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The Capitals have lost. The Washington Capitals have lost again. They have lost without reaching the third round. PFT recaps going to Game 7 and what it's like to be a Caps fan (2:11 - 12:54). NBA playoff talk (12:54 - 17:30). Guys on Chicks (17:30 - 22:33). Hank Azaria joins the show to talk about his new show Brockmire, working on the Simpsons, Mets dildo gate and a couple table readings from famous movies (22:33 - 48:27). Segments include spinzone for Josh Gordon, trouble in paradise Arod and Jeter, Embrace Debate, hurt or injured and Jimbos of the week.
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let's go let's not pardon my team set by a weapon for in my view it is friday may twelfth let's talk about the nba i'm really excited dive into these players have been paid lot of attention is the big story everyone's talk about hagen
we feel about yourselves excerpted get how great i'm excited in algeria and the capitals are dead oh it is exactly we said it was gonna go came back in the series they got your hopes up they can never be too penguins they can never get out of the second round tied going to the third at home the capitals continue they disappoint you you know oh that there never gonna do anything although vetch skin hey quick jump you shut up for a second i do a quick oh good business before your guy you know in a white russian as are the vatican the american cocktail white russian would know cup as you said about it that's a great new jobs that i just heard right now and i southerners gazeta because everyone saying in all the kids are usually thought say what you want about dan snyder they always compare like the dc teens because this is a loser town
i agree with that one hundred percent you can't really make an argument against that they always compare like the redskins are started the are words to the capitals and at this point it's like dance or at least hasn't been good enough to have a rival read that can always beat the shit out of me doesn't toy with your emotions yes that's actually something exactly which are much put it something which is great for dc sports fans for the for the capitals they do this every year we knew was gonna happen i gave my power my power rankings you thought i thought maybe a man whose our ear i ever saw
five ten minutes i gave my power rankings is the worst way to lose in i think number one was game seven and overtime i left one out though and that is just a slow bleed out overcoat slow deflation over the course of game seven where you're down by one goal and you thinkin hey maybe we can still come backing days continued to give me hope until the very very bitter end yeah and it was brutal it was bad and then i had to get on the bus at midnight with me i don't have your wherein the bus with midnight bus people they are they are a special breed men damn ah dog and of course about nate the the third period where they just gonna slowly gave up and that it's just i was i was enjoying it because it's like it was funny to me but then it flipped in my brain and i realize just how depressing it was especially like this as the events can turn over and then a hopi like mentally oh
you know that i have just like very earnest he literally ever been in the third round but here's the thing he was he was injured actually oh yes close entered that's when my favorite parts was the injury undisclosed is lower lot adi surges does not ballsy knows guts oh yeah is known got into lore intestine whereas whereas the sole soul in upper body or lower button yeah that's good quite know but whatever was the idea he he's hurt i think probably had something to do with the shot that he took against it believes when he came back like the next period
and finally after chugging a coke and using i find i read it to play a ready to lose in the second round here he's back two hundred percent it was the handshake line was beautiful got to see that up close and personal rooms all class i'm so those if there was one silver lining it was probably that you don't see then basketball should we are the fourth member part my take can jack who cuts up a bunch of our stuff after every show that we can treat out he made a little compilation do you want me to plant yeah sure ok we'll will play it and will just be able to talk over it here we go folks we don't even know it on this it could be anything could be born of big story line is is it the capture so that's gonna be up yonder time tom not gonna i am feeling very comfort you feel so confident that i'm actually i'm like worried that you're just putting on a front does our comfort you have been acting at at the beginning of the year i was a hundred percent putting on a front
now like the team is really the year and we recognise and he told me so very our prairie excited tell me we can we put him we always arthur candy ass colors are red is dominant its russian red don't put its larger why don't you just as they do in russian just that russia was back a couple weeks ago politics back in a big way this earlier but the calves one up one sergio want making threerd here's how businessmen camps intercept through new drew's report all the cat superbowl eventually yes when they get the next to provoke cams urine gaps are actually a crook about the cap's came about about i left my wallet their bonds left my while in the rice sector touchingly yes why i don't know i don't have that plans for people who don't resembles started listen gifts
the actual hank lost b of tease wallet at the oracle banal not the oracle q yet the queue whenever i was called to quicken won't leave him and then the cavaliers one so thought processes they have to ease wallet you know what i don't regret anything weekly we're not gonna start you must look luncheon is good it was good to feel confident about something and be i was allowed to five months with gay cosette rises it somewhere micro telling us where do i but it also touch the like it might be you might just stopped walcott those guys you expect right i mean the capitals
not destroying i pointed out some say here that i am deeply business when it was because we re emergence in it if you just say organs gets violence on the streets every game you're not my scares the cap's everybody knows it is the cap's was taught me every lounge why are you wearing putting that one of their number one seat overall that fail to meet expectations i can't even imagine what that's like for big that being said and i need you to tell me that the capture of just five years a little phrase by ok boys when the cap's but when in nature when caps melted language get fucked who right beside one's eyes out the caps are melting down you're just gonna send you better believe i had some sins ones on the adequacy of dive those of us
this is why we have this graph scratching at the bottom of the balances through unless but yeah this is we are just not going we voted against it i got out of war remark on the serbian until her little flipper historian and the giant squid you're gonna eat their launch at the bottom of the ocean so today we ve stab was saved
a lot of shit shots opera terms you guys can understand or more to timber with japanese dead world or to them but a bunch of balloons up a botched balloon bombs and the trucks set of across the ocean and like one lad it that's the cap's off i gotta admit around that they had germinated rooms and make its gonna winston was recorded hand yes he did it for the first five minutes and download the game and then once they didn't scorn was first ten minutes i knew the game was over her many blown up litanies little memory lead we need the japanese boon often again where we just where we saw unimaginative just get down dump it in to the corner than cycle it out and then take a forty foot shall i did see us that it was like something like there's torrent there's twenty one periods in overtime in this seven game series and the capitals out shot the pain when's likes seventeen of them seventeen out of twenty two so well here's to the zone is the caps
of a really young cords ruby guys with cap friendly contrary area so i think we ve got ass a leader we ve got a lot to build on here of the next few years i must go through this out there why why are there so many languages being spoken on the capitals can't we just get they all be russian i feel like i would do wonders for communication railroad all cheryl my cigarette again like a subscription to rosetta zone good news is here's israel's pinzon for you it's about time like otto averse nash nashville in the stately compile so we can just pretended ever existed so that's good that's good sins on quick quick question for you you went to game seven did you you seek i did you sick ok well see geek can hook up all of those pittsburgh penguins fans that are still marching on you know you still want to go to games unlike pfc can't go to them anymore but you can listening to talk me
the penguins bad you can also go to m l b games mba games and it's not just sports they have concerts they have comedy they have theatre tickets all at seek it is super easy to use download to seek up everywhere a repurchase is fully guaranteed so you can shop for tickets on seek with confidence it doesn't end with sport seek has all those other things i was talking about so here's what we got the deal download seek out an edge a promo code take tee o k e download it right now and a promo code take and that promo code will give you ten dollars off your seeking purchase no check not no payment after its straight up ten dollars off your purchase as you make it did you i took its further the eastern commerce boss ok now i wouldn't let you see geeky are you what are you sick maybe next year you can then the second round twenty a team perhaps you so so let's let's put up a book and on the on the caps
governor yu next year that's very very competent suggests good what yeah i am also save erika we'll play that next year rate around this time lapse i'm gonna get you i'm gonna get the tattoo i'm gonna be the first guy you always did you know you're about people go out on a limb and getting buffalo bills young two thousand fourteen world series champs tat superbowl champs attitude it might just go tonight and get a wash in capitals twenty eighteen stanley cup that's why you're here for a second i was you save me might just want to go with one during capitals two thousand eighteen made it passed the second round let's go baby steps not go all the way to stanley cup spends on for me as a moving this week and so i have i have no cable which means i don't have to missus caps go in and the hair is a good point you weren't a funk all day and you decided corn rose with each other the funk
dig a job i think it's a socks because you'd be old really finish that outfit virgin goes fuck you jinx causes whether roof i think was a day was the pants for or your presence or this being the washing capitals combination let's move on mba the hake hank celtics are on the rank of going to the easter conference finals with a day are on the brink of getting swept by the cavaliers that's gonna be very sorry for it and now i have what i mean that if they win therein the abbot the weather this has got yes with raising that i'm a series of all time basically the home team winds by thirty and that's it like where i guess but he's got a game seven and the cells one by thirty right i'm not really going to act like em super coffin about putting the cavs yeah well leubronn
i think the bronze feeling a little confident because he had has a new shoe lines your dark thirty twenty three his shoe line talking about how he's not going on social media is selling those on its agreement twitter on his own real yea zero dark thirty twenty three issues cheese go abroad has been doing this thing where he is going on social media but he's just having everyone around him take videos of him like dancing and stuff and then they put it on social media also i've i've knows that the bronze do let a trash talking on the sidelines like divan yet these fans are fathers father lands are rather possibly more than one or two kids right you don't talk to a dad like that no matter how bad issues right we also have choose your own adventure for game six of the rocket spurs game because we are have to go and do some stuff tonight so let's do it i i'm say the rockets wow james harden forty points
in facing elimination houston stand up that's great alarm dispersed actually they grind it out to win old wily as ever gregg pavlovitch out coach the other team greg is he's really excited be taken unawares and they're probably gonna lose for gamester oh and also the spurs and that's an error the spurs one because quite his ankle was completely healthy because it turns out that juice their drinking that they won't talk about is h h mixed with plutonium and den tony grew mustache spontaneously during the course the second wow that's crazy little italian mike forget about it we talk a lot about the little things in the nba the piss off about blurs retard his beard is getting shiner i just want you guys to take note of that it's gotten ruth afghan gloucester and i selling a low pint coroner you might foreign substance if you could
there's like crows nesting in his beard at this point in its ridiculous baby oil that he uses his is the baby oil to glide often opponents shoulders and make doesn't want you quit fucking tape i hate that tape of regional off ever really bothers me i know it's stupid if you want let's get in on the action what can you do if you want to get any action you should use bet ds eye to lay some coin down i made a really good bet when i was done dc i took the older washington sports parlay that usually works i well for everybody so my actually went over three on it and then i tacked on the your words superbowl so that that one is still pending i might not have missed that one will see but if you can about use bet ds i've got over twenty years and business and we ve got the nba in an age of play offs and major baseball although at the same time it's a great oh product it's easy to use from anywhere their top raided on most ports book review sites
customer service available twenty four seven three sixty five they ve built the reputation on payment of winnings and they're gonna give you free twenty five bucks to try just for this ring and a to her percent bonus under first deposit that's insane deal use betty s i use promo code take two hundred that's betty s i use promo code take two hundred miles just be careful favorites home home favorite scheme seven's should be careful ok i'll just be careful uno actually the ducks doctors blow it they didn't not even the ducks blue let's do some guy subjects before we get to hank hankers areas interview which was a greater view talking about everything sports simpsons everything you can imagine this do some guys unchecked what has gone on checks guys on checks is when we have the award winning listeners text us they can excess now using the instagram so if you go on our instagram apart my take you can text us and they take
thus asking us questions chicks ask a question about checks are female award winning list yes they like to know more about the female body and offers like us from the respect we will actually teach you guys a lot about your bodies that you might not know how so my friend is pregnant too to go she thought her water broke and she was gone into labor it was a false alarm did she pitcher pants yet definitely or justify what for i think that you water continue utter halfway break is one of those like you can only be pregnant or not pregnant you can't we have the present do women queen when their pregnant had i think to keep more when the baby burps that's locally that that is what we have is the up ok do guys really enjoy cuddling i can't when have a boner yeah i dont know touching is very tough also like the recent c of the shower situation that plays into here's the thing here's the problem
as ever my sweet little spoon rang area let's get cuddled but the the problem is in the patriarchal whose society we live in evidence backs the man to be the big spoon i'm sick of it i'm sick of the work in box then if gas dealing here with them with the spooning such every ship there is true equality i would have a woman draped on my back here at least twelve hours i too have just a female backpack it be great so a you know what women women listeners start being the big spoon a little bay maybe we will i cuddling once you start pulling your own weight yet exactly what's that as combo started a bar baseball's my go to but i'm open to suggestions ways this is from check has a greater would be from one of our one molesters be like a keep call up the czechs and asking about baseball get hears it here's the danger that you fall into if you if you'd start a conversation with a guy about baseball the first
and he's gonna have for you is why do you like sports that's what guys do yeah like what your angle here yeah exact are you trying to get a ring from saint louis cardinals on may seventeenth yes so guys are guys are dumb that way we can doesn't get through our heads me like wildest this girl lugs ports looked me we both boldly go to game rather like in any oil is this chick dude in unlike sports are like is this a sting let's take up we're trying to get my opera i've seen enough episodes cops to know how this large i'll doves put it this way in don't approach guys at a bar if their if they're like my age because for me i've condition myself to think that if a woman approaches me she definitely no matter what she talks about she has an angle yeah i like i have something on my face does not computer me that a girl wants to talk to me because she's interest in having a conversation i will just go up took i'd say some controversy there is not only ass yeah yeah yeah hey you looking good night
bravo now here's what you tom to smile more yes yes gazprom anyway where something where something shows little more skin yet to say that toga hey what it wants a hike up that those short little more in reality for this woman because we we should do monastery the right way you can just go to guy but i am a woman and i'm talking to you as it probably would not rocket scientist the last one ip empty exclamation point oh what's up i've guy friendly says he can't remember the last time mean jerked off is no girlfriend and no girl is hooked up with is lying or is he a sociopath or does he have cd yeah huskiness elephant city you guys can jerk off no they can't remember subject off i think he's
probably lying probably lying because he probably thinks that he probably jerks off so much that he's very nervous about a he's jerking off like eight times it hey that's that's eggs he might actually be telling the truth he might jerk off all the time and you can't remember if it was a way to jerk off a tough teen are dead jerk off at twelve thirty he can't remember these coming or going literate yes yes so he's just wondering lightweight yeah i don't know the last summit jerked my jerking off right now have been one of eight times it was actually two seconds ago when i was in your bathroom so yeah this guy's definitely a serial master reader and not a sociopath because we're sex positive here want a shame anyway he just wants to learn more about his own body is exploring himself he doesn't have a show that he can call into and ask female hosts of to teach them about his own body like you do woman whose listening yes so just let let him let him rome let him find his own
actual being and just looked like guys be guys also we all agree that this chick is jerking off alot herself yes like this was her asking the question what can i taught togo how much i'm jerked his deep inside her brain right now she doesn't have a friend that's a guy that does she i did the question how it's a girl who jerks off so much that she's i see your face right now you're like we his masturbate nokia we see up using the words jerk off a woman july ok she's masturbating she's she's she's clicking the mouse she's clicking the mouse so much that she is now asking a question to this podcast if she can bring it up to her friends because she's flicking that being she stroman that guitar nonstop roquat sit on speaker and that was howard stern we now welcome
hey guys area he is you probably all from the putty also has a new hit show on i have see called brok buyer it is got two episodes left and also there run a marathon you just pholus it or even the run a marathon it take out all the beliefs which favoured swear word match the f word of goers you say it i can also don't be it don't don't don't be a pussy its fandango go that right minds fuck it and the owner like you know it's a good one to calm people a douche dick i do have dick every go so that is hake azeri right there and i attach it like us it knows that that was the tyrant of your role outskirts i was actually restart the interview saying i've seen you interviewed basically everywhere are missing where are you sick of it yeah i'm not besides
i will begin answer honestly i'm i'm not because i love this shows so much and i'm so happy to finally have a show that actually works of baseball so much and all those cross promotional sports or can be happier doing up but i realize last sunday or whatever was a week ago i fell asleep twice for an hour which you only it's like that's like that's weird like old age nam yannick ma am really time having realised how exhausted have gone from new mothers cause i'm mama adrenal eyes than happy about it but his tiring when you make me feel really old because i actually do that that's like my weekend right now you not quite eyes year while more than like a series of one hour and applauded apps was bathroom breaks and between is count what i'm workin worth so you you probably enjoy in late night slow right oh yeah yeah i dont occasion firstly by magna once every two weeks i'll stay a past midnight but yeah you ve been doing
are these interviews are there any questions that you just wanna go had an answer before we we ask him sure the gym brac my character was created and when i listen to the did what i call the generic baseball announcer highways of the nineteen seventys in particular who sounded like this it's why i'm talkin like those legume right man i got kind of obsessed with it wise this the voice it's also the voice that sells you it's as batteries not include glued operators are standing by around the other proposal promotional considerations brought you by guy from like jeopardy a signal which all that's yes it was this voice and sort of the hack issue also sports announcer voice o cowboy and i m always thought it would be a good idea to have this due to these guys always talk like this when their wasted when they're having when there i can set when they're fucking nigger and say fuck someone when they frighten people they dirty talk like that
and see sounds weird gun out of our eyes right right oh man oh man i ever fuck the hell out of this personally alan johnston's wings and mrs braggin by alone to go you don't hear that elaborate so other be funny if you did and it was in this we have a serious so how would the characters voice be different if he was say football announcer oh there's absolutely no difference same in fact this is the voice that you still here it they mostly on and see a basketball your average leg not meaningless but used you're there not meaningless guy were
began to general gambling i'll kill every game i mean he's all you yes your average you know too clock in the afternoon cerebral vast and only have a very often this game again some action today they drop out of school they went to broadcasting school they ve been told like that the damn rather don't have an accent kind a whole thing that they do i know what you're saying you all sleep to it it's very comforting and very generic brain aids vanilla and you accept pretty much any in the same way that british people can say pretty much whatever they like in that accent these gascon cannot get away with the two as long as was delivered in israel and in those wars with account right it what's interested because baseball am baseball's the one sport that i think you can still lesson on the radio and really enjoy it a total it's the sport
that lends itself the boss radio but it's so funny it's less all slow that there's so much that the announcer has to talk about it it's not the baseball game during every telecast as jim brackman puts it when ninety percent eu support is watching grown men stand around it helps to have it described by charismatic men with divorces and doesn't hurt to have a buzz on either definitely does it so it so would you actually drink appear before you film since absolutely not so you're not a real method actor now trying to now joe box italy's everywhere to loosen up here he drink beer because it would remind them that at the end of the day he's just announcing a spore right why take itself to seriously so when i can look at boston who as liquid courage as well as they say everything that's done well has a little bit of a fuck it in it i didn't used to i've couple times i've done that before scenes and one time it was great another time attica
billy poorly misjudged the intake what about when you're taping do you so the whole set up i always wondered for an announcer like the but face set up that they probably have did you have one of those onset you mean food why effort or there's nothing about the food is always crap surface so called crap service area industry and you know it very we were pretty bare bones operation so you talk in amman ends and whereas a film none of it in atlanta oh oh yeah interesting not peanut butter eminent hundreds of radio idaho peterborough madame's away beyond our budget to playing gotta basilica innocent so he had hard candy that's about it there was candy and they'd be like you know odd main aisy whatever
diet of kings that's isles great i remember watching brok meyer when it was on funnier die right it was sure it was a short that you guys it was a process like those the proof of concept obviously for put did the people i come knocking down your door when when they saw that are did you have to go out and shuttle what's a guy not down folks forcing hailing this i mean who got popular that video but first you tried to make it a movie and we did scares me i went all howard stern erika you wanna get on the serbian now i mean if you have one member libya we ve got done mc nabbs illegally buzzes lips together we derive erin lies a tale i was using her van not too long ago we bought a conversion van edmund backseat and just making the girls just nobody there not everywhere real not really yeah actually
he's got a network for the area arabic now goes around that thing like the bomb and doktor strangelove children going i'll never be able to get an image we're trying to give you a different answers not like all the other ones when other weird ex quarterbacks checks facts you go i like portals was ass well he's really talk about sex life that much i know he was he was interested in like under age girls in orange county oh yeah that was weird that is why you and enjoying ngos are just like the girls in orange county it's hard to tell their age so he wasn't science is actively keeping himself being interest that you want to get a job cheetah hannah had we had the cannon mike pence related but here yes dear happening you know like all everybody mother ever ever oh yeah i can't be around my wife's not present pretty much can be around any human rights can be trusted
a female adult child anybody i wrote on this question is this price on that you ve never been asked a mob i'll let you know actually know it's something you ve been asked boil the simpsons at what point we're like this is fucking sweden while they were it's been around so long there were many phases of o multiple this is fucking well just getting hired at all at first at age twenty three yeah there's james elles brook i mean that was really sweet the up and you did you did what like one voice before that was a hollywood dog a very good way you guys checked up on your set in nice guys reminded me that the godfather where's alonso says to tom hagen my compliments the urgency we are we actually haven't we can pay the club you join its with play portals he started wikipedia club we're not put guys will read books i suggest that we read the to wikipedia pages a month which on a pace or laugh no they don't open knowledge both of you want in you can get in at that
the easiest assure man ok i think i think i do more wikipedia right at anyway i it's ten thousand dollars to get in so i see check you ve checked cheque book are you i'm gonna get back eminent talk my people about it definitely get back yard so so it's getting home is that we then there was sitting in it at the allay film festival early on they showed a bunch of shorts and people seem to freak out over its that was the next early phase of this sweet people like this then right away it was a huge hit second level sweet then it never ended third level of sweet he's been after about a decade they started paying us a stupid amount of money that's right and most important level yes and then it continues to never end i didn't epics become a cultural icon and right you know and you know every few years as a new generation of college kids it seem to rediscover it and how many hours a month would you say you work on the substance i would say
the about six to eight that's all that's like the bosnian muslims we though that's another that yeah yeah does become and when i first started wasn't a huge commitment but we when you're finding the show right to put the time redoing like table regions up more frequently at the beginning as opposed to now there would occasionally be a second table rick is the rewrite with significant of the owner again but even then know you'd it's always been an hour tend to elect thursday mornings as a table red then another hour to a week i'll record that's what it is now it used to be much more than that is awesome at what point did you realize her voice guy during not i mean i did i was it not not growing up well the kitten school everyone's like out there goes hank he's always do and voices tubes
that was very criminal law guy voice guideline mimic professional that came later but no oh as long as i can remember i would imitate mimic knife was shocked at my own ability like other actually really sounds like that and which would provide myself in my friends hours of entertainment and then nab was until later that i realize you could combine that with acting training in and have a career we use big prank olga goya's were some of their voices you don't print calls them there was less amount voices they brought my voice was used in early prank call i went back to my neighborhood in parcels queens the other day we were looking for this fund with it doesn't exist anymore is phone booth done is any more in philly they do yeah we're just unfairly there's phone books a lot of them you more than they would not settle some yet another we just happened upon several of them just here
we will have a cell phone zoo slot putsch excel yeah you can still money out of him i saw a few people do nan thought off is the place the time forgot my wife is from philly answer that's where i got her out of their battles that's one accident that we ve we ve tried to master work is vital we were well i led him away and what a maryland europa was innocent you swore themselves i bring a statue my wife's family or major philly people and fans and my father in law still to this day his his loving sign off on the phone to me he talks like this is kind of a high boys is ok i love you met suck smith says that's really its way through the years you ve been doing the simpsons is there any different did you anything different whither voice you take care of it like when kobe got to the end of his career right he was
finally i mean the jim i can't go out party all the time again chug sprite or did though steroids germany yeldo that those two concerns germany sure that's gonna standard young boys got you out there you gotta do steroids in germany but you are going to do so used juice icons dusseldorf being no oh i'm a very aware like for example deaf man you ve really would tough man you know deaf man he has to be recorded at the end because if i do deaf man first i will blow it blows my voice so you become aware of things like that i have at my voice insured really did that i don't i don't know the number personal but i will actually ices where are your porn star getting his word i would tell you the stupid number i'm sure it's ridiculous don't ask me why but i wish to make yet how much to work like red eyes taxes
we would you paint i'll have to go without having to go trump on the tax thing which are not born which have no more i was happily while you how many women working out a second matter why how many women have you have this august fear this now brought my ranch these gonna have you see there's a new funnier die brought my video or he's interviewing tony hail check it out he asked questions just like the tonia gets very upset about it you're taking a lot better well like an answer anyways eight of any those questions that i have had my voice insured from shore a large amount of money i blew my voice outlay ten years ago and got or more fifteen and got frightened realise how man if i'd if i lose my voice i've even realise how worth the cause whoever thought the simpsons would continue fifteen more year right but you know so ya see idea like a t regimen or something like that i don't know i don't do anything like you smoke
i quit smoking as thirty so you were smoking while you're on the substance for the first first seven years is there any difference in the voice when you were smoking as opposed to now now if anything i was younger than to my voice was higher so motorbike handy used to sam i guess i didn't purposely drop it to him but i think over the years my voice deepened so that that's love tipped all the kids out but the youngsters smoke and then quit when you get older and nobody will be an idea we fine again outright wonderful it by yeah that's right yes this shows so good for the king of it we are very good were idols too many i wish my year old son were here to hear all this is it a lot do you ever get mad at the term care character because all sure every attribute character after well good question i guess but no i did badge outs badge of honor for me a point of pride than a mechanic dragged her aunt and also lends itself to a lengthy your career
sure you can sort of them which i appreciate more as i get older it's more of a marathon than a sprint in but there's the ass movie stars i think sometimes that meant incantation of well you're not a movie star led actor your character actor but i'm also fine with that at this point what do i care who's your favorite met of all time i ll answer is jim brag man jim brag mass rape is bartoloni cologne who because you have to love any professional athlete that is very nearly disability check fat and help very flexible though i hear while he's quite the specimen of yeah that he's like his regiment is amazing he's only does us full split it assume a rustling behalf kigali philip the net but spirit where's the three to arranges loss rice reality throughout our guide really good topical stuff for when this errs on friday
i am sure you can as do that syria rangers either wraps both got their heart broken this week's you pretty sure that the cap step of you know deftly feel like inevitable yes now i'm as lifelong caps worry i can agree with you it's i'm watching my death come at me and it's gonna talk they ve got about what is with certain teams that's an interesting sports topic right like the bang goals and that just can't the sitting does is there's a stick the rafters or i we are actually talking about that on yesterday's show though raptors have that like bad stink that they just can't like they're they're joke until they want a title yeah and they never will be any bangles or the bank i know the best team in a league each like minds the bs pain mammon called sword i held out for a while many other forbid up he absolutely that allows it comes down to two things it's either a curse or the players the franchise doesn't have the clutch gene
i'm not sure those are the timid and talk about but both those things or non real no no but i actually do think there's somebody said for a franchise just having that stink where you're like no matter what anymore how good we are probably loose but hans had that the mets have it out early king that gets in their heads i think there's a small automatically be crazy people we actually had i need silver on the show who is about sabre much safer magician sabre magician sabre magician and he was the date they put that into you know why they factor it any factor and a lot more than people realise in these things these little things you know whether it's either clubhouse and how people get along things like that those matter and i think that it would you think that would change as personnel changes sometimes it just as if code something if you step foot into cleveland you're not gonna win anything that
how it's gonna be yeah i you know why except for the election of the brain are we have two ass things for you the first is because you are so great impressions we want you to we're gonna give you like a couple sentences then you tell us what that guy would some yet think of it like a like europe police sketch artists and were given you description of vocal io schedule exact and i give this a try ok first one college football coach down south used to coach defensive line maybe you're born in like louisiana larolles louisiana there i'm not so sure i'm busy was sutler star was certain just basically here alleys anna a little more on that kind of visa counter lange give a low wage air thought says are more like a man
you stay now boy google boy boy you gonna orphans alarm alive now you may go but handed eu citizen is just they go tiger single time so tigers only of college football gamala unless you gave me i was co chairs you'll just have cultural we voted for you and yet you hit the labour impression to do it you don't belong global the look you re all that different la bore go go go go go on us more friendly he actually got you can't understand anything else next hard now you nail the add on for one i wonder what ok next one you're a seventeen year old lawyer from boston massachusetts your son doesn't call you enough and you get mad at grocery store lines so boston me i went to college in boston myself so seventy year olds gonna get us gilolo age something up here
man i you know i do i'm sorry if i sound edgy but i don't hear from you at all like i could die before i welcome you plus i'm online pop frickin fifteen hours at the but i of the white hand the other day i just want god damn turkey role anyway sorry if i'm on edge but god dammit call me every once in a while now say say the word the the car service everyone has on their tat service the the app than ever know by now that over a few but that's our lawyer actual mrs ayala lawyer as to how this report i would support nineties cranky breaking i last one member of the nineteen eighty six world series mats sometimes drunk drunk all the time may be done some jail time that
he doesn't narrowed down that well i absolutely went well i think i know we're gonna fraud react we could we prank call him late at night deirdre and tell him to sucker decks dicers lilies i am sorry it's gotta be praiseworthy recent financial advice about have you ever if you're lying days i am i know it is very important that refugees a dismal and in the eyes of the outbreak
of course we can examine how many tragic play me at all any eiger priority we pray com all its ideal really good natured about now really stuck up five fine you find out he also you suck my dick division what we did is a bit after the whole like trump locker room talk in everyone's legal you it's just lock them talk so we started this whole thing where we do locker of talk and it simply just us calmly dyke termed a sucker decks create some i'm i'm i heard the shop and i'm gonna listen to a more accurate cycle play when this is very key bit i we have one last they were do some table reading with you today mary
how much we have to pay for this a lot roof so i would like you to be a poor if you could and this is the famous seen from scarface where tony montana walks out you're gonna be my wife and i ll be tony cosette silly i'm gonna why do i have to be your life what gun but what does this ok i'm your wife right you don't you don't even know how to be a husband but did you ever stay home without having six we all thugs hanging around all of all of the time i have their the nick the biggest there as a friend what kind of a life is this you can't you see what would become you told me you were losers we're not not winner sir go home you're stoned not don't you just stoned get out of here no not not going to go
home with you i'm not going to go with anybody got because i'm leaving you i don't i don't give a shit anymore don't let her go local another quite logical let me again what you look at it you all a bunch of fuckin asshole you know why you have the guts to be what you wanna be this is quite a monologue you need people like me you need people so you can put your finger sake does the bad guy so what what make you could not could you just know hot height how to lie why am i still here even me i'll have the problem i always tell the truth even when i lie so say goodbye to the bad guy gore last time you got your bag i like this again let me tell you go make way for the bad guy that was famous scarface scene there's got to pick out your great idea you very ok hand day you give yourself i thank you
sadly model and i take notice reviewing the script that he handed the heck its line and i ugly dialogue solid paragraph b i you know i had to let myself leave yourself wins spread your wings lopez okay so i still say that are better than all the time i've got another one this is the scene for why do more work on this and i dont work disheartened from the noise the amount of work that you do in a week is seen from concussion i don't have you seen it with we have not seen so this is that today what i don't know you to be but maroon dude ass doktor nick riviere yeah cambodia ok i'll be doctor hey are you ready if you want to follow up the now
should not football league i want to solve the problem who are you what what what are you asking yadda pathologist i dont know why that is but you perform autopsies which i also don't know why that is just i'm a mere pathologist that's it that's all i am why how do you have any idea the impact of what you're doing yes i do you understand the impact of what your doing if just per cent of the mothers in amerika decide that football is too dangerous for their sons to play that this aid at this the end of what ballgame gates colleges and eventually is just a matter of time joe what you ve got me off to grow professional guy came joe he does autopsies he's not in the outcome business he has not base do you know what history does to people
the positions we ignore sites where i am not burn history laughs we continue to deny my work the world deny my work but men european continue today their families left in ruins teddy truth tell the truth your share are you sure you're land that is i would ask you the same course doktor maroon that was at that time pants awkward whose peg azeri thank you so much appreciate it ever watched show everybody wants to shore up common for line you yeah i once knew some segments first up we have our old friend josh gordon who has not been reinstated by the un
well they denied his reinstatement smoke too much we'd smoke too much we the end up just out of the nfl good thing that they keep giving everyone all those pain pills in every like that theres de vries addictive grows in the ground right karadzic adele can't can't control anybody can grow we u can only by pain pillar from large pharmaceutical companies who usually have the consumer's best interests must so josh gordon not in the end a fell roger growl keeping the we have in the end a felt little spins own form or he could go back to sell selling cars member that view is probably pretty good car salesman i think that telling a player that your punishment is that you don't have to play for the cap brown is probably a little bit misguided so like a good for josh what's he doesn't have to be brown with the bad news is what he saw a josh sedan i've got some bad news for you you're not gonna be catching passes from thirty kessler exam ouch rough he should also why is irina league still thing sir
why why why doesn't genuine zone just goin one if they just team up in it really that's i dont believe found its non stop they should actually make a new arena league that's just a club it's just a club and there isn't drink anymore china also that will tomtom do you guess he a picture on the beach now a gallop oh papa would lapel ouch will push out like it will super yeah the conduct a policy that roger de has put in is is pretty crazy i was looking up trash gourd has been suspended for more seasons than the browns have winds in the last two years that's good that's a pretty that as all sabre metrics warrior we have now so we have a trouble in paradise a rod and cheater the old couple so they did an interview that went semi viral a few days ago and ever
one thought it was super awkward turns out we have the reason why it was kind of awkward dim levitt said that derek cheater it was past that he just how to do the interview with iran to begin with we want nothing to do with iran so low problem paradise retroactive too like the late aughts yankees do think that do think it a rod is bad for the players tribune brand i do maybe able here's what i would do if our aid iran i would buy auto play ads on the players tribune just for a ride corp yes and just have around twenty four seven three sixty sighing behind his desk and replied cleaning as inbox tat actually i think that's the bottom of it is that dirt cheater is jealous of all of the business success a ride corpus has if they ve signed nonstop baseball's they sold like fifty gulf shirts he had lunch with his little girls the other day meanwhile while cheater can't buy the marlon
dirtier classic blogger you i stand his mom these were broadly taken part shots at real businessmen geyser autistic in the neck on along like a rod decide i've i wrote i remembered i loved about iran is used to sleep over dirty ears house when the rangers she would come to town did they really overseer yeah then i'm looking for attention i just want to be like the dirt cheater give him like a gift basket of balls at costly for saying ah it looked more like a lovers quarrel then you think else if you saw how these two were acting with each other interesting where's might piazza its growth no mice i say i don't recall a ride ever having a press conference to announce that he was straight my fiancee however confirmed its legs jim macklewain having their press conferences fuck that shit that's great that's like the old was an l b j r there is always some old politician that said i want to get a rumour goin that my opponent fucked a pig not
god because it's true budget so that he has to say i do not think a pig right is a great strategy it is agreed to fuck hank what we say it act i did not fuck pick out look rag why would i would say the large bring that up that's gonna beneath you'd even address at things such as he can edit all this extra fuck dammit let's do a embrace debate we have to the first javert le bron is it course debate of all time no i must say yes i'm so fucking sick of it i don't wanna talk about anymore i'm gonna go is i ain't verse hans as worse debate all about ike hotdog is a sandwich that's pretty badly or is the dress blue it's right away though this is politely basically people have figured out that if they just go online or go on a show and they say m j versatile bron that will fill an entire show so would you rather fight one
leubronn sized m j r a thousand m j says the brons were get what what would happen if leubronn had to play his entire career the beach ball and m j to play with a gulf my favorite one actually was what if michael vick were white that was an act article on you must be in a few years ago see i doubt that was really good order as much as is it over again the debate as i obviously able knows where i stand m j graceful time but i think to avoid this debate the stuff of this pod gas is just gonna be coolby we're just copy so be it copies the gray small time just so we never have to debate this again ok so toby toby we are kobe podcast rhombus will start a little group go i can be the green mama ethical nickname i just made up for myself i'm that agreement my wife says you're the green mama
greedy actually say that we need a he's calling himself the green mamma we ought in the last three years you forget that you have to explain that you guys don't you just don't actually listened to the show you do for rita i do it yeah listen tyrannically etc the right totally ironically greed my but we have hurt orange on off the other embrace debate that's right yahkuk gathers does a brewery up in massachusetts that put is joe flack o elite on the bottoms enters their act i think together in a spirit of castle drink those i but it's like have you ever drink mickey's or or any other speakers that have the puzzles underneath yes yes this is like the ultimate puzzle yeah i don't even know whether it's it's such an unanswerable question that people are just going to crack open a beer and just stare at the bottom of it for a while should i try you want me to try her well he won a superbowl that's our goes that's that's how the conversation always ends up there is is job luckily
thank god we did that one so talk talking about old insufferable debates that nobody cares if we have a herd or injure this one goes to taste and bury what is this tournament hockey assuming the worlds
grape real quick hockey like just gimme the any chow i dont need these tournaments where there are in the corner the other day that's when you know it's a stupid tournament when they have the car they just sitting in the corner that they're trying to sell i'll need that oh i'm not paying such this tournament and then you ve got like the u twenty two team that's the worst would like soccer does this they do your fans that taking professional age athletes but like segregating them by age and in a massive tournament been like oh this is our this is spain's national you twenty six team do you actually know what i'm saying allow do you think that they made all these tournaments so maybe alexander of asking could some time could win one maybe one just one no i think they merely if we make as many if we make infinity hockey tournaments the odds are a veteran will at some point when something in his entire life no i think that they made so many so that they continue so that it can give him more opportunities to lose us everybody enjoys watch and loose somewhat nano
of tat takes a very he got injured wrestling one of his teammates in a hotel room which first all fighting over the kids you call it is a little wrestling grassland what way was wrestling with what they wrote interesting either way this is a baseball injury so this is actually cease and desist because this is definitely something that happens in spring training yes i have always said that if you get injured in a manner outside of the support that you play you should be forced to continue playing the sport until you develop a sports related injury who in i'm santa like this he got her wrestling up that doesn't stop you play hockey is unhappy injury rights or keep skein out there until into legged devolves into a massive hockey injury got it out until a lower body injurious o little green member rule change for you if you get injured if you're in asking you get injured playing a different sport you should have to play that sport until
get injured again then go back to your original sport i like that lot so if you're the if you like aspect in the texas rangers farm system and you get injured doing like locker room talk here then you just gotta you gotta become imports from yeah yeah you become a cam girl so you know those guys got injured jerking each other off sorry until you get injured again or like bass and bob garner der pike writer now he knows a dirt by greater until he gets a concussion then go back to baseball he's gonna be in the ex games yes i like yeah i like that so let's say oh don't have learnt madison bomb gunnar wouldn't come home with like six ex games gold medals or like a guy like john sports who famously burn himself ironing his own sure rose wearing it he has to be a dry cleaner that's great point you know o b a real easy way to not burners
of while your ironing shirt while you're wearing it all what's that is if you weren t shirts all the time and more specifically pardon my take tee shirts go to the bar stool sports that come slash p m t store and you can get child orchards hang it sorry shorting at flak o elite shirts uv it open you can get larry shirts you can get larry everything that we talk about show wrinkle show your wrinkle free if you do as long as unlike crumpled up here is that while you're wearing it raise wrinkle free get that at the bar still sport store also download the bars through sports app makes you do that all videos coming up on great week you're gonna have to have that if you want to get him first and said we have a ton of march we have it on march just everything anything you want eighty you dream of salaries for the boys you dream that i will be a dirty season both bar stool sport store check it out and you proud burn yourself earning words i dont think i told you hank very would head up in the air right now he could be told
so i parted illegally it was either a baby i think vanni ironically is in a walking right now we re always see i don't know i did the quick math those like pocketed a lot for like seven hundred dollars for ten days or just hope that you get a ticket and nothing else we'll see or we can here's what we cannot accept just park it in the bad part of town leave the keys get stolen the with the amount work that we put in advance true that some insurance all your answer player in there there was a man i left my diamonds in man our goldfish was in their use worth a lot are goldfish and like all the gold jewelry that we just left in their here i had some really expensive truffles to also a little quick update on very what had i was i was taken him from south auto shop shot out cells for hook us up go check him out local
that sounds like a headache utica yoda go salaries for non food i knew i was driving it back and i had to pass so there's there's a piss bottle somewhere any right now i can't they kept it did you stop driving wait you power while you drove out here in the world go into snapple bottle there's an old spinner so it's like that and i'm anyways i mean on where that so let's just hope that this doesn't get on no no no we're gonna backup for second because i don't know how how do you p into snapple bottle while driving i don't you hold you do you do one hand on the wheel and then you do like you got it you gotta inserted but slowly and then can hold their eat listen i'll be honest with you guys could run the trust tree yes i pistol my pants were that happens when you do it because when you when you finish there's some answer
where a person your penis well to get technical scientific on you guys also yet if peace is a p is stored in the balls as my own right and so is allowed in their sometimes you like actually press on the boy ryan needs squaring limit extra out so i guess i myself a little but that's ok i gotta had got that probably ups resale valued rested exactly so duchess although very would update for everyone i let's finish off the weak with some jumbos ivan mode three of my friends once and each as a joke turns out i have three cents in my view more account and i got charge ninety dollars for three return charge holy fuck that's like a if you ve ever signed up for a less reputable betting service they always do like the two cent deposits to check your back forgotten you could probably just tell them that it was like a bulgarian hacker i used to do that back in the day you have to send money orders to like the bahamas and that was always there was that hey not to get not to get all
yeah yeah man yonah cloud but you kids you got venom when everything now you can send prank sense i used to go go into western union and send that cash strapped you haven't lived in unless you ve sent like sixty dollars to bet on an interval sunday here like onto a gas station young and direct and is in it too like the cayman islands gash in there in the people behind it are like beach behind like a seven inch bulletproof class feels good got cocky works and some of my boss is worrying and started check out the days smoke shows on my cinema display monitor turns the president was working at the office for that his later on in the morning he came round the corners me deepen a teenage scan now each time he sees me we have a small locker room chat judging
people in the hall elevator and normally that he likes what he sees just now nine around jive green and now you ve got blackmail on because star recording it yeah sounds like you sexually harassing you yes he's a wall sexually rising alot of people he just commenting on everyone's looks nothing worse than a guy she does pretty much nothing worse than someone you dont know very well being like hey wishes start pointing out people in saying how much want to fuck you're gettin horny with strangers is a weird yard thing so i'm just jerk off yes put a couple many reaches peanut butter cups in my short pocket last night with the intention of even before bed forgone fell asleep when i this morning my short and bedsheets recovered and melt the chocolate peanut butter fact i move this is not the first time at the out you know why i repeat offenders i could think of a lot worse things for you bet the smell like than melted peanut butter in chocolate yeah true i mean i listen this
like if you're a little overweight you're just a sloppy guy probably bump into things every now and then you know you stub your toe people look at you like that guy's not very agile and at the end of the day you fall asleep with chuck peanut butter in your bed and you end up with it all over your sheets that's just our life that's not a bad visually there like you say girl comes over and you ve got just a shit load of melted chocolate smeared all over your bedsheet and your pillow your wall that's a good one it's also a good conversations with our joint because when you think something is shit you go to smell expecting the smell shit and electronic let that sets found money briggs deprives sound money taking out the girl for the first time i leaned in and complemented her brown eyes her response were my eyes are green circular blunt and all that's what you got that you should have said yeah exactly sounds like she was is being very insensitive to disability also its green cause i have green eyes but it's actually hazel sums
little bit more on the name and then hazel is like brown and green at the same time he also made meteorologists maybe she doesn't know the rightful maybe she's look at a pan tell you know it yeah that's that's the thing by checks it on other bodies as well as we do so use gestured have mansplain to her well actually yeah hammer i haven't had us up first for our next guys on chicks segment and maybe we'll tell her why she has periods i was playing vast born the park with a couple of burrows in a bunch of dude who weren't are bros we obviously i get it i got is getting complicated there's arose and used is but produce its aren't not or not all brows all browser dude not all deeds are brokered ok we obviously dominated them and after the game things got a bit heated to one do told us to suck his dick who responded with oh you listen a part of my take he got really pissed now for some reason and through a punch is obviously nihilism while yeah well he's a beast
do not abroad where were but we're all schools we the blowpipe get rhodesia so he is too much of a doo doo debts and produce that's all that's your problem of china to end my c4 along we can win my brother we make it all the whipped manhattan when i realized i left my suitcase at home had to wear the same pause four days straight with no toothbrush i mean you're in your new york city or new york city their clothes stores also it's actually nice for getting your clothes cuz you get to rock out with whatever you got everyone's like outta that i have sex ass night cause he's wearing same clothes robert lays neuro did you really stink well yeah go hunting day i went out with a bad breath and the deodorant or with the lack of deodorant stinking armpit he's probably fuckin his brains up exactly so are we gonna do not agree with this yes we are really week we did that last year for grit week we called it goodwill hunting where every morning we would go out to a different thrift store and buy clothes for that day and the very firstly that we did it they had the shirt
i was currently wearing foresee us in goodwill whoops so what i did over the bridge over the course of the past year big cat being around him i e more you tend to have more snacks for dirty wait so the new short that i bought was a large the old one that i had was a medium through the meat therefore the sanctuary go by the way grit weak we're gonna announced the schedule some time next week it starting in a week so weak from sunday we're just finalizing who we got but but i know we're probably gonna be in cleveland and tried in any five hundred so get excited will be announcing all that was virginia west virginia isn't it i told him sent him more jim let's get better jimbo cisco also for my hand up i don't really i don't i don't take the time to regions that certain doesn't quicksand that's ok that's all right i will see you on monday and we have memphis grizzlies my calmly so there should be a greater view and will see them
let me guess
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