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Ice Cube, Jaguars Head Coach Doug Marrone, And Mt Rushmore Of Animal Traits You Wish You Had

2019-07-15 | 🔗

We are 2.5 weeks from the Hall of Fame game. Wimbledon final was awesome and Djokovic may be the GOAT (open for debate) (2:29 - 12:27). Cleaning up the Chris Paul/Russ Westbrook trade and Who's Back of the Week including blackouts and instagram (12:27 - 29:55). Jaguars Head Coach Doug Marrone joins the show to get you excited for the return of Football, what happened last year, Blake Bortles, Fried Bologna, and how the annual NFL Head Coach picture goes down (29:55 - 62:30). Ice Cube joins the show to talk about the Big 3, His Lakers, and a redemption rap for PFT (62:30 - 99:16). Mt Rushmore of animal traits you wish you had, bad visual for the chess community, and Sabermetrics the Angels no hitter in honor of Tyler Skaggs 

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today today's pardon my take we have a two fer to recurring guess that we of dogma our own and ice cube we do get into it with them around about blake portals we talk jagged and therewith ice cube big three and a little redemption for pierre tee in his rap the last time that i ask you was on actually thought the first rap when pretty well i did to buy this one was even better so ice cube is now i think best friends with us we have a little tennis talk because there was a wimbledon championship we have a whose back and mount rushmore of animal traits we wish we had before we do all that part my takes brought
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is monday july 15th and we are two and one slash two weeks away from the hall of fame game i love the hall of fame game and i love betting on it because you really feel like you're back in the action and then you realize that you have no idea how to handicap the game we're look at the schedule you ve got the falcons and the bronco and when you see when we said it we're like which we talk about a sort of show like ok how at the hall of fame game in two and a half weeks falcons broncos we're like we fuckin hate hall of fame and then immediately we started just completely natural like well drew lock and maybe match up pretty good matches oh we're ready foreign but ah yes such as little reminder for you that football is very close to being back wish we such resort tennis star with wimbledon let's start with wimbledon are as my dad calls it wimbledon wimble templeton yoke of ich verse federer
i'm a yoke rich guys i became a yoke rich guy on sunday morning guy yoke you if you wanna lifehack your way into enjoying a sport just figure out what the goat debate is and i i mean you have no idea what goes on in tennis i was corrected many times are receiving people were like a gauge yoke riches the goat he's got sixteen grand slammed titles and he's six years younger than federer sooner gliding was like well he want a bunch of them when russia had his knee thing in federer was going through his things i don't even know what his i've known you enter stuff where you get in the goat debate and boom your locked yet i was actually rooting for joke of its two because the more that he'll go the more that you can pull calls and fetters ready made them or you can say sam purposes the go yeah and we go to be a mere he is he is the goat cyprus is the goat for all time best body here check huge chester guy plumes of chester react yoke of which federer it was great
i don't really know i don't know tennis i know they have better replay than any other sport in the world which doesn't makes was caught hawkeye which is just fucking bad its grey like you're using a drone how did they have that and then we can get a goal line that we don't know some across the plain while the parallax if its wrestling about about tennis they don't have the parallax effect worry about bulgaria was it was all smile i love just the old wimbledon typewriter format where it was just keep playing till one of you dive wherever this year they change it up and it was i was trying to figure out the scoring system but it's like the fifth set you play until it's twelve to the person who then to ten scoring the first place was just like a crackhead louvre how the brain injury fifteen thirty forty and then there's love why first lie were in each game right and then best to six win by two needs set and they feel a coin for five and then in the thai breaker gets to twelve and then he goes to an old fast
the thai break which i did you notice settlers ass a seven year i needed woody hero hildy i need them to put a microphone woody heroes and his drunk ass in the stands and have him try to explain to me what the school system was so stupid scoring system so stupid i'm a tennis guy now and when i say montana sky mean like remind me that wimbledon happening networks are probably watch one match again but that's a big that's a big step for some who before today that that was the longest i've sat on the couch and watched one tennis match about three hours and i found out how many a yoke of it which would you
go to the u s over yoke in fact now i've known ass a street now listen i'm a tradition guy i don't like this open with their mickey mouse uniforms are all wearing my own stuff no thanks i'm a wimbledon guy caught dead at a u s on the lawn and racket club it's just pure class out there they don't have you know what they don't have an english they dont have people dipping deficient ships into coca cola and eating and that moreover is increased robberies and cream breakfasts at wimbledon it's also federer like our stand wise it will affect or someone explore that's why i'm telling you tat is why i ask you to appear clarity of tenants throw us he's always desire to set the twins which is i don't know what's going without when i saw that what's goin excellent sperm yet as we know have teamwork boys and girls are all boys the boys and girls to boys and girls yeah cuz i saw it and i was like why are all those kids the boys and the girls are dressed alike and i was like that's fucking weird then i realized they were twins because whoever was doing the post game had an all time burn on
like you know this was an unbelievable run for failures you're twenty grand slams but now you get to be a dead letter moreover like three or four kids you have fun you now go to orange diapered i go go go do some chores you you ve been away from home for one thing that fairer than i think people like is he's better when he loses then the is when he when so many when he loses some clues really good at making jokes about like a like one on one post match interview he's got it like kidding around and like making fun of himself when he wins he's just like china happy is a guy i guess again that i might have to clear up space yes my shed you could comedy the goat if you didn't know yoke of issues fucking nasty in and yoke of it she has it over my head head i know oh there the primes don't why not i don't give me a break yoke riches the goat listen i'm raffer guy if we're talkin modern touch on clay if we're talking moderate in this which i don't understand it i love watching tennyson grass but why don't they let in the final stage should let them use cleats died i don't think they would work why
so fine thereby your boy joker was slipping sliding all right that's part of the that's part of the law when they slide and they can blame the ground you have great care of your needs of you had clear yes whole document then fuck you i would watch tennis mildew that grasses crew is either a gruesome leg injuries i yes i guess tennysons is like the big thing in all those nice it spilled all the way into like the afternoon cause it it was now that i was over all his life a hangover like cure it got always comes first pictures like fuck yes now not to worry about what the helm and do for these hours that are just wasted on sunday mornings in july yes so soon wants to debate me please come at me which just six years younger he's gonna have the all time grandsons slams all said and done don't tell me about primes at all is bullshit with these my gun problem a joke of riches he looks like an account he looks like nick nurses like daughters boyfriend that she don't for being too bore thou wilt thou and really deep yet known like really
this dude does not look like an athlete at all length dude he's got lens got the limp big timeline yeah with he's from serbia right yes the elite serbia have a go i don't think i don't feel ago why not and yet and also jokers cool nickname jokers pretty cool i had to do how to spell his name no lesson like seven hundred times even though it was spelled right in front of me on the thing but i i still it's one of those names is like she schefsky like the even if you see it and look at it you still got a fucking does not up there should be like a club dj that's just name dj oak of its will kenny main back in the day does wayne brady have to yoke of yoke of which is pretty girls good line that he had originally out so you think you're in on the go no notice i'm not a joker faint i was running from today just so that he could bring santos back into the discussion yes i like raffer i love him of the clay court master the gallant mastered it all i like the back and forth has direct coupled wimbledon said that russia be
federal right current i'm making a thousand eight you'd best match ever yeah i don't watch it put no was only about commonly regarded it ass much i've ever it in so many like no your tennesseeans actually there are very respectful it wasn't like you see here if you gave your trying to talk hockey on twitter it was hey you're wrong but we're not can do in the meanwhile if you ever want to go down a really weird rabbit hole is you look up like tennis volleys because they're a bunch of tennis players that specialize in these like pro am games where they're allegedly like very funny while they play on how to make jokes with the idea of a joke to a tennis player doesn't really line up with what everyone else thinks of is right so they'll like hit the ball in bounds and then the like tell the umpire no i hit that out about right and then an erratum latin and we'll take about job nail that good job yes had that serena lost which i guess she still the good she's still i feel extremely
once and always going i ain't i'm just saying this because i am not prepared to deal with any blow back from talking should rats or its she scares me more than the bait the bay i've or the jellybean martha julie beans are the swift boats they call you have just where it is worth veterans and who doesn't doesn't what's your name marianna grounded isn't she have a big hive now the grand stand the gratuitous the grandes now ok no problem i desire that was good sweeteners or some the other three murders we also had on friday the taking of you didn't listen to take these were electric and i'm still buzzing off blake the year but we had the rust westbrook chris paul trade that happened after we tape they take you so now that we ve had a few days to sleep on it any change i actually think pull teams one hundred us what about it have you heard from about
bp three that's a site s more like a silent like i feel like he does yeah yeah keeps lakes growing concern themselves the opinion polls on the late portals opaque portals oh yes he was heart broken so he was our broken he fucked up i mean that was he was the people's blake for very long time but that's that that's no one i feel like you're once and future people's plate like he's at another you're right blake portals off just now he's gonna learn he's been counted out before i think he'll be just fine come next year this is probably worrisome when you got cup or the checks if i'm being totally honest right i don't know yet i think it's
there is a good sign for the interview to is that it might have set back when ages on vat we're on about bs the chris paul roswell for trade acting both teams one not one a championship but i think pull teams got something like the rockets finally have good chemistry again and the thunder i don't even also keep response they do actually think they won't be though make plaster knock i think those teams lost i'm not prepared to crown of victor into this one of those trees where we really do have to wait for like five years to figure out what the oak loma city there gm did which is too big time reset button there there grab for like theirs is there's like a seventh greater right now that will be on the thunder yeah with you and you have a pet yet they have like six picks and twenty twenty six year total future future sam presty move just the best way to keep your job is trade all your assets for future assets in the nor can fire you i'm interested see though how westbrook fits in with hard because i don't have those two players
play together demi henry they i mean i say it as a joke and i obviously played it another homer city but since for chris paul and change our couldn't really play to the right of any but since since they ve gone their separate ways they ve become like even more of what they
or when there were it ok see so now like watching them have to fight over the boat they might they might actually score points at the same time i dont together both for hands on the ball jamming it in this just play shifts like hockey shifts just like each one plays twenty minutes and then the end they can close together and i feel like westbrook he's gonna get real sick and tired of james heart and doing a little like shorter lean into people because there like opposite players when it comes to contact westbrook loves to just run in people in doc harden likes you just like bumps somebody with a short and then fall down and i think it's gonna do i think it's gonna work just because one end again i'm not saying that when a championship because you're not but i think i can work just because russ westbrook like commoner aunt left paul george left you then asked for a trade you know how much more do i mean we tried the deer the head of the team
you're getting traders james hardens deems you have to take a back seat are up we'll stay this sucks for dan tonia like trying to try to have to figure out how to use these two guys at the same yeah that he's gonna earning money next year but using anyone would ease hard in his heart he needs to grow the mustache black man's respect are what else we got anything else that's cooking around i mean it's a bleak time in sports yeah actually have one thing i forgot to talk to you about before when we put the rundown show together by a point that we discuss it ok jacobus preset has been on the heater on yahoo recently he's been asking the existential questions that we'd we don't know the answers to such as if the sun is hot how come outer space is cold he just ease tweeting out all these will she came up with one like you wash your cups after you drink water out of them yeah i don't so is he doing cuz it's actually a very fast way to like become part of like viral twitter has just asked a bunch of random questions and be like general genuinely curious and i'm sure he's got a lot of twitter followers from it
you think he's just doing this or you think so was i hate jacoby let's get your brand out there still get let's just ask questions that like a bunch of people that are super high scrolling twitter will be confused about honestly i think he just bought like a i ain't sizing popsicles from cassio and they'll have riddles on appears and so every time he eats when he just tweets set out we should we should i should do that just start just are tweet tweeting like snapple bottle caps we're just asking questions i will just drawn up facts
www reset is when a more your max i shall we do whose back and we'll get to her interview and they will have a more rational and the other side hank whose back my whose back the week i have a few my first one is aliens yes yup four hundred thousand people have signed a petition to storm area fifty one got internet buzzing everyone's i was talking about it i want excited to see which there see what's going on i feel like the power outage that had somebody with aliens and just like a gut feeling there do you think than anyone else what else would have been so and former you're not airlines are robots into scotch you hot global warming do you think that this is a way for the aliens to round up all the people that
think they're aliens and then kill em all or do you think it's the government being like let's get rid of all the crazies on facebook it is isn't it out it ass he sounds like the plot from independence day was that when their driving into the desert and then we'll smith is ok i got one of the aliens let us in writing they let randy quaid in the whole convoy of our views they should just have somebody these have sam to sell under a top in the back seat of a pickup tribute to the big oil gas let us in this is set up though don't you think so the question is the set up is the set up that the government is trying to do rid of all the people that are by crazy an undue theories online or is the set up that the aliens have set this up and they're trying to eliminate every who believes in alias
you're thinking that it's like the government started this petition to round up all the believers yes under the guise of organ of storm area fifty one right yes like when alabama arrest people every year right as the auburn bam a game egg dingy iron bull he do stings forget free tickets the iron born than okay i m pei child sats exactly what this is this is over so legs aliens all that using aliens are setting it up to get rid of the people they believe in him so like the aliens are sitting out there and say hey the block has got a little too hot there are too many people out there who think we exist let's get him all here and then below them all up yes so instead of just like shooting earth with a death re there like hey will just started change dot org petition and facebook meet up and that writer of correct somebody's gonna happen we gotta go there we should send someone we should actually send someone and videotaping for birstall bolt
the world dotcom slash p empty go sign up right now so that the u s airforce said the u s s worst flawless always stands ready to protect america and its assets so sending out a warning shot like if you're going to really storm the gate would if that is theirs assets near them try admitted there was an asset their good point hank this is like i would if this is the new light burning man or cultural reactors area fifty one part with it just like a huge razor it's gonna be like ninety eight percent deeds oh yeah yeah probably life can be purdue probably less than a thousand people show up well in the other thought it could be that the u s that's like the fake alien place because we don't know about the real alien place leave everyone knows area fifty one there's no chances real aliens there
they would have real j when it moved him yes somewhere else just jacobus percent it stay woke anything else are the undertakers also back yes automate yes undertaker give verbal mean coming out of the cask live look at the undertaker verbal meme hand coming through the ground they went surely definitely want he doesn't combat nails union sacred except for the one time that happen i once we broke the streak loyalty short to take the under and in the sad woman who is sitting in the new orleans airport the next day with her the site up so streak is alive god how thirty in whatever was like twenty eight no said he had lost than this one hundred and undertaken gives how bad are you guys cheated that you weren't a guy like the other guided whose eyes get supervised
yeah we lost like you were at that you could have been that guy or too far back but that i did have pretty similar like it wasn't the eyes but i did pretty similar shock when i saw that happened we hear that we should get in touch her that i wonder he's probably i feel like he came along a little bit too early like if that happened today he would have sponsorship part or we would have known bad things that he's done then we got milkshake doc roadway wasted effort so bengal boss guys like the opposite of the whole milkshake duck three where the internet falls in love with some guy that this on tv at the oscars at the broad and off the street and then five minutes there's like oh he's been convicted of sexual saw before world with a big boss guy you were immediately famous for being the world's biggest dickhead like worthy they go back your pass and found a timely donated charity just reconfirm it yeah they are your dick and yet the we're if they go back and unlike hey this guy has been helping community for a really long time act
should break my heart if the big boss guy was like a philanthropist yeah he actually goes to big boss every day to see if they have any left over beagles for like a homeless bang was people i'm pretty confident that that's not to kill this aid will definitely not the case definite case it gives you what you got my whose back of the week is grayson out who grace nouns back committing summer league com in flagrant fowls at a rate unprecedented declares not name grace now and so this is one of the circumstances where it's great to see a clear fall back into the old stereotype they had on i just always say he plays hardy please do basketball sometimes you just clumsy his feet it's hard to its hard to keep your feet but underneath you like we learned with three mongering more strength is important if you don't do not pushups you're probably just
kick a bunch of people not while he was here said he was having people in the head yet oh i just got he's got that he's got badly abrams he's got poor shoulder control right so he's not can people who had left and right i think he found out and in record time come after my own recklessly record that we always talk about her every do always knows that i'm so yeah good to see grace now and back and wait for coach katy command definitive be like he's a good kid he's just a good kid no j williams well yeah yeah that lives will definitely something other whose back of the week is tony roma ok when you run was back he won the american century golf tournament oh yeah seventy one points the programme would ever yet the stable for scoring system which nobody really knows how that works worsen tennis very almost worsen says he's yet he wonders back to back for tony and charles barkley he just charles partly probably did not finish they always have
that's vermin there so funny it's like a million to one i counted for him the withan lecturers barkley cheap if charles barkley was allowed to although he was still couldn't wait no no chance yeah austria he shouted seventy worry scored seventy one points just really doing everything it can to impress gymnastics did you see that video stuff curry not being able to dunk three times in a row of this program tat relates look can't all my whose back is instagram in general because i feel like summer is all about the gram and tele scrolling through its all about the grand everyone's on instagram shown how sick their summer is and how awesome summers a movie when reality like they're probably just at the same shitty lake everyone everyone is that and they took one awesome instagram picture yeah that's pretty much
right you any one can look good in swimsuit with red filter yes i rise instagram handles am i am i edgy is henry lockwood one pennies one henry lottery largely on relax i'm always tagging minds also hen henry lockwood want them social structure our collective vince we're like them according twins yes we share regions also hang sensibly our mother whose back mari started meyer who is trying to make come back he should not make a comeback because restored sam decker watch recent echoed assign first but he's also challenging people to fight on instagram which is also back here some guys deception some some guy said something about how owes its the valet next is the instagram handle and basically said that he's in about weak ass knees and washed up in all the stuff and he was brainwash because he city love point for the next in sight
course to do to get paid a hundred million dollars suck so he slid into the dams and literally was like where are you right now i'll come and meet you and the guys like i live in seattle and i and he's in a market keep my name your mouth if you can if you can't it in person and he replied i will say whatever i post in person i stand by and i don't think it's unfair criticism in amerika see you soon i'll be up a europe i'll be there soon and they basically set up a meeting point where his you'll be disguised in like you can beat him up gazette something mean about these fight should always take place into macular yeah i like the idea of it happening outside that jurisdiction i if i were that dude out slowly let him or restart my fight me yes a lawsuit that would come after an alley s be flies the seattle it ended with him saying i live in seattle i can meet you at the space needle in a more solemn arduous and say no more what's your like right under the aegis he just got out of footmen six hour flight to invite him at this
that would be amazing it would yes make it ass a mark of around yeah yeah just set up an impromptu ring right outside the space to you way milestone are he's back he's trying cecil big into those wine baths oh like hanging out on a bunch of wine which like basically coincided with his knees falling apart which like use against great i just pay than wine helps my body and then he was we're gonna get it just took out his asia peak of our asylum i was awesome him and steve nash together do don't let em gives ryanair in the matrix sicken role do what about joe watch oh yeah joking noise also may become the breakers we're gonna try probably not i think
i just thrown that after that other stein reports a little boy he's got a lot of envy interest a lot of people are going to try and adam but maybe who knows we what's this about him cover the breakers marston literally just made up on saturday there was a mark marks thine report said that he's into in discussion with the breaker yeah i mean i knew that the owner of the total eu anyway i told you so yeah maybe maybe we'll have i don't know i extend my offer on saturday said hey joe i'm a players owner we we literally as phd shown right now we're players we will stay completely out your business here the point we don't even know the you might sign with i'm i'm hands off to the point of being in company s exactly so yeah actually be great to have appeared on the team that has worst facial here than i did a huge cowboy i don't know about that is pretty bad it's not that bad it's pretty looks like a ghost ass what it's not that bad prepared let's do
doug merle coach the jaguars we talk a little blake portals we're talkin bout bologna we had julie football cooking us fried bologna sandwiches also doug maroon shut up with basic attired delhi he brought as an entire bodega from rocks it was like a pepperoni roll rule three bologna sandwiches some dried sausage michael so much so much so much sandwiches and meet in everything before we do that and on beers and got drunk off of during to take yes exactly before we do that new amsterdam vodka that's what we should be drinking new hampshire volubly
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spyware credit to you you were quick to realize that you have mentioned the europe trip like two or three times jump on the love of buying or may i now i'm making the joke there i'll kill you did the first you champion realise no i knew her time you knew oh shit have mentioned this like three times i was better in front of them when i was over there i was like i'm gonna come back and b that guy that's like i'm was it i went to museums yeah i experienced and culture is actually very nice and you worry bird dont you lazy americans him understand any worry burdock so free non shocks promo code take an free zippers i just added that's the deal free zippers putting promo code take bird dogs dotcom ok here is jaguars coach deborah okay we now well come on our good friend recurring guest is the head coach of jacksonville jaguars dogma and he just walked in with i'd say about a dozen sandwiches from the bronx on the bronx pepperoni but
baloney sandwiches hot mild saw corner billy joel contrary to what what's better than that and now your night i said i got you know i'm here today on borst or can i billy jaw tomorrow the anxious an amateur big time new york state of mind as well yes or idea a whirlwind new york stato yes are also free up bologna gels over their men and the grid of knowledge reconcile your watch in it and listening to it and actually gaining we right now i don't say just sitting here any other things who what's funny is when i eat the fried bologna and i sought to sweat later
onto my i start smell and again the big eyes like myself actually like i want that more of it yeah i guess you don't worry i could get a little bit yeah that's all i got out and with the bologna spills great so we're gonna gets a football but let's talk about the yankees first because your beloved new york yankees are awesome even though we were injured ali all first half of the season they been awesome are you feelin twenty eight are you start and get your hopes up at this is kind of a complete team it's interesting because i was so tomorrow hoping to go in air and sea coach boon in and talk to him a little bit about last year we went through a ton injuries and so you know i was listening to you us coaches we got it a lot of background and see what's going on so they ve got a lot injuries but i've been listened to a lot of young players of people that they have acquired and in all these areas i keep hearing the same thing is that when you're partly yankees what about when he championships in it and that's what's expected in and the culture and things of that nature so i'm i'm home
we can go into this year not have an injuries but be embarrassed as i can do a better job you know one injuries here because in a lot people wrote him often and i am sure that you use that little bit in as far as motivation but you still got a produce and perform and beat you no good team that are out there and they ve been but to do that so may i no from a cultural perspective i admire what they dont say what the women soccer team they played an exhibition game jacksonville i met with that coach so she was down there and then went and watch them play the exhibition game and it was unbelievable to see him in person i don't think tv really does any credit you know and then you know i saw what they're doing down here in new york and in an appraisal so it's been it's been you you always try to learn is really no off season which i sought to every every level coach
yeah i think i have a man franchise would you talk to me would just being how i'd ideal with areas and stuff i turn injuries off but we really cannot say exactly but i do think that such an important thing i think that you're just because you of something on your shirt that youth coaches nfl or gotta talk to mba it doesn't mean that there aren't good coach and all the other levels i think that i think to can learn and what from you especially specially like i always appreciate watching youth coaches because they gotta talk to these players and teach these players and the is that the use and how they teach him and all the different things are things that you know i hope to learn from you know that i can do a better job i don't think it's the emblem with a team of the league that you're in that makes the coach it is really how you present things to do my high school coaches just say next man up that was his strategy if we had an injury he just get a lock and grow hey we're going next man up today you aren't very good we i think the general outlines the giver ronaldo play we never read out a players but we ran a good players
like when i start boy that's when it became an issue i was not the next man out that should have been the next and i think that something we have to address it in our next play obviously not might have enough talent but you have to think what what makes people good coaches is that their aim to maybe cover so cover ups may some of the things so i'm sure they're prior to dual i covered up when you and i was it while they just use me as scouting full backing they said run straight ahead and get your ass you are fallback scouting whipped so basically it is now important that estonia will probably price are often like sixth rate and became a full backing and now you're down my spine guys for buying i got for i was imagining i'm lawyers saying that annex three cigarettes i want to get into something real quick here because we had shown mcveigh other show like three months ago i think and grit weak and he said that he had some words with you really that he said that he wanted to coach for you at syracuse and that you took his rest may put at the bottom of the pile he's in there we
he had this whole discussion at the at the hague coaches the elite meet young i've made himself with a bunch of us now around the table and you know it i gave you a new hire me i'm like while the match your question who recommended you so he says well this which recommended messy that's absolutely wide and higher and i never wanted to table greeted me so were the kosher who recommended am that cosette was coats may syracuse i wonder you know having to make a move but he's i recommended a money think of any other coach what are recommended you know sean either you without a chance i said that's why you i'd be careful in any one of those they can make sure you know your who'd recommended for the job and i said i was always brought up that if i wanted a job i would never have any one else call for me i will always call myself i would call myself as a hey listen i'm someone so this is what i want to do i'm looking for a job and then if there was
interest and i i'd give em rep references right you know i think so i john you gotta be more here we gotta get goin when you younger but now you so he's great but i he's done a great job and i will again but great he tried the bust my much i believe like those types of coach means i just assume that its everybody in rome just busting turns boss just making fun of each one amr on that i may not that's how i think i am the heroes enemy in up it all myself in bill o brien rebel even over and the same division the up in our wilson around will robust each other's chopped pretty good and then but it never gets too we never talk about our players are the tv talk about like ya look so alphabetic got way that baited china can sean
the shock challenge a great dresser right yeah look at me yeah i mean you really don't bag i bet you're going to see right people we say that that enough see west is the hottest division in terms of coaches i think it's actually you're division you yet rebel yet o brien and enable represents a cost lives in civil workin out working sequoia they would you not agree scots very say he said he would cut his penis offer superbowl straight up said that well may i ask you when you're good unfounded he actually said that he said he's he's been married for twenty years ago is needed which cut one i want you to say it s why twenty percent helping our i have three children i love my wife would probably be happy if i did i want you back yet yes that's insane my library like that that should we are assuming you have just said that you would cut my rebels venus non on i'm not going to become rights i have a question is going to be a very weird question but you mentioned the coaches meeting meetings
obsessed with the coaches picture that you guys take annually i regard that i belong to arrive bologna you'll love had walk me through the coach me the picture when you guys all get out there and they fish into the sun and everyone looks a little dishevelled some guys looking good some guys not look so good how does that all go down and you guys realise how ridiculous it is everywhere i dont like i don't like what when you're a rookie so she knows you go in there and then and you have an itinerary and i like okay have you have this picture and you like my first thought was why we taking this and then with a blog is already much what you're so i didn't know it even would go out too we want oh yes i had no idea that oh yeah so like my first you might then they sent me a picture and online or go petrol is what was this will prove that you know that i cochineal phelan yes then it was like you know will shed a volume
picture taken whom i gonna sit next to oh yeah i so little is known as like so big to you ever you're walking with from strong many danger the sheer you know sand tat is import but also then would have as i think it will if i'm ok if if i'm in the back and on the extra like i think those next to qatar born my dear you know him looks good armies in good shape you know my name okay wait i got to put a striped shirt all know you this year yeah okay you know how to put a striped shirt on okay i do whatever i can to make myself look skinnier i got to do what can you make sure not like richard nixon of sweat my ass rising oh and i got pits shown in everything so am if i sit down i think i can cover my got better so strategically i go in there but when great that meaning mama way over there then i start thinkin ok i gotta get this thing right but then you're right you stand in front of you know you standing in the sun evaded soon but i never thought of one hour so and then afterwards like my system
oh come on go oh here's a coach and picture the abbe like oh ok that's that's great benefits i would run of the cases the read out to you that i have only a yearly end the anger allegro is re wrote about you the everyone's the everyone's dad on graduation day award goes doug maroon he's here but he's sweaty he forgot his sunglasses so is constantly squinting and his handshake will break his daughters boyfriends forearm that's doug maroon these places close he owns in la he's happy to be here to see his little sweetheart on graduation day you really just want to be back home in his recliner with a bag of lay's and some homemade onion dip do you think i know i don't either you now he had dug devilish out of forty five minutes early so you get a good seed a k the one on the end where he s most space there is no doubt errand hit upon a lot into gas i do yes dialogue already said right i love that my daughter is now going to be a senior i've done it can be a fresh air you should have you shook her wonder why we felt here was one guy ok first guy you're my friend
honesty of you caught he carried it out he taught me a lot took his daughters older and she's graduated now call from a k how do you handle the stuff because innovators hard because you know i i want to make sure and the stance that this is my daughter and an so i don't know what to say i just told myself if if you mystery my daughter i promise you i will do everything my power to ruin your life that's good all the front to watch my worry is that why you left your head coach you know you gotta be careful and of course my size i always try to make sure lawyer like an animal smile which i don't normally do anyway but i dont smile and i dont really talked home and then when they try to strike precision on this i look at em like there why are you talking about i don't don't you everything you said we already knew you'd freedom acting each xyz what are they all those that are for dazzle are there are like that again and as a dad myself now
and saying that dad i see what you say that you need to get the sound the open before this conversation is a little bit too deep because they do you know why you got a good because we lose regime is not going to know it also like it's about my area comes a trap me all of that rule you ever hear about gotcha journalism is gotcha journalism were best friends blake portals blake i saw you just where the matter when it ok guys buried you guys on good terms because anybody that miss trees blake we take that as a mistreatment of ourselves but then the eu should feel good about that knowing that weren't we like you were good fresh with you so if anybody be testament says mature does is mature adults and not pixar yes we're loyal
one make sure that's what gave it we're dead you jus buttered us up right about yes but yeah i mean you know it's always toughen and your poland for profound especially some like blake his toughness is i mean it's it's is the greatest treaty has it really is am i probably could have done a better job and i've told that the blame for we had we had good discussion discussion when he laughed and i saw him the other day and it's you know i have a ton of respect for him just now it's the business aspect of it which is tough i wish him the best i think that you know he'll do well i really do i think he'll play in this league for a long time i think we'll get another opportunity at they could take advantage of it that's why i feel it and it's it's it's not like a lot of the players one when those things happened the business part of it you don't he never it always herds that i always look back and say i wish i could have done something better i wish i could have had better players around him our wish i could have done s or called us did that
the only time that you really sit there and you like a listen i'm i'm good that disguise gone is one the guy's a bad guy and bet a bad teammate were not a team guy the rest of us there are good enough for not that's that's what hurts as i give you everything they have they give you a great effort they show toughness and nobody at the other day trying to change are trying to do a lot to get different results and in all its part of it because it just goes like this hangouts if if you know if you don't win then you know know who's next well you know i'm next you know so i'll be the guy to go in and and that's how it is so it's the reality of the profession but i try to take the you know in always a personal yeah i guess personal because no you deal with families and things of that nature and and and that's what's you know that's what that was difficult that that's what you know you take a step back and you like mars to billy towards europe organization in all my responsibility for the people have higher that reply from familiar the coach and that that's a stop it
and that a day that people don't see you know that that ways i can't speak for everyone but i do know for me that that weighs on me a lot so blake told us that he is friends with cody kessler so he we respect his wishes to not bash cody kessler but this would be the portion the podcast that i would say coach how the hell did you start cody kessler over blake bortles but i'm not going to say that so i'm not going to say that say that that i'm not gonna say thanks for that and for not say yes exactly just headlines about burma the aim is the same thing it's like you know it's like you'll see you're the quarterback its i always had to say diane we've heard it too cliche you know they get too much your credit to get too much of the blame a lot of times when you know you look in the are you looking to do things you know you know that guy spanish tonight that comes to an end when you look at a shake a team up only look and do things sometimes to head coach yeah yeah i would like to ask you need a good could be equally man it's not like hey it's him before
may it is not you know your literally trying to do things too to see how to get a spark to to get the people around the play better or whatever wanna say around them have to do it in so put a lot of other people are warning say hey listen if you don't respond if we can do this to this guy who's who the great in my opinion who the great guy who's top a shit oh that's one football game for us in a path you know but if if if we're going to get him we can do to everybody you now and then obviously exposes may yes see you you mention that i'm always curious about this because in like to football media world we love to do the like who's on the hot seat going into the second before even play a game do you see that stuff do you i mean i e or not i know where i was going on but i am learn a little like so now is what i will go into my four years of syracuse tomb buffalo comments my third year here so it is
learn as you go across so like a lot of times early ensemble say i ain't you see that articles are good article about in a new young you like oh shit whose doesn't like recent good about or so you look at me like austria but then also you scroll down i would say no scroll down he ain't gonna then you scroll down like that guy's inasmuch as a jerk ozga this action say it and then all of a sudden i get pissed area but use now son indecision starker one so i learn for a long time ago not to look at that but i will tell people same thing especially this is the most volatile business you can bear really cogent if you win sometimes you can be saved agriculture that have one games at that have been fired coated i've been to the off at have been fired already shot ira marty mike malarkey lieutenancy mike and i good friends i mean you know but i approached this way i'm triumph on fighting to keep my job every single day
so every time i go into work i'm trying to prove worthy of a job every time we playing a game trying to prove that i'm aware and at the other day i'm doing the best i can if it's not good enough to let me go and bring somebody else and no harm only stores ownership no hard feelings toward management that's just the way it is so you know i think when you accept those things and you go about your business because the war and you can do is start warren start making decisions or things erratic control or clark responding to the media or you get upset i mean in our view star often you're not doing well in someone's like while they sure fire the sky yeah if you don't expect so want to say that then you rally in iran profession right you know if you play shitty in someone's like this guy this people's this guy stakes they can't play he's a terrible coat of course you can say that in also just as with a businessmen and ass the business that i always tell us that you know the coaches and around us we ve chosen though if you can
live with that and you can't live in that type of world then dont use creating the hell out i answer grateful bog answer that's why you're football guided is exactly when you drafted at number eleven this year were you told to pick up learning josh alan seven so don't call me up like that i was like like holy shit that he knows something like only says josh last year and there were seven didn't have to pick up learning josh alan at seven i've will you who do you have to pick up way i will now i laid out i'm gonna change our railways josh around seven yeah right now we re not not rephrase do that's up you guys know about where we really care two months uk that's how do you like hey what you know did you guys think who's gonna fall to really back i'll ask that worries me thank you no catch up
and dave caldwell a gm the scouts you know they do a good job we come in late and ass the one thing like you so we ask coaches coming late in the evaluation period could you think like every started on next year's dragon they start and we get raped lettuces at an end you know you go through all these that different scenarios like ok you go through it wherever players you like and if these guys drop what would you take him yes we take em if not would do a nasa did a lot of discussion and i would say the same thing like out of a bust a little bit of jobs who knows when it's just a couple of scale fibi like yeah hey we got a couple days before i make this decision and you know it's not like that the forty second clockwork i make a decision area in algeria reveries basketball and you gotta go right then around common is like whew man we're we're what an hour and a half before then you know that rail but i think it is they do a good job they were car they try to get all the scenarios and a lot of times it it it's interesting how those when you look at the boards and i've been it let's see three different through three to four
organizations three different organisations where you know it's amazing how they all come off that border is pretty much the same in all as far as how it's gettin drafted an ngo and so i think obviously do a good job and i still think it's still is a tough it's it's it's tough to pick some one and projected you know say in any anna fell when i was a college but you know we would do that how to fund we can move people that's why i always like so why would the turkeys we do we say ellis i'll take as many runabout i'll sign five or six run about right i can make if their small can make em receivers if the big i can make online backers you know like a move these guys around i can take you know big corners make him safety they say these make online backers in old big man alive they make em down lyman outside now pass russia's inside lyman on and on and on and
are you can do that and you can get greater exposure but at the end of the time is so short right who that that we take so when you got project what they're going to do for you right away and that place two hours to get out there before it was a detriment if you if you draft a guy who you dont fully know where he's going to fit in the yeah when you're like we're envy twitter of two like lisa hey listen it's got a great athlete let's find a spot frederick safety but a corner back maybe not who knows in those guys usually washed safety line backers and one that you see a lot like yarborough peppers you can projecting to be like they always say troy paul malo but that you have you happened upon a toy paulo malo in the draft you take him every single time because he's obviously legend but i've always wondered why those cannot undersized line backers big safety's don't translated unifil yeah i think like so i was coming out in the eighties in oil and the always think of it i think they know what s a watch on tv like mel blunt not mean from pittsburgh
where you watch the gas from denver that play safety is atwater and those guys are big big hitters and in a big time players and i think you know from a cover standpoint with a man a man things have started to change so from a cover standpoint that the the offices of change so has become more spread at some of you knows become more three receive resets things of that nature you have much more in a vertical roots going and you still have to obviously have enough guys in a box when run games so you know you see analogy we know when i was in the air sea and we're playing teams there and i was in buffalo and it was important for us to all of our line backers were we wanted a struggle with our decision of which i was taken to field a nickel when all three linebacker man a man coverage ability we wanted to save that man a man coverage ability in order to match up against a team we need to an atheist win so
took a guy like aaron williams who was a corner and move them to the safety but he had corner type of ability you know for us that can play man to man so you know we looked at and i think i think progressively that you see that you know everything but you see that with you know the four three teams at three hundred and forty sometimes you know they have the tools i linebacker than a two hour sideline backers those outside my back his convert the patch russia's as they go but you see in a little bit of diversity in the play but you see more of you know a great value put on player that a three down players can play man a man plays own pressure do those things and an antique keep other teams off balance and if you if you're not like that you're just a really dominant player then it doesn't matter yeah ok this guy's gonna feel and he's were pressure and ever he's come right ok if i look at you still got a block of innovation that aware even though you know someone's comedy you know what they're doing used to latvia will go out and perform and i'm assuming that conflict has a lot to do with these player evaluations things like that has he showed any signs of slowing down
no now him like us open up between how he does it obviously he's looking at his ease above myself and dave you know either but both the football side and scouting side so he's looking at it thing from both those perspectives by now dave caldwell does a great job you know say look at you know those players along with the scouts and a pro department so it's you know that just ass you have an and where where where our primary jobs i am sure that we prepare the players that we have don't worry about all the stuff what will write reports and what will have us in our a say and we appreciate that is coaches but our job as the place that we have developed and make employers players that's where i think that's the differences in encroaching are they a lot of guys can go and look at a book find the words go out there on the field coastal players the book or the powerpoint presentation but the job of the coaches to take
i would thank the definition of a coach has to take a player we can't take himself that to me that's the definition of a coach so i will we when i was a petticoat i wanted to get the most out of the players and get more value out of them for the organization but i also wanted to get them to be the best they can be and just keep hammer time hammer time hammer and taking them to the next level i was fortunate you got the jets chemwise going into the hall of fame this year and i've had a worker you're a little bit i won't be able to go up there for the enshrined ceremonial go up there for the gold jacket dinner he invited me up there which is important courtesies up there and then you know got a bunch of guys are with me in new orleans off at the wyman that you know may come up next you know for that then like i said i post all those players the same it's not like you coach one player differently meaning that pamlico shoe to be a pro bowl player i'm going to coach you to be a star two hamlet coach you to get cut ray coach him all the same in a town go but you know an eu china the that since its assent
recap system there's some positions that you have to develop oh how many lyman going to spend money on three out of five you know but if you spend a threat fi we then put the money into while the other guys you better develop brain you know your number one why receiver will you better develop some receivers you know now can you do a perpetual sure that's tough can develop a cover corner that's tough can develop a quarterback that stuff you sent me you see that those guys when it comes down to draft they're gonna go up and get those guys that compulsory reformat their petition yeah i think there are some coffin newsletter pack asked is why don't i can speak for him we want to know what we want to get him on parma take firstly point tat nor did edwards one were however here aren't i got one last question seeking question put him promo code taking a ten dollars off guru jaguars game monsieur ten dollars off big bounced back here jaguars eight football i too football guy
how excited or you for the start of training camp tat first day do you get like chill still down your spine when you just like here we go football is back the grass the sprinklers are going see the helmets out there how good that feel gay you journeys jewelry and mulatto and he's john reed bologna keeps you and i pray repast my quick dixon could never my pay report when it sticks up there that's when you know bread of fresh from the american really also helps stick lines ex right up there the only thing so here what happens
everyone that in the eu working to get all the schedules done meaning for training camps so you workin like hell so you're gonna get take a low breakin can get away from it so then the first couple days after the mandatory manicamp once everything set so you set for training camps and we are sorry schedule set from now always to be ended season hopefully into you know the players in and super bora so that that scheduled all set up every single day like if you said i d what are you doing on november twenty eight or december eighteenth at four o clock like a prototype round i look at my schedule falada but a lot of money goes into that said in the first seven and eight days that you're off then you gonna acclimated back it's your family so you get into the house and the like
you know hey wait a minute you haven't lived here for the past couple months now that i know why you put a spoon air nor at doesn't go there so you like now the lot attention my dress right different type of stress my distress ray but then i fear that when you set a land of next seven or eight days best days ever cannon wow you with the family not to go on a kind of a dead period because a lot of people take locations the first week in july and the second we gather forthright and so those two weeks are probably the best two weeks that's going on relax then after that you like shit here comes we saw here and you know you're in are now looked guys combating days away then both in then you come in and hey what's gonna happen here what's going on there and then also him i don't know the first day i'd like to get roland first because the first couple days you got a kind of get physic
conditioning out of the way all kinds of in a league rules and rules and stuff like got i talk to talk to about about now once let's go then we can get into it like a rhythm winos anoura are a system where we want do that's what i feel is gone and but i was like a cuz i was trying to get up there and you know you know our first practice i try to play like the boys of fall by chesney saying that that's that's when i gave relied i gotta give i like our here in the great you start here the pads client little bit close your eyes whistles i mean that's got a nice righteous thinking about that i think like the song says it all i mean you know the smell of grass which it was funny so the other day i back and jackson bill who drive unbind combat to stay on course shit to grant the grass so i'm trying to figure this out i talk to my grounds guys got there also but so and water in a seat in this grass for like months right i mean no one goes on
again feel it's it's perfect emilius beautiful you know and then all of a sudden i guess so we have the stones covenant on the eighteenth i think of july so i think they ripped up the grass and like all shit that i get asked on what put a synonym and cutting it and doing it just to rip it up just i don't know if they put it somewhere and i'm going to put it back in or not but maybe it didn't i gain bring us know what i do love like that's that's milligram san you know what on out there like i always said before like people always say water doesn't have a taste to it i withheld people they never gone through double sessions will we don't go through now but truly double sessions in the heat
on every other mammy we're going to double sessions will kosovo as the best damn tasted water have ever had a my guess at the water horse we will be nine holes punctured and that was in college in college we had we had we had it against the fence yeah you know santa needs looking over there and you see a going because in college that they would actually blow whistle and then you have water we're like you know you look back in in the past year like police cow you'll now if water available time migration such keep her soft tissue and all the others are so what is available all time but like i think about when i was gonna mobile weeping oh this is bullshit as i do and yet no water break till i get your asses out that unlike can you not thereby yeah you know now you view that forget about here today i have one last question bologna sandwiches do you prefer the
the standard bread like this are do you like the foot long nick full style i think when i when i go when i go out neither words if i went to order it and i'm gonna be on a bus or plain hello without bread and cape verde morgiana week at the end of the week i don't do that because you know sunday growin up was nervously protein gravy you know so well yeah oh yes all we always had always had a fresh italian brats austin i'll get the italian bread europe but then but there's nothin like like i said went when it sticks to the a year of mountains regret that's when you know it's good aspirin show for me you know that that that that was always important so i go with that one i'm out and i go with this because i never trust other people like you know some people are really good at pickin vegetable and vienna and stuff like that i'm ok with that by what i'm good at the damn brett yeah
touch their bread him and feel that brad until i met you i might now in this one right here to do a stale when you just break it up he turned stuffing well listen slimy bologna verify your price on avoiding it slimy stale bread french toast oh yeah that's a good point microsoft how many times you stuff it yeah you're the greatest coach out there about green is i'm just saying we so we don't have much you know use every brought about nor do they have i got up like from everyone like i would love to cook because both my parents work so i would and i come home it's not gonna be like shit will
wait a minute the macaroni cheese i get that wait a minute some hot dogs and we cut those hartogs up we made some lentil beans play i like lentil let them let us cut hot on the little i do it s up all tat are a coach thank you so much appreciate initiate it yet best luck this year and challenging shoulder i too i enjoy billy joy joel tonight prescience eyelashes always love common by you gotta come down oh yeah yeah babies level a helpful echoing gave the bitter yeah yes
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his appointment and long ok there's gonna be a point this interview where you will remember ask is remembering up something that happened last time but we are happy to have you back the big three yes season was you three season three is often running yes you guys have been blown up i feel like this is the like the first diseases where success this is the season where everyone's looking at like woah this is really a great thing and they're getting big time that's good you know that's what we want to be you know we want to be with you no end in the in the lexicon so to speak a sports so so how is it worked i getting those bigger names guys recruiting each other you had your casino are we which i love his his beard like that's an old guy i love it joe johnson as playing yes when davis how are you getting bigger and bigger guys you as you progress they wanna who you know this simple you know guys in our version of new guys would sit and watch
the second year guys wanted to play but too late cuz we was already in it and guys like what i want to play i'm a come up there next weekend like dude it ain't it ain't a celebrity game where is the lee is that no yeah yeah yeah sign up he i get pay ya get a contract you cages site you can just papa right nuts is pretty great weight you guys have done it because i think the first season there were a lot of highlights that made it out there and not only did he get the attention is some players and might wanna play once or done they ba or make the switch i think just everybody start talking about general i notice you where you get up this morning you i was a kid how is my man greeny don't he's like my best friend we ve never met him he's ignore restaurant views on vacation yeah yeah you re actually went near day as disappear but is he knows being you know trying to get the sport in the right place pushing it in our have
the players bari we had a lot of players come you know epa players come out to the games in they want to be a part of it so we had to expand the twelve teams plague two nights a week i like it what's your official title with lee founder found around like it now do you would you call the other team owners are governors no so how are the tea howard how's each individual team run then your ram by two players of ice dice absolutely the coke the captain is the headed attain but he has to call captains in a coach and between them not to get the things ran in you know as serious as you take it is a serious as you go in the lee in ivy take a day a serious my went to champion
as the founder how much do you listen to especially after that first season two feedback from fans like what's working what's not did you make any changes oh yeah you know listening to the fans is very critical you not i don't want to know what the fans i come back the hague you know me i want to know what the fast they can be improved so we can analyze it a figure it out in and give people what they want okay so here's one that i i want to be improved i want lamar odom to stay in the week will i do to okay no but he has to be able to play at this level like i said it's not a celebrity game guys are going hard guys are training guys orange guys are ready to play at this level so he has to be ready so you know this year we felt that he wasn't ready to play and that doesn't mean you can't come on next year and gulf way in a weather
we want to or not the saw him but i wanted him in the lee he wouldn't be in if we didn't want what about fighting i seen a couple clubs this year were guys have been drawing back and forth are you cool with it you want that to happen it gets back i don't want to fight i do though is a man no due in the van open form here oh no no no fights trash talking year ok you know ah tat is good you know smack talking my given each other face low now knew no fight will you but you guys should you guys should allow fighting so that everyone always complains that the nba gotten soft and the fights aren't real fights and it's not like you know the eighties an early nineties when teams it actually fight you should go back to that and letting doing more to a basketball game you see if i wouldn t vat would happen idle bonus bonus slow if it happens is
i have been designed a natural ah you know emotional me there we're not gonna encourage find nor allow fine and if you fight on my court is gonna be a price to pay not have consequences for what consequences and repercussions fan i would like to see what kind of like a in augmentation to the end one rule where if you cross somebody up so bad that they fall down and then you hit the shot there i that's an extra point later there
one idea that would be night without any suggestion what about if we had a coffin on the other end of the courts of you get crossed up so bad you have to go lay in the area minutes and a kind of an obvious i acted as every good any out as everyone always does the skull among them the skull modi on twitter year indian like oh my god is daddy to console having let's really like and then we when they get out a coffin they're doing the undertaker giff where they papa yet not dead yet i ran back in again ya think about it did you an entire why do you want to sell your tea on your our board of governors or whatever oil sure one ok come on what the pay nothing whose who's the words for the big three whose breaking all the news for years and we got a guy named oliver we asked last name but yeah he's been like a day one die hard you know
ways can and want to know is the scope and puts it out on the internet so it's gonna go i've got a dog the break news if you're looking for like a woods that's really gonna be like the guy that breaks news for the big three my dog leroy he's an insider in a number of sports you probably already her probably very familiar with him he'll be happy to break any news that you guys have ok let me see a real long ago a real on leroy we could probably bring about real and we can only bring up when you get a piece of bread study that already impressive so i want to talk with the lakers yes are you we are clearly spelled out well yes clippers vote you never know is now no marcellus wily told me that you're clipper spent marcel wily is alcohol methods is heroin that now we now know members value that i would never be a dippersful ok out of fact they ve been washed it back
who should so are you mad the quiet and pick the lakers does that was i have said this before but you know when you have the little brother big brother really i was a mass of felt sorry for him oh first when that even though you guys the lakers have not made the plants and forever you like that i feel sorry for you yeah i mean i feel sorry for you so what is making a play out do emmy don't win the chip well the lakers have been a joke recently noble laughing out oh ok always say laugh now cry lane are you gonna are you alone are you full on the brown geier you still like copies better where would you by full long brown guy lies agony it's been interesting to watch laker fans i think leubronn is come in is slightly a mercenary you can correct me if i'm wrong where he's obviously laker eroding form he's an all time great but he's not a laker laker he's not a magic wand
i call this is not a guy who monetary where's that shit ok he's got earned his gonna win a chip and there he'll be love like all the lakers they win okay we call be played twenty years from lake is nobody's gonna come near and disrupt a groove not even magic or korean car we got his own lang magic at his own way cream got his own way you can't came bumped him offer what they ve done so leubronn a championship would give him the love and respect from laker fares that that in all our chance
get do you aren't you talk to iran now not alas has it not a lot as he i mean you know ass when i see him we don't want some new gather data show then i'll talk to him but am i call on him and acts in him about stuff in you know is he my business and mine his business know who do you think is the the alpha that team right now as it were brought tamers eighties team i think slow bryanston i mean he's the veteran annie guess he has the championships eighty is gonna have to learn having how to do that we have you ever been asked by anyone in the lakers to go to like one of their pitches for free agents no do you think would you enough if it magical job was hey we could really use some no celebrity fancier nope why not cause you're not don't blame me
for not giving a player that smart in that way and i d at its very limited up cited as i win the rafters brought drake it and they made him a big part of the pitch for quite a stay there and quite decided not to that looks bad on drink it does yes and is now a drink business costs drake as not only of the rapporteur jean had a third my point you gotta be a fan and stepped back and staying in line ok you're football team yes ravens las vegas yes how you feel about their feet are you still on john bruton and we will see a mean a thing in when he was there too first time they shouldn't have him go but nodded he's back we'll see if they should have brought in by young in know the jury still out yet
how does it work being raiders fan i know there are a lot of people los angeles that will remain raiders far that have remained raiders fans are they gonna stick around it through the move to las vegas once in forever yet a bitter a mean more people from lego too vague used to oakland that shirts also do you also get nervous when there's an earthquake yeah i would be scared by that i don't fucken scared it's two different kind of earthquakes it's like one that rolls but it's just everything is kind of like rolling and then there's the herky jerky somebody picked up your house and dropping it those are the like chopped unscrewed versus dubstep i guess
those are the ones that rattle your nerves as many fear likes mice picking up the house and drag you gotta be scared of the big one right i mean scared i don't know i never been so how much here's my theory is that california such an awesome place to live especially i lay with the weather and everything like that that everyone who doesn't live in l a dozen live in california has always remind people who live in california but the big one to make ourselves that you're gonna die in earth man i'm not you guys snowstorm yawning that we have really all words we gotta do not remind you that's cool enough i guess ere i gotta have their reason metal a couple this is purely bitterness on our yea around it out make yourself you are mad about all those seventy degree days son is out so just remember one of those seventy degree days with the sun is out the whole states can fall in the ocean anyhow
that is the one i was quite days they feel fuck are you are you like like how dogs can feel oonies yet well no not like that but my wife went the day we just had this earthquakes out there and my wife was like it's to still out there i don't hear birds on your nose like eerie quiet as you wake up and you don't hear nothing you like something make us nothin's outside will yes yes i believe i want again to a little bit of your act and career and esteemed actor do you think you're better than your son yet oh ok how much work does he have to do to catch up to is that twenty years so to lodge everything mean again more experience
were you impressed the first sunday some of the big sprint yet very impressed yeah he's a good i mean does things hit a dust certain things you know better than me yeah would you be in space to him to look at the script it depends on what part it is and i gotta canada no about the movie making part of so far we ve got what don she'd also that you would be a yesterday dwight our team told us if he was asked so that's that's like a big three right now it s any basketball player but a jump in it i don't know see i think lebron doesn't have the same pole that he had five years ago what pool was a little pool got to do with it you're not you're not you're not coming to be a part of lebrons what's his movie being in a movie at the man is as yet no it's his movie now i feel like he doesn't
have the same it's a different chapter of his career he is not you know he when he was in his late 20s early 30s the little league revolved around lebron this past year missing the playoffs and having the lakers kind of fumble a little bit it doesn't feel like the lead totally revolves around lebron anymore well has come at a good thing yeah ya know unexcited for this next is getting in also he should be five are you worded all about why taking over stable centre he's the guy who do it a robot know if he does it he's gonna do it quietly i'm worried about how many cherisher through the clippers have the wind for their fur like away to shift to a clipperton seventeen seven with the other guy they'd have to go seventeen a row probably get for people to start
things no longer lakers i feel like if they get two in a row if they rip off two in a row right now things are going to change a little bit in la little bit does everyone loves winner will will have low bit they'll have to sixteen into like us crystal ball how many barbershops arena end up with please say like three nine three come on over the one i have been there all good just keep yeah you gotta keep can a stories that make it a good reason to go back into the barbershop your hair got to run
is due to our budget just a guy get as erika goat you gotta sick as you got away there should be a white barbershop where is just like a guy getting his hair cut and then somebody like at will it just in total silence know yet like thirty minutes and then they actually bumper balls up against union both gonna go through yet that's what happens when like you will make them it's a guy it's a guy who's kind of balding suez barbara like maybe the start of it is the barber feeling a little bit awkward we want to give my hair cut makes a couple faces tomb ambitious silence you guys a terrible gripper lowered where work and all the ideas to pitchy these terrible scripts to make our ideas for the big three sound even better bikers again philosophy how many were fridays we're gonna get oh you know we will get one more for sure and you never know you knocked out one people love it i don't know
i've always wondered about those movies cuz i know it in hollywood they they come up with like fake weed for you to smoke on set so you don't stay high all the time do you guys ever just a fuck that we're just going to smoke a real joint well we smoke real weed not trailer a man do in a really good job are giving you we do not know how does it like a disk pointy your career are you when you decide what you want to do in terms of work wise whether be movies will be big three are you a little bit more picky or are you just like i love to work and i want to keep work i've always been picking in i've always been like in cannot make this better cannot cannot is my presence gonna make this project better not then i'll do the year then ass i started looking and figured out ok this is something i can do and when you re
script are you like this is it if you see something you like that you know right away or do you have to sometimes you know it is sometimes someone can like where you down like we're going to wear you down a couple scripts would eventually be like final fucking make this movie or do you use it just to i'm in love with the scripture i'm not sometimes as i'm in love with hitler's role but you know i mean my manager talk me into doing three kings and which was a call movie idea which we as a great or corn union mark wolberg but re knit i'm like man you see malay don't be great so and i met with the director saw a kind of movie want to make the animals like ok i could see it now described and tell me what it was gonna be there are what was it about descriptive anaconda that you were like i want to be in this work and the black man didn't die in a word i
only be in a movie if i live to the whole movie ah so you can go ahead i said ok anna get killed snake mean jennifer yeah grasses later that's they kept left without gimme nightmares europe wide a snake animal tragic thing you know waited bout time you know like heavy because it was hooked up to the computer and one day the snake malfunction in almost killed jennifer lopez on set my whole i couldn't stop it exists start turn up set so we were really scared at his damned thing you know like ya got is a computer everything on malfunction because is this thing in this aid of metal wrap in like tire so is high
hardee's shitt i don't know i mean and yo we was like this thing about the you know they have it right there and we like ministering just come malfunction the bus munoz open you know cuz it just went crazy and so it had a lot of glitches in it so we was really scared of that damn fake fake snake i feel like that would be that story of someone like died from a big fake snake blackwell that kind of made sense attempting like god there by just making this incredible huge spake snake thank you pretending that is not a real snake and it killed is limited and real snake the damn snag made more money than us it's like salmon ten million ballast make dead i unlike what you delivered one of my favorite lines and movie history and in that film and it was i think those damned the axe fell out created with the axe that's how we knew that the anaconda wasn't dead yet swam away tat i thought it was
is snakes i had a big man that's also grids i wrap it up so i alluded to the beginning of the show that we're gonna do something that you'd probably then right click i remember these guys so where do right now and that is pfc wrote arap so i don't your member but last time you're on he wrote you a reverie south freestyle varies somewhat black the hour of your member this but last time we tried it it didn't go so well i think you probably were like i don't know about these guys these but i was terrible yet heard noise i was bad but like kuwait pda like that that cats geyser bad that freestyle referenda are due to be adopted to return yeah yeah ass louise do regarding the rip
better sit back when he's at the pmp has the cat killer bee cat keeps realer i'll go bananas on your ass i'm a tiny old gorilla paper thin windows making noise all night like graduation you can signal come loud to the mic pp we ride together or separate never protected stop forever this shit top like the weather takes we're gonna make you sweat today was a good neighbour has not done yet yeah yeah i know that was pretty a flow and that means be biased didn't know use google up fast we hope like anyone could save you the i gotta get out of breath yeah you know but yet around was it was way tired and last night was alive have you ever get it probably is sorted out by saying like my name's empty i'm here to say that i am here to say
has anybody ever actually started a rap zone by saying that i wrote my first rap ever done that was my wife oh no it was i want you to know it wasn't i'm i'm here i mean i'm zeiss use watched my name is ice cube song he drew out in w not courteous i'm not wearing dmz or curtis blow that was my first rat line ever wrote in my history of crime and i was fourteen and that was my first one my name is ice cube i want you to know i'm not run dmz or kurtis blow did it hit hell no nobody like my route i was trying to wrap it to everybody but it's like manuel get a job have you ever written something and you saw it like instantly when it came at you like this is going to be awesome this is a great first i just wrote and then nobody likes it
i don't know like nobody likes it because they wouldn't tell me if they didn't like it but it didn't sell so you like damn that was the one what about the reverse one that you're like that's okay and then it just became the biggest hit yeah song i did call check yourself it's like i did a remix to it that i was like all the school throwing the beat from grandmaster flash the message and it just kept growing that's gonna feel pretty damn good it is i wasn't even my best share and always loved it s done baloney and how you that sometimes the episodes i need to stumble on ahead overdue for those i just while one hit wants what kind of each time ass i do now is that a key which need do they argued in old town road remix yet
would you tell everyone can do that our old town road meet remix matters how much is being ok well maybe we'll just maybe that will be our thing will remain the remixes oh tom road of origin to point out of the room ok like that with icy legs can we really your name on it will say that your lucy attached now ok alonzo he had heard we ate allotted loosely attack should we have loosely attached to something we had jimmy tatra yams leave the adage to couple scripts of autumn scripts for producing yeah so you say that you talk is also taking you be loosely attachment boom next you know we're going and talking to people trauma your neighbor could put your name their yeah loosely thatch means you're not getting paid for right that's what i'm just so you know you're not gonna be a partner project we really get them right not just you know just because you declined the loosely attach there were few still loosely attached amino airbus nay drop
near behind any dramatic zander can you just say i'm the right till i get no more to say that they will just ices that may put in amsterdam rigel again no more i big three where can i watch where i mean it's gonna be ass its already started year has been awesome you could check this out saturday this saturday this sunday cbs at new eastern give busy check us out grapes the boy i come to the damn game we are providence rhode island ok and we in brooklyn new york haliae you gotta see allied may see a seven foot is placing on three is crazy can we bet on it yeah i feel my book he doesn't have lines for you i need to get here on top of tat stats that sadly slow yes your money so what what what should i bet he every inside to let it i'll betcha house ok my and i'll have one so done
done its best ice cube thanks again man prescience yea we'd have yeah thanks regime yeah yeah yeah that interview school was brought in by ruffin rowdy nine rougher eighty nine is going to fort bragg north carolina for red white and bruised beat down rough howdy is the best event it that we do everybody says it every time and this is gonna be no exception we're talking about amateur fighters if no defence whatsoever it's all haymakers all the time combined with the funniest moose action packed four hours you'll ever have we guarantee at some point you can have tears in her eyes laughing because you ve never seen anything like this it is past star wild stuff is always so fun to watch check out rough and ready nine you're going to get laugh out loud non stop commentary from big cat and large plus insane unpredictable action in the ring there is always one star that comes out of each rough and ready there's always one
person that you're gonna want to know who knows who it's gonna be this time but you're gonna want too talk about imagine being the guy at the water cooler on monday that didn't buy roughen rowdy and you're trying to figure out o that construction worker oh yeah he was no i don't know who he is you're going to lie you going to say something to make a get you caught in a lie everyone's going to know that you didn't buy rough and rowdy and they're going to make fun of you go to buy our inner dot com that's be why are in our dot com to learn how you can watch the fight or you can watch it for free is waiting do it but you don't have to go to buy our in order to find out how i scooby awesome art you are mount rush worn finish up a couple segments we have mt rush more of animal traits you would like to have and should we fought for it all you to figure out the order wait wait it's
all trades that you wish the animal claude emmett you wish you i prepared for the wrong my russian what is let's go when i just thought it was traits that you wish i had so i just said a little bit taller bawler arabin in a hat with a bat and its foreign policy a good i'll give it a one pointy no i i really did prepare for the wrong again my russian why animal traits you wish you had who is starting tell me is it ok j p empty sports biz jake marsh says that it is used and i'll be second let's also just clear this up that if you will you can pick the same animal would different trait correct that's where i think that in view of that i would not even have the same like my purse ones the ability to fly ok so which animal body go ok just picked up all the eagle random
animal qualities are you sure you don't want the fastest you wanna pelerine valiant mozart hardliners owners ball legal as part of the ets bottled water because its peregrine felt peregrine pellet pellegrino don't you know falcon i will take the lukewarm eagle eye wait put hake that's ok so you want that but someone can pick a faster bert i guess ok i thought it was an animal qualities like an animal a bird has the ability to fly at a nose like we're going specific animals specific quality i don't know i guess just we'll go with it i will mind while i'm happy and pick my first one because i have a bunch of good ones but i had to do this one a dogs loyalty that's number one for me it's pretty good yes the dogs loyalty mine i'm just i'm gonna go with tiger stripes why i just tigers are right you're telling me that you think tat some day in europe more very do ok my next one is a rabbit swarthiness ok
there you go fuck like rabbits ok i'll go with you know about rabbits fucking dresses i'll go with a cheat speed you just wish you were fast we don't need a cheat speed ok not speed of achieve like the message is worse mirage where we haven't done you're the only one do not use you noticed because they go that's good and then pay if he was i was writing off a lot of general western europe i do think this is a good my rushmore just gonna sideways but i do think it into an see she dispute isn't bad record to be fast much rather have really really looking for good consolation press i will go with like a dog desire and passion the ball twenty four seven oh like if i via if i had that she won't be rock tat if i had that divided doll desire and passion is play ball every second of every debian you'll never job wait i wanna be a professional something you'd want to just
i want to chase balls other long so recently all like most dogs like they're like day is when do i get to play briar when do i get to see like my i had that thou my leg mindset i had that quality like i'd be approved because that's all you do ok hank pretty girl she s very close out this egg stared looking for the borders and then i'll go chameleon like they build internally dollar that's really good that's good hank that's good ok i'll go with my third pick although the ant strength tend to fifty times body weight ok yeah but if you had an ant strengths you'd be weakest fuck i'd have anything on developing crimes bought body weight he stopped report i would have that i was going to aunt left by one when it our robert every plant morsel i oh i have and fifty times the body weight i can live tend to fifty times my body which is like
i'll send the two thousand pounds it also means the fair pound fatter you get the distorting and ensure stronger yet how do you know what that i thought i know we're going to port i thought it was like it you gotta and strengthen you can lift like one out a whole i want tend to fifty times i'm gonna go with the same with proportionality here i'm going with the fleas jumping ability oh good want i be able jumped to the moon yes if you if a flea were the sizeable dunk finally nike dunk on any whom i could duncan saturn's rings jump ok and then my last one is going to be the sting of a hornet oh if i had a little staggered and own corner die no no hay common misconception you're thinking of a honeybee a hornets stinger is smooth glides in glides out her sorted concerning what we actually wanted a real quick monday reading we don't have a monday reading coming today but this is from a tom for all you people that don't believe in god damn
deadliest single hornet can be ok she said i got this last night i just got stuck in the but by one of those huge hornets like the one that stung it's been an hour my but still hurts badly out i'm ok dad got it it flew up to the ceiling and he killed it when it came down damn so that's a question i rag shadow my dad my mom row that's eurobond that's that's that's a dad strength as a dad move to dylan kill him the smallest animal in the world that that you know
the family you hurt my way financed son of this mouse that scared everyone i got two i bet my dad you stayed in the living room staring at the ceiling for like twenty minutes just by the newspaper count of monte cristo yeah she's a big tennis rapid guy that's that's done see my good work for it was a nose wimbledon sunday through i my last one i'll go with a bears fishing ability now be sick fuck you just fuckin grab fish out of the water thou be pretty fun anything now ok rocky did that as do nothing here
i'm just thinking about you doing that it would be like we will never do it yes i would i would be like hey guys watch me grab this fish out of the fucking river you know because i think you could do that though no way what did you say that you just grab salmon by the fucking thousand yes no chance i wash alot of planet earth like their method is not that crazy it's it would be awesome grim method is they go on freezing water and they stand for hours and in future with their mouths sways scoop mamma we lay down the law with love he can catch up with his mouth yeah yeah exactly you could you cannot catch of fish
with your hand in a river hank areas no chess ok we'll have to find a way to prove that there is no chance you could do it give me enough time i've heard in alaska when the fish are like coming down stream there there's a million off all history models in the system and second of all you can't even get illyrian a net in a tank a gold facts facts had a day on a river in alaska i could catch efficient ok what's the last one add our growth targets bears building hibernate that is what you really want to do that though the football for policies and the other one that why doesn't matter what you can like specify the season you could just hibernate throughout the spring right other one i was thinking or spanish ogre argo tat are going ok my one i will mention was taken up and then become a butterfly
we will be cool so hey you wanna you want the ability to start out as a shitty gross thing and then become marginally more attractive yeah i mean it's better than my current situation which is just like a shitty growth y know this is kind of like you grown a b i was just saying you hold the beard that's your cocoon yes sure you already have that bill closure or any armaments assets down a few about an hour's night vision or an eagles vision to eagle eagles can will i think they can see up to ten times farther than human beings which is pretty hawkeye talk again gwen spot boss i was i you know but the scarlet jellyfish it can like re grow its life it goes down to the bottom and it becomes like a little baby jellyfish again the rebirth of cell reverse itself so it's basically they can live forever
i wouldn't want to i dont think i'd want that either especially because if you did that you'd have to become a baby again yeah doubts nothin political idea to throw out there c mere cats have built in sunglasses that's pretty we have now is an awful lot of proud solve a lot of rob what about the fish from finding nemo the has like light at the end of it so you could walk around always with a lighted from yourself as the article on minors light here how bout a oh for you lion facial they're gonna be nice for me lately lines or really have facial here they get them yet ass pretty good as our facial here the yemen they had they haven't around their face i embrace debate is a lion's mane facial her i sure i don't think that it is i think it's like it's just a wreath repair for for my son opossums have self immunization so i won't have to get up and get them you know all those shots
we're not going i'm not going to write your exactly but very pretty sick it to be able to just kill apostemes ways are is every possum autistic because in the moon has i mean i don't know i'm not gonna make an answer and the only other one i wrote down was rat the rats love for subways because like a hake on she'll be no rats law be nice to enjoy a joy rightly enjoy being in the subway station a rattle of pizza that's true that should be nice to aiding l sank and the other ones penguins i penguins when penguins cans courage and where the fish yeah could like animals and then do i like the multi multi purpose yeah certain humvee dementia animal or excess eels would be found within like you go we're about sharks altogether match up nightmare chill and tat when you don't because you're a human yeah i guess i about a shark
i've a good answer just swim forever if i was had the ability to stand or water like a shark i would just become a navy seal and just fuck everyone's mind in drain and you would be they try to like easier soldier they try to keep me underwater too like in our judgment gown cool guys i'm here for you would be america secret weapon would be awesome any others ok i was either more or less elaborate electric you'll be pretty cool damages shock ever it reach out your hand to shake somebody's hand as a gag you don't need the buzzer just like zap who'd recoil gotcha yeah i guess i wrote down dolphins and i can't figure out what maybe like having
he performed mobile units fuck you yeah that's pretty are well aware get involved john mcafee right yeah that's true that is truly is a virus hair you may in hand they pose it's like twelve gowns whales jeez i wish that when i just just makes of such a big mess he had never get precluded up i wish them our i wish my ropes were just like spider silk i saw will shift in hawaii sick he just came right up by the boat so much shit news awesome i saw horse jerk off went on that's pretty cool to create jobs that area ok now i will jerk off taught yet the worst or the best more restrictive ever done at all you got wrong a spider in having the ability to shoot out like building material that super strong down what's a do movie about another home i we have a two segments to wrap up or a couple segments
a bad visual fifty you had the bad visual bad visual there's a big cheating in chess scandal so this guy this grand master got caught by the way that's a bad ass name that's a super cool title for being really good at a game at some point during the total grandmaster he got caught cheating in a tournament because they took a picture of em in the bathroom looking at a phone and so he admitted that he went to the bathroom and he was checking his phone here is a court judges pullup youporn yeah this deadline that would be great explanations just like i wanted to crank went out yeah clears my mind so this guy let's see what his name is rouses he says i simply lost my mind yesterday i confirm the fact of using my phone during the game by written statement what can i say more yes i was tired after the morning game and all the facebook activity of accusers also have known impact at least what i committed yesterday's good lesson not for me i played my last game of chess
but he won't make himself a martyr so he retired i think this is his way of war the out your facebook community gets that's pretty that's pretty bad if you get caught cheating by looking at your phone during a game of chess on a toilet the last thing i would do as i checked facebook comments about my how do you cheat on chess so you can i guess programme it is you yeah but isn't didn't we have those chess people to beat the computer maybe we just on tender and his biologist set if you're really get a chess hit me up for caution tell me what this work should do use position just asking the community of checks at what he should do in the game but it's funny because his rating has gone there were a bunch of red flags about this guy to begin with that they should caught his rating was going up as he was getting older and i think peat is typically it's just iran jane roderick lemons will allegedly who's ever convicted leubronn about focus of your brain starts to deteriorate before you get to the age like
if the interests or you never see somebody continue to improve at that age interests except for this guy and they caught him using a phone in the water i love i we should get we should get actually know what let's do that through parcel gold we gotta get just mascara you wanna have a chess must now be set coca just talk about like what what's so what's the groupie seen for just mass all ensure its awesome you slated when you go to like in russia ria i'm pretty sure just dad's or like pageant moms to the point where it's like they will keep their son tied up to a chair for fourteen hours a day and just like reward him with a taste of water if he gets out of like a again but i will find that out will find that offer you guys later i our last segments of the day we have a safer metrics this one is actually fur and ask what bad story but an awesome event on friday night the angels for tyler skaggs they wore his number forty five he passed away tragically cub
weeks ago picture for the angels they all war number forty five and they were but they won with a combined no hitter and then the numbers after like this one those situations where if you don't believe someone else is going on i don't but i like these things happening what the fuck did ordered eating that home run for jose fernandez so they picked combined no hitter and the last time the combined no hitter in the state of california was july 13th one thousand nine hundred and ninety one which was the day that tyler skaggs was born so his birthday no hitter happened like hours before his birthday a trout wearing number forty five for tyler skaggs hit a home run in his first that four hundred and fifty four feet which is weird they scored seven runs in the first sitting and end up with thirteen runs his birthday seven thirteen his mom throughout the first fish through tourist
and there is one more others there is one those mike this was this is the tim curtain one where it's like getting a little a far down there but i still throw it out there trout in his last forty five games he is reach based forty five percent of the time that's what that is pretty cool is also as well as likes bigger than else something's are bigger than sports roman shall we go bosco where everything kind of came together is very cool moments like one of those kennedy lincoln things at all all adds up ray kennedys secretary was named lincoln yet right i'm kennedy right ear what was going on here are the angel should we shall we start potent just like a little tickler on em maybe team a dozen angels in the field yeah that doubt would be pretty cool could point out appoint rally monkey bring back the rally monk i mean that was a big mistake when they got mistake where the really my whether really monk even start it gets sick a magazine a monkey run under the field not thinking it a squirrel i think
like an extra disney movie is a little kid how do i get somebody said hey we get us free monkey if anybody wants it the angels is a french no i very interesting i want what do you mean what am i mad rush moors i want the look of a rally monkey ok here you got you can't but there was what are you never known rather correctly that is illegal as we know you want you take your hand off the peace it's over aren't you going to bathroom yeah exactly we got a couple really good guess coming up for you this week we have doktor phil on wednesday we have possibly chris broussard on friday so big weak we're gonna get this will have a couple more weeks till the hall of fame game so you got this guy's wednesday love you guys especially you matt schaub into locked i'm really looking forward to it
switch back and forth day mitchell get a way you passed click bag which back and forth tat day
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