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Former Oakland Raiders CEO Amy Trask 12/21/16

2016-12-21 | 🔗
Recap of the first annual Barstool Sports Presents Pardon My Take Presents Wet The Beak Ponzi Scheme Awareness Bowl(2:30 - 7:22). Hot Seat/Cool Throne (7:22- 14:42). Former Oakland Raiders CEO Amy Trask joins the show to talk about her time with the Raiders, Mark Davis, and how to build a successful team in the NFL. She also discusses her new book "Negotiating Like A Woman" (14:42 - 44:12). Segments include Respect The Biz, Grumors, Locker Room Talk, Fair Play, As a white guy, and That's enough internet for today.
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let us not have any idea how its party lighted by far more welcome to pardon my take it is wednesday december twenty first and i want to say we or not only borders were successful borders is the these thing i've ever done i have no idea why these bulls can't find sponsors that don't like put in all the
work during the trophy staff and have an intern wrestling content have type it seriously like the easiest thing to weaver put together it was so easy and on case you're living under a rock or you just hate us you know door hate fond yeah hate fun we sponsor our first ball too the night was the bar stool sports presents part of my take presents poker return policy scheme when the beak awareness bull s last some say it's a mouthful and we did everything we are pre gameshow we had a half time royal rumble where we gave away a scholarship just give cars scholarship yet ro rumble of the interns somewhat to the hospital glennie balls are in turn into the hospital received quite a few stitches his finger for stitches finger things got heated at the end but you know what that's how you know it was real competition none of this chest pass bs that you see at the doktor pepper giveaways our interns go heart
and to end the night we had killed presley on the field he handed off the made off trophy the first and again i will made off trophy it got immediately taken by a security guard and then he got a scoreboard off the field outlay i know not where we'll cut that part b he added off the troll photos great i only was it was guerrilla journalism yes i might leave loose killed device with hygiene is like that he's coming hipster in brooklyn if yellow safari helmet on spray paid coupled iron and secondly the banks have barston caleb presley was gauge up it was a great night it was a job well done by us not to pat ourselves on the back we gotta keep it from a sullen running so yeah we're not we're not going to act like we did anything extraordinary plenty was the extraordinary you know what we did do that was extraordinary we had a ball where none of the star player set out threat so mccaffrey leonard foreigner excellent leadership on our part
downloading a hot topic by the way i'm just saying if whatever bull that with the citrus born the sun bumble yeah those toot clown of balls had actual leadership running the show i don't think that the star players to be sitting out i agree with that it's been back and forth on twitter since christmas cavalry satin sat out hot takes everywhere i think it's i think it's apples and oranges because when you look at chris mccaffrey a guy visigoths had to scrap and work and motor and study in in his way to everything that he is today and then you ll get litter for net and he's got all the great genetics and the world whereas a gala chris mccaffrey doesn't have that benefit doesn't have the pedigree sir he had to go out there on all himself i agree with that there's heartaches i won't tell you a couple heartaches there were great car curb shriek his head he would you
love to suit up for one last ball game that we would wish williams plan of organ he did he met he forgot to mention the fact that you always started one season in ohio state any wasn't good enough to plan the nfl so that wasn't even option coming season did you start aerosol yeah ok and then as equal elliot that was also my favorite one he said one last time to diary you're university in one last chance to play with your boys who be your brothers for life conall like when he left a season early allows states we did have a whole chance thirteen chances to play with his boys again but he decided to get paid ok it's been six all was to get real for a second i have no problem with any of these guys sitting out eatables bet you wouldn't let you off from the soft big category that is
i like i like watching players play okay i don't like watching players sit out that's my take i like where you today let me ask you this big are you going to turn into a live cam of christian mccaffrey sitting in street clothes on the sidelines i like players taking care of themselves when the system is corrupt i as a person whose experience injury if i to do it all over again aim if i do it all over again i would go out there with my brothers and contribute one last time hank what you said our bargain around so what about a couple of men in this room that's fine guess what that's fine i'll get paid let's do are wednesday business we have hussy coltrane yes angular start a short but hot seat is no endowing he's the west bank
football long snapper oh you my recognise them as the guided turned down our trophy he did he took it exceeded turned down but he was also used make out so cool thrown on girls so we're gonna posed to watch a highlights on the site today of you want check out how the ball when and how killops thing when i think we asked dowling when he was making i was girlfriend and kill put a microphone rate in their face not a very cool but still thank you it's a trophy who turns out a trophy people travilla goes above ice has not achieved at karlsruhe our concerns anyone who hasn't found a because as president even get him a subscription apart my take yes great point rate hank we're going to actually that's makes jumping the gun and whip and that's why we love that's why we're gonna give have a special gift card that you can pass out to your friends and family for christmas if you haven't bought if you haven't like gone out
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good i demurely the army yet ever have to show up and the good news is they give most europe gives all those these off but europeans their economies still got italy greece third right ass expand absolutely overthrown easy body is saying see you next year to people is a funnel jerky cancer i doubt beyond hudson they'll because you can do a for a little bit longer it's on the core throne for the next week ok hu the next episode quarter what's it tags hags prevented some well my heart c is well rex ryan is action on the hot seat shout rex but my real hot is your relationship with your family cause that's gonna get you know you you go home you see a family maybe criticism the next day you're like oh yeah the way i see my family you don't happens is the racist uncle becomes the drunk uncle at christmas is the same person but they
such a bad showing a thanksgiving day overcompensate booze and then they just go pass out early enough scorpio just just you don't short trips is always the way to go short trips and my cool thrown travel complaint travel complaints ever got travel complaint right now cause turns out this is funny thing that happens were becomes winter and planes laid and then also allowed people travelling at the same time so even more plants italy high volume one of these ever been valid excuses its people are complaining at a record pace on twitter we let's keep cries out for it feels good everyone can complain right now you i say actually if if you don't have a lot of followers on twitter the only thing you should be using twitter for is travel can guess because normal notice step rivulet blue check mark or you gotta tunnel followers ask how the cross you have to bear in cat is your your blue check mark
how do you know the second you open up your mouth and complain everybody just ounces on you well you the victim armada complaints guy a motel it tell the truth i tell it like it is going you never see me complaint about an airline tripe have you not a threat but i know not let's use are they put it out there you suddenly papa would maybe terrible something happened the larry to everyone one for last week furniture not a threat either but it would you guys yet he had a bad weak it be terrible be terrible if he would be terrible if we deny them over chrysippus terrible if i spent too much time with larry what are we doing we learn that it would be terrible no one firm over christmas we haven't thought islands are now we it doesn't really matter we get into premeditated murdered ok gentler segment think yeah i mean
our gold fishes are we taking care if we had an under control he up i'm gonna make sure that bleary gets fed every single day and frogs as well so pay merry christmas to larry it's gonna be a great one let's now go to our interview with amy trask which is actually a fantastic interview amy if you don't know where she was the ceo of the oakland raiders for a long time she started out as an intern their work away everything she worked like thirty years so she knows where all the bodies are buried figuratively but also literally cause it's writers and i'll davis's that david said and i guess credible called negotiate like a girl so we get down into the he's with her but you how many this interview let's talk about wedding that big with some gambling gas sorry about betty s more specifically its ball season we all know that the overs are hidden like crazy and if a player
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i'm talking to other stuff what am i going to believe is big fat on this final draw down with without even though with cases of sixty whatever it is unlike that little teenage girl meeting her celebrity crashes now they regard ok well you literally hot butter me up so thank you very much ok we now well come on amy trask she is the former ceo of the oakland raiders and she has a new book out it's called negotiating like a girl amy thank you very much for joining us we are obviously ask every female the comes on the show sup some fat man signed thank you for having me big and of your work and i am delighted to join us great award winning listener love it so we're gonna get into allow different topics protocol on a football but i want to talk quickly about your book first
i read an interview i did a little better research low five minutes research before he came on not to brag wait like five homeric yup five minute all men like i said not to break ice i found this quote when you were talking about negotiating with a bunch of man you said let them way sir energy because wasn't going to waste a minute thinking about that advantage me sir you now admitting that white men are persecuted class i don't i don't you follow that you're saying you advantage advantage over the men or personal you just brought race and invest in there got forever in the book about reciprocity we got me on our manner pursue class now and might my point was you know i am often asked as a as a woman
and a career almost thirty years in the nfl which as we all know is a heavily male oriented business i am asked about my approach to being a woman and business to being a woman and a male oriented business and the ito excerpt to which you just referred was my way of explaining i didn't spend one moment thinking about my gender and i don't believe in the book i said advantage me i think that with your and obtain leading it what what i shared was if i dont want other people thinking about my gender if i don't my gender to be an issue than the silliest thing in the world
for me to do is think about my gender or make my gender and issue if i don't want you thinking about my gender when i walk into a meeting with you then i shouldn't be thinking about my gender when i walk into a meeting with you return appoint everytime i introduce myself to somebody i always say hey fifty compter a madman but guys got the artist loan nowhere esteem all guys got a lot of times when you tell somebody hey i'm a man they kind of respect in their like while disguise a big tough guy not properly back off so the fact that you're not putting it out there almost makes you seem like i don't know you're tradable fast we turn hide some i don't think that's when i walk into a meeting or am i sure my gender is inherent image first female female yeah let's just put our cards on the table from now on
i'm a man you know like you and you get to comport yourself how ever you want and i get to do the same man my mom gave me the best advice ever when i was growing up in that was to thine own self be true now mindless rumbled please yourself what do you know what an and that's a funny parts i will actually admit to you and your listeners that it wasn't until i was about to graduate from you see berkeley that i finally figured out my story
from shakespeare she invented that that's funny do you do have the nickname though which is one of the core you did have the nicknamed you still go by princess of darkness oh boy oh boy i love that nickname i shall always cherished that nickname i do still go by that outsourcing and it is the best nickname ever really and by the way by the way it was not intended or bestowed upon me as a complement let me make that clear mike silver then sports illustrated wrote an article on for a peace i should say on me a number of years ago and in that he quoted and eta fell there are legal team executive referring to me as the princess of darkness noting that that was a manner or a name that that they used to to refer to me and believe you me that was not intended as a compliment
but rate or nation embrace that and i am bracelet and it is the best nickname ever really so those an anonymous person that gave that frightened them a yonah frightened me right now given my nickname yeah let alone is turned on slaughter i got good i'm glad goods good i've heard that i'll davis was a feminist etc you know i don't know that i would bestow
any particular label on him i think he was a bit more complex than any label would sort of describe but i will say this he absolutely regarded people with or he he interacted with people he hired people he promoted people without regard to raise gender religion as mrs de or any of other characteristic which has no bearing whatsoever on whether we can do a job and you know what i understand that i had a privilege in that regard that i worked for a man who was utterly unconcerned with my gender and if you want i'll tell you a funny story about that we would love to we're having a meeting in offices and the business with which we were meeting came in and
few of us on staff or mingling with the business people that will representing their company one of whom was a women one hour walks into the room and he looks around any introduces himself to everybody and he looks right at that woman and says you know i try not to swear in front of women and i look at my coworkers like if he kidding wait a minute is he kidding because he swore at me all the time and i'm gonna make it faces and then he says to her and if i slip up and i swear in front of you i apologise but i never swear at a woman or at that point mean oh my faith is jeff i can't believe you saying that night my pen flies in the air and stumps down on the table and he looks over any says oh amy i swear it amy consider her but i dont consider her a woman and you know what that was one of the hut compliments
ever have received in business because isn't that what we hope isn't that what we dream that will be able to do our job without anyone thinking about our raised or gender religion or a new city and so well some people thought that was an odd comment i loved it so i'll davis equal opportunity deserve mean that he was paranoid of everyone no i think it equal opportunities a beautiful way to say equally opportunity to get casteth equal opportunity to get yell that i got costs that end bit as much as as his defence of coordinators and anybody who knew anything about our new he cast out his defence of coordinators a lot and i got it every bit as much
oh you're saying he bugged everyone's office add there was no bible hinted it directly another midnight no i meant like actual listening devices now now now absolutely not he thought he isn't famous it he thought the nfl was listening in on him every now and then another i don t know he never they are about with me he certainly have views on the nfl there's no need good about that and he used to say things to me and i at about this a lot in the book he is too he believed the nfl was very very very powerful and then he believed
you're not one point he said to me you know that the commissioner is powerful and is something to be effective in perhaps more powerful than the president of the united states and many allowed as well maybe close but no alpha he ever thought they would bugging em out buggy bugging in the recording set young hepworth lizards heckler bugging him in the annoying sap yes sir do routers drew the time drew that you worker to me as were the most fascinating franchise because you did have a guy like al who is very active shall we say in the day to day up like the football operations how much was he and owner and how much was he a general manager and how much was he actively like trying to insert himself in game plenty well in our answer that in several abide number one you're absolutely right and you stated that very beautifully and very diplomatically very
here very hands on not just in football however he was handsome on in all aspects of the business at an end he was involved and i remember at one point when things are not going well for us on the field giant billboard on that the fans put up and i thought every day on my drive home in a sort of was beseeching out to hire a general manager and i remember smiling kind open on using the word smiling euphemistically as i drove under that billboard to get on the freeway thinking oh wait wait we have a general manager his name is out so yes our absolute we oversaw our football operations in their entirety but he was also involved in all aspects of the business and you know what he owned it that was his right whose big powerpoint does did you have any part in helping to simple the link is important
oh no i chat about that episode in the book as well and i did not he and i was so angry with one another about the manner in which all of this was unfolding and we were arguing about it and arguing about it to the point that i didn't even a ten that press conference i opted not to go and you know in some regard that was childish on my part i was part of an organization he gives agreed with my my my views and enjoy my arguments as to how we should handle this but he chose to do what he was going to do and you know probably if i were behaving as more of a grown up at the moment i would have attended the press conference but i wasn't behaving as a grown up and i was angry with
when i chose not to attend at and i was sitting in my office with a few other coworkers when the press conference started and we had no idea what was coming and god i will never forget the look on my co workers face and i'm sure it was the same as a look on my face when we saw that overhead projector so every person who please fancy football baby in the last decade probably has an experience where they drafted dermot and they said to themselves as the year he's gonna be good only for him to like you know tweak hammy the second game the year did you guys do that in turn
we at the raiders organization as well liked as the year derek fans gonna be great and then like up we got bamboozled again not necessarily so there were some disappointing years and ours not a big fan of the town cables zone blocking mean and when tom laughed and i guess i should say in legal terms when our caused him to leave europe and in other words that you from mr canal at tom go and the first thing you jackson did one hour hired him was pull their democratic sighed and said well do you do best how can i best put you in a prisoner ass succeed and now you know what it was it was a power blocking scheme and there and had his best year under that huge acts and blocking scheme and in that office you are right he has
and some injury issues is not the only player to whom that's happened in an unfortunate those big cats way of saying i drafted dirt every single year he's personally rejecting his own cummings rosy lawyer s cat everything you express than a little personal
a lot of recent years like all dermot vat me still available in the fifth round when my lucky day just described big cats life personally he's just all is going around expressing personal frustration yes onto them everywhere i think tat if we were sitting next to one another i leaned over and give you a hug right now i'd say please don't touch me i'm a man did you resign from the raiders because he knew the team couldn't be successful without curbing marked davis's picturings budget gray question thanks well i don't know whether to answer that in a really funny sense but given that i am rather you know i'm a person who when someone said something to me i come up with a great winnie respond like eight hours later in good at that lord of witty on the spot party banter and i guarantee tonight in about eight ten hours i'll think oh my gosh that would have been a funny respond take tweeted tomorrow and will retweeted you george who stands with jerks them
yeah but you know it you mentioned could fancy let me tell you something never ever ever in my life but i think that the set of finds out my dad cycle you watch friends i have watched for darkness god now off ass if we had a soldier macleod think myself but i guess my question could be a nice way for you to start talking about markdale eating habits louder than ever haven't you ever appeal here is what his favorite order and what i was going to share with you on a very very serious level since i never quick with the witty response is i have never shared publicly my isn't for leaving the organization milosevic to do right now i don't plan to do right now but i will tell you here let me share this little now get away a nation on short australia man i'm a vegetarian so law i
mark davis fired you because you would need off the pay of change menu okay now we all had it altogether that right you got pinched of all as that for me trying to change or fat have you literate little talk to you you were saying something that we interrupted you said i wonder you sure say you're even listening a more marked dave do people make fun of his hair cut internally you know what you know look we all care to look on the inside people not the outside the eu has an inside the just like yes just air later
and also to counter point that didn't we also learn his kids that poor haircuts on grown men on exactly flattering for as you pointed out to me several times during this conversation you're a man i should probably elaborate you guys because way and on the male haircut look i just know there is an element of these serious for a moment now ok you know as i grow up i was never the pretty girl i understood that we don't need to have a whole conversation about all of our respective insecurities and things like that i just know that if someone wants to criticise me i would far prefer them to criticise upon the inside then the outsider gets a fair point no i am actually bookmark dubious room i love his van i broke the news about it people forget that that he has advanced the news about it then he owned that van with the raiders license plate so i'm a big fan of big fan of him just been
you know what whatever style i have that's style i have so it's like my mom said to thine own self mean true right my mom shakespeare i wasn't right so has he saw how as mark run the team differently than now has he been a lot more hands off well you know designed in any just reference the fact that it left the team and that was back in twenty thirteen though look clearly the team is having tremendous success he has a good example in patients with his general manager in and by the way him being as patient as he has been has paid off for the team and that's terrific in oh certainly all in his later years of life of course was not as patient and did not exhibit that level of patients now in i will offer this observation
with an excuse but as an explanation i dont think that any of us when we are in our seven these approaching eighty and worrying ill health ban were contemplating our own mortality is going to be as patient as we might be in our thirty or forty or fifty you know but the fact is i was not patient and mark has been tremendously patient and that's paid off for the team and i think that's terrific do you have any interest in getting back into the unifil joining fringes no don't i've i've been approached a number of times a few times before since leaving the raiders and while those have been interesting conversations in and flat and conversations and while i appreciate them i don't and i dont for two primary reasons i was a writer i spent almost thirty years as a writer and to me that's not punishable and i say that
out passing judgment on any of my many many friends and colleagues in the lee who would hot from one team to another and one year
it might be wearing kansas city red and another year they might be wearing the gold and black of new orleans or you know the the colors of san francisco denver they could hop around i don't know that i could ever where the colors of another team i wasn't simply in football i was a raider and to me that met something very very special and it's not funny resemble in my estimation the other reason is i am now onto an exciting new adventure as a football analysed on tv and on having a good time with that now if you want to talk to me about whether i'd go back if i owned equity and a team that's a horse of the different colors i'd go back perhaps as an owner not having for negotiating right down over the airwaves i like that other it up those though you produce you'd like a man returned home tower block that was negotiated like a girl i'm just on this of this person will replace jobs does girls away by the way
you are welcome to bust my chopped gonna bust your charge back i like how often would you listen to the autumn wind is apparent well we play that game days in our stadium and we would do it at a vents in the community and with fan events and when we met our fans and we held a rent for offence but i wouldn't listen to tom i mean i don't like your man seigniors i'll see you weren't a reader because that song valley
i am sure that song is maybe the greatest football song of all time oh no doubt about it the out so i wasn t just not if not a candle light dinner roadmap phone if your readers now straight out of competence as my candle way like it renders the removes a las vegas or what i certainly think there's a substantial chance that they do but the end of that story is not yet written look became has committed tremendous tremendous resources to relocating first in an effort to relocate to los angeles in and to share that stadium in carson but the santa chargers when those efforts failed the team turned its attention and its resources to the efforts in las vegas and to the extent actions speak louder than words and i believe they do the team seemed very very committed to leaving open but at the end of the day they still need that vote of three quarters of the league honors in order to effectively that move and we don't yet know if that will happen was very diplomatic answer that went before you know how to use your words no i don't i don't think that was diplomatic i think that was by the way that's funny what you just said alice to say to me a boar say about me to other people you know how she is with words or say to me oh you know how you are would work
i got my words carefully at times and an that's just what the hell i'm always then that was you just were very diplomatic right there as well as we see that it's coming from a couple guys who are pretty bad but there were young fir pod castles were remarkably i can even think the word far less is poor at best easyjet but you didn't you'd like the fact that we only big word i know there's a reason why you like a show in a row easier i was trying to impress you didn't work oh sure yeah no i remember one thousand is a four podcast source we remarkably on eloquent yes narrow so i can't i'm out not sure annette will know we were ignored auricles descends eloquence you know a lot about tromp what what are you you know there's a little here's a little here don't tones
tell us to read more don't tell us to read more work out in a twenty five cap into a little grammar laugh if you dont know if it's on or an just make it to work and say not eloquent and that is just blew my mind advise get it right let's have one last question we rule out last year for more questions are the raiders back out there oh good clan well look certainly this here i mean look look at the record this year the raiders are headed for the play off they question bought and now it remains to be seen what they do that opportunity or that disasters are about a simple question but what he means by which to play off their back this year revision i am sure that we have had a question that's that's a question that has actually you're really good question what would not this made me think of one more cautious sir still on four questions ago is david car can
the women the colder cease to soft well first of all we would be turning that directive david during the year and we know that the great question we saw that the team had been problem in kansas city some people want to what should be back to the pinkies i don't necessarily agree that we should be pointing to a pinky and there's a lot of reasons for that will say we'll say because the team could have to travel knowing when we dont yet know if that will be the case could have to travel elsewhere depending on whether kansas city or the raiders kansas city are open wins the division so wealthy but he certainly find ways to win and and i think i'll be exciting ok wasn't hope of island or does use did you just gotta eyeliner yesterday is less listen
allegedly now really had never heard that have you not noticed that his he doesn't actually is mascara but we make a joke because he has very dark eyelash defined eyelash very dark check it out well you know what then then get four had not yet i say i knew not scott you as it as an analysed you not scouting the way you should i will tell you right now has been analysed i have never scouted mascara never fact happen i'll have to do a better job tiggle the all twenty two sometimes like weed i well big journalism three questions first one do you wash your apples why what washer apple a what now i dont yet you are a reader goddamn knew it secular has question whose most famous person your cellphone kissing cow
ah come on now i'm not given i beg think of another question on actually i was sort of i was schooled on that by my twitter village i have this magnificent magnificent twitter village and they teach me things and so i got really really really excited when i first went on twitter about a year and a half ago an end see ran it we did me and i went on twitter like twitter village twitter village mw way is tweeting me and the like amy you don't do that you don't do that you don't ever brag about you know famous people like an see hammer in and see wren tweeting you you just don't do that so i've learned now i ain't hammer let them i am moving about it but you don't but so anyway i'm not gonna give up using myself ok final changed question while what does it take for a couple guys like us to get into your twitter village hazing or some again a journey
i join make up i followed come on i'll follow you you follow me on twitter village here's how we do things are engaging civil discord guess we all can disagree but we disagree agreeably okay we exchange thoughts in a civil manner i'm a magnificent twitter village love my twitter vote just followed you so decided to villagers i just followed you were village well i think i got off the phone with people i believe that those middle pay the most a pay the most important person myself i'm losing my husband that's a cop out also live in an area that we can ask your own you drop mark you dropped the husbands allies pretty pretty way a little too we let us have a little bit knows looks you too quickly this is not an issue for my last question question ass you want to answer romanesque anyway you actually appeared
on any given ones they what is it like to be part of history going like fifteen people ever and there never can be more wow i you know it was a really i was a terrific conversation i ain't that was the first time i ever spoken with bell and i enjoyed the conversation very much chris carter without as well and i was it was interesting to me on how many chris carter and i agreed an end it was you just pay all council it was not vanish it was in it it was a really really delightful conversation and then when the show the sword was brought to it at a quick and i fought god i hope it wasn't my fault no come on as brokers quarter our business and i've been your episode but it wasn't your fault it was really laugh about her now i'm just getting me thank you so much are joining us we'd love to have you back your recurring guess now so you actually
hey you know what your frivolous and pleasure was entirely mine you guys are sensational don't go out and buy we're ok we're not book eyes will read books but will make an exception read it read it called you negotiate like a girl i don't get it back zalm wikipedia yet has been released on wikipedia what do you mean i mean so many surrender wikipedia about your book and i will read that you can get on amazon and get on barnes ennobled outcome and really if you're going to read one book i would be so honoured if it would be mind s mother i'm gonna do that when god does is early to john madden book on tape version of it were he nerds it who limitation frank if anyone nereids that book on tape it's gonna be me ok well i'll i'll be on the lookout for that but in the meantime i'm going to at least read the back jacket and probably the front cover universe quoted on the front cover that would be one mike silver from that shakespeare
oh oh god bologna is aware pay the tax payer hamlet my mom you know what is it is a little embarrassing though that i was almost out of college before i learned that was shakespeare that's hooker you'll do you rule to take crew billy shakespeare one of them is france billy shakespeare ice cube oh you're wrong about your bragging which as as as part of your twitter village we're gonna have to tell you to stop broaden right now ok fair enough fair and that i don't know if you guys are going to air this pod cast in its entirety or if you edit or do things like that but you can what are the bragging part no no it will what will i will make you look great and not the euro hurry those great interviews so thank you so much for joining us and we love to have you back well thank you very much for having thanks amy those awesome jamie and if you want will send you will send you a recurring guess for ya take t shirt yeah if you i just said and like the best address emails
wow i well we absolutely are you are you ok in new york oh no no no i own on the venice canals and your venice beach california s up adsense pretty good at what you know it seventy six what're you know your bragging again is available i will i will come out about whether all the time you want to throw a fifteen yards flag on me for taunting i will get my fifteen yards work because the reason i wasn't available earlier today what that was used it was like twenty five degreaser cheese cheese that which is also i think you so much though appreciate it thanks emmi thanks for having me ok by that review was brought you buy stamps dot com with the holidays almost here you don't have time to go to the post office traffic parking all that garbage don't worry about it go to stamps dot com and you can avoid all the hassle of going to the post office
during the busy season here's why you got to use stamps dot com everything you would do at the post office you can do right from your desk by and print official us postage using your own computer and printer print postage for any letter or package the instant you need it then the mailman picks it up it is so easy and convenient here is what we're gonna do for you right here don't wait go to stamps dot com before you do anything else click on the microphone at the top of the homepage and type in p m t for for weak trial plus one hundred and ten dollar bonus offer including postage and digital scale that stamps dot com enter the code p empty on that little microphone in the top of the homepage p m t stand star come do it ok let's
get you some segments we have a respect the biz out there for everyone and threat from the nba brings it uses i'm you don't hear a lot from the nba in terms of protecting the busy but scott catch yola he is a reporter he has this to say once he found out that the nba media was gonna be involved in voting for the ostler game he says my take journalists should have no direct involvement in the beat they cover got respect biz maintain that separation maintain objectivity because other whose ok if you're gonna have journalists that cover the nba determining what's going on in the nba right whose good or not and telling people what
they should think in terms of the talented players in the nba that's just a major ethics by a conflict of interest yes right keep it keep stay in your lane if you're an nba reporter your job is not to report on who's good or bad in the nba it's to be a conduit for carmelo anthony's three sentence answers right it's i mean i think i can speak for all nba fans i'm going to be a fan myself what i really care about is the box score and i m a finger here and a star player saying we're really coming together as a team this road trip has meant a lot really gonna work it and when we're gonna be better in february that's right and once every two years just like throwing a sat out there that ninety five percent the nba much but that's your job to so that's that's an anonymous source by the way
anonymous source has said that people like marijuana mba players like to smoke pot yes yes breaking news we have a new segment which we're gonna do have because her son we coaching vacancies and this is the first time the show has been around for the coaching vacancies rumours gooden murmurs we ve thought about this before every big job it's not a big job until john burden has been assessed she added with in some way you toss his name to drive the price right o speedier which tom conflict back to the jaguars that's a nice rumour loved and then another rumour that conflict wanted to coach cut gus bradley lasher and beyond his staff i just kept waiting yeah looking over her shoulder viper tom coffin head coach and waiting here seventy eight i don't know why that in work it's good to get a young guy in their new blood anyway the gruber
for today the los angeles rams are moving towards a meeting with espn analysed john bruton about the teams hedge kid coaching vacancy multiple sources with knowledge of the rams coaching search have told yahoo sports sources indicate group has become a focal point on the rams were list of candidates that's really that's because you need a splash and nothing since last like a guy who hasn't been cogent for about fifteen years i don't know the cheetah splash though i think which need an ally in this michael contrary to popular opinion need somebody with a steady hand somebody that's on this type of thing before it gets it at a horse consistency jeff fisher type yeah for example yes oh maybe maybe we can get that rumour gone that rams or their willing to take jeff back here's what i love about the ramp shop and you see it all time they need a guy who can usher in the new stadium liked
take some kind of special do you know something some possess juliet you can start a new stadium with like you know todd bowls or something she hurried on group desire billy crystal you have really like his oscars yet you do is opening up will song and dance yet seventeen time that's what i'll airhole sats where they want to see they love billy chris very david is the author of chris rock to one time you like me to do it is too early for us white people so back out here get back out here again tell us the same jokes you told us and nineteen five elders though funny but seriously they needed they need a coach to bring in the new stadium because bringing new stadium is coming it's hard task there's like you know you have to the opening night yet the opening night when they do the aerial shot their light while this this look
this store you have to most expensive door that's ever been may have to take your hat off to the city of los angeles for putting this all together huh this new jumbotron is hat is worth more than the entire gdp of africa isn't it marvelous need a new coach those are our groupers i'm sure he'll be associating us notre dame would be a great another grimmer yes no another rumour that grouping confirmed last night did you hear what j greeting got jog written for christmas when they were kids tell me a rock from the front yard he wrapped up iraq and gave it to john and that was his christmas pressure you hear that harm our brothers come your notice i'll bet there it is jim harbour would have jim harbour the oie differences of john harbaugh had gotten jim harbour iraq for christmas jim harbour them would have had that rock be his best friend for four years and like the only friend he played with it what has he was to competitive for other normal human
it would have been actually the best christmas present daddy ever got i remember my rock when ages eight to twelve use the only person i talk to and i drank three gallons of milk a day and no one talked me at school i dont know why and waste a punch people together if they disagreed with asean my rock used to fight people we never lost jim arbitrary way i have a little locker room talk this is more i mean it's it's actually locker room action so it's in a video that hit the internet took the internet based form it's a security guard call com stadium on sunday charges raider yet charters rate or sigh and these security guard is about five feet away from the cheerleaders just jerking off gap just right and in the pants just your lay in his day just your rank in it so we up i don't know that right term if if you're on a football field you know the laws they change on a field
you can hit somebody after play and it would be ass or anywhere else but since it took place between the hash marks its action not a crime so if you're standing on a field i don't i don't think that's a sex crime that's just hazing he's hazy himself i visited baseball though but he's hazing himself i love this move actually no i don't love this move but i kind of love this it's i feel weird about it yet so we love hate move because one on one side he's masturbating if public that's pretty on the other side babes right next door where emily why they put the cheerleaders at nfl games if were not allowed to masturbate to them in the city yeah well
are we sure that it is driven off like a report we always maybe hold just laughing i hold said it wasn't a worm enough to tipp warrior just strengthen trying to start a fire with his pupils robin his hand against his penis to warm up his hand who now exactly some cheer they asked to sky talk in the locker yeah but seriously is the interface fault because they can i ask for your put hot women on the sidelines expect us not must watch out mrs roth too much tat last year in the rent it if your side
unsecured a guy you walk around with a boner all the time you probably have to masturbate arrest you're going pitcher centre in the game you got to fly over you got the babes in silence all guys crushing each other on the field the average jerk off right now just thinking about military town like san diego when you do if i ever gone and serious if you don't get a boner that's you gotta probably you're not american anyways locker and talk i guess we have two colony collapse if one is ever jerked off and setting before a lady what's up it's a guy's report my take one if you ever i jumped off in a stadium before there were masturbate on silencer now just crank it nothing you they're letting hung a ship takes little good talk with lenny wish you'd just answer us once
well since the beginning and that's it he's actually told us that he is also learn to do a podcast for free from personal sports yet we never put us out of business so we're looking for that matter he could put acerbities things are so low that it does not lead is pretty experience had put in companies out of a lady why you suck our dick low salaries i'm more talk about a pot guest of low locker him talk for you we have a segment only when we vote on this fair play no no this is brand new segment is called fair play fair play and bring it up because this morning on mike mike their danny canal on there and an award winning listener tweeted in their like ask mike segment that give a times now who is the most famous person your cell phone answer then then they went around want a big laugh talking about that is clearly a bit stolen from part my take we store in full
as we saw the de washer apples but from my right hand out had up it's an electric its electric question that sweeping the nation then they stole it back from us and so now turn about fair play and we get it jack it up so was still some we're just gonna like ready to go hey so i was talking about the other day work by the way you're listening to us on the progressive insurance subway fresh take fm receiver i was my wife the other day and she asked me to draw up their own minds
the time that i played in the nfl for forget you're such a fat jock and so now you're such a weedy gear such a weeny greeny so man go play tennis real sport like like football now i would i played tennis for many years and it was very exhilarating i assure you question for you is die hard of christmas movie ah that's a good one i think that it is it takes place at christmas ok more about die hard as christmas will talk about this for the next three hours after this breaks from the progressive hotlines subway hotline so you're done in those doughnuts over there if that piece of shit so has taken the trash i've my put my gloves on before i grabbed me out to sea partners gloves argued on whereas loves when i say that rationale ye trash that's disgusting right and that was making mike fair play stimulate boys name your line just now we'll bring it on
and if you want a parody us as long as you say part my take go ahead mike mike i dare you your you won't you pussy policies policies pleasure you greeny ok we have two more segments this one is as a white guy another thing that was sweeping the nation mtv mtv news tweed this out they said hey white guy we came up for some new year's resolutions for you so they decided it sounds nice and i too am a player renault willa will tell you guys is a white guy home makes an spill fellow i gotta be a new and is a few things we think you could do a lot better and twenty seventy first off try to recognise that america has never rate for anyone who was in a white guy just agree
the black lives matter isn't the opposite of all eyes matter moonlights just matter there's no need to over complicate and soon also large matter is a thing tat won't boom blueskin smooth right i won't lose out people not threatened him up obsolete live another matter aiming i really want that's not own mansplain on priority i mean jesus was man splattered we all love me i say i don't know nobody cares about issues i'm talking to you about news feel free to take i knew ass though you guys can happen uses nobody who has black friends says that they have like france just look at your boyfriend i says programme most frequent phrase that we raise blackberry look eyes we know nobody's perfect i honestly don't know better and twenty seventeen some of you guys do a great job thinks some of you please just twenty six tabled by four seventy
can't be worse than this this is bad they also said that we should stop state saying woke yeah so stay woke white guys aren't allowed to say stay woking interest i'm very walked dont tell me how to use my words people of color from and tv news who are giving me resolutions as white guy as white guy i just like to say that man splaining that's actually compliment yeah i'm a man gentlemen explained the summer's plaintive and secondly how else am i supposed to impress the lady and make her one have sexual me if i'm not well to tell her how little she knows about something right or alternatively me and splaining when someone asked me a question i dont know the answer as a guy i always have to pretend that i do know the more you have to know more about the answer than she that's just part about being a miser what am i supposed to call it when i heartily gets out there and cause a penalty that's mansplain yeah right i was having a plan to mansplain to us interesting very interests yeah and by the way yeah
we'll keep since they walk so what we spoke but we should do as we should make our own whereas oceans yours right look like i resolution i wanna keep they will going to continue to play golf sometimes o nice ok i like that on some beers i'm good pirate some huey loose in the news tapes i like tat is oh i am i i'm on a fort i'm gonna continue to pretend enjoying peter gabriel's music i like that is well i'm gonna watch way too much football and not talk to people i'm gonna started diet and then give up on in today's oh that's a good one oh you know cheetah yet you don't want to enjoy my cheetah yankees it's wednesday is gonna be like january third right and so nothing else going i'm gonna have a good meal trees often we'll see what happens with two thousand seventeen i
lay off us as white guys like as we have we have enough problems do as white guys to those sixteen one so rosy for us either you guys all blamed us forget you know how hard it is to try to convince everyone that you're not racist right that's it most racist thing of all right so i mean i'm just going back to us being persecuted and i think you know i don't know i'm just i'm upset two thousand and seventeen will be better trump he'll make it better like us white guys finally awake i as president ok while people on credit donald trump for being the first white president after of black present interesting funny held out so basically the rosa parks of white precedence ceiling our nation we finally have the new segment call that fucking heart in this room is go out though that there was an old but it isn't really degrees we actually work in the hardest part gas studio takes the
segments called that's enough internet for today so it's a new one and i've been noticing it a lot more recently people try to click bade us that's too much intimate in an effort to die so here's what we have four have from having to post turn your breast feeding pictures into masterpieces with this new trend it's the weirdest play i haven't you should get air because it's the weirdest place on the plan that this last time when you tat and putting on a instagram that's enough internet for nice way too much oh my god that's all i'm will show you guys lemme get reaction abandoned it is actually a bonus bad radio ominous show billboard np of tea this picture ah legal very night zesty domains as i've learned from an avatar very weird so those bad radio you ever ventured into like a problem even breastfeeding tumblr or like a man
breastfeeding facebook group it's it's the here display i haven't you should get air because it's the weirdest place on the planned this last time when you watch coms episodic and the guy only by you know like coke in the wrong side neighbourly where you going and he says is houses like will that's thirty minutes way how agenda peter he has no real explanation that's what you're doing right now how did you end up at a breastfeeding form website because you're talking right now about breastfeeding that was on twitter i haven't even alibi it will go well it is an unnatural segwarides z good conversation on my part segouin it into my own experience with the internet which is venturing into her mom had registered in our facebook s educate the weirdest place currently their people that think breastfeeding is bad and they have to develop these grew hot to protect themselves actually i take it back white males are not the most persecuted people on earth white breast
feeding females with high speed internet accounts that stay at home all day and blog they are the ones for the most persecuted people it's too bad we don't have hank here because fun fact hank once recipes no one's drink breast milk as like a twelve year old oh will have little that story some one of these men like nineteen year old ninety his aunts press marked out of the bridge so yeah that's our show like we said the schedules this friday we have a regular show then chris last week were taking monday off so the twenty six that day we're gonna take off and lord for the heart and then twenty eight and thirty it we're gonna have some really
cool compilation episodes from all our best interviews plus suddenly i heard at home don't act like you don't have to listen they're shows right ordered it only a test when we get back one also regard you kind of like a blu ray dvd kind of thing where we're going to talk about the interviews before so that will be network and talk well you know where we really said he had us can be fond we're gonna marry the interviews narration degree podcast member has inside of you remember when we talk about metrics yeah oh those great well it's it's october and i want to put my best foot forward so that's why i'm doing with met our rex i'm gonna take a swing at the bat and see how i go in fully it'll be a home run that was addison rustles interviewed little sneak peak rate thereof of the masses of next week that's our show makes you subscribe follow on part of my team
on twitter apart my take on its rim apart my take and check out all of our bowl game stuff that we produce last night it was quite were bull honours were successful boner still great about it gotta keep to the city we'll see them lovey
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