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Hank Azaria, Randy Moss With Derby Picks, And Uncle Chaps Roasts Us

2018-05-04 | 🔗

Lebron owns the city of Toronto ( 2:38 - 8:17). The Celtics have stopped the process and Ben Simmons put in an all time stinker (8:17 - 10:53). The Australians on the Utah Jazz made it a series in Houston (10:53 - 14:20). The Caps lost to the Penguins but it was really the refs fault (14:20 - 17:11). Brain Dump Friday we're going to buy all of RG3's old hashtags (17:11 - 21:18). Hank Azaria joins the show to talk Sam Darnold, the Mets, Brockmire Season 2, and what makes an announcer great (21:18 - 48:48). Randy Moss joins the show to give us his Kentucky Derby picks and debunk the famous Curse of Apollo (48:48 - 60:50). Segments include hmmm for Kurt Warner, Peter King didn't eat the trash, Not to brag but we called it, and Uncle Chaps joins us to read roasts (60:50 - . 

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today's pardon my take we have recurring guest friday hake is area joins us and we have a full discussion with him brok meyer season two is out we enjoy time take we had a really fun talk with him and then we have the original randy moss back with kentucky derby winners you're going to want to bet the big race on saturday so you're going to want to listen to randy moss we also have the cap the nba plants and our good friend chaps uncle chaps on to roast us before it's all that though ordering listeners you know we're switching to cash up we ve already swept switched the cash app is the simplest way to pay people back friends families coworker is anyone sending in receiving money is totally free and fast and most payments can be deposited directly to your bank account in just a few seconds the cash app lets you do way more than that now you can buy and sell bitcoin instantly get your paycheck
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and we want to welcome everyone to la broncho canada i feel like the entire nation of canada was ass an apology for the way the rafters play they will if your canadian here are forcing you to get its historic say it say it to you to your phone or you are your move saw your car remove supply guillermo thousands raft yellow sorry i accept your party okay so the raptors what even what do you do of your rafters fit i mean i called the sum on wednesday show i said that they can't come back from what happened no so turann lou credit to him made an excellent coaching adjustment a told leubronn kevin love to make more shots these debts that is what is a killer if you mean everything's a killer if you're raptors van because this is just history is repeating itself put game one we sat here i think the whole world said that was the game the raptors had to win because the bronze
gonna do a la braun at least twice a series and and kevin love can't play worse than he didn't game one and then what one should know it lebaron at forty three eight fourteen kevin love thirty one ten and eleven in amerika throw this in their because hake i know you of what i throw us in their jeff green for four section three portuguese green looked amazing tonight effluent stinks i subjects thing i thought he was dead jeffreys been on a million mba teams any stinks everywhere he goes and somehow he is like lighting up the rapture he's a dude that looks like an mba player literacy and walking on the three like i don't do that is but he's definitely in the india he rudy gay other guy like that yet rudy get your like while back i you you you you roll out the ball room gauges gonna start duncan on people in the union three quarter threes is doing everything it hen hanks partly pissed off the celtic scarab jeff green afternoon like this i had generally so what
what do you do nothing you ve tried everything you ve tried having drake fight when you're bench blurs like what else can you do and they went and they unlike the whole raptors issue their different their deep which i love i love the the deep argue during the regular season like it fucking matters in the us when you actually have to play your best players the most about two minutes but their deep so different and then you get any back to edit just arose in missing a ton of shots collars actually pretty good put de rossa mr tonnage shouts and the rafters or back exactly where they ve been leubronn own he literally owns the entire staff
if canada and the city of toronto at which the capital so he therefore the entire province of canada is is on by how would have thought for shows like scotch coretta capacity to back the get plus got any rank of back is a kapital france in france on canada which really tells you where we're canada's at life so that series is now too oh and to add insult to injury drake has been reprimanded by the nba forswear he has almost canadian story ever like your wanted like hague we not that bad language he actually it was actually bad language was what he was told not to use ok so wasn't specifically for letter words again anything and and drake showed up late and last words down he has been put the game on at six p m because they're like we know there's gonna be embarrassing for toronto select just try to stash this game as early as possible still didn't work skip ale as private any mistake is yard california started to early for her i know he's not going to know how to travel abroad by the way the bronze talented which says forty two eight and forty three eight forty forty three eight fourteen that's another one of those lebrun salads i'm just bored with the yes i guess not oppressive how many points would it take for labelling
the score for you to actually be impressed he's gotta get ovaries gotta you have sixty bert i was not a sixty fifty berger and i'm starting to be like oh braun had an unbelievable game but that just shows you like how dominant leubronn is thereby sensitized tat aunt but but little so aligning for draw the promise for great from freezer london so he hasn't he has he has lost his rhythm ever since they started calling violation yet he tried to do lane violation at the start of the game leubronn lands any step then he missed that shot and then you could see the raft like say somethin tomb ok we're gonna call it on it and so we started fade away yes ala it is so funny that he had twenty straight free throws it he hit in the indy series when he was cheating is taken from twelve feet and then they didn't let em cheat anymore and he now is i think five for sixteen in this ha ha social progress a sheet if you can't duncan foul foul shots at eleven harder meda and then these so that i mean that serves is over there was already over after game was a sweep i'm feeling a sweet
we hoped this i hope the calves sweep of just beaches to put him out of their misery in here's what the scary thing is after all this the cancer are weak the calves are ripe for the upset what if the indian appraisers where the toughest competition for the cuban cavaliers in the east longer say what are you now say that like what if i did i quoted that could about putting it but what let's move on to the other again then the celtics come back from like what aid on twenty two in the second quarter the process is in a lot of trouble and cause ben simmons throughout a tony snell stat line where to get one point one dot two that stuff to do twenty four i think was his best hard to do even if you try it's it's actually incredible because i'm going to give him credit here hank his keys to the game was to limit transition is a piece of the series the celtics have done that in an unbelievable way they also have basically cut off ben simmons every time he tries to drive and have
taken him out of like the offer you think been summoned should be eligible for rookie of the policies and next year because it ensures for this one screw question thank you probably should or do you think this is just a sophomore slept for him could be that can't you can't use at excusing collect europe clearly it's gonna be one or the other schroeder's rookie yes and but here's what here's what does shock me about the series the simmons thing a kind of get because he's a rookie sophomore whenever his young this is first series whatever and i guess indeed is the same why put our orford is eating john bees watch here and i do not see that what is a mask i did not see that it's gotta be the mask hank is a time to ask the question if you're celtics are better off without career no by but scare terry when i do miss berengaria authorizing you more years you still got two more years of honesty i think can you pay everyone now ok
tears already cheery up only one paycheck it's true only one guy you can sign the daddy age is gonna have sore wrist he'll probably trader for like six number once somehow and like the lakers number one for the rest the time right will be going in the breakers in the mets yes oh i don't know what to think about the it's kind of disrespectful to yourself except the six were favoured in the same year in the series to i think time ministers i still think this is gonna be a series and maybe that's just dumb thinking because i do you know when you have a team like the sixers that are all basically besides you know rhetoric and bell nellie like all young guy's going home i'm gonna be big for that but away always young players always play with confidence and it was a panic moved to day bringing me fill up their yes thousand big time pan and kevin heart pull out all the stops kevin heart verse trick here that it is in this fight i mean low may well be right yeah bomb is spinning around on you drake is in a wheelchair from degrasse oh so now
because low miss now just gonna he's gonna run over kevin heart whose taller drake in a wheelchair degrasse kevin heart kevin heart going up against draken wheelchair would be like chinaman square with that guy standing for the tank just get squash oh yeah yeah the i like that this is the year a celebrity fence skin a little out of hand boutros boutros at the game astrologer lousy us gucci make mill and bob craft say an exercise in drink showing up late and being told he can't say the forty times squad prior to the so and then pity i think you need to get a jazz jersey here's why why their fuckin beating the they beat the rockets came to esa with australians o reilly dante axiom outside and playing great events on our harden and joe ingles who might be like joe it might be join those plants cause you saw these seas most unassuming he's
basically you like your fifth friend in your group that you're like oh yeah showing us he's ok we can invite him and he just torch aegis torch the rock is a guy you go from like one bar to a second boring you forget that you'll have joe biden right exactly like i'll fuck outside just catch up with them next week where were you guys is playing big buckler for like the aim is yeah he's a fifth friend that no one ever checks in on winning i like falls behind is like ass someone the i will see him next weekend astonishing heave devastating go home with a girl no no problem just got a pizza and got a cab showing us so yeah the playoffs have been unbelievable i i believe this would be weird though if like the second if the second round has like more sweeps in the first round right cause
i mean the warriors i'll be ok with it i'm ready to move along to the constant conference final ok i'm done with the second really i'd like to set who likes a second round i like the second i don't like knowing the second round you yeah i want you lee when the bull i wanted to go by the policies i want to get back to other celtics and the calves in the finals and then on the other side i am ready my body is ready for warriors rocky i think that she has just now you talk yourself in the jazz donovan mitchell he's he's unbelievable it don't he did one of those dunks yeah and actually hearted how to don t like that were you suck the sole out of the other tingled mitchell also had that put back back where where he like landed but he never actually landing he just kind of cap floating through the air jammed in hung on the rim people's faces and you could see the soul of all the rockets fence being sucked out there but i do like really goober yeah i just like any
any planning rudy just such an unassuming name rudy five point nothin hundred fifty thousand pounds hey i was outside yeah you want each tell no name fan reduce our size one figures are you guys can take that with your big time we talk about the idea that the big game of the nine year we are so the who is it the predators in the jets or that are in the second pillar everyone's really meant did you talk about series i so the cap's yeah some simple what happened tonight tom wilson tom motion was gone and we're plan five how many how many rough further and hockey three for three three would have the same right number edit it so we have the right we're playing five against eight and a half tonight ok that's how with the boys risque no counted the rough who s got this won't gather wraps had a big time they d goal in the second period or these refs we're not ok so it's working five ie nine after the rest were not
familiar with parallax theory of angles the up the exact same go up and they disallowed it might my theory is the shady ice in pittsburgh that we talked about europe makes it difficult to see the park it's like looking at a magic i poster yeah they like it i see em butscha frent fresnel sandwiches and parochial it's like the lag i wearing jeans short yet the last page where's wilder yet once all wilder's stuff to figure it out yes on blaming the rafts on this one this was not the cap's although we did get good momentum at the end of the game that fight yes oh should be to shared by the way streamers waldo hank do you use dude where's waldo was a kid thinking about that that was really just that's like that's a classical you know when you get older and you realize the tricks that parents played on you as a kid you like yeah they just made us look at this fucking stupid book and and try to figure out where the nerdist and yet they put you in time out with a book a trick you into hell the other thing
when when you get that age where you realize your parents talk about you that's a scary h we like what the fuck they been knocking on me like mom and dad have been speaking about me ito behind my back status ox at advertising sucks i saw where you out with the cap's i mean i'm feeling pretty good so we're going home we got home i see other we have the remote areas have been wrote to me as three observers or shortened it yeah homeless advance still back on so i'm good is there a little piece of you now i don't have any little pieces of meat ok is there a little piece of you that you're you're obviously diehard caps van but you won't have to poop penguins win that's i don't have the public we don't want to go back down this road we don't want it disregards friar listen ok let's not do this on a friday was not i'm still very confident i'm five zero confidence and bury trots because i think that is garbage
i don't know what happened with our goal because we're watching the sound of but it looked to me like he challenged a goal that the roofs had just been five minutes reviewing yonnondio tell me why i'm wrong about that but that would be the ultimate bureaucrats move terry trots all time hockey need to you can't trust the guy with disease there last letter their name right in my favours a caps love getting hockey cultures that are fat have yours the fat you read whereat way too quickly earlier those fucked up i know you're right you were words a fat hockey player no fat hockey coach oh yeah the cap's love getting fat coach though you fat i mean it's like defective there have been a fat coach one simple a truly fair yeah so you can have that like can hitchcock always jokes yes i know he has no neck yes agri least this coach doesn't have mustard stains always face booed road death it's what i do miss boudoir is truly andy read of coaches except like without all the creativity in going to the conference finals yes i mean that's that's a big part of any reads whole thing itself championship
did you i had one bring them friday but i think you are you're already like part of it do you want you want me to wait on you all right so you've already done one of these things but i don't know if our g3 has let off of his brands die in you you tried to purchase no pressure no doubt i did purchase no pressure ok so i think we need we need a sweeping and do the monopoly and take em all pick up the rest of yet his brand is at an all time high in the last two years right well i don't i think winning the
no in the last two years i'm cell in the last two years he is the well known you remain of the light weight can grandma young area that those palm trees with the four polonaise it i was pretty good and yeah and then he made that common on gratis picture that the dolphin thought it was a sort of show austro pays out smoothed his bread is actually an all time low yes unless so by low and then we will have that we so back to so here's here's the other brands that we can buy offer his concern now all deceased know your why he has no your why and no you are why that some of you i want to buy woah maniacs is if you want to spot differently archie three with both the number and the numerals he doesn't even know name any one thousand onus on it unbelievably belief the fuck your marriage i remember all these when he was a rookie they asked about his early success and he would say i would say that it's all been unbelievably believable don't just off the top
said the reading like for her anything now we get now we get to the the basic bitch stuff with him go catch your dream that was from husband i work hard stay humble hellenes assuming prize if you don't want a whole lot of that one right i would i would think the deli corp would have swooped in on that no pressure no diamonds which you've tried to purchase go catcher that's another one that you may be sea like i could see someone getting maybe the native american dream catcher and inside of it go catch her dream of being nice tattoo inception shall wait wait you said no pressure no diamond sought or does he have k in o w pressure k and no w diamonds now that has not little here that the audits next level stuff like you up later go up to his arsonist yeah and then dream big live bigger activity so
forty i fucking level those are all fortune cookies member we did that actually i think we still have a box of fortune we do it in the corner somewhere shit probably probably much of my son of a year when people say like these are no food reserves of moving your corner illegally abolish not three hundred fortune cookies i forgot we talk so for any new listeners we had the bright idea of buying five hours thousand fortune cookies on amazon and we're gonna open one every day since we did it archie three put a smile on his face him much like everything we do i think we got to day three gave up just like we report the cookies there's a boxer cookie although i got i'm sure that the sanctions at fortune cookies are just as good as those ones that you just list yes if our centre someday we're gonna lucky numbers five seven nine twelve sixteen that's a better sang ready at its better trademark i know your why would a you are yeah you know what we want i am sure say that i'm this out there
if the award winning lesters want to win another tavi maybe get something how to subscribe and unsubscribe spread the word maybe we'll send the box of fortune cookies rg3's fortune cookies to a lucky award winning listener that might be nice one that's right there only year old yeah and you can totally just gonna do you think those are stone the corner i think so i think that the bottom unless hank did you throw em out with an outer death or their buried you're the only person i would have thrown spends on their buried so deep that dont think might could get to it like there's so much shit and weight on top of it that i dont think i would be like journey to the senate of the euro be tons of like rats skeletons on the way there you're dinosaur bones at this yes who hid we were made last i trying to find the historic significance of that would get lost in their project orally forgot about that as we saw what he saw we can't do anything we literally cannot really it was great idea
your ideas guys we're not execution does yes but we have the ideas those i'm gonna find it tomorrow i let's get your interviews we have hake is area and then we have the original randy moss who is going to give you some winters for kentucky every saturday he's gonna be on location he has some fun tips and i think he was i think he's got given us at least one winter every single year so you're gonna want to listen to that before we do that new bud white alive and orange they're out now the best beer you can have this summer brood with real orange and lime peels famous among friends we love our sponsor bud light there is nothing better than a little son little bbq in your bud light lyman orange like i said brood with real orange and lime peels go check him out and make sure you use that hashtag famous among friends our area
as hake is area i we now welcome on hankers area he is with us is a recurrent guest do you remember us is the first question i black out most of parents is just coarser my biggest okay so tell us something we said that that i can say no remember automatically natural blur the we did arm we have fun with you where we live were ended up reading i did like held at all play let yeah yes we did last time we did like a police sketch but yeah vocal in practice this will just gave you the background of people that we love on the show i think you'd ended up do in a pretty good coach at osier on approaching without knowing what was passing around brahma give you credit from remember we like them graduation you are the most famous hacked ever appear on russia yeah he avenant aaron or wounds that's that's all that's right the idea comes back to me now to sexual massachusetts sorry
dr available getting an erection i went to college in bedford that hank it shall be getting around yes he does the answer is no we're trying to do a little study here and i got if it's a hank issue no orbits need more men are you henry yes emmy tubes and maybe to henrietta now fifty four now so you know promulgating erections adjust the parcels acquire he's gonna forces so comparison germany advice about it for i was asked how we have to understand a steel moment called me human viagra so pegs area you have you got a second season
and at a very early editors unwarranted vacancies in his is just premier and then you get a third and fourth thirty fourth have been picked out says brok meyer awhile when one is the premier date we premier last wednesday alternative honour hankers areas everything i have said joe bucks birth are french obama yes yes so on i have see check it out what hockey stick can been season one on hulu very not get caught also does that do you have anxiety when you get the thoroughly for season i it's like oh shit i have to now be funny before a lot more episodes that passages describes show business essentially year every day durham shit i have to actually make them work some have i am like there might have been nice to use but cancel gregory walked winds slept little there is always some of that not a lovely consolation prize you do get gaslight you i'll pressures off i can hang out my son there are you believing in the mets this year
really scary qualified i believe in and mickey callaway day while i think that that might be real like i have more faith in a met then would normally have gone and how they seem to be arranged the following as by the time this episode airs three quarters that are starting rotations arms going to fall off well but their hi ho jon i agree with you on the macao waiting because it feels like years passed they would just keep trotting harvey out there and having a sock raising now were actually gonna put this guy in the balkans and he's just gonna pitch in like low level situations and run out his contract there's a lot of evidence first mean the way he talked to mats when mats was in these like is one good start but he had a good pulled after foreign india the wages went over there and just went look you can t you can hear what they were saying but obviously he was actually tough loving that guy and making some good decisions
i don't know i think he's going to find his way with the pitch extend these also got a great baseball manage your name mickey callaway he had ridden that's it all and yet mickey anything really yang hank is good too anchors area not a bad baseball name talk yourself that we're gonna come so you're just imagine my gibran my great great my sins jets geyser yes i what's it like been version has only i'm not a bit so the draft united obviously just happened they got donald can i fell to whom nobody really thought that was gonna happen until the knight of the draft how do you feel about that i got really i had taught myself out a darn because i thought we just never would get em but then when it was when it el to us like ok please god don't be stupid now just go with go darnel because he's there an exciting gum
the folks talk about what the browns did i dont know why do you guess you about the aisle i like it i like media air albania too i think that dorsey is probably the best personally about making decisions in twenty years in cleveland which is so much i mean it's a very low bar but they got two pillars the second pick that they had i was as hamptons award yet i was rapporteur back yeah yeah that's all that such a weird pick that i've almost feel like they have to know something i don't know about c but yeah it's either that or it was ridiculous one of the two right either both big swing see aben baker if and when people say they don't like baker i just assume they then watch college football because energy is putting john amazon baker in the same category but there they are not the same quarter but they are not the same guy but but but but
that's a lot of immaturity come that's a lot of almost wide receiver like yeah histrionics here's the thing would mean that it would be totally honest i think all the quarterbacks in drafting the first round have very high bust of like they like darnel rosen rosen was my favorite of of the group i liked him to darnel rosen josh alan lamar jackson and baker all you could tell me in three years on illegal outback ok because it's almost things you gonna tell you just talk yourself into these guys it's possible i ate it seems to me i would say it more qualified than most of them seem like at the very least they can be decent backups yeah yeah maybe not flame out it's hard to say who i almost think alan might have ultimately the high our guy you only as our guy just be careful we started jost rough island outcome so and we basic got him drafted is you guys yeah we're doing i raise agents so it is not at all and he's got big here i mean i i think that of all the stuff i heard a sort of failing
that guy might you heard about his his height didn't you about her miss height as jim brought my something about his ragged i oh well i we allowed her here that is simply wrong drama that his ragged arm yes it's a ragged onboard looks like it was it was about a bloated accusing was a rocket that was manufactured in north korea low ogre considerably you throw a five yard out to a back in the lee the ball will end up in the sea of japan that literally happened a couple of yes it has indeed it will it back here but i think everybody talk themselves into mayfield after well look at you she's very good and he's not men cell but how many eyes of that statue really turn into
great quarterback about russell wilson and drew breeze that's kind of it any probably not those two guys slower than than russell sonata go out how else in these animals and assets wiggle he's got the same legal evidence he orson that emerson thrust into good point because i think you ran like a four seven eight or something like that like in is forty are dasso he's not gonna be able to outline d events in the unifil yeah but guidelines nor does it mean russ he doesn't isa like blinding speed he's got the wiggle if you have the wiggle united me it's like iran as a runaway accurate i get big arrest him move in the in the pocket the eyes not a running corner take off put his feet are huge ass rustlers or how i see it rustles guy got on the side to the gods favour very close archer that's the x factor in palmer was saying that he thinks the most important things quarterback need
quarterback negro forty two scape ability as o lying oh did you also listen to wednesday show thank you i think i can say that somewhere else he's making around the actually said that on a ship that that has aligned lay out here i thought no ruler feeding facts about you guys are doing the media was right now go into all the same places so tell us the thing that you ve taught said on every other shell i don't think i've tried to avoid that you give us third like one joke that you say on every other land over i've already what i've use of ladders biomass take on the mets that's come up allowed her the mets are the yankees of not being the yankees nobody does it better than them that's greenwood being met in new york is like being the unwanted inlet unloved little brother dislike being stephen baldwin which is the worst thing that any human being can possibly be it s me us ass i decided i just mean that as me how easy take avatar yoda wet or what i tell us about our divided and it cannot make an assessment sure ok
i think you're nervous about sam darnold because i asked you about sam darnold entire conversation about baker mayfield i just realized that we didn't get an answer so i will tell her i am thrilled to sam darnold at my phone when i was going to make was to me he was in i'll come gladwell sort of you look at it blink wage
ten thousand hours yea jackie he seems like he has the highest bottom to me i think that he will be able to pay arnold ok darnel liberia his him if ye all these guys don't work out having donalds bottom is the highest how are you lived in california for while right yes oh can any what do you think about seemed ass being like a monkey california teenager because those guys are intimidated he's not like that no but he grew up in california and he was a teen every humbly and how many right in a working class it that all its for people who don't live and i've never live in california they also miss i just heard los angeles saying some anti is that's the one with the page is nick rain retired to area with a welcome metal checked her walking along the beach at but knows i donald that's the thing he's genuinely you know he's got like that cheat her job
good quality words it contained in mature and work ethic and huge forehead being an enormous for looks like the young the villain from me when i say this you never get it out of your head i shouldn't it is publicly badger of unknown i rang does your led by linking animals ends who as the the villain from the incredible the first incredible movie ok ok he i can see us looks like one on one of the kids from the goonies does and he he does look like the guy from bring back the guy with a moonface the advent ivory guided the kid he shoots the kids in the train thing trade issues and hangs out all the neo not his uncles the neo nazi here in breaking barrier i don't remember i thank you and also in i'm frightened i lights radiator hose affright sacho he looks like to me yeah well he's like he's awesome and i think that
this high minded support for i think it happens a lot in sport like for example is that was go back the met to me as the cat quite the casual fan and not an expert i pay a lot of it and you do that for me too he now i made this prediction publicly do we need to see more the dark travis d arnault story right right now what's gonna happen there right do we really need to go down the mats road to know what's gonna happen there and do really need to go down the harvey road to know what's gonna happen there i didn't think so so i can't tell with those things whether i either no much less or more at that i neither benefit from being three steps away from going guys come on you're over thinking this
or i don't know enough or that that's the thing with age too we are actually talking about that yesterday how when you get older as a sports fan you start to get a lot more realistic about like the guys who fail or the guys who like let's stop doing this over and over and over guys right doesn't work whereas when you were younger you might be like while this could be the year yet travis d arnault puts it altogether in that country yes and in an a blink way amalgam gladwell kind of way with age realising that the way things have been is kind of the way they can stay here has examined please don't can switch mid year we know all the sun become the greatest organization in the world know unless somebody has some kind of obvious overt transformation right no rang that's like that there is an old when the cubs had brian the hare who ended up being and all star any twenty nine i think and i was like all man this guy's a new if he was in the minor league still use twenty nine he's not
a b something he had one good half a season gray we don't just all of a sudden become like this unbelievable player at twenty nine i mean they're outlier exceptions to this year like daniel murphy dash radiant while he did steroids denham already answered denied it oh yeah you think he'd used up oleander that's your elsie asked to dollar fifteen for shared real well but there s a but ere he looking at you and i really want to believe that's true but the penny stayed good the yeah there was yet eyes on it i'd yeah ok yeah he's didn t lazarus happen holding plugged our like the other narrative is dead who is that benaco she came in nam from the yankees and went with him now that the nationals kevin long as an add on out anyway supposedly he really kind of helped him transform his swing into a home run swing that he retained all that contact you mean geology about it that one home run off his knees against jake area and they came to a dns yes i like that
that's their resolution smell right our job backward bitter about when i pronged myerst take on something so let s go to man no doesn t s being radio hosting cleveland he had the same mindset as you did about baker being taken to high has been so his reaction was if the brows take may feel it i'm going to eat horse poop honoured on live tv while even drag my wooden do the moroccan my would not eat horse poop i mean well he dragged out so i who knows rio that forty five the entire arc is just u mentally preparing has done a lot of ketamine you know what a horse tranquilizers that counts and have i guess if you told brok meyer if he was desperate enough that you know that horse poop right there got a lotta ketamine in it he might seriously consider that's right maybe through some mushrooms growing out of the horse s neck you did to her one day gotcha so like that one year really amused may actually has its origins in the sky
in cleveland yeah yeah well meant but that you know honestly right is not a perfect metaphor furthest cleveland fan sport soccer radium lighted a year you're brownsville you might as well just go ahead and eat horizontal you have their yeah you're sports tacos talk about eating shit that more support than the actual sports this or how much did you study broadcasting and how much you pay attention to like broadcasters in doing this role very much so growing up it become became one of those voices i got obsessed with now through my life i'm a total raised by the television kid all through the seventys and so really i bet i'm a sports van just because it was on tv and i watched everything including every new york local new york sports broadcast of anything and started noticing by the term as by fifteen years old that bomb here in a lab this voice cried aloud deliver me sports information and i dont know why and
do these guys always sound like this and why so that they can say whatever they lack as long as the count follows it which became a sort of comedic premises brok meyer then just that's a sports fan i'm following all this all the time including the vocal aspects have any you know think it the vocal legends in this country came out of the sports maria co cell and marvell burden more value
still doing it is like it's crazy it's insane while he's at his own brought meyer journey has yes as absolutely put that's like that's insane because more albert arrested what ninety ninety seven so that's like all he had a whole career after that totally to us twenty twenty one years after that the poor now i like you have to bees were all school to remember tat i there are some weird shit he was gonna debt but is hiding people's backs year yankee right was a bitter prosecuting the barrier we address between the broadcast her voice and the airline pilot voice because they samuel electors airline pilot is much you personally have to start the airline pilot with folks if you look at what is with that lead and it's always language has just getting themselves is basically taking off their voices tat they needed a runaway player but a soft wedge away from the gear in a pretty i airline pilots doubly a little bit smoother like hey hey hey folks were about to go to ten thousand feet in this huge metal container i got there are i think that the root causes of projecting the calmness almost to a sleeping somnambulist like folks rather sad to see our engine is on fire and laughing phases them now brag maginot down
as you know on on amphetamines compared to that right this is more besides the generic baseball really any sports announcer boys which and you still here today a lot and see a patent law typical saturday afternoon game you get your at this guy you know the will the range take on the land area she has allowed they went to syracuse they all what cerchi in there just there it's a carbon copy and because there are so many college bass while games yes that's where you get the like proliferation of em where you go here's this guy and he's looks exactly like that guy and they all sunset exactly in most other sports broadcasting it's much more relaxed and individualised but you shall get this here with those get john miller probably has the most modern hold over yes of these guys were gave you the deep baritone but miller's genius railway but this was
also the pitch man voice of the seventies very much so like the ginsu you know in japan by hand can be used as a lethal weapon but this does not work on a tomato introducing begin soon i've and appeals pocket fishermen all those weird little those were always this voice to before qvc yes so i noted colombo vocal freak i notice these things and likewise this voice telling me about thing right all the time until do you talk yourself in your voices the guy would walk around all the time just talking to myself and all my different voices if i had that skill yes now i have a family so it seems like i'm talking to them he has but actually i yes i'm just walking around here do you ever delivery break out the voice like when you're reprimanding your kids or reprimand a new actions but to say no but that's the truth is yes my son out one child he's eight and things
go down better sometimes if you just go again out come over here because what you do and now as a body problems were that i'm gonna break it down for you he just as it takes some of the edge off right the disciplining if he can be amusing person he likes he calls him baseball guy he wants basically i to narrate his day a lot ass for it have you ever been in a situation perhaps romantically over the phone for example where the where the ladys a kid you mind do unlike can you give me will take up who know that has never happened before any wigwam having the assets that's a blanket asked this a lot it's amazing does the kosovo crisis make their way to the dirty talk not enrich like little run myers aigner and if you see seas and want to break my air he has fallen dirty talk sex while announcing it but no it's occasionally get my wife really likes the
the northern england she likes the source of liverpool she does finds its amorously shall we say young it gets her motion running gets render accept that we're not even i dared not like during the act too weird right one girl really wanted me to like let's go
when bring the character from america sweethearts on the spanish guy we they live like this guy see that's yes but i never that never consummated ok i would you that all the time probably just get broken up with fear left and right we has it not cheating if you doing it a different voice now i know is certainly not state as close as you can get to cheating say it honey yes i had been having such a there are less years but only it was a spanish guys professor frank i voiced i do that's like a mix of australian mantle of dover green berkeley accessorizing count yeah now we ve combination highly you want oppression and there they build together do tell of adobe flash my green verizon meet me by the data from the great continent of all my wife yeah that's remarks gets into all his other impressions he's australian and then he's got all the
their impressions that have a tent and like a little hint of green book weird micro entities might not lower your green burke we'll come back to you he has be it we're back and better than ever my wife brodie this segment by what a hundred flowers that come in the one i had her flowers that car mailbox we're taking with john seville brought sausage hotline my wife how to get my wife the ices italy i just talked about why did they themselves are calling coward you as well yeah because only because i can't do a colleague outward so that's gonna tough today i tell people that that's my colleague out and they believe it but it's really just might solve deposits with gets a little generic verger that that impression much like rockland that's gotta run i pray maybe i'll get a fifth seasonal imdb to too i we ever this question is a key question c program promo code take any get ten dollars off your seek purchase suki gas ten dollars off you put improve aquatic were
we have the voice you everyone was a couple those police both vocal sketch things that we did last time you down is now becoming a chest yes yes coming a perennial moreover you are a monkey were making you dance basically ok the first one you're a forty one year old from massachusetts ok from swamps got masters a train right now this is coming back to me yes yes started your own sports blog about fourteen years ago you don't really know that much about hockey but you talk about hockey all the time you hate lebron james your entire self worth is tied to the new england patriots forty one year old from massachusetts sports blogger right so why the ata mean to be the hard guy here by this le braun start from tie i'm just tired out would have grown weary of every nothing happens it is not a bull blindness the braun at who cares anymore where to get dead ass i was her boss that's whereby of austria does exactly that
i e the view have a little bit of a lower voice in basel high if it is more widely about depending on who is talking to he brings access the yeah that's shuttle going is peace and he gets an axe and off so if you see someone else who as abbas inaction he goes like the deep into an and then other what's he talks to from another job i'm from queens and one egg probably going out to create this afternoon the second i'm a greens i start distorts come on the girl i u dont worry we're while the second one is a former football player i quarterback he announces now and he's kind of unsure about most replace and come ass a talk himself through it never really quite knows if it's a catch or not mighta played for cap because our constipated when you watch any replay review was narrowed down to one of two year
the new or one can tough one to get this out just what you ve done it now my green brigham constantly we do it all time is regarded as it were we'll have a road about your work you did your guy worked it is for forty years you have nicknames for everybody you you he's drainage mouthwash any swept through every shirt that you look he's always been very kind of you by why obviously was annoyed by him and delete that an enemy with them are you still beefing would bring must border you time jim brackman oh yeah is our freeze our good friend
much beggar thy you see guys upon gas beaches to now oh shit shit is right that sums him buckled brentwood kick your fuckin a uncle brand limitation by non compliant time on them again immature gonna need materia about that i can tell you right amalgam brent here he's a punk ass and pretty three reasons ok a death for starters first of all take a dumping my hotel bed i sound like a punk ass bitch move observed that unsanitary whether i deserved it and no let no one deserves that allocate yard nobody deserve to be taken a dump in your bed it's disgusting did he d take a shit in your bed because he slept in your batting crap the bed at night no you just he went in there dropped frau on the bed and then walked i guess he paid hotel staff and i got an air in what it did in air were taken up my bed and gently play
the covers over its head to discover it ok thank goodness i smelled it before i know bad there yet in another needs must burger must bring a footballer well knows it s ketamine a minute managed as demonstrating the item matches ever they never eaten with must reach a good for you be ear i see no itemised as ever to see isolated a check to see i just thought that he drank scotch well there's mostly that but even that i mean so he'll have nine scotches you'll have a diet coke unless you for a buck fifty here that gammons ok we're on this big time meal gammons only had a dad coke and he had to still gammons had buck fifty forward then game is it out on him i wanna be brent any made him sign and i owe you gas bitch moon but mostly fell as an i talk about things i've said everywhere i'm happy to broadcast is everywhere he sees a thief stole my
fine this is for all those toasty those member that we share the wazir dounia yes well my line and everybody in broadcasting news moorlands what i yell out when a climax inside of a woman or even when a climax really and by myself to a yell that i'm sorry this other to see that this is for all the toes tito's that's what i yell and he knew it and use it anyway and now i have to use ruffles averages does not have the same impact at all its search for her pleasure the upside of the institute's reached for fletcher nice guys area thank you so much shared check it out brok meyer season two is already
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on nbc sports in and b c take it that right yeah ok on it and what would you can where have you pick up yourself if you were big hat you know what's what's funny is that last year denied stood basel iii beanie binding about appointing and then i got sick and turkey and actually sitting on a step for the constructive darby and they rolled in some video just for information purposes of our twenty sixteen conductor delegation at the same exact damsels die on an old one year s girl lego this year i to pay a little bit more attention to my wardrobe and make sure that i'm not i'm not looking like this do you duplicating sweetening area is bob costs is gonna be there again
oh yeah you should tell bobby we're aunt jane had that would be good for him are involved in a helicopter in some at some point on saturday afternoon so yes so this kentucky derby i'm very excited because we have a curse so the apollo curse and are going to be the big thing talked about on
can you explain the apollo curse and who it impacts in this race they'd be curse of apollo it it it's been invoked in the kentucky derby now for decades and eight teen eighty two report named apollo one the kentucky derby which is for three year olds for he was nervous that don't know anything about ordinary things restricted the forces that are aged three every horses birthdays jean want its universal their fiscal birthday that's amazing what are the odds so oppressed huge coincidences soap apollo one the kentucky derby without having any races at all as a two year old resource typically horses will begin racing is to europe's since then since eighteen
b to every single horse that has won the kentucky derby as had at least one start as a two year old there's an old theory it goes way back in the day that in order to be ready to run a mile in a corner on the four saturday may in fact arabic these horses have to have a lot of conditioning in them that begins months and months before when their two year olds endorses the skip that no really have much of a chance in kentucky be honest with you twenty eighteen absolute bs ah it should have got it should have gone up in flames six years ago the worsening body my group in a second who had never run as a two year old and now this year there are two horses justifies favourite and magnet
moon whose undefeated he's for or who didn't run as two year olds in it matters not even a little bit about it allows its occur among its currency to see words and say it doesn't hurt yeah then i guess maybe next year it'll be the lock of apollo ok so when you say that that is this curse you think it's more about the horses not having enough time to train that sword thing or is there something to be said for big game experience well while now experience can be ass a slightly different element that is that the hearings the main here's the main reason why there over eighty five you wanna go on back to eighty eighty two of additional curse the archives to suffering fires seven of them if any second ok but see back in the day back in the forties fifty sixty even the seventies and eighties forces would run it being times is to euro sometimes more back in the day they run twenty times is to euros now today's trainers they can't they consider resources to be a little more fragile than their predecessors so they don't run their horses is often and they don't they give a more time between raises in allotted trainer dont want to start your two year olds until there they told your in october in september october or november sometimes even december so if a horse gets a head cold you know orkut allergies and suddenly it put it
back in my mail you're in january before he can ever make us for a start in doesn't me back in the day if a worse didn't run as a two year old he had three legs there was a serious serious problem and that's not the case anymore so it's kind of irrelevant now so what do you think that is that horses are getting softer is because there'll millennials northern tackling on going soft a right to a neutron then wait did i interviewed in the build up to these races does does every horsted trophy just in one's attention firstly places but it's not like my daughter's osaka takes another there are no participation trophy although although in some cases every oersted runs get paid a little bit to tread offsets on it is that there is a plan but but now the reason is very controversial and alteration bet also seem to be getting a little less durable now than they used to be some people don't think that's true but the vast majority oarsmen that deal with resources on a regular basis think that that's the case that's how his colleague pitchers and pitched counts
you know guys international day would would throw you know every other day or something they would throw a hundred fifty pages now you see a guy get taken out with ninety five pitches it's it's a great analogy and some of it has to do with durability but it also has to do with managers and baseball thinking that they can get the best performances from their pictures doing that and trainers now think they can get their or sister run faster by giving them more time between races to recur or which means less racing in total might let's break out let's break down the re so what are you how do you see this race going in da water some what are some bats maybe some long shots exotics that you you think we should not place on saturday ah
the leaders gonna be orson promises fulfilled who doesn't image since the wind will be fifty to one breaks impose three but that's the only way you can possibly when so that's what they do they send a note to the early lead and hope it nobody goes with him in his case nobody will go with him because it would be a suicide mission if they tried so he's gonna make nearly led the favour justifies my bike smith is goes to sing second link then have to links behind into the outside of promises fulfilled if that happens when you go in the first term all is right with the world at your justify fan of your betting favourite and you'll probably when the kentucky europe is only at three races though so sometimes brakes if a little bit slow from the gate and if that happens saturday in big trouble because he's never experience although he nodded dirt taking him in the face and then all this say hitting them if they so that's the way the race adi with mendelson the horse from ireland that at one that the preparation to buy probably sitting third on the outside and in your or such like good magic in bolt oro inflame away and noble and day sorted tucked in behind them that's the way the early
are the right speakers to be ron and it'll be in justifies hands if that is the way it actually is run and i think justifies probably the most likely winner always going to be favored okay and now do what you always do for us and in your great it is give us maybe a long shot that we can toss in the exotics because that mean makes it a nice juicy price someone who may be finishes vast he's not gonna win but could finish our second or third or i will tell you that in my opinion if justified does not win a favorite the most likely winners eau de oro who will be aid or
and the one i needed definitely include in your exotic and a lot of times you see super factors which is the first four finishers at the raised a huge prices in the kentucky dirty because you get some wars that starts ninety twentieth lays way back when all the other forces are exhausted he comes running picks up third or fourth place that horse is my boy jack who is gonna be forty two one somethin like that and you'll be lay in way back in the fact but can't disarm oh and you'll typically make you don't make a nice nice big right if you want something else to bet on during the day and are you guys do right doing right now you're listeners sometimes due to cato casually of few races earlier actually for vibrated earlier the seventh race on saturdays or is called the churchill distaff turf mile levin on tv horse the nine eleven attractive export nine eleven eleven i don't like to nine is or same on leave dislike it sounds like a sailor on leave and the eleven horse is locked coronel which is setting french for colonel senora lineal
i'm leaving law coronel benign is on what you the eleven o clock coronel bennett outweighs the do best horses and race ah there's some other horses deeper gonna be betting on that they produce shouldn't eight and for a change will try it an exact yeah an end what about fraught you always give us some some cotton now get on friday yemeni nuggets for friday the oaks i think some people the cat horse fan probably doesn't realize it friday is just as much fun as saturday yeah i think the winner of the oaks is going to be a horse named midnight bissu she'll probably be the second wedding favors you come from behind makes this electrifying move from off the pace going to be a lot of speed in there to set it up for the paper that's bad post position post fourteen so that would be the horse for the kentucky oaks
we'll randy thank you is always reproof shared some varvara you you are one of our oldest recurring gets because not oldest and age but you were on my you you're like if we do not yet know you unlike the tenth episode and you still coming back so well i guess you don't hate us which has great yeah i i wear my contributor to serve proudly ok nicer site for not thanks for i was in my number you guys are the king of all media now lula take that guy i liked and you are or horse racing ellis yeah visual you're the grinning reclaiming the prince did gesture that you're just a report about the oji r m s exact the irony we'll talk you before the preakness i gotta think how much thanks randy moss was brought to you guys bye honey mill the people are using honey to save money while shopping online and why wouldn't they it's free it takes just two clicks to add your browser and save
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all right let's get some segments actually wheat we talked about it with rainy moss horse nay they would get me to bet on it and then we could have all the degenerate gamblers bet on that horse and then bet on the real good horses so i wrote down a few you and here we are at the this horse is fast easy system why you know you do that insistently do not fade actually thou prague in my head examined ah guaranteed winner lock of the century bitcoin to jen cash money sheesh would like a shitload of ease fastest horse ever mortgage your house on this horse i think that might be too many letters and then i just wrote down the basket i feeling ever like all you got a bit on the horse basque about put it ok good yeah what about do not but on the source yeah
though the bad how is currently working on that horror to do it you won't yeah you re i know very well yeah pussy on this horse yeah that also be yeah i mean there's this is actually something that is our business if we get some money and we could by horses just name is the ultimate ideas game right like we literally don't have to do shit but just come up with ideas we just need shitty what we just need to buy like a stable of donkey sir and just name homeless panem tat name name o a bunch of names that all degenerates will benefit and then take the rest of the field and another one write it down hank we write that down for me i bet on the sort of his kid it's kinda here you you fucking pussy you bet on euro you'll have the balls to bear so god i'd buy from all my money on that first we about also you we have this is
or kurt warner so jason witten has been named is he gonna do is he color and was firmer if they dont know what they're doing because they're saying that he is going to be in the booth which could be made i mean he might be there like passing out bengals but they're saying he's gonna be in the booth so it's going be him someone else someone else also jason when big time hair plug oh yes he's here it looks great he looks like a lego had yet no it's great this new the new hair plugs only as a geared you're not gonna be able to sit there and tell me that jason when didn't go into this off season knowing he was gonna be on tv next year yes that is an issue that is not a football move like right brighter locker wait until after he was no well out actually know does we're here blog so israel yeah he's just stopped using steroids yet he just got out was a bridge too far rights oh a curt warner said he said this on tuesday i remember that
is growing up believing the best person for the job not race not gender not age not pedigree led to gaining position trying to figure out if it ever truly applied thinking i was just a naive kid but if so how do we get so backwards so tuesday and and on thursday it was announced our side those wednesday and then on thursday it was announced that he did not get the job and jason witten did any tweeted those who actually thought i was complaining in referencing not getting money i football color job in my recent tweet about best person for the job you must not know the person tweeting it my tweet had absolutely nothing to do with personal situation but trends i see in society today total coincidence we think the lady dot protested much ha i earlier appears here's my promise her warner like i like her one hour
were the best called reiser watch play you have a point you ve done tv extensively you ve been good at tv your point that you should probably get it over jason witten because jason when is never spoken into a microphone except for those stupid like hat adds that's a good point just on it too so it did not back away from it also the fact that he he brought like race where we were there things a race age all that something does not realise a curt warner and jason winner pretty much the same person just about like fifteen years apart war i think what he was doing was he has given us a little is little red herring there because i actually treat him and i was like ha like that just a coincidence and he replied to me not really because i was told over a week ago but hey whatever it was more based off of something i saw regarding black rubies and white wider she was being drafted in first round among a couple of their stores
ok come leather story so a couple according to other yap random stories i would like her to come on the pakistan discuss ring it on the pod yet because i like hurt a lot and i actually think he should have gotten the job if if careworn or actually believe that you got your job based on ability maybe he but explain how you lie manic start over when whose rookie because he was too yeah he was pictorial trash big doubts cover manning thing be trashes rookie we have a peterkin didn't need to trash so peter king are free the guest on this programme we give me a hard time but he's off love it's from love he left his job at sports illustrated after thirty one years and i thought we would as a speck the big move i mean he's been us people of football fans lives for thirty one years his monday morning com is what inspired me to do my monday morning yes so he's i say he's like a quarter my floor
seventy five percent minor dad would you twenty three in me that i'm twenty five per cent peterkin peter king is my it peterkin is like your internet dad's like friend that from colleges comes around every now and then like here take this i'll gash white antonio it'll get like when my dad when on across country trip with his buddies when he had the mid life crisis yeah then peter king was like the neighbour that came over and made sure of still do my home area make sure league yet through through the ball in the backyard make sure that you knew how to actually throw baseball yet but actually he's joining mike florio isn't embassy also all my internet dad's twice sixteen to internet dad's in the same house i saw no shame no shame in no shape no color they can use whatever bath and they want and peter trust me he's gonna wanna give pieterzen bathroom oh yeah oh put knows firstly how the career i was havin fun with the rotten looms tweet because it really is remarkable to look back at you
history and i love that he hasn't deleted it i'd kill themselves off if i get a host of hours this our waiter flies grant we had a fine that waiter and get him on the ship i think the most under any farther tweet was any put a vile dateline milwaukee wisconsin yes dyslexia no set the scene real nice i blocked but before it arose we have not to brag what we called it won't what happened i'm so we went on kentucky sports radio last summer which we're gonna do again this year i argued era match our good friend match and he's been on the show we covered for him when he was out of town and we stood the potter little but we put coach callin the hot seat and then we said you know the new trend is blue when bourbon it's actually been raided as being better than kentucky bourbon and its it just disappear product and people can talk here too dumb to realise disturbed about run a little bit got people upset and then the wall street journal put on article today saying no
bourbon is taking over and more specifically brooklyn bourbon and they get this of the interview the distiller at the brooklyn bridge henry are distillery and he said the difference in their bourbon is all about the terroir so a french term for preferred but wine making really they re just a guess where i can resolve french distillery ways yes oh what else can can new york be better at than the rest the community of barbed we already know barbecue grits clarence you can get best grids in the world the in new york city chicken and waffles best chicken what best casinos he up but she's kurds yet possess best trash collection
actually collecting it put collecting it on the side of the sergeant the best wine in the world is the champagne made here here except japan the best sports too well known not the best part all hate david fiscal that's right checked out for data take me out for data that takes effort area that was a very use tweet it he's he's gonna get thirty once algal thirty two it's gonna be a little bit more successful i put my thirty wins based on the fact that at present this is going to have one and a half healthy legs yes if yes to you get yours we so when we go on kentucky sports radio this summer like you it's must listen now because we not only eat you kind of buried leader with the cow think as when we said cows in the hot seat like a day later it was rumoured that is going to the next and we said the bourbon thing announced proved to be true it is true like if you look at the ratings of bourbon manhattan brooklyn bourbon are better than anybody
thank you talk we just need saint john to win the inevitably tournament and then we basically have stolen and also have like the belmont in all the belmont become the biggest race in in the world knew your call newton brooklyn call is much better than any court found in kentucky everything forget it i'm sorry hey you still have rick patina what kind of he doesn't want i'm back i'd always i don't mean come like that yeah i didn't mean come back but where does pony like the universe idea i let's finish up with our good friend but uncle chaps who now has a new radio show an podcast you know him from z bt you know him from pod fathers you know him from blogs about diarrhea and different cords that he would like to fuck but they can also hear him on high haters react and fund as i go on great casey is awesome he's really start a wax me seem really dumb so don't you
she's really those jack sprats at twenty seven nice thing because she is the one that does the ad reads the ottawa disconnects kick my feet back and enjoy myself this niver yes i'm hanging yeah she's like i got there somewhere here ok works so speaking a reading rita some rose i do so if you have not roasted us you still can cause will do it again next time chapters here or maybe in a couple weeks leave a five star review the sooner it is a one star of you mean you don't do that we do not want to i can't believe you're tasso you're not gonna read that one but it's a five see only redefining ass yet that's me x and only you only five around once a porn popped up and around it and leave the five serve you will rearrest are i hereby worse its podcast that i've ever heard these
there are probably the most annoying uninformed bunch i've ever listen to the fellows on this podcast are horribly obnoxious they sound like a cross of mentally handicapped frat kid fair weather fan they spout wild claims pull from left field along with a glaring lack of about football this has got to be the worst group of pot castors in america please stop making new episodes you had me until the lack of football now yeah that hurt that wasn't funding that just me which one of us is the mentally handicapped frat boy in which one is that i think the mentally handicapped i think i'm out here whether fairy out our think you're the mentally handicapped shit but how is pretty fair weather fan fucking caps always the single currency and the ultra point does only he's gonna win evanna chaps you think you should eat blueprint hunt got even no matter what happens if you like you shit i don't know they always have you noticed fifty four chapters part set us i don't wanna disobey him do i get a prepared if i put brown heart proud
that's not gonna do this is actually the worst pockets of ever listen to my entire life i literally thought my ears were bleeding when the one started his mumbo jumbo by explaining women's reproductive has it assume straight mail it seems like they love to offend people don't get me started on their offensive appropriation of the canadian culture they assume all canadians are simpletons sit around and play monopoly with their cousins and jean jackets say sorry every time you go to pass i listen to one episode because a coworker recommended it and now i question the morality of the co worker this is not the world i expect it to be living in and twenty seventeen this is not my america not my president not my podcast get this african itunes though only people while this is not how it like this are the all right yeah if i had to leave zero five stars i would what's even worse is that you sing a popular song and jamaican culture other info
they don't even care about anyone but themselves making themselves last year and others expense if you're not gonna remove this park ass from itunes at that then i will move in charge so as a normal people aren't subjugated to the illiterate and archaic opinions dude on this so yoke mormons hashtag not please hash exits yearly offended hashtag burke ok that's so bert he has to disown name that's pretty strong bert i'm sorry that trending sounds like you're mormon we'll know the word was moron briac chaps is what it is more on what was it isn't mormon that's ok more midge aid limits the others were upon here hurtful i just what i want to kill him and that's a long thin terrain filigree i'm pretty well one point of clarification here i sound like use canadian because he was very hurt by our comedian stereotypes he missed one one workings
various types is thinking the rafters are actually can be good even though the softest team in the world and they get owned by leubronn every year on high haters tonight we have set a funeral further after so much nicer their extinct again yoga the bombings i'm also please because another sort of that canadians is that their polite in this person was not very but and here i am so many diseases or but i've changed my mind about canadians are i think they're all assholes yeah sure so at home in their guess go about your monopoly bunch of frat burrowed douche just a couple of old frat boys who complain about their lives and was there a stone college girl up and get yourself also how can this show be so wretched cleanly they talked about having a threesome with twins that for it when he said that a guy you have twenty not actually is are we don't know the answer to that we we were ass was it for a while and then we're just lost its way we lost her letter yeah i think if you everything's a prank when you say
pussy things doesn't count terry moscow which deal with the frat comets yeah i was in one fur three months i wasn't frat out right leg rugby which is totally listening sovereign ranking you sing songs and you have a budget do they hang out with eu mixtures with other sports teams worthies wholly different not afraid hank did even go to college and i was in fact them christian word for never zach one thousand three hundred and thirty eight four hundred and ninety four nine hundred and twenty nine says definitely going to stick with p hub much more diverse selection rest in paradise harambe yourself there's here you're still dunes in harare jokes rose wouldn't bring it back when can we two years its own as to your yes we lost our sweep frontiers serve that's that seven and guerrilla years than the girl we would be a sad one lessons five stars drunk and they ruined sopranos for me they alex stupid zero stars
that's action through the rwandan always hank hank left that guy's piss lenny clear look stupid there's the amount of people that reached out to me and said like falk began phd i'm done listening because of sopranos like i'll invest knives and i hope you know how that affected our downloads i just hoboes worth it i don't care did you get to the part were tony cannot offer watchings show pdf he is almost an anagram for grit fat when the statues red chicago enforce gum in iraq of love air brett michael's postal bonhomie to remove all nod from the female anatomy have there ratings and raving about the world sport cobbled together by nothing borderline about it a little fit in something resembling a third rate jim road is burning thirdly as general in light burning me out alive were that's ok five words are now that's what i aspire to be is like it's all like hyphenated together what we want for edith tough that was a jumbled one day came
let me offer failure as he knows that i would never do that's ugly but having read the bill for chuckled look at its weight on that report this sum is blocked man i wear my glass divide my simple contacts and i got a dinner was promo code godfathers not take take out take the eggs and jordan being a sports darpa they tend to talk a lot about random envelop irrelevant crap normally place them at two terms be to get past the crap to the sports content of actually care about that smart smart to listen to her on point and on the pulse of amerika sports always correct sports analysis two veteran millennials look to use their pockets platform to rid the world of illiteracy is a real involve calling as veteran millennials no we are not and has already been looking for a while yet for law are our whole life i've been fined the war on christmas true interact how this function by teaching their soft literally snowflake producer had arise
the occasion unfortunately typically lived his way through these opportunities unable to rise to the occasion and penetrate the moment use doored rise one too many times also this is one of those situations where like we can make fun of the fact that hank has worked out dysfunctional you can't don't collar baby ugly we can call it ugliest joke but you don't do right it's not funny win boy you say that hank can't get his penis hard right we're alone where let's talk about you how limp and flash in it and just like ineffective his dick and not you and how and seeing it as it had happened worries twenty four chassis they should posted depict approve the head oh yeah i think he almost half year after you really shown this might be my favorite one that i have read from you guys at times i like and goal the haunting openness i fired measure to cure the young boys bout of impotency and illiteracy that short in sweden where you want to watch the movie the alibi fairly well lee
somebody may make a movie poster for thou it's like overboard meets three men in a baby we still more movie content here yeah oh i last one very correct podcast mac dick s fat nephew teamed up with a high percentage of boring check to put funded their producers penis problems it's also a guy named bubba but what he does is very unclear while he gets hit by cars sounds really what he's really get a decent michael jordan again hit by korea thus there is pressure was that's it hake sorry about jokes but dick like limp soggy sad penis so i am sorry about the sorry sorry i don't think you have the right to a dick beg just do like where some nice plates rubber around for a little just let it broke out like a tat maybe do anthony keenest and put a sock on yeah already member silhouettes make it dick silhouette is it really showing your dick it's inside a condom
the perfect no no absolute like you is like the mosaic they put on people's faces and gang land yeah exactly it's like trying to eat a sandwich with the wrapper on india ignites take the robber as a kind of pack yunkers safe sex it's a continent pickings that's actually trojan at bobby s way of way of yet more logical revoke its alive you guys monday the gas blake griffin in studio might drop an early so make sure you subscribe uncle chaps thank you so money goes to the drop in early if you do like six hundred ninety retweeting yet will do that you not will do that will do that on sunday with blake griffin really fun interview we had a man today and i make sure you're ready for yugoslavia s let me guess backyard ah while ago
the last saw moving slowly learning say after me i mean it's pardon my two percent
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