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Hall of Famer Tommy Lasorda + Mt Rushmore Of Fictional Bar/Restaurants

2018-08-19 | 🔗

The NFL is ruined and we're all going to freak out about it. Josh Allen is a stud and the Blake Bortles slander needs to stop (2:27 - 10:17). Who's back of the week (10:17 - 19:18). Mt Rushmore of fictional bars/restaurants we'd like to go to (19:18 - 28:04). Baseball Hall of Famer and Dodger Legend Tommy Lasorda joins the show to talk about his favorite stories in the big leagues including Kirk Gibson's home run, the best hitter ever, and why he still thinks the Phillie Phanatic is a punk (28:04 - 59:36). Segments include Hurt or Injured Nick Foles/Carson Wentz. Mike Greenbergs Dumb Rules to make the Williamsport MLB game better, what are millenials killings this week, respect the Biz JJ Redick and Hank hot in the streets.

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On today's party. Might my take. We have Tommy Lasorda from the Ellie Dodgers. We have fun talk with Tommy. He is ninety or ninety one. Ninety two little attention during the interview what age he actually is, but for someone who is a boy of their nineties, he's actually like what you gonna go. India, we just we just can't change interview style, unlike instead of asking a bunch questions will just say: hey Tommy talk about our journalist, talk about things and so
was a full time with Tommy. Maybe it's like rain lock these dog. So we just turns ninety one. Every single! Yes, exactly will never die of year that so Tommy was a full time. We also have the amount Rushmore of fictional bars. Slash. Restaurants should be a great one and because its Monday, whose back of the week before, gets all that, though you know what is back football and Directv, and for over twenty years Directv has been the exclusive homes NFL Sunday ticket the only way to get every live game every Sunday, Good NEWS, NFL fans Directv, has expanded the service. If your student actively enrolled in a college or university, you can now get NFL Sunday ticket without a satellite to see if your eligible go online to NFL, sunny ticket dot tv and stream, every NFL Sunday ticket game this season to follow your favorite team, no matter where you live, use, promo code, P, M, t check out to say: fifteen percent impact is also available for football fans living in areas where Directv service is not available. Watch every out of mark and a fair game every Sunday afternoon live on your favorite vices. You can stream it Xbox one playstation for Apple Tv Roca, Chrome Cast Samsung, Smart TB, laptop smartphones, the list
goes on and on go to NFL Sunday ticket DOT tv right now and it fell Sunday, ticket dot tv right now use promo code, p empty check out, and you can say, fifteen percent off for fall back. Ok, let's go Why not
It's my team, presented by welcomes party, might take very wise. Geek today is Monday August twentieth and the dead its absolute there's, no reason to watch the games as Europe has everything to flag up precision football has shown us we're, not overreacting, guys who I saw a couple clips on on Twitter, its own. Do. You have one where the guy made a tackle, but it looked like a good tackle, but they threw a flag and rest in peace and fell. It was a good run. I loved you, but I can't love you anymore. I'm actually I've gotta watch football. This you know what I'm gonna do. I'm gonna boycott the NFL starting now in ending Monday night at eight o clock. Yes, we arrive inflammatory football, so we, actually
I've heard this last week when we're like this could be a big problem if they start calling these penalties and we were in the genuine, like this- is a big problem. Now Marty, sick people complaining that, unlike fuck everyone, I don't even care call flag on every play, because I am so sick of people complaining on Twitter. They don't even give a fuck. The narrative is set into. This is, can be very dangerous narrative, because every time that there's a penalty you can have somebody like rushing to get those retreats rights on twitter re hosting ability. Oh shit, can you believe this is a penalty? I posted did the clip from two thousand Twel yeah Joe Thomas flopping, with brain and weed and in the end the clip, and it was Ravens Bob grounds which are not allowed to play in division and precision and said it was a priest and penalty and people foot down like Deanna, fell ex officio take over felt. This is ridiculous. How do they call? This is like that's. That's the cannon hisses area that is happening right now. It was likely to prison, gave Coloni, not an ad radiant headings of tyres and young, like this just add, Reggie White is: is it closely and some one in the call the fino ejection YO? They should do here's my green book stumble. They should just have all the reps throw all their flag at the start of every play and then, if there's not a penalty, tariffs have to run around picking your flags up like that or how about the rest, get a certain amount of flax Saunders.
There's a finite amount of flags that they can throw, so they each get like five flags yeah and wants her out. It's just, and you know it. The players know like okay, that ref is thrown like, let's say the guy who's reffing. The secondary has thrown all five of his flags in the fourth quarter, just fucking do whatever the Babylonians outing other Ladderlike eggs inside of women's body. I get so many are you can freezer flag for later on in the eyes and the strategy illegally infertile? Later? Yes, so or we'll see, is a defensive mastermind, mad scientist on the defensive side, just not play the difference in all the areas. You can't get a penalty if you don't have different after it's like gum in fantasy football it your way. In going into money night and all you have your defence pincher differentiation will get you negative points, that's actually smart. I actually, I think the NFL Gonna figured I'm no longer hysteria camp I was initially but between everyone complains about something so forcefully. You have to take a step
and like there's, no way, there's gonna continue. This way, because it just not there setting the their setting the tone and once the season starts. They're gonna probably call significantly less of these penalties, and I just can't imagine the NFL being like that that one penalty that we're talking about the Vikings to sack like that can't be called. They all do the only issue. I have one thing to urge that they're gonna, like they're gonna, take their foot off the gas. All of it is that would require the inner fell to have competent officials and, like a strategy find they haven't, really demonstrates that yeah. I think that they will, because, like it, takes a lot of balls to call that in regular season could hear here's a good news for anyone who is worried about the penalty. Thank the NFL will definitely like Ben to public pressure. There big there, a centrally cancelling the national anthem liked, keen that national doesn't exist anymore, the NFL, so that, if you, if everyone just bitches enough, I think we just need we need a president trump like
like this is in football, employee flags and all of a sudden they'll never be flags. Here, sir. Please wait about that's right. I fell. Ratings are down because of all these flags boom problems. Yes, what do you think about betting? over surly and sees as you think, yeah. I tell you. My self ended at big time last night by we shut out to us for that Raiders Rams under yeah yeah. Now, if you have, if you innocent, you would have known what we're talking about are not was I really really that they had our group and in Mcveigh liked up when they were talking to each other for the game, and someone had to transcribe to figure out who was saying what yes, the oh, I did hear. I did hear somebody on the chargers last night in the post game talking about with what the teams mentalities
growing trade gap. As we all know, the charged with the best team do not make the playoffs last. As I've long said fact- and I forget who was was deepens- appear thinking- he goes, you know all were saying this year. The standard is the standard wounds, oh it spreading and apparently, when we aired ARM Shaw Mcveigh Interview on Friday lot of Steelers fancy. My Tom has been saying this for year. Yes, oh, this is this standard is a standard. I guess it's just regular for poor guy see ya. Don't think that its plagiarism at all. I don't think that Mcveigh stole that from the Steelers. I think that just football guys, if, if left in their own little separate areas, will independently come up with the standard, is the standard at some point So what other things you want to talk about Roca we we want eyewash on before. We do that. Can I just say fuck everyone for thinking that Teddy Bridgewater better than Blake Portals, yeah, ok, yeah!
want to get out of our new thing yet shut the fuck up. Actually, morals is fine. Leg had a bad wrist last year and he got a cleaned up. Any was a quarter away from the superbowl ghetto. Everyone just shut up and Blake. Why would we try and precision yet what's the point to say what you want about Blake Borders, but he's never made his teammates puke from getting to severe of and ensure that. So this is the hot hot thing. A Teddy Bridmain, also what's Goin out Jacobi percent, going to like the Seahawks or just yeah. What's good! three percent. It is running the sea sick over five percent is one of those guys just keeps getting. His value keeps increasing the more shitty teams you place. I would like to see ox have so many holes in the one whole they don't have the quarterback and you're like Hey, let's go! It's what's use a second round pick on Jacobus perception as it got it as an official. No eighty altered it. There was report that they offered a second on paper. Then there was another report saying. Actually, it wasn't a second aspect, but if you, if you
giving up anything more than like a sixth round Pickford Jacobi percent finance. Have you had eggs in what you Tom, cable, probably wants him to play off its law? Had they need it? They need a left Gardelle. We can get to know them up to copy brisket man so yes owed. So stop the bleak portal, slander and Josh. Alan is incredible. He looks great and shorts does not too long ago. We did a good impact. We do. We did embrace debate a couple years on this. Couple years ago. This are football pants, they Panzer shorts, because I think Josh, islands or shorts, they got pretty high. He look really good caprice, yeah middle, yet a caprice area, but he looked really really getting? Did he moved while he threw that touchdown pass agent? Karen got hurt so now he is basically Nathan, Pearmain heartbeat away and neither Pearmain five interceptions in a first half away from starting. I should think you might start which do we want him to start. I think we want him to maybe get a little bit of time,
getting comfortable. No, I wanted to start era. Fine, fine, fine, George! I shall get forget starch ashcombe. Let's do it and then what sending anything else. We learn from precision. I just overreact what I've only lack, because I think also Baker Mayfield, look pretty good again so to tire other. I liked to set my fair per month. Prices is selectively. Overreacting, Select bears first, DR looked like shit now like it just precision, then mischievously put out put together an awesome touch on drivers like holy shit. This often skimming crime. Oh I collect the cowboys are fought, o deck Prescott, fix your instincts, outlaw exact Barton being injured, get fucked get down, it is August, was in August twenty first August wafers August twentieth and die a cowboys. Are dead dead, dead on arrival? Sorry, Jerry all, let's do are whose back the weak Hank while she gets going. Alright, my he's back the week I got a few. The first one is slippers.
I thought of personal position on these issues and those to change what in which, I am sure you guys new yesterday and Kenya Wesley chain to change. What's the terrible, I got me a few on yeah I've got married and Kenya West Fashion icon showed up to the due event in a suit, and Of course, I saw the slippers, I also Kim Kardashian, while looking pretty get hooked pretty good. Can I just take it the take a shot at those temper, Punic slippers ones where they put the mattress form in the slippers. You don't want some at absorbs like moisture and sweat like that in years into slip it also produce wearing look very comfortable, though an ye I'm sure he will sell them under the easy brand for seven hundred dollars coming soon this fallen, everyone will buy it, be like look at this cool sweatshirt them bought also under the easy brand four thousand dollars. That just looks like it's sweatshirt that my dad used to rake leaves with slippers,
are like velcro for people that are too lazy to strap velcro yeah its awesome. Yet well, there's deadly certain age words like you just give up on shoes. You go to the velcro and I cannot I, for one am excited for our mother. Back the weakest Papa was they just put. Their second tore then scan the impasse. In this time, tickets are going on sale today at noon via bomb on live nation, o nice, and you can probably will probably retweet a link on the part of my take council. Sir about its more about what's a date, so it's Thursday September, twenty yeah how's, the blues- lose Boston. Massachusetts. One last question: will there be any new songs there will be new saw these special guess, Elliot is gonna, be automatically be fund, show hasn't, loses I've been there a few times in Boston? That's great in you. I am so the Irving Plaza shows awesome. So it's very like tat, except better this time. We're not gonna stream it on paper
Also, if you gotta go, I like that. I, like that very excited fifty who you got, whose back my whom speck of the week is, but while he had a game winner, the turtle killer, the turtle, it won't know his brother killed the turtle as brothers like Frat brothers, a family or actual put his brothers and his brothers brothers in the frat can't kill us rift. Eternal and half I saw strike out from the record Zuri see out Roberta Wild Drill, the game winner. It was like a thirty or feel go right on the pipe, so I think we'll get whose Yon he's on the charger so odd. He doesn't have the job yet he's competing for joy. A broker- let's hope he gets it. The inner fell, is a lot more fun when you ve got a Roberta while missing extra points. My other, whom speck of the week is cats who catch her back Todd Girly, gave an interview and he said- and I quote he hates dogs, Hank you'll, we'll, like Tucker
and was, and he wants to get cats this year. He wants a load up on cats, multiple cats, because if you just have one cat, that's not fair cousin needs another. Cat to converse with in the house, and you become a cat, lady yeah. Well, what he's well his way to becoming their crazy cat girly? I think a brace of eight. I think you aren't a crazy cat. Lady anti of three Yahoo is you're you're borderline, like ok, this person, like cats, two's caught a normal three, is red flag. Yet three is ok. This person sleeps with their cats, the with the cats in you, everything which also they don't have any other animals like it. You have the couple dogs in a lot of cats like theirs. They won't animal her sort of his desire for cats, strictly cats actually through having having catches a great defence mechanism to just keeping people out your house General Ellie. I can almost respected if you just get a bunch of cats only so that people don't come over here,
if you have dogs out Hanks right like I actually think cats are cool when they hang out with dogs, like cats and dogs to get along together, that's kind of a fun. But yes, it is like a sliding scale, age wise, if you're twenty years old- and you have two cats- that's red flag if you're like thirty years old and you ve got to its kind normal of affording you have to it's like generally accepted right at that time, still not married kid exactly right exactly when it makes more sense, even all these cat. Yes, I my who juvenile went nuts it ok, my whose back I got to my first one. Is it safe in his back for poor guy quotes back? Did you see this mix haven quotas? He, I guess, there's been some injuries for Alabama first team and he got very upset at the media which, by the way, a rat poison, as we know, and he asked how is concerned. It is concerned about the depth of his teams that I've been concerned about this all long. So And even know why you would ask the question you think: whatever happens, we just
Another player out, everything is gonna, be perfect. I actually you think they just should play out. That's how it works it out. I think Nick saving personally shits tears out. Yes, like he choose a mountain practice right and then he digest them for a while. They takes a crap and boom. I got a line by other up right, so I don't really know what he's talking about, but yeah. If you had asked me how Alabama stays on top I'd, like yes, Nix even has a factory where he shits players it's either him personally shitting it out, or it's like. I remember that the queen alien and ailing, where they have that nest in all the eggs in it. I think in that, in part that six hundred million dollar renovation that album is doing to stadium, they just have like a giant football lady and she's just giving birth to all these Alabama for future Stars
in these little part. Yes, yes, as our coach ETA, we'll have to like breaking their at some point of light, the place on my other, whose back is Dwayne Wade, trying on defence, so Dwayne weighed in Jimmy, but we're gonna spat, I think, was a friendly spat pun, Jimmy Butler said: well, damn all caps on Gabrielle Unions, Instagram in TWAIN Wade, came back and said. Ah, if you're gonna put all caps on my wife photo again, you can see what the good bad and the ugliest likening kept on responding to all her. Instagram, saying mine and like putting possession on Gabrielle Union so good to see you, Wade running back on defence and actually giving some effort there. Doesn't. That is really good his while he eats a lot of booty,
We know that so naturally, he's gonna talk, shit Jack, you thought about just fly out is not settled mood, I'm sure he get Dwayne reciprocates european relationship where you're just get your booty, nor the time the twin we Gabriel Union, yeah, it's tough. You got it. You gotta reciprocate that he's gettin. Now I think she's doing the majority. I think you do an eighty five percent, the booty eating the weight household. I mean you really have to defend your relationship if it is well known that she's eating your bottle right, that's like they once you put that out there. It should just be well known here: Nobby can't put all caps, you cans and others That's it. The all caps is where he were Jimmy Butler across a lot on her picture was a little aggressive for being out. It was nip city. So when she provoke Jimmy Butler into commenting you how ass, how to Gabrielle Union Open, was it
the seventies without elements of provocation that inspired Jimmy Bernie ups were basically begging for Judy Garland, go all caps on Hank. What you call a thirst, trap, yeah yeah. She was there a strap, oh yeah, ok, yeah, Gallo, Mastercard Entourage does grimly thirst trap. Ok, Should we get him? If I got trapped here he did he get big too. He walked right into the trap. Shall we go but you are Mount Rushmore. Let's do it about Russia. More of fish crowbar slash restaurants, who, who is delighted shows from how are you determine who goes? First? Even that's. Ok! so, who is so levers whoever's. The odd man out goes first, ok and then the person why ok left of overlap lies. I want Three shoot organise illegal catches for ok and then and then hack, and then I go to ok. I
there was great radio, my doing ass. Sorry, I forgot the listeners were in the room. Yes, like oh shit, you guys are here when I do the show, I think about it, like we have seven hundred thousand of her best friends ass in the so we just forgot. Regis were forgot, there were sitting with generate now, are bad guys hand up my hand, is actually up right. Mt Rushmore of Fictional BAR, slash restaurants, I'll go number one patties pub good choice, How did your strong a man to do it? I'll go number one monks CAFE from Seinfeld, The restaurant knows that just yet the bantered that for the food who is or is it The waitresses are, I wanna go and thereafter, like you, have taken the subway and go talk. You can you know you like. It actually exists but in the fictional yet, but it also exists right, but this is sectional bars and where we can get
the home of the big salad. Doesn't always there prodigal targeted, tuneable tumult, yeah, good choice and a cup of coffee them? Ok, good choice! Egg! I'm going to go with number one most from the Simpsons I don't know what it. What had? I my less about the way that they drew beer on the Simpsons yet, but it looks so delicious ya got one thanks: number: two, I'm gonna go with the crusty crab now the jumbo its unreal now use online, get picking Spanish whilst our vision loves it than ever seen. I just have to make sure that everyone knows not to tumble. Yes, because it is a travesty crab. The crusty crabs good one pick. They have tea on real. My number two law go where they serve their crab? C4 capacities, fucked up yeah, sorry crazy crab home the crafty patties, we put that surrender their basic Cannibal Caesar. Have Europe? Have you ever seen a Craven in spent rob?
yeah, Mr Crabs: oh ok, womanly! That's fucked up peace, cooks himself, the guy from the meme, your member rear lawyer, but any southern barbecue restaurant always has a pig wearing an apron and chefs hat yeah. I'd. Ask I fucked up. I had never to Osh reforms. Lou interesting, big, Can you like borscht? Ok, I will go with the bottom being the choice I had to get some tidies. You know it's not mine, and I will go with a the ban Boulogne from good, fellows. Ok, yeah yeah before got torched I'm gonna. Take you once a further on the bottom being and go with the Nouvel Vesuvius, ok, yeah Kosovo for regulars? So you do not say another word
new over severe with already up our guest burnt down. There's a fire there yeah that's new whole Vesuvius. A second one, ok see made it that far You know I gotta like season like three and a half and voice are illuminated shelve admit. But before that point, ok, we actually. Did a table read from New Vesuvius. That's right, whereas mainly their nature may be easier to Sylvia was first YAP. Pity you get the a third and fourth Pakistan. Video cheers, ok, marching! Don't give me Ok now I just as a wonderful casta characters. I would be long time ago. I don't even yeah everything. How is your name and then my last, when I'm also gonna go good fellows, but I'm gonna go with the the prison meal from good fellows.
The restaurant that they had inside their own. So, ok, I had the special technique for clear going elbow yeah. But still did you give him that's yap. We danish judicial system for a kind of garlic. Yes, so thin. It would little liquefied enshrining the pan than the meatballs, the wind, the bread fresh bread. Then we are not at all and for your injure ITER Phelan, it's a place to eat. One male got it. Ok I'll, go the drunken claim for demagogues. Ok, fifty doesn't like family guy, forget that it was going to buy bananas. The from this present Saito Spongebob Guy. Ok, there's a lot that we left off less we'll have to go through. This is tough. This is tough. This is tough boys I'll go at the MAX say by the bell. Okay, that's a good choice. I'll go with the meal. There are we left a shitload off unless you want to go through them. The alibi room from shameless Debbie Fun place to drink. Okay, the double deuce from row
house? I must put that on their Hank. Ok, how bouts Freddy's bbq joint from house carts? Oh after any, really get how about Debar from the wire cap ass bar when it happened. I was irish progress where they have the wakes up. Is that the same one where the were the dockworkers drink? Because, now that you allow and yeah yeah different bar, that's a gym Thompson, laborious bouts, soup, Nazis restaurant- I guess my restaurant, but his car- you have now become a good soup, so good heavy, delicious doubts. I can't leave you to pick out the soup guy. A big soup got yeah, maybe not what young trainees? It's not a view, Leary the greatest soup place of all time, and you can pick here's the thing, I'm a big soup guy, but am I suck it ordering things euro? I would get thrown out it's it's not only the best soup in the world, but it's also Nazis and you didn't picket a watch it we're antagonize. I would
We miss the boy, a whore models. Oh, we call good call. Hank good car at the great without Dorothea for american cycle can get a reservation. Stove the snake alound from parks rack. Poor Richard from the obvious. What's Parson wreck saw J J Diner. Whenever there were they owed the doubtful since that looks good wofully on them. In the breakfast room undertaken yeah, they get. It have I have to say that it was epic suspect what about the place in Flintstones, what a surprise source, ribs hats! Good! That's good! I'm trying to think I have a couple more in the movie, the garrison, from pinky blinders. Yes, that's one of those shows that no matter what time of data is from watching the picky flocking blinders may have to pour myself like little glass, whiskey, always and making our smoked smoke? please, bar from Brok? Still now you can't leave that's good,
You wanna get killed if you want to kill all shenanigans from Super Cerberus yeah, oh yeah, good choice! What about the bar from beer fast, where they, through their own beer, delicious beer, the world? Ok, I hadn't. Oh, the bar from star wars that plays that song over over container necessity or whatever they can Tina. So the job of the Hut Leonard sorry apologize, I know it because the soft roadhouse wrote road giving grown as inert movie to old movie yet, but he had not an iron managerial flurry like I was bad ass movie, almost the opposite here, for I fuck guys always prepared ass tat of guys like you in jail. That's a road house, I would like to speak about that. Put that in your head, pain doesn't hurt, double deuce baby, don't get it, you don't get it! No. I don't.
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add Dodger Stadium in the owner, sweet with baseball hall. Tommy Lasorda and his nephew David and we're in talks and baseball, but we're all stocks of wine so tat. The David you guys got a new wine line is everything you say, one line, what widely both wine label was sort of wines. The sort of family wines and holding a sharp, nay right now looks unbelievable, I'm pregnant this whole bottle out. That's ok right, you can drink it or you can have it. Ok rules is that your marketing is like if you can drink an entire bottle before you leave the supermarket and it's free, yeah, so so Tommy what braver. So? What made you decide to start start getting in the wine business? I know you're in the food business, but
what was the long time ago, my father. Now we talk to me, tell me about when he was growing up in ITALY and then that's when I got above. All I would I would go into the cellar, and we here the machine that granted the grades up and then We have a big machine. You put this map. Then it got a clue. You grab governments squash happen. We would do that every year at large shows the issue with why my father would dumbing down. There would play cards and they would play for
Hawaii and then they played our house one time, then it play Aaliyah at your house, the next time his house, so rather than spending the money to somebody else, they spend amongst themselves. So Tommy were here. You are a baseball hall famer, like I said, the dodge, as were sitting here. They ve gone up and down this year you ever said to World Series championships with the Dodgers. These dodged even close. What do you think
He's dodgers are kind of missing that you guys had back in the eighties. Well, I think that they have the perking step as real. We haven't today river, a couple of guys were played and couple guy then blame, but that's all what's the difference, I see him and I think the right team team should be in a whirl sirs again, because we have the best even today and show now the time has come when we really have to go. Their smuggling or a signal, and now we can get there? We can get the table on the right road yeah. Do you think I clean cushion the best pitcher in the game playing cursor.
One time sure he was here You know get the money getting were everyone Gary The great competitor is great for a team in as it Knocker anybody helps everybody in. So that's that's! So you been in baseball. Your entire life all the way back. Nineteen, forty five, when you first got into the big leagues how how differ and is the game now than it was back in the day. Are you Sabre metric sky? You and analytic skier know what the hell you doctor. I know you don't do it. You don't do the war in the advanced statistics would
what's a Tommy, Lasorda statistic: what are you? What are you base? Your analysis on the players vary from one, how much they can give to the team. We're going either. I just met the garter basement. Who was hey flayed everyday run say, the one in the time of day. They argue with me if the times a day off yeah, but that that's the way, they grew up, that's the way they carried the baseball and that's the way they participated. When you were making when you're making managerial decisions in the middle of a game, you too Have a radar gun tell knew how fast your picture was pitching on every single pitch? No, I can look at a guy and see how much is put on
Well much they're re watching because its experience you. If you ever managing a team- and you went through like a little midsummer swoon, just a little dip, maybe a little losing street what would you say to the guys to kind of get them back on the right track? I don't know a lot of them. I told him how great they are. That was a lie. I love them just alive, not adding a great buncher guys. May I couldn't wait till I got tat a ballpark because it was always something different, always wanted and willing to win And you know when I woke up first,
when I became the manager of the Dodgers? I called my friend rods and call my friend's name. There is managed smoky Anderson young. We were teammates sparking. The dodgy organization show and I got a job. I survey Sparky more kick your tail. You're, never gonna beat the Dodgers again there and they also deserve the same There are several care about all that. I'm telling you me and this team Cincinnati had a powerful team. Bade him by fourteen games. Then the next year Party got fired, real fell,
today, the true you're here, since they would argue with, but everything turned and grab good for him. He was a great guy with great team made and when I told him that's all were furnished with tat. I can be. Your friend beat you I gotta do not like it to be so. Your porno la maybe one of the most iconic home runs of all time. The correct Gibson home run in nineteen. Eighty eight when he told you that he was available to pin shit. He didn't tell me, was available. Branch was what happened, tells a story. I live com, First, I said if you want to go home, go ahead, because you can't do anything.
Always stagger on awhile ices. Okay! So when I put him up the picture They could hardly walk because you well last play off and. Everybody thought he was gone. Everybody thought it was finished. And then, when the situation came up, the club basket come down. A survey give him what's a sea autonomy So I got a glove ass. Any scottish baseball pass all share everything show. I said you really want to stay huh yeah. So then I put him in to pinch amp with two hours.
And a bottom of living and I was openly whatever who run when I put him there, because I could walk. I can run a figure, may city only it would through Now- and I said, I said I don't know why. Why said this, but I say the way. You know me the need to walk in the early stages that hit the ball ass, a bull bar right, I told him. I don't want him to in this out of this uniform. So the situation, came up like I said them in the only way you can hit is two out because
every year on base are gonna. Take you for a runner, so I said to me just make sure. You don't get involved with them, but I you will forget you're the basis No anyway, what then, I told him- I said, don't Anybody on a team see you, because they all say that you cannot play there second, that there going be a game there would be throw surprise, Adam say what I can There were two out and that's what happened I got the two outs and then he hit the ball out of the ballpark. I was he made a history,
at home, run. If you wanna, say some very M M gone around basis guided speed. We plan Montreal our time and the boy. Here right here in the Balkans by the catcher he was on. Second basic scored, Did you hate the media when you were manager anybody. What about women? why was it the vodka time or the klingman one off against the media. Were you like would? Would you hate when media would ask you dumb questions? This could be a dumb question or alive. What everybody in the game shells Colonel water laugh at it, but you don't do it
you try to help everybody. I always thought up anytime. I can help this voice right at it I'll do it and that's what that's where my friendship was in. Can I help them in when we beat spa? sparky. Sparky was as out here one day But having lunch with these sports sports editor of the magazine on the Dodgers known historian, Dodge So worried cover me: I got a phone call, a Tommy we are really talking about you. Rarely is good or bad. He said, were laying good. That's the one must be bad I'll, be right there
tell the guy or leave the guy was ever in the lunchroom. I went over there and I said each party were teammates. If you want to pull this stuff or me, you make it big mistake because we're getting a netbook given that ring. And we do more, get you and I'm you, the beating of your life. So don't you pop off again. A few pop off again. Man come Alethia physically duty pop up. When you again did he pop off when you again, not after that a bad night. Now. What about the timing? Famously I didn't do it with the Philadelphia fanatic he's added, like that. Alaska. I never liked affiliate your job that guy,
like football player but weak. Plainly what Of colleges, rattled, Philadelphia and them, Remember we want the Japan when I text the author came the Japan each ale. They selected him to come over to an Where you we get, there were forced to ban. I got the guy signing the baseball, wriggle exchange baseball and this guy with those who say they were. We once again, a fanatic fanatic, fanatic, fanatic, I walked in robots and he sittin. There signing the baseball
So what are you doin here? How did you know I was there were a trip I should out don't you said another baseball better. Once these guys your name on the bar at the hell out of here they that guy, was he wherein the mask outfit when he was signing the baseball's? You put him in his place. I like that remove place and put them in another place. Yeah yeah, you want my favorite Tommy Lasorda quotes of all time was when you said when we win, I'm so happy, I eat a lot when we lose I'm so depressed. I eat a lot when arraigned out, I'm so disappointed. I eat a lot Won't you use the eet after every game. Who knows where
I have set up like they have today. Believe me I would get. I would you because a lot of friends, restaurants and they would Banga, send me food and I'll get course. I get the pliers that's away, one Now they got a crook thereof. Rebuilding their recipes. Whatever they want. They get oh, my god. You gotta work that you're gonna work of be good to give eight by food food What's your favorite meal, which river italian meal path with anything on it, sauce and envy balls, you God saucer gravy, what whatever you think, I'm running a path that we're not going
It is not just why you know cured. Is you have not pure sure silly had passed the sauce company at one time right, you you, deposit sauce company, did you call sauce or did you call gravy gravy? Never, call Dick Gregory by the Lacs people dead yeah. I just called the sauce. Who's the best hitter you ve ever seen in your life headway. Ok, that's a good answer! we'll bury by what you really you're gonna grants. Rather you know I was just tesselation phase in our knowledge I thought maybe you'd, I know I've ever ass. They really didn't hesitate whatsoever, can hear nobody ever see
Maybe you know he wanted to come with me and the Olympics in ninety six. Ninety six, now they are what was that way: you're resigned to doubt two does as off by four years. By four years about you like that anger for about four? So anyway, when we went over. This is one we're gonna, be a merry olympic. And he wanted to come over. One come with us, but we couldn't get a plane when better bed it. So I couldn't
he loved the ferry was come. We would want to come to yeah yeah yeah. Do you think anybody's gonna hit four hundred again now. We were the only four hundred of cheap, nobody here for her yeah. Why do you think that it is working It gets is changed over the years. What stranger for the year. Why? What do you think you're? Somebody like TED Williams, could do it and you don't think it's gonna happen again, as relies enterprise before TAT Williams. Actually, what's that I'm time attire, That's ever got it Tony Gwen almost at it very then
Toby was high average, but that it is evident nobody like headway of those words and concern in my time. I had another, I got another Tommy, Lasorda quote, for you guys asked me, don't I get burned out? How can I get burned out doing something you love, I ask you: have we ever got tired of kissing a pretty girl? You still feel that way about me no, but I'm, because the girl he it nice, so are you gonna predict dodgers, win the world series of sheer we got to get into it. First. You made us nervous last year because you said that if the Dodgers didn't win the world series you just going to die he's your member saying that they want to know I know you made us nervous. We all got nervous when you, when you need threatened them, so you got Stick around
ninety two just next month make up ninety two. Ninety one management. Yeah yeah arrived the terminal. You know how long I've been here. Yeah we we're gonna like your guardian angels. We ve been watching over. We have very vocal by us your view. Life well loved me and take care me just make sure I got four days. Ok, that's not a whit, yes use, utensils forks will make sure yes and forks do what is your for a roller. Yet role right up, what's your face, memory, your entire time here, in LOS Angeles with the Dodgers, What's the one memory that stands out above the rest, Gibson don't run that may really serve them. He wanted to go and go home his wife. He talked to his wife on food.
And they said what they might be said to her. What the hell am I gonna do here. I can't do anything so, let's go you're not going anywhere? Men and women were upon him up there. He hobbled up there. He couldn't you, couldn't parliament were less than two hours, he be drawn up three times gone First Bay, but swing in the bad. It can do that in that way, exactly what I I share the view that the boy- why is ever this bob, why you have to run hard to point? I have one last question: Tommy. Did you like it when you teams would fight you, like it, wouldn t when you guys would like throw the other gene in that kind of stuff,
Hamburger breath air, no there's, no press, your india and safe company. Here you got them right. I like you, why I got my guys. What do I do now at work back better, get mine, my job, I get him to verify what time I was played against Buffalo others with the Montreal, and I come up too bad. And the catcher said to me he said someone is going to kill you one of these days, and I said it's at you. He said maybe I swear to God. I put the bad right on his head, right on as it should now. Are you fucked,
Now, now put you in all our field, God there. When he didn't say another word, then they would Kurt bravado were yes, it is guide that his father in Florida used to call me for tickets, and I would give it to realize it Five pray play baseball thing. I should have killed her father to wire I got the big guy everywhere they went into the hall downstairs in HOLLAND and the battle. Come on? I wanna talk to you.
And be ready for someone your ass. Hey one come out, he would not come up with because I delayed in my boy because he said he said what the say about me. He said that day go. A day goes always pop enough. I thought he said inertia. I hope they pop up. But back just kick your ass tat. You prevent clown.
But I got a lot of fights. I want you to understand that I should not guys down. They want to come after me, come on, what's your secret, is not you you're, not the biggest Ghana world, but you seem like you. The toughest would one hundred let's put it this way. I could take care of myself, have won a few fights. Because our day they want me the way to guide for my own down one or media training, because they wanted me to become a boxer- and I did I start train. I was sixteen years old and I made the team that pledge to get the team from Philadelphia and the Philadelphia,
few people. If you wanted to play them, you had to give so much money like three hundred dollars for four women. Are we gonna get that kind of money? So do the newspaper got involved the nurse downtime Earl? They paid the fee and That's when I started. A battle, they went off the field. So my memories of that already be a boxer. But then I want to try out in Philadelphia. First pitchy gets that team in air. Have we been rebuilt and forty four
one, and I got a job in the couple- runs catch and they want they wanted this guy catching wasn't attire. Especially. I want this dying cat me and did lad together, got Rover spell runs. I drove in a couple runs in walk away, beaten in Philadelphia group. So now there were now with them fully if they want. They want me to come down and try out. I did in fact them, how do have any way of getting there? father was working today, kid
brother. What goes on way around the country, whether my my father? What are you I got a money to feed to you. Guys can go anywhere. Yeah yeah! I tommy Thank you so much. I want check out the sort of wines Germany, where the question we have now good, I'm looking for a transfer of the wire, some sort of wine stinks. Your nephew arise. I hooked up he's been awesome. Let us in here and be off in eradicating assigned bottles for our love. That's great in also renting a picture after this in the two secret life right is to be in the middle of every pictures. They can't crop ya out. You got it. Remus Tom, equal right up ever get caught on the end of a picture. You never let it happen so tat. I can get their battle. Your fight, your way through Tommy, stay healthy.
We're lookin out for you? You don't even know we're lookin out free all us repent. Some strengths, yeah well appreciate that got there with How many years do I, how many years now nice, sixty nine years so nice run really Nigeria, whereby one a better one, now, no, no definitely not definitely area vaguer. There's gotta be certain absolutely. But you know I love the game in the toilet, beers that I manage in the big leagues. That's that EL, the lad work come into the ballpark, yet my group, a guy, ready to go with them.
We live ring train, aware there and my first year we want. I was in a whirl, says my second year back to whirl serious, again played by coach and bus sixty six six years. I saw the track was sixteen years old, my father. They want a sucker. As I. What do you do for do? Work better sign that Bob I wanna play baseball.
So your dad signed your first major baseball contract or they had to have somebody handwriting saved. They were there throughout after sixteen years, all you're gonna get. Sixteen is all I say this guy plain Little league or whatever their allows plan. Her first really play in their fortnight and video game that you know the video games. That's what's happened to the players today too much in love with a games. He absolutely all right, we'll Tommy. Thank you. It was good check out the sort of wine yeah. We appreciate it baseball lifer hall of Famer Legend sixty nine years and good luck to the Dodgers.
Very much appreciate you guys getting involved course appreciate the seller much good you're working moves and product for yeah. Oh yeah, we're gonna move! If, if it takes me having to by several cases myself and just drink myself, so be it I'll do it? We want a virtually you gonna do I'm here to drink a lot you want virtually we're. Gonna was in that it is a body out. They say that if you drink enough wine, it makes you more healthy right. So many I would be the healthiest person, America, because in Madrid so much you want. Yes, replied that Tommy. Thank you so much, goodbye for doing this gesture,
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Stu some segments breaking moves requested it deleted. It did break you. Dervish started a real. Abstinent, who was the simulator game? No, it was actual rehab stent and then was pulled from entering the second aiming at. I was there, I have to say, as you wait and yet will find output find their eyes on tv tonight. Not rather than have some takes man. So that's actually a perfect sequitur harder and dragged news for you. Yes heard her injured, be nice to you. Yet I be nice to you, yeah. And I still. Yes, I'm always nice. I'm always tonight's deal hum insured. At first reading was awesome. Ok, so we can build on that whenever he comes back, be a nice agri to hurt her injured. We have Nick Falls, hurt shoulder Carson whence coming back alive
I'm eleven, so it's actually a who's more hurt or injured. Nick Foles or Carson Wentz current one of them's got to be hurt. One of them's got to be injured. Yes, so I think I'm going to send Nick Foles injury to shoulder strain who knows if you like tours rotate recovers labour, he's probably not compatible, throw football. Of an exact nine months! Andrew luck was out of a ball for two and a half truths ready for him and I've urine still is in really back. He starts in turn regulation for Poland Regulation game. Do you think Carson whence is going to be? Like come back, I love this because what would business happen with all these ACL injuries now is that the rehab is so fast but Everyone thinks it as soon as their back there like ready to go well everyone. Their Adrian Petersen Right, and they think that ok, because they can play in nine months, means that they will be the player they were in nine months and usually takes like an extra year. So with. Why do the math? I think the eagles just have to
hook, quarterback actually entire year in order to misapply psychotic that good. I like our yes, it's true are they may be in the Jacobus percent Mark out there TAT one day. I want to get TAT Bridge Rodya for quarterbacks out there with Nick Force, so we're we're experts at how to extend a quarter backer had coaches career in the Unifil cracked. If I'm Nick falls I get surgery immediately on and in that way the last say in people's minds. Is this guy's Superbowl championed the last Amy played up? They won the Superbowl and then he's gonna get. You know he's give you three million dollars Yankee Yahoo. They should do Tommy John Surgery, which takes like what a year and a half to come back what they should do, surgery where they take a ligament from his dick yet and put it in a shoal he's got more than of skin Tommy Johnson surgery. Every got mixed horse billion dollar quarterback
we have a my green bergs, dumb rules, so the tonight they have the Williams Porter literally World Series classic whatever I think the Phillies in the mats are playing in Williams Port and I always I always just assumed like it went when they say. Oh yeah, they're playing ones for my calls are going to play on Monday. Small feels and I'm like. Oh no, there actually is an MLB field, but I don't and why manually baseball to capture The imagination of Amerika for one night doesn't have the M b teams play on a little league field tell me that wouldn't be the greatest thing ever. I mean the Erika seven hundred home runs. The game goes for its for fifteen hours. I wouldn't think they'd be able to hear they would be able to table. I sought so, let's move the mouth. Back so the infield regular hidden from second pay? So you know that the infield will make regulation the fence which wonderful, ok,
yeah sure what the hell you so yeah, maybe also robs, like the season stats a little bit but who care here's? What you do you? You have the pitcher pitch from the little mound, but it's the nun pitching the throughout the address. Poor have the kid so that so we play the game major. Baseball fear, the Phillies in the mats play the game. No pitcher once are easy to get fucked up by playing on this type of field, so we have a little kid pitch a twelve year old, pitched too made play baseball players on a little league field and first too whence and they get aluminum bats gets us we'll put the kid in like bubble, wrapper, something out or not, will the actual than with a mind from behind a screen. Dude tell me that, wouldn't you imagine if there were just like if it with the final score, was like a hundred and twenty two hundred and fifty the pictures. Just there just crying the entire time comb run after homer. I gotta have the college kids might up, there's nothing better than might up a little kids literally worlds.
Like the might up, go together. Color you with the kids fuck up and coaches want to scream at him, but they relate annoying yeah. They give they were, but if it was a month ago and known as watch him, they would definitely be yelling at ensuring that get these voters want to go so viral now. So they just like give these big post game speeches about trying. Aren't you ever lower you yeah, don't worry! This is the best in. Oh. Do you remember this forever, even though you lost fifteen, nothing against the dutch team that doesn't do not play baseball? Oh, how about the are? How about that Spanish get yeah? What is it expert. One hundred forty pounds yes said he's thirteen. India is a lot to do. You think is actually thirteen, probably not, but who cares? I think if you, if you reading, if you are coming from a country, is if you're coming from a country- that's not America or Japan, you should be
allowed to have some older kids undertake a careful work actually use your bride, throw in like the Caribbean in Latin America, because baseball's exporter, like Spain, like you, know the african countries, Australia, throwing a couple older, kids, I'm here, I'm just thinking that maybe use innocent mistaken. He was an anthem, seniors old, Eric thirteen Parthenope continued seventeen isn t he just kept on these hazards he's as thirteen ok go through here we have o the seeking question. Put him promo code. Take any get ten dollars off your seek purchase. The sea key question is P of tea water millennials killing this week, that's a good question cat millennials or killing boobs
The books are on a hot seat. Interesting, because Hooters has gone through some down times. It can't be because their food stocks are they always group, the orders of the wings or breaded and weird, and not good overrated, like the wing. It's actually just because millennials are going to the restaurants anymore, the ass. They don't like boobs, so they re actually went as far as to say that millennials, they're, dead data of tobacco, backup millennials, not liking, boobs porno visitors between the ages of eighteen to twenty four nineteen percent, less likely to search for brass when compared to all other age groups. But that's like
going to a butcher shop and being like? How can these kids are ordering hot dogs at one right enough because they ve done all the breasts googling before their eighteen re? Lesser internet start so that soon now that's really wouldn't comes around get on the internet. You d say taken boobs political eighteen year old right, a season veterans, sensitize ears used to be basically doing important. Sir. You who dodgy hers as busy been replaced by huge is the biggest problem, because, like we'll twenty years ago, you like man, I wonder what tits look like: let's go the who'll. Listen, that's the only place you can see it and now you can see him everywhere- help fucking pieties got four nipple. I for my part, do utilization of America to do just looked down. I've got my own little pawnshops set up more empirical evidence. Titty boy changes name too to change. Also yeah he's
colonial out. Maybe what we lay down the law is a nickname. No, it was titty. Boy now is to change as a long term yeah exactly before he got desensitize two tests and now he's like that's not cool anymore. That's actually not fair to say that men's tits megaphone immense tenses, very problematic, as someone who's been partially made fun of four where a couple shirts and have been a little too tight. Recently, you see actually Matt Bards, that's Mario Chalmers Mouth Chalmers positive picture on Instagram of his wife like pregnant, and I he was topless as well and map just common like are you can write a breastfeeding her? His debts were looking supple, yeah Jimmy butlers like well. Damn damn. I want those tidies Mario. Do you think that it's because millennials are living with their parents for long their sucking on their mom states, and so they sought sexual eyes anymore. The other true, why don't we just have a hooters ferment, male breasts, Cosette least gives you like something different and who knows where women's tits look like. Let's have
It is worth all the guys are wearing like Bikini Thompson, neither judges fat yeah. I asked you the other day if I was getting boobs and you said a man, I know you're not very sure. Yes, you're, not I'll, tell you when you have them cause, you know and muscle it's almost yet almost oriole. Let's see we have two more. We have a respect. The bid for J J rhetoric, so this wild story, Gigi Erratic. Basically, last week I had a story come out that he was in a cab with his sister and his wife and they looked in the back seat and their look like a human body and it looked like a kidnapping he jumped out. He called them. Why PD? This was on Wednesday. Now the respect the busy here is probably something you're not expecting. It is the fact that we actually interview genetic for an hour and a half on Thursday, which is coming out in on Wednesday, show any didn't mention. The faculty saw kidnap yeah yesterday was yesterday exercising. He was sitting with two of the biggest
thus in the world, and not even one peep about the fact that he saw a bit. I took it up. He sat on that story for Zone Fuckin POD care, what the full snakes in the grass manitoba- yes, oh sir, I mean, I hope, the person's okay and everything I've got to me. It sounded like it was a major pumped situation year where, like okay, we have a celebrity in the car or going to see how they react to having somebody chained up in the back seat, our knowledge and it gets recognised in New York City, though, as a celebrity no offense to him. While really really did buoyancy fired, shots fired saying it's probably just some dude whose in like intellect Crop Mc Guire type, one diabetes got one of those dummies that he is punches around and cares around it with him in the back. The cart. Excess yeah for sure you know the ones you just punch the damage we have one in here in the office, yeah yeah does at present Did you see project carries around was a person moving around? Do we know? I don't know. The latter norwegian fortune. Tellers J J bless your heart
So today no awesome interview come on Wednesday, which age erratic it was actually really fun. Besides the whole, not US kidnapping thing: ok, let's wrap it up with Hank caught in the streets, My hangs on the streets is common spaces, new movie billionaire boys came out despite you know him being problematic and everything do you think they probably should change that title yeah, I don't know it did pretty well it grows two hundred twenty six dollars disbanded weekend. What I saw that tweet? I thought it was a hundred twenty six million. I did double takes actually seen the movie you watch a movie. It was fought so fucking bad because I I downloaded like five different movies for our trip to the West Coast and when it says Blake Billionaires, boys clubs was Kevin. Spacey. I'll out our hand up at peak my interests I was wondering, what's going on light, was a joke on medical care at one of lake? Yes, but waited you had to pay for it. I think I ate yet on ice and toolbox visiting theatres at all, it was hasn't
yours tenderly, because I would have to assume that just by people making stakes ordering online do they would have more than one twice you just counted. The theatres was a hundred choice x. I don't think I was part of the hundred choice exit still like I'm sure that people are trying to buy tickets for blue Clansmen are, or whatever yeah are, accidently clicking, occasionally right or wrong Maria Numbers game. Yeah. Here's thing I'll think anybody in America intentionally went to go, see Billinger boys. And the worst part is. It actually was like a really cool story, but a terrible movie. It was like these as good actors. In its it was kids in the 80s who created a ponzi scheme which should be good. They don't have like cocaine like you know, 80s la like you know the whole vibe of a rich kids. That should be interesting and it just sucked. Well I mean so. It took MEL Gibson, what like ten to get back into Holly was good graces, maybe just Kevin spacey. They fast for that. Took him like six months now, Kevin spaces back,
this definitely wasn't. I mean that it has long since the block four hundred twenty six dollars. I also bet that once the like, everything came out about him that the people working on the movie were dislike fuck. It, like your appear like an editor, something on that movie and, like all that shit comes out. You're like no one's gonna work. Just move anyway like. Why should I do a should enjoy a finishing it that actually make sense now white satin in order for cabin spacey too, to pay back all the wrongs that he's done. They should have just rated a g and everybody can go see ya. Man, Kevin Spacey, postcards Be interesting for it has not fulfilled last still going other just making clear the president. Will she already? Was they spoilers vodka started? We plant health No, you spoil bleep that please what I just said. The thing about the youth yet another shot Ok, that's our show. We have J J rhetoric on Wednesday. Not talking about the kidnap in I will do, is put in the title village erratic on record about the kidnapping.
That's very this extra, but, but you know, if you live in is right now we won't talk about actually know what his silence actually speaks volumes about the kid who it almost rules more that he and bring it up at all, yeah like as a normal occurrence for J J that he sees so many kid at people that he doesn't feel the yet octopi gas was about it. Just a regular Wednesday. Interesting put look for that is actually really fun interview. We have that and will see Wednesday. Let me guess: it's pardon my two percent by law, school sports
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