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Eagles Michael Bennett + NPR Pardon My Woke Is Back

2018-09-11 | 🔗

The Jets May have a quarterback and Stafford and the Lions are very sad (2:20 - 11:11). Gruden is back, for a half, and the Rams are a wagon (11:11 - 16:10). Pardon My Woke returns to do an in depth dive into the Browns/Steeers tie (16:10 - 20:53). Hot Seat/Cool Throne (20:53 - 36:53). Eagles lineman Michael Bennett joins the show to talk about his career in the NFL, the Seahawks Super Bowl Team, being a Schiano man, and if it's fair for Big Cat to not like his brother (36:53 - 69:59). Segments include Stay Woke, Sabermetrics, trouble in paradise for Paulina and Dustin Johnson and Guys on Chicks.

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On today's part of my take. We have Eagles lineman, Michael Bennett. He would this formally of the Seahawks Super Bowl champion, really fun conversation. He came in studio, so you know it's good and the buccaneers he was shot in the Box and the box. We talked about the shadow man days of his and we also have hot see cool throne guys on x in a very special NPR, because we gotta stay up with the times before we get to all of that it's official we are now fantasy guys. More importantly, not only we finish the guys, we are Fanduel guys pft and I have something special for all the awls on Fanduel. This season were going to be running a season long. Sixteen week contest with them, so we're doing it every single week you'll be able to enter every week and Pft, and I will be play against you guys they'll, be a season. Long leaderboard, an winner at the end of the season, will win a trip to the bar stool Super Bowl party in Atlanta. Not only that but places two through fifty
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New users get a twenty dollar bonus when they make their first deposit on fiddle, come play with us federal dot com, slash, p empty, that is fanduel dot com, slash p empty, let's go well part of my today is Wednesday September twelfth and Pft. I have a question for you: the jets have a quarterback
they've, got a quarterback. Do every question for you quarterback question, for you does Matt Stafford, suck yes, yes, what is stats will always Matt Stafford he'll, throw for three hundred and forty five yards and four intercept I was getting. I was getting some trash on the internet, the on Monday night, when we're watching by the way the two games. Just do it everything you just need the two games. I know we have to stay up really late, but I'm already adjusted from watching Hawaii an like following on twitter at three hundred am so give me the two games. Matt Stafford is going to go down as the best worst quarterback of all time, because his numbers he doesn't get injured. He got banged but he's played like he had a he. I think he was next to Phillip Rivers and maybe Eli for most starts. He's played ten years only thirty. He came into the NFL at the perfect. I'm when all the passing started exploding he's got probably another ten years if he can play on one or two winning teams. His statistics,
I think he actually has the most passing yards for the first ten years of anyone's career yeah. His statistics will be so insane that he will be illegitimate, hall of Fame. Can it and everyone awesome like that: guy sucked nobody yeah. Nobody will remember this could happen, but then thirty years from then everyone's going to be like Matt Stafford, one of the all time great wish it had this many yards there. He was definitely the best quarterback in the history of the Detroit Lions. Well, Dan Orlowski is pretty good, but Matt Stafford second best behind Jon, Kitna, truncated, caboodles yeah. That's good! Well, yeah! He is the best worst quarterback of all time. The thing about him, except for one or two years, he's played on some remarkably bad defense or you think so. Every single game he's thrown in the fourth quarter, throwing the third quarter they're, not protecting, read. Usually he has Megatron, which you know he
That's a weird thing is like with all the touchdowns they took away from Calvin Johnson. His stats should actually be better than they are and he was in the game when they're down thirty in the fourth quarter, when you look like they put in that castle towards the end, but it He is that scooter ball. His stats. All you have to do, is get on one good team and go to like an NFC championship and he will have better statistics than basically every quarterback, except like the top five they listen. Football is not rocket scientists right. It's not wait well rocket science yeah, it is communism, as it is Communist Gerald said Matt, Patricia I'm not sure if I'm ready to call it yet, but he it's like the latest. He looks like Romeo Cornell, part, seven, ok, so Matt Patricia you can't wear a backwards hat in loose, it did did in Jeff Fisher. You just can't do it, You look like an idiot when you were a backwards. Hat lose if you win, you can wear whatever you want when you
blues any, lose like that in poor lions fans like I so bad for lions fans, even though there are division rival might like and they own the bears. Recently it's something about Detroit and when they flash to the crowd it's because a lot of them are wearing. You know. I increase me on that Detroit darted super fan by the way shout out them my guys, Hank, it's still kind of crazy that we went to a game with them and didn't tell we're going to a game with them. We just knew where their seats- we bought the two next door to shut up and we're just like hey we're here to watch a game in film. You know get the crowd there. It looks like you, member that scene ACE venture to worry walks into the room with all the heads on the was like this is a lovely remove death. Yes, that's what the crowd looks like yet either all wearing some sort of animal had dressed in and yeah here's the thing there tricking us too, because the lions there slowly turning more blue over the years. I don't know how you blew it. So what do you do? Your full color like slightly darker shades of blue every single week yeah? But it is it's sad to watch the
lions fans, I don't care, I don't I'm not sad for the lines themselves, I'm sad for the lines fans like teacher Danser Fan, who this is their entire life. I date every year. It's the same thing I did like was a guy's name, a general disappointment. No, I general Nuisance General NEWS, so yeah hello sold yeah. They had the vertical sold yeah right yeah! That's it. He looks like he to be in like the Black Crowes or something but yeah the fans. I think that they're good fans, but sometimes it's it's tough- to tell the difference between a good sports town filled with good fans and just fans that are there and lose a lot yeah. I think the trade has good fence. I really do I I mean I, I think the lines fans like the they've get. They got the kicked out a live one, one playoff game in what like fifty seven years or some some ridiculous that, like that's, that's
precedent in in the browns of kind of stole their shine. Yeah. That's true! You know that if they don't get the ball time losers tag they what they really are big time. Swagger jack yeah, they lost cook them. So we should. We should, though, go back to send our real quick, because jets fans have reason to be excited, and I know we overreact to everything, but that first first Pass could not have been worse and then everything else was like this. Guy is pretty damn good. Yeah. So I'm trusting myself, I'm giving myself credit for the take that I had right. After the rose bowl like three years ago, when he had that one break out performance against Penn State, you know Penn state. I was like that. Guy was going to be a top tier pro and then over the last couple years. You kind of you know he was like. You are everywhere yeah that was like put up to. At that point. I was like suck for SAM okay. He should take next yeah see Red Todd. Mcshay is draft board. I don't listen. I make my own draft board. Okay, I've got a big White board in my living room. It's drier race and I I just accordingly based on who I'm most drunk. When I see it I think, is yet based off my
goggles and SAM. He did like some things, take some shot off from over the last couple years, but now I'm well. I got a not really his biggest thing to take the shine off him was his offer to lie. To you, I see was atrocious. Well, that's true! So that wasn't really his mom. He is more more then I thought he was young, youngest, youngest quarterback to start NFL game in like fifty years. That's a nice stat, his footwork looked really nice Rexroth. Probably very happy watching him play for the jets he Yeah he's like very cool, calm and collected he's so Cali he's so Cali hurts he's so cal state. I guess this is pretty chill game. It's crazy! When there's unfranchise franchise around the NFL, where it's like if they get a quarterback and what's going on this, isn't normal? This shouldn't happen like there's, you know, so I'm
I'm excited for jets fans. I feel like this is a long time coming and I'm sure same Donald will be a hall of Famer in the first defense of six dot touched on in like seven years. Yes, yeah yeah, it was the. I was five years in new Jack City, not general and saying new Jack City over and over there was was pretty new Jack City is going to be thing. Trust me it's going to develop into the Jamal Adams is awesome. Yes, he is the is. It actually reminded me a lot of rg. Three is first game when he came into the league, if you like, at a historically city franchise with the budget, just a big pile of crap for history at quarterback yep, and then you have one two game now the whole fan base is like okay, so We're pencil him for fifteen years yeah at least three super bowls Mark Sanchez that you had a lines out come back up and they're like. Oh, you did the same thing for him, but this is definitely do have a disease. They've got a younger USC quarterback, yet they've got a really good defense and they've got. I think. Probably top ten head coach, I think Todd Bowles is awesome. How and I thought that
a couple years because it play form last yeah, exactly everybody thought they were going. Sixteen thousand one hundred fifteen and I'm just I want to be sensitive to the hurricane that is bearing down on South North Carolina, hope everybody stays very safe, but there's a bigger storm, that's about to hit New York and that's all of MIKE Greenberg com. Um, just gonna dress, just wrenching the city out loud. The whole city is going to be a soggy, sticky masses. Doing the peacock it's going to it's going to look like a blizzard of no okay. That's enough: that's enough! Just got dumped all over Manhattan, that's enough, he's so excited, and I'm so glad for him. It's good MIKE Greenberg when something like Greenberg Success, MIKE Greenberg for sure can't come anymore. He got he got. The second thing was like tie it all the way up back now, his wife was just like cut it off yeah, that's where the second is funny. It's like. Are you sure my neutered? I thought it did. They tie the vast deference right. The other game. Chucky is back and
Raiders are a hot mess, Derek Carr sucks. He sucks and the rams are as who does advertise, because watching that game, like they weren't good and first half on offense, and then they started getting it going and then in the fourth quarter, it's like oh yeah, and they have the best running back in the NFL and he just going to run over people. I think what it taught us more than everything is that Sean Mcvay is just a much better head coach than Jon Gruden yeah, like the way that he adjusted his undefeated. The first half was like classic room. Well he's like we're just going to have physically men and that works for one slash, two, yes, when you have Jerrod Cook, who, like I've never seen a guy get downhill faster, you every single catch twice as big as everyone just running people over looking for content, marchons mode running everybody over here, you can come out there and be more physical and have that edge for one slash, two and then at halftime when the adjustments gets get made Mcveigh. Obviously
what he's doing groups like man? If it ain't broke, don't fix computers like hey, just block harder guys. We got this whole time. Adjustment, less penalties, block! need more balls from your man. Yeah they do less penalty mirror, but well, it's tough not to because there's like five hundred and fifty yards of penalties in the first after the raiders are back. But to your point I do think that dirt car sucks- yes, it's partially like the car. After all, yes, he is a car. Do we forget about his brother? Are we still doing the like? Is Derek Carr, injured thing yeah, because he's looks spooked my theory on Derek Carr is he came out. He had a decent rookie season for a rookie and then he, and a plateau at the lever. One was like. Oh, he was okay as a rookie. That surely means who continue to improve and he just stopped improved and verbal meme tweet. It's a verbal, tweet, okay, milk carton. Amari Cooper's face. Have you seen this path? Have you see like that? You like that, because we I haven't seen him in the in a year and a half for verbal meme? Is
Derek Carr, wearing eyeliner, mister Crabs and Jon Gruden at the end had a very unfortunate quote. That is Jon Gruden. I don't think he understands that like media exists now, because I think he still thinks back when he was a coach. You know you talk to your. Yeah? They wrote a little blurb in the paper and then it was done now a quote gets out there pretty fast and it spreads like wildfire and Jon Gruden said. Obviously we didn't get to golf enough and we didn't get to girly enough will take a good look at the reasons why we didn't We just gonna watch, there's first half against the packers. You think there's a reason why they didn't have a good pass rush. I mean that's, that's an all time.
Like a self awareness quote. He did try to spin it before the game tune, saying that Khalil Mack didn't want to be there, which I guess yeah he didn't want to be there for what he was getting paid. He didn't want him. Yeah didn't want to practice. Yes, but he was going to show up and play during the regular season. Was my understanding more isn't going to do a levy on Bell? Yeah Mark Davis was just in his box talking to himself all night so but he's got crude, and so I feel like Mark Davis. Wins and losses, don't matter for the raiders anymore, as long as Mark Davis can hang out with Jon Gruden for fifteen minutes a week, and you know what if the raiders go out there and they get like three hundred yards of penalties every week and get into fights with the other team. I think Mark David would be happy with that. Yeah razorback. This is raiders football. This is what my dad started. Absolutely, let's do it absolutely so we're going to have our week two preview on Friday. Now, though, have to get two very important business. So, as you know, the podcast game is a cutthroat game. There
are people trying to come at us. You know there are you coming to them we're com. We come everywhere MIKE Greenberg, just yeah, you don't do that again. He did. He came with I'm interested it. Yeah does have a new party at him and was gonna podcasts so to stay on the top. We need to borrow from the best in because, if you look at the most recent national pod track rankings, it's like they rank the top twenty overall and we were fifteen and the fourteen are basically Joe Rogan in every single show. The NPR puts out yeah. There's like this american life yeah the serial, which is a different planet money. What all these hidden brain yeah just like how to fix it. Well, there's a part because I think that just how to fix it- and they just talk about fixing things in that this is today we're going to figure out how to fix. Wrench is a wrench, you
how to fix things? Go to the store and I like to do in order to fix my wrench. I purchased a new one at home depot. That's podcast, an it's probably ahead of very hopeful young men working there in the aisles and they'll tell you which I'll contains the wrench. That's right for your project. So with that said, we have cereal as just there's a new serial out. Don't subscribe to it, pretend I don't you fucking! Dare script endure? Subscribing cereal by subscribing to us again will tell you what happens on Syria. So you know we should do. We should Despoil cereal every day like every day they put out a new one, will tell you exactly what happens when we haven't listened to it. Let's get into it and tell us so we, the new cereal, is out and it's based in Cleveland, so we're going to release our own NPR investigation in Cleveland. This is what do we call? Parma woke yes, part of my work
You have a phone call from an inmate at the Allegany County Correctional facility. Doing my name is Danzansky. I had a question about my stillers. The hell is a tie. This is serial season three, where we investigated Cleveland mystery. Why does Nfl have ties to begin our story, we have to start ten years ago were contrary to popular belief. Football ties were not invented by Rob Ford or Meryl hide, but instead Philadelphia, Eagles, quarterback, Donovan Mcnabb, but never I've never been a part of it. I'm never even knew that that was in the room. But again you know part of the rules and we have to go with it, so fourteen x getting out there and trying to drive to to win the game, but Unfortunately, with the rules, you know these settle with it
it was at that moment. Football tires entered the american Lexecon in many other countries, Tyser embrace, in fact that I in soccer is the best result a team can accomplish this. Cultural difference is best illustrated by the Steelers spanish broadcaster Arturo Carlos at the end of the game, got it
Well, I didn't want them, Yet in America ties are still a confusing and borderline unbelievable part of the game. We spoke to fans after Sunday's game who echoed this sentiment yeah. I guess I was confused because it was raining and both teams had the same score and then it was like kind of over. I don't know. Maybe there was then also came later, but I was watching the red zone on these giant screens at the best buy and they never went to the game, so it just kind of left ties How do ties in football? The confusion wasn't just limited to fans, but local businesses as well yeah, I'm a bar owner down here on fourth ST and we've got these beer fridges around town that get unlocked. If we win, and I wasn't sure it was going on I haven't seen the city. This confuses. Jaross Smith ran the clock out at the end of game. One,
which is that a bit of time to fans were dumbfounded. How could this happen there used to not winning, but not like this tires are like kissing. Your sister browns fans will eat horse poop, but they draw the line at incident. Some Cleveland fans had theories. Maybe they read the step count by watching Bob Wiley Stomach on the sidelines. I don't know it sucks, not winning, but I guess we have a one game not losing streak whatever and on the other side of the rivalry Pittsburgh fans showed their displeasure by reminding the players that eyes are not only unacceptable but a breach in the fan players: social contract, one in which fans make the players what they are not the other way around is the Steelers like we create the talent we, made you who you are? We made you what you're worth and
story better understand how this could possibly happen. We checked in with NFL rules expert MIKE Pereira. If the game in regulation, then both teams will play a fifteen minute overtime period. If that Pierre is completed with neither team scoring in the NFL bylaws dictate that the game ends in a tie. So what does the time? Is it good or bad? No one knows for sure why some sports to tie column goes at the end in some places it's in the middle one other times this stupid. I don't understand, we leave you coach, you Jackson, the architect of this now famous time was: he happy, is a tie with celebrating only coach Jack make sense of this man. Obviously a tie. You know a Thai Utah is so unusual consolation prize. Yes, next week on zero, we try to get to the bottom of unsolvable riddle. How come the writers don't have a good pass rush and the one thing man this is shot right here. You know since you're, either going to explode on in the city. We're just going to be like a you know, saying:
ok guys learn something. I hope you subscribe double subscribe, because now we do both have two podcasts and one yeah. Exactly we teach you and we make you laugh hopefully, and we talk about MIKE Greenberg Scum, which I can't get out of my head now that you It's pretty good. It's drilling my entire show. He just he's nutting everywhere. Stop called get up for nothing. Ok! So let's do our hot seat, cool throne. Before we do that the cash app you know cash app its simplest way to instantly send, beta friends. It's also the number one app in finance and now it's the number one app for paying Fantasy Football league fees. The cash app is the official award winning listener is fantasy football, Fi App, so tweet your cash tag and how much you owe to your league at part of my take and will hook you guys up with some free money, don't that asshole who doesn't pay their league fees. There is no excuse now, with the cash app it links directly to your bank account you can get your paycheck deposited, you can buy and sell Bitcoin. You can get the cash card, it's the one stop shop for all your finance needs, who that's a new
slogan one stop shop for all. Your finance needs download the cash app for free on the app store or Google play market. Do it right now the cash app pay, an We said tweet us your how much you owe in your fantasy football league at part of my taken. We might look someone up when I hook someone up, so they don't have to be that scumbag who doesn't pay so again, download the cash app for free on the app store or Google play market. You will not be disappointed. Ok, Hotsy cool throne Hank. Why don't you go ahead and once you go ahead, you do go ahead. Go ahead! Hang my heart still gotta couple. First, one is so hot seats, blink one hundred and eighty two, oh ok, you might have heard of the pop punk genre. They actually had a tour and they cancelled it. Oh they're supposed to be performing next next week in Boston same day is pop punk ways that real
wait. They were gonna it we're gonna go head to head with them and they canceled the whole there's only one who's going to be on the Highlander yeah, so open invite to Mark Hoppus. If you want to play that day, I know yeah do anything yeah, it's like well in that office Dinner Party, where he knew the gym, didn't, have any plans for the night. My I know, you're free no come on stage. Yep played, play. Damn it with a pop punk house of blues and invite played Amber, 20Th Boston, yeah tickets double tickets still available. Other hot seat is Jason Garrett
okay, such as a real yeah, just an actual, has on the high seas. I see I don't know. I just feel like eventually, if you, if you survive a hot seats, a Marvin Lewis LAW, if you survive another hot seats, you it's almost like. We we've said this before Jerry Jones has for got the house, the fire Jason Garrett. It's like he has a google. He is. He is a g mail calendar alert that just never pops up. He said well like two thousand twenty. Is that a two thousand eighteen? It's either that or he set it up for like four years ago, yeah I've got some of these notifications from literally four years ago. We have a monthly reminder to like send an invoice yeah when I was a freelancer, and so I just ignore it now. So his Google thing popped up for your, like you're supposed to fire Jason Garrett after that cowboys playoff loss again Green Bay, Packers yeah, it's a Google or from Jerry Jones for our from Jimmy Johnson years yeah. It just keeps coming and if he just ignores it keys yeah it I'm too lazy to get rid of it. So I don't think so not see I I do disagree. I agree with Hank. I think that
This is absolutely the year that it gets fired, he's going to giants on Sunday night by the way as much as Jerry Jones loves having an absolute stooge as head coach, yeah that just does whatever he says like a puppet. I think this jerry's just getting feisty recently he's drinking a little too much. Johnny Walker, blue masturbating into too many shoes he's getting he's getting up there in age he's probably thinking I might never go back to a super bowl yeah. That's I can't they want when Jerry Jones goes back to super bowl. That super bowl week is going to be so lit. Yeah like the big cowboys, the Starbucks is gonna, bring nine others thoughts drive around town, it's gonna be awesome. I thank God. The the cowboys in the giants are playing on Sunday night football needed it. Never seen that he did it, God, damn it's been years, yeah cool thrown. All my cool throne is call duty. Yeah. They just released a new game, but it's battle royale, so October, 12th October 12th,
beta came out 'cause I have it circled on buying so call of duty. Hank has the beta and big cat doesn't yep. I wait for the alpha yeah yeah, so I'm excited I'm very excited. Yeah. It's KP like fortnight yeah what kind of maps you guys plan. It's like other maps on it, the? U it's their speed. I sit alone. I don't know what it is. I just know the word maps these soldiers to forty for all. Yes, a free for all. Okay, yes, always do any like, so there's all this stuff. It's not goofy, like I'm, hitting this wall with a pool noodle like fortnight, like these fucking four year olds, are playing yeah. I'm talking about real world war. Two ships in that world war, two, it's black ops, outlander modern warfare. So is it like one soldier from every country, so it's your fracking each other. So it's a bunch of american soldiers, yeah hi there, this bunch of Mercer, especially, but it's actually placed on block what okay, so just look is black watered and it's set in in Iraq, okay, yeah all my other cool thrones aliens scientists searching for extraterrestrial life, so they have spotted seventy two mysterious.
Those from the alien galaxy using artificial intelligence. Wait who said that sky news this is on sky, that's not real. Have we asked them? Cti scientists? Ok, so steady, that's from contact for blind guy like Jodie Foster's friend that was just sitting down listening, because actually that's the real instrument to fig. Sky news they were. They said they had that they had to go through thirty terabytes of like no four hundred terabytes of radio data, which is a fucking shitload. I don't know how they don't know how they could go through. That sky NEWS that's the organization that stole our Wayne Rooney's gonna sign with these United Tweet without fact checking it. So I'm not trusting, so you can not will fact check us yeah you, you do not get any kind of trust source. Seventy two signals: yeah, I'm out of space, are those the virgins
Oh yeah. Seventy two virgins that you get from Heaven: yeah. Ok, so I guess yeah. We figured that out problem solved. Yeah there we go not aliens. Just surgeons, ok, PFD! Would you got my hot seat is bye weeks, so oh bye weeks in the NFL on the hot seat, because I don't know if you saw this but Dalvin Cook had a schedule well? That was printed out on his locker shout out Diana Rusini friend of the pod, who noticed it where he lay each of the weeks as either like a rivalry week a what was it rivalry, game, revenge, game, get your corn, ready game revenge game for guy who didn't play last year, well like when he got his knee torn up.
So that we would like to revenge game. So, if they're playing the saints, that's the revenge but yeah, but he label them all, and it's actually interesting because all the divisional games were rivalry games except for the lions Games, which includes watch money which we're just like get your popcorn ready, apps. But it your stats, get your stats up games and then I notice that the bye week he had listed as a tree. Game so that even had its own label and credit to him he's the first person. That's a major football game to like actually look at the bye week as an opponent right and also be like this is where you get in trouble. Yes, exactly that's exactly what a trap game is so into it. Yeah so bye week remains undefeated. My cool throne is Al Gore. Ok, so Al Gore you know, we talked a little bit hurricanes earlier. There is one, bearing down on the SEC country? It's going straight for South Carolina Georgia. I think he's
play directing these government manufactured hurricanes. Like we talked about last time. In order to at more money steered towards climate change, funds and carbon tax missions. You felt with our football Yahoo will start taking notice, it's sick, but you Take your hat off to him. He knows if you want to get those votes in the southern states, funding renewable energy things of that nature. Convincing that climate change is real by wrapping their Saturday football schedule. I'm just happy that global warming's like something we don't deal with for a hundred years as we get the six storm of the century up in the last ten years. Yeah. Thank God that we, Well, we'll figure it out yeah so jokes on everyone that says that, like it's a problem for my grandchildren yeah, I don't have set yeah not gonna have any grandkids. We are good, so it correction, it's a problem for your grand, yet those raging wildfires in California. Well, it was just a dry year, yeah again I'll see what he can do. I was at it. That's it yeah
I just had one of each other. I don't look at you all right. I have two hot seats. My first is, I cannot believe we didn't mention this actually have once a hot seat. It's us sorry! I have to have seats. I can't leave it in my and this on Monday, the Sunday Night Football song yeah we're on the hot start, like what does MB do you think, they're fucking doing I was waiting all day for waiting all day. No. I was waiting all day for waiting all day for Sunday night and now it's some crappy Kerry under it's also still Carrie Underwood. So at least we still have Carrie Underwood, but it's like. What's the new theme, it's game on
One is the new thing. I don't have room in my brain to learn a new song. What I'm saying give me the same door over from Hank Williams, yeah. Well, the brought him back. Yeah! That's right! Yeah see we don't we don't even remember that some! I don't remember this period where he wasn't there yeah. What what was it when he was there? The wildest Hank Williams Monday night Football song was it. It was in the middle of the first Persian Gulf WAR and it just turned into a commercial for the military, yeah and they're like planes flying by like dropping missiles on Baghdad yeah in the middle of the Monday, football intro yeah, and then for some reason there were two guys wearing armbands the like jumped up and high five, each other yeah there's a wild time. Football early 90s was a strange time for football pros, but I agree with you: do make me learn a new song. It's LISA Ann. I waiting all day for Sunday night yeah, like I'm doing that and now I'm now, I'm not now. I don't know: what's wait for now it's on it's on game, on yeah, terrible but Thursday night, when it's on it's on yeah
and then in the standard, the standard in Sunday's game come on. Yes, too much. You're hot seat is I'm I'm not taking out the panic button. We're taping this right now at five hundred o'clock, I'm not taking out the panic button, but if the cubs do lose to the brewers tonight, it'll, be a tie in the NL central, but I'm not taking out the panic button, 'cause they're going to win, but I just wanted to throw that out there that I'm so not worried that my hot seat is me in the cubs and the panic button has not been taken out. That's how not worried I am yeah, you sure yet, but you're thinking about it now, no you're thinking about them, not just letting everyone know that I'm not worried, because you think you listening right now. You're like he must be worried. Nope it big. The cartoon. He be walking around all day with a little cloud bubble, with the panic button, just above his head, yeah the whole time and then and then a piano, I'm walking underneath the window and a piano shaped like the state of Wisconsin just drops on my head, because that's how it's been less. I I had this
disconnect from the upper peninsula of Michigan. I had a moment on Monday night, where I was like man: I've been in a funk all day and I was like oh yeah 'cause. The bears an hour like what, at what point? Are you just going to grow up? Well, no, it's not letting that wasn't particularly bad lit, like sports, affect your mood. That was a particularly bad one. Ok, I'm not there yet I'll give you that. Did you bet on the bears? I did so. You won your bet. It wasn't a double LOS, correct, correct, but still it's like that's sad add bear sweatshirt that you were but like that's it's a real question like what's points are going to be like hey, guess what grow up man stop, stop, in this change your entire week? Never because, then, when you die, you can write a really funny obituary. Where you can say, let me down cat request. Six members of the Chicago bears to lower him into his casket, so they can let him down one last time there we go all right. My cool throne is MIKE Zimmer. He was asked about that game. The bears Packers game, an Aaron Rodgers come back and he said I did
'cause. I don't wanna tv so MIKE Zimmer. His football guy status, which I don't know if it was ever in question, is officially on the cool throw well, he's either a football guy or Hipster actually heard cutter. I don't even own a television yeah, so true, millenial poison, your brain, lineal, scum, he's watching the Youtube yeah yeah. That's MIKE Zimmer he's got six subscriptions on his Roku to like Youtube TV. He watch is Hulu. He watch is Netflix will tell you all about the new season of Ozark. He definitely has a full on radio, like that. Don't exist anymore. He has a full on radio. No, not even a full he's got a weather radio for in case of emergency box, but he listens to it like all day when he's home- and he just gets weather report, yeah nonstop he's got a cd cd, boombox city puts out on the lawn when he mows it. So he can listen. So you can listen to you know the programs all right, Let's get to our interview with Michael Bennett. Before we do that Pft, you have a little something you want to read for us. I want to talk to you guys about velveeta who ever heard of it
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Philadelphia, Eagle, former Seattle, Seahawk, Michael Bennett, author? Yes, so it's best selling author yeah, so things things that make white people uncomfortable. That sounds like a really fun read the New York Times. Bestseller there you go so what's that book about you, gotta read it I'm going to I have some things that you actually missed in the book. What makes white people comfortably ready? Yeah you may be talking to first one not being allowed to bring your dog into a grocery store uhhuh. I have I'm not going to say that, but if you think that ok, that makes us very uncomfortable every now
and they'll be a song on the radio, and I don't know if it's Gwen, Stefani or pink, and that makes me really uncomfortable dancing to ship working well, yeah. Well, yeah. I was going to say dancing dancing at weddings when I, when I don't know the organized dance and then rap songs that they take the rap beats off of them and put like house music on its own table when our first round fancy pickets injured. That's not drink like like that. Doesn't sound good yeah yeah. So maybe will help you co author. The second I've got another one. Reading books about race relations yeah tends to make white people and companies. Would you agree? I may I mean yeah yeah, I think so. What did you have fun? Writing the book. Yeah I'm sorry, it's fine. When you have creative outlets to be able to put your thoughts down and form the alive. You never know how it's going to be. Stepped into the world, so I was always cool, so I'm curious because you're, obviously a guy who has played
Paul it at the highest level won a Superbowl, but you were a lot more than that. You say that all the time like I'm not just a football player who a lot more than that, when did when did they like when did the feeling like hey. I have a platform and I want to speak out when did that. Like start kind of come through. Was it because of PETE Carroll was because of a certain coach? Was it or where did that happen? I think it's cuz, my parents. I think my parents have always and still does to likes, have a voice being able to get back to community and finding ways to impact people around us? I think you know when grew up in a household full of leadership. It allows you to go out into the world and find your place I think, but I also think being around so I, like P Kero, that allows you to know that he allows you to do it, but the atmosphere, a lawsuit, would be more open. Yeah, and this is this- is a secretive who used it's always like the Google approach, a new ways. People are doing business in this site. You can wear what you want to wear long as you do your job type of thing. That is not so much. Where is always like a
military type of situation and I think a lot of times in a lot of Football Oregon which is the way it's been done has been done for the same way for so long there's, no there's! No creativity in it comes along coach like the coach from the rams and comes in, and he does something really unusual and he has success and people like? Oh, we we've been doing it for a long period of time. Yeah and then John Fox gets another job, yeah yeah, oh yeah, John Fox. He keeps getting jobs, yeah yeah, but no, it's not european plan is to clarify you were talking about Jeff Fisher, coming in doing things differently. Right, yes, yeah, no around Mcveigh! To me, it like he was asleep who it's not sleep. At least with the tv portrays it looks, pretty cool is PETE Carroll, Sleep does PETE Carroll. Now how many times he gets. He gets very well yeah how many times he dropped the nine slash eleven theories on you I'll take care. I was thinking like Benjamin Button like he just doesn't like his reverse. Agent thing like he like, I look at his face, looks like he doesn't have too much wrinkle skin is ok but he's
order his own issue. Here it is it's the gum. He smacks that gum he's always chewing it, so it works out the jaws it prevents wrinkles. So I'm just going to go through. That is true, so The one thing I always loved about that Seahawks team, the Super bowl team and all your guys successes. It felt like everyone was doing well, yeah and passionate. Guys would yell at each other on the sideline an I love seeing that because it never sometimes it might have felt like it was real anger, but it also felt like hey we're all pulling on the same rope here and we're trying to get things done. Yeah. I think we were we respected each other thinking. You respect somebody. You can respectfully disagree with them and keep going forward. I think a lot of times No, we can't disagree with anybody. Now, 'cause you disagree with somebody, you gotta hate them and it's like now we can We will still have respect for each other and I think that on that team, those allotted, I think we everybody had a respectful organization and respect for women and respect for each other, but they always '
we're trying to find ways to win the game so when you guys get fired on the sidelines start, you know young age other try to make the game that made this, that that makes the game fun. When you let go yes right, it's like intensity like when he's like, and you got to do better and it's like you can do two things you can. You can travel up or you could stand up. You know saying and and kind of shows, couple team, you are when you guys were like ok, maybe Sean right. I do need to play better and it's like that's. Ok for I need to. You know tell you that you need to play a little bit better and it's not like he's trying to tear you down to try to win the game yeah, and so I guess it was like an underlying trust that you knew that the person that you were communicating with also felt the same way yeah. So we was there ever a point where you were. You were yelling at somebody. You were trying to motivate him on that team, and they just weren't on the same wavelength and they shriveled up knocking I think of too many moments where they shriveled up. Well, you want to talk about the super bowl oh yeah. I forgot about that, follow up question. Russell Wilson never showed up because he's a robot.
You just want those people who just he's just then again the way he is. I think he saw authentic that people think that is not real because he just stays consistent in his his character. People are the people being consistent in what they believe in all the time? Nothing access to see shows. That definitely is, and I think people don't like that 'cause. It's like, why is this now playing. Who was this guy mayor into my a supermodel actress is like how do you keep women and people don't like that, so yeah, I want to find some kind of flows in and when how awkward is that trip? He took everyone to Hawaii. You guys understand at the end of that cliff and, like trust, build, I was in a part of your clothes off, and so just offense yeah defense probably should have come. You might have one another super bowl.
We were the best defense, so we need to come. Is there like a? Is there a genuine 'cause? We've interviewed a bunch of NFL guys like there always seems to be a rivalry with offense defense. An one side is not pulling the you know the way out thanks I'll. Take ITALY. Try not to do that. I think there's times where people get caught up in that, but then they really missed the most important part of it is that we all on the same team is like You got to find ways to motivate people. Everybody doesn't get motivated the same way. I think sometimes people think it because there's somebody yellow, maybe watch hard knocks it cuts, people so much, I'm like that's, not motivating number, not that great leadership is finding out. How do you motor somebody! How do you know the background where they came from what kind of traumas they experience in their life? Then how do you get the most out of, and I think, there's only a couple: coaches in cultures, couple people in the world who can world who can do the timetable? Tom Cable ever ask you to play off into line now would be a good office line though, but he never asked me what was your second best sport, baseball tennis? Oh, oh yeah! I was pretty good and shop
right, yeah shoppers like yeah, no yeah who's, a better athlete you or your brother. I think my breath probably better athlete. Ok, do you fart, like athleticism the Gambia more athletic, but they give you athlete being able to play multi. Passwords and unprofessional level. I think he could play NBA professional. Would you have been a better tight end or would have been a better defensive tackle? I think I've been a bit of difference. If you, let me type it in yeah. He's your brother is like one of those guys that he the size of an strength of him. Like I remember I was on the sideline before bears game and he by and I was like holy shit. How huge I always forget that he eats, and he like you know, I don't even get a turkey Anything like three of them. I realize like this is, is not ask consumption. Do you think? Do you think it's fair for me to not like your brother, because he didn't watch the Thanksgiving game, bears packers and admitted that? No ok, you sure yeah as a fan, I was I felt this respected. Why
It's just one of those things like water, but the fans get so caught up in it. What players do and we pay your salary sure we pay our own salary? No, so what what's your name? What's your biggest gripe with fans, because, like I, you know, we we part of the show, is we joke about? meatball fans put in the bottom. You know like deep deep down. We have a little meat ball and I'm an ourselves before. Well, okay, right! Thank you for that, just because they don't you're not allowed to play as defense tackle and he wanted to draw not just to get just the humanizes, the players. I think you put somebody in a place where they not they're, not really not human. It's like you playing fantasy. Will real life like those injuries that people are happening, happens to him. It's like real injuries and people like this guy blues ACL. I can't win my fantasy league and it's like this guy blew his fucking ACL out. Nobody really gives a care, doesn't care about him as a human being just about how many points can you bring to his team? So I don't like Casey Football, and so that's one reason why I don't play. I don't even talk about it. I just think it's stupid. Ok,
back to your brother, who do you think, would win in a fight you and your brother against. Derek and Jj Watt would find Derek what about Kyle and Chris Long ass whooped. Group you're asking so they get there? It's pretty pretty strong. How long yeah he's a big boy? Was that mean? What do you mean? he's a big he's like six. What six five strong got three or ten anyone of my steel. I don't know- I don't know like for me to yeah you'll call skinny. So are you for it? You yeah, we. I read an article that you have a bromance now with Chris long. Do you know he's a big liberal, yeah? Okay, because God, like liberals, you know know. Chris is good friends with this truck with him. We always we always put it yeah. Are you a little bit upset that he voted for Trump now 'cause. He did yeah. He made headlines because he said he wouldn't go to the White House before the super bowl on our show, and would you go
So he may just show famous, is what you're saying? No, not really he may already know. Chris is a good guy pushes the type of guy that you know. I wouldn't let him date my sister about. Let him walk my dog type thing, and I could do that trust him with my you know, he's got too many tattoos yeah too many tattoos in questionable at best yeah. I agree with that. I agree with that. Who is the best defensive tackle in the league right now, and you can't see yourself, Fletcher Cox, good answer you it's a bit immature that Chris always stands next to Fletcher. So it says long cocks, oh, is that what he's doing yeah you've noticed that right, electronic ignition stuff? It's not that makes sense. Yeah, ok, ok, besides Fletcher Cox, no teammates know current teammates allowed who's. The best defense da, I think Gerald Mccoy and aired on all that up to one of the top two different. What's the pin how you look at it, I think Aaron Donald's, the premier pass. Issue, but I think all around game I think Jim Mccoy. Do you ever get a little bit
jealous or pissed off call which you want to call it with like the new quarterback contracts that are coming out. I think everybody gives Pist off at a like quarterbacks they get like they could be thirty, four and people like ok, this got more money, but the any other position act like you, too old competing you know, but you never know, somebody's quarterback contracts. That is good for the league. I guess you know but it also kind of you gotta, be you know. I feel like so on quarterbacks day like to other guys that came in and got to do it for the team, but they never ever take less money for Maine right. This second operated Tifa Tom Brady, Blake Bortles he did. Yes, it took less money, but I don't know if that he was offered more money, but he took less money. We don't know interesting, never message, don't know what he was offered, but yeah. No, it's a good point like guys. Don't usually do that they don't take. It looks like if I'm a quarterback, I'm definitely not taking so much money. Why don't have office in line where I just get beat
That's why you guys the Seahawks like a lot of your success. Those years were because Russell Wilson was still on his rookie contract yeah. He was so good and getting paid not you know, but in all those lines I didn't they need. They start investing offers a line now. So that was something that they needed to do: yeah yeah, I would say so: what's up with your with your shoulder pads yeah, which one or lack there? I just get smaller every game: yeah yeah! Is it like a joke not take my shoulders are so big that the pads are the Paso normal size or missing my shoulders or join, or have you
try to go out there with just no pads. I would I would if they let me have you ever tried. You should try. I might try it yeah. I might get away with it 'cause they might not even notice you there so small. Now, I think no one would notice yeah you've done a very good job, just like, like every single game they get smaller and smaller when they're totally gone, no one's going to here's. What you do next time. You just wear like a suit jacket. This title phone works so well position. Coaches to do he used to be so short. His name was standing and he used to like where he's like shoulder past like in the 80s, like you know the dancers and singers, like George Michael with him, so he at least look like that. Yeah, guess, are doing that. You should make sure that look really like you look important, but you look like I'm important and then my parents are saying I'm ready to party. The one thing you could change about that if you could change anything about the NFL you're the commissioner for a day who two thousand and eighteen game season, no hell, no
I think, I'm definitely guaranteed contracts and maybe like something with the marijuana issues or something like that. Yeah looks like a lot of guys like I was telling some of the day. I feel like there's a lot of guys that have had certain traumas in their life that maybe you like prescription meds, doesn't do the thing for them. Me know you think about some of these guys. You know parents could be getting murdered in front of them. Her story like that with, the end of the punter, the the long snapper for the eagles. He used to be long so his his like whole family or the magician guy yeah he's on the same yeah yeah or did in on don't know docket like some yeah, some of the people be facing in and I felt like you know it has to find a way to like figure out how to find better ways than just prescription pills. Yes, I agree be careful, though, because you can get addicted over throw some pot too. That's that's an issue that Roger Goodell trying to protect you from oh or too much pizza too much Pedia Papa John's too much.
China food? We don't buy delays yeah, we're yeah, we are not John Sweet Disavow Regis about pop he's got his own company also joins, does not work for yeah yeah. There was like one mistake that Papa John could have made to get fired from his own company and he made it yes, my he managed to find it so eighteen game season, absolute non starter, absolutely not unless they pay more. Money, but I don't think that people want it. I think I will cut the preseason down to eight minutes, one slash four to Oh that's! Actually, smart. I kinda like that heard that before I loses it makes sense to have the game so long. Fifteen minutes when you know that the game doesn't count, but you still want to be able to get this. Basically, a glorified practice or the other right, but they're still people who need to make the team, but the team is kind of picked already, but they always have those couples
I said hi and figure out. They should also play on college fields to get like different fanbases. You know what I mean like travel a little bit away from your city, wherever you are and try to try to pick up more fans, 'cause a lot of make so much money. Don't do that preseason! I think I don't know. I just think they should cut the minutes down, because the risk of losing some of your starters versus the reward of him- and I don't think Is it is worth yeah? Is it impolite? Is it stolen valor to say that you're, a veteran now would and then I called you a vet yeah yeah, ok, so as a grizzled vet, you chose the Philadelphia Eagles. Did you go into it and say: hey like I'm, I'm happy to play for your team, but you don't have to give me all these reps in the preseason, like what that conversation like before. You sign the contract. I know you don't really have those kind of conversation you just kinda yeah. I think you know enough really take care of it, so they don't really want the older guys doing too much, because the process is about getting the best to make sure to and ship and get in your young guys who you want to be a part in the league and being a team. Fine
What they can do. Are you still going to do the sack dance this year, the generation yeah two pumps, Ok, I'm going to put some make a baby. Three point: pumps make a fine very young. I'm going to add that to the list of things that make white people uncomfortable like that, have you or have you ever gotten ship from, like any fans being like hey you're, turning my wife on too much, please stop. No people we're getting letters were insane that they named. They sent it to me because they've had so much, you know, pump pumps, yeah watching you. Yes, I'm here, like you, don't have a common name either. That's like those like a baby boom in in Seattle around my time. If you look at the amount of babies that are born wild, my teen years in Seattle, you see that This is that it becomes the mark. Do you think that there should be an asterisk under super bowl because The way your stadium was designed was technically cheating to make it louder. No it cheating. How could you make it? You guys use physics and and like laws of science to make it louder laws of size.
Yes, yeah Murphy's law, yeah, just It allows us lots of side. So your would you believe you don't believe in science, I'm crystals! No, I don't believe who's Artist quarterback sack hardest person, they say Prior Tom Brady's kind of gets, even though it's kind of gets the ball, so it gets out quick and, I think, Derek cartoon interesting as it gets to you look at one point: nine seven, a he gives suppose you get the ball out, yeah Luke Wilson, when we had a mon, he said that someone punched this is someone punch something after the after the Superbowl yeah, something like that. He was that you not impinge anything of the super. What was what was the range of emotions like instantly after we just in shock does it. I mean it was. It was a we lost in in, but somebody like my wife's grandmother was sick and my best friend that had just died, so I kind of at the I just have to get my went to two different rooms after writing: okay, that that makes it yeah that puts into perspective
I was there. I think when you gotta put life into perspective. I think sometimes we focus on our job. So much that we forget to live in those moments is a lot of everybody's. Like you know, you see people who for companies for twenty years in their whole life they were like. I didn't want to be late to work and then, when they finally retire, did you give him like a pin like? I'll. Give you twenty five years of my life and I gave one pin. I don't even get a day at work like it like this. Is it and it's like, then we want to give you. A retirement plan should have been late to work. Couple yeah, so yeah should've been listening. Yeah, I think I'm stopping at Starbucks. That's what you're doing let you start thinking Starbucks make everybody like. I was thinking about you guys. I got you guys coffee I wish I was there right after that Super Bowl LAS. I think, PETE Prisco asked you a question and I think he told him P press goes like he's like five foot. Three angry I'll, tell you Guys- and you said you look like you haven't, played sports in seventh grade. To Would you like to apologize to be for that now good, because it was funny yeah? That is what about the guy in it Lana when you told him to get out of your face and not what's wrong
the reporter after Matt Ryan carved you guys up, obviously get out of my face. Don't play with me: do you want to apologize to us as Journalists- and I don't know Paula gys- to join this journal? Is they get? They get the pin, they get the pin to get the chance to either be good or be be negative and a lot of times you guys have so much power that you just you get drunk with yeah right, shut down and people just like that. She's really just said it like shit. Like you know, maybe there is old June Arizona. Have you tried it? It's freaking addicting, managing this power yeah, you should start blogging. You can talk, here's what you should do. You should talk about journalists. The same way the journalist talk about you, yeah John, is hate me. The hate Maine! Do you do? Are there any that you have a good relationship with outside of us just Jesus. He was you capital house. What's it like playing for gym shorts, you've only been there obviously for training camp, his nipples popped out yet
Whoa he's got he's got big nipples, reliever diamond cut like when he's wearing those polo shirts are a little too tight. Smuggling some raisins yeah? I never look at another man's. You know areola ok well follow up question. I haven't had your eyes up here. That's very respectful of you. Follow up question. Have you seen Nick Foles in the shower? No, ok, sure you would know you would know. If you had, you would know you know you know Oh you would know. The anaconda is Lane Johnson that something you forget yeah. You didn't like out in print in your mind this and if we get yeah, I don't know. How would you know? Definitely now it's big stand. Yeah, it's Carson was gonna play week. One stay tuned, Doug Peterson gets really mad
but he asked questions. Yeah, 'cause Doug doesn't like you all in his damn business. That's. Why did you know your journal? Is he going to make some story up there? Some conspiracy, what the Phillies trying to do with two quarterbacks when they paying twenty million another one they paying ten. Can you trust the guy who wears a visor like Doug Peterson? Are you asking me that yeah. I trust my coach okay. I believe in that so fair question. 'cause, the visor look If you like, the risers can go either way. I feel like a college plays or ball coach Steve Spurrier in.
No. We devised integral is used to wear visor. No, I don't think I think, as an amateur he might of yeah back before is by your house a short though yeah and then the people to work cultures. You soon that you can trust them. That's all it's just the visor. I really think that look I don't know. I always assume that whoever is wearing a visor. They have that fi care, visor yeah it looks like it was. A good people are colored shirts. Do you always think that, like this person, profession or so, or with glasses, on yeah but yeah, I find out that they're not there. Yet people, because when tigress came I was like: oh yeah, Jesus Christ, you had sex yeah, a lot of people. Any work soccer this century that he was banging porn. Stars are those that that was there. I think people were so hurt because they felt like Tiger Woods was the guy that you would leave with your kids. Your wife, his sister, like he, was the most trustworthy or black man. After all,
ok like he took over OJ's place and it's a bad looks to be at the top of the ending like OJ, OJ ruined it and then there's like a day. Trust came back with Tiger woods and it's like this guy Thai Cuisine, his blazing honest, this Stanford, you know he's he's the guy he's only he's on Buick commercials his neighbors daughter and Perkins Twitter. That's stuff. Did you did you play for Greg Schiano in Tampa Bay? Thank you. He did if I could I'd neighbors daughter, that was the one that was like oh tiger come on. Man like Perkins waitress like okay, you're out getting you know, your waffles and eggs are getting a little horni whatever, but first daughter, that's a little too much. And she was like eighteen to write. It was a little too much yeah. She, Germany, like went to her graduation party. It's over here, I'm the number one tiger in the world, but even for me it was a little too much, but did you play for Greg Shadow yeah did? Were you a shadow man
no? No Shana was he was. He was a good guy, but he's just finishing yeah! That's pretty much sums it up. Yes! Well, how do you feel about him not getting the job done? I was heartbroken, I was kind of bullshit us are broke. I just. I think I think of that. Football is a better place for Greg. Shanda was just screaming his guts out having an aneurysm on the sideline. Woods do you agree that he should not have gotten a job. The whole thing was weird like how did Tennessee not vet it during? like how do not do your due diligence and figure out exactly so then to hire him and then fired him was kind of bullshit like to do your job. You have you see all these for all these far higher firms. They spend millions of dollars and they just end up. If they don't really know they don't do anything. They don't do anything before you sign up with John Fox, like insurance yeah right. So issuance is good until it's time to use your insurance and you're like yeah, so insurance guy in the reckon I want to you know, do something like whose fault was it? I'm not sure. I think it was my
yeah. I've been there for twenty years. Yes, it's all it's for it's, so the athletic directors can have plausible deniability if they make a mess up on their code. So like oh well, this is the search told me to do it, so I did it. I mean I think it's also very dangerous that Tennessee just if their fan base like all that power, so they hired him and there was a big backlash from fans and so now they're, just like the hold until like a screaming yelling Bob. Yes, did you eat when you were in Tampa, so you had Greg Schiano did you? Was it Kris Jenner, you have another coach as well. Oh I had a rocky Morris. Really good codes, but just remember you when you put so much money into the quarterbacks and they don't. Hello, Josh Freeman should have been like? I don't know. I was just talking to my friend about him yet like the that arm, but he's like he never put it together. Yeah there was that one. It was like a three week span where nobody knew was going on with Josh Freeman Sean would like leak stuff into the press about drug test and he got traded to the Vikings and they start him on like Thursday night with no reps
and he just looks like the word score back ever, never play another sat. It allows a weird situation, those down for yeah I did. He did Greg shown our ever tell you drive out to guys and he's we part of that play yeah. We like what the fuck is, this guy telling me to do it like he had a good point. Yeah you wanna, keep fighting to the end play through the whistle play today and it's like a player quits chasing a guy fans get mad, but if a player trying to get the ball back, then they still get mad. What do you want is just like just like being very? Like you never know what your wife wants. You like me. I thought you wanted cake, but you don't want that type of cake, but then you know so long story, yeah yeah how mad was they must be passed. A Superman was like. I can't believe you do this completely diving on my knees after I just tried cut blocking three minutes ago. Yeah, it's a good point about when he went into the what about when he went into the crowd in there wasn't me Jacksonville. There was a messy,
Can you pulling people out of it? No, I didn't do it that that was wild scene doesn't, while seeing those edge, though that I love, Did you know you tradition of Bobby Brown? Yeah? Did you guys? Would please tell would be Carroll coach you guys to like have play with that edge play with a little almost out of control. No, I don't think so. People are just out of control anyway, yeah I just have the options you guys he's got me an out of control plane enough so anyway, to have so often to they would do on their be like a new story that would come out every training camp. All about how Piquero is like teaching you guys how to rugby tackle just tackle. That's pretty much. I mean that's. The big complain about tackling right now, but it's like that way to pick hero was Ok by tackling he was a little ahead of his time as far as like realizing that the trauma of the tackles and what people were doing was going to hurt people, and so the new way of trying to get your head out of it is exactly what people are trying to do. Nfl like I feel like we can't have
both ways, you can't say that we want to cut down c t in the traumas of concussions, but then when people propose new ways of tackling, we complain about it. So it's like we can do that like we do. We got to be, The end result has to be protecting our brain or it doesn't intentional by the NFL, though, intentionally everyone. You know thankfully so says: okay, the player is there brain CTE like this is very dangerous, so they do is what they intentionally have done is make out is rules, the kind of takes tackling out of football so that it basically puts it back on the fans and everyone complaining be like what you want, but we made the rule and now you're playing football is not running real, but I, but I think if I'm just took my peer into players, the players have to find a better way. You have signed in the photos to find ways to do better, tackling and, I think, find a way
a two legged tackle better, not be so many because everybody like concussions is this year's inch issue those of trauma on the brain. You know. So it's like people, don't wanna! You know we have to find a better way of tackling. Not yes, sometimes you having a rule to force you to think differently. Yeah it happened sometime in The worker other guys are now at practice figuring out how to tackle, but, like I said, take care was I hated it and so? at the level of the NFL. You guys are all professionals when P would show like those videos and be like ok. This is a hawk tackle this role, tackle, etc. Would you guys actually like as a defense? call especially? Would you change the way that you played the game based on what he'd show you yeah 'cause that newer work on? It would be better for ourselves by learning how to tackle better like that is the way they explain. It was like less injuries. Do this, so people were like, let's tackle properly 'cause. I think it happens at the moment, pectin tackling somebody get scared.
Every time. There's you look at it as very rarely that there's a couple guys in NFL who would really just coming in a form tackle or the right way, but every time people duck their heads at the moment of contact and eighty five percent of error when you get scared. If you look at it, people wiser closes today they're scared of human nature, human nature so doing other tackle united scare. You watch the weight Kam Chancellor, by those tackle a tackle properly. With the shoulder punch in new and different things, I have an idea to make tackling safer. As your coach, since I paid coaches salary. Let me coach, you on these points in rugby when you all you have to try to wrap up this me for what I will tell you on for no no in rugby. When you make a tackle, you have to make an attempt to wrap our to get part again. You have to try to read it. Nobody comes over yeah right. We right now read these fun. I think I think you have to make it to
to wrap up in a leg. I think they actually that's a good point. Thank you. Sushi pay, my salary. I think it happened to try to rap I'm sorry to wrap up. I think it makes it more impactful tackle 'cause you're, not as many people won't be as jumping like. You said that people jump. You said people drive like to do saints like what was he doing like oh in the last play against the vice yeah yeah. Yes, he just came in like heads down just leaping. It doesn't work like that. You know yeah all right question put in promo code? Take you get ten dollars off, seek purchased, go, see Michael Bennett play for the Eagles Super bowl champion eagles. You don't have to Ok, just that's true! You still buy the ticket yet, but it's a father ticket but don't go. Do you have any questions for us know this is great interview. I gotta question: did you ever drink Russell Wilson's, concussion water? Now
about that are usually a works. He said it was an idea. I know he said or here's how I know I broke my foot and I chugged it and then, when I had surgery on my foot, they went in there they're, like I, don't find a fraction yeah. So my body heal itself. We If you are goldfish and he will, he died, We have seen him in it. It did not have seen. I don't think Russell. Wilson knows what Cbd is no he's. Definitely smoking weed. Now I will use it just for the FED. Just for the record should record American I've. Never I've never taken a marijuana right edge were straight edge so who said I didn't inhale I didn't even inhale hell, was the entire point of smoking weed I put it in my mouth and I didn't so is it. I had sex, but I didn't nut yeah so didn't count. Pulled out. I actually doesn't count, that's true No give me an official prediction: real quick for your record this year to Seahawk I'm not
the log of the Seahawks I don't know what they're going to be ok, okay, good answer. As an eagle. Yeah. I think we got. It will be one hour conversation going from there. Ok, what do you think Nick Foles is going to do? Is you're started invading how's it going. Bautechnik is awesome. Becky has commanded offense. He is able to throw throw the deep ball apparently and then he's able to get the running game going by calling the right checks and stuff. They put a lot of pressure on him to be able to call the right plays in you did it last year. He could do it this year. I do have a serious question. So did you watch hard drives? Well, no! Ok! So the first series this first question in this except so they had Michael Kendrick stand up in front of the team and he basically gave his scouting report yeah and he was like ok. Eighty six Zach Ertz he's the best receiver on the team, but he can't block. He doesn't want that smoke and then he said you left tackle. He's now it's like slow, is there
you like it? Was there any animosity? Is anybody talked about that in like hey fuck, you man? Why are you you telling all the shit about us either team. I don't know, I really don't know yeah you haven't been. Practice since yeah, but I mean is there, but I think I actually think about it. You haven't yeah, I don't know yeah, I don't know, but the guys are just you know just watching it and be like. Oh, you know. People get mad that kind of stuff, but today's people just talking. What do you expect him to say about his past him Matthew, there's some type of animosity towards the organization he's not going to have any good things to say, he's not going to like this. The best guy in the world is going to find a way to motivate his team to find a way to win the game yeah and then he was like and then also you'll notice. Their d line coach has nipples that stick out everywhere, so he did say that about gym shorts and you can't trust her coach. He wears advisor said all those things. Okay, so did you learn anything from us today not to do drugs?
work. There you go, can pee in a sink. I'd taught you how to tackle, but you had a good point about. You teach me how to tackle, but I thought you talked your audience how to tackle with what you're saying is make sense. Thank you. Ok, so nice thing anyone's ever said to yeah. Ok, alright! Well, Michael Bennett, thank you so much appreciate it. Good luck, this season or thank you so much, don't let Chris trigger you. Ok. I heard that part of that article was saying that he knows how to push your buttons. Nobody yeah, don't let him do it in person, carbons. My wife get your wife knows how to push your buttons that I think that's code. For no comment. I never said about my wife. My wife is a beautiful being. Thank you appreciate it. That interview with Michael Bennett was brought to you by hymns we love using hands on this program. It's made my beard come in lusciously thick, it's my playoff beer, Everybody tells me how great it is, and everyone thinks that I have the best facial hair on part of my take it's all. Thanks to for hymns, Hank
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Week, one loss, so she really got zero turnovers on also do Wisconsin, just stopping the out of and Paul Kane. The first time is life yeah. He was like to turn over chain. I'm sorry, please forgive me. Is there a direct quote was turnover chain, my and in the most Paul Crist Wisconsin story ever he said that his mother called him and reprimanded him after yeah home, so call. Chris would look awesome in that grey sweatshirt with the turnover chain hanging over oh yeah, oh yeah, the same metrics is the new turnover chain is worth ninety eight thousand dollars. Ninety thousand dollars, you know, old fashioned, but I really miss the days when the turnover chain was pure and kind of innocent, just a random thing that they made twenty thousand dollars. Well, I'm just happy that they have they found. Honey, they scrounge up the money, maybe like lifted up a couple. Couches couple cushions to find the money to get this turnover chain without paying anybody whatever. That's fine, that's, ok!
okay ITALY for turnover chains, definitely worth money to the players. The memories memories last forever and he checked you, but nothing yeah, listen! You could either get paid fifty thousand dollars a year to play for the university Miami or you could put on a ninety five thousand dollar change, one time yeah on the sidelines, not okay and then have to give it back to us. Do you see the force the backpack, yet over better? This is so what Willie Taggart? What do you do? There's got to be a story behind that too, of like wide wise, a backpack I don't know, but because you cure the battles with the also his bank are you took, you took him to school, get or Florida state. The only time you ever put on a backpack is in on the sidelines of football game. That's very true! Yeah! That's I that's! There's a school model. Yes, exactly we have a stay, will could you have a I've gotta stay welcome. So this is today is nine hundred and eleven you're listening to it on nine hundred and twelve, but online there have been a
I'm sure of of memorials of George Bush, throwing out that pitch greatest first pitch apparatus. First, pitch of all time, all time he hung out, I'm going in there probably through at about at seventy miles, sixty five miles an hour and perfect, I'm going to get sixty five miles an hour perfect strike right down the pipeline. How come nobody's ever asked George Bush on steroids it was the height of the steroid era. W take PD for testing for it in presidents at the time? Listen if he did more power to him 'cause, most american thing ever to combine like patriotism, baseball steroids, perfect pitch. It was the most important, probably public thing that he ever did as President yes, and so why? Wouldn't you rub a little bit of cream on your arm, so listen clear! Underneath your cycle? Yes, do a cycle, he got warmed up, Jeter, right and yeah Jeter told not to bounce it right and then to probably pat him on the
strange little violet, just shot him up real, quick and then, but we also had the other incredible sports moment that MIKE P Otts, a home run, which was like still gives you chills it's like that. The Bush, there was a ton of unbelievable moments. After nine sports Sammy Sosa run around with the flag like there was. I was watching of those put MIKE Piazza, so there was a tweet going around and Hank you got well actually didn't you uh Yes, I retweeted a tweet from starting nine. It was the it was. The video of him in the home runs the chills every year and a guy replied to me, and he said Roy's though not that impressive. She did to complete such a quote. Unquote, chilling event, yep so didn't didn't happen. That's yeah that none of that happened because it's there yeah there's an Asterix on George Bush's strike on really didn't take roads. It would have been impressed. Could you imagine being that guy
like on nine eleven. It's a you know a very serious day, very sad day, obviously a day that everyone should remember like every everything that was lost, and you know people to trying to be like hey look here. Was this moment not soon after or not not that far after that was kind of brought New York together and then be the guy on. Being like? Well, actually writes yeah MIKE Piazza, so he cheated so miserable. Do you have to be as a human being? I want to enter that guy. Also out to MIKE Piazza, showed a little bit of homophobia that press conference. Are you so angry about being called gay yeah? So he's going to celebrate a big get for his room run? True, I will get that lets dm that guy. We believe what other what other great moments. So we can all look at what your thoughts a miracle on ice yeah, one more to it, yeah. Well, really. The miracle on ice was only special because of the propaganda war between the United States and Russia. People forget it wasn't. A gold medal games are not that cool, not cool at all, yeah but we have a king state kings. This is for big Ben he's hurt week. One he's already hurt
so MIKE Simmer or sorry. Mike Tomlin has said that big Ben hurt his minor elbow issue that may limit him in the early part of the week yet, but he seems unconcerned, saying Steelers oftentimes limit him in the beginning of the week anyway,
yeah. So the way I see it, big been probably doesn't get out of bed into Wednesday yeah. This is this is a non issue. My big band, definitely not a practice guy. No, they said he's he's got bumps and bruises, which is probably just hpv in just a rash. Yes, is this normal for band of Miami fire up jumps everywhere on the man's body, yeah yeah, I mean Ben it's a little early in the season to get started with us yeah, but you know he's getting older. Yeah he's like an old dogs got hip, dysplasia, probably yeah his, but I can't wait for the first graphic of his body that we get it just give the whole body's gonna be lit up with his history enter. This is just the the old game number that game. Where you had to pick tickets operation operate yeah. He looks like the operation, passion laying down and so it'll be like. Well, it's funny bones up any thought we were gonna. Do the big been walking, but we're not not gonna. Do not
I don't remember what his itself, but not as fluent in here, but I mean you're closer to being the main. Your call leave me a lone you're. My friend arm swings. His rig is running out of like different parts of his body and injured. I've never heard of a elbow injury seems to me, like that's kind of a big deal for quarterback yep, at probably the most important thing. Besides, maybe shoulder or your or your guts yeah, but he's yeah he's running out of parts to injure. If you had it, if, if big Ben, he probably actually does have ghost pains where his tail should be. Yes, absolutely like this yeah ten thousand years ago, I actually had a tale tale fraction. It's just perfect, no big Ben, because bad game well injury. It's just perfect also, which is called
sat in the big Ben doesn't like weather. Let doesn't like to travel yeah all these things, new rooms, yeah. All these things we have last up before we get to guys on checks. We have trouble in Paradise, so Polina Gretzky, who is the daughter of Wayne Gretzky the great one and then also married to Dustin Johnson, A very good golfer has scrubbed her entire instagram of all Dustin Johnson Pictures, leaving up a tiger woods picture which leads They need to believe that they're on the rocks yeah. Well I mean that yeah for Dustin Johnson he's got a lot of things on the rocks, and so he likes some true, but they may Wayne Gray he said, you miss one hundred percent of the shots. You don't take Dustin John, there's never not taken a shot. That's true! My question to you is at what point do you you know how we were talking earlier about it? Like you know, what point did sports just not affect you at what point do you?
which mature level where, if you break up or have a divorce, you don't the first move is or just delete every picture off Instagram. Before announcing anything. I don't know, I don't know how that this is a straight like fourteen year old, stuff yeah. I think you, I think people that grew up with Instagram that's just standard. Ring procedure right like once once it's official want to break up. Heaven forbid you get into another relationship and they're still pictures on your instagram of like your boyfriend. You had five years ago yeah forget about it, get rid of that get rid of that get rid of that is it is this. Are we on the right track here, Hank which protocol it it's what they can say? It's like how I? What point? Do you get to that age, where you do that right, but use your first move. You have to do it eventually, but as your first move to do that, it's like what are you doing maybe announce something. First, I have one more trip without without a that's, also is used in your notes, app, it's also like extremely transparent and there's. Clearly something yeah going on the tire pictures up there. Yeah just saying just put him to
acting the dot I have one more quick trouble in Paradise is also help the eager to Carl, and I, like the girl is being links to like she took she's, a girl who calls herself a golf socialite. A whole, that's a problem who is a member of the problems, a member at Dustin, Johnson's club and like she really just wants to be the ultimate golf girl, so she's, the one that's rumored to be the one. That is the reason for this God, all socialize, goddess, socialite, Jesus God for bid. Don't have jobs that happens to play at the same club as due to don't walk on any hardwood floors. Dustin know sit down with those socks on that's an interesting job description to write down on your tax returns. Isn't it called Social link off social, yet called socially? So here's my other trouble in paradise. This was a tweet. Me starts movie. Also me keeps playing with my phone for ten minutes straight, very relateable, someone wait, wait hang on me!
this movie may also me keeps playing with my phone so you're not watching the movie started. Yes, gotcha, someone tweet! Did you gotta finish it though the tweet they're more the treat any help in the whole thing. Okay, then I'll move it. That was all very me, though he starts a movie. Also me keeps playing with my phone for ten minutes straight me, this movie socks. The movie an it's just Kim, Kardashian being like what the hell to the movies Pist off that you didn't give it a chance, because you thought it sucked when you were looking at your phone back. So that is so mean someone famous quote: we did this and I want to say the name, but he said this is Chrissy. John Legend, someone replied not going to say the name wrote. Not all of us, need ninety minutes to figure out something sucks. John and Chrissy. Would beer would be a real shame if that power couple would be no real, I'm just saying if they can't decide what to watch on Netflix
yeah it's a little crack. It will crack, listen crack in the wall, very big crack in the wall and if there's one woman that can be seduced using twitter, I bet it's Chrissy Teigen who so we this wants to try to seduce Chrissy Teigen Circle, circlet folks, putting your tickler file. Okay, let's do guys on checks guys, especially big cat whoa, the wait. What do you mean it's like the wiggly line and then big and then another squiggly line, big cat, your big boy, ok, big guy, got it I found out my boyfriend's friends com, the professor and sometimes proof for short, when I some about it. He got nervous and tried to laugh it off, as I know, he's not actually, professor. What does this mean Should I be ok? I know he used to be a Streetball legend yeah. In the end, one mix tape tour
so yeah he's ashamed of his former life and he schooled hot sauce. There are a lot of videos out there of him actually doing illegal double dribbles when she's embarrassed of you know he probably thought professor once maybe while he was still dating you, so that's just be careful when he has office hours, or maybe he makes methamphetamines, maybe he's a chemistry guy who that's true, hey PMT boys, especially Hank, and his shy little guy Why do ice cream sounds during that's mean why do ice cream so much during sex compared to my roommate and my just enjoying it more or should I be worried about how? Well I can take it all Yeah, I think, you're just more in tune with your body. You have low vision, here's what you gotta do! send us some audio and will decide so send us I have you screaming during sex and yeah, we'll make the will make it will diagnose it, as doctors and professors will diagnose. There's such a thing
line between pain and pleasure. Like are you sure sex just isn't hurting you. How much are we screaming here? It's a good Why to this question? That is, why does sex feel good? That's for you! for me 'cause. I know it feels good for Maine sick brag on having a boyfriend who doesn't come in fifteen seconds, yeah wow wow. Feels good because Somebody wants to have sex with you. Actually, that's the best part of having sex is thinking during it. This person wants to have sex with me, yeah well, and also, I think it feels good because they want worked were built to procreate and then have so many of us that we fry and burn our own world in all kill ourselves It feels good to destroy the yourself. The cat Pft in Bubba, hey Hank,. I've been on that in a ground recently and I'm noticing tendencies from guys white.
I've always used this face. Wait, so is it the smirky face? That's some good right here. Do it again 'cause? I could actually hear it don't say anything we come closer the bike. So people can. Alright. So that was a half smile yeah. When they're trying to make a move and be smooth. The face looks like it just fart 'ed. At why it's used that way, thanks because guys just look stupid, no matter what no matter how you catch us we're going to look weird in some way. So if you put on like a half smile, at least it's like ok, is trying to look a little weird. No, he well. Here's here's a real reason, because that worked for one guy at one point and then every I is that it's basically like a geyser are like fishing in a fishing hole and if you catch one fish, the next day, they'll be a thousand guys fishing that same fishing hole being like. Well, there was one fish here once there must be more fish, so you think that one guide
look it up with a girl on Twitter and then he because he said he had to deal with and he told every other guy a seal the because of that, but how to all the other guys find out about it? else? Yes, Brett they're, like hey, we found we are Mon, hey. We, we finally got the playbook on on women yeah, you do the house tomorrow. Actually, you know what I, I think it is girls always say they like a nice guy, but in reality They uh. They could take him, leave that little bad boy. So if you're doing the half smile, it's like your friendly, but you know what you also got a little shittu you up to trouble. Yeah hip, t boys, especially Slimcat longtime hater, now lover of your podcast, Michael? Ok, now that's fine! Ok, that's fine! Yeah! check sheet in like a boyfriend listening, so you know what we were persistent? Yes good for us yeah. My question today without pajamas or lack thereof, my boyfriend and Sis, I'm sleeping but asked naked and nothing is more uncomfortable than isoft p. Nis,
flopping into in the middle of the night, let alone the amount of body hair. I find in my blankets after he sleeps over. Is there a better sleeping arrangement option for us maybe one in which he is more covered up. Uh here's what you do buy 'em underwear by underwear, but you tell me what kind of underwear by me on this but be like you look so sexy in that uh, and then he'll just always wear underwear. Now here's what you really do. You have will call in a bomb threat to your apartment, building in the middle of the night, one time he has to run out of his fucking bed naked, he won't sleep naked anymore, 'cause! That's like that's a big fear of mine, like imagine. If some, if you're naked, I know this sounds crazy, but if, like someone broke into my apartment with a knife I'm close, I can beat them up if I'm naked, I'm does that mean I'll, die right away and get all the sure to cover me up, or you could just not put your mouse on if you're, if you're sensitive out there today, but you could just roll over onto him during the night and just period on
just have a and then then he'll think. Maybe if I were underwear, maybe I just wouldn't get all messy. This started with MIKE Greenberg and ended with that That's good advice, yeah, that is great advice. Last one all right, we have, I don't know who we have on Friday. We got some options. Yeah we have, we have. A little yeah. We do have actually a lot of options so be excited. We, oh he the reason to listen Friday Pfc! with seven, oh one, one on our picks. So if you had, we literally do not lose yeah. If you put down what ten bucks on a par les for that, no! No! No! No, your! You don't sell. If you would put down a million dollars on each pick. You would have seven million dollars right now, but one million dollars unit better. If you had parlayed it, you would
If you had populated one dollar, someone did it, they want three hundred and fifteen divided so Hank, I know, but I was trying to say I was trying to sell it a little bit more than you yeah. If you put down ten dollars no, but this will away with three hundred and fifteen thousand. So if you know, if you look at this point, one five, one million one million dollar unit, parlay better, is up one hundred and fifteen million dollars off our pics. If you took our advice, you would be a millionaire right. Yes, easily
tuning Friday love you guys. It's pardon my take presented by barstool sports.
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