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Live from Chicago and Big Cat has been officially Kershaw'd but the show still starts with the fastest 2 minutes recapping week 6 in the NFL (2:21 - 5:01). The guys talk about their weekend in Chicago watching Cubs and Bears with Uncle Chaps and Marlins Man (6:24 -18:43) . Football Guy of the week and the Tiger Woods weekly "who's back?" (18:43 - 30:52). Interview with Joe Buck talking about his book, going to stip clubs with his dad, and who he is going to vote for in the upcoming election (30:52 - 53:33). Segments include Put one in his earhole, Just Chill Out man for Bills Mafia, and Thoughts and Prayers for Odell Beckham's immaturity.
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equal sunday twenty dollars out do you find your first took a purchase order do it right now promo code take seek gig let's go not welcome the pardon my take is monday october seventeenth
and we have some weeks six action matt alex jones connect the dots for the redskins improves the eagle sudden inexplicable inexplicable explosion is a went side job or words they walk on the eagles twenty seven twenty absolutely city assigned the real slim shady mccoy all you other slim shady mccoy are just imitating and chicken wings are tasting at fertilizers adopts because buffaloes extra hot apologies for everyone back at the ranch pills fried niners forty five sixteen volunteers to perfect released a few cheap truck shots but it wasn't enough for tom brady to surrender as the pats wants you to want me didn't
i did not did since cryin bengals be like dying after thirty five seventeen loss of the patriot but you i got no legs lieutenant ban poor stop was programme makes mike tomlin distillers fly like a bird far far away as the dolphins send packing back to green bow our biomass tackling the bears the steelers forty fifty odell david beckham bends arabians overrun box under the two children twenty two yards twenty seven twenty three nice spread their triggered hurricanes down the pig drew crazy as the saints make a patch of past tub ted to junior and petrol season continue to take a ray save saint skull marching pass the panthers forty one thirty eight
i am cleveland got together for a football game comical riper titans wash the browns twenty twenty six we absolutely a out jeffrey dahmer cannibalize zone locker room with his post game comments and its cargo bears should be sentenced to death for murdering the hopes of their fan base yet again jaguars make a rug out it's gonna bears seventeen sixty two the los angeles they ran through lepsius said saw against the lions jack sparrow why don't you do you're saying is jericho friday is for so long home just so people can you press is way
the boy you lose rams lose the lions thirty one twenty eight and you took advantage of the oakland yours like it was a piss friday at long john silver the pig walrus likes his lips and loosened his belt on jack i'll real twenty six tat walk tony romo way to the wings but it's reminded yet again that dak lives matter in the big d as it's not so cheery and mister rogers neighborhood these days cowboys putting up the packers like a creepy cardi cardigan three thousand two hundred and sixteen when it want to gonna be a widow gonna be appealed mouse on sunday with a falcons had seahawks given permission a land of sea tack airport me and julio jones down by the schoolyard weren't enough to beat you can call me christine michael seattle appropriate atlantic culture two thousand six hundred and twenty four
it was lamar biller time as albert blue moon and the texans bali hopped over india the kafka driving well attacks good in their silver toyota highlander which forty nine thousand and twenty nine dollars in cash and numerous piles of prescription drugs hypothetically speaking texans brutalized coats twenty six twenty three you're absolutely right bomb i'll be enjoyed the berman rewind we tape that's well after the cubs loss right now we're talking to you directly after the cubs lost so we walk straight out wrigley field and into the lab the mike phones in our hands p of t say marlins woman and i sat third road a night with marlins man shouts miles man forgiveness the tickets that was quite the gesture from him but it sought i occur shot yeah you know what
those were probably the best suits i ever will sit in my entire life and like i said i want big cat to be successful i'm to keep winning i've come to realise our big men it takes a big man to admit this knots patmos on the back but i'm big man i like when big whence big cats a lot more fun when coming off a when we get that high going where everything's good no matter what you say to his laugh in areas laying his bouncing around is high five and tonight was pretty depressing night i d like seeing suicidal big cat come out this in the post season although i will say i'm pretty site that i find he saw the trend on twitter marlins why is it does matter its basic sales is how you get there doesn't matter and justify the means and just find means marlins man was cut off from tonight yeah he was
what would happen was we go down to receipts and he starts just chat and it up chop another that ireland's man stop doing miles on roofs tug the troops talk that first responders we told them that actually big cat was first responder last night in really go on the trombones accidently start a fire in the bar should out and big cat poured water so we're kind of that kind of ingratiated moroz man we talk to him i decided to take the the front of the spear and do most the documents that can enjoy the game yes not enjoy the game now enjoy the game but it was it was go experience i wish the outcome would have been a little bit different has anybody made the the tweet or the daily news ever front pages as curse shaw yet well no sound you're the first one to do it i'm gonna throw this out here right now is there a marlins woman curse is
big cats sitting in rich seats curse i write so talk very right now when i wake up on monday morning i will get back to being confident about this cup scene but it's very hard to be confident when persia does what he did to the cubs tonight and its colleague dirty little secret besides but mickey's homer on which i wish we could take the show after saturday night because that was electrical floated out wrigley the cubs have not hit all that well so yeah it's a little bit of pause will see what happens game three but i will move on catechism yeah water always finalize its level what always finds its way and the bats are going to come up that that's what my favorite announcer cliches the bats are gonna come alive that's what you get away for once the bats come alive then your set what i also want to raise my hand and
say it's on me jason heyward hid a pop unlike the sudden embarrassing was a cemetery thinning here and i shut up because i was excited i wanted it to be out it is a bit like a hundred foot pop fly away juice neighbour didn't you know it won't barely out of the envy of the wind was pretty bad like off the bat it was out it was absolutely out lot of wind come in so that's not really my fault but i'll say it's my fault and i just like to let everybody now that i'm sorry i'm standing up a little bit too much but i have to make up for college happening so can averages khabar dick cap capper jerk moving on to the nfl first of all we apologise pfc he's not going to have his monday morning column i'm not gonna have my rewind we're gonna be travelling back from chicago we have
a ton of content coming your way this week we basically spent the last three days doing content so sorry to miss out on that will be back to your regularly scheduled programming in that department next monday my bad and also if your big reader then in our lives cannon what you get were also we didn't but to be honest we didn't want to allow the unofficial on some makers we were at the bears jagged game and then we went to the cubs game so kind of miss the lot of it and i dont want to cheap in it for anyone out there we have too much respect for better is for this to try to act like we are experts at the inner fell when we didn't see much quick thought so even go anyway with these three nuggets i'm a throw at you number one dec prescott has to stay as a quarterback of the dallas cowboys number to the girl panthers season is over number three i still think it land is pretty much for real which is good
what are you going back to the panthers what do you call it win the superbowl team loses and then they start to suck because in others rule hang over right if you win and then the progress a super orders rural lausanne broncos ok that's it we're really what people talk about zero hang over so that's like superbowl being dope sick yang like going through withdraws sky how we're gonna feel on monday morning yeah absolutely do really ok so matt ryan i think he's ok think use are career ok guy i think that is he's gonna find level so falcon i'm gonna go no better than a handsome la i'll take you up on i think they're better than that i think that ryan i agree with you the ok thing but i don't know i didn't
that's what i'm gonna denver winning going to seattle almost winning i know that's what we call that a moral victory in the game the bathing loss is the same amount as actual biggest the biggest news though is definitely like what one of the cowboys do prescott has to stay there quarterback right yes what is tony road i don't know just sit here found a way to get injured again because what really or they could follow my mom what i said is just put twenty roll back in and knowing that he'll get injured and then you don't have to worry about this quarterback contracts actually not a bad idea right because what happens if jackets injured than tony comes and he gets injured now backed brandon we'd know skirt yet so we put romo in an just kind of let the blind side open on yeah just oops oh that that was a mistake and protection sorry i saw the reason why we missed a lot sorry
our canadian sorry women with a new franchises called it's called the canadians we discuss the canadian sorry the canadian apologists will i'm sorry that's a very terrible mistake is a sore you're good you're good guy sorry that's it i'm sorry but i beg you mercy let me get some sirop sorry please put some syrup please didn't have any sir but i didn't complaint is under sorry that's it that's our new friend has clearly and eyes i we missed mostly i fell because were added ethel game shots roderick adele saw those pink so everything in person so now we're very woke on breast cancer and we were at the game with our friend uncle chaps who is with us all weekend from zero blog thirty fame download it podcast subscribe it's on itunes awesome chaps it's about the military chaps is a proper part not to brag and he's our friend so also not to brag chaps
jack's you're fan i'm a bears fan was that as advertised as one of the worst games you ve ever seen in person legitimately when the worst games are seeing else so pact it's a football no really did like watching and i was like i don't even know why like disport will here here's where you know two teams are bad we are watching the game and we were both mad that like the the play happened and the job cars troutina porter dozen doesnt tag who was it ben net is so fucked up bears classic bears play and i was like yes the peasant louis and now we have a better traffic in your like shit now you are like congratulations ban light that's a big when for you guys i'm glad about the draft traffic even mad now it's like i'm kind of
because i realise that this is the kind of game where gus bradley gets fired murray actually where you personally you could find a coach i'll just like your reasoning and on my worst body winds in london you feel like you you have this we know you have this when no i don't want this when you go i'm sorry i'm really kind of disagree with both you guys on this because yes it was all time sinker va game going into it we embrace the fact that it was gonna be we did a porter plaid fucking game and there's something so beautiful about a football game that you knew was gonna be like an all time worst an end up delay no it was great event is the one you have shown when it's every weekend young differences because it it was a bad boring game it wasn't like there some silly turnover wasn't likewise old class football folly i still rising like i'm i'm again saying i'm glad it was a bad born game because that everything that it
for both gas as a bears businessman as jaguars then i can understand how you least like want some action for me there is something beautiful about just that worst ok football damaging you're in the last rosa you have to admit that their game canada summit lustre out of the annual jaguars titans there's an again yeah yeah but i felt like you know it put under pressure on the titans to deliver so i you mean the bears i died three this after the game i can't even get a can't even must show the energy to get like have an emotion about the bears anymore it's just so whatever situation its whatever and why wherever we i'm here i feel like i need to make a correction of one year shows from last week oh please do you're going to be our step we got the area i mean where you said that limb biscuits
the most famous ban from jacksonville i feel like it needs to be pointed out that when it's getting people forget that but what are we gonna leonard skinner does not from all about and we also were judging on long jeopardy inland biscuit has learned scare be by a long shot i don't recall frederick severed into plain grass does the biscuit not have this does leonard skinner not have the clutching just saying that just say i didn't holders are kind of jokers lip biscuit did it for longer than dead back all right so blue mountain now visible thinking i beg you chops fur hanging out this weakens us in time and scarcely ever go subscribe what are you have this week what willingly listen to so this week talked about how i made people small my underwear and we d a little bit of stolen valor like stone oh ok so valor talk ok too i am i stealing people and wheels
there's valor when i'm using wielder neither your enhancing the cost yan also i'm drawing on drawing attention to the plight so i was basically wearing like down here you're basically wearing pink for all people here so we i was passed to you for a while pfc disregard cause like it was ridiculous that demands are you need a wheelchair but then we got caught every line so come yeah but it also him and being pushed around the water also made us look really get the treaty like look at the eleventh hour friends do you believe it actually friends he will do better jobs where i like their sweaty there looking really sweating this human welfare and there are even air because their glad and their friends and others i difference we're just a great group guys just we basically like we're gonna like make a wish foundation for now affects us pressure no problem you're welcome are let's do
from recurring topics that's not a thing a reality topic is also known as the segment it's it's recurring topic we duties every single monday we have their football guy of the week we have a nice nice list this week it covers a pretty wide berth their yeah i'm going to start with my guy cocoa coach ella shoe was i think there are twenty four point favorites against southern miss the cocoa effects we were a little nervous because they had the game cancel last week so you didn't know how the boys are gonna be came out flat ten tenet half they come out second half alice you ends up winning by thirty five points they shut out solar miss thirty five nothing second half what do we think he didn't have time
he might have dragged mike the tigris carcass into the locker room and then just made people do oklahoma drills against you see what you see what you're doing here you see you see you might the tiger didn't die for this shit exactly like a lot and gross dead tiger carcase in the middle of the locker united and that he also model just had a practice just a full practice it hath i'm up when shocked me for that could have just gone the bobby nine just taken a ship in the middle the prince locker that's right yeah basket but that's where a basketball life remove the yes bobbing i did that and we know rick madura chateau i think football guys they don't shit don't shit where they eat jelly and locker room right so the tiger carcasses probably more likely exploration also want to jump in real quick i never brought this up back on mother's day of last year do you know that coach oh he tweeted a picture of him and his family and get what cocoa got his wife on mother said what cash it's a picture of his wife at the table
and she's she's opening up an envelope and there's like four hundred dollar bill sebastian women women be shop and that is that there is a man that just knows hey happy wife happy happy life cocoa knows that as a major football game saw in retrospect i want add some points to him for that yes absolutely he may miss like all the family events he may not be there sleep at the office but when you birthday comes round her mother's day you're getting cash by ourselves some nice yet either way whatever cocoa didn't have time it worked so and i would really shocked is this the end of the magic the gazelle through all its lungs here now alas work up more we note i love win win announcers and come to say what better guy to steer your team you don't want anybody else in your team through certain oil and cocoa is deal with mike the tiger i deal with a hurricane so i'd say he's at the top of that division right they they lose both those games less miles we all know that next we have jim harbour who buy
a week for michigan and he loves football so much he went and work the chains at a high school game local high school game so and also i think pit homecoming queen creed can i won't notice i creepy who amongst us hasn't look out there at a young girl said a ten year old ten ten years later gorgeous we all say it yeah we all say it's just i stuff but that's just classical he can't be away from the game for more than a week he gets back to his roots right and i also like how he didn't like tip off them anything about it he was i think use pictured on the sidelines
local media do like option was its mr harbour wearing the same thinly whereas every time ever knows you know it see propagating and think he was gonna do it he just shut up and just animals like the edge and yet ran a well actually that's good point because he probably saw the guy work in the changes like this guy fucking saki up i need to work the chains yeah he'd its shortened by an inch it's all about details for her also minor stay woke on this not sure if there are any high recruits on one of those two themes he might and put his finger on the scale and make sure the guy gets a couple extra yards here and there are just say hey good wedding is bigger than actually know reverse make sure gets a couple yard inquiries away seldom the arts and all the high level recruiting throw you never touchdown that game you throw urban off the scent he's a forced or not if i start now so either way we can be sure that harbour was up does monkeys yup you have a football gal i do it's it's a solid football gal
goes to random woman at the paths came who had a heart attack this reported by a clear agents from espn she said there woman having a heart attack doctors came up to her and big issues shorter breath falling down they said you're having a heart attack and she responded with i can't leave its brady's return that's a football gal beautiful have you got tissues she single scale ones then how attractive viewfinder just silencing nine that woman well if she single every single time she goes on a first date she says i just want to get this out of the way but my one trump card is brady if you ever want to have sex with me that's that that gifts get out get signal right away yale pass and by sticking around that's a direct shot at urban meyer isn't yes so urban gets knocked down the football guy rankings this week replaced by football gaol for ballgame
they constitute real hard it's real hard tangle heart but also real heart yes dedbroke a little yeah you have another one i think i hope she's ok right actually that sort out so you know what should we find you know what let us make it a kind of a thing here between us between award winning lesters let's no one follow up on this because i'd rather does not know if she died a great deal of one other yeah one last one coach adam gaze of the dolphins availed well so laramie tensile slipped in the shower last week hurt his foot this letter that going around these this year in a world class athletes and adjusts for you know have great control of their bodies all of a sudden are sitting in the shower like my nine year old grandmother just epidemic of foot injuries going around the world so thoughts and prayers let me first of all and so the hurt himself and coach case did not want to see any other injury so he said i don't know
going to let them shower for the rest of the week just kind of said hey guys you know maybe just let your sweat clean you off yeah so that's a classic football game move also it's pretty good idea to not let your team shower especially for coaching in cleveland or in temper bay which is close close by two to miami has it got the mri essay stuff yes mercer in the locker room saying a few words i am you spent cleaning up then pure time you have to get infection also if you let like the cleveland browns not shower they're going eventually smell like the city cleveland little camel you can only find upon the field six that's another report point also if joe paternal had kept people idle firms things what i've done a lot better ok had showers shouts and moving so send us you're football guy is the weak
with the other was a thousand conversation killer array i got that no one agriculture does a good job without taboos you this conversation killer specialise in football guy the weak send us who you have sent us if you have a different football guy the week that we must send it to us as part of my take on twitter upon my take on instagram let's do whose back we got a tiger woods whose back the weak it is monday that's what we do i want height to start aren't we back the weakest j smith oldwick i recently signed beer fifty seven million dollar contract with the calves so he's back plan he's pictured in the at the indians games are stricken the aid it did have assured on yet assured on it you didn't have a shirt on for a while you wait you only internet around now ball ejecting they weren't gonna put it grows parliament gerald put a shirt on before dark rose comes back did it did he say something about a pipe yet jars back man
jake you're really good for him that is a shitload of money for aerosmith yeah i'm sort of spent responsibly yeah pity he got i got to whose backs ok i've got gentlemen honourable jeff fisher he's back he lost but he's back five so that's the classic discharge deterrent never lies it was it's great to have him back i really hate three and one jeffrey it just felt like such a try hard move by him didn't it absolutely did and you know that he like the second he goes through in one he takes his foot off the pedal so hard just a little bit he just he goes ninety five using hey i'm workin my union rules because you get and one on tuesday wednesday and thursday off we need to get it back to two even here take it up with coaches association i'm not i'm not working overtime so jefferson's definitely back and fantaisie perfect back he took a really low shot as our tell us been so back to his old tricks fantaisie back up how do you know
because they represent easy you haven't us volunteers vaunted von tears i actually think that might be appear one with changes in tat hazy the tasmanian devil too easy i have whose back that job when go to have him back yeah she had a decent two thousand and fifteen everyone knows fat joe blanton he'll let you down in the worst spot so and he let down the dodgers in a big spot and here's the thing how about that job when one when you're fat guy and you screw up it's not funny when i thought i d do well it's like all this is kind of cool i could not disagree with you more not on that it's like while look this fat pieces shady just like ruined i ve ever of your heard of slapstick comedy chris borrowing on sports world though is different in the sports world sports world if you if you're fat and you're good it's the best thing ever of your fat your bad people just say you're fat like wow look how fat you are a counterpoint published sandoval
hanging postings belt open now money that was the funniest now is a sort of my whole life is still not like as bad as he got you got really bad after that it wasn't for it was still funny and embrace debate are fat people funny when they mess up on sports in sports in sport is of course as very very important distinction he also the second thing which your blindness is he's got a great deal in the headlights look view go google image joe blanton every single picture him looks like you told him the most shocking thing in the world or you like has smelling salts so when bad things happen to him and the camera finds him you got the fat and the deer in the headlights its priceless i let's go to our interview which about before we do you gonna force i do i want to talk to about gambling has its awesome for those of us who love and live sports the summer's filled with great events the false filled with great events to we ve got college for
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ten bucks free to play on the sporting and world events happening right now i've got action going tonight you should have some action going it's a lot more fun when you're gambling on it so check him out a betty aside i come and our take ten podcast i let's now kick it to a very special interview with joe box second time around we got to meet you i can person so we got a little we have chop up even more than we did the first time re reoccurring guest rio brokering guess you up and we did an exit interview which is going to go up went to martyrs day to such a look out for that on tuesday we talked and elsie ass we talked football sex we talk sacks traps lovers oh yeah strip glad alacrity talk of yes we're locked room talk yes so and who is voting for so we did it all with your buck here we go joe buck i know that you were on a book you have a book coming out i want to think that you want to come back on the show because you loved us it might be because
the book coming up we're going to go with you up us i i have to tell you that my daughter who is a junior college said dad you going on that our gas was one of the most important thing you ve done in the last couple years because all of her friends and other kids school are listening to this day they now no i daughters fathers favorites sure position dangled yeah all of us i was i was in what we call them is area we have a lot of people that we're like i hate you for making me like joe but so the mission of this interview is maybe it's about we're gonna get you bachelor i hope you enjoy those my chariot downstairs wearing that take me back i would start with some real sports talk obvious who were here because the cubs only at elsie s is there a little bit of paying a little the pain knowing that the cubs are about to break this curse and you as a cardinals van
have to throw away all those jobs even lastly clubs jokes it banquets now i now there's no pain in fact last year the porter asked me in saint louis you know well hey the cubs are good what have you got to wrigley for world series etc you be the highlight my career right and i was his that back in saint louis when i go into the local star box or whatever i they're gonna goes on there they do we we got right after electricity yazzi those on the up and we don't have the marquis autos now not just straight ass yeah right so but yeah i think this is good for the sport and it's gonna be unbelievable theater and they are the best team so you know i i can't wait to get in there and watch this thing i'm in my coat cubs buzz right now because of verbal is listening it on monday right now this is before game one and
supremely confident as soon as one thing goes wrong during the game i'm gonna go into a little shell start hating myself or right now because we want the voters well yeah train yeah it's ago goes from does i think i'll get unsafe worlds random checks i do believe in those two answers i ain't afraid no girls would you believe it could very well i think if you're nice to ghost still though be a kind of your ally if your mean to him even hillock well i think it would be a mean what about that guy i'll be afraid i would go so what about that goes the had said bob brown that guides
just a journalist trick here in order to get back in the interview you have you ever knew the vulgar it is if you haven't you got this you have a new or look you tell everyone that you had sex with a ghost that's a sober so that i dont think about me round yelling another year ago yet a new book and he's like in this new book i drive us it's i'm at such look that's actually how i got through highschool put that in the book it's already about thirty goes yes will also have been stolen okay so gonna beginnings retire yeah yeah absolutely is spreading that's first report might take what do you have any given ben skullasaurus now you ve been i i mean everybody's events gully guy i know other than you everybody else walking the earth is events colleague oddly enough like then would be a u guy i just the work is you just like you
he's using everybody guy seems like a very gentle so i can't say that i know him very well i know him because he was a contemporary my dad's i knew when i was eight i know i'm one hundred and forty seven oh he's the best i ever do it period and who fight harry carrier of in scully harry harry couldn't feel pain to drug well i'm not gonna be the one to say you are coming off so you're so for the analyses coming off and exciting bears colds game is that like what's up i think you are almost that our elsie ass you go from bears calls one clock on a sunday right to wrigley field and elsie s came one
so i guess he's already had a great bears i can do is think now there's when they saw the hey my grandfather play for the bare ok i grew up as a bears fan is a child because of that so i like being in chicago period i know that game was an indian app list but it was a good game so i'm not going to sit here and you now robin it was a good game would using all down to the last delay whatever when you saw the schedule like i had an eye bears cold wet what's goin on here well my daughter's in indiana so i thought why don't we take this opportunity on fire has time to see my daughter obey you go so is more of a personal thing what makes sense because everyone in the world was likewise joe bitcoin escape i anyone who cares what game on calling islets the etc they think that you hate your team
so our managed to make every fan base think that i dont like their team which is a tremendous skill yet so obviously everyone knows you're cardinals fan are you gonna be extra like careful when talking about the clubs and the serious because people are looking out for you to be biased against some very scared of this now very son now i mean how can he who do you think you're sitting next to i mean what is really the ps3 i should know somebody of tea right i'm an internet counter and so you every thomas section fortunately ok they're guys out there i saw him like down the voice for those that i speak for those that don't have a voice except for at the bottom of every website i like it and those with a pair of tea which you what is that every profitable top like florio's website loud it's pretty district
the seat and also you can get cancer ass he read me one time too so what do we say florio's dead oh common and our right he's a friend of the shell but now is not until he comes back now i m to review its media we already has written a marathon bathroom five august started for the brand maverick steel cage me in florida i thank you i think i guess you're taller than i thought you'd be well get that allowed because i work for polish aikman whose like a giant i show up and people are expecting five six ok mom six want yeah big traditionally internet is take a screen grab you when you're making weird face righteous i take you answer in mid since do you just like your freeze grim picture the carefully the purpose of so the best thing would be if you avoided that in this game you with my eyes wide open
but that would never have now don't wanna take that i love those every time on the internet and its do you have you we are seeing the big had once we talk about yet somehow i was sent me and we invite my back and forth on twitter i've seen a few of those and i look i get it huge forehead and i know not even why i actually do because its i think it's a funny angle like you gets really big many of your little tiny rice it's simple is that it has nothing to do with i'd like to do that in an animated syria is honestly i don't even remember what happened and how it started but it was just maybe laugh allow it to become a centre simpleton rainfall guess mowbray small amounts and prevent small bright futile starbucks and we have small breaks
i want to talk to people actually take this tongue and jager now yes everyone ice hanging myself with every comes our audience is very much we d like to have fun let's talk about the book you swear word entitled bastard monopoly that now now i felt that i am a bastard i'm a bastard child and and i thought people like p of tea and all those great folks the comment on articles and things that happen in daily life they would get the bastard part no matter how i came onto the earth so it is works both ways only i am a bastard is a great site it's gonna be so if i am giovanni him i'm a bastard would you play your men card sunk
time and get them laugh you send me to get its what are you did you realise when you first that it like that everyone you did would just gonna live on like that on the other to give yourselves that much now but i mean our work and of the most influential guys now that's so we our group has no journalist work on it with these few you have really picked up i'm sort i do not want just keep breaks moves from both like give us a good story that you haven't told anybody you gave the hare plans out let's get out of the letter that you didn't tell us airports to be ass link i thought we were before i was kind of upset it i didn't get like the andrea argosy i stapled my hair on moment the book actually came out but the story broke that's how they wanted to do it and so everybody knows and so now when i'm on out tonight for game one of the and elsie s you know people just me daring at my airline i may even go shortlist yes anybody noticed distraction which
i'll give it a lot of very brilliant what would be a good little ted bit ly mix up another son people say i was last year the deepest start a secret i deepest dark secret like pr heal the guy goes on i a over dog on the way here and our colleague did you go i'm trying to winning the war would be good words at those levels sorry are you did not go and i got one vote did kill anyone out there if you feel the person and middle school how would you do with dear that's lesson i looked at you i think i would have to go like lunch poisoning the milk yeah just like so i can just so i can get my vengeance and be like efforts and as you know that
that's what you're a sharp yet while saying there's a lot of strip joint talk in a book guitar i talk nice guy involves my it involves my father o views streamlines may involve my father that's that's a little peace that i actually didn't give my mom when i gave her the book instrument what he said while why well why i tell myself much better than the old as easy to exert its weight and why are you called chip and we wish you'd go to struggles with we can't have had we had a time where we were what say punching the card at different times tat through ship yeah the night were probably you made over an hour or two nights got it while i love that ok department that's all right i'm i here's the thing
you know as time goes on that legend of my dad or harry or the other announcers that people think they know they think they know me kind of legend kind of gets polished a little bit more as time goes on and i you know i can't reveal that we're all humans rang in he was actually a really good guys guy that people love being around and was not probably what people now assume that he was which was just this great baseball and answer is a hell of a lot more than red yellows oh yeah ok so i created a home uncle it's kind of popular now discovered polyzoa time on sport centre if you would like to use it for the elsie s love for you to do it
ok it's yadda that's the word and you sometimes so if it's you can do it anyways snowflake so sometimes a bit i e o thou be like a big one word even like a snake you wanted it just gets over the first book yeah but what was the significance of the jago partisan word than set it literally sounded like a home run call that no one you sounds like this word theirs that sounds like right it will make a lot more sense if you had a reason by now which is why staking wasn't catch all i wanted to ask you again to his trial i don't have it if i feel like it comes in actual do chris right chris bryant respond to laugh feel duty because chris bryant leading off the third reading two balls to strikes pitch from the left andor plain curse on swaying and our high bible deepen allow real this bob i call it the track at the wall
yeah chris riotous put the cubs on top to dumping here the third does not feel great skill oh my god i like tat belt i hated every second and you'll be a hero to save you i'll be hero or twenty zero your decision fair enough i'm gonna go zero zero in others it felt great it looks great that's why i swear to you i think it as you see i get that unites us because when i started was like you know what if you want to do it you can do it if you don't want to die just as lucky whereby dont do it does not kids i resign and answer they love the word whatever its fine you can see your keeping kids alive with job you would be if you do it if you don't know probably all die
you do your dark everybody did the niners dry singing rather try yet large you do that on the eldest you're afraid right it s a good idea but but the point was the there are the various homeless yeah there's just outwardly double uttered among ordinary jack that's that's gotta be cbs right i work at cbs but i can go and enjoy the game is it's the bears some of us who do not work rene tailgate in important all get on the el get here to really feel like your security utterance can't stand roadmap nobody's valuable but we have heard you say that you're welcome to come to our work as the fourteenth sucks so we're having a tailgate inside of a porter bodied mile we welcome that sobering ass the opening might see about rights come the portmanteau there's a lot of invites you i don't think i'm gonna take you up on any ok but they're out there ok you can offer
i think i've i've determine that i'm not going to vote for the first time since i turned eighteen or maybe the ten times since i turned eighteen the gaps and follow up question how much money do you make a lot ok let loose textures i'll do that after the ira it's finished with the the audit bribe and only then everybody knows that gas sojourner back off that's whereby will release my tax returns when she releases the emails that she deleted offer private server and when those rules also if you really should accidents are woozy how much broader gets hit on thirteen three opposition
i can't i can't reveal our ship on the actual all in one eighty entered allow once i want you one real question because we ve had some fun how long do you think you're gonna keep announcing for honest like i'm in everyone's got we don't have been scully here is it is sixty seventh and final year here nor does subtract about thirty years from now and then and yeah so we're like in the upper thirty's ok and we're getting there were you know at fox this is my twenty second year overall twenty thirty yards ira the next eight years now i said thirty seven i got a little leeway but i may retire i made us go do something else in europe for all the people who think like your team all the giants fans all the cub fans all the badger fans all the new york giants man's football grounds fans you may be done with me
sooner than you now and then you know what you gonna miss me then you gonna say that guy going out with a huge head in the forehead in that the thing with here plugs in the young where the apple calls lucky bastard thing and afflicted i have on my sex guy the strip joint guy where did he go ass roby money you're gonna embers somewhere you allow me i will do tat this kind of shit mice to super gas you're gonna come on arts and beer workshops you know you could be like the guy is the like walking parma take the announcer sort welcome i don't worry niger is welcome to pardon my take i am your bucket here the guy's somewhere on the show you said that you hated since more than any other
that's not you made me say that i hated the saints because you said what team do you really hate as it none of them and you several why just pick one about the saints and your dream why greed when i was on i was running out of time on my chat my chance you saw him this thing worse thing would you got wooden superfluous butchered yes right or can we do one of these before the superbowl yes wouldn't be the super are you serious actually will be out of here it's birthday we are what we reach out and we want to make it more exciting eyeing labour the simple twenty
there is real has not seen no you're not you're invited birthday we birthday we just last week in january that's our birth is remember them yet we loved him the comfortable although we haven't done the extra reacts we might not want to come back i don't have the greens or anything being paid zero there's nothing that i have to answer if i don't go compromise we got one last question before the observatory now what do you do you make it is now over here this is a guy this guy this prevent all the time is not on the internet will be this is what he's gotta behind and we do those morning what happened the back to see really last cardinals reading hair gonna get nervous stories get no my
there are bears cause there's jogs acute and reading or writing only right better than that i mean it s pretty good those del yesterday saint mary gambling and tried again ship points four months ago also and now then go for the road was simply the way this is his prep you said earlier yes it is improper the game what what is your problem reading just kalganov stories vietnam i swore books ready you now wikipedia wikipedia research and that everyone drivers hobby by us the fastest tiger and mutually i now if i read one we're article about you may say it actually also prescribe underrated based wrong if you say that you may not but he's a hell of a busy yeah so i am also rather doesn't have any saves gypsies lotta people talking about that david losses old and he's retiring right grandpa right on that thirty nine joe mad in particular
the fund raising also forward thinker go relaxes vena these are the things that i put my book cursor does another question makes mention that when we come in they cover but well we expect eastern runs was a really clutch while some of them were inherited runners it came in to score my friend of any came in with a game and allow anagazanders merv you nobody can seem to get out you got him on a pop up into one it was intensity sports events so like that's not true today's every three hundred temperatures onshore rest give the guy break half a question i should go ahead interrupting your we did not have this question when we had you on first but it's been a question we thus everyone since you wash your apples with this is the culmination of the interview to wash house says the question to answer you wash if there's a if there's a sticker on it i feel
there should be some washing and i've never been more sure of anything that you're gonna wash house you're not gonna get any that guy if if i see an apple in a random tray and i'm hungry and there's no solder random i'll likud and now later i usually because if so my car track i haven't apples starter cause i don't really like to mess with my teeth ok so i handed off to an assistant they started just to get the big bird you yet you would do well to debating about that but they break through the skin so that nothing happened base and then i'll hand me lay the white coming out and then your five zoning kaliko bottom teeth into the into the by daddy was about like fruits that you won't eat on camera which record on policy or your fortune and i've got i hate corn we're gonna be redressed
cuz you always drink a beer everyone knows that yellow drunken studio in the booth yeah i do probably go old style chicago silent maybe you silent at whose island make you happy the blues game two nights ago nice goose island i fear was i know you don't get let's do the interview you ready for a job i thank you so much for coming on why we're just louis were funded several different facts yeah let's go let's endless like a real braga continue to be i think you joe balk for coming on the show ass has been my pleasure can you just an interview for severe you do you as i did at you dig avenue for airlines can watch it hey i'd like to thank you for watching porn my taken out if you follow us up to the roof up we're gonna do the exit interview where fine sure to follow you
a box interview was brought to you by draft kings we got the weak seven coming up and i have a game for you guys here one week fantasy it is the best at drafting that's the only place to play it never again have those injuries ruining your fancy season because guess what you get rapid sunday morning that's your team you'd that's your team for one they only it's the best way to go you knew renew the old robberies with friends and play them every week or try fifty fifty contest where the top half of all entries when cash don't we start a new season a draft kings thou come right now use code big cat and play for free with your first deposit that's called big cat to play for free for your shoes of over one million dollars in total prizes this weekend only a drafting them come eligibility restrictions may apply see website for details get in it right now promo code big catch you play
or free for your share of over one million dollars and total prizes weak seven do it right now i must do some arguments we have first up a point in your whole yeah yeah and this is in us telling someone you put in the euro this is a case where two teams one in the intervals euro this weekend yes so the unifil has those rules you're not allowed to tweet out videos to their games you don't want people watch highlights of sport yup enjoying it oh they make it everything run through the unifil twitter account and this week the browns and the eagles they did like little collaboration stop motion paper machine tat thing where they reenacted the highlights right after they happened so you didn't have to actually show the footage just canvasback handed f you two league a little bit disrespectful to commission a ghetto but it's kind of funny thing protective shield now the only question i have is
and these collaboration whatever highlighted did they get the pink ribbons inner i did say given that i saw their actively killing people yet there actively saying we don't care about prosperity cancer whereas even worse and that your saying there actively saying don't be aware of breast cancer right bio mission right so that's the other two good point i had thought about that from the league perspective and maybe like to see the teams maybe pay a monthly subscription to undertakings yeah like if you're the eagles you watch while having to pay for regiment were urgently take it right so pony alone handouts man on such aid for play leak that ever tell you about the one time that i signed up for directv and they told me that i can have the sunday ticket for free for absolute for free i can believe in the senate and recorded it and then to ex later they cancelled it i call him up like nobody tell you that you had that and then played them the voice
i like sorry we can't do anything so that was illegal by you shot i was recorded anyone know because it was in texas out no saving computer stand around i heard or injured pig ben classic big pen game he's good this is then this ban is i mean like what more can you say you know what it's it's only been it's also seven yeah it seven and ben seven out of the air so he got injured today and what was happening kept on trying to come back in a common out come back and he was just doing the thing we're is like pacing to sideline like like like a horse that he wants to get out a stable right and if that doesn't even know that it's hurt right and have always said this about then he's too dumb to know when he's injured oliver lay outside we broke his nose if there has thought about classic sentences water and so there s a combination two things have been either to dont know thyself ours too lazy to acknowledge that t shirt as the old saying it takes more muscles
frown than it does to smile so he doesn't like to frown because it doesn't like to be in pain because it takes too much effort the nice thing about ben when he does this and we said he does is once once a year feels like where he gets injured and he's come on out and he's coming back again and the announces or saint ben is such a warrior and don't get me wrong bends atop mother fucker but the always hurts his team he was awful today through two interceptions he was nineteen for thirty four and they lost the dolphins maybe that's the guy you want battling you're right i know what i take up one of my favorite things about eleven about been a seven is
when the announcers they pull up the graphic of all the injuries that bends had this year the everlasting couple years a just they bring up like a in outline of human body and the zoom in on the different parts it's like the doktor the doctrine is like operation of them yet and then they it let it basically looks like a toy soldier that you ve strap firecrackers do when you were a kid ben ben just spent yet then to say but then the stocking ben we have a just show out now one we have just show out man both ways for bills mafia bills mafia had a pretty far up day and they want another gain their honour for game winning streak onto the foreign to now brien's gun fire and also draw up so the first just chill out there is a picture going around the internet of eighteen
you're on sale with a gun a sniper rifle crosshairs on cap saying like don't just stand up capper dick that's pretty clever yeah nick i don't think you get a nick and dick yeah oh they run i feel like i feel like a sniper rifle is as a gesture out just to get a little too far just like the charter i predict cabinet place right was what it was when there was an carolina the other week it was capture capra journals earned capra jerk capper dick capper balzac yeah copper asshole like these are all find you in there all hilarious yet make show to sixty nine yes just go that and maybe let's leave the death threats out of the air the death threats will do more and then on the other side of it we have a gesture pills mafia avoid you're goin viral of bills mafia eating females asshole in the in the ok
this is insatiable yellow journalism isn't that its finest that's not what it was at all he was but fondling out of her but so do i know you're a downer bag is losing our is butler let me take up back and then just keep going you just keep that's cool so here's lesabre metrics in the last two years the buffalo bill ravaging one point oh but holes eden per tailgate season oh jesus christ you crunch those numbers have pretty wild i yeah i get you know whenever these videos come out and you see like these people doing these crazy things like what do they do when they go to work on monday but i think that guy's i would join my buffalo yet even so let let's let's put any does have a job they go to canada for their work and then they canadians don't have american internet so they set out what even still let's say he has an american drop in buffalo
i think he's like employ the mont just from this video that gets passed around with pride like hey guys how everyone shares will make very weak and i'll go first eight this asshole in the bills mafia tell the buffaloes definitely a judgment free zone they get it in both like you were just having fun that's all all life should be as just have fun and in buffalo that means letting tables on fire and looking but also tailgate do it yourself beer be the best you buffalo be yourself i finally we have thoughts and prayers for oda fuck em junior so yet a monster game the giants might be back and odo back home then proposed to the kitchen which he had gotten in a fight with a couple weeks ago so thoughts and prayers the audio beckons immaturity cause he's clearly grown up now he's just a tremendous young man there we also need to know yeah but he's a tremendous young man yeah can you learned his lesson in the lesson was stop
making it about you and having all these antics and so we did that by proposing to the net that he beat up a couple weeks see i don't like the proposing to the net that he beat up thing because that's not marriage marriage is not its between a manually the net it backed by the way let us get that all then now we're going under like a whole domestic violence question but if he is proposing to the that's not merge marriage it's only sixteen it has to be between two humans yeah it's adam and eve subnational way way way way guys we married pigs i got one it's not ok net not a management its adam and eve not adam and weave ok else i mean those friends labelling for there's nothing i can do i am actually gonna end the shore and i'm here this outdoes might drop that he actually dropped the mike that's a show we are heading back
from chicago after a long weekend we have a huge weak for everyone we filmed a bunch of stuff while in chicago it's all come out this week joe buck was today buck exert view is tuesday might dicker the ultimate football guy is wednesday and then matthew delivered over is friday the ultimate grit guy and we have larry's pics on thursday so tune in with a very special guest with a very special gas on thursday for larry's picks is going to be by i have high hopes for this larry's picks it is to be a week for content make sure you subscribe on itunes give us gives that review five star roast would you rose on friday is now so scribe on itunes follow on twitter follow on instagram outboard might take tell everyone about download the partial sports up yes down will partially because you will get all the content the minute it drops that's what you gotta do for the parcel sports out you get the notification it
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a week day defining common values as mr wurtz rights kilimanjaro prize winning
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