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Dr. Phil, Jacoby Brissett, Mt Rushmore Of Area 51 Raiders And Meats

2019-07-16 | 🔗

Big Cat's Jury Duty, Madden Ratings, and Old face apps, yeah it's the dog days of summer (2:38 - 8:04). Mt Rushmore of Athletes you'd want on your side when you storm Area 51 (8:41 - 17:28) and in honor of National Hot Dog Day, Mt Rushmore of meats (17:28 - 24:11). Hot Seat/Cool Throne including Cup Snakes at Wrigley and Blake Koepka (24:11 - 37:53). Dr Phil joins the show to diagnose what exactly is wrong with us, if he's happy, and when does being a fan of a sports team become problematic (37:53 - 74:02). Colts QB Jacoby Brissett joins the show to ask some questions that we never knew needed to be asked and start a new online club with an NFL QB (74:02 - 89:11). Bachelorette talk for guys that don't watch the bachelorette, Thoughts and Prayers Big Baller Brand, Take Quake, and Guys on Chicks. 

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on today's part of my take we have to yes and to mount rushmore's yeah we're in the dog days of summer but that doesn't mean we're not going to keep producing great shows for you we have doctor phil we have kobe bressette who is gone crazy on twitter but we also may have started a new club with him and we have the mount rushmore of we should like to storm area fifty one with and the mount rushmore of meats so pack show guys on chicks as well hot see cool thrown the regular wednesday stuff we're ready to go ready ready to but before we do all that part of my take is brought to you by the cash app the number one finance app in the app store cash app is most powerful way to send spend and save it's connected to the free cash card the only debit card with boost just select a boost in your cash app then instantly save it some of your favorite places like ten percent chipotle or one dollar off at all coffee shops they're always adding new boots so check yours off and best of all boots are like a
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is wednesday july 17th and i have jury duty as right now right now you are currently in a brooklyn jury pool bring your floaties have you i figured this would be something very easy to get out of doing that i've done it i've already got so so i've skipped it the first time then the second time they sent me a notice and i went and i said hey it's football season they're like hey we get it you're a football guy that look me up and down and it said why don't you come back when's a good time i was like how 'bout after the super bowl i skip that time by accident and then now we're on the fourth time i feel like i'm fucked you just need to show up wearing a blue lives matter t shirt because then they'll just kick you off the jury right like i'm going to you can't sympathize with law enforcement can't sympathize either go as a cop or go as a criminal go drunk
we're roller blades there's different things i've been thinking about yeah doing a leading would be good what if i just went in like plead you two videos loud with no headphones in the whole time and when the like ask me questions i called on one sec i finishes prank real quick can't you just say that you're you're very religious and judge not lest you be judged that's true that's true there's a lot of that it's against my religion to be a juror yeah how about we have to do interviews and we have to produce con and for the people yeah just be like listen judge madden ratings just came out i have to pour through all of these and analyze which players were snubbed in which players should feel good yeah i understand so that is the big story that's going on not my jury duty but madden readings because we are in the throat those of the dog days of summer and people are mad about madding ratings so much so do you see the markers lauren florence no just trying to think sixty five million dollars you got guarantee
i wouldn't give a function that would not give a fuck but he said you're not going to disrespect me and get away with it so he's coming to add video game developed subtract two madden and trubisky was ranked the 20th best quarterback with the rating ok pat mahone's number one i think so i think there was a few people who got ninety nine that was de'aundre hopkins cleo mac aaron donald aaron donald got a ninety nine there was one other person who got ninety nine but who cares it's the ultimate cares july story madden ratings as somebody that hasn't played madden since they lost me when they did the passing vision i called cone i couldn't get back into itself yeah so on the real gamers showed up exactly well you know i still mad guy i still mad and for about a week a year by it i do a season i turned it off every time about to lose and then yeah i just forget about
after that yeah once they started doing the live games where they put you in the lobby and then you hear like twelve year old white kids call you the n word at that point i was like i think i think this is really past me yeah i'm not part of this culture anymore yeah so matt in ratings if you want to know what's buzzing madden ratings and old face pictures does it i mean too hot topics right now it's cause now the old face stuff i'm very press the seed can they do videos on that now or is it just limited to the pictures 'cause what i want to do i want to take the snap face baby picture app the baby pig filter do stephen a smith and then put the old face on that and see if it turns young stephen a smith into present day stephen a smith who little
travel yeah i don't like you'll get asus because i just i see it like someone old face beyond like that's putting me like four years i just look at the rate of aging that i'm doing i was like i yeah that's me i'm old yeah i'm all right i'm going to be that old soon somebody showed me the picture today and i was like wow that's that's pretty good that's a pretty good old face and it was the picture before they put the filter on thanks not great yeah so a lot of buzz but we have a big show for you because we have two mount rushmore's and two interviews so what's better than that i wonder if you can put the old face on mount rushmore unlike the stone carvings making even yeah i mean i will face with dogs no don't you don't want to do that you can do with jesus we always talk about jesus as the ultimate what could have been guy if he didn't get injured maybe you could see what sixty year old jesus would look like once you got problematic and and didn't catch up with tech allergy cancelled on twitter what about combat pay
that probably he's probably impervious to the old faces always like compute it will never grow all these peter pan yeah all right should we do the mount rushmore's latest operation jump right into it yeah so i think we will promise you on this show is we're not going to create content out of we're not going to squeeze blood from a rock night we did the madden ratings did the jury duty and we did a little thrown you were going to do hot sequel throne we actually know what there was a big story today oh yeah blake of the year runner up chapter yes is ducking tiger woods call you have to go through it all right we'll wait wait to talk about it we're gonna save for you hank so what else is i suppose the teaser here's another teaser you can watch us on part of my take ur barstow goal dot com slash pmt watch our interview with doctor phil watch our interview with jacobi bressette in the van watch and watch us get contentious on these mount rushmore so what is the order i believe i start this time yes 'cause big cat
first last time right to die i want first last twice last time so i go first this time no 'cause hank went first the first time i went first the second remember we know but i went second we should be able to figure this out yeah i go first so we just we need to win second yeah yeah it's always goes this way ok so go for it i go first on the first bullied into it hank no i go first first one then you go first in a second it's either one of these two ways so yeah one second then he would i go first ok right or third let's go mount rushmore first we're going to do is the mount rushmore of athletes you would like to store or have on your side storming area fifty one so someone treated this they did a terrible job we're going to do a better job the only rule is they have to be alive and it could be old athletes current athletes with a still alive so filled i mean the sword is in gainesville all live all right my first pick i'll just take us robin because he knows he's he went in
you can figure out you know diplomatic stuff he he will be able to talk to the aliens that's a good point and you would have those feelings kissing are asked by the time he was done with yeah there's a pretty good chance that the aliens are like nineties bulls fans yes i can try yes yeah very it might just be kim jong on in area fifty one who knows well they might not be 90s but do you think they have tv in area fifty one yeah for sure they can watch everything probably live ok anytime so that wouldn't be a bad gig if you were an alien you crash land on a planet and they just give you like red zone tv snacks pretty good deal pretty good life really good deal alright pft alright my first one bill walton bill walton a trip not only would he be so excited to meet the aliens he'd probably just have a meeting of the palm of his hand though probably get along real well now injury concerns are you worried about him getting to like if you're storming area fifty not at all not at all and also they might not have his chair nobody is going to shoot bill walton he's going to storm it with his chair he might be the first one shocked
yeah nobody who is the guy in the in the bond video game our job no no the other jaws dropped he's like jaws yeah well then bonus for me because they're targeting him him and not me true good point alright thank you got two i'll far cry two on my first one is kevin garnett ok and pull up the uzi m sixteens couple joints all of 'em okay okay he be he would just go ham my second one i guess i'll go with sam cassell who just because you know maybe if there is any type of like maybe these guys are castle guess we'll see sancus allenby lockhart that's an ally very good yeah i said that on the last show but good job i know i like that yeah use what you got i sent you the first person say same cell looks like an alien yes i would if he was i don't he knows i literally said when they're storming area fifty one they should have sam cassell under a tarp like that scene in independence they were will smith's shows him shall leave this here with you guys just be on my way in a lot of men no i have on your list yeah you at your money on i did lose your
that's no i'm not going to let you see my list exactly your ideal all go ahead all right my second one is going to be adam morrison 'cause he's got weapons he's gotta survival bunker he knows how to get by hard time she doesn't look good one less he does not he does not all right i'm going to go with usain bolt as he'll just run past everyone tough to catch there were storming area fifty one we don't know what's gonna happen with the aliens we gotta get in there first same bolt number one so i got the speed and i'll go with some muscle i'll go james harrison good always plays always scary to aliens humans whoever may be carbon based life forms at least your shows up with his gray sweat suit and you know it's on and that's a good pick okay my next one i'm going to go with jim brown so i don't have you guys have seen the movie mars attacks he
stan barely stand have you seen mars attacks he beats the fuck out of no less than three dozen aliens by himself but what about today i'm talking about i'm going on on the track record of success here for jim brown ok when it comes to dealing with the only problematic but you well listen i'm not saying i want to like hang out with jim brown who endorsed jim brown i'm saying i'm saying that i would like jim brown to beat the fuck out of aliens so they don't beat the fuck out of maine you endorse jim brown thank you got probably hold on there too my lab too right go with c t from the challenge good athlete he smote he has not he's not going to go down until he takes out as many as you heard we will go out fighting hello yes and then my last one i guess i'm gonna go with kyle long because i feel he's woke like he's kind of you probably know some things about area fifty ones that like the regular folk might not and he's just a beast yeah
good at video games too so he could be asked of drove it when it comes like shooting lasers and if yeah like it went over like a ship but it's like what we do in the ship anything i know like i think i i got this idea i've played microsoft flight simulator that's good picking fly this ufo that's good pick alright pft your last pick my last one is going to be marshawn marshawn lynch tough to bring down in any situation would probably just smoke the aliens out and make him real chill yep just hang out and have a little hang sesh back there with him ok that's a good pic i like that think marshawn lynch all right my last pic i'm going to go with and let's not let throughout what we recently saw on the beach put cochell because be a moment where things will get down and like i don't know if we can do this and we'll all look to coach and he'll get us back up yeah so who get us ready to go what we got for honorable mentions i had a i had se kwan on that's good
could you talk to bring down as well down the concert dump issue yeah ross step on their crutches gronk will be good because you show up and if they're aliens grumble laugh at their jokes and immediately be like these guys are so bad you know he's it grok is it perfect like glue guy that you have around that make i start shotgunning beers and you know smack jim monster energies over us yeah i don't care who you are if you see rob gronkowski stand up on like a couch if you're in the middle of area fifty one and you're an alien you see him stand up and just start partying yep and like just bring lmfao along with them and just get a party going in there yep operating i just like to spend some time with them do tom brady personal pic yeah i don't hate that the personal pick out what about what about nick saban 'cause he's bite i think if there's anyone who knows about aliens already it's nick said he would try to recruit him right right he would have them easilly you know he'd get him in what does he get by everyone like a dodge viper he by him
dodge vipers in a mercedes dealership oh yeah that's right it's no one cares about you know uncovering that but yeah the mercedes dealership you get him probably like you know three down lineman on the defensive line ready to go we should just storm we should storm alabama's weightlifting facility and see what's really going on what are their ob at point of order nick save and i don't think he's an athlete he did play college do not pretty sure he did so he had a plumber zack cts on then he was one of the city is a elite athlete so i know he called in like fifty he was like he was like a five foot eight defensive yeah yeah yeah for like a mac school yeah charles barkley another guy who everyone knows
mark just to hang out with me i put him in like hanks bucket where it be cool to hang out with charles barkley if i was going to die anyways right right he probably crack a good couple jokes right before the alien skull function yeah sammy watkins he's been talking about the spaceship coming back yep he's probably in tune with those guys shack ok but again that is a major case of jaws yeah so big that he would take any bull how about this one how about jim harbaugh maybe like a cool curb your enthusiasm with it where he looks at his dad the eyes in there like are you me or my you kind of one of those situations i also just think jim harbaugh like he would never lose a fight against an alien that sir
yeah i mean the original satellite camp was probably the space ship that brought him down here in the first place yeah did you see that hilarious video it was a picture of the harbaugh's having a kid throwing contest in their pool it was great it was perfect in all ways because it was i think it was jim and john and they were throwing the kids up in the air seeing who could throw the kids to the highest so you know that jim was taking it very very seriously and then the perfect it was and jack is on the sidelines judging so jack harbaugh was at the edge of the pool giving official ratings on which kid went higher and you know there was a fight there too i would have paid so much to be there just so i could be like hey how 'bout throwing me and jim be like yeah let's do it do it i'll give it a shot let's toss you up in the air all right good anything else bubba who do you have power do you have a mic you have a mic that works
flick the switch by with that name and location probably covered yeah there we go bad teammate though or the the the baylor guy who's the main shots to contract yeah what is also a problem and also from although now he was now we see exonerated yeah i'm pretty sure he yeah i'm pretty sure he might have been that's all right we do yeah i'm ok let's do our second mount rushmore this one is the rushmore of meats because hotdog national hot dog day is today and it's brought to you by kingsford charcoal is the taste of the game feat thirty regional dishes inspired by the team cities and flavors in major league baseball so today were talking mount rushmore of meats bbq favorite food items through on the charcoal grill ok my first one this is easy wing buffalo wing okay yeah you have
and specifically branding the top meat on a on a nice drum tommy that everybody forgets that's how you can separate the amateur when eaters from the pros yep tank i will go with bacon whoa ok so basically i'm going alright basic pick you didn't see what i did not think with pick three i would get steak i didn't it's a value pick yeah hank is just like how it you want to add bacon serasa guys that's fine yeah i just didn't think it all right i'm a big it's great for pretty much any meal like any meat you have for breakfast that's great if you have it with lunch on a burger it's great if you have it on dinner for some side it's great in okay salt on the needs of personal i'll take the versatile make and sausage okay i was in my tooth two picks yeah sausages good hot italian sausage problem with sausages sometimes it needs something to go along with it almost always yeah ok my two i will go with kobe beef i had this i want to steak
but it's different with like a citing johnny otis q linings weighed down like it's me you put on the on the go for like ten seconds it's me to melrose it is multi made under the bus yeah also kobe beef problematic very problematic the most problematic be also co kobe beef is one of those things it's gotten thrown around a lot a lot recently where it first came out it was like it actually meant something now it's like you can see just top label kobe on anything right right gnutella beef right user haters whoa oh ok then kobe beef yeah i'm just predicting you're going to get buried in this one is the guy who did this is the guy who complained that city clue reclining was like laying down i could make the argument that kobe beef is steak it could be they also i mean kobe beef is the cow no steak is steak kobe beef is beef i'm talking the whole calc i bought the whole fucking cow stink rushmore meets that's pretty oh i can go forever i got a lot of meats you don't hang
are you done criticizing my and no okay not often enough all right my next one eight gentleman's game my next one is going to be a a fish that you caught with your bare hands yes because they always they always taste better if you grab yourself out of the river when a swimming downstream how about that guy who tweeted me a picture being like hey my dad caught a fish is there has nothing was dead he just grab a dead fish that was just floating on the top of the water i mean people the internet was pouring into support for me tell me how easy it would be so shocked you guys okay okay tom alright then i got when i also a guy from alaska him it was like if you come out we can do it so if you know if you need me to take another vacation i could go out there and make it happen i will truly don't believe i will allow that but you can only be in alaska for one day but
these are like three days there i'm sure you know what let me hear you go to school yeah the land of the midnight sun land stay for days they lease on goes down fine what that that could be i don't care you can just go forever so blues hey yeah that was it that was part of the deal it'll be like into the wild for mackenzie yeah hagelin up in the back of a school bus my last one is going i don't know what to choose here you have two more but you have one right now okay yeah so my second to last one is as i was saying is going to be i'm going ribs good path ribs the great paley yeah yeah yeah ribs is incredible peg it's a wonderful pick you can do so much are so versatile nothing like a nice crispy rib with this sauce to strip it off it falling off the bone ribs okay i'll go with brisket oh okay thank okay you like those burn and some i knew you did in
alright my last pic i'll go with human liver with some fava beans and a nice can't put that on there jake put that on there benjamin rats bell a fledging kill first flight go ahead i will go with the meet up for tickets before the big game show the beer out the meet up okay real has he hey has he hey you got it we your last pic my last i'm going to go with jerky just you're jerky any cons what well i like beef jerky okay you know it's really gonna south african built along the their beef jerky they do a little bit differently in south africa yep but you have a basic package but yeah right turkey's real basic pick hank it's wonderful for
good trip you can eat it on your couch true with your hands you don't have to worry about getting messy with some of these other stuff like ribs bacon can get too greasy definitely can't eat bacon with your bare hands true ship a tooth while you eat it yeah no not if it's cooked properly you don't need no teeth to chew that beef wait did i pick did i pick four yes i think you did three you did fava beans and liver i don't give a hotdog device heard yeah just i just only did one pick their yeah ok i'll do hot dogs hot dogs three lips hotdogs my third pick human live with fava beans and a nice chianti at my house when i trade scone that was a great not rush that one was contentious we missed a couple though how bout lamb little view
still salty did now you wanna talk problematic let's talk about veal ok because it's just a little baby caps that i never get to see the land there delicious tastes no one did or you did buffalo wings so i guess that chick in what about little crab or lobster account crabs good without spam do you guys like spam spam fried spam is delicious know purely it is it's good fried chicken chicken we contend friends so on for is i love to go i love to fry my chicken then just thrown on the grill what does that mean hanks if amazon brand forza right up there with like the one hundred thousand boxes of cornflakes and spam call me poor you will make it so i just think it's just it's very own brand spam is not bad i spam is bad no it's yeah i'm pretty confident saying spam is bad not it's ok that's a hill all diets government meet its very cost
effective spam and eggs is a delicious breakfast treat specially how often do you eat spam oh once or twice a year for special occasions when was the last time you had spam i had spam in a breakfast taco way long ago i think it was like six months ago seven months ago interesting yeah i don't believe your spam frequency about twice a year is not that on i don't think you do twice a year okay let it make sure you treat every time you have spent from here on i will let you know i'll keep you track absolutely informed about that all right that was contentious to mount rush repairs we could work i'm good we're gonna wanna hug it out now i'm great all right let's to have equal to almost gets interviews my hot seats is pinstripe prestige oh yeah so last night newly acquired yankees carson aussie own yeah he hit a home run in a game that they lost but hundred
two home runs in mlb tweet it out that the parent has earned his pinstripes but they lost the game and then pullman's been nothing yeah i feel like you have to and it's july it is july third on the team going and it's game gets a raise yeah as one word answers hang him over that's right so he can't he's technically arrays player yeah yeah a carpetbagger can stretch and so you stop getting paid from your former employer i went back i just searched and courtesy own in pinstripes and just retweeted everyone who said he finally orders pay straight way it's a good point handed a ride ever truly ernest pinstripes if he was getting paid by the enters you got the new the new deal but did he re enters his pinstripes after that i think so because we won yeah one and nine yeah i think is nine okay yeah all right i feel like if if you're going to earn your pinstripes it has to be you have to hit one walk off home run right that's how it works i would say so two home runs in a game not pinstripes three if you had a third now you're mister october yeah yeah or you could just
like mickey mantle i feel like here and his when we he got a blow job underneath the stadium stirs a member when derek jeter like when the when the world series when into november and was like mr november sucked all right yeah that that's sure cool to michael dorn was old people faces but we talked about that so i'm going to go with brooks kept because chances for the two thousand twenty blake at the year competition yes blake bortles as one play griffin has one so there you know the rest on their laurels they don't they don't have the driver they probably once had correct and brooks koepka is just he keeps keeps the come with his play cousins yeah if you call it yeah it today so we had tiger texted him asking to play a round of golf before the british open he just ghosted him there's more about the blank of the year than does about tiger woods and then he did interview where he basically just said i don't practice for term for regular tournaments if you see me playing golf that's when i'm playing
i would say that that's how i feel about like working out yeah yeah it's smart of him to to not just open up text message from tiger woods though germs like you're never going to catch a straight text when it's a black at the your time that's just a picture of the deck tiger woods per miss fires on the couple dick picks it least you know three four times a year correct or it's like meet up plans you don't need those out there too no you don't yeah alright that's it hank great job thank you good job bank i like your hot seat and your thank you you're welcome my hot seat is the standard the standard is on the hot seat because today mike tomlin i think this was on nfl live somebody tweeted at me so i to that person shout you dude mike tomlin said the journey is the journey so we're replacing standard with journey i think this year i like that yeah journey is the journey don't stop believing ernie yeah yeah
you to lights go down in the city s when you get there to the journey journey is the journey that's that's a big time bill walton quote right there too yeah that's good that's good i like that my other hot seat is the monterrey five because as i've been telling you guys been watching big little lies yep and let me tell you meryl st we don't know spoilers nearly i'm just saying meryl streep is wrecking people she's right she's so her little passive aggressive comments she is the the all time goat when it comes to passive aggressive comments i watch you ever see steve spurrier press conference when he's talking about tennessee and they just beat the fuck out of him by like forty points he said i recognize the closest game we've ever had those casts that's what meryl streep does like is little snide remarks she's absolutely own which is going to make somebody do something they regret by the end of the season calling big robots you guys need to watch big little lies that's when getting at my
other won't know i had the baby filter so i'm taking that off my cool throne is future hall of famer matt stafford oh because golden tate an interview today said that the best quarterback he ever played for was matt stafford not russell wilson he's got history with ross allegedly he has history with russell wilson he didn't say nick foles he's russell was going to be hard are carson wentz russell wilson will be on his whole family so two hall famous he's played yet listen you cook future you get in anywhere you want well actually three future hall of famers now 'cause he's playing with you i yeah great point he's the hall of fame maker at various times in his career and possibly dinner jones measured in i don't want to i mean there's a chance for there's a chance you can take this working killer that's good i can't wait for a training camp to get started just for all the pictures of daniel jones stand
text eli manning to get they always have that stupid open mouth look it's going to be great other cool throne is game of thrones because they lead all tv shows with thirty two emmy nominations that's actually the most all time so the final season turns out it was awesome so critically acclaimed all you idiots that said that it sucked you're wrong because emmys matter more than your stupid opinion it's to me nomination to be graded and when the when it there's so many of the that are just bullshit though like set design and all that crap and like costumes and and how how many corpse you can be pull up with they probably are going to win an emmy for dragon fire i mean set design
you want would you want to talk about legit we're we're spanning decades here we've got we've got starbucks cup showing up we've got rule poggio not yeah we've got we've got bottled water shown up on sets troops good point mind bending it's good point all right my hot seat is our cops at wrigley field so it's been a big to do the cup snakes at wrigley basically at the end of games at wrigley the bleachers people will put all their empty beer cups together and make the biggest cup snake they can do possible our guy eddie who has a podcast called chicago dog walk bar stool he works for barstool he he security guard on name lick my balls in your policies interviews random pa interview lick my ball sack and lick my ball sack says that polish yeah that's bullish they said they are trying to like stop the the cops and you've got it all into it lick my ball sack then got fired which is holy
it's because at some point in the last week or so been a meeting in like the cubs offices executive suites being like we got to do some buddies licking ball sack guy but it gets bad because the cubs vp of communication julian green who you might remember was accused of harassing journalists who real bad things about addison russell he wrote an email to us and to eddie and said so now barstool sports eddie and carl are going to go on a crusade for a guy who goes by lick my ball sack he wrote this email so this is the communications as a writer is legal for the look of a ball sacks and i said nothing yes i was not looking for a guy goes i leave my ball sack and make him a martyr under the guise of an emergency news brief eddie says they don't about the snakes with bar stools selling twenty dollars shirts that say come and take it you can buy those shirts right now in the barstool sports store thanks for the promotion there julia
if this is the posture barstools going to take with our business and ex employees then will have no interest in not only future opportunities with fans players etc but flag our vote of no confidence with the other clubs and major league baseball i evening numerous messages from colleagues from around the league including recently from the cardinals who called this bs and it goes on keep going but he threatened to take away the access we don't even have an cited the cardinal so as saying yeah that fun thing that fan is doing in the bleachers that's bullshit a vote of no confidence is the biggest like pile of nothing that i've ever heard like ever like reprimanding somebody by saying we had a vote of no confidence in you and i don't know what that means but that's just something that someone invented to make the their job seemed like it was powerful and let me just remind you were talking about cups were talking
top states where people are actually recycling they're doing a favor to the to the wrigley field staff they're collecting all the cups for so don't have to go around and get him after so the cubs are actually destroying the environment yes the elves are are ruining the planet not not really green cross so green credit to the chicago guys i'm looking on our website store and these shirts are they have like fifteen shirt so there so fun yeah why don't you go for why doesn't somebody just take a cup snake and then wrap it against itself so it becomes a big cup circle that would be good tougher to remove in it yeah and it's just one of those classic things where if the cubs security did nothing no one would care and if they just let a couple cups snakes get built people would probably forget about the cup snakes but the they're aggressively i don't complain the security guards is doing their jobs are probably you know college kids working in the summer i blame the people on the biz
decide not the baseball side of the cubs who are so out of touch with the fans and they send emails basically saying we're to give you a vote of no confidence over cops that stuff cup snakes as so it what's the way out of this i don't know i was saying the only i would say in the best way out of it is if the cubs had any self awareness that have the dress up like saint patrick and go and get rid of all the cup snakes in the in the bleachers i'll be nine months yeah but they don't i don't even feel's fault it's only with this i don't really see a way out of it no problem because either they say ok we're going to have cup snake night and the winner gets like season tickets yeah that's really the only way that is it's like one hundred percent the other way in the other direction do i tell you what the way did not do it is have your vp of communications email eddie in carl and say we're giving you a vote of no confidence in the cardinals have are backing what if they just what if they went like police state within started teasing people that made cup snakes
it's actually it's a public menace yeah it's a dangerous cup snakes get these cup snakes out of my damn bleachers i do not like the fact that they are preventing people from recycling though yeah it's bullshit that is we're trying to save our plan as an environmentalist myself if the hottest summer ever yeah it's right back again it will be even hotter next summer if you don't stop throwing away all these cups correct so way to go cubs you screwed it in again the cubs business side the baseball side knows what they're doing it's the guys crane kenney and julian green you screwed and thanks for taking with the access we never had yeah so you got us all the cubs interviews we ever done it in personal relationships you got you're not going to i was going to say be real shame if we didn't have to talk to the cubs players all the time on this show we haven't talked to anyone for a long time cool throne sec officiating because they have a twitter oh good so this will be solved so they created twitter account for sec football
the most sane fan fans in the world and they base like hey welcome to twitter guys were here they said hello world account will serve as your source for rules video statistics and activities add sec video center go easy on us if you don't look at the sec officials are going to be doctoring videos to make it look like devon white hit that guy in the head a lot harder don't know southern football i love that someone thought this was a good idea they're like hey what if we got in touch with the fans on this twitter thing it will be good as it's really no wind for them so the responses are very funny a lot of like ham an alabama fan is my check cleared yet but the p who like one guy just said hey can you please
an explanation for the missed holding call against sidney rice first tennessee in two thousand and six he just went off on all these random things that have happened in the last like thirty years i've been talking about that yeah well you know what at least that fan base probably doesn't have high amounts of internet activity compared to others i don't know they all just have a twitter account just to tweet at sec football officials yeah that and recruits like high school kids and officials are getting into message this actually could be brilliant though if we're talking about sec fan base i feel like they're the most likely to find like the officials private personal accounts and go after them so this is just like hey no attack us right it's a great deal quick
going after cletus blake men's profile okay that's actually fair it could be a shield soon they they can get away with all the stuff reserve judgment till we hear from our guy paul finebaum until till he and instructions how to how to deal with the spam hasn't played anybody pol all right let's get to to our interview with dr phil the where do jacoby burset after that before we do that postmates postmates post your personal food delivery grocery delivery whatever kind of delivery service all year round anything you're craving postmates can deliver largest on demand network in the usa and offer delivery from all the restaurants grocery and convenience stores in traditional retailers you could possibly want or need twenty four hours a day three hundred and sixty five days a year post mates will bring you what you need within the hour no more trips to the store you don't even have to know where the story is post mates would deliver anything to you so download
yep the ios four ios or android for free browse local restaurants and businesses and track your delivery in real time for a limited time he's giving our listeners one hundred dollars of free delivery credit for your first seven days this is just free start your free deliveries download the app and use code p m t that's code pmt for one hundred dollars of free delivery credit for your first seven days when you download the post mates app anything you need any time you need it post made it down low post mates and save with code p m t ok here he is doctor phil ok we now welcome on doctor phil you know him you seen him on tv you might have read some of his books how many books do you have right now uhm well let's see if add a couple of all dachis i've got oh you mean my book yeah i've written nine actually nine yeah ok mine which is your favorite self matters
yeah it's a lot of work to do but it was a lot of work to write too but that's my favorite probably okay by the way we should just set the stage here we are at your house in our van it's raining out so if you hear the rain that's why it's little ambient place that will probably set everyone at peace juicy meat yes you are driving your convertible for in a driving rainstorm it starts dousing so i was just coming up the hill and all of a sudden bam yes got me i figured i could get here quicker than i could stop and put up the yeah well you know what they say about the weather in la yeah if you don't like it just wait five minutes but i mean i could supposed to rain supposed to rain like again in like i don't know november yeah you're right that thing when it rains in la you just say hey we needed the water it's only when yeah it's only when you take your convertible out that's when it rains ok so doctor phil i gotta say i like your studio here this is making this is a very vintage vw
sweet had one thousand nine hundred and eighty two i think it's a goodyear for big catch up soon i have one quick question about the rain is it true that it makes people have to use the bathroom i hope not yeah because we're gonna dive in here well i can we got to bathroom right above so if you get desperate let me know ok we're going to ask a lot of doctor questions so you know i also want to do something where i'm going to doctor phil you during this interview at certain points to look within ok well game on game on our i want to start with something so we are sports podcast you played football growing up not very well but who played in college that pretty damn good and you also were out of a team that lost one hundred and six that's correct although i didn't play oh i have an excuse you turn your teammates on the bus though no i have an excuse that was one thousand nine hundred and sixty eight against the university of houston and my excuses that's the year that
something called the hong kong flu which is kind of like the bird flu now came through an absolutely decimated our team has so we were complete really wiped out by the hong kong flu so we were scheduled to play the university of houston bill yeoman the coach at houston's head look don't care only game we know y'all are sick we know you don't have enough players but don't cancel the game it will cost us a fortune come down will play the game and i'm going to run the score up on you so we go down it was twenty three players the guy that played quarterback had taken a snap since the seventh grade all my god eddie runs a score of four hundred to six home early on and you weren't there and then that when i was in the i was in the infirmary at the university of tulsa with a lot of my teammates were like you can gets up and that will
sing to it on the radio thinking oh god was at the end of your football career no i've been i did play later against to you that year we got beat seventy seven to seven oh ok and the headline i think was oh you frosch extra points enough to beat yeah it was true eleven seven i did the math in my head yeah thanks for you captain on the team yes i was actually sadly i feel like you would be a pretty good halftime speech giver yeah well the did that and usually we were getting our ears beat off uh but yeah we we had some gainesville had some bad games but i enjoy football i have to tell you remember other coaches used to tell you men this will teach you but life and i used to think oh yeah this will teach you about football not about life but as it turned out it actually did yeah i believe it so you kind of consider yourself or i guess a lot of
did you consider themselves coaches in a way how do you know when you're talking to somebody went to grab them by their face mask and yank him over to you and just want to give him a hug i thought everybody's different so you don't come i never confront be confronting i never support just to be supporting i do what or i read in the moment somebody needs to make a meaningful change in their life what what do i need right now you seem to be pretty good you seem like you're pretty happy yeah you seem pretty chill your hang around in a van yes which is not a high five is what i do how did this man get out here by the way we drove very carefully you drove this from new york no no no we rented from down from like forty minutes away from la haye dr phil are you happy about what life yeah pretty heavy in my life about you i'm good yeah yeah were you happy
life what about your life odds things are going pretty well right now yeah you got a relationship yeah i have actually to have a child in a in a i don't know when this will air but in a month you're expecting yeah first you tell look at my belly yes boy or girl boy oh you know do you want me to name him phil have you pick i'll give you give me one million dollars i will name him fill i don't care what you name ok i wouldn't give you zero dollars and fifty cents i know hey doctor phil i notice you deflected there are you sure you're happy i'm very happy he's not going there i'm doctor filling you there was silence for you to come up with some no no the silence spoke volumes all right so back to sports that was the first you pass that test okay first doctor for a squeak by a sweet by all right hi you did it a segment once on your show about fanatical sports fans and
uh idea there yeah you had a guy on who is a cowboys fan who said the cowboys need me as a fan they need me as a fan so at what point is being a fan of a team detrimental to one's life i have a simple definition for whether something is abnormal or not i mean of the librarian you look up normal there's nothing there look up abnormal there's stacks and stacks of books rows and rows of books but if you look up norma there's like one little pamphlet laying down nobody knows what normal is but somethings abnormal disrupt your life if it interferes with your pursuit of goals if it is with your relationships civil interferes with your job your career i mean all if it interferes then that's abnormal and so
have an obsession with something whether it's video games sports fullbacks your jamling whatever yeah if it disrupts your pursuit of healthy goals then that's normal and there are fans that get that way ok what about doesn't disrupt my normal life but totale effects my mood for weeks and months and it's really it's not are you sure because i feel like i'm absolutely sure of a fan the hot you know you were like a code of honor when you do that you're taking yourself too seriously yes sir i say men feel worse it just changes move want maybe feels better yes he did he said it just rubs his move yeah because that way though when we win yeah yeah but what happens when blue bad really bad really bad viral 'cause i'm a i quit every sunday and then i swear i'm never going to watch him again in every sunday morning i'm back again right yeah i quit
then i'm back again every sunday morning i've got a really dumb question why is it called a shrink well i think the idea was if shrinking somebody's head so you're getting in there and pulling everything back together okay and from what i know when it comes to speaking with goal setting is is that offensive to use the s word shrink okay all right i i don't know i don't know the other thing i would probably is surprising it's condescending didn't bother me in the week okay so i i know that goal setting is very important but for guys like us if we set a goal and then we don't hit it that sucks so why would i want to set a goal in the not hit it well you wouldn't you let's set a goal and not hit it particularly if you're fragile not fragile i actually but nobody nobody hits all their goals right so what do you do if you set a goal you really excited about it then you follow it short well you adjust and go
after to give the mean you probably made some progress right probably yeah so you've got a new bass to start with and you set it up a new plan and go after it again but it's still something you want okay this so we deal with this a lot were this successful podcast were online a lot we often times will just it's the one or two negative things an gloss over the ninety eight positive things out of one hundred how do you fix that well look everybody's got haters right yep and everybody wants to be liked by everybody wish everybody thought everything you did was great but they're just not you just have to tell yourself no matter what you do i don't care you could change you could read what those peter said and change everything that they say except every criticism and do your podcast again
either they or somebody else would find something wrong with it i guarantee you there are people out there that they are going to no matter what you do so you might as well just do what you want but what is the mentality of a hater let's put down the haters 'cause that's how i like to fight back like you're a loser dude well there are those people that just sit in their mothers basement he out haven't seen sunlight for weeks go off don't do doodley squat yep and they just find fault with other people and disparage the efforts of others i mean there are those people that do that and they get off on it i called him keys bullies okay the you know something they never say that to you in an elevator that's wrong that's true they probably where one of those yeah yeah if you were the only with the say hey you suck you're right you're you're podcasters shallow it's terrible it's horrible they would say that to they wouldn't say that two years they were walking down the street
dear anonymous so they'll say it to you on the keyboard interesting so you actually have a podcast now too yeah i have a couple do you have any questions for us about how to be successful broadcaster i don't have you what do you guys a tribute to steph fell on you because you really are successful with five van says some yeah step two we don't take ourselves too seriously right as you can probably upon this interview i think people like to laugh and get a distraction from the serious parts of life and that's what we try to do we never get too serious we never talk about subjects that will make people upset in not even upset i'm talking more like we just like to keep everything on the lighter side of life i think you it's something that i think makes you successful right to it i think both of you are really curious i think you're naturally very curious because you asked question
that suggests to me that you really do want to know about people or other people so there's a natural curiosity that to me makes you sound very authentic yeah ok actually sound like it makes you sound like you really genuinely or interested in whoever you're talking to that's true we want to know really how we can get better at gambling that's good going to be a gambler right right yeah we're not very good what are you going is to get less bad again that's why i like to do said very nebulous goals so that way i can just say yeah i i had that one i got a little bit better probably yeah is you lost less money right at two thousand one a fumble yeah in two thousand fifteen my new year's resolutions drink more apple juice it had to go i i have like two glasses apple juice and it was more than the year before put that in the book
the other measure put down the book on this subject book right there is a small goals click the low hanging fruit yes apple squeeze of drink the juice yeah do you do is there something to be said though for doing just the bare minimum when it comes to goals like what i like to set really low goals record it sort of like roll over the bar and then that way you don't ever have to face failure projects you're always self affirming yes i like it it's a bad long run is that they didn't pay real we design had what you just said oh it's good if it works for you ok ok i'm not sure it pays the rent but i mean sure seems to be working for you pretty well yeah you're able to rent this then are you are you comfortable right now i'm ok no in your life why don't you meant here no those are pretty comfortable he comfortable in your own skin doctor phil yeah i'm pretty comfortable in my own skin how about you i'm pretty comfortable in my own skin yeah how about you i'm pretty comfortable
can you comfortable in his skin no no i'm not talking about are you talking bout docking you like hanging out with him yeah yeah yeah looking at least yeah we're buddies were best friends yeah one of the things the other talks too much yeah i think we both think that about the other person so it works out lets the exactly what's a good email it's real jack's brett and his wife no lien situation our biggest problem is our producers i kind of got a bad attitude yeah it was because you try to cut you off the bring thunder into things like vacations so he yeah he also jan's really loudly linked aggressively click ready for this
that's actually just what it sounds like what would you do would you well the dr phil life strategy for that the farm okay yeah yeah i won't run our farm sorry i would be curious kids cat dog i'd not a car yeah okay doctor phil's orders did you find out that nobody was here in your podcast because that producers would get you on the air roll back in hiring plot twists yeah you're going to have to pay me more to get me back is when i got out i felt really free am you know it's going to be a high price right okay yeah you just of our producer raise for l represent you yeah ok that's you know what you just picked up hank's name that quickly i said it once i feel like that is a trait of successful people really remember people's names very quickly agree who i seriously do though so you have to pay attention right i think people
it's like hearing the sound of their own name to write it also makes you feel better when he was listening to that thetical situation so i did my research on you i found out that you were pilot right we still use of your license i do ok situation you're on a passenger jet the pilot starts having a nervous breakdown what is your what is your action do you go up how to counsel him through his nervous breakdown or do you say out of my way fly boy i got the sticks dockerfiles landed this bird tower i would really go up and try to calm him down so the co pilot could do his job okay so there's two i'm up there you know
true so you would you assume most of a more into meltdown i would just try to distract this guys would induce of okay really stupid all right so let's pretend that the flow role play pse and are the pilots nine try to college i know i've i'm so stressed out i can't fly this plane anymore that's all i mean you don't i just got here he got just on the microsoft flight simulator with the fall are you dr phil different than other people when i get on a plane everybody gets on a plane in the just step on and turn right go to their i seat purdue that i get on look left because i want to
look at who's flying that airplanes well every single time i have never gotten on a plane that i didn't look the pilot in the eye doctor phil if you got onto a plane and looked at me and then looked at dan and then continued onto that plane that says more about you what about you you got yourself into that situation everybody follow me yeah we're outta here oh here's a good question have you ever wanted to be a psychiatrist for a mafia boss no not at all even after watching the sopranos no you afraid you'd fuckem yeah i'm afraid i'm afraid i would floating with the fish is blue that's a good point say something let's say something i wish i hadn't said yep ism off next thing you know they're standing by your it's interesting you say that because you are very direct that's kind of what you're known for i'm pretty direct have you ever it does that ever caused tension with some of your patience that you've had in the past all the time
tools sometimes it's very difficult to hear the truth and i don't think i'm repository of all knowledge but i'm going to tell people the truth as i see it 'cause i think they deserve that right i mean if people i think particularly now i think if people are willing to ride in and people that i talk to on doctor phil have written in an average of i think something like twenty eight times or something by the time they get on they go all that trouble pack up get on fly in fly out here willing to go public and sit down talk to maine they they deserve clarity i don't think you should go home wondering what i think about their situation i think they at least deserve to know clearly what my opinion is they don't have to agree with it here but if it won't stick with stan challenge throw it out but they shouldn't go home thing wonder what he thinks and interesting i think i should be clear yeah
from say something about millennials they stink millennials are a little different because the grown up in a different complete different world than i grew up in i mean even and i started doctor phil the first tweet had not been sent there were no smartphones there wasn't social media to speak above they've grown up in a complete really different world i mean i've got boys they don't know what a library is they don't know is a big book with buildings everything google building with wikipedia they just don't know they find it on the internet so they've grown up a completely different world then i grew up in so they are different the biggest shift from one generation to the next since the industrial revolution in my opinion uh interesting that's i mean it's like we get so we're actually the plot choice there is that we actually are millennials right so i wanted to use
some really bad but you didn't but i agree with you it's very hard for i feel like we get a bad rap for the most part no i don't think it's it's just different you use it you guys grew up i took typing in high school and now typing for you guys i mean it's like sing your abc's are so much more tech savvy than we are it's just unbelievable yeah but i don't have and i don't have a bad opinion in millennials it's just a different world you grew up in yeah what about fortnight you someone who is a digital for diner show yeah how'd that go well you know actually there is a lot of research that suggests that the pleasure centers light and some of the same pathways light up from still game addiction as light up from other types of addiction that you really can get
so involved and so dependent on playing some of these games that it can be very painful to stop yeah i mean i know a lot of people that are addicted to their phones yes in general how do you how do you break addiction because right now i'm afraid to look at that little thing on my iphone that tells me how much screen time i've had in a given day eight hours i will not allow that yeah it's dangerous for day is scary yeah it is scary how do you break that addiction well you know that's a that's a myth people think you break habits you don't break habits what you do who is replace one behavior with a different being start smoking yeah you start gunnar gambling some like that of your phone got you can't use your phone at the gambling table says yeah that's a great point allies at off your phone is right the the big good advice that's right i had a tweet i want to throw out there just because we were coming clean this is you know block caught client what is it dr confidential
he there between us right now there is no such relationship yeah we know so right now we know i said it yeah i declared it so it is i wrote in two thousand fourteen dr phil on sportscenter talking about cleveland's love hate relationship with lebron i'll just put my head in the oven instead so that was about you or lebron but i wanted to just get it out there so what did you then i wrote that what did you mean i don't know i don't know if it's because i hate lebron or he did you at the time i have no idea but i thought it needs to be addressed do you like cleveland no do like lebron no do you like me yeah you must been talking about lebron then ok i guess i was don't you think they had a love hate relationship with him yeah so explain that loved him explain that when he leaves i mean they just they hate him 'cause there number one need in all people is acceptance number fears rejection he rejected the he's out of here so they all felt reject
we're not good enough when you're leaving the so that that hurts so they really had a love hate relationship when that's for interest they all felt a connection to it yeah so he comes back and you think the whole city is like i don't know from ready to love again like a little skeptical your dad coming back again after it's been two years down my name again cigarette and they always out here in la yeah you love him you know i don't know why he came here i don't know why they moved all that money maybe so yeah there's a lot i mean it's a bigger commercial market lala land yeah so we can get a lot of it more endorsements in tensile town do the boo he's got the biggest endorsement deals probably you can never get but he's in a bigger market so yeah probably winter tainment we talk a lot about the clutch gene on our show but i think what it is really is mental toughness right can you build mental toughness
and a person that doesn't have already sure how do you do that well it's a matter of somebody observing themselves perform under pressure and so they attribute to themselves the ability to perform under pressure and we do we form our self image by watching ourselves do what we do so if you see your a fold under pressure then you would do yourself a fold under pressure but if you see yourself take the shot and make it you go hey i held up under pressure we see you of make that critical on your you say when it got down to it i stayed cool i executed i'm a which player you only know that by observing yourself do it that's how we form our self image we make self attributions based on self observation
some related do they serve ice cream on your pro plan no really know why there's no freezer one of the deal what kind of cut rate private plans that will come on dr phil snow freezer you know nice cream guy know well love ice cream yeah yeah so let's get it on the privately rods got on his right what's the point of having a private plane without ice cream that is pretty punkin like a look into that right like i ate the eyes one eat ice cream all my private place my pj you should do that i don't have a price point when i do it on your solemn soul yeah okay i look at all even look at the the the pilots for you okay yeah it will be a pilot eyeball guy yeah yeah yeah higher man i know them very well yeah ok fine so can you do us a favor we have a running bit it's called big ben's walking boot ben roth lis berger always gets hurt
and your voice sounds very similar to what we use for the voice for a walking boot yeah it's like a bass clef you tell that everybody is able to mobutu sese looking magical just muggle apply this boot so here just say hey ben this i put this boot on they ban you want to put this boot on big ben's walking boot are you getting seen that was great you nailed that how much serious question would you attribute your success to your voice 'cause it's very smoothing soothing and smooth really yes i hope that i would think people wouldn't find that to be the case comforting but i tell you what it is different than most people on television right right and i look different
only what everybody looks like johnny depp or something right nobody looks like this i've seen better heads on a nickel beer this is what i mean nobody looks like this on tv run dot twenty quantizer yeah yeah at least it's distinctive job very david right dr phil dr phil i read the article the details of i read an article that said seventy eight percent of men would rather amputate a part of their body than be bald yeah i'd agree with that depends on which part are well i comes it's tough to ask because i actually gambled made about why sure that i'd cut off my pinky of the text is win the superbowl so i would very much give away the tip of my pinky would you cut off little to rather than be bold one hundred percent not percent question you wouldn't even see i listen
so does do any there's what i'm a teach you a lesson doctor fully ready for them ready or you are fabulously successful insanely wealthy how do you know that for single her house and it's very big but insanely wealthy very success top your profession me sitting here i can always be like but i'm not bald so that's like that's the only way i hate or like me can get one over right so that's where the that's where it comes in that's the psyche of it you know but i did a long time ago you have to embrace weaknesses i guess so i just thought i'd make it a trademark you got me there will actually compare together tm yeah i mean first book i wrote oprah said you'll find it it's got this big old bald head right there on the front of it all went to hell that's maine yeah i just embrace it so i put my big old bald head on every book yeah no that's true trademark is big scott van pelt he's bald good point many people
these are all successful button that's the key is with us to do all okay i retract my pinky to offer i would take my pinky toe back and go bald we're going to pay you ever thought about it never just for a day never shave the mustache what was up with that willow per shaved yeah it was a story behind that she we were radio city music hall and she just wanted to shave it off okay over still the boss okay yeah so in there is there that's just it was just a goof it was a lot of fun a goof but is there that dynamic because obviously oprah helped you get your start is there that dynamic that she's kind of always not the boss but seen in that light she did not help me get my start ok
there would be no doctor phil was held over the she didn't help me get my ears relegated me s g r u eight at my store absolutely hundred percent there would be no doctor filled out for right and she's one of my best friends in the world we've been friends for twenty five years we knew knew each other for several years before i was ever on her show do you you you your voice earlier do you actually do any training to keep that texas accent you go spend time in texas you watch dallas rerun alarm actually this country yeah that's i was in texas and arkansas the monday and tuesday of this week you don't have to go back very often for it to do is stay in full bloom trust me yeah 'cause you should keep that the second doctor phil walks out on stage they said too so let me know what you're all bummed out about today that's what i'm changing the channel
my son was in arkansas few weeks ago and he he called an uber driver and it was a taxi that had scraped taxi off the side and he got in the guy said young cold he said what he you will go bear i'm having one and he said really he said yeah we dsr here he's waiting his we do ship right there you got it so that's my people put that in your pool and spa piece it right is a great title for your next yes to ship right away eating ice cream on a private plane it's right go ahead and fifty i was just going to say what's up with mk ultra the what mk ultra very familiar no so back in like 70s bunch of psychiatrists and psychologists for the cia the does people lst mmhm in the brainwashing do you would like to apologize yes okay i have the per
that was a real chicken ship thing to do it was far i would have been part of that yeah that would be cool yeah no that's not that's not good yeah so he a in our line of work we get a lot of cease and desist lawsuits whatever you've been in litigation before how do you fight off the haters like that when you get a like a cease and desist you just thrown in the trash like we do well you know people bark the letter bark you know i you got to tell the truth as you see it and i'm not one to disparage others you know i was still really to tell the truth as i see it if that steps on people's toes i'm sorry but i'm not someone to single somebody out and disparaging yeah that's just not what i do spot my personality i'll talk about the issues all talk about my beliefs or opinions but i don't usually at
tak an individual okay have you ever gotten a visual i actually don't know the answer you have read our fight actually thinking i have no idea the not not no not publicly no i don't do that i don't i mean i don't go on the air and say so and so's duroc this guy yeah i'll do that right was less i'm gonna fight who should have been probably in college football it's been awhile scrap i'm in a move like a cat last question on our yang is on yeah i hate monday yeah that's perfect we're here on wednesday that's perfect are it so i got one last question see key question put in promo code take you get ten dollars off seatgeek purchase can you give us just like some tips life strategy you have a book called life strategies you dumb it down for dumb guys like us should be like hey here's the key to happiness mon
power range rovers being taller than you are yeah video games i scream on plant private jets getting stronger do you want to read a book for you i thank you for much covered the list i think you've got it not being happy with your money so you need more money being able to bench a shitload of weight yeah now my my advice seriously is if you want to get ahead in this world figure out why people do what they do and don't do what they don't do if you figure that out you got an edge on the world think about that if you figure out why people do what they do and don't do what they don't do then you understand the dynamics of life makes a huge difference i've been focused on that since i was twelve years old that's fascinating everybody in this van when you said that all did the same thing by the way we also up yeah trying to think of like what they don't tell you what you're going to now i think i got it and i
i think i know why i don't do what i don't do too and now they've conquered that i can conquer anything smoke weed on sundays why not 'cause we have to work yeah i don't drink on saturday nights i have to work on sundays i don't drink much i don't drink as much on saturday night as i do on friday nights i'm sure the sale we can have total bullshit flag thank you been live locally with i don't do you i i don't do things i don't want to do nine yeah i don't believe that either he and you're married always do so you have a baby on the way i don't really like i always do stuff i want to do i have one last question for you you've already estrelas could i he asked his last quite yet you don't so this is what's great about having to people animals he'll get always will unlimited last question always goes how come reverse psychology never works it does work gotcha tampa
wow dr phil well that was easy that was really easy he left lateral each good last question yeah you're you regret the fact that we both get last question i think both of you are on a roll i seriously doubt that you have prescription no because if you do you should not have perfect okay our minds work too fast here yeah it's kind of scary your over speeding the computer what are you get cookin this is not a biker crank yeah this is just this is good old fashioned three hours of sleep i do want to apologize for something because i was scheduled to do this in new york and i got stuck in read to kill us traffic
so i showed up late so i said i would you said you were coming elaine i said i'll do it when we're in lan yeah you're right i don't say something about do it yeah so i apologize that i wasn't here on time and i appreciate you guys coming here instead and how much do you wish that we didn't reschedule how much you wish you never said no we do not need you at the end i was glad i was glad that you came and i think this is very inventive that you do this innovation thank you are you are you going to spiral after this like is this going to be a do we need to do be out here
there you happy i think it'll muddle through happy and they can all muddle through that's your sixth last couple yeah like imagine if we get a story tomorrow doctor phil spirals body in the back of the van by two idiots are you going to feel happy going take so much better believe it they got one hundred to six lockers running around having seen type of guys we are you know this doctor where do i send a cease and desist letters throw it away trash right directly to the special filing background but all the middleman yeah exactly want to plug your podcast one last time no we don't have one anymore list plug it for me sometimes doctor thank you got multiple i got feeling i switches interview that was fun and smart my son it did that and then the i've got doctor phil analysis for murder whom and what else is
murder by dr phil where it look inside the heads of murderers remember when you did this gift this moon you got here show to use the best cure for time yeah which i don't serve service does that just got out don't know mark because then he knows you can never get back yet never get together in your house could ever get the gift you know service you got jamming service center yeah jamming software do you know which one is you know which one i'm talking you know which one you guys will never get out of here alone is you know which one it is not do it again it's what you're going to do right after this interview
so what i'm doing inside now screaming for help i'll look it up later ok great yeah alright doctor phil thank you so much last question just get it pre she ate it like i see you later that interview with doctor phil was brought to you by let go let go is the fastest growing mobile marketplace to buy and sell locally let goes vision is to create a more sustainable future nothing goes unused and to inspire the world to live and let go living is experiencing more things taking vintage what's around you and getting the most out of it if you're looking to sell let go gives you an opportunity to turn or unused items into experiences if you're looking to buy lego gives you access to a lifestyle you otherwise might not be able to afford you can get designer brands cars even sneakers whatever somebody else is looking let go there trash can be your treasure let go is the go to place to help you through life changes such as moving back to school
new parents newlyweds if you're moving to new york it turns out that you're going to be living in a three hundred and fifty square foot apartment with your giant dog you have to get rid of a lot of stuff from your nice house that you had back in texas not that i'm bitter but if you're in that situation go to let go and you can make some money off it as your downside downsizing download let go app let go dot com slash bar stool and tweet us tell us what you'll do with the extra money your making off let go that's again go to let go dot com slash barstool now for something completely different ok we now welcome on quarterback backup quarterback for the indianapolis call super bowl champion jacoby bressette and most importantly jacobi we're going to talk about football but i think the thing that ever one has in their mind right now is what's going on with your twitter account right now we gotta go through these questions first oh i think my twitter was hacked that's why he's question
coming from i guess that's what everybody blames it on his act like kyree irving yeah it's going already yeah so so like let's start there are we do want to talk a little football but your twitter questions have been electric recently what have you got an answer sending i'm going to read a couple of mount loud and we can we can dive into anyone you want but like sitting here what shape is the sky yeah yeah that's funny one of my so i'm in this group chat it's called the finer things club so i have to shout them out of three other dudes one named jack josh and travis and we just found these dumbass idea up each others head no josh text me that this morning and uh sitting there thinking about it i just asked do you have an answer like i was just thinking about that earlier too like the sky just takes up whatever in pictures that it's in right it's like a gas is it a circle
i don't know yeah yeah still i still have yet to get a answer everybody keep saying it's flat or in the the size i like that the earth is not flat the skies guys what what about what about you you asked the question is how we you came across our radar we've been asked this question a lot last couple years if the sun is hot house outer space cold have you got an answer to that yeah uh so nasa uh like reached out to me and gave me some very elaborate answer that left me even more confused but it kind of clear it a little bit but the answer didn't justify me so they will pose that question uh you know most of the answers i get is me getting a drug test and getting ready to get it randomly drug test i'm like well y'all have given me enough time to prepare so i should be good i mean
'cause they answer your question by making you more confused that's their strategy they're like hey don't ask all these hard questions instead put on this really stylish shirt that says nasa on it and just believe everything that we tell you it's not always like some people say space is a vacuum right well if space is a vacuum i think you actually brought this point up i've never put my head inside of vacuum i don't know what it feels like exactly they're they're like yeah yeah i go in there for what about which part of the pigskin is actually a football that one gave me a big time well yeah so so wilson football reached out to me about that state they're big claim that it was never picked it with cow skin and i go 'cause i went like and i asked and i said so we're just saying let's toss the pigs game come from it was
kathy and so i said so now i think myself now i should just go around and just start saying like let's go to toss the cow skiing around but it's not made out of calcium more is another elaborating that's so weird i don't know why they called a pig skin then that's kind of bullshit to me i yeah i think a lot of the answers would push it well how about this one this is one we've been debating on this i think we've been in constant debate on the show for the last three years about this one does a straw one hole or two so i was going to ask that question this morning but my club one of my club members told me i shouldn't uh but i i have yet to know that answer i would go to but he told me that it was easy answer so i didn't answer outside and ask your question but i would say two holes but what's wait why is your club trying to silence you i think you need are you woke about your club stopping you from asking the hard questions
no now is i give them a lot a lot more respect than i should is what you're saying but if they can answer the question then i kinda don't answer that don't act because they're kind of i'm kind of the smartest person in that group so therefore i should thank you to be able to answer the question has have you asking you these questions to your buddy andrew luck or i feel like jim mercer would have some interesting perspective on but in the end it doesn't have twitter side you probably sees it but i'm uh happy gilmore call and see what he he'll give me some historic background on all these topics so i had to block off like four hours in my day are you in andrew luck's book club hell no yeah ok do you want in blake bortles wikipedia club give it more hill now what let me we all we do is we look up to random wikipedia pages once a month and blake bortles
then we talk about him yeah imma have to pass on that rather actual wikipedia just isn't how much rather real activities in their wikipedia national chains clergy kobe percent ask jeeves go we do something we get that back up band i'm i'm all for that but we let me see that james is around while you're gonna bring ask jeeves back from the dead ask jeeves top of dr all the it there you can't call go will immortal you gotta you gotta go ask you i never got a bad bad grade on my paper for maggie i just type in ask jeeves dot com it took me to ask so i could ask it let me ask jeeves real quick what shape is the sky jeeves it says o j just like a google search which takes me to some real woke
two videos so i might have a job yet later the government probably hacked excuse though you can't kerry the young care forty thirty days yeah i like that so i was just i was checking out the new madding madden rating said if you look at your own ready yet no but actually my brother just give it to me like five minutes ago yeah i it's locked up they only have your awarenesses only a seventy four but the fact that you're absolutely hate myself yeah you're asking these tough questions i feel like they're really underselling you should be like at least in the 80s an awareness your seventy one of my my biggest group give me great out from from that in life that's the real question i should ask tomorrow yes is i think bush it i'm sure i'm just this is john man john madden takes you just throw the number you have to know me well he's probably that is true we probably have a couple people that work on the madden franchise that listen to show if you
listening right now a please explain to me how how jacoby awareness is only seventy four will get that updated they gave me a seventy nine speed which is a total lock 'cause i ain't that bad so i'll take that tell him to keep the speed up ok do you do you swear in front of andrew luck i think that's where when everybody at the bad it's a bad bad traits and trying to change it y'all aren't helping though does andrew luck swear in front of you 'cause he doesn't the miked up andrew luck's are always the funniest when he when he passed people on the back and says good job nice sack and he's overly overly nice is that z putting on an actor is that just how he is not here i'm a dork you like that i mean he had it if moments where you kinda you know it's bad the little bit but for the most part you acted like that dorky yeah so it's kind of it's kind of not bait i like
what is so you you get to go on like one of the coolest i would say guy trips every year with tom brady when he takes all those guys the kentucky derby what that trip like you guys all hop into a private plane together and go to the kentucky derby uh well we all meet each uh here the first year we did a little bit my rookie year and then last year andy and he they were in boston so i drove up 'cause it's like a two hour drive from inside drove up uh but it it's a it's a you know you know you don't remember it you just but your your text messages and see what would tell everybody was saying but it's a great trip win any money on the horses here this year no i think i think everybody not group probably lost besides matt cassel yeah but the year before i want so i was kind of like ready to everything
you know i was going to do the same thing again and then i left empty handed so this don't don't take offense for andrew luck in this but i have to ask you come in probably won't you come in the game for hail marys is andrew ever look at you like man this you're kind of the alpha dot relationship if it's strictly a throwing the ball the farthest thing does he take any offense to that the fact that you other than to throw the ball knocked out yards on the field no that was it one time but i i still consider myself the outlook in the group yes but a yeah that would that would you what time uh you know it was so crazy because he was just like cool with it and i was like wait what the hell just because it happened out of nowhere i kinda knew it was gonna happen like fire like the series before because they said to help me i'll go in and throw and then you know andrew is like alright cool i was like you sure
and then it was just one place so but he made sure that i never did it again so i guess he kind of took control of that how far can you throw football oh last time i've thrown it like completely out seventy five oh that's pretty far do you see odell beckham he threw the ball like ninety yards yeah i kind of what about all the world so okay question everything okay let i'm not i'm not i'm not down to that but i believe but about double parking yeah mmhm if you do that you should probably switch position you get about a hundred mail yeah did you hear what mike said about winning super bowl that he would cut his own off for yeah that was actually
you should probably would they still hold him to that i hope everything is just losing so they can win so yes or no i'm coming for the titans to win the superbowl now 'cause he will have to cut it off have you asked would you ask coach about that to cut his dick off yeah i will i will not gonna do anything about it penises nor will i tell him to do that if we went that's a little too far now with doug marrone you can talk about it you know your own dick cutting it off for super bowl but never talked about another man's penis and cutting that off for the super bowl yeah they all take is really worth it to be honest with you like i mean kids super bowl i mean yeah which one more important that's true when you were traded from the patriots to the colts did bell next sit you down and tell you why or anything yeah he said
at the time julian had got hurt and it was really for receiver and that was pretty much it and i was just froze sitting in front of him for the topic he wasn't talking after you told me why so i just got up and left with that's it you still have talk to him since then no i thought mata derby killed all good that's like you guys just ended the conversation and walked out well yeah we just like i do like you know it's like alright i guess i don't know i don't know what the hell is going on right now and then i had to get on a flight and go to indy love it i love it all right my last question because you are very curious guy do you have any questions for us question for you guys what would be are ya give me answer the tell me that you did drug tested probably probably the latter yeah give it a shot listen i'm not a drug guy but i'm not going to cast aspersions on you if you are all right so i have a a couple a couple
so that i have i got it all my my thoughts in my notes in my on my phone so so if two percent milk it's super don't work the other ninety percent ninety eight percent of it that's a good question that i don't know hank you know chocolate butter butter butter ok this water thing but there you go that was our producer hank he just answered that one for you next question alright yeah who who with the translator between caveman and the language that we speak now the rosetta stone who oh boy we had a guy on the podcast who created the game of thrones language he we just created out of thin air so we're pretty much just talking gibberish to what you're saying
people yeah for sure yeah it's just our special kind of gibberish that we agreed that would make sense to us it it'll your mind a big thing about yeah it was like everyone be cool just go along with the car i agree all right let my last question and now let's go into the pool if you want you yeah what's your take on that well we went into it on monday's pa gas but we think it's a setup we think it's a setup we don't know who's setting up who so it's either a set up by the government to get the crazy people offline or it's a set up by the aliens to get rid of all the people who believe in aliens i think i need to be to test it alright jacobi bressette thanks man we're going to start the ask jeeves club so you're going to have to you're going to have to call back in when we do our ask jeeves club alright perfect man thanks for having
all right take care and that interview would you kobe percent was brought to you by rough and rowdy nine rough and rowdy and is going to fort bragg north carolina for red white and bruised beat down this weekend rough and rowdy best event we do everyone says all the time there's always that one guy that you're going to want to know everyone to be talking about on monday hey did rough and rowdy nine whether it's raccoon boy whether it's hank landing a clean knockout there's always something to talk a big storyline coming out of a rough and rowdy and it is this friday you basically get laugh out loud nonstop commentary from big cat large plus insane unpredictable action in the ring it's amateur fighters with no defense throwing haymakers combined with the funniest most impact four hours you'll ever have we guarantee at some point you have tears in your eyes from laughing because you've never seen anything like it go to buy rnr
com to learn how you can watch the fight for free that's right there's a way that you can watch the fight for free go to buy r and r dot com find out how okay let's get some segments first up we have bachelorette talk for guys that don't watch the bachelorette but hank watch the bachelorette this fantasy suite okay all right outside watch it yep okay you get a pass as what we watch yeah this is why we watch basically like watching porn guy stuff yeah it was it was it was a after his great now tv tv soft porn yeah my cat all right you make your predictions before you're like i i i was for people going in because hannah pulled up on press and move a bring in foreign sort of three should just like i want for guys young first guy pilot pete he got he got in the windmill we me was i mean that's where the finances we
this was in would now in you know i mean we know what we're talking about it in so they want to date other time a mini golf here no help now and now they want to date you know he confesses love all that and then they want to win that one and did it twice bank twice wow yeah pilot it save some for the rest of the day made sure enough that we could recognize how romantic is out though if you're inside a window and you just know that all these birds are dying outside from of the blades knocking him down he also ask answer right true that is true yeah not a great place for it anyways go ahead translations unknotting twice pilot pr sorry that united so fast the first time and then tyler see who's like the heartthrob this season yep of course they don't tell us that yeah they they were doing like a little on the sauce session he kicked out the masseuse is and start doing it himself oh i wanna move but then it's like you know our relationships to physical i like you a lot physically i don't want to go in the fantasy suite because that's all our relationship is and he was like that's fine i respect you as a person essentially yeah but he was like
but he you know he was like i respect you whatever i want to sleep with you and talk all night blah blah blah so in the next morning she's like yeah you know great night like we didn't do anything but like he was very respectful wow so that wasn't upset that was a big time i'm calling bullshit on that because if a girl says i love you physically but then i don't want be physical with you that is that just doesn't make any sense no no he just she just hates him as a person and then jed spent basically the tired his entire date tennessee jed you spend the entire day shooting on loopy like the entire time was just like i can't believe you're smart move talking about loop ebola i thought you were meaning like literally in the fancy suite just like simpson steamer on a hot carl ok sweet oh on the date she was shooting on loopy the whole time it didn't seem like it was going good but in the very end he somehow slid his way into that
as the sweet and got on got it on yeah jumping back to the massage thing real quick i that would actually be pissed off a lot of girls if you she was getting a massage from professional and you're like hey get out here so i can take over yeah uses taller see though you have which you like any man rocket man rocket man hunt and rocket alright last luppi luke p then try to shame hand up he was like yeah you probably like is he's religious songs like i'm gonna be is like let's talk about sex i'm a be a virgin until we're married like you probably had sex this week and she was like what the fuckyou luke bailey just got absolutely shitan she made him leave like basically was like the fuck outta here i hate you like i don't want to talk to you bubble butt and he would go girl he did the thing where he wanted to talk but she was like i have nothing else i got his account actually no but he wouldn't get up and leave bad move final move before we go on the car was can i pray over you and she was like no yes going to pray on it that's a good move bless your heart always fox pizza i'm sorry can i please just predators like no get that she wouldn't
and pray well guess what you can you don't need somebody's permission to pray for him right sure well no if you are prey on them prey on them he he was saying p r e y not only are exact wanted to pray honors you wanna take around outside of it yeah look out here a little a little so she went to for four wheel fun not good for you guys i know you know you're very invest in the c so investment but it's come out it's been leaked that both pete and jet had girlfriends for like the entire season so the two that i didn't no not if it's on tv i don't think so well generally enough it's in a windmill chat is the guitar player so he told his girlfriend is going to try and make it famous and now he's in the final two smart in but i heard loopy did i see some tweets loopy might come back he was in the in the next week on there's no way and don yeah there is places where rate is way but again we're cheating is not cheating i would say when mail pretty much anything that is on a mini golf course like a clown's head the inside of a clown said that
that's fair play the first night of real world when everyone's like yeah i'm here but i have a boyfriend girlfriend back home to get so drunk yeah and then the and then they end up like marrying the person well save just a few drops and if you're drunk doesn't count correct not cheating salute loopy no lieutenancy jet as jed pete anti got it all right so you guys got if you're nasty see coach in the back of a motorcycle that's fine too also if you can just get rehired yes absolutely fifty i'm going to go with who's the man rocket tyler he's just saving up for later got it yeah if you don't you don't not fucking is you can't be accused of being bad function yeah exactly there's she'll be less able to compare him to the other guys that she fucked if there's a little bit of distance in between that smart that's smart move all right let's do thoughts and prayers for big baller brand yeah so what happened
they are selling their shirts that used to be fifty dollars for five dollars now i'm not a math guy but i think that's ninety percent reduction i don't know never ever saw this coming it sucks it's like you know you think that the united states is a good place for businesses and for big ballers well not with all this regulation because something i don't know what the problem was the big baller brand because the business plan was solid they had great spokespeople getting free advertisement all the time and now relegated to the discount rack at kohl's yeah damn never never saw this coming the rise and fall of of big baller britain to a way for the thirty for thirty on this one it's gonna be a short man but yeah i can't wait for it to be like one of those ninety second ones at the plate in between a re run of the j one yeah basically that once i love our ball for realize that only one of his sons was good at basketball then that we have here is it all out yeah exactly all right take quick before we get to guys and checks if the
let's do yours 'cause years actually way better than mine ok this comes to us courtesy of twitter user lady pale rider cool name she says popular opinion white people love dogs so much because deep down they miss owning slaves they love the owner and master dynamic desperate for something to control that is heavy that's very very heavy now out very happy i'll say this i don't really control my dog
i actually flows yes it is no it does me whatever the she wants leroy is way way more in control this relationship yeah it's i mean our dynamic yeah so there's literally whatever she wants whenever he could kill me if you wanted to at any given second answer any doesn't because he loves me think about it i actually am a servant to stella because every day i wake up and i give her food at the exact same time and she goes back in bed and hangs out all day and then i come home and i give her food again that's right do dogs love being that's so much weight because they missed owning slaves yes they love the they have just bottlers to follow them around yeah i pick up my dog yeah good point good point throw a tennis ball for you never gets it we're getting very mad about this all right yeah those good take wigton all time you got to really dig deep you gotta get deep in it you got to be
one whose and who who can't be bothered with matt and ratings as a white guy i love owning dog so much because they just love me right and i just i i need to be loved and groups yeah in groups you forget about the boots alright guys on chicks to wrap up wednesday there's cat daddy hank hankin pft my boyfriend is atrocious at driving he constantly zones mrs turns and slammed on his brakes at the last second he also doesn't believe in shortcuts what a monster i prefer driving the both of us but sometimes through the circumstance he takes how do i tell him he sucks at driving without crushing his ego no bills you just feel like it's just when you got to go down with can't do it yeah you got to just let him let him be reckless and hope that when he dies you're not in the car at what point do you get worse at driving as you get older i think when you peak it's like sixty five is when you start being like i don't
need to i'm going to just go directly into this parking spot without lining it up i'm going to drive only in strip mall parking lots like you get one i remember my grand father used to just get from point a to point b soul in strip mall parking lot you won't go on the road that's good yeah you stack we have a lot of stuff that's when you get old one other option you can just sit in the backseat and yell at him you can say whatever you want to the driver in the backseat true but if your side seat that's when it becomes an issue yes it behind him because because drivers were which always try to save themselves so if you're sitting shotgun you're more likely to die a science okay pmt how long do you have to date someone before you can start wearing retainers to bed again like together you have two retainers no she probably is like a bad time like she's probably sleeping with a boyfriend and wants to what sorry
bring a retainer to bed i got well here's a real answer is after you have sex you can do whatever you want for the rest the night because true you're just the guys just gonna fall sleep and he won't care what it is you do true i was gonna say i should talk about the metaphorically like yeah i'm in a relationship before you can bust out the retainers and be like hey put on my put on my head brace here to keep my teeth eight two people actually where the retainers i stopped wearing mine i think people do at night yeah i think so did you just say they don't cry their teeth i'm going to say the first time the first i'm he shifts around you like where you can now that he has taken a recently then you guys are safe yeah or i mean if we're talking about like moving in together living together the second that you start storing feminine products at his house yeah like some tampons what have you
once your tampon time once you get it once you make a little nesting spot for your kotex inside and of his medicine cabinet at that point you own the house legally toothbrush all time feminine products chicks love bruce jenner gis rosemont could be main mouthwash that's all you need i just eat like i eat another meal trying to get rid of the taste like you little trident boom done my boyfriend's a great a mama's boy to the extreme twenty two in his mom still makes him bring his younger sister along whenever he does anything and his mom makes the conversation cut off because i missed the rest of it okay ok well we it in no no no no no no know that hold on his mom makes his little sister watch when they have sex him and i
locked up i would say that's fuckedup listen i don't care if your ted cruz what kind of porn your watching out there that's it's not the place of a little sister to watch you and your mom your that's between your mom and your dad yeah you can you have the right now to bring this up and be like enough is enough alright last one some big cat pft in grizzly bear hank not because i can catch fish with my hands okay okay yeah a lot my guy friends at college told me that they had a thing called a reveal when they all moved in freshman year yeah my dumb things yeah why did that knowledge you let the secret out no it's normal yeah i mean and i mean i i thought everybody knew that before we should be literally before we even came up with the name for this podcast we should each other each you have to know what you're working with right it exactly what everyone's got
it's actually a lot like a gender reveal right you just you pop a balloon and there's a picture dick inside it be like not knowing like ok this guy is good with his hands this guy is you know can dunk this guy do you need to know everyone's dick size so that if you ever get a tricky situation you know who to call pawn i think it's weird that women don't show them each other like their vaginas well they do move in at the pillow part of the pillow fights yeah that's true exactly
okay see everyone friday love it's party
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