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2017-12-19 | 🔗

We're about to be taken over by Aliens and no one is talking about.(2:20-9:06) Embrace Debate what is the best popcorn in the Christmas 3 way popcorn cylinder as well as which Kobe is better 8 or 24.(9:09-15:30) Hot Seat/Cool Throne talking Chess nerds, Bowl game gifts, and Jerry Richardson being off the hook because it's not actually his heart that harassed people(15:38-27:29). Former Pro Bowl Running Arian Foster joins the show to talk about his NFL Career, the future of Football, the time he got owned by Billy Football on twitter, and his favorite Texans QB.(28:57-1:03:53) Segments include Sabermetrics for Lane Kiffin,(1:05:15-1:07:02) PR 101 for ESPN and James Brown tweeting out porn links(1:07:04-1:11:32). Kings Stay Kings for Jeff Fisher and a special Holiday Party edition of Guys on Chicks (1:11:33-1:21:14).

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on today's part of my take we have a great interview with arian foster former pro bowl running back we talked everything the future of football being an atheist in the locker room being a vegan the time that billy football burned him on twitter really fun interview really in depth kind of a little different than what we usually do we also have hot see cool throne and because it is wednesday we have guys on chicks special christmas party addition before we get to all that you need download the spotify app because guess what all the podcasts are on spotify whether you're into podcast about ghastly crimes or top rhymes there's always something new to discover on spotify with a mix of originals and many of the world's most popular shows listening to podcasts on spotify is easy just open the app tap tap browse and die
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fire streaming right now go check them out i use spotify every single day listen to podcasts than a hop over to music then i get back to block us go download spotify i don't know what you're doing if you're not spotify two thousand seventeen alright let's go welcome to part of my is wednesday december twentieth and we're all about to get skull by some aliens yeah that sounds good to me
oh you want to go out if you want to get you want to get the d i'm okay with that i'm okay with this new alien invasion which is causing a shockingly low amount of public interest what the fuck is we were talking about how we're going to start to show him where the midweek there's no nfl thursday night game this week and we're like why don't we talk about the the aliens are just like hovering around us and no one seems to care well first of all you you asked what we want to do on the show and i go maybe we can talk about the aliens in like a segment yeah i've been doing yes i got your heart of yeah you are part of the problem part of the pentagon's bearing availing i was bearing yeah they put in the failing new york times which nobody reads for a reason try to bury it yeah big news state news yeah i'm okay with it i actually think that this could be a blessing in disguise for because it's like um it's like earth has been in training camp with each other for the last like two thousand here we've been fighting each other we going two days you've been really knocking it out of each other out of our teammates and now all of a sudden
got it we've got any enemy to play against ok fun hitting somebody else right so the aliens are down here we're about to get into wars with like you know talk about launching nukes at north korea everybody hates everybody yep it would be good to get unified a gets a consummate common enemy my right maybe do like the the ducks fly together speech yes before give everyone uniforms yeah look i can't really go let's look do abilities bill pullman emergency president and then we get school there we what we got here i've always thought that the at at some point in the future that everyone's every text message snapchat picture message picture they've ever taken and deleted that's all going to end up internet for everyone that you can just type in your name like dan cats and everything you've ever seen is going to get out there aliens about to start that with the aliens had away my date the aliens are the clouds are going to hack the clout okay with a are the cloud
well i mean we've been salient so they obviously know how to get to the office i'll be the first to say like thinking of aliens thinking of the galaxy thinking of space thinking of time my head actually starts to hurt like i'm like you know i can't i can't handle thinking about an alien just like hanging out you know doing a little double park are over our universe just waiting to come down here and function it up like it just i can't i can't i i don't have time for it in my little small brain get out of here aliens we got podcast yeah i got i've been i've been really deep into call of duty don't don't try to mess up my flow i'm just getting good with the band that i'm actually pretty woke on this because so any listener listen showed knows that i've been i've been leading the charge kind of explaining how nasa has been manipulating been manipulating recently just to make sure that they stay funded i the generals i think the military saw how good nasa was at holding trump's attention to like this
we can loves aliens in love space yeah and they're getting their nasa shine is getting too bright right now we want a slice of that pie and so now they're trying to distract them so they're like hey hey donald you could nuke n korea they're afraid that he ask them to look like a big war whatever so they're just they're like fuckit make up some aliens and we pretend that there's a war because there's nothing more than donald trump wants he probably thinks that his life's destiny is to save earth and defeat aliens i'm okay and i'll be honest i would i think that donald trump is the perfect president yes lead us in a war against daily yes i do too i absolutely the only thing two questions i have about the only this one will they take away football from us that's the that's the primary question 'cause i have a feeling that aliens are going to come down and be like whoa you guys are really screwing up for each others brains here no more football that and then i'm a little upset two you don't think the aliens like twins oh cheerleaders
okay i could be a game changer that that is the universal language in the galaxy language guys liking twins yeah would termini yeah so the other thing and we'll stay what for you seem to be a little coincidental that aliens start hitting the news when star wars comes out it's like the clown showing up before it and i can try and also it's a star wars that a lot of people don't like the term hank from tearing i told you i told you is terry and i need to watch i wish it was it was terrible right so are we thinking this might be just like a big thing where lucas like you know shortly after go to disney disney world road star wars and they're ruining the world i think george lucas in conjunction with the united states military has planted the somehow okay i say we note down from doesn't like aliens if they're you know from south of the border so if they're from outer fucking space you probably hate some yep let's just yeah let's just pretend that we're in a war with aliens give donald trump
a fake ray gun yes tell me what the the other sailing on i'll i'll take a fake ray gun just tell me where to shoot it yeah like if you if aliens are actually coming just your sign me up i'm ready to go in front lines yeah where i wanna be randy quaid in like drive my my spaceship my my f eighteen fighter plane into like the right into the into the aliens china yeah yeah nice so what else we have it is the week before christmas which is a full mail it in week if you're listening right now you're probably thinking of ways to like half work in front of it actually i don't even think you have to have work it's not like a summer where you have to pretend to work because even your boss
is like no ones fucking working now everyone just kind of milling around put on a fucking festive sweat sweater before you get into work and it was like ok this guy he's already checked out i've always wondered about how jewish people approached this time of year because they've already had their hanukkah it's ongoing i believe is it so yeah i don't keep track of days i don't know when it started i'm just wondering when they see everybody else like starting to mail it in because it's christmas or they're like you know what time i can get behind this to to them christmas is just mail it in no it's a spirit it's a spirit of christmas spirit is not right is you just don't give a shit right so and what comes with christmas week i haven't been in a traditional office in quite some time but when i used to be there the mark of christmas season was when everyone just started bringing in either the gifts that they like the food gifts that were sent to them or like baked goods and you just eight eight eight all
day in the kitchen because there were just like all we got cookies you sent out that email hey we got cookies rolled on yeah it was in a heavy here no yeah it happens here but it's just like it's like hey we got rice crispy treats you know what it is everyone put their the package one yeah it's it's dry cookie season yes there are a lot of shitty big hollywood i like a dry code being put in kitchens all across america offers you like dry because i i don't like soft so i gather to ride out of my face i would rather drive i'd rather dry with a crisp that soft like a wet soft soggy cookie my mom you jerk off a sampler eating a sock no but i don't i don't put my dick in my mouth same thing no you would if you could suck your own dick i would if i could i i don't know if i would embrace debate i would try so do i do i have an embrace debate yes the popcorn pin that gets sent
every office that everyone knows the three wheel popcorn been caramel cheese and butter you go wheels i was when you told me we're gonna talk about three wheeled popcorn yeah i don't know what to call just a divider yeah yeah so increased debate what do you guys what hot what how do you attack that and which one do you like the most i go on one at a time i'm a little i really hang on christian christian grey voice my tastes are unconventional i'd steer the clear of mccord yep don't touch the caramel corn while you know what this might be a weird take i love the cheese cheese number one okay regular number two and the karmelkorn distant third you haven't been living the right life because what you do is you make cheese and then you don't mix the cheese you go cheese and then you mix the butter on the camera that's a good
salty sweet thing that's ok i could see that being bad but i would still prefer to stay away from the kettle corn we talk about how big had destroyed my advent calendar this year oh yeah i know you were training for your phone yeah i had an advent calendar on my desk my mom got me take one piece of chocolate everyday nice little treat came back to my desk and catches eight all of them so that's not a football guy winning five i'm still working with actually what happened was i didn't realize right away that was an advent calendar i just popped open one and had it and then i looked down and was like shit i just say like december 22nd so i did was i pretended i did it on purpose and i ate every piece of chocolate except for december 15th fight day three little little little little you know motivation there for you got challenge flag yeah and i'm gonna call you out on this you you just like found a piece of cardboard and you punched a hole
and just found a piece of candy randomly no i just i don't know i knew what i knew what it was i didn't i'd like didn't read like the dates i just popped open one i knew there was candy under the you knew it was that i was like a bear going through like the woods and i saw like a honey comb i knew what was in that i just didn't know that you you know their dates on the honey comb you didn't know that an advent calendar was having no i did know whatever calendar was i just i didn't pay attention to detail because i was thinking chocolate okay so that anymore but you in what happened did you win i want ok exactly so so my motivation tactics work um alright let's talk a little sports 'cause we are actually sports podcast we have a little embrace debate kobe got a tired two numbers on monday night two numbers these that's really cool kobe that's the most kobe thing i've ever heard so the question is embrace debate which kobe is better the eight hundred or the twenty four a like twenty four okay i'm a go twenty four because post incident
well we're leaving that out okay the well i think it has to be at least discussed well so you're saying that you don't like the kobe who apologized i preferred kobe before he apologize i preferred yes yeah but i prefer be before he had before he had done bad things i like my coby remorse okay like you go with no no it was just you just bought his wife like the big graham ever yeah and that ranges number so people would forget yes exactly what eight kobe one all the chips of his check okay but if we're talking so for talking nba we have to do batman robin eight kobe was robin to twenty four kobe's batman being twenty more kobe got to do it with power soul disagree all the weird guys yes or not you don't have to rely on trash no the other way around check never won anything without it without a like a like a premier wing score sorry wait so jack needed kobe more than kobe need to chat using the check was batman no
who is kobe was batman shack was right that's a terrible take no it's not awful quick shack draco is clearly i didn't miss a ride mister freeze will encounter shack needed the wing scores to be shaq know so what you're doing is dwyane wade tell me like unbelievable dwyane wade are allowing twenty four kobe your memory of him to cloud your judgement what in crunch time in crunch time kobe was one taking the show was mvp of the finals ok but shack was also like that he was joining shack with superman and kobe was batman ok but bat isn't so so no race to beat that person no no in our in our in and braced debate the classic mike and mike is batman superhero not true just
it's got just what you got a lot of toys can reduce wonders off the floor off honestly the reason why i like twenty four kobe is because i love them at the very end of his career when he was teamed up like nick young and what were you doing when kwame brown was like stealing cakes off bachelor parties on streets and yeah i go we had to go to work every day just look at this person be like i can't believe i'm the same species as you okay the one thing i will say about the the twenty four kobe twenty four now is kobe in the no he wasn't that team though the steve nash dwight howard team that's my favorite lakers team of all time so much cover came out it was like who the fuck will beat the lakers oh turns out steve nash is ancient and dwight howard is the worst teammate of all time well i thought we might be the worst dwight howard second worst when that happened i was like oh my god yeah it is the most stacked team of all time it's so funny looking back and being like so kobe couldn't coexist with shack so we'll just get uh
first version of shaq more surly worse version a shack and see if they can get a more emotional version what the who ever thought that would work yeah hey i mean say which one about shaq but at least he would be okay kobe you his face right dwight howard would just like go home and make it distract the i go home and like right and very long instagram caption but then deleted right it's like two yeah deleted after sixty seconds everyone screamed after it's on every single blood in america all right let's get to our hot tea cool throat before we do that one of our favorite sponsored seatgeek is giving you ten dollars free if you put in the promo code take when you download the cd gap seek saves you time and money by searching multiple ticket sites to compare prices and find amazing deals and to get you the most bang for your buck seek you grew it's every ticket based on value to help you immediately identify the best seats that fit your budget plus every purchases fully guaranteed so you can shop for tickets on seek with
but it's makes you keep your go to app for finding the best deals on every type of ticket from sports and concerts to comedy in theater go download the kik app right now put in the promo code take that's t a k e that's promo take for ten dollars off your first see keep purchase all right hot sequel thrown who who's would like to start what you go head to get one hey sorry 'cause he's only got one each why don't you go now you go you go i want you said you only had one each so if we're the kind of people that like to combine or popcorn while we all just same at the same time ok that would work bad radio right first back my who's back you got it's actually is johnson
hot seat so like that for me here jocks no for like me and you alfa jack alfa jocks got and hank i guess now that hank is one of those barks yeah pro athletes because the chess team learn how to hello world chess championships are coming up they unveiled their logo today okay kind of a great visual yeah because it's just two people censoring invite a chessboard yeah it was a six with a try to make it subliminally sex but they're just two people
it looks like there's bad radio but it looks like stings saturday afternoon yeah just sitting in off in in a position at all times it's actually it's not too far from your b y u i think there was okay yeah there soaking is not your guys okay yeah is polished and the bishop docking each other and soak yeah i just you know to sort of just taken to butcher bishops put on like tip to tip and then just like moved ahead without talking to it's funny because i actually have that on my cool thrown because i chess is just not cool again okay they yeah they great mind like that's a pretty cool cool move for all the nerds a play chess by which us i keep socks yeah that game really sucks take so long my other yeah when people say chess versus checkers i'm like i want to be playing checkers i'm talking me can i can i answer you know my hot seat is my internet dad mike florio so he was a guest on mondays part of my take did a great job i thought people love them take the trash a little bit okay so he wrote a blistering jerry richardson take saying that
nfl should just drop their investigation to jerry richardson because he's already punished himself by agreeing to sell the team ok and then the internet came after he was like tell me why i'm wrong and then a lot of people are like well because i don't know maybe you just should like leg after work because he's he he's arrested himself tell you what i'll go out back an hour i love i love sexually harassing women so much i'm gonna sexually harassed a whole pack women yeah yeah i don't i'll get sick of it so all right so my hop in with my cool thrown here because i had cool thrown jerry richardson so you know if you guys saw but jerry jones came to his defense and said he's not a bad guy what is actually unbelievable so he said i'm saddened by any of the stories or things that might have been cited at this time he's a battle are he's a big man with a big heart and
by the way that somebody else is heart he had a heart transplant true and i did some research on this such a fucking hey this guys are creeping a scumbag but hey remember that time he had a heart transplant don't be too mean i did some research on this 'cause i wrote about it on monday but in two thousand he transplant two thousand and nine that could be michael jackson's heart oh and michael jack did is bad stuff so is this really jerry richardson's fault okay so yeah
i mean it's good point thank you not his heart it's not his blood who's a generous in some of my cool thrown because of jerry jones if jerry jones vouchers for you know jerry jones good guy right he's never done anything wrong right and so it jerry jones it makes it a very solid point which is that he had a surgery where he took something from somebody else now it's part of him so he can't be responsible so nobody should ever get mad at jerry jones when he does some up with his face to kiss a hooker yeah and like a private suite yeah or say something race yeah it's not it's a comes out of his mouth he has his face did you see some of the on going allegations are come out but he just like a loser yeah he he the the one where he said multiple female employees recalled to s i that richardson asked them if you could personally shave their legs yeah you don't do that the he also eat do the cust ansa where he tried to like when he got in a car with a woman he's like let me fasten your seat belt for you yeah and just felt among did the stop
that should be as punishment he should never be allowed to wear seatbelts again this is i mean i guess this is the old man version you know when like someone gets in in trouble and then all their text as you look at the winner's text messages come out and he's like hey man you're really in these text messages a bad look this is like the old man version of it he's just he doesn't text he make sure that your seat belts nice and nice and tight because he cares about yeah because he cares about you care about you don't want to see you get a heart transplant he's been through that i have my other hot seat i've got three of him because that's okay is the new england the new england patriots hank you'll enjoy this according to boston globe bill belichick's decision to rescind alex guerrero's credentials he's the tb twelve guru he's actually referred to as a guru so that's your first clue that maybe this guy is full of fucking shit but he's saying that his decision to rescind the credentials and make the pats more of a tradition
at medical organization is creating some friction in house so trouble in paradise brady is not happy bell check by the friction is actually a good thing means bella checks lighting a fire under bradys ask because friction causes fire so bella check nose got gotta push pretties buttons if he wants him to keep playing at this level at such an old age so he just like that the thing is getting mad he's getting mad he wants so pretty now once approved bella check wrong pressure makes diamonds this is going to be the funniest way that like the patriots dynasty falls apart just some fucking cult leader junk snake oil salesman is just hanging out there he's he's cutting bella check in line on chicken finger day at the plucking cafeteria in fox borough yeah belichick one day he's going to like have like a whole box of like healing crystals and medical herbs thrown out the window and alex is going to be like where my crystal you're welcome i wear my zhirkov crystals checks going to be like i threw him out along with your copper fit bracelet and brady's going to be like what's going on in here yeah wait hey you guys fighting again alright what's your
also friction is good in sex to know you need friction so i agree with hank hank it's changed my mind the up friction is what this team needs cool throne is drinking in public okay in the city of clemson south carolina is that the city they said so the city of clubs and i don't believe that is it that is it named after yes at that was weird to me i as far as i know clemson is just like a bait shop and then a hill with a rock at the bottom that everybody touches right yes but they the city of clubs and has decided to suspend open container laws if the tigers go to national championship which is kind of a formality because i don't think that they had open container laws or they had like university police department and the university cops like we want to get drunk in public during name two so we're just we're going to just not arrest anybody for doing it 'cause we're going to do it right he trying to keep track of all these kids is not all there is this a little jinx though of their own team because
they're basically saying only if they get to the finals right good point i'm interested point count your chickens before they hatch yeah you kind of yourself over their clubs in city of constant home eight what do you my hot seat of the juggalos who watch those are people to hear about this be careful the juggalos for fbi's gang label is here to stay so so close officially they're not they're not just like a group of people falling around the insane clown posse they're now getting to the march didn't work the gathering of the juggalos are built on the downtown mall nope wait so so there have been classified as a game so what is what we're gonna do with all that faygo let's vegas so so to directed so my gonna be classify it going to as a gang member just because i'm wearing ginkgoes yes questions that's a problem remember when the clutch jeans almost won the capsule stanley cup came so close
there because she's you actually did believe that familiar like a list is a fire they were such a flash in the pan and i were i totally believed in the power of the collections for about a week and then it just all came crashing down has been a mess of denim and that yeah just of just tangled in your own dennis all michael throne is shorts i had patriots in aliens but since you guys don't respect the rules of the game they got taken away but it was like seventy degrees today so global
it's definitely not real so it's fifty four it was at least it was definitely shorts weather could have got it and if you wore something funny degree so you think that it's summer so you think pants but it's still short season baby it is true when you think december you think pants as far as i'm concerned you can always wear short if you're tough like an offense alignment you just wear shorts everyday just to prove how cool or if you're just the one fat guy who's always wear shorts yeah there's always everyone knows that guy if they just don't have like pants with legs wide enough to cover caps yeah alright my hot seat i have two aaron ross his family is on the hot aaron rodgers is out for the for the rest of the season these on the i r which means he's got a lot more free time to send those guess back in so and and to figure out an excuse to not spend christmas with his family so alright sorry mr mrs rogers you guys are fucked do you ever think that it's not that aaron rodgers doesn't like hang out with his family it's just that his family hates hang out with him
no i saw his brother his brother sucks his brother fucking sucks sure yeah his brother sucks i can just a vision like aaron rodgers sitting in his home in green bay right now he's just gonna like like like an old old guy sitting with the shock on on his front front porch he just waiting for the u p s guy to come he's not even gonna let it get in the house yes take it back he's got take about robert deniro take it back take it take it take everything back take it back yes spike strips laid out at the top of his drive which is like i don't want i don't want it your long way from home boy all my other hot seat is anyone who thinks college players don't get compensated for playing football like erin foster yeah talk about a little talk about that a second but it is bowl season which means it's gift baskets season for the bowl game so i got a couple for you ready for this new macs pro bowl kids are getting fidget spinners
all right yeah so looks like you're gonna tell me that they don't get paid plus a den dockets was right yeah the bill poll they're getting the bill poll gift card and please don't steal from a belt store like that arkansas player last year which i still don't they will know what book sells they are kind of like marshalls or kohl's there marshalls during a going out of business sale ok outback steakhouse gift card that actually is worth more than whatever it's not showing that yeah that's not that we actually gave that away from art ballgame the quick lane bowl is giving away life size fat heads of your likeness so a player gets an actual fathead of themselves okay now some else buys that do they get the royalties from that good point yeah now do you know what what what we saw how it gets in the quick lane bowl we'll find out so they can get a fat head of themselves but then they should have
the nc double a yeah royalties for selling them of fat head of themself right for for the logo being on the wall yes v liberty bowl is giving players backpack sandals and a football so that's what i mean they need a football that is a complete summer right there that's already if ever and then finally had to curable i wrote down this one they're giving away dry fit long sleeve shirts and warm up pants because i'm sure these guys really you know they need more athletic yeah so the people that sat down to put together these gift bags were like you know what these football players need welfare of all they need they need a tire to play athletics in and then secondly they need football more for and then if it's just better because all these millennials these guys what hey you guys are football players here's a football yes so going to a bowl game is essentially just winning like in an adult intramural week
you know when you can win the league can you get a fleece or something it's like it doesn't really fit are just a ball game or just getting like dropped off at the pool by your mom here's flip flops and yeah here yeah take this popsicle and a couple to couple dollars and you could call have yourself a nice little weekend yeah when the ice cream man comes get some for you and your girlfriend yeah your girlfriend then just i just need to all right let's get to arian foster before we do that i wanted to talk to you guys about some hair stuff pft house house the face are going it's not great big cat yeah i was born with curse jeans when it comes to my facial hair that's fine i'm working on it goes occasionally i will i'll just for a minute to try to fill it out yep but it has really been working it as well as i would have hoped okay this company that you just mentioned yep for hams i haven't even mentioned for hams yeah is for him stock cost upping in to help me out yeah they're sending me rogaine k
yeah i don't know if i could say rogan 'cause no actually no i can't there sitting for him skit there sending me hair restoration yeah and i'm going to use on my face yeah i'm going to grow a fucking beard so it's a one stop shop for her law skincare sexual wellness for men no waiting room no awkward doctor visits save hours by going to for him stock com answer a few quick questions doctor were were view and prescribe it the p f t he is going to do it for for his face so we'll find out how that works the listeners can get a trial month of everything you need to keep your hair for just five dollars today right now supplies last see website for full details this would cost hundreds if you went to the doctor or pharmacy go to four ms dot com slash p m t that's for him stock com slash p m t for hams f o r rhims dot com pmt alright here we go foster
alright we now welcome on former pro bowl running back and now podcast her arian foster the now what podcast so let's start with that what gives you the right to jump into the media business and kind of like encroach on our corner here our podcast corner i guess i'm just like every so the answer was an opinion man wanna spread spread the love man just feel like so i got matter in this little speck of like a verse from a spread my thought so r pod ask is the first anti nazi anti bullying and anti lisp or no stuttering podcast where do you who don't know where where pro were supportive of people who stutter yes anti stutter shaming what are you anti on your podcast i was like damn don't like people that stomach but i'm anti bush it means a whole i i'm fairly
semantic on that all i got now i'm not really out here for click bait which is really trying to interview though people every night like an interview is just like a conversation and so just get cool people on there that are doing interesting things and pick their brains man but i don't i don't like bush it so i don't know if that falls into we have anti anything i couldn't help but notice you didn't agree with us when we said that we were anti nazi so as they got name darien i'm not surprised but would you like to go on the record yeah oh the irony there you know i i didn't i didn't pick that name but my mother swears that that that's not the meaning behind it it's spelled differently so i mean yeah i want to record and sell off overnight ok gracie reports now there are two anti nazi podcasting workshop good for you to finally come out of the closet with that new stuff
it's so you are retired retired running back or do you ever think maybe you could put on the pads someone through like a blank check at you come back for season are you fully retired you now have any interest in playing football ever again damn it throwing the ball around with my my kids or i'm like that would be cool but just i have no interest in playing football anymore we have to ask you this question are you going to let your kids play football not a chance really oh no no no way man i mean i mean i i'm not gonna like beat him up like i'm going to play it like i'm gonna doing highly suggest that they don't you know that i'm going to let my kids be there on humans but i'm going to hide it suggested they don't bad idea there's no point for you so is that because of your injuries or what what's the reasoning behind saying no football for you it's kind of my world view right so i want what i wanted to be the most productive member of society that i wanted to be and in
okay so i feel like i actually was the non productive member of society and and bye bye that what i mean is i feel like this war i did not to go to two percent eighty point don't do it don't know we we we would like to go any any direction for sure so basically my you know i grew up in a poor neighborhood in my whole my goals were to family circumstances they were currently in in football was my way out i was good at it at a young age and i just made my mind up that's what i wanted to do but like looking back as a thirty year old man i don't i feel like i help society at all i understand it detracts from people with problems for three hours a day i can i can i can take away i can entertain people but i don't feel like i actually helped decide i felt like i just helped them cope with their day even if if if it gets that deep i feel like if you want to active and productive member of society you're going to enter into the science fields or
somewhere that that line that actually moves our society forward and that's not anybody that has any other profession but that's just me so i will encourage my kids to pursue those fields to actually help move our our society our country forward so you did help a lot of people when their fantasy football league so i wouldn't say that you didn't accomplish anything that's pretty big that's says is important i'd say is like discovering a cure for cancer this up there for sure bear professional athlete has a platform though do you think there was pressure on you do not speak your mind because i do think i get what you're saying but i also think athletes have a chance to progress society by using their words or their actions because there's so many people that look up to him and want to do whatever they say there is better but there is that aspect of it so like this whole colin colour capitol protest right
so a lot of i know a lot of guys that want to participate or wanted to participate but they were just afraid of i mean it it's a couple days here so like some of them did to participate because they don't want to get involved in social fair they just wanted to play football free the families which i totally understand some guys wanted to get involved didn't really understand the foundation and the history of why would people protest in anyway and didn't want to face that backlash did want to say so or answer those questions but they they just wanted to do something because they felt like something was going on in this country so that they're the aspect of of of act with athletes but in order to i've got to back you can a change in any in any walk that you walk for sure but i just feel like me personally i don't feel like i have society at all i just i played football and you know i it's hard to to to to be an influential
being when you're trying to keep your lights on you know making sure right to well you right back where where you have to uphold a certain amount or certain image and that that that plagues people that plagues athletes and it's it's not as prevalent as it was when i was playing like individuality is kind of coming out more in athletes so when i coming up with a little more like do what you're told and and mostly by the line is that that was a little more prevalent when i was playing so this is what it is man i just i just feel like i could have i could have been more better more better human is that i'm going to do it yeah yeah i'm going to allow that with so while you were playing in the nfl was there an element of like just look at yourself in the mirror and be like i guess i got to suck it up and go out there and and play this sport again on sunday where you were just you trying to maximize your potential trying to get your contract straight
and all that or what were you while you were playing were you excited to play did you love the game i love the game but it's it's it's like everything around it so it's like you remember when brett farve was was retired every every other year coming back uh his big gripe was like he loved playing the game but it's just like the practice and then the in camp and then do this and that and then the media and the lesson that just after a while it just wears on you and so i was never in love with any of that any of other pics of it other than football so i love the game but there's a whole side that you didn't really ever signed up for when she's a part of it's a part of it that you have to deal with i i just it pulled me away from came after a while i was like i i just i would rather just live my life so with what you just said about you know if you go back maybe not being a football player and also all the injuries big hits that are happy
you know blows to the head do you think football is in danger going forward i do not in the near future not in the near field but i would say in the future it actually is i would say like five thousand and sixty years roll because if you look at the science and getting more and more clear on it that this is uh stream lee dangerous sport you look at i mean i mean if you play the role i wouldn't want to let my kids play football like there's no reason to sacrifice like i i think all those it's a sacrifice i may develop he in my life there's there's no telling by but i i did all that sacrifice in order that you create freedom financial for for myself and my family and my kids so like there's no reason for you to have that sacrifice that you don't have to fill these shoes you can go pursue dreams or passions the other way and not worry about that that's why that's why i did that and i'm ok with that sacrifice an if you look at in the in the in the science
is getting even more and more clear if he's becoming dangerous and the reason why i would request a local ball was because of it it was very violent in nature and you love those big hit and what the fact he's come in and the rules keep that grasping and it's less less aggressive sport you got i think it and all your back in my being well would you like your your son play in the xfl because they seem to be more soft more safety conscious or like a real open up organization there they're still around i don't have to bring them back yeah it breaks mcmahons bring it back my love no hell no he can't play texas fairly what about what about the future this something i'm always curious about the future of the running back position 'cause i don't know did you read that piece about larry johnson and the struggles he's going through right now i have not ok so yeah it keep me abreast
yeah he i mean he basically there's a profile on him and and he's you know dealing with a lot of things that might be c t e because he carried the ball you know what one year i think he cared about like four hundred times and in just a ridiculous workload we see it kind of gone down with running backs more running back by committee do you see that like where do you see the running back position going in the future of the nfl i don't know down in football set the copycat so trendy so like whatever is working for one team do usually it emulates back and forth so you never know what is going to have success it's the same formula in cold weather football december and in january uh how you win games did you play good defense and you run the ball it's always been like that and always will be like that there always be a market for running backs but i think tested running backs are more and more valuable i think the value of the right back position has always been
out of trendy especially when i was in the leaders like all right read it back to them it doesn't i i just think it tearable argument they don't really have any legs to stand on but uhm what is the future of the running back position is running back that can catch his back not only catch outback bowl but run crisp routes though like spread out wide so you can you can have missed messages mismatches almost linebacker yeah i've always thought that living on bell was cut he's kind of in the mold that you created a little bit when you are and where in houston you guys both you know what kind of shift at the backfield good catching the ball like really patient getting up to line you guys both smoke weed yes both like we'd would you would you consider him to be like the next arian foster r who in the game right now do you think kind of eggs if i set the way that you played oh i mean i mean maybe i will anything when i was in the league as well uh so i mean he's he's obviously uh back to that you know if if if a games on it definitely catch him 'cause you know i enjoy his skill
but the new cat is actually from my alma mater alvin really watch man i just so slippery and it's really fun to watch so you i should tennessee what the hell is going on in tennessee i tell you man i'm not an advocate of nca so i don't really like to support it so i don't watch it it's nothing against the university of tennessee i just don't like the the national collegiate association but when you went to play there and knowing that the team name was the volunteers weren't you like ok i accept that i'm not going to get paid and buddy right gotcha i got you on our would you watch would you watch college football this sort of paying the players absolutely so that's big gripe is that they're not paying that my great about what about the argument that some people throughout their dan dockets that the school those are paying them in tuition housing food gear and life expense
it's do you think do you buy that at all not that's indentured servitude if you look at this you why are you close to google just look up indentured servitude and you'll find that exact definition that makes me uncomfortable realizing that it's like indentured servitude showing choose to not google now the ncaa is the only establishment where their interns are there it's the only business whether interns are the product it's the most ridiculous backwards twisted is system in and i think it like one hundred years we're gonna look back like what the fuck were we thinking supporting that bullshit yeah well actually we also had an intern that was part of our product over the and he got in a little he got a little little twitter war with you he kind of called you out he called you a fraud vegan 'cause you wanted to fight a wolf do you care comments on that billy football kind of check made you there
yeah i remember that very vaguely uh hey man i i'm i'm not a vegan so why do you but you pro claim that you are vegan though it doesn't matter what you say like your vigor alive yeah you want to live yeah you can still get your man card that's right except two vegans because once you go back with across their company line you'd never vegan again and they hate you so are you shunned by the vegan community right now yeah i mean i'm in this meet purgatory right now pause but he started eating crow that's why you're stuck because i do look at you and i'm like you are vegan like i don't want i don't want you around you know i want to have a nice steak you called billy you said he was corny so who's cornier billy football or jj watt define corny i know when i see it it's like pornography likes to rap fort minor in front of cameras
i don't know man i guess uh i would you was there ever whispers in the texas law from like man changes corny i will be that guy that retires in this area that feels like it's not enough hard so there are some people in professional open entertainment in general that goal over ford beyond in personifying a certain caricature and and that is just how it is men so not to air out other people but i have a little bone to pick with you another twitter bone you actually just tweeted this you said there's a difference in critiquing player and he's trash he's a bum the player in any pro league will mop the floor with any cat at you local ymca so you telling me i can't call brock osweiler a bump
okay and what it's like when i know i know a lot of a lot of a lot of people get upset is because the like i'm a fan my opinion matters but it does not and yet to us all you're allowed to ignore that you're allowed to think whatever no that we pay your salary you're allowed to think whatever whatever you feel like whatever you feel you can feel whatever you think you could think grad school but amongst the the the demographic of professional athletes your opinion doesn't really matter right right so brock osweiler i think he's trash and you say that he could walk mop the floor with me i think i could pick off brock osweiler if you let me be a linebacker and i would take that bet every time ok yeah
i would take that bet too i'm speaking of weird quarterbacks what's what who's on the mount rushmore of quarterbacks you played with because you it's a doozy that list with a tax it's pretty great roberts morrissey this for president a mad rush more so let me know if ok so messed up definite number one pick six king get me i'm not gonna let you he was that he was good quarterback he had a bad for the other team and it ruined and i think it ruined his confidence but he was a good quarterback when he was bawling i will get another run here bad run of like yeah nineteen games agree with you there when you throw when he had six games in a row where he threw a pick six i think his confidence kind of wavered a little but you don't like but i'll here today we had like there were people showing up at his house it like crazy sit right so it's like 'cause we pay salary word my house if you like the way i played and i'm like i'm not
my mount rushmore lilies with matt schaub i think we're going to go with ryan fitzpatrick his number two already went to harvard did you know that yeah of course ok guys he's low key brilliant man yeah we went to harvey at the highest would look scores again history of the nfl want our best not sever guy did you ever do the matt damon like how do you like them apples to ryan fitzpatrick when he started like quote props to you or something like that now i never never did he should have fired back at him harvard boy ok other two oh yeah that too uhm i'm ago i think when he played when he played netspend that you played you played really good for us but really solid and there was some tj yeah it's a gates of hell if they pay for the salad
i think it's two thousand and eleven and then i'm sorry he's been in the league that long yeah i'm older ship and then i think i think i have to go damn i'm totally drawn a blank brackets it's tough to find a fourth you play brandon weeden yeah brandon weeden yeah so that sounds like a note oh you know what i still think tom savage quarterback yeah now we're cooking yes tom savage garden yeah i think not only did everything as a professional athlete really in life man if you can't about what you're doing you play you play different you just different so i feel like if he regains some confidence i think you'll be alright man oh my god i'm looking at this right now by the way i just googled through the other so i don't know hello jeff garcia i did
there's a great day okay so it's for starting from jeff garcia fad lewis callin clemons john back in or love ski cecil shorts braxton miller pj did tell jake delome rex grossman matt liner brandon weeden sage rosenfels case keenum ryan mallett david carr brian hoyer ryan fitzpatrick matt schaub brock osweiler tg i totally forgot to play with god that is the graveyard for like i will throw him in there for game see if he can do ok there like four guys on that list that could walk in this room in front of me and you could tell me that like you can't tell me that case keenum probably was tj yates or like tom savage i probably won't be able to tell him five of those guys in the last last time we talked yeah last time we talked i mentioned something new about kyle shanahan's tattoo have you done any digging on that i haven't refresh
memory though so he's got chris simms initials tattooed on his leg because they were but he is in college and right there off the bat i questioned his evaluation of quarterbacks if you have such a shitty quarterbacks initials tattooed on his leg and chris simms has cow shanahan's initials tattooed on his leg they've got pro tattoos you know i i it's hard it doesn't have a man's relate so maybe i mean they could be real close man like you never know like maybe one of those things are lives of the whatever they went through they went through so i think i got dr mexico together yeah the like would could also be the either way man you know i was actually my first uh introduction into the league he was he was in houston actually with kubiak and he
he actually went to bat for me and and so we have always had a lot of love and could use one of the first ones to believe in us so we have a three d speaking a kubiak we have a theory that there's no better way to motivate a team than having like a heart attack on the sidelines did that motivate between when that happened i would actually in the house when i had him and i had a slipped disc in my back that game so uh but i think at the time now i've been we take that season so i don't think it i don't think it helped but yeah so our theory is like you know if your coaches like physically ill by the play on their players they're like oh we're going to kill coach we gotta start playing better yeah i think an edit button for my and i think you have every now and then you have certain special cases but like that
close relationship is not like it is in the movies so it's like you you you you you still but it's still a bit if it's a business it's a personal business relationship so it's not it's not like this your mcguire type i'll do anything for my culture and the majority of the players don't really like a lot of the coaches or the the staff because like a lot of the players the bubble you know not everybody is a superstar so you don't have a lot of players that player coach relationship so you didn't gary kubiak died why did i know cool cool made me a very rich may i help make me very rich man so i'm not i love poop my theory about that was that it wasn't a stunt to motivate the team is actually just wade phillips he had like a bottle of visine any was poisoning care to be actually you can get the they don't drop yeah we'll wait
that's a classic wait always scheming on something evil wade phillips was like oh cool just for your information i don't know if you care but i was told cool man like he needs a vacation because he was he was legit one of those which is that you guys like every now so i get there really early in the morning he'll be there at four hundred in the morning he don't leave until like one thousand one hundred and twelve at night like he worked his ass off and i think that was a huge reason why please help relatively healthy man if you look at him he's not he's not overweight he doesn't eat terrible he just i think he just worked himself tired and stressed yeah football guy was it ever hard being an atheist in a and if a walker your question thanks it is a great question and and i'll be with it was hard but you definitely had as a lot of questions so your necklace in oregon trying camp a lot a lot of conversations get started and i would always get pulled over to the area coming man we think about this and then and then you just you just start talking definitely definitely uh you stick out like a sore thumb but is it in nfl
it's not as it was hard like in college it was really hard 'cause i think a lot of guys coming from like the high school in your neighborhood you're used to people who are like you so when you get around that diversity it's kind of strange but in nfl you know you have your families you have bills you're not really worried about what other men believed he just kind of interested and you know you have the conversation you're going about your life did you ever think that the texans didn't win a superbowl because like during the pregame prayer when you guys were asking for god to help you win you weren't pulling the same direction here where is a highly doubt it we just converted you to agnostic yeah wow you're questioning it i said that we had we had it is just a lack of belief okay belief i just don't believe i don't i don't proclaim that there isn't one it's it's a huge difference but anyway
yeah there is a god and he's out here picking which teams gonna where i don't want to be involved anyway why 'cause if god just up there chilling on the catholic up slamming some beers yet gods like waffles do men look at very drink then i'll rock with well i mean that's why tim tebo went all those games you want to play off game out in denver 'cause god was sitting on his couch and he's you know he's got his finger on the scale little bit if there if there is no god why are sunsets so beautiful oh good question god from what i understand is basically a buffalo wild wings employed at riggs the games and turn in favor of the players that pray for him heart if there is no god why'd russell wilson win a superbowl good question i'm out with i don't get as it related exact so i stopped are you saying that when russell wilson says that at we see the interception in the super bowl against the patriots gods
to him as he was walking to the sidelines and said i'm just doing this to test you and to see how you respond next year yeah i don't think that that was actually got talking to on a liar yeah i ok what about what about the time when god told him to not have sex with cra when god showed up in that mirror in that trailer you called him a liar there i don't think that we have an intervening intervening divine presence in our uh universe at this moment ok so headline grab arian foster says russell wilson is a liar and there are all i'm saying is i don't believe your claim if you have a claim you didn't have the burden of proof so prove it to me i feel like i'm the trip chamber a yeah as an atheist don't you think that would be a hindrance in a battle against a wolf because all you care about is your life even
no but you're going to be running scared now we gods creatures or yeah they're very in tune with nature they're very in tune with god are you saying that dogs don't go to heaven they don't give type they oh ok no they do by being man's best friend the domesticated dog yes the wolf the wolf the the that that out did a beer an atheist all you care about is surviving because after you die there's nothing whereas if you are a christian you would be playing like there's nothing to lose because if you did you go to heaven if you win then you still get to hang out and like experience life uh that's where you're wrong so if i would i would i would think the exact opposite i don't have anything since then since i have nothing to lose i mean i have everything i have everything to fight for so i want to live as long as possible so that for my my my things come from survival i want to i want to survive as long as possible whereas the christian
even if i lose this fight i'll be in heaven okay so you be running scared yeah would i would i don't he won't listen to me i don't say balls are as tough as we make them out to be i think we just built up this this prestige of them in our heads okay what is michael vick train the may an old man that will be at one little stands wood i gotta get off my dog he's a tough questions i saw recently that you are giving up alcohol for two thousand and eighteen so will take your man card for that and then why are you doing that a alcohol beautiful man don't i have i have had a great experience with it but it why you party dude yeah friday to a man i live i live a great life but
just doesn't hate me like these other decisions i make like should so as a thirty year old man i'm looking back in my life i haven't had like a year of sobriety since i was like seventeen years old so like singles want to have the so you're a loser in high school got it boss focus man i'm trying to get to get trying to get to that the indentured servitude but but yeah it just doesn't hate me anymore man and also this is a big factor i can't even lie i went to new york and i was doing cats with that hill is actually coming out soon tomorrow actually and i went out with my mom we had a nice dinner we got really drunk i really really drunk i'm i'm i'm taking down the whole fifth before man i've never gotten a hangover in my life right thirty one years old never have got a hangover but with my mother before podcast and i woke up and i had no idea what
i was miserable how i heard that's i figured yep so and so but this is i don't know how people like their masochist do you have a hangover and then you like i'm a little bit drunk again start drinking again like immediately you drink a bloody mary for breakfast so you're you're dead on with this because i'm how old are you three thousand one hundred and thirty one yeah so i'm me too and i do not drink like barely at all anymore because of that exact thing where it's like if i drink and get drunk my entire next like two days are gone yeah it was it was the most miserable and i pulled myself together have a great and a great conversation but it was the most miserable experience i've ever experienced and i'm i'm talking about i i used to drink a
like i i i i i enjoyed alcohol it was great i never had to handle the ones i used to make fun of you will have hang over that i could drink until three in the morning the next day get up at five in the morning and do whatever i had to do i was i was that kind of your go functioning alcoholic but this would matter i can explain it will that will fully drink and they know they're gonna hang over our our cycles i don't understand so you do you basically did the i'm never drinking again and you've actually stuck with it for like a week you you should ask god for help to get rid of your hangover i do that all the time that's right what do you think about that erin because in the twelve step program one of the steps is accepting a higher power so are you calling recovering alcoholics liars come alot of people liars today that oh and then i have nothing to say that was hilarious yeah i got you i got you cornered we're getting you to question all your beliefs are you intimidated by how hard we've been alpha bingyu mentale yeah or you may be reconsidering joining the podcast game not at all man
oh you want tips i got i got i got to have your lawn and put on a husky up there yeah well who won the hottest hot scene i'm not worried about your hot seat you know with the hottest seat of all is hell yeah where you're going because you don't believe in god now the funny thing is i actually don't believe in god either so we're actually on the same side of that laid out my devil's advocate for no reason yeah i actually just keep my mouth shut about this subject because i don't want to be wrong one way or the other right possible deniability and i also get i just get tired talking about it because it's like one of those things where i believe what i believe in you believe what you believe in no one's going to change their mind let me tell you wrong right because i've had i was in the thousands of messages and the reason why i decided that your quotable come out and say anything at all is good i feel like this for years but there is no i decided anything was because there are people in this country not to not to bring down a movie like there are people in the country who are really like trapped in their circumstances who who are questioning their fate who
we like it they're being taken advantage of by their church or their mosque or whatever the case may be and there are people who are looking for answers and r looking for their true and and other people that that come out say it's okay to believe this it's okay and they're not shamed or shunned from the community it's important for public for public figures especially now i have a big audience that now you don't have to come out and say i'm an atheist and you don't have to hold a picket signs but just say you know who have these thoughts like there's so many people out there who have like been broken free from their religious change just because other people said something yeah i just i just feel like it's important for people if you if you don't believe to express that because we're all just trying to figure this thing out together so finding like minded people is is
no it's i mean it's it's a good point because if you look at the history religion the history religion the most religious people are usually the people who have it the worst in life at that given time because they're basically told like hey you're poor or you have a bad lot in life because gods testing you when in reality that's just you know rich people trying to control the world damn that's the opiate of the masses yep there it is the truth that's why i don't believe in god who do you have anything to say to joel osteen as a hugh stoney and we are calling him a fraud by the way yeah i've read my fair share of the bible man a jesus specifically preached about being rich he i remember what the exact verse was but he says it's easier for a rich man to organize the easier for a camel to go through the eye of a needle than for a rich man to enter the kingdom like you have private jets you have like uh
mansion like that's not the life that jesus taught like i'm not to do what you have to do but you are selling hope and i like anytime you sell hope you're manipulating people but he's got a great set of teeth and his hair is pretty cool too i mean it's pretty slick you got the ac slater thing going on he looks like a partner short with botox yeah i heard it could be a rule but i heard you explore these to the lakers which i i'm envious about that you know are you big baller i'm definitely big brother ok you buy the shoes for five hundred dollars that they then sent me the wrong size i bought three pairs of big baller brand no what do you think of him uh i have yet to receive as class big baller move you just you buy your shoes you just you get when you get here i'll get him when i get home and i'm going to
our people now i love i love i love i love the mind frame minimize that is both do it our way i do too i i always i think it's so funny when people the gal of ours a little outrageous and you know he's an antagonistic put like it's so funny when people bash the big baller brand and it's he's just really just an upstart businessman trying to take down nike and adidas like why wouldn't you root for the for the upstart guy and it fits the same in political debates like it's all about small business big business is ruining america yada yada yada so support small business right right and you'll get your shoes when you get him and i'll get my shoes when i get home to worry about it would you ever consider sending your sons overseas to play football in lithuania i might be safer over there in football it dancing playing right so we got a big ball equord domestic big baller domestic ball
alright arian thank you so much it's been a lot of fun everyone go download ariens podcast it's called now watt we appreciate it and we'd love to come on anytime you could put us on the hot seat really test our yeah maybe we'll have you back on for easter a grand episode where by the whole bunch of have a whole bunch of factoids where you may love it love it thanks man appreciate it that interview was brought to you guys by fuego box everyone's done all the standard gift items clothes cologne a nice bottle of liquor done done done we've something different and much better than any of those this holiday season fuego box put together a bunch of hot sauce gift boxes at all price points for this problem with us they give you ten bucks off and limited edition barstool cousy don't forget every favorite gifts are the ones they buy for themselves so all you have to do is go to fuegobox dot com slash bar stool and you'll see all the gift
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fau who's in a bowl game are adopted bowl game tonight just signed a ten year contract to stay at fao go owls so what do we think the l yeah either that was what you think is going to last maybe like three weeks so i was actually thinking that this might be the very first college football contract to ever have a wasn't it that allows the coach to coach at another university while still coaching this universe so they like three years from now and giving gets a call he goes to i don't know let's call it let's call you again okay may goes back there for around round to back to he gets back on the bus yeah he can coach in california and also like coach via skype or whatever yep the so you can still do that you know like if you if you need it basically fau is like a husband or wife who saying you know what if you want to be a swinger if you're happy yeah you go out and you swing or you could just stay in boca and swing there that's true that's a great point of a lot of talent there for lane
so do you think that would that probably was like in the contract like hey lane you want to stay in boca ten years because all these women here think about it you don't want to go somewhere like some shitty college yeah stay in boca and he's like yeah you know what i love it here i think the contract was actually probably just a binder filled with like eight by ten photos of women that live in book or not yet their tennis lesson yeah it'd make tennis yes on wings like it's just actors and they just signed his name at the it's like a stop force the us airforce has all these advanced stats that like basically gets the most roles clients and it's just link it and just essentially just a playboy yeah he's like here lane you can have that all this is a six i agree to that the car is the first contract ever of concubines and all right we have a p r one a one we have two of him one is for espn and john skipper so the news came out john skipper stepping down he said that he has been battle substance abuse which obviously is no joke but espn now needs a pr one hundred and one so
what should they do well easy number one is they need to bring back rock and jock i know that was an mtv thing ok but there is space in the marketplace 'cause mtv doesn't do anymore yeah just just like actually doesn't even need to be rocking just have a tv show that's like once a week where it's nelly playing sports yeah i like that i was thinking more so they need to find someone to fill his role and i guess they're like doing an interim not coach out there doing an interim and so i was thinking they should either bring in a football guy maybe tom coughlin if you can fix the jaguars you can fix anything maybe bill parcells bill parcells was the guy who would motivate everyone change the carpet yep or will click dick my two other ideas one is kid president remember that guy remember that kid no yeah the kid who pretended that he was like the president he will go around and ask questions still obama like a little kid president i mean i'm just in favor of a child running espn or the kid from new orleans
jerry is yeah yeah jerry it's would actually be well that should be the thing we ever wins the espys gets to be the president of espn for a year i'm ok i would boost espys have like a winner i think i don't know maybe yes something you just do twitch it just be like okay mill of gamers decide what we should put on yes and then hopefully sports my last idea then tell me this might be a little crazy but everyone's colin espn ms espn all the stuff they're liberal pushing it i think what i'm thinking bill reilly no obama run straight into the fire that's burning okay so you just double down on it and we're going to double down on the drone racing all right yeah right exactly the obama knows exactly how to we he knows his way around some satellites and drone he can get all the rights you'll be you know it's like you do a little bit of this little that you bomb simple
people in the middle east you make sure the college football playoff stays on espn he could do it all let's let's be clear the the nba you that your team architect budgeted build up right good that's pretty good you don't even get any mike greenberg in there which usually happens one is for james brown so james brown had a little twitter mishap he tweeted out sexy little brunette bich sucking and fucking her personal trainers big cock oh man and then said it was just a link right and he then said he was hacked which obviously that we believe in through no this actually is be my number one fear in life tweet accidentally tweeting porn links because like you do phones have advanced you can watch any you need to watch on your computer on your phone get those
yes you do the copy and paste it doesn't fully copy and paste the next one right maybe your thumb it's like got some lotion on or whatever and touches the screen it starts going haywire yeah and next thing you know your tweet out links to youjizz yeah this is an issue i don't know why porn websites even have the tweet video function are like because they to get people to flee i get that it's it's very weird though that they would even installed like the facebook button for example by the way this is a weird it's damp lips doc the reports damplips dot com how to go on damp lips dot how do you say research just a just recently hank put in just a research silent siren right here so damp lips research on this site is for an eighteen year old adults only and then the top one top rated story
is a block of blonde tiny slot with a tight is my birthday gift for my friends why did you go that james that's a great yet the greatest pretty well thought out so i like this because it gets james brown back in like the public i thought about him for a while a long time yeah well how do you think james brown searches report do you think he just he's got damp lips dot com bookmark tell yeah i don't i actually think that he's strictly watches porn that jimmy johnson email still it jim johnson big are terry bradshaw yeah i found this chick on there you won't believe this little brunette take his big dick tiny brunette pitch taking big black cat alright last night before we get to guys on chicks king state kings jeff fisher is putting his hat in the ring for an nfl job next year he says he would like to be in cleveland indy or chicago femme the jet j
fisher in cleveland is straight up like a duck in water god jeff i love jeff fisher but man you gotta know when to walk away and this is he tried to do this with the ucla job too he's like i'm available guys like mighty tennessee i'm available guys and now he's gone to the nfl i don't put it past the bears bring in gym i should get is your desk i think it's absolutely what's going to happen it's to be a train wreck it's going to be hilarious i'm going to get so much material out of it resigned to the fact that there's never going to be good again so it's like might as well go the funny route and then spin zone as soon expired mitch trubisky becomes like nfl dot mvp so how long it lasts for like if they brought in jeff fisher for like a month or anything now with them that's not enough time to rub off on a lake and you do you tweeted out something about like him getting fired after three years you're not given jeff fisher enough credit because jeff is
or he's rasputin once he gets in the building he knows how to like whisper into his boss shoot him and he just he just keeps walking forward jeff fisher is absolutely getting at least one contract extension no matter where he goes that's a fact it's going to happen it's going to happen here he's going to he's going to get a job with like will call it the browns and then he'll convince haslam to like move the browns to pick
yes forgets to team see he needs and then he has to be there to to oversee the moving at a franchisee the browns makes sense because the browns like you you have to go you have to zig off of yours ag and the browns went with like the offense a genius and hugh jackson so jeff fisher makes sense john it's a dumb did john fox and jeff fisher are the exact same coach they are they are i'd street is that they are the spider man well you know me walking on a house all being like you you know you like they could just they could just fire josh they could just hire jeff fisher and have john fox show up the next day and be like oh what's up coach yeah like are you jeff okay a good job loss could walk around saying i'm jeff fisher people like yeah that makes sense to begin they should be co head coaches that now now we're to
one does offense one does the fence yeah but they sure neither does special today they search charging responsibility all my because so good at it that would be it race that's like a w great like it's like family feud i just i just like to people on the buzzer jeff fisher john fox who who challenges faster and that hurts their own team i would like to see the interview for the job like in stepbrothers where they're both wearing tuxedos seed right behind each other yeah they're interviewing jeff fisher and then john fox pokes his head and he's like i would challenge that yeah and jeff fisher then just farts for like four minutes late we're going to challenge that we're going to get you know what yeah let's throw the flag on that alright guys on chicks hank hey boys especially handsome wanna know hank oh oh wow so last year at my old job i got a little bit too drunk at the christmas party ended up dancing and flirting the boss this year i have a new problem in the office to office crushes how do i do a2 two time at this party
yeah you're going to pick somebody off probably yeah i would just not go to this actually you know what that's going to be our advice to every single questions just don't go to the office but here's a little tip for everyone out there you need to figure out when your office party is and then take vacation the next day because that next day after the office party hungover like oh what did i say what did i do is maybe the scariest of sunday carries the most important advice i can give is no matter what don't be the drunkest person at the hospital right before you don't want to go there you can be the second drunkest person invite when you've you're really sloppy drunk friends to it yeah i die and just have them be the bad guy there's an office party in like two thousand maybe ten where a karaoke machine came out and that was sent for me hello billy joel white wedding yeah and the rebel yell you go back to back play play all sets n b
support and hank longtime awl here not billy joel what fun yeah i wanted or what guys usually want to get for the holidays my boyfriend and i have been dating for a couple months and i have no clue what to get him for christmas slash if i should even get him anything as a presence since we haven't even talked about it yet ok so the real answer here is cash all boyfriends want cash they want cold hard cash is either they want to buy something themselves that they don't want to ask you to buy them how much cash like few hundred maybe oh you're walking around money did you say how old she is so either want to buy something that you know they're going to get charged with like whether it be shoes or sneakers or whatever or then a full season is in week fifteen and they are hard up on cash and i need that cat so i've got kind of a revolutionary idea here i've been pushing this for a few years there should two christmases in a relationship okay first christmas should be the guys christmas and so the
gives the gift to the guy on will call it like december 21st so you give your gift to the guy and then that gives him couple days to taught properly engage how trusted you are him how you start your gift to him yeah also if you give them cash you can expect a significant amount of that cash becomes free back at you in the gift that he gets for you sir is the what's wrong with giving cash nothing cash is the greatest gift you could ever give i agree just cold hard cash if you open up a card oregon when you open up a card you're expecting cash in there put the fucking cash is it you know how like lexus as their december to remember events where they advertise for their product cash needs to start advertising for itself remind people that it's the greatest holiday present of all who cash it could literally be anything who you think would i'm thinking we could become like a company that gift wraps cat so you send us four hundred scott and then we'll give wrap three hundred and send it back that's that sounds more than fair to good
yeah it'll understand will put a little shine on your gift so it's not just cash bonus cash with some love sub boys especially pft so last year's christmas party i got way too drunk and went shot for shot my boss i feel like i'm to get peer pressure do this again this year how do i avoid this don't wear jeans if you work for the panthers let's see that's a good idea yeah so do that and make sure that when you get in your uber your boss make sure that you're very safe in there in case of an accident will be secure i would just go with i stop drinking because that's and i don't know how you get out of like shot for shot if your boss is really can't drink it the whole christmas party okay here's i would i would offer to not forget the whole chris party that have to like take shots my boss yeah i would say that i whatever your look of choices say that you developed an allergy to that and so yes stick to beer yeah twenty oh yeah so you're pregnant you're pregnant so you can only drink white wine pregnant in training for a marathon how many sir appropriate at my boyfriend's parents christmas party
that's depends how long it is if it's like an all day affair or if we're talking you know that stay at for our party i would say probably i would i would stick to about drink an hour if it's still a new release so i was going to drink a half hour so ok yeah well it depends on what either to you don't want to be like crushing like marty he's not maybe maybe go with the beer every half hour you can get a new one yeah that's so that's always a tricky one the house party does a lot of come text to that yeah the house christmas party is like and you get stuck talking like meeting all these people you don't want to talk to and it just fucking sucks just so you have diarrhea our last one high pmt boys especially liam our office him wait do you want this up go ahead lamp suck you infer for taking flight back on saturday
our office christmas party is friday at our bosses house since everyone is being pc now there will be no alcohol there what however i don't know how that qualifies as politically correct it's just like it's just standard like we're not going to drink since everyone is being pc now there will be no alcohol there exclamation point however another guy in the office who is about the same age as me and is recently single asked me if i want to pregame the party beforehand i want to but not or if it's appropriate and not sure what his real intentions are any advice will help thanks so it sounds like he's just trying to be friendly it should be your mentor is what we call that in bristol so i think you don't want to do because if you have been sober around drunk people at any point your life it's pretty clear that the drunk so you're going to come into that party and be like we're cool like no one knows that we drank and everyone like these guys are fucking loaded so i wouldn't do that what are you saying are you saying that this guy might have
aries intentions no i'm sorry no i'm not even talking about the guy girl relationship i'm talking about showing up to a sober party drunk is gonna be red flag city yeah here's a real answer he's yeah he's definitely try to you so just going to that with your eyes open and definitely drink afterwards yeah yeah that's he yeah maybe bring a flat so here's the thing yeah maybe sneak a flask asking to your own fall in orders as the cable back with instead of the cable back blatter just put like a take a frenzy and their mom yeah i like that i like that it's all it never suspect walk around the back back across the jordan i do all the time would be funny is if at this christmas party it was just filled with everybody sneaking drinks and trying to make sure that nobody saw him drinking yeah but they're all doing it right the boss is definitely gonna be hidden is whiskey you know hardly upstairs so yeah i better better answer just get really high before yeah i know will know that yes get super super high and walking with a bag of doritos right that's our show will see everyone on friday the last show before christmas
anything else i love you guys
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