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Jim Harbaugh, Training Camp Week, And The Mt Rushmore Of Things We Don't Understand

2019-08-05 | 🔗

Training Camp week is here and we have Coach Harbaugh on the show after embarrassing ourselves in his Golf tournament. PFT survived his rugby weekend and who's back of the week including Brady's contract and crazy Lolla videos (2:28 - 19:21). Mt Rushmore of things we don't understand (19:21 - 40:27). Coach Jim Harbaugh joins the show to talk about the return of Football, what this season means for his team, how he does everything (EVERYTHING) on Excel, and the "look" his brother has over him (40:27 - 79:51). Segments include hurt or injured Antonio Brown's feet, Stay Woke Larry Johnson, new segment Melo Dramatic, and a drunk idea. 

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On today's party, might take training camp week is. Finally here we have coach Jim Harbaugh on the show haven't talked to him in a couple years. We also get a vintage Harbaugh story, something I don't think people know. I think we actually have new facts about Jim Harbaugh. We dug on today's show. We also have Mount Rushmore of things we don't understand. We have who's back of the week and a bunch of other stuff before we get to it. Pardon my take is brought to you by the cash captain number one finance app in the app store cash app is most powerful way to send, spend and save it's connected to the free cash card. The only debit card with boosts just select a boo. In your cash app then instantly save some of your favorite places like ten percent Polay Chipotle or one dollar, all coffee shops. There always
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As Pca: do it for the animals and be a lover down, will be cash up today enter code bars to get some money and save some animals? Okay, let's go it's hard to set well, the part of my shop go download it right now. Five dollars for free five dollars as Pca today is Monday August Fifth, and welcome to training camp tore
This is one of my favorite weeks of the year. It's like grit week this week the week It will weaken Superbowl week is pretty cool the week after Christmas, yet rivalry rivalry week, whatever you, whatever we corral ways, it's always rivalry, yes, depending on March madness. Yes, this is up there. This is one of my top two out of the all. Those are my top two weeks of the year, but I love training camp to work. We go to fields are v. We hang on there help me with the g of Training Camp Week, Jim Harbaugh and Map Trish Mapper Tricia, and so we are we're also going back out this week. We are going to Green Bay on Wednesday? If you're there look out for us, we tried to get something: The bears going we couldn't fit into their schedule will keep trying, but we have more training camp week coming Week, in so last week we were in Cleveland and Detroit we also golfed in how pause. I think it's his annual
golf tournament where it's a bunch of boosters in Michigan people. I don't think we've ever like. Usually when we go places, we don't look like we belong. We've never been more out of place. Then we were at this tournament. There were, I think it Wilpons ponds were there. Everyone is wearing a Michigan polo, we're wearing florals Hank, often genes yeah. There's a doesn't look. We played a scramble, it was a scramble tournament and we had shoppers are forced to get a video coming out, don't give it away, I'm not gonna get away. But what can I give away the interaction I have with coach? After that's, giving it away even away. I mean we suck a golf and why does it suck we were after we came off the course. Coach Harbaugh was like: how did you guys do, and I said, plus one- and he looked at me and said: no, no, no not your score, your team score and I said yeah we were plus one.
the scramble, yeah and I've never seen more discussed in my in my life, he coach expects excellence from everybody around of an all time. Winner was like mine is sixteen, but what's weird is that we have hung out around him enough where you he should probably pick up on the fact that we're not really athletes correct were, but I guess football guys younger football guys, guys right we're, not football guys. We're eyes were not dudes right to borrow a phrase from the defensive coordinator, yeah, but yeah? It was a lot of fun. I don't think I hit a single good shot. The answer. That's not an exaggeration, like I think all of my shots could be ranked from poor two. You should be executed on the fairway shot, yeah yeah, your shots, were, you know I feel like you might have just ran out of time, so yeah, seventy, the rain came. Well. That's true: we only played through fourteen holes yeah. So who knows, I could turn it on. I could have found my stroke on the back. I do the class four yeah I did the classic, where I had like four good and then, after the fourth good shot, I was like you know what I don't really want to play anymore. Golf honestly, I think seven
Five percent of my shots were out of bounds. That's not exaggeration, I think often gene I haven't played golf in years. That's fine! We looked great, so that's coming Tuesday. You can see our video with. dot, tracer technology, it's going to be interesting, but is not on Tuesday, but when is it coming this week this week, sometime this week. We this we get ready. Yes, so training! Camp week. It came at a perfect time because, like this week, there's nothing going on in the sports world. We've disagreed. Ok, I play drug oh yeah, everybody was talking about that's right. Everyone was talking about that. I got ran over like Laurent Landry and Brent Jacobs. Did you finish? Second, he finished. Second, in a group, so we heard from you so I'm going to make myself a trophy for first place of the second place. That's actually another part, we went on coach, Harbaugh's podcast. After do you remember this bfd cuz? We, I think he brought up rugby
I was like yeah USA's awesome. We finished second, and he started asking me questions about rugby yeah. It's kind of a passion of mine and you just look at me like you, mother how it is. It was a fun week, but I do I'm going through that experience right now, where I'm finding different parts of my body, though yeah even know, existed, that are now store like I have I have abs somewhere underneath all this fat and all these abs are somehow soaring culture, because I get to do once you must on no you're, not fat. We don't have to look at look at look at that right there
Tom this little time ago, my Tom Tom Assortment sometimes very sore today and also Matthews fun. I'm just I'm x, very excited that I did not get, can cost correct or break any bones correct like that. You know of that is a victory for. Yes, I don't know if my dick works. Yet no you taxing us on late late Saturday night, like didn't, get her to get her that grass yeah I didn't. I did tell you about so you what I did in the game. We want a loss, I'm just like not hurt it's a very relatable thing which gets you past thirty, where it's like anytime. You do a sport, it's not wins and losses. It's did you get her in and if you didn't, then you want also big news coming on the weekend. Actually, this is probably the biggest news. Baker may feel drink a beer fast, yes shop. doc on it with his teeth, with his teeth? Yes, is bit right and I've never tried to little hazy: hey yeah, we're you sip wanting like no baker. You got to do it for real, then boom. He owns cleaver, yes, just being in Cleveland last week and being on Garvey. That town is bakerstown yeah, it's pretty
become almost called him. Blake are by the way, he's not he's. Definitely no he's not doesn't mean that we don't like him. It just means he's as far from the Blake as he can get. Yeah he's he's probably a little too competitive he's Travis yeah, although Blake Griffin did you see him being wet from three yeah, it's pretty sort out that I don't know what it is about that court where every NBA player goes and plays in New York City. I think those rooms might be like too big. Everyone hits every shot, very soft rooms. I got to play up this yeah. Are you also the Hall of Fame home? Yes, I don't yeah on hats off to whoever made and reads bust because holy amazing. They should have him working. I I need Ed reed bust holograms when I go places best bossed. By far ever I his hair and the beard allow less shots. Yeah. I thought I heard of bill. Burr filled rivers pretty good. He does have a nine. very good ones. So Ed Reed. It was awesome like just reading the stories about Ed Reed and Champ Bailey. I actually have a take here
Tony Gonzalez. He has the ultimate unfortunate timing, for a tight end because he was the greatest tight end of all time and then Gronk came along and the tight end position is completely changed were tight. Ends are basically wide receivers now and I'm not saying that he gets lost in the shuffle, but doesn't it feel give me if you, if we you know two thousand eleven, it was a no brainer targets. All of all time to have someone come in right at the tail end of his career and be better than him. That's got a so I mean there are few players out there, like gates and Gronk. I would say like yeah right and he was like. There were some new titans that might even eclipse what he did in terms of at least the stats, but when he was sort of lay there was no corruption didn't exist in its current right and then everyone forgot about Kevin White there's a lot of tweets that were like check out these guys. Champ Bailey Tony Gonzalas, Ed Reed, Who is the other one who is on there? There was an old guy right,
he will Kevin. Why was also nine? The Broncos owner yeah there's someone else I already forgot, but yeah. I love seeing Berman up there he's the he's. Now is the m c for forever. Yes, in Canton, which is great and die yeah, it was well I mean the the Hall of Fame, the speech tune in for a little bit of it they're all kind of the same, but it's still cool. Did you see these guys? You know reach this point and put on that gold jacket by the way, Phil, having goal jackets, just Trump's, everyone else, yeah, it's really good! You can't you can't one up the goal jacket. No, you cannot. I hate for you to how to how did you feel about Kevin? Why kind of emasculated the jets by by thinking coach Bela check for making him? So great love it. That was but you have to truth. You have to feel pretty embarrassed for the jets and one of your best player gets up there and he thanks his rivals coach for making him better, but
thanks any of his own coaches, which I don't know. If even thank you don't get that might be totally made up. I'm gonna run with it, because this is this. Is it take them and just shooting right by law? I thought I was you know. I've always really got but yeah yeah Kevin. Why was like? I want to thank Bill Belichick playing against him. Coached me up to be the best player that I could ever be yeah yeah, but it was. I don't. Wanna hire a good coach by the way 'cause he'll make your other your opponents best players better, the in the hall of Fame. Induction made me for a brief moment think that Chris Carter, when he said he'd, rather be in the whole thing that I was super bowl. Might have been on to something and then I then, as soon as season starts in like now super with the thing about a hall of Famer is like you get that speech and in that speech you are the only man on earth correct. You are the biggest man. There is the alphas alpha correct for twenty five to an hour and a half. If you're Ray Lewis and you're just going about child trafficking ring. He was
but yeah? You are the only man on earth for that speech and then afterwards I feel like it's just like a big drop off yeah. You have to I'd rather well, and you have to then go every year and sit in your gold jacket and bake in the sun in those leather chairs. Just so like yeah he's a hall of Famer yeah watch, another man unveils bus. I'm sorry lets us. Let's go to who's back. We before we do that barstool goal dot com, slash pm to we have a new episode bonus up so coming Thursday, DOM Brown defense of for Michigan is on the episode, the guy, who created be a dude, so he we went through the the origin of beer. Do to actually started as be a guy, but then he he's the dude father. Yes, he's a dude father. We also are going to do a little something special for all of our gold listeners and subscribers were going to mail back. So if you have questions pmtinternbarstoolsports dot com, we're probably going to record it tomorrow afternoon, so email us
emails questions. Anything you want to ask pmt intern at barstool sports dot com, that's the barstool gold episode coming Thursday will answer those turns on the app. Is an AMA basically out pretty much if we're tailoring for people who have you been to kicked off of Reddit? So this is your only chance there we go all right, Hank who's back, I was back, is Thomas Edward, Patrick Brady, junior good. He signed two year. Extension is forty. Two years old, you wish him a happy birthday, no wow personally, I think it's kind of a clown to wish someone a berth, a tall if you're listening, which I'm sure you are happy birthday. Okay, I want to wait till we're on a personal level. Okay, I feel like if you, if you're listening to show you in yeah, play this part for Tom, because your hype, video Julian and then go put a shirt on yeah, go knock on time short term Hank has a message. So this is going to take her back off. First year is two thousand and twenty years he's making twenty million dollars. First,
There is we're gonna. Do the Mount Rushmore of things we don't understand. I think Tom Brady's contract is one of those things yeah you do every year. It makes no sense like K, so usually you're taking less. He takes right because every year, but then he gets paid. I I would love for someone expo. It's almost like the: U S, women's soccer team and how much the actually make every single year. I thought it was He converts a lot of into a signing bonus, sometimes right, but it helps like this. Is the Tom Brady model that every team should follow, which is get a quarterback whose wife is supermodel, so he's happy. He doesn't have to worry about making extra three million dollars each year right right, so sign to how long have an extension. It's a two year, extension through the twenty twenty one season and will pay him twenty three. in dollars this year and eight million dollar boost over. He was scheduled to make and somehow that helps with the cap situation. It frees up cap space That's another one's got a big in the NFL salary cap. Yeah! Definitely don't get it me being washed up is also back. I know. Last week we talked about me getting my first two day, hangover yeah. Yesterday I played with ball tournament in LAS to kids that were like eight.
eight years younger than me way younger, shout out to Ryan Tom's Connor, but that alone, by the way yeah shut out riding Thomas Conner, shot out not alone. You say I told when it be males. Are you guys like it was show gives showing there's a shout out, as I got a lot of guys like I was like you got to win the whole thing and they did Tommy in right right, yep, you saying There are eight years younger. My initial reaction was like tank. You lost the fourteen year olds and like wait, Hanks twenty six yeah block and then and then afterwards I played like pool basketball and spike ball and I woke up today like I couldn't move yep. That's why you gotta do it happens, yeah that stuff It wasn't. It wasn't until twenty six are like. Oh, like everything's everything's, that I'm feeling older all hit me fast, can I suggest one of those copper fit bracelets yeah that Brett Farb uses? I actually have these. You see these bracelets. These are good luck, Himalayan, brace! That's what I was doing so bad and gambling they nothing happened; no, it has not, but God try anything before football season
okay, yeah well, the Himalayan their Himalayan, I think they wear him when they walk up Mount Everest. Yeah. That's been very good luck, yeah! Exactly really! Good luck! That's it! You got who's back in the week is COLT Mccoy because the r word just released their quarterback depth chart. You will recall this offseason. They not only signed well, they drafted Dwayne Haskins in the first round and then they brought in the guy from Denver whose name is so boring. Who's game is so boring. I don't even want to save his name is case Keenum and they're paying him. Only two and COLT Mccoy is now at the top of the Washington. Are words death chart well, which is a huge mistake for Jay Gruden, because COLT Mccoy Jagran Gruden be where he is right now about Comic Mccoy, because Mccoy is the ultimate quarterback to have as like, back up and then he comes in because of an injury. We he wins. Forty percent of his games and then gets injured in that yeah. But then everybody's, like oh coach, Gruden,
Forty percent is games with colt. Mccoy is right on the corner act right we got keep around. This guy's got magic in a bottle, yeah, so yeah, it's a comical ways back he's like a the less sexy version of Ryan Fitzpatrick. He pops up every couple years has a good and he's a grand Fitzpatrick. He was cleaned up for like a job interview or something like clean, Clean shaven, yeah yeah. If it's so yeah com quase back though okay is that it yeah I'm still in one all right. I got a whose back the week Lalo Videos- I don't know if you guys all the all the videos this weekend, but holy security was not great and and essentially every teenager. in the Midwest, figured out that they can just bum rush gates and get in for free that it looked like madness. Absolute madness, I believe the organizer of the area. Fifty one thing for just convincing people everywhere get a big group and runs through a fence. Some of these kids were jumping fences, and I was just shocked by their athleticism. Is that every time I jumped a fence in my life, I'm like this is going to be a broken ankle at some point. What so ever
like group of friends, has the one guy. That's really good at climbing. Yes, like maybe wasn't the best athlete at like conventional sports back in high school, but for some reason, if there's like a big tree around the tree guy, the guy will get to the top of the tree in five seconds right. This is like this is a super bowl right here in the climbing, the Lala Fence, yes and then, but then they would just bum rush defense and it would all fall over and then there would be one like, maybe a little overweight kid who got caught by the cops always felt for that kid yeah. That's too bad. along with the that is right for this. I was a kid with one leg: yeah the it, but then he got let it all really yeah. It was like this. It was sort of two thousand nineteen story. Think some rapper, let him it very like v, I p the next day, which is so perfect, but yeah I mean that's.
That's a perfect move if you're an out of shape police officer- and you see everyone it like rushing through a fence. Well, I got to get one. So it's like a hyena picking off the week is over like going after the biggest kid out there in the office. When will the crazy thing is the grab one and they'd hold that one? Well, kids just ran right by the book. We got this guy this guy to ring later he'll tell us how they got through this fence. You know we just watch a rush. It also comes back because they only win games at home and they swept burst. Sorry christian College all right also, who's back in the week. Sam Dekker, yes decker sign a contract with Loco locomotive Kubon. Oh, I love it.
I think their Moscow based and yeah. He signed a lucrative deal vector, watches over decker watches over, and I think that was the hashtag go. Loco yeah. Let's go I'm going to change it. I think we are at four loco, for we are four loco. The thing that I like about european teams like this. I was looking it up, I'm pretty sure, there's a soccer team that has the same name, so we basically make it as is possible. I like it yeah, that's very so be like there's. Maybe it would be like if the if yeah like Pitts Burg, but the penguins, and the pirates were also the Steelers. I think the city of Pittsburgh will actually go further with one hundred percent. Yes just like it will still are okay who's, our Mount Rushmore things. We don't understand Mount Rushmore things you don't understand this one will be good because we'll probably get a lot of people with things, miss. There's a lot of things. We don't understand we're not very smart guys whose first Here's something for a snake draft yeah. I think it's you
for some Mondays yet because I think I go first on Friday, so I go last on Mondays. Okay! Yes, our this, a lot of pressure for the very first one. My first pick is going to be math just math in general, ok, Pemdas, good one and Oscar have operations. I get that one! Well, I don't parentheses exponent, my Application, division. Addition subtraction, ok, ok, so the one thing I understood about math and okay, I sent letters I had. I had. I had calculus on there, so I agree. Okay, a lot of shots. A lot of that. I don't understand. I was so bad at math. I never even saw the word calculus on any still say I ever at same. Never, I don't even know how much scalp I don't even know calculus is yeah. I just know it's way beyond my frame of reference number been in the same room as calculus. Now I did one I did one day of calculus in college dropped. It I mean was it by accident? No, it was like. I was like. Oh, like you few doubt from high school, is supposed to
calculus how you know that you're, not in pre Cal, yeah, whatever it was. I was in it for a day. I was like no well it's. This is not it it's you can't you do all during high school and then you know quick math yeah. I did algebra two twice. I did sequel to yes to a sequel right, yeah math for my number one will be how airplanes stay in the air. MAGIC thrust wishes that people usually just a thrust. I don't know I honestly think I could fly an airplane. That's one of the fantasies that I've had is like. If the pilot becomes incapacitated during the flight yeah you could you could like turn and then and then the the good lady. Why don't you get air gets on the PA system goes? Does anybody here know how to fly a plane? Nobody does if it goes for like longer than ten seconds without people raising their hands. Yep. I'm going to raise my arm be like I've had flow numerous flight simulators. I played the top gun video game. I've seen
top going like ten times yep. I think I could get the plane just go. You go close to landing you you go back on the thruster. Well also going down on altitude. Slowly! Yes! Well That's your that runs glacial. Is your height correct? So I need to turn my thrust up a little bit but yeah. I would that they probably just kicking out the cockpit, because I would say to me Tom quotes and laughed about it remember to lower the wheels. That's when the people lot of people forget that I would say like permission by the tower yeah like nine times as you like, sir, there three hundred people on board, please just let the plants they robbins, racin to song as Tom Cruise movie Switch and guns all right. My side to hear I'll go with first one. The dark web do not understand the dark web whatsoever. I've just come. We will try to explain to me. still don't get it? I just know that we swim at the very very we swim in like the top six inches of the web yeah and there's it goes. One thousand leagues under the sea, yeah were dark web adjacent yeah. No,
I don't even think somewhere above it yeah, but I don't think we would be. I think, there's a whole web in between us in the dark web. I know that the word tour is involved. Somehow yeah and Vp Ns and you got to be a hardware chan, but this right now, okay, I'm scaring my saying it just code in general of people that have the right code and then that somehow looks like a website. It's raising its crazy is where I was going to type a bunch, a letter, the internet, lashes matted. You know it's. Basically, it's an extension of math, just without numbers. it's fucking, crazy, alright, bye, second pick is going to be what is a catch in the NFL still don't understand. I had that still don't understand what a catch in the NFL as I feel like it's getting more confusing, not less confusing and yeah. I some day some day. I think we'll get it. You have to make a football.
Act to put in I do you I'm a football yeah I mean hate if Zack Miller can break a leg in the in the saints and zone ins and his like broken leg, lay on the ground for three seconds and still not have be a captain. I stilled, I will never understand he should be carried the ball out of the hospital yeah and I will share with all right. Take your pick. I will go with language like how Languages in words get invented here, even after our interview with the guy that invent some Hank. I had this one too, just how many, how did all get created right. How do Like one person speak one thing and then you know two miles down the road somewhere else, speaking something totally different. Yeah talking, while it is interesting like the first cave, to make a noise and he's like rock and the other came
Knowing what did you just say? I don't get it. No! I am the first. I live in this case in the first people that became bilingual yeah, like how did they learn to translate what other people say? Yeah you know what I'll be through love yeah. I was about to say, I think the universal and I the first language is like that from some of the first words ever uttered, we're just like hey you, I'm yeah, let's fuck yeah, that's pretty much how it happened, all right had to be Pft. You have to okay, so for my two, I'm going to go with the NBA auricap trades and contract designations. Ok, if you like, would just makes up some of them like every couple weeks will just make up a new term and throw it out there just so people will pretend that they get what he's talking on their way too many of them and my brain is way too small to understand them. Next. One is why Drake is cool, who I don't yeah. Why puts I don't get why Driggs? But I don't really like his music
straight you know sent ya, not a Drake guy, really yeah. Never, never listen. I don't think he's a talented rapper. You know this is new album this weekend. Of course not I mean I'm not a Drake stand, but he has some fires. They're all slow no he's low. T Drake is very low. T. Ok, I got emotional God. Sorry, yeah, that's fine! I'm a guy but he's got some bangers too yeah I mean he's, got some certified. Give me two bangers name to bangers by Drake, I'm on one on one, what about the last one that he released last winter in France or nice, for what is always fucking awesome said one hundred am. I know for what let's roll easily nice road rate, but I don't think he's good rapper. He does the thing where he rhymes the same word with the same word: a lot he's a slow he mumbles he's got little t actually kind of like What about gods means me and Rick have a lot in common now that I'm saying out loud dude God's plan,
I don't like my mom and my bad I'm. So what song is that God's plan? God? Ok, I like gods plan yeah, you like his drink. One banger! I don't understand why he's Drake, alright Hank here pick, Degrassi. You also never saw Degrassi great show. I never saw Degrassi traffic traffic where start word start: where does it end got it? Why Where is it start too many cars all but if you're driving straight like how I just don't get it, I don't get it. traffic forms. No, I agree with you on that. One Hank, it's just it's just too many people driving it once yeah. Where does it start once there to me on the road, so they're different points where people can enter the road and then, when a lot of full, inter at the same time, but there's one single lens yeah. I don't get it yeah, yeah thanks. Ok, we agree ok, I'm going to go with. So I have my last two. I don't
stand why people don't like the dab? I never will understand that it seems like so and that's just so innocent and fun, but people hate the Dap. So I don't understand why people hate the dab and then my last one is going to be, who I don't. I still don't understand. Bitcoin, I don't think I'll. understand? Bitcoin, I don't understand the blockchain blockchain when people say Bitcoin take. more energy than like all of Iceland? That makes no sense to me. How does how my understanding is that in order to make bitcoins they mind them in order to make a bitcoin, you have to verify other bit. right, but how so it takes electricity. It's the whole thing is just so confusing to me and then they all the other
turn the coins and just everything I mean, I'm old, I own vehicle right because I didn't it was a total foremost thing and I bought it at its peak. I think about it like fourteen thousand, yes, you are yeah, really good investment, but I will never understand the corn, I'm just hoping that at some point the like hey you're, a millionaire because you bought Bitcoin yeah. Well, that's the thing about stocks like there's like you might as well buy am just in case they shoot way way way way way up. I mean the stock market in general is something that no one understands right. It's just that we could just say the economy. People just push papers around and then money gets, but what I don't get about, Bitcoin is in theory, as computers get it'll get easier to make new bit coins right or gain new bit coin. So when the price go down and then what I don't know, everyone gonna have bit coin eventually and then how do you also lose? Your big point you just can't log in the boom you're pinpoints gone. I've heard so many stories about people accidentally tipping like pizza drivers, to my right and big point that I feel like the best move is actually just become up.
it's a delivery driver and just hold until I want to point and get tips and pick well yeah, that's true! That is added to the new. That's a new record. Does the new billionaire's? Okay, hey your last tech food? This is tough. I mean all the keep it simple. I don't understand taxes. I don't understand why. Taxes come out of my paycheck every week and it's like oh you're, getting like half your money and then at the end of the year you have to pay more taxes. Yeah. I don't get why it's like we're going to take taxes out of your paycheck, but then, at the end, do you have to pay more taxes. Yeah did you actually pay taxes, I'm on a delay. Okay! Well, no! We're not we're in October, 15th podcast! That's for sure, you probably are going to get money back, that's exciting! six years that you haven't paid them. No, I yeah you didn't do your taxes at the worst possible time like when you would have gotten money. Back in now, you're going to reach a point where you start making money and you're gonna have to pay more taxes that sucks. So what is it come out of your paycheck? Still, I don't know
the care and all that jazz. So they want to making sure they want to make sure that you pay enough taxes state, yes, Stacey Local, simple: income death tax, all the taxes of that everyone of the tax everything, but you should sugar alcohol, yes in everything gets to name, it is, or you could just become a church. yeah. If you don't come in church people pay, you yeah nonprofits, that's another one yeah but we should start an unplugged NFL nonprofit organization, but they make ten billion dollars a year. They get donations yeah. What does that mean? People give them money? What do you mean? We don't know I mean I agree. I agree with happens with rich people that feel bad about being rich nonprofit mean they don't make a profit. But they do that's, why they pay that's right: don't pay Roger Goodell, seven hundred million dollars a year, yeah the NFL.
Yeah without their balance sheet. Do you have just will not prob? I think they recently changed for yeah all. It was pretty hilarious that they're nonprofit was just like. We. We donated all this money to Commissioner Goodell for sucking out you off the side that I still understand how people like bouncer check book. Those people are crazy. Yeah. I don't like online. That is not a right around. I don't know old people do it. I don't know what it out in my truck, no idea, no idea. I just know that once a month it that's the email that I get from Bank of America. That says you have. You are not to announce your check. You have low funds in your debit account. Please bouncer, chats bankamerica balancing it for me, yeah all right. If your last pic okay, my last pick is going to be. We go the rules to craps who's. You know: okay, I've learned craps. Every time, probably six or seven times that I've been to a casino and I forgot it instantly the next morning. I wake up. I don't have very selective amnesia and it
Yes, is whenever I'm around a craps table, it's the fastest way to lose money. Every single time I've heard in every last would make me it is, but then you lose it very exciting yeah, because you start one around, you feel like a rockstar one right and you start making money in your life, how people run it in your hand and then one role and you're like well. There goes all my money, yeah yeah, I just know, there's a come line. Yeah Bob would you have Bubba said he had a list of things that he keeps up things. He doesn't understand we're going to make him read it for will mentions. I have a couple on honorable mentions. Well how coach, don't follow up three under ten seconds. That one makes no sense. I've got people who get turned on by feet. Yes, get that one at all the met gala don't what are non profit, half fashion, yeah, pretty much magnets. How do they
in general, but like that, that's insane clown posse, like people made fun of him. For that. But that's an important question is like how do magnets work? I don't know I just either going to put a piece of metal next to something and it sticks to it and is there a big there's, a big one in the North pole seems like magic to me makes no sense, like wizardry on his hair grow where it grows. Oh, ok, Ok, that's good one cruise ships craft carriers. Much talk about planes like how the fuck does all that metal just and sit in the it'll boil. We would just say buoyancy, I'm like ok cool but like that's so much shyt just sitting in the middle of the ocean words: water displacement, oh yeah, yeah points as far as a guy that scene top gun many times. I know a lot about aircraft carriers, how why don't they build the whole plane at the little black box? True, and also it's younger brother, how come you park in a driveway and drive in a parkway that ones good class? Jokes? Why can't we get a new college football game? What do you mean,
why can't what a video game yeah yeah? Well, okay? Why can't we get it yeah? I don't know they even did a tease a tease in the new Madden, where you get to play the the semi final in the champion and abandon his reason yeah. But someone figured out It feels like that's one of those ones like the day after will she be holiday yup? We should just have a new college football. How about this? Here's a good vibes in the code to that holy. You take walking high thinking about it. What's the casino, the casinos in grand theft, auto yeah, why don't? They just have an arcade in grand theft, auto and on the game you get to play the new into the like football right. I was thing: why? Don't they just do the last one and just keep updating it?
and it's just total new outlets, a new game, but it's under the two thousand fourteen game. Another one I had was the different tournaments british soccer and which one means which all I know those I don't get that I know I I don't care to know either way. Swans are back, they won the first game. I have the ending to the sopranos. We're just cuts to black as Tony is about to get shot, maybe not shot yeah we get killed, we'll get that one. The plot of the movie memento, yep and interstellar what happened to Brendan Fraser he still around. What happened to him? I read an article it just what happened to him. He He was the guy. I think he's one of those guys it was like. I made a lot of money, so I'm fine. Just now. I think in a practical making a meme cat. No, I got you got a divorce is like brokers, yeah. I just happen to him like he was great. I don't know how I would ever divorce print Frasier like that guy should still be around. He should still be doing how come Lebron James has never had a serious injury, despite playing so many games at such a large size and interesting also
How come Lebron James gets excited about when his kid is good at stuff. Huh interesting, I don't think, will ever know the answer to that. One nope. Yeah- probably I don't we do these in our success. Yeah, that's any just excited because it's his name yeah all right public. Give us your list, voter, oh good, one who the fuck knows about that like I've. Had people like explain it to me too, and it makes me like more confused. That's just a class, case of one person said this is good for you and will make you shut out all the pounds and then everyone drinks it also. If there's something that you can prove yourself in your own home, then people
will try it and then they'll pretend to get really into it 'cause they can make it themselves. It's also one of those things where I'm convinced there's a list of things that just start on the West Coast as pranks to see. If everyone else will do it and that's one of them, that's there, like will just start saying: Kombucha is good and watch these fucking idiots in the rest of the country will just pay way too much for this shity t, while we're not even drinking it ourselves. That's the stuff that puts good bacteria in your butt right, who knows who knows almond milk also okay, yeah yeah, I almost don't have nipples yeah, that's true the words where it's like it's two different words, but it's like the same word like it's spelled the same way home phone was there's homonyms like almonds, content and content yeah. That's that's the language like read and read: yep yeah or like lead and there there there. I have trouble that went to your in your batteries. Okay,
past one call yeah, that's a good one. Are you? Are you want to throw away batteries in the trash yeah? You can now okay, good, that M propane they've. Recently, a lot of data that you just throw batteries in to revert to that works, yeah I'd like SD cards they're, like so tiny and the holes like like everything I talk about this like it's like hours worth of footage, yeah, it's like a tiny piece of plastic. It's like the universe, yeah! I don't get in the universe, known It's ok! What about the explanation that the creator of the matrix gives to counter Reeves in the matrix that whole thing? That's: wild, yeah, yeah! Oh, why? Why did? Why is big? Bang theory popular put, arrested development wasn't didn't last on t, good question: big, Bang theory that one makes no sense also- and I might get heat on the internet speed for this. How I met your mother was never really fat
I think it was actually ok, but I never watched it yeah exactly yeah, but I think it was ok. I yeah I'm going to say it was decent. Ok, yeah herself full episode play battle, Patrick Harris yeah. What about young Sheldon, whose that's the guy from Big bang theory? But don't they made like a prequel? Oh ok, yeah, I don't know, I guess Sheldon was very popular, so decided to spin it off. I don't yeah. I definitely don't understand big bang, Bang theory at all. Ok, also member family guy got taken off tv for awhile and then had to be brought back. That one made no sense to offensive no, but it was I remember when and we got first came out. You just have to watch it on dvd since you're, like oh yeah, it was on tv and then they just took it off that along like the the poster of the kiss and the poster of Belushi wearing the large sweatshirt and those are, must have that was freshman year, starter pack in college, absolutely Boondock saints DVD Ninja turtles pizza. Yes, yes, you know, you know right
should we get our interview with so a lot of questions, people sweetest? you don't understand. Hopefully we can learn some things. Don't the guy who's like hey. Actually, this is how plane stay in the air come on man, you don't know, you don't know that you don't follow you. I'm thinking of you right now that you're, you probably went to pilot school, and you learned all this shit, maybe you're an engineer. Youth pretend you know, but at the end of the day, deep down have no idea, you don't know, we are onto your game. Harrison Ford, fuck, you dude, you do not know even the pilots that are up in the cockpit they're, just like the whole time, the airplanes going there like what the fuck they pray the whole time to help hope this works you again right before we get to Jim Harbaugh good boy, what, if the guys, who made some of the most outrageous r rated comedies like super bad and sausage party, decided to make an r rated comedy starring twelve year old boys. Well, they did and the result is there new movie good boys. Good boys follows three in over their head: six great
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And you went off, we went off. Bird dogs are can't recommend bird dogs enough, I'm wearing them right now. If you're watching this on barstool gold, you see me in my bird dogs. Yes, I am wearing shorts bird dogs. Ok here he is coach, Jim Harbaugh. We now welcome on recurring guest, the program it is coach. Jim Harbaugh we are in Ann Arbor were at his golf tournaments, it's training camp, it's about is our training camp week, so we're doing training camp tore and you are having open camp yet. But let's start there, what is your favorite part of having the team back together in training camp starting. the favorite part is the smell of the grass fresh cut grass come out in the morning the sun rising the the cleats clanking on the on the cement as they walk to the field. It's a rebirth, yeah, there's people
but think of January, first as being the start of the new year, spas Christianity, Catholicism talk about the birth of Christ. We talk about the first sort of day, one of trade, that's the rebirth! That's coming out of the womb yeah, it's nice! In there, it's nice and yeah, you know dark and cozy in the real world out into the light out into the chaos, even use. It's like talking about it. You started to set up a little bit and let you be a little more yeah little more excited, yeah right, exactly everybody's, oh, no! It's a brand new season! Anything could happen from that point forward and we've talked to a lot of for coaches and it's funny, because when we asked him about training given and what they get excited about, they hardly ever say anything like visual It's usually like what you said: the smell of the grass, the sound of the Cleats Doug Marrone was saying the sound of the pads hitting each other like it's all this other
stuff. Besides, just like what you're looking at it seems like a very full time a year for you as a coach be going into like when you hear coaches say every spots are for competition. Is that or is there like they have to be some guys that you know are going to take certain positions but like how many of these positions are truly truly up for grabs. Well, there's some like I don't take offense off it's a line either pretty cemented the left tackle the left guard Ben Bredeson Runyon Ruiz, Michael Wayne, right guard! So there's I mean, there's been a true petition going on for the right, tackle, Jalen, Mayfield and Andrew Stupor, and both of have treated as such over the entire summer. So an example of there.
Gonna. Come in you get the healthy go play. Well, you gotta, you gotta, do your job so but there's that's the one starting off as a line position. That's that's truly! You know a troupe yeah so year five. This is the year five for you at Michigan, it's. You got your kind of in a weird spot because you have brought Michigan back to relevancy and you know maybe a little dark ages for a while there in the last, a decade or so, but not all the way you haven't gone all the way to winning a big ten title. Are you do you hear any outside noise? Do you feel any pressure from people saying hey? Are they going to win a big ten title or they going to you get into the college playoffs all that stuff, we, the the pressure
pair of we looked at as a challenge. There's a my daughter. Katie was working on a little project this morning and it was ask for the definition of a bold beginning and then she starts starts. Writing the example was like an elephant charging or something like that. Is I go. It's like it's like your papa. It's like it's like Jack Harbaugh, says attack each day with an enthusiasm unknown to mankind. so that's what we're doing. This is a bold beginning. This is a new season and yeah we've done. We've done a lot of good, including last We were co, big, ten champions, but we haven't got to be big. Ten champions. An we haven't, made the playoffs and and beat Ohio state. So from goal here, is to win multiple championships. Our goal is to win the next game and then the
game for us is is the defines the season, so we have big big aspiration. That is interesting because the there's, no The schools where that is the case where You can have a great year all year, but it's all about the last game. It's all about the last game of the regular season schedule where whoever wins at Ohio State Michigan game that dictates kind of whether the year was successor, success or not. It defines the the season, but there's also eleven port games, yeah in front of that that dictate define whether you win the big ten championship and whether you the playoffs and then the last game that defines the entire season yeah, how soon into into camp. Do you know if you've got a special team? Well hi? I think we got a special team right now, the It's a it's a young and enthusiastic team and but a very experienced team,
really good at the quarterback position. Really good up front on the offensive line. I think people I'd, be surprised how good we are on the defensive line, because we, we lost a few players- quite a few good players this past season, but we got some really good young players that are excited to see faster, fastest defensive line that we've had running back position is another good one for us. Even though people don't It's not a lot of names that people recognize, but just could be, could be more excited going into season with the guys we got, we've got the best full back in the country. True been Mason, he was the winner of the inaugural yeah. Oh man are overly ward yeah. We create award for the best full back in the in the nation, because nobody really takes a time out of their day to respect the fullback position you what kind of brought to the forefront you gave him a lot of caries. He was hurtling. People be honest when you saw him jumping over people. Were you a little bit like bin? Your fullback? Your pad level down run somebody over
no, I love it. I love just about everything he does. He attacks everything anything and everything he can't get enough. You may just he just I want to eat up everything. He is that kind of guy he's going to be now playing defensive, tackle so I replied running back and defensive, tackle that he's up to about two. Seventy two right now, that's a unit. That is all I hope we see today. If he's here yeah, we should talk I'll call. Yeah get him on yeah, much better view that he accepted that he he had an acceptance speech for the trophy, so he here in our interview them no, no, we haven't that would be it yeah yeah. So all right, you're going to do that. We would agree he would've been he would've got
he would have got even more rocked up than two hundred and seventy one, but he got he got little set back. He got a little sick. He got a little bug over the over the summer, but I mean he looks. He looks amazing and he'll get back up, so so II actually looked it up before how many times I was trying to figure out how many times you've run the same play in a row, because I think that is, I love old school big, ten football. and when you find a running play that works in this goes back to your Stanford days in the 49ers you find I don't play that works you're going to keep running it. I found one where you ran eight times in a row against Penn State in two thousand and sixteen the same running play just flipping it back and forth, Is there a time when you've done more yeah and how exciting is that when you find that planar, like you guys, can't stop it's? Basically, Vince Lombardi the Old school go ahead and try to stop us we're going to run the same play down your throat. I think record is two thousand and nine against USC
in the same play thirteen times in a row wow just by running it? I just not run over which restored yeah, exactly exactly which is running it and knowing I mean that's got to be a great feeling when you're sitting there and saying they cannot stop this play, that's a good feeling, yeah, it's good to get out and just keep running and running and running, and then you get a two hundred. Seventy pound rocked up yeah hold back. Who can help? You too, are you doing the same thing with him that you did with that? Was it or no wonder I wonder yeah research right? He played both ways back in well there's a while ago, two thousand and ten two thousand and ten, he was a starting middle linebacker and he was the starting fullback for the for us at Stanford. 49ers made a guy named, will took, took Oovoo, who played some three technique and fullback we had Jibril who. played are outside linebacker, viper safety position, plus he played receiver and running back and wildcat quarterback and now Ben Mason Pain
the technique and running back I've heard with when you wrote a poem about him, that's true inspire him to remember with the poem? Was it was a day in football? Yes, the room? How many of the poem yeah that's perfect, I'll, get it to you! I give it to you, okay. I because I heard you starts out, it starts out. It starts out. It starts out the first day of training camp. The sun coming up hello rule like what what angels would would would see. That's the feeling that angels would have. I guess I'll get to the entire. Could you type it up for yes type? Do you think, Chris for the whole team, yeah fired by OWN Marie Sack and also Ernest Hemingway? okay. Okay, we got to see this yeah you. You recognize, there's a lot of things in it that are from Ernest Hemingway, okay, yeah and taken from
Ernest Hemingway, an old man and the sea. Yeah and correlated we put this in our new office. Yes, I will ask him: it will frame the printed out now. Is it was a word document excel yeah, it's it's all excel, so you type it in Excel. I think I do everything in Excel what so. I actually knew that with that someone had told me that what explain that you like actual letters and poems and everything letters are in Excel everything in Excel thanks. I don't draw pictures and a child what his neck. So the first thing I learned and- and I stayed with it- yeah- I'm I'm a disciple of Excel hi. Terry was you know you could use that you've got. Thank you to my office for we'll go to my office today, and I will show you and I will print up a day and. Barnes Bibione own recycling, an odd to Ernest Hemingway, no man in the sea where you're using Excel, but not for XL post to be for formulas in spreadsheets and you're, just using it
hey, you know I had worked. I use of the form of those two okay can also use his right and use it at everything yeah. As a word document, Rogers expand to sell yeah way out to the side, just make it one long line, or you can format the cell and the Yahoo. Three to four lines are searched. They can right, they can the very first solo rap attack he set off rather axes were because they might. My feeling was that you read off places all the time those are all put into excel with their their format. I I was just thinking like you been reading off those your whole life. It's probably it's easier for you to select man of the other respect everything's in Excel yeah, the leisure. If we're living in a cab in a computer simulation right now, it's probably Microsoft, Excel yeah yeah. All right now use, I use word
yeah for box the thing that you're supposed to type you know words into now. I've I've seen the release of the culture. It's true. It's got it all. Why would anyone else yeah, I'm different fonts I've seen you on the notes app on Iphone, so you've got some screen shots on there, yeah, so sometimes you're, you're, more versatile than you were sought, credible or yeah. Well, that, Can the notes can be? You can email? The notes to yourself from copy copy the the email on to exercise put in XL? Yes, ok, so it always all roads always longer all roads always lead lead that we always get home there. I'm going to ask you a hard question here: you're not going to like it. We had your brother on. I asked him every now and then like at. Maybe and we dinner vacation. Do you ever give
your brother, the look and what I mean by I want to super bowl, and you didn't, and he said yeah. I do that every now and then hi guys and I'll be like a little? What he's doing he said his pants when he dies and be like? You know that You know that. I know that you know that I got you know we both know. Do you see? Do you know that you probably haven't even seen that look you're like why the hell is John staring at me now that I'll be alert for it? Ok and that's a fist fight it in the past it has uh it I'm not going to say it hasn't. I think we're too old for that now, but uh no he's always been great about that he's been he's been really first class and and I'm proud of my brother, I love my brother. I'm really happy for him and, I have not noticed that look! Okay, I think you said he saves it for like if you guys are playing one on one basketball in your in your beating to batter you like him with an elbow or something like that
that's what he always has his backpack. Like the look, the look so look yeah now that I but it just started world war. Three, yes, you're gonna see that looking about why you looking at me like, I know what you're doing and I like it yeah. He had a great time on the show that you have a lot of fun. He did tell a story about. I was on that with the ground run at the combine yeah yeah yeah guys run through through through he told us a story about one time you like hold him under water at the beach. If you ever that yeah Jacksonville yeah yeah, we should now did he start that new finish I can't who started, but was it was a wrestling fight in the in the water yeah? Well, Ladies yeah yeah, yes, it is water and then okay. So, while we're on the young, Jim Harbaugh, I was cruising the tv, the other Day middle summer, not not going on one thousand. Eight hundred and ninety eight qb skills competition comes on my tv. Jack did we watch that you watch it
Richard, then, okay, I catch your dad. Do he yeah, so we wanted to take the tivo on you also weren't, very classic Jim Harbaugh Hardball Fashion, like just mental. kind of dominating everyone else, Everyone else is kind of there for vacation. You were there to win that thing and then it one point the announcer said he's been practicing, Lee all night last night and then this morning, were you practicing hard for that competition yeah, not just the night before and the and that they are either. I was practicing leading up to it and all the other quarterbacks are the same way. I mean they're. They they want to win that they kind of play a little too cool for school like right. You know backwards or sunglasses or something like that, but they when it weather in it then watch some of the other ones because they had like Is a marathon yeah, other yeah is very bad and you can see a couple years after that people stop being too cool for school and you could tell they were they were.
Going to as well? If you like change the game, you're like the Michael Jordan, did with the dunk contest you did with the quarterback. Skills. Competition. Well, humility prevents re from saying that yeah you can. Let me say that statement. You turn the water on the green with me after I said it was just great watching you compete in something that is, you know it is very relaxed kind of vibe and you were fired up. Yeah like it was a Superbowl and then you want it, and you were I there's like this. I have this couple show it to you I'll find on my phone. But there was this weird kind of like excitement, but also sense of relief. Like proof all that hard work finally won the that was it right. There is one like fifty thousand dollars point. Eighty eight, oh ok, That's a that's a lot of ninety five. Ninety eight yeah, that's big house and I think that's a lot of money. Yeah but Jack Jack can tell you. This is the truth we watch it just came on and my dad called me and said hey. This is on, you know, turn to turn
turn on was NFL network yeah. So so we start watching the kids are there and it was kind of started, get Layton. My wife, there is like okay time to go to bed. You guys, gotta, go baguette, look, look at one more better or more bad! I I win this next yeah, so you got another van and then they had to go to bed, but we taped it and we watched a few tie all more than a few times. I'm sure her! That's awesome! We are, we are you actually get out there and still like playing a little bit a quarterback and practices? This I got a. I haven't this past monster year or two been about a year and a half since I have, but I got a knee brace Now I don't know where I got bone on bone going on in the in the right knee. So I got this done. Donjoy knee, brace that I'm going to wear this going to kind of kick it kick the knee in a little bit. Ok, hopefully, keep it keep it all together, keep it all together
so I can run yeah all right. I have the c key question 'cause. This is the training camp Kiki Kiki Kiki. Here we go that's. Why did see Kiki, I said so fast, then the guest always is what is that she keeps a free, promo you want to buy a cheap ticket Sequi GO to Michigan Game yeah little podcast, that's it for you, keeping your back Larry David yeah, ten dollars off with promo code. Take the sponsored training, week. So go see. Michigan play this year in the Big House using seek geek promo code. Take ten dollars off. Did you catch a foul ball to summer? Not would not legit faible what is and what is the diligent emit fob off? Look like illegitimate fall ball is something is not happening during the game. Okay, soundtrack is that in practice got it or during the game they tossed the ball up. Yeah, we close did not have one really hit me at all both games. I went to it's been up. It's been
blessing and a curse when would have been going to these games like that, the Yankees game that is really nice like right behind the screen behind the plate, foul ball territory, no chance, and then we went to the TIGERS game and we were in a sweet Yes, I have all territory right. Your glory right. I have my god yeah I mean the chances are so slim and slim to none didn't get one got one in batting practice, though. Okay was in the in the left field fence shut out. Also, line drive line, drive homer in batting practice and okay reached out stab that right before hit my daughter, Katie, in the face every council people whose to criticize the glove that's actually see for your children's safety yeah safe, but that doesn't count yeah. That doesn't count for the record. How many? How many do you have? Twenty twenty legit? Twenty legit? Okay, I mean it at both our last one. San Francisco Giants, Arizona, Diamondbacks unit on amount. Also
It's a awhile could see yeah good seat on the on the visitors side. So I was on the I was on the third now is on on the third base side, the giants sitting with Jeff Moorad, who is Jeff yeah. Look like Jeff. Thank you where Jeff was younger, he let yeah he was the owner Where are the Diamondbacks yeah? So I got a legit you at one yeah, twenty easy. Here's a little yeah accounts at the end of day, remember who hit it? No, I don't just now. I don't remember who had it good luck telling that telling part of that story I mean the one I tell people is that I was my wife, Sarah there was a kid sitting behind us and I caught it and the youngster was cut the have the ball. Mister mister can have all now
We can have the ball with your own ball, and it's about why Sarah Skating circles get to give the kid a ball. He was a kid Jim. What's the matter with you, Sarah he's sitting in these seats. He pride, you know he's on a weekday when he should be in school. I mean there's probably some rich kid. He does need a ball and he needs to learn how to get his own ball. Yes, that's the most important part. Yes, she finally broke me down. I gave the kid the ball and then he goes This is my fourth bowl this week. Yeah! No, you read it right! Yeah! I read the situation right, you're instincts, yes, give it a ball and he'll have a ball for a day. You teach a kid to catch. A foul ball hill collected for life. Did you take it back now. You should change that story. I was reading up because you know we had you on a couple years ago we had a long time. It was a great interview. People loved it by the way yeah young people- like I, don't know what
Maybe you probably know your demographic, but sixteen delight two thousand eight hundred and twenty nine thirty. I mean all they all they all they do when I come up to me, is her John heard you already take yeah when you coming back on, go back. That's our best, recruiting tool obvious that just have everyone asking our guests. Would you going back on yeah? We love it when our listeners see a guest in public and they we, like you, go back on the show that way we don't have to beg. We've got other people to wait for it. It's in your mind now, like oh yeah, that was fun with those guys and then it just it's our best recruiting tool every single time that those are big. Your big sure you know that also like, if we have guests on that, have kids that listen to our show, that's even better, because then they're like dad go back on the show and that's a harder right, right yeah I want to be cool for my kid you know exactly so I was doing some. I was reading up trying to find some things that we didn't talk about the first time. I don't know how I missed this. The first time
you consider sponge Bob like a hero of yours yeah. I love love, sponge Bob so does Jack. Ok, just wait. It attacks with enthusiasm unknown to mankind at all ok, so yeah is always happy, always happy always positive. You know energetic the other guy who's, the other guy word, squidward, not a fan, You got it right. I know what I think I think pattern. It sometimes gets overlooked too, because Patrick tend to have a good attitude, but he occasionally get brought down a little bit, but he's a good hearted soul. Yeah good hard. You know he's a good follower he's here. He means well, I mean there's nothing malicious about Patrick. I think you, I think I read it and you said you. You, like Spongebob's, work ethic that he goes to work every day and goes and gets it. yeah. It's something some of the times we flip the burgers like four or five or six arms.
yeah, he loves it. He loves work, yeah hey. You got right in his job yeah. What was there not to love about? That is great. What decision was part about play? What was it Spongebob! If he was on the football team JAG. I would think you'd be good. Running back. He's he's got quick like a motor yeah, it's got a motor for sure probably doesn't have an asked to play. I should have said that a word to play either line. so no he's not a probably not like a he's getting like day guard or something because his leg running back any yet either yeah. He before korean people right and your honor. I think running like it running by the catches, the ball. I I'm not even going to tackle safety coming down hill, yeah? Well, it didn't really hit he's a Spongebob returner, that's true! Yeah, yeah softap he's the future of football. Actually is everyone's a sponge running around the field? I just love that story. I saw that and I was like. I don't think we asked about Sponge Bob last time I wanted to ask you about one of my favorite things that you ever did in the game.
I think this Stanford, you ran, you had a package installed. I think Andrew Luck was injured at the time, but you had a package. was nine offensive, lineman and then Toby Gerhart at for a direct snap in one tight end. Remember that yeah. I think we scored a touchdown in the sun bowl against Oklahoma in that sweep to the left. yeah. I love that fact. Do you have anything like that installed in Michigan now the most we've gotten to is seven seven or eight offense alignment. It just so awesome for offense perspective on television, when you just see just a line of humanity out front, it's like try to break through this wall. Can't I can our we had. We had a pretty cool. if against Virginia Tech, two in the orange bowl in twenty ten, with three different shifts and the center
was like lined up as attack on. We just shifted him all this way and then shifted to guys back around, and then they did another shift and emotion. It was you know again like two yards to play with the two yard yeah and we're always got the late game yeah, but look great yeah yeah. Are you worried at all about the book? Do you like our train formation? Which ones are yes? You have like the like four guys, basically, the whole yeah yeah yeah yeah, no eleven guys line up instead of a huddle. They line up in a in a single file line, yes, yeah yeah and then you Corey back then I'll run the play and then they break up the line of scrimmage. We actually got a touchdown, with that, it does feel like you're, like attacking them before the snap, because everyone just kind of play break the huddle? It's kind of intimidating, just gets
is that? Yes, I'd, like is a middle middle game, that you're playing is a defense at that point, just like giving them a different. No, not really we saw. We saw it a fact. My son Jay Harbaugh, saw it in a high school game and hi. full tape. I think it somewhere in Missouri. He was running yet and that's I don't know that that's right off the SJ 'cause now, but it looks it looks cool yeah. so that's it. That's all sometimes look like a good idea, so we implemented it yeah. I love it. Are you worried at all about the bowl games? An guys sitting out now because I think that's going to keep happening where players are saying. You know what, if I'm going to go to the draft, I'm going to sit out this game and if they're, not the playoff games, some guys will be like I'm going to make the business decision, which I actually kind of agree with them. But I wonder from your perspective, I love college ball. You love college football
Do you think it hurts the game at all yeah? I do, and I think I hurt somebody's. I think it hurts her their actual their legacy to just what they're about You know a competitor is going to compete, they're going to go out there and compete everybody talks about it there. Edit there, I'm a competitor, real competed, anything I'll compete, it golf or all competed tiddlywinks me here. Say that all the time, but then they actually don't go playing a football game. You know that's to me, that's a problem that you have a problem now with your bar, which is a competitor in your legacy. I put it this way: TED Williams, you gotta, love Teddy Ball Game, ok, so TED Williams goes into the last day of the season yep hitting hitting three hundred and ninety nine point. Six, everybody tells him don't
don't play tomorrow. You are you're already out for how you have rounded up yeah, you got it, don't you don't have to do it, people would. It would have agreed with that. You know, but he said not we're not played. It was a double header. Anyone sick, for eight ended up hitting four hundred and six for the season. Now your legend Matt. Three hundred and ninety nine point six rounded up to four hundred an Astrik by it. You went out and hit four hundred and six. That's how you get. To the legendary legendary legacy that I agree with you on that. That is, you there's a case to be made, certainly for legacy that I don't think anyone would disagree with. The difference would be like if TED Williams didn't get paid. If he you know, ended the season or, if you batted an went over six into season under four hundred, as opposed to like rounding up to four hundred from a financial perspective like they want to look after the needs that sort of thing, but I think you're right on like it does. It takes a player from a very good player to like an iconic play
at that school, if they rise to the occasion situation like that yeah, I'm not the meaning but we are saying I don't respect. Anybody's got the right to make their own decisions right. You asked me what I think of it: yeah yeah for sure yeah. Do you work every, but your players doing guarantees when you did a famous guarantee, because I think there might have been a guaranteed before it's hard for you, you're in town, but you can't tell your guys: hey, don't get in the median do guarantees when anyone can look up. The famous guarantee you had before the Ohio State Game, which is part of your legacy and part of the gym, allure. Well, I just I look at it like I don't like when people just do stuff, that's already been done. You know, I mean it's been done. You know Do some different, ok I'll, be like somebody like just totally making Ray Lewis is yeah yeah right, game, dance right, I mean it's, it's been done. He did it great that right, that's the
So you've done the the guarantee. Well, I again well yeah. I don't even think I was the first, but you know yeah Joe name itself. Yeah Joe Namath was the first right. You know I was praying at the tail end of price should have been doing it. You should bring it out, though, one time when you're really feeling good. You never really sure yeah, that's a good point. It would it. Would you be the first one I wish it hadn't really make a whole lot of sense where you actually guarantee it's not like you. When were you not what what or what or your money back yeah I'll, never forget you could you could personally refund at all the journalists you could make a living. Did that to me that that actually put something that your job yes leaves town, if I lose just give them out, that would be that I mean. I think about writing. So that would be the first thing that would actually be at first yeah, but that's the case then, you gotta. That would be bold and put the khakis. You say if I
this is game of guaranteed I'll, never wear patches. Looking out, usually like I we're going to yeah all right, I have to last ones. I wanted to throw your way. The things we do. we talk about last time, but I thought would be funny the famous Peyton Manning two thousand and twelve story when he came for a visit with forty Niners. Is there truth to that that you guys were throwing cat And having a catch, an and basically you're recruiting has Peyton Manning was free agent and you said to him wow I got a little more this than you paid that one That's out there, ok, so so the stories already already wrong. Ok, it was he didn't visit the 49ers we went to. We went to Durham, ok, he was that he was working out at Duke yeah and uh We went through a workout, he was great. We went back to the house, he was staying at an talk. Football Greg, Roman myself were down
is basement is like I he's a in mind. I mean it's just something he's like in the lab yeah. It was just. It was so so impressive, but so at what point did you like? Hey my Armstrong, I never said that. I never said that at all, but you thought it now. I did the only the only really real thing I did was. I mean we're just talking about the the Some of the atrophy yeah had in his right arm was was not as big as his left right. Some of the musculature areas are just you know, I haven't had a day of medical training in my life, so I was just you know: what's the explanation and the nerves, how they were re generating, and things like that. So, ok that one that's just brought amount of amount of mentioned that, like hey, that looks a little different there, yeah or nay explain, explain to me how nerve
make it and how they regenerate someone explain that to you thought yourself. Well, I don't have that issue. My arm, some Armstrong, goodness! Yes, actually, my left arm is a little bigger than the moderate and told the guy yeah. She stays. What are the age of if I did that max out alive not really a max. If you did, if it let's say like two plates on each side, how many reps are we talking? We talk in two hundred and twenty five yeah yeah one or two. Ok W wooden bench problem heads of electronically about saying right now, our lead, it's not as much as Brooks captor yeah. We have a bench coming to our podcast. Defense was never my my strong. This exercise we're in a squad car a little better to squads. Sometimes I I fail to see what my best exercise was, but has more of a conditioning. Okay.
YA legs. I guess squat and I like the one real disappointing thing if you really want to talk about, if you want me to fully share all yeah, let's go full embarrassment yeah, so I can Barbara Walters Interview yeah. This is the part where you cry: is the for the house of my feel really bad about yeah yeah, my via mobile okay, has shrunk to near nothing. what is the vm. Oh sounds like that. Some people call it that teardrop. Ok, that muscle right, I've never had like interior the never ending up. That's a nice mmo him up. So my via miles of that that would have made a yeah. That's a nice yeah! It's got a little. I got. I got a good email that you're flexible Vmo left pretty much. Oh, no and once you get the hang breaks down there, you'll be fine. I understand why you wear khakis all time there you gotta work the code, no vm. Oh, yes, you're! Jumping! That's your it's 'cause I can dog you conduct yeah! I used to be able to once I don't want.
For the ping pong ball oh, I actually have a dj. I know I'm not I'm dead, serious. Look at these caps coach look I do. I need you to motivate Lee actually you're the perfect person to talk to, because I forgot that I had got convinced sign up for rugby tournament. This weekend I haven't played in three years and I am kind of a small guy when it comes to being out there and rub your field. Can you motivate me going to make it to this weekend. Ok, okay, I'm going to punish people and and some damage. This is what one set of that start with the start, with some some tampering, let's get the stretched and give him a lot lengthened and warmed and smooth. three years M plates- and I haven't- played three years- also I'm very out of shape, but What can I do to get in shape in four days? Let's bring in bringing Ben Herbert ok our strength coach, who is
that you should interview today, Ben Herbert. We love strength, coaches, he's the best Don Brown for sure be a dude Do you use do you? Do you say that around the facility without because he does he does it's okay, so he has he dropped to do that all the time. What is it? Are you ever like dude when he says a dude and you give a little dude it off. I I love driving, it's like so like that, so not even good yeah, but he knows. Yeah, you gotta be do the gets infectious when you're seeing his actions, how many? Yes it is, and you got to get him on. Mason yeah, Josh GAD as very young, a doozy acekard experience just kinda, like our team, dude, he's yeah! I just love it. If you just like, we got a team full of do that, actually that next big ten press conference day when they do whenever be like hey, passing, like you know when they asked position,
close everything where they asked they asked where they ask how you feel about your team being rated pick to win the Big Can you have for it? They go at, they could do feel pressure, or would you rather be be ranked there or would you rather Greg lowered, and your answer is that's where I would rank this yeah and we got do. It is said due to the end user yeah we got, it will do it and that's all I yeah. We hope we got more dudes in the other other team at the end of the year. So we end up with the most dudes there should. Actually, you guys have a lot of trophies in the big ten. There should just be a do trophy all that should be the end of the season, the championship. We should have a team trophy like. Yes, you do trophy we can present. It said it toughest guy in the team. We should just because, due to due to the year into our my last question, another one story, the samurai sword in the shovel. That's true right for recruits! Yes, so when that US biblical that's biblical,
That is far from Nehemiah okay, so the amount is talking about the bill. Rebuilding the city has been ravaging the the doors of Mentor burnt down and there's there's holes in the in the wall and so but they have to rebuild, and they also have to have a shovel to be able to tack 'cause. There's people trying to try to pin it if the walls so make the football analogy of, we got attack and build at the time and a coworker will also send you the whole. The am I said in a shovel near my says: it with a sword, in one hand, I'm going shovel in the other and you would have a samurai sword and a shovel sword to shovel. He didn't a samurai shores yeah, but
at that that was the only store real sort I could find was right has the right to access. I would I'm ready to go as soon as I walk in you were the soreness shovel and they're. Like hey, didn't see you there I mean you got a sword, a shovel in your hands, our most valuable player. Trophy. Has these initial? There we go. That's zero fee I I have one last thing to talk about with you. I know you're a big fan of Brooks kept, as are we, or at least you were. You were disgusted with how his character was impugned when they were, talking about like heavy questioning his work ethic, that sort of thing or somebody's toughness so much stuff. Is that the worst thing that you can say about a man's question, their toughness? It's right up there, it's right up there at the top. I think there's probably worse things right and you know you could queue somebody of beating their dog or something like that? there's there's a whole lot. I want to hold less stuff, but yeah. That's tough is that you cross a line, in my opinion, yeah yeah,
what I didn't cow once do that before a Stanford Cal game. They said that you guys aren't tough and you just basically you know demolish them might have been. I can't remember, there was one coach who that's basically, the dumbest thing you could ever do is right before game question coach, Jim Harbaugh's team, tough this because I think you took it out on them. Yes, come ask I'll I'll! Remember that yeah really yeah but yeah this crossing the line yeah! That's that's! What will be a little bit too far? Yeah we got Brooks is back to yeah he's our guy he's our guy do yeah he's a he's, a blade on do yeah he's big. Actually, you can use word Blake, announcer, dude, yeah! That's something for that! Yeah coach! Thank you! So much. Thank you. She ate it going to your podcast too, so lookout for that, but we're excited footballs back. So we do this. Every year now, the summer tour for training camp, and it's just great to be around football guys. This football
Sport yeah and if you feel you know we are close yeah, you feel it to spring. Every now summer, it's at the getting leader in summer you talk to football, guys, your field training camp coming, there's nothing better, go blue, go blue, I'm not going to say I love you I'll say no. I will say that you know it and you did demolish the badgers this year, but the badgers deserved it. So 'cause that was terrable. Buy them go blue, go blue. That interview with Jim Harbaugh was brought to you by movement sunglasses. I love movement sunglasses. You should not have to choose between over based designer sunglasses and cheap shades that won't last you this summer. That's. Why I always wear movements. You first talked about movement, disrupting the watch industry. Well, now, they're doing it again. Except with sunglasses. The la base. Accessories brand has hundreds of premium affordable sunglasses to choose from so weather, it's more time shapes like classic round sunnies or something that
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pardon part and movement keeps growing and join the movement, The interview was also brought to you by the barstool store they have. Is there summer merch collection, there's a ton of new stuff in the store get King, with all the new bar still drink, where an limit addition. Viva la stool, orca, coolers, there's accessories new bathing suits, towels pool, floats and a huge collection of limited The Shin USA Teas go to store dot, barstoolsports dot com to shop. Now okay. Let's get some segments Hank. This is getting pretty brutal here, yeah, seven, nothing Yankees, Red, Sox, is it time for the overhang they don't fucking hit? The over seven runs in the first. Ok, I'm not going to into a page, scored six runs in the first inning two days ago and didn't hit the over. Is it time for the done chain? Oh done changing to unchain the Red Sox on those
about time. There are no pictures, so is that it so I don't think so. Yeah I'm putting the Don John, and that means if they make the playoffs and when the world, Sir, you have to cut off your pink eaten. No, that's well worth all right. Gene is not astrophysics lunch in a row. I'm change yourself. You got to get a cat oh ok, you have three choices, will put a pull up tomorrow, whichever one the listeners vote for is what Hank will have to do. If the Red Sox won the world Series, you have to atone for the done changing. Yes, the done chain has its repercussions by the north and I'm not going to put on heavy ways the neck that wears the done chain. Ok, first, we have hurt or injured Antonio Brown and his feet his gross feet so
I don't understand. What's the injury here just gross feet, yeah he's just sidelined with with a set of groceries is blisters. I think technically, I've never seen blisters like that in my life, but it's preseason for feet to they are some nasty as tootsies. It looks like I don't understand how this happened, because I've had something similar, but that's when you don't do anything. Athletic for a really long time. You, like hey, I'm gonna, put on a new pair of shoes and play three hours, basketball. It does look yeah well, but I'm assuming it turn around to working out probably working out, but he also strikes me as a guy that would do like Weird exercise that don't necessarily involve football cleats in the off season, yeah he's just working out and no shoes yeah. It is accurate barefoot running up the hill yeah beach jogging, I'm the one I their balloon. Jumping the one thing I don't understand about this entry. I feel, like everyone keeps saying each it doesn't seem and to be serious, like every report about Antonio Brown's feet. It says couches it with they don't I think it's going to be serious. That means it's
I'm going to be serious. These are the times where God dammit, I need Rex Ryan, back on the S and analyzing Antonio Brown. Did you make that be so funny if he just went broke it down? If you just all right on screen orders, you know he would, I think, you'd like it. I think there's some ups and downs these feet. They really nice underneath that shell, but, like you scrape you cut yourself up, he was circumcised. As of you, try to does he's more of a more fully moisturized for guy. I don't think he would like that, depends on if it's a win or a loss of his coming off a loss, you might want to punish himself with a bad. It would be great, though, if it was just a slide show of beautiful feet and that it Antonio Brown's feet, then Rex Ryan puked on air or It might be a knee injury that they're covering up in the NFL one knee equals two feet. That's another thing say we don't home, we don't know you don't know what I'd do. One thing that I know for sure is that
this is the time of year when I see anything happening with the Oakland Raiders, the only thing that I think of it. I can't wait to see this and are not yeah. I can't wait to see John Gruden's reaction to Antonio Brown missing practice, because his feet have blisters by the way, the good that you brought that up. We're flying to Wisconsin on Tuesday afternoon, if any wants to email, pmt intern at barstool sports com. That's the place where you email for the anime gold episode. But if anyone wants to email and show us their living room that they have HBO. We we are going to go watch hard, knocks with an w on Tuesday night as fast, so send us basically send us your resume of why we should pick your house and we will go watch hard, knocks episode, one with an awl, don't be creepy about it. Lay it out
I pick the most normal person, no we're not trying to get up we're not trying to get up. We have to work but show us your your seating spots, your tv. Maybe what you'll give us food wide out with that? What's the spread going, we might even take the full show in your living room. So one eight every girl is going to we're. Gonna hang out with you on Tuesday night. Send us your resume, also don't be create a picture. Toilet might be nice to yeah we're not going to frat house. So don't no, no, no, listen! We're we're, not frank as rubber duck and rug. We got a different yeah. If you have rugby songs to sing right stay woke, what do you have Pft stay? What this comes to us, courtesy of Larry, Johnson, okay, former for grandma, for you? No, no! The money back got it. Who got ran to the ground by her med words. Yep is so he is on top of some very sinister things going on in the NFL. This season he's very, very well to this Adam Schefter tweeted out about Patrick my homes do serial for charity. He said this cereal, my is a crunch started selling this week at Kansas City area stores that we
tasted it. Yet my home says he's excited for it. It's in quotes. Oh my home says he is excited for and noted that sales help out his foundation. I, open box of the cereal are going for. Thirty three dollars on Ebay and so Larry Johnson quote. tweeted that and said funny how uses the favorite masonic thirty three number well. This is how spell casting works amongst the sleep magic associated with witchcraft and occult cult just going to enjoy this blatant propaganda. This. So he is onto Adam Schefter. I can't think of a story I'd rather the story, I'm rooting for more than Adam Schefter to be an undercover which, yes, could you imagine
you just casting spells on people. I would be surprised nope, I wouldn't either to cell phones. One of them is a magic wand, yeah, and that's why he does the whole, like all. I have to pee every ten minutes to make himself seemed on which, like the ha, that's exactly what somebody that didn't have to say. It's called an old red herring. He doesn't piss ever yeah right, very interesting bill Cooper. He seems like a which she doesn't pass: no, no you're the which dude yeah Adam Schefter, being a which would be pretty excellent. I think it's all rest here, I'm pretty sure I've seen him hanging out with some brooms before also he's. I feel like he's right around the perfect height for warlock, which I know they typically go. A little shorter, okay, he's five five tent noise is five now Okay, we have a new segment mellow dramatic and this is for Carmel to which I think we're going to use a segment a few times this year, because Carmelo It has now gone to the Stephen, a Smith School of redemption. He went on first take he did a sit down. He said that
He was cut by the rockets for things outside of basketball. He doesn't want to farewell tour. He just wants to ball an now. I'm a point where I just feel bad for Comel Anthony What were the reasons outside of basketball like I think, the the money he was being paid to play bass to be shity at past yeah. Ok, so we got about it, not a basket yeah right right, that's I'm not in the NBA, primarily for Non bass, or is it is not a basketball raising I'm worth paying money right, yeah! It's not a bass for reason. If you can't play basketball anymore right, just sad that it's all about the dollars. Now it's not about that love the game, but yeah. I do feel a little bit about it or we do need a back someone someone please! I mean the Lakers. Obviously are our number one choice, but I would love seem on the heat that would be
watching him play with Jimmy Butler today, but the clippers, the clippers, will be great for the tram. If he goes to Toronto and he's like, I will fill the shoes of Kawaii this year, that would be crazy, New York you're on the next. He was already on the polls last year for allegedly two seconds legend, as God, as a trade yeah. I know get him get him on the Knicks again. He could probably will the what the name of the three wins came on the nets. Having win a ring with the net so ring chasing, you haven't be the eleven to rant. Have that story be written like is Carmelo. The answer to know Kevin Durant next year could question people are asking already proof of it was a movie with John Q? Segue holds up the boom box outside the high fidelity hi fidelity. He needs, to every general manager in the NBA, except have a blast and that little Wayne Song that drops his name
it's in swagger like us, yes yeah, so the just the line where it's saying like get jewels like Carmelo or whatever. Yes do that outside Daryl Morey's office and maybe he'll forget about last year. I just give us mellow. We need one more mellow, alright. Last up, drunk idea? Pft you have a drunk idea right. Yeah my I to drug idea last week and it remains even more true this week for me an idea. That's just. Instead of a gumball machine just out in restaurants, have it just be filled with tums yeah Why not? I would. I would take one every single time, even if I didn't have heartburn just like knowing you might get it later, it would have saved my life this weekend. I would every time I barbecue. Now I wake up in the middle of the night. I like two hundred am oh yeah and I just have to throw up. I ate barbecue on Friday and went to the gym not to brag, but I actually did throw up a little bit so at the gym. Now after, because you can always and that I'm working out yeah. No, no. This was a later thing.
Ok, where is much more you're such a piece of I don't know what it is: Jayda normal amount of barbecue. No, you didn't no needs a normal amount of arbitrated good amount of. I, like I, like Whenever you go to barbecue you're like ok, I'm going to have a normal amount of barbecue how 'bout the burn ends. The pulled pork hush puppies, maybe try pickles the rest of the table and we got a split of thing: the ribs in a normal amount of orange, we got big being we should split forest. We got full rack of ribs and then of a desert pie that was literally called us. Moore's ice cream pie, yeah normal about normal, normal mind, barbecue and just woke up at two am and just calmly, walk to the bathroom, threw up and went to sleep. We should have it be like Skyline Chili, where they give you the crackers and little ball. It should support toms and you can put hot sauce on it. I love it because who cares reading the tall circle life? Yes, absolutely I yeah. I like that idea. A lot call to tumble machine yeah, so yeah, I'm I'm
and for that, okay, just just more Tom's, just every everywhere everywhere and we're not they're, not even a sponsor. No they're, not state agencies, and those are you Tom. So it's like everywhere that they used to be a phone booth, tumble Machine Tom Tom actually they kind of their kind of getting one over on us, because they, I think Big Tom's factory, wherever that is, they have us as like their number one influencers, and they know us well enough that every three probably three weeks to a month. Three new how's the TOMS just show up yeah at ours at our office. Even we changed offices. They knew right away and they're like these guys are suckers they're just going, about times the times because they eat like such pieces of shit, correct and guess what tums
you, gotta you gotta, you gotta, treat us like dirt and will stick to you like Mudkips were at us all figured out now that hangs on the train to yep. Everybody should get some ball machine in the office in the in the in the studio, have a tumblr right so toms. Why don't you all the free ship we've? Given? You send us a ton, ball machine. You know our address. Yes, you know our social security and then we can better colour, tums comes out. Yeah, that would be good. Yes, alright, that's our show training Camp week Patricia Wednesday Baker Friday we're going to be in green bay. Wednesday make sure you fill out that application that resume PMT intern internet barstoolsports, dot com? Where we're going to watch in Milwaukee? We don't want to go far so don't I can tell me that you're in, like Brookefield or wherever, the fuck, you know your Sheboygan Rock on going Sheboygan, Shout SAM Dekker just tell exactly where in Appleton Fuct Appleton. Now, fucking way. Milwaukee greater area send your resume and will come watch hard, knocks with you and probably do the show, love and guess.
Yeah we're separate. Never what pardon my two percent schools.