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Football. Week 10 Recap, Fastest 2 Minutes, Done Chains, And Coach O's Big Win

2019-11-11 | 🔗

NFL Week 10 Fastest 2 minutes (2:12 - 8:11). Kirk Cousins won a primetime game but also Jason Garrett lost it, Lamar Jackson is incredible. Freddie Kitchens did his best to keep fucking up the Browns, The Bears might just be back, the Chiefs are an enigma, Dan Quinn's job was saved, Pat Shurmur's wasn't. The Dolphins are hot and the Jets may run the table. Who's back of the week. Football guy of the week. Recapping a great College Football Weekend and LSU/Minnesota's big wins. Plus a Monday Reading from Darren Rovell.

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on today's pardon my take football week ten recap plus some college football recap lsu beat minnesota's for real but we have a lot of spell to get to we also have who back of the week we have our football guy we kinda monday reading before we do all that though pardon my take brought to you by the cash app cash have a simplest way to send and save money and now it's the simplest way to try to grow your money introducing cash app investing unlike investing tools that only let's you buy whole shares of a stock cash app let's you slices of shares this way your favorite company stock is just a little too expensive you can still own a piece of just as little as one dollar and because cash app is directly connected to your bank account there are no four to five be waiting periods for inbound transfers so you can start investing today brokered serve
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what part of my case presented by the cash japanese bad beats monday use the cash the hash tag bad beats monday tweet us and cash app and maybe we'll hook you up if you had a bad beats today is is monday november 11th week ten diese is it the shows like jesus yes yes we heard
semana ds we start in the windy city where cocaine met stravinsky shut down marvin matt jones is offense of jeff epstein driskell didn't kill himself what ha ha bill clinton dixon the bears defense did club job is back open as there is no quid pro ski in the months as the midway that is bears twenty alliance thirteen not a word the right not revenge make the rock bottom yup boom is this the romans back road on the new york city athletic club in mid december you're too much room while robert griffin the term was a quality number two why aren't kendrick lamar jackson who hooked up with the hollywood brown for that yeah yeah yeah taylor says belies clear ports always lose as a bagel state what was relevant forty yard what we go up i seventy one to cleveland where freddie mercury kitchen says we are the off season champions and he just needs somebody who somebody any body fine ready somebody to joe frank gore v doll has had a long career but struggled to produce any quality screen plays stop me if you've heard this before but the bills missed an important in a game winning situation as stephen burning down the house true crucial field goal and the talking heads will be discussing his job security after this one brown sixteen bills thirteen sold spread and the big using were breeze are dying at an alarming rate as are missing teddy bridgewater with claims that role is to watch even though he'll get a yellow jacket one over in america donna and the sinks offers with plugged up worse than a nose after dark in order to be a night club dan quinn snyder houses deepens jazzed up and ready to go with this big match at his job as safe as our won't be a quick drum head coach this week twenty such sites nine to the me out of the land for the cat stadium this is a pretty large town no room for se kwan mark mark partly sam donald swann tonight all set i'll be bop bop bop bop bop bop as he looked at the new york receiving corps had said all money isn't walking through that door it's not all good day to have to try head coach show more the under the seat there we're not talking about the i got caught it between a bull about us what's on and off when i talked to one of my friends so it's all good john paul read all hot seats the jets coach i'm a docile leadoff double thirty four degrees
and then all the colors lotus i'm sorry to see well looking sharp as a solo all my god king's memory come on come you really he gm thirty are those twenty seven notable and the frozen tundra we go work for kyle tim allen looked up at the stars and officers i know who provided this coke right brockovich rogers said now that i realize you've got someone in the back of the to have a couple jimmy instagram made his influence known as erik jones product of buying energy to the packers offense as danny bartali led the way smashing got fall apart it was a run state but not rivera's as the packers season were struck up a lot of all snow globe twenty four the packers i don't think hey hey jumping david sixteen colts thirteen way fighters are there still sunny where mike tomlin was playing chess for sonya curry was playing checkers mason torture no i'm you'll manage to why you gotta be so rude all with an exclamation port and the rams are regretting marrying that carly make up it's patrick swayze dropped it on telly pro jr golf wave scoring six port pranks on the white horse trailers one stellar summer taking the right herbs twelve all right week ten in the books almost
kirk cousins has won a primetime game now kirk cousins should we say kirk cousins won a primetime games you re say dalvin cook one of prime time game and chasing garrett's ineptitude won a primetime game or ezekiel elliott lost prime time game or or basically the co entire cowboys coaching staff being like hey dak prescott is in the zone he's doing his hip motions and looking like an awesome awesome quarterback let's make sure that we had the ball off a couple times in the flash drive to establish the run when you touch down you have to say because that opens up the play action on the hill maryland yeah if you if you had the ball off to see the clip of jack before
the game warming up activating his hips firing the glued software and who's dancing around like it was like hips don't lie it's a lot here so yes he looked like elaine benes on meth if i could make a reference that mike florio would understand seinfeld and everyone's father he was it looks so funny when he was doing that just got twitching his hip i'm gonna start doing that before we tape just getting your hips just call my hips go fire him up so the ok we should say that the vikings get deserve all the going into dallas sunday night the cowboys are awful by and they have an impressive win look very strong on both sides of the ball do just enough on defense against dack who is who is playing unbelievably do you feel foolish by making a mockery of the done chain and having the vikings be done change 'cause you don't change no longer a real thing i think i need to accept is that kirk cousins there
as a change i don't want to the over use the m word change but there was a change in what he did when he apologized to adam thielen i think they're five in one after kerr i always said that he was a sorry quarterback adam feeling i didn't mean like apology wise but now i think i almost in order to get over this i need to apologize to kirk cousins in the dungeon ended and the you know you've made a mockery of it i a dungeon anymore when you don't change a team that is very much in in the running here for like who's the best team in the nfc the saints are you considered sensitive scored will get to them they scored three games this year they've scored zero touchdowns yeah i don't know i don't know forty niners okay reminders or the probably yet put the like my point is there are a lot of teams in the nfc where you could look like they might have a flaw yeah i like the vikings you basically look at them and like their flaws kirk
it's put the rest of their team is pretty good and they remember they had a tight end this week too yes colorado office altri caught two touchdown yes ended two very version so i i think the vikings right but your point is the vikings are definitely need to be taken for real in terms the nfc like they are a team could beat anyone in my mind i don't think there there's not one team in the nfc really man that that team besides maybe the 49ers and this will be a big game on monday night but the top spot f sixteens the nfc your like they could all if they get hot at the right time they could go to the superbowl isn't such a bonus going into a monday where there's a game that we're looking forward to it feels like the week is twice as long when there is a good monday night game that we have there's actually monday night football view taken a look peek ahead actually there's really good run coming up yeah like we got a bunch of really good games they should flex that dolphins cincinnati bengals game into a monday night football game yes that would be
just like mixed up a little bit and not to not that anyone cares but hank would you like to talk about it real quick sure we can tell me a mockery of your of your little fantasy factory for tennessee fall alt facts crab in itunes it's all the fantasy football podcast big can ps here in the league they're winning eight straight games first in the league he's more than this week were in a battle right now right now we have drop loan russell wilson this is i don't care this saying about wow you guys sent it to the players yeah we we had well we did six three to learn we had three players and a bye week we knew about it we knew that you're holding it for we are waiting to hear from you yeah texas till twelve twenty two this morning hans letting us know we've got three players are advising guess what we did absolutely nothing nothing don't mess with chemistry we're also the worst segment we've ever done already thank you guys are you guys doing this week i'm going to retire from this podcast so that no jam so we wouldn't have to talk about the fantasy that we would have to rearrange studio oh oh wow yeah i mean
not wrong it's not wrong but yeah i mean everything feels weird i i do going back to the sunday night game i agree the vikings are legit i do apologize to the viking ok i apologize and i feel like if i if i went up kirk with my apologies and that that will take away all educ from him can you roger actively undone chain them for now i will yeah i will take the done chain off okay because i feel like we can get back to the yacht yeah always felt like a it was like a you were you were basically i was shooting from half court i was you're doing this he was a cocky move to like vikings dot week two is a heat check yeah so the vikings won but alabama law so it's kind of a mixed bag for people who really love cozens this weekend nice nice is like one point seventy five because i feel like rick is done it so
probably i yeah i i did love how mike zimmer look i love the general aesthetic of him we're talking about that he basically is a guy who temperature and i think everyone knows everyone has this person in their life you know it's you probably your uncle who drinks will too much yellow little heavy any temperature outside of sixty five to seven five degrees in it looks like his sunburn so it's cold extreme cold when we're talking extreme cold we're talking fifty eight in extreme hot that's a seventy nine degree day yeah he just looks very full i should practice indoors they play their games indoors really practice indoors for the most part yeah i was going to be playing it don't game and somehow he managed to always be sunburn i guess like he showers and iodine which he probably does knowing his outlook on tough as just hygiene in general so that would surprise me but the the vikings are a legit team they're very very good the cowboys are there might most confusing team i think i i i actually don't think they're that confusing and here's why i think that the
prescott is a franchise quarterback but them as a full team not that good and the teams they've beaten have been bad and they they beat up on like the sisters of the poor and then when they have to take a step up in class they look like shit and i think eagles will win that division the eagles will win that division because they are now tide five and four and and the remaining game is in philadelphia but if you look at cowboys have left they have to go to the lions at the patriot they have the rams the eagles so they i mean it's going to be there some losses on there is coming so i i think the eagles will win that division and i think do you see will ultimately be fired which he should have been like four years ago but you know jerry jones just forgot to do it this week he's definitely going to start doing some press conferences i'm like what the fuck is up with jason garrett yeah and we're on i think this is a five game streak of jason garrett being shown during a game he probably gets i would i would estimate
eight to ten minutes worth of of face time on those extreme close ups and he still hasn't said a word well yeah it was on yes billed as not talk he'd like to hold up when finger saying we're going from one class i love to call for an extra point after touchdown lap put up this thing behind you know the the play card in front of his face but he's not saying anything right behind it he just putting it up just so that people can't see these not saying anything it where it is they don't want to be like hey why is like i've never seen anything he's the head coach we're this paranoid come from where every every nfl head coach thinks that there's somebody lip reading at all times i actually don't think it's about the play calling i think that nfl head coaches say like you to their quarterback so often they don't want to make that a big deal it happens in baseball all the time too yep citrus talking in their love this is a cool thing yeah looks pretty sweet a whole podcast we just talking glove speaking into our house originally yeah we have any gloves we have a i've got one at my desk from my full kid i was running into a hat right now can you change there's no
so you could be saying anything eight i could be literally do the subtitles put in a bunch of racial slurs under those when i was down right now take your piece of you're not even paying attention the show because you bet on the stupid raptor lakers game no one knows what i was saying well forget that was really racist i'm all right let's get into the games before you do that you could watch me do that on barstool goal dot com pmt barstool gold dot com such p dot m to get a bonus epic last week we had john derek boss boss in last week now he's going to be honest future bonus episode so go to to barstool dot com pmt ok okay ravens bengals let's do it lamar jackson is so good he got michael vick's name trending it's pretty big was trending that's how good lamar jackson is that's how special he is he is out of this world like mike vick was ronnie may had where he did the spin move and
ran through the entire bengals defense which stinks but still was incredible and they had the he the heisman back feel yeah i do think that that was the best spin move of all time and then a full game i i was thinking through the best spin moves in sports and braxton miller against ginny tact remember that that was good when joe maddon against joe west when he was our yes s and then one more i actually think that lamar jackson could run little recency bias but yeah i mean that was an unbelievable spin move i'm with you on that i think he could run faster doing nothing but spin moves then you lie man could in a straight line yes conventionally he's he's incredible to watch he also this new thing that he does hey it's not new but it's he's been do you don't see in the nfl ever because first you don't see pitch plays ever pull more going like six yards down the field and then pitching it see rugby offload some mark ingram going full speed ahead is unstoppable so i here's a heartache ready for one hit me
this wind by the ravens today was more impressive than their wins against the patriots and the seahawks because this was a classic let down spot a classic spot where the ravens were going to read their press clippings and say we're going to be in the super bowl and we just killed the patriots on sunday night football and the bengals are coming off a bye and they have ryan finley coming in and they're going to spark the offense and the ravens are going to sleepwalk their way to maybe like a like a three point win with a field goal to end no yeah they demolish them from the first play on and having that like the teams the mark of a good team is is crushing the bad teams i really think that like the anyone can win the nfl so hard to win if you if you put two very good teams up against each other it's pretty much going be a coin flip but when you put a
really good team against a bad team if they don't crush them i'm going to be like you know what that team is not what i thought it was i think the one flaw in your argument is that these bengals are team that will get crushed by everybody they're actively trying to lose so yeah this is the it could have even the right of it a let down game it could've been a let down but it wasn't i think i mean the ravens obviously look awesome i think that they're gonna win the superbowl i really do believe that i think that this will this was actually run robert rule that one play that he had two superbowl for rg three there was a moment when he caught that off loads from lamar consider you saw him think about doing something really stupid that's what you always see that when when griffin's run ball he thinks about running a straight line towards a line that a lot he's like i can run through this guy yeah and he didn't do it that's probably the the the best compliment i can give to this raven seem is that robert griffin
has played offense of snaps and not gotten injured yet yeah it's true it is very true played many office for this that's because lamar jackson had six drives today one ended the first half the other five touchdowns that's pretty damn good really good that's pretty damn good so the ravens what they did today very very impressed i've been impressed impressed within the last three weeks ravens fans still hate me that's fine i will not aware that we got talk about the other side the bangles worst team in the nfl and should we start we're going to talk about college football later but should we start the joe borough going home he he's from athens oh i think he grew up a browns fan but that's still only like two and a half hours away so joe berle to the state of ohio as okay bangle number one pack i think we get
never too early star nerve because yeah that's good yes you read as very good now home town kid your home town kid coming back to make good i hope that he doesn't go the bangles i really do i run would not like to see it because i like joe burrow yeah he's big but it only got it where i mean the dolphins will be when you pick a number one you're picking up not having right is yeah it's not gonna be good situation no matter what i think i i like to that we just decided joe burrows going number one because he beat too that's it that's the sign with the number one pick in that would be great if two or went to cincinnati though oh that would be that would be just helicopter dad had tried skyline chili yes say this i think that tool would really look awesome in a bengals uniform yes you would look sexy what kind of rooting for that i want to say something nice about the bangles 'cause i feel like we need to move off the dolphin say something nice about that they're nice on their own a winning streak right now people will get to them in a little bit but the bengals i think it's pretty cool though
'cause they're handling the aj green situation yeah they're just like oh he's going to he's going to play today he practiced a little bit but he felt bad warm up so we're not going to let him yeah they're just like doing him a solid like we get the fact that you don't want to play on this team we don't want you to play 'cause you're too good in we might accidentally win a game if you get out there so we're going to pay you to help us tank by not playing yes and another nice thing about the bengals we at barstool hq fifty six tv's and directv there were seven games on they were so bad right from the jump that we didn't have to keep that came on yeah so that was really nice of them plus every single play was on the reds on channel because it was lamar you have something you had was he got to watch the entire time yeah the bengals are they are doing a great job of like be under the radar with how bad they're taking yeah it's good job yeah it yeah like the the do the stories have been about the dolphins the story's been about the jets but the bangles you guys stink and you're doing a great job with that so keep it up i think that's
here intentionally trying to do i don't in if you're not you got to lean into at this point yep and there's this was this land always the poorest yeah trust the process yes that we never want to win okay well on that pick lamar real quick you seemed wearing sunglasses after the game yeah like that it's bullshit no i liked and wears glasses you can't look somebody in the i know i like to look at him which remove it will cool sunglasses they were actually very cool yeah there are some glasses that if i were them he will be like that guy sucks is a try hard and if anybody it's like above the age of thirty warm you like that guys a cop lamar jackson warm it was cool very cool very cool alright bills browns the browns season has been saved in spite of freddie kitchens best efforts to ruin it yet again that was essentially eddie kitchens has put on a master class on how not to coach a football team when you talk about the i'm out he called in the third quarter which i but we still don't have an answer for the bills were going forward on fourth and four hundred with
like three seconds left before the end of the quarter they trying to get everyone off sides he called it with three seconds left yeah just to make sure that i i even said what we watch as a is there some extreme wind we don't know about that he's trying to get him to go the opposite like he's trying to get them to run the fourth down play going into the wind like nope it's actually not a windy day at all that's the student section on the other yeah we want to close them to get a a big round of applause before we we have to play it was how he was stupid it was really really dumb and then goal line then then the goal line situation from free for eight from the one yard line that's the worst thing is ever happen in cleveland on the one yard line one french ole for eight on the one yard line that's so impressive they got to put two penalties a bail them out and they still couldn't do it and then they do the next time they go down and they're in the fight within the five yard line and they go for three and then on fourth down there but go for the get a false start to kick a field goal so they basically went are for
or eleven and then kicked a field i'm going to chalk the fact that they changed the markings on the in zone so went from horizontal brown and orange stripes to vertical brown and orange stripes across the ends that's what they were all last year when they went five and three and then they changed this offseason if you're the cleveland browns they were treating it was at it on twitter about yeah if you're the cleveland browns and you go five and three to close out the season that is the best then get your franchise is done since relocating yes or it's it's coming back after the relocation of baltimore why would you change a single thing about anything relate the team facilities make situations where you like don't touch anything nobody move things are going well and then just completely changed the entire look of the ends of things are going great for the browns they have one ten games teams in the last twenty six in the previous before they won ten games so things are fucking
for the brown sweater juniors wanna know compared comparatively speaking they are on these are the the golden ages of the of the cleveland browns so for he kitchens one last thing to a pretty just fucking everything up nick chubb was on fire and then you stop running i don't and what's going on you knew that the bills could be run on you knew you had nick chubb freddie kitchens is i'm actually a point now where i'm worried about baker being like bigger one game without driving the end if bigger wins games he's keeping freddie kitchens alive so at some point baker has to like look in the mirror bike should i should i not try to win this game so that freddy jeans does get fired and maybe he's going to ruin everything maybe bakers hand got much better this whole yeah as first reported by have you heard anything about that i think no
how is your hand on his endurance is good yeah let your point yet about broken hand well that was in week one so it takes the metatarsals are what metacarpals about two monster you also get really want to talk about broken hands this weekend yeah i got a word yeah that was a that was bad the pop pass is the i passed it was returned it always a fumble yeah i love pot passes passes are cool because even if you're an incompetent play caller is freddie kitchens tends to be from time to time if you run a cool pot pass people up there or they're more likely to slap the mad scientist going yes that's like it that's in a modern age things a modern offense if you run a pop yeah and and also counts for passing yards is great because they don't do anything and you're like oh that's nice do you think freddie just outsmarts himself all the time no i think he's legitimately a dumb dumb person so maybe more rounds he's out smart i think freddie thinks to himself and something's going really well he the band sounds like with a flush with
asphalt all business pete home to shut the fa cup i up i think when something's going good for freddie kitchens he always thinks himself they're about to be onto ready they're going to know they're going to know what you're going to say he's which it up yeah he's essentially just playing a rock paper scissors shoot game with the with the opposing coach but the opposing coach doesn't know that they're playing a game so he's like yeah thanks i want to throw a rock he thinks i'm going to think i'm going to keep running nick chubb because it's working better start throwing it deep with no offensive line right really fun and as far as the bills go i feel like every game that they play is teens verse ten teens on teens for this final score yes like always one thousand nine hundred and sixteen yeah always weird score sixteen the bills are i don't want to say that they're schizophrenic yet but i don't think i still think they're going to make the playoffs but we probably have the most glaring weaknesses of they have issued in the afc there are work in progress the bills of the classic team that if your bills finn
you can sell yourself on hey we want to make the playoffs 'cause we're building something here it's not a finished product right that's not what we're going for now everyone knows it's not a finished product they're not going to be competing for to roll this year but let's get the guys into the they also get the young guys some playoff reps and then next year we're ready for it this is sean mcdermott before the game is rocking the peaky blinders at that's a new thing this year everyone's mad maggie did it so it made it really stupid that's very clear speaking of which let's go to that game the lions in the bears congratulations yes the bears are back mitch trubisky they always say about your quarterback it's how you finish haves and start halves well he had a touchdown in the in the first half and had touchdown to start the second half and guess what the other thing they say is the mark of a true team true good team is to find a way to not lose five in a row that's right and they did that they found a way to not lose five hundred maybe it was 'cause matt stafford broke his back
really broke his back and he's so fucking tough that he wanted to he didn't know the hot personality keep him out one hundred and sixty three game streak broken not b back in his is also also one hundred six three game streak broken that is so press of as a quarterback who has played his entire career behind flight should the offense of lines and getting the kicked out of room so credit to matt stafford but thank you for jeff driskell because mr brzeski wasn't the worst car back on the field there you go and this is this is one those games were like you got to find a way to win a close game so you can like take solace in that what dubs back back open which is it was individual get any it's hard to win individual game in the nfl so so actually okay so i got a question club up so i do clear club job dead when jon gruden mocked it yes england matt nagy said afterwards of course we're going to keep doing it that's who we are what happened when the bears are like week sixteen and
air whatever it will be whatever the numbers are six the other sixty nine and they it's weeks week seventeen and they win seven thousand nine hundred and seventy nine not do they do club dub that's who they are that's true they are scattered problem was saying that's who you are asleep then we're going to get to a point where club dub is going to be that club that everyone stopped two because the bouncer stopped started busting everyone for cocaine in the bathroom and i was like yeah we're not going here anymore that's that's the new club dub yeah they're going to be people just like throwing up and trash cans in the corner just the worst of the worst yeah like well it's a bridge and tunnel crew here we're not going to this club anymore that's club does not cool anymore yeah it's i don't know i think that you gotta let him have some fun and you beat beat jeff driskel should be a nascar driver jet yeah jeff driskel great nascar name he's got moxie to also boxy ish do you i did a deep dive in draft jeff driskel this morning when my world was through
upside down i knew i had to beat jeff driskel today from the same time is blake bortles ok rival high schools blake put a fuckin' fifty burger on him his senior year five thousand five hundred and fourteen suck that jeff driskel which was driscoll recruited to ucf jeff driskel was he went to florida and he was like pretty much known as the best recruit in florida at the time he stinks they got that wrong he stinks he got that one up yeah he i mean he did one of my favorite place in all football actually it might be my favorite play that's that's not russell place so obviously shovel passes successful shovel pass my favorite but the unsuccessful favorite play i have is when the quarterback runs like five yards past the line engine still throw that is so always makes when everyone the stadium knows that it's not going to it yeah account for the quarter by the opposite of alive ski yeah i'll talk about people that can make things trend anytime a quarterback comes close
turn out the back of the engine orlowski catches he catches some strays and trends on twitter for a second oh yeah he gets mad too he searches for himself he does he gets it so there were six straight points in this game that was a lot of fun no that's that was big ten football you had to know that was going to happen in this game i mean the bears are like their office the first quarter is they just want to feel out there point by going three and out as many times as possible that's just kind of plan it's like matney he's like hey here's what we're going to do guys we're going to make sure we do know yards positive yards we're going to make sure we look really really bad maybe throw them on the ground and maybe like a two yard run up the middle let's do that three consecutive drives and then we will start trying to play call playing possum same time you're tiring out their offense yeah so they're not going to have any gas in the second half also of note trico and scored a touchdown and i don't know why i was doing i think he was sure the crowd which i makes no sense the home crowd yeah like why
then we you guys have sucked this year year he was stressing the crowd that was they were fearing for them but i think he was shushing being like you guys are haters so you guys booed us last few buddha said are worse which is exactly what you should do if you're a fan so i don't know maybe i read that wrong and i think you should respect the off it was the players never never boo is very weird so so the bears overall i next sunday night playing the rams in la if they win that game i will be all the way back i love this i love that you're talking yourself into okay so here's what they had to be threads which they can do of course they can do they would be five and five the they beat the rams they have science at home that's a win they have the lions in detroit thanksgiving david's jeff cool again that's the way i like your chances they're now going into december seven and five cowboys at home thursday eight the next thursday night that's the
that's eight one five all they got to do is go to one one against the packers chiefs in vikings easy that's ten six hank thank you see what's happening right now creepy again i'm so back him a potential suicidal big cat yeah coming back at night but now that we know they will not though you're a lot all we need is on there so that that is the bears lose next sunday night i will not be hurt because i have not that's the that is the door i have to walk through to believe again okay they get back to five hundred knowing that they have the giants lions on deck i will be way back in on the bears making this to the point i next sunday is the biggest game in franchise history i'm such a such a good friend to you that i'm gonna be rooting so hard for the bears can i want to see you happy now i appreciate that and then i will see you at heart just broke into a thousand pieces how you like that three straight tv dress yeah
uh anyone or any other team ever done that in the history of nfl probably not too far jackson do you think that this is a good thing for matt patricia is karere like his longevity that's all he's done by the way you think about so all right d o any but if you have a backup quarterback nope you can all right now okay why pft defense that defense sticks that when mr risky matinee you can put together for three consecutive offense of touchdowns aha you're done so you guys scored what like forty forty five fifty twenty point twenty we thought we dropped a twenty burger okay it's a listen baby steps yeah that patricia is firmly on the hot seat i think that i think it might be it for him
but his defense is not good hank he was brought in to be the defensive coach on if you know this but he was a defensive coordinator on the patriots so maybe sometimes it takes a little bit longer for those coaches to get the ball rolling like buildings are much better job than some of these other codes that haven't been fired yet so it's like it's like who name names matt nagy yeah maybe it was a coach of the year last year last year and i say that if i would've done for me lately because of him did james win win win we just say that three surely would you just listed you say that map of her to do a better job than matt maybe the coach that he lost to literally ziggo yes amanda you won coach of the year when the nfc north again i can say things about mac need japanese a holographic you marked as a manager has you progress and what how they progressed they've played pretty
this year okay okay yeah all right not nikki put together three consecutive touchdown yeah i'm so unhappy travelers yeah fifty not aware of this yeah yeah i think no i i i'm such a patriots die hard guys over the people that are in the show notes respectful i'm not i don't like how are you all i don't like are you disloyal well i don't like it there and the wind got over by the rest twice there should realistically that's over five hundred that that is true i listen i was someone on the hot seat i was someone who's this hi liza is us strong word i think i think he's on the hot seat i honestly do i think gays judging from lions fans that i follow on twitter i have a couple lines fans friends the i think the defense of performance is putting on the hot seat i really do all right okay i he walked probably won't because the fords don't usually coaches that early in contracts they don't want to pay everyone but if there's going to be some talk we also going to get though
the thing is like who's going to replace map patricia who would be bell check possibly an upgrade how quickly oh it's already started it has begun in the second they showed him on tv i actually i'm happy llama i'm staying a little woke on that greg schiano who by the way ruckers now tasty little rumor rogers i should say leroy heard it tasty little rumor yeah last week and that was remember how schiano got fired or he quit spend more time this family that whole thing last offseason yeah so he actually i'm told had a conversation with the patriots front office whether that's bella check or whoever they said would you leave if ruckers offered do the job he said yeah i would leave and bill check was like well that job is going to come open this season so watch just save us both some time to get out here damn he knows now he had
yeah he got rid of am one season too early yeah season tensio campanelli or whatever his name is wasn't going to be holding that job very long ok about danny trevathan's broken arms or there's something as bad there's something that's more painful to watch about a broken arm than a broken leg i don't know what it is that was bad that sucks for him too that was bad ok well in replacement of him nick kowski who is going to be a chicago legend in no time who kind is 'cause he already was playing in he had that game against one roquan smith wasn't there but the and plus he's walking white linebacker and he's going to just dominate in the middle i'm pretty sure that west virginia that was jon favreau's character's name in that vince vaughn right yes same neck ok let's go to chiefs titans ryan tannehill has taken his step forward folks not really but he you have an awesome game winning drive he took several steps forward and he
took he had a couple nice runs people forget the narrative about ryan tannehill was he was a wide receiver so we still needs time to develop as a quarter yes so i think we're started see that yeah he all he needed was a change of scenery yeah i was just to get up to nashville of mike free able this was a mike for able game where he was counted out i don't think we quite variable on the sidelines he coaches most of the game with his hands on his knees like he's getting ready to play it's a snap of yams that about i'm like yeah he is ready to run out to the field he would love to get in there he also did you see is quote after the game about the fans what do you say and thanks to all the titan fans who did show up today maybe next time they can bring a few friends i like that like that fire well the crowd was filled with cheese
it was like all read it yeah our bowl today so kansas city travel will that one it's also they it's kind of a it sucks when you have a city that people want to travel to like nationals a city people want to go to so it's tough to have a home field advantage when it's like a party destination yeah well if you think about it what the best home field advantages in football it's probably lambeau field yeah all the saints kind of goes against that entire theory yeah because everyone wants to go to new orleans but vegas will be a good test vegas would be a good test because people will definitely go to vegas to see their team i mean everyone will go to vegas to see their team i want to say i do i think it's fair that the chiefs have the two of the exact same person at wide receiver yes mecole hardman heaton robinson there's numbers seventeen and thirteen respectively and they're the same body type both faster
well they have all the fast players not fair they have every fast guy the kidnapped all the fast guys and they just thrown out there and okay so any read time out to shoot time out i'm calling timeout on you right here don't give any read any ideas time out the time now he called with twenty four seconds left he's got two timeouts he needs a field goal he called the time out before the titans did a two point conversion and they still got it how do you call that timeout that sandy that's now if you want to get it right back at how can take him with you i also patrick my homes looks to be ok but that knee definitely change the end of the game when he had when they went they went to pass on third and two hundred to ice the game he clean
we had enough room to run and he didn't and i was like that's a neat like that's that's a play if a hundred percent healthy patrick mahomes he gets that first down by diving for but he made the business decision that you didn't want to hurt until which is the correct decision but that's something to watch just because please come back and we automatically assume all they're good to go and everything's fine but that was the difference in a patch of rome's game that was there and you know what to say about knee injuries that it actually affects your head more than affects you let yeah so he's thinking about it and he definitely wasn't as kind of a step when he was doing a jump pass for a touchdown yeah which is come looking back this is the t boat pass play coming back joe bro did it the the run run like five feet forward then step back and then throw it and he was teabo made it look as ugly as but maybe that's why it took so long to come back because tebow made
it looks so ugly that they're like that was gross it wasn't calling but now it's coming back i got it however murray's been running it in the arizona offense yes jump just to throw a pass through center so that's that's one thing altogether up i'm looking at the scoreboard right here how did the titans or thirty five points uh they had derrick henry just run like crazy and this was a classic game where everyone started talking about how the chiefs i think there i think the chiefs rank statistically were like the 11th defense so everyone started talking about who these these chiefs are different they're sneaky good defense and then derrick henry just fucking blasted all over them the tight undefeated when dear can re runs for more than a hundred yards more in a in the i think yeah there us super undefeated when he runs for over a hundred and eighty yards and very undefeated when he's got over two hundred including a ninety nine yard yeah to the tv run yeah derrick henry is that is we forget about him that i would i would
they're trying to tackle sequan barkley than derrick henry i think he's number one on my list of running backs i just would not want to see in the open we should do a study on what trent richardson did to harm like the good name of alabama running backs because i feel like we forget about derrick henry we kind of forget about ingram you know like jacobs is obviously a new guy who is going to be here for a long time but i feel like trent richardson fucked it up for all the alabama running back for a little bit we just forget about running backs in general that's true but derrick henry especially you kind of just forget like test if you listed top five running backs wants a selfie but you just kind of don't even he most people wouldn't be like oh yeah and then derrick henry you know he's pretty damn good so he was he was awesome eight point two yards per carry and that's
this court yeah that's that's pretty much all three five points just doesn't seem like it's ever fit in with the titans yeah you seem like a franchise that's just incapable of breaking the thirty point there but i know they do it from time ryan tannehill how about any drive how about the blocked field goal at the at the game i feel like i feel goal should be easier to time was your sides no i think it's perfectly is probably tarpley timed and bakir and i mean the the chi basically had two chances if they hit that field goal they probably win that game because they go up eight and ryan i feel like ryan tannehill feces eight he's not getting that's more than a touchdown right he five he's like oh i can do this i got this we don't need an extra point he's he's seven he's like yeah i can tie this game and losing overtime yeah absolutely exactly the job ok so that is so the chiefs chief certain spot because there one week you say okay that chiefs are one of the best teams in the nfl shut up by the way right who the worst thing
and whom all week was the fact that he said the chiefs have lost their last game this season and then they lost the next game not great nick wrong in the wrong but yeah the the chiefs like when he said that he said it so convincingly i was like yeah i actually kind of agree with him 'cause anyhow xenos run yet he said he's very good he's very persuasive with his argument so when i was listening to i like i think he's right i think that she's had they have lost their last game of the year and then they went out and lost like forty eight hours later but i just can't their day spends on foot i don't know it's spends so the chiefs is they've learned how to deal with adversity this year that's true so last year they won too many games and and they didn't have to figure out how to bounce back from losing and how to how to win the close ones we're getting to that point of the season where the chiefs losing to the titans makes me think the chiefs are not going to do anything real this year
well it's just those are games you should win just my gut feeling says no around let down that type of season what do you mean like that's how this is going to end for them yet no i think the make the playoffs but right now yeah i have a let down yeah they'll be one of those weird yeah or or they'll get you know being a shoot out and and lose in the first round like all that was weird like i thought the cheese for a lot better it definitely feels like the the top of the eighth seed doesn't naturally include well if i think of the best teams they have c is the patriots and it's the ravens basically and that's what i'm looking at and then chiefs are kind of their their patterns but yeah in the texans but it's like texans and chiefs are right beneath those an and i will save for in the chiefs defense they have had a ton of injuries this year 'cause you know patrick homes gets hurt then they lose eric fisher's been out i think mitchell schwartz got hurt yeah by the way the one thing listen i know jeff schwartz
guy but the spelling of the name with the g every time some response to him so he was like his brother gets hurt and he's like golf fuck and i felt i form and i you know i was there i went and saw it like i saw jeff's tweaks to follow him and i like him but they never responded was like sorry jeff put with the g just read every single one sargi off so yeah that that was the only take and just if from now on it's just hard when you're flying see the g a r g off when you reply to jeff schwartz on twitter spell j e f f yeah because i just it's not right this spelling of his name is not right to him because i read is g off every time she offers that wrong no i know i i'm the same way g off with who that who's your kid will do that with a j yeah it's it's don't do that the toys r us to raf i i think of sources before but i used to i knew i knew jeff with a ph yeah you have said that yet he was an
i think we've actually got into jeff power rankings before yeah jeff with a ph was a weird dude weird dude you kind of have to if your name is jeff with a ph in your totally normal that almost weird to me yeah yeah like you've got you've you do have your vices but there like way way way underneath the surface yes ok okay let's do let's go down to the saints the saints and the falcon dan quinn has save his job i think i saw the arthur bank before the game said that this is going to be a very important game in how he determines what's going to happen going forward so basically anne quinn saved his best game for the most not the super bowl it was the game right before you get fired and he's like i gotta win this one boom did it the guys are playing for him we're going to get that
i think the guys are playing found the locker room they found the locker room so shut out dan quinn you did it man you did it in this could be a master class in playing the long game by sean payton like we talked about on friday the best thing that the saints could do is to get their kicked by the falcons and then have dan quinn getting next right after him right fire this year will be great for the saints moving into next year i would actually say if i'm dan quinn fire me now army after this win you go out on a high note your new orleans you can go out and get shit canned on bourbon street have a great time wake up tomorrow morning not have to go to work like this would be the ultimate reward for for beating the saints is you don't want to get you don't want to get fired after you lose by twenty two the buccaneers yeah because then you just think about that as your last that's that's what everyone remembers about you right right now but people would remember super bowl about dan quinn but they'd also be like he's the guy that got fired
after beating their biggest rival in new orleans yes also speaking of which by the way the browns and the steelers play each other twice in next to to our next three weeks okay so firing yeah isn't it always the steelers beat yeah the browns yep so watch out for the kids yeah this is the the kiss of death the aflac what is out to watch over you could this is why i was addicted to the falcons this is why this game is why they gave their defense was good they played all four quarters where it's like you were still kind of waiting in the third quarter for the saints to wake up didn't didn't let it happen i hate the falcons have done this because now this soul win is going to make me better on them for the rest of the year you don't have to go no but i will you don't have to know but i will because i hate this song and i said shut up nope and on top of all that i feel like so the saints question i had for you is this just a stinker because
the team gets a stinker they get one i think you're a year where it's like well they didn't have it you know like even the best teams you can look back super bowl teams past where they had one game you can point to it and say yeah that was weird they didn't have them but that day is it that or the saints have real problems that are kind of like underneath the the service here i mentioned earlier they've had three games this year where they haven't scored a touchdown that doesn't feel like a super bowl team i think i'm going to file this under to call i think this is going to be a wake up call for the same so in the long run it will be good that they got their asses kicked at home i just their offensive line look bad and drew brees looked skittish and man i also think he gets bored sometimes any he starts like weapon as awful piles here tricks any full yeah if you give sean payton too long to think of something who just ill bill get real freaky with it and so he actually led to some health will pass today and so that's how you can tell that that he's had too much time to game plan i'm
saying three i astonished when i saw that three games this year with the saints have not scored a touchdown that feels on how many of those were with teddy versus withdrew the one game in the rams were drew got hurt and they played the game against the cowboys with they have four they won the game with four field goals on them today okay i i think that's fine i'm chalking up to operation okay see there was a stinker let's just say it's a sticker aberration wake up call okay triple threat before we get to the next game chex mix is the best hand for variety there is chex mix believe seem this is boring so they exist to make different amazing chex mix just developed a new product that's heavily distributing convenience stores for young dudes looking first is that shock there since the new product checks mix maxed use tech uses texture flip or hits in unique flavors to bring the shopping experience to life no other
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yes to tell you about the time that my dad bought a load of checks makes just to get wizards tickets yes and i was like that i don't it was corn flakes no but corn of cornflakes where he got paid money to buy the car yeah the checks no such luck for any you have ten friend he made me goes yeah wizards game here is the worst president okay so giants jets uh where do we want to start winners or losers let's summer let's talk about the jets real quick yeah the winners the winners they're two and seven and sam darnold said we got a chance to playoffs and i'm going to say this pft this part of the season right around now early november this is run the little caesars if you have a player has to probably be a go back maybe like i don't know your pro bowl safety if you have a player get in front
and say we're going to run the table i'm in aaron rodgers invented that he did he invent and the word relax as well right but he but there's something about saying we're going to run the table that makes you go look at the schedule and you start looking at and you're like oh shit like the jets they act we might run the table ma'am and who's to say they can't make it in the playoffs that's exactly were green was saying when he was going to the schedule the other day okay now i do yeah i think i said yeah so it is run the table season in theory as long as you have fewer than seven losses right now you can make a case it in your most delusional states you can make a case as a fan of any team that you could run the table make play ok well here's next yeah dolphins yes here's the next four games track for ninety seven here's the next four games for the jets 'cause this is when he said that i immediately looked at his schedule 'cause that's really what they're doing is thing just check out the schedule and tell yourself thinking with next four games for the jets
at redskins raiders at home at bengals dolphins at home yeah they absolutely went off for those now i think the raiders are better than the jets but that is a west to east game always tough and so we could be sitting here six and seven jets going to play the ravens on thursday night that would be great in this i i don't think it's going to happen but it's a good example that it could run the same donald he said eight you said ninety say we're going to run the table are those that we have got a chance to play on a chance i never laughed at him and i was like that's not funny he's resetting the true but you know what would you do you can point back of your same donald even if you don't make the playoffs let's say you finish eight eight and we'll yeah if i can get mono this was our seasons well that was the other thing i think sam for god i think he thinks the games he didn't play didn't happen so i think in his brain they're like two into their pretty good team yeah right up to put something together right yeah they i mean
it also just as easily go three thirty i yes most probably get the get a reverse from the two they could flip the table they'll be nice is it on into the money lenders right turn it all over i think i think that they i want to say i'm on board with the jets i'm on board you're going to run the tape i think they're gonna run table i've talked myself into a miss you have which and uh that you have way too many teams now how many combined wins for the rest you like you've crossed up yourself so you have the
of the jets running the table the dolphins going nine seven they saw each other then you have the ravens winning the superbowl and the bills getting into the playoffs yeah that's going to pay the bills and the ravens so you've peppy so we'd yourself to a point where i don't think you can get out of i would disagree i made so many contradictory statements that i'm bound to be right with one of well the problem is you'd like every team yeah i just love your routine of of teens i'm the drake over the nfl that's who could do it except the vikings who are the best team of that but i don't like is our trash i think we're all in agreement that their trash fire how bout this sick one in stat line today you see this sick one hundred and thirty attempts one yard yahoo with a long yeah 'cause do you see what pat shurmur is doing to him like well first of all past schirmer said afterwards that he's banged up why the are you playing him he's banged up what are your your favorite euphemisms for guys that are seriously injured i like nicht
i geisel nectar i like when they just say he they are the injuries like he's got a leg mmhm or he shaken up yep like some some guy just smash three of his own ribs as always a little shaken up there on the sidelines right yes cobwebs is a good one yes he's got cobwebs noise he's got a a severe brain injury if you ever want to rusty they kept saying about two as it did in the why if you ever want to see a classic old school nfl search tom waddell on you tube game winning drive in it john man used every single one of those when water got like sixteen concussions really one drive he picking up all the cobwebs for everything he's doing smelling salts it was insane it wasn't it was a game i think he had like ten catches somebody was incredible okay so i just also you can't expect john madden to try to diagnose anybody we know can could use every cliche was like you know like way back back in the early 90s late 80s where it's like this football is just football is getting popular
and we still didn't know what the fuck was going on instead of he's got a it he's got a brain right now yeah so pat shurmur is a bad coach he should be fired hotter see them patricia yes yes absolutely because pat shurmur is running se barkley he runs up the middle that's it pat shurmur eat so we talked about it he said that he's comfortable in the losing but he he's the man for the job days may have job this is also a sign of coaches that are about to get fired when they start talking about the future and it seems awkward 'cause you're like you're not going to be here so he said i'm seeing the things that will help us in the long run and i saw that quote from him and i was like who what long run like dude you're not this isn't going to happen for much longer i love when coach do that when it's clearly like the minute you can feel the awkward tension when a coach talks about more than just
the next game you know that it's probably time then ten a reporter followed up and said what thing are you talking about and he said he said that's not for here yeah that suffer here so he's not gonna get into details rose what some of the things about the longer longer so he could just be talking about two weeks from now yeah well i think we have a bye week so that's probably but it's just that i it dawned on me when i saw that clip i think one can relate to that as a football fan the moment the coach tries to talk media and the fans into building something for the future and your gut reaction is what is he talking about he's not going to be part of his lungs and have a look on his face like he was always hesitant to say the long run the whole ease ease like offering does he i remember we were not with the redskins were doing so poorly at which could be describing at any point the last twenty years but jay gruden did his weekly show
and one of the segments was sponsored by furniture company it was called like the jay gruden hot seat weekly segment and at first when he was running some games it was fine but they kept the name of the segment yeah and so every week he would have to talk about awkward the jay gruden hot seat moment right he would like laugh about it at the end but everybody else was kind of like very pucker yeah like that this is getting weird this getting all too real so it's all too real for pat shurmur now i think he's gonna get fired at the end of this year i just i don't i've been on on the pat shurmur doesn't really know what he's doing and at this point you have dinner jones who seems real although again daniel jones like that guy loves to give up the ball he only lost one fumble today didn't throw any pics but is bad fumble well there's a strip we i actually when we would watch that live we actually said out loud like that should be a penalty from how mean jamal adams
just took him right out of his pocket with what he took the ball with one hand and he shoved him with the other it looked like they were doing a choreographed handshake that they knew was happening before that's how smooth the transaction was football is a violent violent game but what jamal adams did to daniel jones would straight up mean and they should have flagged it and been like nope can't do that that was too many know what the worst part about it is daniel jones go right back on the field after that and look at that man in his eyes lined up across from me like yeah that sucks for me please don't do that again sir see the catcher was in trouble i think that server as a face that just scream six and ten yeah yes six in ten face nothing will ever change that my book do you have this moment where you're a if you the giant you like okay daniel jones probably is the guide to we want pat shurmur to be else coach now no no no yeah absolutely this is the this is the perfect time to get rid of like the i feel like this happens a lot in the nfl were you use sock as a head coach you get a high draft pick you take a quarterback
and then you still suck somehow as a head coach and they're like oh yeah maybe he just is a bad coach and they fire you after like john fox yeah mitch trib eski right that sort of situation get somebody else and that's going to fix everything right i did in chicago right exactly in mint at i'm back i'm at a side just because hank when adam yeah lou that's all talk i cause i was down as anyone could ever be on that negan hanks had one bad thing i was like fuck you that's my coach it just never came on the show it's true it's true just occurred to me that i can i'm out my phone and we're talking about we're talking with the jets making the playoffs maybe if they run the table they're tied with dolphins that's from i know if he actually dolphins are ahead of them you have to see that you have a lot of ways they are but that's fine sam donald said we can we we we we can make the playoffs we can still in the past when you start talking
control your own destiny and running tables and there's it's i think it's all just about the fact that there's a finite like number of games left and you can visualize ok 'cause when you do the win loss thing at the beginning of season you don't know like you don't don't know what that is going to be when we play him in november now you know all the teams so you can actually look at me like win win win win win okay yeah the jets are nine seven yeah it could happen to run the table for sure yeah what once once that lost numbered turns into an eight in the column that's a good that's a red alarm that goes off as he isn't done yes season is done okay cardinals box uh oh see question promo code take ten dollars off scekic pft yes when was the last time the tampa bay bucs won a home game it was week thirty in the last year yes you knew that i didn't know that i'm do that whatever is full they have been on the road for so long i was c key question promo code take they've been on
road for so long i think this is their first home game in tampa bay since week three yep and yeah it's crazy they want to game at home and it was one of those games that like colin murray was a lot better than jameis winston commerce for real men but the box just did enough freaky things to win the game at the end well so color did through the intersection at the in dallas that that was that was bad pick but he was awesome otherwise yeah jamis is on pace for twenty four interceptions this your son was really bright it was very bright today jamie squints than we was out in full force larry fitzgerald's asked looked huge in those red pants that like to clown noses stuff down the shorts it was it was a bad game for jamis it was a good game for tyler but jamis sock less than tyler in the last three minutes right pretty much that's it actually good on their last drive and
cliff kingsberry costa good game and then on the last drive losses mind and i think they ran like a draw to start then like a really small pass and was like hey you got kind of need to get going here and it just never happened and kyler i like color i think college is going to be a good quarterback going forward he's shown enough but he he still hasn't realized that like if you run straight backwards i don't know at four times that's going to end up in like a twenty five yard second there fast people he said he doesn't think where he just thinks he can keep running backwards forever and then just throw it eighty yards down the field the old madden play yeah and it worked all the time if you played with michael vick in like two thousand and six madden
you could do that every single play and win yeah it was not an issue can i ask a question about both these teams 'cause neither of these teams are going to the playoffs but if they run the table if they run the table but would you say both teams are frisky and if you if yes which team is friskier 'cause i would contend that both are frisky they could win anywhere how they could lose to everyone i think i think the boxer first gear who are your first year i think cardinals are prescribed think there i think the box will be first to the outer risky them today and wind wind famous started running with the ball a couple times a day do you see obviously we've covered almost to the point of exhaustion how hilarious james when he runs with the ball but you're obligated as an announcer to say now jameis isn't
quarterback in the world all man when he runs with the ball because he's not he's actually very slow runs like with the piano on his back yes a bit but you get kind of impressed when you see him running and not getting dizzy and falling down and tripping in the open field right he was able to make it twelve yards that's pretty impressed it's this it's this it's the reverse sneaky athletic for a white guy yes like everyone that we have to remind you hey not not a running quarterback james actually not fast yeah byron leftwich on the sidelines also non fat people forget bright byron leftwich wasn't fat yes not fast okay next up we have dolphins colts the dolphins have two wins they have won two games in a row they're hot they're hot hot hot
your dolph wasting my my dolphins don't even say anything nice about golf numbers can state a fact they've won two games in a row they actually the only thing you could say about the dolphins as they stink it tank yeah they have a path to seven nine or nine seven either one i i right it's patrick is for to watch but he wasn't even good wasn't good no it was the dolphins defense fun to watch somehow rifle patrick finds himself in a situation every single game where he's in the open field and he gets a chance to run direct lee that team smallest defensive back and run them over and you always think when ryan fitzpatrick lowers his shoulder he's going to get his ask blown up because he's he's older he's not fast he's not particularly big but he also it seems to find the one hundred and seventy nine pound cornerback and just level the shit out of it and run through him and he he loves contact and he wasn't very good it was the dolphins defense today i think this was the end of brian hoyer 'cause
this is the worst don't say something sort okay i really destroying too many like you this is the worst when your backup quarterback at the end of your backup quarterback in days you can get a couple extra years if you just don't have to play but if you have to play e and play more than like a quarter like brian hoyer is and sees it and they're like oh yeah his arm is shot and and he can't make decisions anymore and this is bad 'cause or lost them this game so i think that's that's about like swag kelly come on right so here's the other why not why not is right why not is right here's my other hot take from this game frank right cannot be
any coach of the year conversations for the rest of the season removed removed if you lose the dolphins you get removed so much so i think brian florist should be mentioned before frank reich in coach of the year conversa for winning with a tanking team yes he does you were like with all us rate if you're the colts and i know interlock and you had to do to change the vehicle we were sick it's hard i know all of this if you were competing for the playoffs and you have a home game against a team is actually trying to lose that is traded their best players you lose that game you are no longer in the running for coach of the year and you have passed the torch across the field to the man who somehow beach you while trying to lose i'm down for that i think that's why i'm in yeah a lot of times the coach of the year award is kind of like a a pity award
give me some reason much adversity in yeah it sure does that does the most would like a really shitty hand why not prime florida prime floors he's had it worse than anyone he was given a team and told by the owner we're going to lose him and he somehow has them still playing for them like that that right there she says that he's one of the he maybe not the best coach in the league but he's a good coach because he's got his guys playing form when they all wanted to be like fuck this i'm out yeah he had a playlist that alienated half of his locker room earlier this year and then he fixed by training and then he fixed it by trading him getting rid of their best safety to trade him up to he got rid of the wrong fitzpatrick yep they made him get rid of his good fitzpatrick arrest him and he still reeling off a two game winning streak so we were talking about this earlier but vinatieri another was today it's bad it's bad
we're looking at it and seeing like is this the end forum were not sure that i mentioned hank the idea he gets cut would you want the patria to sign adam vinatieri and hank was like i think i would hill yeah here's the question so all right i'm good sir is a hall of famer like all taught you know like you bring so many big kick if his name was anything else there's no way he would still be on the call you can't really cut out of interior right at that point you have to wait for him to self select and be like i'm going to do it because remember in the nineteen are the two thousand and two world cup when jeff this was on the usa national team and he was like horse had been there captain for like fifteen years but he sucked ask yeah and then he very gallantly in a game fake calf injury and looked up at the stands it was like somebody threw something at me and hit me in my leg which didn't happen and he took himself out that's what viteri just needs to be like
i'm gonna a goose myself i'm going to right now by the way not to get side tracked but shut up the sounders they want to analyze the last four years yeah i mean we're going to even know that game so i'm going to get there so sorry how dare you how dare you schedule nfl sunday sunday so i think it was a tweet i saw a treat me like the sounders of one another in last couple of what today are the founders of dynasty they want it today put that game on a friday at noon and will watch and it's also i'm sick of super teams in the m ls like there's no what's going to happen every year but alright so back to call to military like why wouldn't you cut him if he's losing your game you're trying to get to the playoffs any other guy and you gone the kicker misses two kicks in a game and it's we got guys in the facility practicing on monday morning the patriots might be so deep inside the colts heads that the colts have my theory that then it's yours mrs
on purpose so that he can join the patriots for a playoff run an the colt and it's already fucked over the cultural mcdaniels already i should back up a little so they don't want to they don't want to put him out there because they think that the patriots are going to snap him up i should back up a little because he did have a hot streak in between during this season like he had he sucked at the beginning member who's about to retire then he was for while hit a game winner but it feels like in this game wasn't decided by his missed extra point it looks like it could have been it for a moment there it just feels a situation where the colts are playing with fire because they'll will be in where they need a win and a big kick and it might not happen oh i don't know i wouldn't want to play with that fire i someone i knew last year cody parkey was that fire so you playing with all year and you're like oh well it's hope it doesn't let's hope this fire has been slowly burning all season
fix it's it just puts itself i guess you're gonna fix and that will happen i i think that they'll probably have a conversation with them tomorrow and be okay can can you please just just just just walk away right let's just end it all again he didn't cost them the game i'm just saying this is gonna be something if you're i i would imagine if you talk to every single colts fan they would have the same exact answer they be like no we can't cut out of it it's terry he's a legend and then if you gave me three beers the bike yeah we're pretty no yeah we get a big situation i do not have i don't have faith that he's going to hit it and then what happens when you have a kicker that you don't trust that your coach doesn't trust it affects everything they are coach does yep and he gets weird with it he over thinks the point to some the play calling gets up maybe maybe they'll take a knee instead of running the ball and that actually you put out the wrong hashed out was not or has worked there wasn't no fee the kicker that was no fee the offense those referred is actually a combination if you had no for the kicker you would have kept on running the ball
that's true so you actually was like we're so we're good we're so money even though any pinero misses every next extra point out to you what here's what i'm turns out that though if they hadn't taken that knee and they had they kicked from like a yard or two closer it would have joint it that would have been where if you don't sentence under doing as opposed to just a straight i'm in a good place and sunday we don't bring this up okay is back at you they are are we all know bud light is chris no one else is crisp those colorful fall is crushing blow your feet yeah you already know the bud light is chris so rather than spending entire ad reminding you bud light is giving the other half of its sad read to small businesses but no free add read must include the word crisp and bud light this week's winner is lnm landscaping falls in the air and don't know what that means yard work don't let a leaf ruin your football season like the nineteen ninety and one thousand nine hundred and ninety eight chargers did oh that's good some days are football and enjoying a crisp bud light with the boys put your feet up do that chris colin
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the snow looks cooler from field level when they're shooting and you can see like a little bit of the night sky above and the snow falling through that than it does from the overhead camera okay that's my biggest take the packers defense stinks my other that defense is fraud city i don't think it's fraud city so they give us four hundred and one yards in only sixteen points so good job being bend don't break but i know an again is going back to like this is me doing some studies i have friends that are packers fans yeah that's crazy but i do they have said to me they know deep down that this is pretty much a situation that aaron rodgers has to be superhuman to win a big game in january because the defense they do not trust but he likes to do i know likes to have everybody that defense he likes to be the only one that's good on his team swiss cheese i'll say this how well it almost went fucking ninety yards on them to he basically went all the way there in the snow with small
little tiny little hands i'm just saying he did yeah matt lafleur look cold and that's going to be a problem ok but is it does point it does get cold up there and he's coached in warm weather cities he looked like he wasn't loving the snow and if your green bay coach i think he needs to add on an extra like fifty to seventy pounds he'll learn well is up there that you have to well in some natural insulation for to get that like mike tomlin mike mccarthy type barrel chested big astype type look he's not a guy that can fill out winter coat right now no and he he looked like he was miserable not having a great time his bones he was bundled up like like ralph you from chris christmas story yes this is why you could call the time outs correctly probably yes it was the defense is not good i agree to i don't think they're frauds
differences frauds i'm not saying that you toss around no fraud too far too much work ok well their team paula gysd numbered fraud like i apologize that don't listen their team is not a fraud 'cause aaron rodgers still on their team and he's still one of the best quarterback in the nfl so could be in every single game but they like they give up yards like nobody's business and i don't i think that teens getting a big stop when they need it at the end you know in a big important you're probably right on that did you hear what ron rivera said about analytics no when they talked him so wrong did the smart thing and he went for two when they were down yep because the math here down fourteen hank doesn't reveal the understand no we explained i think it gets it you get it it's two point conversion okay yeah yeah and he i he was ask about that he said if analytics were perfect this whole league create nate yeah so ron understands statistics that's true that's a good point by ron the panthers
i want to make them either because i feel like that was this was their big opportunity today because the saints lossed a game no one saw them losing and i don't know it's going to be actually after this let's go to the rams steelers but after that let's let's take a big look at the playoff picture in both divisions big picture yeah will do big because the afc so rams steelers afc playoff see pictures a mess ram steelers steelers win one thousand seven hundred and twelve the defense is awesome i i don't believe in mason rudolph but the pittsburgh defense like minkah fitzpatrick that's a rare win win trade with the dolphins get another picking a tanking year and the steelers they don't get a player in the draft this year that's going to be as good as making fits patrick is for them right now correct me if its batteries awesome he's awesome in
our defense is really really good he somehow finds himself in situations where he gets the ball in the scores on defense yeah and those for the end zone that's right at some point you know you can talk some of it up to lock but if he's always in the right place at the right time then you're just you just know where to hang out green or all the hot spots are i don't understand what happened to to cooper kupp i don't understand what hat will actually i mean joe did a pretty good job on him but i don't understand the fake punt that wasn't a fake punt was it such a is sean mcvay such a genius that the new fake punt is not even faking the punt part put just putting your kicker out there to throw well he went back to back to back plays with three different quarterbacks i think yeah you got off board which wich enhancer we love pitts burg i go
current eu when the steelers fan saw bortles come in they got a shiver down their spine 'cause he owns that he does ever since two thousand and seventeen right when he them three i'm sorry that are twice in a season twice twice in pittsburgh twice in pittsburgh he owns heinz field yeah it was it was a weird fake punt it wasn't particularly well designed fake punt but he went into shotgun formation drop back like a normal quarterback would and then through across the route that i think was even short of the stick it was so weird sean mcvay sean mcvay got his genius card taken away by calling our yes is it is it time that we discuss taking away his genius card well i think the the rams have proven that like any offense will not look like the i like a genius offense if you don't have a office of one it's just pretty much what comes out to like it right when now we can't we can't get our quarterback time oh yeah we don't look like the geniuses we did last year i like
he had his genius card taken away the rams are just i don't know what to make of them i just know that they got issues and they the steal are we were are you ready to believe a little bit in the steelers i've been thrown around a look at it again it always goes back to maseru off he looks like a fat fly no ice i agree yeah these rudolph i don't trust him the steelers defense i trust and i think they will win these games this is like they're going to wax old school day gives obviously ben made it you know an offensive team levy on bell antonio brown all that stuff they're going old cool steelers like ten years ago fifteen years ago where it's we're going to
in the game with defense engines grind it out mason rudolph is a modern day tommy maddox he's so yes rookie year bent yeah neil o'donnell robert this is what i think of whatever big ben had a sixteen qb rating in the in the super bowl he wanted it again see ya yeah when the refs gave him when i started in one that's super when anton rained all through touch down the only passing their son alright so big that is also ballooning up yeah it is getting well it's his it's put in the insulation yeah you got it it's it's cultivating mass season right that's right he wants to be a coach so bad yeah he's got the the head set on i never expected that big band would be a guy that would want to get into coaching after i he's hated every single coach that he said yes but i feel like that's the one way for him to continue his passion of butting heads with an office
nader even after he gets out of the gas tank and even then become a head coach and still get into fights with the play callers on the side higher todd haley justifier justifier of the fire like every other week but yeah he's my guess is conservatively put on twenty pounds since he's been out with an injury this year yeah i had a so you can make the argument that he is learn from cam newton who has we're going to rebound from injuries after becoming a vegan so big ben is going the exact opposite and just consuming only animal products yes just heavy fats cheese is a modern of cream just like just loading up on the junction the steelers
but the steelers went on thursday night in cleveland which is going to be a true leader loser leaves town game which i'm very excited for if the steelers beat the browns in cleveland on thursday night they're going to go eleven and five oh shit yeah yeah i don't know about all that they have cincy cleveland arizona buffalo jets in week seventeen app it's more who might not be playing for anything but you forgot the jets are going to be in the middle of their table i don't i do not think the jets will fully run the table they will get to that week sixteen and then they will but in the end of it that will be the steak in the table yeah but no they i'm just saying this is what i've the rant beating the rams is a big step for the steelers i think they're going again so this segue to the afc picture i think steelers is going to sneak in i really do i think the steelers sneak in an i'm going to tell you who the other team have i use a buffalo
i've been very soon come to come down to buffalo and raiders don't i don't you not account chucky out yet no i'm not ready i'm ready i'm not ready check yeah put the afc wild card picture is going to be a mess a mess right now the dolphins are in the hunt they're on the in the hunt graphic everyone everyone in the afc south is in the hunt pretty much everyone in the afc west is in the hunt everywhere except for the bank and then the steelers in the bills yeah so like all those teams are in the hunt in the afc it's going to be yes it is that yeah i i still think the bills are going to make it i don't think that's going to be a problem i think i they'll be fine those we everything's fine one respond in front of lows fun okay all right i i mean i i tend to agree with you i just there's gonna be a couple ames here that are going to look interesting in the nfc nfc is a lot more difficult it's going to be a lot more difficult to make the playoffs i feel like because the vikings and the seahawks are
are both seven and three seven and two respectively and there they would be the wild cards if the season ended today that's pretty good record i could also see the cowboys making it the cowboys and the making it winning the east cowboys and both make a lot of these yeah it could have him his like last year when everyone rode off the end of season they had two teams in okay but yeah we are it's a actually that time season it ceases such a top heavy division like what it's well yeah it's a tale of two cities like with inside that division yeah he's got the eagles on the cowboys which could you could make case for either one of them winning the division and then you just got absolute shitan apps it's two tone malone abs is the two tone malone division shout two tone malone in that guy who's obsessed with them all right let's do who back pft you haven't read for us let's do that first yeah i want to talk to you
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give me that look i told you look nice but apparently you were lying no i was not his back of the week is this league yes dion waiters didn't move that i pulled not too long ago when he got on a plane he took an edible and then he apparently had a panic attack on the plane so they had to call the ambulance show when he landed he ended up getting suspended for ten games and then for whatever reason decided to tell people that it was a teammate who gave him the edible but he's not going at which teammate so it's got a lot of speculating which team it was a given the edible why he took such a no i think the butthole tell your olynyk that's probably homemade edible canadian but yeah this league back i've been there d on it's not a good place to be edibles are a dangerous thing i've never really heard someone that's taken out of woman like this was great most of the time it's like
edible and i was like why in my bed thinking i was going to have a heart attack and i miss you so much and now so did he forget to add and i love you guys at the end of his podcast too i mean he got there ended he's going to lose like three million dollars so it's probably a little worse there is nothing worse than having like one too many and is your own fault for giving me an animal yeah like i said it it was like the same thing except my teammate did it to me but we talked about it yeah but he publicly called me out on it at that moment where you're like oh point in overturn can't
can't do anything the next four hours i think i'm gonna take a shower nope that doesn't fix it all men take a nap nope nope yeah still gonna die only gonna just have a panic attack and then be of the laughing stock of the nba because the king animal weed and you might think that taking an audible on a plane is a good move i think that's actually the wall arable move that because you think i would take this and then out for a few hours what happens is you end up in a new airport you don't know how to find the taxing houses to then you just wander around in your high and then the worst part about when you're too when your when you have too many edibles is you just look around you like everyone knows i'm high right now right and in your set like it heightens your sentence senses in a weird way so you the altitude feels worse than they should be like diarrhea air that gets recirculated is discussed anything it's like altogether born falsely but it's like a does you know i don't know i'll get paranoid you don't fall sleep down that stores so shocked the on waiters we know we're going through bro even though that is pretty embarrassing access like you the dodgers game to cast song it was yes that was really
sometimes we got caught in that in that line where at and i basically is ordered like two hundred dollars worth of stuff and then we got done with it were like whoa maybe we we got up to the counter and we were planning on getting just like a bottle of water and then skipped on a pretzel and like oh yeah ice cream yeah we should get some ice cold little helmets funky yes that's socks for dion waiters because everyone now is be like hey you are the dude in like high school who's like i think i'm having a heart attack as you smoke too much and then ruined it for everyone and everyone's parents got called and were like agreed so good job dion waiters dark why did you have to even say that you took an edible why couldn't you wasn't the first report that he had a seizure yes yes which did that was soul ridiculous because like that's that's basically a meme like the mice
overdosed on marijuana i overdose and i had a seizure because i took i i ate two gummies instead of one yeah i should just which ended with million up there you know where that's tv so that's a sheet you just do like netflix and shelton by the way i've got more brownies attack wants some yes fresh batch and then on monday wednesday or friday will do one show in the next month where hank will be high and we won't tell you which one it is and you have to guess we should actually do a roulette show where we make brownies and then one of us asked when we eat one of us has the brownies that are bad good depending how you look at it we should just do another part of my talk yeah we should just part of my bake parma either way i mean one is rhymes with yeah but with the other has the same letters and letters yeah part of my smoking weed yeah part of my toque looks better give a hearty my big sounds well what we're doing right now are we high let us know oh oh
by who's back of the week is i feel like i do feel high at the end it when the american ninja warrior comes on and you know it's past one o'clock nice to start feeling high and so we get to see my was back in a week is james dean though the cool guy or the porn star that cool guy who may who is also the porn star oh no is james do not cool no the other cool like the dead after this happened after talking with a motorcycle were cal learn some fucking culture i'm talking about the guy who is cool and like fifty i know that's who's back not not i was saying you can't say that james dean the porn star not going to equals problematic is he if so just maybe not big piece yeah that is a problem is it forever he shames maine i can't watch porn with guys that have huge james here it sister the male lead it's just like i can't
soften the skin i so which ones back call it talking are james dean which one the old one got it so the day why did james dean is back okay yeah james dean the other one rape and sexual misconduct o okay just about the vast the old james dean's back because they are re animating him not as body but to using like footage of him and putting them into a movie about viet nam so he's going to be playing the part of a soldier in a war that he wasn't even alive to see even though he's been dead for like fifty years kinda cool so bring him back but it's a slippery slope y like forty years from now that we're going to have tom hanks reanimate to play jeffrey epstein or something weird like that if you can't you can't control what people in the future going to be doing with your face in your body for deep fakes maybe but what do you care you're dead but you don't want to play a bad guy
yeah you did i don't think you care you're dead just overall you be fine playing whoever i think when you're dead you're dead ok i think you can ask me if i'd be fine with it because he dead ok mother is back regis pluto because the nat nasa's chief administrator said that pluto is a planet again nice to put us back in time that was that was really a happy marriage big comeback store huge huge i like planets have a relegation system or t p l like pluto went from being the ninth planet to just like basically an asteroid you got on our back now it's back now it's a full planet again all right my who's back pinstripes chat liam for giving me this one i actually saw this last night and see i don't see the pinstripes but i saw the padres new uniforms padres brown is back which was a very weird hashtag to fall upon on a saturday night as like brown is back what's going on so i clicked on it these podre uniforms are fucking awesome
they're going back they went they went blue for last twenty five years they're back to like the tony gwynn brown and yellow and they are sexy real sex looking operator they look very sweet and so and they have pinstripes so we will start giving out padre pinched so adam scott oh you've earned your pinstripes by just picking the padres everyone forget that you make three hundred million dollars in who cares so it's the who else do we give up types for now it's fernando totti sooner you get pinstripes it's the mets the phillies the diamondbacks yeah cubs cubs marlins marlins padres padres son padres we have to we have to make it a little rockies rockies rockies you forgot the rockies schitt ok let's do football guy of the week so
this week we have first up frank morton who is not a football which but he said himself he's a football guy so this is now the new trend jim boylan frank martin we have football coach the coach so what's what's boise state yeah who ate the matchbook this new trend of basketball coaches being football guys i like it yeah frank parton is kind of like a shanahan from another dimension yes he's got that like the sweatiness the face that's always kind of in a scowl all the time and he's a guy that i'm shocked at frank it has got a tirade against cellphones yet this year yeah he's good for one of those every seven to eight months although he's a little knowing for one is a little bit better than that 'cause he's a little bit better recruiter than to go after cell phones yeah he's like more laughter after
guys sitting out bowl games so he's a little l you don't like cell phones is the bottom level of going after millennials you got gotta you got the next level up is questioning their toughness and like their will to be with the team getting into and uh yeah right you're right i i do want to see frank moran at some point coach in the aloha classic out in hawaii yes and see him in the hawaiian shirt and allay yeah i don't think i could imagine something goes against what i think of more than that it would be so good all right next up we have coach oh for letting it all out after one of the biggest wins in his career he cried a little bit but it was the best cry he also had the famous now famous call todd what fuckyou post game press comes we're going to get more on that game and i don't think that was coach oh
i could have been anybody i don't want to get in trouble we don't we don't see who said i could have your voice coach o doesn't cry i don't i think his eyes uses he he looked ripped yeah rip he's been thank you thank you gary danielson who's is like that's almost cochos ever ran in his life for us he runs every day with the sunnies friends with the sun tiger luke eakly not wearing sleeves in a game since freshman year in high school no matter the weather i don't think that's a football guy moved to publicly declare that is it because he says that he remembers that he used to wear sleeves and he made a conscious decision to say hey i'm going to try to act like i'm not cold yeah real football guy just doesn't feel cold it's true and then the random raider fan for skipping his court date so he could attend thursday night football i love that guy because any their stadium and it's like that guy is not he's just fucking around
raider fan like no he skipped this court date absolutely yeah i i would like to have that guy win but i don't want to blow a spotter more is the thing yeah that's true good point okay before we get to judge was probably at the game and we see definitely scripted to sing i also skipping in nam before we get to a little college football talk in a monday reading pft got one more add real quick that i do i want to talk to you policy genius actually heard from a lot of awl is less like when we did this ad read i wouldn't sit down i think that i would i would talk about an insurance ad that got feedback but this one actually did people used it and apparently it's very or easy so if you're a homeowner you know how tough it is to find the right home insurance coverage even if your rates of crept up over the years the idea of single your policy it seems exhausting but the experts at policy genius don't think they getting the best home insurance
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strap up we got some college football talk we got a monday reading and then we'll send you on your way we have jerry rice turn up on wednesday awesome interview with him he came in person it was pretty cool to talk to the goat college football lsu alabama roll tide what fuck you fuck you off was that an awesome game show borough heisman moment uh when got his i just pulled down a couple weeks he has pants pulled down a couple weeks ago the running back for the ellis you tigers was incredible his name was learning yep he he was incredible he's a short king and guess what sabin i mean for all the people who hate on coach out how can kochou beat saving uh well we just went in tuscaloosa and he kicked your it was not
create it end up being a one touchdown game but it was it was such an awesome such an asskicking it was such an awesome game going back and forth i mean you knew that pam wasn't going to give up you knew they were going to come back in that second half do you think that deep down there's some lsu fans who are glad that they won secretly miss nine to six just like how like this you know what this is great i'm glad i want to do anything with a real football yeah i see see how i don't know that was i mean how she just got so much swagg and it's just so good i think even this is the something about nick saban i think i saw an article today in his entire career at alabama thing he's been there twelve years two thousand and seven um there was someone wrote an article that was like ranking the the most memorable of nick saban's twenty four losses and allen twelve years can actually sit down and actually like in like
five hundred am or six of them came in year one uh huh it's ridiculous yes it feels like an event when alabama loses credit to nick saban for getting blown out an embarrassed and not using his kicker as a lead blocker so yes progress it's a step forward for the other thing you pulled out but did they do enough is asking questions this is going to be the question that's going to get discussed did they do enough to possibly get in as a one last team because this was always the narative that the loser this game not having to go to the sec championship maybe in a better spot going forward because they will the second team in i don't think that's going to happen this year as long as organ oklahoma i think a woman cry kitchener lost but if oregon doesn't catch another loss i think they will probably end up putting in oregon over if they win their conference turning its utah over a to a one loss
non conference turney earned conference championship game alabama alabama they had two options once they start to get be pretty badly to keep themselves in the conversation one was to narrow the deficit the second was to have two words taken a field in like a stretcher and yeah i really over played the injury up and so they could just put it on like two is not healthy definitely made was so funny he was pretty good yeah it was james what's here is great wonderful what it was a great deal so they could they could either they they could have had our you mean if they said to is not ready to your right he's out like fifty percent so it this was a really alabama this was alabama you know with the with the quarterback that probably should be out there so i i think alabama still gets in i think they would get in over oregon yeah because dude the committee loves
yeah i know but it's all packed and hasn't been in there forever and i just think the way they got beat at home it was only a six point game but like like we were saying like it was else you kind of put it on them i mean that that alabama is wide receivers are so insane that was used wide receivers so insane but judy ann waddle or like it's that that punt return where he fuqing where waddle got tackled with his face mac mask still ran it back just electric play after electric play awesome college football game and loved it one of the touchdowns for alabama was because the defense a back from ellis you was looking over at the sidelines yeah which was i think something that's cheating the show snap the ball then the defense was ready for job world got that moxie he's got that leak like fourth quarter moxie when and you could you knew there was that moment where it's like alabama's got all the momentum this is probably going to be bad in job where i was like no going to drive here and will score again and there's something about
and were we're picking on alabama but you should album fence at two too good for take it back because guess what the reason why we're picking on you we just said it like alabama loss is an event it really is that's how rare they are an hour i'm a home loss when they show all the fans and they're all and the hounds tooth and they look know ridiculous being i could you just don't even visualize them is sad they always win it's it is awesome it's like world crumbling around them yeah it's acd everything i've known is a nick doesn't lose these games both you want nick nick doesn't lose terry's probably miss terry made nick sleep outside although is jerry was like maybe maybe maybe maybe holes retire soon
i was one more closely careful what you wish for mr mr like having nick away from football just around how we a lot a lot of cream pies and i'm not talking i'm talking with the oatmeal yeah not to james dean yeah right exactly you mean the ones the gentran part though the actor from nineteen fifties yeah ok you want little bit marilyn monroe that's true that's true yeah ok with the legend the other college football game we gotta talk about minnesota is for real for now but car for real that was another electric environment minnesota showed out minnesota fans were very mad at me because we tape the college i'll show on a wednesday and we on a saturday they sold out the game on so on wednesday i was like this games not sold out yet they sold it out and it was a very loud awesome crowd and i feel he was slightly cheating to wear fsu's uniforms and make me think that they were at like four state was back
pj fleck used literally rolling on the sideline they deserve all the credit because like that's a program that just hasn't been good for so so long and to be this late night 90s i love that he wears that i underneath the school issued athletic gear did you see many flack yeah so it was great that's when you know you're yeah graham's back when you get the little kids dress in as you yeah there are some andy reid holiday baby so some adam how in babies the head of candles football was was when mangino had baby mangita that was the best i think that's probably the goat coach baby yesterday but yet i think minnesota's there it was really yeah i didn't i was or about penn state going into the game 'cause i hadn't really seen him play much this year but minnesota just model
yeah well clifford clifford clifford was hung in there and i mean they had a chance to win so it was a pretty close game but still i didn't i mean you credit where credit is due when you're ninety no in the middle of november and when he talked about pj fleck though you have to ask what's his next destination where did you go i actually think you just signed extension on tuesday but he still could you have course i know the name yeah i he i think he would leave for notre dame or usc but i don't know if anything else imagine if you talk just popped in my brain it's not gonna happen god forbid a but coach joe notre dame imagine him hoping he said that could be fucking every hole they'll be horrible and then oklahoma almost died but it was late on saturday so people are just going to pretend it didn't happen yeah to the clones to the clone so the four thousand two hundred and forty one yeah it was like it was the best college football saturday we've had this year i was
is delirious still after the l s u n yeah but it was the best wall to wall it was it felt like the most action in crazy games and it i made this point i can't remember 'cause we do so many different shows but i'm just excited for the college football playoff i just want new colors that's why i want oregon i'm sick of the old colors you want it i don't i don't understand crimson in the orange and like you know the red ohio state ohio state is going to make it but i want the lsu i want the purple the yellow the green in the in the with oregon you know it just the colors 'cause like
we had some iteration of ohio state oklahoma alabama yeah once in all the colors it give me new colors so i will close my eyes and see new colors clinton has kind of colors that pop but what what you get the alabama oklahoma back ohio state house it is the same it's kind of dole yeah i mean you caller i grew the i i could go for the maroon and yellow of minnesota two there is is it maroon yeah yeah and it's gold gold that's right for the golden gophers yes yeah so i agree with you on the colour aspect i also think shut out just to the our stay louise and i think that ninety percent the status drunk right now so yeah absolutely you don't have to go to work come monday is a holiday in losing absolutely his veterans day all right yeah we had it sir we have worked well happy birthday to the marines or enter hank's friend
at no m rack the guy who sells all the hot dogs in the popcorn in every state yep our mac harm and mac are mac okay let's finish up we have a monday reading it's a quick one and it struck me because it was after the l s u ibm a game a coach got doused in power aid the blue power eight which is awesome picture our friend i don't even know darren ravel may develop self made it invite himself and he wrote is instagram the sports drink bath at the end of a huge victory usually makes for a great photo but tonight the this winter veterans career as his lsu team beat alabama exceeded expectations you see the key would be an awesome photo after a bath is the color and powerades mountain berry blast did the trick i like how
cool wait did you say did he give us a pantone check on a gatorade yep mountain berries berry blast did tract as an aside this is totally an aside guys as an aside i did a story on gatorade bath for the mvc pregame show before the super bowl as part of the piece i got doused at the end this is my favorite part let me tell you it is not surprisingly very cold and maybe surprising very painful there are you okay windows ice cube smack your head it's pat oh my god darren ravel ravel cannot attacked by an ice cube and the thing is the ice that they put in there it's basically sonic ice is the softest i don't probably asked him to go to a sonic to fill up the ghadiri cooler so he doesn't get cte from getting it fuqing gatorade back
darren wrote a book about gator yeah he did he told let it cook cook the moment here when those ice cubes regulate it's bad news but that but when a coach wins they don't care pretty amazing this tradition has been taking place since one thousand nine hundred and eighty four thanks that is pretty cool imagine cocho tune to darren revell complain to him about the ice cubes hurting his head during a gatorade he would understand it's lou the softest thing you could do that this is a surprise learn comfortable show just it will you never really talk about it's cold out about it so thank you that that i was that i was too it's we who you know that we that is me just over i want ice beam so much on the hood i saw the seven hours a day late and in no but solid drives i want to go for it it's a still creek i just check with them
i don't know you put in place in india tiger board lap it up with a scratch in tucker ton alright see you guys on wednesday love you guys
that episode
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