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Former NFL QB Chris Simms And Uncle Chaps

2018-01-18 | 🔗

NFL Championship Weekend + we've decided we're officially a Josh Allen podcast now. Talk about Jags/Patriots, Tom Brady's Hand, Vikes/Eagles and will Philly burn to the ground (2:35-17:05). In honor of the Fake News awards we give out the Fake Sports News Awards (17:08-22:17). Former NFL QB Chris Simms joins the show to talk about his hate for Blake Bortles, breaks down Championship weekend, his relationship with Jon Gruden and Jeff Fisher, and the time he almost died(23:27-1:01:21). Segments include Problematic for Adam Schefter missing the Todd Haley scoop because he was reporting on the NBA (1:03:51-1:06:04). Dad to Dad for Lane Kiffin hiring Charlie Weis Jr. (1:06:05-1:07:48) Uhh Ya Think for Roman Reigns using steroids (1:07:50-1:10:20) and roasts with Uncle Chaps (1:10:22-1:17:52). 

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On today's part of my take champion. Ships Sunday. We are very excited for the football coming on Sunday we have Chris Simms former quarterback. We actually got like pretty deep into the championship. Sunday matchups, we talk to him about his bortles hate, and so his career. Why is Kyle Shanahan's initials tattooed on his leg, also have are good for uncle chaps and some roast to finish the show packed show some fake news awards for the sports world. Before we get. All that you want to look good in your underwear and be comfortable right, but that perfect balance hard to find don't sacrifice, style or comfort, check out meundies dot com and find the best pair of underwear in the world mean these will be the most. repair pair of underwear. You will own made from a sustainably sourced natural soft fabric. That is three times softer than cotton. It's called modal.
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it's time to. Let me undies change. Yours go to meundies dot com. Slash, take right! Now, let's go welcome to part of my take presented by a seat. Geek today is Friday January Nineteenth Championship weekend.
but before we get to championship weekend, we have a huge show announcement. Not breaking news show announcement? This is some. people, wonder like hey big cat. Why empty so great together. Why you guys, like the greatest duo ever right? I get that a lot. Well, here's! Why? Because we have parallel thoughts and as of today, this show is officially a Josh Allen, show absolutely we're Josh Allen. Guy made my first big board today, Josh Allen's number one, and then I don't have anybody else until like six. So what has judge who are the five best quarterback available, Alan Alan Alan Alan Alan. So what happened was I'd personal, I think, Josh Allen stinks. I've watched him play every time. He doesn't pass my eyeball test, which is, as most people know, the probably the hardest test to pass big cats. Eyeball tests are the physical fitness, yes, but yes, but MEL Kiper tweeted out his Big board mock draft number one
Josh, Allen was number one. Yes, first pick for the Cleveland Browns, and I said this is fucking bullshit, this guy stinks and then I said, hold on. Why don't we We can't fight it, let's just become a. challenge podcasts and with that and then like I went in Office, PFD came in totally unrelated. He's like you, see, Josh I think I'm going to be Josh Allen Guy. So these were two separate thoughts happened totally randomly and then they come together. Pick echoes. Did you see my tweet and I was like no and as I was thinking about this on the train, you were literally firing off a tweet. Yes, so here's as the first Josh Allen, podcast the we are the Anti Nazi Josh Allen. Podcast just remember he's too
he's tall. That's all you got to guess what he's got a big arm yep. I saw looking EAST Sixty special on earlier this year, yeah he where they just have a guy standing like in the middle of big sky country, just throwing footballs into the moon yep, and he looks good in shorts, also big dude. He what he had played for Carson Wentz as office coordinator yep in the same area. Geographically. Yes, because whether guy he's an FCS guide doesn't move the staff White Wyoming is F B. I was do not we're just gonna call that ok! So just 'cause he's not remember why yeah it doesn't mean it doesn't mean it's not good. He went to a small school. This guy can sling it. So don't fight it to quote MEL Kiper, I'm not going it into whatever's completion percentage may or may not have been his stature for losers. Eighty one he's a winner, even though they didn't win like eight and five anyone or should be bowl game. So if you are all walk, the street and someone says: hey, I love Baker. Mayfield, you say: hey, Josh, Allen's tall guy see
your offense of line, Nope chore quarterback, has ever won a Superbowl. You know what this guy can make all the throws yes can make NFL throw student shorts, that's also where Josh our guys. Now that feels good to get off your chest, all right, let's get championship Sunday. Yes, I I first real quick before we. dig here. I just want to ask Hank Hank Panic button, give me a status update on Brady, so let's start with this game yeah, let's start with the Jags patriots, give it to us. Where is the panic button at? I don't know where the next time I see this thumb now. So I've been doing a lot of fake news. We don't know: Brady ran into a player accidentally an apparently has a bruised hand He has a hand issue of some sort, not sure it is, but I did see a on twitter of it taken from like Ross, the Patrick, the practice field and it looked like he
get his thumb all the way. I think it was like OJ trying to fit on gloves. It was like halfway in there was like a lot of just like a loose glove hanging off at the end. I think this is an actual issue. Do you need a thumb to throw football? I don't know, but you need one to do. Instagram animations! So I'm worried about what the cartoon situation is going to do is concerned. While adding the lines moved it doesn't they go, they did actually they. In fact they did how much starred in ten minutes or eight one slash two. Now it started around nine hundred and one thousand, and now it's eight and a half. The patriots are playing the Steelers. In this hand, thing happened. They wouldn't be talking about it, but they know that the jaguars I need to storyline they need. They need a reason for people to watch. They need a reason believe so there inflating this severity of hand. You think belle check is doing this for ratings. You think nobody gives a about ratings. No, I don't think it's biological watch, l checks on the one. That's about as hand who writes the injury. Tony Romo. How quickly is gonna bring up the hand within the first two minutes, yeah yeah for sure yeah. You you
I walked by your computer and you just had the Patriots depth chart open and I was like what the fox goes doing. Little amateur sleuthing I was trying to figure out which player could have ran into his hand, because there's a defensive player. Yes and yes, but isn't so it's James Harrison right the sleeper agent. finally been activated yep Tom one side is often pressed a button here. Some came alive, yeah bomb that he placed in them. Yes, the Todd Haley Place and there's a chance here. Since heart yeah, I don't have to go off if you're a deters. If you drink enough protein shakes and like a couple days, your body just turns into a bomb. I would be surprised if Harrison had like a suicide vest on that's on the store. Terrace is number one God, no or two, I would say, is Belichick himself yeah. Just like give Tom Brady.
extra chip on his shoulder. Yeah, it's be like hey they're, saying that you can't do it that soon they can't win game edge or they say you can't win patriot of the week. Yeah Hoyer is possibility to get some of that PT. Ok, and then I mean you still owe Gisele Tiger Woods, Ellen situation where she may be chased him down with a golf club can't get further concussive. You can't play it just break his hand, Brady's hand. Further issue are a further evidence that maybe is not hydrate enough. How many massages do you think Alex grows given Tom Brady's hand in the last twenty four hours, all right, but seriously? I think that there is an element of the patriots over playing this a little bit just to give the meat, say something to talk about just to the Jacksonville has to hear about it all works. I think it's pretty obvious. Brady is going to come out, he's gonna, throw for three touchdowns three hundred and fifty yards. I don't think it's going to really make a difference. Much like the titan, patriots game? When I said there's just no chance tightens titans, even compete. They stink, I'm hoping that the
it's not the case here, because I've definitely kind of been like. Ok, there's a path here for the Jaguars, like Tom Coughlin, their defense. I want to blitz little bit hey little bit there's a small part of me that thinks that sometimes, but that's happened many times over the past. Whatever fifteen years and every it does it when I like my broom, I dumb brain, thinks it and then that's what I always know that I'm confident they're going to win by thirty. What were your thoughts going into that championship? Game against the Broncos? I thought the where do where day forgot to account for the air the others out to to head for. Yes, people forget that, so the other was one of those games. I mean I'm not gonna lie thought and if it's going to roll the the steamroll game this game. If you are you taking the patriots and the points yeah, I would say the page- These are like everything in your brain says. The page is going to win, but I do think: there's
moment where the jaguars are going to be like okay, frisky jaguars, and they could. They could put this together like if they play that you know perfect game. There's a path there. Here's my prediction: if the jaguars get to sacks, first quarter. I think it's going to be a three point. Game yeah, but that's the difference is like the Titans had no path. The titans could have played a perfect game, they still lost by fourteen jaguars. They play a perfect game. They can win this game so that The little interesting I Amarone is one of those guys he's still a total mystery to me. I think like his football guy right. I, like his sunglasses. I like they look like you, just got off a fishing boat or something, but I don't know in game adjustments, I don't think he can compete with Belichick yeah. I think it's just his name. I don't trust dogs and you probably could make a lot of. He just feeding the dogs this weekend, they the yeah, so I was when the Jaguars beat the Steelers. My my Immediately went to the fact that Bill Belichick is going to get in front of a podium at some point this week and talk up Blake Bortles and he did so. I have some of the quotes.
He said portals. Has a very high, rushing average fact portals is the ball efficiently fact fact portals makes good decisions. Fact fact: yeah portals is a big, strong, tough, hi fact that one he just fishing there portals is hard to tackle yeah yeah, because throw them off. Yeah portals has a lot of good receivers. That's not really about portals portals has could tight ends portal sites good backs portals, has a lot of weapons. That's one kind of umbrella, they say don't. We also charge a man by the company he keeps and borders has an awesome team around him. Many he must be pretty good too yeah. So the last one, though I think bill about check, just kind of ran out of stuff and I think he's not respecting Blake Bortles. How he should be. He said Bortles is the trigger man who makes it all happen, and it's true Name a single- I don't know, I don't know if that's really a common being like portals, has to happen.
like to play disciple said: wake portals has to be having the ball in his hand inside the center Blake Bortles is the only one on the team that touches the ball. Every single play correct that offense runs through it. Well, that's a fact: wildcat they don't run it, but they would. They actually run wild recovery time they they snap it to Blake Bortles yeah. True he's just a very consistent, very good, passing running back. Yes, so I'm very excited for this game is going to be a good game. I do think they're going to keep it close. So when I asked Hank earlier about the panic button, you notice that Hank he like he was bewildered. Like
New England fans don't even know what a panic button is New England, just like a button that says process yeah, it's just the garage door, opener rights, Ernie Adams, walking into the room with like a pp, seven, just putting a hollow point to your head. We don't have any room for doubters on the patriots. So let's do our picks for this game. Jaguars, patriots, patriots are minus eight one slash two as it currently stands over under his forty six pick, 'em I'm going to take the jaguars. I know I shouldn't. I know this is a dumb pick, well done with you guys. Would you guys go last week? Well, I don't know we talked about it on just go back and listen to Monday shot took the patriots. Ok, and I took patriots moneyline with my entire bankroll yeah, which was crazy, which is crazy, so I'm going to take the jaguars to cover and I'm going to take the over Ok Hank take the patriots, I'm going to say that they're more of a lock this week than they were last week too, and I would take over. I probably won't, but I've seen a lot of the page. Are you telling me what your pick their over pictures? But if you were doing both over no
I'm going to revise mine, because I realize how fucking dumb I sounded, yeah taking the jaguars and the over like there's any chance that they wouldn't shoot out so out. It just did in Pittsburgh. It's true after I thought about it. For awhile, I'm going to take the jaguars in the under ok, that's also my pick jaguars and under the other game, the kings go into real at all. You just said what you'd better on plea portals in the if the chairmanship yeah yeah in a moment yeah I do yeah. I realize what I just said: he's a trigger man that makes it all happen. Friends row. I was making sure what friends do for friends to have each other's back yeah he's a big, strong, tough guy yeah. He gets so that's where your coach, not ours, do right. Ok he's got great title Phil. He actually has. I think this is actually the matchup of this Mercedes Lewis or something I don't know, but it, but I think, these are the two stressed full backs in the NFL going to get to to had had no hand in and Devlin all right, the other game, the Vikings go into Philadelphia I
am, and this is a bad news for vikings fans. I am officially a case Keenum believer. Well, I'm I'm going to just go ahead and say this vikings have now acquired team of destiny status. Yes, after last week's win that isn't, that is a wind that you only get if you have a horseshoe up your apps. Do you remember what I said last week when we were doing our pics, and I said the Vikings will win against the saints, because in order for the Vikings to reach peak vikings, they need to be like a play away from a home super bowl and then then they will die, and I disagree. I think the ultimate Vikings is them losing the super bowl at home and rather fancy. I think the vikings are going to win easily. Actually it comes down to both defenses are really really good. Yeah, probably two of the best defenses in the NFL. It only difference is the Vikings have a quarterback that can throw a straight ball. Yes, Nick Foles Heath
when he when he tries to pass the ball down field. The ball goes higher in the air. Then it goes down field. Yes, he throws it straight up. Yeah he's a rainbow shot. Yes, he is he's not a great quarterback. I'll put it that way, let Nick be neck. You got to just remind him. The eagles of the rare home dog in the conference championship Convert share in ship dog, six and eight against the spread little little nugget for you there I also saw the Philly police. They issued a statement, basically saying that we cannot keep you safe after this game. No matter what happened, they didn't say whether it was a win or a loss are usually just like you. You were not see here the rules in Philadelphia after a conference championship game, it's the purge of twenty four hours to do whatever you want, rob whatever cheese steak, location that you hate the most yep and let's go fight your brother out in the middle of the street yeah just let Philly be Philly yeah. So alright, let's do our picks for this one. I
the Vikings and I like the over over under thirty nine, so I feel like that, so I mean I, I don't think either team is going to be able to run, but I think there's going to be a cup big plays that. Are you know just random? I I don't feel and always has a big play in between digs in Deland. One of them is gonna break one years ago, like holy. Those guys are good. I'm going to take the vikings, but I'm gonna take the under okay. I like the his defense. I think a little bit more than you. Ok, I love better FIFA, I'm better friends with Chris long than you. In other words, I know he's not to call today I didn't put Christmas. He invited me down to Philadelphia. Has Chris facetime you recently yeah, ok, three days ago, that's cool and I like call of duty two I like the Eagles, and I like ones, name drop. I, like the eagle, I like the under I want the eagles to lose in a heartbreaker just so we can get a bunch of drunk philadelphians, with dog mass all night?
but the person you add in the fact that there's people out of the day, seven thousand dog last, I'm really excited to see like a philadelphian. Try to give a blow job through dog bass all might get on a train. It's going to be weak. We should we need to like just send an army of interns down there. Strapless Gopro's, just a walk around Philadelphia on Sunday night, MIKE the only game might exist, walk around sweating yeah. The waiting game thing makes it very, very interesting all right. Those are our picks before we get to our interview with Chris, and we talk a little more, the divisional actual like break it down. We have a quickly because I made no real, quick and we'll come back to this, which which Sambro for it was the best SAM Bradford Eagle, SAM Bradford, or the Vikings to wanna broke the NFL record okay. So, SAM Brenner, okay, if you see if SAM Bradford,
I'll tell you what eagles don't want to see SAM Bradford in this game. Well, the Vikings go Vikings want to see me there, no, the Eagles, don't because then it probably there up by like forty and he just he's kneeling in Boston Bait, which team would less like to see SAM Bradford in the Eagles. Don't want to see SAM Bradford I'll, just say that all right, so the president did the fake news awards, which was you had a galaxy brain idea. You ever seen in my mind, never see that meme, where it shows like a normal person, thinks this. But then the Galaxy brain thinks all the pistons firing. You shoot like yeah rockets, out of your ass and outer space and the galaxies brain exploding. There were the fake news awards and they didn't really happen because the website crashed, I didn't even think that there's gonna be website. I thought it was just Trump was going to hope that people forgot about it yeah, because he made a future me plan is figure out how to put totally understandable. We all do it yeah, but wouldn't it just be the best thing to do, for the fake news words to make the media that you hate so much report on a fake news, sir, my
about themselves that never ends up happening. That's the ultimate fake news. Galaxy planted fake news on them. Yes, I like that he did put out a website last night, I guess awarded to CNN, or you can probably figure out who he blamed so yeah. So he did the fake news awards. So we're going to quickly do the Fake NEWS award in the sports world. We have four of am the first this is actually a five. The first is the report. That Chip Kelly was going to be Florida's head coach. Oh yes, it was so congratulations and let me just open the envelope to see who said that goes to the pardon. My take podcast so so Congrats guys. Okay, first news word: someone who actually tweeted that one. I think that was Maine hand out okay next one, this goes '
to it's also tell where it's. I definitely put a question mark in that Chip Kelly to Florida too. So that's a journalistic trick. Question mark can't be accused of of being wrong. Okay envelope number two opening up, though this one also goes to part of my take okay for reporting that Oklahoma State Wide Receiver James Washington would be out for the year do two grams to two before games due to groin surgery turns out. He played. Thirteen games had one thousand five hundred yards thirteen touchdowns in one tablet, Nick off, while he was a unanimous, all american, ok. So who treated that that was me. Ok, I want to say I thought I had good sources this, this kid dm me and said he was like roommates with a trainer state, so it seemed so legit like ok, ok, so yeah you got everyone riled up on that one yeah Oklahoma state people! This is what's crazy. Is I didn't even
I think, I'd broken news the day before and it worked out and I got that that news breaking high, and so I don't even know this water Seaver was like a big player on their team. I didn't know he was like. I said he is in fact I received for the country. So when I saw it like it could have been like, if he could have said like Joe Joe Schmo is injured, I would tweet it just for that. Just for the high. I didn't realize it's like a ritual national got a people really mad. I want to say something nice to you. I it first of all, it's good that you're back, I'm glad that you're back after your cell are in our was much out here several vacations that you took. Sir. Thank you for coming back Liam tried to do the breaking Kathy. I was atrocious and it was not good sound. Like a cat, a dying cat, yeah, I'm kind of offended. You guys thought that could be replaced. That's why I'm not happy now you live and you learn yeah we gave another got some reps didn't workout all right. Now, it's like three fake NEWS award, Malcolm Butler, traded to the New Orleans saints so
that's open the envelope and pardon my take reported that so who tweeted that? That's me, I'm going to say that that was made. Ok, my bad sources and I jumped the gun on it. You still the way that trade trade still could happen. Yeah as of two weeks ago, there were still conversations lingering around fifty. I read on a few message. Boards every few weeks will like bust his balls a little bit on it. He's like it could happen. It could still happen yeah, you never know in the NFL right and then the last fake news award. This one is actually not from us, so we're off the hook on this one. This one's a press, release from ESPN, saying ESPN, has green lit, barstool Van talk to run from October through the super bowl. Oh the soup,
all that is that's like the third weekend of October right, yeah right, no, no way, yeah right! No! It's January, yeah! Well, okay, so that several months that the show together, okay, just missing the cut off for the fake news word is the caps are cashier. Yes it well. It technically is the caps your yeah and and the bears are back in the house or the fake news awards in the sports writers say they would have been dead. If we still do not show. Can I just say how happy I am that the show got canceled us yeah, we really we, although we were breaking a lot, I mean you know we can't sell it. We can rest on our breaking news ability. It seems like we're. Gonna have to find some moments. What's funny is so we we just one three different fake use, rent. How many is that we bring? They actually ended up happening because I think it was probably like two yeah. I don't know
I think we like winter Classic Jerseys Scott Darling Mask that was a couple years ago- actually we're batting about. Like forty percent farmers, we broke it John Kuhn, to include oh yeah that now that counts as several because I broke news he was out then back then outback and I feel like there was one more I broke. Richard search Sherman tore his Achilles, oh yeah. That was the first one to put that on Twitter. After Richard Sherman said on the sidelines, I tore my achilles. Actually, yes, alright, let's get to our interview with Herman Herman, came back yeah coming back for prime time, true, which I'm very email that one all right, let's get to our interview with Chris Simms before we do that blue apron is the leading meal kit delivery service in the USA people know what they do. Many don't know about the types of meals you can eat when you cook, with blue apron you're, not just having burgers for dinner you're, making short rib burgers with a hoppy cheddar sauce on a pretzel bun you're preparing seared steaks in time, pan sauce with mashed potatoes, green beans, Krispy show,
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who wins the super bowl, the we will be pulling the list up and publicly shaming. All of you, that's fine with Maine. So would you, like you have a moment here in time right before the championship? Sunday, yes, to basically atone for all your sins back everything you've said if you do that, we will spare you the shame once Blake portals become I don't really believe your crap anyways. I don't think you're gonna to spare me the same, no matter what I've even a shocker to me over the last two years and all that yeah. That's a bull crap statements on it on the challenge flag out on that one: okay, but no, I'm not taking anything back from what I've said. Sorry negative: seventy! It's! Seventy eighth best, quarterback yeah, yeah, okay, awfully young, this name, the six nine had a well. I guess the list I mean I have a list. I mean doing a damn level, tart every day, sixty nine. So I I kind of remember exactly who is sixty nine Austin,
Davis really melt. In your mind, though, no I'm really not take media see. That's the problem, see that that's the problem. I am not the hot take media. I am the I study football all day. I've been around in my whole life. I played the game, you know, that's not what it is that don't give me that crap either. I don't want to hear that and you know what Matt and I also learned from some really smart people is still friends with really smart, Kerry, Collins. Well, yeah and, like you know, Bill Belichick can Josh Mcdaniels, whatever Jon Gruden in the building with him every day for six years I don't know just much like little man, you know small mental. I don't recognize any of those names is right. So so is then, let's have the discussion explain to us why you think Blake bortles the seventies best right? First of all, let me just state this. I am not proud that this is becoming a thing like I literally tried to like I. I went through like a moment a few days where I was like man. I don't think I can keep doing this, not Dan, let the tard. I was Tellin Bleacher report
well, the guy actually like feel bad, because it's not personal against Blake Bortles like I'd, make we take it personal yeah. I know you do and I mean would. Would you somebody? Let me listen you guys last week of what you guys call me Chris and Chris, and I was really I was like something about your and that was great Matt Miller. Stick up for me. What a great great work made here- wow that was really nice of him. I mean what a jerk off he is, so I am it nearly little bit ignorant about your list right. Is it just go to seventy? No because some some neither one so it starts with Blake Bortles at the bottom and that's where it started. It started because I was on Dan Patrick and he goes who's. The best team in football- and I said well, Jacksonville, is the best team in football and they have the best players on the field in a week to week basis. I said the problem: is you got to knock them down you ranks 'cause, they have like the 70th best quarterback and he chuckled and I Stu GOTS and let the tar heard it and that's two gods was like you know, house to God as well. I wonder who
sixty nine right? That's where it started so then they reached out there okay and I do have somewhat of a semi list of quarterbacks in general, that I keep and I was like okay. So let me come up with this retro. You know realistically, and I did and yes, okay, so that if the two state, my case right, Blake Bortles first of all, should have never been the number three pick of the draft. I mean that's the first first problem is he does he looks handsome. He looks great for odium. That's the problem that here yeah. Yes, it's amazing talks. Well, handsome couldn't be a nicer guy. All those aspects you wanted to be the face of the franchise except one, little part, throwing the football kind of a big deal in the NFL is really towards about he's a lower than seventy. As far as I throw the football in the NFL, but he's a passer by yeah he's really neither he's just a good athlete. Okay was recruited to play tight end by everybody in college football, and you see up was the only team that really gave me a chance to play quarterback. So from now
standpoint Champion UCF, not not all apps. Only there ok, the undefeated team was the only one that gave me opportunity. Where should I come on your list that I don't know, I don't know he's, maybe when you get that yes, that list so, but what I'm saying so here we are four one slash two years or three one slash two years of work: I've watched almost every throw every game is about managing Blake Bortles, for that offense is literally like ok, how can we call the game to where Blake won't fuck us over and lose the game by twenty by starting interceptions? This is why I know it does it hurts your heart? The truth hurts sometimes hurts more than losing a split. I don't know about that. You know. People last
you're. Looking at me like well we'll get played borders. He proved you wrong in that Steelers game. Many blew me away holy cow. What do I do? They were up twenty eight to seven with two two, two defensive touchdowns. Basically, we're going to be in order that didn't work. He did off touchdown yeah he's hate that mean. Does the playoff record for a road victory in Pittsburgh assets, it's impressive stuff ready! Never did that yeah! No man! If Brady didn't do it, then you know it's only a tool threat, quarterbacks still in the playoff, hey I'll greed. Another thing you've listened to anything. I've said about the actor, build really the last few weeks too. As I said, the best thing they should do going forward is going to run the Wildcat with Blake Bortles. When they design runs, you can run it like a wild cat. You know I'm a big wide open, no yeah, yeah yeah. I don't know if they're gonna run or pass right right. They run right. It is in the running
they run yeah yeah. Nobody worries about the past, or does he gets defenses that nobody else in football would even get because they just go well. We don't think you can beat us like if, if Tom Brady came up, the line of scrimmage and defense is played him the way Blake Bortles, you literally get a. I put forty five like he got, Wait wait hold on. Are you guys seriously going to play this defense, like I'm, going to throw for nine hundred yards in the first quarter? Ok, so what does that look like? What are the defense is doing to play portals that they would never do Tom Brady are eleven people within seven yards of the line of scrimmage Amanda Man in your face, blitz is whatever it may be, but there's no fear factor of really what he can do, throwing the football- and I that's right and Leonard Fournet. Member a few weeks ago he went off on Twitter. I can't I can't get any yard because there's eleven guys in the box or maybe Doug Marone, coming out after the cardinals game going. You know I I I I got a little. You know because-
key at the end, because you know what he did, he ask Blake to throw a five yard out route that he threw. Ten yards short into. Tyrone at the user chance it was right. It is windy in that dome of Arizona, yes to dry, it's dry. Well, they had the roof open, yeah you're. There. Ok wait alright! So we're never going to agree on this. No, of course, we're not, and maybe also have you ever just put in your brain- that maybe this is just a long con to then go into Fox borough and like be the best quarterback of all time. What's that, like Blake Bortles has basically been rope, a doping, you and the world for four years well, and then he goes into Foxborough just on the world's like hey shave, I just thought about world. Yes, I mean that you argue with you said you listen to my interview with Billy Jack yeah before the year. I've stated many. I'm sure, the years that I didn't really think that through the year that there's only like one or two teams in the eye of see that I thought could even possibly go to New England and the playoffs and beat the Patriots and the jaguars of the team I've been consistently say, the jaguars got more bad mother on their team mean
and yeah. I know you guys. Never do for exotic. Well, let's talk about you talk about the AFC Championship Game right with the others, you charge of game, how you know the spread, you look spreads nine and a half yeah and you're like okay, the JAG see the patriots have everything they have Brady. They have Bella check. Yes, what are the jags have to do to win this game? I think that really kind of what you saw last week to a degree right I mean you know they're good, for causing chaos with that defense. I mean a pick six, or at least they needed a turnover or probably two against the Patriots, the least give them a really short field to score a touchdown. That way, I thought, I mean you know I just don't think they're going to be able to consistently move the ball down the field offensively on the patriots, but but with jaguars defense, their ability, to play man to man and certain situations with Ramsey Bouye Myles Jack, those guys it's such a special gifted group of guys athletically that they can at least
catch and have a fighting chance against the you know. The Amadola Gronk Dion Lewis on salt by new England Patriots, but I still worry because the Jaguars I really only one defense there, one or two defenses right right and and it's the Seattle defense who New England had great access on aka super bowl, forty, nine and that's what give me more than anything that Brady Mcdaniels Belichick come up with a game plan again to go just go Ok, if you only going to play this these one or two defenses the whole game, then we're just going to surge We destroy you with five and six yard. Just like the super ball that surprised Arene. It was at all man, five six yards, eight yards nine yards and that's what would worry me the only difference here. The Jacksonville, maybe is by but in Seattle was on defense at least at that time is that Ramsey and Bouye arguably could be number one and two Corner
all of football. They don't take adderall. They don't have anybody looking for sure going to put miles Jack on on grant. But you know that's that's the conversation right like I think, if you split Gronk out, I'm treating him like the number one receiver and I'm putting Jalen Ramsey on him. If he's connected to the line of scrimmage in that traditional tight end sense, then I do think you're going to see more of a Myles Jack. I mean he's a freak athlete to Gronk is he's unguardable he's unguardable greatest mismatch in the history of football. Is the greatest tight end in the history of football? Have you guys seen grounded person, yeah yeah yeah right, I mean you see a man he's a giant man and he's got long. Arms he's a way better athlete than he looks like on film. So I think, like a lot of guys, looking directly this big gangly white tied and he's not going to get open on main, but he's got some. You know three soldiers he's he's honestly like a ninja turtle. That's the best way. I can describe he's a big strong. You probably only eats pizza, yeah and parties and easy. You can't do anything to stop down. He is unbelievable and their offense, of course, on their passing game and a lot of ways
The thing is dictated around him and he gives them all the clues and and the things they need to be successful. All right. Let's two NFC championship, quick and we'll get. Is other stuff, so those are as big as jerks. As I thought you were going to preschool, we haven't gotten women warmed up to his spleen, Joe there's more of those that's fine. I've never heard those ones so NFC Championship Eagles Vikings, this game, screams defense and both offenses not having a lot of success with who like in this game, and where is the mismatch? Ok, so I've gone back and forth with who I like in this game, I'm going to Minnesota in a close football game. Is there a let down, though, from that exactly I mean it's been involved in that. Not to that extent you haven't wanted big enough game. No, I have not openly right. You have to imagine just in a human nature. Right like I was thinking about that game two days late I'm not a Vikings fan like those like the players have to be just buzzing, and then you get a
a bit of a let down sometime mid week, yeah you're I mean there is the is the human element people over look at all the time and you're exactly right, guys went home for a good twenty four hours and we're like huh. Well, I mean we see that highlight yeah. They were lying on clients. Everybody was asking them questions about it still, so you can avoid it. I think the only thing that could see I'm a little bit is Zimmer being an old school from that Parcells Coaching tree, he's gonna refocus them. The other thing is they kind of screwed up the game in a lot of ways to like the game should never been to that point. Yeah blah blah leading up the blocked punt the stupid fade away, interception the king of the room, so I think the mistakes they made down the stretch we'll probably refocused Emily,
but the government we almost screwed that game up ready, I mean realistically it a week. We looked at a loss of that. Wasn't that one play at the end to where I think that can tighten the ship up. I do think that Minnesota as a whole is going to be. It's gonna, be a tough challenge. Philadelphia is one of the biggest teams in football. Like you saw on that slow grass field, where Elena was slipping all last week, a place to Philadelphia's favor I mean there are the all get off the bus team like they're kind of like Jackson like that yeah when they get off and you just go man if we had to get in a fight in the bar, like I'm picking, Philadelphia right, they got a lot of big bad dudes. I think it's ugly game, but like a two thousand three hundred and seventeen two thousand and seventeen Vikings win so schematically. What does the Vikings do that makes them so impressive on defense? I think the first thing is they have tremendous talent too. I mean other than Jacksonville. They would be in that conversation for the next next team, down talent, wise so their defense, now,
Has the talent, but then the Zimmer scheme he throws a few wrinkles at you every week, specially with the AA gap right, you guys see like Kendricks and Barr right, like standing next to the quarterback. When he's underneath the center sidewalk see all twenty two. I know you do, but you don't have to see that you can see it on tv, but that's what they do and then the offense is just it's a pretty good old line, Keenum's better than people give him credit for it. I was going to ask how things are you a case, Keenum Believer 'cause I have now. I have switched. I all season long I was like. Are we really doing this yeah and then I'm like you know what he actually makes a lot of places he makes plays with his feet when he needs, so he moves around pretty well, so I'm a case Keenum believe it which means it probably burn me. But I've said that he's got the Kurt Warner Hall of Fame career but he's he's has talent. I mean that's the first thing I mean yes, you you said at me: he can make some plays, he can throw the ball down the field. He's got some balls right. I mean you can see that I mean maybe a little too much balls when he told him fade away interceptions. But I am I've been on the you know, like you can't bench, him train,
it will. Teddy Bridgewater came back and people like they gotta play Teddy Bridgewater I was like. Are you want yeah if anyone SAM Bradford Exchange horse yeah? Yes, an exactly you're like ten and two and they're talking about changing a quarterback, so I've been supportive of him from the start. From that standpoint, that's a lot of Zimmer, Kazoo kind of treats quarterbacks the same way. I think that Gruden used to treat quarterback sure, which is just basically treat him like shit they'll, stick to you like mud or treated like dirt. They'll, stick, you yes, he just negs quarterbacks of the time. So it does Teddy came back and he's like add to it. We're going to deactivate your teddy right and then like he will never give case skis and case Keenum credit. Yes, no matter how well the player not sure is the start of the street right as a quarterback like. Does that piss you off a little bit? Does that actually make you better, because it seems like that's the one position where you need it like a little bit of confidence that, like hey, my coach has my back yeah. It is there's a little bit of both and it's a good point by your first all. Thank you Amber thing right, hey John! Thank you want to good point when I go good job thanks for contributing to that. I I think I
he's from that. Like we said the Parcells school, it's like it's like in the end Bella checks the same way he's not they're Blowin Brady on a daily basis. You know he knows he. Let them do that. Read everyone teacher to the week this year right and I I bet I bet you bill part. My my dad thought his first name started with that fits all career right. Bill was always gone since sends Parkinson's, so it is the way they coach a little bit they're, not gonna. Let anybody on their own team feel too comfortable in their own skin, because they do want to keep them on edge, keep them, but you know the attention to details things like that. This is their method. The mass like with Gruden Gruden, used to be so annoying to me in practice. to wear when I do just hit you like a noodle or something he would he would. He would tell me the playwright and then I'd go to the huddle. Talking to tell the party go hurry up get out of the hot all one thousand five hundred and fourteen spit it out, stop the ball and then to where the game came, and I was like man. This is. This is awesome this little fifty nine,
taters that standard right now right right, I can just play in the helmet helmet sound cuts off with the sunrise is not listening. Like shut your eyes up, John, I don't have to hear you anymore it. So there is some method to the madness is what I guess was what we're getting to there. So who is the better quarterback, whisperer, Gruden or Jeff Fisher 'cause? He played for both. That's not that's, not that's not close at one. That's screw, did Fisher. How many? How many quarterbacks does does Gruden have in the NFC Championship Game this year the year right? None, zero,
pressure. Guy, hey you don't have to tell Maine, ok, ok, Jeff Fisher, don't have to tell me I take a bullet, for I would too if I take two I'd, take the bullet before you took them. I take your spleen out again for Jeff Fisher, ok, good sleep habits like reinstall your spleen and then take it out again. Take it like a monkey body like you, think you think they have another job, another chance it! No, I think Fisher should be you kind of look like his brother or something you know this data model might look. I need to get the triple XL long, sleeve shirt that goes down like last year, where I think he wears those shirts so that he can walk around naked in those shirts around the house. He used over their way up short in those shirts out to practice when it was like twenty five degrees in your guys being dudes. He to me the one thing Fischer gave me an extra year in the NFL to get healthy after I left Tampa. I went to Tennessee and he like, after the few days. They like well you're, not the same kristins, remember in in preseason or me. We evaluate- and I was like yeah, I'm fuckedup like I'm, not normal and nobody. I can't find anybody help me. He was really the
first guy that helped me and he kind of took me in that year. I was the backup to Kerry Collins that you're for the most part, and he helped me get closer to one hundred percent fishers eye for talent, That's where I was going with this to me should be a GM these guys that he is built for nominal. Like the Rams team, you could see, it's got talent. Yes, I know they added woods and Watkins, but you know d lineman. On that side. You know where this Aaron Donald Quinn, Alec, Ogletree, Trumaine Johnson, all those guys are Fisher, guys he's got a girly he's got an eye for talent, that's where I think he really should go he's like Jim Irsay with guitars. He collects the best guitars in the world. He does not apply it yeah exactly that's like it early once Jeff Fisher left, he was
three years yeah. Yes, yes, I'm like it like that yeah. That was at quarterback meeting room like with it. When it was you Kerry, Collins and Vince Young it will I mean we was. It was fun really another bar tabs like present, not cheese cake? Well! Well, I don't know. Well I mean we always did Thursday night like Thursday would be line. Quarterback dinner, so we'd get after Kerry was more on this straight and narrow those days right, so he had already gone through his carolina. Panthers New York Giants drinking beers days, so he wasn't crazy. Vince was Vince was not like a big dream that way. Either we had a lot of laughs a lot of fun. It was a good group to be a part of Carrie like a real dry, humor kind of funny guy and then latest later years, yeah and dry and is later years difference his later years. Cheese, cake, factory, yeah, Well, you gotta plan to reheat. How do you know that, because he went like bankrupt on like
I'm said she's a Houston livestock show and dollars like I'm like. Like you know, cities like like to you know like New York or Boston, where you have a lot of like family owned businesses when you get like Middle America Nashville and things like that everything's a chain and yeah. I never really thought about that. You know the law. Is that you would you learn all right yeah all the time, and I was there a lot, certainly with him and other guys do now that I think it only portions? Yes, whatever you, the water, heavy cream, the allergy sneak up on you or stuff like that, the chicken broccoli cheddar off yeah. They don't really be that good when the menus that big call yeah yeah that that's actually how you know, it's really been showing stays around because menu in the in the world, nice restaurant, the world. What's yeah, I would you couldn't pay me to eat that. Speaking of our quarterbacks, you played with how cool is coward oh really, cool yeah. Once smell like a little musty
I know yeah man, you know a man yeah, you know never puts deodorant on yeah yeah well yeah, but I mean I like I like smoke or no Kyle. No, I mean I'm kinda yeah I'd. We feel I mean I like yeah, I love them or toss cool about Alonso Horton was awesome. The same goes for the the no bad and drink right. The no arm bend drink yeah. That was his his party trick. He would go to the bar and if you got a few with, he could show you how you could drink a whole beer without bending his arm. So you just may just headed straight up in the air straight up and then pull it off, but how we got that's why he ends up being those pictures. I hit Purdue, where it's just smoked. Yeah I mean it just looks like yeah exactly I love it. Do you hate Tony Romo? No, I don't you don't know
I really do. I would yeah we're in first hand, so no, I don't think I think we've probably made some jokes about your dad. Let's be honest, I always I always thought your dad. I don't we don't hate you, then, but we do think that Tony Romo is wildly overrated. We think he's ok at times, but he gets a little over a ski. He gets a little too excited during the day. Especially during the replays I just want to let you enter you time during every replay. I have a lot of friends that say the same thing like it. Just he talks too much at times I don't mind, but I guess I get flood sometimes because I know Tony the guy Tony, the guys are like one of my favorites. Just a true good dude I mean really not a mean. On his body. I've been around him when he was down there in Dallas, I'm I'm pretty close with Jason Garrett. So I have respect for him from that standpoint, and I know he loves football. lease is trying to convey the right message, but I think he's been doing a good job. Is your dad?
I we we do. I always thought your dad. I mean like Tony the reasons why I don't like Tony Ry, like your dad. Your dad has a big game voice and that's kind of like the big thing I go for is like the voice means. Something sure does. Is he kind of over it? Or is he still, I think he's over it? You know I mean the big the big thing. My problem with it is just how it is done. I don't know if you remember, I mean if you comment yeah, but but I thought it was fair. I mean some say yeah I do yes. I mean I should not have been able been having to tell my dad that he was going to be. Let go by CBS, isn't right or they were hiring. I had to tell my father that right, you know, and they had told my father's agent and my dad was on vacation. And I guess my agent, my dad's agent, was waiting till he got back to breaking the news, and I was unaware of that. So I had to make a clear bank statement to say that right and people are like. Well, then taking back everything. You said I was like no read the statement. Right, don't don't like go to assumptions.
I should call him directly to think a twenty year employee, who just does everything like that can possibly right to be better for the the network. Yeah that bothers you like being in the studio. He does. I, I think, up more than anything he gets there just follow the legal as a whole, more right, so that is where you enjoys it and then not having to do Thursday and Sunday nine Sunday football, not something that. But that was a lot I mean to do two games a week study all those players. You know the schemes all that it warm out. Have you ever seen the gift of your dad taking a sip of tea, always exactly older, your bag himself? That is my gift. He's such a fool. He does crap like that. All the time every day has big fills the big is he still pose. A colossal sum is a big literally when I walk in the house. Hey, what's up you big rollers? Is he still salty yeah? I don't know, I don't know sure of the Bigelow. Tea thing is still going or not. It went on for a long time. I was one of those like that fits Poti. That just makes you should only some yes, a little way like if your dad was ever thought about, maybe getting into ig modeling. Well, he did a high. I don't know he. He did have Fort Gate right with the answer yeah. I think it's too much to you before that. I don't. I don't remember that I mean that happens happens to the best of some school button or jump back to New England right yeah, because you were actually coach for the patriots I was, but you were listed, so you were
I could double see Kai was like a bit. I was boy, that's what I was gonna go my through that you're, like a double secret codes, that spell check, was keeping under wraps that fits into my like notion of patriots, but what what? What type of stuff that they have you doing? As like an off the record guy yeah, I I was offense of quality control, so I had to break down all the film and all the scouting. All that stuff was done by me. You know leading up to the game, so just just, for instance, I, like the patriots, are playing the jaguars this week. Well, if I was working up in New England right now, I'd be breaking down the eagles in the vikings to get it ready. Just in case whoever is we're going to play. I gotta go back and watch Eagles Vikings, film break it down, put it all in the computer. Every play was thirty columns excel spreadsheet. So that's how much like Belichick breaks you down right! There's thirty columns for each play to fill out before you go on to the next play. Did you enjoy it? I did it just it's 'cause. Everyone says
people who were in New England the hardest place to work right it, but obviously this success and and what you get at the end of the line. Yes, you know Chris Long is is a friend of ours and he's like you know. That was the toughest year because they really put through a lot of mental grind right, but it's worth it in the end. It is, is no place like it. Okay, Bella Check is the smartest one of the smartest humans I've ever been around. If he was working on Wall Street, he be the Wolf of Wall Street. He is the great thinker, he analyzes everything and it is a grind on any other. I think I did enjoy it. My big biggest drive eleven year old and a seven year old, and I just went my urine
working there. I was like I think I saw the five times a year and a half, and I was just I couldn't stomach it, and I said you know what I think I got a change check on those for too many, but he has probably got, is right away to ready, yeah but but yeah. So it was a lot of work, but I learned a lot of football. Getting the you know a little bit of the inside look at how they do things that I think one of the the dirty little secrets of the NFL that no one wants to talk about with the patriots is number. One reason they win every year is because their coaches out work and out compete all the other coaches in football. Twenty four slash: seven three sixty five. They take great pride in it and it's one of the things that, overlooked when I have other coach friends in the NFL. Ask me about New England. They don't even want to hear the answers once I get them. One answer that call Brady
awesome right. Then I got yeah because they don't they it's a mind: blowing and they're they're, so daunted by the overall everything of the New England and whether they can ever get to that point that they just rather be ignorant not here, but I was ever through that Belichick actually does kind of what Seattle was doing awhile ago and just feeds their coaches, speed, this gives a matter all all the time right now so like here. You see him with his arms for the blitz and one of the street. I did until it crashed, so you have to respond to early morning beach invasion yeah. Well, he right. I I did have to go like coffee at like one thousand one hundred pm at night, so it wasn't cracked, but it was. You know, calls to what does Ernie Adams do that's a great yeah. He sits in the office with piles of notebooks and folders, and you don't know what he's doing Does special assignments for bill and sounds awesome and I think you guys got. I know I'm the kind of guy. That's the I'm very open, I'm honest and you know hello, how you doing no matter what it is Ernie
I would go in his office and just like kind of walk in a bit. What's up Ernie just to see if I can get a little lifeout of him and he literally, as I walk in heat like covers
You may the screen is a so so he's watching poorer over incorrectly about the place, and I spent all day all those risers yeah yeah, that's from pollution when you applied to or when you first start talking about coaching for the Patriots yeah did you have to fill out like proficient with Excel and then once you sit down to get the job you're like I lied about as we need to do is press I did not have to. It was an issue because I'm like technology like stupid, I yeah. Yes, I I didn't have an email until my first year working there, which was two thousand twelve, that's really weird yeah right. I guess nineteen Eighty is like borderline a lot. I don't. I don't classify myself how many other cutters you today it not and really nine? Okay, not a millimeter wave, your parents for all your problems, not at all okay, you're, not alone yeah you're right, I I got to see key question ever go download to seek you cap put in promo code. Take for ten dollars off. Your first see, keep purchased you seek now. You should okay I'll check that out. Okay heard of it yet great! Okay, you put in the promo code. Take you ten dollars. I'd give you ten dollars. Okay, thank you. Give it back yeah, all right again, my cell. The question is: is Texas, back they're on the
way that not actually that is a yes, because that is Texas. Being back is asking whether or not texting back to you by talking about Texas going back now, so I'm going to even go one further. You are in love with schools being back because you do Notre Dame stop and Notre Dame are laid back. I I do think noted it's going to be back into the back the they're back into the definitely top fifteen. I think consistently like type of football team. Once again, I think, with the d coordinator they got there. I think, put Brian Kelly is kind of finally develop their yes, I do think there back in the national conversation. Okay, okay axes, I think, is probably another year away from being into that conversation, I want to go back, but they are getting the players there. I mean, I know they had a phenomenal recruiting class. I was with Tom. he was down at Texas when I was playing there. So tall
is a guy. That knows the state he's got great people skills. He worked for urban Meyer, which tells you he's a real football coach and I do think I'll turn around K, so that was c key question put in promo code. Take, The answer is Texas. Is all in the process of being back right? Okay, right so in the back yeah, so your Texas teammate Kyle, Shanahan yeah. It is now coaching out in San Francisco Right coaching Jimmy G. I heard
a rumor that you have his initials tattooed on your leg. I do yes, I do and he has yours on his leg. He does. I will be there with him. I mean it wasn't yeah. It wasn't just what we weren't like spooning one night and were like hey: let's go get a tattoo together, that's that's my car. You guys create the plot to dude where's, my car, by the way. That's what you say when you are absolutely spooning with someone. It's like we're spooning believe like trump. Believe me believe me believe me: go man, I'm ashy, WW. Ok, so I'll give you the story. There are all my friends initials around with another initial on the bottom of their friends, more friends in the whole world, and are you still friends all them yeah pretty much? Well, we don't keep in contact one of 'em. We totally fallen off the radar, which one would run it over. So so do you ever look at her being your like fire wish? I didn't. Can I scrape that shit off there now? No, I'm not not at all, but he we have kind of lost touch with him. Nothing really happened.
He was kind of always a little reclusive and we were friends with him and he just he's got a total recluse mood, but we were the for the first five freshmen on campus. Ok in a summer, an all the guys, The team started calling member the movie the wood, all right, the member, the movie. That was not for black guys are best friends: okay, we don't have to bring race into okay, but there that's what they were, I'm just I'm just defining what they want. They are four guys that were black. Yes, this is a fact of nature and the upper classmen started calling this the wood and its stock. an oh. There goes the would what's the would doing tonight. Where is the wood going to be at an example?
asking about so they were asking. Yes, they are asking yes, so you guys are like well, then, let's get a tat yeah that was. It was really me who started it. I don't see it rattled. I guess I wasn't. You know. Nineteen signer, so you in ST guys were like the you basically met someone in the dorms first week of school or like we're best friends for life. What it was like three years later, though. Okay, when I got there: okay, okay, all right, so we we built on a lot of time together. Okay, before I did that I have a long one of my other leg, so those are my two
That is how many beers, deep, where you at Maggie Maes. When you decide to get that I mean I was nothing. I hadn't drank beers or smoke pot. At that point or anything I did it on a total sober sided smoke pot later on. Of course. Yes, I still smoke pot. No, I still smoke pot and we do this is so scary. Why you trying to let it seems cooler than us I just slam. Heroin alpha is cool as you guys 'cause. These jumpsuit, you guys got a are fun nominal January. We catch the fever, so will wrap up in a second here. I have one last question. I think Pft has one as well the twenty eighteen qb drop by the way everyone can go. Listen to Chris Simms. If you want to hear more Blake portals slander at the sims and left no podcast, so try not to slander. I really don't. I know people attack me, but it I know, that's fine. I can promise you. I do nothing. Football evaluation, wise to rise, a stir. I truly cannot you.
My notes, can I show you the other non okay. This is number two tied in and out of the break down of thirty great things in place. When I I've watched every game on I you know I really loved watching film and studying the game. So I know you guys might think I'm an to my takes your wrong whatever I don't care just simply, plus one. I actually don't think your okay and I don't think it takes a wrong. The plea polls one is it agreed? Usually: okay, okay, that's fine! It will invite you to the party we're gonna, invite you to the bleak portal Superbowl Party after you went to I like to be there, it's a costume party. Does he got dressed? So I'm just really bored already yeah everyone will be in costume, actually be big cat and Blake are all gonna get matching tattoos yeah well yeah, we'll get a w for Wikipedia so the same since yeah, or what the this Chris Simms, no, the Superbowl wearing. So so my eyes, my last question yeah. I just want to say I remember the get you in the game that you played against the Washington our words the Redskins. Yes, we're yes, one thirty, six, thirty five yeah as one say, Michael start to get into the into the he got, and now he was short. It was close a lot a lot of money. I I did that. I was like as a sophomore in college, and I bet two hundred bucks in my game, which is every lesson that I had on the red skins cover moneyline I just want to is up and get in good. He got in and I'm glad I brought us back to your bank account up. I actually do have one final thing: we joked obviously but the spleen, but it was a serious injury
Tony Miceli said what last week was a lot yeah. So last week he said the only good thing. You've ever done a thing. Well, the only thing that it's actually a very awesome quote. The only cool thing you've ever done is almost died right, and I think he's right, because almost dying in not dying is actually really that I started because you look back the only like. I am kind of a bad because we joke, like. I said we joke about it, but I would just I just feel like you know what doc like I've had a good run. I just put pull the plug and they'll be like there's. Not even a plugin is like I don't care just end it. I don't I can't go through that was out, the point you get too, though. That's where I live literally, I was I was like I was so uncomfortable and miserable to where I was like: let's listen, if you got the machete in the back closet, take it out and open me up like I need it right now, so I was yeah because I is actually came up recently where somebody was talking about somebody dying. I can you imagine what it feels like to die and I I stop myself as, like you know. Actually I I three
I got a feel for it. The six when it took like a garden hose a heroin. Well, I is it yeah I mean I I had to get you know. I lost nine pints of blood and how many nine not only for how many prices going fourteen holy ship, so they came in and they brought my wife in to say bye to me: 'cause, they weren't sure it was five thousand and fifty yeah it's MIKE. in the fame. I it, I'm here, and so I mean it was a pain. Just I felt like I couldn't breathe, like all the blood was stuck in my abdomen, so I was like not only pain but I was like and who scored a touchdown. I mean we scored a touchdown.
With a ruptured I did I we we played pretty good. I thought we bride brought us back to win the game and they kicked a fifty nine yard field. All the time firing that's kind of up. It was like. I that's really good to me what a man, because it's awesome that you survive well know and also the board clean, do really it cleans your blood. It's like basically really important for your immune system. It can all right alter and basically that's why I got like a cold little like old, cold sore. Here I get yet like that. Like I gotta be Kay, I'm gonna stay on top of that. Okay, really so yeah go go it's it's something that I got back to nations like every three to four years: the rest of my life to be a fan of you. What's that Jay Cutler will not be pleasant. Vaccination back
Asians yeah, and so you have autism. No not yet not yet I think I do well. This was a lot of fun. I hope I hope you didn't. I think you came in with your guard up. Well, I wasn't sure, because you know I've heard you guys through time. I had people play me like when I, when people a bleacher heard I was coming on, they played me Matt Miller. We have been saying Chris, so I didn't know what to expect fair, but I judge according to what I know and when I meet you so I came in just going like okay, I'm not sure what to expect these guys, but I'm just gonna. Take him at face value guys are pretty cool yeah if you're you're, okay, and I hope that you continue to be egregiously wrong about place. Okay and then after the Superbowl will come, find you, okay, I see a Superbowl week, we'll we'll go in we'll, go get a beverage like it'll or things. Yes, please do a! Let's hang out have a few beers gather and if things go highlights and things go my way in the Blake Bortles conversation you're gonna hear from me in the spring, I'm gonna call you and ask you to sort the trees happen to beat the jaguars at home in the playoffs than walls, and then he's going to be a free agent and if he doesn't get signed by a team of something like that here we go in the car with you, don't understand is you're an analyst who the watching the film star when you come saying that stuff, we're gonna, say: hey Chris, it's a prank bro the whole thing was a prank, your say you don't even get the joke. That's our
I guess, hi whatever wrong we're just a joke man. So I'm that's exactly what the guys with your heart told me that they, I guess great dependable, be wrong. Can't stop it! Alright, Chris Simms check him out. Since he left go part gas That interview was brought to you by LISA mattresses, mattresses, mattresses, mattresses, LISA is an innovative mattress company and, most importantly, they were sponsors of our beloved late gold fish Larry. We are used to three four five wares yeah and I just realized later five is still in the freezer. He's only been with the fishes in the freezer should produce about that yeah, I'm sure we'll get around to it. I'm Noah! wants to spend hours visiting those awkward showrooms where you're forced to spend thousands of dollars on subpar mattress you ever go towards, one of those mattress showrooms and you have like the salesperson lingering above you as you lay on a bed. It's really weird. I don't like it. Lisa has changed the game, so you don't have to deal with anymore. Now you can enjoy the comfort of a luxury mattress at a fraction of the price. The Leesa mattress starts at just
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Alright, let's get to some segments first up, we have a problematic. We bring back problematic the segment where we find things that are problematic, and this one is for our little people, boy, man, sorry you're in man, Adam Schefter, who was scooped on the Todd. Haley news when he was on the Lebatard show talking about the MBA yeah. Is the NBA become a distraction for Adam Shafter, but I don't like I don't like seeing Adam Schefter's face, show up talking about other sports. It catches, it catches me off guard. Yes, I know that's what he wants to do is branch out a little bit. I need be made aware that this Adam is talking about the NBA? I don't know if that's like him wearing a hat that says NBA me take my NFL hat off and put my image or, if you like, has a go t like car for me. I would like that. Actually yeah go T Adam Schefter, his mba at no way can grow facial hair, that's kind of the idea. The moment was
great though, because he they broke it. The Lebatard show shows guys broke it to Adam. Schefter is like Todd, Haley just got fired and it was such Shafter response goes. Oh, that was to be expected. It's just so mad that he got scooped by Rappaport and we are a rap sheet podcast, so good job for our guy in he. I think he was mostly Pist off because he was using one of his phones to call into the Lebatard show right, and so that was the one that was probably getting the calls on it. He had the other one that wasn't getting him. 'cause, it's twitter phone yeah, and so it's just kind of a tough deal for them. You can just feel the disappointment Todd Haley, though out in Pitts, really sucks, because that was maybe one of our favorite relationships, Todd, Haley and Big Bend openly. Hating each other and Todd Haley he's going, keep
getting jobs with manic as Deco's to Dick's sporting heads yeah they're docking. Here they were, our season was yes, just as you have just the right, individual races against. You know real purple crush it up again, and so there yeah talk about some bone on bone Cont, yeah yeah. It was I I am just going to me is Todd Haley patrolling sidelines. I hope he gets a job soon. Will I hope he gets a head coaching job as a matter fact. I don't think I really. I want to see him. He was one of the all time post game, handshake, guys yeah that would go out and he wagged his finger right in your face and try to really muscle you with the handshake yeah. You don't want to be Todd Haley by more than twenty points, because he's going to let you know about how long class you are the next up. We have dad dad and this one is some also hilarious football news, so Charlie Weis Junior. Yes, Charlie Weis Junior didn't know there was a Charlie Weis Junior, but he has been hired at Fau Lane Kiffin, not
just like an assistant coach training, he's the offensive coordinator at twenty four years old and I actually left his football nepotism at its heart. They're, putting to yeah Lane Kiffin son of Monte Kiffin, yes, who has had like eight head coaching jobs, yes and then Charlie Wise Junior, put together, make some sort of like new. Tysm Voltron down in Boca Raton, I'm really. Right about it. I think the truck have you seen, Charlie Westerner, I know he's a chip off the old block is the large he's not large, but he's Accu like Jesse was exactly like you're, not good one day. He has the same name one day. All of this will be. Yours is like here, I'm giving you god damn this kit is young yeah wow. This is gonna he is absolutely hold his own. If he's twenty four, he probably doesn't have a wife that link. If you could so lesson to inform you that your point- that's actually probably lane is probably maturing to the point. Where he's like I'm gonna to
the keys out of my own hands and we got a guy. We gotta get a staff of totally single guy yeah. Just it just hire an entire fraternity to begin your coaching staff, Charlie Weis, any Charlie, was back in my life. Yeah we best, and we have. The big shocker here is that Charlie Weis had sex yeah so good for him. What that look like but it was very good. It is good is good for him. God is really good. He felt good yes momentarily and then his bird dive bombed in Clean it up We have a right before we get to chaps rose. We have a know, you think this is for roman reigns, getting accused implicated in a steroid ring. Also mark Wahlberg was implicated in this, and so it looks like wrestling, has a steroid problem. You think I actually don't believe this because If you've heard anything, the triple h said he says that they
it's very very strictly. They do actually do olympic testing. I think it's in the b, W F, o yellow, but in the Olympics ever use our. So I eve triple h. I believe it's with man. I don't believe some guys probably got busted with a bunch of files in his trunk in Florida and he just Raton names about Vince Mcmahon heat. He does his drug testing to the level of the top cycling organizations. world. So you know that there's not any problems with it. Yeah have you seen Vince recently, no, he is a poster boy for why steroids actually work yeah, so he looks good yeah he looked only looks good, really remember when I'm it's sold. I remember when Vince went from the pencil necked geek to the steroid, only one after Austin. I have a new policy, because I know that that on this podcast we really don't give a if people use steroids. That would that be fair to say, yes, definitely don't give a here's the here's, the rule, if you have, really don't give a ship, because Some may have taken steroids
point I actually had my answer was yes, we are you, alright, you stare at this point our life. So what big deal I use the cream when Barry bonds in all those home runs gas specifically because ESPN did a whole piece that was like. We don't want steroids in baseball because it sets a bad. Do you know the thing for the kids out there. I said you know what for the example thanks to work, I've done to a steroids, but it sets a bad example to kids, and I said that I'm approve them. I am a do steroids and good for you. Yeah I'd show the right in their face and look at your body. Now you look great, I'm a greek God. I've done the deer antler spray yeah, so that's always fun. My new rule is if, in the course of your profession, you appear on the screen. You should be able Do steroids, that's a fair legal! That's a fair! a little yeah a lot of people don't realize. Every time we put a picture out there. Every time we put some tape out there
there's going to be somebody hating on us being like hey. You look like shit because we actually do look like shit right, because we can't do stairs because we can't do serious because in the back of my head, I'm like wow, that's illegal. I don't want to bad example for the kids kids. So if you appear on a screen in your job, just go ahead no everyone do whatever you want to be yourself, yeah. It's your body, not mind alright, let's finish up the show with our uncle chaps. He is here in New York headquarters, the Guess: Jacksonville Jaguars fan. We no wait. Hmmm I've been hearing, some people say you're a bandwagon fan. I have one question for you: okay, I just saw my Twitter Timeline Black Sports online tweeted that there's a Jacksonville Jacksonville worse fan. They got a Saxon Jaguars Super Bowl champion tattoo I'd read! Do you have that I don't bandwagon, but now
does have a Jacksonville Jaguars tattoo. I do and I've had it for years. Morales will be. Where is it? I would actually make the argument that a sacksonville tattoo is more of a bandwagoner. Oh, that's a that's a fire tattoo, that's Jacksonville mosquito in the speed it looks like he's got like everybody says. Oh that's cute that you like Teddy bears so much. First of all, fuck you yeah team. yeah we're real team in Jacksonville all right so before we get to the roasted chaps. What was your prediction for the Jaguars record this year, yeah and also the whole issue yeah, two fourteen okay, ten four, but in my defense I got the numbers backwards because I grew up in England, so I thought that you put the losing record after. It's like the day in the month, got it right, and what about twelve million thoughts on Blake Bortles? I've always liked him always been a huge. there's lots of people
I would like trying to bring up old blogs, but none of those are some of the apps that work here before me before you before he sold his account yeah. It's all that show balance who sold it to the to you now to know he sold to the chinese conglomerate Yahoo. Denzel, then, are you saying really way up the bike? The bike? Okay, so how are you feeling as the biggest jaguars fan, we know you are actually like a die, hard die hard jack or not. I support a twice today: okay, great yeah I mean for some that would be like okay, that's healthy. You feel healthy too many Beans, okay. So what about the game? Yeah, I'm kind of.
I'm, getting more nervous, I'm more confident the more nervous because I'm getting confidence. So it's like a real fire. That's that's your mind, just not being able to on it sucks because I'm like! Oh, I don't care like. I do care yes and you're, trying to limit how much you care, because the more you care the more you can possibly be let down. I let that be a lesson to all you, kids at home. Don't care about anything yeah. I know where your brain is right now, 'cause, it's what it is, is deep, deep down in your brain you're like we're going to win this game, but then you walk around and you have to say. I tried we not gonna win. I try to talk myself out because I don't get rose in there. Many times is like you know, I don't expect to win, but yeah deep down, you're likely we're gonna with this game. Your deserve a exactly. I'm really excited to see what it's actual super bowl parade would look off to
Today's in the super would be the greatest thing. Various week of my life, I have enough Sudafed in the city of Jacksonville to supply that parade not yet, but I've heard Lenny curry. The mayor is like getting as much Sudafed lot of math class what the mirrors, but it's going to be. It's going to be like a bag of blue meth from breaking bad. Alright, so chaps you're going to be on the electric chair on the barstool Facebook page on Sunday watching the game with Dave, we will be in attendance, we will be there for support However, you need us. We are Blake Bortles fans, not jaguars fans. We don't want. We don't steal your shine on the biggest season, but we are Blake Bortles fans right. So how are we everyone tune into that? If you want to watch chappie root against Blake Bortles, you don't have a heart yeah. If you want, if you want shops tune in, let's do some rocks. Okay, you have your own, though first well. First, you go to roast this year. Only men it's, not a written one. This is from chaps heart, H, apps, just tell a joke, yeah sure at least try to tell a joke.
I think jumpsuit January's stupid while wearing our jumpsuit. That's as part of what you actually got. I sail by the way as a means to, but you know and I'm a good friend we have nice of a guide to to actually Rosi's appreciate that I don't want to rescue. We have a limited time amount of jump january- are my take homes in January by it right now, and then I get it right away comfortable. It's very comfortable, Nike, bred material. It's a great lounging Saturday, Sunday jumpsuit has now been experience. Jumpsuit guys that jump suits can make your vagina and or testicles get really sweaty. These are pretty breathable breeze. Absolutely nice cool breeze together. So the rosar, if you leave a five star review for us, and roast us in the comments were gonna read I'm on the air, so we have a bunch from chaps, keep going to keep going, leaving five star reviews, because we'll the next time when you roast will go back so do it right now you ready get right
idiots a millennial, an intern walk into a bar. The two idiots ordered a beer the morning doesn't even order anything because you can't read the menu an ancient Liam, just as a he looks like Carty Bees news because he's not old enough to order a drink. Okay, so you're saying like we, we drink beer in bars, but yes, so it's pretty big compliment, also just Williams no longer an inter so you're facing a breaking loose here lately, full time full time. Liam think that's that's official name, so we're too drunk idiot cinnabar, meaning we could write the NFL catch rule yeah. If you really want to do that rose. You say two hundred and thirty year old, dudes thirty three soon to be thirty. Three hang out with two Charlie twenty year olds, all the time and that's all they did to get it back. In their eighteen year, old college freshman there Peter Thiel, trying to get young blood at all times. Fire takes five stars takes, hi MIKE Pence can only listen if his wife with him
so. That's also another complicated tests up. Ok, we need better. next time, guys. Alright. Here we go couple of big Jay journals, during Randy from trailer park boys, I think that's supposed to be yeah yeah. I really do look like yeah, that's accurate data, his teenage rebellious daughter, one wears a hot dog crested womb, broom moustache, while the other say they try to do a rhyme there to really throw me off in the update now read well enough to run on. I just boom boom, while the other sports yeah. This is it well, we sounds. Is a quiz this week lunch, If it's a lot more like The guy reading this throws haymakers like a pillow filled sissy. He should have done us all a favor punch Pft in the eye, so he could save the money and shades and wear a real man's pair of irish sunglasses by the way big,
I should change his name to notorious PG, because I've seen it belly that Jesus dying cork that bottle of ninety four solving young. She sounds like you're, pretty good, roasted peanuts, good way to whoever wrote that you can have an internship yeah. You can yeah, you can when you can have an internship, but it's not at HQ. No just your you at your work station, just sending insult to enlist into should be empty into You want a part of the crew. We have open now that full time Liam's here, downtown, ok, I'll, get coffee and then just making Blake Bortles, Memes, yeah, ok, yeah, full time going back and deleting all your Mean Blake, Bortles tweets. Those are mine, ok, true, true, together my device again, all right. That is our show. We will see everyone. On Monday we have an awesome interview coming with Super Bowl champion, Willie Cologne really fun. Like Rex right, the stories fighting in
NFL stories and stuff one of the fund histories or areas stories ship from Willis, so Tunein on Monday, we'll see you, then let me also still Valor Willie Cologne still valid love. You guys you guys