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Eric Mangini + NFL Divisional Round Recap

2019-01-13 | 🔗

Fastest 2 minutes for the NFL Divisional Round (2:29 - 6:17). Recapping each game, the Eagles ran out of gas, the Patriots kicked the shit out of the Chargers, Jared Goff has wheels and Patrick Mahomes is incredible, even if he points for first downs too much (6:17 - 31:30). Stat of the Day and Who's back of the week including PFT and Big Cat watching the Game of Thrones preview even though they don't watch Game of Thrones (31:30 - 52:05). Coach Eric Mangini joins the show to talk about Divisional Round, stopping Patrick Mahomes, how teams can get overhyped for the playoffs, and what he learned as a young NFL Coach that other young coaches need to watch out for (52:05 - 76:57). Segments include way to stay relevant baseball for Kyler Murray, Mike Greenberg's Dumb Rules, and Hank has an AMAZING Drunk Idea that will make us insanely rich. 

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On today's party might take. We recap the divisional round of the NFL playoffs. We have Eric Man, Genie, former coach of the browns and the jets talking about the patriots. I took my homes, what it's like to be a young coach in the NFL, some fun stuff with him. We also these two minutes, and here
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We start in snowy arrowhead, where frosty the red men was a jolly happy. So, with a walrus, stash and put on fleet and a utility pill to support his roles. Davy Williams, each Macy shamelessly carved up the colts defence and left a registry across the field like he had put them in a wood chipper. They are starting to question out abilities accuracy as use only able to complete a single doin on a crucial second quarter. Fearful trying doctoral in MID lacked heart and Andrew Luck was reminded we're not any data plus anymore Toto, worried sick. Let's finish with a post game, but our friend patch pockets, that was an old timer Pharaoh I grant was putting loud and that's the way that we, like I gotta, take man of olive oil is kind just like this to captain Andrew look here. Rebel soldier put liberal college. Professor Patty Mahomet, the pacifist, similar pick apartment, destroys our capitularies actually recorded TAT with Andrew during our postal Shake group report repute through a box virtual goop recruiter, pure void, Backside Rupert, tempt same seeds for medium sized packet, no worries I've got a long list of off Susan reading them to pull back for you thanks, Patrick Chief thirty one cold start take Colosseum, we go where P J Anderson was something up. All the arts as chair return, your head and coughed had the cowboys by the pulse. Light inventor ass was more like the milk quota than the Wolf water because he spent all game on its back getting run over by colleagues my neck, like TAT, while Collins Wit to sack going came down to a key factor in the fourth quarter and the cow points closer chaff, pave plus local, comparable, noted cowboy sperm approach. Aims will soon and grants lock repulse game fishing it up with his man, person who says I lay doesn't have any real France ramp. Sorry cobblers, twenty two in Fox borough, where the San Diego so jars, squared off with a new England Patriots in what would surely be a classic boom. Did you see the game? The patriots road there little Sony as Michel, Rainbow dash to a hundred and twenty nine yards Oedipus wrecked perk had once again was a real mother fucker for the opposing deeper, actually Stag kisser when returning, but the patriots Boom and Julian Ed, Ed and Edel men was extremely animated. With nine catches at one hundred, fifty one yards are gonna watch actual someday. Now it's your turn to cry. Santiago, Crimea. Rivers couldn't find just in Berlin Jackson in the Enzo. Stop me if you heard this before put Carmelo Anthony Lynn choked in the play off as GOSH on. Rather these defects, Dogtown all came patriots. Forty one said the girl so put arduous twenty eight when we finish in the big, easy or our strong, Jeffrey Pesos lost his chance. A ring and the saints are still alive, girl, Michael Thomas Jefferson, so we nine in receiver and lead the saints to force coarse and twenty points, proving that there is nothing to fear but fear itself. Also a slight route across the middle of old Nick Fulsome present prose who Johnny Cash in the soft season. This game left them so lonesome he could cry somewhat Macro palace quarterback was actually playing with a small one window. Looked upon us gorgeous track you from the fact that the golden Tate Warriors Blue fourteen, nothing Lee kick him off the towards the eagles aren't going home happy since twenty people, sporting rights fell. Divisional round has wrapped up first in seconds or in your championship, Games Committee get right. They got a dead on well now. I still think George could orgy. Could it does make it? You know they could give the patriots run for their money, so it was in every home team held serve. We have, I think, before we
million times will say it again different team in the dome? Also, essentially now we have to sit like nipples done in Philadelphia right, yeah he's got to be done. I actually have a theory about. What's going to happen, okay, I think that I think Belichick's going to grab Foles really This goes to New England, Tom and are the Nick Fools wins another Superbowl in New England and go to the hall of Fame as a new England patriots. Yes, I feel like Nick Foles is destined to end up on a team. Like I don't know the jaguars, or maybe the Broncos
and then John Peyton, which I love, because this is now like to play off. This is the season of office is also the season of coaches. Taking a lot arrest, some good some bad, we'll get the Shah Mcveigh rest. It made no sense, but it feels like coaches are finally getting to point. Even any reads: going forward on foot down tat like guys are saying hey: maybe we shouldn't just put the ball every time that we get a fourth. In short, there was another big momentum shifter and in the first half when there's a penalty holding penalty that the but I think the eagles accepted and they should have declined it yet if they need support, was out on the pie was on the planet located? Yes, yes, they gather what or yet what hunting there came up. Yet you got it that that was a born headed play by Peter Component decision on his part, but I still think like the magic ran out and the second have no matter what, like
like seven or eight guys in your secondary, oh man, any aid like put a band aid on self, but eventually it's like YE gods earns like bad players at Opel, very very gradually entry art so wait. So I was a moment, but here is a bad omen, he's a bad moment. I think you can play on Sunday, so Brill my Mormon church, I so next up, we have de chargers patrons p. If these in a suit I'm wearing a suit, I feel good. It's like look great yeah. Look on look good, feel good, feel good, pod casket. So to back up we last Monday we had a bet between p of tea and Hank. If the Patriots law
risk and get all use risking his entire was worse than a pink egg. Let me ask me with a half a pinky versus Hake without a beer or no question, I would definitely do they have heard people say actually better without model set out your mom. Would you have? I just have waited mirrors for the rest the month now out of it, I should look in four to know. You can still do than there might know. I mean I know you weren't, because someone asked after like will you ever shave again, you know it fuck now. Never again, I will die I feel good wear a suit like people. Look at me like this. Guy has a job, so I'm not really yeah. So the other part of the bet was if the chargers lose Pft has to wear a full suit. With shoes he's got to put on the wingtip shoes you got. To put it all together for the rest of them
I never really like to begin on the weekend. I never like jumps R J work. Is it felt like you guys we're appropriating my culture, which is wearing swept over time so like MIKE, my culture is not your costume, but you guys do you. I m sure I m sure you like I'm just happy that you finally r r r wearing a suit, because this is actually for four people- have listened to the show since the beginning. This is actually a bet that you just completely.
Squirmed out of, and it is your sorry through again say sorry for so. Finally, we have you suit in January, and I still can't believe you been kids the patriots in the world as less breed all full circle to the game. You bet against Tom Brady Bilbil check in fighting and yes, Hank didn't give me any points, but I feel, like the odds like I feel, like the punishments kind of took the place of of younger you, nothing worse and Hank Jacqueline sideways fires going straight up any man. I would not wish it on my worst enemy to have Hank space and after sheep know whom, my god I would just now, you're gonna get out of here. You really prove Phd, Rob, doubled God. They're just do can do that workers so that the patriots dominated. I still don't understand for the life of me, how any team- and we talk Earthmen Genie about this in a minute, but how any team could go in a fox from umbilical, less pleasant defence against Tom Brady and hope it works ass. I could
six of apartheid petulant. Essentially there their gambling on the fact that Tom Brady will have his least accurate, passing they ever James White Cost caught fifteen passes he's a running back. He literally just would like it not if nothing out there. The guy coming back field is always open and it was surgical right and I dont know what to make of failure. Like is fill rivers now we have to say he's a choking. No, we can say that we do. We can say that I do. I love him, but a gracious to peat calm down, I think for work in this game. We got some good vintage feel gifts. At least he thrust
from the most hilarious oily shaking kicking his feet. My favorite plain for plans. I'm TAT fire guys among the moulding the full back dive to second place. My new favorite play in all football is Philip Rivers getting a snap after the play, clock expires and they call delay game in him. Do nothing. We're does like a shovel pass into the ground out of operation of the Alps as hard as Canada and a stops like someone underneath his apartment is making too much. Nor yes and then he just throws the ball as hard as we can in the ground, and it puts his hands up and yells at every did a party he did a couple thick kicks to adjust, kicking the air they had used kitty kicks as imaginary. Had he's a good he's like Lou Panella back in the day I rose has taken exodus, kickin dirt over home plate. It's got a sock began over is now he's he's got some years left pot sturdy seven and I dont want to call me choker when, for they looked good. I don't
I know what to make of it. I feel sad, I'm sad fulfil rivers and he has always eight children to go home to the whole thing is that ninety nine children such and such I am sure, is much more efficient, then as well written and is what yeah, if they, Philip Rivers and Philip Rivers, did the thing that Tom Raiders were kisses. Is children like on the lips? It would take em will first while yet you have motto in no time drawn up by the numbers game or taken like a full day. He just be making out with these things out that, though, if you have, if you have the Sunday scares at any point in the next couple weeks, think about the Sunday series of being on a play offer on being on a magical, twelve enforced season. Wherever one says, awful rivers dark horse, envy p then losing getting the shit out of you and haven't you go back to nine kits because you know his wife was like ominous
I'm gonna. Let filled do filter and season because having a great year the minute he shows up to his house, he walks in the front door. She pry handsome likes half dozen babies. I really do mean a half dozen babies, sampling, chores, Ohio, yeah, yeah, yeah, emotional out the trash and watch the kits yeah. Now, that's that's bad feeling for him, but I did think of the charges had a chance to patriots. Look really really good. They do the thing to do every year with just turn it on the policies and they get us they flipped switching to the sea, which has been flipped. You can't beat the patriots if you get severely out. Coached sounds like this not rocket science, but he really all that in that's. I hope like really got out coach like I'm a maximum love, his defence steadily, so yea often look decorator. I thought the Durban be added after that. First, Dr Weir, through touch on past, shows like maybe we have a game who turns out. We absolutely did not have any sort of a game whatsoever. I think I withdrew about Brady heck o, can't you think the Brady just wants to keep playing so that he can tie Lebron. James is number of championship, losses is unclear,
I can't city has New England socks.
It's ok, it's gonna be like a photo snow wallet. need to have someone creative twitter account or some some common national. Maybe it hits our phones that wasn't a snow game.
you say the is that Greece, anatomy is christian, gray finishes grades honey, I'm cars that Roger you like me, is a boss and then work reading, so that game any red I shall hand up. I bought it on the colts. I was an idiot. They looking back on it. That was one of the dumbest. Things have ever thought because if you actually look at who the court's played this year, they played no one down that stretch where they were a million given warlike nine in one giant inflation wanted out I'm an idiot for foreign buying into. I think why did I think they had the lowest strengths as scheduled, entirely grow less wrecked, and it was one of those things were as soon as a game. Sorted, oh yeah, Patrick HOMES, really fuckin good, untiring he'll Terry kill
so basically day after cream. Honda kicked off that seem to like weirdos Spencer, where cause he's too soon casual because he's big and any strong, so they gave the boss, but we're like three times that gathers guy looks like he's running through quicksand and then there I will go to our third spring ass. If he's any good terms, it is great I gotta go, I think, he's gonna, be that's Pfc break out star next year, by the way we forgot to mention vehicle the you know it. As you have a death. You have a birth like one door opens another one. shortstop yeah hammered out. Zulu Antonio gets played play basketball. It's like every time. He throws the ball side arm underhand whatever
big white space, its weight. You back here, wait, don't you think it should at least have some writing on its way? No it out. You know I don't like about what It covers ears, a lot like you're at home. Do try to listen to the radio that that's, U Journalism, any red clay cock and he puts both hands on his ear holes in it looks like he's screaming. Like he's going, he looks like that painting the scream. Oh, my you just going insane in that's, put NIT picking patch were homes who have better here. Essentially, a rookie is gonna win and bp and might win the Superbowl Ganny did taking an active role at a trading card through watermelon. He so goddamn, good, eight. So my staff of the day, so I have two the first on his from worn, sharp at sharp football could fall football fans, so fine rankings on season on early down success rate, one saints to ram
three chiefs for patriots. The best way to not get to third down earn the best way to avoid third long, as it is never get to third down. That's what these guy that, basically, that's it then you'll never get to throw down. They just kick your ass on first and second down, and you don't have to worry about certain, so Nathan, pyramids barely pretty because he was thrown interception on second thought through never gets a third Dounia team never gets a third down Sabre metrics. Out of my other stat patch of homes was the first quarterback ever drafted from the big twelve twenty laughing. I love it
said the sun asked me I wish I am. I wish I'd known that step before he one today, so that we could run with a narrative. Yes, so now it's a little bit its little wonky, because it's not counting for, like the big eight, which became the big twelve, so Cordell Stuart Political Colorado in, like the guy. You don't mean so that with conference rely me over the south western conference yeah. That's all we are suddenly treatment pleaded Oklahoma them play little useless, and not none of that stuff. But there is, I think it's a it goes back to like the mid nineties such were homes brace, petty GINO Smith, Landry Jones Memoranda, rather orphan now, tough.
it'll be a bust who would ever say that right and what yellow it would seem that Munasa just remember he is statistically broken all animals- now now officially as being a good, a successful big. Twelve quoting such an outline were right. Like your exact, it's like the Patriots, Ling predicting the patriots are gonna, lose you predicted the big twelve quarterbacks. We're gonna keeps thinking, guess what you are wrong wants a new right twenty other times. What, statistically, that you were in the right to make that clear, corona good evidence, yes surrounding it all feel bad. Ok, again, I don't know who anybody out. There might have done that air safety wasn't be good, but if you were now you back it up with some facts: here's my fun Saturday, ok, the saints had an eighteen play. Ninety two yard, twelve down drive that took eleven minutes and twenty nine seconds off the clock Yossi over. That is absolutely smash, yard. The longest scoring drive in a play off since the murder will they had ever seen comptes him he'll came in. He just stay have a successful plaything, gonna penalty that certain
they had five plays that were a good place and there's like not visited by the way in in the patriots game. Did I see a player on the patriots intentionally commit a false start, so they could get a new game or so that they could have the clock run. there was something weird that happened There is some monkey business that that only Belgic knows about we're angle. We added some like that. Any more That's what he had an extra like twelve yea organised on the field manipulate yeah and debate a few years ago, but no one. Can I enjoy giant print? I ask pardon my take. We agree on everything
How many Superbowl losses to paint many have I'm right just one year how many, as thirty, have always to noise? oh yeah, he has to say yes to oh yeah, Seahawks yeah. I forgot about those who will be the way to New York and and it was over. He was over when it started. Safety first place. That's right, those greatest proper so that how made his breath the altitude specifying how goes it ramps. Jeered Gough has wheels that's what I wrote down
at the EU was loose little thick. He came right after trail. They did have like Bell. MIKE Bell was it might bill? Damn look it up the running back. every Broncos running back my way home in the system is like one cut yeah MIKE Bell, who, if I was my Shanahan, I would just remind myself and and just like play up the fact that I had like get a working relationship of cash in hand, some of these new office of gurus. How do the creed brightening just dire her jet black? Yes, so like hey guys, what's with the hey I'm one of these new, I could show Mcveigh he's actually dont from my Shanahan, everybody that sprouts from Schonberg Vase coaching tree is technically from my Shanahan coaching. True true true. I just looked up the den.
press, lady at the bar next week. I will I so cowboys rams. Gough has Wheels Shaw, Mcveigh, a madman, and I say that because he went forth on forth and goal when a feel goal would have put them up to scores and it had never been done. I have to ask you this: if the rams, when super, will that start the Super dvd. banana hammock. So I'm happy for Jared off because he played a great game and in front of the programme a little sad that we didn't have shown Mcveigh. They give the if the rampant
if you really want to hire Shah Mcveigh disciple would have been asked yes, so it would have been incredible. Just like our one game can decide everything. I still don't understand how,
back, I don't know- I think it's kinda, like next Monday's among today, announced today and which are on the seas, and so I think I might get into big where the watch it watch it. I would cite here and why in a perfect world might want to be with you think about it as just like hard knocks for dealers celebrities. Ok, guarantee regains laughs. I don't make me think hard. I guarantee you old, yellow halves, believes we're pistols were so far away from week. One.
back is bleak Griffin,
miles back the week. Is our records? Ok, some sure! U s! All this, but a picture. blocking the most likes on instagram history? It's an egg, a gang hash
you weren't real urgencies entering you went backwards.
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Surprises me when they struggle at different points, because knowing how hard they work there and the approach to be taken may experience between bill and and the way that they are able to just compound the reps. It's it's hard. I met her of her up ahead coaches. This is the first time with top experience are going into the environment and trying to do thought bill in time and then, rather than all staff, yet Dantes vernacular Josh Mcdaniel, there's a lot of years built up my group. Ok, So I urge all off that I have another question about back in I dont understand any team that thinks it can
why is own always fails? It gets patriots and what kind of defence can beat patriots the problem they they tried to. Do The sooner they were known, a couple variations early, the thing with different, but allowed a quarter. Rice, charisma, selfish. She doesn't care about, gonna, throw you the ball and he just sit there any assessment of the defence and security, and then so would I
have absolutely zero chance carried out using a Catholic, go to the right place and it's gonna be patient. After the do it five six seven eight times in a row, it till you decide to change it to me that the best way to attack this is given haven't seen, they haven't prepared for they have to deal with you knew that they're gonna go in a locker room, get it figured out, so you had to have a second, If you want to have any type of shot, and also by half time, they'll have figured out all of your signals. The stuff Gazelle go have a time to review the tape, so you can change it up at the half do Two coaches actually site themselves out. Do they look over there things do think when they're going to like in environment, like this coach,
coaching in the play off for the first time going into Fox Bureau. It's called you use a whether in a way I get are other things that you think coaches get too far into their own hands about yea. You know you can do that. I think sometimes go into Fox Earl and that this would happen all the time were they were kind of caught up in the mystique they. You knew that you had an edge Adam early because of the way you had done successfully had had an there's a little bit of that element of of having an end. that happens coat his lamp wares and you gotta spent time, trying to bring guys down in and get them operator. Level, but they ve been operating together to appoint cause. You can be ass if by the end of the first half, because so much emotion adrenaline and all things are going to play off and why
on the other side of that match up the fc, you got two, the patriots going to Arrowhead I've been times where Pappa homes his look human. This year, Legate in like little moments like I think, the first, against the Broncos was at the game. Worry he I've Monday night, yeah did look great he's had some bad quarters about halves. If your game planning to stop Patrick MA homes, is the first thing you would look to do or the other. I'm you look, human was against New England. He threw the topics in the first half their down it was like twenty for them. I may there three feel both my first up and the plane much better and that in the second half with wooden homes, that that defence is based on timing and spacing see you ve gotta get up and you ve got to disrupt the time you ve got swept the spacing of, though
I perceived you songs about the colson- do do good, very good job that that's the first time. The second thing is you ve gotta keep him the pocket. You have got to keep him in the park. And not, let him extend those plays because they've got guys can make huge, plays an unbroken place that be the second thing The thing is is given looks at haven't seen, given some things in that area. Quarterback he's. Gotta he's got a process so decide. having moving around making it look like something that he seen a bunch and standing in this So yes, we and forcing him to make peace lab decisions, because everything that he'll do Hilton. to give you an opportunity to win the game. We recall us quarterback Something happened guys because they're gonna makes up and happen either for you or or them so public, just
like that. I like, I, have a dumb question. Hopefully you could help me out with this. The Dallas cowboys completely obliterated the Seattle Seahawks Run game a week ago. Then they go to away and It could have been more night and day the rams, gash them for yards all night, long with Todd, girly and Seizure Anderson. How does it happen week to week Zat just simply going on the road of the rams or more physical. Like will explain to me how that can just be so drastically different where a defence look so good one week and so bad the next euro, how boy I'm running on a for for a while they started there there. This is a player A mantra like secular eight weeks ago some so they were pretty tired by time together to this game, but all that being said, it is equally match ups
in terms of how your o line matches up against the d line, the scheme, some teams are zone scheme teams with a big double teams. On the first level, DR guys often create holds that way. Other teams are our gap crap. pulling appalling and angles and indifferent defenses react that stuff radically different times and then I think that the problem with the rams, is it see day Anderson whose one styled downhill, and then you get girly who can get here is an end goal for four hundred and fifty or hit it up inside out. Also, you got to deal with the passing game, so you may. plain white boxes, you're, not thinking that the rams are going to come out and run the ball thirty plus times, you're. Thinking that you got to stop the pass, it got to have seven in the box that he can keep people back deep and then you don't have the numbers and by the time you you you,
That is a little too late. That's actually bring up the adrenaline and in playing like it's the playoffs for the last year of run of the season, because I feel like that kind of happened to the Eagles today, where they basically then in play off mode for a month they come out, they punch. There were the saints in the face and then once the saints come have figured out where they were the Eagles didn't do anything for the rest. The game is that, like is at a situation where you see a team, they can almost run out a gas. I dont want to say they re, not a gas, but it feels like that. What are you or the motion then came the players to me, because we want our first of all. Knowing when the next year we get back out the play, and we were nine. Seven too. We needed the jets. Amanda. Winning the last week, the season we all ended in tie just went to the playoffs, but we want to that same sort of progressing the eagles. we're we're good. Initially, then we weren't very good, and then, by the end of the season we had it figured out, and I really thought if we got in a play
So here we have a chance to win it and that's how the Eagles fell to me this year. I think I think that with this game, you know saints I get the shown the guys are to one and fifty thousand dollars more animal body, trooping all those things, but that can be felt like you are looking pass. The eagle young and adage, like I said look I get it. You want to motivate your guys with the ultimate goal is, but you can't get to that until you beat philly- and you know the last game was at forty thousand eight hundred and twenty seven. I don't think they thought this game was going to be very difficult. New Orleans didn't Philly came out totally shot them and then New Orleans realized okay, we got a problem and then Billy change while things up in our defensively last time they devil team. Michael listen tomorrow and it caused issues from a fit perspective. It caused disease from occurring.
The case perspective. They didn't do that and Thomas everywhere, you nobody finish up with a hundred and seventy receiving so it I don't. I don't think they ran out of gases. Watches about your new realise by this. Is this vacuum? so sticking with that game. If you're, the general manager of the eagles going next year. Is there a case to be made for sticking false care that that's hard, because this is a body of work? Therefore have ever starter that's my very good and when he was with any red who wrote it drafted a men and they moved on. So, with the question is: Yea situational guy is real. I got five game. Guys opposed were starter. It's you see
what he's done this present situation like yeah? Of course he should be the guy, and then you take a step back and look at what he's done historically and you wonder which which player you're really getting, and they got a young quarterback that they invested a lot into an and feel I have a much higher upside, although nobody knows when the boy ass? Nobody noticed he can win in pressure mobs right, but you you ve, got a good problem and also at the very top decision they suffer kind of cookies. Patterns? How much would you give for Carson whence right now, good question family? I'm sending mark again later. You treat you have your training for well, who, like where, where am I say you ten hours yet back in Cleveland, I pray would have given quite a bit in October. Quarterback said we want to do
there were three complete, and so they have a guy with car when sounded pretty exciting, but though the market is gonna, be set right after the draft here, what's everybody goes through who they take what they see on there There are other roster them injuries yoga. Major in training cabinets Gallagher, either guide to rebuild guy, ah move have to play off real quick for a second, you but the change in the NFL in terms of all so minded, and it seems like a lot of teens or saying we're at a higher guy who, basically just what his job is as a head coach now is to just get the best out of our quarterback, our big, our most important asset. Do you see
this trend continuing in the NFL, or do you think it's going to be kind of regression to the mean or some of these guys, maybe don't succeed, the way that Sean Mcvay has or even Matt Nagy or some of these guys who have gotten the most out of their quarterbacks? I think it's, I think it's a cyclical. It's like pies things come back in fashion, go out of fashion. You know what I was harder. Thirty, four mentally. the two jobs or are there, but you guys They were all young guys that get hired on that same period than cycle back and when older. Imagine that but this will be the same thing. Everybody's trying to traffic I became men and catch under this trend, but the Mena Coaches our being. I quoted it at a young age is really hard as well and which, on the grave damage,
an impressive, but it's not easy, yeah yeah his can be look we're trying to build up Erasmus little behind and get some buzz around gonna get interpreted, I'm good at it. There I found what about a walk. Run league at different points saw him in Washington, Walter you're Wikipedia page. So I have it that some of our yeah honestly- yes, oh yeah, sure so I have another question on that because I'm not I'm not a guy who says you know the league is change forever. I think I, like you, said a sickly call. I think there's been an evolution of the game clearly its different than ten years ago. The lot more passing, but the one thing all euro, saying defence still matters in January, but then you look and
as defences in the tournament are now in Chicago Dallas. Houston Andy was even playing good deviants, even though they have a super strong schedule. So now I'm starting to think. Maybe this is the league. Now, like what you know how to play defence. You gotta have a good, a great quarterback, a couple defensive play makers and just get out there. Why don't, I think, a lot of effort with great quarterback you look at. The rams how'd they when they one primarily running the ball. I mean nobody. Nobody would have thought that Baltimore defended play off because they ran the ball really effectively in the quarterback and what he thirteen fourteen Passover. Whatever was so, they bears defence In writing. The boys is still a big part of this and the saints I've played good defence for while fillies deepens got much better and when you look at the Kansas City game that as good as
homes was cancelled, depend so much better than anybody expected. So maybe the answer is be shitty on defence all year and they just hope. Events turns into the two thousand six called yeah like overnight, that value reformers Surely the Bulgaria and really good at the anti here right here? But if it does, it does scare me, as a guy, loves defence seeing Dallas parts. What good it has very good secondary, obviously aren't Donalds, probably the best pure football player when you look at arrives depressing data, but you guys are our big money, guys that are guys that late in a season,
probably won't play very hard because that's not they knew they were in the past, ass, they knew their position is pretty much locked up and those guys are making. A huge amount of money and then they're they're not differ personalities and then traditionally have been used to coaching, and you know I think they they shut it down. For you know, for five weeks, but now you're going to get their best, everybody Can it give their best lack of IRAN's or better defensively? Then they play laying a witch for remaining defenses, you think, as it is the strongest god in I would say in New Orleans pride deep, asking specialty Eric Group is better than no two like their combination of events but visa the corners struggle. No New England always intersect eventually, because then they can do so many different things and I think that
the unique thing about New England vs everybody else. You hear game plan, specific or game plan, specific yeah- that's that's true guys will take, plays out of their playbook for that game. New England will change everything for game to me. That's truly game plan specific, I think that's what makes their defence bright, most unique group. I want to jump at real quick. Your talk about some of these young people forget that at the time you were hired weren't you that, were you, the youngest coach in history, the Unifil up there, like maybe top three tat tube, what was and what was one thing that that, like surprise, you about the job that you wish you had known going into it, at such a young age, because we're seeing a bunch of these young guys get higher now they probably have a lot of like blind spots. Oh my god, do when you become a cause, you got lives, but no matter how old you are like electric banjo is an older guy and he's going to have black spots, because things come up that you never
ever start your head deal with for me the media I done one press conference in New England issued before was mandatory and, like the middle, love of August when they're about six people at the press conference and then barely anybody asked the question and then I got a New York and is your twenty five camera the back of the room and there's a hundred people in the room and having to deal with with that aspect of it what was heart? It was really art and then, when you that young you ve gotta, you ve gotta, establish legitimacy in the building and guys have to see is that you actually can put him in a position to win, and otherwise it's nice a job where you gonna lose. You gonna lose the building pretty quickly
yeah. I saw the old control the story for the story. Controls yielded till. I got Jim Tom Sola yeah, that's right wing Harding that Prescott Verde. I referred a press conference, I did. I ever increase. We yes area, it was, I mean, come on, you have you have eyes you my brain. You heard it like. It was a hard is Jim talks or that's funny, guy you know you you coastal coach Tom saw. I won't. I work with them. Didn't give us great. I didn't. I never actually represent our Let's take a look at it now I did not. I did not do that. Approach covers fortune What did you say that you lived with Jim no work workers now I was not tat. So many questions what we hear, what we were still Prescott, Verbose, linked, a worse press conference Answer- or I don't know- maybe it wasn't a specific answer, but I further Chad Pennington out is awkward.
Yeah right, I said it during trade with drastic Cowan Clemens. you're back controversy is following in line with every other position, and I became a story for the next month. have ended the press coverage. It would mean a lot about ethical,
I guess that a long term anything tincture yeah. My last question is seeking question: put him promo code take he gets ten dollars after seeking purchase, so it actually was the twentieth anniversary of the sopranos coming out, I think was Well, I spent some time were games, gamble, Fini and actually the script was written where We can't have you and I be friends. You'll take a lot of heat for that. My thought. Why would I ever take you?
people are magnetism sopranos in general, because I do not like had broken some for a code with Amartya really bad. Adele, Adam lot of feedback, generational gangsters and thirty, you assume, if a tv show ever everybody, we would get that, but I he he was great. I met by most of the other group that was in that scene, but James The big jets fan and he's come the games and bring a son and Sinner Box a lot of times so yeah the great Craig there would a great storyline to have his like you like, linked up
tony soprano, your shaven points left and right and he's got thou be like an awesome season. They should have done that now, with the outer ever explained of loss of late my third year, yeah, exactly anchorages, spawn all your losses into just cycle of part of the show. Here's your ears, That is an actual football question. I think the post of snow lot in Kansas City, if you're a defence corner near like installing a new game plan, is anything specific that you do knowing that there's gonna be a significant matter, so look I'll, I loved smell Debbie coach, a defensive coordinator Snow range sweet, anything that to slow down the track, and especially if, if their players are faster than your players, when we beat Oakland than in other tuck dame about was at home, My birthday in it snowed all day and was there was the best. It was the task as it should.
about making anticipated? You really get to work with the guys, I'm amatory cleats. Have you whether a week they'll be outside practicing but its understanding the footing? And then he spent a lot of time. Talking about the wind,
there. You should do that. Just like hey quota of you can grass and just see he's do that after every big wanted just see. If, however, ever respond to adults, thank you so much prescience. It hope we see assume that the comments you have a great wonder that interview with managing it was brought to you by post mates other than Europe.
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onto the AIDS and said me fifteen million dollars, or else I will play football. I love is awesome. I love a move and here's where that way to stay relevant baseball comes in baseball, so Bonus was raised. Sources tell European to do so.
everyone laughs at the transfer portal, which is awesome name, I love that name. Baseball should just come up with their own version would like to just give give free agency give these like, like supplemental draft all the most boring parts about your game, just give him cool names, I can transfer portal and people start paying attention to. I agree, and it's just I mean because peace Policy- caused need someone like this removed hardware million times based what does have like a star problem will, like a perfectly average per capita, the average eight player, but it also shows- and I'm busy a baseball because I do love baseball, but the NFL stoking the NFL still calls all the shots and its dad. The baseball basically asked to be like you know what will break all the rules Jesse, you can complex. I still think you're, probably scrutiny and felt right if well yet, probably, if you like a grumpy older plants been stuck in Like AAA Baseball, would you be pissed off if he got like it?
special contract that you were never allowed to get. Roblee. Put it comes down to one simple fact: being the quarterback on an NFL team, is the coolest thing you can do in sports like it is it just. Is it's always going to be the coolest thing? It's always going to be the person. You know the top of the mountain in terms of position. Sport, you name it quarterback NFL will always Trump US everything else. I'm ready for the takes, though, I'm ready for the backlash takes. Like that, John away would never do something like this rights takes right, exactly what one ran upstairs. I find interesting area where I saw this, but it said since the F, gonna, foul merger, nineteen, seventy there have been a hundred seven Kubi select and the frog had draft Heres a list the ones that are shorter than six veto. Oh zero, ok! So that doesn't mean anything just as you weren't selected, I just Their customary might not be worth all the money that he thinks he's worth and then fell
Will everyone in a military as good in the interval as people, think he is he's, not everyone or military right now, when I drafted or how much he wasn't first round office now used around he's like five eleven ok eyes on and how Simon ivories five nine to restate Isaac. Five eleven is your blessing. He might be six feet, but that kind of that right now we might counterpoint. Two guys once you're born last decade or be a decade. juries listed at six feet. Semi these not one. Eighty five, ten, probably don't listen! It's all about the windows. You I'm gonna, find the passing windows yet had the home zone windows had alms, makes windows all time yeah just you know what they do. Is they just get a team with shorter, often of one year ago? It's this is a rocket. Science is right. You just get a little person quarterback and throw the ball in between the office lime. His legs tat works to it does work. Hank. Are you hide shaming? I would like to make the I'll just interesting. I find it interesting that arms they haven't been
What are you saying that he is not going to draft and first wrong? I think he will be either you. I wish you wouldn't do it. If you ve got me, that's a guaranteed money, but just watching ok, Some of us here with their sensitive butter, Hyaena also wearing full suits. Not since about that, in fact, I think, would you look? I've got an idea. Let s excellent. If I like you, gotta go yeah yeah article six, one because people be like. No, are you not six one with the goats and you I can over six feet we don't now acting like you got me, I'm sure say. I think we're in a suit makes me a little whatever Yeah yeah pride dug a passport right now in Europe, once I might want. I'm actually hung on a rim like attend for room and eight.
I had no idea how I got up there. I just like holding it. I was look knows a cow though there are indeed that is. The latter felt no. The latter far right over. I n and I've never been able to like Robert I'm ever since, and I for about half a ceremony, my body clicked continental, slightly altered yeah. It's guess. I got rooms. those eyes, Jim ok, but I the government was ill. Temper wrote because I've been. I try to do it again, because my friends, like how'd, you get up there and I was gonna. Try it again. I can make it I'd my what, at the age of seventeen and a quarter right so MIKE Rivers, when we have from a green Breeks rosy. I listen. I'm kind of squatting on this take account as new rule, that's kind of flown under the radar college basketball. This here they're calling but the arm hook rule gap so on it on a rebound possesses. College Mashable needs is more ways to get guys fouled out. Yet what we need is more ways to get stars followed out
and also more things that are subject to replay review? Oh by the way it happens, both of em turns out the on the way to be do or come close to being, Ducas poke sign and the I will come back in a game. Little soft very saw soft tank. I want him where goggles think it. I think goggles make a good look on and I put myself in the eye the other day and I still came the work we still too late, we storms I'd watch television on a couch. I did everything. Some people are actually saying they played better without zine on on, for how many people are saying that these he's Bali, it off So what was this role is, if you hook someone's arm when you're going up for rebound yeah, that's a flagrant fauna and its objective replay review its like the soft. It's like barely than a foul great, more review. Yes, exactly from saying it's too, and in one stone you fell out star players and you get like war
it's a clock stoppages with three referees gathered around twelve and monitor trying to ex wife on the side and finances God. Thank God that I watched college must offer. The fundamentals, though, beget otherwise I'd be foxy, as I do with my gimme problem So in I'm pretty, I guess this is like to kill you in a cruel. You just call anything the Khalil Integral the didn't o produced. Oh, what would I do squatting undertake? Yet what squat on the stake? it's only off what people relating to such terrible people realise how bad this rule is. It's gonna be
the Supreme Court, like he always does giant vows our changed for in his favour. Yes, he only have otherwise it will be a real shame if it negatively affected Duke Indeterminate, while they're not gonna, lose it be a very real. She doesn't really matter there, no one's being, I'm writing in them. A funnel behind the scenes on Saturday. Big cat can can talk about the Textron. We assure us that this will have on big texted Hank, like I'm so sorry about dukes loss with like a second left in the game. Well, when I text that it was no, no, it elite called they called it ever use ball inside. I got myself my text it before the reply and there was a hundred and twenty five minute replay. Him then Duke had a wide open, shot area in which so fuck, Duke whatever coach, Kate sheets. Everyone knows it. Hank, you're, drunk idea, police, Ok, this happen more eggs hold on
heads excited about this and objects I did now because, thanks I mean you know a drunk ideas weight. Is it all right in that at a few few glass of she should dinner? Ah little bit a hot level, the colored Amish red, ok MRS Scallon. Recently I looked at leaf sallies. What is hotly? wanna watch? You say we did what cannabis EU funds you smoke that bone. I was in my bathroom. we have two might learn nightly duties in a kind of came to me. Both these things. they look the same basically the same packaging. Combined with this is going, Nyc will listerine. Yes, so tat, I may we hold the hotel I'll go and yes, you can swallow literary Hank. This is actually you need. Ok, let's go one further, though we you need the day you need.
day cool Listerine for the morning and the knight will the stream for night- and I think, you're gonna, like a combined, take, will make one bottle. You have your daddy arms around. Here was just call your day: drink and you're nitrate, that's perfect cake only way, Mr Coil. This dream. why do you use our listerine before you go to bed? When you mean teeth. I mean I did you and I'm wondering why we ve all been programmes reduce our host to uncle don't ask questions. Just do it again: they look exactly the same, get sick, the same packaging, basically yeah. They are both bottles yeah. so some you did it man, you did it. I'm probably Damon Joiner, IRAN or any of our other entrepreneurial listeners are out there like. Let's make us, how do you fuck around
was equal, though you will such a thing had there. I don't love and I love owes its ears. I called Quillan quite clear, and I am all about you know you just right you when you ride the boys late at night as we do target off the ball. Sometimes it absolutely is urges ridable, always as equal, actually Dat's Hank. Now we're talking it
we'll catalogue our experience on arrowed together, Fucker o Thou website week. You wait hold on at a wild one holder I spit out with you don't you should have a lot of it, but go ahead! I'll kill you! You could small anything through yeah message. No, so little collar daddy. You can't swallow this. I've swallowed gasoline before us for real
It comes out really fast, some bag. Thorpe switch back
where you passed,