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Imagine Dragons + The Caps Have Won The Stanley Cup

2018-06-05 | 🔗

The Caps have won the Stanley Cup, they're an absolute wagon and Vegas is Dead (2:20 - 10:57). NBA Finals off day and Bachelor talk for guys that don't watch the Bachelor (10:57 - 16:17). Hot Seat/Cool Throne 69 jokes are dead and Gronk is very much back (16:17 - 31:14). Imagine Dragons lead singer Dan Reynolds joins the show to talk about all his songs ending up on commercials, how much fun it is to live his dream, how he comes up with songs/lyrics, and the weirdest thing he's out on his show rider (31:14 - 61:26). Segments include Lebron Blames, Protect the Flag for Trump vs the Eagles, and Guys on Chicks

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on today's pardon my take we're talking stanley cup talking lebron blames and we have a very special guest dan holds from imagine dragons we're just going to put imagine dragons in the entire show the whole imagine dragons crew is on the show and we talked to him about how he makes bangers that are great for commercials and video game menus and commercials commercials other commercials and how he's become filthy rich by one thing he loves really cool guy really fun interview a little different than most of our interviews and we also because it is wednesday we have guys on checks the return we didn't do it last week before we get to all of that we have bud light bud light i'm in orange are out now brewed with real orange and lime peels famous among friends it is the perfect summer beer just think how to close your eyes nice little barbecue hot sun we reach to the cooler what's the perfect gear to get bud light lime and orange you want it
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ten nice u k ten got hooked up with cash you can too if you download the cash out between us at part might take we're giving away cash every single episode right now thanks to our friends a cash all right let's go it might take by today is wednesday june six and the golden nine
it's our debt the golden showers they got pissed all over can i was just nailed him it man what a game to be out done done dead absolutely done did you didn't kill x cash washing no no i let me finish okay real quick all right this series is over done done over finish no they're not even going to get a single game it's going to be it's going to be with one oh caps and five i'm going to be taking him but after that you already popped your champagne oh i've got plenty more where that came from cal town called vegas has a few bottles of dom pairing jan the question i had to ask for you you went m4 did you feel the strength did the stygian over strong the power of the capitals is unmatched six hundred and six two thousand two hundred and sixty two and so real quick a little hockey talk at the start of the game sure i was scared i was worried now overall i was not worried but i was a little bit worried in the moment at the start of the game
there's five minutes they had a lot of pucks on net hope he was getting credit for saves at the post was making it was it was a bad start for the capitals but they didn't score they didn't score after that first like three to five minutes went past it remind me a lot of what happened the capitals against the penguins at when game seven last year when they lost a lot of opportunities i remember that in the air just gets taken out of a team if they can't convert those easy ones and then the the wagon ranks kissed hill the strength spring will strength lighting people up it was a fun game to watch the end of two because there's a lot of frustration going out there so some chippiness t expected in game five game four oh in game five stripping it's like yeah the knights of the thing we're ok we're losing six to two but maybe if we get in some fights then we got to mow do you know when i was a little worried about i was not worried at all during
game because i i think hank you can agree with me being a capital offense like the easiest thing i've ever done in my life i don't know why it was three nothing i don't why pfg you've been complaining all these years like this is banned view like a cake walk mall spring but the only time i was a little worried within the night two goals and i thought it was going to be a statement los for the nights 'cause they got the mo back they did everybody go we learned we cracked the code even though we lost four two but then
say no we're not letting you leave this building with statement los we're going to give you a real los boom have it and listen right when they got that second goal i was a little bit worried too because that third goal comes and then then it's tight butt hole time then everyone just clicked out right now the bad memories are coming back twenty thousand people with butt holes we have tighter than a pinhead the bad memories of being a caps fan like when we were down to against the blue jackets that's the worst memory and what everyone is talking about right now is a veteran if he gets the stanley cup which would be his third stanley cup in this playoffs yeah you gotta say is he the goat he might be goat fresh skin he's well it's either him regrets matches since stanley cups in this era now it's either him well he's very clearly the best player of zero sidney crosby has never defeated las vegas in the stanley cup finals do you know what you know what i'm excited for is a caps fan the caps to win in five and then tweet out ov
in the bag because he's gonna go golfing putting he's gonna go golfing with the stanley cup yeah i cool it takes the club should be out of the cup yeah that's a golf bag yeah since he honestly sir idea damn he should let's well that twin ovih wins he should take the cup golfing and then redo that picture yes yes that would be incredible i'm right on the next one yeah well i mean like yeah we've already styles are catholic a dynasty right are you looking good in the cab no not really okay we've got a couple of put it off you know what that's it all chips in here flags fly forever yeah it doesn't matter what we got to glory hole right now window might be closing maybe next year you actually know what if events can win the stanley cup i am predicting the biggest championship hang over all time in any sport not even making a plan i know about cisco score five goals next year because you know he's gonna spend the entire summer like on a yacht
in the caspian sea just having hookers and blow just delivered to by put yeah we're gonna take i will take the under on caps wind yes you will see all their teen one winnings and put on the under that's why i'm celebrating everywhere in this post yes this is all you are in a i'm i'm your ship it came on after game three and i just want to say and i think a lot of our listeners would agree with me you got you know we're all big caps fans have you guys have what sixteen six hundred bucks the ones you have fifteen one i like it a lot about each sixteen hundred you will get paid out wouldn't it be great if you would just can assure that wealth with a lot of the caps now tell your friends you are you guys coming in cash why not just divvy that up you know you guys gonna be that selfish with with a five hundred you have a ticket to i do have a ticket you could do that yes okay well here's another problem solve we're gonna do divvied up with each other and you do not have no other cannot listen mike my ticket is worth substantially less than yours because shut up spencer hawes he got from anna yes i think i like three hundred and fifty bucks
i mean that's you could probably give like maybe i will tense of the word when listeners a quarter of a penny i will give away five dollars yes very nice whatever whatever three hundred and fifty five wow en en la hank said we will also divvied up between cap sends me bubbling hankel divvied up between the three of us and that's really sad tax office with your winnings that's fine i feel very very sad i expected more from you the question now is back on the cast for next year so it's caps to reinvest it's all about believing each other helping each other up when that you when you get knocked down true you're not really exemplifying the spirit of washington dc we are we are going to help each other by giving each other the money it's actually a bail out to my bookie so yeah that's exactly what the it's not an audio doesn't wash i've been a sailor right like you see below it's like taking like a it's like taking a teaspoon to the titanic when it's full water you're you're working your bookie is is like a big bank and so
yeah bill the only question we have left are can to poop at the parade to be determined i've already you know what you have to put all right when the mood might set you know you might be like man the mood is right now once you have it you know you say that you have to put down a dog that bites a human eat some of the flesh 'cause it gets a taste for it and i might have a taste for worship they say that yeah so if you don't they say that you know they say that's up and like if humans sometimes it's well yeah i do understand about putting down a cannibal yeah put down a down it makes sense probably john wayne gacy probably need to be put down is oral executable ism embrace debate did they ban it into some like i think who did things like nigeria
president agers like that the mouth is not for the sake not for actually some states still have that on the books i know it's yeah yeah yeah i love blue can't buy liquor on sunday and you can't get a blood you are you can get a blow job you just can't give what you can't walk your pet raccoon on the third sunday of may yeah can't do it all right we should do well that's in by the way has never lost a game in the month of june true how about that fat as such june is the mister june yes yeah or call mister taylor june we should the nba finals are off i don't know when they're coming back but who even i mean i was gonna
in game three i'm going to say right now i did that thing where i woke up this morning excited for nba game tonight 'cause i just i got a taste for watching championship level athletics and i was disappointed to learn that they have a day off nope what are they doing on their day off their well jerry smith we know what jerry smith doing actually funny you ask we link up to it in our segments 'cause we have a little brown blames has been awhile since lebron blimps will get to that real quick before we get into hot sequel through and i got some analytics sabermetrics over washington capitals i'm not worried but i do want to point out that way the capitals have lost five series when they're up three one the such losses by a franchise and stanley cup playoff history shadowed sports centers that means the host so long ago yeah you're right it was while ago i actually don't remember when that might take us as the passes for cowards and losers that's good point also don't let the fact that the washing capitals have
five series after blowing a three one lead distract you from the fact that the going state warriors blue three one nice little little mean there verbal cpo spoken out that one's going to give go viral so huge i think i i think that's a distract you from five times yeah i got it all right let's to bash or talk for guys who don't want to bash or so we have the new episode of the bachelor monday night most of us were watching hockey hank might have sat on the remote he said he said on the remote and accidentally went to the bachelor yeah such a ship i'm thinking i was flicking around and then my remote last battery it happened to be on the bachelor yeah ship it was it was it was crazy though it was this is now guys who bachelor talk for guys who don't watch the bachelor read by a guy who accidentally watch is the bachelor every monday night no matter what as a break little jawn took back button got a date i didn't see this part actual guys everywhere so is he is he no no no part of the part of the promotion
lou judges wanted to date okay all right is also a chance a little drunk be someone else what you mean i don't know that put my notes say from you don't know the difference between little john and and someone else that well i mean the note says little jaunt problematic would be very like spot on for floor fans to not know who lil jon at i'd imagine that most people it was actually it was actually it relevance it's like david alan grier yeah yeah whatever lincoln ride after connor through picture of lincoln in becca in the pool classic lincoln they already have a picture of each other together jesus christ dude he linking wait who threw the picture conor conor did you a favor lincoln you've you've you're you're dating a check for one week with fifteen other dudes you don't need a picture with her yeah lincolnshire of all people should know that a house divided cannot stand yeah how do you get a picture printed principi dramatic you got to set yourself apart she's fashion because of her inner anymore you could pay
the five hundred dollars and i wouldn't take a printer yeah i'd be like no do i don't want this big shoe box in my house they should really do a batch or where it's just like a bunch of guys who it's a competition who could give less of a and just see who could like michael i don't really care i'm actually i want to play xbox that don't have sex you just describe sports bar yeah so we should do that bachelor for regular dudes and then jordan whose he's catalyst of the show thank he's a let's go to these are going under a little more brought in the same boy and pat mcafee is how i would describe him interesting he he showed up to the cocktail party in his underwear to establish dominance over the other guys that actually is perfect i would show up in his shorts and he just went one more took his shorts off does a very mad you know to cocktail party and they were upset with the like respect of the sanctity
as long as you wear a black tie it doesn't matter what else were true well you could put a black down your deck that's classy elegant refined classes is that it that's it i was it was a girl's name again dhaka dhaka dhaka ho yeah she was she won the battle the bacchus that's right with this is that what you want to battle the back because by getting asked to getting proposed to and then getting that taken yeah so we'll have to win yeah so there's some there we might need or the bachelor this year instead of a ring might need a therapist we always like to predict who the next breakout star from each bachelorette her bachelor's is it what's the guy's name that were the underwear jordan that guys get real thank you i lay in the picture movies psycho and then crying is even you know not saying that you shouldn't expression motions but come on but don't express much right bottom up but he could be getting a fight that could be big for lincoln a little spin off link in the crier all right let's do hot sequel truck all my heart
my first one go ahead yeah i'm gonna go yeah go for it ok go ahead yeah i'm going to do one since it's hot seat cool throne is on the hot seat there there's a big dispute with the yankees they are all good junkies there making them play their july eighth game in toronto as a night game even though the yankees have to play a make up double they're in baltimore the next day love that so the yankees are protesting by saying we're not going to have any players appear in any shows no post game interviews no pregame interviews unless you change the game because bob n reasons including the integrity of the sport thanks three games in two days just takes away from the yankees realize that the two games the next day against the orioles so does not really get you should those are just a lot games so i think they'll be okay that's
like this i like a good scheduling beef and also i have it just not show up is also a power move because you know aaron boone knows the inside do yeah and so he knows the leverage you have so yeah if this was pop erin judge would be staying at home i would not be used without your support without doubt i just wanna say i'm taking pitcher judge yes i'm i'm taking the s peons on this because you only get but like one or two dozen yankees primetime games a year there's only so many sundays in the calendar yeah so let's give them their bottle yeah in my cool throne is mean girls everyone's favorite movie from the early 2000s has a europe which has a broadway your fetch stop making batch happens your fetch has a broadway play out on broadway right now which all business pete that fucking nerd went to said it was good he said it was a bp approved so take that for what it's worth yeah and also the embassy of israel so i had to
the comedian tweeted their stance on you got to say it's going to get his r l and that and we wait at the i told me to do their stance on israel which is what what is it rain think about for the show his face against israel the same stance we've always taken israel is a mal ignant cancerous tumor in the west asian region that has to be removed in eradicated is possible it will happen that's just want to be clear that iran's position yet wasn't hanks position that is itola khamenei's position ignore my position for the show started hank was israel and iran have beef and i was like yeah i guess if like iran wanting to wipe every jewish person off the planet's beef if that's how you classify i usually classify beef is just exposing your illegitimate child that you're not paying child support with that's my beef does iran have a diss track
no no they have a kind of call that connie should call off the iran israel beaten i like that focke they had a much better and more appropriate response they used a gift from mean girls from the girl that says why are you so obsessed with me my god looking awesome i i'd know not with what weapons world war three will be fought but world war four will be fought with means all my god that's awesome that's a that's a big time own on twitter yeah yeah you got it if you're with israel if observer who has no dog in this fight i think you gotta go with israel hey i totally delete your account yeah i guess that iran treaty deal didn't work out if they sell the twitter account which got my a hot seat my first one is charity that's hot seat not seats putting putting hot seat on putting charity on the hot seat
we first heard about clay matthews getting hit in the face in the face of that softball yes earlier this week at a charity event which he would he would not have gotten injured if you wasn't committing charity the second was chris long recently got put on the hot seat because he he did a lot of money to charity but it turns out he only donated like ninety five percent of my charity because the five percent he can write off on his taxes so you tell me it's actually him making money off charity five percent are losing less money so charity i'm going to get this order boys shout water boys i'm going to go as far to say does the nfl have a charity problem might might be might be let's look into that yeah my ever happened to tom brady's charity or we're the says all those kids surprise school yeah yeah that's it my other the other hot seat they just shot to is like what my other hot seat is bryce harper so bryce harper's on the i see dc is wearing to golden knights jersey and lifelong goal nights fan
or to the game four and everybody stadium booed him he looked miserable and there is a picture of him after the game it looked like drake when kentucky lost he it's very very uncomfortable yeah he also had those like librarian glasses on with the clear frames yeah i get hipster harper can i ask you a question here so dc booed bryce harper correct is he going to be a free agent this year they cheered max scherzer and ryan zimmerman so trouble in paradise between i'll tell you what i'm gonna i'm gonna personally say that bryce if you want to root for the vegas nights when they play against blackhawks chicago will not boo you that is not true yeah i just said it i just click notoriously clear with you my to boot mistress yeah just a little bit so my cool thrones my first one i'm putting haters and losers on the cool throw nice so it there has been a court ruling that donald trump cannot block people who disagree with them on twitter shut the up so yeah it's a
it's against the constitution for donald trump to block people into it so he has to go through his list and unblock people who is there who disagree with the fact that a quart spent time ruling on this who who is the one who brought this like case ford was keith olbermann it's certainly kid yeah so he's over in jamie greater than the collab his lab joys brief was jet would just sir sir on block me sir sir it's freedom of speech you need to read my tweets even though you don't read any to have them respond within five seconds of your tweets have you no discretion sir yes i answer i have a regret we joke about it doing here yeah actually i'm yeah down k ready so did you guys hear about how the supreme court ruled that donald trump can't block people who disagree with them on twitter it's just another case of true patriots not being able to block chris long stretch
french because my from blocking on twitter to the super bowl right can't because yeah they i almost yeah yeah i'm i'm gonna say like point seven five okay those but it was okay it was okay just let you know like it was all in all right now yeah right rick is it is a true master of the craft us he was sparse sat down so my other cool thrown his class okay class is on course run because the bears gave zack miller big time class yeah give zack miller one year deal you know he's not going to be able to play he still recovering his leg is still healing from that
clear drops down back that he had it yes i'm still waiting for the analogy from the nfl actually if if he gets another year and he hangs on to the ball for an entire season that should be long enough yeah the rest to be like okay that that looks like a catch me it actually was a classy move because again if it doesn't usually take care players right well so it's just the absence of not being classy right or is it the right thing to do the right thing clients so it's like okay very club but that's the only that's the only additive that you can use to describe that move is classic i can't wait til like something happens in the bears season and then steve rosenbloom like what about that four hundred thousand dollars transaction or could be used could use another offense alignment yeah to a counselor to cap right yeah soft money up we're going to be that it is all made some poor all fun and games into the injury bug bites exactly all right i got too hot seats the for is sixty nine jokes so we are officially in trouble boys because ravel has caught on ravel went to delaware downs he
placed over down sorry in delaware he placed the first legal his first legal bet probably of his life 'cause he's never ever placed a bet cousin fucking narc and he did it on the browns to win the super bowl six dollars and ninety cents and and get this the ticket laugh no less than three times okay no more either but no less three times my saturday what we're building i realize he's laughing about the browns not the six yes correct re at that guy actually did not understand riddles jokes yeah he should done sixty nine cents the browns if you want to really make it funny if this is like when your parents how to figure out how to tax like a mo jeez and bit mode use and stuff and it just kind of all losers luster we had a good run yeah i'm sixty nine jokes let's that are six nine jokes od two thousand nine to twenty eighteen all righty sh yeah it sucks but i think we actually predicted this maybe a year or two ago when doing pr one on one for someone and we said the the best way to kill a joke it
offer going say warriors blue three one meme thing yes the no one never use that joke and we had the best way to kill that would be to have turned revell just hop all over yeah and then everybody just so it's that it's that unless i think the only way it comes back as if in like some kind of john claude van damme movie played by robin kowski sixty nines rebel to death just face fox of death and that way we can bring back sixty nine jobs we should write that movie so they'd both it's a murder suicide he has he just choke on each of the six yeah we should bring yeah and then it's like immemorial minutes it's it's a well tornal flame of just sixty nine it rob gronkowski's that would be a really good remake of romeo juliet where you have to like the poison into sort of the dagger they just die it's it's two dudes are could be two girls and they just like snorkel each other yeah bubble right that down that's a new movie idea so de plot twist for doctor yeah the other hot seat is miss america and due to love chicks in bikinis and don't know the point is free so mr
erica has cancelled the bikini portion of mirror america now to be honest here will i ever know what a hot chick looks like in a swimsuit okay so like it is ridiculous it's equally ridiculous for people to be upset about it being like man i really wanted to see these chicks in bikinis because again for his free it's also ridiculous that a beauty pageant is no hunger being judged on beauty that's alright you can still use all of their inner beauty yeah interview after my jokes yeah well interview yeah do you think will check your last my jokes full of your resume to tell me how strong i am all the time and how do you tell me you can you tell me that that's where the competition kit can like how nicely the contest this can ask you to open a pickle jar thank god my hands are so weak i can't openness well she got inner beauty that's it i mean it's it is a little ridiculous don't you think i mean my grandfather's
i'll be very upset if he was still alive yeah that's nothing you know they're going to take away sports illustrated swimsuit heaven forbid that's our last spot that's like our last hill we all have to gather our guns first get to the hill first they came for my football phone an i said nothing yeah that's really what it is for my beauty pageants and i said nothing because i was not a beauty pageant contestant the sports illustrated swimsuit edition is the bridge in saving private ryan and we'll get to the bridge no matter what we must hold this we were all talking bridge don't take that away what's rick reilly will do a great job with that i i is my favorite recurring it was like a yearly call that rick would do would be talk about taking his son to the porcelain yeah sir john the seeking yeah and that there was one year where he was like at my son finally got it this year yeah where he got a i've my son was finally i saw my son have a bonus like sun yeah just like your old man my cool throne speaking of gronk my cool throne is
hunk and everyone saying rob house going to retire because we had this nugget from days inn is rob gronkowski reporter asses rob gronkowski going to be able to take grant the horse for a ride word let's do a guess what do you think gronk's response was ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha i know okay it was hopefully i like taking things for a ride only background was gonna retire be done you are very wrong rock is so back so fucking fagg i could just see it to him just like he definitely goes home and he's like do you remember that time i said it was like taking things right he's plugging best i love it i love rock so much alright my other cool throne is millennials oh so the mlb draft was on monday night i'll twenty five rounds of it and we are now
now because we're in twenty eighteen and we're getting kids who were born after the millennium which i guess they're not millennials right there whatever the next one is yeah we got a lot of money on the names so we had a tristan with an ia bryce with an i jordan with a why a grayson a coal in a corner and he ready for this a seth beer a g and this is the best name by far the pirates drafted travis swaggerty that's pretty good that's a slight laggard tom name swagger de did you don't see the access to it nick swisher come out to announce their guy and his name's bro b r e a u acts that is great this is
sports in like two thousand and forty is going to look so awesome we're going to yeah like we're going to have players in eighteen years that are named after donald trump that will be a really interesting little bronze yeah well they go to the white house in the coexist on the same team together and lebron lot of delhi slot allotted tons of db yeah the millennial names are going to be great all right let's get to our interview we have imagine dragons on the show really fun interview like i said at the start that that's top of the show little different than our usual interview but he was dan reynolds really cool guy i think we're big imagine dragons fans now huge huge don't don't bash imagine dragons run its awesome patrick reed caring flood yeah which i'm cool with that with that before we do that wordpress if you visited barstool sports then you know what's the center our online life it reflects who we are you and we use wordpress we've use it forever free
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hp empty right here is imagine dragons all right we now welcome on very very special guest it is imagine dragons that's his name mister dragons no it's actually did dragon dan reynolds he is the lead singer and guitarist for imagine dragons you play the guitar no not play the guitar you don't play guitar no the guitar but i don't i don't play on stage okay you're the lead singer you are mr dragons you are our gracious enough to join us after if you got a little twitter fight with you over the stanley cup final so let's start there we are repeated right now we're gonna beef yeah we're greece and turkey but ours i got is that was really upset the they said i it you're actually like poke person because i refuse to be more like you but then i watched your pop punk video not like dammit is there
yeah damn it that's a great quote for pop punk video get to know him a little longer and we just not like not i'm not very like we just cut out that part 'cause i like to seem like i'm a badass but when you when you called me post malone that was pretty good i had to take my hat off i'm like post malone without the face tattoos i'm pre malone is yeah so i mean i really think that's a compliment the ladies seem to really like it so much you know i think it's a good thing certain type of lady yeah i had a to to start because you're from vegas lady of the night yeah you're you're from vegas and that's b sides kris bryant bryce harper who breaks our future cup the everyone for vegas a weirdo how does how are you you're weird all right yes yeah i'm i'm pretty mad weird i mean the i name my band imagine dragons so you tell is one is that a command or is that just like a writing prompt when you say imagine dragons
our current whatever you want to make it to be honest i had a different name for the band and then i was like are up instead of going to city so then i scrambled up the letters and made an anagram out of it that's how bad dragon skin about which was even i should hear him it worked out so it's all good i actually i heard that you guys did an anagram thing but you won't tell anybody with the original name was was it was a gassing radio man i mean i can't confirm i can't confirm or deny that might there might be a are you anti journalist that's what it sounds like to me i mean you know i i've actually heard that one before but typically people think that it's right racquet insomnia yeah i went along yeah that's what that's not it at all i
in fact i will tell you right now that neither of those are it ok do you do you ever actually imagine dragons yourself not even to be honest i don't like dragons that much that's kinda weird but i don't know i don't know i like dungeons and dragons a lot so maybe i do actually explain exactly sure i'm on the fence about it i like them until they became like so mainstream geek like game of thrones and so i don't know it's hard for me to say i'll go with my medium like dragons like five out of ten like dragons you're indifferent about dragons i got it i'll collect the dragon in uh in uh like i envision a tray you as the dragon that i will i want like a nice soft kind of big dogs dragon this is a sports show so we don't know what you're talking about have you ever heard this one well if you like imagine dragons so much imagine dragons these notes are you yeah yeah forget that i was pretty solid
alright alright i got it it's snore snore mad gag but there's a couple letters that gag are yeah yeah are you are you on google like anagram finder something i'm doing right now let's get some serious serious questions going here alright so you obvious you guys have had some some huge success what is it is it weird to both be super super successful in the music industry and also be like you're in a ton of commercials so i you know peter kind of take shots at you guys there the is is that kind of weird going back and forth like the music committee might look you like look at these guys the kind of sell off because they're all these commercials but money is money right guys have had you know what's incredible years past years been insane for you guys yeah you know it's kind of like to be honest how i was when i was raised i listen a lot of hip hop like nineties hip hop and grew up on a lot of urban music and stuff for me i've always viewed music with the eye of like
get like look at me making money you really mean it like laughing and kind of throwing up like kind of like that that whole thing that exists in the urban world that's kind of like yeah yeah i'm in this commercial and it's dope but it's taken care of my family and i'm taking care of my little girls and then i'm also doing music which i love so for maine i guess i just don't come from the mentality of like i know the rock world we've been been called we're like put it in rock band which is cool like cool i'm down to like rule the rock charts as like a secret pop urban band that gets put in the alternative field but but yeah yeah i i just have never understood the mentality i guess or grasped it of like hey it's like sell audi to make money going great and i'd rather be like a hip i'd rather be like a cool hipster that like is not making money from my family so i i don't know i just i guess i'm more identify with the hip hop culture that's like yeah i'm i'm in this radke
sharon mark selling these like shoes and like making the money and i wished yeah i guess that's kind of the world the mentality that i have so long story short is is it weird for me no it's more like cool so i'm like you know like haters are gonna hate and that's just it's like i get it 'cause i understand a rock bands not supposed to like do certain things but i'm just on the same note i'm kind of like that's not how it that's not what other reviewed imagine dragons as or music he likes what i don't know if that makes sense but yeah i don't know no i mean to us aerosmith was a gap commercials for like twenty years it's not like it's a new thing to like to sell songs to commercials i think most people they get upset and and call the band sell outs are just not talented enough to sell out it's a
i would love to sell out at some point i would love to just get like an arby's or uh exxon tattoo on my back and walk around shirtless all the time and get paid a shitload of money from it i'll say this i think that if if you're doing something that compromises your value then i'm like ok yeah that's that's lame and that's selling out but if you're like hey this commercial you know for like whatever this beer or something like that is going to use my of or like some nfl thing or something you know what i mean it's kind of like cool rad ok cool exactly are more people going to listen to my music ok cool yeah that's a no brainer but if i was like it's someone hit me up when they were like i don't want to use your son to like sell children to slavery or something and i was like hey what's the money in that then i'd be like ok that's that sounds maybe like slightly crossing over what about the critics who say that radioactive encourages nuclear proliferation that's i've never heard that before great great journalistic like verbiage yeah good
now to pronounce that correctly too and everything goes good write the songs though do you when you finish your song you like right this one is going to be great for like the clemson south carolina rivalry game i remember or this one 'cause i was actually going through all your songs today in the craziest part is you guys have like all these college football and nfl songs and then you had the soccer like the world cup theme song so you guys could do every ok yeah we we do a lot of that in the sports room you know i i wish that i could tell you that at the time that strategic i honestly like i i would tell you one hundred percent if i was like you know one of the things i do when i'm doing my songwriting process like pollock like taglines for like like big teams you know what i mean if you like men i want to get like i love the calves like only believe they're like whatever it takes thing
but you know i really uhm i just don't i just i i'm i'm more of like i'm stuck in a fourteen year olds mentality when it comes to how like my men like i've i've that's when i started dealing with depression i was in middle school and i wrote from this place of like over the top thanks like i know that imagined i'm i'm aware that imagine dragons is very over the top angsty kind of thing and i just can't help it it's just it's it's the only thing that comes out of maine so it's like for better or for worse when i'm with these guys 'cause i'm writing music it just that's what comes out and that's the only thing that's real that i can get on stage and actually get behind and do so it like for better or for worse and for some people it's for worse and some for better it just it just is a product of whatever you know being raised mormon and and being like an angsty puke prepubescent kid and just being
chuck in that i don't know i don't know so you were raised mormon in las vegas are you originally from vegas yes born raised once they get in and out for the big mormon stay can we boys one girl and went on a mormon mission in into the whole thing and there are more of a free spirit but i think you have my story that a pilot is nice yeah but i still i still identify with with its like mormonism is like a culture it's like you can't you can't it's like being it's like being jewish or something it's like your culture you know what i mean you can't really leave it's always gonna be apart of you yeah it did did you know bryce harper's family growing up as i like a close knit mormon community out there i did i there is a close knit community but he was too cool and i think like handsome or something i learned in the same circles but he he definitely but um but now i'm like i'm really stoked on what he's doing and i've met him now since then
looks good like uh we did a show for vegas after the shooting and things like that to raise money and he's been awesome for like putting vegas on the map and then staying in obviously he's an amazing athlete so that's that's cool too how do you feel about being kind of bad boys of dc radio right now i don't know if you're aware but your your songs have been banned from a couple dc radio stations because this whole caps golden knights thing yeah i saw that i i guess i just kinda it for me i was like oh dan but the same note i don't know if i would want to hear my voice either if i was in dc and it was like no i mean uh how do i feel about i mean we're still killing the radio so i'm not too bad about it still being played in literally every sports arena in america simultaneously so that's the one place i can go tonight here imagine dragons going back to the mormon you went to byu is soaking
real soaking oh wait i have heard that for a second i'm going to ask you this but that was i think i know that you know i'm in play guitar be honest if i'm going to be honest i don't know if it's real i like i'm being completely honest with you i know that people say that they do that thing but i'm not sure that that is uh i feel like that it would be such a tease for me i just all i would just come to like we are i just it's hard for me to believe that actually happened the people abide by in there like this is our thing okay we did we did that now we're done yeah i just help him i don't know no one moved from living there so you can remove it it just right yes do you but rocking the ice so hard at the golden knights pregame that some of it melted and it made it really chunky ice and let the capitals win over here
the hair of the people talk about a curse actually all he hasn't called you out right yeah i do i think that it actually sounds like a really rad but there's like a sad like small part of me that's like hey the imagine dragons chris does sound like your call so because the nights is with it all works together in a really cool way but now i really i mean i obviously want the knights to win i'm not to be honest with you i'm not the most sports literate guy really don't watch sports that much but i really love what the night stand for for vegas it's like a coming together of a city that that has had a really shity couple years and it's never really had a culture there with just like the like there's never been a community sense there so this is the first time that vegas is getting to experience that so that aspect i'm man like i would love for the knights to win but as far as like if you were to be like hey give me stats and stuff like i really i couldn't give you anything i'd be lying to you
yeah like honestly i'm a big caps fan so i'm pulling very hard for him but i can't hate las vegas like it's a fun city and all the fans have been like really really cool very nice and the pregame stuff and like everything that's wrapped around the hockey game is just awesome it's so much fun to watch yeah but this is just super over the top and eccentric and so it's cool because they get away with being cheesy and corny and like and then it's kind of like but it's vegas you know what i mean so i i love that because i'm always looking for an excuse to be able to get away with being corny so nice yeah he what's your favorite lyric from thunder probably like me i was lightning before the sun ok i knew that yeah you could say that yeah that's that's pretty that's pretty clutch that's really sweet when you like it's pretty deep too when you actually think about it i was lightning before hitler scientifically accurate to the speed of sound
so you're like implying sound waves even in that one lyric it's like very very very subtle damn you guys don't get credit for being as deep as you are yeah yeah come on come on man how did it feel hearing nick saldo read your lyrics when patrick reed was winning the masters yeah i didn't get it i heard about it for sure and i thought it was awesome 'cause our son sales went up a bunch good i'm glad finally yes but i don't know i'm going to be honest with you i don't know i don't even know what he looks like but he probably looks something like me like generic white guy kind of thing so i haven't i can envision him in my mind to some degree just kept saying welcome to the new age welcome to the new age i command jim nance like welcome to the new age friends i would buy hard over my house just like with the holy dollar bills like yes you just trash register was going off every time yeah what about us what about
video game home screens you guys write good songs for those two yeah i wanna see i love video i'm a big gamer uhm so i'm always stoked on that always stuff done that i think the first thing we got was assassin's creed was radioactive yep really geeky moment for me 'cause i love assassin's creed and that's that's how radioactive really took off was really from that trailer like i i hold like high regard for the assassin's creed people who is like this who does who is the game maker behind that i'm just going to blizzard users desktop blizzard no it's not blizzard not blizzard i don't think it's electronic arts not it's definitely not naughty dog i don't know i don't know who it is to be honest but they do a great job you guys if you guys like breaking the code to like how to just print money like that now
i was making a joke about how like mad and in all these sports game probably have it and then you're like yeah assassin's creed did radioactive you guys are just everywhere it's insane i don't know i think i think it's just really accessible yes it's it's it's like it works somehow in that sphere and people are and i think it's divisive which is actually a good thing 'cause it's like i hate this or i love this like for me the last thing i want when someone hears about dragons to be like i'm very neutral to this i really like genuinely want someone to be like damn if this dude screams on my radio one more time on my gonna throw my radio out the car or to be like damn i really feel emotional wanna hear this person so since the middle is like that's the danger zone for me that's like a place that i'm not i'm not comfortable with i'd rather be like i don't know i i'd rather be i definitely or indifference you your music is really really good for back when i used to run on occasion before i got fat
i would i would i do not you're you're my culture is not your job before okay before i got out of shape before i lost cardio vascular realtor just call yourself out of that well i'm i'm overweight i'm overweight did you don't realize what he did he's not overweight whatsoever i'm a little bit over where i struggle with my weight by the time what i what i'm getting at is before i got out of shape i'll put it that way i used to listen to music while i ran it's awesome because you do you feel like you're the protagonist in a video game we live and two men dragged in and you're on a quest for gold yeah i see like those girls run across the road on my go that schools going to side quest riddle for me to solve i just like to going to keep you going so it's really good for that too i love you know the truth is i really love sci fi and end up from that you're so obvious to most of the over the top so i think i that is there for better or for worse that's like the pain and the greatest strength of the match dragons which is
it's just like go for it your name at the end of the day it's like one of my assignments do i do a core change and then scream is like course a little bit louder yes of course send it like i find a great joy in that like i feel like i would i would just like i i love that i can just do whatever i want i warrant because the gist i i get to just i don't know for better for worse that's just how it's always been for me and and what do you think it is for me personally is like it's that's like the rock and roll static for me it's never been like surely drugs sex and rock and roll it's it's you just do you regardless of what anybody else thinks and that that is all that it represented to me
is like a mormon kid when i was just like wow i'm in a box man that's what it did for me you guys are more like video games commercials and soaking yeah i definitely spoken for shared priority wise but yes no yeah but yeah video games i really don't i wish i could play more video games now i play league of legends for sure i love that game that's only wanted lives with me though like it i'm going to ring my 30s and it's like hard for me to find a game that i really could get by but certainly like pirate ship game out that looks pretty good that i want to play i can't go shopping at sea captains at sears well it's funny because you guys in i think would would die is disarming is how funny you guys have been on twitter and how you come let the people anyone who wants to hate you guys like i i know that watching you guys interact with other people on twitter when they come at magic dragons and make jokes about all magic dragons lay me like yeah well you know okay yeah we're laying but we're making money we're having a great time like you know what
people like easy people should enjoy what they do and you guys enjoy what you do what's your i'm here what's your favorite lyric for whatever takes there are you i really actually whatever it takes i will say is one of my like favorite lyrical songs on this record just because it has a lot like because it's so fast it gave me more room to like speak my piece on that song if i were i re i actually really like that's on there that we are committed says i'm an apostrophe a symbol to remind you that there's no
i see for me i feel like that that like i i like that weird because one i just like to how visual it is and i also was like english what it college like a major and so i i appreciate like the english literature thank god but i i also think it that's that's for me is what a magic dragons is is that it represents we like a lot of our fans are people who have dealt with mental health issues to some degree and i've and i've been very vocal for many years but you want to depression study bible school it's been a big part of what turned me to music and so i appreciate that like at the end of the day even going back to what your question was which was like you know that at the end it is going to be haters and all those things i guess the only reason i would be i would be bombed i think i would be bombs on people hating on my band if it wasn't for the fact that i just i really believe in what it stands for and i'm proud of what imagine dragons stands for what it does
as far as just creating a space for people who feel lesser than to some degree to come together and be friends and that for me is really bad itself to be apart of that i'm like cool so at the end of the day you know like art is so subjective and somebody a lot of orders are gonna hate or violence of love like aerosmith and hate aerosmith you know i mean it's like it just at the end of the day it's like but do you love what you're doing and are you proud of it and if you aren't then that sucks and then yeah you then you're definitely selling out but if it's real for you it's like justin bieber's like damn this song i wrote is making me cry and i'm so happy and proud of it like cool you know what i mean like that then he's living his truth i can't get on that you know well you know what it was for me and i'll tell you a i bet you there's a lot of people over similar experience it was i heard one your songs on the radio is like these guys are awesome this sounds great and then you guys were on
a commercial if you're like a hardcore sports fan your song things get played for us non stop because every commercial but then you start to resent it but it's no fault to you right exactly it's almost like someone is sitting there pressing play over and over so the any kind of hatred is not real hatred it's more like that commercial just playing too much and honestly like i can genuinely tell you i like it my phone comes on the radio i genuinely want to turn it off because i i i hear the song so much that i already have to play on stage every night like i have to go out tomorrow night and sing all the songs in a minute to do that sixty more times the next two months ago or two and a half months it's so for me it's like i totally understand that concept but on the same note i'm not going to say no and be like yeah let me know
take the money on that alright marshalls like showing lebron james like during his cool dunks like you know what i mean like and i feel like i get that there's other rock musicians out there would be like hell no no i'm not putting my song in like the playoffs i don't know if there are lots say no to it people that don't have that opportunity they say like hypothetically i would do they know my hit song i would never let them play it for college football saturday night i would never let them molest my or my tongue out there for people to hear yeah right right right did you listen to volcanoes tornadoes i did actually i honestly that to be honest that was the first moment that i was like damn because that came through and i was like oh man he's actually like bunny and he's kind of clever that sucks 'cause i was like this is gonna be harder for maine tilting like actually have this beef 'cause i was really like i don't know i just saw bar stools and
every bar stools and beer or something i was like i don't know these guys are they don't sound like that clever but then i saw that i was like oh right your initial reaction was actually better so if you saw it but the day after volcanoes and tornadoes debuted on twitter dot com there there's a tornado inside a volcano in hawaii so do you believe that i had i had some conjuring wow i didn't know that but that sounds heavy so when you come to new york but we have to do is mean big cat want to write a song for you guys alan jouban weird live new york yeah we're in new york we challenge you to to co write a song with us that will be played before every thursday night football game maybe not on the actual shay are actually i'm actually down we should do that and then but we should also try to make it is like absolutely epic as human possible sounding like volcanoes there needs to be like zombies baby and grow it by definitely like a hurricane like hurricane before maybe
great story ok let's work in an omelet somehow amulets are badass after maybe i don't know i'll be thinking about it good yeah alright one last question it is the c key question put in promo code take and you can go to a sports event where you can listen to the imagine dragons get played on the jungle truck or you can go see them there on tour right now put in promo code take ten dollars off where's your where are you right now where are you exactly this second um i'm in hartford ct right now rehearsing for tour and then our first show is is tomorrow night in hartford ct and then and then we're touring the us for like two one slash two months though so we put in promo code taking go imagine dragons so my question might see question is what is the weirdest thing you have on your rider
um man we i wish you'd ask me earlier in our careers because we really got weird with it now we're like boring and it's like oatmeal and like stuff like that actually you know what we did we do ask for oh come on in empirical which is kind of a big it's it's not weird but it's actually it's uh little bit of a diva request 'cause you can't get that every everywhere and it's kind of hard to get to actually get like good harmonic dirico so but we have asked for like i mean i mean one time we ask for like we were just ingest like thinking hey how much can we push this and we asked for a butler monkey it that's exactly what we just put butler monkeys and no joke we got we got to the the venue in a guy came in and had like a little tiny monkey with a with a hat like a little bit at all and i thought i actually felt really guilty i was like damn this monkey must have like the saddest life this is like not cool at all and then on top of it we just paid for this like butler monthly come coming out
but then i felt like we had to hang out with the butler monkey all night so that was yeah but apparently so apparently there are butler monkeys we so so on a is it true i think i some of some band in the 80s started where if you put like will you put one really random thing on a writer just to make sure that they're paying attention to make sure they see it yeah i mean yeah i've heard that but that just sounds like if you're having to do that then you must not be that big of a deal to begin with but be honest with you because the writer people really take their job seriously go out there and they put like a check mark next to everything and they're on it so i think that they must have had a manager that was stealing from them or so buy something business is going on with that then what about what's the candy you put on your rider 'cause that's what my rider would be just be like in endless amounts of can we don't put any candy we push our chocolate i don't eat until when i'm on the road i don't i don't need a dairy sugar watt why do cruise with a heroin here one night
well i do do heroin but that's ok for your body what the hell you don't get can you like they're basically it's a free candy i know i know but it's it's it's like this this weird thing where you actually start to realize how and for your body candy is you live in las vegas that happen we do know i actually the only going down is because i have this is the one serious thing i'll say is that i have an autoimmune disease that's called in closing spot and the main thing that triggers it is sugar damn it now on the ads will start to go down there to go fund me for you on my car but that's an issue what's so what what happens is the auto immune disease what it what it what happens it right basically have overactive immune system so my body will my immune system will attack my joints being like must be a disease but it's like no these are actually my joints don't attack that but they do it and so my body like in flames hi all over lesser back in the knees ankles but if you don't have it but if i don't have sugar then i can maintain
pretty good without having to like give myself a shot in the that suppresses your immune system but does that also mean that you like never get sick because your immune system so good kind of yeah it kinda does but i typically will get like sick like once a year and that happens to be right now actually which sucks 'cause i'm on antibiotics but i think by tomorrow i'll be good wait so you just get inflamed so do i have that in my face you have one in your face so but disease where you just your body you're you get inflamed sounds like i have got it right now i see you don't get in your face no my face doesn't inflamed you probably have it in your nipples big cat i have my nipples in my face i would need it my dog baby on your nipples yeah yeah actually i think he might get inflamed in other parts of your body but now we can make my chest in my face we have very low t in this type of disease that you're talking about yeah they're going to a lot of people who have ankylosis spondylitis
this could be like man i really love this i'm going to talk about yeah i guess that's all we know you know what you know credit to us we just lazy we raised a lot of where we were not only raise awareness but yeah we gave the people with angle service are a common enemy in me right yeah that's a great idea that's a good way to put it actually do a lot i do a lot of mass community i like do these videos people who have a s and they're actually really rad community and not the like listen to this and i think it's funny and they'll actually be stuck 'cause they'll be like oh people are talking about my disease nobody could go now to know doctors know about that's right yes i don't wanna call as heroes but you know you can see basically just said we're here as an award we get at the end yeah okay i'm all right we'll dan thank you so much for joining us good luck on the tor and we look
four to maybe seen you when your new york yeah man they grab me and i jet just for the record i genuinely thought the pop punk videos i was really great like i've i've i genuinely would like a lot of use i think this is pretty good not enough that i'm going to post about it or anything you have to post about it what about just like an opening slide on your tour we set up with that yeah yeah i have to think about that it depends how many seats are worth like how many should be ashes getting up front like what like a hundred or something like that we just sold out irving plaza so you tell me that way did you guys really just yeah yeah close close all by the time this error will be sold out we have like one hundred tickets left out of out of one thousand five hundred brother eckerd actually really commendable click on irving plaza is one of my favorite places that we played growing up yeah well i mean he's grown up when you were growing up yeah when i was in hawaii when we are very small but in poor back in the day when we were imagined lizards
in a reminder you can buy tickets right now online we have about one hundred and fifty left for the punk show at irving plaza july 12th get yours now live nation check out live nation at irving plaza july twelfth pop punk and imagine dragons going to be there actually don't know no they will they're definitely going be there probably not that it was brought to you by dollar shave club com if you ever our brush your teeth or try to make your hair look presentable i've got good news for you dollars club has a lot of stuff to help you out i'm growing playoff beards come and thick as hell and i i did a lot of razors to get through this man jungle fortunately use dollar shave club it delivers everything you need to look feel and smell your best don't shave club has everything you need to get ready in the bathroom they've got sweet razor they've got german engineered blades they've got lotions they've got everything that you need to get set they deliver
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hang on the hot seat no he hadn't been job released to the world yet it just occurred to me like a double header that's a good nickname for six six two nine zero is six ninety back i think so okay great back there's that quick would you cleaned up all of our business in the beginning of the show all right breaking news is bring moose and i want to hear that alright breaking news not really breaking news but kendrick perkins has issued a statement on stuff curry beef in finally kendrick perkins is not someone to trifle with so he said i don't know why people keep wanting to pick battles this way my want to choose that ship wisely man rather than fucking with me i don't think i'm the problem that they want though might want to pick another battle spot i don't think i'm the problem they want that's a fucking badass quote i did
i like to move that he pulled where he just didn't he didn't move step back this imposter he stood his ground yeah it's not his last i checked you have a right to maintain possession has the shin steph was doing his little you know i'm just gonna we go around and you know really really cheese this one up was he had a restricted area yeah he was he was can sideline yeah well then yeah then we'll then he should have to move if he's in the restricted area no he no who will this to restricted areas as a sideline restrictor we're actually not allowed to move okay that's right you can't can't come on the court if kendrick had come on the court then right have been suspended correct you can't lose kendrick perkins in that is not invasion is on us now no i really hope that if i hope they stew i'm up for whenever the elimination like if the cavs lose game three if they suit up kendrick perkins for why don't they what do they have to lose besides the national championship nba finals yes
the i don't know i don't think anything yeah just games yeah just go and follow people just make them earn it lebron james should force kendrick perkins into the game so that he wouldn't have to rescind an invitation to the white house and there's also a five thousand and fifty chance that dream on green just starts kicking people in the nuts at the cited kendrick perkins and then now we're just reliving two thousand and sixteen again warriors blew a3 one lead people don't talk about now they do not all right let's do segments we actually have on the nba finals lebron blames so on monday the extended cut of the sideline after jay r smith forgot what the score was an nba finals game yes that's a real sentence and lebron salt very hard was not so happy add body language and then today he was getting criticize and someone asked them reporter aston you're getting criticized online for this for not picking up teammates and he said
when the nba finals that's not picking up my teammates enough lebron blames little shot his teammates for sucking this entire playoffs which i actually think that's a fair response by the brunt well it also tells me that lebron james has been cheating on zero dark thirty because he knew that people are making fun of him online and he had that response ready to go yeah he so look the the extended cut to be totally like real here for a second that a shocking to me because i understand being really disappointed in the moment and you pay you get like our thirty seconds the sock sure but to never even look at your teammates in the i'm like hey guys we could still win this game that was a little weird to me i think was yeah i i is always lebron blaming himself yeah he's his own teammate as the gm he's his own teammate because you could have called that timeout no you can't he can't know i stand correct
yes and that's why we have to check with the ball or the code you can't call time on the national champ right thank yeah yeah so he can call time out but i don't you feel like when they go hand in the middle that's the moment where you're like alright guys we could still win this game so devastated he left now korver to try to pump people up to how korver pumping people up is never going to work they still do that hands in the middle east everybody in two hundred and forty six did the bad body language he like we will lose to golden state he didn't look any kind of like she moved his shoulders like a fine like you guys have cooties i don't want to touch you came on three thousand one hundred and twenty three i mean tristan could probably has cooties by the way it should we i know it's one of the odds on favourites for lebron james but do we want to just get real risky with it and say lebron james is not going to the houston rockets no chris paul not that he's not taking anything less than the max i'm not ready to make that ok i'm get i'm not you're thinking about it i did the trailblazers i might do the rockets i might do the sixers i'm like you're going to phrase this up for a serial ruin our journalistic reputation
just say flights close to the shots i circled the rockets i haven't in pencil next up we have a protect the flags oh if you didn't know and you live under a rock the eagles were supposed to go to the white house on tuesday is lives under a rock true get it yeah right there yeah that's too if i look at six so the eagles are supposed to the white house they then were like said well actually only fifteen of us but the mascots coming still and then swoop swoop he was coming he was planning on going and then trump canceled the already kind of canceled party and made it about the flag which i don't think it had anything to do with that and became a whole shitstorm between broken brain trump people and crazy people who are tweeting out pictures of i even saw one picture of jason peters kneeling in practice being like well if they hadn't done this so it was broke
big brains on all sides just fighting each other on twitter right they took a knee at the end of the game yeah i was disrespectful to really bad really really really bad yeah i'm glad to see donald trump just like standing up against these despicable despicable people on the eagles but i'm looking for to watching me with kim jong il that's going to be nice yes that will be nice and the warriors in the cavs have already said which is nice to the cab stephen put themselves in the car it is the kind of kobe did the like neither neither team whoever wins this series isn't going to the white house kobe cobe were one tweet away from kobe and like hey if i win a sixth i'm not going as we said we know that the capture are go to go it only has a dossier ca right now like explaining this your mission should you choose to accept it is to win the stanley cup and then go bug president trump's office i think baseball hockey probably are going to face ball players still college world series i don't think they would assume public college
search go so what they're going to take what they can get them to be like yeah by the way counsel cross the jail to do one did you see the big news though because this was big news and everyone was eyes on will they won't they go trump canceled it you know took his ball went home all that stuff subtle eat underneath all that bologna trump made her first public appearance doctor out interesting but it but for some reason i didn't see anything about it so they must have just the kind of did like the news dump in like hey we're gonna to extend our coach even though he terribly against brad stevens oh and then our gm has five burner accounts that kind of news trick also i think trump might have been a little intimidated having nick foles tube eight
that you can't take that you can't have a guy like that storm into your oval office yeah that's true the measure would allow the around now that's he basically becomes a present along with it is that how the present we're testing is taking the white house yes absolutely that summer i think that's how bill clinton got elected all right we have a b j definitely yes i'll be it got stuck in a bathtub yeah because his dick was too big he climbed little known fact he climbed into the bathtub and then got an erection yeah and so it displaced all the water and filled him up and he couldn't get out nothing makes people more mad when we do fake presidential facts ben franklin stuck in a bathtub alexander hamilton great president but he also got stuck in a bad dude wouldn't stop fucking rap singing the entire time he was in the white house at mother fucker alright let's rap up with guys on chicks the boys my sister and i are fraternal twins i think it's sororal twins if your check how do i tell if my boyfriend thinks my twin sister is hotter than i am has
ever tried to sleep with you by mistake air quotes because if you isn't then he thinks she's hotter i was going to say you got to just let her let him fuck your sister and see how whoops doesn't happen that fast usually yeah kind of thing uh yeah see who's also you're so pretty it's usually doesn't happen this quickly sup sup twins yeah that's you know if this if the discussion is being had this is one of those things for turtle twins though are twins that don't look like oh yeah you're right the twins so they all know they'll wear pearls and they have polo shirts in the pop culture and every now and then a snapchat video comes out on a bus that's not not not good not good they sing along to all the word yes i got fraternal twins metal guy and girl what are the what's that
that's just twins are two offspring produced by the same partner for interns can either be mono side joe dick identical meaning they develop from ones i goat which splits informs too and that's definitely web feet or dizzy go dick florida has a great meaning that east twin develops from a separate ag in each egg is fertilized by its own sperm cells okay so that so they don't want to they don't they don't look so that's a weird question to ask it's like you could just say does my boyfriend think my sisters hot with me yeah and also the answer is always yes just wear yourself sick about what kind of cool that we got zygotes that's a cool that is cool you could also just phrase it with i have an inferiority complex i've been living with my entire life 'cause my sister my twin sisters hot with them yes he is my boyfriend and i eat the same thing for every meal together she are farts smell the same i feel like minor bearable but his take the air out of the room what the hell that's a good question uh yeah
body process listen when you process foods through your ovaries sometimes it does a better job you have like a natural air filter in your body and women are snow prettier than guys i'll tell you what we've had a lot of couple talk on guys on checks this couple is going to make it they can just sit around like you know studying each others farts after they eat a big meal at thai that's that's a couple that they can hang what's a good sex sexiversary gif what's xx versary so like a first time he had sat sounds like it's a a cup celebrating an anniversary which means you're dating no it means that you think you're dating but you're not yeah so so enough is definitely like a big long poem that you wrote for him and that definitely won't keep him out yeah driving away or yeah just maybe it sounds like this person might might have saved the condom so give him back the condo i've got a good idea how about some sex yeah do that on your sex adversary sub talk at
blood type effect period flow because i'm o positive and have extremely heavy flow but my girlfriend is o negative and has her period for bow today that's way above our pay grade what blood type are you guys mad dog yeah correct i just have high and i've ice in my veins got sandpaper to these suckers we should actually waiter that out in case we ever need to have a blood transfusion what's a what's what's the question again the the girl has a different blood type then a girlfriend and one has a have your flow than the other question is does blood type affect period fluff definitely because like if it's like motor oil there's some yeah and then there's yeah then yeah it's gas but diesel yeah but diesel and combustion rotary grater yep the cheap stuff
and then the expensive stuff yeah core guys so if you're a universal donor that's like what the jiffy lube guy says hey this is the best kind and your car is going to explode if you don't use it in its two hundred dollars yeah and then you buy it and then you drive home and then your boyfriend like why you spent two hundred dollars on a little it just dawned on me that we know just as much about cars as we do a woman's body they're very similar very similar just confusing and will just pay whatever the price is well here's a fun fact though the job of a male obgyn obgyn is to is to mansplain ohmygod hank obgyn trish and kind of colleges yeah i mean how the fuck you supposed to like no that didn't put any periods in between the letters or anything just last time you got your pap smear attack hey confirm
hank does not have a vagina anyway that are usually really unhealthy option is to mansplain womans bodies to them there for their jobs guys on chicks big cat pft or practically doctors ok yeah i'll take it i'm an option yeah don't jim to find me it's like the old joke i shouldn't tell the joke what's this i should have told the joke when is the drink paint remix coming to apple music ooh that's a good point so anytime you have a good song you have to re mix it in the double dip on it yep trying to find an intern that knows how to use pro tools so if there's any college kids out there with musical interests i want to come were already a remix i feel like we gotta let it be like the song of the summer for a little bit and then do the remix yeah well we gotta work on it ok alright listen to it on many times hint it many times we might win something that's it oh ok okay great segment
that is our show we will see you on friday hopefully a very long time recurring guest will be joining us it's been a long time you can guess reply to the longtime occuring guess so it's been a long time long both so reply to the tweet saying what the up the in when we not see up we'll put out the episode tonight with who you it will be also
jon taffer i'm coming for that yes you in vegas your love yes no way a lot of work to say two days shop the all the terminal you love the a pardon my two percent schools
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