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Jay Glazer, Corona Quarantine, NFL Free Agency And Love Is Blind Recap (Eps 1-5)

2020-03-16 | 🔗
The Coronavirus Pandemic has the sports world going stir crazy for NFL Free Agency. Ryan Tannehill and Tom Brady update. (2:15-18:08) What we're going to do without sports. (18:09-26:13) Who's back of the week including Rick Pitino, the big cock fake link guy, and Big Cat's idea to save sports in a future pandemic. (26:14-42:50) Jay Glazer joins the show to talk NFL Free Agency, MVP, and the wild house party with Sly Stallone, Guy Fieri, and Al Pacino. (45:31-1:30:17) Sabermetrics (1:33:45-1:37:09) and Love Is Blind recap episodes 1-5, the reality television show we all love to hate. (1:37:10-2:01:35)
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On today's pardon my take. We have J Glaser in studio. We did it a few days ago, but we go great interview I don't know. We actually said anything that would be ruined topically by the NFL, except for the fact that Serbia has been signed and which we will get to that, and he gave us his hot tips on where Tom Brady is actually wants to be sure to listen. Him make some guarantee. Yes, yes, we have that we have corona virus has taken over the world and our life changed and we will discuss that. We have whose back of the week we have a real cap of. Love, is blind episodes one through five. The show that we all are going to watch during this grown a virus quarantine and we're all gonna hate. Bovina recap the first,
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Looking back at brackets are out. I am listen. We got. You got a lot to get too but I'll just say this. I was so sad So many different times this weekend. Just thinking every two hours, Oh this is supposed to know the other big ten semi files, but start oh championship Roger Lahti. Championship game is happening right now. Greensborough can is about playing the SSC championship. Game owe their butter, thereby to play the big tension. Did your game in the winners? Gonna sit there with the trophy and wait for the brackets to come out. This weekend is the weekend that you always just turn on your television. You leave it on for forty eight hours and you just hear the squeaking of shoes nonstop and we we missed out on that. Actually, if they play determines, would know fans,
Creaking of shoes would have been incredible. Yes, you could hear likely. Coaches cussing out the wraps should be great. You gets you get it be like Gallagher performance in the front row getting splashed with Sean Miller, sweat through your television. There was a moment on Saturday where I was like. I just on offer to make it. I have the fight is, maybe I don't know if I have the fight in me to fight this nose or its arrive, and talk about the crowd of Irish right now, just the no sports I dont know. If I have the floor we'll find out. It's gonna be a daily sugar idea. I said: do you guys before this shy figure get better after two weeks when we are in the March band Zone but Thursday morning? I'm gonna need you all to tax me and check in checking with? friends major there. Ok, because that's gonna be Chile lifted the ban on sober October until the tournament starts at the grass, its yeah. If, if there's a time where will we will need all causes so society its right now? I can't imagine getting through this. Next couple weeks,
in getting through this next couple weeks without sport sober the entire time. But you know what is where the separate them from the voice. We persevere. Action is, in this case, it's better to be a boy than like a very full grown. Yes, an older man. I also keep going back to this. We will some day look back and be like hey, remember the year, where we just didn't have March madness that put everything that perspective, that the perspective being we need. Each man is so so badly to survive. It is the eyes of March today to the fifteen. So can I have the sixteenth What's all this to you right now, seeking I'm for puking I've brightened your day will hear. Hanks can edit this to get a real, quick and get it out before midnight on the fifty on the fifteenth of bright you day, real, quick and if appreciation
and yes, it turns out. You don't need to be able to travel, to places to be like yeah that guy who have all this film on he's good. I want to give a noise of our support for our team, its view that the it's like tell a health. It's incredible, wooed done with its great that the NFL was like hey. The whole world is shutting down here. Is our opportunity to basically dominate every single story line, and I actually do appreciate it, because what I said on Friday, we need Tom Brady to wait as long as possible. He's draws thing out: we need a situation where we can have something to talk about every single day, because eventually we're gonna gets alike. Some team signed, like aligned, linebacker that no one ever saw play entry
The talk yourself into that being in a big tat like Nick Cook, Caskey bears prior to resign. Am that's gonna, be a pig free agency story in three weeks. Can we think about about how all the team owners all the agents out there their sole focus right now is on football? There's an absolutely nothing else going on. I predicted just out of sheer boredom from some these owners and James. There can be some. These trade that happens, what easy sightings that you don't necessarily think would happen, but they're just gonna happen because the other owners and end the other Gm Free just like we need some action going on, I'm bored less for can pick up the phone and make some weird arrangements. Yet the jets in the colts I feel like the two teams are, we need to end the Redskins wherever we need to win the corona virus. Quarantine. We're gonna win this off season here, because it is the most important off season there has ever had taken place in ineffective if you need a leader who is an expert? How to deal with infectious disease outbreaks near locker, room Gregg, piano he can be had just make a phone call
brokers has got represent, he's got rockers on quarantine took great GINO is the leader that we need to lead us through this dark heard him in cocoa who gave a great I've looked service announcement and it's like, I think he just kill the crown of it was the first time I felt like hey. You know what we're gonna be. Ok, when he did all gonna be ok, demonstrate, dab, coffee, see only concern was he did not end it with gotta. So I heard I heard through our sources that he might have said, go tigers immediately after off camera, ok to a kind of end it
but knowing the moment because cocoa knows the moment is not can say, go tigers on a very serious issue, but we might have turned to our friend and said: go tigers just so that it was officially yeah. That's the idea is stamp. That was like the notary public like yup boom. That's like the eloquent when we're doing interviews like twenty to clap- and I say no yeah, you know three, two one. Yes, so he didn't desires offscreen. So it is officially that is in the library of Congress wherever they keep on every continent. Twitter video we have had some charette has been documented. It will go to Mars when we send all the best parts of our society. That's it. I knew it. I need a dull Becum junior to just wander through every emergency room and oh, how detaining doctors hundred dollar bills should do it took him. He should do it so actually Odo Peckham like he, which I've already go baron. But he deftly would have been the Rudy GO. Barefooted fell. He think he would have gotten the corona oil. Anyone done something stupid beforehand, he's probably Yahoo and gone on a boat and taken crews even got yacht weak and
crews off the coast of ITALY back, you know you would have ye would have done. You would call a touch down and put on a mask and gloves and then, like we where'd, you get that like ice Just got it from like the training staff who got it from a hospital whoops now have grown up. He deftly would play with like a supreme branded surgical mask underneath somebody get fine for yes, I so free free agency, it starting it Wednesday, but that means a really start. Unbundled legal illegal tampering starts at noon. We did have news, though Ryan's anyhow got paid got paid, and it was very happy that when we have these, weird times it. No one knows what's going on, we can always still have the same. Action to mediocre court? I'm getting a lot of money and everyone flipping out and then them showing the actual deal. It's like. Oh it's! It's like good to your deal like signal until he is still a lot of money yeah, but we're doing you when you throw the signing bonus like I, I actually think and and whenever the
happens. I learned my lesson when, when the color son of seven year deal and everyone made fun of me and a bit in ever may for the bears across country seven years, and I know your stance a three year deal dry. Your deal is like one that I and the cage, I'll sign, covert shock to like a twenty five year. Right for, like a hundred million dollars, would also guaranteed. Zalzal will differ, but in the Cato, oh now, the cage, while the cage- I don't know how they work there. I think it's just like Putin likes you. He loves you that credit depends on the oil or yet oligarchy. That's the running, your your team. Ah put so I actually don't hate this deal and everyone for copies itself for years, a hundred eighteen million that is always oh just so appear, say for free agency. The first numbers that are reported are always the agent numbers. The agent gets their flax. The aging can go around a bit like. I got right in a hundred eighteen million dollars how it actually works out as he's getting seventeen it half this year. Twenty four next year. Twenty nine
twenty twenty two, but they caught him in twenty twenty one. If they want to write and then twenty seven and a half in TWAIN wait. Wait, wait six, zero years. If it gets to the fourth year, they're gonna restructured its essentially did they franchise tag, Rhine, TAT Hill, for you're right on this and probably saved a little bit of money right onto your franchise tag. So it's not bag is ten hill. You know he is who is biased point? He is right. Animal is exactly the type a quarter back to Mark variable likes the guy that just gonna do barely enough to like not fuck things up, yes and and hopefully like a little bit extra. He had a couple gamester that he actually through the ball, really really well. You'll use great book, but overall right anthill is gonna, be like a slightly above average quarterback in you. Can win with right angle if you got Derek Henry coming back on a tag and a good deal.
That's the important part. What you just said, because it's not everyone will say to themselves. Will Ryan Tannehill just got franchise tag for two years, but he didn't because the titans get to keep their franchise right, and this move to me is in conjunction with keeping Derrick Henry, because if you didn't do this, you probably wouldn't have paid right, you wouldn't be able franchise tagged going to be able to use that as leverage for Derrick Henry and Ryan Tannehill played well enough this past year. Many want to road play off games against each other He treats in the raven, so I think he threw like a grand total doesnt matter, passes doesnt matter, Joe Flock of other geothermal aggerawayter. Why that's right at analogy nobody body! I still now that no, he still was flatly still every ease the quarterback right. It's the same thing where you have to have everything around you great to be good.
He had everything around very big lesson. Joy to because of lack of has put his policies in that woman horse. I know was incredible: it was incredible ten hill, but he wasn't. He would not better than your flock. Who is a friend of mine, Rhine, ten hill you'll know Joe flak Ferko was not a franchise court. Back the deserve that kind of money. But when you are good right before you need to get paid, you cannot give or timing is ninety percent life and with right nl. He gives a lot of hope to a lot of people out there that average, at their jobs, get hot at the right time in an absolute cash. Caracas will not be as Java and he's done it twice right in that respect the usual funds. You got better at getting contracts and drove lacquer, as this is the second big contract that he said in addition to that, the first round traffic contract that he had way back in the day he was so he's made a shitload of money. His wife is gonna, get to bite on more air fifteen's to lose.
The backseat, a real cars is just a win win for genuine how he was statistically the best quarterback in the NFL passed like when he started for the titans for the rest of the season like under so much statistically. Now, like obviously Petra homes got her and was out for a little bit, but he was incredible for that run and guess what take the risk that he's gonna still be that guy. He is now officially the highest paid wide receiver and the unifil history. There. We go perfect right, annex that's. Basically the news so would write an entire when ten Hilda line, what our trash patriot resigned them according to their legislative own eyes the twins or stand together. Botanical scientists, contract with Tennessee. It is also another domino that Foreign Tom Brady Saga and the forty nine and that they were not interested in Tom Brady way. Breaking news braggin is detected at thirty news rating. They did. I just got attacks from our friend John Raw Steen, a few good men
on BBC right now? Hooker fathers, better Brady, gets no progress in Europe. If you were some Alice into us, live right now, few good men's out, you can't handle the truth. My favorite peace, in the years, Ireland ones, are the people that that Sea Jack Nicholson's character like yeah. That's that's good! fucker, that's what I want to base my address sail off, but yes, Brady Britain was brought in by talk emergent, gulls, rugged, good job. I rate is not going to list. I turned down by both the Titans and the forty nine is you have to wonder of her downwards whole this is taking on Tom Brady psyche to not be the most want to grow at the dance anymore. Hank, that's gonna to him. It is a few was fire people think he's washed up to think it. Doesnt have anymore he's not worth the money. So this is. This is our great hey. Hey was basically just like going back in time and being the hundred nine night Peck again pretty much like a year. That is actually what we need is should do not dated picture of himself,
wearing underwear, standing in front of whiteboard, and it's not Zadig Dwayne, wait situation where the patriot the patrons going to pay him good money. Yet they were unless the bucks whores to be the last but I don't know I don't see if it's anywhere even remotely close like the box would have to obey him so so so much for him to go there, but no state income tax, sir, I think, you think Hague, but you're just did have to pay more money. That would be a significant thou, be like animals in over one hundred percent. More Milo, every dollar counts, put relevant have a better in a recession. Do I would you rather have any type of Florida or the king or Boston? You be the king boss of Tampa the king, a Temple gets, the strip yeah he be hanging out whole coggan, Adjective Anton Brady's agent, Don t. I would absolutely make the case that Tom Brady is probably the least likely quarterback to contract a crowd of
just because you drink so much water and he's elongated. His ease trained is dna to along gate when it gets attack by the krona virus. Hank are you? Is there a world that you think they? They said that the titans were never fully interested outside of a couple casual conversations. Do you think, if that video then go live where it shows Julia Battlemented Tom Brady Face time with my grable did he might assigned with a tie but they were like well now it's can be tampering, so we can't do it now. Ok, next quest Is everything highlights? Do you think he there's entry to the rumour that he wanted to go to foreigners afford our said? No to him now, Think that one is crazy to me because of forty nine years have they can work, away from Jimmy G. If they wanted to well, I think it's not back raised, because cautioned him doesn't need a big shot quarterback to win, but his systems
so good right. I remember one. Nick Mullins came in a cup we're I like, and they would want you games yet, which still malaria haulage played well Corredor than you would think, especially for fur. Some guy there was come up three essential so, like his system is good enough, where you don't have to be a superstar to be effective and arise, work jimmy- I wasn't great this year and they got the Superbowl, but I think you re Windsor role with Tom Brady. Now that's an interesting question I think they would one s widow, that's why I've read but Hank what if it was Tom Brady and forty Niners against Jimmy G in the patriots, while freaky Friday, damaging patriotism in MECCA exactly so. That's that's what and then you'd like Falk. Jimmy G is a quarterback Yemen at that point. For anyone
I'm. So it's like we're an alternate reality where it's like we're moving forward without a pretty less universe, but that's not gonna happen out. I would imagine this news today makes you feel more confident. I have never nothing coffin worried. I don't like the season starts with theirs. Invoking Jeff Darlington being like oil, I'm not worried omega an hour. It hey network as podcast we voice, it is going back to pay through the fog. This box helps us. What about the course those areas while Bruce areas where back was never if Brady's, we will pursue, saw you definitely go to the court and just piss me off the app, but he's he's he hates the calls to like they did that the breeding painting he still chirping about them. Pumpkin noise, Stephen chosen that that she does not that he holds then re. Also the court's snitch on and for deflating Future Stephen chain I did say who's. Our colleague number one box fan and the entire world said two miles of big.
Aid for him, Brady and then equal sign. The forward arrow would ever greater than to the box so he's, basically saying it's happening, why I had a source which gives me Leroy had a source with lungs yeoman slept that he had a physical that can be scheduled temper on Monday, if that happened here, world cancelled that that the Roma, where we don't know if you cancel because the roan our finances, who is no longer interests in the buccaneers if he goes, the bow of the world is ending ravages. Cough. Dude. I told you the world's Papa she time other Roper let's put it this way, we're discussing before the show that the shaming of youths across Amerika going out the bars of the weekend is actually a good thing. It's good it's bad people went out this weekend by putting a loaded. I did because the messaging has been so bad about corona virus that. Finally, I think people are waking up mean like oh,
This is serious. Let's take it seriously. This is the world that we live in, and twenty twenty, where it's more of a threat to kids, They might get shamed online and dragged gap that it is that they might get sick and then killed her grandparents? Yes, is it ok? I can deal with losing Nana but on the other clout with my clout. If I lose followers on this, that's probably worse, boomer remove my way, my grandparents going viral and all the worst. Where could you imagine people stop watching my tik Tok Zia Cannon, that this is the oldest we ve ever sounded. No, I am sure you will understand what I actually do think it's good that like it, it's obviously bad people didn't take it seriously, because you look at ITALY you're like work. That looks like us right now, but it does feel like everyone has finally woken up to it then like this might be different than the ones in the past yeah. Let's start taking precautions, let's practice social distancing, which I have been practice?
ever since I moved the city of New York City I was just like. I been going out forever, so I'm good at social dissident distancing. What do you think people should be doing like what Nevertheless, as blind I share your games. There needs to be sums for life sports on television because that's going to help so much with social distancing. If there's some, if we can just watch game at night, posed to going out somewhere more people will take the easy way out be like yep. You know what I'm not leaving my couch. Do you know we should bring back see it should send a chuck. What was that thing like five years ago. Would you send a child to someone on faced on no other unsnapped chair and they will stop chubby else. Do it, whereas now I just jug and then you gotta chug, born ever get near each other over the Newgate usual Marlon. What you get drunk you wanna go out yet ok, so maybe just see one chug send one chuck, ok, yeah I could get down that are.
We're gonna make someone makes it cool to be inside? Ok, here's where it is, I'm ready for this I've. This is actually what I've been preparing for a four year unintentionally, you member one, to Hong Kong and I met all those Tito's shrugs. No download time that part when I went to Hong Kong, I hung out with those teens that pork would have shown that one drunk teen was like NOM seems bra, What's what it will? You mean? Yes, it's an anachronism that stands for can't even be fought, meaning like I'm just gonna kill. Em seems on my couch, the CDC. Is to encourage America's youths to just be seeps? receives s orders that quarantining it's not social, distancing, America, you're just seems right now you worried all that when you try to make seems to think catch on the first know did just amongst much younger and cooler people than we not numeric. Yet not America is already global it. We need to make it viral. No pun intended here, like us, pray,
speak out what you want to come out. On Friday, we were gonna head to a rooftop barn pumping grind on each other night. I had a nine month. Old did ok woods. That was, I mean, are you coming out nominate behave with him was at which it where's hanging would beat it had me bringing a dad she sleeps seeps. You see, you know what wait. What do you mean as of sea on us cause for big cat was seems mean it measures have a kid. He hang out with our call me too. I'm seems this. We can also see s pretty awesome. How do you do fellow kids receives receives, resolve and be dad's by seamen just invent that. You have a child that you have to take care of this. A great excuse, it's a great excuse, so yeah we need to make quarantine, quarantine and cool, so we got to figure out a way to just have we all the kids like hey. This is cool. Actually, Is it not go out disease? haven't seen over which we have to shut everything down out areas yet shut down don't be a lotta corona babies and about nine months shut in the whole fuckin thing. Imagine if that was!
I would actually so awesome if all the like twenty. Roads just had kids, it's got half its absolutely happen in a recession. Yeah my most when in their parents are dead from Carogne of IRA there's gonna be a lotta. They have no wonder a lot of regos less easy net at two things, get a singularly graziers with last week of November, first week of December, twenty twenty shit load a car and get born- and you know what the stores Are- gonna run out of condoms people, gonna run other prescription for birth control, yeah It's come right words I used or is already out of Magnum, which is really impacted, mean yes on propaganda, kid soon, so I'd so yeah, Verona, Canyon, Zaga Normal one stance. I don't know what we might have to we might be skip into Skype, show soon Snapple bottle yours, Saddam Hussein or Dick is like the time I'm not saying like Magnum Sorority sold out deserted shortage right, ironically right Magnum, so you have, I stuck
Oh, I'm sorry! I am that order with the like of Entire arrived just filled with CAP Magnum God. It is fascinating. Watch like the human nature at work with this entire thing, where people still go out not one guy in Tennessee harder to everything and thought he was just being honoured. As regards capitalism hawk. What is your problem? who actively killing people. No, no, I'm just like my business and he had noticed delineated and big picture thing here. We want to go down that road. We do have a charter s, the charge on Friday, we have a chart, so I feel like I know this sounds very stupid, but the minute you put a chart my face, that's like yes, no Do you have grown of Irish? Yes, go to the hospital, know you're cool, just chill out Mikey our I think we got this thing handles and and no big deal The present trump are the deal the fuck out of Google
you just said they're gonna build a website using seventeen hundred engineers who was like well there like ok, Yes, I guess why don't we have do because every good shameless now it's are the deal I said earlier, is like the Scots Tots episode and accepted actually work. He just declared something that he wanted to happen. And then eventually it did happen, so we're gonna be ok. Should we do some, whose back the week, by the way but our com, Slash p m t. If you want to watch us where you say what you want about Donald Trump, but he would he did. Was he designed in effective website in his own brain? Is? It would be good to have oh yeah site that people can see it, their sick or not, and then they can get immediately tested and get directed to attesting clinic. You may
all that up in his brain and said it was going to is a web design? You should have just designed yet he should learn to code. Yes, his he is the guy. He is basically Steve jobs. That's no notice. Bill gave him apple. Tim Apple, he's all those guys, pets, dot, com, one that Stockholm problems than anything. I heck go ahead, whose back the week, my whose back the week is my fire game of thrones takes yes saws. Doing nothing this weekend, try to want job. Hey I try to watch love is blind. Can can really do, it was thinking of something else to watch thought about game thrones was like that, and so I tweeted the issue that was so insultingly bad people about to be locked in their houses for weeks on end and no one's going to reward schema, thrones
someone screen Charlotte put it on? Read it and now it's like the number two trending topics run at low. Here's! Here's! My thing is I never watched games drones except the last season. I watched the recap twice the fifteen minute recap, so I can go back and watch Gimme throat for the first time which I'm looking like a genie I'm leaving. I haven't why out its ears. Yes, I'm legit show us that the author, that's kind of my point. The words like I guess- and I don't know One of those thing you are of the show I love the shore, we watch it like three or four times for the season, and but it's like you, we watch it in the things that you like about who I wonder what can happen when what can happen intended every hand, know what happens at the end in it. So bad and nothing pays off, adjust it sucks, Just like every wash arioch narcos good show for decisions, of cattle. That ended your I go, I know not a Ringo yeah, very minor. I bought a book, you did yeah. Would you the power shift? I stand on it to look taller nice again. Good, no inside
its own power shift. So probably that I bought a book called to end all wars. It's like a history of world were one and its thick as hell. I one page like seventy five and it still has gone to the war. Yet I feel like desk or take that's like a week for them I have a confession: yeah, I'm not really confesses publicly good eye the same thing that you do with of thrones with breaking bad and I've never really watch that show. Ever you have your watch wristwatches, bestial Volta go! Do a thing. I think I will great I'm I'm very jealous of anyone is like. Oh, I wonder what the wires Lakers problems. Environment around the proudest. Great tell us when you start. I've got all the dvds for for the wire, but I don't have a dvd player anymore So if anyone wants to buy it, I gotcha now that you ve got to connect. Take you wanna, buy from a novel. I really want to I recently ip.
Who's your also dvds, what the boat was fuckin lot at night if go around I'm trying to get rid of you actually now owning a dvd makes you most susceptible to the chronic and make its entire about have to isolate my whose back a week is rugby, big time. Rubies back is the only game in town the US superbly grubby was gone this weekend in South Africa in Australia and New Zealand Games are all being played as scheduled. There, no fat basically in attendance by its awesome watch. It's the only spoken on end, the inaugural. Is trying to get on. Yes, peons answer, no sports at all being players who it over here about the health of their athlete. I guess it's not as big a problem in Australia, Tom Hanks, liver convicts comments, that is, their crowds losing all that does not concern. You know, hang on earth are banning people, and I love how hanks I look out Hank saying that Russia and us really doesn't have people that go to watch it.
Are they still doing aussi rules football? The games are played in the United States. Hank the game to play an australian questions were their legs. Did anyone here? Will that go to people here yet people care, so is the only game in Town Royal League, nausea rules, football, I dont know what are the rules proposed and as different sport entirely that aims at her, rubies, where ten times better than usual Smee young garlic. So the Soviets no longer support in future. It is now the sport of now What's a view of the apocalypse second adieu to you when they have this on ESPN and people still would rather watch like the biggest tournament from two thousand and six as debts. Europe- I can live with your head in the sand. Dont know if it's like a programming thing, but the fact that it be it in all these people. I haven't really been replaying like I dont, get it the odds and see to me out an illegal act like a licensing thing you're like yes being classic
you think. They're does unload all of that anti, especially my idea. I accidentally resolve the pandemic, so my idea is that every single year going forward. I wish someone I thought of this fifteen years ago, but ever single team in every major swore, maybe not football pride be hard for behaviour, although we did you send seventy the game, so we could probably get that pass pretty easily Just instead of as more now you could test posit for coke, then marijuana s absolute! That's! I love that the NFL is essentially like how many drugs can we let everyone due to just keep adding games this the worst kind of drug cause. We're all gonna get
or they start ledges inventing drugs that are gonna cut out assuming they haven't. I do like a win. This mix of ketamine and Heroin comes out. You can be allowed to do day. Man tat bear one s. Big chip. Marijuana was a big ship. You had four more teams to play off. Will let you smoke Crack said Cyril, whose like insane has everything. We all see the avian like weight, so what players get all they got, they get to rip the bomb yeah. Ok, we are so my ideas, every single sport outside of football every single year team have to play one secret game a year that no, we'll talk about, will sign India's in case of like this, where sports just stop, we can play, and now you might be like who cares like a random gave, think about being able to pull up all of a sudden. You watching M J in the book.
Are prime, never existed until I'm just watching it now or Shaq in his prime or even have tiger woods. If you had Tiger woods play eighteen holes at Augusta and he did it in two thousand and two and you could just watch it, and it would be incredible that yeah there should absolutely be a secret stash of games out there that are ready, never been easier than emergency. Yes, but the only problem is- and it's a great idea, but I feel Erica would definitely have broken into secret, stash in Times way generating. I was yeah we, so we need to have somebody like the day after all, stargazing base. Ok, when there's no sports on their sector be in Vienna. That's probably the only thing it's on and every year we just like us, but would come on we need so I wouldn't it wouldn't be the worst to break out one every down there. Maybe we'll have PETE Briscoe be like the cop and charge because he would never people random people, between Malta me just block- is black Sea, giving an organism that yeah? Oh you all you want. You want to watch like Don T, call pepper through massive serenity, MOSS
see what about the end of the Heidi AIM has ever been broadcast on television. Think about how many times you we will be in the play off of sport, black man. I wish this was an eight game play off. Just have those two teams play again. You know it s more like interest or scrimmages. Yes, you know, like savage, alright bulls interest cross for images in just have a bit like no one has ever seen it. You can set a line on it like cod, I got really sad when I thought of this idea, and then I started thinking about That's what I like magic views: Headlight Randy Johnson in Congress, the Junior be unlike in their prime college, just watch them. You'll be great. If every single sport in America had a third place game every year, but the third place game was that game yeah. That was just never broadcasts and thus the FDA game every year now be great. You have let us always act of great team, yes with iconic players playing against each other. You don't know what happens in a situation like this, where we need something on tv to encourage us to knock on public. That is. The purpose
I'm tired of playing the Packers on Sunday afternoon watch we ve never seen it. I've never seen it from three months ago. Magically differ fight. Agitated MIKE Tyson every year, just knocking someone out so good luck. Someone come up this idea or sudden someone execute this idea that give us money. They did you see that they did people are kind of Boeing. Yes, peonage yashmak up the bullshit on ordinary last stance, which would be great, apparently, is really really get. Yes very good. Bleep out the name of the network has an ethics tuna flex. Its analysis is in Washington and Alex I We have all my whose back of the weak twitter threats- yes, neither what're, you gonna, do it. What Ricky one no go I own a big. I own, a fancy. Tat term
I, like you saw me. Wouldn't you want in the you can't keep repetition. Courts is Kate, he's gonna be positive, so fast he came back from Greece, and so he is ready to get. I mean he's going to be in a powerful school within three years to he's probably has some. I think there are some sanctions and follow him really here exactly enough. There's like unresolved and recognition. I think that's why I left. I gotta go down with the assembly in figure this out. I own is gambling their hoping that examined and would have probably will cause, but it'll dealing a programmer. He loses out of you. I M pretty, albeit IONA for two years. He will get them to the end simply term at least one of those year by committing the Nunez, incidentally infractions while at around, and then he will jump in and B. I don't know Rebecca you mess. I say no, you mean that's cow, a cow in point, just run it
ass one year ago. Yet who do you best? As you say you did, you dig will now at coolies our guy traffic. What would be the perfect I'd love to see rickety, don't go to like organ state? What is I can state repartee knows definitely only delay the nor nine daisies gas in the northeast. Marianna pull coach can go somewhere where Saint John, we can't get fired. It'll Saint John hired whatever by that guy from Fuckin Arkansas, think he's thinks he sticks. Bring repartee now g dogmas and where a guard, I feel, like you, can coach George Washington to George sound FUCK, it yeah on Janni, rude Danny, her always gotta. Think Rick is not tat of four Patrick you and practical boxes, s outshining prejudice, doing Patrick you! I, like you, can't George, I'm just gonna, keep hiring just was named Nay. Just give me a name in a round that role that I recognise ourselves tacit coats Alonzo Morning everytime. I really want. I want repeating that we give every single postchaise pressure with his attorney next to him.
Just standing there, observing everything that he said to him and then just stepping in front when Rick starts get over schism today at the attorney every single time beforehand. What I think about France S Alomar now really nice is still. Still, I need to hear for ancestors Corona taxi back. Is France s work radio? radio dot com. How? After what you know, we my guest at five p m tomorrow on radio on at radioed well, but to fucked up the ad That's not why I love the site in the lead. The words were on at one there's. No space also rate lesson in sports media that if you can just keep a couple strongholds
my princess in what, if I tell it by way of a record Tito was like five years away from having nothing in media. Then we would have been in Gaza because those guys are gonna be here where I think we are as guys. I think that we have to become my own offence, although we need to get some of the games next year. This is a king stay kings from princess, it's the tweet below Thou, on China will do a great job in IONA. He is one of the great called cautious in his exceptional developer, a basketball talent, full disclosure reckon our own a to a pair of two year old, thoroughbred jihad, in how we name for corporate s, Indyk vital no, not at all. I have to take that, give full disclosure he told you we soldier how LISA full disclosure they for they file a joint text for every single year. Desirable is tat. I M coming from princess adieu. While yet this can be fucking great. I can't wait back in houses, gonna factors podcast, though
so. Do I don't know, there's a wild week, we have learnt that you know I gotta know what, though, in addition to krona, babies are gonna, be a lot of kroner podcast come out everyone all these athletes that are not at work right now. If you're baseball player, knotted spring training nodded opening day, you're gonna try, Sir don't I guess I was also thing. Indeed, Ngos can be deterrent a crime deterrent because this is essentially would be under house arrest and people like this really socks, and I can't believe I got rid of my gun, Lasher yeah as bad timing from really values. Legal live in New York, city, yeah yeah. So because you would have known about bullets, Bertha died, you wouldn't have been arrested, I would just needed for voting, have gone well, you're not allowed to brand allegedly alleged. I just needed now to brandish occasionally my whose back twitter threats are back. I've about seven million twitter threads?
three days, it's big time for twitter threats, because everyone has the corona virus facts. I feel like a lot of people went to medical school for seven years, just as their twitter thread would get five hundred retreats I'll. Give you those retreat I'm all it on reading about twitter threats. It actually is sad to like, as a greater Look into our society that we don't fully understand a glue. Open pandemic until someone puts it into a nice twelve tweet Twitter throughout Europe. Really, cracked. The code when a girl that are used for Africa Graph is set was himself aprons and the guy that does I needed the five hundred tweet threat for the Miller report came us. He's figured out the secret saucepan everything when he starts a thread who put in all capital letters. Please retweet this information to as many people as possible. It's mine when he does that it's like you smashed I reached regarding child. Ask you also the match picture. I retrieve that solely because our people, like Liam
and he actually mentioned it when he came in today. Today's like I arises it wants, I saw that match picture and nothing. I I felt the same way when I saw it negotiate this kind of puts in your does Europe. Our aims are not very smart young. Now I get it. Sometimes the little short guy is able to if the world sure that's a good message through exactly we have a sure I've shirk. I quote that will do when we get to we'll need like when you saw that we all need to be it at one. When I watch, the first episode, loves you ve, been hammering highlighting recently, and I feel like Moses, think that I'm five for now yeah, you are getting short or non, I'm I'm growing definite growing. You are getting, I'm nobody's getting long words its acting in the pictures we put out. What's also, as you all know, very well, what are you actually are? Five, ten, I am in a high. That's problem, so we gotta come even it out yeah. Well, I think it all started with the reseller picture. A couple years ago, which was added to make me look slightly smaller, like not comically, smaller baby, like two inches shorter. As nice,
Do the court now cuz on it, the guy, so we were in their one down by their guys that are shorter than her with you no that's true. I would never expect a woman who was it you're comfortable. It was like fighting even today you one five nine right for TAT. Actually the cardinal tabled five, not in our mother, whose back I'm sure you guys got this a million times well, but the link to the guy with the big black hawk that one of the guys are sitting on the edges hold back. I've got its I've. I think Friday I hit like six times less everyone sending random view. Goes random links being like? Oh, my god, Trump tested positive, recovered nineteen. Here's the cook it it's the modern day version! The ritual is the Dick Roche yeah. It's like you, click on it and boom big black cock right in your face I don't know SUI. We shall not get them party really sure. Yeah guy is face delighted. His face, looked very friendly, we'll know I won't ever, conversely, house actually gonna save face. Has treatment
pain in I, like I've, been in everyone's phone, everyone's. Everyone knows what I look like you look into his eyes and the guys like man, you can't just keep using me fake nearby? I disagree. I think that he's got a twinkle in his eye like he knows something you don't know, and he knows that you ve access this picture because you're looking for now shall do that's. That's pay, not look at matters paying that guy's like he's, got pay. I've got answered, I'm not gonna. Give you I'll pay. You just gonna. Look at my dick! He just sitting there like this again, the God get it over with check out my I think that our move on, I think your guy looks very looks, very plum, ready, didn't get hit by an outbreak. Both his legs move on real reason and car accident risk is every figures I let's get you out. We would jig laser before I do that. A word from our friends at Philips, Morocco, Philips Rock, was most innovative electric grooming tools to help you do what feels right. The films.
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Okay. We now welcome on one of our good friends. It is J, Glaser yea we don't. I dont know why don't I brought my laptop and when your lady and right when big. Yet, as I said, why is this who uses best friend? Well, this is goes dissonance like theirs. It whose rarefied air, when it comes to recurrent guest with part my take when Pfc night dont, have any notes. That means that you're, a true friend of the programme we are hearing, because it's not really an interview with just a conversation, dim readiness throw it out the out, so Jake leisurely shrank shaking his head about what not these three left its wanted. Latin saucy Jonah work around watch porn in the middle of a thing. That's. Why has the uses of uniform? Let's be honest, so Jason here, that's gonna vent! We're we're gonna run this on Fridays. That event have already happened, but it's still every week, though, starting as ever we, yes, that's what it's working off are enormous.
That's employers, players, foundation and BP were taken off every week. It'll be too this past week of ones they handle grace. You gotta me New York City ride my Madison Square Garden right by our own rights, which mile killed you the other day. I have right here. It is true: twenty four west sturdiest right. They were lined up Avenant every Saturday. From now on to whatever its former combat, that's merging them, together with former NFL a Olympians Libyans properties in every way, just kind of remind these guys of whether Greece This is behind that uniform. Give them a team again, and we talk about it to the full quite a bit like a thirty minute, physical fitness type thing. Just gonna get you burn, but it's not a physical fitness thing. It's it's a mental health. Program we're we're trying to build our vets. Look up from the inside out builder NFL players back up from the inside out. There is one point put the together and people go. Compare the two outcome: and the two in what they ve done. But you compare the mindsets you comparing the struggle in the transition, but you give
but to mark how freedom causes that you have a bunch of combat that you're new teammates are all and I felt players Iders and have greatly you fell players you're, new teammates or bad ass is like my friend of your Jesse glucose near who did eleven towards a combat Kirsty at us who you guys, have seen the growth of the impetus that the parliamentary work or the mate borders. Yet a bunch of bad ass. You can now want to walk with me again. I think it's really interesting, because you can't obviously compare the two professions in terms right. What you do for that profession, There is a lesson Larry's in that when you stop being a professional from poplar or when you exit the military. Your identity has been tied up with that for so long known, lotta case who for bottlers you are always the football blur Goin back to being no ten eleven years old and now, don't you don't know what to do afterwards, and I think that there is probably a lot of similarities and overlapping in endless mindset. So it's pretty cool there. Yet, together it's like it. It's really like you, children, you're, going out to the world and
the great want teutonic dolls comes in Tony. From different I very much sums godfather and they're gonna pretty much everything was outer hinting butter he's over we're going to couples therapy. I got my plans by the way, if I ve told you guys but stray and maybe godfather his twins, Godfather, got one of the twin swell. You didn't know the first reciprocate. Who does that? One of the key which, when I say something happens to you, the other kids she's out our own yeah, does not only are they sort of other both grocers, both girls here, ok, see, I wonder, and then the other rather Godfather they're not might have not brought about it. I don't care, doesn't know, I M actually not sure which one man and you hashtag girl. Oh god, damn that's a shared out. But but Tony sitting in session, one day and age, it was up to us. He said you don't sit there and parcel own after retiring, my wife and I just Arkwright and she's. For he said I just realized, I'm never going
right again wrong and but am Madge alike. Its targets, I'll yeah. Imagine those who played three years or for years with that or people who men they just normal overseas and didn't feel normal here. That's one of the biggest things I try and tell he's got is not all that your job fit inside? It's our job, it's societies, job to fit around us Julia Looker, but like when the fuck you're different different, is good differently success. We have guys I hears Guy Elliot Ruiz, one first guys we sent with Chris Long of what Boys Expedition quit Elliot we met him could look at me. I just really man, so the Marines had fourteen surgeries on my leg, my wife of development for my pants on and managers, and as I would like this happen, egos Why this mission, I save these american P, O Dub, as will COLA Cullum Backup you did what
Why should these more computer lobbies potent processing the Taliban set a truck through shouted chalk up, flipped over Tube razor awry razor took my leg and man. I've you have to have a hard time, your eyeballs injuries? I've got to get out of bed. What Ellis back up yet. You saved American, peeled adversary, you saved american, pure Debbie's. You knew don't look down, you know, look at her body, this everybody, we walk raspberry and looking go. I like the rest, your right right. That's all! You need to start our yourself and he says so. Will I do. I said today You changed away you yourself to day, and he D these. While, if you guys you didn't he met, change way, viewed himself there. They said he never really walkie any climb out Kilimanjaro with Chris long has done so much now turned round to help other vets out in arguments. For better, we fight January twenty fifth, We re reunited that unit that save the american view dummies for the first time together
she's pretty banners, but these guys its mouth about a team. I I I always fight. I still brain these players, not fight with and and always got all time because for me, with my depression and anxiety, a cage for me as a safe place, which is what pretty fucked up and sad but though, we're tv for me about one of my my fox intervals on a guy's man of the world as well. I always live in the great. Whenever never don't live in the great it fuckin socks. I never don't live in the gray but went on with a team. A few the world's limit limit however, for me so cage when I'm done with Randy, Portugal, Adela somebody kicking the crap out of me. That's what I feel I feel. Ok Do you know what I'm with my of intervals? And I guess I feel ok, the rest of the world. I don't really feel like. I believe, if you like. I feel I don't feel smart enough for her good enough. We're just it's just my own fucked up. This
and I know a lot of these guys doing the same thing, so we can kind of relate to each other and if you build a steam, like, I said, locked up what I'm doing with my fucked up. That's okay! When you have this team and you build this team together and the roommates in it and it had a door header or talking to talk a little nicer to each other. We have a team that we build up so every Wednesday night until a man weave together, crying open up question or manhood right it we're doing here in New York to yeah. Now it's great, because a lot of people talk well mental health, but this is actively going out and getting evil together. So envy p check it out thirtieth in an seventh year Renzo Gracie Jimi, Hendrix hundreds of Pendril. Well with the oars, observe idea the throat always hands not like family, their aggressive yeah like it's actually,
if you look at the grace of family, I think they have like seven generations. Xanadu is I try another where, where some people do not hate me you're not here, they change your last name. So I greatly when they open up a gem. Will they they? I train underhand on the two thousand and three three low those laughings and ban those guys affair. But it's pretty cookies are night Riyadh here, weapon we could talk and horse crazy, who won the first Ulysses cogent together? Are a voice quite at our voice right got it course they're doing together, but it's never happened. That's like for us, like Ali Foreman, like train of people together and in the we tracked look real people there who train them the tests that are fully paralyzed. We have oh, my god. We have one guy. We brought him and he's a wheelchair and we're like we literally tell him cuz. I want to give her with emissions
as it listen get other than our strength is what behind the ribcage between a year. So what are the uniform right? It's real It was behind here and in the success of dangerous so set I'm tellin. You come to his name's Gerald Gentleman, parallel paralysed for six years. Collectivism arising within nothing but spinal cord runs overrun and just look ass, a dude I'm telling We will walk the walk with you again. Paralysed for six years will walk the walk, and then I told her we're Gerald our new mission, we're gonna walk. This walked Gerald and more solemn, just try to give them a mission tron it in the brain. Oh powerful. She would he could do and he's in there with us for a few months and when if we can raise his hand and he's got something to say and he starts Jochen up. He said, but I'm fine, Don't start cried here, be said, for the first time six years fell hot water on my legs and shower and also MRS Navy Scheele, who sit next to who never talks,
because after the work out, that's where it happens, we talk we talk later. Why should we Proteus garage? Why you should why you shouldn't put a fucking revolver in your mouth. While you need to hang out with your friends, you know suicide is an epidemic. Why we can't do that and the seals to talk for the entire year starts: Marlon message: would you smile, but you never say then he said you guys, don't know, but I have training mission right. He jumped out or plane. When the runway usefully paralyze. He said they said: I'd, never walk in here. I do this y know exactly how you are right now and what can I get you Diane six months later, he comes in You take seven steps, atoms wheelchair while you wanna talk about. Oh my god. It's an amazing turnaround. It's also amazing, you think. Did his harangue started
J Glaser. Looking at his MRI is acting. I will leave the walk, Juilliard medical degree. I dont know I played a football Felix College online. I forgot. My degree was in bolt was on real purchased. The magic? We look at our girl, Kirsty, honest. I'm issues at forty five surgeries shimmering door, Gunnar, for every overlay rights out of her face. Dislocate went through neck front labour, Our brain damage is no memory before the crash, seven vertebrates crushed and she came the fifth rack snowboarder the world. She just finished your third masters. She summoned Amal Kilimanjaro. She got up there, the top Everest, but twenty yards sure she said, do. The brain is incredible: powerful man, I love being around you Jay, because it makes me realize like when I lay in bed and my cat already want to go to the gym today. Then you come in here and tell us
where's. I'm like you know how much I gotta gems. So it is also known that everyone's you're gonna be pealings. You have always reach out jays. Always open to talk about it or us some some people on staff, they prefer you out there who do suffer depression anxiety were fucked up. Like I'm fucked up, be of service to somebody else like that, will help you through the great yeah. That's why come on here. I don't even want to talk about, but I have talked about it for my own TAT S where energy headed out there must myself in an aside its great cause. I've always talked about it. My front always know I'm crazy border, but now, You know I could talk about mental health and I have the dark about people behind away now. They're like ok. Now we saw when I m right. If someone wants to help out within Bp Gonna website, go your website sensitive layers dot, or will you show up to this? It's only for former athletes combat that's right. Yes, but you can still Helpin contribute absolute you'd love you couldn't! You could also
illicit were engaged. He said a best we are worthy Amber. I think the people were gonna, helped mental health in this country, Arguably our combat, that's the more we get out there. Just like yours and the more we we we televising air our messages we ve got so many people who have reached out to us after they see one of her features that they need help. We need to combat that, but they ve been suicide or they had substance, abuse issues and I think I told you guys man did this. A moral day. We do share we're out and you guys directly save lives. We got people that showed up we said they hurt us You heard me on your show, and they literally had a revolver in their mouth the week before, and they heard Thus, on the show and said I wanna go check this out now area
and then at least do there's. A wonderful appeared, uncanny Craig, whose teenage reach answers that we think are foreign communists, yet initiative, one to go metals and silver and the Olympics and she's done you that's what I do together like I'm thirty years old and do my life now, can we now turn around open a bunch of people just fuckin, beautiful man at so so Ozma irksome, and we will we do this for pretty much shits and gay guys, like you know where I was you it's our profession, but for most part we're just fucking around. We have two here. Whenever someone gets us up in it might be similar, went to you know every Pierre someone had to suffer the dams like I've gone to a tough time. You guys made us laugh, we loved anyone like our per ethics, like strands report of us, will be their tighten he's a perfect example of shore athletes. Ok, do Michael successful, because he used the same thing that made him for Bob where he is that in the transition year as an you gotta just you play Leanna Ozma, who you are, do think what you have behind the rib case, what you would do if you're different you got that
that greatness, sickness, greatness I've been, were you at work, to get to be the elite elite elite that doesn't go away? It's all said they were talking, like all. I've got nothing left to her man. You know if I didn't reserve it, you still have it behind your rib cage. Use whatever made you get to the level the ETA fell in your next step out. Work in the world is, are you become successful? Nobody somebody just gets are lucky break. This should not happen between us. Constantly fuckin grant s speaking that next step, something that's actually really really important. In writing. Nl gonna go next sets, I beg you knows what it is. There was good transition to those utilization. Yes, I was how to go with. The Hague is literally sitting there like. He is edging right now, because you're here and we're going to ask you a brain is going and he has been highly british, not afraid he's been very ETA, sat very smart and asked him. Was a temporary window hasn't that thing which has just misreported music attend
How you doin? Ok! So happy! I don't break. That's a hope, and this is the craziest on, because I don't need Brady knows where Brady's go on and because also teams manners. But to some of our draft. Amber teams are like a team likely time to me one or you will one recent IRAN tunnel, but they have the Brady looking over them. They can use that for contracts and how they do tat, but there's also other teams, and am I can imagine who are using it for Oh my gosh, and when you think about we want to kind of recently one of you is there not a greedy out there. We could go so he'd say that wages iterator straight braiding, usernames twining, that article nine is did not obvious teams Does that? Obviously that's what I'm saying and then there's the Niners, doesn't it feel like the day, are the like Jimmy G
given that the majority of intermediaries not afraid knowing or every walk away from what we are trying to reduce contract uptight about teams. I'm turnabout teams that Iraq asian or may want to redo their current peddler S. Contract Kirk. Does I guess so? of course you like everything they saw a hoax, but there and there's a lot of teams were using that there's a lot of team Brady's lot of mythologies patriotism, but here's the bottom on this, the crazy we ve never talked about. How will you letting the greatest quarterback who ever lived Lee trouble and I dont yet, but you just life in the Doha round, because, although the answers Belcher elegiac since my model, the reason why he's the best good full time is absolutely free com. I'm a guy if he looks at a guys like that guy's not what he used to be you always that way a year earlier, rather than a year late. So it's fuckin my I've all the new he's. The best is the best ever played position might mean,
those rings and also just look like whose about run about you. Brad Cordelia, at once met me holy shit. Never really! I don't talk with high, but if any one had wit right, that's the run about right, operative lines which out receivers, which did not hear Rennie Maastricht W, that's it rights is anyone who ran Antonio Brown Rat, successful, shrew, it's unbelievable disguised on and the fact that you even think
Now you can live body only had the best tight end of all time. But yes, I agree with you. We any I had it consistently Harry Aventis, there's nothing take you, kids, don't offer deployment of come again, switch them in and out among these saleable knives time and money, fencing onwards, Romania. Now I'm not taking on moving away. I job ran believe they would lead a guy like this go now you're going over the years. Why did you watch unless your? Yes, you with very few weapons, are still top turned off? That's right! You shall I make this subject here. Give us what are you kidding failures? The question. I agree with everything you're saying I agree with every they still got drunk. Yes, you guys don't leave is only my last time. I feel I love you dont like them holding onto our guy eternity. I will give the ardour last season. We don't show them how and what I ve been like that I just knew just two years shut up. I agree with everything you said, but if Tom Brady
says I want thirty million dollars and I want it for three or contraband right: Zat, not change the the mass envelop tricks head, because what you're saying good internal matters raised, you should actually reaction to that. Tom really be a patriot and in Belgium should keep him in they're stupid alarmed up what if he says, I want to be the high speed for our third has now it s not the highest bid, but then, but what have you got but he's not sailor? You dont use those ancient nobly. You says, oh it. So I really wonder we paid comes up there. Thirty, thirty one and it right. I don't I don't it's about time. You want money paid from what is already done and guns less, but but I will do for the next three years, two years at least you still, I don't wanna, buy it's the one guy who doesn't operate like that. Politics is the one coach, any other team within your cause. You know, rather than by any other team. I think they would require you notice nine for Non Brady like we'll. Have you play forever and sell tickets Jason, what without it's ridiculous? But here here's your ears, warmth, also the other factories, so when paint Manning
one of his reason to a ripe, the way. The Broncos goggles well thought he was going to type monthly catch. John L, I was young, I love it is though he didn't do it early march. It was more him. John Fox was the relation self interest, so we were actually still has found a quiet I so alien and were but thought for God from their boys, but that wasn't even away in Farsi what they did, which was the small, part, and they do this together? They re hey you're gonna, throw everything you haven't you re up, so we know that only certain men hours in the day. You can do that. So the office's yours will run your Utah. Where the titans they went down. The titans coordinator gave him the play. Balkans said: here's the play books, you start learning and studying it here, they're playbook and they and the Broncos found out away were smart? Doing this and Fox said hey this, when I can do that with you
This is U, through everything in your rehab, don't worry about it. You're going to teach us the orphans. We're good net was designed to be a very big decide. In fact like so give us a percentage cause we! Actually I don't. I don't really. I don't know yet we agree with you that all these men are beyond the patriots but give luck, ok, you said that if you were I set about it, they introduce should do that as a percentage. Don't know it just throw it out our market. Do you not rancey stays thirty percent chance, he goes, wouldn't doesn't equal hundred now I know not what up said she you would. I asked one of us: it's just you die you overturned and chance. You were talking about this no right or to just give us a sleeper team whose asleep writing no matter what we know what we know. I don't like being wrong. Java or slavery percentage? No, I am fifty percent chance. You stayed out what would surprise you who shot me if he retired
Ok now we're start our primary. I explained how down off that answers questions. Would you get jealous that Jeff Darlington is put out all these groups about Tom Brady? No, I think I think now you're gonna, ask is that I am I most I focus Durham Football season. Thirdly, all season I gotta I enjoy watch these guys to identify Schiffer has the first want to do Darfur is like me and Morton and let pass rarely with first and Clayton the first minute by minute breaking news Gazans country back and I do not like I think this internet thing actually make hook on again spoiler, I don't open don't you out or not, but I'm hoping it does. So we are the first do that and man I broke it fifth round a third round, and I do that and thank God over the years have been able to kind of like graduate up and
graduate I'm just gonna make it now. Ok, fashionable Sony, that's my job! I wanna make sure during the season. I have those bombshells at every once in a while. Back up its analogous masterly boom hotel becomes kindred right and I'll. Do those Tommy? Don't do the same? That no rat race, like I used to anymore, thank God because, while ruined a marriage breaker I and some other relationships, and you know just that, a lot of it. If right am, I asked at the grand pretty good, so I did. I differ. I started doing that like ninety three crucial lived about two thousand, seven of them by two dozen bride who doesn't love and after all, the farcical, then our like right, I'm done with a you know: I've member I broke the the first lock out. I never went to the court our steps as the only guy and I was like- and I was like death a devil s box, and I was like a like what I now it happened. I gotta tell anybody I like my life too much, I'm not going to report on every jab and hook thrown in a fight when there's a knockout I'll, let you know otherwise I'm going to be in Kop
in vegas- and I join my life too much- and I both sides, Unifil NFL, and should listen I'm not going at youth- I'm not gonna use you they used by them for you or vice versa. Our people appreciate, but I definitely help behind the scenes, wherever I can't get it smart that we all have labour peace, its Marshall, thereby get rich, the other I hope not it's time to break the story. Both y'all just appreciate that I'm not going to lunch late for either side I'll, be the one guy doesn't three hundred and fifty two in the morning on both sides, and we appreciate it protest or any of this. So I break of three fifty two in the morning, then. Yes, bomb all over the place by then to them back that our stores of working to working at Fox, NFL, network's I'll are come on. I do everything their breakaway stooped. There was the same day I adopted my son to the same day. I was gonna, do actually finish the adoption and I go down the court it's not a clock, meaning three. Fifty two hour break you're going to court. Will they they cut up block your phones in their, so
go ahead, I'm thinking okay, I'm going to be in nine, my kids just a formality out there. I was just like two hundred and thirty in the afternoon, with no phone at zoo. After I break is not locked. Meanwhile Tony gives Alice's German about to carry out a cover, our area of tissue. We play the game play with everyone: yes, we all had a or no answer, no chance, no answer, ok, silver, either is don't answer or say no chance. I it's easy game. You get it Tom Brady signs that the jets, no chance Tom Brady signs of the dolphins.
Tom Brady cited the better the fuck out of here. If I let me of tat, I am adversaries, I honestly don't know Tom no return, Nausea Tom Green eyes with a bear. I don't think Tom Brady knows what do you think you know like ride with you and give you an answer because its possibility temporary sons, the raiders, no answer temporary sides. Only minor no answer: Tom ready size, sizes, chargers in exchange for equity. You're thou, I'm citizens, the rams. Why Tabriz? As the rams? Don't do that? That's no answer temporary signs of the cardinals nature. Oh yeah? I was so you mentioned the Odell beckoned thing, which you were well within your rights to take victory. Lap over issues when you put that out you got
poor people like change. As always talk about. What's beyond, I treat you re my treat, for they will see when you like Maoist percolating. I got you no matter people because they started saying shit about my kid but then go to my friend slap like other people who are held them. Mental health on their pages for me and then like item like it's just fuckin football, not you're within your rights dunk on those be so what's what's bubbling up in the back your head right now, what is the o Dell Becum trade from last year? I have one at that: merit an actor. I don't have one. Yet it don't have one yet those kind of come around more the owners meetings. When I got it, so I have a big daydream day. The owners meaning as it up I wouldn't I wanna- go one jazz. It is I got Monday Tuesday? I gather, like always had Georgia's gems and today, drinkin day and last year, the team but if they out my tom and Mister there's one
one already: coaches and choices. Coaches, pitcher worth my tom and surely with now the boxes and we really having thoroughly disfigured not we're just daydream egg daydream away like from it so the origin, or that that's one of it that I've always wanted to go to some people like I want to go the Olympics one day or oh, I want to go, see its right of parents Easter out the illiberal yeah I we always. I want to go to the owners. Meeting edges be around all these drugs has only how time it's wench winners Emily's it. But what was palm beach? Something like in question We go I'm going because I got feels like a lot of heaven on earth is good day drunk the football gas for all. You fuck sticks who spewed shit. It me my kid, my mom, my mom's kid they you, but My brother, Dubai Bananas, kid my kids mom my head size, but you do have a big fuckin head body, size, intelligence, my moms and took me one of your mom's Jones, all
As I made a prediction about your team today, Savior ridiculous fucking insults for shit that matters in life might drop. I like TAT Fox fixes a strong kind like tat. He's your kids bar close. My mom's kid I like that is talk. Adopts, I think out. The ghost quoting Plato they're not is a fox is happiness and misery. Sarcoma dick my fuck set to re integrate. So I saw to that out and then I look here. Help me, as I call my god, we wish we could set a see. That's what happens when you very well know you're fucked up in the beginning, you could do you like it. Just Glaser being lasers, rain trouble day was anything now, loans to the UK, guided factual and the like. Yokohama comes up. Of course, of course, just a Tuesday familiarly Alex equally valid, for they were right by bosses every child's marches and they were supported by got a little book, but the strands
relax. Oh my god. I wish I could do that. I'm like you can do that he's like no. I can't do that he's low income has. It seems like you're very happy with job like you, ve got a lot of going on your happy with the way that you like a sudden ion. Thank God. Almighty is now data. Wake up every single day work up. Was it a sailor thanks to God? Thank you, God, for for what I have four. Things- and I worry- that I never could dream that I can have generally more- shall to pigs out exactly in the lower because he thought his loving. It wasn't easy automatic hype. Man ray we're all around so is there any? small party, you there's a hey, maybe J, glaciers, nothing small, but why why maybe J J Lasers nerd exist in the booth? Maybe maybe they put me in the booth for, like the beer, see game on Fox and for Sunday seo works? Why would I do that when I have now come on we're animals
this will support shown a history of fuckin sport while in that we are not at all events, have tv, olive him. Ok, I guess overs turnouts board about not only involve these are evidence of sit over there realities what I wanted to go back to grow by stage sooner. I got like this. A first trophy I've ever had for not beat the fucking somebody. First, our erratic drove you my life for not having to be somebody in some sort of combat sport, the rat and certainly have never gotten any at every degrees or write a fuck. I don't want to spelling bee in my life, so we should not. We should make an honorary, usually J, yet I'm almost with those Georgia, yeah yeah. I said how, along a turn, how it s a an almost act like we ve, been here before, but tat. I have to say this at all for these guidelines that genuinely funny we're all funnier, o Reilly goes the guy who makes a terror to hurry, to return the scheele terraces. So this Eurostat, in the field, super. Would you get so what I really
No, it's! The hundredth anniversary of the NFL were on the shoe monster Hence my freedom best friend and we're walking past their Kurt many free, and I got our starts hosting, to show them as Jean Edward Dowd lyrical unnecessary roughness. I remember it, however, many years ago- and you know, support help, raise treachery trade, trade, Christen Kyle nuances are nine, seven everyone's each others. Godfather for some of our kids man, each other weddings, and this parallel fucker well engineer. Retrieval of us real point. Five weddings Bradshaw goes we're sitting on asylum. Terry was just dead. Pansies man is whole centennial. And they did this year. They felt that we did this issue so cool they should they should so.
About doing this again next year is dead tat. How are you are you? Are you sure that he was dead? Patio heaters hussy plays an offer that anybody, because he told the three other people, so we just be, but man we're line right. I was told I got this it. I saw that moment this year. Man with Jimmy gets in the hall of fame. Baker shows all my horse, but here's thing it was post to happen in premium but are preaching the covered up by the other. Planets came so we hid David bakers, big. As in Fox, I need some. How someone could you imagine why not do you have already heard three hour like in a closet? I just know closet. We get out of the rising behind. So in my green room, I'm on the vote with Andrew Whitworth about sunk, his Andrews part every peer, we're talking about something Erika Ease, helping one we're about something, and I look up on our man
in all some there's, no we're less at time. So, there's dear Baker walk in doing this in Jimmy up there, and turn up? Like oh shit, I know might know nothin. I can fly it out, I'm so there go. Oh my god. The insider were so it's out. He was outside a right, but is the best moment I've ever had ever in history, a fox intervals and, in my opinion, an f if we go out and you genuinely like happy where we all cry for these crimes and go out to downtown, is in a way after we walk in their entire places of standing. Ovation gives Jimmy a standing ovation. They start sing and Happy Hall of Fame to whom the throne, napkins and the air man. Reconsider, realize that
he's lying was like Omagh, arousing all men. Not why my feeling amongst right anxious, I have nothing to do with Jimmy journeys between the moment. I say like that. You god like how the fuck did I get here, giving power give surprised by minister that giant Chin starts to quivered right. That was at that was some does a great couple weeks. One that's what we thought and happened. The programme could have movement, unwanted, didn't we're like all men. So we start. I start talking Jimmy about process and a lot of us didn't just return it and he was not going up good good. So you come a pretty good and then when you got any started crying. Oh you figured adult, I'm ok, yeah! So such rap things up, you have a little bit of interests and going into the yes yeah, I think giving rate gone again, not zero, even if they're not like Tony Romania. In what now now it's all I got you. I got two other questions. One is, I will do seeking question promo code, take put it any get ten dollars off, seeking Perch Scotto football game. Gonna basketball game go: go to games in general, seek equal hug, you up.
First, we will not be calling the booth. Dr correct first question: give us the free agent you see that is most sought after not named Tom Brady, the guy that everyone's gonna forgetting dislike. I wouldn't be surprised if he is he's. Gonna have a lot of bitters who the perverse rather, who cloning that would probably there actually Lomond for the Patriots to limit often Lyman what about what about Jack? To think TAT. I have written on Oklahoma, zero, Klute, lower jaw, no chance to say he's done for turned out that the contract offer was thirty. Three million turbulency I'll, give you the last year ago, Dac Prescott Chris Jones, something I was going to be. A Mari Cooper drew Breeze Tom, Brady David, Cloudy Byron Jones. Just in similar. Taunter Henry Derek Henry Joe Tuning, Philip Remedies Europe gonna get started doing more
possible with gold, would not every girl like guys either. My second quickly went about Turkey entered yes, you going attacker larger. Here we can see a disabused unscrewing everything open about yourself, you decide now. Are we gonna go to next year? Do not like it! I didn't get any water cannon either side- I don't know. I don't know, because when you have such a vast yet so many people have somebody. Opinions tardy get a majority of something I don't know give me for sixteen hundred dude. I don't ordering them yes, that J Glaser. How quickly would deceive Yea get solved if we went to Renzo Grey? is Jim yourselves at all because kicked out of a Chinese. Alright, I'm good Dal riders De Smith. We lay down Antonio about Roger now. I know you're, gonna, Roderick Idle, reasonably well, quarterback It has got to give everyone worse. He is the one who personally everyone pocket, funded and BP in your goddamn. It don't do that
There are other important, not only at all. Rather. Rioters will now also be liberated. We pretend Roger who funding wages elsewhere, in other words here taken when they roderick those money everybody is yes you're taking right, so you are a mouthpiece for Roger. How would I thought he'd aroused something anomaly that the dew showed up to that. He found I was called Bell. The rams acknowledge, rams, cowboys, play off, came and an easy. Us will with our best- and he said I know he has reared. He went up into the stands for forty five minutes and watched with these vets with with our like ten walls, but to they're. Now they here there are the sat there than forty five minutes up there for the amp for everything:
I know you don't know anything about that here. There is, there is a sign of our seas, done good things and he's done not so good things do put duality of men in the union. I am oh, my son question: do you had a video there went viral? I still don't really understand how you got this collection of people together you, how allows you yap sliced alone. Guy Pierre video arose. Was that restoring ready? So here's that happened to draw it only glaciers, how young Europe nano Stallone, salons cells, are still phone calls hey. What's your vote tomorrow, which is reason and Joshua Welcome, of what support warlike yeah? Do you rocky? How is a grey area charge you for a guide for years in town, because my daughters
fuck about Rocky Rambo, but they love daughters, driver the guys. So that night I was out so I put together weird communities, people write my crew and whether its foot I appeal to Commissioner Schreyer Fox, develop a party of these fucking community so that now, as I am going to do it, I was strange to me, but he's one fighters overnight need boy, strand, Micro, Carthage and guy fairy. So Guy's gonna. Let me talk to call gap as they do at home. The things it still want to know if you are come over, watch the fight and because I'm supposed to leave tonight, let me call my wife's wives literally says composite you're telling me you can go with closure to Stallone House to go watch a fight
and your call me and asked me if you come home, she litter quotas, you're fucking Idiot. If you come out, did I vote because we have because I find out from Stallone who's gonna be there are come I'll cook and I'll make his daughters. My suit shifts right inside of a first. I call Gaia, go tell me a lovely lady lobby as it tell me you love me, why do I love and I dont stolen wants is so I call rock back and I go just alone. Tell me lobby of lower love. You tell me you love me why we're lucky civil guys come he's gonna cook and make your daughter's Suchet. He needs to know what the guest list is any goes or you ll come to call Cotonou Moors repeats as a boy you're, not gonna, fuckin culture motorist repeated when countries coming over. He showed me so I say to stimulate, guess we know zooming photos ripe. Me you got assembling and strand. He goes on
but you know Schwartz generic way. The letter I go out here you have what, due to my friends of your friends shit, you not David bloody, comes over, does magic per year so easily and although they weren't Stallone tells a story ass, incredible because three just didn't make all this might overhead the lonely wet dream has a rocky room. We have the original girls rocky he's, trying to a company or put on your hands, but their tiny and, like you, I don't want to tear the original gloves from Rocky is utterly wrong. Name posters is championship, Belgium Rocky has everything in there and then he has Rambo and expendable room is that and the rocky he has the rocky statue at the end of his and the report that just overlooks this valley of checking and that he has two theatres in there and oh by the way, the Oscars I could the articles like another test, you
Portuguese, like those pictures and with the vodka best director was indeed to Cuba like it also what we're sitting there. It's tests and I've seen there and I'm like lights going on and there's me and Sugar Ray and what kind of doing commentary, but the fighting types in there and straight his look at me, gone commenter, which should relented about fighting I'm ok, I just shut the fuck up living alone. Let me do this right. Even stray bridge we're at eyebrow Michael could, like he's Brom, you ask her all bamberger anything. I got a bureau pay back he's like hey. You pulled up shit you're like before. But fucking nothing like yes, I suppose it's a withered. The low literally comes a real ethiopian cave. We post here am I, let me I know you relax. Let me talk to guide Straits Lionel I'll. Get back to others should be he's the best he's like a little kid, though, My value as I make them, I give more the lock like I just to do
after a long, walk right everywhere. You you out of amateur guy. If the agenda is your want, men gave ass. Now, that's exactly what I got. Two questions about. Their dinner was unbelievable. One on land eloquent boiled down headway. We worth Lubeck. So then he calls me a month ago area. I make this regular things which you decide. You guess this. Unlike I'll put together. Just like we fuck hearings, the chance to get one more request from my daughter's ago. They long part of my taken. They had no I'll break, I'm done any chance. You can get. Colleagues, we are you shoot me. He'll daughters, love, Woods golly. I should we without. We do, however, want cells I talked with was like tell you. I wanted to Iraq he's out, so that's why?
bring was up there. I gotta go just his. We love his daughter, his daughters are greater all you do not know why we love you, because you divided into so first question about a third of what a guy fury cook Holy shit. So that was so who he brings forth, brings like I know man must have been about a grand in in japanese coolby, why you beef he's just like you know, usually we other restaurants, like that begs like tiny, like this like the fingers. This is like a huge freakin and then he brought us move couple grain of white truffles, Regis put it on, and the huge cracking crabs and lobster- and this in that- and I mean it was It argues us network,
can you make? It also has a series of reforms that are even I'd. Get guide us trouble. Do you know that each man, s ambition, cook, yeah who's? The often error the alpha wait outside? what say you guys role on a plane and there's a terrorist who's? The one who's been like artless role was conscious. Kick revolve, ok, Rambo yeah. He saw her shape its on real, he is broken, seventy three: it's crazy, that's unbelievers lies solely through its so than what they were playing comes and goes magic you how easy alibis? No Sir David, please rolled it obviously dated Blaine easier for a lot of episode University. The pick of releasing right and also he's like has its pick a car. We don't you don't touch the car, and say languages. Your pic cardinal brain all is ok and also what's car relegated supply with diamonds. He goes through the whole. Decked is no five times and the like
We're ok, look and I were the joker whereas it and he goes out you not what it who shoots attracted my call. You turn the rest over and there's this freakin five diamonds folded under my watch. Anything or as you here Guy Vieira yelled out what What opportunities God I gotta go. If Europe is not just this was like the most surreal. Should I ve ever done? Well, that's cool twigs ran with as it was yet I had to That's a pretty cool french about article J. Thank you. So much always love you guys, man shot already out website. Can we put it in a link in the vile put? It is vets and players, DOT, Org Instagram, just man, if your combat out there. Man just remember mad. You have what we got your back. We have a team here We are waiting for their arms open, for you can build our team if anything be of service your fellow vets and these players need some help. Also, you doesn't grace.
In the past that does not end when you're Tom and the military have you been on zero blog thirty at our military. Come upon us come on I'll go with. You need to get you on their dont, Gunnar their allies and Jason over you're, my friend, J C click, rare, led, ranger brutality ended eleven combat tours how many missions over four thousand Missus Mitchell FUCK, you up he's done a lot out there in the field to help us against the bad guys, but he's. Also save a lot allows us. We found out for a bet it didn't want to around people as for having people to kill- and we always yes. What was it like? That's when we entered upon them yet, but really, I also say thank you one, while others wasn't one wooden bench, Tunbridge the to say: oh no, chance no answer saints. We will move on to our children or withdrawn my killing people saying yes or no answer breeze, not going back to the same. Taking pills are always done. The future lawbreaking aviation, but that's not
That's a dummy should have heard you say no chance. Seems like no answer, because certain things just not worth my breath- We want our tomorrow chiefs, yeah interesting. So what you gonna bench will let will leave loud. You bitch. I you live, who actually works, that interview J Glaser was brought to you by arm and hammer Catlett. Her quick pimps flashback number March last year you member one upsets the two nineteen and and blue devils, and they ruined poor. Chances of adopting a cat, Leubronn Lockwood, almost became a thing. The cat, but was one of the biggest royal lines of today's nineteen, it was all powered by our friends at arm a hammer who offered Hank a lifetime supply of their clump and seal cat letters that would be nice to have, but his twenty twenty in Armand Hammer is back again worked with us. We now have a bet this year.
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got com promo code, my take to get started? Ok, let's get choose. I have one Sabre metric symbol. Do are recap of love. Love is blind. Out of you, guys saw the same metrics put just something to think about it, I'm not pointing fingers not saving. Here, Matt Matt, tarmac tweeted. This Ten eighteen Toronto wins its first Stanley CUP. Nineteen nineteen stand the cup cancelled. Ninety two, ninety three Toronto wins his first world series, one thousand nine hundred and ninety four World Series cancelled two thousand and nineteen. Toronto wins its first MBA championship him. Two thousand twenty Ebby championship pretend I can't so what were you saying? Is a viruses or ring chasers? What the fuck Toronto? When do you're worried about it? I'm picks, I'm already waited delivers a guy dictatorships saying they're gonna go on without a hitch. There are gonna, be numerous bringing the world together after shit out a blunt I'm now I ll. Actually you
I never had been worried about the Olympics because I dont actually carriage want the NBA to actually have a fine. I love the summer Olympics, so I always yet. I am disappointed that we're not gonna get the summer Olympics is here, there's somebody events that are really like and it is sucked, but there pretend that they're going to go on with it. So people like buy their tickets, go by there, hotels and maybe some of the people already ranges vacation once the Olympics are cancelled, will still follow through and do like a vacation, Tok that's what they're hoping for my point is no chance that it happens. Noble. My point is the social effects of great. When you don't have any other sports. We're gonna have hopefully Basle in hock you're. So I won't care true. Yet I won't care that I won't be like man where the summer Olympics, because I'll be watching. Hopefully the envy fund late July, yet there would be so ridiculous to have a summer olympics right now, just basically in fact all the world's
ass. We at the same time with the disease. Really weird, you had the big ball condom, so you know what I would stop. Maybe they just run the summer limping. They just take it all for us, Keziah wearily wash on tape. The way why don't they here's and then save for the expenditure, the only continent that doesn't have the virus right now and talk to her Is that because what if say, did it's us its summer? So they know it's summer and in Arctic aside so hot, and we know that This doesn't like the heat, so you to do this summer, Le Pics right now in Antarctica, the one tat I dont, let us see it into the one Alice you read, it had Hank all consequence. It's just Marlins mandate. By the way Mullahs man had quite the recap are quite right. I worried he's it. He is very word. There is a bigger about their feel like it was in the sun signal. It was just about how this is going to affect Wireless Man's travel schedule that he has for the spring this, oh no, it was the undue voices,
My office is going to freak out because I'm gonna be there for a month or probably have people could I haven't been from the office for a four months rate since two thousand twelve, he's already a plane crash survivor- can someone make sure that he feeds is cats? I'm wondering about the Unifil draft in LAS Vegas? I've got reservations for that too. Oh, my god to this is bad stuff with mine. I was just in LAS Vegas. It could have been me. Yes, someone. You were Jason dammit. This is nice, ever give you the same again. Ok, love is white, that is blind. Now this show I have not yet that my tv, while watching a show as much as I have watching whatever it is. I guess I can't decide when I first started watching. I was like this showed sucks. I hate everyone involved, but now I feel like I didn't want
not watching it. After the fourth episode I was like, I can love how much I hate somebody's character. Ok, it's hard for me to physically walk yeah. It's it's a bad show, it's a bad show of you haven't we we obviously error, are in our love is blind recap, portions of you have not wash it yet save this. We're gonna recap won through five replied. Guph six through ten on Friday, show see if something the watch every single night, you big picture real, quick, so found out. There's actually sixty people they got invited so sturdy, guys thirty girls. We probably only saw like ten or twelve m my question. Off the bat- and I don't want this to sound mean at all, but because it of his wind today, intentionally not pick. Exuberant tract people, casinos markedly. I would try it was way lower in failure bachelor. Your bachelor at
You're a real world liner, I first season of a new show exactly production circuit, all their other other airline. Other hairs, like they're, not gonna job, lay out something under throw flag on that one, because my first note was they should have had at least two very unsure I think it is very unattractive united. If you saw sixty, I didn't learn how to look at all the sixty. By saying there is even some cliffs like we're. Joking, the thirty eight year old duties like our you'd African American yeah doc, I was whack that was perhaps the most awkward Doing. I've ever seen on didn't show little dogs in there, but I just know it I wanted and why I wanted to see some like, notably dogfish people on their? That would shock the person if they got picked the they were, though, in their their word. Not saying I'm a good. Looking guy cuz, I probably prefer love is blind or probably I'm probably less attractive than the people on there, but usually when you watch a dating show, you're like Holyshit,
These people are even real, like there are some very attractive people on the show. There are few. There are few you, but there also or buncher like how back I get the oh, so you're African American. Yet I was a great opening like was named Kenny, whose Amelia good not realising what about what Cameron nice guy you're, not like a looker Why is it there wasn't a glory hole in the love pods and that really can feed three, when they kept referring to like when we had this discussion on the pod. I thought they were all they'll had something on Itunes. Spotify, like they were talking of every time they use. The word pod triggered writing about a podcast right, Nicholas Shea acting like everyone knows who is he asked. Obviously I am obviously Nicholas Share in Nicosia like it. What do you do anything in between episodes, one in four? He did nothing basic values higher time. They even
I watch the whole thing, but yet he did. He does nothing. The whole taught he partner on nickel, Shea yeah, I'm Nicholas Shea and then ass reads acute card, backup episode for his, like I'm Nicholas Shea, and now we're here at this all inclusive resort. Mexico. Now, then, obviously, just an excuse for him to take a free vacation. How many people do you think they went down the list when they are looking for host before they got too, though she will he's he's your backup joy for tone so he's too he call when Joey's like? No, I can't do it. That's the month, I'm hosting the march this thing with impractical, jokers right but he but they needed. They needed. Obviously a married couple here and there are like oh let's, let's look like was actually Simpson and her husband not available. I feel like that would have been good, maybe Gmail and spears. I don't know they feel like nickel. Shea was not number one deftly not so I so they so the show is patently ridiculous. Who do you?
Where should we like? I wanted, I want to talk about Barnett because Barnett I have I have this. For I, I hate him if I owe it to the very distant definition of a boy and he's found his girl and amber. Who is the very definition of a hot mess, so you got a fuck point, in the past have also done that. The the kids yoga going to rub up against each other until they get into a fight, so that relationship going to work but they're going to have a hell of a time while they're in it, but his jokes He had to introduce himself to everybody there like predate jokes. Yet, like he's gonna, an excellent dad. I'll IRA, I wrote him down. There were pretty bad so when when one of I think just say what you think about dogs in the bed and he replied. I am more, I am one she also said Jude. Kids. What are they were? Kids, he says: do I have any? Not that I o of the
it won't. He had a great quote when you saw in the camera about what he's looking for an issue here is a usually of a pretty girls, but time, I'm not looking for anything will not I'm looking for anything ugly right, sir. I his egg, I usually like today, pretty girls as my type, I still do, but I usually in the past have also done that the the kid's joke, I think he said so. He said not that I know of and then Jessica said. No, I meant your position and he said, what's my her position so really really make an ever larger than the last wrote down, they asked when they went back to the room. Where is very odd, dynamic, a all go back to the pad and b I could you connect with and someone said who we all feel and he said none of them because it was through a wall good one but and then he walked point. He said all these girls love my jokes: they love, they love the jokes. I saw Barnett yeah. I agree with you
fuck boy, but he also, I don't know, whatever he's actually kind of normal in he's probably most normal guy no. I only guy. I think I would be friends with right that, but that's not normal, like you know, I think we're normal there's something a little bit different about Barnett that it seemed like. All the girls. Obviously we're getting into a big fight over raise gonna, be his girl he's different from the other guys arrogance or just like everyone's boring on. Yeah. The other guys vary with the exception of I guess Carlton. Well, because we need to see a shrink. Mealy marks desperation makes him not boring so oh yeah he's not boring just out of the just out of the ship, fact that I've never seen someone's self cock themselves as much he does so. That was the big from the first five episodes Jessica and Barnett Barnett being like, I think, Burnett. Actually, I she wrote down since he said,
This place had no other guys, no other girls. I propose to you which tat is quite the love throw are out there and just a false head over heels and then the next day she's like Hey Barnett. Did you mean all that stuff? You said last night and like nah, not really She goes from that to you know what whose first guy Mark Jessica is thirty, four years old tat cannot figure, how over relationships veil and then came on the show and basically got directly into a failed relationship yet got dumped and got a rebound and mark and there was like a worthy. The issues are going to make this work. We have so much in common like we're both from Chicago in italian and dogs. Literally, all they had in kind was that they grew up near Chicago.
A daughter. She kept like true when she would talk to yourself and convince yourself that things might work out with mark. It was just going back like which we know are real, it's something so solid foundation that that he really likes the cubs. No, you forgot one thing: the Christianity Cheat when Mark explained his two was I gave a cross on my side and left to space open for my future. Kids choose like oh, my god that is so wrong and take me as somebody who said multiple times like I'm, not religious, but I'm very spirit I want. No, I want to raise my kids through the church yeah, but I dont go yeah Mark is turning in cell in front of our eyes. Market is, is Imp he's? Having he's a big time, sip he's having to negotiate for the relationship to keep going every single comes, their entire relationship is just assume these of important talks that they have to have yes and every time its mark be like I'm here, for you
I'm still here and I want to make this work. Are you to make this work and she's a yeah? I guess so, and then she just go to the bathroom and fingers herself up our net yeah and she and then marks like hey. I've been thinking if we are really going to get married maybe at some point. You should actually not be completely appalled by the look of me yeah they did she's. Like I don't know it's a saving we're taking were not as if we were working on things like you're, my best friend right. It was basically proposed tour. He said: will you do me honor of putting me the fucking, your friends zone for Thy stay as long as you said like when I think of them is like my best friend I love you have a brother in violent when he talked her into staying. Getting is episode five. She was like about to break up with him again he was like. Will you be my team?
here is a key were teammates the earth. He also had an all time moment and I shall take a time out real quick and you say how sad I am. I just thought again about the bracket and just the fact that were talking about this when selection someday, ok time back in he had a moment because they are because so Jessica gets don't buy. Barnett that goes back to mark a mark says just like I'm not seeing I'm not seeing him any more about Barnett to mark and Mark says to the camera. My mom is always tell me if you love something, let it go if it comes back, was meant to be. First of all, that's very very common saying it's a long had, and I M profile yes ways yet, but second of all, you didn't let her go She wanted to be married to Barnett. She got. By him. And then she came back you you aren't like hey, go dates from other people and see. If that's what you want, she literally was just like Falk
I really want to be a reality. Television star and the whole thing is. I have to get engaged mark we're back to get us. But if you love something let it go here like two days when she was gone. The actors like a two day window, where he wasn't really talking to them. Yes, that was his like big gesture of like letting her, but I do want to keep doing this shell, because I want to be a reality, start of thirty four and have nothing going from no! I don't want to be with you. She this goes to him and cries to him about Barnett, and then he said Yes, we're dating now see just is these jerk off? It really does the Erika and when they're talking about it, she's always like. I think that we should take it slow on the fish glass, but he's a nor. I totally agree. I think, that's a very our move to take a very slow whatever you want to do. I will always be respectful of you, and I agree that is better for the long term. If we take it slow and then, if she at any second, was like you wanna fuck like yes, yes immediately, I need to talk not only that, but she kept on saying shoes. I can't you know
I fell in love with marking the pods. What I didn't know what he looks like- and I didn't know that he was like- wasn't muscular not for me and I'm just she kept and say that line like there was too much so there is a marked, the pods and mark here. I'm just trying to have those come together. Essentially, translation, I puke in my mouth every time I see you, but I do want to keep doing the show, because I want to be a reality start on thirty four and have nothing going for me. I think she just wants to keep doing the show so that she can see Barnett once every three days and like try to fuck him. I plowed through all of them. I think that was weight hate her. I hate her where she had all greening, you go back and she go up to Barnett again what you're drunk.
Yes, you do. You have to burn out which is wrong. Yeah put like and was like hey what one last chance now I've got to learn about what that? Sorry, that's not a shock to me. That is literally the rush hour. She's already done a toy. Yes, I get all of my massacre like shitty behaviour, all blends into want. She's, the worse. You should schussler worse person, and I think I really like Amber Amber is like she is insane I'd factor a couple. Women on that show that I see a lot of Vince Bonds, Stalker characterise our ushers and she's. Definitely in that category, ok, she seems actually be fun to go to Kuba with four. We can yes which, but maybe not marry. That's the problem. The my favorite couple by far is camera and what's your name, Lore Lauren, yet Lauren there, the most like, hey, they're, pretty normal as camera knows, is a weird Osborne is a little too of your noticing. Every time they walk, he like is way too close to her and
touches her a lousy, cleaner. I think he just is either just always has a raging hard boner like the way he walks. I think he's trying to hide it from the camera by getting right behind her. It makes me very Conseil, and I made this no well as watching This show leads the league in semi erections. Yes, so they're like always making out and pools wearing swimsuit himself, and then they show like a clever them standing up and walk away. They look at in need to see that right. I did not need to see that an ad Kelleam Kenny, who the the kissing king and queen of the world, who have not had sex and now He was yes, yes, caddy dude, but he's very good according to keep out the best she set diverse, like he's he's one of the best kisses I've ever guests. That's up, and it's just. I thought they were the thing because they had just had sex and then, when you are like wait there, not having sex or just kissing its Kenny, you're gonna watches
PAC man you're not, could be happy no and she was like, I think the first night just was out. I think it's gonna be good, we're gonna kiss a lot and we're gonna cuddle and we're gonna cut off, and then kiss and for both can be really happy with that and he's like in the background, is biting his fists. Again, stress sick of kissing his chair so great stop. She reminds me love, Danica, Patrick, for some reason. A little but yeah Italian. Faceless. Yes, yes, yes did. She loves, she loves being held enhanced and smothered fuck China. She's a messy bid, loves drama, slob, kebab, Hater, Shadow Kelly, Kelly Martin said that to me she go spiral no she's, like all my god, I'm so happy or watching this. Just as such a slob kebab do. She is
What are our couples? Having this really? Is there they're all boring, except only than on given any answered, I mean with the most unintentionally. Lashly might have an intentional awkward proposal where she then proposed hand yeah, and he did the box thing with the PO dude year. You bring out all the stops and the Alex and he was I talked, and the boys before you propose and if you're, our competitor on the show, if you're one of the guys wouldn't you player cards the vastly you wouldn't
I tell everybody that you're going to guess. Yeah idea he was like I'm so nervous, I'm so nervous. I'm good boys can just at me up real quick first and then he goes and their against irony and then she stopped him and he starts crying makes him rise and she's a great first asking all aim. Yeah doesn't know or full name, I'm getting on my fuckin Neeoka mayor of us and I were going to buy em and by the way when he would a boner think when he proposed he did have a pillow right on his lap yet, which is like dude your bottom. Who was the who's, the guy? the beard, the twenty seven only looks like he's fifty canny Kenny, so many and Kelly, I can entirely soon the worst silliest kiss moon. When Kennedy paused, I hate. We're doing this gimme the fucking bracket, he very well, I saw into it, but then I snap out of it like this is the worst fuck you corona virus. We can you proposed. He said I want you to cover your eyes with me in my eyes, because I want to be in this form.
Did. You know that you're on your you can't see them. Love is. Why was like when Jake run and get the Stanley CUP tattoo he's wearing shorts leaves shirt a lifted. His is short sleeve up is like this. There is no point in doing that. Physical thing you can't see. I was mad. That too. I found that this. This show, as very nicely taking the place of me yelling at my tv saying about late thousand basketball game. Since his anger, its anger, Hake, got anything come on about Carlton period. You have Carlton Diamond Thoughts, Carlton's a psycho yards carton like do you know You obviously, like you said he data guys, girls. I think that's probably something you want to say before you didn't gate. Yes, good I'd. Add feels like information that hey I mean it's up to her whether she is comparable with it. I think people should be comparable with it, but that still is something that you don't want to wait until, after the rings on the finger to be like hey just a heads up. I like
girls in yeah. You need to say that before you propose- and she reacted- probably as good as she could have been expected to react very shocking newspeak and then they flipped out on each other. You have a big awesome at the poor, great fight and he's on his way out and he's like. Okay, you you to get personal is gonna. Go personally goes: that's this wire weave slips. Fuck you bitch yeah fuck, you bitch you're, bitch boy. That's why we ve slips and then a cuts to just one on one interview of cards in the galleries. I dont think that she has done for he had a yes, so that was a combustible relations. I think she also was. He was also the most useful lovable, the dancing team for the bolts. Yes, so she was a professional use. A lamentable and win when he was in the pod would take girl what's room again Amber. When she was talk to him about her job like working on tanks for the? U S army. Yeah. He was the most judgmental of her for having a masculine job
yeah and meanwhile he's a very worried about people being judgment of him. Yes, seed, Egypt, I think he's a could be alike, will guide. You see, therapist yeah, he d probably is like hey. If I go on this reality show all probability work out a lot of things that I got Connemara on my head. That's usually the best way to deal with some self hatred issues is to go into. Reality should write so he'll figure it out. Maybe I don't know I just I just want to caution anyone this could be run mark again in the near future. I think he is turning in cell, so I shall give you mark on the show. He's gonna turn into a joy feel bad Phinis, chinese and intervention or he'll get yogurt. It also was classic how? Ah, how often he would be like you know he did. That thing were- and I think it's actually related both thing if you ve ever like seeing a girl, a girl? That's older and begin like gap, twenty four, but I'm not your average twenty four year old, say every
about you is your ever. He is extremely twenty. Eight tried so hard to be thirty for what because ages, but the reality is massacres like eighteen, zero. You know what I want to say. Yes, she is alive usually than her number social maturity of an eighteen year old. I hate Jessica, but I want to see a spin off show. That's just Jessica and she's got it basically the bachelor et, where she's got a house of like twelve guys that are vying for her attention and in once, every two weeks they just drop Barnett off for, like thirty minutes and then just said, rising PS, I don't even haven't come into the house, have em bench press in the yard and then use watches. She also the amount that she had a drink to, like stomach being around Mark was holler every single time you saw her. She had a glass of wine in her she's ever also very cool shot was after DE too. I think they were cut back to the guys
and then the guys, we're just shirt was workin out together because sailor, if it can show their out during those so so classic just do it is prison rules. I well, I'm excited, freed wash arrest the show legislative power to excess like I hate it, but I also keep my eyes off it. It's almost the perfect Netflix show for twenty twenty, where it is a huge despise everyone that's part of it. We also can stop watch. Did they think that you had to get in to be let out a house, let you know you dig. It was an escape Roman only way out where to get married. His like, I can't I couldn't put my son in the heads of these people that are falling in love in two days. With some that you can't see and you I guess you know what marriages the only thing I will keep my going back to his like how much and I'd love to know the answer to this, and maybe someone knows me, someone worked on the production. How many hours did apples are going gauge, actually talk, because if it
I think it was like for five days. So maybe there was a connection where you know a cameraman Lorn we're talking for three hour. I actually I for day they seem like they could make. If, if I'm do my predictions right now, I have a lot of money on them getting married lasting for a little bit, virtually no money would be spent on either Barnett or massacre because you holding Buskin mark GonNA, make it I don't think so. Well, they might get like a marriage. She just might have an arrangement words. Ok for her to cheat on Zan music. That's fine! Would I want respect. Will let me give you this isn't, even if this isn't even spoiler, but it's actually a great teaser for anyone who wants to watch the whole thing and wants to get to the end the way the show the way the show works. Is you have to get to the altar? And then you decide yes or no they're. Ok, So that's how it works. That's the final bought out the final boss is so it's like, yes or no, while standing in front of your family she's
that's pretty it's pretty Riddick, I'm excited for that. Yes, it's! It's a show that right now I love to hate and it's it's good to get some of this rage that I have built up and start up, and so nobody from the lack of sports, it's a perfect Hank you're, so mad, you won't even say, has insane thing now. Hank was so he was so mad on Friday. Who is yelling about how much he hated show? Why do you hated so much? I physically, like it's hard to watch and I watched among our watch it and I cringe show hard that by the end of it, unlike curled up in a ball of cringe, yeah, that's fair mark will make any man question actually mark a view said I had to watch alive stream of mark or Jessica. I would probably just You know what I'm gonna go out, I'm about to bars and endless, get the corona virus and there's something some reality shows like there's some like its corny. But then there's some funny like done funny like not expose be funding, be laugh at it, but, like the show, is just too much a cringe than like the people. We have these said Craig laughing again. They are ultimately
it's not interesting. Whatso Damien is one of the more boring people. I think too, as Amy Powers, what a waste of a great name. He is Amy in power. If of vanilla, popsicle had a face, that's what it would look like. Amy in power is easy class, a guy that got really be in strong and swore, because there's no personality underneath his personality. Just like I like to spend time inside of a gym geared Cameron, Cameron, worship, robot, yeah. I guess smart within which a name Giovanni yeah, that an answer given any she social influence or she has made him he's got a mermaid S father when she gets pregnant. He's Damon's gonna have to wear around like a sympathy. Paddling stomach everyday Damien Power, samian power, what a waste goddamn nerd Damien powers- I that's our show Wednesday. We have Craig Ruby coach of the Saint Louis Blues. Awesome interview
we're gonna get in your bank. We had a few interviews in the bank will try to do and get some new ones everywhere. Stay safe, fowl the instruction don't go out if you quarantine earlier, if were, if we're doing self, this social distancing, see social distance. The shit out of Asia subduing stay at home, be say the people that you hear the guidance that you're getting from like the cdc they know to talk about more than for some people on twitter that just like to downplay everything. No matter what's happening, so it's actually real progress so sitting all sitting on it so seriously or is not gonna break any news about no Leroy has had Scooby about things like that, but its serious people going to die
You can save somebody that you loves lacking as if somebody that I love life, so stay home. For me, say Pfc, send signals of gas.
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