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Forrest Gump Writer Eric Roth, NFL Power Rankings, Mt Rushmore Of Why We Love Dogs

2020-06-03 | 🔗
We're back in studio, quick message off the top to keep listening to each other. We get back into sports and get mad at Peter King's NFL power rankings. (2:40-15:44) Baseball maybe back? (15:45-18:40) Hot Seat/Cool Throne including Lenny Dykstra and Dan Bilzerian being the greatest philosopher of our time. (19:35-31:05) Forrest Gump Writer and Oscar Winner Eric Roth joins the show to talk about writing movies, Hollywood, horse racing and spending time with Muhammad Ali. (33:04-1:16:42) Mt Rushmore of things we love about dogs (1:18:08-1:31:12) and guys on chicks. (1:31:13-1:38:05)
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On today's part. My take. We have an interview with force, Gump, Eider Oscar Winner, big time, Holly, guy era, com, raw Hollywood, soon so Hollywood so, and so Eric raw talk about his career tat, while writing force Gump some the other movies, some of the misses, similar ones that he thought were great. Ah interesting in. Because we don't really know what it takes to write a movie, even though we're trying to write a movie, we have hearts. Cool thrown. We have a mount rush. More space feel good Mount Rushmore. We have guys on chicks and hangs on vacation, cancel Billy. Football is filling in for him at the hot seat, cool throne. Before we get to all that, we are brought to you by the cash app pardon. My take is always brought to you by the cash at now. Is the easiest place to send money to your friends? It's the safest, want everyone to go to the cash app switch page twitch, dot tv cash app
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Molly Mueller talk about move a baby, so go right now, check out twitch and check out cash apt, which channel thank you to the cash we love them. Go download right now brought to you by the cash ever as always in the cash studio. Ok, let's go. How welcome a part of my take presented by the cash app go downloader right now and also go to their twitch channel twitched our tv slash cash up where you get free money, every single time they go live by dropping your cash tag in their chat. Today,
as Wednesday June third were here we're here, yes, so were we're gonna do the regular show. We just want to tell everyone. If you missed Monday show Erin fosters interview. I would highly highly recommend going in listening to it, which are about everything that's going on in America right now. I think it. I think the feedback was overwhelming. We positive, which I'm very happy about our listeners, the best listeners and Hopefully some minds were changed. I know my Mine was changed instantly on it. We can start here the Instagram Blackout, Tuesday, two days ago, oh, that's something we were made fun of in terms of like always solve racism. By blocking out her answer. Grandpapa had ourselves on the back right word, but he'd he did talk about then discuss like sometimes shown a little sign of visibility can help people. I know I've heard from a lot of listeners and I do want to point out that the feed
has been ninety nine point, nine percent increase for the discussion, even even a lot of people that we're like. I don't necessarily agree with everything areas says area It has a very unique perspective and he's dead, his homework. He knows what the different arguments out. There are against his point of view, and it is a very good job of saying why he Sir, with them the feedback. I've gone has been amazing and, to your point, big cat, just letting people know that we have their back. Yet we situation like that. We support, I definitely did not solve anything. I did not make a dent. In anything by putting a little black square. My instagram today, but
I did receive messages from people saying hey. I do appreciate you saying this deal that that that's all bonus from there, the biggest the biggest thing I took away from area in talking with him on Sunday, small wins matter, so small wins matter. You know I definitely just two days ago would have made fun of movement like that. The incident blackout movement like that because it does feel a little pat on your back, but guess what it's not about me. It's about supply bring people who are hurting right now and we're gonna do that. We will continue to do that. So please go listened to the interview. If you missed it, we will I've even decided that, after the show, I'm gonna go outside and I'm gonna walk up to department store window and have some may take a picture of me holding a drill and they get and then hand it right back to them, and then I'm gonna happen. My novel act out woman that was scheduled for urgent matter outfit or no to just get. Out of the Beemer holding a drill, limp resting.
And stopping a guy who is actually trying to put up the board and then hopping back in the Beemer and going back to wherever she came from down. You know what it is good to get everybody together to unite and say that is a piece of our right. There's ox. I think we can all agree and say that that person did why, who knows if they sucker not what they did was pretty sure Yes, so bottom line is work. Where we're trying navigate this. As best we can were hoping to expand some minds whenever we can use our platform in a good way, but we also understand that our platform is to give people break and listen to us be idiots. I do understand, eliminate. Let's do that first by hopping right into getting mad about Peter kings rankings. He put out his power rankings. Nfl power rankings,
boy. Am I mad they worse than Priscus, ranking and ok? Let's forget, I feel like Peterkin has had some some shots fired on recently and felt the need to step is, takes up, Peters always been real. Milk, toast kind of guy were he's afraid to make his takes or the anti. Two right, which is like hey, this team, could be goodish right and recently he sees that people are paying more attention to persecute, takes because Priscus Peter King thinks he thinks things and presto knows that he knows things when Peterkin goes to a tie. Restaurant there like, let's make sure we give him the least spicy dish on the men, are so I'm gonna go I'll I'll go down at you. Just stop me when you, when you have that, doesn't sound right cause. I have a few as well. I choose one got, it makes sense. Ravens too great makes sense, saints three cool a problem there, forty Niners for Pox, five, I'm not
hey with he's, put a lot of stock in that I'm ok with the books being five, because the box words like day they had the poor of a decent team. Last year they just had a quarter back the through thirty interceptions. One thing in a lot of often suppliers that didn't make tackles online bereft returning the initial rasper touchdowns. I also think that the running game in tempers underrated, underrated. We reach. That is swinging. That direction my mind where so many people are talking about Tom Brady and Grant and MIKE Evans, that no one I cannot barber and the rushing attack that they had, which was pretty affected, and I had a pretty good different soon so box, five fine with that sea, ox six cool with that. You know what I'm also cool with I'm actually find with titans at seven, I'm ok with titans at seven can can continue what they did the and the last year. That's a really good team. Here's what I love about having the titans at seven! Is you give a lot of daylight for titans fans to get pissed off about being at seven because they can be like we beat the Ravens last year right.
Alright? So here's work its little spicy raiders at eight. Ok, though, raider all right that hasn't to the Gonna in a while. I don't think yes they've, upgraded yes and a lot of draft capital. I think they're gonna be good. What aids, once you get out of the top five you can tell us you can tell which coaches and quarterbacks returned Peter kings call correct, so he has got it right on. That's also why Tom Brady's up there's the apples and nine cowboys, I'm ok with as well ten Steelers. I dont know how you rank the raiders ahead of the Steelers when the Steelers head pry the best defence down the stretch and then they get in spur. I guess I guess you could say the question mark is Bren ruthless Burger, but if he's I mean they're quarterback play was not
dear car ceiling, is like it isn't: Rochlitz burgers belly, swordfish I'd foot those vikings at eleven. That seems, I feel, like his honest, her cousins on the Vikings. They will always be ranked between eleven and six out put them immediately. Sixty riots that that's the vikings by the sea hawks are always number six. The vikings are always number sixty hackers. Twelve, that's why it bills at thirteen The bill should be ahead of the raiders. Yes, the bills. I mean the pill should win the agencies issue and we haven't done to the Texans yet either we all we're at work tat guy s body are also your way bills at thirteen thirteen others just respond. Ok, there's also some Josh Island envy people's that's been going around starting here, starting here three years ago, but I feel like I know want too much pressure on that score on DIS, I'm disregarding all the priests and Buzz for Joshua,
Ok, so pills thirteen cults fourteen Eagles fifteen, I'm actually okay, so this is by fourteen through seventeen is actually the He always zone where your basically saying they're gonna finish either five: five, our ranks ahead of where I met or five worse, yet that you could see the colts being the eighth best. Team or the ninth Nightmares team or you could see in being the Nineteenth Bestia Philip Revers Programmers. That's a good question so that these for all lumped together, I would say the call to fourteen the eagles of fifteen the rams. Sixteen the bears at seventeen. I think most teams are if everything goes right there there gonna be like the fifth six or seven thirteen to make the pious. If everything goes wrong, they will be in the top. You know twelve packs ass. If the bears have as many wins as they have tightened, they will jump up Dalmatius Ivan their area, but I think that's actually pretty appropriate place for the poor.
To be for the rams. The equal pay pretty much like they have the bones to be a good team, but they have to do some things right to get the eagles. Have the bones they don't have the ligaments Jeff Carson whence can stay healthy then I think they'll be topped up now. They're spicy one next to spicy when Caesar these are the gonna, be the dark horse teams of all summer long cardinals at eighteen, which I can't I cargoes there right now, I'm just calling it they're gonna, be everyone started to read, has built into yak is gonna, be like they can't be as bad as it were last year, plus you're too, with a new code and also need to remind everyone cause. I need to run my Irma myself every two weeks. Yonder Hopkins is on the Cardinal S. Roughly, I keep forgetting put its the shirt Africa. Christian Kirk Look Lair Fitzgerald De Andrea.
I want? I want to hear some color Mary off season stories. I want to hear the Cairo showing up Anybody Susan best shape of his life. I wanna hear that he grew two inches in the offices- dolphins, nineteen, another one where I actually like that. I think that there, the fact, the dolphins, I too tank one five games: the pages again, the pages warned when weak seventeen Fox Bureau and still got the quarter They were trying to take a whore I am okay rate job of trusting the process, although it does depend who's starting is it going to be two is going to be Fitzy Fitzpatrick roster rank so yourself, it's Patrick Josh Rosen. I would put Fitzpatrick if he starting they should be in the top ten for the first five years, I've weaknesses in the outcome has been fits. Magic is going to come out, Broncos twenty there. There are big to Mark team. I could see the Broncos being. I put my really good team and I could see them not like me. Who knows what they're gonna be
put broncos intellect twelve to fifteen region amber, drew locker, either promise when you do this, you end up with, like eighteen, tee, in in the twelve to fifteen for illegal use of yours. I've got a top five. Then I've got ten teams at twelve. Then I've got thirty and thirty one and thirty years the here's, the shocking patriots at twenty one. I don't oh, how you put a Bilbil thirteen, twenty one. I think you just answer the course I think Bilbil check told Peter came through my twenty one. That's one! That's one where you just it wherever you put it Peter king of your writing, this down you during your power rankings, you put the pagers twenty one. You should then automatically just pump up like four spots because Bilbil, which I think that Peter King also stumbled his way into getting page views because he knows he added Jerry. Thornton is gonna, write, seven articles and our compatriots being at twenty twenty one Texans at twenty. Two! Ok, that's
So pretty far dropped narrative argue they don't have any players. Anymore knows that's pretty high for not having Roscoe have the Sharm charge. As we know they will for fuller for the first half of the first game. That's true, they ve got will fuller. They ve got the giant been injured in the precision of David Johnson, which is I'll even David Johnson, and it gets a bad thing because you know Bill Brien's, like we got a feed David Johnson, though not to have a child, mainly Matthew, very, very happy. If that's what a cases if they do in fact have David jobs on the team and wilful, for a game and J J. What They always ends code, good line backers. Yet I so then we we rattle off the end here so chargers it. Twenty three brown to twenty four, those team. Adapting to play off sick. It also just suck the falcons at twenty. Five m actually put the browns at thirteen.
Well, I'm not I'm a bronze believer they're, going back to the full backing this. Why I like what the bronze have done too? I think they should be higher, but again once you make them higher than he has make everyone lower falcons at twenty five Peter must not realize they have literally a first round picket, ten or eleven positions and in on offer, and they haven't play their best game of twenty seventeen year old. So common lies at twenty six spangles. Twenty seven jets, a twenty eight percent. Twenty nine and then we finish off with giants: Redskins, Jaguars, ok, Panther, I think, should also be allowed, would hire a new code New, a coach and new quarterback in town. I always bump that up like that, where the bottom five again so goes jets, Panthers Giants, Redskins, jaguars, Jaguars it there it feels law after dung rouse would be thirty. Two admiral cried and and and rally the troops who would mean they're gonna do magic. Thirty two.
Nobody, nobody should start to seize our wow. Look at you pertinently BP of tee. Who would I have it as minority the Red Sea hidden? Maybe that our words yeah, I like run very yeah the it, and I guess, jets a thirty two I she did the giants could of those I bottom teams via the pick one of those five bottom teams, make the playoffs. I would throw the giants: Yet never makes sense DIN Jones, maybe he stops fumbling all the time I don't know I would put jets internet through on the fact TAT Joe Flatter will not be ready for the services. Joe judge is not pat Shermer. Now this vessel teams is going to help us at least like six points so those are the rankings feels good, though just get mad about some rankings. That mean nothing. It is weird seventeen thirty two that has a returning coaching quarterback from last year. Yeah,
but I mean if you wanted to no one's gonna, be thirty two. If you wanted to make the raiders argument at thirty two, I think you could actually make an making art. So that's Peter King. We also have baseball, maybe coming back, who knows so essential. Everything I understand and of red and it's dangerous that I'm reading now, but the owners have ex back on the players of the players said we made a deal in March were or I am for provided salaries of how many games we play. The owners get them off. Of that. The place at four that's than the owner said. Oh, that deal also says: how many aims we can place of the owners, get to decide the amount of games to say. Oh, if we have a pro, then we'll just play for games and pay you not much money, but it sounds like the players are kind of ok with it yeah. I
Did they land more? Like seventy eighty games, I think fifties problem if ITALY would be exciting, but it also would be maddening to watch a team the visitors are bad king case. Could they fell off like faster than that? But I think there are Fourteen to lash your name up would like one, the worst eat, worse record and baseball international stunk for the first fifty gave the aids is their merit yeah, as seventy eighty, I think you can weed out, like you're, still have a couple teams where you can point to say: there's no way they would lasted an entire season. Put it seeking be a little bit closer to these are the good teams? Is the? There is also something that I like about baseball being such a drawn out seas. I don't think that it should be as long as it is there's something nice about forgetting about baseball for a couple weeks and then coming back to back. Oh yeah, here's what's happening in baseball now, right Europe's Zella, getting distracted and forgetting about it plus. The pace of a baseball game,
doesn't really seem to line up with a super fast season, right, like a slower like football, makes sense its fast game. It's fast season baseball, a very slow game. Having every game mean a lot might be exhilarating, but it might be just kind of weird yeah. It will be. We have the potential now of having in the fall baseball players the players Stanley CUP with us in football, I'm all in the same like September in October clear your schedule, you're not doing it's a new season, so it it's not fall. It's not winner. September in October, is just gonna. Be sport sees yeah all ranks all the time. It's gonna be fucking great. It's gonna be the amount of money, I'm in a hurry. Play every single might makes my fucking nuts tingle. Ah Let's do our hearts equal throne, then we'll get to aircraft. Oh the only time we will let you drink the only two we'll. Let you drink
Billy so had every right now, Billy so do I hope he is where's, your folks. He caught that you have it, don't you rock indigo, don't you till he really got whose guarantees outlines rate of pockets. Slam no operate, no open it like a regular human being. Ok, like a regular human being Billy figure out how to press a button, and it starts as soon as I start reading the ad and you have to try to finish before. I finish the ad okay, alright,. Billy's is older than plaza shouting it. This is simple in IRAN must space actuaries banting his can. His polite seltzer can are ready. Hot see, cool throne is brought you by our friends at bud. Light seltzer, try it for yourself and see why great tasting, oh, my God, Billy's Don product itself, first putting every other zones or on the hot seat, she's trying to go check.
A polite, Seltzer Billy that was impressive, invent out. That's what you're born to do ya know happy that we let him drink goddamn ip here you can get off haughty cool throne. Hake is on vacation. I don't love you heard. While you pay Hague decided his egg decide, he's gonna run away to his second home, which just everywhere else. Besides his first is just the only his like forth. They can't. He also gave us a big heads up like a month ago that he's gonna go on vacation. We said we can handle without you. He did so. Oh wait, let's pillar, there's no chance that Hanks gonna listen! So let's leave a word. Ok, so the word for Hank is Chin Chin. If Hank tweets us the word chin by ten a m tomorrow. He's got a tweet at virtually at fifty myself Liam Bill. In the part mighty county sets a tweet or chin. If he does that
That means you listen, if not just to get a cat and no one, no one Tipp em off athletes. Have you done this to me before every single episode dude? Why it's ok for shut up, I'm here we go hots equals Rhone Hank. You words Chin, I Billy Horticulture, hot c in the MIKE, into the might that sells his enemy lightweight Tom reminded them, I'm in its here very high up just a little hot seat, Jake Paul Yes, Jake Paul is on a serious hot seat. I I'll put him on the hot seat. You look like em that will lead you to him. What these Mario, I'm like warrior like I know, you're, though, will lose will lose. You will lose your while awaiting wallow, each noble, no right, we'll Lucy,
it's like when you have a really big Lou, he well Luigi have anyway, I I I think, I'm not going on a hot seeks, I'm not in the wooden religions tied I put up with the internet, Panama, Hussy you didn't get a defendant, I'm not defend him at all. I'm just announcing just what the internet has done to you. I'm hiding place to say he's what he did was, but I do, it really looks like I do not think they about Jake Paw Nightmares, all areas, no more seltzer. I don't like him, but our good paws on all noise yeah. He was. He was running around a little lives matter. He was running around the destroyed mall Phil a video destroyed mall, makes it sound like it was already destroyed it was part of a larger. Was he touring the ruins longer? I'm not gonna, I'm starving, but he was on video, destroying anything. But ok. I could imagine, but like everyone,
May he basically is exploiting the protest and all the stuff happening for video, which I, which is very Paul, Paul S, just not more than play, see something in there like who? How can I get you? A law is the force of cloud chasers, his arrows up any time, there's a big event and he's like I'm in it too for of law. Yeah sake, it's like I. It's disgusting and everyone on the internet thinks it's disgusting, and I so he's on the hot see I'm he released the apology saying that, oh I wasn't doing it, for I was doing it to do Humanity are like He's a good videographer. He rightly lorry Jersey. What he's like he's not doing? can burns documentary I'll, tell you that nice was fuckin, o nice. I got it.
In embedded reporter, I mean protests, you your dress up and all that swag and run around. If you not like China, make a scene of true, so he was, it would do. We know what mall it was like. An airline allows wish. We should later this summer's one low gang. I've always been logging. We should the organ brother we should have. We should like follow. Billy around in New York Then he pretending his appall brother. If you put a mask on which you should be ironed out and I die, I have looked like other bandanna. No, you will not look like a ball yeah. We should do that. I, what you're cool turn my cool, throw is also in Arizona John Bond Joan John bones Jones too. He was running around here. Legitimately was probably the most bad ass man in a three state radius. Huge is out there like taking
like Sprague hands and like weapons from a bunch lakes toothpick due to a just not there for any productive reason, and it was like sick, as you just see these guys, like
John Bonn Jones runs up into shitting their pants. I like I just wanted, like you, know, rage with my boys and cause trouble in boom job on Jones in there just like bone absent again baited by like the biggest alpha and he's. Probably I don't think he's he's in between fights are even know what a status right now you have seen we'd have to imagine is on a cycle or to always rapidly. If I d pretty good to see him on show that he can go on both sides of the law, occasionally you so I mean I see it looked as if you like, when I would set movie catch me if you can, where they hire Frank Avenue at the end, to be the guy that spots. Forged documents like fought using John Bond Jones to find people that are carrying weapons illegally is actually the most brilliant pick that link later criminal ITALY like so the video looks like the exact same street that I mean his do you I footage was from the kind of money does linking the land likely now. Maybe he doesn't cause Iraq YO, I mean you shooting a carefully surrounders, some references
cool it wasn't area. I view the middle desert doing now like sick right people run around your guns in deserts oily. This was also in Arizona so like in my head. I just have a sick, fair, seaward, John Bonn Jones. I rolled up on Jake Paul doing stupid shit in there is like someone, confrontation and colleges. Actually they pitched that would be. You know how I would look in Paul keeps turn of fight. Antonio Brown yeah, these two should fight and call as we call it John Paul Jones. We have not yet begun to fight. That's good. Yet that is a deep jive. He was. The cap. Go look at our peril. Yeah. That's can end up in a deep dive. I billy their job, we're gonna, kill it go pass out p. What's your hearts equal to my hot c? Is my oven. Ironically, my of in my haven't ironically, got roasted.
Online yesterday, so I made big chicken wings cause, I'm a beta cock and I'm trying to cut down on oils, and so I beg chicken wings to get a Mason Crispy there ever gonna get his crispy as when you fry em, but I I stumbled into kitchen online was a kitchen to Graham it's what I ran a fought foul of and I had probably fit. People tell me a brow. You should use an air friar, so spent about thirty minutes. Just watching sick air friar videos last night at one the sick are the two hasn't is the only thing I know how to use all you do. Is you just put the stuff it? This is exactly what happened me like a hundred times. Last night I had a buying ones. So on purchasing and air friar. I guess it's ice. There's always one kitchen appliance. That's going to solve all your problems like the latest one last I think it was the instant or the hot pot or wherever now I guess it's the air friar, so Captain air friar So congratulations, internet! You won my ovens on the Hudson seat. Can I make soup
Therefore our bub sure anything soup. Do anything love it I call throne is Lenny dexterous public image. Oh yeah, so Lenny dykes. It was ruled by it was ruled by an actual court of law in the United States that you cannot. Liable. Liddy die extra because his reputation, already so bad that you can't make it worse. He's written books and he's been on the record, saying the worst A small things to the point were you cannot make him seem like more of a scoundrel than he's already admitted to being, which is like the goal. Nothing. You can sectors that you can't damage him any more, that he's done to him, so he shot the moon with his reputation. It's become so bad That is actually an asset I loved so dry land mean I can look at. This is a challenge could we possibly as we like, but we don't want to, but we could he's the final boss of slander yeah Anyone can try. I don't know I heard
but a pig. Oh, I don't know any dykes, your fox pigs, oh wow, so that might actually get us in trouble. Lenny, dykes draw fucked a pig while okay, if we have to get sued, I was not me, it would be the best Supreme Court case. It's what would you do, but he did to savour a royal, a royal person. Why black, like we're, ok he factor, pig to save Netflix there we go am I? My hot seat is fill river and Roy Williams, because researchers found that saying the word Falk can improve your threshold for paying so ended. Actually found. If you use words in place a fuck, it's worse, so he say fudge or dang it or gosh darn. It
It's it's worse than just letting out a good flock because you're suppressing the fog. Yes, I thought it's like a silly it in you will rivers could have been. He already is a tough guy he's play through a lot of injuries. Could you imagine what he would be like as quarterback? If he actually said fuck, you think it forever sorts cussing, then he won the Superbowl. Probably this is his final Hildy ass to get over I'll. Do it thousand dollars to charity. It fill rivers just says fuck on a video. Yes, do hate Charity Phil come on Phil, say it Just imagine a thousand. It's gotta be a like real good luck. That's just it! That's all you have to say doesn't have to be directed towards any one thousand dollars boil are in the my cool throne is dimples area because he had between, after everyone was participating in black out Tuesday saying people are more concerned with looking like a good person than being a good person which would imply
Damn Bulgarian is a good person here damn bowser and saying that other people are too concerned with their image. Yes, instead of being a good and also accusing people of trying to look like a good person when really the important thing is acting like a good person, jeez, never done, there's no airbrush for your conscience, and no one knows that better than what it sweet from him incredible to after bleep out his last name, YAP dont be no, don't data be John, be I would die for John, be. Ah, yes, that was elevatory from him, gets reallocate eyes, stop worrying about year, Instagram Gabriel's areas saying that Subway Mayor Instagram and social media and start worrying about making a change in your life in sir we're about social weedy, stop stop trying to post those ten hot shakes in your private plain and get the fuck outta here, yeah Danvers areas, sick of everyone else, posting pictures of their lavish life would be sick, though of efta and Bulgarian gave up all his earthly possessions
and and became like into the wild and then got mould by Grizzly Bear thirties, oh by the way, if you just scroll the fifth picture back as him with five women all naked with tits onto which I didn't know they allowed, that put its pretty cool. But are you going old picks this book gonna be crazy. What is tweet was like two weeks ago saw good for them right all. We also has we all that's what we're this is sitting next to those that Israel model sitting like in his lap and he's got his computer on summit took the picture in the headlines. Just writing my book yes, there is a way to go down they keeper for taking this hell. Yes, man, I, let's get, you are interview. We have aircraft. Ah ha
he's a movie writer wrote force, Gump wrote a bunch of great movies at you, no interest in conversation with him before we do that me Andy's me Andy's, my the action when I first heteronomy undies as like holy shit, I have not been living until this very day. We get me Andy sensuous, every single month. I only where me Andy's, I only o me Andy's so anyway back to discovering those unease in your mailbox while June's non gloom, sunshine is bronze in your shoulders at this point situate. As hypothetical wait whoops I just lost add here we go ah I cannot tell you how to make a real me. Undies has his brilliant thing called and on these membership, where every month, the softest Andy's ever a period
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free shipping. A hundred percent satisfaction guarantee, I'm telling you I have only been wearing me. Andy's, probably the last two years, and I couldn't be happier they are the most comfortable underwear of ever worn, so go right. Now me undies, dotcom, Slash, take me undies doc. Slash. Take. Ok here is Eric Roth. Okay. We now welcome on very special guessed. It is screenwriter count me award winner. He wrote force Gump You probably have seen it I'd, say everyone in America seen its aircraft. It's my favorite movie halt. I why that was get me. My written question. Is it weird? I think that if you asked in Amerika what their favorite movie is there, like you Would you would win the pop the vote in terms of force Gump being the number one answer. Is that you? Well? If you It gives them a I'll show you my asked her. Yeah Alison Oscar in the house
elsewhere in the house. There will be. I really do think that no, oh, my god, I had already how heavy that heavy my either way after I wanted it picked it up and dropped it on a table. Did you when you won the Oscar we like at it. I'm good actually cause I'm right, kurdish, I'm, basically Banffshire, the idea of going up. There speak what I wanted to throw up in our inner, but when announced by name address you get this JAG giant, adrenaline russian. I resign myself. I can't take this away from our own. Yeah. That was that it was made experience, and I remember we had had three or four previews, and there are some cat plain home, a fighter plane after some guy, a screaming in San Jose. Were Tom Hanks director Bob's matters in the studio people there
They said that you will never be here again, because this is like the most amazing reacts, never see a movie. I was like an island I wish you hadn't repeated that I've had some nice things that have happened, but nothing happened. Yeah. I heard a rumour that you write, all your screen plays an immense dos, etc. I do I do it Such a program called movie master. That's long. Since out of existence, they couldn't figure out how to how to translate it to use it for email. So at some point in everything that the advantages Disadvantage of it is that it runs out a memory after like thirty pages, so good for making outbreaks ear. Potentially you know where your script could be a little bit short. Longer and then the problem is, if you look up and don't shoot Are you gonna? Lose it right
Yes, we're. I also have a backwards for some reason. I have. I have white type on the block. Page and should be the other way around of UNICEF, imitator typewriter that's it you're, like a dream, harbour the coach of Michigan. He writes all his plays like it, you scripts as playbook and furthermore like every email that since he takes it all up in itself and then copies and pace reaches like Prince Edward. I society pays you just what I am not that observe a lot I with the stuff in houses. I used it, I think, for Skype. I will write typewriter actually Why would you say that the book is better than the movie forest up? Are you saying it not movies? Eight is not even close. I like that hey guys, I think the authors of talented man and I could never couldn't imagine without him, but I think I just took up among direction. Something spoke to me. You know- no one. I know I'm good. I know I'm not so good. You know, I know the movies I've written that are good and that those are just didn't work interesting. So is there one
that comes to mind really like. I wish I could a redone that a little bit yell there's a movie I mean it's a little bit the movie. Lucky you, which is a poker movie, a carriage which was aired bonnet and down to bear more the just as an original and I'm not much of a poker player in the patient's work, but I, like the whole. Idea of it and I even named the main character. After a kind of that twenty well known poker player, Kyle Huck seed, and the movie didn't work, but the director I I can't speak ill of Uncas. He had an eternity of Alzheimer's and not a guy shortly thereafter saw it was a disappointment that the movie wasn't what I hope it would be wrong, but it could have been I for a minute, a view that probably I I screwed up yeah speaking about writing, which just mentioned I saw
in article where you gave that five keys to writing a number five. Was that writers block doesn't exist, I'm never. I've had places where guns source thought but dumb. I just I just MR script for cleaning. Which were he hasn't, got yet miss. I send it in like last weekend's going through, were producer Bradley Cooper, and he just about two minutes. I hope he likes it better, in that I it stopped, and I really am what I'd say thing I had always advise. People was changed. The weather, Another words make it rain, make it snow to do something different just with the weather and I'll send. You have a different look at that. You know
waiter change, whether in the script or change, I was in the script eye catching I'm not that power, like maybe like I'm going to fly to Alaska now and try to finish the whole funny yeah. No, I just changeover vessel I've. I've made his arrogance. I just Polly had arrogance. You think I can overcome it in I've, always sort of know what I'm writing. I know what it where I started and where I'm going to end the middle's kind of a big empty, but then it s kind of about unless I'm doing Booker's adapting the Manhattan bathing happen yesterday there now stood up. I do this movie, my with Marty's quotation them Leonardo and Bob did the killers of the flower Moon and that its very expensive, like two hundred plus millionaire,
whom they joined up apple and paramount to do it's really exciting out. I have no clue in there shoot this thing with the way like this guy isn't like the Irishman too. Now it's it's a girl it's true story of eighteen, nineteen, twenty one, I'm certain bobbing round night, twenty one, none Oklahoma, Osage native American Tribal, poorest people. Probably on the planet is close to it. At least in America. And I learned that crap is land. You could imagine worker force there. Discover. Oil will become the wealthiest people in America in into at times every cretin creep not a man, kill a hundred eighty four of them for their money into that comes on this guy. Who is it Texas Rangers in the first class, the FBI. Pretty amazing him being meantime waited claims it all up.
You guys, you get the plan. The murders are really fast The people in LA I'm not sure partly in order to play demand of actually playing the killer seller sleepers, it's an incredible story. I don't know people this, never knew about it, we're talking to somebody yesterday about what the schedule is going to look like for new productions in Hollywood and in what the release schedules going to look like for the next year and a half and me. We all know that there's not a lot being filmed right now. Are you disappearing like fall of next year, winner of next year, that there aren't going to be any movie. I just can't tell because my partners a doctor, he knows too much stuff. That makes me nervous you now so good, I just up to Marty's manager this morning, I'm saying what is more, you want to make love to make at this fall whether it can maybe a good Australia. I don't even know,
it's a movie coming out. I want to pitch kind of that. Six people go she, but it's pretty amazing. I get with David Fincher. That's gonna, come out in October on Netflix about the man who wrote Citizen Kane, is really incredible. Pity data blackened I'd. Thirty's movie looks like authorities movie feels like one but down some curious that plays and then I wrote Dune, which is both you come out. You know at Christmas time, but One wonders what you're gonna do with it, because if you have to you, no real organize a theater and have only half the number of people there are they willingly accept five hundred million dollars rather than a billion Riah brain?
that you're right a machine now the question that everyone, I'm sure you're running out of time. So me five years, always some pretty bad medical conditions on trying to get everything done before then have a written note. You get really. Yes, so so the question. Obviously everyone has pray. I asked you a million times. I know there was a rumour that it was going to happen force come too. Are we going to get back on that horse now? Out of that won't happen, I mean I'll tell you some things that were in a guy. I did write the script, it turned it on nine chair every four nine eleven and Bob and make us a direct enforcing atop by forcing Tom Hanks in ice Together we locate answered ass. He under this The highlights in that were that he I haven't gotten the bad Bronco Bronco and he didn't see him and he can't keep popping up and, rearview mirror, which is pretty
Damn I at him in that the wave or ok, getting up to call a penal bender everybody follow suit. I had them as a ballroom dancer like an expert at and eventually dances as a kind of justice. He's there he danced for the queen and Princess Diana and Mary gases. Just Diana and ends up there. You don't you do that? I think this poor woman ended up being on his work and I think what answer to space right everything he would to space right. Now that is in now supposed to be in the first instance? I never did. Ok, I love you know if you have any others. I love these. He arm have him. Ah, he You have been on oh he's, a
and is calling in life, he ends of calling been gone. A native met an indian reservation and heat she's woman. He lives within a trailer and the end of the basic toward the end of the movie. He waits for her every day at the federal building, for she teaches in the nursery school. Fuller, and he's sitting there and the whole building blows up behind the Moselle velocity cheese. That was not the us are the most horrible thing I could think of him. Human, fine and then nine eleven what's happening right now. This is as it were. Just think what else is in the movie He's the boy little boy died of AIDS earlier in the movie. The tenant dangle shot. He went. He runs for Congress in good, shot and shell down that's all I mean this is also to stop that I think end up being pre spectacular, but
I think nobody had the stomach bird anymore. I dont mean it's like: this is a lovely once in a lifetime yeah. I have some questions actually about the movie forest cover, some things that have always wanted to know about it when force gets up Vietnam protest speech and they pull the cables autumn. What what does he? in that speech that we hope that it does so glad you actually one of the great store, I think, a great movie story so. I try to write a really serious speech about my feelings, about the war and what you know a man to a guy, fallen, etc, etc and so didn't quite work for the director and he said here you either at the right, the greatest dramatic speech ever written there like a Shakespeare thing or something really funny, I said, ok, try. I wrote the best, I could you adequate and he didn't dig it and then I tried. I try rights only funny I met by nature comedian. I asked Billy Crystal
I ve tried a rather means trader than John Love. It might achieve anyway budget comedians. I had that. I knew quite well. They try. It didn't work So where he did Bob was have instead after that microphone and do exactly what you see have somebody pull the plug. You can't hear what he said good, I never wrote the thing properly and it s a stray genius to the other guys look like Abbie Hoffman. Next to him, you know the radical disappeared at all Abby hop enjoyment here. They suggest that you said it all man. It had So that's. How is it you story, I love than uses and make lackey guys pretty club. That's great! My other question was: did you cry when you wrote or a speech to Jenny's gravestone. Yes I did I remember when I wrote it now. We have it. How soon with Canada, member being alone, there right, I cried at the end,
I was very move when a kid he says is a kid. Come stupid like me, on the other, I cried you ascribe embarrassing. I rifleman stuff like gum I do the dialogue like out loud if you walk in the room had sent out completely more like it I'm so terrible, not after birth. Certain things like in NAM Stars Warner, said to the woman that I was I who am living with something where I looked out the window and said I said her name and I said, and she turned around I don't want to see you again, I want to see you look at you again that I put that in, like stars bore relic of herself to her, so sometimes you can usually but how writing a movie like stars, born where it's been done three times before? Is that harder easier that was too
first four times. I think it s like a scared, the hell out of me, I thought. Maybe I made a giant mistake right now when I, when I said yes, browbeat, was very good sways over and I love came with your mom she here I really will text each other change and dialogue before on the morning of sleep, lady gaga, in her voice from God. You know yet I work, commissioner. Just they should. I shall write you, love story and hope people feel it yeah. I don't know how many of you will notice about you, but you also wrote Ali, which is another great movie. I knew you got to spend some time with Mohammed Ali, as you were right. I had no law, I had known him at the soul, I mean when I, the kid I bascombe gloves and stuff, because I'm getting my ass kicked on the way to high school every day, down in Bedford, Stuyvesant and down
so when I went and I used to work out at the Gill, Clancy's, Jim and then the frozen come on the afternoon and I'll leave you. I would stay and watch him and also met likely Roy Niemann. They remember the up. The painter get all sports stuff anyway, for years, we know I went off and on about- and I also by chance had met forty four another incarnation enough. So when the chance came to write that thing I mean, I think Muhammad said to Michael Mann, the director lyrics right. It was just really nice to call Derek the ride, recalled me and you, the one for man. At that point it was obviously challenge because with Parkinson's butter, I want to do you'll your this interesting. I think on when I was Research in the movie labelling. I know a lot about boxing and in the movies are seeing with thirty five sherry quarry few member Jerry Corey. Who's gonna be blown
light heavyweight. Really in all these first fight back from by the Vietnamese, We shall take very quick story, asked Angelo Dundee about this, and I think one of the great man on earth allowing Angelo was have shed their already didn't. You know gonna to Vietnam and but He said Angelo had fought and I think it brother, due to a terrible baron where war took our Anzio alot of people die. Let me fifty thousand people died in endless, and I realize finally that that's the reason I find that battle solely somebody, like only had the choice of going to war They made a great guy but was ever talk about Ali? I lost my train, our security. I was curious to know when you were writing to move in and dialogue in having some conversations of Mohammed. Was it important to him are? Did you get a sense-
whether he wanted the movie to focus more on what he did in the ring as opposed to what he did outside. I always wanted everything and we had the whole point of view of you know him being social veil by the government and everything I might be, is problem with that movie, which was not that I think the movies really terrific but dumb and I thought, will smith- did a hell of a job and everybody did it, but There's a great documentary on when we start writing. I said Michael Man Director, I said I'd never built top, that is at the service of meal, touching but I think we do. I we kind of screwed up the ending. If I had a review the movie, you know I listened to the movie the movie. I think that a better, more effective ending, but
we go. We did a good job of it for something those dip collector. That's it you see because a winner kings, I if it came out now, I think people would be like hot holy shit. This is the greatest document. Every came up for documentaries kind of had their bloom. I remember my my father made me watch it. We use a you, have to watch the documentary, but That's interesting that like something like Dat Kin not affect oh you're, writing put you at least acknowledge it and like hey, I'm up against just I never work. I never thought you Talkin there's something so visceral real and poetic about it. You know when you admire a documentary, you're everything, I'm I'm kind of proud over more than I am proud of the first twelve minutes. That movie doesn't have a word dialogue in his jester. What's his name singing the guy got shot going though Mattel Linda
I forget it, it's a brilliant piece of filmmaking by Michael, I mean now. Where are we? everything you want to know about a volley. Without a word, though, just a song, amazing, what it's him doing, a life with one another in a wise h me, his name great great performer, we're gonna, get back to the earth Roth interviewed a second before we do. On your mind, has father's day is coming right up father's day. Is the toughest holiday to shop? For if your dad is anything like my dad, you never know what to get him. My dad has all the corn flakes that money can ever buys got a lifetime supply stocked up in the shed I dont know what to buy him ever this year. Just one getting him Philips in Rome, products of meeting him, Philips Rocco Shavers, six thousand, it's the best electric razor- fathers days right around the corner, get the damn near life or yourself, the gift that you deserve. A great the shaver six. Thousands gonna give you the great close shave that you're looking for all. Keeping your skin protected, so bide for herself.
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I gave up on Churchill on the weekend. Young girls came, I've been doing amazing visit. You should get these guys might come. They worked out report. Ok, it gives a b plus work out their seventy five percent winners. I'm telling you- and I did some good Stop recently in our I think I'm about to give a plain goals to move up moved display assent need, I think, I'm a plaintive unattractive. That's absolutely went when you have the moment where you look up and you're like every seven minutes. You have a re statues like hey, maybe that's cool down what you're, what are usually play? You play straight. You play exotic pixar I like to play since it came into being. I love playing pick five same, but I I I think I got. I had three pick Pfizer think it out in the first leg, which is the most moral I think he had ass terrible, Well, that's why usually all the first light and, lastly, that smart lighting, When I try to do it better
money I'm going to bed? So I can all the if I can find two singles. You know young racist, I'm just telling people who don't know their thing and then I have three balls. Really. You couldn't do as I say, and making sure on your yet maybe there's nothing better than having the end of a pic five and having an all and you can just route for the longest shot. That is the idea that you would not be right in its anti like last week to couple. We only for some bizarre reason, I'm always alive, and when I give the give away in the picture Gulfstream at Gulfstream I've a hoe David. I get it like three weeks ago yeah when I got so lucky that all on one ticket and another ticket had like seven horses- and I missed- I- wouldn't miss done after a while. I better get ya like you can't beat off. I like I like this makes me feel better when I talk to someone who also makes opponents whose infinitely smarter than I am because it's like hey, you know what like,
if you're doing it and you have an academy award you're. Looking your cat me workforce, Gump and you're playing a pic five, a call stream and losing just like me. I think I have a bigger thrill about look. You can get. It can get bad for people who get it right away and over their heads, you know and it can be an illness. Obviously you images Ours is a your image that you hang out without Michael's a little bit out their desire only I actually I didn't know until now. Three months ago relay I knew why did know we used to, he used to go to bed. At the same time, I did for my birthday you gotta, get him hanged. Goldberger. You may remember that was raised guy and again gave it Israel, who is a pretty well known. Sportswriter an ally, and they go think Round Michael birthday. I could be wrong, but we end up somehow always end up doing the craft able, together both oppress them So recently, with a pandemic, I've been walking. I do I do now.
Tom, Werner arms, while ours, the red Dots and our greatest or a jumbo. You he's writing them sailor he strikes me as again. It plays a pony. So I lost the Plato or he faded, there is a pretty interesting you'd like him very much gas man? Yes, we eat, I didn't realize you know. When you talk to him. He first well knows sport chapter and verse every sport in his ease, announced. Almost every support He now said Bell much date for like eight years in a row which I never knew. I eliza most baseball world series and obviously the hockey he's a hot. I, my hearty guy. Like years, we both love the king, yes, growing up on the EAST Coast now, you're out on the West Coast, are used that you still retain your New York phantoms. Yeah I do I do I mean I can't I mean I realize Please don't dodge again like this year at a thinker last year and now.
Lasher. Obviously I probably is one few people who actually went to he'll know Bob a makeshift? Maybe he Tommy Lasorda in I'm saying then scattered around anymore doing so. I remembered really well. My grandfather was a little russian guys. Never spoke great Englishman called Phoebe. Peace, Sheila, pee, wee reason that goodbye on he buy a apple box, it cost. You would like a little bit quarter, something we still on apple boxes out in the outfit in the right field, bleachers, basically and watch. And I went to one world Series game with him where I think was one thousand nine hundred and fifty six or seven the whole team. I still remember you know like yesterday, but I guess you remember, felt like a bit ballpark. Well, let's just says I'm all, but it is much more yeah its passing in you you. Actually I mean you have some elements of four.
Gump, in your life, you you were college friends with Jim Morrison is incorrect, got very good break boyfriend. Yet I still have a jacket. It went when you meet a guy like that, you know right away like this guy has it now for I thought this guy. Like you, look a great look in this guy he's gonna score all the time. You know What are the memories I had him was dumb sitting at the Hollywood bowl, and you have two people have to know what that looks like, but empty Hollywood bowl in his rehearsing was just him singing and I was sitting with his manage your gun in torture them. It was unbelievable he was singing. You know what a woman you know is like still fragile, John Dens, why the drama yeah? Jim was a complicated guy, the Spirit that with, Yeah well you're match I'll. Tell you a story about him that he I'm trying. Think of the guy's name. Now, I'm the guy brothers, a dark, a dentist.
You know anyway, he wrote a book about it. Sky was a young man. He like Lily thirteen years old when he was a doors fanatic and he was playing lily baseball in the empire state if you hit a home, run I'll, take you to the doors concert you get it home running and got doors, and that's the story anyway. He decided he wasn't going to school anymore and he went and hung out. They hit you still recording studio on Sunset and Santa Santa Monica night drive by I'll. Never forget you know just coming out of there and he went there like almost every day and finally, the matter further towards manager. So you can't be here your thirteen you're gonna get the hell out of here. So he went outside you sitting on a bus bend crying in them and and Jim Morrison pulled up in car chopped off wherever he saw what he cried about.
I just saw my can be grown. Wiser, welcome your each fired. You download manager at the true story is easy. There, they let this kid manage the Hamleys, thirteen or fourteen years old, and he went on the mass like any pop and a couple of points, he's pretty well known in a he really did anything, but we were going I think you want to make that into a movie and the guy. I am from this guy was gonna directed render labour yeah. I can't use pretty great guy Helen, and nothing happened with that. We were going to serve movie like him over the french directive too, for how about her people growing up what it feels like to grow up any ideas, rich door, That's where I would have loved to see movie directed by Fred nurse. I wish I had happened. Fruit came out of my house a bunch of times in her ears, ascending cowboy Roger.
He's an interesting do that I mean I. I was never a fair one or another of his music, particularly, but he certainly is cutting edge in I remember him sending me I love you want just have me says that pretty outrageous photographs of young women from like lived awakening from some concertinas. That area is east Iraq. Backwards. Red had all the time. I don't know, I haven't seen her my we out of the blue, you like with tax me in all in a red we talk of through that we use, haven't gotten yearly. I just I was a great guy interesting. Our jump actor wanting a mentioned was the beginning of Ali. Where was, I think it was SAM cooked I was singing Ryan. Cookies is happy right, yeah, great great singer. The use of montages movies has always fascinates me because from a writer
Perspective, it's almost like a cheat code where you like. Ok, I get to eat up three minutes of this right. Will you re smart any first, while that started with the russian Sturdy Eisenstein above HU. We call battle potemkin, a battleship potemkin. He began, What's the my? But you know it's like you, can you can Helstone total lifestyle, or take you to your with its thirty years with guys life. We could take a thirty years ago figure out ways to do impressions of things of people's lives right, and so you have to condense after two hours or whatever so there that's exactly what montage dozen is the qualities I don't know what they call him like roundelay, where you touch something in the middle of them. Three or four things going on around we keep cutting back and forth Ali has that in it Is there a limit to how many montages you put in a movie? Look, I don't think there's
I think you don't want to do too many, because it's sort of like a little bit of a cheat and he starts getting a little too familiar- ok to interconnect, though it would you almost like my trousers. Were you some central piece of action. They do this eyes and action will be some stuff for you're, going back and forth between sea of attention between what's going on He had an idea. What about a movie? That's just one montage, our half long montage will, I think, I think I'll, be ok. I think you feel like a look like a commercial yeah sure, this was a coup. Some can be great a me. I think you could I can give you an hour and a half what I mean: the opposite? I was movies, like Andy Warhol, used to make like a move, because sleep, radio, guy sleeping for eighteen, however, it out here and you're, going any time I'll? Tell you amazing movies away you remind me of this is that there is a movie on the clock that an artist-
An English, artisans, shorter museums and what he did was take from movie, he could find he had people research it like. Let's assume he looking for something says either on a wall. Your clock, eleven fourteen, and every minute he has another shot from a movie. This shows the time and he does it. For twenty four hours is pretty amazing. Maybe so there you go, that's something close to use it! Yeah yeah yeah! What about the movie? Nineteen? Seventeen isn't! That is act like a little bit of a cheat to where you don't have to worry about writing like exterior setting up new shots substances. All of us to cheat. I mean I think, everything's, trying to find a way. Dramatize things you know, so our classic structure is three acts right. Shakespeare did for acts. Were you have you have you shut up right arm was projected problem complicate the problem.
I'm an unsolved problem, that's basically what writing. As you know, in the third act, your catharsis you know something. Then you either goodbye within it characters in cells what they call you sex MAC, are you bring in a sort of God? The machine is what that literally translates. Do that you're, just gonna sound despite some magic, you know so well my my scripts are particularly long because I'm a frustrated novelist, and so it's like Brad Pitt out of gray line for me want you to go. Do a read through of Benjamin Button, Look at him. He's got prose boner agenda so, but I've written scripture legs the seventy eighty pages to well. You know, and I wondered if you can tell him the short period of time to be better. What's, since you ve been in
The industry for so long and any know all these moves you ve written some of the best. What are, if you had to pick five movies to take with you, does a five movies. You can watch the rest of your life and no other movies water, air Cross, five movies. Can't be here? driving those your hard, but I think, definitely godfather to night without it without a question, two thousand one. Ok, they shot. I am a corridor fleeing movie, which you may or may not know and you're gonna get me maybe Citizen Kane, maybe, and the fifth I've been with one has to be the last decade. The lack of from from two thousand to give out, but you two thousand ten, two thousand twenty four, your last one
it's a fight club, another era. Yeah, we'll cut that out loud enough close enough. I would take the fight club here gave it changes the I may have everybody I mean I haven't. I haven't made a movie with warrior: we breathe, we don't you want. You know when I get the bulk of the Irishman, which is called them. Are you paying houses but of David to me, the best probably Alessi Marty in him best living directors of David unbelief. So it says you know everybody in Hollywood to cycle the names. Are you listed in ideas like twenty as well? I've been around for sick, almost sixty years, whose the most famous person right now in Hollywood that you don't know. But I dont know I don't I don't really know, couldn't turn GINO I thought my head on,
I don't know some of the younger directors. I don't really know. I don't know Damien Chazelle at met him, but I don't know I mean of literally I've been around so I work for John Wayne. I did it statement by John Wayne at one point the duchess age, you novel yeah, it's a minute's incredible! The running! You guys you guys thirty years, and I can talk about all the sports people. You know like portals via Turkey, a pig, he has. No more of this been fantastic. I have one last question and mind. You weaken totally cut this out. If it's too, like personalizing, buys I answered the only that I don't want it. I won't. Usually I mean everybody. You write a memoir. I know to make things about people that I wouldn't do it, because I have to tell the truth and beat you hurtful yeah,
But the question is gonna. Ask in again you can just say: cut this output. Ah, you were you were valve in the burning made off scam. You lost money. Yet what was that moment? word that shocked, because I think a lot of people well aware in their head. No, like a kid I too, to reactions. One was my business manager, Sir said: are you sitting down right? This is like an enormously Christmas eve or some answered all that monies guy said I mean I was upset by, but on the other hand I thought the halting reared anyway, because I got involved, I think I didn't invest, will eat and the money of me there's a lot more than ten thousand dollars for each before years. You got you statement where you had like, I think we ended up, spoke only twelve mile, the three million dollars in orbit on the other, it like a weird thing with sir
There is a short story, and I'm saying I, but I never get a penny. I did nothing earn it. I knew the thing about anything with financial stuff I don't even know what the guy was doing. A meal was again stand, shapes Chase, Randy, operation and now in Lhasa, there's, a Hollywood, Lotta Hollywood people, I think them spielberg- are involved in jeopardy, catch and bird another people and people asking your money and now here here The hours explained that used to doing some so thin collar arbitrage, which was sir middling like a blue chip stocks. Every and you get a percentage of it. The job bullshit care, I said, if he's wearing this money playing games a nice day sports and doing good for him, because it kept showing its profits I thought they retire ridiculous without you getting twenty five percent on your money, every ranges
you doubling every two four years like ludicrous Riah, oh The money, though, I did think, was plenty tyres which you know in the narrower oil, yeah Georgiana gotta, be quite conversations have to like just sort through that mentally might take a couple days to wrap reminder. Yet no was yeah. I think we are getting a little money back. Actually did you Did you go and read the book, sir? Like it fascinated with it, even though it was pretty, I I just was a sucker for upon these king. You know, I mean actually in a way, I hate to say: because he took so much money for people charities and stop the sort of good for gamma ray of light, he called the great com. Well Now I didn't have any about disorders. Is pretty The clever I mean their psychologically genius, because eight, the lily we just send over a fax machine, o a completely just
oh nothing, fancy they send you big, couldn't brochures or anything about you doing this piece of paper, just sit on my comp become corporation corporation of the time times, and I just said how much money you had in their how much you made a profit. How much you know that guy and then they wouldn't let they wouldn't let em I civil It is too good to be true, but maybe it's true and I try to get my Gatt involved right made. They won t you're thing there and take any new people. You have had just your investment period while the US briefly first, I think psychologically, these appeal degree. You know yeah One thing I've noticed a lot recently is that there are a lot of bio picks. It come out and some of them come out while the person is still alive and the story is still very much being told and then there is the other which is like the retrospect. Maybe they ve been passed away for a couple years and kind of their legacy has has time to cement itself little bit if you're right. That person story is more difficult to write
somebody who passed away twenty years ago or is it easier to read about somebody who still alive and can very much be like a thing of course, but I depend on the lives. I think they're, both possible and probably find some way and on both of them I mean I did it. Green play those criteria, I see the light of day, but on a guy who's alive. Why? I love him David Gaffer, and you know he's alive in it? I know him I adore him wards and also we did some of that. So that was just sir that had the advantage of this man who side from being so wealthy, better, get really good things for the planet and also was so instrumental in the music was basing the soundtrack of my life in Amsterdam so that wouldn't that one with the music that really appealed to me on other by, other fees. I mean I I think gum
I think, was obviously gap that game he met so much to me. I mean, I think them Something about writing anything like Bonner Dogs, which are working on right would yet her passionate, yet a passion about you. You should give Who could just right, boner dogs and then bury it somewhere in like thirty years will go, find and then down its own movie. Us finalize a script. Are you guys, but maybe I just leave you clues on how to find it out, and we just any talk him in a revised by the latest european assigned by August. We just do matter about it. Yeah, please, those like you like national treasuries, one of those movie hell yeah,
to do somehow involved with sports, though, yet it sort of what we call on his part to radio about right, yeah yeah me still it you just killing time now before sport start up it right. Exactly right. I was with Tom Werner today came over the talking like they seem to actually maybe be moving towards getting baseball going in some way. They would like to hear that it's complicated like every support hockey seems very possible. Yes and basketball seems legs can happen as well. You know I don't know
I don't know anything about it, but I'll Michael's felt pretty serious football gonna happen, but what you like it or not, the NFL doesn't care. There's gonna stay ahead. That's all I wondered. Don't have any protocol of well known ass yeah rub some dirt on it. Ass, though you can guess what guess? What are you won't be thinking about when it saw one o clock on a Sunday you fire up the Red Zone Channel the corona virus, either way hello, yes, life III. Even I this is cruel by a member. Seeing a thing about my tony door said- I think maybe I'm wrong, maybe has achieved tee. I think him, anyway, I was on the internet, some story, some famous football player who had it. My I went to the right said the greatest runs in whatever and I felt history and forget it. About the ctdi was, I was runs and I said desperately wrought you. Yeah yeah is truly true. The NFL definitely plows went ahead, will
but you can be my it by my partner being as a set of doc and pretty pretty shabby. So we sometimes watch- and I won't mention names but we I want. I like to watch those at the training camps, things a hard, not yeah You'Re- pretty great and the the raiders was amazing and she could tell people have CTE ready because they start acting circle, leaving and demons and things you know and is pretty pretty tragic, yeah. That was better than anything upper, nothing, nothing! Nothing! This has been great. We really appreciate your time, yeah, absolutely sports, what the hell it's been awesome due to its talk about doing it will talk about next time. Gamblers, yes,
poker player- yeah, ok, Maguire! Yes, I will leave some on there, so we can. We can do it again. Do you have a poker game, a Hollywood poker game? I don't I just I just enjoy watching. I know the Tobin wires best poker player. There are none. Are you also stories about a lot of Vegas guys? You know like lunatics, you know your. But that, just as I do spot fund those, not my life ass yeah, Tell you what we'll let you go? Let you get to work on, boner dogs and guide. I know the diamond us, I'm just a title. Sequence is almost perfect. That's what I want to hear will. Thank you.
Much really ugly. Yes, I love that my son said this so ridiculous. Absolutely that's how we get to a lot of our guests to be, I know, and you bad Eve had the best he had couple minutes. Yeah yeah, yeah yeah, you know is good friend. I only know oh mamma and telephone, but I think he wrote the best gambling movie ever written, probably rounders onto us. Yea told us what the last hand was due note, I don't know. Well enough will thank you so much. We are you're. Always welcome back answered, loves dude to some it again sometime. I love you. You want, and I love this. Ok, no, no illness beer! You till you too that interview with Eric Roth was brought to you by our great friends at zip recruiters. Their focus hasn't changed during the savagery We want. You guys know that super credits focus has not. There still do what they ve always done. Helping people find work. Helping businesses find the right people for their open rules. Right now
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working with all of us, so we can keep moving forward. Let's worked together, her dot com, slush work together. Ok, oh before its Roma Rushmore, we are reviewing sour grapes on Friday, show sour grapes, sour grapes and olive growers documentary about a young man who swindles professional wine collectors. When sounds good to how can you watch? How can the people I know some Netflix? Ok, then, are nowhere else, but on ethics boom boom I perfect so so, ribs Friday show get ready for it Let's do not rush more worried about Rushmore in honour of Billy football. Getting a new. Poppy Mount Rushmore of things we love about dog, so Billy we will let you start while Billy STAR Pfc than myself, then we'll come back around Billy Mt Rushmore of things we love about dogs
Okay, so it sounds like my new puppy does. Is that he's got these huge pause? Cuz he's going to be like a hundred twenty pounds, and you are the key right now is really small. So every runs really fast Falls over and as a somersault but is able to make get back. Like running. It's like the curious thing ever when they trip recover yeah its awesome. Ok, yeah, that's pretty cute. As for I love how poppies were so resilient and dogs are resilient in general like if they fall down nothing phases them. I pick it up my first one. I'm gonna go with their greetings, a dog reading nothing like it. If you ve been away from your house for a long time, you come back home. The instant your dog sees you and recognizes you. It makes you feel like it. Best person, the world. Ok, Yeah, that was those pretty easy one. There I had that is well I'll, go the inquisitive ears, slash, look where
a noise or you know, like your dogs like trying to learn something new and they give you that sideways clan head tilt. Ah the best the head tilting the ears of those years pop up and she's like. What's that you had had tilted Saki? Yes, I ah my second pic I will go where. When they just when they simply just hop up. Sit next to you. Lay next year, curl up next to you, and there like. Let us have some good time where we just cottages chill new pet me, and I'm just gonna show here we're gonna have fun it's one of those moments where you know that they love you as much as you love them, as it is a good all your heart, yeah good old times with do with it. I'll. Just tell I pity My next one I'm gonna, go with something tat. We
talked about on the show before the smell of their feet, love a good dog foot smell as we call it. The Fritos cathisma corn ship sense on their little nails, yellow cute yup. Ah, my neck, picture in the same vein as big had, but when they pick up on your emotions site when you're, sick and in your dog knows and lays down exteriors or you dislike, something happens and your colleague tweaking out- and they just like run up to you and dislike billygoat- was go not chill out. You're like the Billy went there like when you're tweaking heavy off pre work out. You don't tell anyone lifting tie it lifts. It puts its chin on you to call me down to reduce your heart rate No, I want Osage actually to make drastic snakes nature, We have even cardio recently and it makes you take it for granted that using a body, that's one reads like a when they are shy. So my pop
he's really shies away the dog ever met was like a shit. You ask, Fifteen pounds dog him, my those twenty how Bobby and he like was told We scared of this tiny should do, and you, like you, indulge stared when their noble eighty tail between legs, like Giles rammed behind me out like this friggin like fluff ball, like Ok, I will say that there is one time: that's a clearer to dog pork and Chihuahua get back at him and we rats I am, I think, was about a hundred eighty pounds and the two hours three or four times and Leroy ran across the entire park, with his tail between his legs and hid behind me from end. Then everyone was laughing at him and he didn't know where it was cute. You yeah, ok your choice, I'm gonna go with Wendy. When their eating food, when you fed them and they take a few bites
and then they turn around and they look at you and wagged his tail while their eating initiates go there. Definitely saying thank you for feeding the shut all fuckin. Cuba should pass. Ok I'll go with the wind and I assume most dogs this, but still? Does it she's smaller when they, when there laying down or curled up, and they talk their nose underneath they're back leg. They took their nose in two for a little warmth. That's a curious thing ever that he heard argue that limp yet, but out of lower it might be too big, is not spry he's a flux of he's? Got you gotta get him in a simple Lahti. That's right! That's what a bird does when they force they dare to tax rate in issues so fuckin cute and then I'll go with my last pick. The first tennis ball throw the first time while throw when you dodges loses their fuckin mine and they like this is awesome and that, like first burst of energy, nothing better yeah the way they take.
They run so fast in their so excited, and it's like the best thing ever and then sell usually stopped affiliate, throw for, but that first throw it's for consensual, Jot Stella. Has that thing where you not? You know some dogs are like a little too smart for their own good after the fourth throw she's like yeah, I'm not doing this anymore does call I caught the tat. I got the tens I do I keep bringing back in June is, will go and then she literally just run by going now, I'm not bringing their backs. You're gonna Fucking Goldwater, that's the candy powers, matters pick that should have its heavy, my last one that are very good. That's a cop out come on joint everyone. Yeah do differ one when the nail a scoop, Willy nilly scoop. Montana up guy very good does clear and that's where ok, I, Billy Billy adjusted. Yes, I ve only just did the dog in your head till the head of learning some her when the scoop
when a doll I gave up my life twine is when they come add that sort in the same vein, the first test throw when they just freak out and you psych they did is super energized way were whose free gap for what you just because you're scared, which none of these three galleys run around like a cracker for what anything I'll know they just sometimes just are run. Can I can I defend veins legibility, zoom? Yes, so you're talking about when a dog just has so much energy, they don't know what to do themselves and they like jump up in the air. Are they run past you as big cats? Referring to the zoo means wages goes
I can for bringing in a yes some having always Walker Doc. I know I don't let it so cute yet issue. There's a re run. All you also poppy sets fair. There is times when we would go when still was a little. It was a puppy or just like young dog we'd, go for a fucking, crazy long, walk to the park and instil at night. You just like you can put with energy psych awesome. I things it missed about that all dogs go to Heaven also answer when a kiss you on the lips of that. I had on the grass which people say it's their issues rolling in poop, you guys. Don't I'm not die the fact they are here. That's like distant! Please don't share this picture of a dog kissing on the lips. They only you that, because they're nervous the Africa now that now I think
Mama dogs are really q, whither puppies. Yes, when they like make shares that they're all women around by the scruff of the now he added soaking. That's an ebay will carry my dog mama dog, carrying a baby dog around a puppy around so cute. Without first time the Father dog S see the litter Look what idea please! I guess I was o me yeah, I guess I have to lie kids signals. Mozart knows, kids are mine, the specifically more more specific on the greetings. My favorite is the greeting when they're so so excited that they like almost like bow, and they did they go like ain't. I energy, you know one like you greeting can be happy jumping up, but when they're so they're like losing their minds so much they almost lecture crawl under meaty, that's about yeah, good papa. I've had beagles ants. My all dogs, specifically its ears, will get in the water,
when she drank water and then get up and shake your head out of every awesome hell. Yes, when when they don't know that their water and they shake yeah, to try to get DR always all well when they find when, when they find the sun spot in the apartment and then the star pan because you're so fuckin hot you like you, need it you're, the one who sat there do do do so. I told my public swim the other day and now every time I pick it up like with two hands, it is trying to swear you'd make a big video, hd video. What are you doing? I only make a four zero and then give it to us and retrieve import mighty. I will I will. I will just to laying it does a thing again. What do you actually are you wearing a collar is right. She sat down again due to get
whose exciting everyone will. Then then, when my puppy loves, Billy rubbed, sometimes you just run at me. Jump in landlords, backyard, rub meeting. You know another good winners when they get a scratch. When you scratch from certain delighted, I am to fear random ages ago, museum, ah peanut butter on the nose and watching them lick it off with a fork in big Tom guns. The mouth with a here can opener yeah and when you quarter of resorting to learn some poor battle, my were anything but some stand package I own a box. Stella just falls because she knows that if I stand up, there's like it percent chance of getting food. What's really cool is sometimes so. I used to bring Leroy into the bathroom women when he was a little puppy, because I can trust you frigate. Do you know I can trust them by himself like in my bed, rumour roaming, the house yea and argued good excuse. I just I bring men there and I know my business leave so every now and again, if I'm in the bathroom, he,
it comes out and he just noses door open and just check tsunamis, ok, you're there and then yes walks out the up. Oh, you know it or another really. Cute thing is when your dog decides that it's time to go to bed at night, yes, so like puts, puts themselves to best. Sometimes lira would be like downstairs as I'm watching television and debt I'd like ten ten thirty, you just stand up calmly and walk out there and go to college as a young decided was backed up with sound. Go I nor get people say I'm a bad dog honour for this one, but I do have one she knew it. Wouldn't put every now and then stole put her paws upon the kitchen counter when, unlike making something ask you to enter, bed are going to be a bad one. Were my my puppy, it has been around other male dogs yet so so pisses with out puddings lay up you gotta teachers. That's on you, but I got to get in the backyard on all fours and lift your leg. I'll. Take him to the bathroom with me and we'll do it there? No, you got it. No, it's not can understand, there's going to be in the bath and you have to take your dog out back and you need to pee
By lifting your leg, I I'll take a video to January that not a killer that also speaking, two dogs, Peeing when they hold their bladder for eighteen hours, because the elevator in your parts broken that's. U I suggest to you that you went from eleven p m at night until six p m the next day without because the elevator is broken. I couldn't carry him down the stairs because it was too narrow and he's too heavy and he wiggles when you pick him up. So I didn't want him to fall on his ass and then hurt himself, and so I was just expecting that he was going to pee on the living room, floors, newspapers everywhere and stuff. He he his bladder for eighteen hours, and then he got out outside and it was he let loose the gods of hell like no was building an arc industry yeah while how'd? You know that he didn't learn how to use the toilet from you all those times. True battery secretly taken a piss,
now I dont give me right. You see if you caught me where I jerking off into the toilet. I called you learn that yeah I only other one I had was when they hear themselves on video like if you play a video of them parking or whining, and then they saw whining are barking deadline. Hey that's! May I add, I had one of those fake fireplaces. My dog run out to indicate that stated, and I am looking at the reflection it I'll get a mirrors gay ass, a dog watching a dog show on television whose pretty good to you. We don't have the best. They are learning. How to climb stairs lesson That's is ever you're the dog fur forever known to the public using it has got out of it. They had started a girl. Is there any way you do you like? Look man you're on your own and other are let's finish up. We got a couple of guys on chicks, Babo. Uranium to us sodden seeing such hooking up at the sky for like six months in a month ago, and I was black out, I think in print
These emphasis on, I think he asked me He has girlfriend- and I guess I say yes off signs and he's been saying south to other people like dating girlfriend relationship etc. Do I just go with it I have a boyfriend. Now, do I ever bring up that? I was blacked out. I think you got a boyfriend, is it? Is it Facebook official? I think it's too I beg you. I think, if he's going around saying like oh, this is my girlfriend. You probably should Other conversation parities- and I got a little you get him drunk in then explain to him that you're not his girlfriend than he will remember your double like TAT S, good good, like that or you could break up with them. And then, if you like. What are you talking about? you like, ok, good, I was just a joke.
And then, if you really upset it's like, you know that he thought that your boyfriend, a girl, I'm rooting for them to get married, thou, be awesome without hey. I actually was never even your girl, actually just yet one up and get him drunk and then hurry. I propose and then marries ass or we'll just break up with a voice. Just said the stimulus your Billy! Well! Ah, ok, next one sub, dogs and MR commenter, my boy for runs to the bathroom almost immediately. Every time we have sex, I figured he just out of small bladder. Until recently I heard him making noises I confronted him about it, and he explained it when you p after you have sex. If basically feels like your coming again, he calls it his p gas, and now this true he's crazy. A psychopath. Please is convinced of this guy read the wrong message: board:
and his own brain convinced him tat. It was true like if you p, right after you have sex you get extra testosterone. The fact is before you go, be every guy- has to actually finish on the carpet beside their bed and its way better. You just piss? On top of that, this guy I mean, I think, every with bodies different. So maybe he really is gas. Twice. Let him let him be racist flush. Pipes. Hey guys, I started saying at my boyfriend's apartment more often turn quarantine. I think after I fall asleep, he goes back into the living room to play video games at night of notice there. Beer cans and snacks in the living room that weren't there when we went to bed Should I be concerned, or is it not a big deal he's leaving out for Santa? I think it's it's fun. He is obviously still learning how to code coexist with a woman, and he could probably just ask you hate it cool forgotten
play video games, but right now he's got a guilty conscience behind that's why you gotta find out why he feels bad about playing video, but no, it's ok, Billy, so we have to, girls, oats? Oh God, get profound, just do we have to do deal with it so we're time. Natalia blows off steam. Yeah I mean imagine he doesn't do that like. What's he going to do Billy definitely would be like playing video games like You ve been playing video games for fucking fifteen hours Billingsley. Have you seen the news, we're tat? We all cope differently. He hit all things considered. That's a pretty healthy secret daddy's. Keeping from me. I've always been using the excuse like to do like stupid stuff like we're, timely, there's no rules yeah. I think you could also reverse that on two and wait for him to fall asleep and then go out. One night
and I just go to limit room and pounded entire bagger, Phronsie and watch sex in the city leaders. Dvds last one yet last one supper I broke up with my long term boyfriend right before quarantine. Again we have several ships plan together, which obviously we cancelled since we broke up, my ex randomly sent me half the cost of the trip that I never paid for. To begin with. To I send it back. Do keep it should I have vested in the stock market. What should I do this. He sent you an invoice. No, he said he thought that they split it. Hence there. Yes, we d never paid it, so he sent her invalid was being like. Hey account, receivable needs a thousand bucks for our boat ride to Charlottesville or something like that and will be an essential idea. He thought he thought she paid for half of it and she never gave him half.
And then he sent her the how he gave her a yes right. I guess That's for money you spend. What you need to do is find the dumbest possible that you can buy without money and then spend all of it on that? Like I'm talking about, I saw a job. So that was two thousand dollars and new markets. One time I didn't bite because I didn't have two thousand dollars on maritime, but every day goes by it. I wish that I had just dropped to. Jesus jumps. Keep that so we spend it on something stupid as Falk yet equation. I do your thing. Billy is very can you dog look again, I understand what does the money, what we should do about Rushmore of curious things, Billy pronounces will lose you when he went. He went he when you what lies to us and then admits that he was lying to us, but it's always a simple ice. We can't stay matters of
they came and worked out with with two people, and we told me could work out, but not with two people, and we said Billy. Why? Don't you us- and he didn't say. Oh, my bad, I was lying to you. You said I didn't think anyone who's gonna, be here at this hour, irish entrant, so you ve literally, was like I've no remorse of lying more remorse. It. Everyone was here to think I like about Billy's. He doesn't lie about why he lives she's, very honest about eight relying is cool. Gonna get caught like soccer referee. He make Billy makes me feel like the greatest detective of all tat. I can always get the answer within like thirty seconds hard questioning, Billy. Why did you bring it for people? Why didn't you guys gonna? Be here? a flashing back at the last guys on checks. Question though I feel, like you, might have let a good one get away. Guy. That sends you a check after like a month. He broke out, be like I just remembered that you bought this view. Asian Forest, here's. That is a big time sup.
No? Probably just try showing you his way back back? Yeah, that's that's! It is year. I that's our show everyone stay safe. We will see you. On Friday we get a recurring guests donor which, when we're gonna run, but we got a recurrent gas coming up on Friday. Watch sour grapes also, do not tell Hank. The word is Chin, don't say it, don't you dare say, stay safe and take care of each other. I love you guess lovey, as they show me talking, Michael.
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