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2017-03-27 | 🔗
The Final Four is set and Hootie is back, breaking down the weekend of March Madness of and Bill Self's pouch of sadness (2:59 - 12:01). We taped a special Suicidal Big Cat segment 10 minutes after Wisconsin lost to Florida on a buzzer beater Friday Night(12:01- 20:17). Who's Back of the week (20:17 - 28:24). Jay Bilas joins the show to break down the Final Four matchups, the time he sued Barney the Dinosaur, what Coach is on the hot seat and whether or not he'd be willing to wrestle someone to get College Athletes paid (28:24 - 56:45). Segments include Respect the Biz, Witch Hunt for Dustin Johnson, Lebron Blames for his scratched eyeball, Talking Soccer, Magical Tweets, and Thoughts and Prayers to the city of Oakland for losing the Raiders.
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We should not count slash parcel, let's go. Let's not talk about it might have presented sports welcome a part of my take. It is Monday March. Twenty seventh and Hooty has one everyone's bracket, of Hooty man who did Hooty is like he's Bruce Springsteen,
four sportswriter ex every generation. Actually, I'm sent we were going to save it, for whose back the weak put Hooty is officially back him in his crying alligator tears, and I wish was kind of ironic as it beat the gaiters but South Carolina crocodile tears. Bethesda Croquettes rancher goes both with out of my will ya. Hooty is back. South Carolina has crashed the party so as Oregon so can Zaga the final form of teams that have never been there. Let me just get out ahead of the story and say I find the nickname gamecock hugely problematic, advocating chicken fighting there is no place for that in today's society, like work on the juicy words yeah. I I r d, I recall my shot once self. Rwanda does lose assuming they don't want at all, which I'm gonna make that assumption game cock or gain cocked
is going to be a notable have headline. That's good. In fact, South Carolina should change its name from the game Cox, which is offensive to just the Cox which is not, which is not just luck. It's twenty seventeen year basic all accept no less of big big weekend of college basketball, while we're gonna break it down quickly. We have J bill us to break down even more, we taped special post, buzzer beater. You know segment, It was maybe ten minutes after Wisconsin rip. My heart out will air that in a minute first, I want about the bar ball. Classic Friday night news dump tat his son lawns outcome. It is his son really isn't. The stories Lamar had is some get shut down and lose in the sweet? Sixteen after he said I was better the magic Johnson Steph Curry, Michael Jordan, combined right here, like all put together to employer the end. My favorite part about love our ball. Besides, the fact that his name literally does translate into washing my knots is
fact that he is now a recurring guest on first take yes, so he he actually surpassed me in terms of my career aspirations. To one day get on the first day and so now he is he's coming back on on Monday morning to debate against even Psmith. Well, all all you kids out there. If you want to learn about the spin zone, I'm guessing that love. Ball is gonna. Have the greatest spend zone of all time. You don't go around telling everyone. How great your son is then have em get shut down and not even get past the sweet? Sixteen and not, spends on ready to I'm sorry, it's just that. I'm sounds messed up, yeah, exactly Steve offered. Who is not never gotten pass a sweet. Sixty must abide by the West rattling EAST loved Steve offered move of being like no. I dont want the Indiana job after he clearly did, The Indiana job and Indiana didn't want him so I classier was Tom creature up to that women's MIT game. I is he, could
stay in Bloomington yeah he's going to he's going to stay in his office until they extricate him they're going to send in a swat team as a regular. This officer, you can't pepper spray Tom Crane, because you don't know him or not. Kiss his face is always in the state of permanent. I just got Mayst yeah, just some sweating from every poor, my body, so I may I wouldn't hate Tom creatures been like you know what I can find a job saw just be a Gratis system yet to school. You know it not even that the aid we have created the greatest Hollywood script ever rallied age, old replacement back to school to Tom Crean, starts taking classes and is a great esteem. Essentially for India. He doesn't need to be Gratis, isn't he could just be like the guy in the front row you'll be like a camera crazy. You have I? U their official mask. I ass. I love it other stories. Besides Steve offer choking again pill self a pouch shouted his is. His pouch of sadness has gained another loss to it
seven in the elite. Eight now which side of the fence you go on here Meyer bills, always chokes in the big or his teams are always really really good. So the fact that these there that's you should just be appreciative knows: teams is, teams are always really really good, but they should be better. He doesn't get the most out his talent. That's aside, I'm on. I actually feel bad for every coach that doesn't when the national champions could we should probably get fired. I agree is a failure. I've. I actually feel bad for Kansas. Washington came not. I should say if you have ever Kansas, feel bad for Frank Mason. Is I've, never seen a team around hundred player just peace. So so bad and Frank Mason was like the only thing that was good for Kansas and Bill self. Little pouch just kept on get bigger than myself whoop so sorry to all your Kansas fans out their sorry. I was right. Also
thoughts and prayers to drink, and we still do indirect jokes, noisy you and see. Fancy alot discuss a his Kentucky, Wildcats loss, but good NEWS for him, his you in sea turtles one, but he actually has to where you Etsy actually asked to win, because there's no way Drake Import being conveyed, no, not sailor. South Carolina could do Oregon. I feel like a dog at Nike TAT. All the german Japan boom by the other news. Riyadh was dug, godly didn't get the states up to that honour while he was but fact that he is never lost a game at any level. Did you see that his brother started? Retreating like pictures of dog like with his debt, is Doug's. Dad was a coach. These are retreating discharge and stuff, and then there is even one picture were. Doug was playing for uncle mistake and I I care about What's an eight, what's the name of the coach, yet it was not often tat. Edison
A strong was drawn up a play and dug took the marker was drawing it up for the whole group in his brother was like who says ducks never coach. You just as Simon says that you gotta you got this you're gonna get it. I'm just glad that football guy Frank Martin, is into the fund. If we are really glad to see that guy get in there. I was reading a transcript of his Post game interview and he was talking about. I guess how he convinces wiped Miriam. That's what coaches do I've I've figured that out. If they win and games eventually. Did you start talking about how they tricked their wives into marrying them because they're such weird people, otherwise like outside of the coach, the jets? It's basically the if you're a journalist you go to route you there like? What was your you put your father and how did you meet your wife? Those are the two nice pieces you can write up and I'm sure people will read it before the final. Four until Frank Martin said, my wife turned me down seven times to go out on a date. The day
made the mistake of going in a day with me. I never let her go. I think that's actually a plagiarists he's pledge rising Jim Harbour, I'm pretty sure Harbaugh was the same thing like he asked his wife on thirty dates, and you just said no until she I think, got tired and fell asleep. Jim overstocked, his wife, you like, I think he asked the ass. The hostess at a restaurant, for her number like was like.
You see that woman over there did she leave reservation? What was her number? Second? I might say that our prime also might not have it could happen. It doesn't sound unrealistic, Frank Martin, by what he just reminds me of Vincent man. When Visart man started doing steroids to the point where I come: half waiting for stone, cold and I'll try to come out, and you start shaving his front Barnes headed any moment, will he's got that bald spot, but it's like an intimidating old man box by words, totally isolated and surrounded by like a mode of hair, yeah yeah, it's scary, dude and his defence is really scary to despite the fact that plays on we're. Gonna talk J bills about that later. But I feel like this of Carolina Zone needs. It needs to be rebranded because its stronger than his own it's ok. I want to call the danger zone yeah. It's all. I waited. Ensure zone. I like that. You like TAT yeah circular data
inside for them to lose South Carolina G words run the dangers are the last thing I wanted to quickly talk about mark few. He genius he based. We lost all these years and never got to a final for so now it is. You have to win. It has at the window like muggy off your back. You got to a final thought. He said are exactly it's unbelievable. I ever with somebody from the monkey off his back and worry thing it. But that's a nice thing. You know if you, if you don't, of honor for then and all of a sudden year, twenty, whatever I'm here monkey off your back can lead to Steve Burma. Thank you think that of Kansas Winds, national championship. They invite at more to come, sit on the end of the bench and just cry crying Glasgow over current guess at a more accurate. I would like to see that you get the monkey off his back to yeah. Alright, let's do all lasting. I I just wanna call my shot again Roy Williams if he is, start are going wrong with organ Keziah, complacent good defence might get that.
Vertigo that he had not yet that's exactly the lights and everything that the basket you can't see, there's no it all about yet another. Behind the Basque, it's hard to shoot the shooting I vertical I Roy is plaid jackets. Tiggle isn't Arizona dry, he down there or not. It's not easy on the system. Good point good point in drink enough water on the flight: let's do we're gonna, kick it to the few minutes it we recorded immediately after I got my heart ripped out on Friday night. It was certainly we walked straight from amnesty to the studio, podcast, never sleeps and I'll saga Welcome to parliament. It is Monday March. Twenty seventh and big cat is dead. Sarber get full disclosure were. Courting this right now on Friday night, immediately following Wisconsin seven minutes-
breaking overtime laws against Florida, but yeah, probably about ten minutes after the basket went in. We were at the game. I just want to say a Minnesota fan. I'm so sorry, that was so fucking classic that was so so so classic and It did exactly what I thought was gonna happen. I have a game start aims are blocked, the game started, Mouselike Damp Wisconsin is so good. This is gonna, be easy, then they go down. Might forget it, I'm out, then. Show alternatives, hits that three to go overtime, highest of highs up overtime control, the entire overtime candidate. A couple free throws the minute that guy I owe you know. What's his name is: did that like drivel and he had back,
step and rhythm and no one was around whom I knew you know I knew and. Here's the thing. It was one of those situations where, if no As regards the inbox passer, everybody blames the coach unaffected. Didn't guard the gathers invaluable where, if, if somebody Does God the guy? That's invaluable, you blame the coach for guarding the guy that invincible, our I'm gonna win the trust. The treachery course there's a moment in time during the game. I was like it's gonna, be a lotta travelling Goin to Phoenix for the final. For then, Saint Louis for the Cubs opener, then back to Phoenix for them national share began chickens before the hatched there moment is all I live for and it taken for me. I look. I know
a sweet. Sixteen, but Wisconsin that game won overtime and eyes. In South Carolina, the Lincoln easily beat South Carolina and how much of a secure beings makes me, but I ll ass a shitload of mind that I'd gambling I had was content to win and I cannot stop laughing filming you revolving, hang in there when you bring it, it's not a curse, because how can I have seen we saw Wisconsin, be Kentucky in the two thousand fifteen final for the famous undefeated Kentucky team, We also saw the Cubs win one of the animal see ass with Miguel Montero Grant slam to the bleachers besides those two moments, though I think we ve been together for like sixteen losses- and I have to say, as I always do, including the
they loss undertaker had Russell mainly right. Undertaker is like thirty and worn in Russell Hagen. I would together for the one gather two things I want to address right now. Number one is, I don't even know if you know this big cat, but when you lost you ve been trying to do. The dab back yard. Revolvers lie back when you lost you bear your face, and two year elbow, I don't have it was I get instinctively thing tat we like you, you lost with dad. I saw that picture. It was like arm in a like when little babies right newborn babies, curl up like there's still a little room. Your final position is the dahlia. I gotta respect that, unlike reflexively when one my body goes numb, I just go directly to like a dab. The second thing I want to bring up is: I want to do we'll take on this. If we're gonna make Mt Rushmore of teams that Wisconsin has lost too. I asked
I tell you. It was power, racket, somehow Rushmore Seasons, Barrack Duke Kentucky in Florida and the almost Caesar the worst. Duke was the worse because Duke Basketball Kentucky in that final Fort egg, the the two thousand fourteen. That was a buzzer beater in the final for in front of our face. Little known fact, we rely handed the burger King Ceos tickets, like with five minutes after the game and we went and sat, and it was like three rose away from where Harrison hit. That three point right now, my eye, I yell This isn't this isn't anywhere near was almost like. He was primarily just want. I don't want and our petty party the called now. Of course I can make this all about colleagues and world series. Defending worlds is champions the box, but go on. Iran was Thousands sports warfare
However, just like take my heart rip it out shove. It down a well light, the well on fire. Then the well then take the charred heart. And like while we still alive and then vomit can ensure the outer space doesn't make. You feel any better at all. Knowing that Aaron Rodgers experienced a little bit of the same heartbreak that you experienced fuck you Aaron Rodgers, come on the podcast. Be man That's it! I don't have anything else like I said I'll, be fine by Sunday. That's why we're taking this right now right now that one suck it sucked it sucked it sucked. Sconces you're going to for now guess what you know, what That's all! That's on you and see the boy and the raft now you get gets of Carolina.
In Florida, the shittiest fucking Game, Steve, Spurrier Bowl. Let's really find out how big of a of a of a Wisconsin you are right now. Are you rooting for Florida to make fun of No, I don't fucking, ok, wherever whatever better parachute. The sooner you not the amount. You not the Xavier fan all wrong, not, I am sure of special channels that one guy, that's duly what a dick I was like in a puddle and he just like big cut the man, let's not forget so true you guys forgive saw here's instantly after the game is one thing that I definitely noticed walking into the stadium tonight ever, body outside, while walking was a big cat. Let's go like we're, walk in and give you a lot I fives walking out. I was next to you and never goes like Peter. To do this? They are wise. We they get bigger,
It works at the one guy who has tried to have me a phone call of his friend to talk to him on the phone. This is bad radio, but have you seen the picture of the shot? Gauss bad rigour, area watch, Paquette hold it told. Why listened too much Darwin? my great behind the ball to day right behind. They get often done they shot afloat of my forty five feet away and is like the worst, the worst form his bodies, all contorted, pocket it shop right. Let's do our usual Monday business, whose back of the week the Tiger woods were more. What were you saying? His eyes were
the tiger, woods hundred one odds to masters, jump on it. Now before they going ass, we went through at the b. I think we have two hundred to one. You you'll see those odds come around that item for like a legend, yeah, I won't even play the term, never know he might put it all together. Those are the best I have ever seen for guys naive in applying the tournament threat, so you don't even put them out there who is back and we can't you wanna go first miles back league. Is naps speak them the masters, yeah yeah Now we took it took a nap all like three times on Saturday NASA. Not the Sunday it just the next like two months Saturday and Sunday springtime, a great time. Tonight is a great time out, because in the where time you take a nap and managers, nighttime cylinder,
That was just your sleep, you're all thrown off yet springtime. You take that little three o clock afternoon nap still wake up around five and it's like who still some little treat the idea that a nap in the winter can actually ruin two days. It ruins that day and then arose your entire next day to in Iraq in to work, and as I next NOS four o clock in the afternoon, you haven't and shit right. You would you do. I took a nap three days ago right and they're gonna get. It sprang. Good nap sees a great now could call spring, I would rank power, ranking nap. Seasons fall number on spring number to disagree, I would say spring number one summer number two, a nice little Sunday afternoon, drinking that in the summer time that's a good nap. I don't. I It got savary afternoon, fall nap when like right, when the Notre Dame Count game comes on, you don't give a fuck. I got snap through the first half of this annual gutters around Kelly's football. Star. Tat would actually put you to sleep here, fifty what he got, my whose back,
the week is plaid real week for plaid: huge plaid guy plus my favorite color. I know its not technically color, but one small plots sees this as a bold move by you flash and our fashion expert plans, but that is by the way that that's really low bars. Calling somebody on the shore of fashion network, we are fashion, is thus yes fashioned forward. I love play it's- the strongest colors, because it's a combination of lots of other colours and comes together to make one beautiful or gas MC little design. The up we ve got Williams rocking the plaid, we ve got Frank Barton rocking the blood. I actually think the NFL Oh, if you're the Washington, Redskins, here's what you can do. You always collar rush hours, but you can do you? Can your plaid collar ushers who says no that also the Pacific Northwest
sit back and that's flannel the home of plaid and fled yeah right little grunge, lumber sexual have every thing or the kid still doing, lumber sex. I think it ended with that weird picture than Eric Trump took hours the occupied areas nodes by himself. Right, yet again, a shit at Saxon ended. There has number set by the way you guys you're, just a permanent, whose back trump may have had some ties to Russia. If he saw breaking news on women, that is red important thread, we think we found the link between Trump in Russia. Man just do that tweet every day for the next four years and of actually maybe something will happen, but yeah, I'm just gonna invent a bunch, a different web domains and just like have one story on their sources.
Federal agents investigating man affords linked to various russian business enterprises and then just linked to it from a different count. Everyday make billion stir there's a threat every single day on Twitter. That's like this is the bombshell trump and Russia threat Yeah. I read all that, unlike I, so of its just like your interview discussing I got over the bombshell stuff. Once the report came out that he get pissed on well, then there and then nothing happened, so not psycho gather no more bob. You reported like a few too many bombshells, you may ask why we want to stop with the body you like this. It s about to go down. The piss bomb should always a huge where you have to admit that got down your blood go out. Did it at my, whose back the weak, very reliable action? super label, this podcast diets tease already on a diet, my diet, officially starting Monday, Officially this Monday or next week, this one Hank he's
his diet. Final fours next weekend are ensure, but I'm ready. Now you know what I had a tough weak, listen, there's a pretty comfortable, my own skin, There is a future many pictures being thrown around of of slum cat. You know four years ago, when I was thirty five pounds lighter in everyone's like ten, the catholic good. So I'm not I'm not trying to lose out. Forty pounds a baby like five, I'm I'm on a diet. I saw some unflattering video clips of me where an address Ladys ladys I'll. Just like you know I get it now. I want to look at and that dress I didn't I didn't. I wasn't able to pull off my little white dress. I gotta get back into shape. I've been triggered by my own pictures to started diet as first yeah, that's the ghost of big cat past. Like rattling is chains outside your window, be like look at what the six pack we used. Well, you know as well as more just that I just get tired. I could we that that's the worst part about
in fact it's not care about. I look. I've come a boy got that Hawaiian looked down now. The fact I why look like looks like you just stand out from a slot machine or bowling alley. We call it the Annie Red. Yet now you re cheek, but it's more just the energy sloppy, yes get real winded. I found myself quitting mirrors like walking in a different way across the room. So I don't have to see a mere that's healthier like a vampire, that's pretty hot, exactly I get so fat I became Dracula. I take you ready, I'm ready on summer time. Oh you Louis again left sitting here. Let's have some ground was worker data. We don't do like locale. We don't you pale Oh, you wanted. You bet she'd due weight. Georgia will see that this is I care, it's not fair,
because I restart my diet or we can have guidelines, is always identify. Just like I don't eat for a day I could lose. Probably ten pounds have so much extra world yet, and I hope that we can also do is just starting a process. Are jerking off more and lose those living on the loose announced by out I, let's just I would wish us all come together and it we'd like to help from award winning listeners as well support us gives full support. I attempted to some am looking good, does come up with a brand new. The latest diet grace just jerking off his crank off more areas. Tell me what's wrong. I can't think of one reason. Have. I am scallops every out scouts. Let's do our interview with J Bill ass. We get everything Funnel Ford, Duke Talk and some paying players and how much of our ball would make in that situation periods before we,
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And you and see going to the final, for instance, action from that game and we know what does you and see look like they, the obviously the favourite now to when it all fly, thought nor the favourite the beginning on his lap, I thought of all year, since I saw him at Maui in November. The Carolina was the best gene and gave it gives Kentucky wasn't particularly well play throughout. Either team looking back would be really pleased with the way they played down the Carolinas Lot happier the result. Obviously, but when that at the end of the game, when Molly market those two big shots and then. The Carolinas got a three point lead where the one in one unjust and Jackson missed it and Molly, I'll get a gay shot by the game I started. Thinking about. Jesus is just like last year, the title game against the villain over and then without calling Timeout Carolina took it down court.
Look made at the game water and then it became exactly like, like going over last year, really kind of an amazing, an amazing finish, and in that a lot of parallels not only to the villain of game of the title game last year, but the aim that they played against Kentucky earlier this year and they Do you like made at that shot from just about worm bleak market in Europe in that game, December several really got about an amazing amazing ending to the game. Now. Do you think Roy Williams didn't call time out
purpose- or he just didn't call time because every now and then he screws up his time out. No, no, it's on purpose. They look and I live in the fate of our current. He gets a lot of criticism Bernard not using time out by that. That was absolutely the right call, not just because the shot went in and by the UN and again situation like that. If you got under under five seconds may be called time out when you got more than that, you'd rather get the ball Downport quickly and go against the events, but not sat right. They dont want to call a time out, give the other cogia chance beside his deep ads. A plan together prevailing and stop. You lot easier to get it open, shod when you just take it and go in and obviously Caroline they get a child. Sometimes they go and sometimes they dont, but Luke make this up or that that shot was for the parliament. I think laughter games against by learn and to talk. Yet they get thirty three points and shot over sixty percent of appeal.
But have that coming up your badge is a pretty nice luxury plan right, so you and sees obviously the favoured from from this point on they look like a really strong team. How does how, if organ can beat him. How are they gonna do it? Organs got some really good players. They got to like STAR guards and Dylan Burke's Untilat Dorsey it Pilar Dorsey has been planned lights out throughout the tournament ethics. It's just suppose you started, but the package term it answered obliged amateur. Like twenty or gave an indolent works can get his own Chad and only strong is a big time player and got a kidney Jordan Bell. Who's been dominated the turn about black game, a thick ye at eleven point, thirteen rebounds and eight blocks. I remember I D Give Kansas, he dusty, dominate the interior, so look organs, good, not the! When there is no question I just the Carolinas got through many weapons if a if Carolina plays while they win for them to lose their can have the plate.
Weigh less them less than while? What's in their best and obviously there opponent would have to have something to do with that, but I still make daughter lives want a couple games, Kentucky markets on this earth where they can play very well and they still one- and that's usually pretty target sign about that. The job in that over, on the other side, the bracket with the big breaking news coming out this week in his at your growing a beard, so you lost a bet against a parody count as a right. I don't know that it was a bad. I was challenged. The girl beard of evacuated, or- and it was a sham card- ask his beard, the big guy from my from goods Agnes, I the challenge- I know you know I do it wasn't Karnowsky send that out, but it became a thing after a while. I thought it was kind of fun. So so I'm now I got a full day into it and I have to tell you I look Gloria. What did now so I also saw that you're not gonna grow. Any mustache gazettes ruled out.
Why is the annual dealt with by additional, though the additional five but I'd go? Blank entered the carnatic, give felt that never mustache, but I think I'm gonna go staff I'm trying to decide now, but I think I'll go stash. Whether I thought I want to look like the Secretary of war at eighteen thirty years, that's a good common effort, coop yeah, so that game. Obviously the two guns, Agora. We expect it to be there and their number one ranked and can palm all year, South Carolina. We did not and they are playing out of their mind this is it Us extract our strength because you have number one number, two defensive teams does Carolina have enough mojo to get through. What, arguably
obviously, there conferences of the strongest but the best team all year yeah. I think they can. I favour get back because it gets so many more scores in and Shooters South Carolina has not been a great off at the theme all year they average in the sixties throughout the course of the year and then in the tournament they ve been torrent. Gifts the eighty oil and Seventys and eightys solar plan and a higher level and there on a thoroughgoing all back great player in this kits and areas thorn. Well, let's go Fani said there is torn while in north draws, look a work or teammates in a: U basketball, those guys interesting parallel. There are two guys up ray you d go to differ school You know about my firefox together, but the thorn while the stud and ethics out your honor, but if it's kind of a physical street fight, I think South Carolina can win
but the otherwise. I like exactly when the game like the south, your eyes were planted such I love on their own, such all. You can, I gotta, think its global appoint flip going into the game and obviously you get to a file for weird things can happen, but they got the right draw, because if I were South Carolina I could pick any came clad Pickens, agone buster. Get back still really good? You wrote a book called toughness. Do is there any way that playing his own can be tough yeah day in a white defects? You play it spreads quarter how you play it, so even if you could be a heck of his own team, and I actually think got in, go out his own in the college by coach that really believe in it, but I can t think that you have your cochin now zone at the great weapon to use, because I'd rather play more, my real, more minutes against against the lesser officer, Mozart off answers are not
It is man offices. I draw the plague and that longer, but the code, you don't want to give up the control of man to man and it is gonna atop us thank for a lot of coaches are somehow just don't like they don't understand how to teach Zone at least as well as an old man to man, but I don't think it's all that much deeper and as far as your responsibilities are concerned, we move on to it nobody wants. I fear. I know that your lawyer, you know you you get into the air, the politics and in the mechanisms of the instead of lay a lot, but why need ask you some legal advice. My understanding is that by by calling us on the phone you ve kind of accepted the fact that you are bound to give legal advice. As our lawyer, we do this thing every week where we call any dykes her and we tell him. That we turn that were accordingly say you're part of my take and then we dislike room talk with him He seems like he's too intoxicated to understand that he's being recorded.
Is that ok or we still and on legal grounds. If we broadcast that that quick chat. Why haven't really looked into the law of consent to be taken when you're agitated had left wing of the diamond law books on how old are no pfc didn't fully explained? What? If, what, if being intoxicated, is just your state like your baseline state, like you, never not intoxicated, then you just become like that set as a normal, right. So then it is totally legal right. I guess maybe you'd out there our breath Eliza Breathalyzer, the other line, the major that that that is under the legal limit to make a decision but usually, if you are you're, not about driving the ability to drive a thought, if you can make a rational decision, I think it's like apply what about if it's like, we cannot rely cage is a prank like we're just joking around.
I think you're. Okay, I mean I'm willing to send you a bill on this, but I don't. I don't think it's a whole lot to worry about. It's, not the they're, not signing some long term con I care where they let incapacitated uneven railway valid. We have a lawyer. We have a lawyer on retainer that we call often What may well have you dual him in a segment? At some point, I wanted to quickly talk about your brief stent coat being under coach K were what Why would it when you started coach undercoat gay? Was you like? Hey, listen, J? If things go, while polygon a fake, an injury here. Do you I tell you like to have someone else come in so Eighty, let you know that beforehand now, with the with the theme and we got back. Then I was just a gratified that I was I was the girl, for. I went got coffee for everybody in a church. They had the USA today early in the morning, but here with the team that we had back then with like later and Hurley?
Granville Domicile and all those guys, a boy you wanted the you wanted to be it every practice, never gain there. So ghettos is just so much on the watch really would Woodley toxicity accent. I've heard that he talks to like basically anyone who was an earshot yeah. I did actually late. There was an interesting burden. Waterways like eyes. Black tie play tennis minimal about here and there and use a phenomenal athlete back when athlete meant you could do a lot of different things and it didn't just mean run a job. How people s, but you wouldn't believe, unless side later could walk from one end to the bath, while court to the other on its hands why don't you get? It were handled man and he could you could walk from one end to the other I mean it was. It was crazy and if I have been told that I dont think I would have believed it, but I saw a bunch dives visa. That amazing athlete
I regard. Ah, I wanna play quick game with you. It's called coaches hot see you can rancor what say one to five one to six. Six is the we'll just roll out an arbitrary number that were confused, people Steve offered fixes the hottest six, the hottest one even though, is never gone, past sweet. Sixteen way you mean, like you're gonna get fired or yeah just just a hot. To get warm knows. The huts is get more out of. I don't think. You're gonna feel self zero seven at the OECD that we spend a nine elite. Eight anyone one out of every Jupiter title gave is only want to him. Yeah you're, right, maybe he's going to get in the hall of Fame next week, so maybe they should get rid of them. Okay, how about Cal another disappointing, your Kentucky
yeah stunning there that another guy that you get fired, you guys are right. I lived and died last one get rid of him, bring somebody and never done any their last one coach k yeah. It's time for him to gave gave birth to buy into the air with that without fifty national the budget that is way and now that was actually won by the wrath Simonov you watch castle. Did you d? How long do you think ok well, actually coach for how much longer I dont know I buy. My guess is like for four years or so for five. But you didn't. I don't you know, that's not really gets. That was a specific number breaking
scotch. I can still more yeah. That number is get like. Let your birth, as I can get a specific number. I don't have that they were quick to guide the gas like us that the gas like a period of time or your quickly identified sounds like you know, four to five years. I don't I don't know, but that's that's my gasometers weird now, I'm fifty three years old, when I was a kid you have somebody being coaching in their sixties, was an absurd notion, but now
just, for example, by Bill Snyder, the football catch, a canvas, the EU, seventy seven any there was just a story. I recently about em battling cancer and in saying that you're gonna, take care of and then come back and coach has like cheese, seventy seven and and is going to come back after a after fighting this issue, and I hope he does really while, but it just per somebody my age, you grew up when I did there. There still part of that. Yet the rapporteur had around just kind of sounds funny for guys to go in long, but I think it's great more power to amendment I'm gonna open it, my seventies, Aviano top or somewhere in my work, It can we'll meet a dinner and I'll be a bed by four thirty in the afternoon. That actually sounds great yeah sounds like my deal. If you like sounds of nets, have really good that my slippers on the majority today not shave where an adult diaper, I'm colonel,
the desert sweet. While you mean give Gonzalo keeps going to follow, for you wanted to see what you just described is basically sport, bloggers, life, that's kind of how I go day in day out. Let me rephrase It gets course into this way. What's gonna happen, first coach, K, retiring or doggedly booting national temperature, though I think your tail retire first, even if it goes to be a hundred So you don't think jug godly bizarre next up the Oklahoma State job I dont now considering they filled the job hey. I don't take my point. I mean you know next time I'll throw ethical he'll be throwing his hat in the ring for the next. However, many years- until it's open again, it's a great way to build buzz. You have to make it. We get some buzz going like J bills, possible coach and waiting a duke whose get your brand up there a little bit for I'm already coaching waiting Toby. I await a really long like forever, but
Dunkin, throw his hat and whatever ring you once he took great basketball, mind and I think you'd be a really good coach, but I don't I just don't see places like Oklahoma State. You know like, like our five jobs going to the broadcasters like us, would find that the kind of hard to believe, but you never doubt which courts can pull The plot jacket, Better Roy Williams or Martin. Well, neither want it. I dont think play out as a good look at that in that, in that forum to table like right right, these beget get a tailor to get as close to fit. First of all, he looks like
It's like the guy from talking heads back in the day. Remember yet he actually, I thought his jacket today was like the exact color, red or burgundy of a security guard, my valet, the guy, a valet. I cut. You know ye, throw him your keys, knocking here's a fiber. I shouldn't have a work of Frank scares: the crap out of anybody, the great guy yeah. Well, God said Gunther. What would you saving to say, Frank, Martin, USA, good kick his ass aces loser because he wears bad close. You could get you you got, you could take it fail. I don't think so always use people felt so that's gonna call them up and breathe you ve gotta is like he scares the crap out me what will or thought on the court, but off the court he's one of the nicest people I've ever met. My life, like he's a sweetheart of a person,
got a beautiful families, wives, sweetheart and one of the nicest guys you're ever gonna be an end. Is awkward persona does not matches Encore persona at all. I am people would be mad. In our view. This can be a tough question you sound like you really worried about what people think this one I am cuz now there would be a I can say is I've have had a long standing. You know like this summing up hill, I'm willing to die on, and it's no part of yours, but you was a two years ago you took over the Duke you and see game there right tears. I do what he made the started, calling it an dickie v. Carbon all no longer so, decreed years ago, TGV was kicked off the Duke you once again, are you worry it all that that might like take a few here's off his life because that's basely Ali lives? Now, I'm not either
it is an objective anybody ever met. The pinkies takes one of those guys. Gonna live forever side I, but that is a year in bed. Scholar you're gonna go along times are not undoubtedly worried about the anti ever watches periscopes their electric. I doubt I dont want despaired of maybe However, they need. You can't do that, because you took his favorite thing in the entire world from him secret bad. I, like the LE minimum you could do, is watch spectacles. I shall start doing you. You ve made me feel bad. Not that I won't. I promise I'll should feel bad. You should feel bad and sat so J were big Wikipedia guys on the show. I can't I don't love you can tell, but that's how we do the vast majority of fur interviews- and I saw something on your Wikipedia painted said that you, you are involved in a lawsuit against Barney the dinosaurs incorrect yeah. I was
try lawyer for quite a few years, and I represent a company that was accused by the owners of the Barney trademark and copyright rights of copyright trademark infringement. So we went to trial over the issue in a federal court and it was. It was probably the saddest episode in my legal currer, did you when we did when we wanted soil level, we got a little bit of a roll back on appeal, but yeah. We did when we actually wanted the dumbest cases. I can imagine that somebody bring into trial, and I was really dumb on their part to take its track as we are trying to settle and when we won. I mean I was alive.
Money. They had at stake, just to try to teach some guy less time and now and then we want appointing a trial which, which really really put them in a bad spot solely anybody can just dress up like Barney now is that copyright infringement is at the gist of it. Now its eight, they thought they own the color Purple Una, the color Purple existed, Oprah Hearty among the signal prone areas, all of that's a bold claim is trying to take the color purple tat. I decided to fight for everyone else. The right to use the color socially just tilney. Mankind has shown up mainly purple man guard, while he walked out hearty according according to the owners of the Barney trademark. At the time Kansas State, by virtue of the colored a year forms violated the marketplace, but about they were burning. That's a grand
thank you for Serbia, Macedonia, Landmark legal. Really. Now we can all see the collar rush, jerseys, the Minnesota Vikings, whereon Thursday nights because EU it, but it's the least I could do but the fat art about it was. My kids were really little at the time, so they watch that crap all day long and then I go to work and I couldn't get away. It was. It was really a brutal, structured, my locker, and then you had to come home and I will again suing your favorite television character. Yes and How do the one of that one of the funny parts of it- and I can tell you this now, but it was not funny- I'm was at they had a couple. These costumes that bad that were said to a violation that that copyright trademark of Barney it because they look to two similar were were at my house. I think I care member exactly what the deal was with before the trial and now in so far
The issue were that people were running these costumes and use them for kids Birthday party things like that and very convened on and off yeah thanks now upon an offer that their kids a birthday parties, it's my life in some of our friends, found the thing in and they used it with. The kids took pictures and everything is back before us. About all I hate it when I saw the picture to my wife already realised, like you put this entire trial at risk, I do an admin was really got a funny. I follow you on Twitter. You have a great twitter game gonna. Give you that compliment you for the longest time didn't follow anyone. So I went to your twitter profile today to see if that was still the case. So I could push your balls now you follow up its laces legacies, I'm assuming that's it terribly sad story. That's a dirt dog move by you! Yeah
created a sad story, but I didn't follow anybody the longest time because twitter would not. Let me follow myself and I thought if I can call myself what's that, goddamned pointing them in blue, so but what there's a little girl that was a yard, a fan of Michigan State and as a player, their name Adrian Pain that had befriended this. This young girl she had cancer, namely lately holes work and she passed away of a year and a half ago or so, and thus I buy followed her late nerve, Blake nor battle against cancer and have been the states followed her ever since, and and they still still posed off, that doubt raise money and everything is really really nice thing, but she was a beautiful girl. These vehicles adorable lazy, so people can follow up there, but you it's. You basically prove to me how much of a dick I am when I went to it and I was like shit. He falls someone now and then I saw
and I felt even worse so there's you that you didn't feel worse, you, you know that that was a reputation before you ever true. I we, U Bagration, each time we have to talk about it, because I feel like it's. The only thing you schools on because were being done like this kid's getting pay, in college, it's your issue. Are you It should be the one who like takes to the courts in an and wins this for everyone. I dont need to other people for doing it. I've never in I've. Never advocated suing Nancy Double egg, but now I just find it cannot ridiculous that this enterprise makes billions and billions of dollars and everyone gets paid their fair market value, except for the athlete and every other student is allowed to make whatever money they want and there's no restriction on it. So you can be a scholarship, Balin scholarship whatever and you can make whatever you want and if ever, if underground,
the student makes money and, as an entrepreneur writes a burger. The longer lasting light bulb whatever it is, their celebrated for that and nobody says I and others about education. It's not about money and all stop them, but they always say that through an athlete, I find that I find that wrong to the point of being a moral and now look at an individual school. If they were you guys what scope yours cold, I want to pay. That's why they can make that decision, but there should be a all schools banding together in a cartel forum, Anna and saying nobody can receive this. I just like it's wrong, but they have I'm not, but I don't go to these games. You know, like kind of railing against the system of my by enjoy the sport, but we're talking about policy. I'm going to stand up and say what I think is right and wrong.
You should. We should actually set up like a wrestling match. You first and dockets winner gets the EFTA and package beach. You we keep status quo. If you beat him, kids get get paid. And all tat. I would particularly like that idea for a variety of catches, Dan at by Finally, the right of ours- and I can assure you he would by you and I'm not sure I want to. I want to be grappling with him. Cuz he's a he's, he's sweats a lot. That's not a good! That's not a good feeling, and I don't think it be like that. And still are movie and always plant defence honor, sweaty do ourselves in Managua Longrange Grouse from the legal standpoint last year during the vote. Isn't there a couple ball games that did not have sponsors, so we just forced our name onto a ball game is Westward Kentucky game. Thinking about doing it again. Next, you were thinking all
about naming it after Mark image and then kind of asking him to try to suicide? Nobody came out we're just using your name and and a flipping so argument on. I do think that, like from illegal Stew the boy think out old water. You could do it for You know, I would do it under the guise of parity parallel here you can do you. Do I stop they're not going to change the way they do back. Six has been want to it. Has nothing to do with being chain, then feel as though there are nearly way the system's gonna change is they're gonna lose a legal battle which which they could lose with the jacket case. Coming up the Anti trust case, the Jap recast, whereas the prosecuting or the players are gonna are gonna protests, and I think that
I think both of scenarios are somewhat likely in the future, but I think that the way is going to continue to gonna lose cases. They may not lose them all, but then I went em all and and and I do think as the players they as we go forward. The players are getting more, sort of socially aware and more n and their awareness of their power is in the marketplace, is becoming greater. Cyanic will see at some point Somebody'Ll boycott I don't know when it's gonna come, but I think it's a near. Certainly it's gonna happen is just a question of went out. Crazy what comes first, a player strike during a fund for game or dog. Leave, wins one game. As head coach player strike, Guy final last question last last, going to write about get broken like you were this. I think maybe he's never colonels at any level right, so I will say any level any level, any love.
I really would again before that. Does it ill couch somewhere over the summer and all at Lahti, dug it be really good couch, but I beg you gotta give you re getting demonstrate for broadcasting as pepper supersonic. Thank you gotta get in there and do but first you last last question. I know you have to go if the There's got paid this year. How much money would Laval Ball, Take from his sons contract. I don't know. I thought that I used to play you the practice squad player for the Carolina, Panthers and ninety nine Oh well, I remember the NFL I didn't know that does not give back late. America, especially ever seen a video complaining, I am baffled yeah real bad is vital. If I were to him, I would I would want that your bird you up
I don't know, I don't know how much they probably not that much. That's why we all know that standard thirty percent. Yet the energy is your dad dad bridle thirty percent. That's right! I J! Thank you so much. We really appreciate your now, recurrent guess that means. Whenever we call you have to come on. That's a lonely whenever you want yeah, I'm always advocate now that I'm your lawyer, I am always happy to beyond the assets nice wow. Ok, I take you Jane, arrive officiate. What the problem is that kind of birds privilege of if you, if you, if you broadcast our meeting like this, you there's not a tardy climb. Privileges saw no. No, no are listeners, know that they're not allow you talk about when we talk about the show of sharing YO sharing its link with the mayor part, and yet there all our attorneys technically yeah that followed the unsolved legal ground. I like the way like Pierre you just picked up a million clients, so good for you
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for use in her first geek purchase to get your twenty bucks download the seek a gap go to settings. Tab click, add a promo code. Inner promo code take and seek equal sinew twenty dollars after you, ve made your first ticket purchase. That's a seek app inner promo code. Take I let's get some segments the first up. I think everyone expected this one when the news broke its respect the bill. It's my favorite respect the business of ever had since we You ve started doing this segment Friday night late night, the game went late, order. Verse Wisconsin went so like twelve thirty one o clock in the morning. Apparently a kid asked a question to one of the coaches. It got the real big J journalist very upset. We had one of the guys Dave. Care of yellow grievances, name S, eye for kids, reporters cute now, but not a fan of an off topic question at one. A m when beat writers are trying to pull gamers together.
Well, I got a couple questions number one. I agree with David Carvalho on this matter of yellow hair of yellow it. I think it's a good responsible, take sportsmen four kids is discriminatory, it's for, like does not have and there's no sports illustrated for adult for fur white cloud. Men grow, grown white men exactly like in the first place. You know your gear, limiting your audience and your discriminating its old people scooting, there's no sports illustrated for Iceland is no well Marianna S gonna, hopefully had then he's got a lotta loathing scanner way. This is my favorite, because you we have to be a real shithead to be upset a little kid who, showing like passion for something you know that's kind of an like I want to grow up and be a sportswriter issuing passion for yes, a pretty good question, afraid, Frank Martin in the night and skies sitting here and he's upset.
It just shows that there is no grump your person in the world, its power, ranking Cecropias person in the world a sportswriter on, late deadline, number two sportswriter with a quite forgot to it. That's right! I wish tat. He had gone a little bit further, though, like you should it made further can be like this. Kid probably lives as moms. This meant that would have been the ultimate J move. I also looked up this guy's twitter handle any it no surprise. He put his complaint about millennials in the past, that's really smart, yellow is actually a millennium. No, no he's not he's. He he's grown up he's gone we're millennial, swells, millennials he's also got this weird profile picture. Like half smug. I issues it's it's possible face, So when I was a kid asked, a question to Frank Martin, earlier about like teaching gift That's right, and then he asked a question in the late came about somebody's mombi in attendance and usually what I don't understand why this? Whether reporter got mad about the question they put. You know what they probably know: James Doin, they probably
free, Coke they pride and have the you know the fountain they pay you to pay for. You is gonna, be all right up see. I was a bad mood, but understandably so yeah exactly either way. That's that is my favorite respectable is, and I just love journalists to take themselves in this, and I also a factor in back down from enough. So even after people were calling about using ha kept, we ve all these people, the din, even bother to get the stories straight away, and about the question he has South Carolina is equal. Kennedy S floor right. Which was of AIDS? It he's doubling down on his respect a bit right. So we have a witch hunt, haven't no one of these in a while A dozen Johnson has what is third straight event, his fifth W. GC tournament overall a weird right, that's a lot of winning. So, and he used to be a party guys in the ball. What four hundred foreign fifty yards I gotta stop party, but he used
I'll, ok with allegedly doing illicit drugs. Now is he's not, is he puts embrace debate he's having such a Polina Gretzky ravenous, second child. So that's the only thing is said. The great one gets on her genes. I don't know exactly how stds work, but I'm pretty sure the greatness option is also std, so he's inherit her greatness, every time you have sex with her, so that might be wise dunes doing dad dad what about, The fact that he's having his second child is that somehow a performance answered will broad Jameson, are winning titles till he had kids yeah kid to at least ha interesting yeah. Change of perspective. Having kids of mental S. Having kids gives you it gives you that extra boost really understand how to be great yeah. If it tells you that this game isn't that importance, you play a little bit looser interesting because you're thinking about protecting your kids at all
last year against all these people that are out to get em right and seemed yeah exhort you take all the pressure off herself we start having ahead that you have any kids the guy you were their sexual or who have on pretending to help with the programme for victims. This is, would prefer whom he had a scratch on Friday night? and on Saturday he wore these goggles, rightly weren't. Even Xbox, they looked like chemistry gotten, who is the best results in burner, God buzzing burner mixed with, like a guy that goes to a shooting rate for the first time. Yes, there yellow tinted these weird goggles. This is such a thing classic abroad move Ike. I know he's done it before with those with knows when he broke his nose out of the ass he wore that thing. For a few minutes. He missed the three and then he spiked it on the ground and threw it off was like I'm not playing with these goggles classic.
Braun blames literally just where these things so that then he can say these things were screwing with me. It's like when he ripped the Jersey Oregon looks. He can look toughen further cameras and everybody's. Like all look at these he's not even taken on health into consideration, he just wants to win that bad Leubronn blames to the massacre, Lebron James, being more concerned about protecting his eyes, then protecting his wheeze, who fit in a fit up, stop trying to fit in with no stop profit out. Sorry on a fit in the scratch cornea on the start. Using that excuse us a great excuse it every day, my favorite one than ever did. May I skipped I skipped tests in high school in time because it all my teacher I get spread by skunk that's a really good excuse us get anybody out. There need a free one, that's a good! Nobody calls you out on. I like that either way you this made me, I remind me, of when Leubronn WAR, the black mask member that Libya abandoned a fucking club,
fuck, you clown this guy, my god we have talking soccer. I actually even looked up. I think we want like six. Nothing now is locking soccer yeah, that's it Clay group like it was in the car. You re, although all the nerves on Twitter were freaking out, likes suckers back America's back contemporaries like due to its march, using lodging basketballs like every other american, big, Jakarta or something I m shitty country that we problem is probably was America like poor Rico We are self exact same to him where to go. That's the only were now America that score on systems out that such a classic like american soccer thing, they probably we probably just beat ourselves. We just be a bunch of our satellite countries like look how good we aren't soccer and we ve got warm. I think we ve got a good new player to Dolly sure, but he's one of those guys plays. Though you spend these idlers Helen. I am sure many k we get this new guy his gun
Grandmother was actually from Hoboken. Just wait. Till Freddy do really starts to figure it out and then we're gonna be back. So we have magical tweets. This is for our boy MAGIC Johnson. Best twitter game out there during the EU and see you can match up. He treated waiting to see the out of the? U N C Uk matches, I loved Ella. That's that's a perfect magic Johnson tweet of all time The currently watching television currently watching sports can't wait. Hu. The winner is, is it isn't tampering though at some point, since he is now the prisoner, the Lakers interesting every tweet Eddie makes I don't care if it's about sports or not. It's really Well, it is because he seeing once Kentucky loses who's gonna pro oh yeah,
is this. Why don't? I always radiating oxen monk declared ago, Prime, that you are waiting to see. I met years had a real, close attention to see who loses this game while, let's get the who comes out on you for that, and the aid They get an item. Silver doesn't give a shit, more loves magic. Good night. I am. I love much nice additive, dicey, singer, Darius Rucker at the Seas, s seat game. Get emotion for his get emotion. I read that right for his I'm I'm gonna do a core throne. Real quarter are throne crying Michael Jordan. I don't know I haven't seen the means man you haven't seen him. I think I think now I think, maybe run its course. You fall breach report
No, I don't think so. I regard sure they're doing it and foreigners enough. I have bleach report muted. On flights, I mean higher my fire fire Modi Fire Mogi Skull, Modi Skull Margie Michael Jordan, crying face that is police reports every tweet, so that the one thing that would bring back crying Michael Jordan, irradiated Michael Jordan, cries after you and see loss than trying, my George back you'll get really we're. Ok. Now they were talking about this. If you and Sea winds, Michael Jordan, gonna cry me, get a happy crying Michael Jordan and send them out of the court and just haven't talk shit to all the programs that they beat. That you're like it is his hall of Fame acceptance. Speech yeah, I mean I would love to see it. Of ball. You know how they say like you're lucky. In the astronomy community. If you get to watch the death of a star like the supernova, right now we are witnessing before our very eyes. The death of a meme
one of the strongest means of all time and it's all those people, all those curmudgeon out there like enough of the of the crying Michael Jordan, you missed it man. You should just let this how these a means dying there. They are like black stars. I just come, avoid falling due themselves on himself with gravity, and then it is the breach report. Logo, as you see, I think, can see in the sky. The Hudson prayers to finish the show, thoughts and prayers, a city of Oakland, Roderick Adele is going to stick. Take his cock, our ticket put it under, throw in there's only you do about it. That's it. He did. A graphic age is basically said both put your gamecock tenure, three ere. He shoots under throat. Yes, not quarter for enriching incognito, but he's going to use defiling. I should die, you throw it and because I guess the city of Oakland made one last push to try to get the raiders stand. The push was basically hey weed. Like you stay, but we're still gonna. Have you plain a stadium that has second base on the football
Philip yes and so Roger knows. I guess we're not gonna happen either way. This is a match we haven't, because Mark Davis was a mean just his look used to really meant to be in vague ya. His historic burnt to bright to exist, in the Bay area. He needs to be out in the desert and needs to be an in the entertainment capital the universe is probably just looked at marked Dave's his closet, like ok, you own more than one White sports coat. You need to be the owner of. I chose in LAS Vegas from Miami how many different l jumpsuits is marked Davis gonna purchase. He seems like a guy. That would be an obvious impersonated he's no women, whatever hotel recipe of checks. Can be great being when we go to Vegas and end in a marked Avis. It's easy, it's gonna be great unexcited. I that is our show. We'll see, whence it would do couch warmer Wednesday ass, yet idea also they drawn into very very funny guy guy
I want to be friends with. I also ask him how me beers he drink in sixteen of soft ball game, which was a great answer by him, so get excited for that and will see once a levy. Guess
in writing,
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