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Herm Edwards, Football Smart With Warren Sharp + Week 10 Preview

2019-11-08 | 🔗

Phil Rivers had a full Phil Rivers game. Wisconsin Fullbacks were on display and PFT reveals the Lowman trophy watch list.(2:31-8:06) NFL Week 10 preview, Mitch turned off all the TV's, and Pat Shurmur is addicted to losing. (8:07-26:23) Fantasy Fuccbois and Alabama vs LSU preview. (26:24-34:10) Arizona State Head Coach Herm Edwards joins the show to talk Football, recruiting, Hermisms, and how he would sell us in the living room. (35:42-58:53) Warren Sharp joins the show to talk about the NFL season halfway through, what teams are ready to turn a corner, and the contenders in each Conference. (1:01:27-1:29:19) Segments include Fyre Fest of the week,(1:31:01-1:34:19) Sabermetrics for James Harden love for strip clubs (1:34:20-1:38:39) and FAQ's with Former Kentucky Sports Radio Host Matt Jones where we let him get his built up Kentucky Sports takes off.(1:38:40-1:58:44) 

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on today's party my take we have a mega mag a mega show for you we have coach herm edwards we have warned sharp we get football smart with warren sharp he should actually make that like a saying like get sharper with worn that's pretty good warrant yeah there you go warn sharps verse warren squares there it is yes there it is so we have those two guys that we also have our good friend matt jones doesn't have a radio show anymore in four a fake hi he can handle his politics on this pop political shows we're gonna let him have a platform first kentucky sports is get all backed up but he is really is i don't know not november but yeah he's got two days worth of kentucky sports takes you to get off so we let him do that and we also have an nfl week nine ten preview ellis you alabama what a football weekend whoa i mean started the ad if you're going to larry's pick
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jeff from the app store google play store today do it do it we love the cash app presented by the cash strapped thank you cash out okay let's go
welcome to part of my take presented by the cash app go download it right now you get ten dollars for free using code barstool you get ten dollars to the aspca using code barstool today is friday november eighth and phil rivers just threw another interception something tells me that jon gruden is not going to be gassing up phil rivers after this game so we're taping this in the middle of third quarter and essentia lee phil rivers has thrown eight pics like six of 'em been called back it's a neck and neck game the black hole is buzzing but more than anything pft it's a fullback game it's a full back off we are all greatness is tonight not only is it a full back off but it's a wisconsin fullback us the cradle of grit we've got
looking gold on on the raiders scored a touchdown on a beautiful spider to why banana and we've got the what brother our favorite what brother jerry do you have a lot yeah i was planned for the chargers tice why so yeah it's it's fun to watch also a great uniformed game yes it is the the the silver all silver white verses the powder blues the black hole is buzzing it's just great to have phil whatever's stupid face and jon gruden's even stupider face and mark davis is extra stupid face well a one to one pm watch it watch it there aces ever you're saying that about about mark davis just because he has such a high here cut that there's more face for you to judge would it be weird if i like took maybe got like a really nice high res photo of all three of their faces and put it prominently in my house i was gonna say just make them into one like if they were throat pull and had a baby well when i come out looking like we should do okay idea he
someone make sure we do this maybe triggs can do it for us we need to have a like last supper jesus last supper but with all the faces yeah they have a lot of so good and we have to come up with so many stupid faces jim caldwell staring directly at the camera yes aha police the idea trades you're probably listen to this it will take time we understand take your time we'll make a live for you of the all time dumbest faces i don't want to say there's some friends that we probably shouldn't put on there you said just not initials i'm not going to say no no no no tc has had faces that i've taken picture box big head tom coughlin yes tom coughlin that's document yeah i'm coughlin so we're going to have the face off and uh oh maybe we put nick cage and john travolta in there too
i like that back on the line is usually it's all three of the shittiest beginning of all time yeah we're gonna have a prominently in our students said like loaves and fishes or whatever was on the table just cans of paint that all these yeah yeah yeah split in half okay speaking fullbacks pft we we tease us on wednesday i we have the low man trophy coming up it's going to be the week before the heisman will do a live show in everything it is the nation's best fullback but you have gone out to the panel and you have the initial finalists leadership council okay before but the lead blocker ship council of the full backs and on that list into steam council not only do we have hank on there we've got john kuhn we've got hey for nelly danny by tell yeah hank for nelly we've got anthony sherman from the chiefs we've got jacob hester from lsu and from the nfl you me on their alstott
and lorenzo neal among others i'm going to leave some out for now but here's the initial list for college football's top fullback ok tour carter from lsu john chino from wisconsin now here's the thing about wisconsin fullbacks i'm probably mispronouncing chino but john channel whatever it is we've got three different wisc full backs on the list because my cost at also wrote in alec ingold that's good so including alec ingold he's eligible alcohol john chino adam prentice from colorado state ag dylan from boston college kagan ball from texas am dairies brad from tulane connor slomka from army slomka from army ben mason the returning champion who the champion even though he's a defensive tackle he's gotten at fullback humboldt we're not talking about that exhausted blocker two is awesome richie worth from purdue brady from iowa mason stoke he's the other wisconsin gaia kiel pollard from south carolina jake jackson from utah
in your john ross us right now sand and mccoy from army each of the finalists they don't watch list to watch this hey this is how we get buzz going for the trophy jeremiah also one hundred people jeremiah hall from ou is the last one there but the watch list is big so hopefully they'll tweet it or they'll find out about give us some promotion then we narrow it down to our final group whoever retweets it the most whoever retreats in most gets into that final group of five and then we counts the winner the week before the heisman trophy so very proud of little men trophy we need to make another another actual trophy for it because i don't know what happened to our tire or the beer can or the nail that we didn't make the move it did not did not make the move from the old office ok so that is our low man watch list we are by the way were on personal goal dot com slash pmt personal goal dot com slash p m t so we should do a week now and we ten preview would actually be funny if we did like a week nine preview and just got every game exactly right just go by
yeah and and it was like a litmus test to see how many listeners listen to this high on fridays you know like what i like i like that idea a lot yeah we can predict that there will be a black cat that runs across the field and at least one primetime koshet yeah that be lazy when it would be we can trap it and make hanging down they can't find it it's schrodinger's cat both alive and dead at the same time we don't know where it is it cocked god i little too hot like people the the statement that the it's not three hundred cats at meadowlands i don't buy it anytime you have to say there aren't three hundred cats in our building six hundred yeah there's a shitload of cats in your building yes ok so let's get to our week ten preview including little ellis you bama talk we are brought to you by bet mgm it is pm teas home for sports betting this year you can download the app deposit check out lines from anywhere but you need to be located new jersey to place your bets every week we've been running special offers for ew else this friday
eight a dot m bed mgm is giving all the users who already signed up to barstow a free ten dollars bet that's right a free ten dollars bet so if you've already signed up and it's after eight a dot m go up go open up your bed mgm account use your free bet this weekend if your new jersey and haven't signed up and go download the app and use bonus code pmt to get it on action you'll get a five hundred dollars risk free bet use code t five hundred dollars free bet our friends bed mgm price up a few special bets for us every single weekend you'll be able to find them under barstool specials each week we've got the my can't lose parlay pf primetime field goals and boost both so over three one slash two field goals in the sunday monday night games take that free ten dollars bent put on one of our specials so what they did this week was they said if either one of those hits who is sunday night or the monday night primetime game if either of the over three one slash two year goals hits then it's windy
okay so my can't lose parlay are you ready for it hit me okay did you lose last week it it okay are it's plus three hundred plus two fifty two but who's going to plus three hundred so three don't wanna have you thought about renaming it what the can't lose parlay what the do you sometimes lose is usually wind usually will lose parlay statistically do parlay now because when you say cavernous people are like whoa that really can't lose okay us three hundred pft we got we got the saints easy falcons easy ravens i guess the bangles easy ms on moneyline yes and then did you see one the pittsburgh steelers are gonna be the rams out right interesting plus it is plus it's a plus bet you had to sprinkle one of those in there yep i don't agree but i will pretend to agree for the sake of their life ok i'm going to bed it yeah do it is on the
the side of one of those bets okay we'll find out in the next no we're in the ad read he has the ramps okay all my be twenty one or older must be new jersey place bets restrictions apply visit play mgm dot com for the full list of turns into is gambling problem call one eight hundred gambler okay week ten preview starts now mister buski turned off all the tv's yep traction so no distractions house all i actually don't mind this no it's so it's it's right out of the soviet playbook it's what they used to do in chernobyl which turned out really well cut out all can indications the outside focus on what's going on in house control the message list so it's it's chernobyl five point charge for tempe not great not terrible did you just throw that in there was that's that that's like three points
on the on the geiger scan okay okay okay i was gonna say five point six yards attempt mitch is definitely not averaging that i think that's about what you're thinking yards per completion yeah yeah yeah okay so mitch should be keep turning off to you first of all he got a little misquoted it was a little opens when a season goes to dumpster fire mode every store becomes like ooh the seasons a dumpster fire how can we fit this into the to the dumpster were just throwing trash into the dumpster so i'm pretty sure he just was like we're trying to keep outside distractions out of this building yeah it became mischievous is walking around house hall with the remote in his hand literally turning off every single tv in i agree with you if you are sports fan if you are a quarterback who is maybe not the guy in chicago
you have a very relatable moment where bad news is happening on the tv you turn it off if your team loses the most relatable thing all sports fans can get behind when your team loses a big game you don't watch support center now the next week no you don't consume media when your
is losing or you have a bet that's losing if you have an under and it's going over you turn that fucker off and you pretend it never happened that might be the worst part about your team losing a game is the fact that you say that you're not going to watch any sports on tv all week you doing watching highlights and recaps like i can't tune in to get up tomorrow morning you can listen to i can't look at mike greenberg's face because he's going to say something bad about my team you can't even watch the like whatever she college basketball game is on because you know that like scott van pelt will pop up at halftime and be like hey more from the big win or you know the eagles how they came over the double doing and i'll take shift i take that back i'll always look at green space but most people wouldn't and i think you touched upon something that's definitely true about like shity sports teams and what happens once they start to become just a trash heap in the middle of the season is the report just kind of lean into that and they're like what other bad stuff is selling i think a good term for that a dumpster hunt they go in a dumpster hunt to find the dumps
fires that are starting to percolate around the team khalil max not giving out candy up this keeps turning off tv's and a guy saying he's not an idiot and having them throw eggs around it all just adds up and it all becomes this stupid thing where the bear season is an utter disappointment in everyone should be fired but here's where it becomes really embarrassing this is the zone that you don't ever want to be in i got an email today from brett hogan don't know who brett hogan is he said hi with news a mitchell to rescue want to turn off the television the bears facility because of the negative criticism he's receiving cam soda has offered to provide him and the rest of the chicago bears with a fun alternative to leading a ulta entertainment streaming platform is offering to provide the bears with vip accounts to its site to chat with models will talk about anything but football
maybe this will be the note motivation they need to get a w on sunday i have replied to brett and asked for my own vip so i can talk about something other than the bears i will let you know if that happens that just so that you can also make sure that something good that the bears should look into you want to make sure that the quality side there is a certain level in sports like bad season terrible season dumpster fire press releases and that's the final level you know what if they can't lose parlay loses again they should give us poor press for that yeah they should give us one of those so on monday we don't have to talk about the can was poorly we can just watch women strip on a on a small laptop yeah he'd pay big cat i heard you keep losing your can't lose parlay we would like to offer you a hundred thousand dollars to have sex with three women for fifteen seconds you're probably not worried about a playoff seed anymore but you can worry about shooting one all over your desk how here it it's week eleven time for
big comeback big cat would you like to play with this start your own porn awesome yeah i i would consider doing that for the right offer it was put out man and who could be bought yeah i mean i'm what is it i'm just doing the same thing i'll be doing anyways there happens to be fifty thousand people watch i would do it if they if they promised to put in the price is right sad trombone at the end it is a not a total loon either way the point press releases the final level that's the final boss of your season being shitty so that's where the bears are the this thing i wanted to know if we wanted just go to another city game what she would start with this did you have any that's really that's kind of a loser leaves town for detroit yeah i have to troy loses they're done yes i am jane will hang heavy around the neck of in the p mats
stafford if they if they can't beat the bears i don't see a real loser leaves town game i think you could maybe throw in the rams steelers just knowing that it would be tough for the rams to make up the ground in the nfc w if they go to five hundred and four hundred and similar to the steelers if they go to four hundred and five hundred but i feel like both those teams will still have at least a shot at you were addicted to segment the steelers are going to make still i put him in my campus probably know you were getting into this week the ramekin to their death i think the rams will make the playoffs just might be me thinking back to last year when they were really good so that's my dumb brain thinking it's two thousand and eighteen again but i do think they'll make the playoffs even if they lose this game so the other game that i wanted to touch on before we get to our picks i the giants first jets in her box litter box i have a quote from pat shurmur that i love you ready yes so dan duggan who i think is a reporter for the giants said he was there at the press conference in pat shurmur when asked
how the losing wears on him he replied i'm built for this a built lose off duty i came out of the wound with a big with the lc birthmark on my check out i really only feel comfortable when i'm a disaster well let's see he's coach for who the browns yeah yep that checks out to austin patch from a cruise on the vikings for a while they were actually good when he was there but he was he was a quarterbacks yeah yeah them so but here's here's where it gets worse pft dan di also included this in his tweet ben mcadoo three weeks before he was fired from from the new york giants talking about losing i'm built tom doesn't suit me a storm does so there is precedent here when the giants coach says they are built for losing their days are numbered
bad thing to say it should just be like i'm i have the face of a loser i am use if you want to hire me to coach you're losing football team would be a big bunch of losers that don't win i'm your guy you just these are i don't understand how these guys could keep making these mistakes in pr like when matt nagy says i'm not an idiot yeah dude you probably are now when patch over says losing i'm built for this when freddie kitchen says i'm still learning on the job don't say that that phrase freddy don't do that the one good thing about this game is great for those of us that live in new york that sick of having two games taken over by the jets and the giants each weekend at least we're combining them into one that we all are forced to watch yeah that we can just kind of ignore that whole screen all right should we do some pics yeah hank why don't you start with your favorite i
going to go against you and your love with the steelers because i've seen how this plays out it's definitely i think there is a sense of like it's not just you being start by think there's something else where you just addicted to loving the steelers so based on that fact alone i'm going to take the ram it's you're not wrong there's something but i think it's the colors i think it's when their defense plays well i it's the users my love for you answers when the steelers start frisky i buy in so hard for them so i'm fading steel cat ok okay what's the weather going to be like in pittsburgh because forty four and cloudy forty four that might very well might be cold for our buddy from so cal chair goff oh don't say that cold that's why i'm saying what the heck pft i'm showing you might be cold that's our guy alright pfc what's your favorite my favorite is green bay by five now and from what born sharps about tell us well yeah because little teaser cali bro kyle allen i know he's not from cali he's from texas and arizona but
this is another cold weather game oh this is already told yeah it's snowing it's snowing in lambeau right now there's a twenty five percent chance of snow for sunday we could have our first i love cocaine snow game how yeah i'm really looking for that so i'm betting against the warm weather got out okay the money line on the favorite for that too okay i'm going to with my favorite this is a really stupid pack but i'm doing it i just i addicted to teams that are on their last gasp and it's like they have to win i'm taking the browns by story it's like you just keep going last gasp i think i took him last week is my favorite so yeah i'll probably lose at least three more times the browns being like that was a gas this one it was a last gasp last week right right is like the for getting rid of all the air that still in her body but the the court just a warm it's a it's a big problem of mine i just think of the desperate team and i'm like well they have to win eventually i your underdog underdog
falcons really okay i was going to do a little sprinkling this weekend on the moneyline mass gas it would be on the falcons falcons on the road okay don't team though so basically it's like a home game yes yes okay pft your underdog my underdog is pittsburgh plus three points i'm not i'm not getting online but if the i think the week but you want to get in on it really yeah so you're all in on the steelers this week yep ever going to it i lose everything i'll lose everything on the steelers this week i don't care look at my face i don't care all right this my is over yes it's going to be browns bills i feel like that's a defensive touchdown walkie game some some crazy happens walkie yeah ok so touchdown defensive touchdown special teams touch down one of the quarterbacks gonna thrown as your friends when he won yeah the other was the other coming from touchdowns baker b j
long long connection for another defensive touchdown five and chevron six ok we got there we add it all up now hang that's kind of bulshit how you're saying i'm saying you have one or two of the favourites down to mix it up but there goes classic guest bashing hanks saying that one of her two favorite recurring guests will throw a pic sex no i just think the bills defense is really good bakers hand might be broken that's why it's not playing so long as there that's a rumor that i said out loud as a total rumor and hank was in the room so he's hex reporting are you reporting from sources are you reporting the bigger may feel might have a broken hand from from sources okay wow okay it would explain is that play wasn't even good enough for my blind dog to report changed overnight will run with it you that's why we need the yeah you get all the scoops at leroy as a journalist won't even write this hideous people really get mad 'cause it's a cat it's not like there's the lovable like oh it's a dog so it's cute whatever right it would just be like fuck this cat
my over is going to judge jets giants in the litter box okay of met life i was think what do you think the combined spread on and uh star new york team against an all star los angeles team would be i think la would be favored by by six and one slash two yeah i'd agree i'm trying to think quarterback wildcat ear in the wildcat no i'd say more because think about how fucking good yeah i didn't think about how good the defensive line for the la team would be yeah erin donald ingram posts yep dante fowler like that would be sam donald indiana jones would both die yeah they be seen a lot of goes yes all right i over i'm going to cards box over fifty two fuckit bruce ariens revenge game he's going to run it up cliff kingsberry
revenge game he's gonna run it often yeah they're just gonna run it up his it was c revenge i mean sure cliff kingsbury has dated a stripper in tampa bay and then had likes you know a mess sat rate got messy breakup between those two yes yeah i mean to be not great defenses yeah i like it i like let's do it i hate your under peyton's chiefs titans chiefs i have that as well same these twenties my home is starting public may maybe not you could have started last week did you see how fast he ran out onto the field celebrate yeah he was really little bouncing step ok nick wright said today that the chiefs have already lost their last game of the season they're going to go run well i did see a tweet i forget who put it out but it was saying that andy reid always goes on runs not
you're not talking not exercise we now so as a middle one time you don't have to clear who's a misleading tweed to begin with but it listed the last i think five seasons that he had on kansas city and there was a point during the year where he went on at least a five in run who and this year the run hasn't has not yet begun so they're ready for the any readers at the starting line structure he's been just eating power bars this entire time and drinking a load of electrolyte yes the sugars and and getting is is stamina up okay or under my under is atlanta new orleans this is my platinum under apply to me you could plug in for that and how may start talking to me slap a lot they're gonna win a game this my platinum six star under night that's on a scale of five so you know it's good only a hundred dollar sign no start of these towns or what's the start a ball conversion rate my start a ball one only what is a star in equivalents to ball estore equals a half balls food okay this
lot of boss we're talking like eight balls almost in this game i like it i don't know how atlanta is going to respond under their interim coach that it's taking them over this away no still dan quinn yeah yeah still hasn't been fired how is that possible it does you have it on my face if the states were smart you know what they do they let the falcons beaten by fifty this week justin may be have dan quinn stick around next yes maybe that's what you should do you've got some room to play with if your new orleans we have more nfl talk coming up with war sharp we previewed the weekend with him as well remember bed mgm is the home for p m t this football season so if you're in new jersey and have already gotten in on the action go open the app and take advantage of your free ten dollar bet okay fantasy boys hank go what
top full is it out online thou coley my stardom is your engines benedict buck boys season i'm ready to roll your stardom is this your engine three fourth time my system is crimson tide for my tied to be high low not talking read certainly not relation to elephant in my sleep is outside to get naturally refrigerated final as it gets and is outside the bush now mobile alright hey y'all were stuff this is on me like the cat on the balls of yarn yeah i'm not talking about would swing into between bands you little legs talk about playing with the ball residents of the i'm sick and tired of that form of at the end of my shift with the band throughout my sleepers laser pointer the lady was always a great time not just just like yours anymore i love plane with the laser point out that it's like a but it also exactly alright guys with a back road he bikes saddam is cvs music saturday afternoon what great i miss you i miss you a little fat will be sent to my set amid the stars will be managed why no reason whatever that all why did you try unplugging unplugged it back in again i sleep dan quayle he's not fine that's up really yeah his response was you got to clean up a couple things one i'm so sick a load management twitter s
like what we november what what happened next november yeah but this is like the ultimate boomer debate bird and michael jordan magic johnson when taken laid off they're planning as plumbers who cares where they really play and also it's not degree a plumber's here on the show players i mean they pull their pants down further than lebron james pregame warmups so like i am i don't like people saying like you know the guys back and they they were used car sales when they were they were construction now they're actually professional basketball players to back then they just weren't as good as michael did you see our portrays tweet today was supposed to one of those clips is like the classic boomer like if you if if you think load like
clean but we'll mention look with these guys did back in the day it was a clip of like the nineties and eighties basketball and just people getting malls rex japanese was like there was two shots that were made yeah like it clearly a compilation of all the files my problem like it wasn't it was a real basket here's what i don't understand like we're debating this but are don't we debate like all that matters is rings and if you don't have a ring like nothing else matters like it it's basically every debate boils down to rings right we want our players go through hell before they get right so what i wear i get confused as it feels like the people who are complaining about basketball getting soft and everyone sitting are also the people who are like rings matter the most and
sitting guisan load management have shown to work in getting the ring i don't think that people like colin coward would be hypocrites i'm not but you're saying that people on tv are saying one thing but also saying another thing that could make sense it's crazy at all the whole argument is freaking crazy to like watch this and be like wait but don't you care only about who wins in the end of the season we're not really into load management season until an angry dad writes an open letter to a player saying like i bought seven tickets for my five son my son to go to a game to travel from omaha yet to see to see lebron james play once in this building that's when we really get into the nuts and bolts of it but i agree i think load management they should the crowd it is this ever come up with the term load management they just say like rest day yes arrested for right in
reserve but you know that already is a thing when you try to make it sound way more technical than it really is that's when you open a door for people to come at you i agree with that yeah you're right load management definitely when people talk and also just in sound good it's like saying he's got a thigh contusion yeah say that he's got a bad bruce turf toe yeah terrified turf toes reducers yet turf does very scott it off if i ever get to put no one thinks it's serious but it is your right arm in the other thing we got talk about else you all them yeah i'm excited i think lsu's going to a bare minimum score touchdown for the first time in two years three years i agree with that and then i think you're going to win i think they're not right let's go ahead it's good it should be a fun game to it's not going to be the nine to six game that we saw two thousand eleven i was just feel goal and i had the over you have the over that i swear to god they move the ball but you know what that is a classic game i would rather have the over in that game because i still remember watching it
and remember how great those differences are so if you if you lose on over it might as well be it historically in app offense of game yes yet knows your story so it's like the super bowl i losses to rule over by forty five points right and that's the story right imagine you at the water cooler two thousand and eleven the next day visualizing coach in the post game press then the post game like on the field if lsu wins i do think i can smile harder no i don't think i can smile wider like that is the greatest visuals shin i've ever had it would be magical it would be beyond magical and in these told him like he should whisper to nick saban there's a caller on his radio show that said coach if you win you should
in nyc savings here there's a new sheriff in town during the have to are doing the the post game handshake first of all i don't think coach joe has ever whispered anything i don't think that you know like a back it might slap on his back and say something but i agree with you that would be a transcendental moment in college football i need it would be amazing the lights the lights at night or the early every are going off coach shows for everything is just beautiful to just think about all we need that so so bad and i'm excited as can be great game it should be one of the best games of the year and whoever his game they're still path yeah we time a path for lsu if they lose it then for alabama they lose alabama is played what little
the poor who was the play northwest it whatever school the water boy went to yep they beat them by their money yeah they played no one so yeah this is still alive but they well i wish you actually that's not true if it's not a close game then instead we want to see it's blown out it's curtains it definitely is the one team is by twenty plus which i don't think happen i don't they're not going and if alabama wins i don't even think we're getting a smirk out in excel fuc that if alabama wins i'm sick of that that was the third field goal right right there they just got hit there you go it is one thousand seven hundred and twenty and we've got twenty five seconds left in maturity alright let's get to our interviews let's start with coach herm edwards awesome interview pumps you up like no one can an were brought to you by well were
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this team was herm edwards main rival when he was a player who the giants patriots no now boys yes cowboys eagles cowboys right soleri has the cowboys go check out tweet at bud light or dm at bud light after your business make us laugh make it stand out make sure includes the word crisp and bud light thank you bud light are wonderful spots okay siri is coach herman ok we now welcome on a very special guest it is the head coach of your arizona state sun devils herm edwards coach we're going to call you coach throughout this interview if that's ok that's first we're fine ok good alright first question have we are come to terms with the fact that you are coaching the sun devils and you said as a religious man you got to watch out for those devils yeah well i i think if you guys have known
who i am and how i have fun with the media i was more joking than anything else so i think some people actually said does he even know that the sun devils are like the logo find people that actually frank kush actually recruited me out of high school so ok so so that actually brings up a bigger point that i wanted to ask you that when you took the job there was a lot of people again like hey why is he leaving this very nice gig espn he's great on tv he's going to go back and recruit and in living rooms so what what did draw you back to coaching and what made you want to go back to college not nfl well coaching the under armour all american game for about eight years along high school athlete our starkey kids i coached and it had to be the right place for me to even consider coming back ray was a good friend the and doctor
the president here we all have the same vision of of really trying to build student athletes you in a way where when they leave this university they're ready for the world most of these guys will not be professional football players as you guys know but i wanted to give back to football this is my way of giving back you know it's meant so much to me i've been very fortunate my whole life i've been in football never had job guys high school player college player professional player than a coach and then put some make up on like you guys do and don't look i guess a lot on the day no proper folks right as we get right now of all the best okay it's good that you guys would be looking good by the way so i you know i just want to get back it it's been it's been a blessing and i'm enjoying quite often you do seem like a world champion recruiter like somebody that would come into living room the kind of you commit you you command attention when you're when you're speaking with people when you're out on the recruiting trail who is the most important person
crude on a visit is it the player is it the mom is it the dad is a grandma is the little brother who is it it is mom and grandma there's no doubt about that now i mean it's always mom and grandma because member that's their baby they're about to allow him to leave home and who's who's going to watch over him now he becomes you know a little bit of your family when we come to you university and they want to know the man in charge is he going to make sure that he's in good hands and that's critical in the initial be because that's a big decision for young college ok going to college regardless of where he goes who is going to and once for the next four or five years now when you do go in the living room you take your shoes on shoes off guy how does that work according home always ask why my shoes off and say
chews on shoes off and they'll tell me ok off take off i always have clean socks on by the way ok now if you if you know you might be taking your shoes off have you thought about maybe doing like a little pitch on the on the socks so maybe like a message to the player or like maybe play that's like so you say you're recruiting this big wide receiver and you're like hey look right here's our goal line package you're featured and it's written on my socks that's a good one not thought about you have to make sure the only way you can do that does have white sox right right right picture of the players face i've got i've got this socks collection now so i don't have a lot of white socks only gym socks that's true i might want to be told i gently don't wear white socks how many pairs of socks do you own oh are you kidding me
and then on television young almost like a woman you are my socks i don't wear socks with faces on him though case is an animal a windows type of stock that's not me okay gets stretched out a little bit and sometimes if you're trying to address some ice my face doesn't look like that yeah but i know what i learned to about getting stressed out i mean the same thing with those tattoos you know yeah when you're young and before you know it they're down on your form yeah true very good point so because if you give excellent pep talks i used to watch you on espn and they would just have you just give a pep talk to he is the viewing audience at home but i want to know does herm edwards go to win her mad we're just needs a pep talk i go to my wife she's she's really hard now these are i mean she's got accepted just like it is you know she said
do we see what what what what do i mean you know my wife is you know she's a football fan and i can i give you guys a story so when i left temple to come up and take the jet is out right and we play pay manning the first game of the season and peyton manning kind of has our way was right eat those touchdowns we can get really slowing down so then we were in long island were so we used to catch the bus and you know and you have to go back after the game was like a game game almost we out of the the city so we get on the bus to go back so she's sitting next to me and she looks she got me in in the ribs she says i thought you were defensive coach but we talk about she said you better fix the defense i said honey it was paid measures it don't matter we in tampa no one ever scored over ten point she says what is all this stuff you need to fix the defense so that she's the one there you go oh dear dear toughest critic
so speaking of that your time in tampa your time in the nfl who is the most talented player you've coached and then maybe on that who is the guy who you feel like you got the most out of war maybe not the most talent but played above his talent okay probably the most talented player it was my day is actually in kansas city we had a guy bye in carter defensive back first i got tennessee a most talented player ever coached i mean it was unbelievable probably the guy that got the most out of his ability he's a real good friend actually where the godparents of his daughter he's the godparents of of our son marcus is john lynch yeah what san francisco is doing a fabulous job sam san francisco 49ers he is a guy that that had talent played above is talent all your guys smart
tough guy smart guys tough guys gently can play football for a long time yeah were you on that coaching staff when it was it was john lynch an mike alstott was on there as well yep alstott lynch tony was the head coach lovie smith was the linebacker coach rod marinelli was the defensive line coach so we we have quite through the o'neill has another full back on there now we're trying to sort something out because we've talked to john lynch and we've also talked to mike alstott we're trying to figure out we heard that there was a rule that was put in place it is that those two guys weren't allowed to hit each other anymore because the colors were to file is that true also yeah oh yeah you didn't get it what that that that was not in our no those two problem in in you know that was the old when we get in the red zone they used to have them
using but the train you know get on the train with every time we get in the red zone all stock you know gotten the reds everybody wants to run the football stuff so uh hum the how many times a week do people what to you and say you play to win the game that's during my travels that happens a lot yeah i have run because i said it one time we are and i've never said no that's a lie because you but i say it all the time just in i don't even mean to say it is just you know when you're watching a game you're like hello you play to win the game your what are and once it understood the jingle you said the hello yeah most people forget the jingle is going through the other part of it they forget the hello there hello that's what sets it apart yeah but not only one time and i've actually had people gone on shows say when you say it
no i said it one time i don't need to say anymore would you say for us 'cause i remember that you know because you said it's so good that it just hello what about just a hello good memories yeah i think it happened actually someone told me last week yes 17th anniversary seventeen how would ban percent longer yeah time for you to bring it back the second time here we go ready herm edwards coach you guys will owe you get it if you do it i'm guaranteeing it so many recruits do it listen the problem most of us recruits wayne born yeah so they need to know it there's nothing to recruit oh no grandma knows mom knows it i bought both the dead no huh does ever make you laugh looking back at that that it's become this iconic catch phrase like it's a big it's a big bastion of like nfl knowledge but in reality it's just you saying something that everybody knows which is you want to win when you play absolutely and
i think between that and the fumble play that the transfer new york young when i was able to pick up the ball that's kind of two kind of things that i'm kind of all of a sudden my face those two things right yeah you changed football for ever without fumble play because at the end of games coaches are for ever scared to you know run the ball up the middle neil the but like the every everyone's gonna be scared and tense at the end because they know her med words and that point it was incredible where can you walk us through the play are actually yeah standing there and a coach who's passed away now i shook his hand play before that thinking there take me and then they came out and you know there's a miss communications about them taking me to place prior to that they actually took in the in a skirmish broke out bill bergey not clack into the to the quarterback and so now they would talk about run the ball not running the ball
and lo and behold it was a botched hand off and here's the crazy part about this story so as i come around the side i'm up close to the line of scrimmage the ball is falling i see that you grounded and i'm running at it and i'm thinking in my brain i said i gotta get on first half i get home first i'm going to chance enjoy reaching back for the ball i hear him say oh no and i pick it up and i'm score so here's the funny part now so dick vermeil's are called to loved it and imagine your dick vermeil and the players are standing in front of you and he's talking to the players and he's not paying attention to the it's so the players are starting to run away from him they're leaving and he's got how are you going to players say coach her just scored a touchdown he never saw her man that's great you never saw it like that she never thought twice you just turn right so what happens he just scored a touchdown
it's wild to think that if it weren't for that play the chicago bears probably would have tried to score a touchdown the other we can sit ab that feel glaze a in that day yeah you're kinda indirectly to blame for that yeah no sir fall maybe that's your fault you know guys get scared because her mentors so they started call it to her med words formation before they called the victory formation because you were the one that going put the name on do you call it the herm edwards formation i do not which is called a victory but i can remember when we first put it in when i was in new york bunch of rookies i mostly why is this formation in football look well they all these you these you well because because then it again because i always put the tape on and they look identical coach does your message that's why this formations in here right i did the same thing when i got here my first year we put the victory for
i think we're talking we're going to put some formations you know the hail mary formation and victor formation said let's look at this victory thing why is this in place right in all these guys come on guys you got one thousand nine hundred and seventy eight they were born these kids right yeah so they look at this thing they're going to look in there looking how is that you wasn't as many we had big shoulder pads and i mean come no high definition me i'm barely in color was barely color television back in those days right so i made the key is watching the crack up they start laughing so whenever i'm picking games in college yeah you're you're saying always ring in my head and no more so than the leave it on the grass whatever i'm looking at the the games the weekend and it's like yeah you still labor service or state i like you seal a but leave it on the grass so you explain what leave it on the grass means and how you use it to motivate your team
well it's just saying that that that i truly believe anything you do for us as football players whatever your energy is and you have in your body you got to leave it all out there no never when you come to work just leave your performance wherever you well just just give it all you have then you can always live with the consequences of what happens next that that's life you know just process on the grass you play on the just leave it all on there for your teammates in for the game of football and we can live with that we can live with the consequences of what happened so leave in the cubicle if you're listening to this leave it in the can you got
i don't know right right there on your stage just leave it does leave it right there give it to your audience give me everything you don't feel good about leave it on the internet yeah leave in the summer leave it all out leave it on the cloud yeah that's the all yet you won't talk about that so why don't i don't personally and i don't miss room that's yours that's another home ism don't don't hit send right is your resume yeah i tell people and that's your resume okay you're in today is world i don't care if you're going into business sports whatever you you can't it doesn't go anywhere it's your resume it's part of what people look at when they're interviewing they're going to find it out there so when you press send you better make sure don't don't do it do you know don't do it leave it on the grass don't hit send you also said i i remember when you took the job in arizona state you said that we don't huddle anymore in today's society running like an up tempo thing that's that's part of the problem have you
have you unpacked out a little bit more yeah well what i mean that you we you get in a huddle in football it's a great it's a great thing in the fact that players from all walks of life walking at home and maybe don't care what where you from what color you are are you religious not religious what albums you like you got your blues guy your rap god doesn't really matter all of guys i'm here for one common thing we need each other to be successful and sometimes we don't have enough because when you huddle there's just there's this sense of hey we're together as a team if we're going to do this we gotta do this together and that's
that's my problem a lot you know we don't want anymore we just kind of all get into our little let's think about this but you guys are sports fans think about whatever team to root for you go into the stadium and just think of all the people walking that stadium from all different walks of life and they're all rooting for that team right and then and if they leave the stadium and they go into the subway wherever they live and they have all these other different issues right it's like why he just cuddle talk that's how conversation gently has a way of working things out yeah i'm a nationals fan we have oil lobbyists and we have defense lobbyists that all come together under one big tent in dc and root for the same team it's a beautiful thing i'm signing with arizona state after that speech come let's do it all hell
yeah let's do it we're building we're building a foundation building young football team what other her mysms do you throw out there in the living room give me a few harm isms i love him they get me juiced up i feel like it will run through a wall all the time that we are all a collection of our choices that's one thing in in this was great about america you you you you have a you have a choice of what you do every day you know and attitude is our best friend or worst enemy it's just how you choose go through the day i mean everyone gets the same amount of time every day and you get to choose and when you don't choose correctly there's consequences and you've got to be able to live with the consequences when it's not correct you should be you're like a preacher slash coach i don't really know it's something about it where where it's like easy you know i miss you on tv i really did you miss tv at all i miss the guy
i miss i i called in every once in awhile and i think you know anything we do like for you guys what you guys do i've always learned this we are knowledge providers if there's our coach in the history of coach in any sport that's ever given player town god gave would you give him his knowledge you give him out that's what you do your teacher and and that's what i do i teach weather is teaching football teaching how to be you a man a father a husband all those things are part of the correct when you come here you know it wells in actions that that's my words and actions in match up every day because eventually what we do in a dark comes to light it is the us yep zero is like a hermit first right here at you but i want to i want to mention real quick you're such a football guy that usually when football guys leave the the
the coaching or the playing and go to tv they say the thing i missed most is locker room you went from tv back to football and you said the thing you miss most is the locker exactly mister player not to come back about leaving about tv though you miss you went from rider into football and you're like i missed the guys yes yes you been in a hollow your whole life it's all you've done your dick in the models you are addicted to huddles i'm and i'm addicted to the journey arby's in off there's always this journey you never know the twists and turns is going to take
would you enjoy the journey with the guys it's just when your mother always done that you just used to that it's a fun deal now i understand why your games are so slow paced you just got a huddle you gotta keep public void fully fenced in honey as more football more time with the fellas you're right i i have one last question is to seek your question promo code take go route arizona state football game with promo code to get ten dollars off i was going through the quarterbacks who coached in the nfl you coached the same guy with just seven different names so i'm going to list them and ok tell me your favorite or a story from one of 'em so it's literally the same time putting video test verde off to the side because he was the old hat in the room but these are all the same guy chad pennington brooks bollinger jay fiedler brodie coyle trent green damon heward tyler thigpen those are all the exact
quarterback chad pennington ok i know you're gonna say that special special god now trent green special problem is both those guys who got hurt right yeah i mean if you think about chad i mean i don't know if this is correct but you guys can look it up i sixteen times i want to say the new england patriots have won the division in one of the quarterback is one twice it's chad pennington think about that yeah ok triggering green was quarterback got knocked out my first year older guy but you know what was was was a really good quarterback the other guys were all young players you know young they were very young and it was very difficult but those two guys
that's happening today with you it was a veteran guy he came in and spelled trent when he went down his veteran guy had a veteran presence and all that but the uh as a very young they were rookies they weren't high round picks by any stretch of imagination but chad pennington special now guys he pretty good quarter you also coach kliff kingsbury so was he too pretty to succeed in football well it was you know when you start a name these guys these are these were a dog days this is when summer season you played five quarterbacks guess what your records not very good guys you don't have to get better hello that's not a lot of fun go check out one last thing i want to put your recruiting skills to the test here big cat and i we are we are dynamic dual on the gridiron we have some eligibility left cat is my holder i'm
a solid i'm his older i'm a solid backup kicker and we're both blue guys back up yeah back up lock room guys were guys that you want in your huddle so okay with that knowledge you're stepping into our living room here on part of my take an will just say that hang car producers is grandma can you recruit us sure i can and if you want a great college experience if you want to be part of a team we have a wonderful walk on planet is a walk on no scholarship available you need to know that don't leave your arizona if your arizona resident you get a cut intuition ok ok so grandma depending where grandma lives and she's living somewhere in fourth worst cold be a great retirement area for grandma yeah watch your grandkids play be wonderful thing ok
talk about moving like that yeah we're immediately demoted to walk ons but i appreciate that yeah well we should go to true yeah that's right not lying to us helping around with this yellow true all right coach thank you for this anytime you're in new york or foreign arizona we'd love to visit with you anne as you always do with every interview you want to take us out with the hello play to win the game i will say hello and guess what look forward to seeing you guys in arizona republic there will not be there sometime maybe yeah yes alright thank you coach that interview coach edwards is brought to you by subbed after fourteen years in dc thousands of memes or shitload of memes countless postseason meltdowns it's finally the year and that means that many nationals fans are now battling the side effects of natitude as they try to get back to daily life thanks now to include copious amounts of pride your city spontaneous fits a joy
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the browns are a new team whatever alright larry takes a brown got it once again that cbdmd dot com promo code starting nine for twenty five percent off your purchase of a premium cbd oil product and now we got warren sharp inova something completely diff okay we now welcome on our good friend recurring guest is warren sharpe you can find him on twitter you can find him at sharp football analysis calm your giving away everything for free this week yes sharp football analysis is usually like one hundred dollars everything fantasy football prop sports betting absolutely free just go to the site and you can see alright so what's the pic there's a give us the game don't tell us what it is okay there's a couple a couple ones that i really like one of which
i've been put out yet but one that i did in monday night football game who is drawing take on the monday night game ok nice we're going to figure out and we have some other theories about what teams you work for now we just keep a mental list anytime you compliment or slightly degrade teams a calling on twitter mike okay another clue yes i got annoying because you get tagged and everything i don't i don't got a knowing i'm i'm i'm okay with people guessing but you know it's interesting that's gonna throw everybody off including you guys is that i've actually been reached out to in the past by gm's who have seen me being critical of their team and want to talk to me not working without your body in the water do you know they they have actually said like i'm sitting up there watching the game saying the exact damn things that you're saying on twitter and i wanted to talk to you about that and and so there's definitely this because i'm critical of a team does not necessarily mean that i don't have any association with that means that you want to work for the team in the future
search nagging them the good the good that what i can always try to do is i just state facts and truths based on the data and try to be as objective as possible and then if some a lot of the teams that is funny like are people like i love your stuff i love your stuff and then i'm negative about their team there like what the hell's wrong with you right so all right go so we're through week nine weeks of the season coming up on week ten i want to do something to start here we oftentimes throw around the f word fraud teams that are maybe better than what they you know what actually are in reality like their record is better whether it be because they played bad teams or that some fluke wins you have the stats we usually just say it you know off the cuff gut you tell us give us like the one or two teams that you could see and you don't have to say fraud will say fraud but maybe will regress a little bit in the it's part of the season buffalo
i want to say that one the good to go i'll go to start with i will i will tell you this with with regard to buffalo their second half of the schedule is actually not that hard to they played a pretty easy first top of the schedule but they actually are fortunate to face an easy second half the schedule too so i don't think they'll fall off from that perspective but the problem is as much as i love sean mcdermott as a coach an just a motivator of his team you know not just his exes and ohs but what he does there they can you can run on that d i'm so i'm going to be interesting to see this weekend if the cleveland browns can help support baker mayfield by running the football little bit on the buffalo defense so they're a team that i think on i don't know that i would say their fraudulent but you they can't they can't really throw the ball down the field and in that perspective i think it's rose farther toward further than down the field yeah drew extra down field true they can they can you're right they can throw it whether or not going to be completion
it seems like it's a team game alright i throw the ball downfield things would catch it i think most bills fans know that there not all the way there yet they have goods they're probably going to the playoffs but no one i think most bills fans know that they still work to do so what's another team that you could see regressing coming down the stretch uh uh huh but the other teams in the nfc n so whether it's the packers or the vikings both those teams twice as many wins losses at least and they all have holes they all have you know pretty big problems will see a prime example here i love this game out if you guys love winter football game oh yeah but we got this green bay game it's going to be the coldest game of the year so far the temperatures at kickoff are going to be around like two thousand seven hundred and twenty eight degrees and we got kyle
allen who's played at texas a and m i think he's from like the arizona so he's like a warm weather guy going up in shock frozen lambeau that's why jim kelly never won a superbowl miami yeah yeah yeah he had a terrible also can't dan marino never won a big one because he was a cold weather guy yeah they went down to miami yeah does it go the other way uh it like the strip clubs hanging out there i mean there could be a lot more distractions in the warm weather james harden style so packers vikings you think not frauds but have hopes have green bay for example i think christian mccaffrey is going to be able to run all over that that team they because one of the worst run defense is it's amazing you know a lot of people time talking christian mccaffrey for the mvp conversation and i think the good part about maureen x and you know statistical intelligence being
proffered around the internet and on twitter is that most people now realize how hard it before running back to win mvp like because quarterbacks or what dictates wins and losses right now passing is so much more important than rushing the football is so i think it's going to be hard for him to ever win that however that team the carolina has played the number one most difficult schedule of run defense is on the season and yet mccaffrey is delivering the season that he is this is the uh just run defense that he will have faced all year they rank well below average bottom ten in the nfl and just watch the game he is so good running i mean there's a couple different types of runs power inside zone but if you just like watching it from a viewer's perspective you don't know the this is the the terminology watch for when you run up the middle or to his left the green bay packers are on actually also really bad defending runs up the
or to the offense is left so if you see mccaffrey tearing it up around the outside left side of that line it's because they're the good up blocking it and green day has their stronger run defenders playing on the offenses right side they're much weaker on the left that's where the eagles killed on a lot of different teams killed him gassing about that left side interesting so what about minnesota which was their whole well with those things yeah i know i was i want him to say yes i mean it does you know because into primetime her cousin part of not only that i think her cousins from some things that i looked i don't don't under percent quote me on this but i think he's like something like eight and twenty two when he plays and eat a four twenty five or later well it's not just like the prime time but he is such a creature of habit that the one o'clock start he's got like this routine he must be like super anal like has this great routine really after bowl with one o'clock start but once you
into like a later time frames he's just not comfortable we need to do the more i think about it because there are so many kirk's cousin stats out there i think he's like six and twenty eight against winning teams we need to start putting out the reverse because our first must be incredible when kirk cousins plays a bad team at one o'clock he's undefeated yeah right like we have to start doing that for kerr is kerr cousins a vampire other questions we saw it when the sun goes down kirk cousins socks but you're right if you look at it from the flip side if he's playing the lines at one a guy he's probably money in the bank what like sixteen and something like here's the other thing though kirk cousins bad a prime time jason garrett also battered primetime true ensemble the force versus movable object who wins yeah and one i actually don't have a strong take on that game i think that's going to be kind of in every game you do yeah okay yeah
i typically try to lean only on the games i see enough value but i respect your one of those guys who likes to win money and shoes yeah i respect the grind of the the the the terror that you put yourself through by trying to pick a winner and then swat not out because yeah it's not easy i mean sorry for what you have to bits on it you can not not that so it agreed so if you are the only gas i think that brings their own laptop yes well i mean i don't know what we're going to come out so you have to be prepared this spreadsheet up not just this my odd screen i'm just looking at all nice ok alright so give us the flip side give us the team that you think is there always is a team in november or december and there's a lot in the afc there's a few in the nfc who are like in that four and five five and four four and four range that you can see making a run an they have gotten better and they're going to make the playoffs well this is a frustrating one to talk about because the cleveland browns facing much easier schedule over the second half of the season
i really don't know what exactly is going on there from a coaching perspective all i'm hearing about is that people are clamoring for todd monken to take more ownership and control of play calling except your because freddy's to one calling plays in market just comes out interview on thursday and says i'm not going to be able to call the place it's the friday and that's the way we're going to stick with it but when freddy uber from hugh last season they used a lot more of their heavy personnel groupings which is two tight end sets to help pass protect for baker but he had cleaner pockets to throw from and he was in general a lot more comfortable in those scenarios this year they're using a lot more three wide receiver sets now i understand they brought in odell beckham so they've got more wide receivers but the where is bear it out it's not even close it's not like well there are twenty percent more efficient if they pass from like it is night and day how much better they are passing from twelve personnel
get the continue to use the through receiver sets i think maybe todd monken influence overall like they redid that offense he may not be calling place comes from tampa bay with the buccaneers the rain a lot of three wide sets they he's got the air raid background i know that marries well with what baker mayfield did in college but this is the nfl and you've got two hundred eighty three hundred pound giants on the other side a line is going to try to rip your head off and you're all it's a flying stinks he's not executing well when he's not well protected so the numbers bear it out that this season they're really good passing out of twelve i hope that switch a little bit more to use some more twelve personnel if they do it could make the offense more efficient they need to get their ground game going a little bit more but their defense is going to face a much easier schedule of opposing offenses down the stretch
if they can grind their way back into the playoff contention from where they are right now but they are a team that's going to be playing much better of the second half in my opinion okay and so when they're when they're running three wide receiver says that's eleven personal right band got us okay acknowledge or to show it done freddy kitchen said the other day that he doesn't look at the stats and now has doesn't pay attention to yeah do you first of all do you think it's true i find it hard to believe i think in part he was taken out of context because he was talking about where baker mayfield ranks in terms of completion rate of reporter asking that question and he said i do care where he ranks i don't have that information i'm worried about other things i don't look at those numbers i don't don't take into consideration stats or whatever the exact quote was part of me thinks he
i i hope to god that he was just talking about the element of the rankings league wide rankings but if he literally in some class was talking about real stats then that's very hard to believe because cuz even if you're just looking at your own team i mean i know you can look at a guy and say well i think he's doing better on the field and this guy but like how do you not know that he's averaging you know six yards a carry in the other guys only at three like you're just really going to use the eyeball test twenty four seven and never look at any type of number i find that i find it very hard to believe you just describe exactly what he jackson did last year with with carlos hyde into johnson yes the house the six yards per carry for duke or whatever it was you get shot job was crushing it yep and he continued to ride with the are those high until the owner traded out of yeah i'm gonna find a way to get nick chubb the ball more in this office would queue you can just hand the ball to yeah it's like completely in your hands
i want to talk real quick about the some of the backups that have come in to lead this year somewhere in still sober out who do you think the best backup quarterback is taking over between like minchew allen allen more falk horror it's definitely got to be kyle allen to me that team they haven't you know i agree the performance against the 49ers is very frustrating and kind of set you back a little bit there's definitely if his game that he needs to work on right he needs to work on his pocket awareness and his ball control in the pocket you know turnovers kill you if you go if you all you're going to lose eighty percent times when who's that turnover battle so you got to be more aware but from ability to make the throws at this level he
at that ability to make those throws more so than most of those other guys that you mentioned now i love means mania and i was hoping that that would continue but again he ran into you know i don't think the talent is quite as good on that team i think the coaching married with his ability is really what kyle is what setting kyle allen apart i mean what the job that the turners are doing is great what about one that we forgot mason rudolph oh yeah we think his face is too big his body he's got yeah just everything also coolly lips yes got like that whole vibe is not all i know what you mean i just recorded back just like book by covered nope not a quarterback right well i'm a i'm shocked because i i did not think the dealers would be what like foreign one with him in there and the funny what about do you remember when so ben got injured
he had to fill in and his first game was on the road in san francisco now san francisco was in the red zone so many different times kept turning the ball over they should have killed the steelers the only one twenty four to twenty but they then came home the steelers did after that game and their next opponent i forget who was like i'm i think it was like a primetime game monday night game it might have been cleveland monday night i'm not i'm not entirely sure they came home that game and anticipated with that full week of prep to get mint you ready i'm sorry to get mason rudolph ready that they would help him a short passing attack they would show some confidence when throw the ball stop putting him in these bad situation where we're just running on first time running on second up now we're in third and long you're going to throw it what did they come with the came up with the wildcat like they spent all week working on the wildcat to me that speaks of we don't have a lot of confidence in this guy like we had a week to prepare for a home game and instead of
with the receivers lot we spend our time teaching our running backs to throw the football in this wildcat grouping so i i don't know the tricks on the big head you have the kool aid lips but i definitely think that the team doesn't a lot of confidence in him now maybe that's growing overtime but they need they need to get him throwing the football a little bit more earlier in games we should add that to your like stat sheets and stuff it's just be a column eyeball test we can take care of that i bought hasn't yet so no stats nothing it's just look at him you maybe show me i don't know five so it is a cool appearance i physical appearance five there is some playing yeah yeah but it's not i don't need the all twenty two just give my tv at all after probably looking at my twitter while i'm doing it so just like what he looks like when he's standing in the hall yeah yeah yeah when he's dropping back like a couple more exact and i want to see him when he's like jogging off to the sidelines no one is he's bad i had a lunch and yeah on the sidelines talking to score to the hat on right okay yeah so that really is like the physical yes
look yeah absolute test oh yeah speaking of the eyeball test do you think jameis winston needs contacts you know i was okay with that game because i had i had six and a half i bought to seven on monday so i actually covered but winston in used to have this problem where he in situations where you just falls apart at the end of games and it's really hard to explain at this point in time you know two weeks ago bruce ariens came out i think a great job as a coach he blamed on all of the interceptions on the rest of the guys remember that he's like none of these interceptions were james his fault they were all everybody elses fault but out of time you know now he has all these other turn over that you can't just keep blaming everybody else for all the mistakes when the one constant is jameis winston do you think is a hall of famer now have you heard of james one of one twitter account now
okay i'll send you the book yes do you have a look well he wrote a four hundred page book this twitter account you want to write yeah i did part of the media bias against you have james winston derangement syndrome it so yeah well that's what his this one i want i need the name of the book is james wincing derangement syndrome how media bias causes us to overlook the start of a hall of fame nfl career so you are he's he's if you want to just the pure numbers like the counting stats 'cause some people look at that like how many total touchdowns how many passing yards he's good at those but when you talk about turner thing or the plays everything else i liked it takes to win games i mean he's good at eating w's but other than that he struggles i actually kind of serious about the contacts thing he squints all the time okay he is he will you got jacked up on that because your eyeball looked correct yes yeah if you saw him in the game last weekend in seattle he was he didn't know if the fuel go end at the end give you squinting to try to figure out when he was in college he needed glasses he needed
contacts and who would only wear him for baseball but he doesn't wear him for football for some reason it is amazing i'm not going to say that like that's only partially funny but there's also an element of truth to that like it's amazing what certain teams don't like factor in you know don't take into consider it like hand side well hand size yeah do factor but not enough she'll allen will watch what kyle allen does up in green bay because he has about average to slightly below average hansel and it's going to be super cold good you know numbness in the hands okay i would be having him spend most of the week in a meat locker getting ready trying on gloves testing it out you know bill bella check when there's a rain game room that rang game with the cleveland browns they take footballs don't come in you know trash
in full water they wait the ball so the db's can figure out how heavy they're gonna be in it when they're trying to you know to passes interceptions all these different observing you got to think about as many factors as possible because i guarantee you the best coach in the best team in the league are thinking about all that and things you having no idea that they're thinking about good point all right i have one last question about the picture of the nfl in two thousand nineteen can you give me three teams in the afc top three teams in the nfc just in terms of the best yes yeah let me look at my one patrick say look at early down success rate so i can already tell you so early not success i think we talked about this on the show last i'm not a hundred percent positive but what it does is it looks at your ability to by pass third downs it's all true important not as many people look at that they focus on what you do on third downs but the reality third downs are very they're very
responsive to what you've done a first and second down so you might be in a third and long you might be thirty short so your ability to convert those varies tremendously your play calls vary tremendously based upon the distance to go just like your play call in the second half like if you're down you're going to be more aggressive if you're up you're going to be more conservative so what you really need to do when you're analyzing football is look at early downs in the first half and that determined that's what i look at when i'm trying to see which teams most run heavy like what is the coaches strategy here what are they trying to do are they establishing the run or they passing the football those types of things the forty obviously i mean they're the lone unbeaten team and they're the number one team in my early on success rate metric so okay there are only about average on offense but they're the number one defense right now now i got a couple interesting things to tell you about the forty niners if you care
here hearing yes but so the 49ers niners interesting thing about their run their defense in general is that there great against ask but they're only about average against the run right now and one of the reasons that they're only average against the run is because of the wide nine technique in the defensive strategy that robert sala uses is the spreads out the defender so they're great at russia especially getting pressure with only four but they create lanes for offenses to run the football through and in this the matchup this week i think it's going to be fasting the monday night game because we know that the seattle that's one around the football at times brian schottenheimer runs the football too much but there are decent at running the football and they should have a little bit of success running on the san francisco 49ers defense when russ drops back to obviously their offense of line is bad the interesting part about the match up though is going to be if you go through the list of the teams at the forty niners have played in the quarterbacks they faced
it's a lot of guys who are pocket quarterbacks that can't get out of the pocket can't do anything it's like jameis mason rudolph it's a number of baker it's a number of things like that who are like deer in headlights if you pressure them russ is the best quarterback in the nfl right now from passer rating from yards per attempt from i think he's like second best in completion percentage above expectation when he's under pressure he can get out of there and make passes so the 49ers have eight a quarterback like that yet they're also without their stud middle linebacker kwon alexander came from tampa he got injured really good in coverage so that's i mean she's match up but forty niners best team and and my metrics agree with that okay and they give me a couple more okay so a couple more real quick obviously knowing the patriots i think that there probably are still the most delete in the afc the chiefs patrick my come back he's definitely in there on
team on the a fc i probably say the baltimore ravens up their defense the second year is getting much healthier they obviously got to trade for marcus peters this is a team that is going to be able to run the ball play efficiently build a lead at halftime force you to throw guess what there ok at stopping the run guess with their great out there going to be great at stopping the path you're going to throw the ball into that secondary struggle in the nfc already mentioned the 49ers the saints definitely up there at the top there actually my four team in this early down success rate metric and stuff
it's not a fair number thirteen yeah it's it is tough you've obviously got the the dallas cowboys are in the picture i think the philadelphia eagles our team that's in the picture now if you look at the nfc east the eagles actually have the easier schedule over that second half of the season the absolutely must beat the cowboys when they do meet them on and the eagles have a bye this week they face the patriots next week so that's gonna be a tough game but they have an easier schedule for the nfc east and do the dallas cowboys okay okay great i'm i want you to explain to hank real quick because we've been going back and forth about your last for a couple weeks now hank doesn't believe that fumble lock is a thing to turn over to think he thinks it's saying the turnover luck is a slap in the face to the patriots for being so lucky it's not true it's not what i said but i was free to answer the pretty much exactly how much is like turnover lock it
yes the sustainability of getting four turnovers a game is that going over grass for the patriots that's well and touchdowns that the the defense special teams is always current bounces a score touchdowns right so how much is that not going to exist moving forward okay so two two points on that and then all the arrival but the first point is that being a the return those turnovers for touchdowns is so unbelievably important and give you such an edge in winning games the difference between you getting an interception and being about like the opponent's forty yard line versus running running that thing all the way in for the touchdown and not having to put your out on the field the travel those forty yards and actually score that touchdown is massive and if i was involved we will be practicing tons of return
my defense is on the field and we're practicing blocking the offensive players an were strategizing how we're going to try to return these things because housing those returns is just gives you such a big boost the second thing is when you are facing bad quarterbacks that are more pro to throwing interceptions that is a little bit more sustainable the fumble element is less sustainable if we don't quarterbacks anymore if you had an easy schedule you did if patriots definitely did have by far the easiest schedule for their defense in the nfl two year to now they do play about an average schedule the rest of the way through but the key is if you're playing those quarterbacks that are ten to follows interception falk then you're going to get more and that's a little bit more sustainable when you're playing those types of quarterbacks the the fund if the ball is actually out on the ground you know some
maybe coach more about recovery and rallying to the ball and things like that than others do but ultimately it's an odd shaped football sitting right on your couch there it bounces in different ways you can't predict it and your guy might be there and can't get it and a guy five yards away he can get it from the other team you got three guys and it just went right through him so that is what is unsustainable ok so
you are you okay thank them great asset are entitled yeah alright worn sharp thank you as always sharp football analysis dot com free for the rest of the week for the rest of the week and you have pics and your fantasy advice and props to and props it's all there it's all free you can dive into the stats how do you feel about the three and a half field goal yeah every every prime time game i bet over on three and a half year goes because i just feel like the ball goes further at night and they're more fuel goes in primetime games is that i actually you know what's how areas i saw your tweet on that i don't know if you've repeatedly to eat it but i did see one time that you did actually looked it up i i went back and did some research on what how many field goals aren't average are made in prime time games it's not since it's least significant is not more it's not more than average this part yes not more than a viewpoint how my heart but but what's the number two you know i could send it to you i don't have it off the top of my head is it more than three and a half
it could be it could be more than three one slash two but it's probably between three hundred and four hundred right ok alright yeah go right on the money and so no statistical i don't have the support right now i will tell you that minnesota in dallas like if you're if you're looking at that prop for sunday night football that i i think got a good kicker on the dallas cowboys there and minnesota got rid of their kicker a little while ago for being terrible time kirk cousins in there maybe you don't about i'm feelin so maybe you're able to move the ball a little bit but not quite far enough to score touchdowns dot one actually could be a good game to look i think what warrants telling us is that blindly betting the same thing over and over isn't going to win which i actually we it's agree with john pft saddam times you just say hey i'm a bucket i'm a bit every over on the season i'm up that's all i know there it is that's all that matters yeah your bank account yeah i was that yep all right worn sharp thank you so much appreciate your job is always men they spent
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it's brought to you by new amsterdam vodka it's the official vodka parcel store sports we've got another larries pick but you're going to have to tunein and see it on the barstool sports advisors on sunday morning hank work where can i watch that barcel bets on youtube that will come out on friday or on the partials put sports website sunday rundown that starts at one thousand am there you go start at one thousand am there will be a new larries pick and i'm just going to put this out here might be triggering to some of you no flake maybe return of a special guest that we had earlier in the season so check out that'll be larry's last pic so also check out new hampshire vodka the official value of barstool sports and get yourself a bottle of pink whitney okay let's finish up we gotta couple's quick segments and we're going to finish up with our fa qs and matt jones firefest fire fest fire fest of the week
you go first you go for my fireplace is pretty simple college basketball college basketball's back and gamble eighteen year olds to not phuc up at the end of games is everyone's fire fest and i don't know why do i love november but i hate november because it's a bunch of t you don't know about they're playing in weird spots they're playing random teams little teams no one fucking nose and man does it even the good teams are bad that's what makes it tough like michigan state are ranked number one i think they had two guys that were playing in the first game of the season with face masks on they had broken noses in the first game is heart of the season yeah yeah so firefest is definitely the fact that college i can't stop like loving it and betting on it i just love it and i bet on it but man is it stupid man is it thank you have those moments where you're like why am i gonna
and it eighteen year old who can't make a free throw at the end of the game oh yeah you're stupid but then you know what i love it so who cares i always say that this is the season that i get into watching college basketball from the start this is i think is season i've watched college basketball the last two nights i think i'm in well just with next time we have tried this on so you'll be amazed how knowledgeable about college ok ok firefest fest i used to have this plug for shoes i mean like sick like off whites nike's he is no longer exists really his different job so i don't really have a plug anymore in the most recent pair of shoes you got me i stepped outside the the way to work and like movie basically car k splash puddle splashing use ruin the shoes and i'm shadow look alright
a size twelve for anyone who's listening to hanks firefest 'cause it was clearly a ploy to get free no no i'm gonna hafta firefest i'm ten one slash two i had some off white ruined to make sure that you make sure you throw in those size twelve you leave the tags on him that's what the kids are wearing right do you want to see your size now that you've done this plug on the ten one slash two that's not that's not why did it but you guys are both attending that's weird and you're like what six inches taller than five inches taller wait six inches tall how tall is hank he's six one ok yeah like two inches taller than me oh no six feet but oh no i was trying to make joke about forcing my dick as you walk through a lot lately along of man pretty low bar right here that you wish your five my fire first of the week is i'm going to be watching the l s u bama game but i have to go watch it in alabama bar why
is so it's some appearance thing that i'm doing through barstool that's like hey you are going to this point but yeah so where is your plug it so people not really 'cause alabama bar you know you gotta do it it's one of the ainsworths right so you're going to wear lsu gore of course yeah so that's my fire fences i'm going to be in there with a bunch of people that hate me because i'm wearing yeah a lot a lot of them the bangs let us would be here usually i'm used to watching games in bars where people hate me but they usually have to talk to me to figure that out first this time they're just me have a look at me and say oh he's wearing all lsu gear i hate that guy if they do that song though it's awesome the god damn it what is that song sucked at ten dick now the song alabama does were like intense you i can't and sounds really good dixieland delight there you go that's rocky top knows dixieland delight remember they stopped it and then miss terry had to do a public service announcement where there
i don't say the f word doing it and then they brought it back because miss terry told us they not see the f word and then in the stadium they had the blast audio of everyone saying like like freak or something like something else like the whatever the basement braces to petrus it was it was it was a soft moment in alabama history miss terry maybe if you wanted the people to listen we had to say you would kiss everything all been a fan on the lips on the way out of state how as he sees that they'll miss terry had like sit there in nick's evens like huge office to be in like please respect your
on it why would any alabama fan respect opponents the ship pump their opponents that's actually never respect my point as far as alabama fan that's a little reverse psychology i think that her saying that is her way of saying that you can have say it say even harder in there so bad please be nice to listen we don't want to create a home field advantage here yes yes all right we're gonna stop doing the strobe lights when you guys or or sneaking all your drinks from all your socks if you keep saying the all right last thought we have sabermetrics for james harden a new person on reddit did a deep dive and i mean a deep dive on james harden and came to the conclusion that if james harden is in a city with a above strip club he has a bad performance on the court now fine above average right so there's a ranking system which i don't really trust because it has it has miami number one which i get
chicago over to chicago unless you go to indiana the circles are that code and then salt lake city's number three which really apparently they have very high 'cause there's only one of you ok so it's like that's the only place where people go also shout out to the person who made it i think there in awl ryan so ok so so nice job thanks for sending it to us here that we could bet on it and not leak it to the world come on man come on let's hope the reddit gold was worth it that's my worst part i would have given you what is it reticle will give you some of that platinum from all my life who's giving you would've cash after you money to give me this tip so i could have bet the angle so now it's going to get screwed did he do any statistical analysis on whether or not james harden are all the strip clubs happen to be in town that also had playoff basketball teams his hours chicago yeah i am making dinner i need somebody to break down how kirk cousins plays we know that he plays bad in the afternoon and at night i want to know if
plays poorly in cities with giant mega churches and maybe goes there early gets a little too wild what's done against houston yeah he used to be yeah joel osteen right so at the bottom was toronto and cleveland and charlotte minneapolis actually i i don't know where if he's in a w element respect his data but i'm going to also guess he hasn't personally gone to some of these strip clubs and is probably just doing of review yes many strip clubs like one block from now here are right downtown there's a little bit of that i know i just know right there's a little bit of a bias in this it might be skewing it that's the ratings i get put on a strip club put yourself in the shoes of somebody that logs on to al gore's internet and look and gives a rating to a strip pornhub commenters yes so the type of people that would be doing that would not
be like your average customer at a strip club also in the bigger weirdos that will take full advantage of the breakfast buffet in the club yeah well that's going to say i'd like a follow up how this rating is not based on the food options the strip on hey can i went to a strip club in tampa bay abu it was a steak house yeah inside of a strip club it was wild bible says it does is your club in tampa that's a nice little russian nesting doll for the south yeah so it pretty much james harden just parties and he loves adult cabarets as the as you say yes last houses and then it just he sucks on the court that's and so you think yeah pretty much as well but i cried to him for doing the research and it shows a statistical correlation like a direct correlation between all the yes ok let's finish up the show we're going to do f asks an we randomly had a friend of ours stop by the studio happen to be in town today d platform
that's why i've been saying that i've been i like just using that word cancelled you you can't even be on this show so we it's matt jones of friend of ours who's been a friend of ours for a long time you been cancelled canceled so yeah we thought we would have you on to talk about kentucky sports and nothing else but also why have you been canceled i
your your good friend i'm sure everybody listening here is a big missed call yeah i mean he's just the cocaine mitch kids like you he he his people filed i'm on the radio kentucky and i'm contemplating running against him and they filed a complaint with the fcc and said it was unfair for me to be on the air because otherwise who would even know who mitch mcconnell is and so they they they they took me off and in there you go i've got an idea maybe so they can make both sides happy here yeah so it's it's a question of allowing equal time right you can't be broadcasting and if you're not why this is but that's that that is an issue that's like a spirit of of right why don't you just call us to show me i would love to i mean do that i here's what i've said i'd like to do like you remember the old show hannity and combs it could be like me and mitch he
i think it would be exciting i've offered it but they don't they haven't taken up on okay so essentially you are no longer get to host your radio show for the time being so we figured because you are such a psycho kentucky sports fan and you need an outlet to get it out i think you're going on a lot of political shows talk shows tomorrow this isn't a put talk show but this is a place you can get your stupid sports takes out i know it's stupid sports then you've been you've been d platform from your sports show so we're going to give you the sports place right here you can go do your politics on where you're going to be well well it's supposed to be
the couple shows on demand it m s n b c n n p r and c and while i always sort of her them br npr friend of ours you wouldn't go on and you don't raise our user your rival older podcaster beating on this for actual will do is we'll have hang ask the questions are very low yeah that was that you're not gonna be able to beat them because we race just allow monitor we just about this about npr there us i'm not there in there's still a weekend edition more like yeah no way did you did you finish your joke there the problem was i don't get a joke there i didn't admit it is going to be really embarrassing but that's just always really good about this show is since there's so many of us that talk on it have you ever just run out of steam eventually somebody will interrupt you know personal thing that makes me cringe when i listen to this from you guys more than when people who aren't funny try to be funny i know that you two are both funnier than maine so i just i'm not given one and i know it's ok if i have a question before we dive into about kentucky sports maxi actually know what strike that
too many people and i was i was the next word too many people on kentucky's bass building have the exact same mereka yeah yeah that's a good strewn brooks khalil whitney tires make they all do have the same there needs to be a little bit of variation otherwise i just i i get bored i will i will say that before we do the study can can i just say i might be appearance here was ever was of course when i told you the rick pitino engagement story and all that stuff did you see he's getting a little sassy because the governor that helped bring him down los tuesday when he retweeted with a jerry seinfeld meme and was like he's very timely and he was very he was very between those i love it between those who are getting on him alright so we are going to get our fa qs about sports but i actually have an fa q before hand matt jones die hard kentucky fan why are you wearing florida gator shoes
i don't know i don't know i was actually going to say it when he walked in but i said let's save for the show but i think your shoe off take your shoes off and put it up here i wanted to people he never ever considered these those are florida gator shoes in orange i thought they were kentucky fan how dare you sir you should be wearing alligator shoes shoes they're like they're called like board tucker or something there like service there supposed to be pretty impressive but you don't like them little shoes i like that i don't know it looks like something out of trying to their max ninety fives but this designer it's like jb i'm not can't remember the network florida gator shoes then you know they're florida gator shooter i can see why you would same t bo is on the inside of the tongue crane yeah it's incredible size twelve
i mean if you're a size nine we're going to be going if you're six four and a size nine yeah i don't have rondo hands but they're pretty big let me see let's see now you can't ever do the handling without six hundred and ninety three quarters kentucky sports fa qs is matt jones he's gotta have an outlet otherwise you're going to go crazy if you don't get up into standing at my girlfriends apartment screaming at tool you been doing your free matt jones tweets you've been to re tweeting politics stuff i know deep down inside of you i need to talk about sports beat the number one team in the country tuesday have not you not talk about on wednesday i was on it wednesday i have no doubt that your country without just doing a podcast what about how about you do a podcast underneath us where it's you getting out all your kentucky sports then we make all your money
send it out goes directly period you're not getting paid for yourself not sounds perfect to me why don't i work for you it's just not do our own personal liability having constant right hank fa qs is there anyway that former arkansas's quarterback matt jones implicated on any of this how deep does this gag order go matt jones you know there are a lot of matt jones is in sports you got the former duke basketball player the former florida running back the former arkansas quarterback there's a golfer pro golfer matt jones but the real code hey matt jones is the one from arkansas add wide receiver matt jones yes yes round pick by the jackson yes he was he got paid picked one pick before aaron rodgers hello that's so that you can always spends on your mitchell to basically thing into like yeah well i mean he's always talk about how mitch got picked before patrick my home did you know that in the sun watching just a lease not as bad as taking a a quarterback to play wide receiver true and roger you know because i'm a bears fan yeah and it's bad i i didn't like to
this guy from the moment they picked it i watched him in north carolina he wasn't good he still like anybody named mitch you're doing limits please you're doing a little revisionist history here then maybe two bad jones being the fucking draft guru well know his senior year was actually his first year in john fox is office because he was a junior when he was football young but then came football so you know we got down to it now i mean i wanted to even my own break my old radio cohost is the quarterback coach they were going to use to host a morning show together my toll take is it doesn't matter whether you believe in your pic or not but if your team takes someone like that you have to like you're all convince yourself until there's so much evidence that is mounted on the other side that you're like okay maybe this is going to work so would you would you give up on josh rosen no i actually think josh rosen is one of those perfect cases where like getting where you get drafted matter so much the nfl that i wouldn't give up on him until he was on a real team and you could maybe see him i don't know
on a realty wichita probably never before right so i think that jack rose is always going to be a like maybe he could take the next i'm guy yeah could be career back up right he's actually i would say he would be a better career back up then like a james winston or somebody who we know stinks right 'cause he doesn't like playing football anyway yeah unknown is better than the known terror correct when you draft somebody like big cat was with mitch and you don't like him when i did draft mitch i'm no i'm saying i have your back on this you said that you didn't like mitch necessarily when you drafted but then you have to convince yourself you have to hope that you're wrong but then the nice part about hoping that you're wrong and being right is for revision
as for you like i was right what was the name of the guy houston brock osweiler yeah it's a perfect example i was overtime brock us well you know it's coming right because you've seen all there is to see about him it be much better if you got josh rose and you go well possibly you know if it's just in the right to learn always signed on as well or twice that's how much you love talk right in in this the ultimate spins on if you're bears fan you have spent your life spins owning trying to convince yourself a quarterback is good so we got practice this is not new here's a fun one why is
at jones lying about keeping thirty young boys locked in the basement of his home why to get why because the bears thirty i mean you you don't tell the truth about things like that if you're if it's if it's gonna happen you you start with a lot it's actually thirty five yeah you're lying about how is your what what is your house like like is a nice your how many tv's are judged homes i have to tell his but i still do i hold all live what the whole house yeah but i just wish to live in a small like i i so i put my money how mad you know on got it okay got it got it we do have luxury bathroom door to my what yes you're locked in the bathroom i don't i do have a trial do you don't know are rich that's how we determine when around la over rich friends houses none of them had locks do you know if you do know that i have a tractor do you know what that is the tracker so i have mitch mcconnell hired a person who has for two and a half
see follows me everywhere so that's the guy sitting in the studio right now no they said he didn't come to new york but wherever i go he follows me an just stands there actually that's a bad axe move i don't know my name yeah he just thinks i'm going to do something but here's the thing he never does anything yeah no that's even better i like that i do like it seems like he's just playing a little defense but like you staying away here's what's crazy we've have become friends yeah this is john apatow movies that will just think about it if somebody is with you so i've been traveling around the state i've gone to every county in the state as part of this book i'm doing an when someone where you are everywhere you can't not talk to any listening to all the live shows and everything yeah and i i'll be honest when we come back from break he claps
yeah yeah yeah i like this is a good movie as he's got stockholm syndrome yeah i think i i that's the way i would look at yeah and i think at some point like if i end up not running i want to feel sorry for you job is john yeah actually you work for an nfl team that's like when they sent a scout to go hang out in a bar and see how many times a which is a black men comes into it that week that's like a great job for a young kid out of college you could do a lot worse than you guys been too we own ks baran i'm there a lot and every time i'm there he's there with his favorite thing on the menu he only eats the wings anything but here's also it's weird he always it's a table by himself he won't sit at the bar he's so i'm
always i will actually went out that's actually a nice neck by him because he's basically taking up more spots that people could sit out there so he's taking money out of your pocket exactly even think about that which so he's listening to this interview right now probably transcribing sup dude i wish up his mat drown higher mark challenge a man i hate lower by matt jones i hate louisville ky outside talking hate that whole state yeah goddamnit alright mary kay kentucky mascot sedition big red wku dunker murray which i don't know what that means an the louisville cardinal who's dunker well the best of those is is is the big red yeah i mean that that last one what was it what dunker whose dunker who's done merry merry say all my actually that's a pretty good one too so
what is done only i they talk about the little mascot with teeth or without too yeah we thought we had whatever the current iteration is so that's a teeth one thought that without personal ham notate doesn't have that was all but what is doctor what is or is it a a bright very the racers i think it's a horse is in it that's cool i think it's a dunking horse that is okay okay yeah good one number one right next big it just looked like a herpe to me it looks like andy reid hicks or question for someone who legally can't be on their own show with that person attribute their removal from their show more towards their inability to swim or their inability to hang pictures or their predominant nose whistle who okay so girlfriend right so here's the thing for people who listen i was not able to swim in talks like twenty no no no no this was not the nose or someone i know that was a big thing you don't know about the nose was yeah well no i don't every question i thought it was a goes with which thing you got a nose whistle they think people argue that when i'm doing the show and other people are talking
then i have a nose whistle that comes through the thing and it all right yeah i i heard that was you i heard it we do you have a nose whistle i argue i don't but many listeners like a lot of people think you do and it you actually do i do not have a note so i thought you'd be much more interested in fact i couldn't swim dogs too i'm not sure knows exactly you can't hang a picture was that about well it's not i can't i've just never done it so i mean in theory are rich in theory i might be able to do it but i've never attempted it
you know i don't have it's not i don't have people hanging them i set them on the floor so like what that date yeah cow yeah it's ran ran my number one picks role in front of me while i'm on tv yeah during the tech sorry for like cal yeah i do i do yeah i love how can i not like what i feel like a lot of people don't and i don't understand why like he's the best word calipari family yeah we've kind of been bullied and later we love they're fed up bullied but we're afraid of the caliper daughter so yeah the daughters aaron imagen de carlo frasca there's some other than us the better quicker there quick witted
they don't even in those yeah and they say everything cal wants to say you're not allowed we know they were big on the free matt jones hash tag today i like it not com got we don't read which which brought up to these is in detroit yeah brad went to detroit are not giving yeah i was playing at detroit mercy and next year kentucky's played a road game at detroit mercy for delta forever it's for bread and so i think that that is not a player true road game at detroit mercy for just some other guy i'll it's that's great so yeah so we're cal family and yeah we we like when he are you going to watch i are you gonna watch bread plate this year because i know you all over yeah obviously yeah to try to give me it's close now my eight okay former indiana code okay okay speaking of if miss where to run for senate which cal's endorsement would mean more john cal is going or jim cal yeah if not would
percentage tyler jim cole jim cows taken two titles away from us so we said jake he is the real j yeah so definitely john calla perry jim calhoun in callup you know those two despise each other come back like thirty years yeah well i think jim calhoun hates everyone that's like kind of his thing do you it was there any more baller move though that when he did that press coverage said i'm not giving back no no no no money great spread that in the in the i up yeah the the not a dime back he's got to say not die back do you know much more in and with the best part of that pressed is when the reporter says you make three million dollars a year and he just goes i make a heck of a lot more than that yeah and he didn't he come back and he's coaching like a family cottage right now it's just for the love of the game yes but that's kind of sad that means he has he loves there's like you don't think he could find
something more exciting to do paul is right i also think that he would rather just not to the press at all yeah you just go to the small school we can find where there's no order i will with this one who is the bigger kentucky legend hunter s thompson or colonel sanders great question we go anywhere around the world when i say i'm from kentucky the very first thing they say is kentucky fried chicken like i don't care where you are in the world hunter s thompson though i would argue he was the first blogger hunter s thompson wrote in a way that now we all right on the internet the guess at us he was everyone orders for that wasn't version of that but he probably was so for maine you know i would say hunter s thompson but but there's nobody bigger than colonel sanders you undress he definitely would write his underwear he did that a lot yeah he would write under the influence a lot so you know he writes a lot he wrote an article that christian laettner was the devil
yeah it is a lot wrote for espn may two or something like that for page two personal clement are simmons at roger clemens is the anti christ and so he did want about later that was very similar didn't get is quite popular but yeah no that's very understandable for espn you know of course it was here ralph wiley is well yes it impact and bomani jones they were all there yeah my football picks you would you would actually hound like the owners of the football you would go knock on al davis is door at the clock in the morning on and is a tell room just to get a tip for the next day how to make that searches booker yeah he was yeah i'll buy that argument think he was a blogger can i ask you a question about the two of you because you've been to kentucky a bunch you host the show what is your favorite part about kentucky the burger i always say it is
caitlin burgoo yeah i dream about it absolutely one hundred percent not had to brew but it sounds awesome have you been to keeneland i know yeah i've been healing twice the breeders cup stacking linux here it is again so i will probably go again and yeah no i love kentucky i think the we were talking with paula duca before but it is great when you get into lexington and like the rolling hills and it's very peaceful i'm gonna take you to to the mountains with me because you've never been in lydall thinks you don't want to come up i want to go to mountain i'll stay gone mountain oliver grew you guys go to the county called breathitt county that their official nickname is bloody breathitt you're telling me you don't want to go back so you don't want to go to bloody breath actually should should save my favorite part of kentucky is the fact that they painted the duck work in can i change that blue they change it back yeah well i like this blue yeah i know they just changed it will
used to be red drew franklin wrote a whole series about how they were painting the duck work and i was like this can't be more boring but more insight exciting like that was the big offseason news part of the reason the traffic for blogs is going down as we write we write more about duct work now than we used to yeah you need to get kentucky to repaint it every year otherwise the blogs going downhill long distros alone yeah i got one last question i consider memphis to be honorary part of kentucky it's all like one state to me but the new court in memphis or you throw it really first of all memphis basketball is kind of becoming a bad word in kentucky 'cause you know memphis announcers crew who want to james wiseman anyway someone pays a little more you get a little extra fedex money i agree wiseman dunks too much he wanted eventually did what twenty dunks last game it's too much but you don't remember memphis was going to retire cow cow in the rafters not literally but they were
but the thing that would have been held out of a true friend that fans complain so much that they canceled it and so cal like it's the only time i've known the cal got his feelings hurt he genuine that because he got excited he's gonna go haven't retired and they cancel we're going to hang up like his suit the you can't return error rosie's act score yeah yeah the front page yeah we're cal signed derrick rose yeah well he also had chris douglas roberts okay they're not there you go the two yeah why not all matt jones thank you good luck on all the show we're going to do politics i'm happy you got your sports takes out let me ask you question if i end up running will you all like you
i will make it all right here so you take your radio show yeah i would i would love to do like in the heat of the campaign the big interview with no okay i will cancel yeah we will do it in them about why you were in florida shoes cancellation the artist all in all in bed myself it with your campaign i'll have all right you are welcome to do that i would love to stop some of your campaign yeah the the famous kentucky in from new york and you can pay me you can pay me a salary to follow the follow guy
i follow the follower yeah like that so you could just stay in lehigh here the whole time all over the boneless wings he can get the bone in alright jones thank you so much thank you
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