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2017-03-02 | 🔗
NFL Combine, David Price is injured, and Curt Schilling is about to embark on a political career (2:52 - 10:25). Listener Roasts of the show with Uncle Chaps (10:25 - 21:07). Rachel Nichols joins the show to talk Lebron, Boogie Cousins, Kevin Durant, Mark Cuban, and the dumpster fire that is the Chicago Bulls (21:07 - 52:29). Segments include Spinzone for the 49ers having no quarterbacks, Tell Da Truth for Dan Snyder, Lebron Blames, Respect The Biz, Locker Room Talk, Bad Radio, and Explain It To Hank.
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and we have some measurements yes we called this last week or on monday i think hand measurement season is back lovett some guys were clocking in at nine and one slash four some guys were clocking in at nine and three slash seven yes so it's a big difference in the hand size are so we are obviously talking about the nfl combine this is the wall and the sports season were waiting desperately for converts championship week in and suitably basketball mba still regular season and it shall still regular season so now we get to obsess about some twenty year olds and how big their hands are i actually wish that they took it a little bit further like yeah they're measuring the hands i'd like to see them look in the mouths like do it do a tongue into that horses horses at that sort of thing i'd like to see them do the combine in the nude what are they hiding if they're if they're wearing pants
jerk off into a cup just tester swimmers out i don't data here's the thing if your quarterback it's only for court of actual if you can't motivate your sperm to swim you can't let a team so did you hear the big news big news was mixture briski was six to and the real big news hugh jackson his cut off for four quarterbacks six so mister bisbee conscript himself he should have a little bit hoping that it you know it's six one and a half because you jackson has picked and arbitrary number and just said if the court backs not sixty or taller i dont want em so drew breeze russia wilson if you want to play for the brown guess what they don't want you don't make the cut yeah i wonder if any players have like thrown and interview when they sit down with the browns if they like
i think your ogling your piece of shit mister jackson well you're assuming that the browns ability to i'm assuming the browns actually conduct interviews yes why not actually began also like process what would happen in our view and put that in rather draft book it's actually just a homeless person in the room is a draft johnny again eating his poop from the championship have shared chapin that's over cleveland stereotypes rolled into whether you guys we also had tissue recurring guess robber clip go it he said now so he was reading a mock draft its also mocked rough seas and just really surrogate cook and with that and i think was by bucky brooks and bucky said that no quarterback would be taken the first seventeen picks are free our clear go said i will eat i've cockroach on snapshot if there is no quarter bacteria deserves particular single cent yeah but now we're all rooting for no quarterback to be taken so that we have to watch robert hours ruth that we also had the central michigan cooper rush the kubi his hands grew in last month since a shrine game behind you
went from interest eight and sixty eight inches to on the nine inch mark so good good got good on him the guy at the combine measures from the base excise greece has asked for cereals hands out a little but i also saw that ma homes had a small hands so be careful that don't don't worry about the fact could he played a cliff kings very often and it was really out any was just drawing time and routes and he does not redeem his hands little undersized rights wage and its gas i like him i think he actually would be good if the michael each system and the cliff kings very system you can always get some good quarterbacks eta guys that arm i forget who was one guy was i was no because he went even grabbed the laces of the bull he just grab and throw away and there i like this guy three were nine thousand yards soulless draft and the other big news coming out the combine chuck pagano cup ghana he was giving real network emma i'm sorry but where it had people tat are actually announce it as a podcast weren't cock rehab we say too much we're trying to stop
decided we're gonna do snowflake now it's a lot we watch the snowflake awards is one i guess it's one of the toughest worse to stop saying it's it's a great where but we'll try we're done so chuck pagano he gave an interview today and he said we're all in one day contracts that's how i look at it sets a football game over at their good point it's easy to be on one day contract when you're owner has like the respective goldfish too this is finally year the chuck pagano go starting his job seriously that's what he's basically this is a change you say like it's a change from years pass re exactly ah we all oh in the news hank the red sox seasons over o r in due time leaving arise so i did he even get injured like that which is a random david there's nothing worse than when one of the players on your team just all of sun onto her it's like this person just got them all to show them has an injury used to be a derek rose like every couple weeks would like
burke rose mri negative oh shit i'd even though he had an mri yeah so what would david price its innocent people have resting bitch face he has just resting fucked up arm yeah so he showed up today and use extra some wrong my arm and gave mri now he's gonna see doktor james andrews around wrote friend of the programme to get a second opinion on so how are you i hate you i want to give a second opinion though psychosocial oh so he so you don't need a price no we do what not until the world completely literally you're right it's not but busy in the seasons what we're gonna now quite ok spends on candidacies before it was this a spin zone for david price if he is injured he can't lose in the playoffs though that's a good point that's nice right and you have a built in excuse to write so the great ah speaking of other red sox pitchers we want to give a quick shot out to our guy kurt shilling narrowly our guy but will give michel somebody's got he got in a fight with rosy o donnell on twitter and he
the accuser of throwing round poop and lies i just once this is genius by kurt because all good political were start with fighting with rosy o donnell yet the political careers you start in back rooms by shaking hands with donors and getting money and envelopes now you just get on twitter like heroes your fat fuck you roses oh yeah would when people hours yet with people of various stuteley figured out is that like seventy five to eighty percent of amerika hates rose you down for no real reason they just gonna hate her she's she's hateful its world things you almost we now five generations that are born with the heat in the day or even a who rose you dont little babies are walking around or crawling around america with like a little bugging brain saying i don't like that rosy o donnell woman what's good survival where are you just hate rosy if you stay away from her
then she'll never boy you death rate exactly it's perfect so i'm that step one of the politics playbook incurs poignant nicely it makes two is going wrong doing their signature he's been doing in people's windshields s rights which will once again be signed people's windshields it was like a veteran that's right a home for their service yes adding rana peoples which if he sees you with like a marine corps bumper sticker he'll give using tribune then international erin yeah exactly so that's a good that's good step to forego step three is going to be admitted that each year in the world's hers and play offs and didn't actually have a bloody sock step forward or would be paying back the state around for all that money wasted was tat video stuff five would be actually killing journalists o people three applauded that yes oh actually i'll still down to a couple things just kill rosier donovan kill journalists and you become president
speaking arose we have uncle chaps here we ask everyone for rose on itunes he left a review of five star review and gave us your best rose so let's make fun of ourselves with uncle chaps in your rose i let's end a week with some rose reminder we ask everyone to go to your itunes page leave a five star review and give us our best rose so we have our friend good friend uncle chaps in studio with us he is from zero blog thirty podcast matrix subscriber that right now right now writers in essence that dropped this morning this can we really get and follow them on twitter followers on twitter and plot fathers use also in part fathers subscribe to both right now i'm gonna give you a second
i thank you for subscribing to both now let's get to your rows of us read by uncle chap so these aren't your words no i would never be mean to my friend sancho thinkers making chestnut something i do and ass it can i say and very close it i've we're claimed to be the best breeder oh well we haven't you had a pretty low particler here ok i we aren't you have some experience with that are we ready hank the only seventh greater with a moustache and a cup female opinion cyber bully a young boy named j j who may be probably definitely did steroids there's more barroso j j so that europe must finally go oh confused there on that roast this podcast withdrew guys one guy is unknown person that gross facial here like a fifty year old almost woman next guys that guy with a superadds in secure with his weight but try to play it was funny to please everyone but the term side he hated
lifelike chris farley while the producer is just a young illiterate boston kid who probably have spent more time and tap shoes and work boots boom roasted while i just want to address the fact that my facial here's bad it's actually not bad i guess it's light colored so after diet haven't died in a while succeed and want to stick up for the fact that back i just compare me to someone who hated themselves so much the overdosing heroin him it just when you're doing heroin just don't do cocaine way after be fun and heroin nos ninety tat guy had apparently i'm down that path two invigorating salubrious guys guys engaging epigrammatic report encompassing topical supporting and societal affairs hashtag help hungry i gotta get at the source now was aroused on hank expect the hague to read it and mass everything up they are the only way you who method i did right click the thoris thorn you don't even know how to say the word
sorry smaller i see this as the rest of us and i should like in the roast moves you get triggered bigger horace no shit i mean you think bassorah somebody have to sound like a pussy correctly i have a really dry tongue right now ok some water ok thank you we high with smoke somewhere would never do drill zero others these metals us outrageous allegation that year ago chaps made a perfect see this isn t about me jeff would make the perfect flaming hot sheet of allowing us probably right ginger do a colonel winchester resettlement yesterday nah gesture of earlier now it there but on me young any red and citizens blind daughter discuss pressing sports issues like frozen goldfish hitler jobs if you think crisper mistakes are fresh and then you are going love these guys tired sports tropes my guest
this park s gonna be cancelled quicker than repartee no restroom restaurant bathroom also big catholics are young tom selling a blue budge from the top selling okay so i use a thing he made for us for having tired old sport worships but then he drove into any red fat jokes and repeal come luxurious do a lot of people think you're fat is wherever i feel like we should cease and desist our listeners for making indolent await woman and in fact jokes now you know what is the rose we haven't got a while it's good declared lay all the media la we try to control the message worthless and jimmy i'm not even matter right told us you gonna flush the mind out were flushing the mind out right now ever get all their means step out thrown at us and then we're gonna start fresh i need you to end this one is true whenever down the bigger as to why from the front because he took the dad bad so seriously a few years ago and can't reach from the back pay if he asked
as the pause occasionally hank gets to the bars only talk to the and get her up interrupted ok do you light from our front ok isn't one hundred i also why should i should i answer the questioner roast you again is he gonna give up my reading i feel as if you read it might be worth doing a great job ok thank you hang a hub i still wipe from the back i didn't know that that's like a fact i think so now i now i have something if i ever get to that i'll know what i've gone too far or will you please take your hand between your ass in the toilet seat behind you because any wiser ripened like the tube to your boss northern you grab your balls you that's it you only wives and byways front back that's what you're supposed to do i gotta during its gross that's weird things pretty normal heck how'd you like sky talk from the ethics
you put your hands treelike back i know very well what is it you know i have changed and nobody changes around like that i've been for everyone does that do stand no people still you get those people walk with shy run a lot about standing and i try to recently is not gets you you walk rose shit you're standing and wiping his for the birds they don't rush ages thought such topic that you wipe through your legs land check like a normal person if checks if chicks pooped sorry how didn't her hermione explained there ever aging pornographic fantasies to an illiterate young adults you're a harry potter nerd without a good rest the guy had a big fat troll and a girl it can take good runs out of embryos almah tat ran up remember burgundy and veronica cornerstone its
morning stone groaning shown in basic cornerstone that's not me and brick do a pot catholic i don't look like every girl i look like some girls and i don't think i like racine abrogate who'd like most girls like racine applicant now but she's gotta she's very attractive faces and sought the from saint i'm not hot enough to be christian applicants this one's pistol any red younger brother and kid rocks mentally disabled sister test their pants while the illiterate producer learns that they be seized the really tagging hanks intelligence also understand the eighty wreathing like vows part annie reads family out be walk around my chest even more puffed up but you said that you consider just get your stomach would be able super ego tommy first an overweight man a training and a producer who is bad at reading they have to bring on another outside it to read this to try to brief famous guess so that they could just come there more famous france and it turns out the guy we brought in his worst review the neck
it together very identity and ugly i didn't write these than anyone reading either sector european ugly mckenna like jonah hill every time i hear there on a diet losing weight i'm confused because another just gonna put it all back on again you bet guiding this i've been up hurrah estimate in the last year i've been on sixteen die and you gotta show off that you want to be good at diet and now i'm working on it take hotter than chaps is mom this podcast is perfect for listeners who want the same six jokes repackage into increasingly denver subject by mexican joe blanton and his crippled cheney partner everybody out there stop listening except for chaps mom chaffe's mom what's up
jerry is a true you're hot i heard your heart if you want to hear more from my mom listens alas we accept that for yourselves your mom puckered oracle listen to the voice now that i have the same month after month here is a mom my wife a future guest on my six hundred pound life and a man with solid beak ups walk a young illiterate boy on his journey on how to read and explained to him life small joys like ignoring your taxes in girls gone wild that actually sounds awesome that i guess i subscribe to this is three dues three we're dude watching porn and then enjoying life you know the best policy this rose thing is like we we did it not gain the system but like all this will be smart we'll get some reviews if someone goes and looks at their views and eight search most recent like they must be so confused so there's one more this parker
with three guys one guy his unknown person that gross facial here like a fifty year old amish again you are aware that when sir we're so hours when chaps that's it then we're done unless there's another person pointing out my bad facial here which is probably unlikely i was the second attachment or do you want to read the ones they left for you gotta check it out chop facial hair makes you wanna puke every time i look at him i wish were blind chaps can't read good and he likes to think that he can read good but in reality he's blind and he socks any get struck lot the the challenge is worrying mississippi state sweatshirt today makes me hate him even more and i already hate him more than hitler seems a little fresh of refreshment chaps nice tattoos you big jerk what's up with the stupid ronald mcdonald that you have on your body that's weird to good question
so those are year as i thought you'd be taller meagre i just build my rebel chaps thank you so much for joining us we appreciate it again everyone gossip rob get your blog thirty pod fathers i subscribe unsubscribe and recent we can tell you to do that to his pod cast an eye on us i'm asking you if you want to if you weren't there is a practice in general to all pod cast but no what you do you practice honours so you can get it right we do non chaps yes that's who you got coming up you have said today today's episode is part one from adieu his ninety two years old
who was in the battle of eu jima and three other areas from from kansas now not periodic enough but he got aiming to worry about it last thought a story about you gimenez fantastic in just a great individual who was at school principle after that and is really part of a great generation awesome everyone check it out thanks again uncle chaps you aspects if i guess thanks again to uncle chaps for joining us let's now go to greet interview with rachel nicholls we covered everything in the nba le bron kevin's ran the ball socking eastern conference playoffs her wanting to get drunk with us her wanna get drunk with us sup again all right we welcome on one of our favorite recurring guess we re reoccurring guess it is rachel nicholls she's from
yes p m the jump you can watch it every single day three o clock make sure you you watch everyone watch rachel let us start are you trying to get a job could you tell us about cuba this little thing you fur or maybe not even you just run a liquor us out yeah thanks you turn it just fadus outlook work so i went you guys ready come out there lay to do this pod and my idea was that we would sit around and drink long did it that is why we said we are well i mean i really happen question the wisdom of that and so i figured we can at least long distance get drunk and feel tat you like it i like it to be restored standing more people up so they sent me boost yanza works pervert plan here that kind of thing you don't beer and apparently new york liquor store don't sell beer you have to get it
nobody guided our deliver at break up get it it's stupid and it also wine and grocery stores your learn that the hardware relations so we will be about out nellie hopefully in a month when we can do it in person but we will drink that's gila input i submit let's less oxamide ba because it's getting hot mba is hot let he see kevin was wheelchair off the target her something oh my god i haven't seen the boy to deliver that fits right in so please i add is that if you re going to stay or your thing you want him to put no weight on that where does tat involves what all but a fluffy bunny is for him to put the leg up on top of you wanna make i bet i bet worries sandra lining up i lit start their little yellow star with the warriors withdrew it out
and i know he's gonna be back for the playoffs but i have a feeling this is kind of like stuff curry getting you know when he had his knee injury in the play off and he was a hot percent but he really wasn't so i'm banking on calendar it never being a hundred percent for the rest the year do you i think the warriors are now vulnerable or is that just wishful thinking from someone who's a warrior haider that question was really official until the very idea but somewhere you had although like tv the talk down and then the idea had a blood there but yeah no i dont beckoned to ever be the same again i think really he's gonna end up having returned the protocol because he can't play basketball anymore marginal mutual hard but that's not bad oh i think he'll be ok he actually has a history of coming back from injury pretty well on our way
gang areas the ankara documents it all his different histories and how he doesn't seem to lose the shooting rhythm but a question mark rate is that the difference between gang iraq fire and an mba players like a big huge young but the difference between further they regular caliber nba player and italy and the king caliber player is actually not that big a gulf it's a little tiny tiny it's different things about the way you love the way band away showed the way turning the speed you have so that that little tiny bit different if you five ten percent off that's where you can see a big terms looking at that without staff right that that he was quote back but the little tiny tiny calibrate the rapid edited reconcile their form so ass if he would cabinet that's the case i don't know they certainly think that things are better than they first thought i guess i needed the first scan the fourth result they came back indicated that there might be a fracture and that of course would be more than one
and i wanted to block them for the fact that they appear to scan showed that it really wasn't bad i think every trading that like a went over their way for you know i was hoping that under its country and went in situations where he's gonna come back and is going to play well and he's gonna make excuses essays the injury but i must say that these are two percent no no no no no lumbago when he plays well he's gonna be he isn't replied for what he has a bad game he's not a hundred percent as yet us we're gonna get out i could spill out but it's more of a heart injury i think for him it is widely ears ears the good news is harrison barnes now on the words so should we just start the nickname technical twins he and dream on their just gonna take so map sorry harrison barnes last year that once he and dream on are just going to get technical fowls left and right ha i mean here
it could be fun i ever see them as far as positive picture when he got up our asked to come back out he said it was the greatest moment of his life except when children are born venus the joint rejoined the warriors was right up there ok as you know he's a lunatic data has alluded to sack of outside our thin back an easier so what team do you think is the biggest threat to the workers in the west if if the is playing at like fifty to seventy five percent like this the other one behind understanding by i think you should always have the pencil than in for that designation but i have a lot of fun watch you know i could play so i'm gonna hoping that that match up happen during the boy ass he was back around
have been filed wherever it s like i would like to see the rockets go at it i think they're coaching savage challenge the players to try to shoot fifty three in a game so i would like to refer to two hundred windsor do yeah that's gonna be assumed that the over every single game and it always loses delivered what sir i've sent us the one that i would like to say but i dont mean affair but their claim full strength of the whole idea right they got a guy can barrier
one day i went down whether it must remain getting suspended better respect korea getting an injury whatever it is you don't have a bunch of after what happened they having i found that the spell of unsolved are so right so i will work out ginger i sir dad i'm so glad that you ask the attack on the aid they wires no doubt about a million some weird stuff here because we are a professional journalists you know that you know were kapital tat absolute but were also idiots and i have no idea what the hell happened with with age bogot and how he managed to get just moved all around the league anyone to go back to the war is because some weird loophole but then he didn't you tell me what happened when he was a lot like that you normally can't we signed with a team after they trade you there that a certain amount of time but because he was technically traded from it everything that you haven't find is a pre asia but because he was traded from the maverick to the security could have
i'm back to the warriors but he didn't because of our fine the cavs because first while the warriors and acid but ask him back but also the idea was that he can now get back at the warriors some way by signing the cab what did you think there is that use them was also interested in him he's been had more more than three million dollars worth of cap rooms a cavalier than we had about four hundred thousand worth of cap room so the question i urge above it is is heat hetty enough that he wants to go play for the can just for the shot up or can the warriors and file as opposed to collecting the extra three million dollars then he could have gotten if you'd gone to the rock then the other apparently there the trade so he's like the reverse version this year is bogey would bogey get a ring if the war speed the cavaliers in the files you i do
i think now member with with verizon out here with further created this either right so i think that's why they offered him a ring he was part of that year came bogus not part of it here and to say how delighted i am put a lot of times for pleasure like retires who is a thing was in baseball player that retired and then they won the world his after each other's it hey will give your pity ray i don't know i mean i guess pity rings do exist they could give it but i agree i think bogot actually was like he's mad the warriors because he felt like a piece to them you know an important piece to everything they wanted and i think he took a personally i like that i like that of that he's gonna try to take it personally and go and wintering with cleveland therefore guest a bond with investigating pizza get yes about what say i'm so glad you're aware of this is that bulgaria has bought into don't very weird and in some cases these unfortunate conspiracy theories theme
it's that along really well and i cavalier theme which is all about the conspiracy varied as you go right what we lack aliens etc are you saying that the world is not flat thanks for your one way or the other but you know i flung i find that i outlined china has happened i can tell fall off the edge getting at that i want to be his entire tenue with next has been him trying to get himself fired every move that has made has been just an intentional way for him to get fired sweden's and you asked phronsie that i smell it you're writing partner deviation when on the air and said that fill jackson his entire tenue with the knicks has been him trying to get himself fired every move that is made has been just an intentional way for him to get fired too can still get paid she agree with that i'm scaled needs it and why i think that we all have an opt out that guy
he does i hear he's gonna viewed as one opt out though stephen i was saying that he wants to get paid as much as again and he can't get that if you upsets weaken yeah it's better if he gets fired by james going on on the radio out there and said that he's gonna keep fell for long through the contrary so that he can opt out is like one of those through those wrestlings wasn in death matches are something re exactly the understood the biggest trading recently guys like the episode seinfeld were george has to keep breaking into his office right in us together and stare down a james dolen doesn't really part of stared on his just paying someone millions and millions of dollars to do nothing what are you saying that the next or mismanage kneeling never ever say that i may i will leave it to every x player they've bet we so you see last night leubronn walking from the bus to the locker room reading the godfather ended
we also think that was the latest most ridiculous thing i've ever seen in your entire life a lot of blame and ridiculous things i've hung out with fifty conquer person so clearly will then why can't you glamour berlin wall you wise why my when i leave the burden by lack of focus down that's when i that's right on accidently pay your name is she is my name she knows with bodies were no but certainly leubronn along come on you're did you call nominal what why am i gonna call for rapid reading is lacking in really include regional not going to be kidding me right now he wants his nose and really it wasn't actually reading is reading is reading a book about a movie did you see a hundred times with his with his kids about that the book the comfort and i happen to know we actually reading it what do you mean
i do think we re at this time of year is this is it this is what we want is wagging wally's reading camry from about some years like when he's on tv he's reading what would you like him really you have recommended by clicking the be walking like a normal person how people work i'd like to be reading maybe maybe like a chemistry book about like discovered your own clutch jean maybe something like that have they made it got a professor for book yet i'm sure you want to read that others lubber just read it it was it was ridiculous it was for limiting its funding ok i'll never gonna knock it oh my god my bonnet hope hope lies you know it you spend spend too much time with white horse that's your problem many problems with a list of problems as emu at the top of my left the gravel or you in a book globalism you so that you know for a fact that is really i just i did i actually had heard about the godfather being the book of choice before last night
i was aware of the guy weighing we throw grip is he making everyone on the calves riddick that will be the ultimate will broaden visit that that the disease but i don't believe that give out but somebody has to give up right tat rallies they go jackson it'll does no jobs and soon pray you can make the players like there that there is a point where like i was among the players got pretty heavy yes only the other players like make their email read books for anything you ve carrying out was lobby groups that would be good to have you ever listen to that point where did you know i am i'm your weight way plugin away without any besides you guys do politics but we ve known as thoughts besides us definitely not poky cousins i used to always be one
i used to be on the side of i use between buggy but only one ok so i was you count point counterpoint because i was always team buggy the last month gotta sway me the other way it seems like his team kind of submarine what why d box was doing when they shine trade buggy which is a bullshit thing to do and praying you mean the team the king gos each to his agent yeah from everything on footwear bailing ok here and here is a because if he had gotten to stay in sacramento what had been eligible for between like thirty and fifty million extra dollars it he is how can a now be able to get these no longer with the team the draft in its new buggy could body cousins agent is it in your best interests for your client to keep him sacramentos ochres those guitar point where you got that
here's my problem with him though i've i've always been a fan of put like i am and i know after you get treated like rumours come out everything put it us feel like he's the type a guy the planes everyone else for his problems in fer you know because he gets the other rapture on and his team aid stink and it just fine like he checks out a games it feels like it's not going to work in new orleans it feels like he's outside the guys like i'm so talented and the world come owes me something more than thirty evidence right have you watch and play he absolutely plain part all the time you're saying me by the fire saying you live here he's moody argued get completely if he's crazy talented i think that the big question is that after about him for a long time is
chicken and egg great is it not working with him sacramentos could be heard innovation is just not put the pieces around him enough and stable and if he had been named throughout all of his ears sacramentos with the second best fire he played whether the very sadly that you have to go through or is it him in here the difficult me under my people and that's why things have gone well and there is really no way to know that for sure because of the way those two things are intertwined now you're gonna be within turkey where your franchise of course a little bit of the farm with experiment is no one not exactly the sort of complete besides in the idea is that part of this further on your council now you're an apologist artist purity saying it's not chicken right now it's a bad spot again i would like to see and then a team where you could know for sure and what's gonna be complicated about theirs is noise is that you
i think i'm gonna be galvin's entry ban i think the coaching staff is strong ownership has been a big enough masses ended up in court it had been questions about medical that situation there i am curious to see how this plays out was buggy refined at least a little bit of insight wounded him it wasn't the game and you know what kind of you a guy who talk about until the schedule they have for the rapid decision is one of the top five parties dazzled asia minor uses line don t like it all i know a clear picture from here that's all i want to jump bank that aren't jumped to the spurs real quick again want to know about you nobody because it seems like every year in the playoffs everyone will be
either we sang emit is good too old and they'll come out no dropped like thirty points or they'll say men who still good and then he'll come out unlike break his hip and and shoot fell shots into shock clock which play off manual gonna get were i mean he's almost forty is very ill three forty this summer he drive your car then get all dropping thirty points manner is probably in the rear view mirror battle part of that same year eleven he always one for rain fell you gotta help me about together asked about what do you obviously there plugged into league you got our do you of how many sources you have i can't go anywhere because they had a pile counties that radio how we sources do have you got to see their names but if you want you can add humbly sources would you say you have how are you doing
an answer that question i want to tell you i've like three sorts none of us know that person let me guess ass you see harlow year nine nine sources that's ok use other how big is illegal circle because it's always like league circles are saying this wasn't circle i would think it's weird like rape or the trade deadline monkey boy like a league store said because basically means that like some guy in another team that wants to drive up or down some trade value specifically is feeding funding to a you do that voters i prayed and that it good that report it would you kill adrian virginals be i'm not adrian you come on steals only scope so i'm not
i don't get my business that's my part of the better now without edited corner i now go grab you don't see my name on the bottom right found great old report like that i'm not a person but you're put in your plugged in essence i have applied ok after that talking about a minute downgrade mast bid to six or yeah yeah cinema he hears where my question was going because i would love some insight because no one has it what the fuck are the chicago bulls doing there hey i was wondering how i can get to that i would ask you that i just see this is what happens like no one even the even the most sourced journalist don't know i'm sorry about myself now i have noted their eye it appears that they are trying to rebuild while staying competitive which anyone with even half a brain knows that those two things don't work together there
and they can work that at times like mine he are clearly trying to deny right now there are what the game or so out of number but the wireless they did it i guess but they determined a clear vision right that's that's i assume your biggest complaint later they had decided moving to rebuild whither they decided under builder anthony butler builder entered butler stop gangway as aid and trade talks you wanna have a bunch of veterans like get the right veterans don't get a bunch of guys can't play together die soon yeah i mean if you if you want to rebuild around jimmy butler dont make your big creation peace rondeau and then fall ass backwards into dwayne weighed his pet rally wouldn't return is emil's like that's that's no plan that there's no plan there but there is also the result of hyper i'm get magri i read that i read its it's jerry surface is a big he's like the us supreme court he gives our jobs for life
i mean you don't let that many good draft decision jimmy butlers is certainly a win for them but i am curious to see they do going forward and also about the big method that's a thing of the past year exactly they haven't had a hit and while i mean the dog mcdermott thing the fact that they traded up to eleven and they re now traded him as a player they did the car packs front office being great at the draft is not something that some recent how do you feel about cameron poem do you like him as a guard you a dancer how do you where are again acquisition i dont so my problem with that is see how he becomes like some something that was worth trading you know you you think doug mcdermott is gonna be a piece right that's why trade form in the draft you you try
he gets injured is first year so it doesn't obviously have like the rhythm and everything he does he gets stash on the bench you now have a coach that's supposed to bring out his strength so he's starting to get a little bit of a rhythm and then you trade him and i understand taj gibson is going to walk so it's not like he eat that's kind of a throwaway even though i love tosh but camera pain to me i just don't see i don't see how he's gonna become like you're starting point out so now you have to draft another point guard in the draft and it's like come over solving door forever end they cut bait on derrick rose too late and it's like legs added its feels like it just all these decisions are making are almost random and none of them line up with each other how about putting alive camera on dan during both in your reaction have i guess so angry but he would yet it would just be a snuff film of watching and they're gonna end they and we're taping this on thursday afternoon they're gonna beat the warriors tonight
the boy it's a home game anti anti on a thursday night the bulls will beat the warriors and i will say the bulls or back and that will happen and that happens every single like every three weeks and they lose to some shitty ass team why do you care this much about crap team because of the affair not could be good this year i rachel here's my next question about the balls and do you think they should trade jimmy butler i definitely do not i dont understand i dont even understand the question ok what are you trying to get a related design and get the trades him if you trading about or in your dreams what do you get it i mean it's picks ends you know a couple of guys can crack the rotating can be started in the league i i agree with you on my all things the view i would actually trade jimmy butler if i trusted the guys were trading if that makes sense dear i mean for me
as the like what do you have any like the biggest piece you gettin trade if you're making trade like that the idea would be to get dade brooklyn the brooklyn tat great from la than that that what we are actually talking about the you are hoping to get a pic to draft a guy that you hope in three or four years will develop into someone is good it jimmy butler right but the thought processes you drop the guy and because he's not going to be as good as jimmy butler year one you're back in the lottery year one you're back in a lot of year to remember now we're talkin about the 76ers it's your ear you're basically saying we're going to we're going to trade jimmy butler and hopefully be in the lottery for the next three years because jimmy butler is good enough to keep any team out of the water and they look at your before right now to exercise a giveaway ringing in the lottery doesn't necessarily yeah you might end up with you well indeed but humane indefinitely we walk before who by even dwell indeed who i think has no nemo
entertaining guy in illegal acts that here can't stand the court re written still think you're not getting it's not as if all we have picked that's gonna try that no guarantee of anything gets what is a guarantee something that got lost her who plays really well like you oh then we butler s eyes i dont understand if you had somehow what then you finding that guy late and dropped the way they did why you would be trying to gamble that you are going to somehow pick another guy in the draft who could one day maybe get to that level which will pursue objectives achieved these the appeared he gets me when i talk about god go on here lots of all his dad was in the news this week is there any team that's actually even considering sing autumn are wary of of drafting him because his dad might give quotes to some reporters
and so this is in college raise i mean there might be causes is don't want that kind of stuff going on and it becomes complicated queues at ease amazon about marketing do his latest interview with tat he thou like marketing deals and then you get is something that could potentially put the thorn to violations are something but few protein i think it's freezing does the boy from that and not have that the exact aren't they anyone would pass on town if they feel it if they believe in him further after another that none of you did you gonna be one i don't know and he had a right who ends up a bit number one cat like that here i answer those questions right now underway the lottery that's good that's turn of your job saunter trap you to your priorities that later on we can say are wrongly were bright clever i'd take faults but that's neither here nor there do you think mark cuban is losing his mind
and a presumption are you making about where he was darting with burdens now burdens and immortality than like that right and i don't think he losing line by the lad you crazy i think he's always but above all right look distributors being outspoken and just being we're going paranoid ashworth wafer away partly for it is only then a maverick get that local as well we bring back a thousand god knows where head it has even atoms losses mind you go where we had a mademoiselle vietnam on our show and he was he was pretty often he invited us to new zealand all of us the entire crew day without family of giants
i don't need one of nineteen children john and his family gender all like six times extend yeah with the third like an olympic weightlifter ressler that better one of the kind of other thing yes i would actually do they just rohingya heavy things so yeah i think can be pretty sweet eyes still if we went there would see a hot it they exist right yes leprechaun rainbow yes always that their right ireland where something fine it's like ass not ireland so i think there are a lot because they offer hang out new there that's my decision so you agree that more cubans who is my next question in the i know it's like a few days old now the shack verse the rail magee where did you learn on that one i mean i do think this thankfully
he has been pretty funny i dont think what happened on twitter once the two of them got on twitter was funny i think once you it is at that level of threatening each other that its color i agree the shack long there's your fit for purpose that his mom lucy all follow me i cut it out so you gotta stop tonight i think there's something to be said for that he can't you can't have back door nine first of all certainly between like you know a hall of fame expire and occurring player today i would like us as if people been what do you think it again gotta die but you know you don't want them exposed taught us that fear nasty you should pick a fight though with someone from the nba to get some views to the jump and illusory maybe go after rondeau i wouldn't hate that
we sought one i'll randal nevertheless the freezer align even though is a point garden you should probably shoe more than like two fritos a month rebecca morals liquor quickly that i'm sorry i'm sorry what you don't you could save the day with a guy like that both the hales anger would we or do we legislate beget ran into a tape recorder and then will say that we put it on gas raised before seeing red doesn't like it s good so one last question oklahoma city are big if they play the warriors and the playoffs when more than one game i let go back to my had happened and fourth but i'm i'm pretty sight the thunder did not just sort of collapse into themselves dying star they re lady cumnor aunt leave certainly a lot of people being frightened require
why do people better thought out became apparent that russia's all tired and i feel pretty impressive the way refugees and the way the tina turner rallied around the fact that the foreign office to try to bring ali baba pieces then built around him it's lifeline watching him utterly ok so you don't want to games got it one rush will do superman act for one game whose good for oh no the question i would say this about liking whether what preferring out it's not as often to watch what he does in the court was hidden raising and speed and fear that let me share than the fact that during the trip above all of which you have that complete sense the entire time let you have a tiny window if data like his whole veins to build on what he can physically do radically and he's gonna turn thirty thirty one thirty two thirty three like this the window will so as not to say your wife
it is just that you know that this is a moment in time there that can allow airlines to enjoy it later i agree with the last question jason kid bench matthew delivered over how much of a travesty is it i mean i think that there are other conditioner we ve been over this some weird endorsement deal no he has his own right happen it is untrue because he's a fleet is one of the best australian point cards in the nba back i'll ever his top to talk to him inquiry pathetic don't run away people i've been in the in the day when people tried to interview carry about his australian boots and like these poor like strain reporters you ve been sent all the way around the globe inside the flatter yourself it is still i come to the end and their trying so i'd inquiries to say yeah i think i was born there i don't remember as baby it doesn't yasmine tested rachel thank you
how much as always we appreciate it always of rocket cuba we see and allay were actually gonna come probably in than we ought we're coming ella we're doing at some point i think logarithm no action i believe this is the third crying me tell me you're coming down lays a story of my life actual release it whatever colleagues too much work we just don't do i got one last question your third third last third less when was the last less pollution so that that sir are you hiring do nor to post your job to find the best candidates pushing your job in one place isn't enough to find quality candidates if you want to find a perfect tired you need to poster job on all the top jobs sites and now you can was procured a duck i'm you can post your job to two hundred plus job sides including social media networks like facebook and twitter all with a single click fine and it is in any city any industry nationwide just post once
watch your qualified candidates roland zip recruiters easy to use interface no juggling emails no calls here office quickly screen candidates rate them and higher the right person fast find out why progress has been used by fortune one hundred companies and thousands of small and medium sized businesses and right now my listers can post jobs are prohibitive for free by going to suffer her dotcom such p empty that zip recruited dot com slash p empty lot do some segments to finish off the weak first up have the forty niners little spins own for them because guess what the foreigners have zero quarterbacks on their right now yes they have nobody signed cap leaving and i think john lynch said that's kind liberating not having quarterbacks but i've gotta spends own form if you don't have quarterbacks on your roster
then there's no chance of chick shanahan is going to be able to call too many passing plays late in the game the way that is a nice so it's like when coach tells you to carry around a ball because you fumble too much shanahan's taking away his ability to throw the bottom i actually don't i kind of agree with john much having no he's basically just got out of a bad relationship and he's gonna go get drunk with his boys maybe try to find some chicks to fuck me quarterbacks you can actually be competent maybe rebound with with blaine gabert louvre secondly i got i was mistaken get real one yeah maybe i don't know who's out to jimmy clause in the outer yet jimmy capacity i'm sure he's out your coffins always have their now he will be so you know what name get begin thrown around that i love with mike linen yes line
mike somebody's as i like to call them what you saw what the free agent marking they said what jimmy grab low he's gonna be staying with patriots so lotta teams are out there and there looking at clinton and it was a good man it's just really growled because what what baseless happens my clinton's played a few games in a few like extrapolate stats he's better than peyton manning if you got rap later to us to do any five years they buy glutton on second down when his team is leading in the third quarter is the best quarterback vault i think my glyn is undefeated in play off to oh so just remember that has lost play a game also big news about colic happening he said that he's going to stand for the national anthem next year little pr one one for himself he's in the free agent market has one people asking questions was a guess what i'm gonna stand pretty good idea plus he's a communist right
next year the national anthem scorpion russian so jail just be the soviet national anthem site he'll stand for the hope you stand for that i actually though john lunch at the will afford niners might just want to bring back wildcat overall yes there too then what the options when the single way their eager limit your interceptions we have a tell the truth for keith she set to detroit redruth redskins gm or sorry its owner dance tighter because his gm is missing in action and no one knows where is he actually said add on a radio interview that he was setting up the funeral for his grandmother now issue passed away february six today's march third so to grieving process yeah and he's the general manager it's not like you need to be at the combine to has come a brake on that and secondly he's forty five years old so held
his grandmother like a hundred and five so steadily came out of nowhere so i take some time to get over us is really broken up yes oh maybe is grandmothers aim is margarita oh there you go he's got a hundred year remy martin so that what he would imply and hear him say maybe is maybe it was but bloody mary got it got it we haven't heard from since two thousand sixteen march may second issued weight it is too doesn't it gives me a year he hasn't been heard from since last year's draft so is it like a weakened bernie situation i have no idea what did i would not put it but if you had to close your eyes and say name the owner that would kill their gm and then tell the world that he's still alive you first gus resurgence second guessing pretence that are definitely so i think he's been dead for a year and such as its bruce helen who just pretending like sky that's actually a great great move if you want to deflect blame to somebody else
have a dead guy in the closet never bring man for the media it every time you fuck something out be like it's the dead guys fall and decided just keep sending her cousins to pay their debts incurred against nigeria probably doesn't know how to structure contract right but the franchise tagged that's boilerplate language right so you just gonna keep giving a one year contracts over and over yes assumes it happens forever so that's actually what what the answer is gonna be a thing you can you fridge i cite three times or two i think you can twice but maybe then a transition time ok so he's gonna just keep target them until the gig is up and those rights oh i actually killer gm back in may to dump sixty eight my bad cleaning ladys gonna open up like deserts closet anxiously filled with tiny tiny little suits and scammer gloves course corpse just pass out gallanter next up we have a la bronze blames we talk about this little with
rachel nicholls leubronn walking in reading which drove me not nice i'll i'll admit that it is petty of me to be that upset about leubronn walking reading but i won't deny my own feelings and let them go what did you think when he saw a picture ridicule disgusting writers make europe you but that's not leubronn blames leubronn blames durham williams eyes team he missed a huge wide open three against celtics leubronn gave a pervert pass i think deron williams was traded too there are signed with the calves just a could have another personal another idle at the perfect pass in that situation is lebron james thrown to pass into the basket he passed the ball yes it got there but he's a guys said the clutch jean right he's the guy we did whose man's is on the calves is probably lebron james team right yeah so that's his shot skip ale said today king say kings
he's the best parent planet but doesn't have the clutching gave a programme for picking up his drivel too early no end you gotta make yeah you gotta keep your options open guess they in the triple threat what's the over under four when dermal is gonna end up in a brown instagram never as it just never i don't of that law knows that dares team first run serious play off one yeah that's gonna be like a laugh amelia had to stake house or so close yeah man look at us i've got a little invention though so it's it's a major try hard moved to be reading a book that's also the best movie of all time cried they make offers as in a hundred tat yes why don't they make books at our movies so like it it's a but let's say in this instance is the godfather you open it up people think that you're reading the book the godfather but inside it just a screen that plays the godfather i'm event snipe patents
by the book so you watching the movie of the book people think it's an ipad can only play one move yes sancho s people think you're reading the so called looks like a page and adapted here because it seems like you ll be a waste of money what about a hanks when they cover is it's an ipad in the cover of the book is blank but that changes you can change that to enable that yeah exactly oh and it only has porn you don't actually have to write the bridge you have to read watch the movie is just change the cover over and over not by one fake book i like it we are three are literally inventing new ways to not read on the show and i hope everyone appreciates everyone after that has a technology to make this disregarded we just said we're makers we hate reading so much we just basically said i pads and computers and tvs don't help us not read enough oh you know what it could be instead of a book is a flashlight
so i can use a perfect if they are not really it's alive you better than ring of iraq are you reading no no so sounds good save you some time next year we have a respect the busy this one's fur northwestern is kind of like a pre respect the best northwestern basketball they're going to do they beat michigan there with the buzzer beater it looks like their safe they're gonna be in the tournament which i actually like it's a cool story they ve never been in the assembly tournaments ever it's unbelievable what chris calms down with the programme in such short amount of time future can head coach chris i'm happy for them except for the fact that now we're gonna get greeny mike wilburn room go all these yoda northwestern shoving north western plucky underdog down our throats so i'm saying respect the fuckin biz have you been there even though you haven't we don't care about north western basketball enough for you to tell us constantly i agree with that end
it seems like it happens all the time were northwestern gets one team that gets really good at sports like therefore parting was good but those three years ago their best bottoms finally good but it seems like it happens a lot more than merely by women's crossteam youngsters our house is every time something good happy that team you get eight guys on he is paying him another woodworking argued about four weeks so godlike now i don't want to hear these guys anymore exactly a god shut it down i was good ass god to send a scandal down to north western but then you won't have any way to investigate it has all the capitals to journalists would have you won't i know i did say that they would refuse themselves how word yes they would say if you were to use the word of the weak they would they would say i can't do it i'm a fan of the team i graduate there it will be conflict of interests so i guess if you're if you're not a journalist you're the one who should really be being the journalists or northwestern dig deep fond of them wrong repels gonna be the worst we all gis i mean he's gonna be
worst he's already been the worst but he's going to be the worst just for this for the one game northwestern pleasant turn just tweeted dern before they came to a dark and just block me for this games i have to see your shit shut up darent just shut up preemptively why do you think he's gonna where the day of the game it's gonna be just like a whole purple he's gonna purple suit he's gonna he does the prison mike wayward purple hat prison dare he went to white collar prison rule grill cheese sandwiches and there wasn't any turkey hear him in it i could see dares may also put our grill cheese it was all verbal durned i think my chest where his normal everyday suit and then a purple tie i'm gonna be the worse you can go to the game and scope caught next up we have a little locker room talk for not the usual reason so this is actually excluding people from locker room tat which we are not fans of omar stardom higher was in the news yeah he's still out there somewhere playing an israeli basketball league someone
a report asked him about whether or not he would be ok with a gaiety may in the locker remedy said ominous our across the street make sure my change of clothes are around the corner and i'm gonna drive take a different route to the gym dismay i know that ever lock room that has been in his probably had a person the he's probably allow event they're probably not gay well that's right as mars really good looking got right so yeah if he hasn't got no one thought as today our right yeah that's good point but my point would be i would probably rather shower with gay people than was great people because there's no like there's doesnt fungus on the very clean p m straight straight dues and jim showers like assess pool of hell it's but i didn't i was at a gym i play basketball a couple days ago i was at a gym and i didn't wear flip flops so i'm probably going to die soon
actually never were flip laughs and shower gems just because it builds good immunity yet cause your feet are really doing well here's though amari good he said that he was just joking those jerk angola nobody says this westport he says the answers that i gave were meant to be taken as a joke i am deeply sir four offending anyone he said it was a joke it was basically say your legs at who satires a joke interview here the problem though when he the interview and said that he wouldn't want a gay personas locker room the person asked a follow up question ass if he was joking any said yeah but there's always little truth to every joke sorry not sorry so if you say that it is there's always truth within a joke and they say but i was joking do you realize you just hold on yourself it's a j k j k the double j k so
i dont that actually confused me so much that now i think i'm back onto a more joking and good news is now that he made some headlines gemstone price on him again this guy he's thought these only thirty four phil jackson's probably listening i bet i'll get my asked fired if i sign a whole homophobic person to comply and the next we have lost the second last sorry we have little bad radio i wanted to show this to you i heard it might be the worst him he's now taken the crown because james harden to james artist credit he though the better defence and he used to use of not give a fuck too talk of war now that the true i dont care about defence guy here bad radio jeweller jewel ochre for trying to play diphtheria is bigger allow yeah he just he just took like three steps back and standing
perfectly still he looks like he's gotta least that's tethered to the ark underneath the basket didn't put a hand up did really move for a rebound played again yap spat radio re it in google it yes i can become julio deak afore so about that it's bad radio not bad jokes both so there is this is where like eight compression sleeves back peddling and he didn't even put his hand up began to show his face standing still you know that looks a lot like me when i play basketball because i get tired sometimes as best we can with her hands and whiteside cave and shoot any made that chalk z was anyway so surprise you could see like you didn't take a real jumper even though is about ten feet from the basques i wait no one's gonna
ok i guess i'll just throw this it what's mine games you let him through also good move on to those part they just want the ball back it's like when you let a score in football elam score the touch ass you get bored so good news trust process they treated nor neurons dwell joel embiid is now out for the year but you will look for it will be fine just standing in the middle of the paint not doing anything all right that's our show we have a big show on monday we have j williams he came in the studio former duke former ball he came into the studio we had an awesome interview with him thou will be monday and then we're off to las vegas and spring training we're gonna be doing a little trip what you got i'm actually gonna las vegas tomorrow wonders whether through quickly asthma rugby guy always have been i'm to be at the las vegas seven's rugby determine all the best teams from across around the world are gonna be there no offense to carry irving
biogas can be new zealand australia usa england i think ireland maybe maybe france italy the all the good things you have either mean final burg are going there were going to small sum interviews if you're gonna be in vegas come say what's up i'll be around in there we are going to spring training after that and then back up to las vegas for nascar irish yes we said we want again to nascar we did it that quickly can you believe it folks so so fast yeah my debts our show misery subscribe falls apart my take and we will see you on monday hank you can also cut that part about the rugby because everyone knows rugby awful sport for before a court enough to play football lovey guess
david david what what what what what what poor people didn t do what they do
i'm gonna do that
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