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2018-01-04 | 🔗

Wild Card Weekend is here and we're excited for some playoff football. Andy Reid in cold weather, Jacksonville is limiting table sales, and we're still waiting for the Falcons to put it all together (2:20 - 15:32). Former Browns and Jets Head Coach Eric Mangini joins the show to talk about the playoffs, what he learned from his life in the NFL, and how dieting with Rob Ryan isn't always easy (15:32 - 60:16). Segments include a "Sheeeeeesh" update, Put one in his earhole Josh Rosen, PR 101 Rich Rodriguez, Humans vs the Sun, and we do our New Years Resolutions for 201678

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on today's part of my take we have the man genius former jets and browns head coach eric mangini comes in studio for a great interview about all things football with wild card weekend preview some good segments and our new year's resolutions both ours and our listeners at the end of the show before we get to all of that we have a brand new sponsor called taylor t a y l o r d listen this tagline ready for this hit me created by regular guys for regular guys finally
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number the fifth of june remember remember the fifth of january yes alright three hundred and twenty one twenty november 36th what's is that summer it was november 36th tomorrow december december thirty november i forgot to somehow forgot december november four hundred and fifty six welcome to part my take presented by seatgeek did you hear that we have a presenting sponsor that's great we were presenting sponsor we now presenting sponsor seatgeek we love seatgeek there on sponsor we're going to the key question all year with our interviews same promo code take ten dollars off your seek purchased a new one yeah brand is a brand new two thousand and sixteen sending sponsor we love them we use them welcome to part of my take again it is wild card week this is the second best football weekend of the year i might even say
that's because we do have the college football finals on monday i'm trying to think yeah this i mean here's the thing though i love the red zone i'll catch the red zone but there is something special about four games all not overlapping you just get to really like you get you get deep you laser yes fellows four games show up your house and give you that look what you do what are you doing i get balls deep yeah i'm i'm especially excited we've been talking about all week to jacksonville buffalo game you want to start these two teams i'm going to say i'm going to put this in the pantheon of afc n football these two fanbases don't like each other very much yeah so there's a little ticket to do today on twitter the jags accused the bills of not being able to fill their allotment which is like there's one fan
is that you shouldn't say that about it's the buffalo bills because there's like everyone in buffalo has had like a little piggy bank that they've been putting five cents in every single day for the next time the bills make the playoffs so there covered for the right for the run the jaguars tried to pull the like get you a real man that can fill you up in that stadium they yeah they picked the wrong fanbase 'cause it looks like buffalo is going to fill their lab and also the city of jacksonville banning the sale of tables people with out of state id and then limit one per person for an in state id that's bullshit is going to push it with like natural predators ship if you were going to say mister ng outside of walmart yes yeah yeah there will be shoulder tapping their shoulders yeah go back go back to high school if tables are outlawed then only outlaws will have tables so we should rather have a good guy with a table to stop a bad guy with the table think it's a problem 'cause i just assume all bills fans can be driving down to the game right right
why a t they'll be picking up tables all along the way my hot take for this game and it's your private to like it i think this game is gonna suck in so anyway well no worries go away on the water this is one of those games were like you look like both offensive lines not incognito richie is actually very very good often very good the right side of their offensive line is not good against sacksonville and the jags offensive line is not very good so no shady i feel like this is going to be one of those games we sit there and like a gross yeah it could be
did their actual good game to the weekend the saints in the pastors is gonna be awesome and then we had a week did you hear you hear what about what's going on with the same yeah this so they remove the nintendo sixty four and a ping pong and taping pong table that's an old mcdermott tracking i don't like that you got it you got to keep the routine you can't all of a sudden start saying hey you guys can't play gold my because it's the place i disagree it's a business time yeah but you want you want to keep the same like feel that you had you had a good season yes some momentum in the law
star week seventeen but should be just as focused on the regular season that will ask you anyway heck i also i think what they should do if they're going to leave the nintendo sixty four there will compromise you can have your video games it's only matter okay quarterback club okay i also my prediction for this game is kim is gonna do something that will give us headlines for at least forty eight hours because he always does whether mile yeah war just wear a goofy hat to the press conference in a loss or not show up to the press conference that's definitely gonna happen yeah if you had part which we list to you don't let's let's let's do our pixel let's start with you our picks as we go through each game so let's go bills jaguars pick we are going to keep record of these packs these are our playoff picks very important the back order betting i thank god we lose rest where suit for year okay losers where sue for your and kill debutante all right what do you guys pics for bills jaguars i guess jack's is there a line in half yeah double down then ok
it should be ten you know the jags coming back oh it is jaguars are bringing up their towel yeah wow alright so i mean i just the fact that there's going to be a playoff game in jacksonville so great and the fact that the bill actually wish they kind of split it up to see what they're doing with their their concessions down there what teal beer so we can be like blue beer and they're going to have like blue hamburger sir on my god the the on monday morning in jacksonville are going to be quite a color i feel bad for that cities septic system i'm going to go with the bills go bills plus eight one slash two so we disagree all right panthers saints were just talking about it i agree this is going to be this would be the best game of the weekend and it's these two teams not like each other also the saints him twice so i was wrong when i said that the saints last week seventeen the saints beat him twice
yeah hard to beat a team three times in fact it's impossible to be the team three times i've heard that many times very very hard to be detected times it's a football fact so i'm going to take the falcons seven points i'm sorry i'm going to take the panthers panthers i'm also going to take this guy think that's too many points even though i think the saints i actually think the saints might might be might be in the super bowl of saying well i'm taking the same so that's a quite a tick bite you well i think it's going to be available again you know i agree i think it's going to be saints and patriots in the super bowl oh ok not a limb next game the first game of the weekend the shity espn game where jon gruden is going to announce that he's now the new head coach of the oakland raiders las vegas raiders the titans versus chiefs here's why i'm excited about this game cold andy reid
or is it degrees fourteen degrees on special bundle danny reed is going to look like that kid from a christmas story that can't walk because he's just too late it up he widely he's not going to be able to reach either his utility belt or his challenge flag which is actually a great thing for andy reid to not be able to throw challenge first so that's a major advantage of the chiefs i got the chiefs easily covering nine points oh so yeah the cold andy reid aspect kind of covers up the fact that titans are terrible and i don't want to watch playoff game with them 'cause mariota like like don't know what what happened to what happened to marcus mariota he stopped making his bed that was the big thing about him coming out of college this kid makes his bed every day and every once everyone is retreating that stiff arm that he that he threw on the jaguars like ok cool nice stiff arm how about trying not to throw any interceptions on the road yet you can't do may be completed you know what i like about cold any read so much
is when the mustache starts to get a little bit of nickels and i said well you look like a little walrus and he just start orbit there's also someone in the chiefs facility who like his job is to make sure that any read is bundled up and then you know and he puts it all on he's like oh i gotta ship i have to take it all off and they got to do it all again i'm i'm very excited for yes and alex smith just else must those guys that like no matter what we can make jokes about because either he's going to be classic alex smith and we can be like wow never but this one coming alex smith throwing interceptions and sucking or he'll throw like a ball twenty five yards down the field like whoa alex smith learn how to throw deep yet when we see this coming what's nice about this game is that the chief should win it by so much that travis kelsey's asshol are e is not going to cost them the game so he's going to be he's going to be playing loose
he is going to be very very live out there is going to do some weird stuff hump in schitt and doing weird weird you're getting full concentrate of travis kelce electric slide in the end zone i like yes i'm taking the chiefs as well hank what do you got you guys but they can achieve yeah titans wow little little going against it there alright and then the last game we went kind of jumped around with the falcons and the rams ah this gonna be the game where everyone tries to tell us that la is a good sports town i like the falcons who okay look that was my second i squatted on that take did their they have yet to play their best game of the season that's true even have now who's yet you have they lose i'm gonna still go go we now go to bed on saturday typing like man the falcons can figure out a way the rams to be eliminated after they just beat him and then get back in the playoffs watch out yeah the rams have played their best football i think so for the playoffs these are all kind of phrases that you can repeat and sound really smart at your parties yeah yeah the rams
not play postseason football they play regular season football lighting up the scoreboard but as we in the playoffs you have to stop the run yep and you have to commit to the run yep and we know for a fact that the falcons learn their lesson from last year to play off today yes for fact it day for fact you sure dan quinn is not going to pass the ball ever the spaces i i i actually like the balkans as well i think i think the rams are little too banged up on the phone i think it's i think this is going to be the time of the next steve sarkisian's like hey i can actually do this i'm going to open up the playbook to one slash five yeah that's little double entendre he also he's going back to his old stomping grounds at usc maybe maybe a couple of bartenders are going to do some uh yeah he's ready to go i like it hey what do you got i love the rams going super bowl rams paths book it to write any other wild card weekend thoughts
we got that we want to throw out there and breaking moves ok i held onto this it's actually not wild card weekend but we can look ahead to divisional round week you're looking ahead looking ahead turn in the calendar we did a song that dirt on wednesday show and i think one of the lyrics was i miss chris berman when he returned and boomers coming back next weekend what boomer going to be doing sunday countdown are not some kind of skews me nfl primetime next starting the division roll around that's an excuse breaking news for part of my take faulk yes that's amazing wow pretty it's a somewhat periscope with that for me so yeah it could be a spin the views if you guys could see if you guys you see as i was here right now we're all just during like we saw god yeah it's on the amazing it just drops in now and and floated out of there yeah this is going to be incredible he's got the key
of the building so yeah it's he's going to be like fresh and feeling good and feeling good well ten i can't wait to hear was about todd gurley he's gonna forget it changes back todd gurley met that is the bad that is worthy of a look at yes so i sweet let's let's review our picks real quick before we get to our interview with eric mangini i got the chiefs the falcons the bills and the panthers i got the chiefs the south ends the panthers and the jaguar soon i got the titans the rams the jaguars and the saints wow so hanks looking to try to make some noise here early on with the where suit and kill debutante all right let's get eric mangini hey pft you feel a little sore a little bit sore and you know what i can do about that i can go get a massage i'm really excited back in this massage actually i want to talk to you guys about sued
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eric mangini i welcome on very special guest in studio it is coach eric mangini we still call you coach your fox sports analyst now so you remember the media but we're going to still call you coach so i hope that's ok not great man genius yeah that works too and i like that man genie in a bottle yeah you like the man genius that always works ok i called a lot worse dipped in new york the penguin penguin was very popular yeah that would've bernius kohl's gave me that one that was nice but it did bill parcells give you a nickname and now he didn't have one he just screamed it is yeah yeah yeah yeah he seems like he wanted to be very specific when a guy i don't even think he knows the name of his players i think he's a big numbers guys me no eighty nine now that was a buddy ryan was yeah buddy buddy never knew anyone's name just a number everyone who's mad at you he hit the
pretty happy i don't think you ever called my thing that was like in the football life mike singletary was like the moment i knew that buddy ryan actually like me was after he said is my name after like five years yeah so coach we're going to do we're going to talk about everything but i want to start because this is airing friday before wild card weekend with a little wild card preview what you're looking at the games there's a couple teams i think we don't have a chance a legitimate chance coming from the wild card round all the way to super bowl who do you like in the first set of games some you know i the most sensing to me right now is atlanta ok okay and it's i remember when we won our first super bowl new england next year when not to cry and said to break when ninety seven the next year i think we tie with the jets and the dolphins in and we lost the tiebreaker but at that point we had kind of figured
doubt we'd gotten we we've gotten over all the post super bowl stuff that goes with it and and and understood and what we had to do but it's a little bit too late right i think if we had gotten into the into the playoffs that point we would win or a real problem for games and so you he was out like a real you know issue coming office who bore having to deal with you know obviously the falcons in wind but having to deal with the hang over the super hang over there one loves to talk about yeah that's real in and people talk about all the time dealing with adversity that that's one thing that you have to teach guys how to deal with but you also get to teach him how to deal with the says teddy atlas say success is like a martini it relaxes you and it's true that you can go on to the next season and be exactly the same as you were and and you're going to glide through those games but everybody else has looked at you everybody else's is playing their best
against you and you've got to do all those same things right and actually better than you did the year before i'm a big believer in getting rid of hangovers with the hair of the dog so they need to just go lose another super bowl a little bit harder and then they'll feel far sighted but it's going to be hard to lose the superbowl harder than that you're going to be hard to really can find a way to do it yeah you could figure out how i'm a big dan quinn fan but that was tough right is very tough so you like atlanta better than the saints atlanta better than scientists had to go the distance mean um no i like atlanta and i like it like this week the reason i like new orleans planning is drew brees he's ahead okay and then the shifting is motion there's all these things they do where you have to deal with him now they've actually illegitimate running game and they've got a they've got backs can hurt you it with with power bronze which they haven't had to me that that as a
wishing that they haven't had since the last time we went to the superbowl i mean i like them a lot too i just like atlanta kind of how they gotten here in and i mean where we were at that point so what about a team like the rams who the falcons are playing there the first i feel like everyone is saying the rams are great team they've been playing really well this season but they have to prove it on the stage kind of had that similar situation bringing the jets to the playoffs a new team in the playoffs what how is the mindset when you got a bunch of guys you probably haven't been there it was harder to harder in and easier in some ways we're playing new england again okay so that would that was the hard part the easier part was at least we were we were familiar with them but you go into that gay man and you're trying to express' the guys how you have to approach the week because you can't change a ton of stuff you shouldn't change a ton of stuff guys think they have to be different during the playoffs and they were bring the regular season and they end up trying to make plays and they just make plays for the other team
and there's the whole controlling their their motion control their energy level some rather spend spent after the first quarter 'cause i've gotten so hyped up right that they just don't know how to deal another peril there sean mcvay he's thirty one can't believe he's doing this you were one of the youngest head were you the youngest head coach at the time to ever get to a job i was i was right up there thirty five so was that tough ever talking to you know being a younger guy and having you know to get the respect of the locker room is younger guy yes now i was lucky because as a db coach i'd otis smith who is older than me when i was coach the bees and when i follow those guys as as long as you can help them win right and and they really believe it doesn't matter whether you're seventy or you know twenty eight or thirty as long as i know that that no listen the tough thing for me he taken over in new york was i had no media exposure at all
and i did new england i did one press conference the whole time i was a defensive coordinator and build set me up i was a nice setup is like the middle of august there's probably five people in the room couple more sleep and and i had a few questions and then i go to new york and fifty cameras and as that what was looking great what was the biggest like you know when you get in front the media what was like the one thing you wish you could have done differently with the media talk in my own voice you know it when you're doing like a falsetto or some you know i i like to to go a lot higher ten either that are really deep if i'm angry one or the other now you get we have football father's in my football files are belichick and parcells and i saw the way they dealt with things and my thought process was who might to change
formula that's really really good and really successful and i could have taken all those things but just done it better and more true to my personality but look it's kind of like parenting i hear myself say stuff to my kids that my parents said to maine but you just you just gotta find your own football father's yeah yeah i mean so if you see them talking and you just want to be an asshole to the media like this is how it works you forget they have rings yeah well you know billy say you know with the media if you win they can't touch you and if you if you lose i can't save you yeah kind kind of that plus hey careful work couple big j drill we we don't save some yeah jobs and for jobs no no no i i get how woo signal i didn't quite get howard how it worked before button look the idiot make mistakes and move on you know is bill putting on a kind of like errors for the media like you see kind of talking with me or you think that's just him 'cause sometimes i can't tell
we can't tell likes it yeah like we can't tell is he's intentionally kind of screwing with the media kind of like a greg popovitch or this is just that spill uh i don't think intentionally i think that he is not going if any information no matter what no matter how many times you ask questions and like anybody else if you're up there and someone keeps hitting you with the same stuff after awhile like alright i'm gonna head back except like sometimes if you ask him about place holding or like on something we will go on for about thirty minutes or he's he's a huge football history in an look at with idea to you know you're only there for twenty minutes ok typically maybe sometimes it's one thousand and fifteen but the pr guide tells you ahead of time so similar to a four minute offense if you get a softball question you can run out the cloud yeah taken any yeah so so if you get something on that you go on for one thousand two hundred and fifty
and it sends a hazy time's up i got it right you're you're actually you into the same colleges bill how do you print well well slee in wesley wesley in wesley which is like the white collar youngstown ohio liberal know fully where there's no i i yeah my it was extremely extremely liberal you were you were in is for charity too right yeah yeah yeah did he may do you like a tall is sweatshirts it's funny blood chuck chuck this water so you don't get sunburned that sort of thing when i first got the bronze and i come to the bronze ball boy my college football coach culture wesleyan had gone to the browns offensive assistant so i got back from i was coaching in i got back i was substitute teaching when i knew i wanted to try football as a so i call kevin spencer up he says the only way i can get you as a job as a ball boy so i'm there and i'm there during the the spring in the ot but we call tas now and i'm sitting here bill
bunch of different times he didn't say a word to me i thinking alright well we went to the same school with her in the same factor i would think you would have said hi right i just didn't realize you know that was just the way it was you know you had to get on the radar screen by doing something good did you him with a handshake the friend had this secret hand yeah at night i would have been a good way to just let me know you're there i was a great play just like i don't remember the handshake some of the other guys are so you know they're devout with that stuff and i was in may what was the hardest part about being a ball boy like it too i think it's twenty three right that's you think ball boy that's like you know a job that like fifteen year olds using your like i gotta get into this industry anyway i can't god i wish i could find it i have a team photo of ball boys so i'm twenty three everybody else is fifteen arm around these guys yeah it's a proud shot and i wish i wish i had kept it at five thousand dollars in loans my mother's like what are you doing you're going to be a ball boy went to
west and then this is what you're choosing yeah but i just want to get in i want to see a pro football as it was about i want to see you know what the bar was in it and that was my own then it was nixed saving on that stuff those that were you there when he was there yeah actually so then on i whenever list sorry ball boy to p r and turned i was p r intern for the year so i have a pretty extensive media background okay yeah now all the people that were covering the bronze when i was a ball we were still coming to brown but head coach yeah so as a pr internet except to drop off the request that nick and he he's pretty fired up about about doing those two pretty excited but then i did bring nick to the airport when he took the michigan state job so that was my god
your translate time yeah was it was a yelling at you about like showing porland discipline when you were just swerving around a little bit dry faster yeah so think about that my driving technique i think is pretty solid is that yeah i think about that little butterfly if you had you know god forbid got an accident maybe i would have to deal with the sec and all that bullshit god forbid forbidden now is pretty quick dry or something maybe mile and a half so it's kind of small so you said you started your coaching career down in australia what was that like what this quality of players like down there did to the boston the other way when the throat gestures at once that all day a great experience that wasn't a good experience that was a great experience that would be the criminal like semi pro football here and i saw the browns okay guys from eighteen to forty four this vietnam vet his nickname was a fossil he played and there is like the chief of home aside for victoria a guy who's a bouncer at a strip club another guy who ran a men's clothing source whenever we went out it was
a fun we had a good we had a good crew in our chalk talks for every friday night 'cause the guys need to get out of the house so if they had to go for a team function they were site an we play like a drinking game where if they got a question right i mean the system coach would have you know again if they get it wrong they would see what banana wow that would yeah it sounds like that's definitely not the point if it was but it was it was pure it was fun the guys are amazing keep in touch with a bunch of am great saying so this time year i'm always curious the hot seat for coaches comes up we never talk about another man's job on the on the shelf but you are obviously part of being a coach is that you know so you'd get hired get fired what's it like being on the let's see an like do you do you like have a feeling like you looking over your shoulder in the in the facility knowing that like oh this might be coming down on me yeah kind of
dead man walking yeah yeah you know you know when it's coming might my second year in cleveland when mike took over and michael great home run to me what was really good in terms of the way that he he del rey we knew when we did work we weren't it was after i think we lost the jets in overtime and things started going down a little bit that it was it was going to end well right and you just at that point i appreciate the guys are aware that a good group rob ryan was with me brad seely brian dale bunch of guys that i really liked so you create those guys you appreciate the players you appreciate the experience but you know that it's comin and look after you get fired the first time you know when you break that seal like what your e you're used to i mean you you obviously see cochin in new england which is a model franchise and then you went to the jets and and the browns have kind of have a little bit of a disarray feel to him what's like the biggest difference i i've
we thought that it's just when a front office it's about guys who are kind of looking out for their own job and maybe not working together whereas in a new england what kind of knows the system and there's really like this is what we're doing and it's going to work if we all just get on the same side yeah well it takes time where people forget is bella check was had one winning season his first six years ahead coach right now would be hard in this environment to keep going unless you're for the browns and it's huge well yeah that's that's a debts that from you're like i i more games and you jackson would you yet what ten lesson when that's ten it's yes like dog years in cleveland like each when she comes to yeah so you if you simply went ten six both seasons there i love the fact that they're they're going we're continuity for their
with the so so that like a front office where what is that is that a and my way off in the fact that i i always feel like when i see these front offices that don't really work it's a bunch of guys trying to get their you know save their own job and kind of throw each other under the boss and shifting players around when i was in my draft pick i don't want that guy yeah this is this is this is this sense that the end of the job needs to be fine and then the job you know and the environment is there to be a certain way for everybody to get along and the thing that people have always said whether it's parcells or bill what's fun is and there that environment is hard and and it's a discipline and it's and it didn't matter whether we were fourteen and or the year one nine and seven we were going to do things the same way and there's going to be like trying to find that
edge and everybody knew their role and you did what you were supposed to do and and look you were held accountable in those meetings everybody is held a kind of a it's really funny when it's not you well one is you yeah uhhuh is ralph yeah yeah yeah it was with charlie weis on those staffs yes i was with charlie in new york and in doing did you ever meet his parents i did not know charlie had heard me just yeah just dive bombs people that walked into his house isn't it the new parent or is it as yet and i am i mean you might you know joe might have been like a retirement gift for himself that he bought but yeah he's got a he's got a real do you guys ever have like like when you're like a freshman and and in the dorms and you're like oh i'm bringing a girl back in number put us you know a tire on the door do you have anything like that for charlie weis after use the bathroom we we did not have anything like that yeah there are a bunch of guys in that staff
good tight several football guys yeah romeo canal yeah yeah good right right good solid football yeah if you were jello eaters yeah yeah i mean that's what a good solid wall of arm and looks like i remember belichick's dad came in one day and he's looking at it was like me rob rack i forget who else were all there and he's like jesus christ this is the fattest back to medieval times that would mean that you guys were changes living high on the hog we have heard about exercise or or but the well how our hearts were i i actually i heard that you and rob well this is actually probably because big cats on a diet story in the new year your lawyer can hear him yeah i barely noticed it yeah yeah specially with that always like camouflage in this room but i heard that you used to go on diets with rob ryan oh yeah we so close
hello what kind of diet would would you guys going together one one job big mac and send it to well yeah that is that you got to start somewhere no so we went on this diet we actually lost a ton of weight and and we're going to do it together and we would work out together eat it you know we're together all the time between meetings and practice and so i can losing weight and rob suddenly hit a plateau i'm lou what's the problem we had like five mile friday where we'd run i don't know he i don't i don't know what it is then one night i hear crinkle michael crinkle in his office is right next to mine it crawl on the floor 'cause i don't want to hear maine like rob and he's got a or full of doritos with his hand like oh he was just hungry so it looks like it so it looks like that
then he told me later that he was going home from the facility in stopping grabbing a burger on the way home and i'm like look that's probably why you play yeah i'm i'm i'm going to take a he does have the hunger as take the chocolate bars out and the plane like a snickers agree these like jumbo snickers and they'd sliding into shoes in the locker room so i can see it all my god so he was good at he's good at that but got i love bravo yeah so timid back real quick to the new coaching vacancy so out and in oakland grinned it sounds like he's going to go in there if you were jack del rio how pissed off would you be the grin is obviously been lining this up for like the last month well look at another football a very wise football man said it's always good to be fired and first year your contract not the fourth area at point so we did get the
and he's got three years of contracts guaranteed so that's that's the upside the downside is he i've got some friends around the south he did a ton of work in that building he did a ton of work to kind of lay the foundation so you're upset that you don't get to see see that through but we all know like there's going to be some circumstances that are in your control and there's going to be some that are out of your control the year i got far new york i was nine and seven gruden got fired in tampa he was nine and seven you know marty schottenheimer got far was he thirteen and let yeah what i was denied or sir you know do you can't really talk anything up to logical now wasn't martin marty was and that's right now yeah yeah you go yeah fourteen fourteen and yeah and he gets way because you lost a playoff game yeah yeah yeah so you you go on those things like okay what what else do you want here is is is myth the losing the locker room because that's what i was kind of the news out of oakland like jack might have lost the locker room
and i think that's like the convenient label that people throw on stuff when you know there's a group that son happy look at look at the giants this year you know there's there's problems in the locker room will pry the guys were talking with the ones that were getting finder weren't showing you know typically those are the ones that are disgruntled are doing something where yeah they shouldn't be doing and they they get penalized one votes will be the loser can both parties believer and acted post concurs a franchise for about ten years yeah i think that's yeah yeah yeah if you're if you're looking for a job out there as a head coach stay away from new york for the next ten years of losing a locker room thing to me always it was more about like there's not a strong couple leaders because i always figure and you can correct me if i'm wrong but the way a locker i'm works for head coach is there's probably three or four guys that you rely on to a kind of like you know police the locker room for you yeah you you want to get a a core group of guys what when you're winning
everything is easy ok and it doesn't matter how many guys questionable character that you have because really falls in line because they don't want to they want to change that what's what's going on where it where the locker room comes into play when you hit some sort of road bomb whether it's a two or three game losing streak or whatever it is then they everybody scurrying lights come on everybody scurries and trying to find a safe port and that that's where it's an issue and it's hard to climb out of that you can survive a few guys i remember the different situations where digest just you you think you have the right mix and things go bad and suddenly it gets worse than a hurry you already have in franchise quarterback you're starting fresh from the draft what's the most important position after the quarterback oh that's it that's a great question
i don't know you know if you can get a linebacker like a ray lewis a linebacker a someone that can hall of fame linebacker yeah well what i'm saying is that someone that that position is so key because i've got to communicate with the front they got to communicate with the secondary it's the equipment of the the quarterback on defense and you see it which only in dallas every time he goes out there's huge communication problems you know we were good brewski in new england but there's gotta be it doesn't have to be the hall of fame linebacker but it's got to be that guy that smart enough to run the trance make the calls that strong enough to get guys to follow him that that defensive equivalent to to a quarterback it's hard to get the same thing done with the safety of that caliber flip side what's the one position that you could wait all the way till the end the cherry on top maybe not though
we you know the it's obviously not the least valuable position but a position that you can you know work around not having a great guy you tend to come get it tend to value guards a little bit less than then some of the other lineman he knows center he's going to make the calls he's got to get the line going to left tackle and we all know the issues there it's tough when you get prom right tackle you can discuss you can hide some things at the guard spot because you can slide the line and use the center to help him you take if you were looking at quarterback i honestly don't know that whole process is going to change so much between now and the draft and and typically when you come out of the season you've got all these guys who are hyped up about you know the things that they've done in college which is great when you actually start looking at him in the skill sets and things that are transferable it just easier
just dramatic got to wait till josh allen throws the ball seventy yards in shorts and it runs like whoa he's amazing it not no no that's where you can get in real problems look at it i've been fooled by guys in shorts before and uh yeah that's an issue now it's going back and watching all the tapes that really and the coaches copy away from you watch a game on tv and sometimes you get caught up in the excitement in the average rents and yeah staying on cornerbacks you ever tell chad pennington just try to throw a little bit harder so just try to throw a little harder now i even through a very casual wall yeah that's right yeah you guys know arm strength to the casual ball well i love that that's what what about brett would you would bread ever like the whole myth of brett farve is he dropped plays in the huddle would you ever do that and you'd be like come on man like just put into the place that we with bread is more like we don't have to take all the
chances yeah we just taking on singer yeah can we take a percentage of the tests that were added as opposed to every single opportunity for throwing something into you know tight coverage can you just dial that down what we're that's a good you went with your younger than brett farve right yeah as a younger more hip guy where you like hey brett nobody wears crocs at that point when you invest as much as we did in bright he could wear whatever you want as long as you are closed yeah right you my part of the recruiting process so initially i wasn't on board with bringing bread in it all my kids have football middle names so jake is jake harrison after rodney harrison
you know rodney showed me some love nearest championship game where they had a good relationship with them when i went to the jets were luke was being born so he became luke luke william after bill for the influence he had so when i was talking to brett i said hey each one of my kids have football names based on one who's impacted my football life and i think you're going to have a huge impact on my football life i'll name the i'll give the middle name brett to zach my wife spray an i thought he's not going to call me on it in writing and so the first day is like hey hey middle name is brett right would give zero and you did it i did it in the weirdest thing was that zach was born on brett farve's birthday so do you ever knowing how it went with brett farve in new york do you ever look at your son zach and you're like give him a look like i don't really like you no i'm thinking
if you can be a hall of fame quarterback like bread out bobby ok that's about it i want to super bowl you should get some copper fit for that for naming your son after him or some yeah so those razors yeah with the wrangler should have a lifetime supply ring i don't know what's up with that if you have another kid or you name it tom sulah there's a lot of candidates you know harbaugh time to learn you know maybe it's someone from espn or fox and all the different influences on my life so you coach with tom solar right after he coaches harbaugh would after he made that transition who's the bigger football guy jim harbaugh or jim tom sulah ok they're both they're both football guys
it's it's harder for me to say that anybody the bigger football guide than jim harbaugh because then lucky you fry heard a thousand times a million times hey i love football i i love football men i've heard it over and over again from players and coaches harbaugh me literally lives for for football that that's it and he gave us out three weeks vacation one time as a steven typically in the nfl at least four sometimes five you know the seasons of grind so we have the shortest vacation that i've ever had in twenty years as a coach and we get back in and we're on the meeting room and he gets up to the first things like oh my god who couldn't sleep last night you guys didn't nobody had to set alarm did you couldn't wait to get there and all looking around like no my alarm by until like my alarm set my phone was said
i had another call may but he was a was a one hundred percent serious yeah and there is there is an authenticity to jam that i just think it is i think it's great and having a resonates with absolutely we i mean we were with and that's that's really what it comes down to is everyone kind of jokes about jim harbaugh because he's so intense but if you sit with him you're like that is as real as it gets that is absolutely as real as it gets and i sat with him a bunch of times and to me you know you hear me the earlier about speaking my own voice he he true to who he is and that's who he's going to be and nobody change him and some people love it some people hated some people can only you know gallery for a little while but he is exactly who we
it just dawned on me that you've only coach with bills and gems that's really my wheel house yeah it can't get out of that you get some kind of fab i did have a tad no yeah so ted was at first and then you had only bills have you ever built ed bill bill into x have you ever coached a mat at quarterback because that might be the problem that might be why things didn't go so well in new york cleveland 'cause you have to have a matte yeah what about a town
well yeah tom that was a time in a man yeah there's really only one i i would have a peyton yeah are you are you there's a lot of names i i wouldn't mind yeah quarterback are you shocked that tom brady's still playing at this level as you know as old as he is not now the the the thing i love about tom as everybody knows and now is tom brady and he's married to giselle on is that the big house and all the success tom's first year in new england he was a cashier at caddy had to develop then we have these post practice you know competitions and sincerely was the special teams coach i was d b coach for both of there and we bet on one on ones and i'm gonna a ton of money silly because time i miss miss wide open receivers like that the the the growth of that guys had and also his approach
like i matter how rich you get someone how famous he gets a matter how successfully gets he's looking for an edge and typically the players are trying to push them to to get out of the comfort zone i mean he lives there yeah do you think the he alex guerrero the the few that seems to be in the media but maybe not at you know the patriots facilities you think that's over blown the belt bella check out square not seen eye to eye i don't know who in that or is in the patriots world is the really you do it one way right arm now bill had an openness to to letting guys go to who they ever they're experts were weather's throwing axe murder workout expert i can only see being a problem if it's overlapping into what the team feels best for the player right which diamond in the rough that you kind of uncovered would you say turned out to be the better athlete darrell reavis
danny woodhead moved pure athleticism and not to change your decision here but we're very good friends danny what i love danny woodhead yes he did danny yeah i do danny was a l do freak athlete yes it is is it a freak athlete is and i remember looking at him so i done this chart where you took the best players in the in the league and what their measurables were and then i inserted the draft picks in that year into that chart to see where they would rank the cumulative store and danny was up in that top ten top twelve guys then you look as production on a college it was ridiculous his production in college was ridiculous and the thing that was missing was size but played against darren sproles you know wayne chrebet added at the point that he played was an undersized guide troy brown and with danny it's like yeah we we need to bring
sky n i like this you anywhere across race on the on the comparison for danny we has good owners that usually yeah yeah that's that's what has always puzzled me about what it is that people in the media for the most part like all right well you would expect just like disguise missiles don't drop off the charts and it's like yeah they do during my roles are were ridiculous yeah it was he was like at the top like one or two tile for the three cone drill or whatever and the the forty yard dash and then when he was at chatham state he put up what like he said the all time all purpose rounded record right yeah i think he said every record yeah it was everything checked out so you look at his you know his athletic ability his character his production in college it was as plus plus then you look at his hot his size and that's the minus but guys it is a long time i'm sure his whole life already told them you know you you can't do this you can do this
all he's done is justify that he's going to be like secretariat open up that that chest and his heart is going to be like five times bigger than then the average chart you're gonna find his soul yeah the first visible soul we are we do this questions everybody this is the seatgeek us actual question you have a name for it or is it just to see question see question have you ever go to games as a fan okay if you did i could save you some money nfl games games games you ever go to the opera we do not let your i'm gonna see i thought just freezing so hamilton okay if you want to get in and park off campus and so now it's only twenty six hundred dollars a ticket take out a second mortgage a home use you see kick into promo code take and you get ten bucks off ten bucks off at c keep with promo code take are you don't coaching who no i don't think i'm done coaching i don't think i've done with football when i got done with
then i want to do something different and and really this ad been football for twenty years pro football at that point so being able to go to espn and look i wasn't known mr personality in the media i want to be able to do something in the media and show that i could you know live in that world and then even go back to san francisco i worked on offense and i like working and i like the idea of working either in the front or in coaching and they both no idea what to add a lot of exclusive ok why did you turn down herm edwards in for defensive coordinator arizona state good question he thought it was all prank no you know that's a different parents you know that's that's how it was at the college world is a little bit item just something i haven't done it's not something that i would be opposed to doing i like the idea of actually being able to
peoples lives i think that's the only reason i'm took the job i thought the code he is going to be great at what at winnie i think he's going to be greater recruiting i think he's going to be great with the play i think either going to win a lot more games give people give that would be one game right this is an exclusiveness room where they're saying one game significantly more than that ok i'm going to be it's going to be surprisingly celestial benefield yeah he's going to be great in the living room he's going to tell parents like i'm going to take care of your children will be like yes essentially like he be the world's most trust the babysitter yeah well look at khallid in college it's about recruiting and if you can get those kids that are really talented players and their moms thinking okay he is going to take care of him and looked harm also has the ability to he's seen what what it takes to be in pro football you got that he's got that that's different
a lot of college coaches so if there was a hypothetical person out there looking for a head coaching or front office job hypothetically not saying it's you what nfl mission would be the most attractive like detroit chicago hypothetically tennessee god forbid bed yeah after going through the this a couple times the main thing i'd look for the quarterback or the thirty to get a quarterback that's the first thing there's a mat up in detroit that that's the thing there's yeah there's and andrew and and indianapolis so well he's pretty there's a risky yeah i am good yeah i think we're going to hold on that just to receive the so are you are yeah so i'm hoping that
he's actually the real deal i like my factor they went up and got him yeah i think that was the craziest part of a cleveland not firing hugh jackson when you have the first the fourth pick that's that would be a very attractive job because a guy can go in and draft this quarter yes if you've if you feel like you have a chance if you either have one or can go get him and the second thing with is resources so a lot of times when you take over these jobs the salary cap is isn't in a bad spot and then when i took over cleveland the owner said we could spend a hundred million the cap one hundred and thirty seven million of that hundred million fifty three was committed to five guys so there wasn't really a lot of room to improve it but indianapolis has a lot cap space right now detroit as demonic cafes say look at that next thing you look bad draft picks were you know how many of those do you have the next thing is how much power do you have in and i don't mean you have to be the czar but do you can you control and an influence the decisions that are that are being made
so that you're not getting guys stuff down your throat and the last thing is organizationally and what kind of stability there what kind of ownership is there cuz i can back can mess things up pretty quickly so you famously obviously you talk about your football father's you have you spoken to double check in the last decade in a while do you think you guys will ever have you reached out now you know we haven't really push that okay any decided at some point year old hopefully you know talk to him again and then get back together with him yeah you know i don't know where that where that's going that look good but a while you i don't know where it's going you get you guys never in the same room nine now so i mean maybe some day just randomly in the same room that
notice any light on them to the wesleyan action okay long time no see honey how are you we talk about this on the show last week i think we so we we are advocates for you to get back in the nfl just based on your on covering danny woodhead and that's really what started this whole thing we we start talking about the legend the man genius and how you appeared on the sopranos which hanks favorite tv show you still got ranks i do how much of those checks by bankrolling like zero dollars and thirty nine cents in every four or five months so that compound interest scare muche taught us how much fun if you invest that in double it you'll be rich one day yeah it's like pretty good so we are going to do a table read here of your famous scene from this present took place in vasu vios restaurant yes right so here's the script i'm going to pass out thank you play the role of eric and i'm going i'll be already boco going to put my roaming glass yeah
you don't want to miss any lines i don't i don't and at the gate you be tony okay and then i'll be carmel as well on the may just gather some yeah hang on crystal for okay tony okay i think we have a couple takes are you able to do a couple takes it yeah okay a camper speed tony you know is in the night the men genius it's the jets coach sweetie now it's your turn even sent her again i should go say hope introduce him to the bad guy told me now is that it does it does yeah it's kind of weird it's that felt like i was back there yeah you have to show how much fun was that it was great it was a huge fan of the the show at the time and they call me a by the blue i think is one of those things where they ran out of people from new york and who can do this right now yeah like mangini's very did you like the finale
hi i was kinda hoping they'd be a movie at some point okay all right to take is watching it right now okay first time so kevin like six trying to like get spoilers in every now and okay i get a call as a gm would you take are jackson as a cornerback or as a safety 'cause it seems like everyone saying that he's not able to play quarterback he's a good quarterback right but he's going to be good in the nfl i think yeah you know add bread smith who is a good college quarterback then he converted him to a wide receiver when you were calling wildcat plays what was the percentage when you actually let him throw the ball how god i threw in the playoff game that i think i think i picked yeah that's what happens that's why they don't do it that's why when you go wild cat you gotta run i thought it was odd we hadn't thrown all season long and i felt like it was time and we had that one that i love
wildcat so stupid that people still run though 'cause like we joke about it everyone runs away cat still but it's not really the wildcat and they never pass so it's not even they're not even hiding anything well that's that's the issue is it's a lot more effective when you can actually throw the ball little bit out of it because other you get ten man boxes which makes it hard but initially when it happened we've seen it nobody done it an take a little while for it but to do it just like two weeks there or for long in that three does like half a season to answer reporters' antonia us products see a soprano got like another another year out of that and while it was in both for edit stuff comes in vogue and then goes out chip kelly ray you know changed nfl offenses that first half of the eagles redskins game uh yeah everybody got film yeah exactly so that that just like when when people get film out on on everyone it's like right the they this work last week and it's never going to work again because
that has longevity in and usually what happens i remember when zone blitzing first came out not that i'm eight hundred years old but i remember the thing and it took offense is awhile to figure it out and everybody was doing their form of it and it was it was huge after a while it just became part what defenses did you know right now right now the nfl where two guys are walked up in the air gap really popular it's called like a double mug look so that's that's been invoked less you know four five years i like that and now start start up everybody's well mike tomlin just now realized that you can do something other than zone blitz on tom brady now nobody talks about that the transition that pittsburgh made defensively i remember i was at espn when it when they first started playing cover five which is man under two deep safeties and they never do that we played pittsburgh a million times and there's a big deal i want to talk about it but
it didn't it didn't get any air time yes being doesn't always make solid programming decisions i notice that yes sometimes they they have something they really like and yeah so that could be really good on tv for a long time then they just kind of let it go nothing they haven't missed on the last couple of years well this year in twenty eighteen they haven't missed seventeen i thought greeted they're not cheap right now with two day hot streak do have any others yeah let's get your official prediction for the playoffs it's going to be in the super bowl the jaguars versus who the jag ours versus listeners who do you think it's over here yeah it's just that rip my heart out and tell me if the patriots yeah i i i think this dealers should be in the super bowl i think the steelers when you look at
they can do offensively and the guys had haley up in the booth with his walking boot he got pushed well you know him injured i work with todd for eighty nine new york when he was first starting he's going to fire person yeah it's nice way saying he's an asset fiery personality yeah so i like i like the steelers and i like minnesota okay home super bowl home super it's hard to believe that's going to happen though it would be it would be crazy so i think if it does happen zimmer might actually just he'll start repelling down the new stadium just knocking the windows so it gets cold enough yeah exactly exactly practice outdoors all week all right coach thank you so much this is a lot of fun guys welcome back anytime you're now recurring guests actually you have to legally you have to come back anytime we ask ok can i just back on enough to show up yeah yeah i'll bring down in film yes pass yeah we have it all i'm i'm going back right now to look at those telling you twenty five percent more
all right that was an awesome interview i don't think he's going to be talking to bill belichick anytime soon it doesn't sound like you know probably not let's get some segments and the first segment is actually a new one it's give back to america we kind of did a little bit you doubt our own sales team this week they didn't think going to do three shows so they didn't have all the ads sold so instead so because of that we don't want to on a bunch of ads but we do want to give back to america and these are our favorite because this businesses small businesses that actually supported us during the venue woodhead not days so we thought we just circle back and okay what free shot out yeah so lazy i distillery lazy eye distilleries new jersey most awarded distillery their ward winning bach is gluten free and is one metals across the country what is smooth getting in
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i'm works i guess so the saints treated is the first defensive back to win marshall on mars the first you have to back to win multiple nfl rookie of the month award since the war began in nineteen ninety six he said sure i was born in ninety six lol well he was also born in cleveland so i'm connecting the dots here and that's coming i think this alcoholism is spreading directly from lebron to the entire city i'm addicted to sheesh that's great i need to i need to just throw that out there is one i am full
addicted to sheesh sheesh sheesh sheesh yeah just thinking of lebron doing that i feel very bad for the people who are around me the next time i get drunk because remember back in two thousand and three or two thousand and four when chappelle show came out for the first time and everybody would say watt yeah that's what i'm going to be doing for the next three months you know what was the other one hell of a drug that was just screaming that was basically an entire semester accomplished so that can be a receipt for the next couple of months yeah sure i just see lebron being like it is like ten year old kid like try this vino and his kids like dad i'm ten he's like sure sure sure cleveland like cleveland in napa valley in the midwest so i'm jewish alright we have put one in his earhole this is for josh rosen some of the pitch josh rosen is the number one like red flag guy in the draft everyone is the red flags that you can't see on tape so a report came out
according to sources who have spoken with people close to rose and he has been focused since high school on using football to make money and support the type of lifestyle he wants wow disgusting that's gross is that i will use a guy wants to be a professional football player yeah so he's using his skills that people will pay for it then keep the money he's basically a prostitute my god it sounds like to me my yahoo wrote this at danny canal was assist take uh i don't know who wrote it but it's basically with danny told us the other day yeah he just you don't know what you don't know what josh rosen want this guy is too smart yeah he might be working out for himself this my favorite part of the draft process is when we get these anonymous sources or like it's you know yeah josh rosalia i won't saw him at a bar
he ordered a chocolate martini anonymous out things and yeah yeah my favorite anonymous got thing was back when justin blackmon was in college and i mean retrospective sense yeah i know this one i was right but they had a scout spin entire week in a bar and to see how many times you came in well i i was like a hundred time raise my hand and say i will volunteer to be that scout yeah to just hang out in a bar and see how many times just a black window in that bar again this year yeah that was signed that turned out to be exactly right yeah and i think it why if i remember correctly i did go to the barber salon that jeff ireland went around to every single prostitute in dallas and ask them if there was a dez bryant's mom made them take a a mouth swab and send it back to the lab yes well yeah i got just what a breath we a one one this one is or rich rodriguez so turns out rich rodriguez might be a pretty big scumbag which actually isn't really breaking news because that's kind of well known but he allegedly had an assist
then who was like putting to they're like all these things where he he had a girlfriend you would have his assistant cover forum he might have in rubbing his own penis under his basketball shorts he might have been touching people in a pro really real shady behavior the big the big one though that came out was that he invited his girlfriend to the sidelines of the usc arizona game and girlfriend was standing right next to his wife with the assistant right in the middle and this is had to like basically keep them apart is that a problem i mean that's that's easiest iron sharpens iron that like that's when you are like you if you don't get enough of a high playing usc you got also like put your wife or your girlfriend next to each other and see if they find out about each other do day there no starting spots that's what that's that's how i want my coach to be wide open competition so what is richard what we what is pier one on we are one hundred and one well it's actually mine is for the university arizona
bobby petrino ukaz patrice how is say what you want but he puts his mistresses on his motorcycle he done drives them away from his wife yes he does i think you could probably i think rich rod beat michigan or ohio state once maybe so he could just come out and be like hey i beat ohio state jim harbaugh hasn't now would be a nice little little come i don't back up tomorrow he might not have he might not like your tone ohio state i actually think that he was so bad at michigan i i yeah i think you did either i don't think he did my biggest concern with this story well there are a lot of concerns but one of the biggest concerns with the way i read it it sound like he his penis out of the bottom of his shorts yeah what kind of move is that while he's wearing gym shorts yeah i know but
i i i don't think i've ever heard of that move before is i got a big jack rolling your shorts off and then pulling your dick out all i assume you didn't roll shorts up are you sure all month yeah i think he was wearing i think we just like i know it's rich wrote his team at all really big creeping he's walking around shirtless with his dick falling out of his pants also here okay when it number one the v very judicious in life about when you show your penis to people and that to me means don't do anything unorthodox like pull it through the bottom of your shorts be a normal person just drop trou but please ask for consent works before you do that work very assigned statement saying i wish to see your penises ninety nine percent of the time they don't want to to also if you're a boss even without consent is not cool still so rich rod i wonder how this whole like girlfriend things going to end do you think it's like with tony's girlfriend his goomah when she like litter self on fire and threw this take him what do you think is it like that you think it's like that that
i thought i was already past the kumar no there's another one comes out there's multiple gosh oh he could join nick sony clean his act up even though no he could get alabama with that sort of thing is encouraged she on the middle season three just know that when tony goes to buy a new car he might fall in love oh god you should just have dreamed alright restructure just on the bachelor he should be the next next bachelor and i have the entire the entire should take place on the sideline yeah and just blurt out a short that alternate just in case just make sure those are blurred by the way if i if i had a dick that hung out the bottom my shorts i would always wear basketball shorts yes and then be like why are you shaming me this is just my body i just have a large i'm i'm hey i like that's i'm a minority i know what it's like i am as god made me yeah come on please all right we have a humans first the sun what we got so the earth right now is at its closest point to the sun all year but there's also
or polar vortex and it's as cold as it's ever been in the united states cyclical bomb yeah getting cyclone bombed and on the east coast wow so but were closer to the sun than we've ever been before so the sun is like really cold you were really cold so like basically a little bit like a keyboard cowboy or the sun is just we show up to its grill and we're like hey someone in my face and the sounds like no we're good here or the sun just radiating colt so the arctic ice winds of the sun sheesh all right let's today show with new year's new year's resolutions we didn't do it on tuesday so we forgot so the first one is a group is to stop forgetting things and then we're gonna do the award winning listener new year's resolution so hank once you get us going with your new year's resolutions for two or three right yeah art my first one
let's take better pictures cooler pictures of us who just in general in life which is always my job so you guys are part of that better pictures of us who are pictures ok cool pictures that's ok seems like that's a little bit of a distinction because that means you're going to keep taking pictures where i look fat it also seems like it was a cool though it'll be like a cool angle it's a big backhanded compliment to us by being like my resolution is to try to see if i can possibly make you guys look good yes ok that's quite a challenge right my second one is to be more enthusiastic try if you be more see right now my second one is be more enthusiastic that's wow ok nice nice and my third one is to only post my instagram pictures in my personal account after visiting the trip chamber think it'll be
fun little you're gonna post pictures when you're high yes i like that no one is listening great revolution i believe in you yeah i i think you can do this stuff so great resolution all right if you were you got i've got a couple here my my first one is i'm start one of those viral sensations where you do quote tweet this was something of a lock and then just go to all of it have you tried yeah one hard for like a month and a half to not work now it's hard okay i i think i can do it just like i want to try i smoking and talking love quesadillas yeah and then work what you just said no i think we're talking to different things i want to do something where say hey quotes with this with your favorite mexican food our internet is like and then i become celebrity and then i you have rich yeah your five dollars to to eat one meal like what do you do yeah yeah that sort of thing yeah yeah all right i think i can do that one okay number two i just i'm gonna say i'm gonna drink more water
that's just an easy one good one that's an easy one to check on those issues you tell people i'm going to drink more water you probably never do it yeah i know i took a lot of one thousand times our hydrating before you said step out in the sun for the summer yeah you don't need it you save save all the money on your suntan lotion this year and just drink more water waters free drink it that's it does a great catch phrase i think i just did daughters free in marketing or water two slash three of the country yeah number he is i'm going to try to not get kicked out of anymore dog shows i think i can do i want to know if you're new to the show hank and i got kicked out of the dog show last year we gotta try to get press credentials i don't think i don't think hank and i can if the guy who helped us who help maine just keep walking around madison square garden is listening to this and can you please give us press rentals this year no this is this do took down my name he had my id or the
system yeah we are deep in the system we were in a holding cell for a while the finger printed us can you make your hands are full paw you know we'll do we'll do we'll get a make up artist have you guys dresses like clowns or something ooh that sounds good i will be very very dark soul love the class exactly all right my new year's resolutions the first i just i tweeted this and i don't know if the math i don't know if i can do this i'm going to do five crunches a day you can do it five crunches what nestle crunch here's the math someone add it up and it was like one thousand nine hundred crunches i was like oh shit that's way more than that yeah right also like a crunch is in the eye of the beholder i would say that getting out of bed in the morning that's one right there to take a bath
that really homage to five crunches okay he's he's coughing already he's puking the ground on the ground ok that's great i think i can do it 'cause you know what i didn't say sit ups crunches all the way up i can't do a sit up i'm too fat you know what you should do a crunch so what do crunches are playing video games laying down oh yeah roger that when you stand up from that you ever do that we like i will work out today i'm gonna do ten push ups every time out of the senate fell game and then you do like twenty push for like i don't know twenty percent is really hard or drug cross that he did that i was going to do is i i i do push ups or commercials as an officer doing that yeah and then you get the worse there like oh what's this what's this new chevy i want to watch this commercial all right my next one is quick dipping her that's fake news
and then let me finish as you dip i saw you dip like fifteen minutes before the show even let me finish i'm going to quit dipping tobacco my boys black buffalo they got new dip i showed it on the run down like the other day it's no tobacco tea leaves and nicotine so i quit dipping but i'm going to dip every day but you're dipping something else but i quit tobacco dipping tobacco dipping ok black buffalo i believe in you go by it's fuckin' best they're coming i think they're coming back in soon all right my third one this one hank and i actually are doing this one together so hank and i are going to make a resolution to stop being right about football and all other things 'cause it's really uncomfortable when we have to make pft try to apologize to and we know it's hard for you to apologize so we don't we don't put that pressure in pittsburgh stopping right ok ok thanks so so but that also means
going to have to wear suit and that you're going to have to kill aw dot or you could apologize to me no i don't think so yeah we're just going to stop right all the time so even if i am right there was an accident i apologize for that oh thank you for apologizing about really never works you looked at me when he said so i'll send it along to everyone else except our new year's resolutions for the award winning listeners my new year's resolution is to work like jeff fisher alternate making headlines make one and then this one just to keep it interesting and somehow keep my job you mean deadlines what do i say headlines ok put new year's resolution try to read better no but i'll i'll say hank read that very thing is yes reading is for the birds okay yeah that's i mean that's not a great resolutions jeff fire jeff fisher's gotten fired well he's going to get hard soon by the bears yeah so
this person was to wake up listening to save by the bell theme song every morning and to go to bed listening to the saved by the bell the college steve's on every night that's lame a total psycho movie yeah it's really bad 'cause there's nothing worse than having a song stuck in your head and that's gonna be stuck in your head for the song it's your song that your alarm clock song you hate forever also called your sucked so why that's a good point college years was trashed at least flip the problem with waking up to that song every morning is you're going to start dreaming about that song you have to get up to what if you start straight kelly capacities in your son morris tiffany thesis later chrissy slater preppy how many beers tiffany t yeah t stone cold sober this guy wants to become more knowledgeable with scotch
and it's only one thing yeah that's a lame just get drunk did yet be like mom knowledgeable about that can make you money i mean like being knowledgeable better be knowledgeable about the stock market like do all that scott just means that you're going to end up at a party and you're going to say something like fuck like you man yeah it's going to happen is you're just going to tell your friends that they don't have good taste in things right you see how it's going in your stop by us telling him he's we're sons were shops that stop yet to be snobby about the right things exactly a curse less around my kids because i'm tired of getting yelled at by the principle when i get called in for the language tell a principle fuq off this prince sounds a real mark what the hell the the principal calls spam
by the way there's no such thing as bad language it's just bad times to use that language so how is your son or daughter ever going to be a podcaster yeah if they don't know how to say fuck yeah and schitt how are they ever going to get friends in high school and college and they can't be like yo what the fuck is up great point and this person so they want to play madden two thousand and sixteen on our old xbox every time my eight year old son wants to he's learned some in the game already and he won't be able to man with me forever i've wanted a buddy to play with since undergrad back in the 90s this person tweeted that not at part of my take just on twitter hashtag they just haven't had a friend in a long time and they they had a child got yes they had a child just so that they could have more friends i actually i kinda love this because that's like everyone's dream is to have a son that loves football and plays video games you except for obama
is there several bama in it except if that son actually is better than you imagine then you gotta smash the phone i think that's kind of reading between the lines of what this guy was saying he's like my eight year old i want to play my eight year old son before he can't play madden against me anymore meaning before he gets good enough to beat me or he gets to a point where he's like playing madden with my dad is lynn yeah he's like dad this video game sucks we have virtual reality sex now yeah i want to play legion of there you go is that it yeah liam did you have one it's not all that was a good resolution that lame did you ever resolution maybe one that was hey maybe mean pft can have a resolution together too yeah yeah how about when called upon talking to the right mike the mic was turned off sorry
oh zero okay meaning that might yes so maybe resolution should be take take ownership of it yet take ownership for your mistakes we're kind of talking about i think i'm gonna try to get more fits off in twenty eighteen what get more grails yet yes at a dot what he's going to shatter close oh fitz fitz off yeah what does that mean like my instagram cloud ok god yeah that sounds good are you going to be intimidated you you're going to trip chamber and then post your instagram grails yep you know you should play the clothes and then send it to hank and i can't get high and then post here's what you should wear the clothes hank will take a great picture of you then hangs going to get her cry and then post it for you and then
and hank and i won't be right about football so pft doesn't pound and then i'll drink a big glass of water and i'll see how slick your fit is or go now spit it out everywhere 'cause if it's too lit oh and you spit out a little black buffalo too yes it'll dip there but not tips are here it's tobacco free alright will see everyone monday
yes a lot of well today's date shop the lobby it's a the all
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