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Huge Announcement With Deion Sanders, B1G Cancels Football, Hard Knocks, & Dungeons And Dragons

2020-08-12 | 🔗
The B1G and Pac 12 have cancelled their football seasons and it equals pain (3:02 - 9:23). Hard Knocks episode 1 was just a long coronavirus commercial (9:23 - 17:30). Hot Seat/Cool Throne with Kyle Kuzma, Steve Spurrier and Billy Football vs Jake (17:30 - 34:46). Deion Sanders joins the show to announce his signing with Barstool, the podcast he's going to do, and whether or not he would lock down Michael Thomas (34:46 - 55:09). Timm Woods joins us in studio to continue our Dungeons and Dragons game and we had a MAJOR plot twist (55:09 - 100:06).
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On today's pardon my take a huge, huge, huge announcement. You probably sought and title this episode. The on Sanders is our colleague Jean Sanders works with us Hollow Famer, Dionne Centres where support for sports Aris boss. I dont think that we might say that he's my boss right now, but please don't tell d on that. I said that it is not he's not my employ, but we are co workers with the onset. Yes- and I dont know if this this probably momentarily like him being like. Oh I'm corridors with with these guys, that's gotta heard a little bit you'll. Let us things like what these guys, but I think it can be a great fuckin fit and we have among the show where to talk to him or talk about everything. He's gonna do he's. Electric electric electric he's also gonna, be on the show every Sunday night in the fall for twenty minutes. Twenty one minute's decided it's gonna, be awesome, so get ready for that. We have our greatest dungeon and dragons.
Ever it was often because TIM Woods came into the studio yeah. First time we had TIM on was during Barston gold. When we're at the old office. He has been doing this obvious zoom vs Skype he can and it was amazing, plot twist come here, why? Yes, she
huge. I have tried chills during this episode of dungeon dragons. We have the cancellation of big ten impact, twelve called for by the ropes and hard knocks Owen. Hussy Coltrane Pact pack show, for you all brought you by our friends. A cash app permitting is always brought you by the cash app we are in the cash studios. It is the best in the world. It is the safest, most socially distance up in the world. You don't need to be handing people money. You don't need to be touching money. You can be linked directly to your bank account. It is super easy to do in the cash app is always given away. Money can go on their twitching, go on there and screaming on their twitter. The cash up his greatest up ever ever point blank ever so go downloader right now: user Frockcoat bar story. You get ten dollars for free, ten dollars to ass peace, yea and you're. Gonna help someone out your help. Some dogs and cats out in your also gonna help self out was ten three bucks so download the cash out from the asked or who placed or today and get involved with the cash app. Ok, let's go.
Its pardon my ten percent.
Work on the part of my takes centre by the cash out, go downloader right now use code bar, so you get ten dollars for three ten dollars. Tat S. Pc Ay today is Wednesday August twelve, I'm said: ok, I'm gonna paint a picture. I'm gonna paint a picture for. U K you wake up! It's late October, you go outside you walking the dog. You take that big, deep breath in burned your lungs a little bit, but it's beautiful fall day that brisk air one you go grab a coffee. You sit down on your couch. You look at the entire board. You plot out all twenty five bet: you're gonna make on a college football Saturday. You turn on the tv, its north, western and produce. They just started the game. They ve punted six times in the first four minutes and you're, saying yourself we're gonna have a day. We're gonna have a date, Flash Ford, it's three! Thirty to thirty central time. You're gonna watch your team and walks a bad
kick the shit out of Iowa ten to six, it's going to be great and then around I don't know. Six maybe go back outside for a little fresh breath are right. If the sun is setting that little burnt smell of wood in the air, you know what I'm talking about. Why are you doing believe yourself right now, you say to yourself: when I go back inside tonight, imagine dragons going to hit and I'm going to watch Ohio, state and Michigan State and I'm going to sit there and I'm just going to soak it all. In my battery's, been on ten percent all day chasing a charge. My eyes feel like they're going to bleed, but I am in absolute football vodka in all. That's got dont like all that, I'm. Why did you? Because I'm well, you just did with some heard just road like a penthouse forum letter to yourself about your perfect Saturday, and now you ve, just taken a valid celibacy,
I'm are, I know, we're all feeling pain. I am not looking forward to waking up naturally on a Saturday instead of setting my alarm to wake up at the crack of college game Day. I'm not look. I'm where's your among where's backbones gonna! Do what are you going to do? I want to hear your they should want to hear free idea for the Unifil. If there's no college football and Saturday try try to replace, I know you can replace it tried to do your best, by just scheduling the game that has the lowest point total over wonder to be the eleven a M game. Haven't we like Rocco's Redskins, eleven am Beth, can call that and then have the game that supposed to be like the highest number of points and turnovers take place it like men.
It still is the Hawaiian replace, so the big ten is cancelled. The pact twelve is cancelled. College football is officially on the ropes. The swings state swing conference is now the big twelve which they have announced. They're gonna go forward. It seems like the big twelve, the big twelve decides to play the s. He see the ac see in some. Actually, some smaller companies are going to play, so we might have still college football, but today was absolutely heartbreaking. Never thought. I thought the day that I wasn't watching northwestern verse. Purdue in the morning on a Saturday was the day I died. I was going. Be the day. I died there when, when that doesn't happen on a Saturday morning, in October its it that's a rap exceed undertaking Southern cancelled, the fall. I reluctantly agree that the FAO, I want to remain low wage Louis and on this I want to be croquet motion to in.
Place it with autumn this? It we're gonna, it's gonna be autumn yeah, but there's no fall because our size cancelled no falters autumn. I still think that we should have October FEST beer, snow cancelled out, sweat, marching out hoods, cancel quarters, Ips voyage, cancelled Thanksgiving cancelled Christmas. Would not Christmas. Christmas can head stay, but like ok, Friday for Thanksgiving Nebraska, Verse Iowa what the fuck! Well, we so my get grass hollers. I would that's the thing. Is Russia and I warmly ten talking you're going into the legends leaders in leavers division they might try to join up with a big twelve or with with the Asia, or something like that, but who's gonna wave to the kids and I were who's gonna wait wave to the sick, it's fucking socks. I will right now there's really got all step outside every Saturday and fall and waved you guys, God in a letter, this socks and I still think that will be college football, but it
as won't be the same. It's a conference, I love it's there abandoned me. I understand everything that goes into this are not going to suggest. We debated, I hated just admit right, no matter what side you're on innocent it's stupid, as fact at their sides in this, but it sucks at there's not going to be big. Ten football asked shocks, tyres not could be pact. Will I have a specific fuck you so there's a fuck you to the people who are like dude you're being a drama queen its Swartz. No its, not know it's not just sports. Its literally every Saturday for the entire forward my happiness. Yet nah it's about like what we do for fun. It's mine it's my mental asleep from the world. This fall is going to be possibly the least fun autumn. Excuse me that will have in our lifetimes. Well, let's table it here. Maybe college football happens it as hard as it is for us. It's probably going to be even more difficult on Jim Harbour. Do GMO
are still holding practice. You're. Always the he's he's going to go and saying that is like slowly hanging up his game day, khakis and solemnly putting on his that she knows of despair. Did you see that their they're gonna allow the teams to do twenty hours approach every week once I dont understand that- and I dont understand that I do not understand. I really feel bad for the coaches. Wives, in the situation that they're gonna have to spend a lot of time with their husbands, and maybe they haven't got to hang out with them for like Autonoe, thirty four. Years we are you. Are you really do just always walk round the house blowing whistles fuck man? It sucks everything so fuck her virus. I fucking hate you corona virus. You piece of shit.
Let's move on. I dont want to say that its Gregg Janos Fault life. If you had the under of point five and yes reasons it would take for the big tend to cancel their season due to an infestation of a virus, let's take let's move on to hard knocks where we could finally escape kroner virus o eight. No, it was just an hour of tone of our out. Like permission, give another fuck you too somebody yeah fuck, you too soon value deserve vocs zoo, vocs zoom. Yet I am sick of zoom get the first week. It was cause like, oh my friends. Drinking beer to different house. That's all! well, hang out with them on zoom. Now every Monsieur zoom on hard knocks it's like. I'm looking into a kaleidoscope of hell yeah, it's I can't process anymore, I'm sick of seeing Interface Fox Zoom, o n. You know what's going to fuck, you fuck you also to the people who are like dude, you didn't see this coming. Everyone knew This was gonna, get cancel, shut the fuck up cool Bradley.
Of a frontal lobe and can see into the future. I can't okay, I hope for the best and don't expect for the worst. That's how I live my life and guess what, when the worst happens, if fucking socks, it hits me like a ton of bricks cause. I never saw coming it's a sucker punch, you the face so fuck you do people like dude. I saw this common for Mamma I never expected there to be college football spend on you, gonna save a lot of money, cause you're, not gonna, lose all your bets on Saturday I was gonna. Get have now out there euros more, that's that's another spends rose. You can always say like this was going where it was be fall cat. I was hot when carnivores took everything yeah so fucker on it, hard knocks. Heart attack is literally technically on visa highlights of hard knocks Sean Mcveigh took his shirt off, which you,
Secondly, that he's been planning the entire summer he's like you, always gotta, photographic memory. Aha, so he's I remember back when they interview me the last time and hard knocks. I remember that they spend a lot of time on. My house is like I'm we're work out this summer and teach the dog cool basketball tricks in the pool and the second. The cameras get here boom with his fiance yeah suggests into, and that was very course using. He shot you made me want to show the dog tricks even work. They plan that shit out Sean Mcveigh, scripts, everything it was the Derek car last year when he was wrestling with his kids and it was so forced shall Mcveigh, listen. We love you coach Mcveigh, but go on from a you know for a couple glasses, a rosy and pop into top on oh man, that's weird. I thought I had gesture on suspending Shaw Mcveigh from winning Football guy, blue of the weak for at least September boom there to see patients have been made here, can be added to third trap of the year that Yes, oh yeah, really rank.
Through a gentleman saw that was like dude. I better get my shirt off immediately. Pop detachment seem tools. I fucking love him. He had a picture. The other day was like cam and, like all the the Patriots wide receivers, and they all had their shirts on in and jewels had the fuckin bidder yeah here the girl tat was nice. Just just pick it up, but I other highlights of hard knocks feelin had grown a virus. I would run a bottle seem any found out because of a golfer he owns a porch. He owns a ferrari. As I was referring, learn our lessons. No now Ferrari, let's see oh Gillian Ramsay still upset about his contract, although in that circumstance will respect the Bijou Ramsay. When reporter asked you a question, the same question three times in a row, you have to give a different answer. Three terrain right in all it takes is the first time I think he said that's between my age and in the front office. You care repeated verbatim. The second time say: that's between the front office and my age
new, ants whip it on yeah. Let's see Odin Nathan pyramids still catching straits. When you tweet it out, I actually thought that he was an animal control officer. I thought that's what you by the no joy boasts. A his contract was actually a kind of a cool moment. I we were, we were talking about in the studio. Could you ve just imagine for a second signing. Your knee on a dotted line and being like everyone in my wife, is set forever and Then they showed him like putting in the hard work, and he has our know how many Saxon the NFL and it was even a sack? It was knocked down of Nathan, Peter men, just a totally ricochet shot like do. You didn't need to put that in highlight package, but there it is Nathan, Peter Mink, eating shit on a football dead Melvin showing up in a sling
got you in the three Wheeler one person. I see that every year all eyes, I think hard knocks, has that in their garage. These loans to somebody yes, rural up with that was collusion. Acc trod nothing on hard knocks. So you said earlier sees me before we start taping jerk off first turn quarterback to be unharnessed twice. No this year to rot Taylor. He was also Zadig, Lena starter, though I think so he was the starter back in Cleveland and then Baker informed this year, I don't know. Does it arrived arises? All she's got great ball
that was another highlight. Was pep Hamilton just being stupefied by competent quarterback play after spending three months with Cardio Joan Lady through through that into the net? Is that as crazy as spiral, yet against no one and then one of the players walkin off the field was like I'm not gonna lights, it's cool to see ball thrown like erect, shouted filled, rivers, man, let's see what else o air Cromer FUCK Air Cromer forever. You guys were mystify. When I see pop up on the screen, I had a very visceral reaction to him, but he was the biggest snake of all time when he was the bears, often sublime and coach and then punch two key. On a beach. That's what I remember him for it ass. He was. He was enjoying the beach with his family and a kid stole like a long journey from unsafe punched again and that are yet to forego flock AIR Cromer, forever other highlights. Let's see, there was a dessert fuck soon there was a lot. Hazel, Swabs Europe. If your fan enable nasal swabs, you enjoyed this episode from
In this way they are those on whom ontogeny alike must show the corona virus test. That's exactly the same seven times and I'm pretty sure the bell a check is collecting dna samples and he's like that, guy's poorly hydrated, all the time that guy has a much gene that guy's on HIV age. Let's see anything else, I mean they they did the so fresh and so clean montages vows gonna cleaning the the weightlifting acquit I enjoyed that yeah it was a major bomber Sean Mcgaughey built in inside outside. Yes, it was like. I want you to walk through, like you is used, buying a new house and picking out like which brass fixtures he wants in the bathroom. He was ignore. Think lover break out here, often facing that way. Defence facing that way. Just you know: just build me in it. Would I have inside built entirely outside is ease liked. Immutably brothers, that's a real throwback, yeah member when they did that. What's at night, Roxbury
shit. I'm building there inside the club on the outside every waiting lined here and feels like your inside. They want to feel old. I guarantee you that movie came Before I deal, nine was worn, came out. Ninety ninety eight! So yes before Billy Football was born, bellyful, ah see yeah I wanted. They also have liked stickers everywhere. We somehow the Unifil had time to get together when they weren't play. On how to actually put in safety protocols. They had the time to make team branded stickers with lightning bolt that there was put six feet of politics, yeah, so Hardener Richardson could run through this whole stay away from state. Far far away hard knocks was yet one long. This is life with chrome. I guess we expected that. I think next next episode will probably a little better, but it's also weird with to tee. I need time acts of the l, a stadium not doubt was that was no brainer that was tied up for you just turn. Readin islands in secret
I don't wanna hijackers language eyes means Instagram I wanna watch is undermined, did not want to see them. Put a jolly have to do is put a fucking camera next to the stadium for six months and then just show the stadium getting there all. I want it blows my mind because, unlike while that stating was really small and now it's big real fast, yet I think this is gonna, be a pretty boring, hard knocks season, because you know when they throw two teams at you. It's like we don't really have anything in the whole time. I was just thinking how awesome would be if Blake, bonuses in this any pull up in his Tesla, and it would events and had like six empty tens of schools in this task. I gets a hearty cool throne. Then this gets Dionne Sanders and dungeon and drag its huge you'd show private. I mean the fact that we have the answers announcing that he is coming to partial sports, and then we play forty five minutes of the most electric dungeon dragons game. To think the answer.
Play dandy, probably not, but we should get him into a young debt. We will put that on the less yes, I just want to say I want. I don't want a pat ourselves on the back, but I think that's what they call range and busy. Yes hum I caught sequel drones brought you buy, but light seltzer on the hot seat this week or beer runs with sports coming back our friends but light. No, you can't miss any precious seconds of the game, so had do bud like darkened slash, delivery and get ice cold, but light and but light Seltzer delivered straight. Your door see dont, have to miss any action, that's pod light dot com flash delivery but light dot com, slash delivery, ok, Hank, let's go on a hot, is hockey Ivan Hockey, tough and when our talks about you know that they tough it out no matter what happens is five overtime game today, which is electric Bruins postpone after and it is postponed it until the morning because it was going on too late. I guess yet for the kid censor. The eggshells all about two
game five overtones lie more times like eighty five saves that drunken hockey, like overtime is so funny when that, when the guys so gas that their gathered second overt. I know they're doing like, like twenty second shifts there, calling all over the place issues a war of attrition just trying to survive its, I mean cutting, it happens. Early in the day, can you imagine that would have been like three in the morning? Yeah yeah, I mean. It was how long was game like seven hours yeah, that's insane in Saint. Both gullies played thereby standing on their heads summer, break out that old for his role of every year, how cold, but this is Devlin, going to lead to some light green Breeks tumbrels about how to fix hockey overtime, even though, as a fan, if you don't have an investment in the game, if you're not rooting for one team or the other is still a lot of fun to watch. If you are a fan of those teams, five overtime suggests in Saint. He added that that's marathon literally did the equivalent of running marathon. So there's
Let me somebody out there. The throws out a dumb take of how to fix hockey overtime, I would say, might well very well. You say he did now up of these. I love it. Are he treated like super super super blurry picture of the space needle whatever the fuck. It's called on another worldly night space needle is an appropriate backdrop, Insane Columbus tv game. God bless Pothier for great effort, even though I believe We should end these games sooner via three, we three or shoot out after a time. I think I actually do love three on three is so it is insane yet Every three is ok effort for overtime. They should third overtime make. The coach has put on skates I'd love to see twitter elegant check. The open ice, your they should do. Actually this is actually the fix. Is you start overtime, regular five on five second overtime, foreign for third overtime? Toronto? and then. If you get all the way to the fifth overtime, if just one on one that would be Electra yeah so
Not the space age people, people are roasting them yet space in Seattle, your Seattle, I think you're talkin about the arm. The entire always there Toronto pin see you in the sky, so says we're Canadians, nice, mother. How to use me future me. You know, stores rumours coming out today, obviously been known about. For months and months and months I put off like a ton of shit and though today Tuesday, now getting any other future me yeah, and I actually had. I have had a panic, their first I'm on my way, real, like a real life I gotta sit down on. My heart was hurting like brick, now little bit so we see you, you had all this stuff to do today and you still found time to sit in troll me what we
My party will thou. As I mean I wasn't trolling like I had to be running the production of that, and I was just trying to help out the other people who try to lend strategy to the other teams. Hey. Can I just say I am concerned for health. You been overworking things. You want to take some time off in this weekend, you're gonna neighbourly. Now you know me, I don't do that. I do you guys and says yeah. I didn't hear you ve earned it act, I've away. You already had one plan, no way whose point for last week this would reduce the work to make an academic. Oh man is gonna scare that those got those have an hour to us for serious, though on a really know. I really don't know it was only one is a you had a heart attack of cardinal. We we joke around with Hank Lot, make puts a lot of work in a lot of love, different areas or don't let the sick hours a day that he's playing collar dutifully, I'm retired our eye. The picture signal is
I don't know that for you act like you, don't take pictures you I mean I don't have an instagram account. Neither do I Astro Normie. Does my girlfriend using this ah grows. Girlfriends have insignificant exactly, I know them What exactly did you know my quarter on? You have access to it now price. Get that why just kiss yet it's a tariff terrible advice, because you don't know, you know why you know nah she's a curator. I if I send pictures, I sent him her why we need to get access to big dampers, who knows what it is doing in there? Post grape shot an axiom conversations with that particular files reminds us to get us access to big numbers. And then my cool thrown. It is Dame Daimler. Dame time, yeah drops so again today that the second MBA paragraph sixteen when one season he so fond of wealth yeah. When my fair pillars three times a week,
isn't he also shouts EMA com for playing with a fracture back exactly it's why hot hog is enhancing their can't even Morgan have two games. One night in cinema calls play with a broken back. Without those can we, my cool thrones, just toughness and general Xinjiang become what's he's podcast or tough. Reality is all those hours he puts in sitting upright carrying all these add reads that that should adds up here and I mean think about it. This way yet impose broken back. God forbid. He had a pretty much broken, Abby lights out and so he's been play with this for a while right couple months, still so funny little abroad city at a pretty much broken, Braun would have let you know before his back was pretty much Brody much broken hand is basically broken yeah although it has gone, is broken, isn't it we don't that's it like you had better to steal all my hot seats and cool thrown school, drawn that still seven o clock. Very gas,
I'm sorry, I'm sorry to say my my hot seat is east coast. Just dovetail along with hockey. Rockwork is like these are. The times are really really test. Your metal as an equal sports fan near will stay up until one a m on most of the black. Contrary actually, and I still have like another two hours to get with the series. You're not gonna, get any games on Chicago time. It's all gonna be West Coast time, because no they're events, no Thursdays theirs, is going to fight there. Okay, there go So what's your saved on Thursday yeah, I personally blame the plane the ice in Toronto. Five I'm game, I dont lad. I then that I think I would like, as a bonus to explain to me. I would love to have a simple Nazism boner. Why? If this after five times the ices messed up, but is not the point. The same bony tissues then bona fide and then it's back to normal, why don't they just put more water on exactly explained to him
did you just have have Caribbean Megan stallion walk across the ice just one time each boom new ice damn frozen when big once you look, it s, gate all cool Jain, Vietnam, Jesus or hot siege that was high. You can't keep you're, not going any more. I'm trying to say has to Jesus you because he's gonna shots put on all run all day, long hot seat, the NBA. How coups was better than Jesus and shouts of over Jesus? How does he July's thing to say? No, because she's guy rushed up once or twice man. Are you done? That's absurd before I'm pretty sure yeah yeah yeah yeah. It's definitely what ya think that'll be it from me. Ok, I guess I have to find new hot see I'll just go Let's see, let's go Billy's. She number three on Billy Sheet is quite Travis keeps calling DARE Norville Karen.
So I guess it robs than joke was really loves thy that diamond browsers. If you got those two jokes were good to go, you have really want to seal that Joe had the old she s, the old I have this right here, but we're fallen apart ears, guiltless get our weight on saying I'll. Just say: hot see, everybody else and sports for not having done votes brain because he was asked. What are the five greatest words that it go ahead? I can say in What was directly your demand into hole? I repeat: your demand in the hole, the famous golf course saying Green that we all know and love and use how what is what brand Is he your demand in the haitian rise honing, his brains, science? Just so we can figure out how to had never have this again young scientists who makes bombs blow it up all of his brain. Am I called throne is ass. These worrier this hurt
Don't give me that look he's the tweeted JFK getting his had exploded yeah in like each at four say: forty five and a cup of coffee and a fucking assassination Ah ha ha ha digitally Rima. Actually harassers sit at the embassy zoomed. They do for golfers. Seebach went all the way around here you go. Here's a board exiting is eyeball yet had sounded. Hours revoke on world started. Oh shit, I Michael Steve Spurrier. This hurt me, but it's good to know. Steve Spurrier still got it so Pat Dooley, tweeted coach for your called a few minutes ago said the SEC and ACC should just play their seasons and winners space off for national title, because one conference is going to win it anyway.
So then her boy, but I love- is buried. You know these still got little chess barriers absolutely still getting shots on. Ah, ah, I hope, spurred. I need to see more because your card for policies in traditionally feel like once, he retired from the game he privatizing watch culpable. He probably just he's on the course he's on the tracks, the scores he's always down against and then fires off a couple Rossa, Tennessee, yes, he's always on the course. I Billy take us home hots equal wrong. You gotta stewed hours, Hindu huts, e g, cool throne. No, it's ok! I usually onwards it ass. He says yes, he's vaccine yeah, I'm grasping his trousers. I your last he's got bigger the vaccine, they're gonna, good good. I don't trust it. You can take. It yeah we're way that they brought big ten football back. We label that has destroyed good point where they mix it with a sweet batch of HIV Aids
again more suspects, that's true hand makes you you'd more some things you ve put worse shit in your body. Then mercury on a daily basis, maybe crocodile member crocodile values, Celine and vodka- go. I'm pretty sure that the pre work out stuff that you take probably has most of the corona virus vaccine in Europe through which you give everyone Pueearka, yet sweated amnesia, Jack, Bros, Zack, I'd anything else, Billy, J hot in so yeah go for Jake, I'm putting a man named going pretty much broken ankle to your point, a guy named Emil Slick and nineteen. Seventeen. He invented the crutch. I'm saying the crotch is useless. It is my armpits are more saw them my foot, we I get you a wagon router, we ain't, you got no longer needed
I saw the rivers and here we go round off. I have to witness this here who saw the injury. I didn't actually look at the ball. The ball that Iceland for a winner, Pfc saw it. Then I saw I saw the shot budget crumpled in pain before well actually landed a second time so who's to say that you want Billy YA toward hot, see, Jake's pain, tolerance What song is I walked in the off. I scooted into the office say, and I could just see Billy's brain, saying, Jake. Suppose you very high, why didn't you say tat? You do a marathon faster than Billy on the treadmill on your scooter who see just hold onto the site. Then you Billy Billy, rate. Silly, do you think Jake suppose he no common? He were playing a guiding p word. What you think he's a wet ass pussy is either we are what resides in the music video.
Copper, old, damn and that was our Clayton bristles Salisbury Debates over the record. I'm clean yeah we're always yes, we seem Jack do spray. Naples saga is actually is worse than a pretty much break. I hope, will areas her now: com au- we forgot the biggest news hot seat
every banned in the entire world. Also, do it I'm gonna, goings thrown nickel back nice. Why? If you like, is coming out with some, they just gives a date for good, throw nickel back like nickel back year, sheep or Billy. You are also a quarter of a quarterback source. I think that explains itself where you like him, so my move back the day used to be going to the bar and putting twenty dollars into the dupe oxen, just playing rockstar twenty times in a row until the bartender would actually have to shut down the Jew Box and bomb everyone out, but I had fallen in my friends headphone, but it's a great song, you know it socks is at at at innate, shall play games this year, we're not gonna, get nickel back, singing national anthem, Yang, O Canada, dam and dude. I certainly am worried by magic dragons, and there is the other thing that people don't think about
I do not think it ass India. They probably have a banker ready to go and it is not going to happen, release it for, incidentally, football, two thousand twenty dude. I actually daydreamed about the like aerial of Jerry's world. On that, like last August, after day incur curve three hours up being like it's been. It's been two hundred days since college football, but we're back. Ok, you know we need to do and we have clearly, though we have wanted it on again. Every Monday show we don't like that guy. I have very little says what happened yesterday on Saturday in his nose ring Boggy college football Saturday, just like give you that time to just write your fan thick and get it all out there on Monday shows aka gear socks oh also hot seed, corn, coward, you're, fuckin fraud gambler did you I mean the fact that you said who cares about the MAC and the whack? That's you can't talk about gamble.
Any more than you do you don't care you don't care, and Billy was right about the kids out their yea. It ok, opportunity yoga you're. My laboratory also don't care about gambling, because those are gambling conferences, that's why they exist. He also put Joe Burrow in the hot seat for getting the twitter handle. Add Joey burrow. These are Joey Far Joey is a skateboard kid that has his hat backwards, get Joe. Now, that's a quarterback that get out of here let's get to Dionne Sanders, who dimension, but he's a colleague of ours now before it
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colleague, Dionne Centres. Okay, we now welcome on recurring guest and of hull famer to time Superbowl winner, now, as officially of today are coworker. It is due I'm sailors is crime holy shit man welcome aboard. Thank you. Thank you. I had no idea Would you guys last time this transfer this
quickly when arming private were very it yeah. I'm happy were work, work work static, so Deanna is joining the pirate ship. He is gonna, be launching its own podcast. Twenty first in prime he's gonna be doing some video self with some is old friends from the league he's gonna be doing some video stuff for an Anti fell, show and he's gonna be on this podcast for ten fifteen minutes every Sunday night in the fall right. The cap in what we watch on NFL Sundays. All I get is dated fifteen dern minutes. You guys will bring me on the shoulder tuna. Fifty minutes- that's all I get is all the work. We do. You wait a minute you very fast. In this way we can call NFL primetime yeah Sunday. I don't think anybody ever done that before
How much do you guys? Don't you get as much time as? Yes, you get as much time as you want, but I'm we're really really happy. This is very exciting. How do you feel knowing that you can now you can be we're we're gonna get like unfiltered, prime. You get to talk about whatever you want you can. You can understand why, when you own a network, show you gotta, fifteen. Second to forty five seconds shot clock and forty five is allowed to get out. You thought in flesh it out now git to really exhaust my thoughts in tell you and killed.
True. Europe, in my mind, in my praise, the balance that is the point, are you kidding me and then a whole new generation of people did. I wouldn't have never come in contact with eighty that thirty five I got three gives an eighteen, thirty, and I get to talk to you about what you're gonna put a signal of having seatbelts put in almost seat right now. They put in a simple way using saucy bells on every couch in America on everyone, every like a bus seat in America, because when there listening on Monday morning, it's gonna be bumpy ride, a very excited to have your board prime. I think at others like a bunch of different ways that we can get you on the show on Sundays.
One of my ideas, because we talk last time about your tackling. We had a very good conversation that I was thinking. Maybe you could get your offended. Maybe we could do like Dm Sanders biggest hit the weak best tackled week, so we can ring rain. Now. Has a big hit me ass? Yes, because I actually Roma career, I haven't yet real despot. Fifty nine minutes long and I just need one more year- just make it our packaging and you keep open
This will mean that real I'd know level. Bad is one hit it that's why I take it. You idea I go across the middle. Gives you d on free that I'll do anything for content. That's what you learn about is pretty quickly or we could just had a race people, because I know last time, you're on the show we had you challenge to YO to erase teleology. He said easy and most of all understand. Teal teotl realise their first of all in parties dumb and did mean I've never looks. Ok, you gotta understand in order is not one of my favorite wrapper is E. Forty. You know that my guy, you gotta, understand I've, never drink. Eight. Forty, ok in my life, you gotta understand I don't even
like I'm forty and he's not even known for running a boarding and he's gonna tells me that's what I like about these new jobs. I get this. I always thought nobody wants. Stop me. No controversy, do not scared you guys. Strudel gather closure, ursule and get it yes. Yes, so we should bring up. You may controversy. Last week you went viral yet for your thoughts, switch well. What? Let's retreat? You have three young between right here. I have your thoughts on it. It says all players opting out sports, please believe,
The game will go on without you. This is a business, and don't you ever forget that there's no one, that's bigger than the game itself. Only the rough ops and officials are that important that you can't play without them. Not? U hashtag truth. While you did you hashtag true, so it's hard to argue with that, I would say: well, I think I dont think you lied tone deaf. Maybe yes because well know what is the way you personal wasn't taking the shot at my ok, where young ones, English. I was its alone to understand, as if you are a cool with this jolting english basketball players have guarantee sailors based, where's have guaranteed sellers football players are not. The expectancy of your career is only three years anyway. If you, I just really want you to know, there's a maid.
You're a possibility in changes, then you may never play again. Just keep that in mind, because normally football players and athletes don't understand. This is a business to business lapses. In the fix yeah, I actually agree and when I was reading it, I was reading it with that mindset, saying that the game move on without you whether or not you like it, you might be used to have your starting spot here. You might be a star, I think some people interpreted as saying like like you're, not as you're you're, not big like, like. Don't think that bigger than the game, in other words, like some people, say are you coming from a perspective of like pushing declares back low, but I didn't read it that way. I read that were people only reached up and interpret stands from where they are emotionally mentally. You couldn't stay a manner of players where I'm always fight for the players, and I love to love, love people. I want people to be happy, so why not take up a stance like that? I'm really just run indicate you like a man. I think is sick,
the ninth, whereas who acted out. I can't wait to see the statistics the following year of how many those players go back to those teams that they opted out, for. I can't wait to see it, but whatsoever is gonna. Be fascinated me, but you do agree like some of the players opting out, for maybe their family has health issues and they can't take the Scots totally understandable right I understand the end of the year, the business side, which I agree with. I think don't talk about that enough. You know that the NFL ruthless I understand this is their business, the standard, some GM there's some here, coaches and also you you up it out and I needed to leisure. So when I do business on the other side, don't guess is it? Is it a thing about people, even the people get along,
but what I say if they see somebody gentleman in a more at a grocery store, having a good time in public for decades. There goes away. I thought you had a container, why? You probably did you uptown? That's a man. These people know that yeah. If a guy you'll do if a guy up that you say that say, gentlemen, It gives a playground a monthly. What would you say- and probably probably in that circumstance about hey nice to see you hope you don't well families could an autograph, but I know I know you're saying that it puts you under a microscope, somehow
you were coming out from a perspective of just being realistic, not necessarily saying that it's a good thing that the game will steam rule anybody or that, like some of these James, might look at it next year and say like this guy, don't wanna play with us during a pandemic, I'm gonna cut him. I don't think that that I don't think you're saying that is necessarily a fair or a good thing, but that is the reality. The situation like this legal move along when I say the gay will go on being honest, amen Games go whether you out there not a games. Dont go on you gonna play for all eager to find another got to replace you, and if he does, his job is really going to replace. You is this sad true, but its Ria out. So I'm gonna take spins own positive, spends on what you just said, your guaranteeing that there's gonna be an unofficial season because we have had some bad news today. Obviously the italian Council of guaranteed prime hierarchy. I can guarantee that the bug me I've been on credit and I've been man, but I've been opera.
Still I dont get another. May I don't ever do what's up with you, don't wanna be black Jack would be because the plan for me mad if I gotta, get wet the joy of I'm playing from me. Ok, I rule and black jack. I'm not gonna get myself out your hand. I don't even like a hundred having an idea that I gotcha it's all about that, but I really do feel like it failed to equate the shit. Ok, I like that also, but I do have one wanting to point out about you tweet. I disagree with says only the reforms and officials with important what about the fence? We pay salaries. The feds are wonderful, like butterflies, don't show up, the game is still completely, but one by one
How can you start again without the opposition's kick off calling on how I don't get all every year every on Thanksgiving people play. They play football without officials yeah who, in the backyard call your own foul, they don't care, they don't care data ain't. Nobody came to see them play in a beggar. Why don't? We come on in here that I have never. I wanna take you get us there. I have never seen nothing in my life is a imagine It's a brother on every hour, lad darn. It then submitted brothers only sphere in its title Football Sant Block. I watch one gave us all three analyse this camp, doing one game to scrape up brother up and take him up,
you told them at hidden. I never said I want to produce that it put it on television because is better than the amendment primary now that you're professional pod, castor. We have to do something about your computer. That tells you every hour on our what I was that what was that the eight o clock that China, that was it I don't know, so that is going to be a great weight has on agriculture. Has it been doing that ever since you ve had? It is something where like waiting for you cited Commode effectually, know me, like you guys, don't you did know beat you know, I'm not tubular leader. I don't know anything about a computer, I don't know anything about it all, but had a push in and out of doubt I'm not that guy. I know I don't know I don't know modified. I think I need to know what I know. I know I like this when you listen to twenty first and prime,
but which Dionne is gonna, be debuting very soon. On the parcels, worse network, you not aware listen to apply gas with the hall Famer, but you also get the time told you every hour it you know what else will throw the referee? Why had you guys mention that we're gonna do is show Yeltsin?
We did yeah we're induce on Sunday haven't primetime we're gonna. Do there should be a pre game show then I'm gonna do talk about we're gonna get to get yes, there's gonna, be a pre game show and then there's going to be the part of my take you're gonna beyond this pike, ass every Sunday is what we're gonna. Have you busy you're going to be working hard ready for that lose the guy? That's no excuse me to this being a ignorant but who's the guy with the Patriots dongle like death. What are you gotta downright that's day, a tank TAT David. That's also producer Hank yeah. So can you acts this question for lightly he's listening? Does he really think it? Tom Brady was the quarterback. All these guys would have opted out Hank
Hank, good question. I think there was no question. Do you think they would have still yeah most homeward defensive players in Europe? If Tom Brady is there which Don't I assure you that you gotta have a shot at the super bowl I assure you that you are winning Lizzie Eleven game. You sure you you got a shot. You really do think Are there no other neighbour better shall with can then holy shit. Think about it. I can hag that's why I like Connally. It's done You got that right now. I've got a plan that Russia would then have to build
The biggest this all right here I got it like that. His belly Julian, get us telling all that you should call my dad You should call now called was busy, ok interest in terms of the exceptional that you join up with us. Think he listened to the sharp Lillian, as is usual with Julian, would drive into work Julia Elizabeth Episode, you'd, like a veritable epic jus element, jewelry stupid Julie and at all the package deal young. Should he should over TAT. He should be. There should be automatic. I think you're, probably trying to break up the dikes, and you came break up. The new edition emit neither one together Bobby you UK rake up that kind of stuff, peaches and her. You can't break up guys like that. You you can't do that, may have to beg him, see,
never saying when Emily Big, if the UK break up people, I have always said that if I have any break up stuff like this man, I think gentlemen, probably tragedies curl up into a ball again to suit case, when Tom was moving on a flawed and economists. Usa cause you know that you know he's gonna be missing Tom. What prime were very excited to have you? Yes, it is the beginning of a beautiful thing. What? Let's? Let's do this now, because you you're gonna flush Hank with that opinion later on the season? Why aren't you will give us your weight or Yahoo way to early reporting? Wait you early Superbowl winner, do it took about winner yeah suggested. I give us a contested from each from each conference. Air sea can't city is the easy choice yup, but I don't like it. I like it. I gotta give some thought because I haven't had I got my
I spoke out you handle right now. I don't have a pro had on right now. Ok, give on you know, he's got up, and I really like the saints man. Ok, ok, like a red light sites in the industry, the area of sea down. Oh, I'll. Give you on the hook I'll give you have no way of sea and I'll change. The question for a follow up question, prime in his prime going up against. Might Thomas Kent Guard MIKE? What is tat? Why? Why would you do with Ex me some like that in a middle way? Why would you do come on? What's that line inside it? This is like asking Thyssen in his prime would equally What did you do with sugar Ray come on man to carry out daunting? It was the lad up in front of a tall did know you can get it do you I understand how how disrupted is to understand you
colonel. You wrote one step too far. Did you could possibly see me dance with six days into the next game occur do you understand that but do you not understand it? Even your prayers and your girl, probably don't wanna, take a pigeon wit me out that that is what I d like to stay this is why we want a better job? yes MA am I been Chris, great against all of payment. Karl Marx, Audrey Ray, I voted against the great what we're gonna do every Sunday night we're gonna have the guy who had the most catches rebuild. What would is that line have been against private use? Youtube. China, compare a monument to the moon, What it does. Did you come up with our right now? I gotta go
don't give you all stop or I don't know what I'm gonna get to get it, but what we do and better we ve already established and you would shut Michael Thomas down zero catches, zero yards, maybe to pick Sixes Derek Henry- takes a toss. The outside he's coming right. Primetime. How do you bring down earlier, through yet somehow area has go Jack. You know you're in services glare together. Richard did attitude, you note, yeah go jacket eaten by just one shared it yeah. Its good points will be on. This is ass, a man we're so we're so so pumped. I'm, for I mean I'm jacked up just from from listening to you for ten minutes.
Go Sundays. The ever be the same on these will never be the same. We got it. We got to send that we're going to set a time- and I know your big clock- I Rynason time every Sunday night, we're gonna just have you on for not say twenty now, twenty minutes and break it all down. What about twenty one, twenty one Africa at us in Perth, I love your. Your computer will tell you in twenty minutes twenty one man's happy I did have. I have one more question asked because I just remember: I saw this myself this video yesterday, the NFL Throwback Twitter account did a little highlight real of you and they showed all your best high steps. What is the earliest that use are high stepping into the India, because I think I saw one that started on about the other twenty five yard line, prowling probably against Houston or moon without.
Why did it? But he threw like a look out in again and I looked at it too like and he was run it. You know one of those times you have the run at the gate. To make it look at you know you never catch him, and I was that it was the kind of thing I think that was the longest one for uniform. Damn it will be on it's great to have you part of the team. I can't believe I can call d on centres of colleagues. I think that probably dimensions you and elevates may judge can have to Vienna soap. That moment in, but welcome aboard, and we look forward to everything that we gotta come up. You know you guys know about me. Go list would burst through with it. I really thought hard about this, because I love the transparency of the controversy I loved it enables
a sure thing on my but my ultimate goal. I will be employed the other week. Ok, I will we had that award. Aren't you that award everything really yeah? I won a weekly. I plan on when an award or with a perfect perfect will be on your talk soon. Thanks again, man we're so pumped risk it. If you had told him where is your guy across from you guys? Ok, I thought you didn't always
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tinctures oils they ve got guns. You can use those oil to make your homemade edibles use. Promo code, p m t at the number three c h. I dotcom three key that calm and now dungeons and dragons more okay. It is time we ve taken a couple weeks off, but aside for dungeon dragons- and we have our good good friend TIM Woods in studio with great to be here- get to see all its voting great to see you tell him it's also great, to see all the dye that you brought absolutely I miss getting to roll the physical die on the table. So now you get the kind of man again seen every time. I don't know if you ve noticed this. I am sure that you have, but you have quickly become one of the favourite, if not the favour recurrent guest on Martin, I take your. You are universally black. I think that there is anybody out there that's been like I hate him. I appreciate that so much I like to think. Dungeon drag
the game where people don't realize how much they love it until they see it and action and then, once you see it inaction you care resisted it's so much fun. Yes, yes, so works to, have you back so can we do quick refresh where were at and then we'll get right into no problem, so we are All right now are adventuring party are the heroes of the village of greenest because we saved the village from the evil dragon coldness and their evil drag minion Lenny Fond, who we kind of drove off after Berserker Billy did turn upon us, and last session began with us taking down the traitorous berserker Billy.
And then kind of following up on another quest. We discovered from a young monks apprentice named pillow that there were several prisoners taken and we have taken up the pursuit of these cultures who escaped with a few of the villagers and what sounds like this poor monks master has also been taken prisoner and we kind of got to where the cult in this box canyon seem to have fortified themselves and we did manage to take out their guards. There had been a bunch of cobalt and one human guy,
In a tower, we, through our cobalt Bob cost us up into the tower, and then it was our new respond. Wizard arrived, our new team made the kind of wizards scholar reporter as it were, who has arrived on the scene to help us it was his thunder wave spell, as I recall that had blown all the other minions added that tower and we have silence the initial alarms and, as we are kind of looking into this valley, full of cultures, where noticing a couple of things going on. First of all, we can see many tents were all these cultures in cobalt, look like they're kind of celebrating their victory, but about semi victory. We kind of thrash them pretty bad enough lead from the town, so their celebrating their spoils and their prisoners we can see in the distance beyond would appear to be cook fires, where they're all gathering to feast. We can just barely see some people about five people. It looks like all tied to posts with their arms buying their back, so we're already spotting just a little bit passed. All of these call this, the
prisoners that we're looking for, but the prisoners are just below a mountain cliff at the top of which we are seeing a leisurely sleeping dragon Dragon Lendeth on sound asleep at the top of the cliffs, just above the prisoners and all the cold. This look like they're just about to have dinner, there's big stewpots, going on where their gathering round to feast were also noticing. There's one big tent in particular. It definitely looks like the leadership tent if there is a leadership empire and just bind the leadership tent, there's a k. Eve entrance, but this could be any or all the cave a little bit past the leadership tests. So this dragon Linda, that's the dragon Billy attempted to conquer their toxic relationship when hundreds of she taking some time, Authors is like self care for. Honour is tired. Ours. Is she ready or another relationship yet Elijah's Heather and you know what she wants to be doing with a lie
oh right, she is sound, asleep napping right now and if you were to judge based on the expression on her sleeping face, she has already forgotten. How I can invite you invited me to do. I got side, dungeon and dragons. If I could pick my perfect ending to this will be that we bring we reanimated Billy, we saved his skull. We reanimated him than we fuck the dragon in front of him and then kill them again. That's it! Why does my dream? Ok, what do we do idea? So we need to figure out what it is we want to accomplish their liking thousand. They ve got some proves prisoners as if taken do you want to see
air about them to do we just went on. I want to go to the dragon. Well, art. So we have checked so Jake is the scholar let Jake Jake while shoe. Let's get Jake involved and let's Jake let Jake you decide what our next move is going to be, as a group to my was kind of furs won't think furlough made during the stern absolute, no problem Jake. Let me also ask a quick questions. Reminder for me: did your elf wizard haven't name yet you do not know how we had in the area. I think I'll see you might have said just Jake, possibly I'm not one hundred percent and that either the will or cook on at a little bit, Europe was real. Haven't darling. Are you gonna fuckin could take yak, ivy cake, Hooker cake, the wizard sure cake the wizard done. My love like to note that the kick the wizard went to very prestigious school for wizardry. He went to middle he's only oh brad. Where you learned all this magic and spells love it fantastic as a wizard. You do
learn all of your magic from your looks and schools and stuff like that. So you are a highly intelligent, highly accomplished wizard, but other situations that require you to like survive, fireball blast and things like that. Those will not be or for tat. Okay, so I would use idea. I was kind of intrigue about the mysterious key. Absolutely so your curious about the mysterious cave, I'm happy report as an elf. You are trained in perception, I'd! Let you roll the DE twenty right now and you have a girl, Jake three on perception to see what can I say about this cave or since your kind of our call to Sierra Leone is mere by were hiding in the bushes kind of look in India. You might over here something to go around eighty, twenty plus three calling eighteen, absolutely love it love and eleven still-
very good him with a plus three. That's a total. The fourteen, I meant to say you can just barely see in the cave, a figure come stepping out who is wearing a dragon mask, and then you see and pull out these two short swords. He spins one of them in the air. And you can tell this guy knows what he's doing with these two swords. There is a guard their that much is obvious, and then you over here, one coldness loudly shout. Looking at a coal bold now you're not allowed to go over the hatchery. You think you're allowed near their forget it. You cobalt, can stay by your own Tenzin eat your own for in their really treatin these Goebbels real bad, but you heard the word hatchery as he pointed at the cave, so you learn those two piece of info with fourteen, whoa. I use nets the hook and in theory that's our wizard up. First, that's perfect, then Erlich that would bring us to know next in theory and then it. Like Wayne and then norm after that we should go in the renewed, refuse prose we got
We get an answer to your question about Hatteras, absolutely always hatchery. Is it what it sounds like you're their eggs and errors? It like a nursery where there are like small, cobalt or hatchery indicates that there are eggs of sir kind ragged under your proteins. So do I tell what we want to do before or after in theory, tell me what you're gonna do and then all role will role to see if it is a success. I think I mean is therefore Boston. One guard, I think we should take the guard out and try and take take the hatchery yeah. You can hang out of the hatchery right now. You can see the prisoners in the distance we're just gonna go and around liberated out whereby them. So if you are trying to go for the hatchery I'll, let you leave the team in kind of sneaking along and this, if you're trying to avoid the rest of the army right now, you would be getting to rural stealth check and that would be a plus two for you like to see. If you can sneakily get us to the cave entrance.
How'd you do on that total everyone's lies digital for its right now, as we there are no more lax sneaking ahead. So only the no more lock is getting spotted by a few called us along the way. We're gonna see exactly how many called the servants. It seems like a team of three coldness and one cobalt who were eating some food. Then they look up and they see you in that way, who's that
oh, and they start approaching you right now and I'll bring us to wane stirring nest and we need a travelling with the gnome right. I've got on experience, third, sneaking into places what if we got dressed up as like old people like an old man, a woman and I guess Hank could be like our are caretaker. That can bring us, and so is that possible. Can we disguise ourselves absolutely we're already kind of dressed up in coldest robes right now, but apparently unknown was a little bit suspicious of their coming over to look at us if you're trying to role to trick these people into thinking that were called this now or something like that, we already kind of look like them. You be rolling a deception check and you have a plus five on this cry. In theory, dress up like disguise,
myself as an attractive female nome, and then the gnome would be too concerned with looking at me and then all the other guys could just for the game just for the gang of real and I dont want to wear dry. Don't you have not gonna put on addressed by it. I this circumstance it might be advantageous, absolutely I'll. Let you know that there are two humans and a door for approaching this nome right now and you are a dwarf so dressing up like a female north is something but you could do to try to like trick this just orphan right. You may as well go enrolled deception to see how good it isnt irises them. Oh, that's a five! It's not a group of all! You have a plus five on this, though, and with a ten you can see the humans kind of looking at you like, and the dwarf is looking you with smile right now. He seems like he's adding in their approaching these. We don't know, we don't recognize you or have you been traveling with this bitch with Red Meares Band is what they say for a long time, yeah yeah my whole life
What really really that long, o interesting role, one more time so far, he the kind of aren't seeing through your disguise, but seventy seven do live on that you are absolutely. They are eating this up right now they say wait years. That means you must be in recent years interest uncle. She must know you very well. Are you? You mean the boss, lady she's, a big fan of yours. I've been in her circle once or twice that's, ok, fantastic, so you can see that the door is hoping to smooth with you more in order to kind of like get a promotion by getting to know you better, but right now, they'll believe anything. You tell them if you need to scamper away from them right now, they'll be doubled.
Any excuse you give them. What would you like to tell them? So I would like to tell them off follow me around the corner, where they can't see the rest of my my troop that we're gonna get you like all three of them and the cobalt follow are only some of them. I feel like all three right yeah when you have you guys like a wide open to this man gave me I've got you get all four of these individuals can like follow you a little bit and the rest of your friends, therefore able to sprint by no problem knowing well done now brings to norm the martyr Arians. While this distractions going on norm, you can run for the cave entrance, I'm ready for it, but by way before I do my turn to you, do if lift because your arms or look nice, I've been stuck inside for a while. You have been dying notice of our like nobody ever working out. I realise that a working programme we appreciated thank dodges, an outside your angle. My does that they notice. I know they should do. They should make waited dice like huge
when he saw his little. My rolling had strong on her eye, so I'm in a bomb russian right, I've gotta get in your view, sprint for the cave entrance right now. You should be able to attack that guard without anybody. Seeing you thanks to distraction provided by. So if you charge discard, you can see he's wearing this dragon Mass carved a wood and as soon as he starts register an enemy rush. Get him he's immediately. Spinning his blades overdue. He looks like a ninja almost in action and it looks like you might be tough to take down, but you could swing or you could swing and go reckless and get imagined Jani it on a browser wont let Billy talk. You be careful. Your health is extremely low, I get that Bulgaria would always talk anymore, no nope Billy's done talking on middle reckless on this bitch. Absolutely you get to roll Tutti Twin one year ago,.
You didn't even need to go wranglers, you got more illegal hit and I know that, based on the damage you deal, which would be four of these de sixes plus another five, a raging you are in the killing you like likely. You have lived through the air and you just hold up your sword. He lay upon having just shake your sword around, slashing him altered or really how fuckin jealously you're? What I just did you would never be able to do that is killed that dude. I hope norm die okay. Now, at this point normie, you have absolutely obliterated this dragon. Man guard this ninja Dragon Guard and you are seeing that he is falling debt to the group.
Don't, unfortunately, have gone reckless and you did not see that from around a pillar another one of these guards is coming out of fatty, take out his errand, but now he's leaping out trying to take advantage of your. He is getting a twenty one on his attack, which is gonna, get your armor class and then with the second attack. Luckily, that one is amiss so EU measures to get you with one of his sword for another, it's gonna be eight points is not normal. No only take four points of damage because you are
Are you doing so? You still have a smidgen of hit points left for sure. A lot of damage through I am, I am concerned with his health through now. Oh, I mean is in a way that we can get his health back up like eating these areas. Maybe this certainly- and I would say that, as we come back to the wizards turn, one thing that the wizard would have come equipped with was one healing potion and in theory, if you wanted to run over and try to deliver two Norma healing motion you could or you could launch a powerful spell attack to try to take out the guard. He is messing when you bring a moment's employer. Dario Jake goes gives some, my god Nino bubble some Russell Wilson Water, Mr Unlimited yeah love it you're, giving him you give him the healing, boatyard every absolute. Then I will let you know that you have just he'll him. Let's see how much this is gonna be total. You have just heal them. First, seven points of damage norm is back up to about nine. He pointed out now,
so he's got that going from Google and use your action to kind of like big bottle this to him a little bit dreaded to. I just wanted on the record, because people can't see all this going on the room. Billy is absolutely beside himself that I am back alive, just walking people up and he's a little bits. It's dead really scholar we are absolutely and that would bring us from the wizard said the wizard stern cake, the wizard that would bring. Early Erlich. Luckily, you got caught, but then wean managed to distract the people who were approaching you. What would you like to do? You can run for the cave now and trade you something against other dragon guard. Who is here or you could try to do something else. You can even try to convince I talked to discard. If you I do not take other Garth. I've got a good good teamwork gone where our all doing our job, I'm just gonna role, and I saw you light Hand- tell us your to blast at this guard heavy do on this hanker Hank!
to one. It's a lie, I am sorry to say: Hank, I'm gonna need you to rule one more time, because right next to this guard but norm, the barbarian had been standing. We need to see if, with that, one you might have hit norm instead of the dragon Fang ten ten with a ten. That is not quite enough, even with your bonus
is his armor classes. Fifteen, and you just got a fourteen to us ardent. So no from you know friendly fire in this particular case, congratulations, Lovett Autumn or other certain dean deplores that are better at rolling dies. You know what sometimes people are hot on the Dice one day and then it can be a streak of bad luck. Unfortunately, sometimes everyone has some lucky days in some bad days in my experience, but the lucky to have another zau goes Wayne that would bring us to you next now weighing just before you go out I'll. Let you know you see norm fighting what appears to be the last of these ninja dragon guards, but you can also see at the command tent. It appears like the flap is moving like, as we ve been making a little bit of noise. The command tent is the one closest to the cave. Somebody is moving around in there like any moment they might look out the tent and try to see what we're up to recur in a more currently distracting. These work for people
dragging our people right now. So you see all this happening in the distance, but they do not see what tap ok, but if I get into the cave than they won't see anything going on in the cave right. I yes, then jury out already. I feel like I gotta leave my for people who, maybe I don't know, maybe I teach them. I tell them a joke so funny they keep laughing, go ahead and a role a performance chatting That's! What you want to do is right now they want to hear all about red mere and you don't you could try to lie and make that up performing would probably be yeah that form some of its ten. It's a ten. They already like you a lot so role, one more time on advantage at twelve Atwell in five is a seventeen. The dwarf is loving it, but you can tell he's just trying to choose up to you right now. The humans are really appreciating the joke. The cobalt doesn't get it exactly, but he's not someone worried about. You are able to distract all
or of these individuals now well done. Ok! Right now, I think I wanna join my crew. I want to go into the cave, Goom backup. If they need it, absolutely you can run to the cave, and now you can see we're still fighting the one dragon guard. You couldn't MR bonus action. If you want to to inspire somebody now, at this point, give inspiration to normal somebody else. Ok, I'm gonna fuck Emma I can I can. I like this is more of a cake thing, but I would like right, a puff piece about him that he can recent press clippings be like yeah. I really can't do this. I I write a really nice article about how much time that big cats been putting into his work is gone stronger in the shape of his life. This off season, like the least, are shouting out nor even putting it so much work. Unless we believe in you love it and young feels inspired. That means if norm gets close
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Yeah, I'm ahem nigger, I literally limited I arrogant. Fourteen Ojala gets to thirteen thirteen you're gonna take the fourteen and with your bonus of plus five, that is going to be a solid hoary against this guard and your damage against this dragon. Fang Guard is going to be a total of ten points. That is enough to take the guard down. Just barely you sleigh this guard, and now you can see a tunnel deeper in now norm. You can who's your move to start running down that tunnel of yonder. Absolutely? What do you think I should around you know what's up yet yet or you could make a perception chair how you want to
I'm not really such games because they go. Why would they trusted running all the way through and yeah yeah gum we'll go for I'm ago absolutely as you charging you can see this kind of cliff tropical off it didn't seem like there's any more guards here. You can see a clip draw a cliff drop off that goes ten feet down into. It appears to be a big forest. Of mushrooms and other funny guy down here it looks like there has just been mould growing all over the walls. Draping down from the ceiling in all kinds of weird fungus are growing in this cavern. It looks like you could get to the other side and climb up the other side of this kind of fungus pit, but you're not sure. Would you want to jump down or try to climb down? Rang seems like a level and how lava I don't know what to do it and you can t you could try to climb down jump down or look around now at this point now he's gone down just a little I'll go down. Our government conduct our continent, You had to climb down go head role, a deed twenty with advantage, because you are raging to see how are you ain t
our Eddie doing great. You might get critical Haiti virile again, but as yet a critical one with a critical eye you start to climb down, but when you're halfway down, you start to notice something in the fungus forest is reacting to your movement. Something is starting to move around and you think it's the mushrooms themselves. There are some fungi here that are going to grow creepy little tendrils, slithering tat way and you could, without critically climb back up real, quick and you'll be back up on the cliff. Is he high from just being around the mushrooms use hallucinating that doesn't seem like they are spores in the air, but they have anything you yeah sue, yet you guys gonna come you ever come join me, though right yeah total,
absolutely sort, but we do know what am I around? I just go down your continue to climb down and they will be among these mushrooms and their creepy tentacles or you can climb back up because you got a critical hate. You spotted this in time. Rebecca. I will tell you, I got a clue and now you can let you can't reach down to hit these measures, but you could throw like javelins yeah I'm really sorry cartoon older. Until we start like like zombies, you start uprooting themselves
slowly their marching towards you. These big purple mushroom is walking like little adorable people kind and war, and then at that point the people still at the cave entrance start to notice the flap of the command tent flap out and produced a moment. A hooded figure looks out, and it's very much like kind of Asia, Palladour color power between vibes, we're getting. There is definitely like a hooded figure in their who, for just a moment, put out a Claude hand, puts the flap outen and pulls the flat back like they're, trying to hide themselves and their loudly shouting at some people in the room horse scurrying out and for just a moment, everyone at the cave entrances seeing this flash of light inside that tent that illuminates the person we saw and the other people running around in there, but also a big slab of maybe like at table that slightly on an angle, and there seems to be somebody rising up from off of that slab, maybe or table
command Lindh. The blue injury, ten on the sidewalk, woe got somebody that the worker and somebody's walking Torres petty entrance got it and that was norms. Turn Rebecca the wizards turn. Now we largely would you like to you say, is all happen at the command tend not. You have also seen norm rushing ahead down into the cave where the fungal forest is. So we can't leave him hanging written language need to rush into Upham for sure Jake that over two or monitoring, as we say what is my life as it has like the improvement of my life? Switching you for Billy has been incredible. Billy's on snapchat rob yeah, ok, oh Marilla! Absolutely so you can get down to where the barbarian is. You see he just climbed up from the cliff and is pointing down at these violet fungi, these purple mushrooms, who are marching towards you. You ve got a couple of options here you could try to do a spell. The would hit all of these enemies. The two spells I can think of that would hit. All of them are either thunder wave that last. That hits a bunch of people and throws them back or your burning hand spell just like Hank and Ehrlich. You have a burning hand spelled. It is a cone that hits lots of people now loves. That's a great down absolute! I will go Henry
saving throws that represent for all the fun guy? That is not quite enough. In so you're gonna get to deal three d, six damage of fire damage to all these fungi, all four of the mushrooms as they come slithering air, reaching their tendrils weekly up towards you, and you just give a blast of fire down to them in his offer them an incinerator them instantly. Congratulations well done time. Outlook are obviously the best players. You are my only through these energies right gnashing, everyone love it good shock us and our way. That was a great turn forgave away. What would you like to do now? I so if I'm to understand sorry, my mistake Ehrlich is now obsolete, so Ehrlich you just saw all the mushrooms a big incinerated, but back at the command tent. Something is deeply happening. You know that too, but if the mushrooms are gone now, can we go back to
on an end, go forward, so you should be able to climb down no problem into the fungal far or do we want to take out the people in the ten just Sawr safe. It looks like somebody is heading our way. Maybe what you guys thanks? We do want to go down into the mushroom force and they get trapped. You know, held held by the by the mysterious figure, mean I hate to quit, harping on the fact that these are mushrooms put since we just let them on fire can can we breathe in their fume. You can attempt to certainly. Yes, I'm kind of with among Phd them with pity. Let's, let's go see, we can get some residual absolutely or on TAT time go ahead on this will be a confrontation caving throughout. Did you get one three. I e a very exciting results. I always in a little moment some he's gettin crazy roles, but unfortunately, right now, you're inhaling pulleys in that is causing you to tailor them die
a total of just one, and only damage could have been a lot of you just get injuries willingly. To my reason, damn love that, though you ve still got a good number of points left just one point of poison. Damn thing that I would say that we just party or move if you wanted to go further through the fungus cave now, you could, if you want come on we're doing our way. Role at the outlet extract, declined, down and then you climb up the other side of the fungus cave and now you are in the next room, which appears to split in two different directions. One is a staircase that leads down to the right and then one is a tunnel that goes to the left and from the left honey you hear ruling or even maybe barking of some kind coming down for coming to from that direction. From a day or two, the right, like a dog, not drive like a dog, maybe but at the same time there's something growling and maybe your conic.
About it, like a weird mix of some kind, and you know it, you can roll and knowledge check right now on that to save you recognize witnesses. Eighty eighteen, when we were at the castle, the coldest had things called drakes, which are like many dragons without wings. You think you are hearing many drakes growling to the left, where's his ear to the right go now and then Hank, that's your move getting across their love it, and we will see what you do on your next turn, but then waiting until the drinks be if they are going to kill the drinks ya got. I hate these drugs. I hate him. I am so much though, like a multi track drink is where you're telling me settle. So I want to go down. Follow heck his pack, your wedding, just role decline, check to make sure you didn't fall while climbing down to or through the fog and alive. Oh no, it's way are the two right. Now you are following a little bit and having trouble climbing back out. You just take one point of damages. You slip from the rocks taken too humble hit the ground, but try one more time
back out now. Seventy seventeen point on the other side, no problem, I have where one you're only to damage and you get together side. You can hear now the drakes to the left and then stairs down to the right, which we would you like that I'd like to go to the left and we all morning dressed up as a woman rain. Add no! No. I wish now so the drinks should be very attracted to absolutely you're, certainly dressed. It seems like one of the culture, so they should be may be listening to you, and what you are saying is that there is a staircase leading down and there is some kind of a big cage walling off both the staircase and kind of this cliff. It's looking down almost kindly combating ring type situation, it's like they didn't or a zoo would be the better metamorphic, because your noticing that in this pit. Where the drakes can't leap out. There are no fewer than five big blue scale drakes prowling around and the moment they register you. They start barking at
and ass? The Hatteras there's there's another tunnel to the left. It's going further down, and now you can hear yapping voices I felt like cobalt had become alerted now that the drakes her growling and roar. So so, as I stated my characters not good at legislative violence right. I don't think I'd stale muddling stance against the five day no not not really know. I gotta get back Can I like the room on fire somethin like that? Can I like throw my mix tape in there? In theory, you don't have like a big fire blast spell like the wizard might have, but in your best you could make one of the Drake certainly start laughing hysterically in. That would take one of them out of the fight. You would also be able to try the sleep spell. I know you would have to sleep spell to try to put a certain number of Greeks asleep whom those of your best options against the laws of acting like that's. My best option is born.
I have no interest in going to see a bunch of cobalt like we ve already seen that we had an average unexercised like they're gonna come rushing up to the where the drakes are almost like. They have the keys to unlock drakes cage may be that ok, I died. I feel, like I put some to sleep, there's there's also chances talks out. There is also a chance, like I've been dominant in the schemes. As far as a chance, I show up in all the dregs. Just are rooting for me. That's also true right, yeah yeah, my foot, I had not where you can set it up so that you start being like the height man announcer fur norm when it arrived gave him an advantage. Occurs: intimidate comes on long ago, use ranks on another like the two time defended champion of of dungeons and dragons, the barbarian? Europe cannot be stopped, now the rolling robots like norm. Hats,
They could put that on because I gather that guy level rate start to see the nor merge landing around. Looking at it. Like start, I growling like grabbing bits of it now hiring it arrives, he's gonna have advantage because a look at they also arm on urge and down in other they love it then norm. When we come to your turn. You have advantage if you want to try to use your move to run in first. Just a you owe you had gotten across mallia role once they get across the pit, in theory actually doing that for, but you have advantage on this because its athletics in your raging role, one more time fine I'll. Let you have a close eye on this. Yet relay retain barely facts. Just barely make it in time. You run over it with your action. Now you could try to intimidate these drakes ever plus, four on that and now you're owing to time
thanks to the natural doing, get the nor mercy look up in here, and these are moving out. Didn't you norm. It looks like if you get these cage door open. These drinks would want to see for you, they load. I know you're a call to strike now. Isn't that big up them art but drifts, are they standing up rather chairs and clapping worry suited sweaters Zoe that setting their paws up on a large scale so now, at the end of your term, norm it? That is when we are at the bottom of initiative, and at this point none of us can see the command tent anymore, because we rush pretty far into this tunnel. But we do all see some one coming climbing out of the fun deep it as though they have been following us, and it looks like an armored figure in a black conversion of a familiar mask with two horns,
neither are almost like. They rose off the slab man. Then you ivy stitches, although four, thereby. I know a body which had been hacked to pieces has been stitched back together in some kind of zombie fide form one. You are most definitely no zombie, because you are seeing where their ahead is behind the mask. There are flames piling on. Oh, my riders star smile. You think a skull is all that is its mountains, turn them into the mountains, riots, music and Billy, as doing here and your my voice of whoever Reza Mere is the mysterious leader of this group of the cold. You hear resin ears, voice near mind, saying Do it do it now and Billy Zeilinger like you to do charge
Normally all I want to say is right now do that was most electric thing ever wasn't right now, as we hold in jogs, where it was like later come not like will don't file it everybody, but some did call it for sure and Billy I'm to be approaching you through your turn, but I would highly advised that you use your to attack, option right now and start with the guiding strike. Please you will receive a plus ten to your role on the first. Billy. So if you could take a due to any raw rolling with applause. Fourteen on this first role, which is my sixty seen is absolutely hit with a thirty total. I would like you to please role. Adee ate all role for this day, puss. So so far that seven points of damage only becomes three against
radio barbarian so norm has left and resolutions you must do it now. With this second strike, I am counting on you, kids, yours, it's and with a total of nine hours of damage becomes for damage against noise. Norm. You six hp, left you still have to left standing ready Mere says: yes, failed me. For the last time you will find them on your next her come on. You best now miss. I already told you another challenge: those are you're back, so you will get another turn after nor what we should do we should do. I think we have one. Let's go.
One more around an end with Billy. Perfect tat will be great because someone, I imagine, is gonna, be going down at that. Yes, so wizard you have just take the wizard meets all the guys like this old arrival has returning once more. What would you like to do so a bunch of sway autumn, and here I would like to do anything to attack now ass. I say you have helped me, could turn upon Billy and watch. You know one of your cantrip spells and we like fire, bold or re a frost. Your most powerful attack spell might be. There may be a let's see, not not thunder wave, but you would have. Certainly there lies a magic missile would be your motion. Reliable strikes, let your best astounds your best risky attack would be chromatic or that deals more damage, but it might miss completely. Now I want to say that your most powerful attacks by chromatic or be charge it up and hopefully hit magic missile does
do as much damage, but it never misses it's three missiles that always home in and do a little bit of damage. Otherwise, I would also say you have the ability to try to use your major hand cantrip, to try to pick the lock on that cage and release the drakes any of those arriving good idea. I mean there's no other choice but to go for it on the magic word or whatever the chromatic or matters are going all out. All you can to choose an element. Now you get to choose fire, cold, poison, acid, lightning or thunder. Are your choices. All of these should be pretty good against Pizarro Billy I'll. Tell you right now! So is not so much an important choice, as is essential. Ex seeing a thing of lightning just have actually show you hear more about lightning and you're gonna, throw it to preserve or Billy role, a very important day, twenty role plus five now.
Thirteen arises less. Five is a and Billy's armoured. Cars, as I recall, is sixteen, so you are hearing him vulnerability to deal all of this damage now, to owe it sixteen. So far of wind and another two is eighteen garbage. How did you know? I gotta get well done cake You realize a cake. Just kick your ass! Think about that for a second Billy cages. Kick your ass! near is saying nothing in Jeremiah Binary, Billy Rosemary wants. It is only right now like you. I have no son that would bring us to Erlich stir next, you could do in Eldridge blast. You also have burning hand same as the wizard does. Whichever these, you would like
Do me blossom Eyeglass loans, that back to freedom. Blast often is fair. Yes, so bad thirteen. Thirteen plus your four is seventeen. That is inherent in the space sector Milly and you are going to be dealing. Those laugh damage against him six points of damage and you had been no real him last. I also as I. Yes, you just took him down any falls to the ground and you see the flames burn out. Moving alone, is actually enjoy. It is downright malaria, billions on his grave, literally de twenty to dance upon his body. Tat. You are under climb upon him and like the flames
earning in your hands and his corpse just starts to burn beneath your I eat up on your infernal, I love the idea that we're just gonna be travelling. This mystical world and like every like three miles, just a different form Billy shows up, we just kill surveillance will bring back mattered. Her belly was cured his ass, and I can I play the bodies at the floor, just fuckin rock. Certainly all the performance check right now, London, have we not only three three, you are doing a pretty the the dog bogs. Other Drake start howling along with you, but they are not singing in harmony with you and bore changes. Megan a lot more noise in the glass for direct, its Caligula. It becomes who led the dogs out after a certain point, that song just transitions hooker, and that this point I will
Vizir Billy, just raw wait. I it's my turn. Oh right yeah. What would you like it I would like to? If we could? I don't know if this existing dungeon drags, but I would love to pull up Instagram of just dragon. Dumper just take a look at some like that dragon asses all the boys around because We favour thing really well there you are this is this, is I know what happen if you do all nine, nine or more time more time for your victory here? Thirteen I think we re party with a thirteen, as you start to you, pull out a book and Eliza Buncher during Conic, aiming at another art work of great dragons and you to pull out the centre for
yeah, really good. You double tat. You are remembering one very important fact. As you see, in a dragon kind of sitting on its nest, you realize that you're not seeing any eggs among the drakes, but you start to remember. There is one other creature that this cult loves, that does lay eggs, and you start to think that this is the kind of cave where a dragon might lay eggs, and there are no Drake eggs in this hatchery you're, starting to put two and two together with this role and realise that somewhere this cave. A dragon has laid its eggs and the cult of sir protecting it and so bad. I suppose routing all I know is realising that we have a chance to maybe get our hands. This Arteria the brass message in so far as always the richer, in Africa, football
in love. You guys Billy Germany thoughts. Jake, I'm say to make further. You fear Injuries felt very unfortunate one wish that anybody that's what this is about a battery hens. Are you sure you can learn that it's gonna come back and get you we're apologizing, as is rightly do now, you're taking the injury, doc gods or frowning on yeah yeah, anyway, Israel Injury, probably
You should have been doing anything. That's like the first place, Philly the ping pong tables right there I'll play. Let's go I'm a three time tennis club champion
Its pardon my take presented by bar stool sports
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