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Haley Joel Osment + Burgergate

2019-01-15 | 🔗

Clemson was served a bunch of fast food at the White House and we have no problem with it (2:27 - 6:03). Which coaches will be more motivated to win a Championship now that know free fast food is the prize? (6:03 - 12:17) Bachelor talk for guys that don't watch the Bachelor (12:17 - 19:18). Hot Seat/Cool Throne including Gillette, Bruce Arians getting a C on his physical, and Dog the Bounty Hunter is back (19:18 - 34:57). Actor Haley Joel Osment joins the show to talk about his career, being a mega famous child actor, what happened to Little Forrest Gump (did he have AIDS?) and a table reading from Walker Texas Ranger (34:57 - 65:27). Segments include Trouble in Paradise for the Celtics, Done or Finished Duke, Bad Visual Adam Gase, and Guys on Chicks. 

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Today is part of my take. We have Hayley Joel oarsmen. Yes, I see dead people fun interview with Hayley learned about acting learned about catching lizards learned about cattle theatre, experiments theater and what really happened too little forest? He grew up and became an actor who came on part. My take is actually that that is what who may or may not have got nay lots to stick around Thou o at a table? Reading We also have a little burger gate talk. I don't even know if we're calling it for gate, bachelor, talk, hot seat, cool throne and because it is Wednesday guys on chicks. Before we get to all of that New Amsterdam vodka, it was long, two thousand and eleven New Hampshire and vodka was a fastest spirit brand in history to sell one million cases. New Amsterdam is a premium. Eighty proof vodka made from some of the finest quality greens from America's heartland. It is five times distilled for unparalleled
moonless and filter three times for clean crisp. Finnish new Hampshire vodka is slightly sweet on the pilot, love that so check it out New Amsterdam, a vodka. You got it, you gotta, do it if they actually, I was drinking it about a month ago, when I was in Chicago, I loved it. You'll love it to again it's five times too for unparalleled smoothness and what Are you cheering for your team on game Dave you're, watching the NFL plants washing? Will hockey college basketball, whatever you want to do new, Hampshire is the perfect companion for those moments smooth enough to drink on the rocks and mix as well will juice and soda or make a classic new Amsterdam you or a pink whitney? Yes, our good friend rhyme when he has his own drink,
that is new Amsterdam. Vodka, so check it out. New Hampshire, VOX is the official vodka of the any show an parcel sports. We have an official while the boys lot at finally like that population, good, bye, leader loves. It feels great New Hampshire vodka check it out. Ok, let's go! Let's not talk about your add here. Yes, it's open for business. So your add here today is
Wednesday January sixteenth and boys. We have a burger gait, which I don't even think it is a real nice gate, everything's gate, the up to date and sick. It's our gauzy yeah Berger Gauzy, so Clemson of you heard, but they smell. Alabama. Yes, your hearing that correctly comes and smashed Alabama, the National championship a week ago, they went to the White House and President Trump gave every on a bunch of burgers ass food. He paid he bought he personally purchase imagine that he promises staffers Burger King Mcdonald's p. to hide Wendy's Wendy's, always like a hundred dollar bill, each in just a go by like three hundred burgers sees place, so we're not a political podcast. Everyone knows that we stick to sports at all times, but this is sports, because it is football, and I we both had
exact same reaction whenever, like oh, my god, I can't believe he gave all this fast food. I just saw the the the plates full of big Macs and Wendy's in pieces. I this is fucking us, yet the only thing is if it was probably called by that. I mean I. I can't think of too many things less appetising. Unlike a cold feet. your fish. Yet, finally, using mixer show put the flatfish out yeah yeah, that's a big time mistake, big time, but the rest like I I could how some quarter powders right now and I'll. Tell you this a little Lib Chris long ass to be really regret, not gone to the White House when you had the chance it. You missed out on a feast buddy big time in it, look like essentially by being back in college and getting super high and be unlike, let's just order all the fast food because who wouldn't want to be like hey. You know what I'm gonna have Mcdonald S, when these right after that interest, try I'm all. So I am fully in favour. This move. The one thing that present from missed out on he should have brought the Maghreb back just
for that, could you imagine if Thou Shamrock shake a power move just be unlike Maghreb, it's not even back but its back. Here we have it. Folks doorway followed and the biggest lots of all time. I was surprised they didn't wieland, like a Coca COLA, freestyle machine to doubt of sweet, yes, actually watching Davis, when you try to figure out how to use when those automatic cook machines that would be great, basically present Tramtrist treated this entire thing like it was an end of the Year Soccer Party yeah, and he had like he was heavy everybody over the fuckers. We needed trophies for every one, a m Orioles you get what everyone necessary along and honestly, like yes or the food did look pretty good. I was one of Hank was, can be triggered because they they omitted certain franchise. Hank speak on a Thorn Zadok about bad for the brand
no no well relations. Our relations are great with south of the border. No, that's true pick aside. It's like either you wanna be included. We want to be on the outside, not offensive this yeah. That's now talk abilities to re brand as Anti trop. He asked and steer entities so right, Hank, no are absolutely. Roger had just really got me thinking Phd. How this relates to sports, and my initial reaction was, if every time in that wins. A championship goes to the White House and gets a bunch of fast food. How does that affect the motivation for each team? So like You gotta believe that any reads thinkin areas like and I wanna get their plus Patrick MA homes. They're gonna have a hatchet ever to have a catch up. Fountain for Patrick problems are gonna. Have ketchup milkshakes serve ice cold, the moans just chuck? Does
This is nonsense about. So I wrote down a quick list of teams to keep an eye on, knowing that they have a because, like look if you're fat guy and near and at the end of the tunnel is a bunch of fast food guilt, free cause, colors dome count when you're in the White House you're celebrating yet you eat. This is going to be great motivation, so I have a list. You tell me if anything is off here. If you have anything to add okay, so the pirates Clint hurdle, he's a big fast food guy got that nice around phases or less fat people know. Where do you say that the manager that you're going to want to do tigers, gardenhire, tigers manager, now he's a big time fast, food guy Dodgers, not for Dave Roberts?
Tommy Lasorda S Lasorda would lead army going in eating just nonstop big macs, but we know that he like sauce. Yes, oh gravy, yes nor sought worlds. We know he doesn't need dry pass on everything you actually, if its timing Thorgest sent an olive garden yeah, never ending bread, sticks and sowed Abbe, pretty good wherever Mark MIKE Mccartin. Next coaches never die if it's never ending yet further at their wherever MIKE Mccarthy, Ex coaches. Ok, that's like. If you are looking to hire MIKE Mccarthy, this is actually a opponents in your pros and cons pro. He probably want to go to the White House and eat a bunch fast right. When, when the Packers won the Superbowl, you could actually there's a project for the color, the gateway to just be gravy Brown yeah. Exactly two thousand gimlets map Patricia definitely fastfood guy. Ah,
One hundred percent of fast. You, like most coaches, are fast regards. There's some letters you don't want cliff kings varies, not mean those apps pro quantities, never had a french right. I don't think so. Now think he's KEDO come on he's doing the fucking Kale cheer polio each body, I would be shocked, wrote his cliff kings. Very didn't have like Facebook page. Where is selling? Is beach body work out stay at his desires? They call me a coach, but I'm also coach or these each bodies, Abdel covering a hug. You bear big one hoagie Bear go into the White House and just sitting there by himself being like fellows. I got this hinders the gimme a moment with these. With these big macs here and then actually, the bulls Jim Boil and is a big time? He's a fighter he's a heavier guy. He would definitely wants fast food if the bulls could ever when more than like fifteen gates. I could definitely that too, this is going to actually be tough. Isn't we tougher for Mcveigh saw Mcveigh? He doesn't like to shit and just like people in L, a general is a robot is Gimme the in and out New Hickey. That was a big, Miss Hale
it s. What I don't have. It would also be like the similar Maghreb, getting getting in and out in washing their age, flexor tat, big time flex. Huge mess see out burger Gait, which wasn't really a gate. But I guess it was the intersection of sports and politics, China, Vietnam, but then why not? It was pretty funny the other candlelight dinner that they had like that. It was very fancy presented matter on a silver platter, probably the guy's, Nick David, was probably sight to see this year. We like fat fat, those guys it was essentially knowing about. It, was essentially like living the life of the kid from blank cheque, mainly via a million dollars. I would just have Mcdonalds silver platter. Water slide here and in our isn't it have a twenty five year old girlfriend people don't talk about how the movie was little. We, I see ill dicey, all he was into also million dollars like and they will have to pay. Taxes do and we gotta pay your agent fee and, like all the same
oh there's: if you buy a house and all the stuff I mean you you're not coming home with that much money. I'd rather not have milling. I know it's a heavier. We talked a while ago about like. Would you rather have a billion dollars? I would like to have a billion by a million. Not knuckle momentarily progressively broke more money, more problems like the dumbest saying ever, I feel like. If you have more money, you have less problems. This is a general by and large as a general rule, yeah you can just paid too cannot do the things you don't wanna dears effect money does solve somewhere like your hungry, the problem chef, just you get us Well, are you get Mcdonald's? If you pay someone just pick up after you at all times and that's a nice problem, it is very don't ever have any more, so myth busted, also back the fast food, I'm just thinking for all the brands got left out. Dont bad for the law. John servers yeah It has shown that real shame parties, yeah thick bird
I had a Mcdonald's sober for the first time in a long time on Saturday night, but you she death. Here's the thing after each Mcdonald Sober you feel like you're hung over yes a little bit. You know you get a Mcdonald's hangover, bigtime protest for everyone out there. I don't even think if you are doing this, you have just been living your life completely wrong, but if you go to Mcdonald's Vigo to drive through the key is to get along large fry and then get a medium or small fry for just the car jets. The car fries. Can I dont want to dip into your large fry when you get home? I agree with that. I also when movies do. When I lived in Texas, he go to what a burger and get all the books.
Good, then, to really get tattered and less interesting. You gotta what a broader burger pest burger Jerry you gotta have their chicken. Ok, you got of what a burger any get. You get your honey butter chicken biscuit exactly yet a timer right at ten thirty, so you drive directly from what a burger Mcdonald's and get what all donaldsons focusing water, an affiliate sweet. So water burger wasn't have good burgers org price. What a place some saying that entrepreneurs are so good, but you use the water burger ketchup I too catch up better catch. Only the real, so society really fast food. It is not that there are not just a catch up place. Yes, it's like the latter is like Patrick Mahomet would love to live inside. What gets like the new deconstructed she she restaurants, it are just like grill cheese melt. Yeah the girl. She is chop chair, it's just shop, you go get a score to catch up and then you keep got welcome and shop. We're gonna be cocky with tomato paste pump done before you, too hot sequel thrown Hank. We have bath drug. Oh by the way we have two legally. We are obligated to mention that
the AIR Sea Championship Game the Sunday it looks like it's gonna be called. We forgot to do that zone as a sports. Why don't get too there? Oh, you are sorry, and yet there are many people who have to just continually say how call this I'm gonna get her eye Hank batch or talk for guys, don't watch a bachelor, crazy, absurd Demi touched the group DE rose before given out what you do. We were at such a demi move. The group day rose. What is that a group day native one rose to a contestant. She guessed. The group date rose ass, pretty self Papa Oros, given out Debbie Tunnel. What about the rose likelihood? It's like the Stanley CUP now there's roses Egypt's here, but if you get a rose, you're you're good for them. yeah right so, and so they given out during the episodes like girl, gets a group de Rossa, she's she's good and touched it. She touch it before was very unlucky to touch the group date rose before you're invited to touch it got it. That's wild
I think it is a crazy episode. Debt Demi is clear. Villain she's set ourselves as the as there are. Only now add the cocktail party demi, put on a robe chuckled and upstairs and gave him a massage ways had took tickled him upstairs taught him upstairs. Love surname massage, but in the in the show, so I heard I wasn't watching, but she was wearing a robe and then took upstairs, and although the girls were freaking out, because I thought you know their she's gonna take his virginity. Well yeah, so some high higher drawn hand virginity there very, but they were very upset for her for putting on the road- and you know, there's a cocktail party each upon a Roman Each took it to another, less sounds like she's as bad as bitch, but she's a villain, all the other girls hate demi on and They are told cold and when is a virgin, what did you do in real quick? What advantage should like teaming up to having like a squatter girls? Are your friends on the bachelor? I don't think that's how it works. I think every bachelor season just worse it there's one girl who has
like all the sex appeal and they all hate and their hatred, which is actually grow. The did the fake australian accent. Now, that's my girl. That Nigeria is gonna, want airtime achieve G nice Heather have you can watch and now I've just been hearing that was all scripts Heather, whose another beautiful girl blonde girl from California told Coltan, whose aversion that she's never killed. Anyone before its lie on the Ladys she's, Perhaps too she took his lips. He strand of peeled a cotton gray lie too. I think there's I think, they're setting them up to take each other's region its. I cannot be the Big bang, what it is it one of these jack Sprat could eat no fat. His wife could eat no leaned situations like she can fuck him and he can kiss her but never thought right, also Nick oftener than it was before? Oh that's, cool, what's he they did like open MIKE thing and like the girls are when you got also Nick offer men like nor for ethnic, often because he's very funny guy, but I see I think, he's just wants, wants it right,
it's like Jeez Nouns Anders George Sand. He's done a pretty good job of branchy out. The English allows completely ball than had a full lumberjack beard, so it doesn't look like runs once and all right, but don't you think or is that there are certain characters. You're, like duchess, run Swanton and like George Cosenza, like Kramer. What do what even is Kramer's name Riley Cooper? That's right, cosmic, very bad! He should actually do the riot relic of Bio pick. He's like if you ve, already been caught on tape, saying it yeah, then you're, like the only person, that's fit to play, that role. Bigtime bigtime receive in the Red Zone yapping target, as we hear has yeah it's. Ok, that's it them is a villain thus in the door of any reads office, drops a heart in bomb unseen offensive. As the house is our. The real question is what episode is called it. Gonna loses virginity of things, I'll. Do it I'll get how many of us as other? Ok, that's a lie: humming episode, other Hank there's been two year and then how many are there? No ten twenty thirty entered
just narrowed down. For me out, say fewer than twenty nine think you'll lose it by episode. No forty Azra misreading com. He's ideas like Tito he's so dug in art on his living in a house with a bunch of hot girls he's eventually just gonna fuck now not could happen. His new strong he's tutoring remember his former Anna fell per year. Also one of those people are, she thinks Tito was verge. Tebow's still is where they also in the show solve heard they set him up of being a virgin. By being like, oh, I played I pray do on. Sports are never had time for girl relax out after an average classic every every Diwan athlete knows that in her I'd, Hank Huts, equal trunk, do my hot seat is Netflix yeah. So had once been hearing about these try, festival, documentaries, networks, buyers to release one fire fry fire, its fire F f. Why are ie Firefox small document arrive festivals? What happened at the White House that was good Netflix was dropping one Hulu.
pulled up, pull the alpha move and just released. There's like two or three days beforehand, and it has actual thought of the fire festival in the documentary. networks on the hot seeks Edwin watching the Hulu one talk about the who one it'll, probably better than puts one because in the Hulu, when it says that the one produced by Netflix is featuring the FUCK Jerry people who were like complicit, deaf, very, very, very complicit, so who is FUCK Jerry is the Instagram account and always a meme Valencia, his income? but it's the old water cups. Yes, my lead, Emily S, vitriolic bourse. It's like the parcel instagram count there was like was a person yeah? His name was fucked area, ok protein, its programme account, but the white hairs, lonely alternating legal areas. I am in very infuriating, there's a while the fuck Jerry remember they like had a feud with us new challenges to three and three more like broke. You see our bass multimedia when a game we stink. So I
axis its awesome. Everyone's watched on Hulu Billy, Macfarlane deck eyes crazy. He is basically like all of our jokes about combating fraud
he just doesn't have a conscience, so he just goes all the what you're. My understanding is that he's Tom have referred if Tom Hanford was a person but evil Tom. How yes, like Tom, however, have offered still had the you know some road. He had allowed even glowing Riah right, you had a conscience, and he, like you know, although morals I mean, if you want to get on your high horse, that's fine and we can pretend like we are scrupulous, but I would say that like fucking pledges to and be, legends is a pretty awesome. I had a letter facility is due to be legends and take out like ten million dollars. Loans we'd never have any idea of how to attack as a lot of red tape that your adding to the inner fuck it. Let us having to be legends fuck it right on suggests defraud, like thousands of people cannot legislate. Scenario is going to jail. He's gotta Hocker front is gone out and seven years as easy also cause it's big time. Bigtime brainwash, listen! Am I the only one on this pike ass. It thinks it going to prison, is kind of cool. I mean I know. You'll have to you said yourself more money, more problems. You go to prison
have to worry about it. I don't want type approval, wake up at the same day, save time away our prison known just like normal press. No, I don't think so when you have to sit in the cell for twenty three hours out of not for me, you do a lot of reading, not for letter writing not for me. Pushups yeah the cat, Michel TVS, there's no pile either as yet, no pile you can't keep your room clean, to make your bed yeah not from I don't just think that it solves a lot of problems, especially if you already have a girlfriend like a relationship on the outside, but you don't have to worry about that like a dick. go visit? You don't have to worry about do ensures round the. How I see the old promise Zile guys are like we now want to look out for the kids, blah blah blah can shit with your roommate right. Yes, all schools is due to be induce. I would also thank my cool thrown his exit teenagers in Atlanta who Punkahs come into town week of the Superbowl. Yes right, so rough and round is going to be a big vampa than are really sound tickets are the public. Punk is going to be a big event. What, when is it? It is Wednesday night
Wednesday night at the ivy- yes, winds in, I thought I'd in bulkhead, where we link you hey, does quite a plug as grape like we'll be there all week at the ivy bucket. If you want to come, CS, but Wednesday night can be awesome. Yeah. We had our first practice last night if our first practice, since I think the show in Boston and ass blues I'm tony, we are sounding more anxious. Crisper very, very crunchy, Roy was was how out some vocals, that's good. I might just do shit or ecstasy before your concert escape we were looking at the settlers. What we should do. This will do some like Atlanta, based rap songs and just a lot of single parents are treated during the night was created in it was actually created in Athens. No, I didn't realize you know in Atlanta recorded in Atlanta, and it was this the real reason ass. Yet in an hour v. Yes, in our view, three yeah obsolete our thinking of what songs that we could do, and there are just like we're just
and down every single song that we get emotional too in our rooms in high school is a long list. I gotta do. Yes, ok, thank you doing. Can you please about what song that was does want to be a surprise? It was believed that out to fifteen Perhaps my heart to see is doing New England, Patriots o because it is going to be five to ten degrees. is in Kansas City. Are you sure I've heard this week and it's gonna be called? It's called an arctic blast and arctic blast is hitting cans City Kansas. You know that, like there's nothing to talk about with the NFL, you know like we're down to three games, there's not a lot going on. You been gone for the weekend. Every single NFL writer has just continually updated about how the forecast is six days from now is like a wedding, planner being like. Well, it's going to be ten, it favors the city chiefs like this. Is their home field, the patriots I don't know if they can do in the cold, we'll see about that I do not approve this play off. Also, it's a super wolf blood.
You tell me that doesn't that a thousand description of anti real. You don't like wolves, Superbowl blood moon lie. I love wolves, I love him so much. I want to keep their population and check yeah, so they don't get over her now they know it. So you think it favours the chiefs ya. Think the patriots are jirga being real trouble dealing with this cold weather. I think it's a toss up. I spend about, like twenty to thirty minutes, searching PAM homes ever play in the cold game, and I could wish I didn't he had last week. I'm yes also taxes do not. I was I that wasn't that you guys I was in the snow gate, Hank things that loving taxes is like the Bahamas. It's not, as I try call its dry called Hank and it gets windy, know I'd. I agree, though Hank Pat patent homes probably has not played in a lot of cold games. The only the flip side of that is Tom. Brady is like
crime, dad age, where your dad just start saying. I'm fuckin move and I got a move to Florida. This fuckin socks and can't deal with this anymore, but so Thou jail is prime genius aid or he knows how to exploit as it is what is put his brain on ice? Yes, it is ready to go yes, cod is gonna, be I mean I'm excited championships and, at any rate, is more insulated. As as a human being proven, Bilbil tat, we will get icicle Andy. Yes, is our great mustache Toby's gongs his face and waterway before he goes out there and gets a Tom coffin red Face, Tom covered almost died and Green Bay. People forget that thousand amazingly rates faces never been. There's never been a shade of red that I, like Tom, coffins face. He was like MIKE Shanahan if he had a bruise on his cheeks, if my stung by bunch bees and set out in the sun and drank a bunch of rum yeah that his exact always what Tom Tom out of my other hot seat is our mess. Arm in arm ass. Your piled my mess on my desk. A big label, because Morocco
and though, is setting out to eliminate all masses. Who is that Marie Condo is the hardest thing going on Netflix right now, ok, tidying expert from Japan far and she hates clutter by the way, a tidying expert. That's effect yeah, just one, let yeomanry! I don't care that your milliner you're, sorry together, cleanest what you probably got a lot of problems, because you have so much money but you're, very good at tidying and she wants to get rid of everything that doesn't bring you joy. That's like her method. Is we put all your stuff in a pile, so it actually already done step one gap in her process, we have just create a pile and then get rid of everything that does what brings
the joint. What, if the whole pile in it? Some brings me Joe exactly exactly everything that I know you have assets yet right appreciating asset everything that I have brings me joy. You know why, because of something, if somebody else doesn't have right- and that makes me happy- people want it- and people want what I've got away. So this woman, she essentially just made a clear out of having oecd credit to her yes, but neither should it is also anti book. She gets a backlash. Oh come problematic as she says. You scared most your books too, so this society downloaded Yang, Devils triangle situation with us, Sir Marie Candy, Marie Condo Murray cut, is your name really condo Marie Conduct does not her name is that I have Sl Bleared username, Marie cancer cleans up condos. Now, there's no web anything. He ever like she's going around people's apartments. Chisholm clean up, condos, big catchy cleans up live okay, so Marie Condo, you can come to our office and cleaner box.
That is an open, invite you throw away all my books. Yes, I actually have the house you yeah Marrow Hodges, as part of the deal already gave away mirages. I have to find here to spur few those gentlemen stewing elements. We read that totally with your listing. We actually have a great gather TB, twelve method, Dewey so yeah we read all those swear to God are therefore gave us a book to let you know it's actually nothing, and that was a trick on her part B. If she was going to ask, as I'm sure next sumptuous us how we like the book here, there are no words and notice. Empty pages are kind of book. I guess that's dire as she knows how to well matters nothing in it. They glow in the hundred dollar bill to the end of the play. We were never gonna open. That think I my course Rhone is guys who don't have to shave, because Gillette accused men, shave, haven't toxic masculinity. Yes, as someone that doesn't have to shave frequently, I am less inclined to be
it masculine. So this so this to tweet. Was it as a commercial, just a tweet is not. It was an ad basely calling for men to be better, which ok, great, might that's true. Shirt. Men should be better in general, but it's coming from two. Let like what it's a fucking razor company, the best man can get window. There is a company and have a telling us, like the adults, is commenting on societal problems at a little weird yeah like leave that to the hair gel company. I just love. I long to underwrite shall do this there like, yet we we just want to show everyone. We is a very important message from the people who bring you the razors. Yes, what else does select do they do then you do that stadiums, Did you stadiums? That's true. They build stadiums. His last stop racism with the Pepsi. Can colleague, Jenner go that will that did in racist anti solved. Every single promoter who do jobs and jobs is one that does a baby powder. They gives your testicles as best as written you. I want to see I'm gonna wait to hear
What Johnson Johnson has to say about my nuts getting mesothelioma before I take asylum. Sebastian so somewhat some corporation out their here's, a free before you maybe do an ad being like fuck cancer. labelling and then guess why for cancer here we go, but why yes check this out, let's go that's cause. No, that was good, Garcia, Lockheed Martin Cancer answer in arms, yeah yeah. If you invest in bottom set in your pro cancer we got. Even this is a free for everyone out. There is listening this who has a fortune. Five hundred companies about this part of my take presented by fuck cancer and all you walk Nazi Antioch Nazis, hunch nazis. In the face right. We hope Nazis get cancer yeah! Oh well! Now, that's better! Is that not enough not for cancer anymore, we'll know whatever like ever Cancers gave the cancer the Nazi Cancer School, where we're a cancer
donation serving got ourselves in the weeds. Her we give cancer is an happen not to try to make a proclamation. We always we always get our messaging magellan next year. I would hate this. We need. The hour are brand messaging is all over. The some moral of the story is to never take a stand against anything ever just chill out and go fuck off and second eyes at it. Yeah cancer for his hot hot seat. For me, is his so Phd. I told you before the show, but dogged bounty hunter is back. He's got new show, I think, on tubby gene and dogged Beth people forget dog spell backwards God he is.
An ice heads watch out is Leland Back Leland I am swimming, is back yet also do with his little wooes little bread ties that he, the handcuffs people with in them and the mace that is way too big, like fire extinguishers, size of mace and dog, is here to tell everyone. I twisted a club of it because I use a watchdog. Every single day when I was like was a two thousand and five six. when he would when he would what's it like someone who had an addiction and below what is this is ice piper? Aren't you got quit this shit and guys like art? I will, I believe you in that boom addiction. Salted talk to ride. Out of your desire to be believed in our dog was the original Marie Condo. To get your your mind in order tat, gold, Christ, property closures, your mind and only leave things are bring joy. It would be great because dogwood would just shoot like gallons of bare mace into your eyes. Then put you in the back of his minivan and give you a cigar and talk it out
Harry Jesus all time, her actually Leland Terror was pretty cool too. Just like long single bread he could wipe his but where they went down so far. Yes, he's definitely shit on his hair. Yes, always wiped Syria. Also. This is not an endorsement of the twin Chapman, the man, because Knockit, that's also not dogma. Yes, dog when he puts the shades on doggies cleans up America's ice problem. Twain Chapman is the guy who says some fucked up shit and we do not endorse, but he could play Riley Cooper in a movie. Has he could also he beat and Don T be. The fact noticed I cardio Kramer the audition grown in a rather good per biotech is give all yeah skin for boys. My cool throne is coach, Bruce Arrogance, recurring, guess coach Bruce areas because he is new to They buccaneers head coach and they made him take a physical and he got a c on and he said he is awaited because he or she has. I think he did have cancer be cancer for cancer and he also how to paint drinking problem.
I would say from so. You have to have to say that its negative problem, that's true, sees get degrees. Oh yes, I was actually the one note that I had made a purse Arians gotta see this reminds me the time when, when been Roth's burger passed his concussion to her, he said he passes concussions ass, an eye like note your do your can cost what c getting a sea physical. That's pretty good any! You have your past the age of forty five and you get to see physically. That's that's way way better than average out they probably also degraded on a curve after your to your turned forty net. Now that I'm thinking about it, the sea probably came from my key, went in. They didn't thing we're in knocked on the knee checked. His cholesterol is, like oh you're, actually really healthy, Bruce and he was going for a day and then they had the treadmill with the mask on he's, like no fuckin way like, I will just market a c refused to run on the treadmill. Minus Andy's dockers give letter grades like like teachers Nokia, so he was. He was probably like going through his whole process and
said: well, ok, you ve got really bad cholesterol, one of your arteries block, you're matter It was a very slow. Your joint or good he's just cut to the chase doc Gimme a letter. Great see, ok, hell! Yes, awesome! I'm clean by Astrid passed me ass. He also said any cocktail. He also said that furs brief stint in the announcing game he didn't like it because he couldn't be himself. you got a reprimanded fur saying someone was wide ass open. I agree I mean I was sorry I should have said trigger Warning Edward. Her, don't listen! This next thing I say white ass, hope. I was actually looking very much forward to Bruce areas in the booth, but you could tell his his mouth was about ten seconds behind his brain yeah. Guess he can't say mother fucker on their right he's gonna throw process outward fuck man nope can see that Alright, let's get to our interview with Hayley Jewel Osment before we do now the cash up. It's time to talk about the cash card from cat
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premier January twenty six. That is correct. What is that move? That is a movie whereas Zack ever on is playing TED Bundy and it covers his loaf right, yeah, I'm out of here now that I don't make said the hawk on a hiccup. If I can imagine the poster disco exact every year but it covers these trials. It starts at his first significant arrest. He escaped from prison twice and strung along his two wives and was a very prolific manipulator, as well as a gambler and annex k from prison twice was on the run for a really long time. What do you plan? I am Lily Collins Places, wife, Elisabeth Klett Fur, and I play a friend of hers it where she works at the university medical officers. Are you guys up Dickens calls from prison like
yeah you let him girls rise failure. I had news guide and he was given up job. I gotta get evils. I didn't have the charisma TED, but all that's all. That's I feel, like those type of stories are very hot right now assets like if I'm scrolling through Netflix, they figured out the Furthermore, my brain- I wouldn't have just like we love watching serial killers, I dont bizarre, but that whole story in Wisconsin that happened last week, making murderer. Who first thing like oh shit, that's gonna be a ridiculous Netflix serious indefinitely. Can you imagine if, though, they travelled happened now asked insane? Media coverage for the ninety in say had cast would be incredible. I watch that whole eight hour, o J
anyone know I shuddered at the Lemnians L Inessa Monica I went watched in one eight hour ago. You intermissions it was crazy. Wholly Julian tents, experiences uriens. If OJ happen, look within a month, they would be a serial truth. Crew crime podcasting should be trying to convince us that OJ was innocent, yeah I'd. So that's gonna be awesome, general six, a premiere Sundance check it out. I also I should have. I rudely just jumped into that. I should just said: I see dead people like that's just what everyone says right at the outset, and they get at every it's not so much a more leave. The crazy stuff is with sport. Though? I guess it Dodger game. They do like the movie trivia with the players and twigs said the line on the big borders. Buff! That's. How does that's nice yeah without raising? I feel like that line. Like does one those lies at such an iconic movie and then it is probably follows you around were beyond drunk bros like a little early
I would do it I'm doing right now. Do you already doing right now and I've been wanting to it all day nihilism laws in the area as it had people you are you you got off to a pretty hot certain. Your carouse go back to your full modify here you were in Force Gump. Will I,
back up, you were in the pizza hut, Bigfoot commercial. I was the first thing ever yet remember that big foot peace- it is you read it. It was a very good I remember, and laying over these last very long was. I was this kind of like a bad than grassroots how'd you. How do you get the FAO how'd you get founded in an I care in Burbank. They were doing something which I don't think they would be allowed to do now. They had a table set up with two causing assistance. Taking polaroids of kids were in, oh, you store, they told angered as well as on the deep cover here. They're nice, young women's. I think they even they knew that they can be too creepy guys, but they they took my polaroid. My was java. There of my mom got picked off a pile and called for the big foot, pizza, commercial and then that commercial was seen by the casting director for forest got pausing. Fair was just a very quick, very lucky sort of that one day had. He was like this is Tom Hanks on yeah yeah? That's it that's it
oh yeah, watching tv in that room and then on the bus. Stop at the end. Yes new. I actually, I have a theory about four Scamp Mona how deep into into the internet you get with these fan theories. Pretty hot were not there. Will my personal theories forced wasn't? Really you dad? Did you ever have a talk with you now? I had not heard that. I don't need your time why matches up,
I think you're you how many years go by several years, and I don't like shaming Jenny. No, not that I'm saying I'm putting the blame on the studio for being afraid to address that in the movie. Guile. Yes, probably like some folks singer was your daddy. Is at the heart of any of the other big theory out there is that in this kind of ties in with success it forced camp was dead. The entire movie, I mean that's an actual through it seems implausible. He could have met all those president's does there's a lot of stuff. It doesn't add up like, for example, you just picked up a ping pong. Paddling became the best pink bump, learn the world Dinah. It sounds like a fantasy, but yet the theory is that during the scene, where he's getting chased by the police on the bikes they they'd Honnami
they beat him and he dies and because then the very next scene is he's out running a car which also that can have a mealy goes. It yeah he's in the region feel area everything I said he does it just a fantasy about what is life would turn out like if he could use his legs now, I'm gonna have to reward the lieutenant Dan's adjusted invented cares where you were a goes. You did you do it. You look back like that was my first movie, one of them one of the most memorable movies. Volta, that's almost like the lucky. Not one was a lucky but is gone. Luckiest bring luck, has a lot to do with it. With everything I mean where, with certain use who saw some film was in was like. Oh, I can see you picture you in this role and everything is right. It's a lot of luck. I remember really well, and it was bizarre, is yet that wouldn't like within were at home watching the Oscars, and it was it one like best picture in all that stuff and as I once businesses, pretty crazy, yeah yeah knots. Did you cried the first time we saw? No, I did not know I was there was one first, I don't know
our aid. We were the first like adults, oriented films that I was ever to see it anything for when that movie came out. I remember my friend Dave thing is: is the second or the EPA on that movie when they did the pink long stuff? We had all the extras before the matches came and he got them to do the wave really fast in the one thing so the first take of that he either Virginia, and I know what I'm boycott memory to oh yeah. I think I'll bring back than hurt. That was my natural hair. I dont know why riderhood our hair, like that in the nineties, without law player- and I need you, can you say it was the nineties you're good at so so obviously, people remember labour force, Gump sixth sense, what what is a bit like trying? Is it like a blessing? curse being a child actor in having everyone like they think Hayley Jaw Jospin they brain is just has memories of use a child, and then you walk it in your like know that time has gone on. You are now I'm a man, there's that there's a period of of
adjusting, and I did didn't help myself in the corrective arm by going to college for four years and is living here and not auditioning and stuff like that. But one of the cool results of that is that, by having to cut him a reentered yourself in the industry, in everything there is all about idea of roles that I was able to play that I think resort of unexpected and and my favorite, where, as you know, a couple movies are, people did even realize it was me until the credits and everything my honour that allow the andreasen Visigoths funded truly disappeared thoroughly with the contrary, and it was really fun me. I wouldn't mind cheating that alive now sit at a party and palace where days for a couple days in european market mark when you did at yeah he did we had. We had one scene, were you there, you like yelling at me through the wall, but I had play golf with him before so he says he is a golden speed got really good yeah.
on the little schedule, thing that came out yell out himself like ninety minutes, unlike I guess, if your plane at the country, club and you're really go in fact, so here he gets out there like five in the morning and you speak of your euro. Unbelievable golf right, unlike a ten handicap, already good, it's been, it's been fun you. What was your best like? What is your peak as a goal, for I probably got down to like a six or seven ice will end up when I lived here for like a decade like my game completely went applied, there was no. Syria must replace six hour around eleven Courtland or go out best pager, something so. go back to high school and then you actually continue or you start in high school theatre. Yes tat, you were a movie star, the musical ass. It is fair to me that seems like Monica, sell us going back and competing in a high school tennis tournaments, which is fifteen years old Allah. Luckily it what was it professional theater, but yet we did like damn Yankees and pay ban and I think the private best when we did was a Jesus Christ superstar senior year. That's a fund
Did you ever drop on anyone like you're, not Tom Hanks? No, I mean I was far from the best like musical theater actor there and I think they're people that went on to do great things in that I said experimental theater so is a little
We would like some orgy shit. That's the reputation that they have, but it's not really earned. There was no added naked stuff, repellent or playwrights. I would you say: spit despair, Mental theatre, I'm just thinking of the landlord and big Lebowski in his like. I just like me out on a chair that what if I could be, if you know, if that's how you and experiment, but it's based on this policy to artists name of yours, he grew Tusky. Yet a lotta have explained yours, we know were very from. Please don't talk it out or audio zeros eager to I e years I'll use. We talk about a hog and ask you gotta dog and socks democratize out and out into the land and hurried out early and hard, and I was big and after discovered himself and not comfortable with his soul, about what souci do explain its firm of Iraq is. We are dumb and we like to learn. It was cool and it didn't. It was fun for me because a completely different sailed acting than what I was used to with the nose seen, study and and filmed and television. It was a lot of it was movement based so and we did writing in directing as well you're, not helping to spell this big Lebowski, and I have in my hand and like the chair, they say something like some movement areas excitement worth Rex from dressed parking watch it dear round there we had a lot of european teachers and we worked with like the most Cunningham ballet studios, his lot of dance and stuff in the early years. But then it comes to finding characters through movement and sort of writing things from the inside out. Rather than like a beginning,
This is some high level shared. Not it was granted for years, the learning zone you write. What does it mean to write something from the inside out if I was to write a screenplay, usually Billy? Ok, I want to tell this story in this Chandra, and these are gonna, be the three acts in everything and with the ECB how you doing is likely be improving some seen just two people, starting with nothing and maybe not even saying anything and that it be like ok, I'm starting to find a character here like a file that away for later and so to build something around the God. Would it so? What if we gave you like a big time idea could
read the script. I think it's a good idea. It's dogs with partners that run through the snow- that's a great. I usually is just one dog and they make fun of a Microsoft S owner and there I go it's providing too much drag on the dogs lead, but then it turns out. You can find your way back to Camp Zagat Occasion list on the trail, lateral eyes long it's been written there. We got around these grades during the approval, or is it just called dug out at all what we honoured goods Emmy dog borders could be the theatre going on inside out. So so you go your childhood actor, unbelievable everyone in all these movies at everyone talks about, then you get to you. Go to school, and then you come out of school you have a mom we're like fuck, I'm not like the hottest name. I should have not gone to school,
Milk is, I didn't really want that, and still the fame is the least appealing part of it. For me, I really like come to the city because, paradoxically, is early crowded city being how be more anonymous yeah, so George, and I did kind of just refuse to move back to at LOS Angeles for a couple years, and I was doing a play in Philadelphia and my age was like. Can you please come back to life, my job very difficult doing stuff like that. at so yeah superior go back and auditioning, and then things like like entourage in Silicon Valley, sort a kick things
yeah I've. I, like your character and silk. I value on cigarette micro dosing right eyes that I think Palmer Lucky is. I was gonna sword sorted, didn't base it on as regards Nike, can you spineless like what micro dosing as I want to get into it? It is very popular. The Silicon Valley people they'll, take like an extremely small dose of leg, lsd or empty mayors, something so not enough to have a complete like psychedelic experience, but just to have like a currency. No, they think it makes them productive and to think outside the box. Plenum. That's why you must send all those weird tweets, proud, micro micro. You need some micro. His micro dossier were also Elon. Musk was actually high on mushrooms when he invented a subway, since I don't think so. I thought I think, that's when he like violated something with the SSC recycling taking at private, don't we that is no way until he was especially for twenty years. It just get it. You don't understand like advancing offers a humor if we want to use only causes pot. It is a thing, though, because I feel like a lot of people there. There are many child actors who don't have that second career where they grow up, and they are adults, and you ever look backing like madam, not walkie, again or say lucky but saying you kind of beat the odds are little bit
I definitely believe lucky very, very fortunate to to just any any time you get a job at all. It's crazy! You can have a major success: so the movie. And then your technically jobless, as soon as its oversight is at work like you just sit or like a viewer, Hollywood actor, your basically hoping that your agent is out there getting you work, but you could have a dry spell of a year, definitely possible. You know and now I think a lot of actors are more and more comfortable in the past. You maybe wouldn't want to bees Current good stock on a tv show a really long time, but now that there, with all the streaming stuff and everything it's nice to have that consistent job. I think waiting here, and it's really like, I think, of the dream of a lot of actors. If you get on at once, show that runs the classic Rennes models. Guys on Silicon Valley, I mean it's a great job. You have to get a residual checks for anything less and less now in from stuff like forest gums divided on tv in the nineties, when you do a stream
thing for Amazon or who now that's gone, that's what I'm out of the strike with the writers and with the actors unions have. Then we haven't figured out of a way to compensate people in that way, because if you were an actor who worked occasionally, you could live, offer those residual, Now that is done exist, also credits. Your parents were not stealing all your money when you were a kid that was very nice of that, has really makes Macy's character. Magnolia errands take Osborne. You I feel I start step one of a child actor flaming out, as your parents steal your body. It also seems that your parents- I mean- I don't know the whole backstory. Obviously, but it seems like you know you you're just gonna happen into this auditioned processor, though headshot add and I care we didn't set out, you know say,
Haley's won't be superstar that definitely made a difference to because the other some parents that God they're inserted that that that's their career to certain try make that happen. My parents like, if you don't like it quit tomorrow, so that was nice not to have any pressure. We do you ever think about sliding doors moment like if you have been a failed actor. You have a great assassination mean
like you, big guy, a tangible, nay, nay, I better avoid assassinated disgruntled like an actor like all. It couldn't make it as an actor when there's that that's the blood of a boner dog here I like it, I like very near the dogs- are running way with the child is trying to be assessed at your hunting them ass. He leaves you lost your island, my lord, the flies people forget its like. Oh also like the apocalypse happened. You re met like that the analytical, yet there is a nuclear war that framing device, so the dog boner camp is happening, but also the president has been shot Agnes. Yes, I like they do get state right. It's there is definitely adrenaline and with theatre, particularly there's a big rush of going out there, because if you just, if forget your lines or, if you just if you mess up at all, like there's, no correcting, there's no action and cut there, but I think that something you don't want to lose ever like
pretty comfortable. I dont get anxiety doing it, but you do want that kind of rush to sort of give you the energy to derisory a little and a little bit of fear can motivate you to work harder and make sure that you ve got it all memorized beforehand. Rather, have you ever forgot? Align onstage no had been pretty good on onstage one of my favorite stories that I think us it might be said that he went up on his his doing a Shakespeare play you can't improvise your way out of it and shakes, everyone knows how one can help you you're just sorted out. There was singing the went right, that's a! I do have that that dream, though, or you're about to go out. I had a dream. Those doing a players doing ten years ago, like tomorrow and I forgot Norma I can tell you one line from that point of view. Memorize will all the lines when you're in a movie or something yeah. I like to question there are no. I dont know how work I can't ever has memorize a colleague scene and then Billig item forget that my brain can't hold that much information.
Until definitely, I definitely immediately forget it, though, once you ve done a scene lay. I can recall it like. I can learn separate, equip it. Then it's gone one of the more words most about to take her to do takes most she's have worked with me, see through been in India Film when you just don't have time to do a lot of takes actually one that comes to mind. We had this in this movie, I did sex Ed, Glenn Power comes runs out till I greet me in our apartment and he's covered in lube, and he has this fall any bounces, often air mattress, unlike slides up to me and was like we're, come down the wire. On the last day, we did like fifteen times only got on the last one, o, usually technical stuff, that yeah it's a luxury when you have a directive that wants to do take after take ever take when it's just because they want different burden of nice, as you heard that it depends some sometimes rehearsals useful and sometimes it's good to just go into it called so that your reaction is really spontaneous. Yeah it's there is, there is definitely didn't waste approaches.
I've always wondered when you're filming a movie like the sixth sense or something else it s kind of a complex near the surrounding it How do you kind of maintaining the continuity, the storyline, despite the fact that you might be shooting one seen on a Wednesday that takes place earlier in the script? Yeah then indifferent. When that happens, fraud in laid out all over me them phrasing as high as its aid leave huge chow. I'll give you shooting at all out of order, and you ve got to that's when it is good to memorize. The home would be beforehand because you ve got no beforehand where you are in emotional state and that sort of my biggest fears is that you, when you see it all, stick together, you like, oh, I wasn't considering that he had just walk
The huge growth is grove renders the hanging over than Hetty and Hank Reserve producer, and he did that to us once and we did like a little skit enemy. Did it all out of order, and it still has fucked up our Brandt's girl like when he dies with a little now like ours there. It was so confusing we'll put on serious, nor what is the most helpful thing you can have to get over as at the directors job. you gonna make sure that everybody is kind of coming in, with the same Italian like all focused on what's happening in this scene. Yes, directors per n and producers in everything it there really great, they have a good wet like you can like we sort of did. I in order, because it was Steven Spielberg as all the power in the world to be able to get to certain locations when he needs to and everything yeah it's you know it's. It's really comes down to the scheduling, because sometimes it's not easy for the production to do things in the order of the scripts undermine a middle ground between US interests. You hunt
Why don't you I was collecting them when I was growing up? I still have a leopard echo that I've had this one for like tat There is now, and I had one that lived to be twenty five, that passed away last year. It was this day was PETE. I got him when I was like six years old, the rocks the toilet they live for thirty year it has every that commitment, its wild to their personalities. He did. I think that any animal you spend a lot of time with you start to pick up on its things and even though its a reptile and doesn't exactly like to be like you know, doesn't need to be petted. It does like foods when I'd come in the door would come. because my zero lizard guy yeah, the electrons everything gets a negative or positive things when I say that loud right now, what was your day like Hell, Joslyn Litter,
business like like the reptiles, unknown affair guy our way better. When you are that community, then I don't know, I don't know where you a snake. I like snakes, yeah, I'm not crazy about feeding rodents term those. So I don't have what you wrote a snake, niner. Ok, I feel like people really don't like me. You will lizard guys you're, teetering on the edge of cattle
this guy you earlier. I now a greater Angela leave anything like don't leave anything you love around a snake. I because he'll just take it got. Tattoos he's got the whole fuckin thing you don't. I mean it's biblical, having a lizard guys you're one you're, always one bad weakened away from becoming a snake that serve if things go on. Our doesn't come through your eyes, a hail I'll fuck it I'm gonna tell the number of lives of its wine and tasteful like desert too soon it's not in the kitchen. You know that it's fine, it's all over the place. You ever have fires out salamander or were so there there's lyrical bricklayer classical where no turn that was really far salamanders. Are they the big ones or I'll, have to check Our point it's been a while, but already Geico commercials like that true to form for the geckos now ok
Then they let you like this. You will listen to you that my takes lizard experts. Do you ever see lizards being like incorrectly portrayed in the media? Representation is important and they they do not have. British acts are usually for more equatorial zones. My little from Pakistan you're. Really you really crushing over fancies. You don't have an english access. Do you you have you watch the video, the viral video of you saying? I have AIDS and the cat. Please you ass, I that was like the mid two thousand and nine yes afore smartphones, everything I just can't I heard about it, but had no way to really look it up so fast. it is, I think, one Conan like challenged me to the ice bucket challenge. That's when I saw the full litany of things that even now lockers
now that is seen which we actually have a table. Reading, if you'd like to do a table, read about us, we do that with all the actors that seen that you feel met after Forrest. Gump, that's right! So does that mean that little forest had aids, if it's all the same cinematic universe. Oh shit, man that you have just said Eric Darien in the Walker, Texas, Raider, expanded universe will usual. That's like the one: that's all one song yeah, it's all once on one movie idea. That was good It's it's that movie, I think of it as a move, because it was a special to partner Brian James, you played one of the Republicans in blade. Runner was in that, and that is why, with utter James, almost unlike slowly moving towards getting to be a completest on blade, run, which makes every out who is more, whose more talented actor Tom Hanks, which ignores well Chuck Norris. It's not it's! It's! It's not! Really.
during its eternal life is Jack nor along what is it when rainfalls on Chuck Norris? He doesn't get where Signora somewhere near the chuck. Norris jokes avoid like ten thousand clattered it. What do you want on one point? I wondered at the same table and bring me back in a play. Hayley Hank, you wanna, be hey, can be Walker Hankers case me, Walker, pities and be the woman homage to be banned. Cries me at one point: I sit here. We go. It seems so much shorter upside. You got it out in Europe. I ever I met with our let your six of time or whatever so seems so much shorter than a week away lot longer. I know what you mean hey there. Well, home, okay and Alex I'm a man now we're gonna, Kisser because you just do not like that
Now gotta go away you just Actually I do I do to claim I gotta vapours from kissing legitimate, kissing loathing. Thank you. Thank you. and how you do little partner, fine and its little visitor. Now, abode. How do you say? Cherokee, Panama, French, but I'll, be damned Walker told me. I have aids and the question that was originally envisaged. Where was I really didn't rivers to cut the black? I assume some selective ended with the gas coming in here that Louis the man was that and lose his partner. The guy As always, was a Wilfred grimly? No should have done it all old guy, like big mustache, yes ammo,
Oh yes, Brimley! Wasn't that wasn't view? Yes right might have been him yeah there we go perfect. I nailed it, I'm gonna educate you will, but you probably don't know this year learn this couple weeks. You showed you know what it means when someone says break leg, I don't the origin of it, because they hoped you make it into the cast: that's terrific, very club. Probably should get a rebound on your tis. Why should they not well egg, see act just gonna Wednesday, say you're, not supposed to say good luck before performance. Really bad luck to say, good luck when you talked and acted so I'd! Look! Good luck! No! I don't think that that's what you were going to like fellow actor ripe for their seas. Black would be a real shame if you screwed this. Yet it does I give the angle I read: Bruce approves lot of mine James. My games around Willis, like that at the very impressionable age used super cool.
You know that they set up a little driving range pad down on the basis of the convention centres, so user always down their hidden balls, and dj. The parties on the weekends like it was a very first we are hard movie is a very, very fun time. Do he asked her if he was a DJ He was a huge ones in the two and I think that he he would refuse DJ back then, but in the seventies I believe there is a bar in midtown, where he and John Goodman we're Barton, oh, my god, I don't give a damn good. I would really like resources cool guy. I hung out with him in Vegas one time really yeah he's he shorter than I thought I'd be your pleasure? I know I am but like as easily I didn't use ordinaries taller than me thus shorter than I thought. He'd be nice actor thing. It is an act of faith yet time. What was it like? Making the transition from being your mostly a drama, some horror, stuff, switching
four into more comedy based off recently, it really just was a change in the industry. There is just this explosion of improv and podcast all that stuff, and two things happened that sort of got me in working on those more. I did a many series call the spoils of Babylon, with a will feral unchristian, wig until Maguire, and then my hokey Williamson season to an That was an introduction to like a big comedy world right there, and then I was in the comedy: Bang Bang TV show for two seasons inserted got to know. Those guys were to her very, very funny, Jes Video guys. What's it like workable Wilfer roaming, he would hurry with recent or where we had. I would. We have Kevin heart in last week: oh yeah, that he's like just funny all
yes. Definitely one of those people who is just always everything around there be on around the but yeah and we think we did for our scene was. It was supposed to be a really badly made, like 70s mini series. So sometime will Ferrell played like the author of it and then sometimes you would play he would take parts from other. Doesn't show up and split screen and everything, so he played the shot. The Rhine. While I was obviously in a different room like having this back. is bizarre. So I have one last question. Its Suki question put a promo code. Take yet ten dollars obduracy geek purchase. So viewer and pay. It forward described. How does that work, being in favour pay it forward. I can you prepay forward interest. I'm shocked that. How often stuff like that still happens like coffee line they just keep paying goes like I'm driving their right now to break the cycle of one person. He does that, but it's a really. It's
dear that's, really lasted foot was like yours. I wanted you to prepare it put it on a card blow. I like. If I want to win a bet later today, Omby really nice- you don't mean Billy, K, lizard guys, aren't that bad yeah I repay, for you just described karma cover your basis. Yet I think that's just a guide for life is just treaty of nice. Does you never know what you're gonna need from him later? We should ask you: should re released a hay at Ford every few years, his when it first came out, there was like a wave of people like hey this idea of just be a nice to people's comical yeah yeah, I didn't mean that late nineties luxury- and this is a novel concept here. She just keep doing well we're on it. You should also do sequel force come like I wanna see. Would old young force look. There was a book, I think the sequel in without feathers, resent that sounds really think of something else. He became an astronaut
he went to space with his monkey name? Sue is that's real? We totally notice it actually what happened? I read that surprises me. I will Hayley. Thank you so much. Thank you. She said it again extremely wicked, shockingly evil and vile out January, twenty six Sundance Zack, Efron, place, TED, Bundy and and future man season. Two is dreaming on Hulu all episodes right now how much we do smoke words when he has none. it's real envy. I dont know what their daily regiment and, but they were re work in a really fast pace, and he and Evan Goldberger like managing for other, shows at the say they think you're. Not guess I'm just not invite it. No, I went and did another series of theirs in Toronto right after future. Man and the whole time unto Caesar like us have ever encounter and other show now got to that General accept a governor of Une Paris through their other show. You
as always, there always jumping around the Catalonia doesn't or Asia, but they think you're an arc defy like we can't just like we hearted a lizard got a zombie hanging out with certain. There is still a deputy. Very thank you. So much eg, you guys interview with age jail was also brought. You by roman studies, show the fifty percent two percent of guys will experience rectal dysfunctional edi a lot of guys thinking. just whether built, but actually it can be the first time something a lot more serious like high blood pressure, high cholesterol, a heart condition or diabetes roaming. is a one stop shop for men's health. of their own licence, physicians and certified pharmacies across the country, which means the whole process, will be quick answer me painless for you. They take care of everything from online diagnosis too. Fast. Deliveries of your FDA, approved medication it comes in super discreet, unmarked, packaging being a Roman.
member means no waiting rooms, no awkward face to face convoys. No trips to the pharmacy. You get access to since physicians and brandy, medication like Viagra or generic equivalence for his let little as two dollars a dose without ever leave your couch. All you have to do is gonna get roman dot. Com. Slash take incomplete a brief online visit a licence physician will review it and either approve your request. reach out to you, they have questions that easy experiencing eighty go online, get checked by the doctor, go to roman dotcom seas. We get roman dot com, slash take that get roman dot com slashed. Take for your free online. Is it okay, let's get to some segments, I got to pick for you guys by the way this is I'm going to throw this out there. It's obviously by the time people listen to it. They'll know if it's wrong or not Jimmy Butler's, playing the wolves for the first time,
so take the over on his point. Yet over thirty and half points, rebounds Genesis he's gonna do the same thing. They did in the practice. Yeah he's gonna go after squaws out for the fuck out of war. So let's asked the question: is the six are line a better the timber wolf, see team. Now one thing about his anger: Wiggans gonna maybe play on. Unless can we I? What ever just take it and from wrong everyone? Just laughed made Mama be right, so doesn't really matter. Ok, segments Hake, why don't you, at which segment you want you? First, we have two great ones to lead off. Donner finished or trouble in Paradise. Trouble Paradise, okay, so trouble in Paradise. What's going on with the Celtics authors, but of a leadership problem, just that year, whose other leaders committee here you need one war, Cairo it has been very outspoken saying that the young guys need to pick it up there. Not you know they don't have what it takes to be a chamber chip team, as of now
he's porno abroad on them when the Braun was the one he hated right. So he's taken basically taken shows a green growth to be your father jail and Brown and Jason paid an idle do up. My debt have been affected by the fact that carrier Irving is back. That is always happy. They had all his minute in the play off last year, so they have problems with their playing time. The sheer they ve gone smoked the games in a row sounds like Brad Siemens, Kosovars job seems like they need to do something, maybe maybe not blow it up. They need they need. They do need like a veteran, exceed erudite yeah, yeah yeah exactly they need to have something that galvanizes Bennet again to abroad. With with a fan yeah, that's the best way to get your team together, get in a hot and fight, that's guaranteed to went again yeah, but basically careering call them out before money, nice, game and so you'd. Think out below
light a fire into their game. Now in ok them in again- and I came- they went down my forty, they came back, but it was too that's a scrappy. But let me ask you this Hank: has there been a players only meeting it? Yes, oh that's that cause. You don't want to pull back. That's that's ace up your sleet yet will who called it? It seemed into Goran Heyward. Call it now: hey worded, ok without deal ass, a leader, so he is not able to be a leader yet because they don't they don't trust him because he wasn't plain Lester who'd, you put the blame on curry. Ok why he wanted to be a leader he left Cleveland common. So how did you know you're right? I mean I don't think what I'm saying is wrong. Necessarily the young guys do have to step up, but he like keeps talking about like they need a year. They need a veteran. They need a leadership like he's kind of supposed to be like that leader in a word would be but hey words, not the same Cornhill or that they thought they were getting subject. I feel it is tough for him to be like come on guys at stepping up when he himself is really like playing an allegedly.
calibre. I just think that it's funny that the wheels came off the Celtics franchise when Hank didn't come with us to go visit. Corn, Heyward Quadra that point things are really not gonna. Cortisone panic level for food Five g has highlighted our little damn. Here's a useful spends on formal, yet your star break coming up soon. That's just basically gods reset button, yet in AIDS loves trades that's true. I ruins unadulterated by phone if any age cause you don't pick up that phone also teenagers and warm, and I would like to say that I made era Russia did. He is more Medea, ok Oh please update the records. Everyone please go back, listen to Monday, show and when we say is Danny Ainge, Mormon, just correct us and say yes, yes, and that with that should do it right. Ok, next, stop donor finished, do
finished, the blueprint is out on how to be Duke and its two did twofold. Raby up one make fifty five yard three points at the end of the pattern for policies and fifty five stars ITALY's find this today shows that might make it was past. Half cooler right, that's fifty hardline, so make it make a long remain one or make a three point or in the opponents red Zone, yes exact, nor yeah yeah. I'd of yes, you do you Redstone, Milo Youtube, while yeah you, nor am, I know what you meant. The other thing is piss your pants. Yes, because the blueprint is to have a coach with the late, a little leaky, Tingley gunners, rising problematic was he he we are for cancer pike Yard, but I'm also a pistol expired guy. Then I wanna shames cachet, Macgyver pisses panel, this myself right now it happens and also ultimate alpha, move by Jim Bay Home to go to Duke Cabinet
or the crazies to give hand Duke their first loss of the season and then put on their foreign and serve. That's almost like my my boss era, and you know what it says: Coach K, court right next to sideline yet bay, I'm literally pissed on coach case name. So Hake, panic button for Duke zero Kate? I have like love the stoop to I love. These are my favorite duties, they're gonna win it all wink. So this I love his new because they are they have so many good players in Zaire is unbelievable, but if you have team that place good defence. They all they will start playing like. I want to be the hero and they can't shoot like a classic duties, so great loss in March. Ask me greatly: our duty a duty with due care whose our guy that slap in the Florence taking knowing charge well now so yeah in Hanks, good friend,
oh say see, and he actually are IP and I was ankle buster. Nobody came wrangles where it's ok, yells carriers carry indoors its elevates, the small Jim it's elevated career high last night. He displayed great courage of what getting post rise. I think nineteen point so what was allowed him to get seventeen point underdogs, although Rodya listen, I hate to be the guy that that undue classes at the office- man, that's it I'm cod and sick me, I'm not show my face for a long time. The boss will not be given you that raise the sheer you, u but under glass when something you must think that really I do think that maybe I'll Zion Flu has infected like everyone so enamoured with. As they say it you watching X, the ass, exactly spectacular dogs, it's like oh, what incredible physical feed as you.
A pull off next, but they don't feel like they have to pull their weight. It is clearly announced or no right explain our two hunters good. No, like science, can we never would argue Hunter he's pretty good. I do like watching Zion do the one more than just like everyone says, the dunks. That's fine did answer the other sports and our top ten highlights my favorite thing. That Zion does is price. two or three times a game. He will distance a I'm getting this rebound, unlike put back, you know, get like four rebounds in a row and it looks like he's playing with little kids. You think that rubbish teammates wrong way when he takes their stats away, probably intercepts he does interception on Rebound Zionism NIT picking Sonya other ago eternal, whole team into rubber, Nackerson, Postchaise garages, coaches gonna take away their their clothes. He always turns it makes him practice naked. Your stripper he's right off is it is coach countries back ok,
you are so much like those down like a horse tat. They can pose a saint aubert, receive every users linking isnt aims over find a new slave. Ok, I will get off the Hague stuff, so bad, visual, Adam Gaze, Adam Gay. In his introductory press conference in front of the New York media, which neared media there really nice written to go where we are, the New York Moliere Shit, yet another hour speedy elite, so he had maybe the weirdest like know what it was. His eyes were just darting everywhere he had a weird face. He looked like he was being held hostage and I dont want to be complete Reactionary, knee jerk reaction. Guy blots he's done. He cannot survive and excited Jim time so as they got Jim tumblers all when you did member that Prescott already know not the fort,
the first one when they asked him like whatever defensive, and he was like sweating everywhere. If you have bad first impression you're done this kind of thinking. I in a will, let it slide in small markets like Miami in Chicago but come to New York. You can't bomber first press conference like this you just can't. It's got chase around. It's gonna fall eurobond. He looked like he was an alien who is just learn. And what cameras where, for the first time, as are asking these questions, actually googled Adam gazed Threats- the up because it enough. I was like missing out on something, and maybe he did have some sort of an affliction that don't wanna thou ass plain. I didn't want to go so maybe undiagnosed, I don't know, but it was bad yeah when Ferris the jets they ve tried having coaches that don't look like day. Took their helmet off in Mars. In total recall before that, hasn't worked at other work, so I go the other way. The Adam Gase thing is so funny to me because Adam Gase was like Matt Lafleur
Kliff Kingsbury Sean Mcvay, Matt Nagy like three years ago. That's how fast it it it can turn on the perception he's got a little ball thing, he's on the wrong side of forty and he's no longer the young qb whisperer, that's going to fix everything we speaking of QB whispers, guess who's back. Who Ben Mcadoo do oh you're gonna get the job to be cliff kings very brought him in specific learn to enter our job. To have him stand next cliff kings. Wrestle people like while cooking very really is, I was going to say, been Mackadoo, looks a cliff kings very, like Mark Davis works at jungle.
Furthermore, it will be the new new hot boys and without we both have great hair is often the cooking. Very that's really mean move that, basically, when a woman puts like her less fit friends in the wedding, already very, very diplomatic. I I just did- I was like I was. It was a movie where the you're, like a cat, northern clothesline right there was a movie where the woman goes through the lasers shallow. How? No you know I'm talking about what she's like going like it. I'm entrapment captains, ETA, Jellia, very go poor, as essentially the jolly that movie made me feel all kinds of great about sharks. gray, performances, lock, Hake your bought, footstool or, lasers Womack, like butter drippings. Like you, I thought the prom queen Oh yeah, I know that's nice as yours. If you hear the loose losers complain when you go home and fox
prom queen is. I got married, the product promptly, yeah. Well, good one comment: you got an occasional. That means that you can't fucking more promptly as your big loser. I had got guns on checks. You suck because Pft said fashioned vices allowed this week and even though this isn't fashioned vice address very well. I need your help. A guy work is Tommy What time do you like my dresses in shirts? I wear then, the other day he told me he likes my boots, see gay or try to get it thanks so low as enables it lyricism she dresses and boots, but first was dresses in shirts dresses. In short, I where maybe he doesn't, maybe he's trying to figure out for himself. I think that boots thing now I feel like that's. I wanna fuck thing is that as well?
worse if he asked you to see to take your boots off. So if you look at your feet, this is where you know just be like hey. Thank you. So much for all the compliments move along act, you know, is what you do. Where something ridiculous like where sandals in January and see if he compliments and those are very fast, bull and completely approach we're closed for this, whether that you're wearing right I feel that you're Fulla shit. Yes, if it ass a compliment that you, when you really don't deserve one. He wants that he's just wanna fuck, you guys are very simple. It's like that's our one go to move some boys, so you know when you're pregnant your boobs get bigger yeah. Can I hate? body to think on pregnant and grow my boobs without actually getting pregnant. Yes, yes, you can, and you and here's how you just hold baby still friends, baby. And then just carry it around with you and the sound
of the baby crying will make your breast enlarge and great great fun. Tippets actually from birth control has appeared, stop to also drink a lot of milk, gotta go somewhere right absolutely to the debts. That's how I got it. I can drink more than my boy, so, should I get a new boyfriend or do I need to re, evaluate my drinking habits, tough yet another boyfriend yeah. Maybe go to a so. I was gonna get to one that you go out for dinners with and then the other that God rage with air. That's are both worlds. That's ok, though, just emasculate him all the time in front of his friends. That's what you really gotta do be like. You came and drink pussy and then they'll love that we have very frank, fragile egos, Gus remember that, ladies hide their big cat in tiny TIM, oh, my god, what kind of means of long hours of honor? If you saw picture me,
J. Our me and Kevin harden I've through our minds. I grew like seven inches XL, so around six five. Why are some nipple sensitive in some nipples completely feelings? Is that true? I dont. I only have two never mind my auxiliary nipples, don't they're not as sensitive job. I can. he'll get off when I Robin, but it takes me longer. My nipples are sensitive to cold and that's about it not really to touch now. So that's that's me. Talkin on one April. I actually think that if we're talking evolution hear me up like Darwin, when he sat down he design tidies nibbles was like. I want this to feel good when the maybe socks alarm so that the said the mom likes breastfeeding, and so then That's why made nipples some Nepal's like really sensitive got it? Ok, sure, ok! Last one, hey guys: specially Hank, hey. Thank you know that was announced in there. I just gave birth
two months ago and am now need of tips to tighten up my stomach. They cat any tips on the year of the core how's, the zoning we're doing, I action down ten pounds and I'm still, ten pounds away from anyone being like hey. You actually look good cause. I was that overweight, but I am downtown parents. So what up now haters? I'm definite stick to this and not put it back on her sick. I was so fuckin fat ass. I was I mean I was walking around like to fifty five will speak boy didn how much you could see to my face late December, I had that, like an obvious, been I had that washed like Gal, John Blue. The last days? John Baluchi? Look nice thing, though it wasn't good
that's rather holidays. Everybody else has a little more walkin around right, anywhere, songwriter bloated from the airplane travel yeah. I guess I mean I it. This is a real tip. I do use TIM First Diet, which is work for me and I think works for anyone who wants to do it for real twenty pounds. In thirty days, once called Google TIM first, I gotta do strict legal one. She day where you can go to Mcdonald Sober and its thoughts at well. It's not safe for you right Science is, I would act recommend just like her If you got here that we have discussed them, spent easy money, p. Ninety Ex Murphy, ninety ex yes, you do piano x, I never did. I bought the dvds how much for those like a hundred a lot of money. I didn't really do about such a racket. Yeah. I didn't like two days and now wait, I'm just working away to her. Did my living room socks, I beg droopy. Ninety ex normal. It's got sports for just a natural athlete. Like myself
How do you are you gonna, lose your winner. Wait around. It went away again interesting, but I'll are you you? Another weight gain off shore last Sunday, You got quite about big They carry a big eaters gained on your belly, which actually I'm jealous of like an old russian dude, which big popple in our it doesn't show, will see everyone on
Friday and see in a sea change in ship preview. Those coming all that's Mozart for debate raids, lay in the cold of yes to see. Why? So, you told me about me, come and see any man they may need is for it to be dominated by developing ran around every time brings. So what's the point of having done so, we need to go back on me. You may waste must show the top was appropriately. Paypal seems to be its pardon. My take presented by bar stool sports.