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Former NFL QB Sean Salisbury

2017-08-29 | 🔗
Matt Stafford is getting paid and the quarterback bubble continues to grow (1:47 - 7:59) . Hot Seat/Cool Throne with incest and Amazon talk (7:59 - 18:47). Mt Rushmore of toys (18:47 - 28:11). Former NFL QB Sean Salisbury joins the show from Houston to talk about Hurricane Harvey, College Football, NFL, and the notorious dick pic that ended his time at ESPN (28:11 - 61:19). Segments include Embrace Debate, PR 101 for the Hamilton Tigercats, Sorry not Sorry, Kings Stay Kings for Jay Cutler's broadcasting career, Fuck That, and Guys on Chicks.
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on today's pardon my take we have shown salisbury here to talk about houston flooding he actually was on the scene at the church where joel austen wasn't letting people in we'll start some nfl answered dick picks we have mount rushmore of toys which should get some big time debate we also have who hussy cool throne and guys on checks before we get to all that i want to talk to you guys quickly about go ninety if you have a rise in phone go ninety is an app that you can watch tv on your phone and they
a great show right now it's called the road to race day ever wondered how nascar top drivers get ready for re stay then buckle up for the road to re stay the groundbreaking new series it goes behind the scenes with hendrick motor sports road to re state is now streaming on go ninety dot show slash bar stool that's go ninety dot show slash partial it's really cool you can now watch tv shows on your phone with the verizon phone and go ninety up no ninety dont show slash partial download it right now let's go let's not welcome the part of my kind it is wednesday august thirtieth and you hear that that's the quarterback bubble
now apart no within here this is a sign that the quarterback propose making right now ok church
and because it hasn't pop it has not pop is allowed to pop matched africa like a hundred million a hundred fifty million was a huge deal he got like eighty million dollars guarantee eighty six billion dollars guaranteed by march two thousand and ten is busy three or deal the eta fell loves to do these like oh we just sign the sky for eight years and five hundred million dollars oh but actually we can cut him after week one and only answer pam fifteen million don't i was an agent i would absolutely signed somebody to like a forty million like forty million per year deal after the first three years were expire he did get a tonic guaranteed money he will be the highest paid quarterback vienna fell and this is my favorite thing i love when a quarterback gets a new deal because they are officially speaking a hot sequel to their officials in the hot seat because now it's joke season on matthew staff and we saw what your flock em we saw what j cutler mats stafford has probably a year i dont think erasures deals coming up since we spoke at a year where he is officially the highest paid quarterback and every interception he throws comes a tweet why
eighty six billion dollars for this it yeah you're gonna start i see people calculating how how many dollars exactly each interception cos next year and then you gotta see here's my fair part about quarterbacks getting deals is aaron rodgers getting like a little bit of blood flown to get every single time maximum in the news he's gonna pay as bad he is he is as long as as long as he can maybe get back together with eleven amendments of the family who yeah may o aaron rodgers what what what's the first presentation by his parents warning signs new deal that's probably not going to be pretty cheap we have now done us air how come here is a good question how come matt stafford what he's getting paid hundred thirty something milieu we're home in on random numbers out how many how many car building robots by in detroit google and people back to work who you could actually build robocop clean up the streets in detroit so my question to you phd do you think this was a good idea or bad idea good idea about i give him excitement yet
to let matt did matt matthew stafford who is i think we can all agree he's like an average i actually mean always say mats effort me you know my two categories of quarterbacks its guys you're can when you a simple and then guys you suck a mass after stafford is the best saki quarterback he might be the worst guy that common usable right here's my thing he's harry so what would which the questioner whereas in good decision bad decisions i think that this decision is actually made under duress oozing out like in it in a court of law a contract can't be upheld if like a guy's got his gun to your head right if you would what are your options it i don't sign mats effort your options are you have to pick up somebody off the streets this is like that winning guy that just get signed by the bills or you have to draft a guy next year long cabinet you really don't have a decision has basically like if if mast effort does not perform all you should be able to cut him after one year and say your honour that contract or sun under duress
i didn't sign of my wasn't enough quarter by ok so you just perfectly explained what all bears friends went through which a color it's what in this happens within all the nfl because like i'm inject geophysical i know he's your guy but like he doesn't deserve the money he's got well if he if you were to break them down into your two categories employers true can when you several roof trent elf dover also in that category forget that but a really liked lines have no choice i like you have to do this i think it's the smart thing to do but i also don't think the lines are no one a super matt suffered so it's like you your bid the nfl so weird like this you can make a decision that the right decision while also still knowing ultimately it's not good one thing for sure though and that if you have a son or daughter we're not in gender exclusive here you want them to play in a fell quarter by ass lasers and get paid a lot of money he s a bonus mount rushmore
positions you want your kid to grow up to play in sports because you get a lot of money and probably be like writ fallacy rich for us your life so it's quarterback and if a quarter back i think lovey lefty yeah wealthy and specialist lefty reliever earth or just a lefty pitcher blogging uncle bawler yeah lefty pitcher can just pitching the amount for evan have attained a specialist only come in for one at most like one or two matters in the year you're gonna come in pitch one better and then be done to a guy who's just a really good three points your spot up three points uterine spread the floor play like fifteen like maybe like a cow corver summers just get out there hit a couple threes or not incalculable us golfer yet as i was gonna say golfer in general will that was i saw i actually kind of throughout like an embrace debate have your kid play quarterback in purely but what about tennis player golfer i mean i was taught my real sports but yes if you want to go there yeah i'd probably say tennis player i would like my kid to be roger federer
yeah what i said i do not have not a bad option would highly hockey enforcer just so you son s battery brain we're back just regular passport of autonomy give too much water rugby here or i'm trying to think long snapper would be good what else there is i think there's something something else and i mean a utility guy baseball's not bad either the guy who plays like a million positions and you can say oh well he's waiting to twenty but that's also because he's only had this many bats was really not that bad general manager was pretty good to hear that way you just get tickets every game i saw miss seyffert what would you say i'm what's all this out their matt stafford over under
and if she chipewyan ship appearances in the next four years on his contract point five over really over wow so then that would be a success in my mind what that depends on what your definition of success and i think if the lions what should i do see shabby should gain with matthew stafford that contract was six ok i'm gonna put myself and they don't we s yeah ok that's are there we go up and if they dont go you have to kill a debutante inside one of us still has to do if i did they do go then you have to eat my column you wanna say sorry fifty let's move i was his hour i let's get your hot see cool thrown who'd like start they want you go phd what you got got my hot seat spud casters o put ourselves on the pod cast hot seat ok because guess who's going to the game
jim harbour jim harbaugh just now he is gonna have a pie gas and thank god i don't know what i've been doing for the last three years without marble pike s going to be so so good as he's definitely putting our jobs and danger because he's gonna prepare so so we will prepare so much for it he's gonna be way to prepared its what he's doing easy he's building a satellite camp in our backyard take our listeners where must end and we were actually joking about it when we found out not to brag we found out a couple days before us does alone like a woman named drop not from jim directly but someone else sources but he is going to be so funny after a loss i dont know if you just she'll not gonna do another rawlins there's no pod cassio his would only and i have to do a park ass now we have to get better and i hope what he does this could also be a hot seat for journalists because jim harbour in his post game press conferences could just do the old save for the show how as a question on the shall yet so easy what he should do as he should just take every single question that's asked of him write it down and then still other questions ass to soviet show exactly poem their couple peopled no matter what you don't want to see getting involved in your industry or was one of them could settle care what it is you he's gonna be too should idea what's the name of the package attack each day yet like died there means that we're fucked yet were already bade us to it i wouldn't he's gonna come in first place as it has that i would say like
of bees us bases basis elon musk those guys if they come into your backyard so junior year same line of work tat dim travel yes and timber like i thought big one and then my cool throne is incest oh i had that as well but israel yes ingratiate we're thrones guy renault incessant back and i guess the brother factor the andersson familiar the dragon dragon girl hook i somehow got their arrangements get fucked i don't i was going to diagnose it has asked their superior ruled against making incest illegal if you're hot enough who while they go their whole i'm gonna get permission gotta go there okay so here's the thing if you like dogs
her pure bred dog were i wait we harm i gave you permission to curb the arrogance ass not to anonymous talking personality and talking to our breeding and dinner ok so every every time that you see pure bred dog s what that talks got a shitload incest in its lineage rule if you're above like a nine i said he after above a nine you should be allowed to commit an says because those are those are good genes ya gonna much like us we have to respect the rules and and stay away from family hot hot see bill mar because we just where new rule on him a new rule in such should be legal by way of truancy from the insect spin off is george martens to younger sisters cause that means he wants to fuck em you like if he writes if you write incessant to a book or a script
come on because it adds a barrier had yeah thou there sitting there replaying like every interaction they ve had with her brother like are ok to george martin have like does have a sister and then he's got kids in so he's writing about his like son fucking is this i don't know he's got to younger sisters i know that fucking weird here salary syria hank when he got my hot seat is lacrosse ok pains it by way of lake asked us beforehand if either of us have the cross our hot secrecy is gonna use was a big story so major league across those there was a data breach they posted on their website every player current player in any planets ever tried out they posted their name address telephone number email address social security number who citizenship date of birth height and their real job
on what what are you doing in applying for a job with major lacrosse and giving them you know you're at your player you will hear what you do in playing for them in giving them are social ok but i'm an actual contact all the nomination of the red flag on this hot seat i won't even know where to find like the major league lacrosse website or anything so who the hell like who who cares eagerly cross accompli ever do people actually like have people she found like this sounds like something you tell me and i still wouldn't even know where to find assist ever gonna fell back on
yeah so say the things somebody look somebody had in my twenty million illegal cross there was a guy a hacker that did this it says there was a data incident which makes it seem like they fucked it up all what were they like e mail the spreadsheet sounds like lacrosse one to give a headline whoops we just let all were familiar what thou it i would be really good at that job like sitting down in coming up with a list of lacrosse players named right brightly hodgkin's yeah chat chad covington we're yes are we send out this emily full of bulgaria's names hoping that somebody would write an article about there's a lot of braces and tanners yeah yeah says obviously pr manners are you mark nicely i drew the ass he was the best score best best long stick act enter and then my cool throne is the cross of gaza illegal state quarterback chris levying quit football
to go well crossly laszlo india your statement about football powerhouse grown from rockers news is he can simply for the patriots so that doesn't really really mean equipped for under high rate my my hot seats is i've to him the first one is on shocker eagle eagles puff pieces so do you see this they are they they just traded their long stamper the magician s john doorn bosses ice his name i think he's colleague is is unthinkable parents killed each other something there some five zero and yet not less but i've seen like the he is the go to when you want to do and eagles pasok the opposite of incest but no the day they show it yeah they show it and unlike look how grady is he's been in the end i fell for so long anti does magic so every time like an official you know like some countdown needs a little puff piece about the eagles like we want arbogast once wishes do the magic i again well he's on the saints that's right who didn't even have anybody on the team is good enough let psych worthy of a puppy snow carson whence the here's him going to church in or to go again here is yeah for their coach wears a dog petersen whereas adviser weird ok that's good member they used to have david acres ok michael equate philip riddle cunningham there go i want actually find out we can you find out why what the stories with john dornbusch like what is family thing is i'm gonna fuck that up migrants a chris long by the way yeah maybe they could do another story about the long brother all actually it's it's now officially on chris long shoulders literally to stay and next to people so that we can get those funny that that will be the quick like rick riley peace and we'll get on monetary football its rice all long cox the other week while kennedy
yeah i guess it guy stuff like my other hot seat is leubronn because he's been challenged by malcolm gladwell megan nerd malcolm gladwell to a foot race which would you got his father killed his mother ok while really light stuff my back ass but it s magic so just remember that you make a quarter disappear the solar braungart challenged by mike malcolm gladwell to a foot race it's just like you can't win if you'll abroad because if you don't do it it's i'm innocent swallows prevail these fuckin nowhere you comparing yourself to leubronn yeah kind of let us legislation these fucking nerds all they do is they go and find the biggest alf on the block me slash leubronn and you are very passiveaggressive and there like and there like hey i challenge you to this sport that's not a sport and we'll make it really long distance he gets super tired any i honestly can see mountain blood will winning
so yes murmured he spent his weird little ten thousand hours late just running around in circles right running from his problems that's manoeuvres to your hates just imagine that a job is behind them some show that opium yeah sieves just avoid getting stuff into a locker that's actually darwin nerves are always faster because they have to run from their bullocks are all young age that's right or else they would not exist and they went live long enough to spread their see around if they can escape us six foot eight tall man shall you always slow nerd is dead nerd it's good point my cool throne is whole foods so whole foods amazon cut the prices for whole foods by forty percent so now it's
forty percent of a paycheck get it we're hey so hopefully to cut their prices by forty percent there is so what another cattle costs like three hundred bucks men hank put in a laugh jack radical yes a whole foods other cool throw now people can make those same jokes over and over but how expensive his whole paycheck three drones promised every three years ago by amazon who got u i agree hover boards and drones get on it milan drugs i want i want here this applies just dropping cartons of eggs that to me that the sound of the future here that's also upon his wet dream can you imagine how many quarterback bubbles we get burst by drones just like we got mout rushmore of toys this one's gonna get heated we're new snake draft i think actually pfc you haven't gone first in a long time so rare let you go first peg do you want second elbow third let's not get stuck in snake again voice
like monday s secret alleged show i might rushmore of toys he regarded came out rushmore toys ready for this yeah wrapped the bat the one with the red ball like bouncy boy to kick balls sow now is debating what kind of oil is used the red bouncy kick bauble could be used in a pinch for a basketball could be used for kick ball it could be used for soccer ignored logos foursquare if they are hank would you say yoga benito yeah how the aid is wegg actually so it's it's the most versatile and its staples any child households ok i wiser for me equity got my number one is legos that's good want is the classic he can build your own world don't have you want and then when i was a kid ice like pill shit little legos and then just
take everything off tabled setting out a new world yes now knew a brand new world changing all dimensions owner problem lego is stepping lego is the most painful thing in the entire world i'd rather goes like two i'd rather have spinal surgery than step on a lego without a shoe on that you guys and build the actual like things would you now found a way to know what was the name of the village knock off lego set music swedish with rosy erector set
that was also conical those like monster legos in the eu could do a police and stuff and those relating to the kids you became engineers always had erector sets itself like us had erector set unlike middle school nice everyday i i'm gonna go on we'll go nerve nerve guns all time all types of rights and other really wide selection did legos i mean that's the wives while you woman i'm in a specific nerve coming like the the ones with the round where you basically i've like twenty bullets was such an cup dart yes yoga now did you like and fired off so and then my next one we said that we could do video games what had to be a specific council and game and because i'm keeping in the in the nature of toys real toys you can walk round with i'm going with the old school game boy
super mario lad i must play that game seven billion times growing up gameboy interesting take out a sense of the more like super nintendo better graphic is an untimely tourism someone on the girl i don't if you and i laid gameboy recently graphics zone hold up up up up favorite favour gamer think a gravity is something a gamers actually says it did i just stumbled into actual guideline we play goldmine yoda graphics did not hold up tat was most confusing game to play figure like gold lies the best then you play you dont know how to like do anything because a graphic suckin than joystick suck my next one or go with pop it
that's good that's pretty good just a classic pretty good you can play that game for hours to pick it up also complaining college devil drinking who is that now is bob it like the nail in the stump came ah similar ma not really all lamp adjusting assailing pop it zip codes you what to do on the ogre exercise also mine game yes you break in a mental sometimes you ok my next once again for like advanced docks if it were next you can actually probably that where that smart dog thing on the name of like two hundred toys are an african grape eric that's worth that's what are those toys that your parents gets you in there like we're gonna give you this and you go see the corners like giving your dog combine its educational galicia ill teach you five word is excellent bother me for an hour my next one i'm gonna go with a whole ok just a hose and now
interesting ass a whole is can we use you can spray somebody as you can raise your hand if you don't get can attach sprinkler had on their run through that young could use it to philip slip in slightly can use it for i was an alligator alley was at the name oda so really a toy it's always that's why would you really do ok ok guys why can play with my whole swell war where i went from that problem at a weirdo from the house the from i say you wanna come play hoarsely animal persons were sensible to plan from the house from the household that brought you a billion boxes cornflakes your toys are a ball and how have you seen my third when they met you re familiar isn't gonna be like the inside your pocket it's actually there is actually a cardboard box your back on our imagination a cardboard box could be anything when a when like with every kid i'm sure has gone through this when you when your parents by like anew refrigerator tv news live out of that box as little as little kid that's i'm back you up how about i turned a box into an airplane it's this is gonna look very we're retreat this out as box i hope i am i by far the greatest especially true i hang
my next one i'll go with solemn barbours basically just box i've seen a lot of violent over others a box and gloves the other dislike inflatable boxing those guys could unite older brother so there's a lot of our here's the test would ever be able to give somebody bloody knows with them yes ok nice athens for shock it forever like they hurt more than regular particles yeah they never did i my next armada guy got two aft i was england hype would you let obama's hypothetical son play soccer barbours now absolutely no higher than that yes i really know i'm gonna go with many hoop on the back of your bedroom door that one
it's just a vulcan jam all day he up the day that you were able to jam on whose life changing your best i mean if you'd employment eu for hours and hours kid you're biplane erector set that's it you're visual hairs ever try to do my parents tried to get me them the hoop they put on the back of your door and it's just like hold your laundry so too big back just try tricky rather has his fucking bullshit it's just that i will give you my many who back i my last one i estimate of dick with a little bit of violence i am surprises last this late i'm all the super soaker gotta have a super sober around the sun i mean the hose verse super soaker super soaker whence i was i would sigh would destroy you with super drink out of the house it's true you can also water plants for the hosea it can do that sidewalk of your new york yet my fucking day my last one i'll go with you
tough tough i guess i'll go without and sixty four and moral party as a game that's good that's versions of the whole neighborhood that israel get mario party you can that was what that was a good drinking game before drinking asia fifty's go crossword puzzle new york times zone i saw in the last seven here and play connect for i was i was going to say you can hit your ball with it's almost like peace both i wasn't as a euro genitals give us a real one user hotel the internet oak i say the internet qualifies as a why did you use
as a kid you as a toy yeah that's what you guys did gifts another one just just for the people willing pfc just sick losing so sabotage i dont idle i think that the internet should count our one would want a flashlight care less light slash vibrator sets to his is not in the spirit of the wye rush we never we never once said childhood toy gb internet i'll give you a monotonous where i was fortunate to flashlight slash vibrator do you guys have any that were left off many hockey with while the how many hockey's good i had pugs livable bats
great pog steer play box i play pact for like two weeks yeah i just lemme everyone play pie i would like to remember the day came to school and you are so confused because everybody just short of a paradox here as i quit when i miss ah yes is assigned him here cs pokemon ugo poky my oh i where we were not poking my guys were low to offer match up animation i mom what's it to a technical paw an ash at anything or jack actual fires in a scientific advice or lego instead one i forgot the ever have those arm wrestling bodies as a kid there like oh hello to stretch from stretching over a pillow wrestling guys you have my call cognitive like a little pony could ruslan either annoying house of our three up those or throw back i also had game gear say game geared to guess have game here those like those hdtv back the day when you actually envoy to gain re or game gear was way way better yachting gameboy mba jam on game here yesterday graduate too i my rushmore toys treat us your best at part my take we're still given out at least a t shirt maybe a couple at the end of the summer for our best or running listening listeners mount rush morse the ones we mess so i'm sure we miss a lot here too when i left off was just about to full size basketball hoop so the day that you got your first basketball hoop thousand i was elected and if you're if your parents are really nice they got you the one that you could bring up and down
i don't got it s amazing surpassed i so treated
upon my take also follow the instagram part my take we have football guys countdown still going on and once you get two two hundred thousand listeners were do urge bar instagram far reduce some fun we don't know what yet if you have an idea that run a raft lost himself from the corner that's a good idea so raffle some of my pile once we get to two hundred thousand followers followed a part my take we gotta kabila's forget shown here before we get shot salisbury one touch you guys about stadium goods i've never been a shoe guy but guess what now i am a shoe guy because same good sent me some penny twos and other issues that have always wanted my entire life i've got to the point where i'm just walk down the street stranger like hey nice pennies and unlike while some stranger just cobbler my shoes makes my whole day better what you use it what do your shoe say by your personal did you know that air jordans are released on saturday two kids won't skip school now now you can avoid the crowds and camped out choppers by using stadium goods the premier sneaker marketplace for every shopper every style size and price point have get over a hundred thousand options it got rare collectibles they get high performance suffer all the athletes have get comfortable classics for everyday where
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john thank you for joining us obviously the what's use right now you're hugh stony in is that right is a historian while i am put their call i'm obviously california guy but i love delivery of about four years ago they call him he's dying and by the way thanks round me and you guys her priceless ever i get my man band felt go on a crying laughing so i appreciate appreciate you guys have me on this is my first visit so i'm honored to be on with you guys no problem so you are you're done in houston right now i've seen your videos that you put up on twitter you drive around in the storm what are you see in other words it gave him a serious part of this itself do you know when you go to a movie you watch a movie on tv and you say that don't happen to me if i can go out like a storm movie or disaster movie when you're watching send those things don't happen here they happen somewhere else that's that's what it is that i'm fortunate
rolling stock the level of flooding in my my bet my my room but the most can you drive around and you see this is night surreal at hand it sir you start to feel mean anybody who has a heart realizes this is life changing forever and and people around here it's amazing how people come together when shit like this happens if it's still as we sit here and talk it still raining so i feel horrible for him all i can to try and deliver some goods and i'm not i'm not doing i don't make that big of an impact i sure as hell hope i can put it that's what you're doing somebody's back the girl every little bit helps we appreciate ask em we're gonna put the go for me for hurricane harvey relief into the synopsis of the show again so everyone please thank you any money and also remember they few text harvey to nine zero nine nine nine its ten dollar donation
red cross now you said obviously the community coming together never helping each other but there's seems to be one pretty prominent member of the committee who isn't and you ask we're down at the church the jaw jewel ostiense church and where the i can use to play a mega church which should be able to house a ton of people who have been made homeless by this her and yet his doors i ain't locked you're down there you were standing there and it looked like you couldn't get in is that still the case well you know what i did i get hired a here either people both no what's the story here and i'm off its most people are what so i was out my truck with my girlfriend drive the wound yesterday and look i gotta pick up some goods empty in our committee storage out of anything i have a warrant switch month try and put it in bags to go deliver so people can put fox closer you're not anybody wants to work the double extra large shirt but it'll be there now they can use it as a black itself and i was driving
truck is aries around yourself people's cars are stuck in the water and have a truck so you can get them out so i was driving around and we delivered some stuff and came back and i'm sitting here listening about people they're opening the convince china and then i beg to read what you do on line or santini abuse of the joint undertaking is buildings not open and i live literally a mile and a half from their max unethical i can get my current government of older people fits flooded bitter that those that the talking structures flooded ordered the basement simonov than simply parts i programme walk up the main steps to the entrances you guys on the video into wait i'm in they perhaps if i die understand got people this without a knock on christianity on one person one building this house's sixteen thousand people even if there was floods in the base will we couldn't see where i was
you can watch him in the front door put em all when you could if the ten thousand people in their so all i wanna do is point out that the gracious here's a man who people come in and worship through emerald the camp and worship god love him and he tells people much he cares i'm sure he does this was not a knock on him what about money i tracked wanted some place for the damn got opened its doors is why are we waiting for capacity from the general john brown convention centre so oh now you can come tell me did you don't be a reactive guide a proactive guy so i just suddenly got check and i walked up the steps stood there from the front door saw dry carpet not a soul around no indeed i shot the pictures evie they could drop trapped truckloads of people off their interest walkin in that isolating it rained on top of your damn houses and so when i put it up in the people of europe that i'm not attack in anybody call anybody out but if it helped people started opened his damp doors
supposedly today now seven o clock this morning listen up you know museum poland memos it and pr releases the open about now for houstonian and it happened it wouldn't happen without the backlash did help well i don't think so either yet dragging not that's my thing here between sixteen thousand places that places is like the forum on the lakers we're talking playin it was short time and watching the warriors play filled with people yet on it time when you make an all this money and that's ok you know he doesn't people believe in his word or whatever and i've read up a few of his books this has nothing to do with him i just get so tired but a bullshit lighted whose making a difference well there's people that are open smaller churches and get both nations i just wanted to point out the fact that nothing at the opposite god bless him when he's doing the right thing and kudos to him and his people i'll make a difference but i dont know why it would take you and i or anybody else
single wait a minute now they got it do walk up the steps that are soaked and flooded and people in anything you can bust you know you can take your truck again if it was two people or two thousand people of twenty thousand people that's two less thousand people are to a hundred less kids that are sitting there with no diapers or know you know anything to do other than sit there and wait till they get their house at which may be too much so to me if you're gonna walk it if you're gonna talkative he's gonna walk the damage that while i was point and hopefully you know and i know it wasn't me but at least you can go up what i mean i was close enough to get their sites that will let me go if it's what you reporting on assigned you hear what i like it i like what you did in fairness there is not really a biblical precedent
to like a man opening up a large structure to help save people from a flood so i'm not sure i can really point i think i searched for and i couldn't find they were out as an aside one why i thought the entire building was gonna open up but it was good apart like a red yeah but not there's enough blotting but maybe that's what you're gonna do you gonna shortage all stiens church with like a pair of zebras a couple lions and maybe i'll let you in so we can as much keep everything going for a walk with forty animals too please wait bonanza that you know i don't like his hair i'll just awful here because he's got my hearty hair but he's a fucking pre where the hell teeth to yeah he's gonna make a little isaac surgery i don't like anyone who's in if you are in the public interest was red helping out the public in public good if you're like a politician or a member of the clergy or in you are like fabulously fabulously rich there's some them
off you just looks like martin short if he stuck his face dyson air blade for one call their large box there would be set botox fund for roasting let so so i resent everyone who could donate please do we're gonna put put it in the synopsis retweeted out let's some lighter stuff and knowing that that we have some serious of corn in houston everyone can help however they and if you have if you have a mega church such as it is if you have a mega church please open it i've any of our listeners own a mega church please open right now i it is almost the best time of year football is back we're right on the eve of cod football nfl season i wanted a first asked you a question about college football are you aren't you a sea trojans is sam donald for real he is simply the best that's correct we ve never had their long i'm serious
now what about my castle well yes the salaries in the council's at the moment on the total public health africa it does me good point yes he did very well when you could still money is your money but hey i yes john david moody too with we can't leave him out and they want a great time but you look it homer and liner in the group of donald speaking a hair you got saucer expense they speaking to air like i've got one of the great hairdos of all time gap but he wiped his fingers student he is a great plan than he really will either he's wonderful guy doesn't give a shit about what's going on around him he just doesn't he just like oh yeah i gotta go take a few snaps and make a few place u s he's pretty good as long as these healthy there
yet every game that goes on mars right you i think you ve gotta be the best college nfl quarterback u s well he is also the classic i have a phobia for california teenagers and he kind of epitomizes it he's got like you said he's got that hair he's got that cool demeanor like outwards gonna go when arose bull who for cares you but one point in your life were also a california teenager do you think that my phobia for california teenagers is is warranted that that california teenagers are cooler nor worldly kind of like a more much at such a young age than the rest the country i'd say we probably care less you saw him monsieur i was when i took a cell phone picture years later it was mature so well that was a nice be deeds lachrymatory at my master frank pictures with a thousand words anna addict pic is like a million words lock them talk right now days i get it i got cell phone deal from again
years ago i got my lab at years ago it crush me but you know what you know the reason why cows would seek to sleep there so much to do right in fact if you don't like it you can think about this you awake your ass up in the morning southern california and you can actually wake up and serve the morning take your asked her about it far away and in the snow ski do you have an hour late round of afternoon golf and then you could drive to a laker game two hours that night you could actually do all four of those in one day and get it that i am rather stadium fatuous what younger than i am factories you'll need phobia i would need like six naps in that described render yet for also seem to an old like just i'm real would appear now he's from cap astronomy beach anyone to san clemente both of those sound so fucking intimidating well it's just that halfway between saying diego and locked ban to it it's a beach town is different
guy football just gonna play ok persecutor i'll go long breath up looking through a semi five yards no problem i do wonder ok we're gonna put essentially incident will go we're gonna pull over stacy see that over there that your why mercury to be legalised smoking we mckenna fell loud maybe maybe some nfl pleasant start smoking part ass newly i thought so the other quarterbacks or want to run by real quick fiasco quick buy or sell for college football quarterbacks josh rosen other colleague quarterback continent confident cocky is there is on the contrary i love and because not only does he think he is but he thinks that he knows it i think he's gonna set up for the interface and he's gonna play well to states and job like jim was job but the two best quarterbacks lots of endless play college football not anna fell so what's in complaining
good year not watch it don't worry we're jerk off friendly podcast we listen i'm i'm i'm i'm one of those guys while we ripped off to shreds for the fuckin rams france with the rams couldn't tat less three we could have beat them in a three and eleven last year by and as people with me i want to see what are you guys play quarterback but i'm a golf guy i want got it i want you to shovel and our throat so bad this year but right now to talk in their pick em they go donald rosen doesn't donald garth in california that's the truth okay so age so just donald rose in both let's play they will play this way joshua sam donald you'd boss and dick pick two lamar jackson picker no pain no pack of course i spoke of equal opportunity i like diversity why would i go that rapture ok see like lamar jackson yeah together i think he's he's probably the best badly
the whole group money can do it all ok and then the two last ones were the the oklahoma boys mason mason rude often baker mayfield both can put up a ton of points who'd you like out of the two them more i think they felt one of the great college quarterbacks of all time i didn't do that miss and out on his funny i think he's a great great at about great college quarterback i'm not translate the sunday nathan ruler does i think right now of the speaker backs gonna be over the first round by the time the season in i think mason rudolph going to be a guy that we look at and say ahh okay with the 16th pick of the draft somebody takes mason rudolph i think i think he just send a guy for sure baker to compare you want them on your guinea kind of want him in your alley side you want to meet your party and then miss out on son but he's a great leader the best leader in college football right now baker maple tat love and you're also so you're kind of adopted son of houston texas
the university taxes just got tom herman shipped over there this off season they are thanks i just saw the ranked number twenty three in the eye they picked up in the college football precision rankings for the top twenty five or do they deserve to be ranked because they were gonna dog shit lester he is so weird and mother knew tat his ears you'll get half the people here say their section sixteen and other half with that parliament i think that he's like the fair haired giant i wanna be reviewed every week last week when you ve ever seen use nuclear power stations are hoping to get used to eat he he's such a great guy he's about you know like the kisses play there is really motivated sometimes even give them to buy in quick man eaters does he took university at usin from a team that said someone left we kind of question and i are just like the other people in town the other university alien to stay and made them up kind of a national power at least for a couple years but he's a great regret
the guy's lava manual ivan back i given to use before we're talking about them in the national title picture again but they got the early neither guess he's gonna put it on a hermit each teens ready for the games they love they love that fucking guy here they just do when he everywhere he's gone its turns a gold it really out but i don't i don't think there then came they may be a little bit overrated so there one of those we wake up in their six and got it to a bowl game or nine and three i do think i'd take somewhere in between idle bigger nine one jeanne the shouting about your way some more winds herman or charlie strong at south florida should this year although chose don't already has one he already and i want to know if they see that i'm gonna take i'm gonna take you know what i'll take the baltic tom friedman by again barely just because he better player as good question wasn't there
kurdistan i ran out like that i'd like to think that charlie michael this shit off i like that i switch nfl real quick given one team that you're looking for that i'm gonna make maybe make the leap and also who is going to be starting quarterback for the houston texans let's say week four of the nfl seas i thought the the latin should have started four days before they drafted i mean the reason i ve come in i went for a guy like love like savage because i was him journeymen trying to make a teen trying to get a start trying to do that and he seems like you get the point when he only started two games the most vital can if they help me and i know a guy like them you showed what is it a different cat the tatar recently we have that same guy here the tall white booed just place quarterback the year after you happier with ireland got a guy was an athlete got that the exact i caught it's a new word i've called up it's called a you know we always talk about intangibles its
tangible with this on one hand like tat tangible it's gotta get factor but its tangible even though the two intangible assets they premature genoa i'm on board dinner go so he does you guys steel using search alone i don't give a shit so but i think i'll i will start in right now because i asked this question you guys tell me this if you if you he was your guy you're the general manager you to the general manager in a coach men i said will give rise to play the patriots this week in increasing gained three and if we win this gain a priest even gainfully meaning the taxes we get home filled with bandits throughout the play us regardless of what our regular see the record was so weak it bob lad on our exports and go to and fourteen yet if we win this creasy than game eager home feel got the plaster automatic division winners would you start savage watch it against the patriots renovated i would start i would start savage
and i would make sure that he wore the varsity jacket i work to our external coupling are you don't i'll do it i'll do that all i do that old school college college sing when you have to quarterbacks uk decides like the right did it with yet when they do with heads ambrady i'd start savage for one series and switch back and forth maybe thrown a little brandon weedin change pastelike hey we're gonna go three out here roque way will render while gauging what while tat i do they go to into one of three i'd start watson sooner or later i'm out of this last week for biscuit in chicago yes there's no keyser cleveland watching if you eat the back up the young rookie back up or young backup starters megan is the same amount of mistakes the damp back up is this that this is a rookies make it is play in the same way the starter is starting whose what kind of a journey men and canada a rental is
why in the same way a rookie would playing you're gonna go to and fourteen with one why three and thirteen with other like hackenberg health georgia's approach as regards gonna fuck control in a great guided competitive guy forever if you're gonna go three and thirteen with him or two and forty we have been working to start out we think you're given hacking away limits on credit with two games so in this sense i gotta let alone sixteen we now i tried to you you don't you don't think there is you know a confidence thing the guys can loser confidence quickly if they have not on the taxes it will it be not not a young guy starting on the texts this decision because i actually disagree with you here because i think there are certain situations where a guy should now please thrown out to the wolves right away if you can it if you know you're not gonna be like the bears are actually good example mike lunnon if you look at the sky will the bare schedules tough to start easy to end throughout my clinic
let him take his lumps then bring insure briski when he's seen some game it also seen the speed of the anna fell the regular season towards the end of the seas and let him bill coffins because i do think there are some guys out there who their career will be ruined quickly if they get their ask open their eyes are going down to the hunted down the line and not looking down field in their starting to second guess things four biscuit why those guys who stands in the pocket you dont want to lose that i loved her biff gathered forbids it's gonna be a star ok let me to let me give you the devil's advocate in so we can disagree have a lot of time with this account you look at the other let me look at the dinner by the way in this argument yes of course you do tell me some i learned from my man giant clayton minority status from so will you were you to tell me the suitcase also do so you don't want to hurt a guy's confidence will if you if you have any fucking clue meaning at at at at at fell front office and you're gonna draft that he didn't you do diligence on don't i want to find out
he's a pussy you left your i'm gonna find out that guy look at aikman one eleven got his ask your right elderly was given boot don't i want to find out early in the case of these guys like hackenberg yom account can handle it but what i call the superbowl account we're not going to support what happened but i sure ship eat no in a year if hackenberg complain i got a lot and rapid donald or josh alan arose in aruba but don't you want ok if we saw walked out there he loses confidence because somebody hit somebody broke we create manning lab illegal interception does a rookie so don't i want to find out my dad's got picked up a knock the balls of a burglar because if he can handle olympics is worried about the crowd boon him and tell him out
he is not a war in three years from now because if a character flaw ok out he gazed at eight million times and lose confidence well they ve been maybe this just wasn't for you i do get your point if you got the rogers or will you got the you can afford to sit back and wait no problem but damp don't you want to get your bed please don't i wanna know propinquity can handle the unwanted three and i believe we can don't you want to see watson when it gets right down to say you know what you got knocked around three picks what scenario response because i want a quart of active on the dot peas on your leg your girlfriend likes the eta quarterback as you through three picks and the first up your teenage figure shitty the first after cultural look at you and crowds boone you at home and then you come out in the third quarter after six out of twenty one three interception start and you come out in the third quarter
and you're embarrassing if humiliated yourself can you pull yourself out about the wind yeah it's a boy i think sean challenges put the nerd had better do you always have the balls like burglar girlfriend forget the other guys it but here's what i'm saying if if you could wouldn't you prevent all that stuff right you want to like make sure that the home crowd didn't bleary i wish you wouldn't like yes some adversities good but maybe your hold him off for the first maybe half says under give him a heavy running game i think excluding from middle ground right i'd i actually do not again if you could afford now i get your twitter for its as i understood hackenberg glenn and they give you a little bit of detriment use didn't you know that the big they can hold it over that you guys know what i'm talkin about the money is going in for example the second mike linen throws a pick up goes over six in the first quarter what are their family
of course it's happening those already had yet there were no i know even as a pattern might glinted who thought really credible while he had got much either you think he caught up in a thicket he here because monolithic i gotta make every perfect damn throw one ok so what's good and the schedule or you pull it out game on before we start at least everybody knows the role and i as a team eight will show us how like to know who my guy is i know your point i get it if we had a luxury and you and in in stricken breadth far start in front of the errand rogers i get it become a manner rivets in truth you guys damn well no mitch for this is a better quarter right like right an unwilling we know that and without that progress is proper to does a hot debate
i like that i was all asking those old school debated moving off football first second do you ever look back on you know your days ds begin and end fondly remember that your legacy is shoving nerds back in the lockers where they belong you done away with came out as with that was john clayton and he doesn't have a ponytail by the way it is the truth i still go home and every week he has his show on seven hundred and ten espn and though the professor i go on go on it we pay for yet you that's an easy stuff in the locker but guide he is there that we never scripted that shit ever your job is about satellite somewhere you know with the paper other versions tales from the crap like him about but he they ask him safety questions asked me while i was there and the major task as before
comfort ever really didn't know it was like beat each any no shake hands before beat each other up and then shake hands after i love the guy like family i do but we never scripted it whenever planet we didn't do it just turkey to make people think that oh you say this to say that like some of the script bullshit you see on tv now days that's all we did when they occur they said a nurse were the quarterback who's the nerd because i want a very poor backlit that's was like a bully nerd thing that they created marks appear was a genius but yeah i think i could still stop john in a locker we have sought but you know when i left yesterday and after all that crap you don't you know the first gotta call me was outside of aunt pelt honest to god true and in indian patrick was dreadful like quite was first clayton whispered insiders locker he's i shall let you let me out you for before you laugh at you forgot to take me out of this locker don't all
padlocked whether that is the fire and people in order to find somebody how many bring the fire department so they could actually open along breakfast withdrew his little his own little episode did you ever reach out and we use in attacks you like a bread it gets better now going to phone line so much bigger than yours facing the bankers lots of speculation my my only thing it pisses me off eleven years ago about this is well i was overrated but they ve been reopened can you imagine a high tat then taken that picture on and i walked around you know better than i walked out my pants down my uncle's nobody taken out with an ipad and and had it did can you imagine the pagoda gap in i've fucked up i not get my phone or not getting a phone endorsed and after that denies that you did not do
if your phone you idiot while in you also better angle it makes it look better you you also a markets i mean yeah actually i'll say your dear trailblazer because this is what two thousand and seven six seven this is yet this is before us sexting and dick pigs were really mainstream so you are kind of like a forefather you're high near your pioneering i industry a force for father yes they have about do not rush for four guys who who decided dick your honor i beyond oh yeah you're on your that yes your one huh it's you and breadth far better know who else i think you stop that europe i thought you didn't see what a mind because you know it's like that it's jesse lock and key ass a cloud yeah smarter of saint cloud i do you ever have you on a serious no do you still it's it's kind of funny how it's all played out in the last
ten years obviously there is some big time resentment towards dead spin and everything in it but now dead spin went through there oh cut you know come up in the end and being unification now do you we rooting obviously for whole coggan where you re sitting there getting a little bit of vast shut what is it shut freud shot infrared shot and fire right out of the whole situation you know what i wrote for guys innocent don't i'm on my children i can tell you i route for i route for the truth and i wrote for people get their name cleared rightfully it didn't happen for me and i took it for whole carbon back a big data around yeah i would we gotta fight like these people who get acute the list of doing something like the one actually do what you are three members silent yes he was imprisoned for six years and finally got out most falsely accused of and this has not i would pick out of this yet yet yet
does it user profile it got out and i thank you all for the nfl but it round his life so we ve got an always people who already offenders weak i start to holy people more seriously cannibal for the false accusers that being said yeah i was happy for whole culture but i'll be out and i promise you to this day i wanna hurt me for a while i the grudge humbled are usually suffers more than the people who try to turn to fuck is life six ways descent the did but i got a grudge i didn't i i try i have two because it was driving that i hit rock bottom so bad guys the territorial honestly that i i didn't know they were days and i don't need this isn't always sean it over a stupid pit because my career at the hell in a handbasket you lost your house yet rock bottom people don't know that i don't talk about but i'll tell you guys cuz my first i slept in my truck one hundred days one year cuz i don't have any place to build
over the next year my kids could go to school i don't have any i'd i'd i'd forgotten my truck because they know what asleep so i beat myself up enough over stupid but i thought i was crazy son i didn't routes for their failure i really for a guy success in whole coke and so he could clear news name right but i never have roger i never would have ended i never know after the first two years i did not handled like man this is this is odd yet i have i'm so bad i thought i was indeed in in people realise a collateral damage when your son comes home from school and says hey dad did they ask you better picture like this so i was crushed for the people around me and it did me take it an interview i sit over this what people are doing forwards but you know what i'm gonna buy you some stoop with a couple of guys france and it didn't work out ended up and i've been it was a real good at handle minute i screwed up but i wouldn't know how
do it better now eleven years ago and what it just laughed at off like everybody does theirs but it was a silly sophomore mistake but you know what i own up to it but i don't hate that's been diameter pay attention to what they do i i don't i have to i had two per my took four cathartic for me and i know that many cheesy but yet by me out because i didn't hit rock bottom and had the euro i don't think that's been but i did route for whole code i don't work for anybody to have to go through i don't wish that on my worst enemy because it nearly ruined me dick but unfortunately be back to a tv and radio and in an i can see no foot the middle finger and say i suffered and served my time and quite frankly the punishment didn't fit the problem but i served in people still joke about it and sometimes we get you know you'd like me i can they leave it alone but it's always gonna be out there you are we gonna get that dickhead who wants to to make some wise ass comment about it but now i just
i thought you know what that some point i my errand though in years were glad that's your back and thank you for what you doing down in houston again if anybody wants to help countries to add to the cause down there we were gonna put all that information in these snobs as yesterday's show in china's or it would you like to tell people went out and find you get the cover place or not what is so long on i now know i doubt was interesting lap and then and i know mixture of equal value products from about a desperate likened laugh when he goes to the hours is essential because you are the first person are one of the first people to go through this kind of cycle that the internet can i turned you up and in speech yachts so i mean that's your heart and yeah lap yourself self deprecating you know you make a mistake you gotta be a better deal and try to try to fix thank unfortunately to get back to where you could find me three to seven central honestly next radioman that forty six blocking between or amount be it
what is called the sharm salisbury shouts on national worldwide tv l i'd love to have you guys on the guest with me sometime absent and am also local european from eleven to one central we're off today because nobody can the worker on espn radio ninety seven five and then again like i gotta be in sport finally i appreciate all you guys followed their funny and then my son and i like it sounds like you guys do i get rid of all the sirius sports shit that we got to talk everyday we do it sounds grandson podcast and we laugh and talk about to talk about this crazy shit and laugh and do stupid stuff so you can tune it at on itunes we love you guys to listen and again i know my my son's billing it thank you maybe they advance for me i'm stuff what i myself funny you guys are so i am honoured to be honoured first time man i hope it's not the last time you guys kick ass and keep it up and thanks for having me on absolutely won't be the last time shaun thank you so much really appreciate it stay safe
and i will talk soon and if you break one of those windows to let people into jaws church organ reimburse euphoria and i call on you prevail if i happened to break down the murphy report mr porto gotta be the first ones data by my side appreciated thanks for your help but these people who need it use you guys are asking i talk search on thanks
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we all play their betty aside do right now take twenty five get free twenty five dollar wager on the house and two hundred percent extra bonus when you deposit that's take twenty five to get your free wager start winning today at bet de aside i come on let's do some segments first up we have a little embraced debate so oh it was reported that dwayne wade and were bron james two thirds of the two force of the banana about paragraph one had eighty percent to forty thanks for thanks for getting my browser download out did there was a report by dmz that dwayne wade is me getting leubronn this week and dwayne replied or go to dinner like friends do not meet for dinner there's a difference so embrace debate is there a difference between go to dinner and meet for dinner and which one is more severe i would say i would say that going to
is more intimate than meeting for dinner is going to dinner implies wait there you go in there hold on but if you're going to dinner did you you're one point met at dinner will know stay with me you it's like chicken and egg situation ok every time you go to dinner you have to meet somebody for their rights your meeting forever time you meet for dinner unanimously going to dinner together dinner together then it will not do the math i think i'm absolutely right on this ok the act of going is way way more intimate so do you think that this meat so the fact that they're going to bury think sums up our definitely
yeah you're just friends just go to dinner just go to dinner also guys don't go to dinner one i wanted i might meet like a friend for though i got my like meat just like some random persons no at dinner will guy talk if you're going to dinner with one guy ends like an old friend you meet forbears and then have dinner that's what you do that's how friends do it we are like hey we're not actually gonna date we're just haven't beers in oh what we'd just you meet up for happy hours around here you go to dinner right we're gonna go go to go to
are we have appear wanna one for the hamilton tie your cats your favorite c o fell team that is defeated the season but we have been we ve been talking a lot of tiger catch recently keziah that coach that fired himself good move yes great move bad move hiring our bridles who saw of whose lording over an entire football programme of a lot of bad shit at paler and it looks like the canadians repair they like fucked up i know that i know it can happen in them to get that upset that quickly but the hamilton tie your cats fired our brows in twenty four hours because it was an overwhelming response to hiring so does the general manager now have to fire himself for hiring ira rouse right it's that our aid this could be a major stay woke moment he might have been like guess what hand up and when a fire myself i'm in a name my successor
bringing in brussels and then got back lashes i guess what i'm back guys i just know it spends on he just clean up the programme yeah exactly he did a much better job of dealing with our bridles than beller did he do absolutely did he should who she hieromax he should higher like maybe borough j embryo twenty i knows running routing and then actually here out of tat we got no we don't take that kind of person up in him but i liked at the steam should i mean who cares about the hamilton tire cats besides people i don't you think people hamilton do because their them want to gain the she had they only care once did sir bringing like rape apologize this old house start bringing a ton of really bad guys in caught them twenty four hours later but at least you get that new cycle and google buzz gullet i like it we should run a french us actually think we do pretty good january do really two tranches average up we have a sorry not sorry for cathy griffin who
reneged on her apology that was like four months ago when she what you do she like she famously infamously she held up at the severed head of donald trump ok now baron if you're listening it wasn't actually your daddy up it was it was a man can judge is your answer she she apologized for after the whole internet and everybody in the real world flipped out honour and now guess what she said i'm no longer sorry the whole outrage was bs the whole thing gets so blown out of proportion so she rescinded her biology like that she is no longer sorry so let's embrace debate can you just do time can just time make you take away your sorry i think i think you can i think you take your sorry within a year later sorry i will i was just thinking that may be being sorry it fades away
naturally like what's the half life on being sorry because at some point you're sorry turns into everything happens for a reason yes yes we has also set itself god has its wings were everything the others always a plan that got us a black eyed works in mysterious ways right i guess i should have murdered all those cats this was also less his is a way for cathy driven to get back in the new cycles was just in were actually gonna go with fuck that this guy fuck that next segment fuck that this guy who fake tweeted the shark in houston which was an old picture that we'd all seen a million times and then one like i think cnn might have like put it on
telecast is like look i can trick the the u s media so easily fuck that man is like there's people who are in a lot of trouble and you're doing social expert your marshal had exactly he is but which would not have been a bad excuse for hamilton to say that they were signing like our prowls as a social government right and just to see if if if canada would sign up himself but right in this case it's like fuck you number one firm for tricking me right because honestly like seeing a shark swam down highways kind about rape and like as a part of me that wanted to believe that maybe that was true but this is the lowest bar because every single time there's a natural disaster there's some asshole out there whose like you i'm gonna get my fake shark tweet often and then this guidest spinnet and be like well i was actually proving a point that americans are very gullible and fake news is bad fuck you man jason michael fuck you you know what real real americans do we tweet out pictures of other people's championship parades for different chapters rights and that we say wow look at all the people who didn't show up we say i'm i'm on a private jet to houston to help with the hurricane clean up in this couple is breaking up very fast exact glass with real eurasia not sharks in the highway that's the lowest part of tweeting outfit pictures get better than that i last up before we do guys on checks we have kings they kings this is for my quarterback number six j cutler he
he was asked by peter king if he did any researcher prep work for his job with fox before he got signed by the dolphins and he said i be lying to you if i said i did i loved they give you know that tells me don't care you were going to get the authentic j cutler oceana booth always i would have appreciated ray i didn't want like pure polished i'm super nice j cutler and very detailed oriented i didn't want that that would not have fell right me i want jacob i was hoping for j clark colored just like roll out of bed not even put on a suit villages whereas wrinkled white t shirt or whatever assuming we await t shirt every day and it s like someone the booth imbued with a foe whose plant war it's the ultimate jock alpha move to the journalist hate because j cutler shows up the booth there like hey jaded journey prep yeah my whole life
the gate and powers will gain or too like see let's just say i pathetically the saints playing in the grounds and the brown get about orphans and jays like who's this guy here on his equity kessler is good work or a castle looks tat the sheer loved to jesse they go on but i guess we're gonna have to wait at least another like two months until jake you're probably too so two months in our darwin and we hope that don't you do that don't you put that devil on on j this is the year i let's do guys on checks as a reminder we have all of our female ordering listeners right in and ask for advice on their own bodies because no one knows the female body better than we do hey guys so
i certainly believe that subic abroad makes it so your boobs junkets egg is this true yo it's not all embracing man i dont think that it is all because it when you when you're sleeping my might history in my understanding tells me that you're horizontal so gravity does not pose any more so what about side boob stuff bleak on the side i can deal with a little side bouquet haven't you know one thing you have to be word if you sleep on your back your boobs going to sink into your body intergroup's me at smaller always sleep under stomach ok i'm just i'm say it's like a retainer free bresse that's what that's what abroad subpoena brown when you're standing up your right ok but when you're sleeping down you follow me on gravity yegg gravities among just sit here and be like happy hefty i trust you d gravity exist here's another thing if if the sun is real gravity is it it means it forces are
back into larger bodies in them right and so how come you're boobs at night don't stick straight up yeah how come when there's the the other the tidal waves are the type the ties with the ocean how come you're boobs don't just go up to ocean care why don't we just flew off the earth if his son israel and one kind of way for us as there's no gravity sub guys my boyfriend always looks at other girls see checking them out i yell aims he always looks around and everyone but i only notice it when it's a girl yeah so you boyfriends the guy from that mean there s walking down the street journey had to look at the but picked i mean so yeah i mean that's a good spends on by by a boyfriend like i just i sleep watching us all i thought you gonna go with i just like being meets unlikely i like means lot but yeah i was out check out her ass a radically her so some of your body is i mean yeah he's definite checking people out and i dont know why you wouldn't do the same who'd
the amongst us doesn't take a peak i mean they're not examine yet look you have to look you'll look ok axed hub was i left my long time boyfriend for a girl and was super happy till i cheated with a guy ha i love guys and girls and i think i'm bisexual ok sir or am i just a big slut whom always says no we don't sell nice amiable what's that over there no we're not no such shame no going ashore yourself in fact a hundred guys in and in a minute if you want to and i m never call useless yes i think you sound just like you buy yes you like
you like both things he like been haven't stuff anyway you like button stuff up other places its touching european raw what were probably who sat in their old age that's how how it works really the bearing the lead here your boyfriend the dump for a girl and then she show another guy back i should probably calling for low therapies he's probably question a lot of things about himself yeah that's bad as no attack of always during their happy empty men so why does seamen smelling pancake batter oh would describe a number which just use in her information to it if she thinks it smells like pink i think your big problem is your mom made you really fucked up pancakes yeah yeah you're my ear your mom and dad put some bad pancakes either that was or you maybe have sex and like a bakery earlier kitchen a diner so
are you diner waitress because out what's going on hey guys i decided on a new birth control pill and its cause my boobs to be extremely tender penal and here by us on how to manage the pain yeah by some rubber down someone the rubber don t worry i society bear it i think i think the guy's not squeezing on the hard enough yeah i think that's probably address rolling down ice rope he rubbed him right now some boys i had sex the other day with a kid my floor nice the next day or wait i go out and my village actually was my brother is george martin and my vagina has a rash all over wheel of a car from each other and i'm not sure how to confront him without everyone knowing and without it being carpet a okay here's here's how you do it so if your college i assume this is college when you when you first show up first from your most pressing your dorms i'll have like a little white boards outside of every room just go up and be like hey you gave me an std fuck head and just walk away
gazprom on black or not convert asia in the school newspaper just like a lot of time school newspapers discredit print that shit yeah yes glazed paper like yeah like john g made my vagina age for a week here think kids so reading the newspaper at the school ah listen hank but why can i have her finger on the pulse kids are an article which is too snapchat at thirty instituted without whose names called shouts and might not have been some will have to correctly but basically you could just like be like hey hot chick in the library i liked your group's unlike that was the whole like section of the newspaper every week and people wondered why haven't they present a dying like they don't put that should the paper you're right i'm last one
hey p m t boys just wondering if i get my nipples here's and i still want to have a baby and breastfeed what would happen when i take it out he'll be like a fucking bad ass steam punk guy nasser your kid which have to do is pierce your babies tongue if your nipples perish yet let you get back on the same level right latch on real fast with that they basically just decide you basically or just having a child it's gonna be in the house annual that's pretty cool your yeah you drew and have the most punk baby yeah he's loves metal i think i like if there's a ring the baby can like pull it and then stops basically getting milk on tat okay now
yeah as rollercoaster like the word we're talking nipple rings i'm just sanely put a little coming out on it but michel tugged poor nice glass a draft law thirsty of our laws like who aiming at the agonies of that draft milk history for the source i that's our show will see everyone on friday the day before labour day weekend and we have some college football preview stuff some fun stuff ellen maybe little announcement about larry cause we actually cinema so maybe we'll talk about larry three i want you can get invested how you how you can control your own future financially just a quick bonus
often prayers to rally mass media coach massa mean we're thinking about you keep fighting and we got our bees up for you love yes should become involved as they must do what's right kilimanjaro prize said kate its pardon my tape preset by bar stool sports
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