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Jeff Fisher + Live from Atlanta for SB 53

2019-01-27 | 🔗

We've arrived in Atlanta for Super Bowl Week. Recapping our road trip from NYC, barely surviving a few different moments and stops in Blacksburg and Nashville (2:27 - 6:17) . The Pro Bowl is broken (6:17 - 11:32). Who's back of the week including our first ever sponge bob review (11:32 - 22:16) . Coach Jeff Fisher joins the show for an extended interview about his career, the narrative about his coaching, the music city miracle almost not working, and the time a bear attacked him (22:16  - 82:28). Segments include PR 101 Jon Gruden, Respect The Biz us for being so biased we're unbiased, stay woke, and a Monday reading that gets very creepy.

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at this point in my take we are live from atlanta we have finally made it thank you to pass dry her larry we have safely arrived in atlanta for superbowl week for the superbowl had just give you really a tip the locals caught hotline i wanted to say that as much as pie eighty l and we have a huge show for you yes we have been silently keeping this gas from you we actually interviewed him two weeks ago but we are so excited we want to save the surprise it is coach jeff fisher extended interview we sat down with them for like an hour it was awesome he came to the office i think we're best friends with them it was great time also had to like softly tell him that i was probably part of the reason why some of those joke started on my belt and use mad at me right now useful whether you find with a dog the whole worthy i'm using all use cool guy you cool guy knows a lot of fun so get excited for that we also have a monday reading for you and whose back the week before we get to all that
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never justine devout ok let's go higher rates pardon my turn possess weapons supported by any why are brand new youtube page where we actually have a bunch of videos go subscribe you can watch pfc make aid jailhouse burrito on the eu to page on the trip down to atlanta today is monday january twenty eightth and boys we have arrived we are here it is superbowl week one of the greatest weeks of the year we have coach jeff fisher on how are we feeling we're out of the
piss infested harvey for now listen to i kind of like the smell of our own piss because it's like you know you you mark territory that where there is no mistaking when garth brooks gives back honest were bus that we borrowed from him he's gonna be like this has blocked me anymore so last we spoke it was thursday night we were driving through virginia since then we went and saw coach buzz williams video to come we went to nashville we go carded we met a bunch of awesome and at the aims were thank you for ever coming out then we drove down to lana and somehow survived now we're here yeah we also aid so much barbecue that i had a little casual in the middle of the night waking up throw oh that was nice i blame it on the barbecue and not to twelve by light so directly as i think it was the barbecue put em on choosing to spin it because it was such delicious food i think was my body just getting rid of it so i could have more yes absolutely is always been it's been a fund ship it's almost like a mini back
her party i don't even know i mean it was it was good during the go carts we're all a little bit older but it was one of those things like hey man this is pretty fought you do go cart nice little i go card afternoon and it takes you right back to being useful chokichi right we're all the same we're just kids played some darts met mason ramsay yeah might comes come out soon hopefully this week thou the phone interview so overall i'd say good trip going to do highlights and you ain't got to highlight from from the last three days on the road by highlight was compared chip ok around my her actually not to brag my highlight was just looking good all the time of year rocket suits you have outlined good i've got until you know yet what have you done with comfortable i'm not but you know what i'm just gonna keep saying i think i'm a suit ghana and eventually it might believe it maybe this last night it s not i'm where nice shoes from wolf and shepherd these realities shoes my highlight was dominating everyone imagine no big deal and having access to the concierge lounge at the hotel we stayed out which is pretty sweet that centre
you up and i don't get it i was too i too busy out it could rocks bar it was lamely bruising smile i was i wouldn't go carding but then they cartwright tommy i came in second and added go check the sheet my son to confirm actually strike that my highlight was the probable oh i love the probable ok let's talk about the problem of the probable stinks i think it's breeds appoint were stinks so bad that it's more file us all rules thereby arable but they are now gone to the point where they truly whistle before any one hit the ground you it'll do it before those contacts sometimes fishes wrap up the actors to guys around its rap on the only thing it was normal in the probable that was that look like real football was pattern homes being osman dac prescott being terrible yes we all do things like oh yeah this is for energy
wind blowing your call yet were erika ii bronco to touch on is that was patrick moments favoured target lawyer and jason went also had a whole snafu correct me wouldn't be just what without finishing off the year in a nice fashion was perfect use will first of all let me just say the broadcasts crew they keep in nice and casual too has its probable the up their rock and your suit with no ties i say knows just like a nice chill out using right like the nineteenth all we're not bankers anymore guys yeah fun dad just travel friday first of all it is a disgrace that they didn't give the into p to anthony sherman the full back from she was still trotting out all night after night only try to give them they gave it to patch me homes and when they gave when witten presented the trophy he broke it he liked picked it up and it can apart in half and then try to just like put it back down and it fell apart
patrick new homes had to fix it for it looked so miserable structure with the rain and they really need to bring the whole problem back to hawaii yet just something about it when you get everyone in the out you know you get the the maui surf and people wearing hawaiian shirts i think you're getting laid and it just something about the hawaii stadium it just brings out probable fun ok footballs overmore we'll let you down easily when you're in shooting orlando with like a driving rain now looked miserable yos bad and i also miss the hawaiian shirts on coaches yeah that was fun i miss like the subtle hawaiian prince of provo jerseys those were always great some people do in the add what do you call it those who yellow area i just actually had a theory about jason when he probably thought that trophy was a magnet and he was like this will destroy me here if i don't break i met a break it now yes yeah i can listen man going off my head right so i think the problem is broken but i really don't care yet
where we stand when we reach the point where we know care but i mean still protocol meant something when we were kids yes i might just maybe like i'm not gonna be old man yonah cloud but it felt like immense up i have you gone too good for the probable that sounds robo has gotten i had a standard for the mobile all my life and now the problem does not meet that standard running clock is bullshit counter to take away the running costs standard is a standard and dread i'll i'll say this when they were blowing the whistle before any one touched the running back yet like the illegals proximity mind where if you get close enough to defend their it was terrible as that all i think didn't do you get her he might have a thing you're hurt you just put aside on football put an ice top at the end of the f pittsburgh season perfectly should they should and taste tastes and held the problem because you just got balls out the entire there always need to be like one ass or trying way way way to our yes blighting people out yes see i think the proposed broken whatever i mean it they also put at three o clock you know it's broken when
it put it that early to try to be like we don't want to really get in anyone's mind here like let's just get up let's get out of the way and move on what they didn't want to go up against the royal rumble which was actually bet on it yes that's going on right now so it's giving me anxiety we before we get to whose back the week we missed one crucial crucial super storyline popped up today it's gonna happen for us the weak test they lines for journalists yes so the government shut down apparently they would who they have working ts listen i am all for the government shut down efficiently knows that act
it is a pity as well we back here is that my mom i'm ok we haven't you can just turn it on and off of a means of peter king is like stuck in traffic and can make it but i saw some very clear each we added i we were about to be the only journalists at the superbowl right as we drove down this we had like john madame voss driver larry taking us down and think bodies we survived the ashes say thank god rulers a good guy he's great guy say my greater ease it he's related human being won back on a show on friday i miss larry we urge reese when you spend that much time with someone in close quarters you cottages you feel you get rhythm locker room the hour it actually that made me appreciate you more as a driver to pick a vague or not that bad thank you we had a lot of rumble shrimps there's a lot of rumble should be as it were slightly fewer rather wives and fully airborne at one point was sleeping in the back of the boss that's ok of little scary and here is another fun thing when we might have some
plus morning and then when you guys are madden out i fell asleep heard everyone yelling blah blah for a formal and i thought something was in the road that we're gonna run over and i will come so scared oh my god what we to hit only other playing madden and their skin a little excited by far my favorite part of larry was when he just he opened up the door that separates the driver for the rest the bus yeah ages her dry yellows price for impact not everyone is i've looked at each other and where he goes gotcha as agreed on european soil use about a c b radio and i try to get on it and its key called me a narc in that they all is it i wasn't a range of work as a gunnbiorn like breaker breaker this big cat may it off man i want that c b to work so i could get into some debates with truck drivers but in general barometer when good good they were he said there were over there are right for it i must get to whose back hank why don't you give us get us going here my whose back there's one my favorite parts of like superbowl
here is the random celebrities at her from atlanta that that would just pop up just because it's in atlanta yeah like you'll have like the big boys the random rapprochement like the nineties random actors anyone that's ever had any involvement with lena whatsoever we'll be back for this ludicrous is gonna be everywhere like i shall big boy on the today show just from other boys don't do not soldier boy lot consuls getting sold the sweet colleague the amount its product bigtime big time he moved out of alan i always area rob and had shot someone allegedly you want us to be able to know now is confirmed he shots and yet still he's edwin someone someone broke into his house to try robber many shot them self defence and then the next day moved well i suppose that legally its leona yeah if you ever need to get out of your state lines here
the hygiene we're gonna wait a little you lay low and others that we like if you give you shoot somebody ears like i'm out like i give up my i give up my property in atlanta you can't be tried through so i just said the one just random celebrities payment impulse course back to it you should accept largely empty she's at check you general subscribe hank is a master at turning my attack right back against me using a compliment job hack there was wanted to i wasn't attack what's your job heck that's it that's ok my second again do i want to talk no have no definitive so well i'm intimidated work in my first whose back the weakest billy macfarlane the organised at the fire the we discuss met lent with rhine resign last week and also turns the prison that is going to is the same prison
at the situation is locked out right now show the schemes those who are going to have the greatest reality tv show ever is coming out of that there are going to come out there we like eighteen business ideas nineteen of which are fraud just just give me the like they move out and then they move into a halfway house together damage want yes absolutely that said they could sell that but knowing billy he's probably not gonna be content just to sell reality show they're gonna have like a scheme a new product or situations like the cuckoo dvd poor situation doesn't he feels like he's gonna go back to jail because he's gonna billy macfarlane will just use his name to sell more tickets i couldn't tremble yes i could actually see them getting to the sea believe is as yet where they just marty by showing up drunk to see these kind of not no i like somebody i use my back my back massage dvd stuff yeah no i enjoy them to sing it seems seems like an industry they would find that is all right for the pic yet they just shawl just write your house and then take speedy and pass on to see a work sugar pills yes
my other whose back of the week is usa rugby oh so the usa whose first the usa seven's rugby term it and we ve never even finished when you let me finish i'm gonna tell you i'm gonna get there the usa seven i became shout to danny bear mass news recurrent guess support my take the fish day competed in the new zealand leg of the world's ok and you know what we finish finished in for our second place why why so close yet again first of all we had to travel as far east as you can go that's like the chargers going to fox bro times ten ok lying or the whimsies and second of all we are still in first place over for now in order to please everyone is death yes if if the buffalo bills had had the unifil under the rules be scoring system they would have won two superbowl nearly ninety sites or back yes we're back usa enough back and also three whose backs of the wild o because they are due
a deal where i if since it is only promo y know this is not an ad i'm just a personal fan of buffalo wild rice i m here to tell you that the super goes to overtime they're giving way free wings in america on february eighteenth between the other foreign seven well since we're talking about survival deals you can actually get three dollars off your ticket to the superbowl one even if you view seeking before go you seek now take three hundred three large offers to suitable ticket lebanon say yes sir to date deals with their right my whose back the first is our promise goes to the award winning listeners ok so we watch spongebob we watch spongebob we made some means i'm still oh confused about that shall i asked tank a million questions and he is like do you're thinking about this way too hard there really is no point to the show but i almost sam a fan yes
like for my first then we watch for five episodes it is truly absurd and probably not built for thirty three year olds who about we thirty four this week there's a birthday week just remember but i think this was perfect i am definitely spongebob venice hurry allegorical yeah like europe let us too high to really understand the allegory but stuff was happening was like this means something else and i figured out later what we did was had episode we're squid word just didn't have an imagination and it was basically like your inner child you know every everyone should stop being like squig bert squid word and start being more like patrick starfish ideas about yeah we leave his boss as that's what i always yeah it was it was great watch me box and some lube i'm good also eight so my whose back carry and the bronze relationship so to be if i missed it
leubronn instagram storage a song called rewind and said this is that that shit carry irving now i would remind you that some regions some piercing thank you for asking that's great question i oh you're with them now but soon you will be mine if i could bring it back i'll probably pressed rewind who interesting so lebron james wanted to go back in time press everyone button and have carry on his now as every wind or rewired just like have another glass no it's wrong unite regionally i would be reassured lease on ass team it be a reassuring double leubronn has been drinking a lotta wine recently if you notice that you had act on his bullshit against grim story how you got off now had an editor he's been she should ease ass she shall holocaust and also lebrun has asked that lukewarm be fired though the broadest maidens moves that's also led away runs coming to boston have become one
i do not think so but it is make you nervous bees will first of all i know is that happened the la brought is so extra he is so action the most he like i haven't beings teammate and watching the melamine long lines abolishes watching him openly court career then imagine being o t mate with curving and watching this openly happenings been like weighed the guy's been yell at us for the last few months is gonna go play with brown again come on you'll be perfect if he got phil jackson backed ella here and others though the whole like jenny bus phil jackson situation with that point we won't happen but if it fill jackson could get leubronn more nba titles and michael jordan got with doubtful jackson then you have to admit he's ago right i think no i would not think papa which would be i wanna get that rumour going because the run always either pop vigil coach k one road gay finally someone able is able to foyer private institution and everyone sees how much money coach case been given way not saying it's not dukes year it is dukes year but then
okay case as you know what i'm out i'm gonna go pro do the old pete carol bounce and then go coach lebron inquiry to that end outen calve well hatred aris if your list loud k there's a lot of alternative medicine out in a life where we live our actual but a paint go i'll get a medical card i buy way there are moments when we're on the road where our show becomes real life enough none more than last saturday night when you're in the concierge longitudinal out and we went up and ask for some wine and i said can i have some of that white sheesh as like that's not the way i don't get it no one gets and also i was allowed to catch your eye just try other things will be more constructive legs lawyer yoke youth kid rock children ice it was nice i let's get warrior view the long awaited interview with coach jeff fisher it's a very fine one before we do that the cash app
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i think that's big company now you talk about most ever yes had some great people you're almost rambling i know what you're doing and not just for those coaches this rod often the sunset doesn't when i was going on out there you gonna do yes oh that's good company thanks the cop so then let's start with that because you keep an eye on it now i have to admit that the the
neat seventy nine jokes to get made on twitter i probably was part of the creation of that and i want to apologize to you that's ok we'll talk afterward on ok perfect bottom outside or in part of the solution because i'm also making the videos that is trying to hide you up to get you a new job will appreciate mom you know it's do not sit happens in sleep now about an end but it's ok i'm i'm no will get into a but i'm really good place man i've had last seen over the last couple years and you know i had not a fall off and thirty years and i don't know what my cabin montana looked like in september you know and so i got not to do that
no you can only take so much of alaska argentine earth i confess only river so many times or get chased by most bears some i'm good with cochin again you'd get whatever like day the male version of the cougars that's ass you know you remember we have like a separate link where you can take pictures and will put out oh yes we all your smokehouse jails yeah just as you also know easy eighty eight i mean the story that our friend charlotte wrote about you she went down in nashville and you spoke in its clear that you do want to get back into coaching and actually want to start with the whole eight need seventy nine stuff not only where it sits where did from but have you followed it and it seems like you always get like you have just
almost top ten wins all time is well but for some reason the jeff fisher joke has gotten to a point where it's like everything he did positive has you you and john group have basic seems at record right here well that's a different i came yard short but it that's part of the busy i chose again this years and years ago so i am now seem at the mercy of it but i made the choice and so whatever happens in the business each one choose to get in is gonna be yes no face a car occurrences and also benefit from the in the good times but you know with if you come on i was taught her cousin was twenty year so do the math lieutenant six for twenty years how they losses last summer animals if that's how you are you explain at an inn in again the war i never want to come off complain about it put because i always speak truth but i also code two teams and fight
different cities and six different state yes nowhere else had real can let's talk about that because that is two teams at relocated houston to tennessee and saint louis to allay how like what then when you find out that your team that you coach is being relocated and you basically have to say that message to the players and get them to stay focused on football to different circumstances one was a houston move which you know it was discussed it was broadcasts announced and then we stayed in houston so we were in houston ninety five ninety six if you recall we didn't go to to nashville ninety seven and we were became the tennessee oilers crisper armored car will see you all caught the tennessee tuxedos in euros so
was until ninety nine to a goner stadium rigour we became the tight as we want the superbowl so you know there was all their sold in i could write books on is the stuff so that with that one on back then it's not an easy thing to do but for you if you look at but from the glass half full versus half empty
aid and aid on those circumstances is probably pretty good right as your building playing and meant that yeah well memphis you have andor built and then the new stadium but staining in houston without france fan support in any place and so on but we built that team is as all those things were going on and we built it for a while we had success on it so then you you fast forward to the rounds i heading clean that there were they're gonna be relocating them in noting the about stadium issues things like tell us when i came in and i still to this day doorstone cranky amenities one of my favorite all time guys and and i understand the business and as he understands the business but i had a sense that they were going to be picking up alive it so i knew what would i lie was facing and i think they also knew that i'd done it before had the cover love no and i could help to get him out there you know those dead the move from saint louis to align itself was an easy but that still no excuse you're still expected to win in i can i can dog you in debate in take both sides of the social media perspective her
positions and and i've done so many times but it's not easy anytime you pick up and move and in i as i mentioned to shop around a couple weeks ago in a coach brooding doesn't have any idea what is good is it right to go through cause you pick up something today you probably goes talked about it but they don't know where they're gonna play nineteen and guess what the reason is eight with eight months away i don't know where they're gonna play now oh here's a listeth at first distraction i think associate with their move your nose at something that you would be willing to help the raiders where there's like the move consultant you know i joked around with john by new john our bodies in you guessed it is but we john i did a u s daughter to iraq and i went with john and bill cower john harbour
tom cough and held it most football guy room of hours out of maximum like their willingness from industry is under twenty five degrees outside so hung about so it was such a coup trip and we had no at ten days with five days were six days over there and the persian gulf in baghdad and you know how to blast oh that's a whole another segment but but john i've been for sense and so i knew he was gonna he was gonna get it before i got my told him i said i sort of easy in it and it is it was so far off in the distant in his mind but as it becomes a reality is not as easy as you think very out vegas is not a long move and there's a forces the fan support there and the rigorous travel really well with their fans and i wish the best for me there's a lot of stuff i think people don't really considered that goes into those types of things and i gathered from the article that it's kind of a buck stops here situation with you you're the go to your liked appoint guy for everybody is making move with all their like logistical issue
yeah it is but you know look that still nice excuse for now i know for a whole impel we'd take out a field orange and lose a came i mean i am still not an excuse but you know if you're gonna go out and compete you like to compete on a level playing field ran and that and you're you're already added deficit and so but that's ok i mean that's that's i endured that and i have no regrets with respect to my ram experience at all in a more ram phenomena that those guys we drafted those guys and you know i'm happy for those guys in the success that there have been dense prize me yet is rising dolls a good football players will redrafted yeah you're the team architect of the lost angels ramps well the teams quite differ now an is quite different i credit through the front office for bringing players and we didn't have the players that they the skilled positions that that they have now and
and you know the thing is is short and i talk to you guys not i took their job because the stamina and we had a core back and stand breath was could quarterback and milan was a note the guys it or taking these jobs right now you know you guys rank the jobs it were open most people say the green bay job because air roger i got a quarterbacks is the most attractive job well at that time and tooth come two thousand twelve season that was the best job because samp and then to start years it ursus asia yeah so i wanna go backwards here for a second you got your start indiana fell eighty five bears you were on the team injured and then
essentially get to watch the entire eighty five bear season with body ryan and your working for body ryan what was it like learning i mean you basically learn from watching what many people say is the best deacons yet in the basic i played an i put up to eighty four than eighty five i got her trunk him so god surgery i go on urban platt bill and i'm so once the strike a few starts you got i are so i went to irish really fine words on the third day so buddy costs may pose a real trip this we're gonna go one body them cast family that the authorization doesn't traded ginger players on road trips yellowtail too i'll take your so i got them saying i got him saying you better come so anyway they worked it out so you want me to travel a time there are three different cultures on staff so but it was on asylum the other two were up and boxed del hop in jim larue so he only coach on the sidelines on d
that's if you can imagine that now and he's talking to to upstairs so i was his eyes even when i was healthy i was his eyes and i went very good he sent me and he sent me in for a player series and then come back out and then i'll go chili's guys how to do order you know make this or tell otis to do that or tell will i'm kind of assistant on the sideline plus i would help personnel at help to tell him who is coming the game if it is far as in front of us so yeah i stood around and i did that all you're so ass the whole thing and then he during the super boy no if you remember we practice for the first week in non champagne and then we went from champagne down the norms that's when jim mean of the helicopter either all things about the whim alice up but the last that today left the practice weeks thirst i think but he said i think i'll make it to philadelphia goes out i want to come with me and said who really seekers
said a nerve forget this he said you and watch name i said julia goes yet you enjoy get married a young man sprang he goes in you'd tell your fiance i tell you return park as you can't play anymore i gotta get to your lot done a deal goes i want you to come code so he gave me a week in order to decide and ass it turned him down because i had started raises in chicago and i want the charter play another year but the other side the other guy on the other shoulder was tell me will you promise yourself if you if your boy they start go in that direction that were you might have a difficult time doing things later in life than you'd walk away there was a combination things call back to but not the same not i turned him down i took the job that's great it was um i was because i was bill cower that broke your leg right yeah yeah
so our out brilliant relies on my friend you're not you say like he broke your leg and then can fulfil coaching and then you prohibited down new takes credit from you get in the coach and my leg was broke i broke my leg and eighty three i played eighty four larger in eighty five so yeah and but but this is a fun unaware who i told us yesterday too but we are talking about the steelers and those name came up and we had some great battles are tennessee and dan pittsburgh again so bill we're all shook her out you those take credit for me get in the coach because progress leg and the last thing i would say to the team sir knight before we
pittsburgh for three or four years ago i remember now look up my laughing if you're goin off really fast out of control on the steel or sidelined it's ok to roll up into the head coach his legs and making out so is that those about no out and play my best but it was self it was so fun and it was great in just the the tennessee from rivalry yeah injustice that classed the of organization that they were the steelers and and mr rooney in us going through stuff he knows get later life you start downsizing found cover letters dan rony you know just that was a great came jaeger
farewell coach to can't wait to compete against next year and so we are somehow s great there ass a few times each did you say are ass you can see there are as i said there are you can't there i'm not yet we did yet we want we in other big one was the were the divisional when in national and over time we had a nanny kick good fireworks go off and then not so fast bill ice he called time so the next kick ned near misses but he's roughed saw the net kiki makes us took us three kicks in over time to get it done but yeah we got it you in that famous buddy ryan meeting when he told the tina zone so sitting back maybe there was all sure yeah it was a tells how the story of how he to lobby is unduly every ever saw night for the game none of this is the whole time now he's been with mike now for this is fourth year with mike so you know sometimes
micro talks between first and we go off its indifference and so then but call the door shut we events roman he just shake his head i gotta know what he's talking about women and one sunday fence but mike had a great visit with the team that that night before the games or another door shut we went or wind another room i sit in the back and the ordinarily will get from the team it he'll go through adjustments and her wrap your ass you know and and it was this guy was a fun maintaining he always had a low letter at that time and and talked about something send buddy stood up there and tried talking couldn't and then i started getting choked up and and the only thing he said you have to the this he said regard we have as tomorrow guys you'll always be my paraffin hero you where you can gus yeah you're my fuckin heroes he said you will always be my fuckin heroes and he chose cheer up internal locked up and so
i was there was it seem like minute's silence but it was merely ten seconds maybe an mc michael the projector and through it to the chalk board and then the screen went down and it might have been carried out don't member cuz whoever said sunday goes were done you i thought for a moment ago we get not just storm out because their processing what body it said i think it occurred to them but i oh my gosh i don't wanna be new england mario rise of these duties in this room african ready what was the biggest thing you learn you know from body in your time with eagles unlike the thing that you took from what you learn from empty your head coach so much of it you know so much about enemy come in my give me a chance deploy form for a fearsome and homer casket family but me other basic
it would both five there are regular lot and i tell people often times i learned problem more of how not to do things being around body than you do from several how to do things some in our first we ve been there for two months and and were at book binders in philadelphia haven't a staff dinner and the owners mr brave and their normal brain research base custom and thumpin a mother chess tell him not to mess with his foot party that is not that's not why things that you wanna do reign of you get a chance to be a coach so there were a lot of that what personnel things and stuff and nobody just he just absolute despise the thought of another two step one on the field because as a labour disputes so when we had the it was there would have been the eighty seven strike in the lock out and then we brought the guys in and was a nightmare body wouldn't have
anything to do with that he didn't talk to the team we all had a door ourselves because it was the end it was in a body from base perspective his tea was out the streets re other side incur this is not my team right and all that did was made there has become more engaged in more behind but because he was supporting yeah i can see that where were the rhine boys hang around rex raw yet there hung around here there are two or three camps of their numb west s university i bet this might be a dumb question which was the wilder the to you they were i said they're pretty much even i can't tell you right twin stores we ve had rob on the jobs a great almost actually just quit his job of buffalo and like hung out with us on our guy of routine robin enow justice just grown up
you watching them grow up i don't want to age myself but i was just was really cool watching them move up i mean one they were both i think they're both each other at the same time fortunate directional schools in oklahoma and and now son one another tennessee state and then one moved here the next thing you know he's got him in the lee and then they re really took off and wrap which one was the more talented are the two football wise they bore you could well with respect to identical twins if you didn't know the difference you to have a hard time deciding who was who based on our football knowledge but the princess was somewhat different yeah can you tell me stories belike hypothetical twins that where the sons of the code to philadelphia those like it if we're just making up a story like if ok after camp when players night out when they told the whole team they get the night after various organization don't don't get your ass thrown in jail air things like that
that is why i don't go to jail is there not a closed went to jail of the brain no no so let's office son i saw onto houston and tennessee i see there is one of those guys that i think if you are a little younger needed watchful born the late nineties early ox you don't realize how special he was when you drafted did you know that you're gonna get a guy like that or that i mean cause he was some rational use of the league china has seen the thing a rusty was that he played from us in a conventional often see year before his is junior your ashley so you saw manderson research under the things and did the interview deprive work out we did the prodi with at least i think so yet there is no doubt that that he was going that guy now you know kid some mind you know i was the head coach the time so i'm a new head
which will avoid been coach in a few years i really wasn't into from with accession of preparing a game plan for defence and looking at the quarterback i didn't compare quarterbacks i wasn't a quarterback evaluate was that the quarterback i and so no after that's the first time i got into it and looked at the quarterbacks in this i was special the things he did and we knew that now we also knew that we were going to take our time and so we had a plan and we went out and we hired jerry rom and we brought chris chandler in to back up so she could back up and learn you didn't have to play so we got steve all the here it possibly could over a couple years ago increasing game she goes and again when you're behind it goes in the game when your head goes in and get to start when christmas heart so he was ready and then we know we start him in the ninety seven season i think so
yeah he was you know and it was even ninety eight may be early ninety nine and i quote she is steve at top five or talked and core back in a league i don't know i can't answer that but i'll tell you he's a top three football player in the league at this point and you know it was his amazing just things that i could share with you or you know just just their endless and you know i was actually on the on the runway in kuwait at the end of you are so trip what the coaches i shared with you when i got a phone call that save but we lusty yeah ah i want i want that team the ted the special tightened season where you go to the superbowl so it's incredible because obviously everyone in their mind thinks you know one yard short but we have to go back cheer for the music city miracle which is in iconic plan its own right what what's going through your
i'm during music sunni miracle and did you guys practice f boil the history behind it before that year ten years or so what we had on our team that we practise every saturday was we called it four county oh go to stand for cow play so you can anybody can help a footballer tenors right hunters and then you just click the ball often they just try keep the ball i've put it down the field and ass we go to the course the season we would add defender so you know you could score against three guys and any by in assisi get ten guys it's fun thing so our sports teams goes came to me for the ninth season goes hey come look at this time because i found this way back the summer vacation and it was a play that happened texas against texts dynamic who somebody back in the seventies and and it was cut cut decide that way with a kick went to one side and threw back the other and that it also where's it put it in and yes we do practice it but the piper story was so a price at every saturday so when when they went crazy makes a kick
and there's a t return time i turned out he turned to me was we simultaneously say home throwback yeah ok worse mace and so dirk mason was our guy ok he was the deep got you should have been the cavern dyson ok mason as a concussion thyrses but she has got a concussion isn't the next week someplace i go okay well then the next guy the backup was anthea dorsett junior ok anthony that was cramping up when i called for him so i grew dice and i said did you pay attention on saturday home run throwback ghostcodes not really didn't pay attention i said hey all you got to do is stay to this side of the field and make sure you are five yards behind the ball outside the numbers that's all you got to do is i got your coach so you know
five yard thing turn into five mentioned i was gonna say definitely didn't do that really know what is i got to show so we didn't work on the kicked the low caught ivory kicked it worked every saturday was a deep left deep ride hard squib but are script to all different guys but it wasn't a blu ray worked on and random blue kick and so low had the presence of mind to get like i don't want to get rid of it without the frank the most full back move of all time lorenzo neil giovanni's like i dont want and i'd rather block somebody s i don't want this right now because i dont know what to do with it right except get it to frank so he gets the frank and i can't i'm standing there watching this income man and then as soon as he got to frank and then i see kevin caught on the side i can see across the field fry i'm color were frankness and ike when frank throws the ball to cabin i can see byron boston ok the headlines point backwards
and i knew that that he was called and later on the field so i saw tangle backers are ok and so now i'm gonna happen down to sideline going caught got about having get out about that i got shit no score in our continent re scored so and so then you know that the the part of store this not told is so you know a law goes to reply everything in the world is a mess amid the stadiums mess to this day that you off two hundred thousand people who say they were there and there's only sixty thousand people right but so in my mind do the math there were a by five right her maid forward it works but i gotta go to the most elementary chart in the world over to chart says go for two i didn't think we execute apply offensively once the ruling came back stays on the floor
right i said what are the odds of this happened again in my mind as its crew was kick their support they brought the bar crossman filter and again that no its arsenal of how do i wasn't over till it was over fan now what would happen if dyson had caught it did he have the arm to get it was you gonna throw to watch a yo yo doesn't get the ball back prospects he's got the arbitrary though you that's hilarious that he just didn't pay attention in the fire we are again dyson so you toss take it i think notice if i get wrong and you play you targeted state and stuff like cool what i'll go happy go lucky california do you know really pay attention coach display on valeria with ease i didn't have time to overtake sober items was in yellow goddamn games or why person my father was in the restaurant
ah here you know there's some kind of nato i have my son was he was running polarize back to sideline so he's on the sidelines and so were all at home in the kitchen got little tv indicates and gone and airbus over and were watching the thing after i say game and and i hear him go hey look there i am there i have yes placed yes can play an over and over an hour ago worry echoes i tear size of the bottom of the screen and he's he's is jumping up and down you seem like fifteen ten five unease jump and he goes in the amazon and he got yeah that's cool i may do i go home how are you doing on the white stops i got the official hits you want you in the air and a white on the field none of this happens and i felt so bad you just like got sick story or northern on all its elements s gonna kick off with the multinational even close but
but she doesn't even know down that's bred in oh that's brandon who coastal mozilla view so let's go forward to that superbowl which is also an icon accessible also my birthday whatever not to brag so we have that in common that game one yard short the one thing that think people forget about that game as you guys were down sixteen nothing enacting was basically over and there's a a video of you yelling at the team in your zip up sweater vast which was often by the way thank you that was allowed to living thing that they never ever pay made we know that it was one of seals hey goes where are balanced and will pay their than they were business next year yet and so that place you dont sixty nothing kamali back and the play before is the mcnair play that is one of the all time plays in the superbowl accommodates lost because the next play that happens what goes on
remind after that play and basically like how many times did you washed up play over and over the we once i didn't i didn't watch it i mean are you see the last ploy but i did was game for ten years or so ass i know what happened to and i didn't until i was how to do a feature story on its i need to go back and refresh my memory and i want i read the play by play first and then went back and watch the game but we lost our starting free safety which is a key component of our defense in the championship and marcus robertson that down in jacksonville the week before then we lost blaine bishop or other safety so we're down to our third and fourth safety that was an issue in that their result there was some confusion we give up a couple big place but yeah see what what i've i felt this strong if others have type was it we got away from who we were particular because we were trying to do what they were doing which is paid up and throw it so i got the message to everybody the coaches and how what goddess you're his word and go back to morgan give us
turn this thing over to eddie's steven go so you know it happened so yeah the steve play at the end there to escape to you know to get the first any of this crap around to get to dice and make a big first down to chin then those deals mill was i mean it was hard it was so close to me if you look at the play on tape they dropped eddie who was swaying to the left and then you know you guys get excited and the design was to have kevin push in order to deeper and if pushed a yard to deeper than mike would have least flipped his hips and been moving up the field and kevin what a come underneath and might have been closer motto walked and dont know but that's football but at the moment
the special moments that you have with your quarterback in your team after that and the marriage keep in mind and we talked about this but this that this year superbowl her few weeks ways first time is spent last since then and i m so there's a lot of people want to know about the specific selassie let city land it was also it was just there was an eye storm we had one week so we practice on ice it george tech outside pressure we didn't have the luxury of turning to have this time around but you know when it's all said and done and you realize that you're that close the memories of the things that happened after the moments that i had with eddie and the moment i had was stephen for example eddie we leave atlanta go back to nashville tuesday we have a big parade in the phrase already comes in the office and goes i don't want to go to provo
losing your minder no man jeff i don't want to go for a while ago you were voted by your peers voted by coaches voted by the fans to go to probably go out to hawaii it's warmer out there you can go out there drink margaritas at my ties at practice and you don't want to go to provo he has now because i will start on next year right now you know and that's what happens when you lose again and especially that close anything to get that to say that they want to start on next year not tell steve was and is a great group a gas body would he say to your team after that game in the locker and wait what can you say well i think you you do your best to put it in perspective and that this is going to take some time to get over and my ineptitude case the whole week was a blur the game was blurry things than set in tow weena weeks after but as far as the team me there's nothing more than you can say to my mother knows her tremendous effort
and probably one of the best super bulls over that at least at that point and then i got calls from the present and the vice president were about thirty minute period after game in both were high prevent alighting and i was like with all due smack sir we lost rash to be prevented because for me would you have cried like codes for me now ok he's he was big prior to highlight is that turkey is a good friend and accurate a great cry you drank one of those doesn t so i'd go not yet well not here i would ask that we would now the dosage he's laughed so that it has also tells us ass yours yes oh yes ways of your boy superbowl twenty bears patriots nortons after the game long story but it has lost all gone on and jim was had all the guys are to his room said come by really he ordered baron norton sumptuous room and
i went by there in the morning to check on him cuz he was miss mcmahon he's going to go in the pro bowl so he's got to get away flights i want this room door cracked open and it it the room looked like a room where players just won the superbowl behind the idea down if you will there is a case of beer in there and so i you know i make a lot of my back then so i had an extra lugs tag so i put one of my luggage tags on the case of air took it to my room when i got the soil next day was there with both my bags and and i didn't realize till i got home that it was a case of dose acquiesce which at that time nobody realised what an that's not why jim ordered it but it was symbolic it was execs suitable twenty so i have they bottles left that that i save that survive moves in ball opener inside years ago i decide to save him
pop up one number one i want to talk about their small part of the thought maybe you're gonna bring one bottle for this interview and then we pump in libya celebration i now follow which would normally we all they will divide sagely ways of your way may win your superbowl i will drink eight seconds yes i'll chug i'll drink sixty eight dublin up i'll drink is made those accuses the number support as a table do get it will get them in cannes and we would just gotta emma outline a mug of fun you some sixty there yet you me the pounders i've always wondered about the the logo switch when you when you did the oilers and became the titans you have to that that the houston oilers logo is awesome right and was great way better than the other titans logo to javert s suggest hey maybe we can just stay the territorial or student have i didn't hammering any saying that that was mr adamson marking people but thy son
will have all the tennessee euler stuff so i have used in order tennessee oil and entitled stuff from that the outbreak all those two year shale gas some of that on your while yeah allied isolating it on his errors i got a couple of questions here for you what happened the flag in fox bureau when you travel find it oh yeah i went in and i had my back pocket and it was the temperature was drop in and i put a an extra per pants on and when i took it out of my back pocket and i it in the pocket of a jacket and i got rushed out cause injuries and i didn't put it back in my back pocket of the pants i had it in side pocket of my sweatshirt i was changing to put the thing on so i saw the play and
pass is incomplete and so and i'm kind of reaching back in back pocket like off fuck where is this flag some kind of bullshit with official i gotta go in your christmas over here says back pocket but i had jack number have switched on me my second sweatshirt agenda is not here and i go anyway i'm ruined on charges of peru and on a feel for the sake of what my notes and complete his lot easier fly yes i just go through is your four or five years is a long time ago that was going to be like the minute that happened two thousand would be on the internet right away i really didn't care and i are you i mean i do heads with most of em in the game ok so musically miracles over we'll go to indy ok werner work dogfight with the court's at indy and they returned upon for touchdown ok and
sound saw in this back in the days when the coach had the head of a buzzer but as to buttons on the plaza and you would buzz the referee and his his belt would buzz vibrate in that meant that yours you're trying to get him so and you had a flag as a back up to the buzzer so anyway de greco and craig venter kind of mega jeff he stepped out boughs and i go and i can't get a replay review and i dont know i looked at him and look i've been to so with these guys and i trust those two guys in youth nor one rule replies you cannot trust a play yeah yeah i thought it out i tell you always concave so i knew so i was running down the feel bang bang bang buzz buzz buzz and and for you who the referee was put i think it was day but anyway he's not paying attention so i go run on the field i call time out ok so we the they review it
turn off that thereabouts walk all the way back man to the fifteen yards i still touchdown was a great challenge but i didn't have i didn't have the flag because the assistant quit man will i believe was terminated the next day did packet so that is a little story so near the cool thing was about three days later tennesseeans facility i got yielded the red
i can express a rags here what they demand a great stuff ok so i got this in its framed in glass and it's gotta hammer attached to it says in case of emergency brake lasting for its i got i still had that higher house but so yeah there's a lost or so how's your settling this flag has asked at his rounds re bound i did know media course anything you do on the sidelines and i just so you know how we lost people are gonna lose to the bakers twenty one seven games so ass let us learn something that was in there someplace i knew tat you make any changes your flag protocol after that like where you kept it knowledge is so belgic keeps eyes sock oh i skipping my sought for a few years seems a little girl little a compound ways those gussie
thought faster on asylum bill aside probably even chased by black bear the that what happened there that's go and i would have said no regular thing they love you know what i guess a motel out my black bears blackberries louder respected different species blackbirds you treat them like dogs the black nostrils a dog attack chase only run up to the hours they dont like people this happened to be a female and i was bo hunting in the guide my guide thought it was was not a female and male soil of close and she was protecting her cubs chase you see sir andrew had aware here yeah i do yeah ran up the ran up the hill my guide had the rifle right heat took off run some guy i turn looked back he's run up the hill cause she's warfare in the words and that means a common so i looked at him her dwarf and i just took out wrong where my bow and
i wasn't these issues but i didn't train run up a muddy hill near by am beaumont plus adrenaline thing if it bears out you know we prepared like lay down and play dead
world outdoor world yeah you do that if you if it attack his eminent innocent a big bear a blackberry you gonna defend yourself are you to punch there would be no black or you would defend yourself then that is often ties if you'd study bear tax that works i have i have not style gay regime as your no great i'm a black now i would not i would defend myself and hope that would stop biting may that means that you and i'm ok with gettin killed by barricaded relative i just how anxious at all i'm clerk i don't want him to eat me yeah now i never sarah on equality gender had already bears an almost hours oh are you survive vertical yet run faster than one purse yazzi jan fischer who somebody down and right what about that what about the cow moose what is account sits a female ok the us all in a car and they know that one when after you to this will thus have a smelting you know i was wrong place from time
what have you to love she came out of the ten yards star yes she how she had won in working your eyes was gonna want partisan razor and she came out we use our east timor is god ass yet further morales wild animal i don't know how much that every day she saw the moustache and she was not acknowledge this guy outdoors enough stuff like that have i do my research about the fish that got away what happened this happens all toward animals have been attacked by none that's it only to me i would guess what a great come back when i want to certainly shows only have you concerned shaving stash any point now can i please don't went on it was some it was born nineteen seventy six my graduate highschool now
in my mouth that feeds fruit loops in the morning he had milk on a cat like it off it go away by our american absolute that that's why you're here free no cereal shit no and i all the great i'm nothing but gluten what was i was a story behind wearing shorts there were always a little bit long shirts the alike long sleep shirts at went down on your knees jobs that about you they were after the vote on my knees but always i had so much after we went to all that stuff all the headsets either have like three heads rare a span right i just polar serle written over like i like to say that i've always wanted that so you can kind of zaire hide plus alaska appears i probably was wilmore insulated
then i was like you have lot hush made have you got thirty wanna have a way with always raised on the sun every time i see like a shot of an interval sideline these days it seems like their two dozen guys with headsets on is that it is unnecessary what some people get headsets well yeah yeah some goes on both sides staff amend you don't even know you guys were upstairs when even change protein everywhere from three four side too many for beside their maybe eight coaches upstairs and additional august house service talk so you head coach you had no kin has recently three you can go off and saw defence or special teams and i'm so but when you saw me pay attention i was ass yet pointed out i will hear one air so i don't birth defect of hearing loss told here unless my right here so ask yourself sideline i had to go like this to talked on back on
contrast what nobody dive have you part every horrid augusta talk here that's fucking unreal notes now yes it ever saw my first tom i pleaded i went i went through eleven without a bogey jesus cry has ten straight double bogies what am i have of dear friend it i've been down there if you enough times if you go down employed love you gonna eventually par every hole in it then i don't know that's the case if i pleaded oh yeah so i've been really lucky to go down there some one or two such and such a privilege to go play dear friends so now asano adela i was very fortunate took off my boys and and everybody knew so the last all was sixteen that support through thus tyres nike ball young accuracy i don't know that yet the visual in its for us for normal garth golfer it's an aid iron maybe a seven i got when it's nothing i could not as many times
i play and they all knew and carries were bet nom in my boys or give them is shared and united my son gonna turn hits for an eight hour and ten feet mrs pot for burden thompson was heart attack i got the afternoon if there is a definite alarmist nice i won't talk a little bit about what the future holds for definition so obviously want to get back into football you doing some stuff with was the abc alliance of your lives malaria football but about inoffensive have have you received any calls us off season yes and no but from from decision makers are people that would would interview no i didn't give me by this some feelers again put out there why why is that why do you think it lagoon we talked about at the start of the show you know you have the almost the tenth most what is an eleven or twelve most wins all times head coach you have a lot of losses as well but do you think that it's a person
gene or the way the leagues moving in an offensive will you know direction or maybe the quarterback seen oh i know that the whole nick falls case keen on thing and you can maybe talk about that what is it that you think maybe has people saying i called you efficient well i think it is the fact that a lot of it in the second cycle is is what happened with the rams was shot and so everybody it's trying to duplicate that success or go get that guy that the shamrock vague i sent i'm so happy shot i'd never wish anything but the best friend coach cuz i know how hard it is so i'm really happy for sean there's a lot of that you know i don't know i had some not you who speak right now who's left stalin's no no no whose an alarmist office nobody
who is playing a championship so the rams repay the page jesus right so thriller for coaches or what been there done that abilities stability stability been there done that and then you get sean who is special he'd earned the right to get into that so my point is that an end and that's where the league is and what i dont like scene is what happened in arizona yeah ok ok cause coasts works as a good person ok and he's a good man and he needs to be given more opportunity than what he got twenty especially when you go in your roster like tat he can i forget over like the with the cap situation everything that they had to do go into that his rosters gotta not going to go into detail about who did it but at some point
you know the general manager needs to look himself in the mare not cause if you keep blame in their head coaches over and over and over it's like i'm as this new england's eight consecutive apparent in the championship game tat you see what they did to the division over the last eight years here and i'm the rose headaches three quarters the jets are on their third in miami now on therefore here you know and if they would just settle down and give guys time right now and i dont know what that's gone from that come from the fan base is coming from you guys you know i dont know i but all i know is that there's its spirit hence end and you kid there's no substitute for experience and so i just wish that some of these young coaches would be given more opportune to finish what they started and theirs
many things are out of control of a nurse injuries there in our interests that the biggest sick people forget him all too there are too quick to forget the fact that somebody law some players injuries assure devastated tapes alley so did the forty nine least hopes the foreigners but those guys in coastguards they were competitive but the injury situation often ceylon i i think it arizona cardinals with brutal yeah what are you gonna do so in a gift somebody a chance just the one in dumping is embarrassing to me and i think it's embarrassing to a lot of people that have come before me in the lake in another say our forefathers but this is a rich tradition history and you know to change a coach every couple years does not history so but i i saw you i guess your question was what's ahead
right now as we speak i'm i'm here i'm working with charlie i ever saw charlie's founder of the allies america football i was in central ask of weakens and is more fact habit this had dinner with the coaches and the genes so i sat in a room with dinner with rip new heisel and denis eriksson and like single tyrian like riley and dusty spurrier and mike marts you know and as a good group a guy in a good group put general measures and i want some practices and this is gonna be an exciting little deal and that one thing they all her employer in that league has a common is their ex they love right you know again and so you know i'm helping i'm consulting and help in chairing a lot of different areas and i'm in here on here in town to do a broadcast makers their seasons gonna kick off once we can act as a reward of what about working in front office fur nfl too
what has happened something you ve either explored or talked about it some it's been suggested to me but you know i just love coach yeah you know there's a is a front office exec is doing his job and my open in the courses just my opinion there are some some element of separation between the player in the front elsewhere is good because it's a business jewish that's why i never got involved in a negotiation deal with one of my players because i can't you can ask a player to take a pay cut ok and then ask play hard for you you can't so so tat your question i miss the players i wanna be with the players so the foreign office thing like a draft and i could stay i can do that enough is enough of a man but i
what about defensive corner i assure you back here i want you back at us i don't know i'm in masses well i just you know it it's a challenge i would rather spend my time helping players cuz whether rewards come from and i you know people have heard me say this before and eaten the process and i was hardly want but and i want it first start out as head coach back in ninety four zentrum ninety five full time no ninety percent of my time was x's and o's so it was offense defense special teams x's and o's in integris anytime is okay stop in the sun so he did what or you know something so is mom or it can you get take me to whatever the issues are so i want i laughed i could make case it was premature completely flipped awe and there
there's so much more going on and players lives than there was or at least we have access to the information that we could say maybe say was going on but me i feel like my job as head coach as leader is to make sure that when the player step on the feel that they are met till physically emotionally spiritually ready to work and you hear it from all the players that you know oh i can any george saying you were a players coach and always in or take on their stuff man i want and i want them to go out there be the best i can and i can't do that when i got should honour my do what tat millennials or hearted coach than than older players with a fortnight and video games and dating apps all that staff social media well added gonna toasts today's today's goes nor sleep pocket and oh if you're you're yunker head coach in your listen this programme don't start remains sex yeah starts means are not that's not it it's not
it's not a past for the guy stout at night but they're not function especially ass have reckless utilization give wrote seven there don there i saw there it's just different and yeah i'm an all out this is while share this we did this and with ramps is is it the phones ok you don't want phone and not go off in a me room unless it's he's expecting a bay and i want to hear go off cause i'm fired up form no around what to call me but so no funds may rooms right so what we do is turn phones off you put in a basket just outside the door in the hallway not twenty five minutes you're done phone checked give them a scholar their faults here because you don't i don't have to i have studies but i guarantee you after twenty five minutes the brain is in the hallway wondering what's being taxed or what's being email or what's been
shot around and not on the board learning you're not a big text message guy a little bit i've texted you like ten tangier responded once but i know you're reading them how'd you know that because you got you shut up to the office and i said i take you the address and you never responded and then you just ship with a woman tax your phone call and i m a phone call guy wall from us worth apologize an anomaly having no knowledge as i know you yeah that's true that's a dance in my view of my there might have been a certain quarterback gave me your number here so back to it twenty five this mass go out and check your phones come back in and now we're ok right and that's that's across the board so that's thirsty you is coaches you have two changes they change ok and then just ass not like stay cool
more ok what's the what's their world enough and we offer on on about it but what about coaching debbie's go sometimes you gotta go back to move forward go all the way back so the beginning i just wanna see by pressure you asking the course we love football eyes in your consummate finalize a game i love talking about to go and i love helping people the complex array like there's gonna have to be a whole new thing like wagon to learn the intricacies of matt will floor and the cliff clings but it's a lot of work i just want you to come back on cower to come back like there's a whole with a high so we know tat we can depend shadow good great goes out to know you wish them well
so are you told the story to charlotte about the last days of the rams you saw them going off which obviously was very emotional i have a story for you so that's super bowl i actually met stan kroenke and less needed our party and i went up to them i was pretty drunk but i went up i said you guys should never fired a fisher unless need pull me aside he's like hey what do you mean by that so i think they miss you well i miss them a man but its business that is business it's you know when you work for five years with somebody like i do with less and we heartless we're a bunch guys heartless and then you don't hear from yeah ever again as the business whether business the way it when i saw ex accepted though you know with the market sounds about a technical gorgeous programme arms to that that few diarrhoea so
so it was i was again so that that actually i want our hope that news must have come from so that i wanted to take on its apologize a little bit but also a kind of brag that i broke news about you and that's that you were in the airport with a dog in his acute dog very clear doing words i've anew and since that there was no i still here for your hundred with here more doubt you did this one's two guys like that it's my emotional support yet yet so i have a with her but now i have another one so we have to get low puppy yeah short wrote about dirk model popped her way i was with me too i yes that was a phenomenal parts or the you named him dirk by you got you went to the rigour of the bravery and my own then what did you do we will have when a little can on the back seat and were dry slow slowly down a dirt road us working for the highway along the river and he he stopped me
noises and wine and stuff like that so i pulled over and i put him on my lap i just stopped and looked at him for in about twenty minutes it's a sell your eye contact yes you know and you know that it said and you become submissive term and they become submissive to you and that's all we bond see that like the visual of jeff fisher sitting here in a beautiful montana scenic montana background
staring aren't you staring into a dogs eyes resides that as this is a thing he does after redress the player in indonesia i blow god knows and i gave him a minuscule gave him a biscuit after finally the sun rises in the name of this you probably know but share it is a good friend of ours so i said i did not write i that's it for me i again i i want you to get a job and apologize for any jokes it i've made a i did started but then i became like many times happens as they make a joke but then i fall in love with the persons though i essentially was like wings a joke it was i made a chart that was later if it like if you win abysses got you to alienate which by the way it's bullshit the bbc fischer day is seven nine because you and eight need more times you weren't seventy not your i also had a thirteen and
the other has ruled that i will therefore superbowl i had a ten in a row he up i heard what will you aunt hannah row oh yeah the tenth of victory against bears i thank and though it came back to national rail we lost the jets that's the way guide to i pursued on the field i jumped over that's right sir yet her shoe let alone the price field players it no that's what i do think we got a switch the narrative and we gotta get a height video camera baby i videos gets pumped up until you are i watched my get popped up its harder to lose ten arose to winter in the future i beg to differ on now if it's pretty good at that guy says one real quick suggestion for the f if you wanted to subdue the ratings little bit yet spurrier they're just making coach fruitless
catch him who could make him coach shortly on the sidelines yielding gosh hates where assured anyway so you ll be glad to do it again and people to name just black holy shit like that once the desk dust settles after the super bulls over and you guys end up with your quote soup bull vacation road trip large worlds before work one zero back right yet no thought or you're gonna die larger down stop and see me every hour but on your way back and you start to decompress your watch these gangs that weaken conical where certain difficulties i don't think that's a problem but i would for to visit you again attack by some sort wildlife we can do that fact that you like ashes little black bear well didn't i there's a difference between charged and attack
a grisly you don't forget that i've seen em alaska but i don't want to see one in new york he asked yes yes but this been great and i were i'm gonna keep anytime time an opening i'm gonna be well do never the job is the hype videos come out because you i need a website like you or build you a story on the bar yeah into i was expecting me now i'm happy said it but i had already respected it occurred and if you get a job i'll be on the side africa is just kind of a guy around back are you using a barrage of horizontal yours you out social media are all red flag for you and i'll just haven't unlike a platter vacation next year next to the dose acquiescence out we are exactly coach things so my skies
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the next game little protests we watch the probable that is the superbowl of deep holiday i think you're a spice up the probable intimate get a really good dip spread going on you be happy oh yeah i let's get some segments struck idea was sober they should make a dip flavoured would like grisly are copenhagen to dip dipped in double the devout black buffalo doubled at her a black sha la la la alright let's get you some segments first up we have a stay woke yes this story is not going to die anytime soon the saints are still upset they're gonna be upset i think would for the next three months for months longer than that neither you nor of your saints when i'm cool with irish i don't want to hear from anyone else proceeds verifying i respect the city of new orleans grudge against the unifil logic would keep this should go in my parents or they are running in the ones is this weekend and they said they were everyone was told not to bring up the same to the entire gets thy love
you asked me and like hey listen guys you won't have a nice night if you bring up the saints she's gonna get thrown around and people can be very upset that's fair as fair just tightened persona non grata nfl in normal i so we have the wrinkle the new wrinkle is that apparently four of the rush so what does it six got six mangrove four of the raft are women on or women thank you pay after four of the rest and if she championship game were from southern california where the ellie rams reside worthy await where the allay rams are king yes as these guys from southern elsewhere they probably grub die hard ellie rams fans yes and so they i guess conspired to wait until the very last second to ignore recall yeah awaited they waited their whole life for the ramps come back to allay yes then they will
now our time to strike then they struck that some real count of monte cristo shit yes is like waited egg wailing waiting for vengeance yeah so well done if that's actually the case i'm totally okay with that an masterfully executed plan the food rats from southern california were the ones most responsible for the non conrad's cornerback nick mikhail roby common the eyes he likes interest it all adds up and you know what roderick deal still has no hurt him it still has not said earth and kid now though he has is little state of a state stated the league on friday when he might be locked out but he might be locked out that's what they should do they should absolutely no i'm gonna i'm to need to see ahead of the game i'm gonna need to see each officials like spotify playlists from apple and see ok for every sublime album you have you need to have to drop kick murphy's a narrow psmith i wanna see i want to see the back of their truck see if they might have you know some some different bumper stickers that we can in no way be a calvin
calvin and hobbs and calvin has a rams hat knees pissing on the so the league i need to see all these things we u can spot it we'll figure it out maybe grill cover up check the girl come our you know we should do we should absolutely photoshop some trucks with some like really californian like the refugees pulled up to serbia and we had a picture this guy is a big pot leaf and escape word yes and truck nuts on the bs always gonna fat had in his garage yeah nice ok not early fat had who i next up we have a respect business close to us so everyone those that our friend good friend your gulf is insuperable well most people also realise we have a good friend on the other side in this is not a bragger anything we're just calling ourselves out when anyone says it run by that we are biased we are biased because we have friends everywhere so this came on a press conference
friday joint gentlemen he dropped a blake portals boat joke during his press conference then losses train of thought and said is just a run joke with some guys guys guys who those guys you putting all guys so so what do we do were actually so biased that we become unbiased we ve michael will bind our societies our way and not being able to refer anyone yeah we're just rooting for a good old game i wanted fun time we weren't you know i'm noting or buffalo wild when i'm rooting for it to be the highest rates roll over and everyone get all their money monies worth with their commercials yes numbered in for some good funny commerce wording for the brands vessels in other areas we have come in that at an overarching too i know what i'm saying around band superbowl committee can be porn that's all you need to do is to enable fucking around a tweet a and b i check out this this commercial pepsi banned in issues just anal yet
if there is anything on trumps india and commercial five hundred percent whole milk as weak as it's bullshit that these all these brands like look at what they didn't want you to see that no you just in paper super commerce we should definitely have like a double penetration seen be like this brought you buy wet yeah so no one still at joe from us i you know what i will i'll do the research i put my hand up i'll do the research fund is important groups that we can put into a super man it's very big but on the d amato render has even the amateur well we all have roommates it sounds fine had to render that would render our economic motor mega mix up we have appear when one is for john bruton so you mean while you jerk off of course i gotta get out
otherwise not is not realistic why only do that when its appeal vig camp then it's not really in the show in august call up the big leagues but as we say like it has to be the right visuals leaves a girl disguise takes way too big right is ass i can imagine that this is me he's got watchword stomach yeah that's a next innovation is just like very personalized porn very fond of redouble their looks exactly like me from the nectar oh you don't have anything happening you don't like somebody we're gonna be do people can be fought horny dusar me walk around their house with virtual reality goggles totally naked yeah you think with their rock hard dicks bumping into shit you think like this is awesome conflict in every i guess i'm just going to resolve them either on the train somebody has just coming nutting standing next up goddammit through the paper listen to everyone who says like our societies going to hell just remember don't you
the arse aside he's going to hell line until we have dude is bumping into people with rock hard boulders goggles we have so much word add is that we want to we that point we're good and you know what does all this bullshit after about like all the ways that we're ruining the world right now but if you stop and think about it all where's that were ruining the world for the future we're doing it by doing awesome
for right now yes like yeah ok we're the world's gonna help because every guys can be wherein virtual reality guidance and haven't boaters alla time but that we're gonna go through heaven before we get to our basically john bonham inlets at borders live fast i like i don't care that the earth than other ice caps are gonna melt i love burning star from cups it's fucking sick optimists exhilarating paper shows suck you sorry we all agree paper shows socks someone figure out the technology otherwise we're gonna keep using the plastic and guess what a couple sea turtles now i actually don't i actually do want to care mother earth so i'm gonna stop myself wrote their luca wasn't father mother little misinterpreted guy father to earth is a mother father tottered ladder of overtime mother we here the background rumble something mrs happened we're missing the worker i was power through the judges will do it for you guys
reasonable rumble of another reason you care because you have money on well yeah amount of money but we're missing the real rumble to do our job how about that credit to us by would come after the ivy this week if you're in atlanta yellow or asking so we're gonna be there from noon until through this we get everyday do in radio then wednesday night eight o clock polar no tickets so it's just kind of show up and i don't get there in time to make it in which sounds like it's illegal swim ass we you know what he's gonna be like guys we like woodstock toby people simonov offences to get all i'll be the head of the old one thousand angle angels and ultimately also knifing don't take the brown acid mud people also shut out to the like forty people at europe's the public's today dollars it's been over the weirdest things radon but also com a funny things too my with people in like the dairy dairy i'll we should just actually go to to cassio all the time eat a bunch of samples just hang out all hanging automating we're ok
come on we're here last night before we get to our monday reading pure wanna one john bruton so the senior ball was his past weekend john bruton walked around and slap reader tat stickers on all the players he liked yeah such an awesome move the raiders finally we are spending this thing around blow i love it i love it manages he's branding people like it could actually see a world were coach le gregson i would actually have a hot coat hangar on the sidelines if you make a shadow play boom bill o brien if you make a billow if you play like texan he's gonna take power drill unjust much like he's got idea this is my god my god the other part about this that i love is the john bruton clearly is doing this because you can't remember anyone so he's like it's almost like one michael scott has the to asian girlfriends any marks one of em he just mark arose a writer tag because he was not going to remember who liked or not that's actually jog rooms big board yeah
that's how he denotes joseph so here and i take elegant glowed with the first five here and guess what if your college athlete of profit ballplayer who might be the senior bull next year pre de collyer how may bring your own add something else also that john bruton can't draft you yes will ya then trade you that's a good point out your leg at the peak of your ability look at jog urine slapping the helmet sectors are people in the senior bull and huge jackson wouldn't even do that to his own pillar interior of training cap until there is enough porn played on the on the right the logical and talk to them in the brown can you guess so that we ve been on a tour of us for a long time cutting off a navy ship yeah what's up everyone gets its fleet week is certainly needed here and part of my days ok we're good either the shop with our monday reading i'll start with the title its doozy tired i'm forty in hesitant to bring my nineteen year old life to the office party by bark sanchez typical problem right what are you gonna do that's all
right so starts i was forty one years old and stating a lovely sixteen year old girl so right off the bat though numbers don't add up away on his wife go back the fur one would eat ninety eight nineteen in this one and forty one in sixteen so this is the kind of recurrent deal was growing deal i made the cardinal mistake of inviting heard my company party yeah yeah save any inviting a sixteen year old eu deigning to accompany parties a very bad idea the cops gossip longer types engage zoo salacious better than my reputation hold on like pineapple express this is it the gossip muggers we're not the reason why your reputation took a ding here the reason your reputation a ding was you invited you dated a sixteen year old as a forty one year old mail and then brought that sixteen year old your company part listen chatty cathy article or has real problem with me having to drive my date the office party because she only as a very firm in its after nine p m man i ended up leaving the job you gotta
forty five i then i ask that my then girlfriend age seventeen accompany me to my office party i told her volunteer any demographically informed about herself and instructed her taylor appearance to look a bit older this is great armies are althea healthy relationships fortunately a senior vp daughter was a high school classmate with my date any regular affected are right away the shaman humiliation that i endured in the aftermath force me to quit their employer fired again today i'm not our executive track or i'm on an executive tracking senior leadership role at a great company that has much career advancement potential of forty and my gorgeous wife of eight months just turn ninety hearing the lessons of my past and extremely reluctant to take my wife to the party this week listened that's bullshit this guy is a hundred per cent gonna bring
the port oh yeah what he does he loves it this way does the need for the yearly office party right he feels persecuted because ok what's up with your wife having braces yeah what's up with you the fact that you know like the entire executive boards kids recognizer from from grade school yeah as is weird but skipping it would be detrimental from a networking standpoint however if i turn with my wife iris possibly urban many people especially since numbers and my colleagues have daughters inner same aims i don't things will go well in this meeting our yes it's the meteor earned it does he should i turned the party alone first of all like the fact that he was like the cardinal sin of bringing my ridiculously younger up to a party like a face like i may the cardinal sin of lobbying a hand grenade into a group of people of this guy on thursday one like
came every one else for the fact that he can't sub dating women that are wildly inappropriate for his little solution here for this guy he should take two dates one should be like fifty years older than have yes and one be you're forty years younger i think that makes everyone happy it is then if they get mad at you about you like you're just ages near what right so my best girlfriends or ninety years landis a historian yeah this is my twenty three in me wait out or he could just state one of his colleagues daughters not now cut out the middlemen and get immediately to his fire yeah right you don't have to go wishy washy should i quit should i am not can become executive know you're getting fired right away ass i liked after much humiliation he said to his elation was getting caught him to his bosses offers billy did what the fuck yeah every day and they came and you're gonna creepy because i guess you're dating a sixteen year old like that's not normal and but knows the chatty cathy's the water core flock and it you know it's
zero everyone usually use differ like hey do you see the that under hey man i would imagine being me talk to head right now imagine imagine imagine dating a sixteen year olds and whatever was going to talk about at the water cooler monday or do you think my governance should take in the under man rats that's revell rebellion tessie about that but i don't like it o connor lay off reveal he's itsy sought relaunch is about his gambling acumen is yes we still learning he's learning only yeah yeah guess what we all suck a gambling relax we should make up a gambling term and and see if we can trick him into the yard and israel s okay beyond look out hotmail outline what you know what will put it as a deleted seen in our porn video that were released later this week look out for it and use it i think he meant to say been super
europeans who really are porn bales ongoing support it just important very eighty get approvingly those original for gummy back we have wanted to release are our top five greenpeace yeah you know what those chatty cathy's at the f c c real problem gossiping come shots on our side we have it'll i beg weak big yes it's going before on everyone fall long will have some fun does subscribes ip empty youtube channel follow us on israel on twitter will have all updates of whatever get into this week maybe sneaking in saying what i've seen anyone know where we're going to speak in a radio or on friday but we're not going to use i when i can do that will see everyone's lobby guess
so what have we got results were right by the world bank has resulted in a body is able to meet its parent my team
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