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Stanley Cup Playoffs and it's time for the Capitals to hit the panic button (1:37 - 7:17). The Clippers are bounced for the playoffs and it's time to blow the whole thing up (7:17 - 13:12). NFL Draft round up, John Fox stay woke, Belichick found his new loophole, and not to brag but we called Joe Mixon to the Bengals. Who's Back Of The Week (13:12 - 25:44). Hall of Famer George Brett joins the show to talk about his baseball career, being single in a time with no cell phones, never lifting weights, and the famous pants pooping story (25:44 - 53:12) . Segments include Bad Visual for Roger Goodell wiping a booger on a handicapped child, Respect the Biz, Hurt or Injured Isaiah Thomas, Uhhh Ya Think for Dwight Howard being unhappy, Marlins Man was on National Television so we called him, Perspective and a Hank Hot in the streets for Fyre Fest.
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on today's part of my take we have george brett hall of famer he sat down with us gave us a great interview about everything is playing days how he was single for his entire career and a little story you probably want to hear about when he shit his pants and told the world we also have nhl nba draft round up who's back of the week and we have a behind the scenes video from all of draft week that you're going to want to check out you can do it bar
school sports on the app download the app world going to fall in that part of my taste let's go well it is monday may first april thirty first and pft has officially hit the panic don't own a pair
but and i don't know what you're talking about i don't know in a panic button i've never seen a panic button at the panic button is fake news your nose so i threw it away with the dingoes so the capital we got to get to that to the capitals we're going to start with the capitals they are down two hundred and five to the pittsburgh penguins then they don't want pittsbirgh same three i'll say this the capitals have literally been there before so like it's fine we're used to losing to the penguins yes going to petsburgh but spends on for you ok ok i have two spin zones for you first of all we got her shit cleaned out that let's just put it there on saturday it was an ass whooping it was at certain periods here's
go i would rather we lose the game by four goals a game it like in a heart breaker over yeah you're more allowing one because now it's like you're a little bit barest you've got the chip on your shoulder okay game three year come not you're looking hit somebody in the mouth yeah so i know you think i'm glad i will change that will change the time the series yeah maybe get a fight yeah i get a fight yeah we have to do like right out right from the jump like just have have brooks or big punch somebody in the face you could be working for nbc right now just get get to the net fox on that a cycle is on our side of the park and play aggressive yes yeah skate fast i have you on here my spend so i guess to for you one usually the caps blow a lead so that's nice so there they they can't be what you can't blow a lead in the zero when you start when i went to two oo if you're watching capital span being down to nothing in the series is like you're playing with house money right it's amazing right and then my second spin zone for you is i'm pretty sure
the capitals i haven't gone deep into their cap next year but i'm pretty sure they won't be able to bring everyone back we won't be able to make a bunch of trades they're probably not going to be as good so now sure you probably won't think it's your year so this kind of heartbreak maybe this is the last time you have to do this whole this is our year bull and then lose the plan that's a pretty good spends on i actually like took the pain is going to slowly go away you happier just thinking about that thank you yeah it was rough game i'm just start thank maybe like dc dc is one of those towns where maybe you just can't have it all you know they've got everything going for right now great humidity did this once being drained it's as expensive as new york but harder to get around they have such other great sports franchises that maybe you know the hockey might not be your thing yeah you can't you're right you can't have it all we also in the nhl playoffs we had the ranger here's blow a horrible horrible game game two
they ended up losing what was the final score sixty five in overtime each yeah that's bad that stuff or if you're like me but the over was insanely good it was very good and then edmonton is admin sin is currently playing they're down three nothing but they are up to in in that series i'm hoping for an edmonton auto stand cup final i'm kind of in edmonton truther i don't know anybody that's ever been to edmonton i don't know where it is on a map i guess i don't know either of the liquid oil edmonton is well yeah there the oilers yeah right at that like they they're just made a lot they have a lot of oil out there maybe they're not actually a big wheel town but they just use that as a marketing gimmick so now everybody associates them with a well not all you got to go if you want to go to well you can travel out west now okay and they see they syrupy they strip the coil we can put on your pink the way the jet stream used to hit the dinosaurs back in the day the dinos would die at the right level so their oils better now that this might be too much for what could you do it explained and hank on oil
yeah well so when a dinosaur dies when it eats shit about fifty million years later it's bones turn into shit that you can put into your car and it goes that's basically it well kind of missing a couple drilling into the ground there's oil in there and you suck it out and the nice thing is the oil is just it's like a bottomless cup of coffee and fill the oil forever so we can just keep taking oil out of the earth yeah we'll be fine and then every like twenty years you have to fight a war because of it right or sprang sweet build the pipeline through someone's backyard the oil is it just all around a boon to mankind i love it but going back to my original point i don't think the town of edmonton actually exists i don't know anyone that's ever been there little truth yeah i'm a big time admits the old the whole city so the crisis actors we also have nba playoffs the clippers can we just be done with the clippers as as there's
there as they currently are constructed i don't know how they're going to blame it on blake griffin but i'm sure they will doc rivers just stop just get outta here don't coach anymore chris paul go find another team go find a banana boat friend like just are you so sick of hearing about the clippers and how chris paul call blake griffin de'aundre jordan and theoretic are going to put it together and they're going to beat everyone so you're insinuating that may be signing your son to play your professional basketball team and giving a meaningful minutes might not be a good strategy yeah i always i disagree i'm a big all i love los rivers i don't i don't know if you saw him earlier today but he had i think there's like two back to back possessions where they just read the i softens for austin rivers yeah and he shot air balls on both of them and one of the air balls i think landed closer to the free throw line then added to the basket it was amazing that and signing a bunch of old players from your old team yeah when you had paul pierce played his last game in the nba on sunday the clip
like what do they get remembered there like the junkyard junkyard 90s buffalo bills the i mean like they could it yeah if you want to talk about dominating may be a stretch of every season and maybe one playoff series which they don't even do this year those are those clippers i would say maybe the caps yeah yeah good point maybe like the early two thousand philadelphia eagles too yeah that's kind of what the clippers are there we go yeah it's sick of him i love what they're doing though because there's so dependable you can always count on the clippers to do this i hope they keep going in the exact same direction and they bring in like carmelo anthony and they continue to lose first round games just with a rotating cast of characters were the clippers better with donald sterling is the owner oh no it's actually a fact no but i like that i like it get the buzz going and then we had the beginning of the wizards celtics series which that was the
this game ever the what does ards as we call them on the show i think that's the first time we don't need these arches articles they they're up like twenty nothing i took a nap and then third quarter celtics were up by like twelve so i don't even know the live by the live by the three die by the three boston celtics and i like one big cavaliers injury away from a maybe one big catholic you mean lebron james lebron james die in a forest fire then yeah i think the celtics have a pretty good shot how many the times has lebron james watch the godfather because he's been off for what feels like a week and a half yeah you you he's got a lot of time was is how many more kids you make yeah that's going to be that's me a fun one when the cavs come out poorly in the first half against the raptors yeah it was it was a lay off too long too much do you want your us it almost rather lose a couple games in the first round you almost rather lose a series that we rested up for next year exactly i was also real confused how they started game one of the second round for the first round and time zones yeah so this can
as played on the same time yeah is on the east coast and then twelve thirty west yeah use your that you they still had to finish up the seven game series for round one is only so the cook so the the celtics in windsor start at one o'clock and then the clippers jazz start at twelve thirty yesterday so yeah yeah pretty simple stuff like not my out hard hearing so the clippers are they going to fire doc rivers they have to i think they keep him around they have to bring in eric musselman right i just want to see like bring back vinny del negra i want to see the worst the shittiest reach red nba coaches get this job to fix it talk rivers also is one of those coaches that to quote to quote another podcast that won't be named are we sure he's a good coach 'cause i'm not sure he won with some really good talent
he he also is loss of some really good talent a lot that's a good point so is the are we sure he's good little walkie little walking career doctors coach very very walk all right let's do a draft around i made i made one note i want to be sure to touch on this gordon hayward he's got he's got a white supremacist her cut doesn't yes he does is he all right here he got that gordon here were like two years ago base oakley said he did the duke thing where that where the where do players go from the nba from college to the nba and the like if i get this year hair cut maybe people will forget that i'm like a duke nerd gordon hayward put on a little muscle got that cool here it's a good hair coiffed is what it is she looks good and you forget that he went to butler yeah
yeah until you just said again i didn't hear this he did look like a big nerd when use about what had like exactly the shaggy here exam or the like oversized tee shirts underneath his jersey yeah so really want him to really grow into the body yeah good on him let's do some draft round up and speaking draft round up we have a behind the video of our entire week find anyone woodhead going to philly with many woodhead coming back to philly from philly with vanny woodhead getting arrested all of it it's going to be on monday we're gonna posted on barstool sports make sure you check now it's going to be really funny and put little little little little preview of our next video that comes out on tuesday at the end of this one before you enter the nfl draft stuff i just want to say that i'm i'm pretty much dead from we from from routing on my capitals and and such a heartless performance and second for we were amazing zero we were all set but if you want to
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them for my who's back of the week yeah but yeah it was it was an obvious picked anybody out there and also the raiders got in on a two they drafted the guy out of ohio state that jenner under investigation for rape so that it was a classic like you got your raiders you got your bangles just like the world exactly yeah i actually like what the bengals said they basically said hey we just need the fastest guys possible they got joe mixon and john ross both one will get in i heard the other will probably also get it suspended so for a minute there people are going to say wow is andy dalton going to put it together we're building our team around yeah i'm really excited to see how marvin lewis is going to misuse joe mixon that's going to be fun to watch or how andy dalton is going to overthrow everyone because that any dalton does that weird thing or even the fastest guys he'd somehow over and then joe make since going to get like nine hundred all purpose yards a game but he's they're gonna give the one yard carries to german also has six actually and it was gonna on fantasy we had swag kelly
was he he wasn't mister oliphant was he right now i don't think that he was when he was in the seventh year out quite relevant did you see those that john elway did is due diligence he it was reported the john elway was worried about you know character issues swag kelly fighting people high school games and everything when he's in college all this cleared it all up he called jim kelly okay i'd these uncle bastin if he's a good guy jim kelly said yeah he's a good kisser check kelly's uncle was like yeah chad's okay yeah favor a hall of famer jack kelly is going to be okay i would have loved it if jim cosic between me and you is a real piece of that would have been great but it's it's always good when you can you can go to someone to someone completely unbiased on the tuition like your uncle little free our advice to any potential draft pick i know a lot of you guys listen to show shave the chin strap off before he
the combine before you do interviews chinstrap not it it's a great look for ninety nine percent of all occasions funerals graduation pictures relief pitchers job interviews not one of them yes i'd agree with that we also have the bills they fired everyone so the bill did the rare we had a gm we waited till after the draft users awkwardly just awkwardly sitting in the room and then and then the next day that's great that's great that i love that so there's no chance that he knew that was coming right i think he might have or else he would just screw up the draft on purpose i don't think they let him draft anyway i think they literally just saddam you know they did they did the john
which i have a stay woke on that john fox it's been reported that he didn't know that the bears were picking mitch trubisky to like an hour before even though ryan pace had planned it forever and then they came out and they're like no guess what guys role on the same page yes cool which is the worst possible thing it's the vote of confidence like we said it's basically saying no this guys job safe or a college coach saying i'm not looking to to move up to a different program the truth is there yeah it's it's fun we told john an hour before the draft started that we were thinking about doing this yeah he's totally on board with his planned this but it is classic coach move this is kind of what jeff fisher used to do speaking of which did you see that other part john fox looking for advice on how to mold a starting order that you just drafted reportedly called his friend jeff fisher for advice wonderful sir a great spot when her yeah it is a classic move if you take a quarterback hi then at least you
you should buy yourself in theory two years right but i have will stay woke i think ryan pace is doing that thing you know like maybe when you were in high school and you wanted to break up with your girlfriend but you're too much of a pussy to just say it so you just started like ignoring her and being mean to her classic guy stuff that's a guy stuff classic guy stuff being in touch with their emotions i think that's ryan pace is john fox he didn't tell do you driving quarterback if you look at the bears draft they basically took a bunch of guys that don't help the team right away so he's he he's he's doing the we're going to just draft for two years from now
john you're fired out of there yeah i was gonna start going out for steak dinners with chan gailey yeah exactly so i think john fox i'm a call right now he's gonna get fired at the end of the year because ryan pace basically has allowed really going on a lender built the team around someone else anyway right pay say everyone's like all men ryan pace he's building this team just like the saints with drew brees and they got this this little guy five six guy human joy stick nice nice now long is that games yeah water bug look aaron sproles if they they got a tight end who his second highlight was him playing high school basketball people always good but the whole like yeah they're going to be like the saints and then they forget that they they play on the worst turf in all of the national football league and it's really cold all the time so yeah let's build let's build a dome team outside of chicago that
they should just draft six offensive lineman every year yes exactly in the gaps later exactly we also what else do we have from the draft oh did you see bill bella check you know he signed undrafted oh my god that's classic l chaplains classic bell check he's going to probably have like switching jerseys up in the middle of games okay are they identical he
i think so yeah okay right yes this is exactly what he's done with the rules of the game going to start messing with the other team's ads john harbaugh should judge should just put in his protests right now yes just preemptively be like hey i don't know what bella checks good do with these twins but it's a legal please check out bill check is like the eye doctor mingo of the nfl you get around twins and he's going to doctor up some weird is that we get out of the we're the same number yes i just remember that out its position yep yeah you're not gonna be able to keep track of one film it's like wait i thought that was the guy that has a bad hands what a how does hands get yeah magically great overnight to him it another loophole yeah and then finally we have a new it's not gonna be new segment but we wanted to do it anyway because coach was he tweeted about every single player that got drafted from plus so we're going to read cocho tweets just couple of you have yours this one it
enjoyed every culture day long college all tremendous rudolph of sac formal here at looks like from sack full when god shows like the best name for knowledge with like six exclamation point that would be great on that before the boat what a great fit the duggar family miss him in the middle of a decent next man up go drive a school drive jumblatt hold a drug start reading coach tweets that might we might not keep that are put through our who's back in the week all right ready yeah hey you want to start i yeah i got i a couple my first one is ski does it's the state bird of new york people forget
really yeah no it's one of those things and rats it's one of those things where it's like if you don't like the weather wait five minutes everywhere as the state bird mosquito my second ones college kids moving out and then tweeting us jimbos of them doing dumb shit because their parents are home 'cause they were trying to live their same college life got about like one hundred of those as classic class you can't go out you can't get blackout drunk on a thursday and then piss on your living room couch your mom surprisingly not cool you can't play flip cup with your mom's fine china in the okay anything else not see you got yours i was just going to say the clippers are back the capitals are back they are who we thought they were they really are this is it this is i love it when nothing makes me happier than when a stereo type that i have in my head is filled and so this is just been hit no it did because it makes me feel smart yeah like i'm is going to happen for did so yeah just watching those two franchises continue to eat shit is great the clippers and the capitals are like our inception totem to remind the senate spring thank you
kentucky derby the clippers screwing up the capital screwing up yep it's spring all is right in the world my who's back similar to hanks with the kids graduate its advice to kids graduating lot of people giving advice to to to the kids graduating here's how you should live your life here's how you should do it the mistakes i made i might here's my advice that don't listen to anyone just make your own mistakes you do you have a good time yeah do you yeah i actually contained in this i this might be a hot take for everyone out there but i think the first three or four years after you graduate can be more fun than call which is you actually have money to have a lot of money to spend your money your pocket you mean you know you make real life friends you get to it's not just like whoever was living on my hallway or anything you get to it you get to go out there experience the world actually spend some money it's fun yeah and you also learn a good bit of humility because if you didn't go to college
let's say you to go to college and graduate the people that you knew that did not go to college are like five years ahead of you in the job market so you hank you get put right back in your place real fast yes absolutely all right let's do our interview with george brett did you have anything else you want to say before i went to it i did yeah if you were going to if we were doing hot seat cool thrown how would you buy those seats for the hot seat oh i would you see kik now see this by the way what a great what else i should be keep we're it seek out seem right the transition yeah but the company were doing seek also okay it's it's c kick is the best place to buy tickets online buying tickets can be complicated confusing there's a simpler way to buy with seek seek is a smart easiest way to get tickets to your favorite team's games with c in less mobile experience you can buy and sell tickets in just two taps seek help you find the best seats at the best price
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can you give us some meets a man meets a meat mitch meet mitch meet mitch what kind of what kind of meat you got what we got ribs we got yelled pork we got burnt ends on without brisket all right i love it i love it she admits she's a neighbor he used to be a tailor made guy you a i'll i got all my tailor made stuff for free it was great you got all your music for free well i don't get my beat for free okay you are you'll wet rub guy or driver of driver
address dry rubs yeah like you're you're saying that you're not just a guy i like dry rub and then bone and you know how in yep that's kind of how i feel about the situation of which we're talking like a locker room talk all right so you were here with us were about to it we're we're going to after that you're going to have some we're gonna out of me we're gonna have a lot of heat meet match check it out meet match we'll we'll we'll everyone follows part my take on twitter and instagram we're gonna put up pictures and everything you but you'll know where to find it let's start with the meat because i was actually thinking about we know what kind of questions what we want to talk about i want i want everything baseball everything but kansas city best barbecue in the country i think so have you ever had barbecue then you read no i've never eaten with andy reid tone out i'm sure and he's had i love tree before yeah i think yeah that's a that's a big deal mitch yeah
jd lenny and he would have heard of it and he's eating rose he owns a bar he owns are part of a sports bar or not a sports yeah it's kind of a sports bar a big bar in kansas city called char bar and now he's going i don't know and he's going to do the meat mitch so okay so he's try to throw this he's got some good partners and and i've been a friend forever talk to you has a big smoker in his backyard the memphis in may he does that he does all the american royal barbecue which is the biggest one in the country in kansas city just did one a couple weeks ago the beefed it has a big one in kansas city and he's he's got all over the country have done this stuff and he had once soul i was over his house and we were doing rips i got caught just looks like a lot of fun what i want to go i want to start doing this so he takes me down and i have to go buy a smoker cost me about five grand
and the next thing you know every time he goes on a show or does just traveling roadshow he comes by and he says i gotta borrow your smoker there's i own have to fucking jump got all the sweat equity so the best part about barbecue ing is once you get started you have to wait for like six or seven hours so you just sit around you drink all day i have a tv out in the backyard so we watch little tv and smoking i love it it's great there we go alright let's talk some baseball you got it we actually had theo epstein on the show bottom month ago and we talked about character and how he's building the cubs around character an maybe a little less about the numbers now you've played in kind of the before the nerds in sabermetrics you now are part of the royals after that how much
do you think should be weighed on character and how much on just the pure numbers well i know in two thousand fourteen dayton well date more came over about ten years ago we're run by a trust for so long and and there was no character there was no nothing and all of a sudden he brought this culture in and and he wanted guys that came up through the minor leagues together that one together in the minor leagues and all of a sudden character became very very important and i really believe that's one of the reasons that a team that for the first time in twenty years was you know five hundred or all this uh we go to the playoffs and we're down five runs in the eighth inning and jon lester's pitching against this playing oakland at home and next thing you know we end up scorn and in that one and sweep the angels sweep the orioles and go to the seventh game of the world series and dayton really thought that was due to having good character guys on the ball club
and then the next year when the world series right and and so that's what i became a firm believer that character does play all the camaraderie in the locker room i played with guys and i'll be honest with you that's i'm guys if we won and they went over for they were pissed yet on and if we we lost and they went three for four they were happy you don't want those guys on your team you were at that i i was not decorated you strike out five times in the game struck out five times in a game where we got tax trouble facts come on i've never struck out five to shut down the game three she straight after the game i wanted to commit suicide after the game you were pissed did you guys when we lost so i would say it's very church bread struck out three times again the royals probably lost yeah few guys in the royal palace runtimes too yeah all one thing that forget is in the nineteen eighty five world series you guys actually came back
from a three one deficit right right did it so the cardinals blew a three one lead they there to the jeez of choking way series what was how did you guys turn that one around what was the sense in the three guys down and out what we were down and out because of the gate they weren't going into runs we weren't scored and runs you know none of the games or blow outs and we walked in after the second game of the loose in the second game in a row we lost the first two games in kansas city and we're going to cut these guys aren't that good we played against toronto beat them in the playoffs and we were down three games of them what to them also those guys were good to run it was really good and we're going this guys are as good as toronto and we won game three loss came for and we just said hey let's just take it one day at a time if you try to think of it as you gotta make fifty free throws in a row you're going to get to four thousand eight hundred and forty nine and guess what you're going to miss the last one but if you just go out there and shoot one at a time one of the time
and then all the sudden adam up you might make fifty in a run but i got a good call here well see that does george record according you can look at it that was you you have a doc file the duck call was this the jersey shore hello this is doug dial i guarantee it's a facetime call so it was uh oh damn lineal style dimly diama used at my mother in law my mother love face timing i don't think sam i'll use that as a segue let's talk about playing in an era where there were no cell phones lots do you think so you know taurus leo out safety to get married till the end of your call i got married to thirty nine right and so you're or single for your entire career basically do you think you would be able to survive with with the cell phone are no well no back in the day you had to take a pill so if your dick and then development and then email it to somebody go to the post office postal stamp on it yes it's a process yes so
how do you think if you ever do you ever marvel 'cause the other you know what you know what the most amazing thing to me is derek getr playing in new york all those years and the face of the yankees and never really got in trouble the only thing i ever heard that was crazy about derek jeeters when his partner from the night before left she got up to go pack it yeah but that was smart gift basket ever do that as you had one gal said well i've already got one of these fifty derek jeter autographed ball yeah you ever give gift packages nothing not even like a little hey take this jerk because i think now just cash hush money called in hush money what was your favorite city to play in if you know what i love boston that was your favorite if you know what we mean
well texas texas okay texas was good boston was my fave once the game started until the game ended boston was ever place it was just so magical fenway park i hated come a new new york hate really hate it fans were so nasty what was the what's the worse the great well the greatest well new york was in very good you do you go out here's a for instance you go out and you're playing catch and the other teams taking batting practice and the gates are open and all these kids are coming down and they'll give me a call give me a i give me a ball you're my favorite player give me a ball give me the ball you don't get a ball says fuck you if you break your leg
grace in the world gas new york city new york do you ever look around in the kansas city locker room now and you're like these guys have everything the leather chairs and the other chairs to have a chef which one which stadium had the worst amenities in that in cleveland by far really cleveland yeah it was just a shit hole really bad you guys all used to shower together though will you showered together
i know that that probably built a team and brought to mind out of the other anymore no they don't have divided they have their own they have their own nice private stalls and celebrate don't i've actually been in a major league baseball i can't tell i wouldn't know with a body like that i would expect otherwise yeah so yes sir hang on one second sir are you i hope to coin the phrase mendoza line well i don't know if i helped i and heard it before in my first berman and i were at the all star game hanging out together and i said yeah i was barely hit over the mendoza line he said what's that so that's the first time he heard it and i was one that told it to him so he thinks i invented the term boom okay just all right we'll cut this part you invented the term okay i okay here's the thing if you convince chris berman of anything then that becomes what the truth is that right right this is the
is the lens that truth passes through so if he believes it then i believe it that's how it works ok would you party with chris at all yeah we'd go out after the all star games and always have a few beers let's see he was great his art i mean i don't know if you could tell he all right all that yeah he yeah we had the game in cincinnati and it had to be a hundred and five stricken degrees outside during the game and afterwards we went out and we were out some outside bar having some cold beers and we were both just sweat and bold she swatted right through a short break your sport coat though he's not afraid to sweat in public why does he always wear shirts that real
it shows what office what like i don't know i always wear white shirts i always wear smart smart who's the one picture that you couldn't get a hit off or maybe if we got it off the guy there was a guy god what was his name a left handed relief pitcher for baltimore flanagan i didn't like facing him that much but this guy was a a left handed pitcher that it might have been dickey or somebody okay a and and earl weaver would bring him in every time we play them to pitch to me one better and what what do you value i would hit a rocket right at somebody and it catches and the reason he kept bringing a man because my lifetime batting average was zero zero zero i think i sold for ten often and sure enough they bring them in the next game and and and run on second two outs six sitting
and i had a rocket right at the second base were a line drive to the center fielder and he'd bring him in the next break in game it was unbelievable just bad luck on your part it was bad luck yeah you really show i mean i i i every time he came in i was going home and i love face in this guy right but i never got it off have you ever forgiven billy martin not really yeah not really if you had just got billy martin in three words or less would be pain in the pain in us i like it okay is he a snitch did you did you guys call this niche when he read out for the final note no i didn't call him a snitch i called him something else would you call i've always actually wanted that when you run onto the field and this is just in general not specifically pine tar incident but when you get into a fight with an umpire i love see that will help they get face to face no holds barred you could say whatever you are you just thinking about you don't touch him no you don't even know that's another though if you were in today's era would you
you probably now i i got goes out he fights the ump they do a slow mo you can see exactly what he told him right would you help us route on television right six member that one game for i'll tell you like i can do right now i want now no not really you didn't think about that stuff i remember i remember that one time we're playing a game in yankee stadium a and tony kubek and joe garagiola that i was the pre game interview and i didn't shave for a few days and i was probably twenty four twenty five years old and my father found out what hotel i was staying at called my room that night left a message if you're ever on tv again not clean shaven i'm gonna fly out there not kill you now everybody has beards yeah every games on tv yeah you know but before i mean my parents my brothers living in los angeles they would get up in the morning and have to see read the paper to see what happens they did their v s p on didn't have an
be do you know do not work it was not it was crazy in here yeah i i once read a story did your dad wants get on the speaker during a little league game and i was very early should you have met leaching game or babe ruth came out it was babe ruth game so we have the he would announce who was coming up different fathers would do it and i was playing shortstop that day and you know that guy hits a ground ball there have a electrical scoreboard and they would flash it or air you know so guy hits a ground ball to me i bought it they just flasher after about the third one my father who's doing the pa announcer that day says that's another on the short stop flat out tell flow speaking you're tough love you've appeared in a commercial is that right who a peter commercial discouraging people from leaving other dogs in the car yet what about tough love like how old they ever learned not to bark in a car if you don't just kind of like make him spit out my dogs with me every day in the car i go to the grocery store almost every day
i take my dogs with me cracked when you don't find what no but i'm not in there for more than yeah i'm not in there for more than twenty minutes that's not a funny joke pft okay sir dog in the car i would never do that 'cause that's that's why i don't own a car because i'd forget about you i don't know why anybody on the car in new york it doesn't make sense it's ridiculous we just bought a conversion van so how do you even drive here it sucks it's unbelievable like physically because the conversion van doesn't work 'cause that's also a problem well it's just that i think in the end yes all the horse on so your guys were star wars is just ridiculous i can tell you don't i had i i you know what i used to hate coming here because the fans were so mean to me another nice but i can only stay here two or three days yeah that's a
right it's two days and then out and so i feel that vegas and you know what i have a blast right i want to scale and tell you last night we ended up talking to the people at the table next to us till midnight we got there at seven hundred and thirty love it and sat around and be up there with the nicest people in the world who pft talked about billie marten if you had to choose one billie marten or let's let's actually do hypothetical there in the desert and they need glass of water to survive and you have a glass of water billie marten and an adult autograph seeker we give that glass water to billy martin i really hate the autographs yeah yeah yes i that i do i don't know anybody that likes them no i don't
you don't like it when the rolling around suitcases and they have their kids run up to you and ask right ask for autographs and was laying in a golf tournament and and you're playing i used to play in the bob hope desert classic and then they would have one member one time i was playing with just for parnevik nicest guy in the world and he's from sweden he didn't really understand who the hell i was and so i'm playing and this kid would come up and have a baseball they're not sign it you know i hate ice sure enough another kid would come up another kid and and finally he says could work why are these guys bring in baseball's to a golf tournament you know and another guide my group said well every time he signs one the guy runs up there by the palm tree any gets sick this old metal ball or this got a ball how many give some five bucks yep that's it that's crazy that's great on an honest day's living doesn't say it's a young kid and he sincere and he really wants it yeah no bigger thrill in the world right but if it's a young guy wanted just so he can go give it to somebody and they can sell i don't i don't like that one thing that we're fascinated with on the show it is baseball's history with the green you pills well i've been how prevalent they used to be back in the day was a more common for players to get amped up on greenies are you smokeless tobacco aw i was a smokeless tobacco guy hr guy chew and dip yeah did you ever deal today did you ever do the grammys never not even of guy accidental coffee was fine but what was it there in the clubhouse everyday they were hidden when i came around
yeah evidently before i got there in seventy three they said before that probably in the sixties you know early seventies when there is a like a little djarum if you want to one day right right what about what about their day were mostly rumors when i was playing right when it came up what about the end of your career because you kind of coming up on the steroids are at the end of your you know it looks like all you i'm not saying you put in the clubhouse did you see other guys no i never i never saw anything i'll tell you a funny story i was looking for danny to article one day when he was playing for the royals and and for i i just probably an hour before the game and we just got through batting practice i haven't tell danny something from somebody in and i go worse danny they always in the weight room you're not my response was why he wears the weight room i didn't even know where it was the royals put one in that year i didn't even know what i'll
of it pushups know nothing you go you go for jobs are not used to go for joe just woke up where the elliptical so you seriously wouldn't you look the cold i think that goes like this where the tv right if you did know training notes training whatsoever i offseason i started training in nineteen eighty four that since one thousand nine hundred and eighty four outs the first year i trained that was after what eleven years it was after my tenth here in the big so you would just spring training was for the greatest quote of all time richie hebner remember him yeah you know this quote no family owned a graveyard and he showed up in spring training one year and they asked him the pipe
shasta they should richie look in pretty good shape he said i buried guys in better shape than i meant there we go and i think it's the greatest line of all time but that's what spring training was for back tend to get in shape you gotta you gotta remember back when i came up you know what the minimum salary was fourteen thousand a year so if you had a wife and you say had two kids yet offseason jobs right i remember one time a guy that i played with roger nelson delivered a package to my house in the offseason executable that's incredible well at that he's in jobs you didn't have time to work out that's going to use it if you want an offseason job and let's just say you want to sell cars or whatever using your name as a base i bought my first home from paul split or for was selling real estate in the offseason
with that would that be like an asset though like would guys say hey i'm going to sell cars we sell real estate because fans will recognize my name and they'll come and buy from him i would think it would help yeah so wait i just want to go back to this never working out 'cause this blows my mind so i started working out in one thousand nine hundred and eighty four so in the offseason you would just would what would you do in the offseason just play golf like you go for a run you would do a push up no i could have been a major league baseball player that 70s yourself you still capture one thousand nine hundred and eighty four i started and then i continually workout i mean i'm in better shape now than i was when i play do you think if you think he played right now and you had they had all the technology and how these guys train relentlessly through the offseason everything do you think you would have hit more home runs yeah
because you were less the third party was your number one thirty was your highest right and most were like in that so when you you say you like mid thirties to forty guy all you know i think it depends on what part you play in tune can the city was always the biggest park in the american league yeah we didn't play interleague back down so you know i played eighty one games in the bigs ballpark but with all those without hitting home runs you know maybe your hidden look all the doubles i gotten trace i got right now because it was a big ball parks right the doubles total would come down to triple so total would come down home run my to gone out but yeah i i'm just not i've never been a weight lifter you know back when i came up they said swim and run that's what you should do
right so that's crazy we go for like a job once a week or something like that i would do it right before spring training started you credit for it i would tell you i grew up right on the ocean in southern california i was living there my first three or four years after i started playing in the big leagues so i'd go in the water body surf a lot consider that'll workout but about two weeks before spring training i would maybe worked out a little bit take a lot of steam's a lot of saunas and hollywood working out i like that the executive i do that i like say take a steam and then you're ready to go professional out long life is the do you what do you ever play or how often do you play hung over well loved against yeah i remember
i was single yeah that's why i asked if you can hang out again what was your wife your handles work if i do a fantasy camp every year for the royals ok it down to arizona and i always take my team out to dinner and it's always mexican food and we get there and everybody gets the biggest margarita they make and then they all we have pictures of beer or buckets of beer and then we have pictures of margaritas delivered to the table and the next day i said ok now i want you guys to know how i felt pretty much every day game i ever played sax amazing what was the george brett hangover cure like you wake up you gotta day game you got say let's say you got to one hundred and twenty game at yankee stadium and you're waking up at eight hundred o'clock what are you doing when i wake up today what are some really kind of nice to walk us through what what what that morning would look like what's the george brett got to get ready to be a hall of fame well i'll take a shower okay hot shower and take some aspirin that's it yeah
she didn't ask whatever then of what delight you ever to peel it is like what you give the kids when they have diarrhea yeah it does not it works wonders better than what it's like it's a sick baby that's what because that's exactly what you're yeah when you're hungover person so that's what you're saying okay yeah basically just wanna curl up in your bed in the fetal position rocking your thumb so like the well is that is that that's if you're really really him but i don't think i got really hammered but i was always one to go out and have a few beers after shake off the cobwebs all right we need to talk about the story that i think everyone probably is waiting for on the spot
cast because i you this is actually my i know where you're going no but i'm i'm in las vegas well let me let me preface it i think these are the two most famous sh pants shooters the that have no we we have no embarrassment i i am i am professed i myself probably twice a year just like you said i think what was my last accident i like five months ago yeah what has happened i was driving the car i had had i think some chinese food the night before right sneeze a little too hard
things get away from you i didn't sneeze yeah i so the famous road was frozen watch the clip again and it was so i mean that might be one of my favorite youtube videos of all time because of not only the story but how quickly you went back to just be like right who's pitching today yeah you just tell an entire long story about shooting your well what what what wasn't caught on the guy there was a guy that everyone's well in spring training that might get you know and after having that thing on for an hour and you're looking around and i didn't see the guy at all and and so i'm going well the tv is not going to say that but i was walking by these two guys and the guy told me that he crafters paths the day before and they were talking about he's just got i just got the really bad diarrhea just crap my pants and i said no man this guy says you ever do that i said did i ever i'll tell you a story so i had some bad crabs at double lazio hotels at the mirage one of the two i forget yeah i was fine i was gambling just seven some have a good time and all the sudden i said god i got
play golf in the morning i'm gonna go back to my hotel i went to join some friends and all of a sudden i swear to god i couldn't move i was frozen and i said if i take a step i'm going to crap my pants and all of a sudden my stomach starts feeling better and better and i'm going oh god ok i feel pretty good now and i took one step and oh my god i stopped i had to walk home i mean it was it was wrong it was alright i closed did you did you pull them over you like tie your shirt around your waist to cover i had i had a i had those were dyed dark jeans thank god knows where black as were black box set up that's why a lot of not white shoes white shoes i was your state yes yeah we're now yeah i have black shoes on again i just can't help you so that it all dangerous i got a clean pair okay good i got it so you're still twice a year you still go well i haven't done it a long time come on i saw
or the guy this is disappointing because i'm sitting here i'm pouring my heart out to you saying that i'm not a twice a twice a year guy said it though on the class that i'm good for about two two pants shitting a year who was really good at it billy connors so you'll pitching coach for the phillies really here tell me all the time he said guess what happened today guess what happened i was driving and i shit my pants it ever happened about two or three times a year with him just during the baseball see listen we all have our causes we all have our causes that we stand up for mine has a long time ben to take away the stigma from adult shitting their pants from time to time things happen have a couple too many guinness maybe some chinese food some crab not a big chinese food guy yeah i go to china a lot but i over there i don't mind it but over here i've never found a good chinese restaurant in kansas city i'll put it this way any other orifice on the human body if it leaks every now and again it's totally normal
but he says anything about it if it's your but i do have a runny nose yeah i think you're but for some reason everybody just calls a proud about it right now i agree it's not fair stressed but i'm i'm disappointed to hear that you no longer now it's a i i can't tell you the last time it happened god damn it it's like i've never my ears appointed everything their heroes 'cause then they'll tell you they don't shit their pants anymore wow this is awful this interview sucks they also i think that's a good way to end it yeah that's a really good job how's this the next time i do a lot you know thank you i appreciate right meet match they are the best we're about to go eat some meat meat match check them out george brett thank you so much for appreciate that interview is brought to you by capterra i got into
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flash pmt to start your search today alright let's do some sex before we get to segments that interview with george brett was a great interview he also went on four play pod which is our goal podcast with trent and riggs so that will be coming out on tuesday if your golf fan if you're george brett fan which you obviously are after you listen to that interview could he's the coolest guy in the world go download for play on it once subscribe to that and you can listen to george brett talking about golf we all so just a reminder we have our video behind the scenes video coming out today so sure you go and watch that and the preview to the george brett exit interview which will be coming on tuesday and it was weird if you're thinking these guys shit themselves well guess what you're going to tune in yes are
great let's do some segments first we have bad visual for roger goodell roger goodell seemed to wipe a booger on a handicapped child i like it why it why would roger goodell treat her any differently than he treats every other fan that's good that's just a quality i love it because i really do think roger goodell has past a certain point where he is starting to embrace the he'll know who i think he's hank he wiped a booger on a ham cap child that super villain stuff that is the ultimate villain not because he embraced not 'cause he was like oh i'm in the super villain i'm going to wipe a booger on someone he's just evil yeah that was a natural like he wasn't thinking why can we reset don't know but i dash is him being him but i don't think he cares anymore about that stuff i mean i don't think he cared ever i
i'm going to call it in the next four years he's going to start it is not going to be wiping boogers just going to start tripping handicap he's going to have a cane with them is going to act like it's because his legs hurt but he's just going to use it to hook people you also said that marijuana is addictive yes i love it is addictive it's very addictive and it's also it's it's bad for your health if you smoke it so we're just going to load players up with narcotics instead do someone's ever died or developed in addiction to opiates you see what how long said what do you say said i would get if i went to booger on a fan i get find my left arm yeah it's true kyle's one hundred percent right on the sleeveless left regardless leave to wipe a booger justice for the handicapped child god damn it this guy he is such he's who evil i kind of agree with hank a little bit now that i think about it because it wasn't for all the cameras to see it was like while he was walking away from the podium he didn't have expectation the cameras on him it's not like he was facing the television and
just like picked in wiped it was it was a sneaky wipe no never in million years talking that i just think that he probably watched back the tape and he's like who cares that's that's the element that he's changed i think he is now i don't give a fuck well that's that's roger goodell's usefulness that's why the owners like and they all want to wipe their boogers on handicap people but they need a commissioner to do it for them so they don't get heat for it they should actually for justice for this handicapped child roger goodell should have sit on a live stream while all thirty two owners spit in his mouth and that's the owners to remember the packers have like ten million on a bunch of owners and they have some real dirty space yeah right that would be nice not like that we have the respect the biz for no syndergaard who got hurt which breaking news as a mets pitcher got hurt interesting news but s everett said this after he got hurt he called it karma because
as maybe you should stop calling the media minions karmas a real thing good point this is just like when marshawn lynch when he was mean to reporters before the super bowl and then he didn't get that kerry from the two yard line karma karma catches up to you like like when tl was mean to everyone all the reporters and then he didn't get voted into hall of fame that's not really comma that's just the report holding a grudge but you get it it's the exact same thing yeah i was looking at that tweet that he had and david roth wrote about this i think i think he was one that wrote it he talks about the ratio on twitter if you put out a tweet that has like one retweet two faves and then like ninety replies to it you know that you screwed up big time and this is one of those things it was like three retweets anna one hundred replies and everybody was like dude
what people lining up to ship this guy's my great yeah it's great i love it so just remember no maybe start being a little nicer to the media and you will be hurt you're also maybe cut your hair yeah also maybe go to a different team because it seems like the mets doctors probably not the best and also maybe drop on the aids from your last name not too many i like that too also noah is kind of a i don't know week name as a week name yeah it's what would be building an ark yeah silent each side any name was silent letters in it week i don't trust were they hiding yeah actually we have a one is your whole for t y hilton who posted a video no no no no not for t y hilton for t y hilton son his four year old son i want it now is this the same kid that he cried what is it really is it the four five if it is i don't think so 'cause that it was further kids birth i don't think that was four years ago i don't know but that would be great if this kid
so he was meant for destiny so t why is doing the thing that we talked about a while ago which is if you have kids you might as well use them for social media yes so it's like back in the day of you used to have like nine or ten kids to help you on the farm plowing fields now if you have kids use and put him to work on your instagram plan to work on twitter but i i want to put one in his son's ear hole and just fire some high heat right at his head because this kid is way too athlete for for your he's four years old four years old and he was he was joking people's breaking people's ankles yes and flag football i could not tactless on right now if i tried is up that's messed up and i could sit on him now yeah you could probably suffocating as a white guy at my feet will never move as fast as to why hilton's sons feet at the age of four stop showing up speaking of social media and kids the other thing you need to do if you have a kid you give him tickets to a game him and say that they've always wanted to go to the game i don't know if you saw that viral video the cubs fan in like indiana and then immediately all
the cubs players like seats on main come through the clubhouse so if you have a kid out there just be like hey you know little johnny i'm going to handle these tickets and start crying and pretend that you really want to go this game it will go viral and will get to meet everyone right and in the video make sure that you in part like an over arcing overarching life lesson and so your son guess what he worked ten hours with you today yeah didn't complain once he's learned the value of an honest day's work yeah and then people fall over all education is the key to everyone's future out a on his on his algebra test yeah but i'm just lie about be like he was failing he was failing science and now he got to be plus because he studied for eight hours before the test because lebron said that the books are important yes exactly wrong as he saw the broad walk around with the godfather book upside down and it
dogeared to the second page for the last three months to be realized i got to start reading yeah at that point lebron is just going to pay for your son's tuition for the rest of his life it's so easy to get him yeah also i i i just want to make a prediction within i'm gonna say ten to fifteen years t y homes kid is going to be dating riley curry i just want to put that out there i think that's next sports power couple ok that's weird but ok we have been hurt or injured isaiah thomas this one blue up on sunday he lost the tooth going screen and played basically the entire game without a tooth i've never seen a i do that and then just push it back in so they put it back in well here's a fun thing i was explaining this to hank earlier when you lose a tooth if you just put it right back in it's like twenty five percent chance that your tooth just goes back to being a dad got sure yeah totally true that's right i've lost it before really yeah your your tooth it so that eyebrows breast so that it's probably one of the best buy
it's the dead tooth yes i mean your breath is going to suck for the rest your life but you won't look like a complete look you won't have to go to the dentist so that's nice exactly avoid the dentist at all costs exactly i think i don't like how we picked it up immediately if you're committed to playing team defense you leave your tooth on the your tooth comes like a banana peel in in mario kart at that point it's a6 man on the field so you just you leave the tooth out there and then you pick it up later that someone else i'm going by the way i'm going to bet the over in that series every single game they're going to score no one plays defense where can i do it though i would use betdsi you really toss me up for that one betdsi i'm on the i've been i've been really good in the playoffs i'm like thirteen and one not to brag and when i bet i you betdsi dot com the nba and nhl playoffs and major league baseball are all off and running make sure you but yes i for all your sports book needs they have over twenty years in business or top rated on most sports book review sites they have a great mobile product
easy use from anywhere they have live in game way drinks you can make plays throw in her games and events they've got great customer service it's available twenty four slash seven three hundred and sixty five they've built their reputation on fat payment of winnings and they're going to give you free twenty the bucks to try the service just for registering plus a2 two one hundred percent bonus on your first deposit if you use promo code take two hundred that's promo code take two hundred at patty si let's do a quick oh you think you're ready for this one yeah i don't know where you only king of all all you thinks ready hank dwight howard is unhappy with how he was used in his first season in atlanta yep uh you think know dewey i also have some old tweets you ready for this two thousand and nine dwight howard and happy with referees two thousand and twelve dwight howard unhappy with lack of fourth quarter touches two thousand and twelve
howard is unhappy with the magic and wants a trade to the nets two thousand and thirteen report dwight howard is growing unhappy with his role in the lakers might start thinking trade soon two thousand and fifteen while acknowledging dwight howard is unhappy with losing sources said he is not expressed a desire to be traded those all came from our friend old takes exposed freezing cold takes he's one of the best twitter followers but dwight howard under puppy sounds situation sounds like he's just depressed i mean that's ok if you're depressed get help you know there's you can take all sorts madison for that dwight howard causing a problem on his team no doing i think dwight howard he's here this phone calls ignored by every single banana boat vacationer
i don't even have his full these trying he's trying to get on that banana boat so hard you're wrong and they're just talking you're wrong they don't they probably bron gave dwight howard is land line probably gave him the rejection hotline remember that one hit had to deal with that is okay look real quick explain to hank here back in the day there was been people used to make phone calls to set a texting there was a phone number to of the rejection hotline where if you met somebody and you didn't want to give them your actual number you give them this one thing and then they would dial it and they listen and it's a the person who gave you this number did not want to talk to you on the phone so they lied to you yeah it's pretty great so that's definitely with dwight howard has that and he's like why is it why does everyone have the same number is he's got nine nba players saved in this phone in the same god damn it dwight howard like at what point do you he looks in the mirror's like hey maybe its main no he doesn't do that now you can make it happen superman
all right let's because it's sunday night and sunday baseball our friend marlins man is sitting front row fan way for the cubs and red sox let's give him a call and talk to a they would so we're we're on tv right now austin the card the red sox and i've been did you find what about three hundred of the barstools followers and they love love the idea of being a barstool believe and they love the idea of a hard charger they could wear with
marlins man watching tv with robin haley married someone actually live bet that right now orange man reporting live from the future broke breaking news hanley ramirez in a home run five seconds before anyone could see it on tv for the podcasts airing monday the game that was sunday would you bring yeah yeah we start watching hates watching the things we right through me it's once you waive it a little we even in your right hand okay i went to the bench is coming all about we got okay
yes the marlins there with the visor off that's like when cindy crawford's sure to nip and and that really fair game a rebel those even though that yeah we're basically on tv right now which you have barstools symbol and then we'll let you go backwards yeah and then give us the give us give us the symbol that you've popularized hi all everybody is doing that now the hand signals always struck out oh saturday for the boys number humble boys alright well thank you enjoy enjoy your time an we appreciate you joining us the new segment mountains mens on national television so give me a call will talk to you soon believe in you remember that we believe
map for the troops you're the most humble guy you know right exactly we don't get sunday night baseball and you don't get too we don't get to call you while you're on tv see you soon i last two of the day we have a perspective
quick for sean watson who bought a new car for his mother yeah i forgot trap yeah it's so these kids run out buying all sorts of for loop frivolous things to sean goes out and buys like a fifty thousand dollar car for smiling as moore's jaguar s r e seventy five thousand dollar car for you could have bought he could have bought his mom one and a half firefighters you could have bought a the marks on the c r v yeah for three of them disgusting and people wonder why these guys go broke it's gross but would you see jj watt said that he told antonio brown to hayes his brother extra he jj hazing is a crime in most states of he jj bowling in america is a big problem i don't like it i don't like going last up we have hey kat in the streets this went viral on friday and this what happens often is something some hashtag will go viral and i'll notice it and i will just have no energy to look into it and that's why we have hank so hank firefest what the fuck went on is supposed to be a log
free music festival in the bahamas so coachella coachella in it was coachella and talk to me in terms i understand now coachella in the bahamas organized by jar rule which show is still going on so why would you go to it it's right so the people extension two weeks are people pusha t migos dark dark slowly are you what are you but these people that you're talking about right out and was is vegas me goes for the culture will jadi little jadi loving pusha t and dark focus okay major lazer sure okay anyway so when people should so people had to pay like a thousand to twelve thousand dollars just to go when people showed up it basically like rio like it was just tents in a gravel field there was no like food no nothing was ready it was shitty weather all the people that were supposed performed cancelled while people were there it was impossible to get back like fledge got cancelled took people that went
four days to get home we wait so they they just cancel the music festival like tenth set up there yeah people are supposed to stay but it's just like refugee tents this might be too woke on my part but if they were fema tents then it could have been just like a practice run for martial law in america because we're going to install fema camps everywhere maybe this was just a set up by the government may be jar rule is working for the cia i just love the idea of a bunch of people getting on a flight and going to the bahamas being like word but to go to the best suck and fuck fest ever like we're going to so much we can do that super molly and we're just going to have sex before straight and they show up and it's just like a grilled cheese sandwich and ja rule doesn't even doesn't even well video the video to like that like announced at the only promotion thing that was out there was like just a bit basically hired a bunch of models to go on a yacht and that there was no like you couldn't tell what was going on they desired that's the most genius marketing ever if you basically makes instagram was created just so
that people can show everyone else that they are having the best time in the world even though they might not be so they just prayed on that that's genius and then i did see his apology i think i was on friday job rule issued the most sorry not sorry of all time he said ice truly apologize as this is now my fault but i'm taking responsibility i do not edit that all those are like back to back to back since is right there that's that's great i don't need to apologize but i'm going to appoint even though was my yeah but i take responsibility for so we should do we should do this by the way starr faithfull yes it's our music fest will start a music festival hires ms graham models and then just have it and then just like throwing can of beans and people will just make up band names for it so yeah and people be like other cool 'cause i haven't heard of them we could do this i made up dark focus that was affected
was it really i was just curious your testing i had turned focus will dark focus with their headline it will be planted apart my take fest it's going to be great alright that's our show go check out the videos exam you come in tuesday and behind the scenes coming today party might take that's the name of the music festival yes who i don't like that i like sorry my ten get just what we double dip we're not no listen this dharti might take you got to pay for to to dharti day party in nardi might take you got to pay extra tonight we have a night party marty my take after our morning party we just see it's all three ticket we're we're inventing the brunch of partying yeah so so yeah good for us i like it party marty my take and it's just my uncle my jewish uncle just yelling at everyone
is great in he'll perform it sounds amazing yeah alright that's our show will see you on wednesday love you guys jayhawk chant
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