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2017-04-12 | 🔗
NBA Playoffs are here and everyone hates Steph Curry (2:58 - 5:17). NHL playoff story lines to expect the next 2 months (5:17 - 12:50). Hot Seat/Cool Throne (12:50 - 19:30). Inside The NBA host Ernie Johnson joins the show to talk about his new book, what it's like hosting a show with Shaq and Charles Barkley and who is going to win the NBA title this season (19:30 - 42:31). Segments include PR 101 for United Airlines. Respect the Biz for Tony Romo suiting up for the Mavericks. Problematic. Sabermetrics with Lenny Dykstra and A Stay Woke
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part of it is wednesday april twelfth and everyone hates steph curry is that a fact yes it's a fact it's in who's breaking fact i don't know who wrote this i think so i think a beat writer for the warriors wrote a book about the eyes of steph curry and day some interviews with it and it turns out everyone of the enemy in nba hate steph curry who was out lebron chris paul other names okay so it's not really about the fact that he kind of leap frog and he was annoyed to the next one so lebron has a problem with people being anointed the next big
playing the guy who had a sports illustrated right cover that's a chosen one in high school and then got a tattoo on his back right you chosen one chose yeah i mean that's totally fine brown you don't get called you don't go out there and start calling yourself the king of something before you've actually accomplish anything lebron will tell you that right i'm a big pay your dues guy yeah well i can make your trip that you have to suck for awhile before you're allowed to be good at it that was horrible title right it took jesus like thirty years before he started like washing horse feet and making miracles you gotta pay your dues you gotta go out there you gotta be carpenter for awhile before you can be a messiah so that is our hot story we have a big show for you we have ernie johnson which was an unbelievable interview and you might chose barkley impression yeah go ahead come on early problematic we have hot seat cool phone we going to do some nhl talk and we have good segments include in some tony romo and the this p r want to want to probably ever gonna do in our lives and for united airlines let me jump back to steph curry real quick
did anybody did any of the players complain about the mouth guard no they haven't gotten more gas is like it's one of those things were not to brag we called it that everyone hates steph curry's just for they hate him because he's good one and took their titles from we hate him just because he chews on his mouth guard and he makes everything about his yes riley yeah really the reason member the steph curry mode usually came out like this is been jeez yeah those are hot yes please the sick that's my problem the little bronze basic too yeah they're all if i could just side with one person i pride be chris paul because chris paul's like that early guy who's not going to win a title he's paid a lot of do just gonna go out just like his his his is gonna going to be like when he was healthy he was point guard of the league and also like to punch people in the balls you know i'm quickly actually becoming a huge clippers fan between chris paul i mean he's not a here's the thing about the clippers they're not a threat to do
in turn the friends on turn america's jens also like i'm totally happen for a while yes i'm totally comfortable with them like taking me home on like a late night and walked me back i know it's going to be a hog and want to go to my house and the best thing is the clippers always have that like little threat of is are they going to kiss us you know like they start i think it starts at ten and one you never like every now and then they'll put together a few games and some certain podcasters out in the west post to be like oh i go to all the clippers games all of the clippers and wow they could really make some noise they drop you off on your door step you go upstairs and then you text the clippers everything that you wanted to say to them right right the clippers i'm fine with that and one of the biggest reasons i become more fun with the clippers is de'aundre jordan's free throws have gotten
money isn't blake griffin genom combo yeah like they are laugh out loud airball stare laugh out loud funny like yes hitting the bottom of the net and the best part is i i don't know i we were sabermetrics guys not stats guys so i don't know off of my head but i think he's like pretty close to the top of the league in field goal percentage because obviously all dunks but it's so for seeing those like compared to each other and these air balling free throws and he's you know shooting like seventy five percent from the floor well it's like the old saying close only counts in horseshoes and hand right so why would you ever waste your time almost making a shot yeah if you're going to miss miss big right we also in the nba we have the old teams resting so the cavs have seemingly are the are cats scared of the balls because it all signs point to yes they have punted
on the number one seed which means we have the inter podcast match up celtics bulls that's going to be a fun series cousin the bulls are going to win one game they're going to frustrate the fuck out of maine everyone is going to make fun of me on twitter and i'm just going to be like but i really wish we just been in the lot here some rules i know that you're very very concerned something both lottery playoff performance you hey here's a rule i'm going to do during the playoffs i'm going to give you a five second shot clock to talk about each bulls game because there so inconsequential to the rest of the line only or no no but i yeah yeah i think talking about how inconsequential they are as entertaining because people like that i guess that's why they don't yet that's what i'm doing right now they like our spin off podcast seeing right where i just get talk myself into a lather about an inconsequential team that's the beauty of it the terrible cs exactly the old that is what's what's what sports are right
five seconds go with all right did give your player prognosis they're gonna win over a series okay well those are not the gonna win one game i was talking about we also have nhl playoffs so let's do some storylines before they start outside stanley cup today no big deal so i will start there so the stanley cup was in the office i was flying back so i missed it i'll probably just see it early june as is tradition so i'm not a big deal for me what you guys would you guys think i was you guys in all no i was told not to touch it but i'm not i'm not a believer in jinxes in fact my strategy is i have jinxed the capital so much i'm trying to shoot the moon with a drink some trying to reverse engine i'm trying to jinx him so hard that they're no longer jinxed anymore did the cop tell you about that time we were at number ocupar and patrick came just bring champagne everywhere to know that that sounds awesome
well i know a couple get to party with patrick kane that sounds like a really great time for everybody watch yourself the other one we have this is a big story line is it the capture so that's going to be i'm feeling big time tom not ally i'm feeling very confident you feel so confident that i'm actually i i'm like one worried that you're just putting on a front now how confident you have been acting out at the beginning of the year i was a hundred percent putting the front but now like the team is really so you're in real time heartbreak tell me harper they're excited to see this very limited a weakness that we always are there not candy colors their red is dominant it's russian red need no put alright so there's your weakness right there what you just stanley cup of the russian you just said russia was back a couple weeks ago in politics versus back in a big way so here's here's your one weakness the maple leafs what a great story
story line great story toronto's got playoff on the back here's the thing up talks a great coach could pull off a miracle here from now i'd be worried about the legal sam just the way you know some and use a maple leafs guess what it's maple leaves how about you get a dictionary and figure it out i'm saying that is that is another story line the the the toronto has playoff hockey back that's a big deal i also wrote down is this the year that sidney crosby will finally grow a playoff beard no he actually grows worse out you know what i'm gonna do this year in the playoffs i'm gonna facial hair off again city cross bill will be a barn burner now see which she is high and too tight with baseball is going at each other again can one up the other here's a story line just a goaltender who stands on his head you're going to hear stand on your head a lot that only comes out in the playoffs the upper body it's lower body injuries being very cagey about that yes and
the original six is so if you don't have a dog in this fight you gotta root for one of the risks is great sweaters yes yes my favorite part about that in jail playoffs is betting the over unders you know there's no bigger russian gambling them at the last minute yes when you never see that goals i know 'cause goalies get pulled a lot earlier yep i have a couple quick blackhawks storylines blackhawks dynasty are they dynasty if they win one absolutely not ok and then the second one does is corey crawford elite that's a fun one we give up one of one really bad game of the playoffs it will be like i told you so i told you so and then scott darling gets and set the place on fire or a big contract yeah we also have the guy who gets injured in place through the pain that will be a fun story line that's in every you won't hear about it till after the oh that's that's another one that's when team gets illuminated and it turns out star player was playing with six
ribs a ruptured spleen in a torn acl yeah i've heard that a few times from capitals players that's a pretty cool right here and then we also have greatest playoffs in sports 'cause people need to tell you that over and over it doesn't get sickening at all i love the nhl playoffs i can't stand people who continually tell us how great the nhl playoffs are we get it there everyone knows that these guys blew another really hot one that's going to come in is a team that loses when their fans have a little mini riot in the hometown you're going to hear a lot of people being like well how come if it would hockey fans at riot the cops don't break it up all generators not in so yeah i'm just saying that that's a real real hot
true true and then also this is actually an h you know what i'm i'm building a bridge right now nhl and nba playoffs you can like both here's what you can like about both when arenas put the stupid shirts on every seat and i was wearing the same shirt that's always fun it's really nice yeah that's really cool very touching so cool whose shirts you go to kids in africa the white out attic the yellow out who we don't say wait up okay the w out some lets you hot sequel thrown who wants to go first okay my hot seat i'll go first you go first my how to does the spring break boys occurring yes ricky feller smiley kaufman along with jordan spieth's and justin thomas the one on that infamous vacation last year for the masters post a lot of videos and snapchat's people love that there
and drunk you know have a good time just guys been dudes kinda went viral became it's own thing so gonna be hard to top this year you know it's like this is on leave i think we i don't know if we are talking about on these these airwaves put it's always awkward anyone who's in like there to but mid 20s early 30s going on the bachelor party and then when you get to letting everyone trying to re live the departure of the bachelor party like this just doesn't feel the same that's what i feel this is the vibe here at the right a natural numbers time and now it's like they're they're coming out of the gate ha i would write yeah they're going to get like sponsored yeah this trip and then once it once anybody get sponsored do anything the content gets way worse one at home what i guarantee one of them white brought like a beer bong and a bunch of like accessories like look at this look on what
we're gonna do this we're going to do that everyone is like you know one of those guys back in like october when he was shopping for halloween costumes he saw like a really cool we'll just we'll call it like a transformers outfit using both would be so awesome if i if a ball and then for that next spring break all right any was shows up and they're like dude come on hey if we're wrong about this prediction smiley kaufman once you just give us like a little sign give us a sign it was a week or something say that you know it's actually fun we're not we're not trying to just re live last year's fault we are like magical thrown akel doors beards playoff season playoff beard nice got nice like month two months you get a head start i don't yeah i do yeah looking pretty source you over there well it's a canadian i just actually we just gonna roll out of bed with beard so he would know what that's like this are no bother at all right out of that awful i know you guys only somberly beta what what do you have for how to culture my hot seat is ginger's
oh so baseball guy lashing out at someone else that's right so gingers ginger's no offense but it's it's hot right now it's like eighty degrees i was hanging out with frances he is a red haired guy very fair skin we were outside for about twenty minutes and he got the worst sunburn that i've ever seen so his skin is like bright bright red our good friend chaps has right here this the swim shirt son shirt shirtless unsure probably i mean it's a good thing chaps this is marina purple heart because every time he puts on so i'm sure i just want to throw me a lot and i'm just gonna lump in with the ginger's just sweaty guys in general i'm i'm kind of sweaty guy but it's it's tell season now yeah time care around that himself yeah maybe a little gold bond try out yeah we'll swap pass the worst is you get all dried out you get out of your car that's nice air conditioned you make
the will call it a fifty yard walk into your office building and by the time you get in there your crotch just smells like in easter egg dye kit with vinegar spilled everywhere so yeah that's rough my my cool surround this book to grass this is g season yeah so the boot you overtime challenges coming back that's where you just predict who's going to score going over time do you like do you we would wanna shirt i don't know which one all in as a people tweet bucci a lot their predictions for who's going in overtime yeah and he seems to enjoy it and they give him like a little nicer time slots on espn yeah because you people forget that when bucci started there wasn't a lot of hockey talk going no and by not a lot i mean i don't think they said the word hokey yep for probably like three years before but you got there yeah so it's booty season congrats and enjoy staying up until like three o'clock in the morning for the next two and a half months i already know that's the that's the one thing about playoff hockey is like already i looked at this
schedule and i saw that nine hundred and thirty blackhawks game was like that's the game will be four overtimes and i'll be up till four hundred in the morning alright my heart seat is celebrity chefs so gordon ramsay guy theory guy fieri who also got oh yeah you got any other ones kit is stone ok so there on the hot seat 'cause aj mccarron's getting into the game i don't know if you saw this he's opening a sushi restaurant in tuscaloosa al what better place it is it's called age agent sushi get aj i am yeah agent sushi it'll back here right up yeah so here's some of the things that they're talking about on the menu agent sushi will maintain the traditional proteins like smoked salmon and spicy tuna but so provide options like flaming hot cheeto roll peanut orange jelly roll and the banana and na
our role for more daring customers so i was looking at hanks face hank is into this peanut butter jelly roll song have you ever have you ever imagine what it would be like if you're stoner friend open to sushi restaurant in the middle of alabama wonder no more agents sushi yeah instead of sushi rice it can just be crumbled up raman noodles with such a seasoning yes there's a lot to offer yes so wow yeah i i'm sure it will be a big hit in tuscaloosa now he seems like a big sushi crowd that yeah that's it's it when in rome my cool thrown i have to the first is award winning listeners i was at i flew into chicago for the banner raising and i had no less than twenty people tell me come up to me and say hey why don't you suck my dick so good job award winning list you're paying attention that is what we say it other now it wasn't awkward at all in the wild i question your judgment actually saying this right now because it's just going to whatever
open word is knowing do he had sound yeah its oxygen were blown on the fire my other cool throne is airlines so oh i was on a plane back to new york from chicago and the stewardess said we need of colin tear to move to the front of the plane because the back of the plane is too heavy i was in the last row yeah out of quincy well i just i put my hand out and she was like anybody but this just now with no normal needed me 'cause the back of the plane was too heavy on there like now because you were sitting back there yeah i know they needed me up front so they basically looked at me more like yeah you guide like we're talking to you so i put my hand up and i was like i will volunteer miss stewardess airline person its flight attendant flight attendant one person and she said great thank you and then i moved up and boom and then they move people from the front to the back
even now that's what the weightless i just saw that yeah i have a list of your weight and they're like oh you are a hundred and fifty pounds yeah we're gonna need three of you over here to counterbalance the guy in the whole wide sure cool throne airlines and more specifically people who need to volunteer for things on airlines yes yes cool very very cool for
let's do our interview with ernie johnson great interview mon awesome awesome guest we talked about nba playoffs his new book made some jokes that i don't even think he was expecting real quick i also have a shack impression yeah who's who's a seattle hood fall mcgee's little bits it's your shock and bill bocek urge your shock just like old slightly lower than a cultural but yeah yeah it's there although he was from he lived about routes for few yes true all right let's to any johnson the nba and nhl playoffs are here i can't wait to gamble on it you guys can't wait to gamble on it time to wet the beak i'm riding high off march not going to brag but i had basically the best march of gambling out of anybody that i've ever met in my life not to brag and i use bet ds i to do it bet ds i has over twenty years in business the top rated and on most sports book review sites they have a great mobile product you can use your phone from anywhere and it works great they also do live in game wagering so if you start fall behind his double down on the second half you'll be fine it'll work out great you can make plays throughout entire games and events they've got great customer service available twenty four seven three sixty five they've built a reputation fast payment of winnings and they're going to give you free twenty five bucks to try
just for registering plus a two hundred percent deposit on your first deposit i'm gonna repeat that a two hundred percent bonus on your first deposit if you use promo code take two hundred that's promo code take two hundred at bat deicide right we now welcome on a very special guest ernie johnson who is you probably know him as the host of inside the nba that the the baby sitter to to the big kids on inside the nba point guard the baby sitter yeah so i you're you're calling to us right now you also have a book out called unscripted everyone go out and buy that book it is about ernie and everything he's done in his life i wanted to first ask did you come up with the name on scripted because shaq and charles can
read a script no that is not why it's and and they actually care and so and and every now and then they will challenge each other to read the teleprompter if they have like a promoter reach but no i call it a scripted because that's kind of the way that show is there anybody who's watched inside the nba it's pretty free wheeling pretty spontaneous and i called on scripted also because that's kind of the way our life is bad we can have a kind of a complex and complicated family life that incorporates a lot of a lot of elements from adoption to facing cancer too the matters of face to the father son relationship and then i've found that the the unscripted moments are what really makes life extraordinaire you came up with a nice metaphor in your book called blackberries can you explain to our audience with blackberries are i think they're mostly iphone people again that's the one thing i always have to let people know it has nothing to do with any kind of a mobile device it's like a this goes back to a little league game years and years ago in which we had to we had a loss of small host no postponement are just a small
a delay in the game because a couple of our pre orders climbed over a fence to look for a ball and then and then got side tracked because there were a bunch of blackberries out there and they're started eating them and and then so that really became for us as i got older kind of this metaphor this or this modern day terrible of of you know not being so caught up in the game that you missed the blackberry moments the sweet moments that are out there if you're not too focused on just what you have to do so our family has been using that term for ages in are you have a good day in the title she said the texter to your daughter say that was a blackberry moment so we're kind of introducing folks to that term i like it soon his advice everybody is quit your job and shove our responsibilities and just have fun and eat a lot of dessert sounds like i don't see i'm glad that you all are comprehending exactly the essence of it
talk more about the nba but because we're talking about baseball there in your blackberry moment you're a diehard atlanta braves fan i will oh you are that's you know that's the one of those wikipedia yes so you can tell that's where we do our research here's the deal if there's nothing like it here's the deal like my dad played for the braves in milwaukee back in the 50s he broadcast for the braves and you know for thirty years for the atlanta braves so yeah i mean it was obviously have a special tie to them but i don't root for anybody and so i don't consider myself a die hard fan of any team i just i just i'm a die hard fan of compelling game is whether that's
spoiler basketball are you named the sport so that actually answered my second question i was going to ask you if atlanta bad sports town i'm trying to anticipate all your question i was going to ask you and then have you asked them yeah i was going to ask you if it land is a bad sports town and you just basically answered it because you're not a fan of any thrall bad sports though it's not a bad knowledge not it gets a bad rap that way you know i think that it is a football town i mean you know it's more of a college football state it really is i mean you know saturdays in the fall are all about them dogs that's my alma mater the university of georgia but no fans in the in the course of time have turned out for teams that they that they really get behind but there you know there are times where it's kind of a luke warm
voice in the you know you just kind of come to undercut do accept that so you show on tnt is one of the best shows on television i think it's got a lot of accolades at their end actually research how many awards he won but i'm assuming it's a lot hundred and forty six fourteen okay october i don't know six hundred fifteen we just one another one there yeah are there are there any shows because big cat calls you the babysitter i think that's a fair analogy but i call you the point guard show your dish onal you're seeing who's open are there any shows where you like man charles is hot tonight and keep freedom or like kenny
is something wrong with my thank you drank too much last night so we're going to stay away from him you know what i think is up as a point guard you really do want to get that you want to get these guys the ball where they're going to excel and i think that's the great thing about our show nobody cares who gets the credit or any but if everybody is talking about you know the next day of the water cooler if people still have those it all like oh boy did you see what kitty did last night or did you see what shaq did when he fell off the set or did you see what charles said about this guy and so that's so that's what's made the show grade nobody's nobody's like concerned about who gets edit or who gets facetime or any of that as long as as long as the show is entertaining and and for the most part it is i think can you feel when you guys are in the zone because as a watcher i know when you guys are on in a certain night it's okay everyone's everyone
feeling it you guys are really grooving can you feel that in the studio do you know when you guys are reaching that level that's like ok this is why we're winning six hundred and fifteen awards not six hundred and sixteen they just got in avn awards yeah you know what especially on playoff nights like you know i feel that because you know of all the above all were were basketball show and then we kinda live for the playoffs when we're on you know basically every night and so when those games are you know capturing your imagination and you can't wait to talk about certain match ups that's always good stuff you know sometimes during the dog days of the regular season you need something that happened the kind to jump start things and so
tribes that shack not knowing where the golden state warriors play you know he he he says if i were not up to a highlight we're doing it live and i should we go to open for the highlights you know clippers and warriors and checks as on there why do you keep talking about oakland stresses what do you mean what if your center in oakland because that's where they play overlap other planes ever cisco they were like you play in the league for like a half hour and here didn't know where you were planning all i did was going on the bus i don't know where we're going so it's those kind of moments that nobody ever nobody can ever talk about those in the production meeting and say why if shaq you know if we can count on shaq not knowing where golden state plays that would be funny you know it's just a lot of the stuff is just organic and and then we kind of ride that until it gets too old and that's kind of the way the show works you know if you make a mistake on our show you know gonna get your gonna get hammered and and we all do it to one another on a regular basis so that said
is actually you're setting me up look at you you're being a point guard yeah so there is the criticism for the m b i'm gonna be a fan but for the good the criticism a lot of non nba fans have is that kind of what you're so
i think that in the middle of january it's hard for the teams to always get up there might be a lack of effort there's also been a lot of talk this year about maybe shortening the season because players arresting and everything do you think the nba should stick with eighty two games or do you think that they they need to get a little bit of a shorter schedule so that may be the games mean a little bit more in the middle of january well i would be i wouldn't be opposed to shortening it a little bit i i think but the bigger issue of rest and all that is what you have to address first and i think i think you know you have to keep in mind and and sometimes we lose sight those of us in the media of what it takes for a family to go to a sporting event are you name the sport weather's football basketball baseball i don't care you you know you have to think about how you're going to spend your money for us you know we call it the art director and then and he says you know have asked for but you know over team going to make one appearance in your city and you got one chance cinnabar james and that's where your money's going to go it's a shame if if he's sitting out arresting that night so i don't think the league can mandate that you have to play your players employee of all all the time but i think they have to appeal to teams to try to you know look be sensitive to this and also when you make the schedule if you got marquee games out there are you
then don't muck up the schedule with the back to back or a company or or four games in five nights or three games in four nights you you've got to be sensitive to that and hopefully you know a team will look at that and say you know this doesn't need to be a night of rest for my stars and likewise you guys do some college basketball stuff too in march during during dog days where it's like november december january how much time do you spend paying attention to the college game or are you like me and you show up in march and you're like zaviar usually wins two games all penciled in for two and then gonzaga lose in the sweet sixteen or do you guys actually
it's in the right time to pay attention to both the nba yeah yeah yeah but there's time to do it if you kind of find yourself wrapping that up in january february because you know your knee deep in the nba all season long but yeah you you're paying attention you're seein who's who's off to a hot start of their any key injuries you know what kind of trends we have we have stat guys too who will feed us you know periodic updates and say hey here's a team the watchers what they do is they keep an eye on this guy is having a great year scored twenty six on it leads the ilidza division one and that kind of thing so you know it we're seven years deep into that now so we're we're i think we've gotten into a kind of a rhythm on how we need to prepare and and be ready one so once the madness starts so i've had i saw an interesting quote you had a couple days ago where you were talking about how shaq when he joined the show was trying to force it a little bit too much and you had to be like hey listen shack you gotta let it come to you there
not every night is going to be like the funniest moment ever i've had a long standing agree that shack is athlete funny in that i mean he's not actually a funny person he's just an athlete who could throw out a couple quotes every now and then i was like man shock so funny be honest is he like does he make you laugh off camera is he a funny guy is a funny guy and and i think it's funny how reason hi i'm joe pesci and and no it's it's like no we have he has a good sense of humor and he and it here's the thing he i think you when our show because he saw the fun we had but the reason i had to i talk to him early on and said look i know you
they have a good time i know you love the sight gags and that kind of thing i said but but even when charles is b and s everybody's talking about what he did he always comes to the studio with about five or six things he wants to talk about basketball related and i said i said you need to go to have that kind of that same kind of thing we'll have fun along the way in baby but you know the first three or four shows
she was on and you know he was like you know push up christmas tree over on me and it'll get like two million youtube hits and then the next thing was the next thing was like you can go ahead and tease me on the show i went to stone school you could teach me so kenny and charles and i were kind of like it had a joke will go on and we just said look you're going to want to set yourself on fire next week if you keep trying to raise the bar is it i'll do that you can set me on fire and so and so i think eventually that that message kind of got through to him and so you know we have fun when we can allot of its best i think when it's just when it just happens and it's not planned but he's acclimated very well to how we do things there and his his all in now and breaking down video and all that kind of stuff so he's you know it's been wonderful to have
with a certain and believe me he is legitimately afforded to you're a big bow tie guy you outlasted tucker carlson so congrats on that how how did you decide to become a bow tie dye because once you go both you can't go back you can't change it runs or more you know a c here's my deal i wore bow tie to a christmas party that we were hosting my wife and i want to hear this like like five years ago and i said you know what i kinda like where in that because i've been wearing regular tights for so long so i picked a few up in that occurred a few more up and then it just became a basketball thing so in hoops such that's what i wear on baseball in on golf i were tied right just regular neckties so are you can you can do both although i you know i have to have a delineation between you know which sports by wearing which diet it's very complicated and very important wall the other the other good news is can roll
controls what like for eleven so you can you can take you know take that bow tie turf and just kind of push me around i would never do that to my body okay so i i want us to real question here about travail for shaq obviously was in the news and you've been asked probably a million times about it and i don't want to actually ask about that beef in particular i'm more curious it sometimes feels like your show gets into like an old school new school situation we or charles shack kenny talk about the new players in way the game is changed like evolution isn't a thing and like the guys before them could have said the same thing about their game do they rely
is that they get stuck in that sometimes do you try to kind of draw them out of that were like hey listen the game is what it is now and for a lot of ways it's a lot more fun yeah i mean i i think i get into that conversation more with charles about the golden state warriors than i do about individual players you know when you know charles is one of these you know you can't you know if you live by the three die by the three you know we've heard a million times and and and then you look at it and say well look this is kind of a way the league is right now this is kind of there's a big emphasis on the three point shot now and it's you know it's you know we go through through cycles in this league it's not the pounded down
go to the big guys anymore you know it's and it's you know you gotta be able to be effective from out there so sure there's going to be when you're dealing with three former players you know they're they're always going to have a little bit of a bias toward their generation to play you know jack still face of the big man is is relevant you need to have that job you know chuck thinks you know kind of the same way so yeah we have those discussions but i don't think it's ever you know something like wall in my day we would kill these teams now i think i think they have an appreciation for the way the game is played by one seven the talents of some of the guys that we see who eats more like backstage i don't know if you guys have a green room or just where we do okay in the green room who
put away more buffalo wings shaq or charles barkley greg anthony who really wild card what is it regular attorney who i work with an nba tv is addicted to these lemon pepper way so every time i see greg at that he's eating lemon pepper way but as you know chuck used to put away a lot a lot of groceries and my wife two or three times a season would make him a red velvet cake and because that's his favorite and were you did he said will you tell cheryl ann thanks for this and then he would cut a piece of cake that was about half of the cake and put it
just one size yeah all it was huge it was like what are you doing with that half of the cake yeah that's my slots but those are those were kind of in the days when we were still waiting charles on the set when it first started and even though he was determined to get under three hundred pounds and eventually did what's the food situation like overall like every night like would would we talk situation as well it's excellent yeah have somebody can you know somebody caters dinner for us and for the crew and then there are just assortment of snacks there are some fruit never celery sticks yeah every now and then some some red velvet cake and and of course a lot of tofu yes yeah right exactly the tnt balls i'm a bulls fan what i like how can we explain this phenomenon because they're not a good team but they're the best team that is ever played basketball on tnt when they're at home i don't understand it either i mean i do not get it that's just one of those things where you just shake your head and say well wait a minute what is a cemetery can roast
unlike the twenty twenty twenty twenty straight wins on tnt at home right yeah wow that you know just file that under the meaningless stats yes that it's actually not the meaningless stats followed under gar forman and john paxson stats that they're going to tell the media after the seasons over when they get bounced in five games by the calves and they say hey but look we actually are the best team in the world on tnt so you should go with a five year extension yeah exactly that's where you file that ok i got you so early johnson are you aware of just how perfect a name you have for a gigolo cause no no i'm not aware of that as you know was ever told you that you would be the first you would be the first to marketing already done for you never wanna branch out just slap that sucker in a business card people get the hint
consider that i'll file it away right where it should be yeah i don't think you expected that that question all right you've been yeah have you been very grateful for your time i have two final questions before we let you go everyone check out ernie's new book it's called unscripted the first one is can you give us a team not named the spurs warriors or cabs that is can win the nba title this year no wow oh ok
okay not rockets not celtic wizard rap not rock it's not clippers not you know i you know i guess if you if you told me if i have to name one wizards who yeah i told you okay called that so there we go there's the one team the bullets the one team to look out for in the final board yeah the if what if west also has a big as a big series your case exactly the final question i heard a story and i think you told us i i can't remember where you told us a couple days ago that when you go to the grocery store you buy two okay is a flower at flowers and then you give one your wife and one to a stranger days okay as whatever i can't research yeah so what's the story behind that the story behind that is that i always get my wife flowers i've done that forever so try hard mode by the way that's a try hard making the rest of us look pretty bad out here guys out there that just like like occasion will do the dishes
you're really running for us now do you know do you really want to hear the story yes of course you do it so so this one day i bought two and i went to the car and i was put my stuff away and i saw this this elderly woman walked into a handicap spot and so i said you know what i'm just going to give one of these away so i went up to her and i said hey i bought one for my wife and i saw you out here and i just want you to have this hours and she said my husband died a year ago today i haven't had flowers search on a and and i was like wow so now every time i go i get to and i give one away and sometimes i have my daughters go up to somebody give away and and it would you know we just we're just trying to reach out to render you know surprise somebody and you know it's a blackberry moment
but you're trying to provide for somebody else to read out of the blue was like early that day by day i love the help we do that yeah i love that next time i'm in the grocery store i'm gonna buy two things appeal light and one for me and then one for the other person who looks as hung over as i am that would be it would be a very novel approach paid for i mean that's that's very nice you but you are making us look bad i mean i can't even pronounce bouquet of flowers that says so you're you're out there just an incel flowers or any johnson water good guy you realize i have a great guy i'm just trying to you know what i'm just trying to do something that that brighten somebody's day but he did to me by having me on this show bro code till like come on you can make the rest of us look bad right come on it's up to you just keep up ernie thank you so much i really appreciate it like i said everyone go get ernie's book it's called unscripted we aren't book guys
we're probably going to wait so is there a book on tape there is a book on tape i read it perfect we're in we're in that that's the only we don't read so i'm sure you could probably take that you probably figured that you don't read your dope i flowers right ok so you got that going for you yeah we're couple catches over here yeah right for the dishes once a month thank you though really appreciate and best of luck in the playoffs guys thanks for having me on all right
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first stop like we were saying our number one p are one of the the p r one a one of a lifetime for the show united has gotten into some big time trouble if you are living under a rock basically what happened is the over booked a flight on monday from chicago to louisville they had to get someone off the plane they ask for volunteers no one volunteered they then went and ask a doctor if you would get off the plane he wouldn't they taste them they drag come here to tell me shot who was looking so good is leading i don't know if you had a chance read the mmb m but he was wearing a belly shirt yeah i suppose mid drift yep or well within their rights to kick your slutty ass off that plane is asking for he was is his pants didn't have a belt on i don't know if you notice that basically
asking for somebody come up and try to pull him down so so united's in some big big problem big trouble they've they they've doubled down they tried to like say that they call it all protocol people are mad i love when people get mad at brands on twitter there's nothing like brand reach on twitter pepsi pepsi is happy that united had this happen oh yeah we forgot about whether that was a miracle form yeah just little stay woke maybe the guy on the plane with some sort of pepsi marketer maybe he was so what we got for pr one hundred and one i've got a couple things form so i think i think united number one they need to tweet out the plane vagina girl again remember that remember when we're all upset in united for having the vagina yes they should just do that again that's a real easy america were very simple people if we're angry about something we could be furious
if you make us yes what we're not angry anymore or if you double down on your fault if you triple down on your ups if you keep up eventually it's murphy's law yeah he'll come back out on top yes sir just just make a sort give me a right and then all of a sudden i'm not angry just we have some you know what yeah just treat all point be like cave because that are now being reported this guy like was like a porn freak or something like hey you know who else was a porn freak united and then just start giving us free links yes maybe hi everyone who's ever flown united a browsers password one month simple steps and then that's what you call homeostasis yes help the ecosystem ecosystem helping itself right now browsers can make new porn for us another yeah i had was just just fly bunch of empty planes around if united play hard to get like oh you don't want to
yeah that's fine we don't need you i like that we don't need paying passengers i had one goal the self deprecation learned route and become a ufc sponsor like the presenting sponsor for ufc that be pretty funny or set up like some kind of wrestling situation where if you can like pin a united i i you know i'm ploidy your highly flight yeah yeah the pilot during the flight forty yes if you can overpower the pilots during a flight you get to land the plane for free i i like that these are all smart thinks i'm some kind of feel like the like some kind of arm wrestling or something i think that would work here's an easy one give everybody an extra bag of peanuts underfoot yeah that's good will goes a long way yeah my last one is have have one plane don't tell everybody which planet is but we and if your planes is the dog plane where it's all puppies and they only sell one ticket in coach but you don't know what
it is so like oprah you indeed are going to play and you get a pop yeah you get a puppy yeah i like that the last one they could just do a new slogan united we're still not as bad as spirit that's actually that's the truth just it's basically what i do when i try to take a picture nexus someone's fatter than me and like a look look how good i look yeah i must be on a diet just read just remind everyone that spirit charges you to go to the bathroom and spirit and allegiant air yeah both of just thought of this for the for the puppy plan yeah remember when vince young used about like full planes yes it's like fly him as boys back yeah mike vick would start buying a load of tickets you make a lot of money that way i like that i like that a lot next up we have respect the biz with tony romo were taping this early we are yeah we're taping at like five hundred o'clock right now so unfortunately we're not going to be able to watch and discuss tony rome
performance so what we're going to do is a little choose your own adventure because we were just discussing before this show what if they actually put 'em in it's a possibility right and garbage time yeah is also awkward because he has the number of someone else you see that that really weird picture tony romo's legacy is taking a hit from this because one he looks super on athletic to part of that is i now see that he has man breasts and three that's just all broken collarbones pushing his pictorial muscles out and weird direction three the whole thing feels like this weird pity thing doesn't it whose idea was i think it was mark cuban dances yeah why don't you come on the podcast cuban you'll fucking much helps us mark where you scared you should talk to some real men so if he does play expect a lot of backlash alot
of tony romo like people dream of playing in the nba and tony romo got this for free yes if he does play i'm also expecting him to get injured because that would be the most tony romo thing of all time it be great if this was just tony romo's new like brand just take over jobs that he doesn't deserve day one and get it is getting everyone mad yeah like hey tony romo is gonna be a firefighter yeah you don't have to get past its joe's versus pros except it's also a pro and it is extremely injury prone how many prone pros versus pros how many people can tony romo get mad and then if he doesn't play i mean again it's just so weird it's a weird thing i don't really understand it i'll say this mark cuban he he hates donald trump and you have to admit this doing a publicity stunt an hiring a guy to do a job that is not qualified to do
that's not something that trump would ever do no so cuban you're making yourself look pretty bad on this one buddy pretty bad from butler put high school with him said he could have been a probe until i saw that people forget his central random combinations batch golfer tunes nobody ever said that is constantly wherever someone's like it's the old brother corollary where they're like oh yeah my older brother was actually a better baseball player them in like he just didn't make it and like oh yeah if he decided to play this he would have people forget randy moss could have played in the nba that's true also i just like to say that if tony romo doesn't play if he doesn't choose coach at out it in that game he's a coward doesn't love the game yeah so i mean the whole thing like i said i'm weirded out by it it may mark cuban was just like we need to let tony romo beyond another dallas team that doesn't make the playoffs who are they playing against i don't even know well the other nba teams are playing against should sign back and start back not even say anything about it do you think jason witten's his cowboy yes
do you think the romo shower with the guys that's a big question now we can we get gesina anderson on this i mean he owns the shower beat i wanna know if tony romo showered with the guys that's what we need to know next up we have a problematic our new segment where we find totally innocuous harmless things problematic because that's what we do in twenty the internet us yeah so during the cubs rain delay espn played an entire segment about cubs fans having sex after game seven and having babies so that's problematic very like there's a lot of people out there watching that that are infertile won't so like what about those of us that can't have kids right and also i mean no one ever planned for the cubs to win the world series because no one thought out ever happened so you're saying this on plants axe rate are you saying that that the cubs tricked all these women in to have
the sex of people because they were so this problem so horned up like they didn't i doesn't sound consensual yeah it's prom night way and also there only like six months pregnant so what happens if some thank god for bid yes problematic yeah that's that's a good but what about those of us who have never had sex just sore teams are lou person so we have to just keep being loser that were they also had a kid who was born like right at the final out exploitation of children yes how labor law did you did you pay that baby is there money going into a trust fund for like it it's okay it's okay when when malaysia makes our nikes well now we can just kind of you know this kid be exploited that didn't really work my had hot so well i'll try to work that out for you so i i have trouble getting things about it because i'm not a problematical i think you're on the right lines here like e s p n you know they've j bill us all the time talking about all leading kids and and not paying them for their likeness and using the for content and how it's become a billion dollar industry how how much money in ad sales
espn major on that on that special segment they there and if so i would say that kids entitled to at least twenty five percent back it ends up on a video games you gonna get a check hi it doesn't sound like you know i hope so disgusting yeah problematic to better do segment next up we have a stay classy ric flair reccuring guess ric flair he got kicked out of a bar in i think indiana i don't know what he was doing exactly but i do know that there's video of him calling the bartender fat ass before being immediately kicked out it was a man also it's it's wrong with that just locker room talk but he also called people to acting like a moron throughout the do you know who i am so that's where the steak i don't know if ric flair realizes fort wayne bars
fort wayne in probably isn't like wow ric flair like he can just come in and run the place whenever you want i would also say that rick flair should never ever use the do you know who i am because everywhere ric flair goes people know rick flick right he's not like blending is walking as ric flair he's wearing a robe and then scream and what right right do you know who i am the guys has like seventeen divorces yeah probably has a lot of businesses that are failing do you think he'd he gives a whole explanation of who is like the limousine ride and jet plane file i hope so ric flair if you fall wrestling ric flair someone who has never really been able to give it up so this might just be his he's like if i get a kick out of enough bars maybe vince mcmahon will will give me another contract yeah also if you get kicked out of enough bars then maybe you can write it off on your taxes you have had some issues with that hey the only people that do ric flair you did your taxes your tax liar his line i was say the only people that can't
ric flair would be an irs agent right yes yes that was almost braille levels with the most intense braking moves in part might take history hank designs are receiving a s israel stoned real quick id here okay if you're if you're out there through the irs you listening first of all don't edit audit me my tax on the up and up maybe just like pass out a bunch of flyers and ric flair's neighborhood saying grand opening for this new two the bar don't call it a strip club called it it's very important this hot new titty bar low shot prices girls girls girls at the flyer says given address and then have it be like an exterminator tent when you walk in the door it's just cops in there it's like ok gotcha it's like when they do the iron bowl and went and every year the iron bowl and they're like hey let's just round up everyone alabama who has been paying their child support by saying they're free tickets the arable yep and they all every every year they do it and it here it was like oh wow free tickets the iron bowl just show up and get arrested right now
stuff we have little sabermetrics this is actually from another recurring guest our friend lenny dykstra tweet it out a graph with no explanation of what was on the y and the x access just a graph with just lines this is also bad radio 'cause we're describing a line graph but that's not bad radio because even if you're looking at it you have the same exact reaction to me describe correct it was very very true to the so this is actually sabermetrics with lenny dykstra not locker room talk we keep it given above both of the the waste here right you are used to guns from part might take one totals the metrics with you hey lenny can you explain what was up with that line graph you put out what was with that graph lenny that you treat it out
the only ones i'm concerned about are white and it's normal for miramar right let me let me we know you're there we know you're there come on let me doesn't work when you're in the like a busy bar like you're at right now i'm trying to be sneaky little you little rat yeah yeah shut the up listen to me okay say one word i hang up okay deal okay shut the up okay all right in this okay you got it yeah what's the graph go yeah what's a graph about last guy draft on your back in little league game no yeah thirty your straight downhill okay okay yeah let's talk about the second row right right pardon my j call you guys call me every day they suck my dick yeah which is a little one on talk just just so you guys get the privilege and honor to speak to the best eater in america yeah there you go yeah so so so here's the deal thank you k l y what does we ask you sucker dixie okay so i'm bill started three words yup honor hello see
what is so let me can i ask you one last question if you're going to take quite all right is there ever so i can buy a lot of with my money but i can't buy the bucket time i'm wasting target you're right good point so what do you want to know i wanted to i was gonna ask viewed soccer decks grows up fine though a funny funny it's funny funny funny well i got a little twists and turns that would yeah all right last up we have a stay woke yes all right so i'm putting the pieces together together on this adrian peterson has now travel to couple different places i'm thinkin that they're just bring it that the patriots specifically just brought peterson and to try to injure him and work out said no other team could get him or you wanna get really woke did the patriots bring in adrian peterson to make marshawn lynch a little behind i want to go play for the patriots make a little jealous they're looking for north south running backs well guess what the most north south guy besides john kuhn yep is marshawn lynch probably correct yes so they're always
computers in thing is weird is he also maybe he's being blackballed and oh yes let's get that talk going colin capper nick still have a job that's true people forget that something to think about all right that's our show we will see you on friday we're working on fridays guess we got a couple of options it might be one way might be the other who knows beyond your toes because that's what we're going to do in will hopefully be bringing some big guess like we said maybe jeremy roenick sometime soon maybe a certain nerd in chief we've got a big nerd a nerd bigger than king nerd nerd than theo i've seen the apps dean just got knocked off the top and there is not and it's not about it's not about no it's not no different type an actual smart nerd on the mount rushmore of nerds yeah i'd say definitely yes yes so all coming up in the next week so but we will see you on friday love yes
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