noise and was so easy to conceal the allies to know how to deal with it. So they took a tuba giant, wart tuba about twenty feet long. I pointed out the ground added. Dandified the sound waves of this gun, as well as from our team. and by using sound, ranging they were able, identify where these guns were well,
they also learned that would sound, ranging you could identify where oil deposits worker and now suddenly a guiding Carter comes along and wines up using this technology to create Texas Instruments, and the next thing you know we're creating the Germania inch chip and silicon, Allie comes along and the whole race for me in things small, get big and at the same time, that's happening over at Stanford. The guys who are working on it are experimenting with lice Ergic acid, which of course, as LSD, we take a whole side trip down what happened LSD and how that fuelled the counter culture, which ultimately impact that our decision to leave Vietnam, where we left Vietnam, a guy named David Tran happened to be on one of the boats and David Tran went on to create Saracen the hot sauce that makes any bloody Mary taste a whole lot better than otherwise would
and so when you have a bloody Mary with Surat, she saw Senate the odds of you getting rid of your hang over exponentially better. But, of course it will would have happened if higher maxim, having created the first repeating mousetrap laugh say, did There is a part of you when you pitched his show your like it. It almost is calling your shot like I'm micro, my I'm so successful people like me so much. I can pick this. There I'm just thinking. If anyone else pitch this they be like alright dude get the hell out of here, maybe get a little bit of focus before you come back with your pic but you're like I might grow, I'm going to pitch this and they're going to love it and it's going to be a great show and do not make the show you just like yeah they accepted this. Isn't that crazy? You know I'd I'd, love to say, yeah, based on my incredible wit, charm and persuasive ability. I sold it in the room, but I didn't what what I mean all that happened
but the pandemic also happened and suddenly networks were like. We don't even know how to make a tv show anymore, and I had a sponsor who is willing to help absorb some of the risk. So I put in some money the sponsor picked up the slack and I was able to make the show before it found a home and that changed everything and so then you know I went. Back into the room, and showed it around. and rather than having to pitch it the way I just did to you. I just said it just watch it right on right and if you dig it you know, I got five more if you'd out I'll find somebody else. So yeah, I I wasn't really call my shot, although I like the way I felt when you said that more about I mean- and this was part of the bridge to to be honest about it, but dirty jobs was a tribute to my grandfather, the guy who could build a house.
Got a blueprint ripe and it became a rumination on work. This is a tribute to my dad, a guy who taught american history to high school, in your high school kids for thirty years, and he said at me years ago, is I got my job is not to present the facts. My job is not to inform my students. our job is to make them give a damn about. Topics they otherwise wouldn't. And ultimately that never changes. You know when it comes to his read today. Everybody's got a different version of how they like to believe it answer. I do too, but I don't any pretence about it. I just say these things happen. Charles new Bold invented the iron plough that led to the agricultural revolution that impacted by Babo and Austria, So all I'm doing is taking facts that aren't dispute and putting them. A chronology nobody's done before and then saying now.
There you go six degrees at the tv show me it's also genius, because it's a comment on where we are as like a country were like. You know what people probably aren't gonna be reading history books. Let's make a tv show out of it. You're smart you're, ahead of the curve. Well, I'm also looking around and seeing people today convinced they can change our present by alter in the past. You know you can pull down all the statues. You want. It's not going to change the FAO of what happened last week, and improve the future by you know shining up the past. It is what it is and how we let it impact us today that matters like if you, if Look at history, the wrong way where, if you look at me get it through an angry lens. Well, you're gonna have people knocking, Lincoln off Mount Rushmore. But if you provide some sort of contacts and force p?
bull to see what happened? Not the context of some the historical timeline. but rather in a way that impacts your neighbour and everybody else, then it becomes, relevant and maybe, as a fake host, I get a little bit more permission to go a little bit further than I otherwise wouldn t to me. It sounds like you sat down your. Like I'm like row, I have. Best voice in Amerika. I can I can little the red, the encyclopedia and people Fourteen in and listen to me read the encyclopedia and it worked. That's the great part about honestly, I think I'd probably listen to you read yeah, probably dictionary you ve got a very soothing voice night. I read that you are an opera singer, I don't know still, if you credit that for you're narration voice, or if the narration voice came first and then you work
and your singing voice afterwards, but it seems to work very as it is a very crooked road. You know I added I d stutter when I was a kid but my voice also changed early. When I was young, I sound pretty much at eleven years old like I like. I do now so what I m areas in its own right like an eleven year old. Well, everybody wanted to end up with a deep voice. It was weird man I mean I drive rally went from a guy, you talk like this to a guy was like hey. How are you just It was very strange but You know the opera was the thing. If you wanna see something really weird, I'm sure you have access to the internet right now, Google MIKE oh reads phone book out and on this like I do know. Ten years ago, somebody said I'll, give your foundation a check right now. For twenty thousand dollars. If you read the phone book, because I think I'll help me go to sleep so
I recorded a phone book and I put a chunk of it on Youtube, it still gets passed around once in awhile and dynamic gun up a lot of weird things, but they never a few hours recording phone book. You know you at some point. You gotta look at yourself in the mirror and they did what happened to you you're you're, basically like the only fans, accounts with feet pictures, but it's your voice. Everyone's Zeno gettin turned on your by your voice should start in only fans. Were you just record things behind a pay wall? You could, you know, retire everything. So you mention your fat foundation or foundation. Micro works foundation, I love the idea of this. So for people don't know, I think most people have seen dirty jobs, but dirty jobs. Wasn't just a tv show something you kind of enacted in real life. The idea, blue collar work tree
school. These things are important. Not everyone is built in our wants to go to college, though these are important. Jobs need to be done. A question for you of all the job. So you ve done. You know three hundred plus dirty jobs. Have you ever thought about podcasting, you ever thought about the trade apply. Are we a dirty job because I'm just throw this out there right, you coming down here on a Sunday we watch twelve hours, there's a football straight. We game, on every game we eat Scots thing, you know food their problems and great for you, and then we were court upon gas at midnight I would contain that's not much different than being like. I think one time you have your Likud reindeer dentist like what's the difference, this is a dirty. Jobs is a hard job. When you say I look you'll get no argument for me. I think all jobs have the potential to become dirty. You know depending how broadly defined the term, but it's the
it's the sameness of a job that in many ways- and ultimately make a dirty if you that, you just described that twelve hour day you sit there, you watch football YE called pizza. You forget to take a shower. Do that three four! five ten days and road twenty days hundred days. That's when you know that when your brain starts to change, and that's why I don't care how glamorous it is. In fact, I know glamorous. I know fashion models. It's disgusting there job is disgusting, but that the things they wind up having to do over time, that you would never think about. Are our grubs operas. Is disgusting, the costumes have to wear the sweet. You think they smell like a hockey outfit. You never know, you set there watching the opera in some guys up their whale and away. He smells like ass man, I'm tell you. I've never encountered a perfect
opera singer in the midst of a performance whose smelled any better than an athlete at the end of the four quarter, yeah I mean we had to watch sixteen jets games this year. I challenge you to the bears, offer a more difficult job in America than that yeah, hey man. I still remember the day MID March night, eighty four, I guess it was wars and eighty six, when the Colts left Baltimore, that that, for me I mean, since there is still no, you guys are basic The sports thing I'll tell you that that choice, my relationship with the word. I sports forever. You know what watching those Mayflower vans leave Baltimore in the middle of the night four Indianapolis I've ever been able to watch a football game or any organise sport. the same way since so soon
like this? Is the dirtiest job. You need to common in shadow us for a Sunday and see how it ranks against all these other dirty jobs. You ve done. Look, I'm I'm I'm actually fascinated by your your podcast and your job. I I do a pod gas is very different from yours but the smart. You can say smart, you're too smart hours out. I was good. but with prescient important, lightning, obviously important, but also a game changing and apocryphal hocker, but also short, you do like a short form podcast, which I I think you know like weep essentially do like twenty of your podcast Emerson weak, and so we work yard or you. Work smarter, which goes against your whole thing, which has worked smart, yet here, White Collar port asked yeah exactly so were really down here in the yes, but that's it. This is the only thing you guys do
now we re in a line of mock drafts, yeah yeah, I'll watch, college basketball come on, let's be exhausted gas. I am we're gonna get back to micro. Second, before do Jack Pocket Jack Pocket Jack Pocket. No tonight is I think two nights a mega millions draw user, MRS power by one of those two well, if you want to play the mega millions, if you won't play power ball and young ones the store. You won't do it from your smartphone. You can use jackpot jackpot. Jack Pocket is the lottery happens. The easiest way to play your favorite Lotto Games right from reforms, you play mega millions parable cash for life take five other daily whose plus you get automatic alerts when you win, you can even receive the prize. Is right from your phone, pocket is now available in New York and nine other states get New Jersey on their Texas on their many, many more if an easier way to get your lotto tickets, can pick your own lucky numbers instantly The troll winnings from your bank account over five million dollars in prizes.
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his job yeah. Well, there were three hundred you know, and honestly I mean I get that question a fair amount and I normally just spin, like their thirty of those three hundred and ten percent, They are on a wheel of filth and my mind and when I spent it it doesn't, after which it lands, on their all honest answers to that question, because you can't air chicks axing to castrating. baby lambs with your teeth and you can't compared the add too hanging upside down on a MAC ignore bridge six hundred feet in the air welding. Can compare that really to Opel Mining in Cooper. Pity, Australia, where your lowered on a boat and chair into a sixty foot shaft this about the width of a man whole cover, and you can't really describe the Kloster phobia that, while I should over you as you look up and see that little tiny dot of blue get smaller and smaller and smaller. You can compare
collecting seamen from a turkey really to anything, in fact that right, there you have a girl of Turkey come. I have a poster. we do want to hear honestly what that job entails. Yeah imagines jacking off Turkey, Turkey said but jacking offer turkey, that's that's child's play and me I I don't know what's in our minds, I, but the first thing after remember is that the turkeys penis is inside its asshole. Oh right it, it's called a clue, Acre YAP and typical of most aliens and by the way, the process I'm about to describe
the reason everybody gets to Turkey on Thanksgiving there. There would never be enough Turkey's in the country right right, weren't, you big right, that's right! They can't get together yeah to actually do it. The old fashioned wake us are full of steroids, so the chest or big, so they can't mate. So what you do is you take one like that and you put it upside down between your thighs and you and you squeeze it alone and then somebody hands you ajar like it's just that. It'll jar looks like a baby food jar, and the lid on the jar has two holes in it and inside of each hole is a strong, so called the straw in your free hand, and then you drive, your attention to the club acre on the upside down Turkey between your thighs and then with your thumb. start to stimulate the clockmaker. In the time her tradition, that all males are no doubt familiar with his hide. If you do it right
The orgasm that runs through the Turkey will allow the seamen to collect and its rectum Unable to do it, he comes into his own eyes jar, what a mask no. He comes into his own ass. Oh, I thought you said your where mass? No, yes, he a jacket, remember he's upside down ejaculate and the seamen. Then puddles like a disappointing bill of middle in its in its asked So ably in nature, how does does he then have like open his asshole up and then go asked ass? but the female with a hand. While date they actually see each other in nature, and then they roll back and the lady parts smash it
to the ass all of the male bird and all the spoon jalopy gets transferred through some miraculous way. It's very difficult. I mean it's it's kind of a miracle that there has ever been a baby. Turkey born when you consider the fact that they can. Actually you know it's it's not the typical in and out thing where I very imperfect german port nod ravine. thing we're talking about here. Yet this this hits a little too close to home when you're, like gather breasts, are too big in their dick is in there ass. All that you look direct like me when you said that sounds like shit. Ok, ought to sit on your lap with a little baby food at basically what it is. You played a card you get so they know. The odds are against it in the first place, but anyway you gotta Turkey upside down between your thighs. His rectum is full of spunk you'd. Take the jar with the two straws and what you do is you put one strong into the rectum right? In
to the sperm and they put the other straw in your mouth and let me start socket rockwork. Did you think what you're doing this like? There's gonna, be a better way to I have my mouth there, the thought, went through my mind. You know it's the twenty first century guys. Maybe there is a tool that is a bit more sophisticated than a job two straws in it, but what you do is you create a vacuum in the jar by stocking on one straw right and then you manipulate the other strong into Turkey's rectum and as that Axiom intensifies the sperm will come through the first strong and collect in your jar, and when you get the sperm out of the rectum. You spread your spies and the it falls to the ground and flies off too. most and brag with the boys, and then they bring you another one, and then you do
same thing again, the thumb, the straw rights, and this goes on for a while. You know until your jars full of sperm and then you too the sperm from the jar and put it in these little pipettes, and then you put that into a an injector gun and then they bring you the hens and you go ahead and put that through their what you call the vulva and you pull the trigger and boom pregnant Turkey, so I'd. So I would imagine that one was one we're like I know I can imagine myself doing this every day is there has been a dirty job where you think back here, like you know what I actually really enjoyed that now. I could do that for living sure. I remember Even in New York, surely we were sitting I how ya now you're in New York right now erect did now. Have you noticed the wooden water towers on top of
virtually every building over five, do you know if you have it? to look for him. That's all you see they're everywhere and those wooden water tanks, the old order water for the building there on the roof right, because gravity gets a two year on a whole lot faster than if you had to pump it up, but the tanks basic You ve been built by the same company for the last hundred twenty years, called Rosen WHIP and them they need to be placed you know every twenty thirty years, or so and these guys have the contracts on all of these tax. So little happen as at nine o clock. You know the apartment These people go to work, these guys climb to the roof, and they one piece at a time: does the same these tax, not somebody's Europe, thirty forty stories right in Europe at the very, very top standing, wooden platform that you're ultimately dissembling and then they build it?
no one. In the same day, the the teamwork, and the speed with which These tanks are replaced day in and day out is, is a myth. of like construction one by one and circus allay these guys are just death defying heights doing man's work, in in a real team, oriented fashioned? It's up, it's a marvel to watch and I had a ball doing it and was glad to go on with all my fingers attach because their swinging axes and malls you know and fifty feet in the air. Balancing on one foot, I mean it's it's incredible to see, and I really had a good time do now, noses of those, of course, because those are you think,
you know where we're at as a civilization and you just take all these things were granted and you don't realize you know someone's fucking, a turkey someone's building an entire water holder on top of my building, while I'm not at work and that's where the Emmy comes in world. Look at that that Turkey, changed my career, I hope that Turkey still can the gay men, would wait when you come back to Minnesota. I I'm miss your fancy of possible faculty of best lay I ever had did you did you requested a picture that Turkey Jesse? We could always remember your day with it. That too IE is seared into my retina and I really dont need its picture, but a friend of mine did blow that went up and so yeah egg. I keep it on the wall to remind me that, no matter how weird my day gets, you know I could be Jerkin
There could be stranger of getting in each for that stuff. When you're not working on a new project when you're not out there doing something like your new show, are you like man? I really want to get out there and in and get my hands dirty. You know it's funny. I just got off the phone with the network actually in there there are open to rebuilding the whole thing and I'm I only have two minds you know I'd. I dont think I don't think I could do the same show the same way and Nord, nor would I want to, but I do feel like get too good time right now, to get out there and and do another show about essential work. whatever that means right cause, I don't think it means what we think it means Adam. I think people would welcome a new look at what people do in the course of make a living. But the thing that I miss most
the thing I've been able to do in this new show. So I guess really. I don't miss it, but the important thing wasn't the specifics of the job. It it's the way we shot it and it was having a behind the scenes, camera that never stop rolling. We never did a second take on on dirty jobs. You know what you saw for better or worse was what I saw as it happened and m. That's the trick in my world, you know in nonfiction. If I can, if I can shoot a show in a way that makes the viewer feel like they were there with me, Robin Outlet, Turkey, Heidi right there with me, then that's what matters It doesn't matter if it's a history show it doesn't matter if its squishy facebook show, like the one I'm doing now called returning in favour that matter. If the view feels like the therewith. You, then you get, you get permission.
did you damn near anything, you want. Yet there is always something I really enjoyed about dirty jobs, which was you're taking sometimes outrageous subject matter like jacking offer Turkey and you but your treating the work. That's being done with a lot of dignity. Ultimately, and and shining light on on people that it is sometimes might be looked down upon, because maybe they didn't go to the same school as somebody else, or maybe it's not the job that everybody dreams of growing up What was what what was the art I guess we're mass. He is like when you were getting ready to do the show. how word you making sure that the spotlight was was on the right places and it wasn't turning it into a liquor, a cartoonist sideshow, it sometimes yeah.
The great question honestly, and that great I mean I don't mean the suggested that, like all your questions, aren't great it's just that of all the questions you ask so far. That is top thank twenty. Thank you. It. the lesson is in where to shine a light. The lesson is where not to shine it and in my world had been impersonating a shell host for twenty years, I got a hundred different jobs at work for every network, doing every kind of show and all of them was bullshit. All of it was me hitting them saying a line, and trying to convince people. I know more than I do by talking like this right now mean that step toward our house does, and I was happy doing it. I'd. I'd probably still be doing it because I did ok, but in a sewer,
San Francisco in two thousand and two I had an encounter. I've been hosting a show called evening magazine and um my mother. My mother called me that morning and said Michael, your grandfather, who was my my idle by the way, a guy who build a house without a blueprint like the one I was born, and she said I grandfather is ninety. One he's not gonna be around forever. Wouldn't it be great if, when he turned on the tv before he died. He saw you doing something that looked like work at this rate line. So my mother right, so I said well and good. point so that night on evening magazine, I went into the sewers of San Francisco to host the Shell Justin my mother off my back and
When I was down there, I ran into a sewer inspector again in gene crews, whose job was You just gotta keep an eye on me and show me around, but while I was down there, we were attacked by thousands of thumb, size, roaches, more rats than I've ever seen in my life, and I fell face first and a river shit and long story short. I couldn't do my job, but I could help him and my camera man wound up filming me working as an apprentice with a sore inspector who was replaced the right no breaks in the sewers of San Francisco with no brakes back breaking difficult unseen. Complete disgusting work, but really really really important, because of that I calls in sick for a few weeks and everybody else who does what he does, though sewers collapse and all of San Francisco is covered in ship, which is funny cause it kind of his now today anyway, but that's another story. The point is when I looked at the footage,
that my camera man got that day of me working not hosting but working with an actual expert. It became obvious to me that that's something I would want to watch as a viewer because I had been humbled. You know, I mean the sword and let me do my job the way I wanted to. The only thing I could do down. There was helped the sky, and so when the spotlight shifted from maybe, as our host tending to no more than he did to the act. we'll dude, who is due the actual work there, all kinds of great information came out visible. our conversation. And along the way the viewer got to see some giant com floating by on a river of crap, and you know all sorts of other weird things. You'd. Never expect to see on a tv show and so
That was the footage that sold dirty jobs ultimately and that was the phone call from my mom- that sent me into the sewer and that's the reason. The show is dedicated to my grandfather, who just to see me doing something on tv that looked like work before he died and soap? No. None of that was on my mind when it was happening, but looking back yeah I wouldn't be talking to you right now, if it weren't for rat the size of a loaf of bread, the jumped on my shoulder drove me into the sludge and ultimately convinced me to work with a sewer inspector. Instead of hosts to show where it also sounds like your mom was trying to convince her dead that she did a good job as a mom by raising a son who wasn't totally worthless. Well, what if like being the son of a great athlete where the daughter the great athlete, like the pressure, the pressure on that kid. You know
Cal, Ripken, Junior Junior or whatever is no like hot. How the world right my grandfather, really could build a house without a blueprint. He could. He can take this watch apart and put it back together, blindfolded, never the instructions that ITALY was life right. I was sure I was going to follow in his footsteps. Up until I was seventeen and the truth is just because you are passionate about something doesn't mean you you can't suck at it and and and and the handy Jean like, like the athletic gene and in many cases is recessive, and I I didn't get it, but the things my grandfather could do with a construction mindset. I just didn't get you know, and so he told me when I was seventeen yeah, I get it you can be a tradesman. He said just get a different toolbox cause you're, never going to be able to do what I am able to do and as a big
in a hard lesson, but that's why I got it. Opera? That's why I got in show business and that's why? twenty years later, twenty five, years later, when my mother called me, it was like yeah for my grandfather, dad I do whatever I could so he saw me. before he died in the sewers. He saw me on the Golden Gate Bridge. He saw me do all sorts of things and am that's all was to be three one hour specials to get my mother off my back. He but people watched and they wrote Billy mad. Yet they rode out. There was like it. it just we like the show it. It was like we like you. It wasn't about that. It was You ve got to see what my uncle does from any way. Do you see what my sister brother Uncle has cut right? All these letters people who wanted to share, but they do for a living
And that, ultimately, is what made me think I'll, ok to something more than a smart Alec crawling through a river crap and the occasional deck job. So I you're smarter than us. I think it's safe to say, but you realize you did just right you another episode for six degrees, like you need you a six degrees of your own life with, while you're your grandfather became handy. And how your mom was ashamed of of the beta son that she raised and how it ended up What are you doing? Thirty jobs, everybody has a story. Man and an you know, five, six, ten degrees I'll show you this a freak you out more than, Ricky Jack off those that will only love with what is this? The genealogy of Michael Gregory, ok and so listing this was put together by a fan of dirty jobs. Couple years ago
I was on a small private plain and we landed in Maine and when I left did. I took a selfie of me in front of the plane and the tail number was on and on the tale number, some. Guy tracked me down to where I was and this guy's name was Jesse Hagen and he put together. It takes The year he's a genealogist any put together tyres story of my whole life going back ten twelve fourteen generations. Genes are unrelated to Lord Baltimore Right guy shows up at a private airport and gives this too so Lucretia and say what you like: hey, not to be a creep here, but I ve been studying. I is completely freaked out, because I've had like stalking issues and stuff like that. Over the years I had the drone issue yeah, it's pretty oh yeah, the drivers,
there are many many many many weirdest strange stories but having a gun I waiting for you at dark next to your little tiny plane with a giant book saying my ground. I have something for you. Is the story, Irian Jaya lawyer and your family's like us yet, but a debt yeah it's crazy. That is crazy. My last question was american chop. you did the voice, for that now. Was that your easiest job and his basically every week you could be like big pause, at little Paul little pause met met a big Paul bike. It's made. How did that? Like you just submitted? one for every season. Narration is, is my everything to do well, that's not true My my favorite thing to do is everything right. Scudding mix of everything but narration is is, is awesome and that
story actually is, is funny because, as I went in to read the copy, like you always where I had no idea what the show was to know anything about it, and I got the booth and I sat down the engineer said: Gimme a quick MIKE test, so I read it poorly on purpose, like I was just imitating. A bad at them dj meets a car salesman, so it is like a father, a son, the drama, the deadline. American shopper right does that. Well headphones? I hear the producer Ganem Hank CAP Shoney's, like hey MIKE I'm Hank, and like all eight hour, I just wanna, might us, because, although that that was great, I love that I thought it was kidding So I said I let me go once more. The way I want to do it. And so I did it the way I wanted duties. I am terrific grape will. He uses the my test, the joke, and
puts it into american shopper Not only do I wind up doing a hundred fifty episodes that, with that same ridiculous voice, they go under produce american hot rod, american casino. You ever see ultimate fighter. Twenty other shows out of the same shop, and I did the veto for all of them and We showed that Hank was on armies. Like you know, what I want Roma. Give it could mean that my voice are that's perfect. That makes me that makes me so happy. I love that show, and I love that that's the story behind it, God and now on deadliest catch you're right. It's the same thing word season seventeen. You know the vast Bering Sea. I never meant to do that. I won't let let's let you go. Everyone go check out ex degrees on with Micro, launched streaming now on discovery, Ploss, you're now of recurring. Guess you have to come on next time we ask yeah for voice over. We raise our voices. Can you just say: I'm micro handle
your mankind- I micro and over Man card on your hardware, however, unless you're watching pardon might take Ah that those two guys we are yet again, I'm sorry I interrupted shit- do to get your watching pardon my take with those two guys. I love perfect MIKE. Thank you so much, and we do expect you to to shadow us for an NFL Sunday, for whenever dirty jobs comes back. I don't think you can handle it now, you I really do not man and I are you're gonna, be beg into mass. We lose our entertainment euro may Evelyn, EVA Joly, our shoes delegation. acknowledging accepted it shall be done. I take so much. I appreciated major micro was brought to you by three key. We love three key step. A strong leader and Delta eighty she products I three chee hard when I got home from Detroit put me to
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Ok, let's you guys on Chechnya before we do that Our darling Jake has been put in a charity corner so We said on Sunday shall I wasn't put in the corner. I volunteer. No Jake did you, because I don't think that you volunteered to do this until we brought it up on Sunday brainer, body and, of course, be a tough decision This is not always an easy to such Jager. Someone donated a thousand dollars to the partial fund and you're going to swear, corrects yes, shot out to HIV, well Jack YO now did you stipulates which costs word now. So what I want to say is, I think we should keep this going. If you don't need a thousand dollars and you show proof it asked to be from this point forward- you can have already donated it. You get to decide
you get to decide what swear or racial slur that shaken, say, honour pacifist. Now we can make a list out here say to see word. Yes, you are my eye to evaluate the rhapsode car. I think we can Seiko Anti. We gotta started out. properly and just have Jake drop a hard F bomb. I think that's it, that's a good way to like flag of you. I guess they were really gonna. Do this Jake? Yes, why I would ask you to say, as I fucking love helping small business job Jake GRID Jargon. Sorry, sorry, young listeners, by the way, the idea you side now it's if this blocks me for a moment calling a game one day, because I'm helping a good cause, I'm not gonna lose sleep over that airy go and they are not solely on charity left field metal make it do not augur so now what I'm never going to donate by the way.
I'm gonna get you say some were really bad, but also what we will give it gone for ever wants its own eight thousand dollars you to decide what Jake is going to say on the pot gas. We need proof and some words are often what words off limits yes said, I gotta say I'm. Otherwise there will be no. While who reigned ease. I can't even spell there's a fine. Ok, you can't even spell it a barber. Can you take Jake saying fucking and just have that, like looped over and over again and take on me ultra thank you. and actually a lot like? We should make I'd like to figure out a way for it to be my my my phone call, my ringtone. Maybe we should make necklaces in the in the parcels for store that just play. eight Jake, saying fucking or over instead of the intervals words like hey guys, it's big cat can this be Jake, sank, fucking, fuck fuck.
Far, and they were his guys swearing in the beginning of all these pog Obi very funny. If that's, what eventually got us the explicit tag on Itunes yes said yes, I e g Pangloss, you a couple of guys on checks and send everyone on the accused this week, not guys on checks, but we knew up guys is make em off is weird, but how would you describe the smell of the pay empty studio? Lavender, not smoke. Oh genes, that's the best where I can describe it it s, not anything this. This bill goes back and forth. The spell back at Fort, because there was a time when I think someone exploded a pumpkin in there that it smelled God awful. There was a time when we we had like we are trying to do like a knives out mystery situation where there is. If you look at the ceiling, above me there's all this red juice and
for a while. We all work using each other and then Babo just walked in one days oil that was made my bad, so I it spells every leggy. Everything is beer. Coffee twelve years, for some reason. Why not only I see if this most a little bit like mountain, do indeed I love you piss, you personally, I walked in the judiciary. Pissing those corner Joe S, away into a bottle I don't know what I'm lazy animal yeah will not pitching. Yes, let's bring. What was your lovely like put in? It's funny bring up like a pumpkin, because it's almost like eyes. The carpet and here's a little time capsule. So sometimes, if we clean the carpet, it brings out the stench that pumpkin that explorer nearly two years ago and then the whole studious music, rotten pumpkin again for we Yes, the rings of a tree. Yet why didn't they p of t- have to do soggy sorrows when their team lost in the playoffs. Why didn't we because Techno asked us to
and also we totally expected our team saloon. So I dont it wasn't really sorrowful now we're just I did it. I did it for Coty Part that was one that I didn't see coming in that I I thought the bears actually had a really good team that year this year the bears got in from a fucking technicality, letting in seven teams. ADA View elsewhere, HIV well here when we have people back in four in person, interviews also hawk. What's the latest your bubble have stayed on producing a show. I think, once this vaccine get room, I'm really do him, I'm ready to hit the road again like I don't. I don't know what we're gonna happen again, but I really hope that it does Yeah me not currently, I'm not because I again I'm living in August, You know, but I am ready for Impersonator Blueskin would you guess they over under fourth of July over
probably a realistic here we are Yet we gotta get more of the special interviews in here like rumour that that way, that company, yeah, yeah, color, Asgard, yes by breaking news, Roquat breaking news, breaking related to Britain, John Haven just tweeted Johnny. We just do it glad to see Tory Hunter Mark Burly TIM Hudson, pull above five percent and thus remain on the ballot. Well, I did. vote for them. The five percent rule is done, too many great players had been knocked out early by it. I love it lucky Break has as not Tory hundred fan. I'm just glad to see him still around. that's it essentially just walked up to the party read their faces like yeah just see. No, I invite you to this party, but it's cool you're here and we give Skagway coin rockwork when
the car sticks coming back and stock. I was too naive to see the value earlier. Announce kicking myself. Please advise That's it. I went to a special run, ran into production issues gap. and sticks anymore covered. his blame. Have, no, you know will do, is what we do. We will absolutely once we get you a few more states for the parcel sports, We will do a car stick bet and we but we will have car sticks giving away, because that will be a fantastic but hey big hat and Phd. What are the things you are most proud of in regards to the show, Michael, I think just keeping Billy alive for the last few years. It's gotta be way up there. Well, you keeping really live me trying to kill yea my died next week, but up to this point like they can't take away those years that Billy has somehow not I mean Billy's lifespan. After joining the show, I think everybody was betting, would be basically like Larry Threes DES
what my most brother, I largely most proud of that we're like going on here, five minutes, it's crazy that we ve had this audience for this long just everyday kind of feels like dive in real. I remember The beginning we're like week this many people listening and then it just keep tat kept happening and I guess it's cool that everyone, just like you know, chilled out stuck around how ya, like cool as we did just hang out with user, you guys are good. Hang we pursue yet right right exactly we thought we thought the party would have ended by now, but everyone still here, so I guess what beer still flowing. Let's have some fun how'd, you that's fine billion. Will you guys you bedding against him against those that can take away? And where can you bet on this fight? I will add. Also not what we were really betting against bill. Wait, wait at Pfc Use, you see what it is It is a class. I hate where hate worker. They bet on it
I'd numbers arena question I might have added some in the end that I was curious of. Obviously that is clear. where its aware hag play ball. Actually, there were no can't even better. If I didn't, even when twenty five thousand dollars, that's incredible, but they there's a question. First how'd you guys find Billy, we really be a Billy Billy. applied is then turn it was actually so great because Hank we re all, but all the intern, video intern interns like there's twenty people. I did we interviewed that day and he said a Phd in eyes like I know you guys, you're gonna pick brandy, can't tell you who I am Billy showed up at a breath with us. five page Reza May stapled that had like around seventeen law it was George or Leary fucking resume, and
you're like Craigslist him. Any issues like Yahoo like art, your heart. Yet the thing that also that that made me say that in the first place, was that there was like twenty interns like doing interviews and I had lost my tv removed from my apartment. Murmurs got an gotta get a new one. and so I interviewed Billy, I like this kid kind of character, and then like. Can you run to best buy for me to get it is remote or whatever and I legitimately walked upstairs came back downstairs like five minutes later in his back here. It is like so fast I like. How did you even come back this fast and that and then from there was a girl could gothic ill. So it actually is a good lesson to with our two interns that we ve ever hired or three can actually football, but the should have higher Yang yet but like not being super super fans actually was big in their favour. Like Jake showed up thinking that he there's gonna, be a columnist for arsenal. Sports Billy showed up
pretending that he listened when it was very clear he had never listened to do. I use is someone who is high school classes like broke arsenals, kind of cool guy. You know what I'm trying to chop. I think there is one line on this resolution that was just a typed out. You are ill to his huddle, highly the guy I'm trying to click. On this point, I would like to get a virus that active ivories. If that's what you're procedures would have it. So I listened to show every day drive me to school and I school. Because we're only on three times a week right Walter, politics will want three times they sometimes show like was lying like we it so that one day I followed hang on twitter and eggs, they look for New York City based internet as like. Oh this would be awesome. It was late, my senior year high school, adopt. Do you like my high school I think we had to go. Get an internship like sir to light so
you had to go to class like after a piece for Danzig, just fuck around for senior strength, so I like applied. the egyptian bar, still like I like sent my resonates Hank and I was like it is really so cool? This happened would never happen like I, why? Why would they choose me out of it no reason out. Then I went to the interview I was sitting in this waiting with all these dudes one guy dress like the riddler us a baby. I rather like there's all these guys. Are these like subdued belatedly togs worry savings drives relate to say there I, like, I, was thrown out on some thirty seconds to give up. I know very good. I have no idea. What can I do for letting people outside there's no way? I want to get this job. I tell my side the largest spleen everyone who is sitting in the robot mean we talk about. A pardon me was like PAR news like like relief,
is that I wasn't going to get it because I already like I can just go and tell my buddies about this really hilarious that I didn't interview. Last came back interview with you guys Another reality idea, it's worse story of. Why is there anything? You only know everything. You got a job that Hake email he's got the job knows. Why can't not do it? Billy also didn't pay. You thou made it a lot easier. I think we're like we're going to how you like under the table yeah, What was your first impression of Hank Mean Begat. Remember the remote yeah rubber there no really mentioned that in your, like twenty five minutes store re while she songs socks. Did you don't give me that I believe the story socked I know about just like you know, like eyelid Julia, had no idea like why you guys please guy, Why is that you're telling it again and you're telling the story again so gay the rope
my first so my first, what back, then, you guys were like a lie younger higher though, but like you guys at higher muscle mass, and you can see in your face. Like fifteen years, heads were like this big back
out a wire member that your take away. The junior legally was, in your view, see what you're saying that their heads have gone away. Bigger since then diagnosed she got smaller Billy. I first met you guys, like you guys had just do you hate my god. I value your that you can imagine that I love you Billy way. You're gonna kick the shit out of me. I would again there's one spoken. Ninety undrawn, wherever redraw round to redraft, I wasn't avoid frogs kin. Freeze issue is about. It is about pick a team in defrost themselves. More was almost eighteen. Seventy three we only got nine nine would froze the first itself, freeze their dieter Dining hall of him. What are you know that I wash our nature document that yet You don't know anything very well acquainted with a family to last year that frogs can
Warm up from the inside number one planet and what has number one got involved is too old to two twelve. I love you got here on Friday. Love, yes,
What what? What? What? What? What? What? What? What? What? What? What? What? What global put small businesses
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