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NBA off day drama, Bryan Colangelo had 5 burner accounts trashing Sixers team moves and players (2:20 - 15:21). Pusha T dropped a diss track and basically murdered Drake (15:21 - 21:18) the return of bachelor talk for guys that don't watch the bachelor (21:18 - 26:41). Hot Seat/Cool Throne including Stephen A Smith, Avocados, and Unwritten Rules (26:41 - 37:45). Ryen Russillo joins the show to talk about life in Hollywood, the NBA Finals, and debunking some of our hottest takes about the Warriors (37:45 - 68:52). Ryan Whitney joins the show to talk Stanley Cup Final, Vegas pregame, and an all time bashing basketball (68:52 - 88:16). We're skipping segments today because we went back to back shows so instead we did Half Baked ideas with Rone, highlights including the Amazing Racist, Pocket Pussy Wallets, Invisible socks, and Hall of Fame for average dudes. 

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Emergency update to today's part of my take every big news. Story broke after we taped the show, so we are back and we are fixing the start of the show. We're talking. Call Angelo and his burner accounts, Drake and Pusha T the rest of the show remains the same. Hotsy cool throne, bachelor talk. That's all still there Ryan Rosillo half baked ideas. It is a monster monster show, but we couldn't let this pass. When a GM has five burner accounts. All of a sudden revealed- and we already in bed, we had to come back and do so listen right now and before we get to all of that, it is getting hot. It is getting swampy! It is summertime and guess what your start feeding in the summer, but you know who doesn't fade MIKE Trout, Mookie Betts, Anthony Rizzo. You know why? because they're drinking body armor, the new sports drink that is better than any
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right now, W W w dot, drink body, armor dot com to learn more thanks, get read body armor will take it from here. All right. Let's go welcome to part of my take presented by sea today is an emergency up to the podcast. Is Wednesday may thirty? So if you're listening to this right now, that means
that we didn't get you you didn't get the little treat of the podcast, we already taped on Tuesday night before seven hundred o'clock, I'd say twice a year. We tip our podcasts before seven o'clock twice year were like hey, let's have an early night and then of course, last night happened in the whole world went crazy. The internet went crazy, so we are back. It is Wednesday morning we are re. Taping, the beginning, so that you can get all the information that has happened We should start from the top the most important thing: Jj Watt,
the getting an honorary doctorate makes an MD he's actually doctor now yeah, I love the real me. That's why we're re tape? I love the regalia that he had on. He had like the full cape that had the whole nine yards. He saw the dude from the chief to get a doctor. He was he was like. I have one too I've, I'm a doctor too, because there is a lot of money. He really thinks that he can go and operate on someone. I like it like it wake when they're in where and when there are twenty six on a plane and like someone has a you know, a still stroke or heart attack like is our doctor on this plane duties like yes, that's me. I got that honorary doctorate in humanities from Baylor that one day I would honestly I would let Jj Watt be my doctor for like minor issues. Yes, if I had like a knee injury or a back injury or another knee injury or another leg, injury, yeah or another, the Inter Alia, Fabia yeah, I would he he's pretty much expert when it comes to that all right. So the real story that was a little dazzle. Joking though we called the biz little miss direction, is we call it a joke? Yeah, we called a joke. I don't know if you know about that, so the real, the real Story- Bryan Colangelo, the GM. I think the president and Slash GM of the Philadelphia seventy Sixers. It has been outed that he has five different
allegedly they're doing an investigation. So there are a lot of to be the in charge that vestigial it's alleged. But let's just let's just set the table of wives like what the facts be. And so allegedly definitely have a cd burner. So there were five burner accounts that some someone ran like a test that had very similar language. It followed similar people. It followed people everyone who played for the Sixers people in the front office, his son, his son's basketball team who University of Chicago, which that's part of this. I didn't even realize that those nerds play basketball, it's alleged, but he so like some of the accounts were live tweeting, his son's basketball game, which is very randomly even said,
uh. Let's see I have one here. I know it's Sunday morning, but his defense optional for the Maroons today good question. So that's totally random chirping his son Randall Random, that someone that's randomly watching University of Chicago, which I guarantee the only people watching it are the parents. So he has these five accounts that the ringer then goes in research into like we link all these together. The ringer then calls the Sixers and they're like hey. We know of these two accounts that we think are burn. Accounts for Bryan Colangelo, not telling about the other three an hour later, all five go private yeah, that's a very sneaky movie, like credit yeah ringer for for doing that, because I would not have been able to keep that to go to like half out of five yeah. I found a more that's the best part about it. I would much action my favorite part about this. Is that simply his last name? Colangelo implies that there are two angels yeah pilot and Copilot in is that yeah and I have a big they work for you coming up about a stat okay,
okay, but he done big time. Big time stay well, but either way all right. So the the the whole story started from a twitter dm from an egg twitter DM, which is also layers, because if someone had dm does this, we were just like, we were just tweeted it right away. I would just great we were just penalize separating news. We each Bryan Colangelo has five quarter ounce credits on. I will know. Research is toxic. The doctor Bryan Colangelo get guys. That's unethical! You got get his name right. Colangelo claims Angelo CO angel yeah. That's why I was like that. Doesn't really makes it like the cold when it's Colangelo Co Angelo, get Colin Colangelo, L, you're missing in their Colangelo Colangelo, Michael Okay, Calandra COLA. Yes,
example a jello. Yes, ok, go about the twins or Name COLA, Jello and lemon yeah yeah, that's good news park. Everybody knew about them, yeah, absolutely we're. Definitely real, alright, so Twitter egg tipped off the ringer which people actually think this is now SAM Hinkie that tech tip them off. I think that a lot yes, it's because SAM Hinkie teaches a class at Stanford about. Artificial intelligence and has has the ability to run these tests being, like the words, are the same. The language is the same. The follow the people he follows in the same, the locations the same so SAM Hinkie definitely has a smoking gun here. Right, yeah, absolutely when I first saw the think about. I didn't even know what he was doing these days. I just knew that SAM Hanky pay the the price you got fired. The NBA basically said we can't have SAM Hinkie rule. Your team like, so they got rid of him. Colangelo got brought in, and so he is obviously the one with the motivation
One thing I don't understand is why these burner accounts really going after Sixers players, but then like they would. Do opposite things in terms of actual team management so like they would trip to all and say you're, not part of the team's long term plans Dan like six months later. They give him a big extension because I think he probably got over ruled a lot of times, so he was doing a lot of things that were like trying to get the truth out, so he would tweet Jaleel Oka 4's physical. I bet you, he failed the physical when when, when Colangelo tried to make the trade to get rid of Joe up to to get red Oak for okay and he tweet things like it's Markelle Fultz is like trainer. That's got him fucked up and shit like that in, like Joel Embiid, he was very upset that you he took his shirt off and dance. At whatever it was at a meek mill concert. He was very upset about
that he was also very upset. This is how you know it's him. He got triggered because someone made fun of his collar yet, which is the best yeah, the best tweet he actually. The color is fine yeah. He said the colors fine move on find a new slant. He does have huge college, it's a bad color, Norma scholar, sad bad, caller. Ok, I actually think what he was doing was. He was just impersonating six or so. I think it was all performance art. He was just like creating an audience of five stereotypical Sixers fans at all had different like attitudes, and he was just like basically creating play for himself where he controlled the characters and he was just doing it to pass the time yeah. So like Hank, yeah yeah, it was definitely Hickey, though as he can you not have the ability to have your building to search those key words and things like. What's the first thing you would search like who's talking about me right from like backwards stumbled into it. Like was like. Oh this guys talking. Should about me and then, because he was overweight,
He even responded to a hanky tweet, saying how's the how's, the Stanford job going oh wow like like he was going in and here's the craziest part. The fact Bryan Colangelo got he almost got got like a year ago, someone someone replied to one of his tweets being like. Is this Brian, the fact that he just throw his phone in the ocean at that moment and be like holy Iri got close there is. Who is so? What is this investigation going to be like it's gonna? Be hey. Did you do it? You can help me like no and they'll be like well. Can we see your phone he'll be like no I don't have twitter, I don't yeah. I don't even have a phone yeah. No, I was saying that with the six hundred or should do is put him up against, like a put a stress test. A lie, detector test and just sit there and make fun of his collar for like twenty minutes until he cracks CEO magazine, it's a fucking fight. It's a normal colour, I'd totally normal colour, not mad about the color
so you ready for my stay, woke yeah. So there was a couple stay woke that were going around Danny Ainge was one of 'em that Danny Ainge created the whole thing because he doesn't want Lebron to go to the Sixers. Ok, I'm, actually going to go the opposite way. I think someone inside the Sixers organization created these accounts to get bit of Brian Colangelo, so that Lebron would come to the Sixers and here's why his father, Jerry Colangelo who's, been in the biz forever he was head of USA Basketball for a long time? He and Lebron had a couple dust stops, because Jerry Colangelo would question Lebron's loyalty, two USA, Basketball, United States, his commitment, he would say like in two thousand ten, which was not an olympic year. He was like well, if you don't play into key in, like the feeble World CUP or whatever and you're not committed to this team, a bronze like that dude I want to have my summer for once yeah, so they had a couple of those. Does some family dust ups going on? That's like Chris Chris,
It keeps getting dragged by Donald Trump because he put Jerry Kushner's dad in prison right. So it's like the same thing right so there's like there's a history there. So I think if Bryan Colangelo didn't do it, he should write that book by the way. If I did it ' Here's how I would have created by five burner accounts, but if he didn't do it I think, someone in the Sixers organization did it so that they could fire him and Lebron Black right. That asshole is gone. I'm coming I mean I would be woke
the fact that it could be Dan Gilbert if Dan Gilbert wasn't so stupid right. This would be a great thing for him to have done, but to put that doesn't that would make sense, because I think, I think, Lebron, probably hates frankly, think he has put Colangelo, but Dan Gilbert is probably too dumb to know that yes, and so he was like I'm just going to create a lot of chaos, yeah a little fear. Yes, Lebron will stay away from chaos. Yes, people are saying that they fire calendula can is bringing David Griffin, which is what Lebron wants right. That's right, yeah, that's even more my point, but he had so. I think that the fighting was thinking, I don't think, was the enemy being like yeah. I I don't know who is over on his side at that? Listen. It was Bryan Colangelo, but I'm just getting more here. Do you, like, obviously the guys like
live tweeting University of Chicago Basketball Games in getting upset about his collar size. Like obviously it's him, but I can't I can't fucking wait to track down some NFL Gm's, yes, accounts yeah, I mean at least they're, probably really boring yeah at least Goodell used. His wife's account like that was a smart. How the fact that Goodell is actually the smartest of all burner accounts is insane actually logical. Handsome, yes, no way you can keep up like we tried to keep up that fake minor league account to go over well. Three times well. Yeah, I think I'll get out of this is done. I did the Montana Missouri Montana yeah. That was really a burner cap for four years is insane. And lets you. We got a listen SAM all hands on deck. I'm calling the award winning listeners to task. Call front and center of very import
Task Force for you yes find Jerry Jones Burner Account is divine water, bucket, yeah, I'm sure Jerry Jones, I'm sure he got a burner. Jeff football he's got a phone that only has twitter on and that's like he thinks Twitter is just that phone yes, but he's got a twitter account. Twitter is inside that phone. Yes, this is my twitter is the one that has all the pictures in this key to hear. This is on twitter phone. It's a new twitter phone. You got it, not many people have it and he's like doesn't follow any. I need Jerry Jones Twitter account. This whole story is crazy, though. Here's a quote, though, that looked up. This was from Lebron in twenty ten, I'm not trying to bash Jerry or anything like that, because he's a good guy and a respect him. I don't respect that because of the commitment we've all given to the USA. Right off the bat we didn't. Second guess it at all. If we're jeopardizing being in London, what can we do so? He
when you every star, since I don't want to bash your bashing, so he hates the Colangelo. I also like that. The whole feud is over, like hey I'd like a summer vacation yeah he's in college yeah, you go to eight Lebron, maybe once or vacation sure, you're on to college and get a little internship, and yet nothing else on. So I don't know what like: where do you guys? He they got to fire him, obviously what or what is the future of sports and burner accounts just promote him to general manager, emeritus and you just like give 'em check to go, live in the mountains yeah or you actually have him run the team official Twitter as Eric Junior. That was that was the name that he used and he used like the craziest fucking thing. They were stupid names, but my favorite takeaway from this is what Darren Ravel thinks of all this mess
his main take away was this is what happens when you don't have adequate budget to train team officials in social media, because if, if, if quit, if Colangelo had sat in like a six hour, social media awareness seminar like run out of an airport holiday inn yeah by some guy, that's like twenty five years old, then he would not have ever come up with five or twitter accounts to harasses players, the organization and just random people on Twitter. If that is what the problem is, they had had a power point. That said: hey This random ag on Twitter makes funny your caller. What do you do yeah and walked him through the steps or little role play a case study on what to do? You know we might not have done it. We should. We should send Billy Football social media presentation Claire slow Angelo, yes, that could have saved at all yeah, alright, so that's the calendula stuff and that wasn't even like there was another huge moment. Last night it was
it's pretty funny that we started the show being like wow, no news today, where the hardest working guys in business and all this happened. The second big who is Drake versus Pusha T, so it got crazy Hank. Why don't you tell us a little recap? What's going on dragon push it to even be even for a long time going back to Pusha T beefing with Lil Wayne and Birdman, who were drakes like brought rake up vouch for him when he was younger and stuff? on Degrassi Drake was on Degrassi and then came up through young money with Birdman and Lil Wayne. Basically, like gave him respect in the rap game, but Pusha T like I had beef with all of 'em going way back Drake released. I think Pusha T some first about Drake goes riding, which is like the same thing: Meek Mill and him got into beef about three years ago. Yeah it doesn't. Everyone goes right, yeah, ok, so it's too! So it wasn't. It was like kind of a shop and not really a shot, and then Drake did a diss track, basically shooting on Pusha T because he doesn't really sell drugs. I'd like which is like push it to you,
burn. Yes, big bird, especially coming from no no huge time drug dealer, Drake yeah, you don't have a file any reduce street bad astri, but then what like really started off as a name drop his fiance, whom so do that yeah, you discredit as drug dealing. The name drops fiance and then put a two to one for the jugular. So please not correct me if I'm wrong, but I saw I saw a few of them- is a push to win at Drake for all he went hard, so Drake name dropped his fiance in the non Pusha T just said it. I'm just gonna go for yes, scorcher, sir. He said hey drew Take your best friend has MS is going to die. Has multiple sclerosis yeah? If you have multiple sclerosis, you don't have one, though so not that bad. Then there was your mom, your dad, never loved her mom, your dad left when you're five, your mom was single or whole life, because no one loves her leash. It
and then the other thing was what you have a you. Have your baby four star yeah, but that's actually not a dis. You know, because of include that last one. No, not you know he is not taking care of the kid and he he's like protecting the kid doesn't exist. He told the poor start to get a abortion and when she wouldn't he's like fine, it like Drake who's got millions and millions and millions of dollars is basically a scumbag that he's like. I know, you're doing this for money yeah yeah okay. Well, I I'm I'm on record the first two things play. I think those the MS taste MST by one and your mom, no one loves or do today's world that plays today's world. Ms, such a fuckedup thing to go after somebody, for I mean he's got Pusha T is the kid everyone knew in like middle school when your ball, but seems like, I hope, your mom gets. Cancer dies and we're like ok dude. That was a little too things like that. Kid was always the one that had the weirdest shit going on in his own house right. So you know what I don't want to victim blame here, but it seems that Drake,
did a half measure when he went after his fiance. We just name dropper, you got scorched earth on him. If you're going to go half the way there, you got all the way on him and I don't think that Drake has it in him. I don't think he's got the clutch gene we also push it to. You also was like coming at him for, like him not being like Drake, not thinking he's black enough raise the album cover, which was him in blackface wearing Jim Crow shirt. So it's like it. Tough luck with for the full four juggler. That's that so what happens here here Drake? still number one right. Drakes number one he's got an album coming out Ah, I bet he does. I just don't know how he can come back from that, because when you, it's not like Pusha T doesn't have anything as bad in his and no one cares about Pusha T as much as Drake
right. One! Everyone cares. What tricks personal life way more lean. If Drake came out talking about Pusha T is like family. I went back four K. You missed one part that was awesome by Drake. Was it when he did the first distract. He then send the invoice to push it for career. Reviving services that's a hundred thousand dollars, that's pretty pretty good yeah! That's pretty good! I mean what can drink do at this point I mean we get much murders on the table. Obviously, Drake has twice you know, went rolling to death. Drake is definitely talked about about murdering Pusha T at some point last twelve hours in right, yeah someone he ask yeah one bike: what what it would take yeah like hey? How would you go if you were to murder someone? How would you go about doing it in wink wink op, but I Thank you. Trace is gonna drop, a song that everyone likes more than Pusha T song and everybody. Okay, drink still wins. Well, I mean can be ghost written by someone else. That's what I mean Twitter, like that's a it like the the whole beef is like it's it's interesting beef, but twitter. During times like these is never ever funny using.
It was incredible yeah I I had to get a hold of to get caught up on, so the I mean did we can take solace in the fact that Drake at least has his cavaliers his warriors. Yes, his golden Knights, NRC Capitals, all on the verge of championship. Some they'll take his mind off true I this I mean Drake did win window in the fact that Drake NEWS hit. And then Colangelo hit right after kind took it away, Angela One really! Yes, I think that there was actually it was a rare case of two pr disasters occuring at the same time that actually fed off each other and they were apparently 'cause yeah, because half the jokes that were being made about one were in reference to the other thing that was going on right, so they kind of built each other up and up and up and up, and we recorded a show at six hundred o'clock last night. So this has been the emergency update, APOLLO, is this is this? When was the last time we got burned? Like that, we got burned on the Boogie cousins trade
Basically, we can never sleep. The internet is undefeated. The Boogie cousins trade wasn't even that big. No. This was an enormous night that fucked us. We almost, I actually did Hank said he'd come back at midnight. I was like I'll come back, I would come back. Would you have I would've sure yeah, ok, we should next time which come back just ignore the text so yeah. I know you do exercise said, come back. Alright, here we go. This is basher talk for guys who don't watch the bachelor, alright, so night, a guy showed up with an one guy showed up in a her like what like scored like he's going to pull fire jams with an lx like Oregon Trail Box. Did you get dysentery, caulk the wagon yeah show up in an ox. Another guy showed up in a hearse What kind of sexually nice as verrall Paul an homage to Paul bearer, that's extremely romantic till death. Do us part is basically just a little more room than a love. You till I put you in this hearse and six feet under honey. Chris are heard
an ex girlfriend that chase might not be there for the right reasons way. Who's chase, who is the bachelor who is the bachelor, We need to establish that we are the patch or it established to Chris or might not be there for the right rate. What he's no waste might not chase. Sir chases there to not get a spin off reality show is a classic reality. Television tactic is you come in and you pick one guy and just bash right away. He don't you guys. He chases yeah was everybody. I heard chase socks. I heard that he set up an instagram account where it was like realize that the bachelor before he even got on the show I thank God- is the bachelorette Becca. Ok spell Becca White Girl, Becky Becky Becky, with good hair nice. Okay, so we got Chris or and chase both those guys going to be illuminated. That means there's another crust to
all right. Now is a little foreshadowing out there right and then Garrett got. The first impression rose he's the front runner, but it also came out today that his very problematic social media history, hello, why it like he and Curt Schilling, run in the same circle of means only use a meme yeah god it served of mean. Well, if you re tweets the mean, did he say he's actually on his liking them ok, so problematic, likes yeah, so this is Bio Say likes are not endorsements, problematic, binding people think it's problem. That's also that's also more on Jack than Garrett because he made like, like the new retweet, that's kind of bulshit just want to, like you know, let TED Cruz like his porn in peace. Let me like my yoga pants pictures. Yeah, don't judge me for it come on I was at it. That's it wow so so way. Okay, one guy is, is bad online yep there's another that is sabotaging Chris? Are you know I'm team Chris are now ok. I think that I think that's a book
league move away. It's J O J Street okay sabotage chase. I don't like I don't like chris- are running his mouth on day. One Kate, hey Chris ARC, keep chases new come out of your lips. I'm team, her sky cuz that is showing up with a bang. You really you forget that, although tough to follow that act like a? What do you do for act? Two men yeah, I do there's I know where to go, maybe make a doll out of her hair. All you hear lacked from the bottom of her dream. Bye, bye, his and hers matching tombstones. Yes, okay. Yeah couple plots nice plots right by the ocean. Alright, so pastor talk while it's back, okay, what is with his back Becky look like Ashot Brown, hair sections. Thank you, Becky with the brown hair now was she a contestant on a past episode past season? Yes, ok! Is that how they, how it always works, or they ever get original people? Ah, I think sometime
it original people. Now I I did complete cast. I did see that there was a dude from pro football focus. That's on this one kind of stealing my valor being a football got along here in I don't like that which is okay. I'm look that she's classy she's got a little like Jackie, Kenny, Kenny, Onassis, five going home well yeah. I would stay away you're in already proposed to and then broke up with. After the fact Ole are the race car drivers he's damaged goods. I mean that in a nice way yeah the nicest possible way. So she was one of the several Becky's. Last hope. Yes, she won the trial, the Backes, yes, okay, I'm back you're, not damaged goods. Last Becky standing yeah, that's actually held in a combination. Alright, let's do hoxie cool thrown. I hate when you start all right. My hot seat got couple. My first one is the zero dark. Thirty, twenty three in so Lebron James who studies not going on social media. One time in the entire playoffs are going to focus on winning the championship, decided that after the
conference finals that he's going to do an Instagram takeover twice, Instagram account which to me like he was on social media and not focusing on the biggest series of his life, he just can't stop yeah can't he can't help but interact with his fans. Let's just hope that he didn't like any perfect booties on his wife's Instagram page, that I would be real jealous. Actually, let's go police, her her likes yeah well in one of and one of the stories you put up use like Don't you just hate it when you do an Instagram takeover in the person whose phone you have looks you like this, and then he, like flip the camera to his wife staring at him. So he was like trying really hard to go on perfect booties, but she was just she wouldn't get away from yeah. She wouldn't leave the room she puts on her tactical glasses and observes the phone from across the room, just making sure yeah those tackles paper thumbs. Hey, laugh, all you wanted taxable asses but to detect them glasses. Not Chris Paul Injury, no one hundred percent, I'm on the record, like anything tactical, I love it yeah. I gotta tactical backpack and I broke that news of Chris Paul was not going to play for the rest of the series. All thanks to the nineteen. Ninety nine taxable
bye bye in a rest. Stop in Jordan on the my other. Hot seat is avocados, so steamed journalism, source, uber, fax. We did the other day that due to the high demand and their difficulty to grow the card is could be going extinct soon to me. It sounds like you're just making excuses for farmers now good morning, because he'll avocado they did the demand, but if you're a good farmer, then you should learn how to adapt yeah. You should hire more millennials to work on your avocado form. Well, no, though, you never get high on your own supply bro with that I don't think they'll just they'll, just if you hire millennials to form just eat all the avocados for the go to the market. What would you do it? Okay, don't make me solve everything for you. Avocado farmers just hold a big like two weekend long festival on your avocado form and tickets. Are free, but you have to go there and you have to work o. That's good. I like that and so then you just go and there's actually no concert, but you just show up here like what's it called what was the festival in the Firefly Festival
I fast yeah, I found John rule- should do not kind of festival when it's just like ring. Roback import, a hundred thousand millennials just work on your avocado farm. Yes, cool truck throne is the nets, so they had the best start of their franchise history. First, ten games or not, and one also that not only yeah they're not doing well they're back to where they belong? If I put him on that cool thrown, they gave up walk off home on yesterday, and then today they announced that some guards on the dl all who joins a lot. Of Wilmer Flores Aj Ramos Todd Frazier, says for on the Dl Matt Harvey It's not hard in Cincinnati, pretty common thing to say like over five. Our team has the worst injury luck of all time in last year, the Mets and actually true yeah, but on the flip side, when you invest all your resources in pictures, I feel, like that's bound to happen right.
Yeah, no yeah. You can make that argument. I so it's more the the New York lifestyle yeah. I think it it. It makes you more susceptible to injury. I shut eye. I broke my foot walking in the city. True this place is a death trap. By talking you are. They also invite invested all their resources into pitching and then sauced with us who is so addicted to golf that he golfs like eighteen holes, yeah so yeah, you know what is really good golf, not really good golf reading Eagle is too much yeah hi Tessa, all right! If you would you got okay, so my hot seat is unwritten rules firmly on the hot seat. This week we saw Rizzo his slide into home plate against the pirates. Yesterday deemed, I think someone said it was unsafe, but a hard play, but what I'm I'm going to enact back in my day, rule. Ok back in my day. That's just that's just good gritty baseball, that's good
I off baseball yeah, the kids I of slow, though I would prefer he did not do that, because I feel like he's gonna get thrown in as your own. We always gets thrown out because you're so sure he's going It put a put a put unwritten rules on the hot seat because the pirates did not throw out of the pirates neglected to enforce an unwritten rule, meaning the Cubs should actually throughout the pirates day to make them worse. Thank you unwritten rule of throwing a resume and then we'll just have a throw off we'll have to throw off, maybe liberal. This is why I am very upset that the Cubs let John Lackey go because he is the perfect guy to just like you would like a goon on on a high team? You need one picture who's like yeah, that's the guy who just going to come in and throw people yeah I mean. Listen. You know I like the Cubs. I support your cubs fandom. Yes, they would get their asses kicked in Well, I don't know about that. I think they're. I think they're kind of soft right I mean okay, who
this off. I don't want to name names here, but you can figure out, which is, I don't think you could name you can more than like Risson Bryant, like those guys. Yes, I'd, agree schwarber it that way it so would fight, while Contreras and hobby bias. Yes, ok, so down so heavy bias yeah, he would kick some mass happy buyers could beat the shit out of rough metal door also, maybe maybe the Cubs gave Jason Heyward four hundred million dollars because he's a good fighter. I think about that. I doubt that he didn't give to him 'cause. He could hit so he's. Gotta be good at something right, but on rules are still on my hot seat. My cool throne is saying group of death, so we're getting into World CUP season. And I, as far as I know there like seven groups, death yeah and I just can't get enough. Yes, it is all really bad. I will know it used to be that we were always in the group of death. So I wonder what the group of death truly is this year, because the US and someone actually Let me us is like the perfect Ronald Denio and his two wives. That's a group of group of death. Usc is the perfect team
I'm never good enough to be good, but we're always a little bit better than bad. So whenever we get best team in a group, so we're automatically group death yeah. We are the best third that we're yes thirds to your team right in the world right exactly this year, yeah we're we're we're not even zero one that would be Livia. You were right below that it today you have. People of this guy can actually above tobacco we're below Trinidad yeah. Are you getting thing else? Yeah Baker Mayfield is on the cool throw. So we already established last week that he gets it. Yes because he drove he drew the brown summit, but he didn't give himself the strike because he hasn't earned the stripe yet and that's actually, some the browns are doing you're, not giving players straight into the arm, but off under the program, SAM Schwartz Dean, pointed out to me that the stripe actually has a very real application in football practices. So, coaches, when they're grinding tape, they look at at the players helmets and they can tell which direction they're looking is a stripe shows where the eyes are going with the faces going wears a lot
times if it's from further away. You don't know what part of the helmet that you're looking at I'd. Imagine though, the Cleveland Browns Locker room like the equipment staff, they probably kind of like a drunk guy, putting down the lines in a highway stripes, probably aren't straight, probably not totally straight, but but it does give it is here. It's a good issue. Jackson he's he played himself yeah on this. One play comes up big time. Yeah, hey Dave, you'll, get a win. If he could fly himself and then maybe he can win again Hugh Jackson trying to motivate the browns somehow made his coaching job significantly harder yeah. This is the greatest brown story ever all right, my hot seat. I have to both quarterbacks, so the first is Derek Carr, because there is a story today, the Jon Gruden call
Chris Simms on his honeymoon so many times that Chris Simms had to cut his honeymoon short? So you have to think that he's going to be now doing the same thing with Derek Carr and badgering the fuck out of him, and that's true football guy mean like hey, you have family will fuck your family come and watch tape with me in my van it'll, be plenty of time to have sex when you're retired, yeah Indiana, a moment sooner. No because we got to watch this film together. Gruden strikes me as a kind of guy that would say in this ties back in the World CUP a little bit. You always hear about managers or coaches instituting such rules for players, and I wouldn't be shocked if, if Jon Gruden had like a no sex during the season policy, well, like I mean the the only film he's got side table. Yeah you wanna, watch porn will come watch this film, yes, just as good as the support yeah, maybe he'd. Actually great uprooting Gruden was like no sex no porn, but then you just slaps like the
browsers logo on all the all twenty two tape, sir, like hey, guys kind of the same thing, my other hot seat is Russell Wilson who, because Brandon Marshall has signed with Seahawks and where Brenda March it goes teams don't go to the playoffs? That's true he's never made the playoffs but never made the people. Don't talk about and let's not because I've decided that Brandon Marshall was the reason why Jay Cutler didn't workout in Chicago that had nothing to do. No, that's not it! That's not it, but I'm I'm looking for to bring martial going down the Pike place market catching some fish move that be role is going to be. Electric Brandon. Marshall is still a very well. I don't know if I we got injured last year, so I can't. I can't just say that if he's still a good receiver, but if he is, he looks like a good research yeah, but he, but he also will be a classic Seahawks thing where it's like they somehow seahawks somehow get less speed every year right like what like when they signed Eddie Lacy. What are you guys doing you just trying to get less team speed? That's a very interesting strategy,
always going to be a little bit upset at Brandon Marshall, because we were, in theory very, very close to having Odell Beckham Brandon Marshall and Dez Bryant on the same receiving corps in my mind it was going to happen. Where is displaying as he signed, it doesn't have a job, so he could still go see how he could go Seahawks will go to see how it would be nice yeah that would be awesome, imagining Russell Wilson trying to like calm down Dez, Hey Brandon Marshall, when they complain about not getting the ball enough same day. Is that I need that, have he would have some very long conversations with God yeah. You have to take a malls on a trip to Hawaii every every single week, yeah and then look at look at that clip guys when half the teams like, I really want to push Russell Wilson Office because
didn't happen, but it but it I mean it probably would might affect that yeah. Alright, my cool throne is Stephen, a Smith because it's finals time in its final prediction time and Stephen, a Smith he's on a little bit of a hot streak. Voice he's won a known his last one finals prediction and I think he's got the warriors this year. So He was famously six or seven years in a row. He got it wrong yeah. So for two thousand and ten, which is, three. This is a credible. He zigs he's exactly the entire heat run, which I don't how you can do that he went heat and then he went the thunder then spurs and then back to heat, but he's got the words this year he's on a hot streak, he's wanna know in the last one. So, let's see, if Stephen a Smith can get hot I really just want to see Stephen a Smith tossed out the take of well. I got the warriors put
could be surprised. Yeah caps went yeah, he does. That would not be shocking. He does. He does a little hedging of takes man. I think he's you know what he's very. He just picking the warriors to take a little stab at the skip know my theory that he's tried he's dying to get back with his see miss each other. So I skipped on the tweet. Yet, where he's like they miss each other so much. The warriors are not last year's warrior and Lebron should sweep them I think, is on that yeah. That's coming soon! Yeah! That's coming soon, all right! Let's get to work, so it is yeah you're right because a lay down the groundwork, yet anything less than this week will be disappointed. Yeah, brunch or you will be terrible for the king's, like it yep all right. Let's get to our interviews. We have Ryan Rosillo first up before we get to that the cash app if you haven't heard we're switching to the cash.
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every episode, Hank, who hook up Ryan Baldwin, all right, so Ryan Ballwin, every single episode we're giving away free cash down with the cash out now tweet us, your cash, I get part might take and you can get some free money all right here. Yes, Ryan were still all right. We now welcome on our good friend. Well, actually, I've been called out my right or so. I got called out on Twitter. Do you see that? No? What happened? Some kid said. Some kid on SAT Sunday night, who, I think was upset about the Celtics loss was like big cat. I, like you, put you pretending that you're friends with rubber soul is a joke and or so of course, retreat is it so it is Ryen russillo you can download his podcast. That is my favorite podcasts to listen to because once every like four or five? I've episodes you'll just get the ram things of a crazy man who is fighting with like it's almost like bees are swarming him, but instead of bees, it's just like invisible twitter arguments.
Like one every for every five or six episode yeah, so here yeah I like to keep them. I want to do that every every time. But yes, sometimes it builds up when you're by yourself and then you don't have a show it can get you get. You know, backed up a bit yeah. So are you guys were great we're doing well we're doing really? Well, I want to just take the opportunity to let you know if you want to eat any of the material that you use on your podcast, like you did last time. Let's just get out of the way right now, and you can just say it all right now and then we can move on yeah yeah legacy updates arrow down, harden Paul Arrow up, curry, Lebron, Jeff Green. Arrow up Ronald Ronaldinho down um, do we have solid Freeman, yeah yeah, Morgan Freeman? This was the other. The other thing that brave of you, the other. The other thing I got tweeted at me a couple weeks ago with someone like you just ripped off Brazil's take and I was like what what take is it and he said that the warriors are good and I was like yeah.
So I've noticed yeah. I didn't want to say anything, but I feel like a neutral party doing it. It makes it easier for me to be like yeah dude like stop saying the warriors or good. Well, at your tape measure. Take let's dive right into. It are the warriors or fraud dynasty, because they only play against teams that have injured superstars in the playoffs. You know it's funny. I had a guy who works for front office. No big deal text me and show me the list of all the players. I've been hurt, YO guys they haven't had to go up against an you know. Once it was like you, Seffner kitsch. I go you're just trying to make this list really long. You know yes, but yeah. There are guys that have been hurt. You know, but Pat Beverly yeah. They come on. Man he's he's a great down defender. You know what we don't even better than that there were so low. It was someone I think the I think you the front office got just showed him Nick writes tweet, but the reply.
It was all the people that got hurt in the east when Lebron was was winning and you know what listen. No, that was the best because it was like it was like you know like. I would Let's at each guy in the year they got injured and then it just said: Derrick rose two thousand and twelve dash present. Oh yeah that went up to everyone that wizard Series were Noah, couldn't walk anymore, and I was like man that sucks the part where he can't walk and rose with the youngest Mvp in the history of the league. In fact, if you didn't know that so here's what we do like we get these camps, I'm in the I think the war is really good. Camp. Ok, like they came back from three one against OKC, even though I know that there are three one jokes trump, all those things like that's hard to do. They played like crap last night in the first half so bad that I'm going. I don't man like is this it are you seriously going to look this bad? You can't box anybody out. You like they were Gordon dribble through everybody. Nick Young decided to just completely shut it down. Yeah we've got
people here do was to make them. This is. Are you at the gym right now is that the person that goes around like the backpack vacuum cleaner? I love that guy yeah, you know what look man if you're gonna go heavy debt less. I can't have you MA that minute. We should do now with the one that was just like only talking to between sets and recalls every like five minutes yeah. That would be a good idea, but I mean I try not to rest that much. Those are just super heavy days like something going quicker now sixty to ninety seconds max- and I like the idea. So it's I have a question because it gives you you were talking about the first half in you. Not only did the words look bad, but they were actively yelling at each other on the court, which seems a little. Different than it was. You know the last couple years. Even you know. Obviously Kevin Durant gets added last year, but they they look like they are pointing fingers and yelling at each other when things start to go bad yeah, but here's the thing who looks good when they're losing right
You know what I mean like we do, that a lot with these teams like bad body language, like we're down fifteen yeah like what? What is any team supposed to look like when they're getting beat? But the thing is: is that without Paul, but they can't lose that game. They can't lose that game to those guys ran it like. We saw some things with golden state, especially with Eagle Dolla out all these games, that if you want to collapse off a green and then whoever the fifth guy is or those disastrous offensive lineups with Looney and bell that you can kind of guard three and ignore the other two. So that's what Cleveland has to be looking at to find any way to be edit, if here but like. If we go back to the original warriors fraud dynasty, wait a minute what about Lebron. Like I love Lebron, I stick up for Lebron, but if I want to do an anti Lebron argument, I think I can do ten minutes on that. I wanted to smash the warriors. I could do ten minutes on that, but all it is is these camps were like. I find myself actually like almost dissing Lebron despite liking him to argue against Lebron sycophant who thinks the warriors fraught
but that's the thing I don't get yeah, no you're you're! Actually right you! Basically you end up. You end up making arguments that you didn't even want to make in the first place, because the pendulum swings so far back and forth, but like if you just wanna, do this thing like for for years now. The warriors are just kind of like fake, like what they did in two thousand and sixteen is embarrassing, but they're also kind of like real close to maybe winning foreigner. Oh yeah, actually, don't you don't back into four in a row and now granted look technically. They can't do that, but three out Before I don't know man I should have lost that first, one book I read Kyree Irving's knee blew up so that wouldn't technically should have gone to the caps yeah. But what about Bogut Injury We have to get in Kyree, two great australian players, so Bogut Bogut was kind of underrated. Guy on that team he would have made a great bowl. Yes, he would Maybe he was like he he, but he would have been a great torch torch pastor from Brad Miller yeah. I could see that like Will Perdue Brad Miller
just terrible terrible white guys. Is he the only got a packet dip during? I think so I I have a question for you, though I wanna talk about the NBA finals I wanna like kind of, put a bow on the Rockets and I had a theory on yesterday show that these rockets are actually the pinnacle of. Daryl Morey's experiment, because it's not about winning championships, it's just proving that your spreadsheet works. Yeah people get it back down. You know and they're all, because every single time you know like when he started being done, you kind of just them. We can be made fun of his new GM when he was injured.
Use because people around the league were like wow. They really want to try something different. I remember talking to people and yoga hired they going yeah. That really surprised me, but no deals. The kind of guy- and I remember talking with I'm name- dropping a ton. Today. We've grows back the Celtics owner. Why should we? What was it about their? He goes? There was the guy who, when we talk about buying the Celtics, was working for this financial firm. I think, and then we were so blown away just by talking to him for a few minutes that we were like. We want to hire him like whatever we're doing want. You to be part of it, he was overseeing all sorts of things, but it wasn't like he was running the basketball operations with age, an age that people under him, and then there gets this gig and then you
start hearing about. Well, you know he wants to shoot fifty threes, a game and he's gonna have his minor league team. Do it and we're all kind of like man, I don't know you know, isn't going to work, but he found a way, even without Chris Paul in game, seven to really challenge the warriors now the words into that third quarter thing here again, but I think anybody that's resisted Darrell and there's plenty of number stuff too. That I think is stupid. Like the win probability updates, that's the dumbest thing ever look at it on ESPN dot com when you pull it up during a box score to go wow you're up for with two minutes to go, and you have a ninety percent win probability like that's dumb, but Houston showed like there's a way to kind of crack the code here, a little bit. If you can't add three superstars and I'm I'm so impressed with them. I'm so impressed with him with this series, because I still felt like
PETE Golden State was much better than Houston and Houston showed a toughness in the big, the middle of this series that I don't think a lot of us thought they had. No, I thought they had zero man Linux. They showed they had all them analytics. No, that's true how about this, though, does this make it easier for Lebron now to go to Houston? yes act. I think it makes it way more attractive because IRAN sees uses like they were, that close, although bringing in a superstar that could throw off the mantle of x factor very much so yeah wings, but replacement totally right, Lebron James would make that a worst team. Also. I really want Lebron to go to Houston, because then they would like break the record for those stats are like how many dribbles per possession did James like James Harden Chris Paul Lebron will just like tradeoff, who takes forty five dribbles in twenty four seconds and they'll just trade it off for the entire game. There's a lot of talk about like how tired those guys are because they were dribbling. A ton in Durant said that after this 'cause I know they're going to break down 'cause. He had trouble so much, and I was like really
No wait. James Harden was actively resting, while dribbling like that was the part of his deal. They are obsession with who's, tired and who isn't tired. If there's a team, you can kind of not be tired against Houston, shooted ruble it down, you can stop and rest on defense 'cause. They don't run it's two people, but sometimes it's a third one compelling with killing curry on those switches, but like oh man, removes austed like if there was ever team. You could try to find rest against it, be awesome to play Houston at two targets with a rocket yeah. Hard was doing that move that you do in pick up basketball when you're tired and you just don't want to run anymore. So you get the ball. You stand there for five seconds and then you throw up like a
Five foot jump shot has no prior to going. My favorite, tired, tired analytics that has been going on is when Lebron plays really shitty defense and doesn't try and they're like well he's saving it for the fourth quarter, guys like he doesn't go out on a guy and you're like well he's clearly making a conscious decision that you need that extra juice in the fourth quarter. Like know, Lebron he's not he's not defensively what he was. You know five years ago but see that gets back to like the original thing. When I pointed out this year, Lebron's defense is atrocious, which it was, and I had like dudes that cover the teams that were mad. Yes, don't you you little? I keep his name out of your mouth and like who are? You is because in Oh wait! Your calves, dot tv like shut up and realize he resting hey by the way. You know the reason why Lebron go to Houston. I don't know if you guys knew this no see
text, but the weather down. There changed every five minutes care to comment by the way Ryan on the four teams that we have exclusively reported, that Lebron will not be going to next year. You guys run over those thanks for listening thanks for reaching it yeah, it's the jazz, the magic, the raptors in the trailblazer. I went a little out on a limb with the trail blazers the other night, one of the magic, his kids, kids, love Disney. That's true father form or three yeah. I forget how many times is that sorry, also not going to the? U S men's national team. Yeah. Is there anyway? Lebron just takes a huge pay cut in Cleveland, or is that just like the and go? He would never let Dan Gilbert get away with that? No I mean. Not only did he not
the pay cut, because I felt like you'll be thank God. I talked to over the years Lebron in a weird way, resented the fact he was he. He got a really long stretch, never being the highest paid player in the NBA during a season, and so he wanted to fix that. And then you know they don't even tell like the team Lebron there. They don't even tell the ownership really what the planets like the
I want them to operate with the fear of year to year, whereas I would argue that with if you were Lebron, it actually might be more beneficial to just say to Gilbert. You know, and I don't think this would never happen, but go ahead. You know what I'm going to be here a couple years, so, let's plan accordingly, and they don't do that. They just won't. Do it and I don't know if it's 'cause, they still hate him. Because of the letter I mean they don't hate him that much 'cause they came back, but they hate him enough. That Lebron, I think, always feels like the best way to make sure you're getting the maximum commitment from ownership in the front office is to never make never never let them think that you're just here, no matter what like he needs, it proven to him every single
season, and I understand his part of that, but I also think it could be a little counterproductive at times what about giving them a little bit of equity, sharing the calves that against the NBA Bylaws right now that you can do that, I mean that was always the thing when pro cross gotta rolling with an s is that you talk to people and they'd be freaked out that he was going to offer up rights to zinc mines in Serbia. It's like I'd be like. Oh, you know, there's no way of tracking anything that God is going to do and you're like well, they suck so that didn't work or maybe zinc. I haven't looked at the prices were trading at today It's pretty solid, wrong, very strong, guys out pushing think I've notice. No, no! I'll get you observe, zinc market zinc market that usually is pretty flat. So can you imagine being a guy in the sink commodity. In like out of the bar in Manhattan and Holly Slayer Ok, I trade, zinc, yeah I'll turn your skin a little bit purple. If you buy it, it's pretty, it gets you high zinc's. Big problem is that they start with the letter z like if people are looking
just like commodities in the phone book you gotta change your name to like alpha know, but zinc is good because It's only thank people know when they're like hey. What's that thing, this starts Z, sick, let's double edged a double edge? Sword? Yeah, it's, I argue, it sounds more valuable than it is yes agreed agreed. I have I halfway serious question. That is, is in that weird phase in my brain, where I'm not sure, if I'm joking about it yet or not, but maybe it maybe it's real, I can claim both sides of it. This is called the Jimmy Butler part of Pfds. Yes, our are: are the Celtics going to have trouble working got in, hey, would and Cary Irving. Back into that line up next year, because they had so much chemistry that five yeah I could see him, bringing him off the bench
No, I don't I'm saying like away. They had something good going this year. Can you see a possibility of bringing those two guys back in and somehow not having the same, like team work and ran off it's a game plan? You know what we're still respect our shitty July I'd like sports health. You know the story lines that we're trying to cook up here. No, I respect the hell out. Thank you. Can I put those things in the oven for old for many of summer? Yes, five try. Five days a week broke, is getting traded will do it. This will do it this way. I phrase it like out today: Randy Scott, I'm going to phrase it. This way. Tell me why I'm wrong no you're, the only
you have to worry about, I think it's it's figuring out the three wings in jail and Tatum important, because Tatum's the best of the three already okay and Gordon Haber I use is really good. I don't worry about the ankle thing. I think he's a little better defensively. The people wanted him credit for which usually means you're white he's a pretty good play maker office screens, and you know when I think back to that, so it would seem to have grown at Pearson Ray. The cool thing about that team was that the
three guys come together, one season they all played in in different areas and Alan really had to change his game. The most and sacrifice the most guarded could stay, who he was and Pierce was kind of their closer and was funny to see like Ray Allen. He wasn't. This is great of a shooter's. He was, he wasn't really comfortable just sitting in the corner and hitting shots like he needed the ball a little bit more so was tougher for him to figure it out. So if you look at the Celtics, you still have Horford, whose a differing offense of player you have CHI Review can attack. The policy ends your td, who can play with the ball and off the ball. It's just that Gordon coming back in here, like I think that they're going to explore big time trades, go big game hunting. I don't know if it's gonna work, but I think there the priority is to keep Jaylen Brown in Tatum, because they're younger and because of this contract control, as opposed to hey words number, but Stephens usually can figure this stuff out, because the only real overlap you have is the rotation of those three kind of small for type players, even though Brown completed to guard. So I don't worry about having too much talent and an NBA team. This league is so hard to add guys. Okay, there's so many to
things that are going? Can we just get a second star and if you have too many like, you can figure this thing out and they have one of the best coaches to be able to ease this whole thing in, even if it seems like it's a lot of guys meeting minutes there, people forget to Jalen Brown and Jayson Tatum are both fifteen and sixteen years old respectively. I keep getting younger yeah, I mean paid him dunk the worst thing about that dunk now, because they lossed is that Dunk would have been on the video screen in the garden for like fifty years now, you can now that was a history. Dunk too, because Pablo Tori mentioned it on twitter and it was exactly correct. That was the first time someone who is asked a player. For a picture and a follow on Twitter to dunk on that player. That was a good tweet. Yes, I mean that's, that's history right! Well, how about those two getting younger and then Kevin Durant got two inches shorter for the first time when they announced in the pregame, they said, he's six foot, nine. It would happen there. Alright, I got some hot takes. I got three hot takes for you.
You tell me yeah. I want you to tell me why they're wrong okay, so this is me dumb NBA fan who's like hey? This is what I think and I'm a fucking idiot. The first is the warriors are better without Kevin Durant. No, no, I mean they're just win. You think about it. Alright, yeah they move the ball better and better bench. You can't do this thing with the rent when they're going, I soda, ran against a smaller guy. It's a post up turn around. He misses three in a row and then we all go out. There's no movement, there's no off the ball like yeah. He could make them more stagnant and times they look before, but when they blew the three the the Cavs and then they ad to read to go at least bail them out because curry can always drive against bigger defenders and clay, maybe doesn't handle as well cheap. Here you can't have it both ways. On the Durant thing like there's no way, I mean the the three that he hit on the switch on hard enough to power from twenty seven feet out like this. Just there's not a there's. Really. I don't know how many guys leave.
To do that, except maybe here Lebron? Ok! Well, I'm going to point order. I can't have it both ways: 'cause, there's a blog boy. I can contradict myself endlessly and call my baby back bitch. No, like boys, yeah yeah, I want to block. Yeah. I wanna yeah arctic magnet hot. Take number two Steve Kerr is a bad coach but out of even on twitter. Recently number is. I've never heard that one that I like it's popping up. Stevens went from Phil Jackson shoot the over rated, and they lost two games on the road Cleveland with the really young team and by the way, like my old self extinguish everybody's, like no other, actually so awesome and super talented, but how the hell that happened there young, but now I have a million draft picks. So does everybody, and now Brad Stevens is the over rated? Well, I don't know man this moves fast. Now it is, I saw it many times over the weekend. Steve Kerr has terrible rotations and anytime there's a close game which really
just the second quarter of, but he he's he. He basically crumbles under pressure. Okay, here's here's! What I would ask the the coach second desolate, I'm not comfortable doing that very often and less. I just watch the got enough closely and you know rotations are funny right if you use a lot of guys in you with, and it's like really smart move made all the right chest moves you know and then, if you lose your life,
can't settle out of rotation searching reaching? That's all anybody does every time Curtis even have a rotation without a good Allah right so other than playing five guys. Forty eight minutes- and I guess the fifth guy would be Shaun Livingston, like they were going to be times where you have to play Looney and bell, and it's not going to look good, and you could argue that the way Kerr played Looney and Bell and didn't give up on him in six hundred and seven hundred is bad as those minutes looked that it may have saved guys that matter and that's why you know they had their runs, but no the cursing. This is a philosophy. This is an approach. This is a huge jump from what Mark Jackson was doing with this team and granted now Durant to completely different sets not entirely far up fair to mark Jackson but yeah that ones that was so bad, there's nothing. I can do with that one. So I got caught in the Ryan Rosillo like Twitter, like circling the drain of fighting like basically a dog chasing its own tail, because I pointed out that without a good,
But there is no real rotation to have 'cause. You gotta play some shooty guys and then, and then everyone said to Maine, oh so, you're keeping for a team that has three of the best fifteen players in the league. Your standard out and I was like jesus- ok. So it's not what I was saying. Oh, that makes you total step means you have to play a shity player. Now you are occur apologist yet for pointing out facts. Yes, so I lived a day in your shoes Ryan, it was nice. Am I a tool for having a google? There is a few years ago. Yes, yeah, absolutely all right that that's terms like fifteen years old, hot, take number three that's stupid and idiotic and people are throwing it out there, and I need you to punk. Lebron is bad, no state taxes in Texas, that's true yeah! That is true note, so high tech number three Lebron is better than M J hold on. Let me get online. Why did you vote for Kobe as your go I never did you sure, are you sure I thought you did you did I thought
a couple years ago, you're like Kobe's the real good. I heard you say that it was Kobe and then maybe yeah but you're on David Robinson for a while, so yeah you're right, Sixers, stink in the process will never work in Kobe. Is the go and Allen Iverson is a second go. You said that you guys know what sports that I passed on the image of a broad thing: right. Did you yeah? I got past why we're going to do that, like the game shows growing up the soft and they didn't. They didn't like that. A ton yeah so hello, I thought it was really No, your weenie! Your green is white. Your MIKE Greenberg do this is what sports are you gotta pick a side? Thank you. Yes, alright, give us! This is a real question. This is see. Question put in promo code. Take you get ten dollars off, are seeking purchas, give us the path for the calves to somehow win this, because I actually feel like they have more of a chance than they did last year, which is weird without Kairi yeah. That's really weird that says it I like that a little bit I don't know. Maybe it's because of now here's
you do know you're doing this thing where you just saw the warriors challenge and looked like a version of them that we didn't think, really existed and so now you're using that going into the finals as opposed to them just rolling through everybody all the way. So no, no here, Here's exactly what I'm doing all right! Kevin Durant is like he's getting that it's now where he wants to leave because been two years he's got to find another front runner trim on looks like sometimes now, like you have to admit. He looks the ball. Going off his hand. He just come out of control staff. He's injured, all the time he goes in and out of injury, Ann Clay, you know maybe he'll get like three files in one minute again for seven game straight, so bad, so bad, just sitting there going. How do you let yourself get that, but you just if you're going to turn to the bench and say I'm good you can't then immediately screwed, just jump into to. I
or you're saying but like I just I don't see it, I mean who's, the second best player for the cabs. If love isn't like, if it's not Kevin, love give me the next best player on the capture, Jeff Green right. Yeah George Hills get paid twenty million a year, man don't know if Jeff Green Word Huber driver. He would show up in like a sick range rover and you're going. Oh, my god did I hit it. No, I hit, I hit regular uber and then he would pick you up and he would drive in reverse and drop you off at like a Cumberland farms instead bar that you wanted to go and you feel like what. How did this happen like everything was going well until we went backwards in now? I like the uh the place. I want to go across town and he would just shrug and go. I don't really know what to tell you man, alright. Can you give us? prediction of the NBA finals. I'll say warriors in six release. It yeah I'll, say it like something. You know coupled with game there. The warriors are incredibly like Eragon team for good reason, but they they will
grew around. They will screw around it again and lose okay all right in and I want to live okay, five, so the blow out six and competitive, it's kind of stupid, give us give us the give us the past real quick of how this warriors team like falls apart the off season. I actually thought it if they lost to Houston that you could have seen them really pursue like okay. We have these four players and we gonna pay Draiman on and clay, and unless Gaza taken significant pay cuts were looking at an absurd amount for four players like well well over the tax line in this farm bill is in the hundreds of millions of dollars, so you know we might want to try to find a way to to move two for one and that one would be something like Anthony Davis or any player that level, even though I'm not quite sure why New Orleans, whatever trading at the Davis, because you just you, don't tread that guy is a sin to trade him. You've lost trade. So that's what I thought I could at least be explored where they could have got a year ahead of it. But if they win this thing next couple weeks, everybody still under contract with the two reasonable numbers,
Duran. Taking pay cut, plays older contract, remodel their contract steps, the one that's in the new world now they probably just go: ok, look. We can't. We have another chance to go. They'll be favored to win the thing again next year. Alright, let's do it. Let's do some Hollywood update so you're living your Malibu Ryan you're you're, like that changed the victim, Just now got your parents house yeah. We don't have a lot that going on okay. So What are you doing in Hollywood now? Well, you know we're out there taking meetings Do you dress up for these meetings? Do you wear suit now so. You probably do you. Do the sport coat and jeans, probably right Do you know what I've noticed as I've gotten older and you get a little bit more successful dress to impress no one. Oh ok wearing sweatpants? I've been doing that my whole life yeah. We should actually, you know what all right we're going to end with this. What if we
'cause, you got all these meetings. I'm sure there's a couple meetings that you're like all right, I'm taking this meeting, but I don't want to work with this guy. What if we wrote you like a burner script that you prison, that the meetings you didn't actually want a job at? That's a really funny idea for you guys, but it would totally suck these guys all you can do a little yeah yeah. What do you say? They're all jews- I mean you're kind of in that, like New York City bubble, like a lot of us out here in LA like you guys, are doing some cute projects back in the e, but you know I mean I don't know. Do you eat dragon fruit, sandwiches out here so, like you guys, I just hear me out, but here's the script I would pitch for you. It's called boner dollars and there's this one dog, that's got a huge erection, the whole time. I actually think it's got legs. Alright will talk
like offline put opinion over see that. Did you see that episode of the office where Michael Scott, like I love every time I watch it episode? I think how awesome it must have been to write for that show an itchy sitting there and it's always like this thing is going on and then Michael Scott I'll do this side thing that makes it even funnier. That has nothing to do with the main thing, and he has this little video excuse me not even his little audio cassette recorder an idea pops in his head and he goes boner bomb and he hits pause, starring Jason, face Jason, state them and then hit pause again. He picks it up. Saving the world has never been this heart right back to like whatever the thing he was, the was doing yeah and you're like man. That must be incredible, so I I haven't read it all the stuff I'm writing is is is not funny. Okay, we'll try to be more, nothing strange yeah. Can I ask, can I ask you a few questions? Yeah sure. Do you think that people get too much
credit for their big caps. Well, yes, I do. I I've I've long maintained that fat people get way too much credit for the cap, I'm actually the clear because I've chicken legs yeah. Yes, yes, this looks like a refrigerator on stage. Thank you for not appropriating small guy with big calf culture. There's a guy, that's been on the other plus size. It happens. I think I can say that, but I just like you and there's sometimes there's this enormous dudes and they go like to look at your legs and they go over got a small bro mix in a leg day. Go everyday, your life is leg day. That's why your legs are so big carrying around one thousand pounds yeah, I thought if I was doing lunges every time I walk down the street I'll, be jacked up from the waist down too alright. Well, thank you for clearing that up. Thank you. Passing that was a good question. Is a great question for you. Do you have any other questions for me? How how things bed, just in general, Great man right just living the dream just staying anonymous.
Everything under everything for game I'm going to Vegas for for game two, I think so by the time You're hearing this out there might be in the city of LAS Vegas. Are you going to start with a tapper? Of course, I'm gonna hang out after yeah, good, I'm close Jack Daniels Lounge could make him shut that whole fucking city down fruit, as everywhere in the Jack Daniels Lounge get out my face. Do it you should show up to the Jack Daniels Lounge with two hundred people at the same time, ordering the new special drink with thirteen ingredients stress test. We do what we have. That's what we're doing we're doing a stress test on tap, for I will my favorite part of our issues with stress test starts in the legs zoom in on the on the poor, lady who's been working at the bar for like forty five years and never had more than two customers in there at once. He gets looks like she wants the puke and cry all at the same time. It says she's sitting there she's, like I don't get my supposed to the last word-
rim this would finish. What do you mean? You want a margarita? What is that? She's done nothing, but just like open bud light bottles for forty years, and now she has now she has to make a Moscow mule in a copper, mug and she's like what the fuck and then they said, the regulars would be like what happened to bud lights were capturing the historic horse racing here of Northern Cincinnati, even though it was given down two hundred years ago with the mills, fire and you're like what it would be like yeah. We have wraps to restrict lyrics in the corner like drinking away his pension and then meanwhile John Tavares, very into a steampunk lounger, hey steampunks! This is what this is. What's hot right now, alright, Brian! Thank you very much. We appreciate it cabs or warriors and six the word. Going to keep winning they're going to be a dynasty.
Lebron Capital D, dynasty, evil and you're, saying Cleveland at the Celtics are gonna struggle to reincorporate, carry Irving Gordon Hayward into the starting lineup, and you still don't think the process works. I think we summed it up. Yes, they did they. That interview was right or soul was brought to you by M v m t m v m t as calm far from being the crowd. Funded kids working out of a living room in the past year. They've not only introduce a ton, a new watch collections for both men and women, but also expanded to sun glasses in fashion forward bracelets. For her, we are actually got a bunch of the sun glasses they're, awesome, they're, the perfect sunglasses to wear in the summer when you might go out and have a couple beers you can put them in your pocket and walk away. Not worrying about your sunglasses movement watch is are all about
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their watches. All of it will make you look great m v m t dot com, slash part in it, join the movement all right here, yes, Ryan, Whitney another something completely different. Welcome on Ryan Whitney hit a couple coffee in the NHL. You know him very well. He Rumer, This is just a rumor width. You might be in the running, Mount Rushmore of guests this year. Well, is that because I threatened to never come on again, if you guys didn't put me on now now No! No! No! We're not here to yeah! I'm not scared of you. We're not stressed okay, not scared, our waste, it get a bit he yeah. I'm scared, there's going to be snow is a much better fight. If I end up on bumble, he's going to try to find me all right. So when we let's or with the Stanley CUP. We have a lot of basketball to talk about at the end, and I know that you got some takes now that that's the same exact finals that it's been
the last four years, but I want to Stanley CUP as a hockey. Purist are you in or out on the vague ISS hour long pregame that may or may not phuc up there ice and have the ice guys have to come out like four times a game. I I said on Spittin chiclets, if you're not into that pregame ceremony, I actually said you gotta dump in your pants and I'll reword. It here you're a piece of shit because it's awesome, I love it. I love it. I get a kick out of it. It's vague iss it. You know, you know it's a show, guys guys love it. The only thing I would say is: as a former player, I don't know, if you guys know, I played the Stanley CUP final. You just want to get the game going. I think thanks PFD. I really appreciate that. Thank you very much. No, I didn't fucking win, but listen the game. The game is the guys want to get going, but everyone
I think they enjoy it. I mean the worst part for me is when they play my voice, saying that they're going to spank so that kind of sucks, but other than that the pre game ceremonies awesome right. So if you were a player in this series, you would be pissed off that there is like a thirty minute intro before the game in cat delayed everything but like as far as the the quality of the ice. You at that's a legitimate question: do you think that it does it up a little bit? I'm now. I think more than anything, it's just so hard to get in Vegas right now. I think that you see that like in Tampa to I I don't know so I think it's the it's the ceremony beginning, it's just that the hundred degrees outside so but last night at you what kind of rattling the how many issues for or they're bouncing pops and things like that, but that's just the time of the year and where they're playing at yeah. That's it's a big time series for Eddie. Oh stick on! nice because you don't know what the park is going to do. Eddie, oh really remind you, gotta stick on the ice to the bouncing park. You get your stick on the ice, it might catch a piece here. Stick he got to be aware of that so I'm Eddie. Oh! So, let's talk some real hockey here on a scale of nine to ten. How big of cheaters are the LAS Vegas
the knights of that cross check and then also the slashing penalty. That was no call at the very end of the game there when the caps had pulled their goalie and they We have an open net and I think is wrong. The goddess his or Eller I forget which one, but somebody got her sticks last. So how big of cheaters are the goal nights? I don't know about the latter, the the the the slashing I kind of think that could have gone both ways, but the Reeves call on the cross too many cross check cross, and is that embarrassing? This call for the league in a sense that listen, I tied to begin your road team with the lead in the third and final game. One and you get some stuff. I think it's completely blindsided cross check from behind and the guy who does it actually spores respected later. So I don't know who you are, how to rest miss that, but Washington has a legit right there, but I mean there's going to be probably missed calls throughout the series, but that one
it's one where, if your wash then you're pissed off your your wrist and then I'm fortunate, they can't even think about it now, though, because if they lose the next one they're done and pf date, your no no, that's not true. All that we do it's Columbus yeah. So what what you similar to the Columbus good call? So yes, so what what was your biggest takeaway from game, one our weather be like. In the game to do you see it as the
Pft claims that the caps kind of won game one yeah. He really didn't. Well, it's under protest Ryan just said the game is officially under protest yeah. What did you go away from game? One being like these? Two teams are really even in this is going to be a battle, or did you go ape saying you know what Vegas probably has a little too much for the for the caps in the Stanley CUP? No, I actually thought the the first in that they are even, and I think it could be a great series. I think that water biggest little faster, but the fact that everyone but Washington I mean because not some looks as good as never loved any call backs and got to be a little better better, but my my biggest worry and for a casket hope be in and like listen, this guy these rebound those are not that will not win you the couple's rebound. I mean you, you have to control strata in on you better. You got to control you, the rebound better, get him into the corner, get him out of play, but when you're checking back in the squad against the team, like Vegas is always comment had guys constantly bugs in the play for lying to that can end up killing themselves. He's got to be better, I mean he's their number one. Guy and glory I mean actually probably have one of the worst being. He had the playoffs and bill to win that the bad part
to get back to cap the nice one with the bad fleur game. Yikes, that's fine! Yes, exactly it's fine! So little was good. I mean I hope it was really bad yeah I mean if you were you, were you not like worried watching old? We are, we don't know what is going on the rebound says, so they give a whole lot of Jews. Rebound sees you're right. I've been saying all that all that stirs a gate or a all postseason just get the ball, get the puck into the corners get away because you're right Vegas is really fast, chasing down. Rebounds I've noticed that about they. They go to the park abnormally quickly. The thing that worries me a little bit more I hope he 'cause he's like a small wiry kind of guy he's pretty skinny. He comes out a lot to cut down angles, which I understand you have to do as a goalie, but he's not as quick laterally as I think he used to be so when he comes out that far cut down an angle. Just a small cross ice pass, which is, it leaves Vegas with an open goal. I've definitely noticed that about him, yeah that
Actually I don't have a great point shows you know, regional joke. No. As a former goaltender myself brother called his brother called before he died, I mean listen. I was a very, very valid point in the sense that his mobility isn't nearly what it used to So if you're gonna come out and make take away those angles, the rebound can't go anywhere, but the corner so uh. I think he does have to come out and take those angles how good the shooters on Vegas, but in terms of getting back across and recovering like flurries the best in the league at that you could tell hope, he's just a little slower, I'm not going to say the g. I'm not going to say Grubauer, but but I'm thinking I love group, give a little spark. Yeah Barry Trotz. He said to your point that you said they can't even think about that penalty. He said we let it beat US once we can't let that play beat us twice, so Barry Trotz kind of thinking next level, there he's on the same page as you. What about my guy, clumsy Willie? He just he just
the little deer like a little antelope on ice skates out there. You can't really find his footing as accidentally running into people five seconds after they pass the ball over the puck NHL player credit triggering. Are you trying to trigger me, keep saying ball or you? No, I'm just an idiot. No I'm just a more ok, ok, but the safety where, where the call the player safety, Commission or whatever the they, they call themselves these days, they decided that they're not going to spend. Will I do think it that hit was worthy of a suspension? No, I don't even think it was close to six is pension, I think maybe yeah, obviously maybe a second too late, but it's a very clean and if you look at where the shoulder to shoulder
shoulder, and that's one Marshall, so I mean like I was taught when I was young. I think most guys were don't watch your path. You make a pass. You get your head up with somebody's coming and it changed a lot where you know really hits don't happen that late at all anymore. So you want to call that late. You want to call it interference penalty for sure, but in the Stanley CUP final or any game, but especially the final. You can't just spend the guy for that. That was a big hit by someone who completely runs people over summer. Dirty some of them aren't he's a hot hot man for the guys that absolute man rocket as we talked about, and I think that that's probably also help them not get suspended. Yeah, not good. Looking ratings, another guy definitely get a couple games. There yeah you would've, gotten like a lifetime banned yeah for sure give us some more
her ex is knows. How do you counteract Vegas is for check, because that I did notice game one they fly at you and they just kind of stay on top of you and there's guys ever like. I think they had. They had a couple of defenseman score from not Gretzky's office, but they kind of came from there. They're all over the place, yeah they're all over the place and like part of it, is that they have the four line. So it's it's never ending right. It's like oh every line that comes out has Energi guys are getting rested. They don't have to be really double shifted on Vegas and then they're so good at kind of having their deep pinch down. You saw the Colin Miller goal. He ends up pinching down the wall and then getting it back bring into the middle. It was a rocket, but it kind of a screen for HOPI, so that's kind of how Vegas does it in Washington
side they have to have the center come down lower and be better in his own zone in terms of giving an outlet to the D. So do you wanna go DDD behind the net that works, but if you're going to actually change some things up, if you're going to change some things up, you gotta just reverse: it get the center more involved, get him down low, get him kind of carrying it up from deep in the defensive zone and just kind of break the pressure by quick passes. You can try these long passes against Vegas you trying to snap across the ice they're going to pick it off there so quick to the park to do little. Five foot passes out of his own and then
Roll into the results of speed and momentum to do. The capitals have the centers to do exactly what you just said. I think they do. I really do I mean back from being injured that sucks for him, but he looks great even with it. With a bum hand, I mean great bowl last night, oh, she was a beast on that path, but still I think Kuznetsoff, like I said before he looks incredible. His kidneys is as good as anyone in this series of cable to go back low, carry the puck out of his own zone, so they do have the players to do it. It's just about kind of figuring out a way to beat this pressure, because whether it's the first line in the fourth line, who had three goals in the third period- I mean That'S- that's just the top beeper wash, I don't, have your fourth line, pretty much win the game against you. That's a that's tougher capitalistic kind of rebound from yeah, true, alright! So so, what's your official prediction here for game? Two, I'm on the
so I I mean I bought course. I bet them last night to my hot streak continues, but I'm taking him again because I I just want him to win. I I'm kind of rooting for them. In a sense, I want to see all we gotta go, get a park get a cup. I want to see you happy psd, 'cause we're, but we're buddies now, and so I just want them to win. Ok, I'm picking them all right: let's do it. Nba Nba finals got I'm not going to give you sixty seconds you get as much time as you want. Lebron against the warriors again, just like every
I said: don't even have to watch the regular seasons, don't even have to watch the playoffs. You just know these two teams are going to be there. How discuss it? Are you watching, as you see like the Knights of expansion team in the caps who haven't been with the company forever, you know actually showing some parody in a league. You know. Sometimes I just get a little bit of a soapbox when we talk about this stuff but being completely serious. It's the most embarrassing thing. I've ever seen for sport, four God dam years in a row and you got the same team, it's the same length as the presidential term and we're talking the same. Two teams are playing against each other. I mean this is so
embarrassing and it's all because of like one plant, so the Bron, no matter what gets the finals suites against Boston, everyone knew that they were going to win, but it goes to seven. Why didn't you just play one game? One game serious literally just played one game, it doesn't even matter and the fact that these two teams are playing each other again. You have to watch the same players. How about you get the golden state warriors owner? Was that true, or maybe there's a fake article? I saw that he's actually said: he's sick and tired of playing Cleveland in the finals. You have an owner complaining about what team you're playing it don't just happen to be. In the I mean at least he's kind of on our side, but that shows how much with Joker League it is for him to be sitting around disgusted that he's playing at the same team for the fourth
you are in a roll, that's a bad wolf and get to watch these same clowns running around dream on green. All he had someone in the deck who knows. Oh was that two years ago or four years ago I don't know you can't even figure. Remember we look back on this and we look back on this in ten years will probably have three more series if he stays in Cleveland and they play again next year, I'm going to completely lose my mind, because this is so bad for the sport about it. I don't hate basketball as much as I'm saying, but now I'm like really starting to and you guys like it and you guys are like. Oh, I can't wait for the final you're talking about ball. There popped already and it's so embarrassing to me triggered that Lebron doesn't listen to his coach.
You ever see. How could I do that? Just ignore a coach during during a break in play? No, I mean, have you seen you seen the dive he was taking? Did you see any dives? Last night? No, you saw Wilson Quota guy. Almost out of the series with a body. Checker gets a little, gets a little love tap and then just throws his hand, his head back and cries. But then he comes back to the game, gets four thousand five hundred and ten and eight, and you have to watch this over and over and you get to see the golden state fans in the same Cleveland, San TAN. The same. I mean how what is the average marriage now? Well it it it it it no way in the last four years, and we got eighteen point for longer than most marriages. What about what about Chris Paul little Hammy little tight hammy doesn't play game, seven yeah! I know anything with you with any crime. They might've been yeah, definitely yeah. So so so my hammy hurts so bad. You can't go out and jump up to two inches off the ground and take a jumpshot 'cause your hammy be kidding me. You can't get a shot like hockey players. You know how many shots are good. There's probably
I bet you're, eighteen or twenty guys got a needle in somewhere in their body last night, just to go out and try to battle for the company game one and this guys game seven and he can't play because he was Hammy has a long way from the heart. Yeah. That's true! That's a great point. You make another good point that Lebron James he watched his own passes too. If he drops nice little dime he'll stand there, he'll admired for a second. I almost wish to Tom Wilson played in the in the NBA, so he could just come crosscheck to shoot out of him or maybe Lebron when he made could when he made, could block against Boston and then he stands under his hoop for what felt like three one slash two men terra Nova report staring over at port royal. Well, how 'bout, if a defense can run somebody over and then stands at the boards where he ran the guy over and then another guy gets it in skate by him and scores? No, he runs. He runs a guy over. He gets back into the play and then makes another poke check. Another body check. He doesn't stand out there who, looking around the stadium like Lebron James, does after one o'clock against someone who's, probably what six inches shorter than him. Yeah, almost not exporting when he had hair. What about James Heart,
right. James harden just skip the handshake line after seven with that ever happened in in the NHL. What a pretty much skip the whole God damned game. Did you see a shooting yeah? You can't just you can't just be that good of a player and now correct me. If I'm wrong, I think he makes fifty the million dollars right news hour with I thought I thought hard made. Fifty no no one makes fifty million. I mean between his contract and the nose or taxes yeah. I was in the maybe, but you had no fifty million and that no, no one okay, he makes twenty ninety makes twenty million right and and you you know who had two goals last night, Thomas no sick. Would he make? I don't know a million look at that to go, show them to the playoffs. Hockey player. I am. I have one one last thing: I need your thoughts on the warriors, basically only having to play like fifteen minutes a game they're the ultimate millennial team, because
go down to Sears. I like I. We will just try next game. Yeah is it well? Why are they called the Hamptons five? It would be like they're. They all go to the Hampton the off season, yeah. They want to have that took that picture. So yeah You guys can afford the Hamptons yeah a hockey guys go the Jersey Shore yeah, exactly because we're trashy, but were real and also poor, comparatively what about and and and yeah- and Do you see? Do you see Chris Long Suite after the game about how he's sick a hockey players in their lazy because they get to take turns and go off chefs and only played for like a minute and a half at a time where, as in a real sport like football, you don't get all those breaks in the action in Chris Long just play on like fourth down for the yeah pretty much yeah yeah. He has only has a point. Yeah he's a he's, a tivo person, so so how many minutes did you play so with all that said, a what what's, your prediction for the NBA
thanks, I know deep down. You can watch every game, I'll watch the final four minutes, each game which will take about forty five minutes, I'm okay, so that would be perfect. Okay, the whole internet. I mean gold, fail, crush them right. That's I mean yeah. I like that. Not only did we know did we know that they were going to play. You know who's going to win. Are you sure yeah? I mean that's ridiculous. What will the state three out of four great hop to it next year, number five: oh man, all right, you got anything else. I think you summed it up pretty well. No, I got I got nothing. Also, you guys are going to any games and going okay in Washington are very I was thinking about going to Vegas. I I think if I do go to one it'll be game. Five in Vegas, I'm gonna go to game four in DC, though I'm I'll be down there on Monday. Well, you're you better get you be
You will be rocking the red right, I'm going to rock the red. Are your search by now on the post war store, but the bigger and and may in a bid, and maybe it'll, be the g word. Maybe it'll be group daddy in there. Just checking checking it out from the pill away. Not it won't be kicking the pill back into the slot like the whole dog catching that ball. Go hang out, pool ball. Security is important in the NHL too. Yes, yeah, big time, big time ball. Security is big time and you know what. If we get Vegas and Washington for years in a row, I'm quitting this entire hockey business as well? Wow! Ok, ok! Alright, I'm done I'm done up here. First, alright, Ryan, Whitney. Thank you. Good luck on your bid to become a Mount Rushmore guest directions to recreate it.
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get twenty percent off that's twenty percent off shipping and returns are always free and easy check it out. Tailored clothing, dot com, empty team all right. Let's do some segments for not doing segments action. We have our good friend Rome into accounts. O'neill of pop punk, fame of wrote, half of drink paint, fame of Battle rap fame, you know, and we brought him on because we're going to do some half baked ideas. Also three out of four of us are half baked. One of us isn't you've got to decide who isn't guess who's, not fake roulette who wants to make it through? This won't start with ideas, If you watch you go 'cause you're, not high I'll, go first, my first one? This is actually a really good idea. It's so of us on the show has a team that loses the Stanley CUP finals. The segments called
cash me outside how 'bout that uh, ok, so cash me instead of catch me. Ok, you just you stand outside on the street and then you give him all the money. That's in your wallet, I want to kind of take a little bit. This thing, I'm going to take a little bit medically. If somebody in this podcast loses Stanley CUP, yeah so what has grown would have to give us money. Yeah. All last me outside how about a so. You get you get people's money or the people we'll take your money. Will not I'm not saying me that if you had, if you had on top or was in the building right, John Tower was in building and he lost we just given. Whatever monies are pocket yeah now I understand, and I feel like I've also out of myself as being the the not a person who's, not half baked. Do you, What else you can well, we go. I'm gonna go snake o you wanna, go snake. Let's go see all right! I I have I yeah. I have enough ideas. First name I like to I,
I like twenty, I didn't know I ask this morning when I needed and are you don't several start money running to get us going? Then you want just just one. No just could give us a give us your top three ideas and we'll go back to see just the first three on the list, I'm not necessarily my best three first one nostalgic Lee flavored beverages, who are Crystal Pepsi right does that taste like the past, like in Math class like library, books, soda PAM Anderson and Tommy Lee Sex tape. Soda me, that's yeah. That sounds good yeah. When you go to a city, a traffic app that gives you directions in that city's accent that is really good seery for accidents, so you go to Chicago and yeah a little bit about your got left on the Dan range of us. Rescuing Philly yeah just go to
broad street. Take a live, don't pack shawl! I take that straight down to our front ST go down there. All right. I like that tongue, stickers or tattoos- calls may take picture is going like, but imagine if you had something on your tongue that people could see and we make it lsd and we sell it for an option. Tabs yeah, but you could just do that with an app just like do a filter and just put a picture on your tongue. Yeah that sounds really cool real good for to be much too big, get tongue tied to sell it to Instagram for billion dollars. Okay, oh by the way we should have. Had a disclaimer any idea that is said here. You cannot make it unless you give us a million dollars rush Hank. You have a couple ideas. I got one. It's like a game show so like all the internet piece that pop up like when will Vicki and bad Bobby are beefing with each other. It would be like a moderated debate that would be determined by the amount of likes like you would have the fans and people watching liking based off what the people are saying and that's how it gets judged and that
as a place for all internet bees to come to the court of public opinion. Yes, yes, sounds like: what's your name, sir, can grow it. It sounds like Greta Van Susteren. Yes, the apology yeah for yes or no. I went there a few bugs in that, but just recently they stole all your data. These are I had one whole fame for average dudes. I think we need a hall of fame for us. I've been saying that there needs to be a hall of very good yeah, but it's just like it, but you and only get into it. If you prove like you're like I took, I took all of my sick days and I wasn't actually sick for like six consecutive years. That's hall of fame numbers. So it's like how much time burn it work that could get you in the Hall of Fame of age, old angel question. Yeah. You had longevity,
but like would you rather take someone that was very, very average for a short period of time, yeah or guy? That was kind of average for longer yeah guy, who, like just never showed like who got the job and just never showed up for a month until he got fired, that's pretty great right there, that's a hell of a career, so it might be able to cook steaks, but if you can eat hot pockets every single day for the entire summer, that's something to hang your head on, so I had a spin off of that and I think we actually could do this because, like Brooklyn, you could probably pass off anything as art, but we should do an art installation of doodles. So, like you like, you can call it what
or do it like, so that, like no fifty Superman written during an hr meeting, I wanted to kill myself okay. So I I like the concept, but I think you need to kind of like leave it open for the viewer to interpret it. Okay, so like a rorschach test, yet the ink blot, so you show them what to do those are, and then people have to figure out what you were doing a meeting. What what the meeting was well you're making those look like yeah. He was definitely getting fired in this one, because it's just a picture of his boss with the crosser yeah like look at here's forty three d boxes, he's, probably muted, on a conference call yeah like that's yeah, like that who deliberately yes, doodle interpretation. That actually could be. I think that could be uh like games. That sounds like a twitter account to me, though. You let's get back set up. Let's get the ratio going on a lot of reply. We set up, owes one million dollars or setting that if anybody fucking, retweets or likes a doodle interpretation get off the feed, it's only for replies. Yes, we need to set that up before anyone else. You know what
maybe we'll have someone else said. Maybe we maybe we use uh the old Billy Football Account or the Tommy. She will do Tommy, Tommy Gucci. She was hot it was. It was about seven hours yet all right. Let's change it. Let's change Tommy Gucci to doodle interpretations. Do you know what was going to be a better name? Doodle Dante's do finally guys for doodles nice. I like that goldendoodles we could pick up yeah. We could just do like hash tag at high. S tag dog food hashtag like do also yeah. Well, like one angles of one out of every like nine or ten. We should just be a really cute dog, just get or engage. No, you have to do if you for high. If you look at that dog because it it's Graham, they put like four hundred hashtags on each yeah, all right, we're gonna do that. Now I want let's and we'll just tweet out our own doodles. Everybody will put a pin in that yeah. Ok, bro. What do you got? I gotta so a couple more.
Transplants they'll, be for the ladies, I say instead of just constantly buying eyelashes, maybe a comfy way to pull back your your neck fat or just like a neck girly ever pull back your neck, that your face looks skinnier so like just maybe just Bobby pins for the back of the neck or something we are just like. One of those big binder clip things binder clips back your neck to be kids, Kinesio tape, but a comfy away would have to be comfy. You don't want that pinch all day, but just some sort of a slimming fit This thing where you don't have to work out temporary yeah like temporary botox. You know you can do you can just lace up the back your neck and then tie the back your neck, like a shoe lace. Yeah like run of a piece of twine sides together, yeah like a pig like a girdle kind of for the neck, also clear socks, clear socks. They have clear shoes now, this time of year, everybody wants to have a sock list. Look, but you don't want your feet to be smelly, completely. Translucent socks, what's a material and what would you do with them after you wear
do you want from you jack off into more? No you losers. This is a condom as we got him now. Okay, just put condoms on your feet. You are your socks yeah, but if that's, what you have to do is in them too, so you have an anchor to see a that's how you can know when they're dirty. That is just as immediately I I got a couple more rental sons for moms who don't get enough text you just they can be activated by a mom who wants to be texting more or ghost account for a son where the mom doesn't even know yeah modernized, golf cart, design, holder belts. We will modernize CUP of golf cart. Well, every golf cart looks the same MIKE. How are we tired of having this same old beige top like regular bottom gone? Yep arts? Why not
something cool. Why not something edgy? Maybe it's not maybe there like they look like a Maserati or Ferrari or something like that or Jeep Wrangler Wrangler Golf cart. The h2 was the best design car ever. Why can't we go back to that? I like that idea. I think we need non negotiable exhibit to be the face. Oh sure, of course, Golf and so what made you golf cart to go? You can drop on a golf course. I heard you like I heard like fish, so a major entire truck into an aquarium that doesn't actually drive it's just going to smell like fish. It's Alex Jones Al Exhibit Jones Character, I'm working on alright, I gotta know when I threw out there. I have two apps one is an app that, let's you reserve seats at the bar,
I feel like that should be that should exist. That would also lead to a lot of our flights to LA to bar fights, but I mean what you can reserve a dinner table. I've got my app right. I use my app. You should have planned ahead goodwill Rysavy. I had. I had a really good one today, so everyone who loses a job for being racist, like Roseanne Barr everyone, gets fired for being racist should go on a reality. Show together. If you make a reality, show called like racism island. I love racism. I had no idea, I want it like contained okay, races, margin, that's It's basically Nantucket yeah. I would just call it racism, island and everybody lives on there who gets fired for being extremely racist, and then you take all the money that the show generates and then you don't need it to make like a scholarship
one for minority, so you don't feel guilty by like a cat, but you still get to watch these racist lunatic. How do you win at each other by being the most racist or being the least racist? That's a great question I haven't. I haven't figured out, but I'd say the winner is the best dog whistler like you. Have you have to be real later Rasis enough put not race is enough that you would get fired. No, no, the winner, is the first person to get fired for being too racist from the show that you go too far because you're racist yeah, this Vh one- would do this so as a race almost like the races raise the CMA Racist yeah. I thought yeah we're doing that. I had other app and then I have one weird one that I'm kind of debating whether I want to say it 'cause, it's very weird, just say it so. The other app I had is a bank. So everyone knows the worse. The scariest thing you can do after a long. We can a drinking is looking at your bank account. So we need an app that's just
binary code. It just your ok, green light or yo dude you're Focht check your bank account that way like. If, even if you have like two dollars in your bank, account of you spent way too much money all weekend long. It just says you're, okay, so you don't even have to think about it. You don't know how! Okay, you are right, yeah, you just you know it's okay, you're going to survive, get your okay! In that way. It takes away all the anxiety you don't have to actually dig into your financials, but you get that green light. So is your okay or the their hand. Just something that's like don't buy that cup of coffee yeah. You don't have money anytime. You can't buy anything right now right. I think you guys are just talking about self control. No now something different, because you know that's scary moment when you're like oh, how much money do I spend but think about it. Just send you an alert at like one hundred pm on Sunday night and actually you know what we could do is we could just rig it. So it's actually the Sunday Scaries cure, no matter what it just text. You you're, ok,
You could you could be like thousands of dollars in debt. I was about to say that you're going to want a second version of the app like offense to gram version of the yes or no app where like, if you're on a date or something like that, and you don't want to be embarrassed. It still tells you that you're, ok yeah like maybe it's a slightly. She thinks you're hot, lighter shade of green when you're, okay, but you're, not really okay yeah. What about? If, if you have like a date app a part of like tinder, where you could basically and the date buy a like pressing a button and it sends a text message to the person being like this state is over, so they can save their dignity and be like. Oh,
oh look. I got a call from my friend I'll see you later yeah. That sounds like the all the office. So it's not my fault that you from this phone is yeah. It looks like a text from the program right dates over sorry. I want to say this. I saw this actually on twitter today. I thought it was an amazing idea, so I feel like I should share it with listeners, but Drill Anderson was asking about like a haircut. He was asking about his barber whether or not he should be offended by something's. Barber told him and he was like getting the opinions of his followers to be like hey. Should I leave this barber and find new or not somebody replied to him? Here's! What I did I signed up for a grinder account on my phone and then I found the guys that I thought had the best looking haircuts an I message them, ask the mall where they got their hair cuts. Yeah, and so that's, I think, is a brilliant idea. That's like Alex Jones Smoking, the we just to test its potency, exactly yeah, it's he probably had some explaining to do if his significant other found grant. No, I just use-
because I saw you dudes with hot haircuts, and I want to talk about how good they look, I'm wearing women's lingerie, because I was trying to figure out if this was comfortable for your gift. For your birthday, yeah 'cause, I was like I'm about fifty percent bigger than you. So if I get something, that's like really tight, that really rides up in my butt, but probably feels like super hot on yeah. Alright, you got anymore. I gotta couple I'm just going to try and go through and quickly a hot air balloon that goes underwater for people that are scared of heights had pet share program, a wallet that is also a pocket pussy.
Jury duty for form this ones a little longer, but it's to incentivize people who aren't excited about jury duty. So you have a strip club in the jury. Duty waiting room since there's both men and women. You have an asexual stripper on both sides, the first four hundred and ninety nine people are entered into a lottery where they win money and they can carry out this lottery while they eat buffet food and the last person there is judged in front of someone, but without a jury of their peers. So we suddenly remember how important the judicial process is again. So, instead of a boring day now, jury duty is an exciting privilege, full of asexual strippers high end buffet food, a lottery drawing and a public trial. That's completely unpredictable hanks face during that was great. Also, By the way, I think, can you go to jail for not doing jury duty, I think so yeah and
pawn like letter, but five or six when I have yeah, but here's here's the thing it needs to reply. If we all stand in solidarity and none of us go to jury duties and nobody can ever send you to jail 'cause, you won't have a jury. I just have not like. I just keep getting I'm like Dilfer, it about me, I kind of have as you're going to jail. No, no, but I have to keep sending mail as far as I'm concerned. If it arrives in the mail, you don't have to pay attention to it. Like paper mail who does anymore, I did skip jury duty in Illinois and just like not as a lot as like intentional. I actually just like walk up among players like at jury duty a month ago and nothing happened. Nothing happened. I'll finish it off with indoor Kayak course is a marijuana casino. German engineer. Adidas Sneakers, a coal powered computer, which makes it trace: Tekken industry, the coal industry is dying text property also like 'cause, it's very, very steam, punk festival, steam, punk thing of all time and outdoor doctors, office, stadium, seating, couch and finally, an ice coffee, Keurig
that last one is that could work that's big time. Big the stadium, seating, couch I've tried, I have put a couch on cinder blocks behind another couch and it got you real stadium seating feel, but then it was really tough to get off and on to see you had to I in college, I built a whole platform and did the stadium seating We get a status that yeah. What are the greatest like? It was the greatest experience ever having stadium seem like yeah come on over. We got room this stadium, seating and imagine if the couch was built by lazy boy with already there's stadium seating. This couch seats, two people down here and two people up here and it's just built like them. Another good idea would be just as if there is a way to implant an I phone charger into my body, so you just plug the usb directly into like yell. At my kidney runs on your poop yeah yeah, then I know have. The Iphone is just going to be popping up like your from your Iphone just going to show up in front your eyes yes, but I can't going to think about what what you want to yeah
alright, my last one but the one I'm ashamed of. I got a got down like a really bad rabbit hole the other day of Asmr, yeah, yeah, so rabbit hole. Did you get when you went out of all guided Asmr for baseball sounds and I it was weird, but I think Do bloggers Asmr did it affect you? There was a cut when he was when he was like he was clicking, the the bat, the wood bat and he actually said, quotes, listen to me, stroke the wood and then I was like that is too much. But his boner, I got it. Yeah Leon come which could you manage for bloggers were just type and I brought Cheetos in here we get eat Cheetos,
let's listen, the show which is eating Cheetos, that's not a! I have a listen the show with as of March. You know okay well, this would be really hot for the people to listen to so yes, so bloggers turn the volume up pretty high cats Gary Payton on Friday, our realizing that I just thanks for coming.
I started my diet today because because because it's show it might take bar stools,
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