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Jerry Rice, Russ Wilson MVP + Guys on Chicks

2019-11-12 | 🔗

Russ Wilson MVP tour continues and the NFC race is heating up. Was the MNF crew too mean to the Niners kicker. Pete Carroll twin update (2:17 - 12:15). Hot Seat/Cool Throne including Hank's fantasy lost and Jeffery Epstein conspiracies going too far (12:15 - 67:43). Hall of Famer Jerry Rice joins the show to talk about his career, his insane training, catching bricks, chasing horses, and how fantasy would have changed how people viewed him. Segments include way to stay relevant baseball for the Astros cheating, trouble in paradise skip bayless and guys on chicks.

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los pop those champagne bottles mercury morris i feel like we don't even do that anymore now that boomers not on every single night i haven't heard from mercury an he's usually reliable as a clock like this is when mercury shows up to get his one week of shine every single year i'm actually disappointed what would you have done if there was a tie i don't know chugged a room temperature natty light i was hoping we were you get a tie we're getting close to a tyler on monday night it was a great game though russell wilson the m v p now for
one of the mvp race even though we through that intersection and over time the people just for getting a and also played hot potato with the ball and give it to his line in in the worst he that was so bad how he just sold out as lima just handing him the ball did he headed tumor was he getting stripped and then it just bounced writing any like save it to was like here you take this i think i mean the biggest story of the night i thought was to dave and cloudy cloudy was lightly trail up check i shouldn't sharpe jr clowney on cloudy yes it's just looking for a new the name for so much so that to john watson was tweeting about how much you love them and this is a yes and this is a but yeah i know you're right did you did you dave and quality that was like he's coming out game as a sea hawk and it was a fantastic game it feels like the end of cos is going to be a race they play one more time in seattle it's gonna be a fun race down the stretch i think you walked away from that game having questions about
the forty niners offense not the right i mean they can run on a one the jimmy grovel like big moments in that end of the game he was just looking to throw an interception to some all the fourth quarter all the overtime he was i think they had what like two interceptions that were dropped the up a couple of the balls it maybe could have been intercepted they were missing george kill them great it was not in there the company is going to be a great honor crazy in the in the in the outbox so that is a big loss because he's probably the best tight end in the nfl but this was like the game that that the 49ers are undefeated everyone is wondering if they're for real and they are but they have actually pretty tough schedule going down the stretch will the entire nfc west us to not only the niners the seahawks to end the rant yeah they all play like a load a really really good team so my biggest question the other big question coming out of it are we mad at joe tessitore for being mean to a kicker was the moment to be
for joe it was too big he said so mclaughlin i think i'm saying his name correctly chain chain are actually chase but eighties basically assurance somehow the forty niners tree this but some of the forty niners have two kicker is better than the bears kickers one being an ex bear and the other being in a line i but i digress and so he makes a huge kick to take them into overtime like a fifty yarder many miss is the one to win in overtime and joe tessitore goes the moment was too big for him after the moment had just been perfectly fine it's just kickers mess and so people got mad joe tessitore i actually think i'm cool calm down what your tester saying that because it was so dramatic being like
a moment is too big it's like it's a monday night game in both these teams are probably going to playoffs yeah they'll be fine in the long run the seahawks are very very good the niners are also very very good i thought that in overtime kyle shanahan's play calling was very interesting so the niners get the ball back after that interception they had an opportunity to i mean they could have melted out and walked away with that i will be very easy but they threw the ball three straight times i believe clock stops seahawks get the ball back seahawks back and win the game this is actually a battle of the two coaches that have lossed super bowls because they pass when they should have run right and it almost happened to both of 'em right pete carroll called that play got an interception kyle shanahan called a bunch of pass plays when he could have run the clock out and then ended up losing so which team has learned less which coach has learned less from their defeat at the hands of the patriots how 'bout russell wilson saying it was the crazy
games ever played yeah that's kind of where is it the seahawks just play in these weird games but he's played in super bowls he i mean he the the organ rose bowl that he played in was the most points ever in the first quarter in the rose bowl it was insane like he's played in some crazy games i'm not saying that this is the rose bowl i'm not saying this to the rose bowl is bigger than this but he has played in a lot of crazy games so that's kind of a weird thing for him to say but yeah he's russell wilson i think i said this a couple weeks ago but he is for my money the number one i and i know it kind of spits spits in the face the the factory through threw interception he is the one guy who i would want trust the most with the ball down late in the fourth quarter was good interception though so it
i'm deep in theory if they had made the tackle yeah it would get aren't part i agree yeah i mean even when he makes a bad throw it was the right throw to make at the time it was only a second interception all year his guy was open on it he threw interception that happens from time to time russell wilson is fucking ridiculous and i would be terrified to be rooting against him at the end of the game running passing whatever it is he is the guy who can make the most happen late in the game and it just feels like i don't know it is but there are certain levels that athletes get to where when the seahawks are third and long or fourth and long i'm just like yeah they'll get it when they are in third in short i'm like russell will probably throw fifty yard touchdown here like just to fuck everyone up i also thought is expect that i thought was going to go for it when it was fourth in two at mid yeah i feel that i was gonna talk on their side yeah and it said they punted the ball away i love money that football i love
of overtime so you're going to say but i hate how overtimes make you just continue snacking so if you're sitting down watching the game you have your buffalo wings you have your pizza or whatever game goes longer it goes over side buffalo wings in peace on a monday night i'm saying in theory if i were to do this i was gonna say that's an aggressive i had two popsicles and then i had but the the bottom line is over time starts you have to go to another snack you have to bring out your overtime chips over time clock i brought up my over time like use like helping your crackers whatever they work it makes you snack more and you have to open another beer sir your time in overtime beer drinking beers last terrible i had a i had a beer but over time here's the they make your hang over it's like a force multiplier and over time here make sure hang over the next day one point five times worse than a beer drinking
delays i'm next in beer bad i'm more can you fuse yeah what is whole really late i'm more confused your monday night like monday night is for watching football on cleaning up your life not drinking not eating what play yeah that one and that football is not your get your act together sitting at home watching monday night football with peers and wings that's the cleanup game brother to thursday is the go crazy game like food beer whatever you on saturdays also go crazy sunday is just go crazy eating monday is clean up your whole life incorrect monday night is easier self back into the work week taper off from your sunday or saturday i think it depends on the quality of the game that's on like last night it was a situation where it's like a easier
in the wheel but not for like all the lawyers yeah yeah yeah you have to drink more for dolphins steelers over your standard now like how many don't steal i would agree with that all blows whatever no see i the reason why i love money that football is it's the what it's when it's like there's one soul game and you're like no distraction just sit and be with football and like say goodbye to football for three days i look at the item action obviously maxim tonight i look at the schedule the opposite of hank if i see game that's like the steelers and the jets are the the dolphins in the jets on monday night i'm like how many beers that take probably like seven or take seven from other go we we need a p m t poll how many people are drinking at home on a monday night i don't think it's i feel like it's the i feel like it's the sobriety it's the time to clean up your life i'm not your ally guess the line as long as your teams that play if your team's playing that it's all bets are i'm not sharing are you ever drunk every month monday night football game i'm saying that i'll have a couple beers couple cold once i was forty five percent and then it you know
our time it's like midnight and you're still drinking just went over that's why i'm saying we have overtime hits it's been night this seems like a sore throat so decided to get a pop another beer to get ready for a it's one overtime beer that's i think that's the general standard this one almost went the whole over time i think it did yeah it was almost a tight was very very close to being a tie i had another thing flag here robert solid the defensive coordinator a lot of face time of the forty niners he's going to be a head coach not because he's necessarily great a defense of coordinating but because he has a whole back guy and it time your defensive coordinator has a whole back guide you look at that and you say he will be a head coach one day yeah and he's got getting the facetime when they start showing the coordinators instead of the head coaches that guy is ready to go and i would i would argue that the name solid because of most solid little talking soccer has never been higher that's true so you just kind of associate that with winning right now i agree who's steve belichick's hold back guy does have one yet probably below
will be like whole bulma just naturally boxes people this site he holds the entire site yeah he just sees constantly boxing people out without even trying and did you see what matthew mcconaughey noted football analyst said after the game no but tell me he said you give pete carroll glass of water he turns into a lake can go skiing on it whoa tampa is a high thought from khan hey is that just i think there is anything else even matthew mcconaughey is a drug in it so yeah i'm just like it makes you want to compare whatever it is you're watching to an outdoor shirtless activities brain is just high all the time it makes everyone else contact i actually had a friend who was at the game and he sent me a picture back of the head but i look like girls twin ok yeah alright we're still on the case so the plot thickens this who is the back of someone's head look very like the very much like the back of the group that we found a guy that if you were having sex with doggy style
like this you could convince yourself that you were engaging in coitus with peekers cowgirl pete carroll that's who it was ok all right she would do hotsy cool throne hank you want to start sure my hot seat is shorts ok it's getting cold those first fall today it's just yeah i is all yours the miserable miserable part of the year so you know shorter kind on the hot seat put a for the scramble start guides that guys always wear shorts that's aggressive though i don't i don't but that's okay if you are a and i'm asking you can you can get away with shorts 'cause everyone just looks at you like what going on but it makes sense for some reason like way back when faq eyes just decided hey we're gonna wear shorts and in the winter it's a cruel
trick that nature plays on us that right after squat towbars over you can't show off your gains it also means though that christmas is coming we have new christmas sweaters on sale twenty percent off only today only get your merch they have some we have like five new designs some great stuff we should make shorts we should make part of my take shorts i've been saying for the last four years that those two shorts that have the writing juices the yeah the sophie shorts or whatever they're called those are coming back eventually he still running images as p m t across the who's number sir if you have a built in poop staying like it just seems there yeah yeah so you're just like hey you don't have to worry bout went up your part of it will only selman brown that way the entire thing is poops in my cool throne is gender reveals ok oh i see
video i was thinking maybe is on the hot seat there's also new store last week with that a plane crash happen because of gender reveal i don't know exactly how normal correlated but it was like plane crash resulted was a result of a general feel gone wrong there was the girl farting today you see one fifty yeah i saw that was over the the dust come at a reasonable running through referrals and so it the girl farting it's got the people being like all like general mills have gone too far but that's really what and the heat starts in people are going to pick it up even more well i mean yeah the airplane crashed made is that one of the story yeah but i'm saying some some celebrities and suffer like being like aw i'm reminded day like back in the day you fill next and studies like you to send email being like it's a boy that is the
you sent an email and fills there's no way that the early nineties yeah he's his emails been tracked by the fbi listen all i asked time i'd been my day we used to send the coated wire to our stock agent when i'm in my day when built when billy wall while walters walters who we want yeah i think that's his name billy walters the guy the guy who's in jail because of the gambling because yeah they'll yeah he probably what's it what's it called though like the martha martha stewart syndrome or insider trading no like when they were talking about it so much trying to like get it to stop that it's just going to make it happen so that's right side effects tries to interfere with the gender reveals i have i have a theory that we're going to reach a point in society in probably fifteen years where this whole wave of gender reveals is going to come back bite everyone yes because all you see the gordon hayward is a perfect example all you see is like dad's being like shit it's a girl and then when the
this is like you know women or even men if it's reverse if the mom's crying 'cause it's a boy they grow up and they have ability to go online and they see their video and they're like oh so you didn't you didn't want me yeah he wanted it was once cameo start to come into trend this with uh that's what they did they probably hired harrison ford to fly that plane for jenner reveals get what you pay for his a crashed plane in a while it's been a yeah he's over he's like a fee of yellowstone supervolcano is over due to dive when i just feel like there's going to be a time in the in history here where people start finding their parents doing their stupid gender feels and they realize like how much all this sucks so it's happening i also have a theory about but they're not stopping known what's no no is that no it's you're you're going to get our right it's going to go because people want to one up each i mean when a when a person farts out a gender reveal the game done changed we need more that's a cake parts house or
beginning of a revolution i really enjoyed the fartun revealed that that was funny it was yeah i mean it's it's jack as humor jack yes is the greatest humor of all time when they've when they've that when they fart baby powder each other's faces and so funny and i'm not being sarcastic whatsoever if jackass masterpiece that it hang yes all set to run as thank my hot seat is the big ten who in football full because greg anna according to leroy is meeting tonight with ruckers brass to talk serious serious business when it comes to the contractor i think as first reported by leroy the dog greg schiano will be ruckers new head coach wow football so hot seat
most of the big ten big ten e is going to be hard to he is the man for the job yeah he's rose bowl goes through piscataway that's absolutely true my other hot seat is freddie kitchens because according to sabermetrics he's going to be fired this week we talked about it little bit yes on mondays show but i looked up the exact stat romeo crennel eric mangini pat shurmur rod chudzinski and mike patton were all fired after their second steelers game ann hue jackson so we wait this wouldn't be this week then it would be in three weeks when he plays his second yeah yeah so he is officially on the hot seat i looked it up the steelers are final destination for browns coach correct that's it once you play them the second time you're done i still can't believe that a guide
rod chudzinski ever had shots ever had a job much less a head coaching job that's just for the brown that's a that's a name that screams couch surfing to gods my cool throne is the dallas cowboys because troy aikman i just found this out today i didn't know this was going on he's been doing it for awhile though troy aikman has his own proprietary i'm in efficiency rating where he goes through whatever or formula is an he ranks the entire league on offense defense and then combined on a scale out of god knows what but the new english in terms of number one there one hundred and seventy eight point two wow on the aikman if it that's pretty hard that's high here in that the cowboys are third so there are five and four but there's a third best team in the entire nfl according to troy aikman and then the next closest team that's five and four is the eagles at eleven so the cowboys jumped over
ravens well if it's a vikings seahawks if it's coming from his brain than these rankings made perfect according to troy aikman the cowboys are really really good and underrated as far as their record go credit to him for not being biased my it's good my other cool throne is the internet ruining things oh yeah one yes the internet ruining things is on the course run again we're not to enjoy anything we know that there was a viral video of a beluga whale playing fetch with the rug in the ocean you see that as you said yes no no no so so the boilers the will was have yes worse than death the will is having a great time playing fetch with rugby ball and bringing it up to the boat and then they throw it again he go get it i saw it when it back it turns out that this whale is known to russian intelligence service
does the whales name is vladimir and it was a captive whale that escaped a russian military training program and its malnourished and injured it's injured and it roams the seas seeking food and attention from people so that's why blooms up to boats because it's starving to death and it doesn't know how to interact with other whales because it was raised to be a fucking russian spot is this sad as possible story you could think above it's a fail well it's very sad damn and i really enjoyed that video for a good ten minutes before the internet ruined it for me everything's ruined all right yeah i mean you can't watch anything on the internet be cool with it anymore my hot seat well here's another thing the and has ruined it's ruined all of our brains because i was telling you pft before the show but the newest jeffrey up steam theory out there he's not dead he's alive and the clintons use
hillary's would rather you didn't kill herself because he's not dead and then they use hillary clinton's brother's body who died six months ago as the body for jeffrey have seen which they never did dna tests they just had jeffrey of scenes brother are positively idea moved along so did hillary clinton also kill her brother i don't know about that one in there i haven't gotten all the way deep in that series yes let's say yes this is this is the jeffrey epstein case is a real problem for people who have too much time on their hands were going to going deep i'm fascinated by it and there's another billionaire suicide story out there that i wholeheartedly believe in in the theory that aubrey mcclendon remember i'm who is the ceo of chesapeake energy he was also attached to billy mcfarland he was in the fire fest right he's one of the investors there he was the owner of the thunder and he killed himself allegedly right before he was going to be sentenced for fraud by driving his suv directly into the side of a bridge in oklahoma
three no skid marks nothing like he just rolled into a bridge i don't think he was in that it was no one in there it was hillary clinton's some the other it was rather that he was framing and then they were gonna use that hillary clinton's brother is and a load of mileage out yeah his body is very of houston were all these my other hot seat hank you wanna mention it mention what your fancy team yeah i lost this week no cares about your who in the two i lost you guys yeah you got what i want to the first team first place team and we must when everyone in the line up right no you had three players sitting and could become a juror points out and we sat or three players on accident because were clumsy and forgot to check or were great coaches and we are player first and even if you have a by we think you should deserve you don't you should never
who's your starting spot to buy also we want service and you know what what its load management yeah we were given our players a little bit for breaking hang and credits us for being outstanding coaches we're we're next man up team would you say a fantasy football expert like yourself should lose to a team that has three bodies in a part of scored zero points i have to check but i've leaning no okay okay if you're getting we're my cool throne i don't want to do this to myself but myself from do it to myself it's richard risky because i read this story listen to me hank first of all listen to maine i'm in i read this story to chicago tribune is great in depth article about the draft in twenty seventeen why ryan pace fell in love with miss trubisky all the other teams the texans and the chiefs there love everyone should go read it 'cause it's really good deep dive into just how like draft rooms work but at the end also ryan pace basically johnson mister buski because
a beat up car and he went to the sun bowl that's pretty much it ok yeah i do like those stories yeah so that that was the troubling part where they're like yeah we they went out to dinner with mister buski and he was gregarious and engaging and he told them about their beat up car that he drives around he ordered his steak medium rare to correct temperature and then and we took pat my homes out and he put ketchup on him so he drafted mitch instead ok so and then in that actually in the video 'cause they basically did the whole timeline and they put in videos at the bears had tweeted about like draft night and in the video ryan pace is like hey mitch you know the first call like congratulations and he's like just do me one favor make sure bring that car with you to halas hall so i mean if this car this car didn't exist everything changes but that's why draft a player from alabama who always drives a mercedes ok but here we go here's what here's where it gets interesting because i tweet it out that everyone should read this and
someone respond to me so tired of everyone bashing the bears for the pick almost every team had matches their top qb on the board watson was coming up the second acl injury the homes are seen as a very raw prospect to the only way the bears get watson irma homes if they were lower in the draft by second acl injury do also means second ncaa championship no we only had one they only had one yeah he lost the first one that's right that's right who liked that tweet patrick mahone okay so after the homes is basically letting ryan pace off the heart has confirmed we are good patrick my whole moveon has acknowledged that it was not the right choice for him to be drafted by the bears i go to chicago and get really this a little things okay at the end it basically the whole end of the article was like somewhere mitch has it in him like it's deep in there he just got to find and i just read it was like speed is standing clapping so we got this still going to happen in retrospect it was the correct decision to draft bich
what happened after that it's a material change john fox happened material it's that was the other part that's so fucking stupid and so dysfunctional like organization schitt the bears didn't want to fire john fox and pay a coach to walk away and they don't want to fire coach after two years because they just fired mark trustman after three years so kept john fox and the whole story john fox was like in love with deshaun watson ann ryan pace just basically kept him out of the loop 'cause he knew he was going to fire john fox right after the next year so what kind of car was mike glennon driving that made them want to sign him for a shoulder probably convertible the only car that he can stick his head out of the top without bumping the head of it jesus christ it was tough to read but it ended well in patrick mahomes has let us off the hook so he saw it but
i should read it 'cause it actually is fascinating to see like the story about brett veach who in like the worst twist of fate is matt nagy's best friend from college he is a scout for the chiefs and he found patrick my homes in like two thousand and fifteen and was basically obsessed with him ever since and basically incepted the entire chiefs organization that they had to draft patrick homes so he found him when he was the only scout in the country that was like holy shit this kid is thrown for four hundred yards ago knox he wants no he know his problem was not like that is his first couple years of texas tech and i mean he homes the revision history here is that patrick my homes well really really good at texas tech was on a not a great team and he was wrong he also made a lot of men he threw one interception i i think the one thing that you can probably point to it and take some solace and is at the time patrick homes had the stink of a texas tech quarterback rackets which like these guys don't translate
the next let's still terrible call exit six guys named graham that scouts salivate over because they need to grip the laces helped pass at the end of the day it's still terrible terrible call because essentially this was a in depth article two and a half years after the draft being like how can bears get this wrong so really what took him to another is to compile all the reasons why they got it wrong they showed the picture of patrick homes and sean watson metrobus key at the pro bowl 'cause mitch made it as like a fifth alternate and that's the andy dalton slot hello okay let's it's your interview with jerry rice before we do that a quick word from our friends of bill vida nothing melts like velvet only fell beaded livers extra creamy cheesiness especially perfect for your tail gaiter game day party making those dishes you are already making even better by using fell vida our gift to you love velveeta i love it jeez you love the unit create rich yes
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to switch to brave for free today i'm switching to brave i am switching to brave brave yesterday was about big tech today is about us so check out brave right now ok here he is the goat jerry rice ok now welcome on a very special guest it is the goat it is jerry rice his new book called america's game the nfl at one hundred uh we're presence greatness is do people call you to go everywhere you go no no but there's ghosts in all different professions yes of goats thank you on what you do pre shake yeah yeah it could be a nurse it could be a a doctor it could be beyond say it can be so rude serena williams and the list just goes on and on if you are the go yes sir go to go you would you would say that fair to call yourself to go wide receiver right he is okay for people
the call me to go but i would never sell on the go okay so even though i have a go head to omaha i mean even though yeah actually has the yeah well i'll put it this way besides you who is the best wide receiver you that you've ever seen play hi i have a lot of guys before me lance one you know drew pearson dwight clark freddie solomon and the just goes on and on and on and the guy that's proud plan today the guy i really like today is like julio jones larry face jail and a b will he was my man too yes so you had those you talk about a be leaving the steelers work
i think you said he was just sick of tomlin and roth lis berger since that it looks like he's been sick of everyone who had trouble everywhere do you think he plays again i don't know it to be honest with you because i know he got in touch with me and i thought he wanted to be a nine or danny went to the raiders and all of a sudden things went south with the raiders and then he went to the patriots now he's out of football so i i i i really don't know so you i saw a comment i think maybe last year that you made that basically was like you could still come back and play oh yeah oh yeah i still got by eighty catches me o the forty niners let's say it on a couple injury they don't they don't need me they really do think that like i we always we always joke about it because very sanders you know retired when he still had a lot of gas in the tank and my dad used to always say like oh barry sanders out there somewhere for about fifteen years after
okay are we still in the jerry rice opening still he still could get out there you know i remember barry sanders back in the day and he put so many guys in the hospital and you know because to good cut on a dime an you know what a great football player but you know i think with the niners right now it's a whole different scheme of football with the run pass option is not like the old days then and i remember days where if the ball was being thrown to the right side i was getting hit on the backside yeah now the protect players just a little bit more yeah there are you a little bit jealous of the players put up the numbers that they do does not not you know i think i played in the air where i i would not go back and change anything i have great teammates and you know joe joe montana and you know had run a lot the greatest coach you know the farm bill walsh and and now i would not change anything and and i know the ball is being thrown in it in the air more now but i played in a in a
here where i think windows helmet light it on monday night football it was time for those gladiators to come out there and play you mentioned ronnie lott gladiator when he but his own finger off yet at that series and he got his they told me that story man and i was like wow did he actually do that for real for real and he he did he did he didn't want to miss any time so he decided to tell them to just know nip the hey did you would have done the same thing well your hands a little use a little differently than a defensive player with without any station no i got nine hello and no no no no really i was late but but but let me tell you guys this i think because i play for over twenty years the pain tolerance you not always going to be able to play when you healthy but you still gotta be able
to perform at a certain level so i was well to what ever i could block that out you know if i had a separated shoulder a whatever i could block it out and still play okay so that that brings up something that i wanted mention one thousand nine hundred and ninety seven interior acl week one he you played week sixteen of them how that was too how is that possible this is before acl surgeries have become you know what they are today and guys time lines only nine months twelve one you played in the same season when you tories the one that got the reason why i played is because they were gonna retire joe montana jersey on at night and i want to be a party that's what i'm i'm a respected him as we also restore so i re help like crazy and everything was working in you know properly i was it was to be an explosive i could come out of my cuts i could do everything but when you
ever injury like that the knee doesn't heal completely there was no way i should have played in a game but i i played in it and i was right back in surgery the next day you did the other surgery yeah so just a big because i cracked my patel did you retire the they see all the same time no no no but it now just cracked my patella so they went in there and put some struzan did all that show no do you did this form yeah i told him okay gift basket so so so he owes me big time yeah you don't out of respect it was just a respect thing that's all i looked at it and i was just 'cause i saw the whole warren sapp and you were upset that warren sapp never called you to apologize you bring it back a lot of bad memories well i mean then i left the game log and i was like wait he played in week sixteen how does this make sense yeah so you know it's just hard work man and throughout my career foot to play professional football for twenty years you have to sacrifice a lot yeah
an and i love the game the way i condition myself and i always wanted to know put something out there special well let's talk about that because you're conditioning in your work ethic are stuff of legend everyone but the bricks so you would catch bricks your dad was a bricklayer and would throw you bricks when you're a kid can you tell that i had a brother that you know that with romy bricks and i would be up on this scaffold that was about twenty foot in the air and it breaks was sup sup but now with snatch him out of the air and there's this myth about me catching bricks you know help me to catch football but it's totally different you know to to football you got to be because the ball with your hands and you got to be able to give for the ball if you you know with the brakes if you cast the the brakes and you give with the bricks you're going to come tumbling down yeah yeah you're going to get bricked so but you know i think it was just my father taught me about work ethic love
what you do and always given one hundred percent ok what about chasing pete the horse pete was my i'm telling you that's true pete was the fastest horse in the neighborhood and he had muscles and he was just like you know i'm like ok you want some of me a new p could outrun everybody in the neighborhood and stuff like that this is it only took me maybe about maybe two hours to chase pete down because he was in this big this big pasture and stuff like that and he was not the type of horse you could just walk
to ingress okay so this is rural mississippi because it's a very funny saying to be like pete was the fastest horse the neighborhood like which obviously implies you likely many horses it is like a kentucky derby it'll stand if if he if he was in the kentucky derby he will win really yeah peter did you work your way up to pete with another horse maybe not source no no no no no we had to run the horses down so that took like about forty five minutes to an hour but k a the incentive is have you run a horse down to you that was for the rest of the day ok we've got to ride the back door you gotta write the best horse but when you release pete it's going to take the same thing the next time you're ready right so in that would that was part of my condition yeah right training for and the nfl by chasing ps the horse just sort of similar to like you know forrest gump yeah just a we just run
does that help you more with with your insurance are did that help you be able to cut what what did running after pete really help you with you know i i think was more about mind doris yeah that that's that's it because the fourth quarter and the fourth quarter i want them to be look the same way a lot of guys doing the fourth quarter they're tired so you know defensive backs look at me and i'm a bouncing around jumping around a looking at me like i'm crazy because i still have a football in i was always at my best in the fourth quarter closing speed well yeah closing speed on pete the horse with her
i was going to say wizard anybody that you played against the defender that you knew was kind of your pier that was able to shut you down or were you always will you mean shut me down was there a guy who will you talking about yes they're only going up so there was again no one is shut me down i'm headed out now i think one guy that was a d on i had dion sanders then i had darrell green tour the fastest guys in a fail and dion when he first came into a league he was just known for his speed but then he worked on his craft so it was one of those things where you have respect for but you knew that you had to go out and somehow you had to defeat this person an those are battles that you look forward to challenge is an it brings out the best thing so you're kind of joking with pft yeah but not really because i feel like your competitive you house okay all talk no but you have a yellow leaders headed street do you not only are you got to have that but i'm talking
about i read a story where you so every day in the offseason six days a week two times a day was the train can you walk through that yeah but you got you guys you guys are number one and what you do right yeah what does that a lot is not legal yes right knowing so that's right yeah so you but you you know you you're completely from jerry right yeah you involved in what you're doing and you love what you're doing right so it was the same thing for me you loved so just walk us through an average day of offseason workout because this is also at a time when i would assume most guys aren't training the way they trained like now guys train all year found and they know really conduct themselves not no they do not know they train less now okay because you know the equipment that they have an and stuff like that they got all this other stuff going on with social media an you know endorsements and all that stuff that
and i stayed away from ok okay typical day for me doing all season i would take two weeks off right after the season go right back into my training so i wanted to go back into running the heal i had this infamous heal that i would run is about two one slash two miles up an and you had to run down but we ran we ran it for time the last eight hundred meters straight uphill and that would unless anyone that would make players throw up but i was conditioned myself getting myself ready for the next year so you do that in the morning run up the hill so i do that then i'm at the gym probably around by eleven lift till about one hundred o'clock then i have the rest of the day to do whatever i wanted to do so you don't you don't think that players these days could hang with you i think players they thought i was crazy and they don't have to do that anymore they've got the equipment has become to advance
thank is is is a lot different now and i think guys they just don't maybe not right for me to say they just don't commit today a craft you know like we did back in the day was there anyone on the forty niners who not out works you but worked as hard as you roger creek really introduced me to the hill and but you own the rest of the team mates you know my teammates they thought we were crazy he still run up the hill i can still run him do you do you i have that held you help you i have that i have done it before okay yeah did you ever bring anybody to work out with you and they're like yeah i want to do what you're doing sellers and only those guys barry sanders and they they thought they'd like okay we see why you in such great we want to do this but but you guys you can think about this too i play for over twenty years yes the lifespan of the football players about four years yeah but when we
when we played a game because you were getting hit you know even if the ball was not coming your way right so that brings doing it also wanted to talk about so there was a new story a couple weeks ago about tom brady possibly moving on from the patriots in the offseason which i think we i agree this kind of bogus but it's something you talk about middle size and right you had such an incredible c career with the forty niners but at the end of your career you moved on to different teams do you have regrets that you were able to just stick around with the forty nine ers no i still want to play yeah and i as as a still feel like i have more to offer when i into the raiders and i went it went in there and put that uniform on and i i pretty much instead i you know what i look pretty good in this silver and black it looks really good on me and i i will i had some success there i think that year when i got let about a niners i went back to the pro bowl did all that head opportunity go back to the super bowl but we got
about tampa bay because i really want to bring a super bowl tim brown an rich gannon and all those guys but it didn't happen but now i have no regrets then i went on to seattle for a little bit then i was in denver for a second man that was the end of it yeah did that look weird see when you put on the seahawks uniform for the first time 'cause you look i always thought you look great in the silver and black that was like ok that's jerry rice but when i saw you put on the seahawks uniforms like that is just weird to me it was a little different but also when i went in it was no way i was going to touch a steve largent's number now i was prepared to get another number i would probably going to go back to my my collegian and eighty eight but when i went in i met with steve largent and he said hey you know i want you to wear eighty and i'm like the way the respect that i had
that man it was no way i was going to say no to him and that's the reason why i wore at the ultimate respect number respected yeah like different level of respect you i'm i have a few okay so you are you are the goat in my mind but i think with athletes the problem is as time passes people forget the goats of of of past year right they move on to the next thing we see it all the time in basketball we see it in football i think that your legacy is hurt by the fact that people weren't playing fantasy football with humana singlet ball mean but seriously hold on hold on i'm gonna explain it ok when you have guys who put up incredible statistical game seasons there is a like a kinship between fans outside of your the team you play for that is bigger than like i could remember when ladainian tomlinson one me a leak like i will always remember that yeah so i think we
he to set up a twitter account or have someone do it and be like this we can jerry rice if you had him on your fantasy team basically like a time portal so i threw up i looked it up like friends she would tweet when we five how today if you had jerry rice on your fantasy team week five and one thousand nine hundred and ninety he had thirteen catches two hundred and twenty five yards and five touchdowns that's pretty good how many how many points are you serious yes
that game that was against the atlanta falcons yes was atlanta yeah we're big id had demarini i i think he was the defensive back and they kept trying to play me one on one i like i like you like are you serious i got even you don't press actually i came up and it was different you have yeah yeah and they put him on you one on one on one alexander's with the other quarterback and they told him no you stay on that yeah i'm so i'm you know i'm i'm like okay all right yeah you're going to follow the jerry rice all right time portal so well right eleven nineteen ninety three eight eight catches a hundred seventy two yards four touchdowns like that's if you treat that like if you had your eyes on your face the team this week you would have won while this gary basically to route people realize how special you were in the numbers you put up because i think that gets lost i mickey mouse surprise price
ok please write your own stats yeah because i never kept up with my stats yeah that's why week twelve one thousand nine hundred and ninety four sixteen catches one hundred and sixty five yards three touchdowns hope you didn't put him on your bench that say that one more time sixteen catches one hundred and sixty five yards three touchdowns she has crazy yeah so even jerry rice impressed by jerry rice this is this is someone's going to start that for us because we have of a million people listen to this not to brag but are some almost art and run it and be like this week in jerry rice history i'm also very impressed by like i've always look back at your career and and kind of admire the fact that you came into the league and then gives you was you might not be that pass you might not be fast in fact aaron donald ran a faster forty times then you did right and he is you know two hundred
at least two hundred and ninety pounds big guy but when you got on the field and we put the pads on either you a lot faster or everybody else that was fast without passing out a lot slower when you think about it got a lot faster because i knew people they were trying to hurt me and when someone is trying to hurt you you have the tendency to run a little bit faster yeah so whenever i got out in front of someone and and i was like that's the way i i i used to really think and that gave me that little extra be boosted i needed to get into the end zone but yeah this way i look at it four six forty i'm starting to think that way one of one that can double your let me ask you i'm a i'm a tell you this probably doing a football game i was running for two four to see a ten because you're yes because i was scared and i use that i use that to my advantage yeah now if you line me up just to run a straight forty i'm not going to run a good time yeah yeah
someone chasing unease where you need to change the horse yes exactly so your were no doubt a whole famer but do you think what will it when you look at someone who is up for the hall of fame do you think post season success and those big moments exactly exactly because i feel like you go back and you look at my post season i was always at the best you know you go back doing this season like doing decision you look at sunday night football monday night football i was always at my best you so you have to be able to perform at a level when everything is on the line was your favorite super bowl i i like them all give me the charger i'm saving from siri from super twenty three you know the final drive superbowl twenty four against the broncos where we beat them fifty five i think five thousand five hundred and fifty burger on him yeah i've been super bowl twenty nine i think they all brought something special but it's like they met
something to me because i was always nervous yeah e you know you hear people say oh he's just another game no it's not it's a suitable n n if you don't win you know no one no no one is going to remember the looser right is always always at my yeah hey guys a metallic and my my first superbowl i remember playing a game all we're in over the night before because we always put the first fifteen placing yeah so i knew exactly the opportunities that i would have to win the game so i'm not playing this game all night long i wake up the next day then you know i can't eat i never eat on game day because i got you know i got these butterflies going on i'm nervous and stuff like that and the super bowl is not till later on that evening so i go the stadium which i always go on the first right but since i was in miami miami yes so i go to a goal to on the first bus go to the stadium
put my uniform on decided relax on this table fell asleep fell asleep and i can hear my teammates as they walk by like what is going on him this is super bowl we just you know no he's he's sleeping he's taken out but i had prepared i knew exactly what i want to do now i just had the carried it to the football so speaking of guys have had a lot of postseason success and and talk about what that means for their legacy a lot people recently have been talking about julian edelman and the possible that he might be a whole affair because what he's on the post season a joy adam and also he took your daughter problem right yeah yeah did you have any words with julia before that hey you know i just can't share it with you guys yeah you know i just can't say it over there and stuff like that not no but no but you know with ellen went he's doing for that office but he's just like he's just so tough guy look at you know
last night that catch he made and he just threw his body in the air and stuff like that you know to get positive yards but i think eventually they have to start looking at those those smaller guys you know but they do the ball is not i don't think ever going to get thrown down feels deep is used to in the past it's all about because those short passes in in being able to do something with the ball speaking of which you have so many records but i feel like the if your quarterback or and receiver in the nfl your records gonna get broken because of the way of the league is mis a passing league right so are you when a record gets broken although you're still i it's me very hard for someone to break your receiving yards record i would assume well well for ways leri he's good i think i still
he's got a ways to think about four hundred something yeah so that's i don't know if he's got that but are you i know exactly i know i know exactly where he's at i know yeah got to be somewhere close right so do you get wait when you lose record how does that like do you are you mad not happy no no i'll be the first one to congratulate you ok you know because i didn't i didn't play it for the room larry feeling is six thousand yards behind all you got this so actually you're receiving record all time was probably untouchable house wait it yeah it is the touchdowns in like everything yeah he's behind you there's larian he's probably got maybe one year left in him if that
troll only loves reception wise how how many is that he has two hundred you has about two hundred to go by two inches up so he could what i could do that yeah catch that he placed three more years yeah maybe three four years i don't know that's a lot of years i mean that's the longevity of your career is incredible you said it yourself like four years is the average is that you can and like point to all the trend you think that's what i think that's that's really something that i'm proud of you know that i was able to commit to something like that and still love it today you know because it's like whenever i went to practice i felt like i wanted to something you know i'm not saying i will wake up and so i got to go to work today and just going through the motions and in and i think the thing is that really helped me to make cell on foot
phil was there ever any times throughout your career and you were fortunate enough to play on some really really good teams where you had kind of a down season or a bad time and did that impact your love with a gay man in turn affect like how much you wanted to work at it you know guys i think one thing that really help me and i'm going to say that because when we lost to the tampa bay buccaneers and i was with the raiders because i was always used to winning super bowls they had all your place and and and we ended up losing that one and still you have obligations that you have to fulfill with the media and stuff like that now here i i'm so used to you know his winning now you know i but still being able to you know what i had to do with the media deal with what i had to do with the fans stuff like that i think i i learned
or by losing than winning because when you win everything is just great and stuff like that man remember we lost that game when i got back to my room i went to my room i sat on the bed for a second and i cried like a baby because i was like i cannot believe we just lost the superbowl but now you got together yourself you gotta go downstairs right yeah right well you also had like three and a half quarters to realize you loss at super bowl because you guys got killed well thanks a lot i appreciate that you got smoked yeah i'm in gruden had all the plays a good thing i've got thick skin you know that as well in an three other super bowls that yeah yeah yeah little bit is it harder to catch a spiral from a lefty or righty lefty an i had a trainer that was a lefty he threw me any balls and steve use it really pissed me off though because when steve first came into the league
steve was more of a running quarterback so here i am you know i'm like oh i'm running my route and i'm thinking okay to crowd is cheering they see me about you know about to get open and stuff like that busty was running up my back right you know because he was running the ball and stuff like that but we became a great tandem just like i was able to become a great tandem what was the ending like there were in the locker room when it was clear that you know steve was going to be the future and joe is going to move on it was tough because i thought of joe as god yeah and i'm like god is never going anywhere anjoh decided to move on to kansas city then steve became the guy now everything that i had developed with with joe i had to put that on the back burner an i had to make steve you know a better quarterback
and i was always able to do that with whoever was behind center there a moment where you knew that it was going to workout with steve i i was going to make it work because i was going to bring the best out of him you know if he has some stress in in in different n in different areas and stuff like that i was gonna taylor to that and and and i think you know through repetition working doing a week and stuff like that we got on the same page and you know it's like the game i was watching you know with the cleveland browns and stuff like that and you got odell beckham he has a chance to win the game one on one you don't throw him the football so you have to
get on the same page it's interesting the lefty righty thing 'cause i never really thought we had the ball spins a different direction yes yes oh so you had to basically retrain how to keep because i had never called a ball from a lefty and i had a trainer that would just throw me balls after balls doing certain drills then it just became natural how many catches do you think you've caught in your life oh my god this is like the like wilt chamberlain i actually i couldn't even tell you a million at you think it's a million yeah how many is that you're like you know great professional catches have you had because i would tell you is one thousand five hundred forty nine dollars check yeah right i would i would say i just knew that all of the top of my head how many would you catch your practice i i i i can tell we gotta figure this out i want to i want to stat like jerry rice caught this many passes in his entire life and i think it might be a million yeah that's just like autographs
that's why i couldn't i couldn't even tell you yeah how big are your hands i shook your hand and it was like jimi hendrix hands yeah i thought i had big hands but then i ran into shack oh yeah it's like he shook my hand in my hand just completely disappeared well here's here's a stat another jerry rice stat probably because of your hands being large you played nineteen seasons in the nfl twenty seasons two thousand and twenty you had nineteen fumbles total eleven lossed that's insane eleven fumbles lost and in twenty seasons that's crazy so just curious why are you bringing while grace that machine when jerry wait why are you bringing the all the bad memories back up here so we headed if you think that is a bad bad bad bad like i pulled eleven times yeah
that's how competitive you are yeah that's that's conceived i saw that i was like how do the only four eleven time i think we all want to really be perfect your s close to perfect as you get in your still mad about it now i had eleven right here i'll clean it up there you go if you started jerry rice week two hundred and nineteen nine thousand five hundred and eleven catches one hundred and sixty seven yards and two touchdowns if you started jerry rice week fourteen one thousand nine hundred and eighty five he had ten catches two hundred and forty one yards in a touchdown that was your break out game all these games like over thirty fancy points here that's crazy easily probably over forty most of them crazy when you're but when you breakout game and in your rookie season there a third the season against the rams i remember
i was counting it as the the week fourteen game that i was talking about you're saying they're yours already broken up your brother came was already tells of dallas might come out game three a i think was week three because i became the starter and we play the rams and that was the game i went into where i knew exactly what to do i didn't have to think about what you know i had to do on the football field and i was able to will play football no wait that was week fourteen against the rams we three was gets raiders week for teens when i was talking about ten catches two hundred and forty one yards i would say that your break game ok alright well because as you know here you average the you have really tells you i'm i'm a little confused because yeah i i don't keep up with my staff yeah that's right that's right so you have your pre one thousand five hundred forty nine reception to like a test downs twenty two thousand eight hundred ninety five yards yeah eleven fumbles lost over thirty seven records caught caught pete the horse
yeah people who seventeen times so bill walsh though i'm curious he's a fast getting guided me somebody revolutionize football when you sat down with him what was the type of things he would do as a coach to make you better or bring the best out of jerry rice well he never let you got comfortable he never he never would let you get comfortable with anything like that in and bill an are you got just over here because it was by x that they drafted me because the san francisco i noticed they were in town to play the new order sayings and in in new orleans they had checked into the hotel bill was flicking the channel and it will showing some old whole submissive valley state that sarah gain and he noticed me running across the television catching balls and running away from everybody he went back and told this running apartment we gotta look at this guy jerry rice so they went back they looked at me
and then they trade it down to get to that sixteen spot because they traded with the new england patriots to get to that sixteen spot because i thought i was going to be a dallas cowboy they had to seventeen ann a contract to buy the niners service history so when it when he would when he would do an install meeting or something like that yeah we and he was going over your film how hard would you coach you how critical would he be yeah critical but but i i think it it made me a better football player because of when you sit there and you watch the film as a team and not giving one hundred percent are you not doing your job is right there you know on the film and and he would do that he would he would i have to offense in the defense if we had a bad game sit there and watch each other
you know you have to be accountable yeah i saw a lot of great coaches come through there too you had what mike shanahan yeah all the young michael michael grinned all these a lot of football guys in a lot of those guys went on to become hit coaches so it so would bill walsh was able to do his coaching tree became enormously successful their own right when they went on to other jobs you see a coach like bella check on and his yeah his coaching tree sometime struggles with that sort of thing so what we bill walsh is approach with with his own coaches did you ever see him like try to manage them what was his attitude that he would have without you know i think he just lead by example i mean what he expected of his players the way we practice at the hustle to every drill because if you if you do practice a certain way you're not going to be able to carry that on to a game situation are a big gain so preparation was everything for us in and i think that was the thing for him all right i have one
ask question were with jerry rice america's game the nfl one hundred you can buy it now so my last question have a guy here it's the c key question promo code take put in promo code to get ten dollars off your seek purchased purchase we have a guy here from mississippi i think he's from like five minutes away from you i'll introduce you after yeah okay and he asks i said hey anything because you know he's a hero of yours i asked him anything i should ask and your hero your you he's a hero he's a hero of yours yeah brandon walker is a hero gerry rice yeah yes correct you love this guy so the he asked all time mississippi football players can you rank them walter payton jerry rice brett farr steve mcnair all time
i love i love sweetness okay number one i would say then myself okay doesn't very smart classy move my you think brett okay an and arabic there yeah that's pretty good mount rushmore any other mississippi legends i don't know i actually don't know but walter paid meds weakness god i remember i used to idolize the guy had a brother that played at jackson state to and my brother that time told me they were running like the wishbone so that was not a good place to go for a receiver because if they run in the wishbone is not going to be throwing a ball that much but
i remember when he went into a leak and he used to have those kangaroo shoes all of that and how he would punish people when he ran a football yeah well i i saw like idolized okay him okay sippy good football i i got two last questions where first of all were you ever upset that you didn't get a cooler nickname from crisper because he was always around this 49ers teams back in the day he was all picking us to win the superbowl to you know i have had my share nicknames fifty here hefty fee well get that one because of my hair man i had had had their fifi look and stuff like that and they used to call me jerry world rice because i used to they feel like i could catch anything in the world and they used to call me and you should call me flash eighty an
this one guy jamie we can start at a local flash you know like say you know you see i have had my share i think it over because you jury minute rice yeah right yeah me too yeah we did a survey yeah yeah but it was as good as some of his other ones yeah yeah he brought out the the heavy hitters for other people i you probably didn't need a nickname you kind of let your your game speak for itself my last question this also comes from somebody who works here he is him claire at tyler i am on twitter he wanted to know how much stick is too much stick 'em well you know what trying to carry legacy i'm i'm not even gonna respond to that in some way above that there you go my thing is i played the game the right way and you know hopefully i was able to entertain a lot of people an i had fun and acid
so one question so you don't you know the thing is people going to have their own opinions an eye like i'm way above that but when you go back and you look at everything and guess who's been picked by usa today number one jerry rice jerry rice if you started jerry rice in the super bowl in nineteen ninety four in your daily fantasy league he had ten catches one hundred and forty nine yards in three touchdowns in the super pretty good interesting that's a pretty good stat line so we need to get that
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and when all this was going on and seems pretty airtight i saw john boy put together clip did you guys see it where you're basically broke down the astros had trash cans they were banging in the dugout very loud whenever there was an off speed pitch coming where they also doing it for the away teams when justin verlander was pitching 'cause that would explain a lot actually i would last couple seasons so first of all this is pretty fuct up but also good for baseball because it gets baseball talked about aj hinch the manager for the astros also was like every time it's been brought up i think there was a whistling controversy and he was super super arrogant about it the astros has there ever been a team that has like falling off in the public conscience more than the astros in the last month probably not it's
it's been a rough month for houston fans i was going back and looking at what happened during the yankees series this year and so the whistling accusation was coming from the yankees saying that they would do the same thing except not with the trash cans with whistling i would whistle went off seat off speed pitch was coming and aj hinch the manager said it made me laugh the accusations because it's ridiculous had i known it would take something like that to set off the yankees we would have practice that in spring training so cheating and cocky about it how long from now until the cardinals copy what the asphalt sorry happen and they start shooting to r v astro so what like what's the punishment i don't even know i mean first of all we should give clayton kirsha world series for two thousand and seventeen ok yeah so we should update his res make the astros move to london that would be good but this is like this actually is kind of a big deal if this is proven to be true and i don't know how deep you can get into it i think they'd probably have to have
a few more sources but it came from a guy who played for the astros and got traded yeah so seems pretty it seems like it's pretty realistic that it did actually did happen and it's blatant there's i like baseball when there is like a little gamesmanship a little little that you know maybe trying to like steal sign here and there or you know tipping pitches but this seems like they were actually using high like high tech cameras in the outfield relaying it to the dugout in real time real time then letting the players know which is so blatantly cheating yeah it's a magnificent magical using a camera and clinics relaying signals disgusting have you done that yet have you done that yet somehow making it about i don't do
you guys should actually let you guys are the ones that do it and i had to say something they should let roger goodell same terminal one saying all i'm saying is that what that houston astros did is disgusting and unacceptable and that's very good i'm happy you're standing up so i agree with you big cat i think that cheating baseball is a sport for scoundrels cheating run reason and gamesmanship is fine once you bring anything that requires a battery into play correct whether it be an apple watch as some teams have done in the past and gotten caught doing or the steelers or if it's who doesn't know how to use an apple watch yeah yeah that's right good point hank but once you bring a camera or an iphone or anything like that into it it's a little bit over the line but now you can you can hear you on the video that john boy put together you can hear and banging on a trash can yes like they're doing a recital of stomp out loud back in the clubhouse and that's right
yeah exact that's all you hear before the pitch is it or maybe all this is pete was running their air conditioning system in their heating stove in there yeah i've got they've got there in the pipes that's what they should say and i know there will be a lot of people say this is the worst thing that could happen to baseball because it is blatant cheating and they want to world series probably in part because of it i think it's all good for baseball any kind of publicity is good for baseball s personally just gets people like it gets going in i would obviously i heart blues trust well i would obviously think very differently if the cubs played them in the world series but i'm admitting that if you trust baseball at this when you're you're the mark yeah you're the idiot right now if you actually believe that they're in it for you also stay woke this is a war week so monday that's working the your tuesday's manager of the year wednesday cy young thursday's mvp people are talking about baseball announces they work on the timing of it and we'll act you know what spends on this little do your pod for dc homers this makes the national's world
his title even more impressive yeah the fact that they were able to beat him while there sleeping you're cheating yeah in fact i did a little sabermetrics of my own here i looked up the box scores from this year's world series on games played in houston sixty percent of the astros runs were scored in the first inning before the nationals would change how they were doing their signs change how they were tipping their pitches strasbourg even said i think was after game six he's like yeah they knew what i was going to throw so i switched things up he didn't elaborate anymore on then but it would it it leads me to believe and other reasonable people to believe that they're still doing it this year so they couldn't even she correctly at home though it could win a game at home yep they
they cheated themselves they should be it should all of us how do you assess your kids like how my gonna tell my son that baseball has been ruined can't you can't explain it to him i can't will ease for months we pride will understand you can try i will actually tonight in a motor city like hey just so you know aj hinch is a real mother yeah as a to his face stick instead of a a baseball glove liners mattress rooms curvy route big winner of this is the cross right trouble in paradise skip bayless and ezekiel elliott's family so skip bayless throughout a zeke jersey which was come on skip please put a fucking liner in the trash can to make us think it's real nana microwave i know people do it like when we tweet we videos and stuff so it's like but his microwave was the most preposterous i placed microwave where was i thought it was great it was writers write at p height his microwave built in his kitchen island yeah built into his kitchen rush it
oh it could be for skip doesn't have any kids running around i think skip probably just microwaves balls real quick before he goes on the air every morning just get his takes up that's the only it's seriously below his waist yes i will i was very concerned about so so you throughout this week jersey which was baffling because as you go it was not the reason why the cowboys lost jason garrett was the reason why the cowboys lost but jason garrett doesn't have a jersey that you can destroy sure well you could just throw away like a play card or something maybe throw it in a very big in ill fitting polo shirt do you think when the cowboys have been doing well do you think that skip has made ernestine wear a red way that's or maybe even when they're doing bad i mean on a wii and yeah when they sleep in the same bed together ronald mcdonald
probably yeah i'd say definitely yeah skips by the way skip is one of those guys you can just tell his addicted to portrait mode 'cause they call his pictures have that fucking weird thing where it's like blurred in the background it's like come on dude you're in a fucking cowboys jersey you're a weirdo but anyway zeek's mom clap back and said pretty much fit on site right said you're not allowed i don't want to catch you were in my son's jersey anymore so that's not a problem because he threw away into his face only threw away you know it it definitely was taken out there's always something at the bottom of your trash can that you just haven't taken out after you keep replacing the liner over top of it like over and over and over again yeah that that trash g is yeah the trash is or maybe it's just like a couple paper towels that are at the bottom of it yeah yeah that's it's just gonna stay down he stephen a is the showman that we know that he truly is he would get zeke's mom on first yes and pull zeke jersey out of a trash can how do we get this far into the show not even mentioned this show is brought to you by disney plus
right yeah they they they came to our office this morning held guns or head and we have to tweet about and talk about all the time yeah it's crazy how if you were to read about disney plus stephen is was so funny because i would for some reason when stephen h we can add i believe it is like i've been so excited for this i'm sold right it's like he probably is going to watch moulin rouge all day i honestly think that stephen a smith gets excited whenever somebody puts money into his bank account right when you ever you log on that channel lawns what's going on route we won rouge is no one is a great movie i watched last week an actual on revisions about the strippers that live inside a windmill and move on is the disney movie in spain is the female warrior who fought in place of her father is that against the movies yeah irish one they got
the i have like the irish don't yell i got irish disney channel movie not say it's not ours there's like a little there's a little girl who's got freckles and she has a bone marrow and she's like an irish was no it's the braveheart i think i'm thinking a brief braveheart first boot usually have somewhat of an understanding of what you're talking about disney disney yeah maeve and irish warrior princess maybe i made that up yeah i think you did ok well onto what do we got oh god don't check guys on chica i feel like ap i i feel like i usually have there's one thing that you say that i'm like that sounds familiar none of that an irish woman are you talking about the the windies logo no there's a disney movie irish disney movie irish google luckily irish the luck of the irish no that's not brave brave okay it's a pixar yeah we up i got it
cars not look at that that's disney that's it irish with a bow and arrow you nailed it nailed it come out though two thousand and twelve i don't even see it i don't know why i thought this i didn't even see it okay recently my friend is started talking is probably triggered that they had a ginger beer here oh it's like i've seen enough bengals games to know that doesn't happen recently my friend has i'm talking to a forty year old mormon guy who was never been married he always see to avoid her sexual advances for example she invited him to spend the night several times and he'll just say he can't or he'll say he'll stay on the couch but ends up leaving they've made a few times but i always push her away when he feels it's getting too intense and says he needs to go do you think he's a virgin or why do you think he's avoiding her advances should she even keep trying to get laid by him i think he's definitely a mormon pretty pretty common most important
most confirmed a mormon yeah most of the mormons i knew got married super early because they were like i really want to have sex but they're very committed to not having sex they just soak just how 'bout this introduce him to soaking and then see what he says i like that and then kind of take it from there take it slow with and be gentle i think yeah he is just scared of soaking you scared of saying hey i know you want but really but really going to have to soak soaking seems off i would love to yeah very rude and actually went to utah i know it's coming up doing a video are you coming this weekend you can't come when you're soaking otherwise it's in so just have to think about baseball will show a lay in there okay yeah i mean that's it sounds relaxing honestly yeah sure hey pmt especially above average height pft my name is helga after my great grandmother and my
friends asked me multiple times to go buy an my middle name because he thinks name sounds like an obese german ladies name is he a piece of shit for thinking this or should i take his advice and go buy an i happen to think helga has a nice ring to it should i break up with him please help me out you know i used to date a girl way back in the day and also and i kind of felt the same way about that name and then fast forward like twenty years later and boom frozen's out now every everyone wants to be called also extremely cool the young name again names to come back all you need is for disney to remake brave and this time braves little sister how old is the star and then all of a sudden it's like you're dating movie star we should you say you don't like the name unless they come all the disney movie that's that's what you see yeah no i'm thing the human mind is not resting place name is what you said it is crazy you know that name's age out like you don't see dorothy's
meta dorothy there was no blakes until like one thousand nine hundred and seventy well now there's the hottest name i know yeah ok boomer it's true that is crazy that who is the first blake i tried to do some research before this year's blake of the year and i was like oh let's find some historical blakes and it was oh there they want lake washington to excel patient zero for blakes yeah there's gotta be the first place i think there's probably like a lord blake blake was last i bet it cool last name that they just turned it into a first name okay i like that ethel you don't see many ethel's jones joan joan this question miss yeah that you you do not see a lot of i i i cannot remember the last time i made the telling or an hello goran and should you go by al gore any so she should go buy an an yeah i like helga well keep l guy feel like helga plays if you're basically oktoberfest
that's it yeah oh yeah huge time here for elders doing cocaine off a dudes dick he also has the germans do hey boys my boyfriend spends on average twenty minutes to poop i timed it and it's getting to be problem we're always late to events or malone at dinner or we will be with my parents and they think he is sick i know he's on his phone but he says he's actually pooping the whole time and it just takes a while without but i always say when you really have to go it just comes out we've actually got into fights about this in his friends think he spends too much time on the toilet to what do i do is this normal help feed him or cheese is extra cheese all the time on everything i mean it does take like twenty minutes what do you want say you like that's but if you need to go past you can you can arms but sometimes things are out of your control like how fast it takes to clean thing it's just what it's just a relaxing place it's like going to a spa you know get him in there to spas i like to take a shit same
i'm going to a spa became a problem you'd have to address it i would just get a big day say you get end you get output time i know i know exactly how long with this big day it should take to clean your butt yeah and if you go anything else then that's that's extra that's free time freely jerking off too well yeah so heads up probably jerking off also if you're at a family function you need that fifteen it block routine check your phone because when you come out you can't be on your phone the best is that we're getting into it we're getting close to thanksgiving and christmas but the best is the best advice for any family functions is always be the guy who go run an errand errand guy is because you can take as long as you want and that's just time you don't have to be sitting in in the house like mindlessly doing nothing why do guys put pictures with professional cheerleaders on their dating profiles what we always do that's like it that's just part of being a guy
it's like you scratch yourself sometimes you take lunches and when you sign up for bumble you have to take that picture that you had at the ravens calendar girl autographs and who yeah it is and then you have to slap that all over every single social media thing that you have yeah was that wrong was it the wrong thing to do you want to show that you know how to act normal around attractive women even if they were paid to be there by the team and not paid well and yeah it's if getting a signature from the entire cheerleading team on your calendar that you bought and brought for that occasion is weird i don't want to be normal yeah and maybe getting the apps when she kissed your hand when you said hi tattooed on the back of your head that's what guys do let's chicks know that you're safe and that you know you can you can
yes me you can be around me i know how to comport myself in the presence of an attractive woman yes absolutely our last one sub pmt boys especially holiday hank what how the heck okay with the score not anymore forbidden from holidays i would say merry christmas by the way okay we're not doing happy holiday lease we say both but we can say merry christmas again got it i am all you go up and see the tree i hate that for my own my parents when they came the first year was a cool does that really sucks that really sucks i'm going to that tree is a great place for a baby that's really going to bring my baby i'm gonna bring it when you come home you i'm saying we as a group go up that's the worst yeah i'll bring you your my baby i refuse i refuse to in the stroller and we'll go see the fucking tree hank you're going to like it it's the most commercialized tree and as a former christmas tree salesman called the spirit purist that's not a fucking christmas tree can't move so it's a disaster so
empty boys specially holiday hank i'm on the fence on whether or not to keep my boyfriend he seems to be yelling at middle school age kids on the new call of duty modern warfare keeps me concerning the future of our children together threatening pulling children ask fox and telling them he felt their moms alarming yeah please help with much love acting out absence that's not it that's not her name ok i played the new call of duty and i got killed like seven thousand times in the first twenty minutes kdr bad bro so i understand where he's coming from it's fucking hard so keep him keep him i think it shows that he's got passion yeah and if he was good at it if he wasn't swearing at people that means he would be good at call of duty and that means that he puts in way too much time so you want that you want your boyfriend in that that like perfect zone where he wants to play video game
it has fun with it but then get smoke so bad he's like fuck this i'm out here that sound off speed pitch coming yeah i agree astros you would be you would of you would much rather date somebody who roxanne is pist off about sucking then someone who's really good and nonchalant about right right and then you're in for trouble yes i'd agree even gets killed and he goes so it goes then he's a nerd too 'cause he's making literary represent nihilus he's like i don't give a fuck if i die in real life or in fake video game yeah so sounds like you got a keeper yeah he's passionate passionate man that's our show who got all i think when you regain q on friday this one a good interview really good interview question live question behind the scenes question for trades would you say he's a pitcher or batter and what team both cardinals both yes okay how do you do that is that the only cardinal creek
figure it out to a picture and batter he could be pitching to himself here is how about that yeah
to be thrown while all right okay we'll see everyone on friday it's part of my two percent by bar stools
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