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Harrison Smith, Kyle Rudolph, and Blair Walsh 10/03/16

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Week 4 NFL Recap and the Wikipedia Club takes down Books (2:53 - 13:29). College football recap and the Tiger Wood Memorial Who's Back of the week. Football Guy of the week in honor of Interim Coach O (13:29 - 22:33). Harrison Smith, Kyle Rudolph and Blair Walsh join the show to talk about playing for the Vikings, Charlie Weis, and post Teddy B life (26:09 - 53:11). Segments include PR 101 for Chuck Pagano, Humans vs the Sun Ryder Cup. New segments Worst Team In Football and Tell The Truth Mondays.
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blake bottles and the jaguars had a spot of tea at prince charles pagano suspense jaguars beat the coat thirty twenty seven rocket ship had no jj wattage put a will fuller take a fuel propelled them over the titans two thousand seven hundred and twenty josh gordon went to rehab in the skin said no no no washington winehouse pizza amy winehouse three thousand one hundred and twenty tick tick tick tick the jets imploded and pete carroll was left dusting for thermite just beat the seahawks two thousand seven hundred and seventeen can you hear me now can you hear me now can you hear me now i can hear you boom t mobile in his wireless plans stop the patriots sixteen nothing because no one circles the wagons like the buffalo bills julio jim jones
the panthers drinking the kool aid and the cult of cam goes peacefully into the night falcons win four thousand eight hundred and thirty three show me the so writers blue book value is rising in twenty sixteen they stopped the ravens two thousand eight hundred and twenty seven back back back back back back back back back tip tip tip the bears the part of the midwestern dentist and murdered cecil the lion's one thousand seven hundred and ten standing on a corner jameis winston arizona such a fine sight to see it's a rocky mountain lord in a flatbed ford bronco slowing down to take a look at main comma baby please the brain and i gotta know if super bowl champ will ever lose again broncos take it easy on the buccaneers twenty seven
bruce ariens nation fights a losing war on the western front as the rams norman defense makes the cardinals retreat into their bunker arizona quite the cyanide capsule one thousand seven hundred and thirteen nice right can you take me higher dac prescott stats put the 49ers in their own four thousand four hundred and seventeen the pacific drew breeze blows the scent of san diego trash as john the raccoon goon noses through the garbage and scores blue collar touchdowns for a hard hat trick as the saints go marching past the chargers three thousand five hundred and thirty four
here we are weak for i blacked out a little bit hey may i may i get us going ok it's late september and i really should be back at school i know i keep you amused but i feel like i'm being used oh maggie where else does he say oh maggie i wish there was something i could have said something like this yeah yeah hey guys it's october best month of the year sports year by at five four let me just jump in here and say that's a classic chicago guy moved all over us and no that's not the year tell me how it there's something better there's it's the only months where all four mortar major sports will be in action okay okay you got the mlb playoffs you have all of rivalry you know weekends coming up for nc double a football and nfl start really cook ok sports wise it's good yeah that's what i said and oh oh let me let me let me add one more thing for fat guys its personality season get that profit
all i like the puppy that you guys to death i like june a lot like course goes it's not that great but i like june not june guys are born in june so i too am a junior happy birthday relatable happy birthday thank you alright week four is over what a week it was both college and nfl cult college through saturday slated games was while it's been bring it friday kind of sucked i was really looking forward to the stanford washington game turns out not sanford wasn't yeah not to get a little head ourselves here but washington might be back washington well to be back like they were the last time washington was back was like thirty years ago
they like to say like yeah washington went to the rose bowl eighty five years heh heh washing eight instead of like football it's a better sport when washington's good when that when the sale gating gets going yes i would like i would yeah like no joke so getting sounds like a great time all right we had an unbelievable slate ons on saturday the tennessee georgia game tennessee is that team they are that team every year there's one of those teams iowa was last year they just always find a way to win and everyone's like i hate them there so overrated but then guess what that was a big time less miles win like in tennessee he has been the less miles team this year i was explaining that the other day it's like less was good for really long time or ip but then he would have like four or five game that he had no business winning that he would look into it and then you just we you know we've all been to vegas we once a man's black jack that we should have one your slots are slots free for me and then like you get off to a hot hot start and then you're
luck runs out and when it runs out it runs out hard yep real hard yeah but fortunately for lsu they've got somebody that would pick up the pieces ok yes we're going to get to that we got the football coach we got the football guy of the week and that's basically all coach coach oh at intermed talk before we do that also wanted to quickly shout out louisville the guy who didn't go out or sorry he went out of bounds instead of going for the first yep that louisville education papa john's shout out hey you never see hockey guy go out of bounds nope no they don't know what they mean about to bounce i would have stayed in bounds i want to i want to talk about for a touch i simply have too much pride i would have stuck it out and and at first i was sitting with chips on my stomach after watching twelve hours of football on my couch and i said to myself out loud i want to cut that back and score doing spin move it would hit that oh button real quick that's all i need so it's yeah it's a shame because i guess that
maybe seventy five to eighty percent of our listening audience would have picked up the first down probably truck sticking hope coolangatta touch this little game awareness yeah 'cause we've all been in that spot i hope that if you listening to me right now you're also tweeting at the guy that went out of bounds and just tell him killed yeah softly though yeah yeah there's like to hear that type of still eighteen year old kids love to hear that kill yourself did don't ever come back on campus yeah that kind of stuff created by better when you're not even a student in your tweeting that like you're like a forty year old man who didn't go to the school but you lived in that around that you used to live in frankfort ky yeah so kill yourself man should have spun back on that we also had big news the blake bortles wika pedia club is back very back so like it was the biggest indictment of books
ever well now since since since my camp some since a little guy with a mustache yeah since he wrote a book i've always distrusted books and now we're just going to back me up you had that you had the head to head match nobody can possibly say that wikipedia stupid and yep we compete is back in a big way eight stupid you know stupid and you know what i love about the money game is how the fans get dressed up every year they don't even know what's going on they don't do you see the guys that were wearing the jaguars met always they look like but i don't like those photoshops for i got our lags they hand out the flags and all the jaguars fans i'm using air quotes you can't see me right now all the jaguars fans were waving i was like that's only what we do in not well i guess the steelers do but it would they were like flags attached to a stick right i think the terrible towels it was they're just like oh yeah touchdown good good good good on you who's who who's who's about guy you're getting close to my territory there big cat i do all the australian like access last yeah
like how whenever they show the english games the fans they're just wearing jerseys of nfl team it doesn't matter if the team laying a show up in there like i'm going to actually forty nine it just went to the jersey shop i'm a 49ers fan because i don't know but i was playing i used to play madden and that was my team yeah so i'm an artist i feel like a lot of it is also like yeah might my irish cousin went to san francisco and he took a picture golden gate bridge psalm forty niners yep die hard cheese it try it once you try harder britain in general like you don't own this country anymore ok stop appropriating nfl culture we also i'm trying to think what other big news happen oh the cardinals stink both fulham base yeah the football cardinals bruce ariens carson palmer turns out carson palmer turned back into a pumpkin yeah well that was that was did you watch sports center is that where you got that from that yeah that was good yeah yeah struck midnight cars carson palmer cars
turn back into a glass slipper yeah stagecoach exits edge coach left yeah we nailed it the same brain let's care well thinking yeah carson palmer sucks now bruce ariens he for some reason has a real aversion to having a good backup ever yeah he just hates having good backups drew stanton that was almost predictable i actually didn't predict it correctly 'cause i said roussin threw an interception with that's left and they got the ball back and i was like well great we get to watch rusin throw another interception he actually threw two more interceptions one got called out of bounds but they were both interceptions in spirit so he did that at trick with two minutes left i think that bruce ariens le it's better having only one good quarterback 'cause he likes living on the edge right he's a gambler he just he likes having no insurance policy that's what gets in if your guy gets hurt your seasons over yeah he firmly believes that if you if you have a back up then you're preparing to fail
number one is i have a back up if you think if you don't think that you'll need one what what was a guy from my virginia tech they started last year so last year to logan thomas home my god yes any through that first pass that was a touchdown against denver and i was like oh maybe and they realize he was one of the worst quarterbacks ever put also did trevor simeon just get wally pipped oh i think he a nice i think you got what you got well i picked by packs and bill bill paxton lynch put a minute twister i'm all right let's get to our usual monday business first up we have our tiger woods who's back of the week tiger was actually kind of his back he was on tv not playing golf he won the ryder cup of yeah he he was on the team he got a ring yeah he gets a ring flattering for that i think so the they should all right so who hit me with your who's back okay and also you can throw in the not back if you'd like to as well i've got okay may
boobs are back think yeah so john's over you looking at it looking right at it for you and it's also for phil phil mickelson lefty and coach so just like be huge as we can for men but i wouldn't call him coach man moves at the he's the type of guy like i have met with the drink too much i p a's i don't work out whatever i have members coach has like the boobs that he's bench pressed every single day for like forty years in a row yeah i think he's still got some member okay like from boudin he's got booed at manned booths nice member okay foot and you have a not back no i don't i have not yet i'm choosing to stay positive this way alright hey we got tom brady liberty is back is bell is why was he suspended he was suspended for i
i didn't realize she was back no one's talked about that yeah he's back tomorrow so i was his first day back so why wasn't this news i don't know why hey answer me this hank how come bill belichick didn't have his guys ready to play today i mean there was such a genius they redeployed they just connect somberly i had that guy push that other guy it was a big oh yeah and did you notice how everybody had that guys back i think the team not the other guy well bowl team i think the team likes percent i think there's a schism the locker room i think that tommy terrific i have a hard time we get can we get jimmy grappa low sooner soon rather than later please bradys back so ok oh yeah i saw him he was throwing the high schoolers today on a field which is kind of creepy like there's some borderline per of stuff going on i don't know why the other high school by the way was it was walker all this is that sad if it is no it's a who is a high school who is the same size as well ok okay so kind of creepy
power cut his high school you gotta i for that kind of kind of stuff it was pretty obvious pretty obvious high school interesting not a parent around by the way didn't see parent on the field you out are you are you are near high schools okay i have my whose back the atlanta falcons falcons are bad ok so last week last week you had matt ryan back right yeah i well know two weeks three weeks ago i had dan am i hot seat then i had matt ryan back now i have the falcons back ok so i'll tell you who is not back j fisher because he is getting a little ahead of himself too far away from that five mark hollywood jeff is going to be reading the daily he's going to see his name and variety and he's like one three and one i know another team from golden state that was three in one not too long ago fisher golden state i don't i don't care who they're playing the next two weeks i think it's the bills and then it could be the browns i really don't care
fisher is losing his next two games now that the rams are in la is there a better clash of fanbases than the buffalo bills fans going traveling to la for this game there are going to be no fans that make that trip oh there absolutely will be fans no one circles the wagons like the buffalo bills slash is there slash uses half of their yearly salary on a trip week five match up and away so i don't think that there's an airport buffalo i think that any fans that are going from buffalo to la they're driving it's going to be a road trip yeah they're just really they're going to end up moving to utah so here's the thing they're not gonna make it all the way do you know what sucks for like the you know dozen buffalo on natives who moved out to la and like restarted their life and thought they got rid of all the fat people in their life and there's no a bat yeah and i know but now all their all their cousins and everyone's calling up like hey can i crash at your place they thought they had finally clean themselves from upstate new york or western new york sorry
and the jury's got a really nice flat out there he's got one right on the ocean what ocean is that oh no i don't know where this is in buffalo since we wake up we go we go take a dip and then we had to the colosseum let's go let's go to jerrys who's the bad guy i also just had a quick not back shut out notre dame defense way to fire your defensive coordinator that got fixed four hundred and eighty nine yards against syracuse thirty three points fifty one lots of times thirty seven rushes and zero turnovers they force but they want and are we going to do the worst team of the week yeah that's coming up with segment yeah that's a full set yeah ok yep alright we now have our football guide the week which it's coachella it's obviously coach oh i want to say that that hardball again put up a strong fight ok i've got a couple good harbaugh quotes for you ready yep this is
he said to wisconsin's head coach he was talked about life in general right first you play then you coach then you die that's horrible that's why it's intense right that's football guy ok another good football story here from harbaugh i don't i don't know who said it but he said my favorite jim harbaugh memory he fell asleep at his desk in oakland it one night nose hit the m key on the keyboard and he woke up and had forty thousand pages of ems first of all huge shock that jim harbaugh knows how to use a yeah i don't think he's was actually is definitely one of those types with two fingers yeah he strikes as a microfiche in film guy yeah he's not a big he's not a big guy your guide say he doesn't trust the compy doesn't trust the internet alright say jim harbaugh as he should know he should stay woke stay with the cloak jimmy are so coach wins it water perform
hence we predicted it coach is the greatest interim head coach of all time you can see it in the game his boys nothing really games for lsu except that they were just so bored his wild nothing chase them except they were just so excited to be playing for coach they were you know gang tackling they were running around like bandits it was awesome yeah so coach joe and he's i mean he's the best he is the best yes so the the thing with coach is he's basically cult leader right yeah he gets in and he gets these kids really really fired up because he's got a huge personality and he's great and they want to run through a brick wall for him but he's too dumb to be a good cult leader right so like the novelty of being in a cult and really enjoying your cult status like it's going to wear off pretty quickly right so they've got coach those good for another one the more he said he he said himself he said that this one was important because now everyone buys into what he's trying to do here which is just get people to play like smash mouth crazy football these kids about it yeah
he said also i love coach o saying he was going to spread the ball around throw it all over the yard and i think they had like six rushing touchdowns well that is i'm games that is like real football galley coachella spreading is spreading it around is handing the ball to defuse maybe running a stretch yeah that's what maybe maybe a fake suite right talks we're gonna need a minute workout physically bowlers i love that so for me if you were running a super running a toss that size but the ball home to more boneless yeah he said what if coach had the receivers coach for louisville this weekend there's no way that yeah it doesn't just explode his man and get ten more yards yep and then finally we have to obviously shut out nick saban 'cause he's always in the football guy the week he blasted blake i don't know if you saw this blake sims transferred he blasted
sims four obviously quitting on the team and talk about how with you know he had done this when he was a kid his father would have given him a beaten and and not let him come back in the house blah blah blah i think that that's right next even is correct in any on who quits on their team like say i don't know the miami dolphins or whatever that's just hypothetically speaking you know deserves to be shamed publicly absolutely you do not enter into a contract multi year deal yeah and then just turn your back when it's not your liking that right not what nick saban's all out that's not what he stands for man's got to have a code and if you don't if you're not going to live up to sixty beds code you can get the hell out so i'm i'm glad to see him go self selecting out good for saving dry i'm out and shout out massive shout out to danny canal getting on mike and mike on fry
and really telling it like it is in a lot of people don't like to hear but the root of this problem believe it or not is millennials cyber humans actually millennial cyber of humans who get recruited and then they think that they're good players and then when they're not going to get a start and chance to make it to the nfl they just turned and and walk away instead of giving getting a coveted degree from university of alabama yep absolutely and and saving taught us as he's taught us many times your word is your bond never go back on your word like if you said you know december twenty first two thousand sixteen i guess i have to say it i'm not going to be the alabama coach and then january first two thousand and seven year the alabama coach that's how you stay true to your word absolutely i'll be training would tell you the same thing yes like picks yes there for like that at bunker the had that press conference that we're gonna give this gaping at night all right let's go to our interviews before we do that we need to quit at
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truth of how i feel so shout out to central michigan coach john bonamego who would rat have cancer then lose a football game yet and i'm family feels the same way totally supporting the whole yeah we wish dad had cancer still yeah hey guys this was embarrassing to be in the crowd and watch my dad get beat like that yeah maybe sit the whole we down again and be like hey guys my cancers back just kidding we lost the western michigan it was way worse see if that prank will go well with your family john it's prank yeah it's a prank man school cancer yeah cancer is way worse it's way better than losing football all let's do our interviews we have three interviews for you we did kyle rudolph in harrison smith together and then we had a blair walsch interviewer with the vikings right before the season actually was right the day after teddy bridgewater tore his acl so to give you a little background of the mood that we had to lighten up we're kind of kind of save
biking season we did they had to sneak us through the hallways of vikings facility too because they were like these guys are very clearly not crying preston wearing all black yep and the official state of the vikings and there was morning yes like everybody was just not making eye contact people are pissed off all the players and one sock about anything and so they snuck is down basement shout out to the vikings for still going through with it and we talked to the players under the condition that we just kind of we let things cool down a little which will release the interview which she did and i just also note the interview the original audio got lost a corrupt file so we had to use the audio from the camera dot c might have turned up a little so but it also is
sounds good and here we go you guys have obviously played in the new digs house new locker room and is it better than the university of minnesota stuff you guys had you know actually the university of minnesota stuff is pretty incredible it's nice for us because there's not one hundred and twenty five lockers so like if you need to get from one side of the other it's built for a nfl roster another college roster with eighty five scholarship guisan walk on so much more intimate much better than metrodome we had like two shooters in the metronome and now we have like thirty so i mean you can imagine a whole team yeah exactly what was the protocol for that did like defense get to go first or offense or how does that work seniority obviously kickers they have to go like in the bush outside right rookies problems on the sidelines it just can't get
yeah harrison your white safety don't see that very often yeah i think there's like three or four of us out there so whenever we see it's actually kind of two of us on the stand out we can't call the more of a zippy caskey type guy or an eric weddle type guy who are you know i've been a fan of both of them yeah got to play a little college with with their so i like to think of myself as kind of blend
oh ok alright so speaking of college you guys both played at notre dame you harrison you recruited by charlie weis were you recruited by charles ok so we have a couple of questions about charlie weis we wanted to get to the bottom of his recruiting tactics what he's like in the living room so to speak first question did he ask to use the bathroom in your house he didn't come to my house nobody came in my house i met him at school and then i went up there oh no it's good he he used his supervisor who the first thing i was gonna say is soo boring word is tactic just like like this blinded by the play wait so he no one came to your house and you still shunned the university of tennessee i mean wednesday sean and i just i just went
and people people in knoxville they talked and like you know yeah yeah it doesn't matter where you from in my opinion you gotta find the right school for you so ok i didn't get like kind of sucked into that alright hold down key things you got that it would have worked out better if you're going to test it because the defense would have been on the field more often michael moore film out there if you know we weren't as good another name as i hoped it would be either and i wasn't very good my first couple years so luckily turn around wait so did you did you guys play 4c or just get recruited by him we both played ok so did he ever fall asleep during meetings i'm not going to put my money on the ok did what about the parents you ever meet the parrot he's got a parent i don't know it's like yeah like died bombs in people right it's basically a security system in this house
get attacked by biological word now breaking news for you guys i've been to his house and the question house ok this might be a new edition yeah this might be florida charlie he goes down there is house in south bend you will be attacked by two of the biggest dog you've ever so what was charlie like in the living room it was good actually funny story about that like i think my mom appreciated charlie coming to cincinnati 'cause she like redid our entire house like the whole first floor like was redone could charlie was coming to town so why didn't the door frames and stuff like that yeah just basic stuff make sure the couch is comfortable no charlie harry same way like he's our guy you know he he recruited us he took care of both of us here we still go to his charity event or do you mean take care of you know what i mean ok alright not sure i wish you well with with the beat yeah all right okay so i'll be
actually a couple weeks ago teddy bridgewater got got hurt not to bring up bad news but there was a report that some of the players threw up at the injury is that true or false it's funny that that was brought up in your outstanding pr guy said it was all over it that no one threw up in practice and i'm going actually have to straighten the story out ok tj clemmings did throw up but it was an individual oh so maybe he's like maybe he's like a dog like barking before an earthquake no he's just a big guy in a hot day and then he threw
beginning of individual also there was someone i threw up on the field got it but it had nothing to do with god why didn't you go through we had we not that upset i do not look you know that kind of stuff you know we wanted to this is very how much i didn't throw my house not i didn't see those of covering you're doing a job yeah i was so chaotic obviously disappointed by cash or yeah yeah but are you know now you guys have sam bradford on the team you probably going to great so be too that's right so if you guys have any nicknames that you like to be called like every every good player needs a nickname to really like brand themselves ever thought about big country big country man from the city of cincinnati yes it just becomes let's go for it i'm not going back to your country too we get up to the customers on the yeah on average
medium country alright let's talk about the cincinnati thing because we have issues you love skyline chili like actually love it to get one back okay so what do you think about my theory that the city of cincinnati basically was like we're going to pull a prank on the rest of the world and tell them that when they come here they got i tried the diary chili i mean it's a good theory but i'm gonna have to go against it alright so what do you order and how often you either way every single time we just needed for lunch sometimes dinner insane and like and then you'll just go outside after that walk around but you gotta realize like i'm born and raised on it so like my stomach has that line right
i can see why you guys were a little hesitant you know you haven't been broken into but who that's never women in chocolate that's never really like a good thing for your cities like most famous food oh you just need your going to get stronger to enjoy it you don't need it for seventeen years you know you really love you guys have greater after you have the skyline shows what's that the ice cream wheels closed when we tried to go yeah that's your problem ok now we did do the other followed the skyline ok they're lining ok we did the little crackers with the hot sauce on it is that designed to like numb your tongue so you don't actually taste the chili afterwards you know i don't know what that design is or where it came from but i feel like you eat like six bowls or crackers before your food yeah that's ok alright we agree in that crackers were great crackers boyster was your guys orders that we did everything we did like the freeway we did the dog we did everything we tried it all before and fire like the beans and onions gets heavier going to recommend ok maybe that's my
you guys went wrong it could have been called in a straight three way guy and then the cheese coneys ok that's a little too much the spaghetti the cinnamon the chocolate and the chili is ok and yeah onions in it that's where it goes off of it yeah yeah and beans and then you're really often beats yeah harrison so when you guys went and played since i kyle took him to school and you try i'm not not this time i've had it traveling through ok natty thoughts here from kentucky you're basically from cincinnati tennessee tennessee from kentucky it's i feel like you're just saying that to be a good team i mean it's not my favorite but it's it's good to i'm a big fast food yeah so like pretty much and tell us what what your fate if you do that is like kind of a coach is you want to your coach to like a little more because i know there is a big fast we've got
disney like a big sandwiches red convenience like how many pallets of redmond's number keep in his office the good question how many does he keep his power okay it's very fast i honestly i mean i love a lot of it out really hard he's probably grown up by you know the mainstays mcdonald's burger king and you still you didn't talk about this even though you're on it's not like my diet okay three square today if that's actually a seeker from when these yeah so that's your secret jews and then when you know when i'm feeling it how how old was the game against the seahawks last year cola cola
was it where were you guys like funk this ship it millions of dollars i don't care i'm out i think the best way to describe the cold like you can say like it was cold and guys fingers were numb but like your breath froze to the inside i mean you can you on now yeah you're ready right the basically feel right now period wall player when you were playing when you're playing that game bud grant came out for wearing just the golf shirt right how much of a football guys bud power statement the most football guy i think yeah i just ate i believe no sleeves off you guys never got his yard sale nobody heard of it yeah i've heard of it still pick up some crazy sometimes that's awesome that's great so during that game you guys had
they were the hot coils underneath the turf right did you ever just like find where the hot coil wasn't just kind of lay down their pretend to be heard for awhile just warm up a little bit he was i think it was enough to keep the field not froze the video yeah not for you but it wasn't warm asylum is warm they have yeah yeah this is you get on the field it was like everything when did you guys ever like consider cutting the power to the seahawks bands like the heaters over there just like a little little monkey does so well check move russian yeah i mean i am down to sabotage your phone so yeah like i'm not above it all right will wrap up with their final three questions first one do you guys washer apples i haven't even apple i of my own a long time what other people's apple okay yeah so you see what i can assure you want if i was at home but is that because
we assume it's already been washed no i've never thought about it all you better start at home i'm assuming they've already been washed what about your job and so like you're being watched a little interesting on the can but i i usually pull appear out of like a cooler so it's got water on it and water is a disinfectant but interesting i never thought about that well i don't wash my apples so you actually bring my mind right now not have yeah i'm not either this is all the hands on the cooler i'm sure that the water is nice and clean remember asking this question again maybe this is why i'm so like dozens of beers drink everyday i don't watch the tops off right second last question who is the most famous person in your guys cell phones good question i don't currently have my cell phone on me to go through but
oh yeah you do come on pull it out free at my firm all other whether you just don't forget so we'll have that i can you know it's really an accident and i give you the impression yeah we're charlie for we got one call i don't think it's right on these planes are in florida so it would appear on the line and it often yeah all right find out what's wrong i got i got a question for years and i'm gonna ask you don't have to answer but i'm asking where's you know me tackles you had your junior year at notre dame june i get confused on my years those are five junior is that what we're seeing here yeah i don't like to see did you graduate i hope so okay
child and so you forget that breeze day not college grads i don't know is it not a lot sixty nine actually missed like this last five tackle yeah yeah nice i like that little inside joke for listeners out there not a lot of people pick up on that one do you guys think that notre dame should have gone to filter i'm glad they did really two i thought you don't because the notre dame they did that thing where you let the grass grow a little bit longer when they had to play fast team do you know what goes to two white guys yeah it sure makes us even yeah with ryan sam's yeah secured the duck dynasty guys walking through right yeah but you can these are gritty and tough and got a lot of heart and try hard you try hard yeah yeah ok so here's a question really good question between the two of you there can only be one guy that's first in last out which one is it you know
we actually come in together but do you really oh is that like a thing like you know maybe actually actually live in his basement yeah we were roommates oh really yeah so wait do you still live like right next to each other downtown so you don't carpool together or you know so so i just got to the bottom of your heart okay we always we partner support center today not to brag to you so you you guys so you saw the camo on the trailer so all the red man is awesome he tried to get him to get the red house guests so we wait until we're leaving to go to break into the coaches car yeah right right right well this was awesome thank you both and best of luck for the rest of the season great job put your two and i'll start and keep it up thanks thanks all right we now well
on blair walsh kicker for the minnesota vikings blair i want to start with a question that always i've always thought when i see you on camera your hair is too good for a kicker thought i work hard at it so it should be that way do you think that's the life you should kickers or supposed to be that weaves that you know no man no all we do is like you know do bicep curls and make sure hairs right yeah that's right yeah you got a lot of extra time with your kicker we do have a lot of extra time so you actually when we were waiting to do this interview someone said oh yeah blares just finishing up lifting weights you lift every day yeah i mean from the waist up yeah pretty much left you know it's the south beach workout is what i call it i've been calling it since college you can't lift weights everyday is a kicker so we kind of curls for the girls exactly how much you bench bench bench bench max windows phone app is college
i think like little over three hundred take as many cards were kind of stereo cd it'll be three hundred for kicker will cut that part we got so we play a game on the show because we have this theory that being a kicker just existing as a kicker is remarkably similar to having a concussion so we play a game called kicker or concussion and run through a few symptoms you tell us which one it is first one you're not allowed to talk to people kicker yeah ok ok can't handle the bright lights can collection yeah right that is yeah yeah you avoid physical contact at all costs kicker yeah for huh have to sit by yourself i take care
work is when you're concussed have a lot of people want to sit by and make sure you're alright oh actually that one is both yeah yeah actually they're all both yeah they're all both so that's that's kind of the big so blair you went to georgia we started with like the meanest questions where you went to georgia at what point this season do you think they're going to have that classic georgia las that's devastating what is it like after eight hundred and seven and oh what do you think we have not been getting to seven and oh recently but i don't know man south carolina for some reason they're always in the team that just kind of nails us yeah but must champ he's not going to be anybody you know is it when we pull the black jerseys out if we pull a black jerseys out it's a guaranteed l so that's an interesting ok yeah at what point in your career georgia did mark richt lose control the program
i love margaret you're talking to the wrong guy that's why i will stand up from our trip forever did you play with you play with stafford i did my freshman year yeah ok was that like he's cool he's one of the nicest guys you know you will see the guys that you played with in the pros and you know some of them talk to some of acknowledge that you're actually here and he's actually really cool he always talks to me and pretty friendly which i'll go with you i know it sounds messed up but we went through a couple hours so i never really got to know i like russ he was the guy with the brown spots then they had come in and serve for like a year he wasn't moving fast i think russ still alive actually okay i have a theory about the others one and i'll get dies the next game always been on georgia do you think like is there any chatter block room like a good died this week uh no we do all take our picture with them or for refreshments and also that is a tradition so i don't know about that
i don't know what that what that might have been something that might be a conversation kickers weren't allowed to be a part yeah we are split from the do do thing where you take your picture as a freshman then you take a picture again we all got as a senior so you can see like how much how ugly are he's done no i was actually ugly one when i was a freshman they shave my head and that was not a good look you know somebody who loves her hair yeah now you look for maine how much of an impact is that guy that sits in the end zone that says where the dogs and paints his body have oh my gosh the white base coat the white base code and then the guys talk about spurs visor yeah we got rid of it i've seen that guy couple times walking around campus and he was a celebrity while i was there so what's the heart
sec stadium to playing lsu even though we actually hung fifty two on them and we played there and we want so humble brag but they were saying there chancer in unison which is really really weird the entire stadium does the go tigers and it's just it's creepy do you have a nickname that you like now i mean using just kicker or what about what about big country i'm trying to make the country catch on well i'm actually not counting up the x so it's kind of yeah i was like that's kind of what it is i running yeah it's i've been like the last person called early regular wash project i know some people says wait wait blair walsh project too 'cause there's a sequel coming out yeah like reinventing yourself more horrible filming and maybe maybe maybe get a little advertising dollars maybe what your beak with that yeah just thanks for the heads up thinking out loud what
quit being a heat that i heard heat fan since two thousand and nine knew this was coming i actually have like for for ever i like we are way out there so it is likely along the morning and i did run a cycle okay all right so i you are going to be a gym is and ronnie said he never committed a phallic i was a he yeah so were you out with here obviously doing with laughs are you guys are rebuilding around some white side that's really gonna work also we have we have a we actually have a segment on the show called is pat riley going to die soon how do you yeah it's kind of a bat right like what everybody wants to be when they're in their sixties yes but but this whole free agency this last year like you lost the bronze and then he cost dwyane wade and if he wrote that really long email text that was very weird
dad i'm sad like lattes so i thought maybe he's on his way out to you no i mean every time i look at pat riley like i said i just that's what i want to be when i'm sixty i'm going to turn off this when it comes to miami heat i think that dwyane wade was our best player of all time obviously not having to pay him for those two years well we're not going to win a championship it's probably not the end of the world so much as it's tough to see him go so i'm an optimist about those who think dwayne is a better player than lebron james i said our best player yeah okay so james is in the truth is that a true heat lebron james best for them yeah that's end of story and that's coming from them you know the team that he left a fan of the team they left i taking over steph curry's used it did you were you kind of broken hearted when lebron stabbed all the miami heat fans in the back and look at it that way they gave up he gave us to to ring
even though promised eight or seven but he gave us two rings and it was fun it was awesome i mean i really enjoyed watching him those who was it four five years for years and it was just it was sad to see him go with federer as a die hard fan that means you show up up at the start of the second quarter quarter start a second leave early for okay you got it late fourth early for my traffics awful your soccer fan who's your team everybody makes fun good man you come on tell me not actually fits with the heat thing i love wayne rooney so big leister city guy from way back i'm actually owner from like from like week twenty last year i'm actually a partial owner of swansea i'm serious yeah i like soccer fans get those no i invested money i invested money i part of the ownership group with landon donovan so selfish
i'm dead serious i'm dead serious who's your best player for something you know i haven't took taking a look at the roster yet as an owner at logo yeah with this one's cross he scores any crawls i don't know did the lion yeah celebration after school i don't know if he's still on our team you know i be on top of early in the season i'm just working my way into it i'm going to look at the roster at some point there solidly in the bottom half of the tea yeah but you know what as long as we don't get relegated wellington last four yeah and if they do pretty much yeah lose all your money right yeah yeah yeah is the pay off and you're gonna get from staying right i hope that doesn't happen to be a real shame sure we're taught
quick pat mcafee the other day he said that when he was in high school he kicked a seventy yard field goal how big of a bullshiter zi don't think that is that much of a bullshiter i think there's other guys in the league who can talk about how far then capable i don't know it's just one of those things it's like you know check out how big a fish i caught you know how many times you were going to tempt that i kicked a sixty or one time what's your longest i can see that in a game yeah that's the question you ask is fifty six about what you're probably going to attempt to gain the guys who talked about it they can make eighty are field goals that's just insane now do you when you guys are like in that five thousand six hundred and fifty seven range you kind of sidle up to simmering like head coach i got this i actually we played detroit a few years ago and i lobbied for the sixty eight yard game winner he let me try it which was pretty awesome
it was an awesome we didn't make it we were you i want to do yeah how close to the three rd would not no so you would think it's funnier if you say what it's funny when you set up all right we have three final questions we ask all of our guests the first one do you wash your apples yes i'm just going to guess what it means and say yes no just like it's where where do you want yeah yeah yes i know you know what i didn't do it one time and i got a call the next day so now scarred for life wow sounds like a yeah this is anecdotal that's actually okay
i actually think about it every time we have a long history of apple washing debate and that's the first person who's gotten sick how about washing how bad was it cold not terrible i would just shake it off who is the most famous person your cell phone besides adrian i think i met care top by three months ago on an airplane and he was actually really nice and his name is scott and he's from my hometown so it's kind of weird yeah he gave his number one at all i don't like all you know is fifty years old no it's not yeah he really yeah i just look at his small body jack on did you ask him like you know we should act no i did ask him how long he performing and when he told me like early 80s i was surprising for me he's been around awhile yeah he's real jacked pretty much
the five items of all time yeah it's it's probably like ours carl all right and so the last question we're i'm actually gonna do little audible here yeah we fashion ourselves sports psychiatrists so not to brag sorry for what's my what's my response to this site full it's never much all for the sake of them just for all season psychologist probably psychiatrist psychologist tomato tomado what are you going to do you can poke holes in our fake degrees all you want but yeah you should you should just will actually send you the clip and then actually will send it to everyone on the team is not your fault so in anything goes wrong inside that's actually i think better than like you know like do your job or next
and i'll just it's not your fault 'cause that way everyone can just be like hey guess what it's not my fault so hit the sign on your way out to this it just remember guys whatever you do out there it's not your fault it's a negative connotation but i'm hitting a sign that says it's not your fault just throw that out well man alright blair walsh thank you oh shoot people draft you in their fantasy league yes gosh please do annoying sorry let me get around great god first two weeks for everyone's fantasy league thanks for getting in the
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yeah that's what happens when you shoot yourself a lot you get a lot of germs going around so i'm not surprised that you're sick you know i saw it was actually take the subway not do we don't do a broken foot you don't have to lick the pull yeah okay that's an issue is that you make all right shot out to us yeah for both for probably being the two toughest podcast hosts in the world man i don't want i don't want any accolades i don't want anyone to hey are you saying oh hey did i give you my head cold did you had a little throat thing there you guys were yes kissing yeah yes kiss on the lips i'm good alright shout out to me empty and mean pft only hank you're fine healthy you're not like us even if we basically shooting beer in the infirmary ward hank even if you were sick you're twenty three years old so like being sick when you're twenty three that's my day today as a thirty one year old that's my week and that's how i wake up every morning i wake up hungover even though i haven't drank yeah ok alright let's do some segments pr one hundred and one chuck pagano yeah so
here it's like the kiss of death going overseas to to london and the coach that loses that game they tend to get fired shortly thereafter today it was the colts old pp is the master of pr one hundred and one and he just to lose this game on his birthday nice so you can't fire got his birthday i love it he probably did the old michael scott walked up to jim irsay was like hey boss you know happy birthday oh it's not my birthday oh i thought we shared the same birthday jim i think that chuck actually like he paid wimbley stadium to flash the scoreboard like happy birthday charlie chuck pagano with like a picture of him smiling with his kids next to him maybe maybe even through him like happy birthday chuck like eighteen months in remission yeah like a star reminder yeah the central michigan coach he would tell you might not be a bad idea but yeah so chuck is the master is not going to get fired at least this week and yeah so just want to say i watch that entire game i'm done making fun of andrew luck
that's the worst offensive line of ever seen he was running for his life the entire time so i think it gets a pass because of you know his football iq and his football body and all that stuff but this year for this year i'm i'm actually going to give him an active pass and let him know that it's okay you can fuck up because that offensive line is true might be time to pass play calling duties to somebody else yeah and and and map yeah maybe maybe fired yeah ryan grigson who has the we don't the best young quarterback to build a franchise around it has done nothing with it yeah another thing that i like about the grass in england is you can always play a good coach will always blame the grass so yep they grew the grass out of lewistown yep it's it's it's soccer pitch on a football field that's right i i love i love the fact that you can use that excuse like hey we got a really fast team come into let's grab the grass to slow no like it doesn't slow you down the same amount exactly yep but that that's how you get a good team to play at speed right we
of a humans versus the sun yes so talk a little golf could not help but notice that pretty much nobody on the european team wore a hat or visor and the entire us team who won their wearing hats in the us1 oh and it also it's also problem my favorite part about golf which is when they take their hats off and the stewart cink and you see the insane forehead ten that they have huh like it that is on presentable to go anywhere looking like that yeah you look like you're dying yeah when you have that but when you're on the golf course looks totally norm it's the only ice breaker too yes the old spring break spring break kabul you come back in your your beet red and you have like sixteen wristbands on from from senor frogs and it's like the middle of winter in wisconsin and everyone's like ok this doesn't make any sense this dude fox yeah this dude fox for sure in dust
yeah are wearing a hospital bracelet yeah that's a great conversation storage true so shut up to you by the way back boys time shadow clear stars golf in general is back i think i owe are you making a prediction even though the season is about to end yeah but it ended on a great note back to the next day i we're gonna tell you really that awesome okay yeah so i guess it's semi back all these and listen golf i like golf i just don't please shut down my throat don't tell me when i have to watch golf i'll watch golf when i want to take a nap on my couch would you like the fans being drunk and loud i do yeah that's actually a fun thing more golf tournament should have that it should just be united states versus other countries all the time by the way what a crock of shit that england's allowed to eat with europe even though they brexit it oh good give me break like you can't have it both ways man like if you don't want english if you don't want to be on the euros although
this guy's yeah those guys get off get off the team get off the team mate that's way way are all right we have a new segment for monday's worst team in football yes so i like this because everyone always talks about who's you know the best team who's gonna win the superbowl i was about the worst team okay i i have to say this is my worst team in football until they came back and beat the chargers the such a big cat recency bias move of course that's my dumb brain yeah coming listen they end up going up eight nate just like always but you know what recency bias i think is ok if you openly admit that you just have a really stupid brain like i do you know who has really bad recency bias is larry who can only remember three seconds he's doing pretty good
and you know three and also i think you may have converted me to be a recency bias advocate yeah who do you have for your worst team in football my worst team in football is the university of texas' field goal unit a ha ha okay yeah they got three extra points blocked so that's hard to do yeah i don't think you could do that if you tried also love the charlie strong got the dreaded confidence you know the the the front office and up front office the pete this is sickness given pretty much a front office yes it's not in the front office basically said we will not fire charlie strong this year that means he's basically got six days that means you will lose the red river should always get there's a helicopter on its way to houston right now this the worst thing to have your aid your athletic director say we will not fire in the ship and that's that's basically said you're gonna get fired in a week and i'm my worst team in football so i had the states egg on my face i'm going to go with the rice owls oh in five ok oh in five
very relateable one hundred and one points four two hundred and one points against a two to one i'm not a math guy my sabermetric liceu two to one yeah there first them so you think that the rice owls traditional football powerhouse are the worst team are you were sick correct got it hank are you got you got sent out this one cleveland browns well i disagree thank their scrappy i thought that what what's going on over there yes model play yes you autoplay you think the cleveland browns are scrappy ah there are so going into this year i'm a big guy who to get one year ahead on the like i think this team is going to make some noise so i called the browns this year i was like damn i think they could be a dark horse any team any here's the key to life anything sucks can be a dark horse if you just say it at the right time so i thought the browns are dark dark horse big time and they let me down yet again they're also own three against the spread they recover crappy there scrapping though
currently driven forty state close for game so there one in three against the spread they cover against the dolphins you know who also shout out to the worst team in football that is going to screw me forever the la rams watch that monday night game against the 49ers i declared them worst team in football an i've bet against them every single week and i've lost every single week yeah so you guys recency bias and you've got the prime time bias yes that's big time in my price is going on my brain to hank i disagree with you using the browns though because it's so obvious it's like saying i measure you guys were sitting down it's like saying that like you know really sucks is satan fact that guy dragon suck egg alright send us your worst team in football we want to hear it give us your nominees that is going to be a new they segment that we're going to do every monday i have quickly before we get to our final
which is a great new monday segment i quickly have a fun fact for you guys ok you ready for it there will be no postseason baseball in saint louis for the first time since two thousand and ten man major league baseball postseason is just such a much better sport when the cardinals are in so that's too bad you forgot about one more saying that they were going to do okay wait wait i'm not done i wanted to also just say there's a bunch of cardinals fans that thought that the dodgers intentionally through this years ago the giants oh yeah that happens so they could avoid the cardinals so there's cardinals fans who are adding the dodgers this guy damien said did you play do you play it on purpose or you scared of the cards couldn't win one game in the series hope you get beaten in the first round this other guy said hey dodgers go kill yourself that's going to be tough for the whole team pointing yeah that would be impressive actually if they could that's like cult
at this rate the dodgers lost on purpose they knew that that would happen if they met the cardinals in the playoffs damn yeah all true dodgers lie down roll over for the giants knocking the cardinals out of playoffs yep true guys go kill yourself that was another one but was actually your and cells were were separate words gotcha so nice out what else you got what other segment for its like a witch hunt so i just want to get out there and say like yeah okay david ortiz obviously did steroids in his last year it's not even a witch hunt really it's just like a condom rubber stamping it rubber stamp which holiday firm which i confirmed on was right he hit three hundred and seventeen i'm not a stats guy but that's the third highest average he's ever had he had forty eight home runs which he's only hit more than that which so that was that wasn't home runs does doubles that's on me
he's only hit more than thirty eight home runs like three times his career so i mean he's old he's retiring do the math can't you can't get that sank yeah you can't get suspended for steroids if you retire think about that hank anything to say no you're wrong lying blasphemy third highest o ps of his career yeah i ever thought he was just trying to go on the bank put it all together yeah i know i exactly i think that yeah i was trying to go back and so that's why i banged up is adding banking as well yeah bang bang is but i'm all right last segment and this one is a good one that i think is going to stick in honor of coach oh he has a name for every single day of the week and mondays or tell the truth monday's one play the clip yeah will play the clip news about the true to this couple different users will just mobile thursday no repeat thursday and fridays focused i'm
for wednesdays when we eat a bunch of apple turnovers turnovers but monday these are tell the truth mondays and this will be an interactive one so you guys can start sending us your tell the truth mondays will start reading some more retweet them at pardon my take on twitter what do you laugh about hank word about tell the truth i'm excited you want me to start yeah you go first alright this one actually is like ok i'm going to get some blowback this one hey we're in the trust tree right there's a small like there's like a one percent of my brain that doesn't fully know what to do if the cubs actually won the world series so listen hear me out i'm not rooting against the cubs the one percent but i'm like if they don't they like you're the commuting the cubs if they don't win like our identity is still intact sounds like a fan it sounds a little bit like you're cheering against cops i want the cubs to win the world series one hundred percent
nine point nine percent but there's a zero point zero one percent mean that's like there's this identity that's been there forever and what happens when it's so basically you're like heath ledger when he was the joker he's like i just like chasing cars right now what i do is right exactly i'm the dog chasing a car and i don't know what i would do if i can't it's like my joker impression but yeah those tell the truth tell the truth monday it was really bad yeah i think i'm going to go back for that but i'm telling the truth that's real is that not real then update on the cubs win the world series ok you know what they tell the truth money now you're doing this to me computer while hank be a real shame if something bad would happen to you in wrigleyville this year wow hank that's fine so basically to me on tell the truth monday hank what to do what did i do yeah ok you know what it sounds like it sounds like that you're the curse of the cubs right now oh my god this is backfired now this is backfired ok
alright let's move on tells you monday is going to tear us apart it will definitely feeling it's gonna test relationship really will either emerge completely shattered or stronger than ever well i think coach oh but this is we have to just follow this plan every man is born steel yeah then you go through the flames and some men become iron who said that coach oh coach oh all right so here we go hank alright so i was at the convenience store last i had some ice cream in my house and i got an extra pen fuck you of add to giant i thought i tricks now say it nicely real culture i'll just put i want to play the audio from person so now we're telling the truth to our listeners right now
please tell the truth monday all right so that we did with this one time before tell the truth monday first one and also everyone tell us this is a practive one for our award winning listeners please tell us while i have you here say make sure you subscribe to pardon my take on twitter and instagram and subscribe in itunes uh the truth in your itunes rating about how it's a five stripes thing yeah legal review and want to get those reviews going let's get him going let's just pop them off let's get to the ten ki want that k alright tell the truth monday let me go first go ahead i want to see the tone that you guys set for something i can adjust my truth based on how real you get alright so mines embarrassing i had so i got home on friday and i won't i don't go out anymore i wasn't going out
i had a half a pint of ice cream in the freezer and i was like you know what i kind of need a little more ice cream so i went and got another pint and i ate an entire pint and a half and ice cream by myself what kind of talk about it was meant and then a peanut butter cup situation okay so talking breyers or like ben and jerry i was like thirteen hundred calories or whatever the fuck and don't count on friday though yet don't come friday but and then i do that thing where you know when you get really ashamed in like a dog like i i i do that thing where i yeah i know i threw it away and covered up with paper towels yeah yeah i gotta do that sometimes so hey guess what tell the truth monday they have ice cream by myself on friday and it hit it hit it in the trash i like to tell the truth monday our minds unofficially rocky by me on this okay i have in the larger one since i god abatin socks
gotten me meundies son tells you the monday hank doesn't know how to speak god me undies and i just haven't i've done laundry i've got i went to go one time like brought along having your apartment nope that's wrong i want to i don't know and i went to a laundromat and then i got there it was like i don't want to wait here for three hours project my house with the intention to do it like tomorrow to bring it somewhere there laundry services i don't understand it's called a wife but him so we respect with most blackest hank there actually like laundry services that will come wash your wars and then bring it back to you and fold it will come house yeah they go there as they get your ship from you they wash it they bring it back in a fence if but it's worth it i mean you're disgusting human being right now i'm that's not true 'cause i have a lot of t shirt how many pairs of pants do you have we have been wearing jeans but i'm not a big i'm not a big washing pants guy but how many pairs of pants you have like three
hank three over a how many months i've been war no hay was short it was shorts weather for the first like three weeks okay words law short room so you don't have to watch were to yeah i know you know well i i i i i do our shores i just was going through different i have a lot of shorts with your face on the heart of t shirts you moved you moved the last week in august by the way been wearing jeans okay all right well tell the monday which sock situation about 'cause that's where that's where i would go really wrong so we got we got a box of them we got a huge ball marshall socks hank you're being enabled by barstool because we get a lot of stuff sent to us we met we print our own shirts so they're always sure it's just hanging out around the office that's so has just been raiding people's desks after they leave just like you're like a homeless person thank yeah that's not true i mean
bring anything tell given tell the truth monday is already taken a turn for the worse you guys are being really mean i honestly don't wish i didn't tell the truth i regret that would telling the truth bundles about no no no you guys should be accepting my truth telling and not just degrading mean that's what guys do rude plus balls hails with morning thanks for being honest man means alot thanks stay away from us with telling the truth mondays all about i don't so i guess my tell the truth monday is like i kind of like having a broken foot you mother i knew
we only tell the truth why milk it i don't know i don't milk if you mail it but is also opposed to tell the truth monday not state the obvious really like because like the night screaming at you like having a problem while certain while and we got to blow back because hank was right he told the truth to me in pft didn't i just told the truth that i'm not yeah about the cubs that was a very truth telling moment yeah okay now pft your turn i'm glad that vince gill is done ok why because like you know the rest of ninety percent of america i didn't grow up watching dodgers games right so i don't really give a shoot i mean yeah he's a good announcer yes he's a good answer but like is he a focal point of my child know harry carey meant ten times more yeah i didn't even grow up in chicago right and i was a harry carey guy so you want vin scully to die no no i'm just sick of hearing about the farewell tour ok
it's it's pretty strange that in announcer like you you're just an answer not even a tv announced i want my lottery come on not to be offensive but i want my announcers like harry carey and jack buck they need to stick around to the bitter end yeah right get a little senile i agree i actually sample should the hawk harrelson in chicago i mean he's been seeing all for a decade yeah it almost adds the charm right right that's our old that's our old grandpa he's just saying like you know veiled race this things and drinking could have easy i'm right you're answering way too hard for the home team i agree you you know what vince gill you took the coward's way out yeah who who retires what real announcer retires yeah ok so that's a that's all the truth monday alright that was telling the truth monday guys you don't go to bed angry at each other yeah hey i love you guys love you guys too we don't say it enough but we told the truth i guess yeah all right that's the el cocho just ripped our entire podcast the part will see if
we have one on wednesday i don't know turnover wednesday should be interesting i think we just play it is turning over a new producer yeah home or we just get a ball and we just like kill the man with the ball your turn over once i could get a little aggression out love it our we'll see on wednesday do you know you like it edit flirting with you come to maine or is it no repeat thursday and fridays focused right
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