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Ice Cube, Mike Portnoy & Lenny Dykstra

2017-02-16 | 🔗
Spring Training and the guys are ready to break down all the Spring Training story lines you're bound to hear (2:57 - 11:11). Sports Do Overs in honor of Adele's Do Over at the Grammys (11:11 - 18:34). Ice Cube joins the show to talk about his new movie Fist Fight, 3 on 3 basketball league, and a rap battle against PFT (18:34 - 31:35). The People's Lawyer Mike Portnoy joins the show to talk about criminal trespassing at the Westminster Dog Show, the new Barstool Employee Handbook, and Portnoy's Complaint (31:35 - 50:52). Segments include Bad Visual for Phil Jackson, Put one in his earhole, Locker Room Talk with Lenny, As a White Guy, Man Card, Fair Play Mike and Mike, PR 101 for Vince Young, and Jimbos Of The Week.
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twenty hours rebate sorry on your tickets promo code take twenty dollar rebate on your tickets see geek do it now let's go on your part and i welcome the positive i take it is friday february seventeenth we're gonna have a great
shall we just watch to cocoa pump up speech where we could understand anything you saying just to get us ready for this big cat try to get this whole room em up with a slow clam soak up i'm doesn't clap guy baseball game slow gaudy if this were like a late nineties rom come i could be into it but i think watching cocoa before show it guarantees a rich gimme a guy on second and third to out and a little slow club goin in the basin that's it feels good so today show we have ice cube and might port knowing our lawyer yeah people's lawyer i ever thought those two days ago and the same some years later there there there is a good question for next time we have a mind does having him on the show make oliver listeners his clients to i think everybody listen to actually has a lawyer he represents the most amount of people in the united states the track before we get to that we we are going to do a little spring training
that time of the year and everyone hoped springs eternal look at headline yak that my favorite part about spring training is the pictures that reporters take its programme like little chain link fence yeah well and they also take the pictures of light green grass just to let everyone know hey it's not just snowy him cold although time down here narrows own people actually like delight slope of warming fake news just remember that are so let's do little spring training in only the way we would let's talk about what we're gonna see in the story lines for spring train yes hank you have any some you're gonna be a really good shape yeah oh god ever go i'm gonna go the opposite somebody's going really bad shape global sand of noise and even religion good shape ok right
compared to last year using a chip right right away i love you i saw this there's always the weird injuries baseball players the i love how baseball players it's become charming how stupid they are who's the guy that like fell through the roof of the armed yes without that's what happened then that this year's version of that that is the most baseball injury volta was royals pitcher brian flynn heath all through the roof of a barn and he like i think broke his rip
yeah what's going on displaced fractures invertebrate that syria that's it sounded like mad lips me so remember chris sale broke broke his foot he had broken foot for jumping off his truck i think that's right you years ago emphasised also never did the it one spring training but he'd throughout his back sneezing we launch of felix pie had a twisted testicle one point yes i try to replicate that at home and its tougher than it sounds like you have to be given some weird shit get your testicle twisted all the way around yes so this is spring training weird injuries unlike his eye damage is really just a bunch of stupid people and everyone says all isn't so funny o a lot of talk about if the rotation can stay healthy the sir oh that like young storyline the other one with row of you wants are about pitching
is there is always the guy coming back from tommy john moses fastball you have you lost a couple miles per hour is he gonna be it's also a k just met spring training that's just basically all met spring training is oh hey of our pictures are somewhere in the timeline of tommy john so let's just update everyone on that there is also a pitcher that's working on a slaughter his reply trading decided that yet another pitched rotate oh here's hears it here's one that we don't usually get but i always love whenever there maybe a japanese pitcher and a new signing or his weird porn collection announced that and also the pitch that no one even knows about our wish as the pitch that we can't even named the pitch that's physically impossible to throw because he knows that figure it out round is not any fists notes got more its wits fastened gyro off yes right europa the eurobond there's the guy with new batting stance ok
cal ripken junior he changed spouting since every year the edge is not more often use i give if bilbil it he was the bill bela checks coaching out of batting stands its jason heyward has a new has been practicing his batting stance all year all off season because he was so bad last year and i read something whereas like we're trying to get him to get the ball in the air more you think that's probably a good idea is not that he had into about a thousand double points so you said he's been practicing his batting stance analyses yet so he's been standing he's been stairs into a lot of positions or here's one that's actually gonna definitely pop up in the next couple weeks world baseball classic here yes to player your best guys your manager do you let them play yeah tired i'm gonna have to because member country over team rain that's what they say guys love each other they ve been playing together since there were little kids you got it you got a lot imply how about the writers that say it's a long season like
as bring training starting that's how you know that baseball's really boring sport when before it even starts the writers like this can also share am i i have also written down the who's the closer argument those are teams it dont have a closer and they're trying to bunch people out those teams usually will lose somewhere between ninety in a hundred games in the eye the guy that is being tried out at a few different positions ya like you might play right solely man you might say much at shortstop yeah and a pinch you sign the utility man and then that that usually gets glowing reviews like while we played right field tonight and unease on second base and while he can just plug them anywhere is now really good at any position but he can sure stand in different parts of the diamond jack i also as always the third catcher yes some are losing out yes he's always emergency catcher
i see what else o yours it's a loose clubhouse cubs used to do this when they were really really bad there they would have a punting competition so i got the cubs are bad but their loose there's pepper out the hey you never know a team that can get a little mojo go and maybe when a few games in april i like it nobody would about the manager that's brought in the new manage that brought into developed from the youngest yeah transition go in here you know you to do so football guy seasons over we need to bring back baseball man yes baseball purists yes who they were that baseball pierce is a little bit different that's like mitch album he's a baseball
paris berlin and baseball man is like we are allowing the fire that can't be man indicators are now baseball purists is basically anyone who lives in saint louis yes our rights about baseball for migrant publication saint louis and saint louis status others three guys are always saying and they were the old timey straw hat with the brim they only see during elections has a really don't like they love god they love when managers bonte guys over there don't like when they bumped during up perfectly and the racist anti ask a subtle racism do we have any others i have one last one that's my favour one of all time you happens every year its the player that retires because the team won't let his thirteen year old kid have a locker that's my favorite spring training story speaking of which hanker you ready for chris sail the do something like real surly and everybody gods ok just coming he's coming sale is weird now but a country he's gonna do some he's a little and now he's got the spotlight
nobody country he's gonna do he's a little and now he's got this like that what are you thoughts on unfair pablo pablo i don't really care if you can come back strong then it's almost better than mr four year and now i can get in shape their the cubs heavily the cubs have the classic can they repeat you know and these party too little to law will yet world series hang over its real thing here legged are they gonna be a dinosaur they just gonna be content with one the chicago it's gonna get that losing mentality in that said no we just get started so yeah i we actually are going to spring training will be their mid march so were excited hopefully the man on offer their rented inherent he's been dodging lesson
the sun another fact burma start out as a fax everyone tweet umbrella k why you dodging part my take yet why weren't pick a bigger it gets calls yet why all cause you're diamond back specialist now that is as job title yeah he actually just the guy who puts occurring in the pool and the airfield ok he's gettin you'd like five hundred thousand dollars or easy gathered goes into mexico and buys steroids in pharmacies and may now he's a pigeon fact no we we are gonna have to hand back on soon he's one of my favorite guess we levied in let's do let's judy listens he's gonna turn back what the fuck is regrettable let's do real quick before we get our interviews i saw this come across with the grammy's on sunday night and adele add a do over she swore off a photo
thank you for inviting to restart the sound players they re everyone stop on what i'd i'd visit george michael deserves thank you got mobiles and my mouth so this was written in the oklahoma or no sight the jacksonville sometimes say sometimes floor two times union wholesome objects will sometimes jacksonville sometimes by a guy named gene for net and he said about away just aside note jeanne you just love the old school calmness who just have a big picture of themselves restart their story genes avoided at sea i don't you think this is a real newspaper to any key shops he gets all sorts of course
and jeanne is ready to give you some thoughts and jean had a holcombe god radio to oversee it will throw that out there bad radio do overs and sports historically and so we thought we would give a couple do overs out there adele do have a do over a hanky want to start cleveland browns five hundred and ninety five and then having to go on and be in like twelve super bowls but what then cleveland when be cleveland how many superbowl so they left became the ravens and then they want to superbowl so they really their the ball that how many super bowls does bilbil check when we re louis think about that well we know that he's ok with having burgers on the team so i think it would be natural fit right hank true we never had piranha hernandez on after he was a murder no no no that's erroneous ass jack fake news you he had murdered
well on its way every object and they knew only new rail is murder in fairness to hankers only three people have murdered what come on will my adele do over is i think that jesse owens should have hitler at the nineteen thirty six olympics big jimbo on his part not taken out the hit the hits dick yeah little by little they could gun situation when they have when they get worse reggie jackson a robot we say that jesse owens is like one of the greatest americans but in reality he has the deaths of millions of incense he could have saved everyone how'd you propose you done about doing it with his bare bear fists yes just a bludgeoning yeah that one of definite workin onek emerson a world war what do you think we avoided it exactly i actually have something similar i've to one is a historical one with the rush
i wish they had a do overnight immediately would one the cold war they want that hockins good point people forget that that was not the gold medal gamba yes that's true i was semifinalist people do forget that and my other one is a reality rate which i just wanted to say the round to weed out loud i think he would like this do over i would personally like for it to stay rethink of re alan ray i guess this program right now says i'd like to do over when i thought oh setting a dm but actually was sending a tweet in said i'm getting there when you masturbate think about my tongue or your clear and switching back and forth from my dick to my tongue i think he would be want that that one only right that such a preposterous evidence to tweet or switch back gas dick in the clear combed and tell you thought a body parts involve the others is
it reads like something out of anatomy textbook get yellow sensuality in your game there you know that the clear down there i have an erection my hung the vestibule of your lady a majority view nor as eliza could be engorged i'll take nice glass of water i will drink it and produce a little extra saliva i will then use and saliva to lick your vagina i ate and then take my penis which is hard and put it back and forth
two between your vagina your mouth by friendly alone is expanded and the skin across the glamour is taught theirs i am assuming pineapple and preparation of updated a laboratory doc yeah laboratory talk round provisions that one back he also threatened everyone after recent i hope those amusing to people but am either going to change my password or stop treating altogether so so i will take this away take these tweets away from you guys got so it's gone let's do our interviews lets you ice cube first just three about there ice cube had limited time so he was very few very brief with his visit to marshal had course where to get right to it so they get really jumped antenna you good intervening on your part is throwing a tougher line not him right away as an wee wee wee as a team we judge every interview differently sometimes we know were probably i'm gonna get to interview this guy wants in our lives
yeah that's for hand when we get ten minutes and we don't want to waste it being low could member the time you were in a rap group yeah those cool actually think that may have been a question that we are out of an assertion that does not set out and then we will kick it right to our lawyer my partner talking about out the westminster talking about the new handbook that we are told we have to sign even lower bad boys and have one common knows that and partners complaints march manages up next and betty s eye we having a million dollar bracket contest for oliver listers that's right a million bucks completing a perfect bracket is close impossible so there also adding guaranteed prices for best overall march man is bracket performances over listeners will get a free entry into this madness contest betty assai has over twenty years and business there are top rated businesses most ports book review sites they ve got a great mobile product it's easier from anywhere
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thing that you need to ship things back that view packing tape they view prepaid shipping label all completely for free or if you just don't like it you won't try out something else for change sinnott back as long as within those seven days they got you covered so gonna jack towards that i'm in a promo code pardon is promo code pardon when submit your triumph for twenty percent of anything that you keep that's jack's roads that come from are with the fistfight movie that's coming out on february seven oh come on a very special guest in studio we had ice cube here it's going to be a star with fistfight movie that's coming out the february seventeenth make sure you check it out and it's a star studied cast yet what charlie day yet ah christina hendricks she liker yeah what about it what what's the number one thing like about her she's fine what's in second
the second two things she decided to do the movie with there are two things that may be came in a pair what would you say that you like about her no it's time though i were caught sets out what a nice hang oh yes i say as i said i could really great tracy morgan's in it tracy morgan my men see you know i don't know got pray buzz tracing worthless tracy like to act with gives i've seen about takes from some movies he's been in it seems like a wild card yeah you know like yeah yeah uncle you know me and ass all heroin slight it's great in our society how many lives like he's fuller most he's the most like he comes with these outstanding totally off the wall now inappropriate at the time you don't care whose listening kids in all these it don't matter heeds is gonna be itself
and then he gives super sincere unanimously young man i was in a car accident i also like these moments of very funny anne and you know tissue you man he go brother here so charlie day is he obviously from always sunny fame is he charlie in always on it all are completely different guy it's like silver characters become synonymous with them i mean i mean i think he's a just a great actor ok picard was drinking gasoline or anything none other now here s unfortunate pieces he's eyes this a good do who who knows like his lane in his plan a comedy and he he knows how to harness it harnessing and can unleash it whenever whenever you know the time call so you not just respect i did now occurs in all he really very talented does he
the voice changeable as always the lawyers the voice in now but he everything go to quicken international megan funny to me is that voice ah they're nervous energy you know it's like i don't know it's almost like school woody allen in away you know so is is caused so the name of the movie is fistfight and are you getting protest about the name and movie like inciting violence problematic i know that there are big there there big protest back in the day when you wrapping now no protests of fistfight that's weird i change right yeah you not think people nafta a gun violence in school you know people like probably welcome in fear finally noiseless please use your face no use nothing else use your words polly people
i mean you know that's that's the american way shows a whole serve knows is a peck and ordered a damn near every level i tell you our big mba fan your die hard lakers fan yes do you ever back and you are like damn kobe bryant try to copy everything michael jordan didn't totally failed of course not what do you talk about cuba can we bright has it got by kobe bryant is a great pleasure in his home did did jordan gotham high school to the pros i think so young a delegation here you'd rather of one he wanted every love oh yeah ok comply scared that out things so little bit now cubby just you didn't have to spin seven years in college
to be able to play like a bird some deasey by his michael jordan doctrinal so no but seriously about the lakers i will obviously one eye one of if not the best franchise in mba who is your number one laker of all time madge without a doubt is now glass narrowing came close no because his great he's he's a close second but magic johnson is the nba yet tim larry bird they are they imply michael jordan but what what will hold on hold on before mike right ok magic in burma put nba be implanted what about her amis her gravitas a you know he he gave guys who wear glasses you know some raw miserable we're glad eighty to look like a door true that
that's it you like thirty years before macro more that's a big step do you follow magic on twitter yes what's up with that refunds them friends what have you ever been like hey my body treat like a robot no because any had he knows probably it's a team of people between four ok was team treats like a robot his were clearly want to keep a standard you know he hasn't he has a ladder you know he has his hands in a lot of businesses through sure you don't want to mess that i would a dumb ass tweet trim united point i got a bone to pick with the famous for same ass round get a triple double yeah who keeps track of assist during a pic of game anybody who care a bigger role in or not a book ass you do have you know my down i travel i definitely ribeiro some guy track a charge on the big guy aren't you started charged and soon percentages free throat god it's amsterdam why not a statistician do not apply everywhere
you know but one thing you're not a played an mba entertainment led they had a entertainment league and allay were all the we can warriors would come down and ball everybody from every buried things michael rapport in that year leaves his size or games chaucer piano shall so we we in our saw dues given like a sea else yup hamstring asked aunt em like here an achilles i'm like go kill me i'm retired a calm retired returned closure game like now whose gray sooner driver like what it what do you do when i was a guy it was it was more like i say a time is not did no one oh ok you kissing guys on lips helen do that people forget now as i was this low paid bull s eye he was if you had to pick
one point guard from australia to be on your three on three team who would be man what one current mba play his appoint guard from austria ways on the box to be unable to who is that owner at your own or gm none that gm work under such gm of none found your thoughts i talk to us about the three month really you got gonna out iverson jim of your big reaching numb actual owner at your own or gm non gm a word owner such gm of non emma found your thoughts i talk to us about the three month really you got gonna allen iverson isn't right yes and that's like a big deal because allen iverson allergens where those guys that didn't have to be a sixers van use had to be a basketball friend like this guy is so much fun to watch yea transition again think this to work yeah yeah yeah i think is that it yeah you now want to allay unify school districts excuse my french but yeah he's you know
the dude who transcended there we got our zimmer so down there were like a transition that we finally get down and so you know he's he's a guy you will have to be a basque morphine to want to know what everyone knows that alan iverson is don't like right now rang out so i shook his great formerly airbus still want to see him bore this half courtroom three professional we got some gray play like chauncey philips in kenya moore germane o neill my baby ricky davis oh he's gonna get his our hearing retain aims does not like to pass yeah yeah so hey you know three on three we at two point shot three point shot anna foe points ass i was gonna be interesting you can make a practice if you want to in those once a week you know you
get down and show what you got now if you dont practice pregnant gettin bear strain and who wants to get it bears unities do still got pride and i'm still got game especially in half course seti in braille three when you put the inward in your lyrics who and what was moving along can they say it was to end were off you try and make me say it in my home town that's a man's chris wrong bear no man only make me say hey can well when they sing along what about the lyrics loser who is a debate in this office are boss said he can we all said probably dont say you guys on the radio ya know how to mute yourself again i wouldn't judges put friend in their instead unesco what
a flush of both figure that whatever don't judge ask right that's the greatest light february seventeenth and yet theatres an ice will plug you can come at me now has a sinner you're going do not give it a different is indifferent than the other ones yes ok everyone has an alternative which ought to be a little differently here is a good question to get us back on track who would you rather again to a beef with should night or mark davis from the writers you're the greatest guy i'm not be from when nobody not before nobody who think about the raiders moving you know i feel safe oakland dishes a in affairs should build on the stadium yeah abraham then i feel like an artist money may i built a teams stadium pseudo had to move i agree there are billions in their tried at the sides pears and more taxpayers pay for it and you know so these teams are
you know losing themselves and they floating all around and it's crazy do you think that ella is going to be able to handle two teams i mean the fan base to me and obviously i've only been to la as a visitor is usc football and the los angeles lakers town in the dodgers right and everybody else is in the way right you much right and the kings grey areas in away but you know it is what it is san diego keep you keep your teams may i keep your garbs fires you clippers now get to charges but yeah daring and philip rivers he's gotta get kids meg tell me a damp party sucks ok ok spokesman who autumn young jani team charges she'll take charge extra charges went out i wish we were
we are on the twenty seventh street the twenty seventh street charred angles out a lot better than last angel only right here egg play right here in the street young cover right here perverts given the elsewhere rapid yeah when let's get what year we were a man is time wrapped sir osborne i was born sixty nine best year best position nice cube nice recognise that solid you get it now how do we do now yeah yeah this is going to go to highlight our we want phd thinks he's wrapper i'd know em rapid so he's just a quick law freestyle wrap up i'll be ready yet
chilling with ice cube me and big cat and hank guys being dudes sitting in here record enough podcast you better watch out or i'll kick your ass asked her i'd ask you think so shocked about this fight for seventy hours all the time i hope we do appreciate what we get b i hope i hope you at least got a little bit of a different flavour than every other interview you ve done tonight not for your actually woke me up there i was sleeping when i can you won't we want now they actually reviews gonna get a really good ice cube yeah that europe like goddammit now you got to be ok eyes why haven't they have killed me for another something completely different outcome on our lawyer we have taught him and while we ve been in a little bit of legal trouble since we last spoke per se yeah but actually first while misreported i do
did you see that we are on sports are all at once at ok i'll call you back i'm sorry what can i get you in will we actually have to thank you because you were the first time we have had you on you got us out of that legal trouble with yes pm how does like a little transformation tuesday how the world turns you one day you'll get sued by them next day there let new into the sat on the big shelton won't now you're bigger than that yeah yeah that's no no by the legal level i think that we are because we were primarily by breaking firing crippling ukip hiring people you don't know yet we have a lot of people are now am i right so that the trespassing issue on tuesday night we he created fake credentials
and a legit like a well yeah we do we have that we will have to be honest with our lawyer is the only one we are everybody all the losers turn the pact asked offer you would i like to do so we are you are you how many times it always say people out thus what the lawyers can i gave a number people are not honest with the lawyers myself included an you get an unplanned surprise the very end of the line would rain comes up with some kind of a piece of evidence were your client conveniently i forgot to tell you about i've always wondered there like in the oj trial did oj like sudan until robertspierre hey look i killed her i killed her but we're not gonna sit at court you think that happen isn't about is the real question is whether or not what the lawyer believe regardless of what they were were told i mean i i think summit like all job if i had a guess if i had a guess i think at some point he probably didn't believe in
right raising a lawyer for hour for like a mob boss yet like how'd you how do you defend a mob boss like a lawyer for like john gaudy how do you look at yourself and i m here right carefully yeah exact very good answered i am therefore all different things in defending o j ai with so along the same lines oj john gaddi yes he commented head we knock into the dog show we at fake credentials they were pretty good fakes not really there are actually really really bad fix it got spotted from about twenty yards away by security guards so we were we were detained in i'd madison square garden where we're rested they took her ideas and worn arrest and the answer that question is now it was i under ass now you know handcuff your police officers and what what what right that they have to detain you as opposed to it believe what we're just passing criminal trespassing
oh we weren't body eyes it was addressed pass but it but i am i in my experiences in something like that i think they are running the danger of what when they had an alternative to say here just leave me the name and address and all the information if they want to pursue that but why why would arrest you know i didn't really call it a false arrest they weren't arrested they were so now you tell me that i can sue i can soon what i always like to be aggressive one thing that i can we're back to the beginning held on where we gave it when the guy you know you got a weapon work were back to the beginning here cause pities not telling you the truth again he never got arrested they got detain you never tell me the truth they never got arrested and detained those my quainter information was taken do you think
yes that's affair i now you got the pain dig a kid i get the information in the name of god i yeah ok here's what happened i was detained in hank hank and i were detained at the dog show they took her ideas we were locked in a room there were security the police officers in the room that would not let us get around yes they can now press they would not they would not let us leave they would not let us make phone calls was i unrest so oh let's do it did ever read your miranda rights no oh wow no i was not remaining silent at all i was run off at the mouth too much interest to who was it that it did that it was its security it was a combination it was a joint effort by the jack booted thugs at westminster the we're goin security force and police officers did they have any dogs there we earlier we saw some dogs yeah oh i don't know joe i mean dog police dogs is out of the arrests procedure
no police dogs on horse and i would point out that would have been cool if they had police dogs run security dont show out of it a nice ragged those guards would probably look down other dogs they here we are working and look at you look at you were all i want to call it a warlord boys yet reboot and here we are working that's the real working group re launch which drives outbreak all talk sherbet into working class i value we actually have a more this happened this morning we have a more pressing issue here they will need to discuss with you this morning we got an email and we have been asked to sign and employ handbook parcel sports grounds can we ve never been asked to sign anything it's fifty six pages so i'm not signing it so we talk to you which were doing right now don't you think i have maybe a conflict of interests there now
well because you're a lawyer you're supposed to protect i say here that is the big news the day i'm were hiring you to be are in turn i just go sort sending checks ro gave you a job that i want to tell you very very common in lawsuits people will oak and a lawsuit that they'll find the best lawyer in a particular field all right and before that the plaintiff can get ahold of that loi oh yeah i smell high that that person not put em on reach so did he can't be high and by the other side so we're doing that to you right now that africa dossier and the way my son treat them like you're better than anybody s apparent but with the big lanka i saw a couple things in general employ handbooks do you accept the follow them well the background on that is their grief for use an employee saying something like that there are and what they call an employee will
be fired at any time for any real many of you know not ask them to show it lets you can show that some kind of a virus but you know like discriminate discrimination situation but absent that two white guy like you could we fight for any time at anything when you even if you had no contract law that we have a hundred pretty red with an anti american or when we have contracts but the contract yawning about the contract that you have stipulated that you're gonna get paid i have so yes minimal amount hopefully come on how long you gotta be employed for right right aiming about about the rules and regulations of real
the employment rights would have rages don't sign the handbook how long do you think i ran away he's getting that he's given their keziah saying that contract we signed is gonna be supersede oh ok well it does so proceeded if it doesn't deal with that it with with the with the employment the brown rules employment i haven't seen that contract so i don't know what it says what it says when all is said and done it said paypal then this is what you're gonna be paid this is what europe you're really your title what not and this is the term the length of the contract if it does not deal with thing things like about the world the game
boy you ok here's one i'm down standards corporate yes standards of contacts has no fighting gambling are engaging in horseplay that i break that literally every sunday course plague i would mean from your ring from nothing they hamburgers thought the handbook yet they put on the table they'll probably they deprive contrary probably didn't say anything about that there is no mention of force plan specifically nordmann by have right on your go there's no horseplay affected but why can you can you help me find rumours play because it seems like a really broad topic to me i think have thought of playing with each other don't you just plainly oh just just course in around two authors warfare ok so you have some humans it could be classified at all it was true within a nose joke we make a nose job i have some now
there was i i wait you're talking about going ok well here's lears acted it though but what i would say to you is if the contract didn't really deal with issues like horseplay and things like that certainly if if you have an employee here handbook that you are right that does deal with it that's all we must protect themselves if you add an individual is constantly engaging in us play then that could be it if you had an individual it said he had cancer when he didn't that could be an issue that was handled in the handbook falling on the individual contract those things control if we had i think you do every one of you is smart enough to realise this then the employer doesn't produce that handbook to benefit the employee to benefit the employer
right so i got it we're not going to hire sarah jessica parker we have that how long do we have to just ignore this piece of paper on our desks like can i realistically maybe wait it out for a year do they have to will they make me sign it well you're such a valuable employee that you probably have some leverage maybe some other people i quite valuable and they don't have the leverage to keep saying i'm not on my i'm ignoring it only gonna say i'm not if you said that individual or less employees that i'm not gonna cited they could say well then
don't have a job which my best reggie her said just keep losing it i'm a big i lost a guy so like if congress i just attitude and i told my mother i lost it at your visitor as you say that you know i was reading the dog the first one the first move is to throw it in the trash you say i'm not signing it you play low hardball and then you go with the i lost you can't go i lost it right away because then someone's gonna be like always so clumsy we have to go make him sign it you gotta be like listen my motto remodel i'm not signs bullshit i would go further we now i would say those things i can't find it i'm looking far's then the next time you say i'm still looking for that's two times then the third time you say i think i lost it and then they got produce another one then you get that one and you say well i i read it i signing i have one more question and then we'll let you get to the poor noise complaints but on going back to the dog show if i had snuck
in a dog a female dog and heat a bitch bitch and heat and then put her in front of one of the male dogs and forced to breeding real quick i'm not for it would be consensual but we too dogs but i wouldn't have prior permission and i got my dog pregnant is that a crime well accepted your dog that pregnant it might be worth taking the risk of it being the cry no again an assault but you end up with a championship picture though i don't like put two dogs in front of each other and then they had run dog on the other years ago i had a case about somebody i represented a kettle and somebody left the dog in the candle to board someone came in hopped offence took the dog out of the and the dog was kidnapped desperately dogma and the owner
the door is this are you just what are you just saying the plot to one hundred one donations she was grey haired old lady of our calls you drove off in a limousine along cigarette now now israel clashing corolla devoted you rousing adele right did you represent the kennel or did you represent the dog i would draw the crowd i represent could the council did you when they issue came down to believe it or not whether or not the candle didn't use proper precautions they were they negligent in how the dogs will burn it now the usual became how easy it was to get into the cattle once you're getting to the cattle how what was it to get into the cave and that sort of denies nine out of ten years ago and i didn't even know at the time there was a lawyer
who represented animals animal case that was dispassionately and east will arise recent yes m j i carry my adventure than it bit caddy might represent that interest by when the eight was killed in cincinnati sitting around are blessed blessing all over tv and everything because he was he was the loi did james leer i'd let's get to port noise complaints people couple the people the people don't know our lawyer might porno something's come we don't get em rolled up every now and then some king instead of bottling it up he comes on this show any lets us know what's bothering them and we could turn solvent right the first thing i want to say that i am very disappointed to you what i think you know why
we ask you to stop using a to g were gave up on that there was very little effort i might know when we last good twenty week up we're not effort guys i can see that yeah i lost it either sorry dude i wasn't happy about the other thing which is a general thing which is bothering me more and more you have an issue with these companies like yahoo over and some of these new companies as i go i'm gonna call do little boy guy now you open you did it you pronounce exactly how the smug reaches while those elsewhere especially you god
but what did i tell you that was the word goober your accident was pure comrade i anyway give a tragic all its people and upon a telephone yeah impossible no number to call to reach them you're stuck were you can't get a hold of them you wanna tell somebody and i know they have on these sites especially i won't say it again the car pickup service if they have only we have to be in this and that you'll know what authority to really have any kind of a conversation with them because the the things that you can complain about the cow is dirty things like one of you is it something else you really don't have it opportunity to have any kind of a die can i give you can i give you little lifehack for that one what lifehack lemme tell you how to get to a person you called the number and you just
and then you just mash the zero button over and over and over until someone eventually picks up i've done now when i of complaints about service in one not in other instances like with comcast and things like that i don't have that works with those companies use which due to me which companies i'm not gonna say here's what you do if you can't get a hold of an actual human being keeping the sales line number because always pick up on the sales yeah then i'll take your money and any time you know it's a burger this and then when you start to talk about why the calling you know what happened or they'll say a word to say the parliament will be a transfer you over to customer relations and then you what do you think happens you get this they just hang up yeah i've lived rodya ok what do you have another one no you're the one that my wife was away for about ten days until the women
does this here i thought you complaint you ever watch those shows that those cloth of shows two point why hate that i sometimes what time television i get better myself goes i feel like i'm getting dumb the other watch it up it's good yea and then he turned the channel and you watch trump coverage twenty four seven you get your smart back on you yeah exactly a captive of his nonsense what would gossip shows in particular we talk about her we'll highlights another name them you know like you know em they're all there alpha syndicated thereon bravo irrationally do lazy avenue i took soap operas no no you know they have
on all the stars and lazy i got left in all you have like e e n dmz live in all their awful i feel like i'm running on em you can say what they wanted to leave the room i also felt that why don't i just get up and leave which i could but it is degrading tv so you sit there and watch it i'd misreported i thank you so much we appreciate all your help we're not gonna sign that employ handbook we're gonna have you back on don't mention it did you talk to me about you say is our little secret yet what are actually not knowing what if i actually think it would if i really feel it's my dog anatomy someone really right step one ready digitally were right one but one water yes i want him
they deserve much required one point further did is actually a lot it ever sayings of their way to lose her i don't speak because you know who spoke german bad guy i still don't get it i don't i don't see the difference between what i'm saying and what you think that's say more time now come on now please will pay i'll get outta that interview was brought to you by h in our block its taxis and if you're doing your own taxes this year you ve gotta try each hour block more zero the zero stands for zero janeiro zero cost as in totally free and unlike turbo too its absolute zero each hour block more zero let you file online for free
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let's do some segments first up we have a bad visual fulfil jackson who is he's had a rough couple couple weeks here like need on the knicks still cashing those checks still cashing those checks should you trade carmelo should you not although carmelo now is an all star so i don't know if it was most criminal thing ever to have kevin love get hurt environmental slide right in theirs we can hang out leubronn which one of la bronze trade proposals are unit except that's what philip unwilling right exactly so phil had a little bad visual he got caught someone took a pic of him stopped can a bus looking very uncomfortable i think riding the boss in new york and bad visual for a guy who's got millions and millions of dollars hall famer basketball time ride in the bustling like the rest of us check this out box i haven't seen phil jackson ride a bus like that since he broke up a genie
walk through what we actually think this might be spends on this is that this was a good pr play by feel jackson yet cause these have not been going well and everyone says he's not working he made a catching checks look it fill his bad back he's like all mangled seventy whatever how tall is mangled on this boss he's i guess i agree i think it's it's great visual form because he's doing a thing like he's back in his lunch and little paper bag just like everybody else punch in the clock just your casual executive millionaire living in new york
i'm going to work just like everyone else does on the bus phil if you're listening to this we should actually do has taken another step go on the subway new york walk up and down asking for donations i don't want to bother you folks but listen up i need some money that guy and then after a hard day hard day work maybe just masturbate on the subway in smaller catches and i go while he's really following hard times no that's that's not a bad idea or he could be like when the dancers on the subway you have had your hadn't you start kicking around just like really entertains so phil i mean i don't know what's going on with an easy i need to see one of those guys kick someone faced by everyone animals less does gotta be videos at that as the so the thing phil though is he's got this this or about and when you know that he's like a buddhist lives in montana i gonna farm with butter horses nobody else we see him like on the bus like that it's there's some
i'm gonna take the shine off a little but yeah a little but you're right i don't feel like i picture phil as like not an actual person that exists just like an entity aegis pitcher him like coming up out of almost like feel the dreams is coming out like the montana woods yeah not stuck on a model is really smells like pests he's always walking out of a horizon and and this really ruins it from next up we have put one it is your whole this is what do you got here yet per one zero this goes out to utter bolivia's love em hate audibly videos love i'm gonna castro's checks no no so here's my thing when i used when i'm online i keep i keep tabs about eight tabs at a time and most the tabs open for about six hours i've never click out of them if you have an auto play video that starts after three hours of me being on that website it that's when you get em reminds me close out the tap so just put one zero for those of us who were about auto play videos that are silent
get the argo yeah someone to do that filling out bob dino black sports online yet little here he's do otto play podcast that's next level never go to a website in his podcast or just our planet you stack in numbers another site just put a stock and papers literally the outlay in auto play is basically if you just if you gonna date with a girl and the first thing you do is you just kiss him on the mouth michel i oughta kiss i hope you like it i like it well kissing link in the ear yeah yeah i like it i think that's how how these struggling companies need to make more i think you're insane next up we have a little locker room talk this is for colorado state larry state larry you say she who's been isn't even ah is no stranger to trouble you spent a couple couple situations but yes there is like a report that came out that he was yet a culture of fear and intimidation and among finally abused his players
but snowflakes yeah buncher triggered snowflakes so the documents obtained by the colorado in which i guess his newspaper he stacy knowledge he had told his assistance to shut the fuck up and called play there's fuckin cuts so i know that sounds baby reset are maybe satire maybe it was just a little locker room talk and people outside the lockerbie don't understand how us guys talk that's where we do the eight ebay became you big can't yeah hey shut the fuck up fuck you you can't their big gun i'd so because this lock rooms let's give monica a lot is gas from part might take what's up you fucking caught a shut the fuck up lenny you there
they won't you though i fuck off when you think about those procedures we have our common how much we'd loves everyone show not ok what's pc got oh god because it i i i i cover worryingly edith was implicit pussy guys jerking each other is doing duty ass young imposing something i will
and we can like whose deaths medal i will figure it out yet maybe a content would you would you like in weeks two do around spring training we lost his signature whoops i'm gonna hit and on my computer is causing great huxley went all else while this luxury that thanks that's our favorite guess lenny dextra in locker room talk
so larry stacy while she just you know what put lenny on your staff and then he'll be ok everything you say will sound great yeah railway station he's a guy that was like shock gunning natty light threats and other state error missouri i was to use a coach of i would state i think the at missouri partying aegis these guys just guy just hang out with college chicks and shock and beers was called collating year olds players that are emotionally so for example snowflakes who you recruited and told their parents that you'll take care of him and be a father figures com fuckin council may have been where their safety pin all certainly only told we go easy to a good you come next up we have a fair play yeah so mike mike fair minded mike is really enough in the off season and my say football off seas but his life's off season yes of february through august they can they have to dig into the real sports conversations at their so the last week they ve been discussing is cheesecake a pie or a cake
so let's do some fair play i am going to be eating some goldfish today for our fair play and just programming no for all of your home yes i'm ashikaga eat the goldfish because i care about you the listener ready yet going it's cheesecake pie our cake it's love season and relationship goals are always in season we're about to you by craft cheese and little debbie's not cakes on the progressive hotline subway eat fresh alma have formal figure out upon the hunger we all know that you're a big cake fan your big pie boy aren't you a big pie tub failure we now listen i may not have played football i q into north western all those burglar huh
space during that what the fuck this all this lauer has been bizarre port noise you get ice cube everybody does refer like five rights hunter sawdust gas there has been the most part in my take episode of part of my taken i love it next up we have little man our key hit the man car button egg hi i'm joe bach handover vanguard tromp has that he's not feeling out a bracket from our man you gotta fill out a bracket where he dared revolt ok so there's a lot of stuff going around that i haven't paid attention to with russia in this this in that filling out a bracket is probably the most treasonous thing he could do i agree i think that this is this could be what flip some hours over some republicans they might just gonna look i'm kind of funny especially the guys i can kansas if you disrespect college basketball to a cannes in kansas
the cannes in dogan pissed off at you doesn't doesnt trump have better things to do than what the logistics of sports won't like the sportsmen ok i'm telling him doesn't have better things to do than talk about not filling out a bracket ha ha seems like these are the things you don't get like sticking to sports most exports six hey just stick to sports what about the dun contest can be corrected i don't like that the superstars don't do the dung contest spur training is her college gospels he brill heat not guys yeah for free agencies about to get started the combine that was our new segments sticking to sports just remember guys when you're out on twitter and you trying to say anything that's not sports stick to sports yet please africa next up we have
the little pr wanna want on our side before we do that we were just we're like land mines on this shell as a white guy dream on green compared james dawns relationship with china locally like slavery does reset well he said that god the nba the players are sometimes treated so alive type manner so as a white guy i must say the big careful ok but as a white guy that's offensive to me as as my heritage as a white guy i don't my pet
weren't slave on a somewhat indirectly with someone in your family and this is kind of attack on on you be careful what you know what dream on green more than anything how are you respect the busy not do a pod yes he's got a pike s out there wasn't like number eleven this one the ring like players do podcasting that like all i could just be a blog you i see me home to the gym in working out in all that's enough i dont charge i don't short people money to have them watch me hit people in the balls right so you stick actually i do actually yeah do that lets you do that i do that i need to respect reminds bits okay so yeah respect because i see this all time all these players legit erratic started a trend layers her term it get in on the pod cask yes you stand you stay on your corner will stay honours yet the while they're not gonna be able to get a list guess like lenny dykes yourself i think we're ok true
we have a little pr wanna one this a good pierre want to vince young is back in is because he is trying to make a come back i love when this happens this is i am just going before we get an event young i'm gonna do little protection i feel like were due for markers russell come back soon to loudly makes late how do i get as a quarter backer as i can tackle knowledge marks russell comebacks or just him make a youtube video of like doing crunches only go up one of those balls urgent largest donor football like ninety yards yeah merger marginal suggest not looking like he's foreigner pounds like making a comeback neck up judgment in the hague is a burning up guides remark is russell actually do these jumping into the atlantic ocean the middle the winter in that it comes out and skins all tight because it's cold water is like come back comeback season his big lean guy people forget that amendment lovely loves a coating so yeah events young he's got a trout actually with the sketch one roof writers who you know why that's good little
of pr wanna one perverse actually believe even know what this is under but vince young sir in canada man yeah no cheesecake factory we say about the rack i'm pretty sure there's no cheesecake factory rang up those five thousand out that is still vince young could do some damage your plate of putting that still maybe my favorite vince young thing ever thought about five thousand dollars a week you're wrong at cheesecake factually wrong that that's very good vince young thing but the best vince young thing is how he used to buy entire flights on south west airlines for him and his four friends to fly from nashville backed austin in houston i love that yeah you inside out he go broke out of chartering a plane he would just by every seat on an airline means when do the math right here's what so here's what the rough riders should do get vince young and for try out bring jeff fisher long ah what jeff try his craft up again and went well mac brown
you're very go and visit was vets have back brown be the ceo of the rough riders jeff fisher be the goat i simply inherent to coordinate abidjan wants me to come back he should just talk about that rose ballgame against you see people don't talk about that he should have business cards that have a video on the business card and it's just let him running that that fourth down if we could ever get my gift shirts off the ground oh yeah gifts search if shirts science has caught up with my brain is people know so the gift shirts if it was just vince doing like running in the ends on that last play where he kind of ran almost into the banned if it just was that on loop i feel happy beside yesterday i'll do when better what about a it gif tattoo
has produced an excellent dispense young have any room muffruff tattoos no problem not he well yeah because again really fast so is strangely sting shirt off he stretches out so there's some stretch marks still lunch i like i love those glue stretch mars could be the hash marks a love of its young ladys put on so much weight but in an adorable way he looks like it looks like a emily large dog yeah i can't feel is ribs like random other events been even snacking about their body he looks like someone just took a basketball pomp and just like it it like four times not too much is like going to want to pop this basketball those persons get aware and suppress wishes to events events we listen to that we give you some good advice i think this was great episode in very part my taking let's finish the weak with some jumbos remember subscribed am i take on itunes tell everyone else to subscribe depart might take on itunes followers on twitter apart might take false on instagram pardon my take
and make sure you send us your jumbos every week as we need to keep him fresh alright i went over to my girlfriend tells for dinner with their parents before really badly the table so i let it rip thinking he was gonna be sound turned out to be really loud short and i had to excuse myself to white my ass that's good that's not good at all i am pretty good at at telling whether or not a farts gonna be sound or not it's one of my best attributes i think it's good for you yet really it's it fits my brand let me be very sneaky but i i've found at the sharks tinder come most often from the silent but deadly once yeah yeah i'm going on going bullshit on this jimbo actually u dont short if too loud fart i i've been in this situation before he's gotta go to the bathroom throw your underwear
what do you say to the parents and combat everybody poops yeah i'd say i mean we ve we ve come to cover this a few times but just say you're not feeling well don't be people who was a little what did you put that meat loaf mom and ordered it it was at the girls high collar mom so it's really like ok now you really get yourself comfortable a jumbo small talk some wax in my dorm room my hour i smelled then came into my room and ass which dealt with mine i chose one of my roommates des because he was an abandoned in party are i found sheet of eighteen paths of lsd and now really deal with the cops and school and i'm never even dropped lsd you gotta watch out for those bandy excel sneak up on a dude bet the members of of a big college football band they fuck they do it's all like a baby it's incestuous re they fuck do you think that there's one type of instrument that like the cool instrument like the wood winds of brass i bet you the job
look pretty well to drummers are some real wild carts yeah yeah you get new yet some real loose wing nuts but it's true i mean what you the beauty of the band and i know there's been link ban controversies jim roman and clatter travis canal pc burmese being such a hard ass i wanted i want a plant my flag firmly with the ban yes i do i stand with banners you know what ban in or ban people have done they ve made an assessment of the situation they basically said ok college like you probably have to be utterly semi attractive have a little bit a game to get laid you know or mean i'll be a social being glad to parties joint frat whatever did you go to college guide it oh god doesn't sound like it at the ita have no you have to be at least somewhat social you have to let go out of your room right would the internet these days are ok so you have to at least be somewhat social like i was saying but
ban geeks or not and they made the assessment or like wall maybe if we just all join this thing together and just have a big giant orgy we'll get late so it's beautiful i think they're actually ahead of the curve ok i'm with you on that a little bit they are there are sneaky potheads and drug use writer right at when you said that it didn't surprise me will cause them when they all get together then becomes a hierarchy where the periods are due in the drugs and the losers are still verge you know what i think that bans might actually just be like a big scheme for drug salesmen a college cross merit of slightly the gus ring thing on la cosa nostra i think what's a good willis in friends and found five hundred dollars tucked in a pair of pantyhose from the discount then brought it up to the register and the cashier took it and put it right in your pocket to multi even say anything
so there's five hundred bucks in pantyhose and you just really makes you wonder where they're getting those pantyhose firmly so either operators a bank robbery situation arts stripper yeah either way that's an awesome goodwill story what are you doing given that money away right a wooden idiot yeah you're too shopping at a charity thrift store way you obviously need the cash come on you don't ever turn money and also that could have just been a viral marketing strategy buy it by the store it's like one of her stores has cash and inside of it and just wait for somebody to find it in tweet about it cuz goodwill as we all know goodwill is always at ass a viral marketing strategies on this last one is legitimately the most disgusting jimbo regard on its bad radio we cannot hope to see the picture on the red it bring you guys oversight of videos picture its picture that's i know it's bad if you're saying it's the worse and it just a still photo marty marty queasy a girl drag me to dance on the crowded sage there we're pretty close age but i wasn't thinking about that i took it
that to my left to readjust the next thing i know i was lying on the ground in front of the stage kicker is a beer my hand it when i call myself the bottle shattered and cut an artery and my pinky stand by for a muscle deep and i want to see that idea and two nights in a hospital had surgery now to use our medication days and i didn't even get her name or number i don't want to see those do it and i love seeing this shit let me see it out of it nor does it include for example you are you skin has zippers is opened up to his muscle is out with my zella ok that's awful as bad radio and also over your jimbo romantic
the scars those cyprus in only one number closure of even numbered whose doubt been a sweet line and yes ambulances taking away like i just put your number my phone yeah hey put here hey kid give your number two this empty got at which a need emergency contact number one should fill this form of here we want you read on the back of my insurance card real quick ok that's our show very weird showed that guy was a ratio of those very funny not not to brag bottom lubricant we're pretty funny today gas cancun laugh once the chuckled sometimes chuckles lots of times he just let it is pretty much like these guys you might just be imagining something that he thinks is for each despotic daydream our does our show we will see you on monday and they all star what a fine weaken guys lovey guess
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