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JJ Watt Part 2

2017-07-18 | 🔗
The middle of summer is upon us which means someone in the NFL is in trouble. Is it Lonzo Ball's league now because he won Summer League MVP?(4:37-5:33) Hot Seat/Cool Throne (7:20-15:50) and the return of All Business Pete. Mt Rushmore of non mainstream sports(15:52-25:05). JJ Watt joins the show for Part 2 of his interview including a rundown of all his regrettable social media posts based on a 1 to 99 scale(25:33-58:03). Segments include Trouble in Paradise for the Redskins(1:01:15-1:03:45), Thoughts and Prayers(1:03:47-1:05:35), People Forget That(1:05:36-1:07:00) and Guys on Chicks(1:08:55-1:16:10).
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All right, let's just look into this all right onto these part of my take. We have part two of our Jj Watt Interview gets a little looser, a little bit more funny star. So like us, a little bit not really yeah. That's when all the all the GHB kicks in yeah, so We also have all business PETE, the dog hater back in the building for Mount Rushmore of Non Mainstream sports, hot cool, throne and and it's Wednesday, so we got guys on chicks before we get started with all that. The challenge. Thirty is back on MTV. Everyone knows I'm a huge challenge. Guy it debuted on Tuesday night make sure you watch it every single Tuesday night, nine eastern, eight central. Only on MTV. These guys are
writing for the biggest prize in challenge history. One million dollars someone's, probably going to get hurt someone's, probably going to get in a fight they'll, be some cliffhangers, Tj Lavin, all time guy. C t. We actually met him today. He might win. Who knows the challenge? Has it's it's the fifth it we're we're talking about non mainstream sports. That's the challenge! It's the fifth best sport in all of America, make sure you tune in on Tuesday nights m.
T v, the challenge. Thirty, four one million dollars Eastern PETE Central well part of it is Wednesday July nineteen. Jj Watt part two and it's guys
NFL getting arrested season well, not arrested. Well, that's really. All year But this is the one time of year where you really can't get arrested if you're in the NFL, because there's absolutely nothing else going on in the league. So all eyes are on you. That's why? If you're a draft pick- and you have like a little bit of weed and gun in your car. As one does a little bit a gun, it becomes a national story and the National stories Ezekiel Elliott little bad boy down in Dallas, maybe punched bouncer, No, no, no, might have been speeding and also while this happened was also under investigation by the NFL. Yeah I mean I thought that Ezekiel was one of the good ones until this week. It's like now he's punch to dj yeah, which I think, if you play that right, you can spend that one, because no we like to do no one likes DJS, here's what you tell Roger Goodell, okay, you say
Commissioner Goodell DJ was playing music. It was too loud and I couldn't hear my friends talk in a bar and Goodell would be like yes punch like I have CTE so that could could trigger my see t if you're over the age of thirty, you hate every dj, yeah you hate going to brunch when a dj is playing the music too loud, and you can't talk so just brunch yep you'll. Do that also be the commissioner? He was playing songs ahead, profanity in a and you know be like thank you for pointing that got my favorite part about when an NFL player gets arrested or like in broiled in some kind of off field controversy this time of year, it's like all hands on deck, because everyone needs news and there's no news to be had so Schefter like you know he got called on the bat phone he was on set with his two phones instantly calling as he could only at the life of the party with so much disdain like this guy- is the exact guy that would pick on me back in college, and but I I have, I have some breaking news for you:
So let you know thanks me back on Friday, Jerry Jones spoke to Zieke Elliot, so we're all good. Think about Jerry Jones. Is he I wrote about this some money, but he cut Greg. Hardy last year and Jerry Jones is one. That's a great party is the leader of this team. So is he well? It could use some of Greg Hardy's leadership to keep him in line that locker, maybe there's a power vacuum. A tony Romo gone great point,
great. So it's actually not on Ezekiel he's just like a rebellious kid just lashing out, because parents are given enough tension yet which had been a red flag on draft night when he wore the shirt that was cut off too low. Yes, nothing good is coming out of the dress shown those apps fast furious Tokyo midriff. The other story is long. The balls officially arrived. That's what people are saying: okay, because the one summer league, the Lakers won, the some really did you play last night did not play behind him. He wasn't yeah and he was on the sidelines right yeah. One thing: I love about the N B A's when they say the players are wearing street clothes yeah when they're not like dressed in uniforms, anything but uniforms. As close as my favorite favorite meme Derrick rose uniform and it was street. Clothes is strictly actually closes like a suit and tie yeah yeah. So Lonzo ball is in his league now. Who's man's is the NBA. Let you know what we were talking about, what to do with the NBA logo? How about we just make it Lavar ball like to sell
his face with one of his dirty teeth or, alternatively, we could make it Lonzo ball in his terrible shooting mechanics that are gonna get stuff back in his face a million times when he plays real competition, not in the summer league. That would actually be a great logo. Is the silhouette, but the balls like on the left side, yeah guys, here's all right, yeah! I like it, I like it- I mean for that, I'm all right! So we do have Jj what part to like we said, loosened up a little. I feel like there is some people expected like the greatest interview of all time. I think it was a good interview. I don't think you do. What was ever gonna become our best friend. No, we did go through the entire regrettable list of social media moments which I really enjoyed, and I think he liked to It did loosen him up a little bit like we would basically spent the first twenty minutes can massaging yes put non, send them night, lab Eurynome, put some ed Sheeran on the box, and you also can get in the mood yeah. I just getting all wet so before we get to that. We have some hot seat: cool thrown end. The dog killers by
back in the building all business PETE back by popular demand. He wished all of your dogs to die on command and he's back. Yeah, hey PETE, welcome back Peter a people, hello, they say all dogs go to. Heaven is that true? I believe so, and I think that I was taken out of context in my state was misrepresented. We also found on the former hacked PETE's voice was hacked fun fact about PETE. He was already in college, so also fake news yeah, I don't know, no one is surprised it's so it feels so true. Yes, that no one will believe me that I wasn't yeah where they were you. The are a captain who is in charge of all the ours that sounds like a job I would have been good at PETE was Cra is like? Oh you guys. You know what guys you could have a beer or two and then boom knock on your door. Bam. Take him to take him. Take downtown hit my quota tonight guys your quota, you were that are in the two face, exactly right right, but I don't want you to take this the wrong way, but you would have been a very, very high ranking.
Not the wrong way that we just don't take the wrong not to be offensive. Does realtime of that got taken out of context by people, but that I'm going to go ahead and check that one up as a compliment, yeah yeah we go yeah you would. That was exactly what it already would do all right, PETE! You want to start with. Secret throne, yeah hot I see it is it? Are we starting hot seat, yeah, hi, Z? That's goes, okay, throw it in order. You actually know what go ahead. Would you know what go with everywhere? You want, because I I'm getting like I'm certain to have maraj is here because this podcast rooms, so hot and you're in charge of it. We have a cooler open with ice in it to try. It down not working your job. Hot seat is my mentions right now because, because lot of dog lot of telling yourself a lot of sad dogs actions, I get that's. Actually you project,
because the dogs are actually just all really cute, but every time you see a dog like that dogs upset it's going to be. I have only seen dogs are upset with you yeah, that's not true. These are some film terribly sad dogs who have probably had to come to grips with the the unfortunate truth and and and now I'm looking at him all day. Okay. So, that's it all right! Well, good! I hope U mentions remain a sewer of sad. I'm sure this is gonna, do wonders and then cool thrown away, okay, This will throw it for let's go back to back. Yeah thrown, is air conditioning. Ok, it's air conditioning season and nobody. Nobody goes anywhere or does anything. Without air conditioning and what about in less you have a missed fan. Missed fans are great too. What about this podcast studio? That is one hundred and ten degrees right now should be doing this yeah, it's actually dangerous as well. No we're exercising were sweating on a wooden pounds. Recent really cool instead of installing air condition which just bring the sun into this room. Yes, that sounds cool. We found that out last episode. There are you did, let's
I only listen to one tomorrow. Beatles hippies. So pizza man's MIKE Vick, came out yesterday and said that Colin Capper Nick needs to cut his hair. If you want to get a job in the NFL agree, so it's like the Mattingly Sideburns thing, except it's MIKE Vick, being like hey Colin, as somebody who has also gone through, to maybe a smaller degree. I was in jail for two years for murdering dogs and then you didn't stand for the national anthem, so we're kind of birds of a feather. If you want to get a job, then maybe you should cut your hair hippie. I like that. So I like it too, because I've notice about Capper Nick
His hair he's got a like a Bob Ross thing going on yeah, the the guy that was on public access, the painter guy. If you want to be a quarterback, we don't want an artist right, move numerous. We want a surgeon, maybe storyline no one's talking about. Maybe it is actually the equipment guys who were telling these owners not to sign call cabinet because they're, like I, don't think I've home a big enough for his hair. So that's a good point. Yeah all right, what why haven't? We done the mean, the the the the DOM Dom Grady Mean or mean, or whatever, with Colin Kaepernick like ball in fat, burning, yeah, we're just calling Capric, but it's a k and then to see instead of seeing the k may maybe put a mustache on on the. How about always fun have always fun Colin, and then you give them a middle initial of Kay and then the last name, also, okay, so three three okay yep and then to strike young, and then you do the what if MIKE the poor white thing with Colin Capital you I like that sort of call company could wait. I like that, with someone on a forum, someone give call Caprica John the jobs. We don't have to keep talking. Johnny Manziel's gonna get job performance. It's gonna be like a melt. Well, I okay! So if you're
taking MIKE Vick at his word. He says that image matters right and he's kind of right. Like you're, not going no I'm going to get put into a position of importance, America if they have weird hair. True facts: that's a fact: cool cool, thrown The cool throne is the hot stove. Thanks. So it's the hot stove season, yeah baseball trade deadline coming up hi, which means that we've got things he did not like the school from by the way. Why not? He just has like a he has he's just a judge G face it's already face. What's trade deadline season right, which means that transactions are happening means KEN Rosenthal is about to explode in like a a massive white income at any given moment. You know what this means: mystery team.
Three team is he is in season yeah. You know we love them. If you love the mystery or to you what gets me so hot, I'm not a huge baseball fan. I've been pretty clear about that. But what gets me really going is when there's a mystery team involved in a trade for a middle reliever yeah our cloud yeah, whom sometime substitute to middle relievers, get traded for three middle relievers and once a prospect and then boom. Everyone goes at home, they're, huge and players to be named later yeah, always my who is the player that got named later? Have they ever? There was one time I take a guy got tree from self yeah. He was the player to be named left, that's that's! Like TIM Kerr, chins wetering aren't there. I feel, like the baseball quirks, if you wait the player to be named later thing out long enough, the other team,
Just forget about it. Good did you owe me some money? No, no yeah definitely treat me a player to be named later, and I would forget with that day, but but the player to be named later. It sounds really enticing with that. Guy who beat you awesome could be. Anyone could be a whole thing all right, my hot seat, I got to the big twelve, the big twelve in the high, see because at the big twelve media day and MIKE Gundy has the finest or in the world. We all knew we had a moment, but he looks like he's been like primping it. A little is that the right word crimping it permanent he's been both broke both of it. He it looked so it looks silky. It looks smooth. It's got that little like sheen on it. Where maybe it's like. I don't even know what he's putting in. Maybe some like shoe shoe polish air. I think he's on the no poo movement. Yet I don't think he's been shampoo. I think that's just natural, that's Gundy, Greece. I actually threw out the idea that, his mullet might now become a recruiting violation because who wouldn't want to play for him. He's that cool it's pretty slow.
It's the ultimate football guy here cut because you can wear a visor which covers the front of your head and then the mullet. It covers the back and neck. Yes, he's got that he's got the sunglasses on Cliff Kingsbury actually like had a temper tantrum because they play Justin Bieber before you came out at That is a misplaced anger that are the best looking guy in the big twelve is now my god. Oh yeah, Cliff Kingsbury got caught big time. Big time buy it yeah, I a thirty year old here, can do it king's very just need to come out and do the I'm a man speech and just like get on Gendis level. Yeah, I'm a good looking man. And then my other hot seat, Chris Christie for having a disgusting phone, so it turns out there was. There was a news story out there that Trump, the final straw with the Trump Christie relationship was Christy, said that he wanted Trump to take his phone to receive a phone call. Ann troubles like no, because your phone is gross and I agree, I'm not touching your discuss. Chris Christie definitely has a disgusting phone. He definitely he sits on the toilet, for many hours with that phone? I think
Christy strikes me as a kind of guy that keeps his cell phone in his back pocket to how much lint do you think is in Chris Christie's belly button. Oh I don't know if the I don't know, if even lent is the right term, I'm thinking like whole subway rappers. You know how, when you're done eating a subway meal, you can fit the rapper the bag and everything into the cup he's got like a cup of subway. You know in his bill every winter when they're like they do the clothes drives for homeless people. Let's just take whatever's in Chris Chris Christie's belly button and we'll just keep it. I just need a sweater out right. Many, so all the raw materials. Yes all right, my cool thrown Tiger Woods Tiger Woods is now one a thousand and five in the World Rankings So really only wear only place to go is up from so the real didn't even know there was a thousand golfers that got ranked yeah. The real question is, it sounds like Serena Williams could be Tiger Woods who it she's right. He he misses the cut right there, but yeah one thousand and five so
I really I mean That'S- got to be like some random golf pro in the course pro Florida yes, who just has sex with like a bunch of women. You talk about Tiger Woods, yeah, that guy okay yeah. It is yeah Tiger Woods Tiger Woods, the only guy that can beat him isn't. So is some self Right Tiger Woods own worst enemy. All right lets you Mount Rushmore PETE is the one who decided this Mount Rushmore. So if you don't like it make sure you, set note to the sad dog when you treated him.
If you write it down and then put it on, and the dog's mouth or something I'll be sure to see it. Okay in every single sat down. What's what's the twitter handle again NASA at all business beat? Okay, that's really that's really! No one pizza in a in a love, hate relationship with the show, because I think he hates coming on, but he loves getting those twitter followers so well that hit that follow button. All it takes is one look at PETE's know he cares about clout, score yeah, a lot yes, so he values your interactions. Yes and you you actually I'll, give you credit for this you're, not a volume, tweeter, you're, you're, very much quality over quantity, yeah, hi, very high quality yeah! Well, let's go ahead and get get get in the following. It will be all right, so the Mount Rushmore of Non mainstream sports, so PETE is a big curling and he just basically want to talk about curling, so go ahead, floors, yours, okay, so my first first one is
is soccer. Oh ok, most popular sport in the world, but it is kind of a normal straight out there. Yet it is the Jogo Bonita, the most beautiful game, but go ahead, but you still can't tell me what channel it's on like when they have won an NBC and ESPN yeah. It's been going. Those are the three big ones right, it's all it all and also the they will your it doesn't count because you're an owner, so I am in order thanks for mentioning how many emails I mean I I just I got tricked and watching couple times because called football from a country. That's that's real, learn pretty quickly. Okay, next one bowling a big bowling, golf global, yet you're, which score high score yeah, two sixty eight! That's such a lie
how do you can get it to huge gold bars up? Don't you, my understanding is in bowling. You can only you can't score in between like a two hundred and fifty or three hundred right. It's basically again, you get seven strikes in a row and then I think like A9 spare math. So how many strikes are? Oh did you get? I started with seven in a row. You blew it so you're choking. I pocket Fuckedup, your choker, ok good, to know. I took him Mcoca forward right there you go. I would rather not get two hundred and sixty eight. Then Bu Hancho quiet, perfect, no respond. It was fun to be really good at one time. Ok do you. You seem like someone who wears like a wrist guard. When people I don't I've got the city got to be safe. An injury donor, pull the rug arts. Not for its not say I'm safety thing is not a case. You fall secure restraint. Okay, do you have your own, all that on your own yeah, I have to, of course you really yeah. Okay, all to get your not in this or you clean your balls, I mean you wash em yeah
no! You just get the oil you have your own son is: don't you yeah yeah? Of course you have your own shoes. How long do you put your hand over the little then later thing before you able? Now it's not really a thing: okay, you're going shirt I know that's all you have to be a bowl and I do have a nice one. I think that I could wear bowling is from store dot, barstoolsports dot com, nice plug their company man through and through I and number three, that's the. Nor can you darts, which I saw televised darts on one time and it was riveting, is good and they're kind of like professional wrestlers like there are some definite heels like the PETE Webber of Darts is a real thing and it I think, they're putting more darts on TV in America. Yes, PETE! Do you play darts, I know I'd beat your acid, it wait, wait, wait, wait, wait, wait! Wait! You don't play darts, but you put darts on your Mount Rushmore of sports. Yeah, because I like to watch it. Ok, alright, go ahead, play soccer yeah I mean darts pretty easy to play. You just need to be at a bar,
one time yeah I could. I don't go out, be like all we got to go to that dark bar tomorrow. A dark part is, it also is just a fun bar yeah PETE's favorite Mount Rushmore of sexual positions as missionary yeah both- and stop and I on top yeah, alright. Next, ok, it's two thousand and sixteen an last one is everybody's. Favorite is curling. Oh there we go, you bury the lead that did he really wanted. Alright, so PETE you are actually fanatical. Curling fan Love, curling, crazy, that's the majority or the off season in the in season. I was so what's the deal like what you really are just and it's just on ice. It's a it's, a perfect mix of of brain and brawn and yes, fantastic. How much, how much broader there this is with the sweeping is, is incredibly taxing just Klay doing housework
yeah, PETE favorite activities tidying up? No, that's it! We're we've built back in ninety ending a clean presence at your job earning your sure is PETE's, fifth, non mainstream. Sure sport. I have you ever called I've I've done? Well, I mean this is from San. It's it's insane the sport, you don't you don't do it, I mean I don't have the time I will. I would like to and we're gonna get you were gonna will make a wish we could have. You know a great, though, is if we took it to a curling arena. What is a curling rink? It's it's ranko ran into our club. They op that locally. They operate like a like a golf club. Okay, so you would use in yes, okay. Okay? So what we'll do is we'll take PETE to one of these curling clubs and then we'll just both kick his a curling our first time out and then he'll just hate the sport. Now it's true, so I look forward to destroying your love, girl, yeah. I don't think the khaki even down: oh my god. Ok here we go
twice yeah, I think I can get down getting up, is going to yeah right once I'm down, I guess they down. You have to tip over yeah and I'm like a turtle yeah rolled up against the against the a wall or something scratch right back pft. You want to go yeah I'll, go my first well, I can't say Rugby because Rugby's definitely not obscure and very mainstream, in fact fast growing sport, America, okay, so cross who I'll go with the cross? Yes, there is here. Let people know this couple facts about across that nobody really knows or talks about. One is a fast game on two feet. The second is, it was actually visited by native Americans. Everyone knows, I know nobody knows these things. Okay, and you know they played like eight mile fields, yeah yeah, yeah, really big fields and yeah. So that's a fun little sport that maybe somebody will pick it up after me saying it on there. You go next. One is a fighter plane stuff, so like Tom yeah, when people
top gun against each other. That is a awesome sport. I would like to see that televised. Are you down with drone racing? No, no. I hate I like her. I don't have that. You have a guy sitting in the cockpit the element of danger, so if the, if, if you can figure out a way to get top gun on television, I'm all their fort okay, my next one, I'm going to go with foot golf yeah, so I played for the first time when was back in careful buddy with bad feet. I, like I, really good off course might be because of my injury, maybe like it turned me into yeah, I perfect foot. Golf player are almost at the course record in my first time. Aha, it's awesome. It's like golf, except to give you a soccer ball or food or food bowl yep, and then you just kick it you'll go into these yeah. You go, go Benito down the fairway and he's like bucket size holes. It's a great. I got a hole in one, I'm like an eighty yard par three. It's great my that's a great story yeah. My next one is I'm going to go with Wall Ball,
yeah as ever, used to play wall ball back in the day. Oh yeah, well, most a lot of fun, especially when the loser gets bunched up. We should start doing that in the office. Yes right by the expense, now. Maybe outside do it. We're play the office all right, I'll go! My just one Wnba, so big, I'm a big Wnba got use have season tickets. Been to many, I attended a Wnba game by myself. That was fun, no friends, so big cat, doing a little bit of virtue, signalling here just a little bit. My next one is rugby, not really know. We already talked this water. Even the rules, just plain brewski. The whole time boring you tackle. My third one is harness racing
It's that when you start gambling harness racing's dogs are those horses, but it's okay. It's yeah! It's like the later night tracks in you start. You start. You know betting on that and then you know your your wife is kind of circling the drain. There yeah anytime, that you're gambling a sport where they're purposely slowing down the adders. That's when you know you have an issue yeah and then my last one is fraught so bank chains baby. Yeah, like bang in chains? I don't know I've been changed. Yeah I like just hitting the foot around the around the links. I have one more sore throat there. I don't know if it's a sport, I was going to say it. Russian roulette is a sport yeah! That's a sport! Okay, me cool. Our Billy Billy beg to do this, so he better, come through. You guys should on me. When I told you this Billy was super fucking excited about it. Yes, Billy is very excited talking the MIKE Billy. Let's hear your Mount rush, so I got like nine such guys were going to like say something, but you guys got none of them. Ok! Well, the first
is hurling with an h, which is an ancient gaelic sport for three thousand years. It's kind of like a cross with less rules and it's pretty gnarly fewer and then couple, iterations of european Rugby styles, football, but one of them is Calico Storico Code, which comes from Sicily. Take away your Wikipedia count yeah. This is a schematic. I know it's like it's like a basically like gladiator type stuff, basically got no rules, him beat other people up and then a my third one, now caecilians getting mad and beating each other up nice, there is extreme pillow. Fighting. Ok, but now you're getting warmer. Now this my last one, this one is the killer. Taser boxing, oh taser, football, also thing yeah, yeah I had a taser to any activity. It becomes a sport, Hazer curling up still for nerds Taiser Cooking, that's sport. I would watch yes, I would watch that too. I think we did all his mousetrap cooking, all right
that's our Mount Rushmore of Non majors. Or do you want for one would go ahead bill you, you you're like chomping at the bit here for one more out there now the rest like cheese, rolling, Shin, kick cheese, billings good, shaking I'm on board flight down for some kicking, they stuff a bunch of strong their pants and then just kick each other machines. I'm all these old old sports. Just like how much pain these are all of these are all like scottish games too yeah. I guess what happens when it wind don't have enough rowing, you don't have enough sheep to for everybody, get their rocks off. Cs are kicking each other in the leg who can bash two with a rock faster see, see you two taser boxing. Okay, all right! That's our Mount Rushmore Non Mainstream sports embrace the bait like we said in turn, Liam's been doing a great job he's been taking all of the best replies on twitter and we put him out there and someone's gonna win of. Free shirts, so make sure you embrace debate, give us your non mainstream sports that we missed, and with that we have part two
the Jj Watt Interview right now. So do you consider yourself an actor because you've acted? Are I don't know if I can so much of an actor, but I do enjoy thespians news or action yeah yeah you're in bad mom's right, I was, do you think all moms are bad because it's actually like the most important job you can do. It is almost done. I know I will mourn for the troops. That's a tough one,
There would be no troops if it wasn't for moms. You know mom's of wasn't the trips on yeah, with arms, from first okay, you're on an airplane and a troop, a mom and a firefighter get on board which one to get a first class ticket to a mom who served and is now firefighter after duty as trick question the plane crash this bloody hands who that's awkward while scanning a troop now mom. I mean they'll be no mom. Is there were if there weren't dads, so I actually work out of the office great point, yeah. Absolutely what that? Actually, God is the truth yeah. So what about you? So you, you acted bad moms. What about a your Prince and MTV College Life- oh yeah, it's pretty awkward to look at. It was absolutely no question about that. That is a relic. That was a really bad show. It was, and you were seeing, trying to quarter young lady. We were in a really bad hat, was absolutely like one of the winter winter hats, but then head out for him
yeah yeah yeah. That is really don't like that. Yeah inspired rock one of those can I just wasn't on improving yeah. I was late nineties early two thousand. This can so that's yes, no course. In that fact, fashion Wisconsin, usually fashionista behind rocks yeah There are still, in the eighties sure yeah when people like connected the dots when you like obviously became a star you're like this is it was the end to be like to lead all those files? No, but the only thing I actually did go back to them because they may I mean they're, going to do what they're going to do, but they made it all look much different than it actually was, which is what they do right. I mean it's a it's a stupid thing, you're in college. I mean yeah
I'm not hi. Do you do anything regretted exactly a lot worse? Yeah. It's not like! I'm hiding a lot worse, a lot worse as far as your acting is, would you say: you're better actor than Lebron, I'm sitting in in see that that what's your name, Amy Schumer movie, trying trying right now, but that's a that- was a big movie so that it is probably better. That's because you know I can't be sure I have nothing to them. Sure. Are you Lebron or MJ guy. Oh, I jj. This is Jj Watt isn't this is, but this is something I will never understand I'll, never understand why people why you can't just appreciate what you're watching you can. But it's just so annoying because you have to think about everything that they've done. It's it's incredible. The level of these guys are playing it for people to try and pick them both apart into rip apart. Everything they've done is so frustrating as an athlete who knows how damn hard those guys work like it's insane,
they're Kobe Guy. I think now. I think. Obviously my my mentality without, if it pretty well, but I think also you probably. I want to be careful on those guys, also yeah. I see what you're saying too far. I see what you're saying black mom works hard very hard work, but that's a tough one. I mean- and these workers incredible it's absolutely incredible. But when they go to your head.
I can't really remember all right. There we go. There is a new guy, am J Personal Brown very, but I think the one thing I will say about the Brown and I can not like the guy, obviously bits besides leaving Cleveland going to Miami. That's that's business, that's what it is, but for what he had to handle from such a young age to how and how he's handled everything and how he's going about his business and really hasn't done anything wrong per se. Besides leaving Cleveland going man, I mean that's such an incredible feat: to be able to be eighteen years old, have the entire world spotlight on. You expect you to be great and they go out there and to live up to all the hype that people put on you and also have a clean record off the court. Not having run off that's right. So would you ever go back to Green Bay, Packer, thinner, dealer song with the rest, your career as a look like cleaner home states, tough, because there's so many other things that come along with that there's all the family or friends. Everybody wants tickets. There is the incredible amount of expectation of people put on you because they just expect you to be that's. Why you want to do is going to have to start thinking about those things because, like Green Bay's right there at the end of the first round, but really what it would be incredible, is it really the best situation, because people put such high expectations on a guy who's planning is home state or the state, the
collagen and it's very difficult to go out there, no matter how good you are live up to that. So are when the Texans to play the packers how's your family, go on. My family is a hundred percent on on my squad. It's what are your friends? Yes, some friends over those with you cut them out. So there's a story, so the package came in played act at Houston two or three years ago, and I had a group of family and friends, obvious they're personalizing, because the big game and I get tickets for everybody in our tickets- are in Texas, family section and so my family, all my close friends, obviously wearing Texas Close, but one One guy who is from here but now my friend, is kind of like a family friend a little more star where backers Izzy yeah, so you haven't been spoken to wow, hoping to not wow, so it only because I don't care if you're a fan of their team, but
bombing of everything. That's said on the Senate ticket can you the technician should show some respect that wrestling little bit right, speaker rings. If you're at the end of your career, you look back Superbowl champion our whole family, which one to go through with having all famous is awesome. It's really cool, but I think at the end of the day you know, if you play good or not I got it, you don't mean I don't think it doesn't necessarily need justification of. Where would you go to the White House, the general first, I sure hope when what happens to the question. Okay, please ensure right yeah and saving I'm not gonna judge or what yet would you relive their voting record our home? What was your thought last year with Brock Osweiler, the rock rock Tober Brock Rocket ship, five q? U I we're talking off camera for a second about how hard it is to play quarterback in, but are you at some point you're like what the
This guy really stinks. Well, it's hard. I mean so the same thing I was talking about with the expectation of playing in your home state. You get a seventy two million dollar contract as a quarterback you're expected to be phenomenal from day one and the less
Family, you aren't, they won the harder it is to even have a chance to build out of that hole. So you come in day one you have a bad day. Let's say you throw two picks in your first game fan start to question you and then it starts to snowball on top of each other, and then you start to play a little bit worse, a little bit worse and it's a tough year. I mean I I don't but he's tall. I don't wish to be in that. I don't wish to be in that position. It's such a hard thing and it sucks to see see somebody who's obviously worked hard to get to where they are. But then you put I've been through, like I said, eight quarterbacks in the last few years, and so you feel bad in every situation, because you know each of those guys wants to be the guy put. Sometimes it just doesn't happen and that's that's a tough thing and obviously being I want to win so you're like ok, you're, good guy, but also I want to win football great. So have you ever been caught accidentally staring at coach, O'Brien's, Butt Chin, not accidentally steering, but you look at it like a mole
repression, we look at it and it's impressive yeah, so impressive. How many beers you think it's in there hi order one black body shots of rum is that he has won the Superbowl. Do body shots of his chair. No give us! If you in a civil, what do you do? Your voice will have some fun. Your voice is the wings a bonanza for okay? All right can we come. No
oh shut up? I was good shop. Did you have kubiac? Is your coach yeah? Were you on the team when he had? The heart attack did that we were big football guys and we just one of our things in football, guys like chest that he can pull out whenever a team struggling is just have a heart attack. Is that how you guys react if it was tough man? It was, I mean part of the reason. Coach Kubiak is such an awesome. Guy he's a players coach. He loved playing for me, love him as a guy, so halftime of a game in all this.
Nobody, because nobody knew it's not like it's not like, he went down and we all saw it. It was at halftime as we're going in right. So by the time I got and I didn't see him fall or anything. I got an invoice as some have no clue, but nobody knew exactly what so, then, for the entire half time, everybody's kind of adjusting plays kind of figuring out what happened a coach and by the time you figure it out. It's all you find out how bad it really was. How scary it was. It was a that's, a weird time in play form all their work. Try to not worry. You know I was terrible yeah we went one fourteen we start school doesn't work yeah. You got to fix the hard. I I you know your mind. I always suspected it was like Wade. Phillips thing like maybe slip something as coffee interim way right right? We it's a wild man, all right, we would do it in the first. First part of the interview. We're gonna go through some of your possibly boast regrettable moments, and you can tell us what you were thinking and whether or not you regret and Sir all right, the Letterman jacket, the famous Letterman jacket, I'll talk about that
as you want 'cause? That was not my decision. I mean with the whole team more than it was your idea yeah. I know I posted a picture of it. No doubt absolutely, but so two guys on the team, I'm not going to say anymore, but two guys on the team went up and ask the coach if everybody could wear Letterman jackets to a game. Now, I'm not gonna say wait. Wait before you finish. Do you ever drink Starbucks around Cushing. Yeah, alright, so they go and ask they get they get the Letterman jacket. Everything and part of you think so. This is actually kind of cool because we're all doing something together as a team and it's something you didn't high school at school, then the other parties, like obviously afterwards, like that, was the playoffs that was pretty dumb, there's not a lot of upside. There is just a whole lot of downside, but yeah, I posted a picture of it and because, when they came in, he actually for a moment thought they were kind of cool
But then, when you look back and that's when, when you look back like yeah those those bell K so one to ninety nine, your number on the regrettable scale, all of what I'm not sing a picture picture wearing Letterman Jacket wears a team things, just zero, closing the picture and then getting your asked. Oh yeah, I mean I don't really care that much about posting a picture because it was everybody's learning, Letterman Jacket, I posted pictures. So ninety nine is the worst nines Jj Watt over it out put it on, put it like a twenty ok, but that's not ok. Second, one, the you're quite accomplished rapper, I think we've all seen you was up to some for here, the four minor scene and hard knocks where you're the first one in and the last one out. I think simultaneously triggers the approaches on or whatever it is, how relatives of similar player that's up there. That's up there Can you watch yeah yeah, it's tough to watch back
see, and this is just for minor see, I don't let them I I don't regret leaving the scene. I don't regret listening for my because I don't like I actually like the song and the waiter. We know it is yeah, of course, but Red Lake that whole everything went down is pretty high on the scale. Give that about eighty any ok, alright, so that's good, that's good, but you know you watched it back in you cringed as much as we did. There's no question: ok, good! I I recreated the same see the problem was: I was in the middle of workout. Obviously you get some adrenaline flowing just think. Something should be. A court and while not cool, I actually like I'm cringing. Thank you yeah, of course, yeah. It was pretty pretty rough. How about the Red Rifle Red Ryder, BB, gun line on Monday night football after you guys, beat the bangles
delivered it now. Then roll tongue as good as I want, and it also felt like you had been practicing in the mural. That was that true. Do you guys practice and never practiced a couple times was even I wasn't planning on doing it, but then I don't know, I just did it and it wasn't good and it was it just came out very clumsy, very inside good. So that's pretty high. Also and he's not really he's not you're not punching out when you're going, and he said some nice guys like no yeah, no stop it that I'll put that high as well, but then about the seven thousand five hundred and eighty, yeah and Andy Dalton versus night. That was like the nicest war ever he got very excited by it. I like it. Ok, it was a clearly a bad attempt to trash talk in the NFL. Like I wasn't trying to be a bully. You trash talk during games. I've noticed I only really trashtalk if I'm playing poorly like I I don't. I don't really talk that much so, but then also the situation where miked up and when you're miked up you don't want to just be have a silent like the whole time. You should do that
are your stroller, so you straight really heavy start to do some stuff, but I just I do a little bit is more like before the game and things like that are like. I don't really talk to the guy crossing, because, if I'm doing my job there's no reason telling how bad is I'm I'm already doing it. So when you are, when you told Ray Rice that union bigger burritos on that was rehearsed, one, it was super. So it was a yeah. I mean obviously 'cause. I know that you have taken it yeah yeah, yeah yeah. That was part of ahead of time, but it turned out good yeah. That's what I'm actually pleased with it turned out you delivered it for yeah well over that one! Well, when you're beating your guy across from you and like you just know, we have no shot. Do you like? Is that the best feeling in the entire world yeah? And it's it's not necessarily for the reason
I think it's because when you're playing that well in your playing at a level that high you go into like this, it's almost like an autopilot mode where you're playing so well and everything is going your way and you're feeling it and you've practiced everything and everything is coming along to come together. Well, there will be plays like pick six against Buffalo. Eighty yard pick six, they have photos of that and I, if I look at the photo, I don't even really recognize my own face, because it's almost like your eyes are glazed over, like you're a different person, because your body is just doing what it knows, how to do what you've trained it to do, and it wasn't it's not like you're on. I was like ok, the ball Let me put my hands up grab the ball run. It was just I'm just naturally doing it and there is no greater feeling. That's they call the zone yeah. It's actually like a lot yeah. Well I mean it's alright. Now, of course, yeah and like I just don't even think about it, yeah sunglasses are glaze over I'm currently projecting. That's probably for a few reasons like looks like AI, don't even know so I guess I'm not in the zone about it here.
When, when you watch the Victoria's secret fashion, show and then the next day mysteriously hurt your wrist uh huh, is that how that went down, I'm just putting the pieces together I mean I didn't riser or did I I've had a few wrist injuries myself, we got more Jj Watt coming up before we do. That, though, I want to talk to you guys about our great Sponsor Miller, Lite, I'm on a diet. Everyone knows about that diet and dieting and dirtying usually don't mix. Then I remember that Miller. Lite is brewed for more taste with only ninety six calories and then I'm like dirty on, Gardis that turn into Nardis. There's only one beer for the job Miller Lite the original light beer brewed or taste while still being less filling dieting dirt. B B, there's no way, I'm cutting out any of those activities. That's why I reach for the Miller Lite the original great tasting light beer that doesn't compromise on taste
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I'm not sure when I'm like. Ok, how can I play this off cool but also came across a little bit of a beta 'cause you're like hot chick watch out yeah, but nobody knew I had a girlfriend, so I couldn't just. I could just come out on national tv and be like my girlfriend's not going to like that comment, because then I'm outing, really like we weren't at that the relationship I wanted out. So that wasn't regrettable at all, but I wish I could've yeah, probably wishing I wish, I wouldn't do it cooler yeah, that's fair! Ok! What about the tight USA soccer shirt, yeah yeah? That was a little that was tough stuff. This medium, I mean it's what they sent me. I mean it's not like. I bought it that they sent me that then we checked off medium yeah yeah and you said you're not I. I regret that. I read the polls, no question. Yeah. Okay, now we're down, there is no numbers on his body. I would say ninety okay! Well, I wouldn't do it! Ninety! What about the time where you are? It was like a professional wrestling thing where you
cut your nose on purpose like a razor and then the cameras would focus on in dealing you're waving away, the medical staff know that one I actually legitimately had to apologize to our medical staff. For that, because I got so many comments with people saying I was mistreating or medical stuff when I hit the guy that, obviously it's not it's all real, but I yeah because he wasn't just putting a towel on my nose. He had the whatever that stuff is it supposed to like basically cauterizing. So we had it in the towel and put on my notes. So that's things like a mother. So when he did that, I just hit his hand away and everybody I got so much crap from people and even some other guys were like hey, like you can't just smack. It was like you got it right, the first time, so I don't regret that. I just forget. I just regret that it looked like I was being an asshole when I really was just stung leash it on my nose. What about all the times you post
really get to the gym. Unless I'm gonna, I don't know what the long term injured ever been injured gotten to the gym. Yeah. The day after I signed my concert, which was like three three in the morning. Three have three am, and you posted that an apple who I am okay are the only reason I made it out. There was because our GM said it because our running around okay well, but I couldn't get into the building because it was locked in so I text him asking: are you in the building or something? And then it may? Let me in well I like the Houston chronicle causing if you plan,
I have had like a key to get in. Do you regret is definitely like dimples, there's some dimples. Of course, yeah you go back and I like your like motivational quotes like you actually get motivated by like the quotes. I absolutely that's. That's why I go back and forth on so much because motivational quotes to me while they may not mean something to you like, let's say the certain quote doesn't mean something, but to me that quote actually means something, and there are people who believe it or don't believe that there are people out there that have come up to me and said I've been so inspired by your Instagram page Twitter that I, a beer, see lost all this weight or I ran a marathon at this and those moments are so cool, and so that's why
I like listening and stuff, but I also know there's people out there who were like hey enough with the motivational stuff. Yes, when I put all your what I will do, what I do like that stuff and that stuff that actually, okay, so that's were like the balance comes in my my right. I know these guys and review, but I know some people are going to actually think about. Like I have the yeah, what is your APR on success? He says not on its list as an NPR generous. I just read your. I never said that what but I this I I said it. I can tell you it's a Peter king of the outside. I was right out here. Sorry, no wasn't in Denver. We we had when we interviewed Peter king. We showed him a picture. Peter North's, that's producing the contract was british store, so Peter King was asking me so what's one of your favorite quotes of all time? I said I can't. I don't know who said it because I honestly did not know was that I said I don't know who said it, but its success is not on this list and and rent is due
and that's why I said that would make that goal. Was I don't know who said it, but that's Michael. You say that is like hearing Jimi Hendrix played with yeah, but ever since it's been a tribute to me- and I have never once said that that was michael- what I said before those not Michael, but people always give it to me, and so, like you said like, I know that people use that against me like all success and I'm like I use that goal, but I didn't make it up. I think it's a good quote. It is a good quote. It's very good quote. I I I think about all the time my other favorite is you can't find a touchdown in the club yeah use. I don't Can you is that true? That's my cool. Have you ever found a place down? I don't know. What's new stadiums with CDL Si, don't love you! I don't consider myself a touchdowns. I just want the guy next to me to get one yeah, that's fair! Oh! I got a rapid fire for you ready. Alright, Coke First Pepsi. I don't think so. Girlfriend loves my girlfriend you
yeah? Now it's just like random honestly grass interception interception, all right, kids, saving, a child's life, saving the elderly, don't respect your interceptor. I mean if you're gonna say one thing: that's the correct. How are you going to say that to your grandmother after this, and we should be like yeah but you're going to be like hey, I saved some kids life and I I I didn't save you. We should ask my Gramma 'cause. I think she would agree. Let's. Let's do it quick, my great Gramma's. Ninety, nine, ok, alright, that's a random fact! I didn't you want to do the research that I have a quick note to the other one: ok, rapid fire Mount Rushmore, your four favorite branches of the armed services, all of 'em there's only four. That's card. You forgot the Coast Guard at the coast, goddamnit those guys.
Come on, I don't live there. Always coastguard. Did you watch the vehicles yeah? That was that it was yeah good. We used to do we used to do this game with everyone, so we're gonna bring it back for you, most famous person in your cell phone uh, probably Justin Timberlake rules were just all over. No don't walk on now, as we actually did call screening will bone to pick with you, because I had Blake Griffin on for the first time, he's recurring guest good for the worst. He was on, and I think may of last year June, and he said that he had texted you and so that he was going to call you on our show, and then he called union goes.
I don't think I have the group number. Okay, bgm do Sweden those hand over hand skin? As I know now, this is all yeah, let's call, but I don't play Blix. I've spoken to Blake before no for all you do is number one. Well, you have. A phone out does been big bend block you on twitter yeah check in office for the blocks like everybody else. What yeah check that? What will you go? Dark mode number two jj stays in night mode. Last winter, a lot of people have actually yeah in order to hang out got three g when I was a we can wait. This is in part, is a rustic cabin, disturbing Ben Roethlisberger. It's, I think, it's big bands Remember brothers on T Mobile Job Box should pop up. He might another news. The ban is, is one of the is the most frustrating game of my career, a one of a x y, whereas I missed two sacks on yeah hi, I hadn't dead right you quite as it plays, are twice
What do you do for a guy like that, like that seven yep,
actually, oh wow, why did you walk walk by big Ben will, pull that out? Maybe big benchmarks, man that sucks. You got me when you play a quarterback like big Ben, like what is your strategy. I like that that was my rookie year, so it was since then we played him and I gotta sack, which was good, because that was my rookie urine, Ricky or socks or tough to come by, and that was early in my year and I had two I'm not even talking like I kind of should have it kind of didn't. I had I was wide open one on one meeting him and both times he got out and uh that was that was frustrating. So basically, with a guy like that, you just have to know you can't you can't miss it all. You have to hit perfect. You have to get a big chunk. Then you gotta hold on as tight as you can possibly hold on, because he's one he's really good at getting out of it. Ok, I think that's everything we have do you have any questions for us. You should have led with that. Yeah.
Let's hear it with her guys advice for me: let's hear what you guys have request, we've given some advice, or do you like to issues by the way? I love you have a great issues. I think you, like him comfortable, good advice for you, it's tough, because it's and we run into this all the time, you're kind of damned. If you do damned, if you don't, because I think being more relateable is a big step, but then sometimes it comes across as contrived. So I think you just gotta, be yourself and, like I said that ninety eight percent two percent, the two percent there just you know a guy- I mean this too and stuff like this, I think, is obviously a piece of it. Yeah No, I don't get a nickname too. You have a nickname. What's going on. My name is literally a nickname for sure, but you need like a lot. Maybe it touchdown dance there we go
not not acting yeah, but then that would be can thrive in an hour, no matter what you can find. Like we said no matter what what we can find something that works but but I think I think they're definitely over the last year and obviously hasn't shown as much because our I've been out of the game, but I've definitely been more the more comfortable to yourself as you go as you get older, you get much more come to figure out where you are first, when you figure out, like I said earlier, there's definitely times when I look back and I'm like. Why would I do that? That's not even the type of person and that's not even something I would do so. I think, as time's gone on, I've started figure out who I am, and I start to be more like that, but I think that's always going to continue to happen. There's definitely gonna be more things. I'm like guy like, let's be honest, but I think I'm gonna have a lot less of them, because I'm more comfortable with who I am I'm more comfortable, they say what they are aged as like, as those are going on, like I said early on their annoying, but as it went on, I was like okay. Why would I let this norm because I'm posting something that is what I want to post is what I feel comfortable saying. So I can't let that are normally when it's just what I would actually do. I do have one piece of advice when you're
transportation don't run in the end, because then you get on camera. I never remember them it. It went in Cincinnati, you're right on the end, yeah in the on the Red Rifle read, read, Read Bb Gun game really, yeah, okay ran away down the sideline and you were like. I don't think I was in the area and you're right, you're right off to the side of it, but it was like gee there's Jj on camera, which I know the Camera probably is like in the booth there, probably like that again Jj. So that's a big thing, so I know I know you guys had a problem with that when I was out in this last year yeah. I know we had a problem with that, but you also have to realize that is, I literally have told: are pr people sometimes tell them not to do that, because I know that it should not be about me. So you can't blame me without them. That's fair! No, that's absolutely fair! I think I think NFL media is it's gotten to a point where they know that if they put your face out, there are going to be clicks and then other websites can block those blogs
it's like a a giants. We use the analogy between some people live in a really good analogy for everything. But if you look at the end of it is a system like that and when you do stuff like like, if there's a camera crew following you, when you do a good deed somewhere, your base you're, giving like Purina CAT chow to the start of the human centipede, and if the radio is just gonna be a lot of that goes up and then once were eating were pets. And then we get this guy. That's feeding this machine right so that that's a that's actually question have because that's that's a legitimate honest one and I've had so it's so you know. I hope it's not about him in seventy nine. It's not take a lot of heat for axe, but axe. Yet not anonymously did whatever yeah, but especially in the last couple years so early on, I posted by because the does two things it gets people to see it. So so let's say I don't need to there's a car crash victim donated part press return on a go fund me, like you, guys and and all of a sudden, because I donated there are literally tens of thousands more dollars coming in, because it raises awareness that
I mean because I donated not anonymously, but it also raised tens of thousands of dollars and I will not happen. That's a it's a good point and, and I think yeah it is a little bit unfair, but at the end of the day it's like is you know. Having a couple hundred people say some bullshit about me right, awaiting the fact that I actually help these people yeah so you're doing the right thing, of course, but I'm just interested to see the mindset of you guys. I think the short answer is uh huh
people in the world are a little bit of, and so that's kind of us will be the last yeah. I also think that there's there's definitely a difference because when it like so I think's when you post on Twitter, sometimes corny Instagram, that's corny, that's you. I think v like donations and stuff, that's more criticism of the media coverage of you. Yes, I don't like them just like being like. Did you want another? You know and we don't we we joke that, like you, you're, like oh yeah, camera crew come come on over because I'm much good. I know you don't actually do that right, but it's a funny joke right. You know throughout their like yeah. It is telling the camera crew to meet with the boys and girls club, of course, yeah yeah and that's you catch a lot of heat for that, but that goes back to the same thing with being on the fields that cameras are going to follow the people that they know we're going to get quick. So whether you need to start wearing a fake mustache tried that before just don't be good anyway, That actually was that would solve it. That's already made your major money suck football and no one will care
well. That's perfect. Yeah also change your id and your signature from you, because I I don't if you look at it, but it really looks like when you write. It says SS watch yeah. I knew where I was going with that Aaron said: what's up with that, really go get the check, that's a that's missing from, and I I I like you are the that was funny for a little while to your that that whole stick for awhile. The I like this because you're admitting that you actually have found this funny from time to time, but then you're like yeah these guys. No, but it's not it's not that it is finite. Then I'm like it's not funny it's just after while it runs its course joke yeah. Well, you know I I enjoy it. I started listening to podcasts or been lately. I enjoy it yeah! It's good. Which favorite segment, I'm with you it's on us, I like the ones in the Berkeley Griffin and in Iraq for yeah through our our shoes after that was the most recent one, but I found more careful
yeah yeah, yeah, yeah yeah. I was trying to get an idea. Yeah yeah you're, trying to scouting on of course, should have started. We should, let's see totally change the mantra just knowing that Jj was gonna. Listen to the Mount Rushmore's are funny to me because I was just I was laughing at the fact that that's exactly what this time of year is it, so we actually want to we're going to do that. Yeah here it is. This is remember, this is an anonymous. We gotta be right here over here. We can't move call her because it's too it's too big for the camp wow. This is great. What is it keeps going sixty thousand three hundred and forty five dollars and zero and you notice right there. It says anonymous, but we wanted just in case it gets lossed part of my taskbar, so big
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dot com. Slash bar stool, get a hundred bucks off your mattress, all right, thanks again to Jj what we'll have them back on and this time we won't have to raise money. But I really do appreciate everyone raising money. I think it was really cool that we did this. It was. It was like if it was a really fun thing to do. I know some people you know like all. We should have to pay that we really were never do this again yeah he, he kind of did hold the interview ransom, but I understood his perspective. He didn't want to just acquiesce to all right being bullies right. He wanted to get some out of the equation. We ended up donating to a very good car, so I think it's like a window into what we we we as part my take. We need to we're gonna we're gonna, try to do some fund raisers once a year anyway, so that was our fundraiser for this year, so not to pat ourselves on the back, but job well done boys, the betting myself yep, you didn't give any money so stop right now. All you did was wish Docstoc all right. Let's do some segments first up. We have a little Pull in paradise for the Redskins, the that never ever screws anything up no turns out, they offered Kirk cousins.
A new contract that would only pay him three hundred thousand dollars more than what he's already going to make, and then they tried to go to the media and say that you're being very generous and trying to work with Kirk cousins. So Kurt cousins has gotten open. Lettered harder over the last two days than any yeah, I think in the history of the world, so his own team released an open letter say and they also when they read it out loud, Bruce Allen called him Kurt yes, nine times out much. Actually that's a power move in then that yeah, but then they gave an all time spends on that and said well that shows his Mclean accent. I don't know if you know anything about. Northern Virginia tone are Mclean Virginia particular, but that's like saying you have a Kansas accent. Okay, you just talk normally and rather yeah. The clean action is essentially just lying because you're, probably a lawyer that works in case right. I I like that, though just letting them know like I don't actually know your name, so I I care this little about you and then also got open letter from fans, a couple of whom were.
Parents of people in the military saying hey! My kid goes overseas and fights in Afghanistan. And you're sitting over here playing in the NFL and not being grateful for getting a franchise. Third year in a row. I feel kind of bad for Kurt, because he is, he is the product of a quarterback bubble that we knew was gonna. First, eventually, where team just give these contracts out to guys like. Are they sure that, are we sure, they're good and that is Kirk cousins to a tee like okay, he's? Okay, but is he good? I oh yeah the thing about the reds are. The are words excuse me is that their quarterbacks wishes been so bad for the last thirty. Well, that's the danger that got screwed out struggle bears. Is this really a hall of Famer in right? Yeah? Yes, and you say oh well what we that's- okay, it's better than everyone else and which is still not good. Here's the life cycle of the NFL. So when they're it, when you have a really shitty team when they're in the pupa stage and they go like to
fourteen! Then you get one quarterback, his rookie season, you're now a chrysalis stage yeah, and he goes like six and ten. You like me, this guy's a guy and then he levels out it once it becomes a butterfly at about eight Nate for seven years in a row the fan base is so sick of being too and fourteen right that they're, like this guy, is holding you can't win with this guy yeah everyone else's fault exactly and so that guy sticks around for seven years, gets a lot of money and then gets brutally destroyed because you neglected your office line. That's the Redskins yeah life cycle is a lot of teams. Actually, when you put it out there all right next, so we thoughts and prayers to clay. Travis I would not wish this on my worst enemy and Clay Travis, these not my worst enemy, but he's he's he's close. Yes, because He was denied a flight on delta because his kid had lice and wrote a whole ordeal. Do detailed blog about it about how
he's being persecuted the persecution of the white male continuously. Ok, he is doing. Okay, I believe, is he resting comfortably? Yes, his child has been treated for lice The surgery was successful. What they're probably like going on a flight because they had to move because he lost his job or something like that and all her nobody's going back from two weeks in in Europe. So yeah I was really stack, but you know what it sounds like a direct flight back from Europe, so that's kind of hardship because they feel me yeah wait. So they got back and then they had to get treated for life. So this is probably like two or three week delay right and there was, I think, was one day not even a day. Okay yeah, my favorite part of the entire article was clay saying by the way I'm gonna right about this on the internet, yeah I get that so clay could have dropped the I'm a lawyer line a huh, but I don't know. That's that's really true. If you still, I don't know, I don't know, but his go to threat. Is I'm gonna write about this on the internet, which is a terrifying? I'm going to start saying that it's like instead of saying I'm a platinum, yell
which is another real power move to say. Yep just be like welcome to Mcdonald's. By the way I'm going to write about this on the internet and watch how fast your mcdouble comes, we should make some shirts did you say I have a blog and I will you are being you're being documented as we speak, I have a blog and I know how to use it. Yes, there we go and just let everyone else decide whether they want to treat you well warning blogger warning more under manners. Warning semi, active twitter account be careful. It's tread lightly. Next up we have a people forget that this is right, so Shoprite Yasso Oj Simpson is about a friend is up for parole on Thursday for the LAS Vegas Heist, that he was involved in so you might be getting out tomorrow and people forget it J Simpson still has not been suspended by Roger Goodell, oh wow, so he gets out of jail. He is free to sign
and with any NFL team. You choose it. So let me get this straight. Ray Rice suspended two games. Oj Simpson suspended Tom Brady suspended four games for more, probably than nodding deflating some footballs. Pittsburgh Wide Receiver suspended for smoking, weed name, one all of them or running back running back wide receiver, all of them Oj Simpson, not to yeah, even though he was found culpable of two deaths in civil court, and he also there are multiple felonies LAS Vegas, and we still I mean not not to pile more work on Roger Goodell's desk. Nobody serial killer, the I was it felt Randall would feel yes still not still not suspended by the NFL, and just so you're not dead, yet or internet is still on the suspensions. Now we got to get to if you're, Roger yelling, you're looking for a reason, the robbery to technically took place in a casino, so
so that's pretty cut and dry in the NFL is policies. If you need to spend OJ, I think you can find something between the lines there. I feel so much pressure. It's almost like what the award winning listener is probably feel right now, knowing that a keys are on Friday, if you guys have, real shame. If some other podcast listeners want to take you higher thing is to back it up. You know what I was doing. I was looking through Malcolm Gladwell as reviews the other day. They are love them really well written. This is history yeah I love it. He's got his ear buds and listen revisionist history curling on the television, what a fun guy has a clone, maybe no one around a little. Maybe try outs is the wind all. Good heart. That's one serving people forget that it's you to real quick. I do have an idea that I thought of when I was drunk. Ok, I thought of when I was drinking and I brought it up to
only football, our nutritionists. I want to get into this with him. We got talking about the difference between carbs and net. Carbs I'm trying I'm trying to do Keto gains and put on some lean muscle mass. And my understanding is. I can have carbs as long as they cancel out with fiber. So why can't I just don't metamucil into every beer that I drink and then get absolutely fucking loaded and end out tonight put on my carbs so I looked into this. You called your mom. We heard you call your mom and you said: mom is Metamucil. Can Pft put Metamucil his beer? The call had cell mom said that she really digestive tract, but then I looked online in a the only mutual is, has aspartame in it? We?
which might kick you out of ketosis. So what I did is I found out the active ingredient, mutual prunes. No, it's it's xylem, ok, and I think we do that in just how you eat a lot of that in just cancel out all your carbs all day, I'm going to keep you in okay, all right where it some gonna get drunk and in shape at the same time, life back. I like a five. Can we call it five beer? Yes, do it five year, all right Billy? Let's do guys on chicks for anyone who doesn't know this is our usual Wednesday, all the female listeners, a pardon my take email in an ask us for advice on their own bodies, 'cause, who knows a female body better than couple guys Joe Mann's planet Tp2. I'm sex, however, knows about female seat noses way around whatever that would have that sexual Oregon women's gold, I've seen a lot where's. The g spot Women have cloacas cloacas. What is that and it's like that's what animals used to Fox, sometimes
probably okay. Here we go Billy a girl respond to so should you respond here? Ok, yeah just say, back yeah and then the guy just totally freezes or you could just giggle, and then that means that you love us yeah. Now you got to be careful on which Emoji that you sent back, because if you send back like the Winky Face and that basically means that you're married to us yeah, you ever stop. No, I don't I been a long time since I've been texting, chicks, soon, yeah, okay, Billy next one the boys in up, so I've had text with this guy twice now I haven't made him come yet, but he's made me orgasm twice: okay, is there? Is there some type
secret sauce. I need to give him so he finishes yeah. I I don't. Yes go loop yeah! I don't know what this is. It is pretty solemn. I can't say I've ever had this problem for, but that's not to say that it's anything that you're doing wrong. No, that's positive, yeah, we're sex, positive, so when you have sex soon, just just threatened to beat him up if he doesn't come yeah. I just I got a little pressure to tickle his balls finger. The but yeah. That's what's wrong finger! That's the old glamour! Cosmo magazine trick. Yes, if there's ever any problem, if you want to buy something bigger the but yeah they've they've could glamour and Cosmo have made an entire. You know, corporation on fifteen ways, to put your finger in your boyfriends, but yeah put it to use your index finger, you yeah, you spoke are all right. Next, one, hey big cat Pft, not big cat dot, dot, Sup Winky face you guys like this. Can you
explain to me how plan b works. Oh okay, we don't listen to take this. One I mean it basically. Plan B is like a super shot of the pill right after you have unprotected sex, so good. It's intended to prevent pregnancy, which everyone which everyone should intend to do. I did the HOPI done. Why did we ask PETE for emergency contraceptive device? Yeah well, PETE sounds, like you know, you're. A big fan of renting the pregnancy. Here's how it actually huge huge record here's a tip, putting pregnant here's, how it actually works plan B. To my understanding, the joke answer. No, no. This is real wow plan b to my understanding is actually more often than not a placebo. So it's just a sugar pill which means that it
six, the woman and tricks your body into thinking that actually she's not pregnant because pregnancies controlled. Ultimately, by your mind, that's true, so only mentally weak women will get pregnant. I I, a woman can can kill a baby off with just her hormones. That's our state of mind, that's true! That's! Actually, yeah. So a woman's body is the most glorious thing. That's what we've heard honestly just get her TIC tac, an put it in like a fancy packaging and then give it to her, and it will work probably take a Tictac put it in that pill, bottle from the dude that you legally bought adderall from and then hit it to her, and just like here take that let's nip this problem in the bud. This girl should just start having sex with the guy from the earlier question, who doesn't come can't get pregnant yeah there we go boom done, It's actually a great pick up line is just tell them: hey, guess what I can't come yeah, I'm I'm totally sterile. Yep all right go head! Billy! Next, one names can z in well boys. I can't
farting during sex, okay, I was but sick. Can these really hot name? And how do I stop and do you guys, like this okay, Kenzie. I got a dead cat, you, your you know, can't these, like convince herself that maybe some guys like this also wasn't, can see the name of the scientists that set up the experiment where they like had a cat in the box and then no you're thinking Pavlov, scab loves cats, yeah, so Kinsey was the other scientists. Just have the guys. Stick his finger in your butt yeah there we go plug it right up, also yeah. I don't know here's an idea put a bunch, whoopee cushions underneath the bed. So you come Chris muffle at all. It's like it's like pumping in fake crowd, noise, yeah! It's like the Falcons Falcons yeah, you just you don't know. What's real fart with fake fart play loud, music or just start screaming, really loud, yeah yeah, they just cookies, and that was talking sex with Kenzie
Another easy way would be to pretend like you're, really into SM. So pull out that you like put a nose, clamp on him, yeah and then put some like headphones on and then covers eyes up and then yeah, maybe maybe even maybe, even put something on his tongue. So you can't taste it it's one of those yeah. I like that and just grind away it was led or just or just go, but hey you want to do some kinky stuff, like farting Philly. Next, one subways Sup Sup. Acceptable for us checks to piss in a bar when a long car ride Yasser AL yeah, we don't discriminate. We want yes wide now. Thirty, two all yeah rated bottles, well yeah you're than you think, yeah, let's go. I like I like a woman with a little bit accuracy. Yeah I mean you know I I really do feel bad for women that they can't just be wherever they want whenever they want. I I'm all for this. Let's get it going yeah in no to actually don't houses a treatise, but don't know don't but like. If you want to, then it's okay,
maybe after like just say, hey look this Bob yeah, hello, your honor, this sucker right up! If you do you do you hear PETE in a bottle it on a car trip yeah, I have no way you pull over. I know hello, I'm a I'm a well! You have your. Do. You have your rest stops time? No, I'm not! I'm! In I'm a business guy we gotta go we're gonna make the time we've got to get to get to work on. The tells me PETE actually carries paper maps with him. So he's got the exits marked yeah he's got a little circle like okay. Well, if I need, if I drink this, many ounces at this point, I'm gonna have to do you mixture eight at this point, looks like I mean we should always have paper maps available, just in case What do we got it? You got a weed problem, no, never never done drugs. You like drugs, never done drugs, all right. Okay, all right Billy go ahead of. Billy is big with the hand, motions that don't mean anything while we're in the studio. So weird he's just given us all kinds of motion motion just meant, like I'm excited to read the next question. Please call me: ok, my friend with benefits is horrible in bed. Should I tell him
I'm just getting you friends like that's a pretty you're, not in a relationship with them, so your buddies with the guy that can't fox zero. Three problem: you don't break up with him because I don't like what we were dating and then now your broken up and that's because I'm checks, that's guys on checks. Thank you, Billy great job. You did a great job. Thank you! Not you almost talking to my goal time. Pete, you sad to say goodbye to us. I know I hate I hate doing this. You have a bit of fun, you have a little bit of fun. I I mean, I suppose I try to. I try to put some effort into it. You really. If anyone wants to know how PETE really is. This is PETE at his loosest yeah. It's like p. On a micro dose of Molly, yeah he's just fucking hanging with the boys. Just really let Lou talking sports, alright PETE! Thank you. We appreciate it. We will see everyone Friday. Hank is back that a keys are coming. So if you have a take
that you think should be thrown out there a year end award for something in sports media or something similar I said I'd like to give a specific example. I'd like to hear your submissions for take of the year, the strongest take after because they're a lot that we can pour through, but it would take us while you guys, probably remember more than we do so so that was my job to do our job, all right, but yeah between this apart my take and we will be very excited to have the take keys and good luck. Let's just say that good luck to all the award winning listeners would be a real shame if they didn't want to love! You guys!
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