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Joe Buck + Oliver Hudson, Mt Flushmore of Animals, And King Of Kong Fistful Of Quarters

2020-04-03 | 🔗
No one knows what day it is but here we are. We had an all time take quake today and found america's new past time (2:17 - 24:07). Fyre Fest of the week (24:07 - 34:22). Joe Buck and Oliver Hudson join the show to talk about their new podcast, their daddy issues, playoff damien, getting bounced from the WSOP, and reading mean tweets (34:22 - 70:07). Segments include Lebron James update from Lebron James, Mt Flushmore of animals, and our documentary review of King of Kong Fistful of Quarters, the greatest documentary no one is talking about
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On today's pardon my take, we have Joe Buck and Oliver Hudson, who is brother of Kate, Hudson son of Goldie, Han and Curt Russell, and also a really fuckin cool guy we'd, never met him. We interviewed both of them cuz they, a new podcast out Joe Buck was granted is always even though he still trying to make plans. Damien happen Also we just wanted to invite to Oliver Hudson's family reunion, so we can just cast yes boner dogs. Exactly so we have that interview. We have fire faster the week. We have a great amount, more and we are reviewing king of calm fiscal quarters. One of the greatest memories ever created that doesn't get enough shine? You can watch it on Youtube if you want to if you want to, if you hadn't seen it yet, you want to pause it and watch it. It's a quick wash, but it incredible, so we're gonna review that at the end and also wrote swim done, rose in a while for we do all that, though. Caching
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You boys were back feeling good. Let's get it oh shoot. We forgot play our disclaimer? First, let's play the disclaimer the other day we I didn't open. There was viewed to hunt two point, four million times in different places and use the legally in a bunch of places too. So we ve been playing this for a long time. This copyrighted broadcast and telecast is presented by the Authority of Intercom radio. Our common w. A fan and may not remember, may not be reproduced retransmitted, without the express written consent of anti com, communications cooperation and radio that calm, and that means anybody.
You want to go. Get video me oh or support the shell go to radio that come every one of my programs are there, so that is the new disclaimer that might princess has put out there. This is basically the biggest sports news of the day that might for ancestor has decided that the show that no one is watch him or listening to he is going to decide that the one twitter account that covers him and puts his clips out. There can no longer do so. So the show that no one listens to now. No one was still and then I'll be model. Yes, if, if he was smart, he would just start his own twitter account for his own show, but I guess Sancho out of production costs into doing it, makes on app and all that stuff. So he probably doesn't have that much money left to spend. Although he gets paid willing million dollars year, couple million dollars a year I don't know I mean he only does like a thirty minute show now, but it's so funny, because this is a worrying a weird time. Everyone wants content, we're all stuck inside of our homes and my princess
like hey. You know it's a good idea to make sure that my content is even less accessible to the people. We neither I mean. Have you got a recording dope well now, recording correctly I do that again now we should be fine rate. Keep the second keep us in what we do my party I got here either that it the guy there were get so that mean that's on you. That's on you guys at this point for now telling it for now reminding us to click record. So we almost might princesses ourselves by doing an entire show where no one could listen to it, because we ve not even our sort. Yes, that's how seriously we take keeping our content private is that we won't even let ourselves put it up. People don't even know we actually do the show every day, but on the off artists we dont recorded. We just talk, sometimes Just do it just for the sake of art, so were here it's Friday, it still Groundhog today is, it is not
I know it's not it's! The days are not there they're all their altogether. I feel better. I actually do feel there is still that like feeling of hay were ending work week, but there's nothing good, the other end of it lets embrace debate. What day of the week doesn't always feel like is always feels like somebody is everyday Tuesday. Is everyday Wednesday. Knapsack. And is doubly not afraid. I know I Monday either though, because like I don't I don't go to sleep at night. Dreading waking up the next morning, I think to schedule, is now this is Sunday Sunday, so starting with Saturday, Sunday, Sunday, Monday, Tuesday Tuesday, Tuesday Friday they get their allow and there's. No, there is no around. There still exists, there's no there's no Friday. I think it goes Tuesday choose a Tuesday. Wednesday Windsor Wednesday, Thursday Friday is
the new Sunday, no Friday still exists because it's like the end of the content week. Okay, we don't have a show for a couple days like don't have to do this, don't have to do that there still a that it's just Friday is only like from four o clock to like seven, there's that little bit of Friday feel and then it just goes right into Sunday. The thing is like every day of the week feels like Friday, after five o clock, because you want to have a couple of drinks and and coupled drinks turns into three or four drinks. Alcohol consumption is gone way up in America. Young people are talking about having corona babies. There would be corona livers about three or four months here. This is so you were here I don't know what else you guys get like what else we had? We too early, I think, take week of the which about health. That was that's making waves bickering and she said well. Robber craft, went to China and got a bunch of a masks for the hospitals? I think it Massachusetts AIR Hint Tramell Hill, although
I'm not a poet obvious. I dont want to medieval, like the patriot, plain puny. China, like at the clear like all these restrictions, like really went out above and beyond, like helping the people of Massachusetts is one point: seven million and ninety five mass in the ninety five bats are actually to mass that they use in hospitals that are very much needed, we're not talking about like the mass it. You see, everyone wearing when their walk down the street. She quoted I said this is where I remind people that Robert Kraft is friends with Donald Trump and gave to his campaign. It's incredible for the Crabb family doing this, but hope they understand their money, helped to power their friend cunico friend. I just, I feel like we're at the point in time where it's like any good deed, They can help the greater cause here. Let's just let it be a good deed. What's especially
it is considering that he could go right down the street to Chris Sale and be like a Christian. You cut up some more and they'll, be jerseys to use, masks and then yeah put up early outfit, like a couple million people write their Larry Meda Laramie tussle by the way I said I was gonna, make a joke about it, but I of twisting our Selfie Laramie here donating like fifty thousand masks too. As I come on, get the guy. I saw you on draft. I I saw a kind of last year that done it, but still that good, for you, I saw Ford, is due a good thing for converting their assembly line into making some, Ventilators! Do think that if you're in the house Let's say you're in the hospital and you're like a die, hard Chevy raising fan you ve got like to four. Calvin pissing on the Ford logo on the back of your silverado, and they hope you up to afford. Ventilator do say! No! Thank you.
I think you probably have your wife or girlfriend or play ex wife more spot on put some duct tape over it. You can't see it going here, just get that I'm going to let it save my life, but I'm not going to be happy about it. Are you just like in a strip of electric tape right socks on it solely Ford socks, yellows and letter, or you or maybe, they're selling actual, like Calvin Pissing stickers, that you can just like to insert into any ventilator that you need to yeah there's. Another good piece of news came out today was more justly good. Visual is Andy Red chopping up some film and corn, so that picture Europe any shorts feelings shores, always he's got a camel toe on his knee. That's how
like that's how long ago, any red had ACL surgery, ass back probably in the seventies, with just, took an axe to innocent, ok, okay, to get to go, I the only thing that the Balmy out about their pictures- I just I Didn'T- need the visual Vanni Red sitting there with out a like industrial size, Pierrot bottle. I just figure everything in Andy's house. It's like pee wee, Herman's house, everything's oversized form. So I was a little upset about that. I wanted like a ten gallon pure l bottle that he's pump away at all day. Well, he's gotten up felt bird, filled with handsets Isoude military visual. I noticed that he's got he's, got two packs of gum on his desk and with that told me, was. This is a man that has not been allowed by his wife to go to the grocery store by dip. When he's got everything they can possibly chew. Just strewn across his desk. Listen as someone who lives in a right now, it's there's theirs! usually not dip in the house, so it's definitely become a different beasts altogether.
So what's your vice now, you guys really will be consumed by casually carried in the night. The youth I just wanted money even tracker to begin with you get dip during the day the horses are still ruddy. Do the horses are still running. I wash the horses b, I just kind of exist. I've been allotted dad lot of being a dad which, as you know, it's a thing. It's fun it's fun and although my US my sought, no items are and much are you doin, though, that you not gonna get any credit for leg being around. Much because you so young- as I can remember it, No, but I'll wear I'll always be like. I was around the whole time when we are fighting corona viruses on the front lines. Nobody actually is crazy. There's like just watching a little kid grow data days, fucking, mind, glowing and He also opened up my xbox the other day and fling my incidentally fourteen game insults thrashed out, so I'm really live in it like it's good, we're making memories.
We cannot as yet why fourteen we started a part of my take twitch channel to which is basically I'm doing, is playing video games dude this quarantine off for real, like it is crazy, and I know this is getting too much into dad life. Put it's crazy to watch a child like the progression they make when it courting started. He was not crawling now he's pretty much like in college debts. She's just been watches, dad and trying to be like Papa yeah he's just been no thing which, by the right away affairs, were mainly, we had its on organ that when we get the king Kong fiscal quarters all time scene when, when Steve Phoebe's son is like come white, my ass and like dude, I'm about to break the record, yeah. I know exactly how he's feeling right now. That's going to be me in five years, when I'm watching some game in overtime being like holy shit, I have to go. I have to get this underdog home as I come with my ass. That's, like sorry, can't do it
that yeah that's. That sounds like it's, probably both entertaining and also frustrating at times being the father of an infant going through this is it's one of those things in in I'm speaking to somewhere audience here. I think that, are to America's right now: the quarantined America without children in the corn, Teen America, which open the quarantine, America without children. Its essentially like your back in college. You just can't go out and the quarantine life with children is like holy shit. Doing we like juggling job and child all day. Long is a fucking lot work right, I'd say not so much like college is more like being in white collar prison for me right now, which is not an if you're going to be in a prison white collar jails. A way to go. It's like being it's like being grounded in a suburban house, like a nice suburban just like your ground, but, like you you can you can do whatever you have in your bedroom. Yeah I've been grounded in a nice finished basement, yes,
all the candy. You want, you watch tv, but you still canker yeah, maybe he governs dear friends out, but you get caught your deep Lear and like a lot of shit, so shut out from, from my perspective, shot out to all the the dad's moms out there who are trying to juggle work and being apparent as far as its fuckin heart, it's fuckin hearten, I'm I'm pretty, might perspective shots one whose internal clock is all kinds of messed up right now, you're waken up at ten a m eleven a m can't go to bed until like one two in the morning that stuff is rough out here for us to yeah, I always I actually think too much. I actually think about maybe not use much PFD, because I think you might get up a little bit earlier, but I think about Hank when I'm on my second cup of coffee at like eight hundred and fifteen in the morning, and I'm like that. Motherfukers still got like three hours of sleep last, We are still beyond kick in that vein.
I'm thirty, ten o clock when the alarms, Argo and often I honestly I wake up. I see that nothing is going on in my area. We go back to sleep like who cares, Yeah, it's gonna happen. Is it so once we get to the other side of this, let's say far rules around we, Why not have a vaccine for yet right, so team sports might be tricky but I dont. If you saw this yesterday, they cancel the British open the issues with the open, What did open championship the open chapter, one of the great times a rear, were guys who route for the course like us, get to sit down and just watch a bunch of european golfers hit into seven foot tall weeds right to cancel it, because, obviously it was an issue right now, can't get on commercial flights. Anything like that can have a gallery. It's tough to have a bunch of production people set up to video tape, broadcast it. Why don't they do it like it back in the pre titanic
ages are back in like pre world war, two when people had to take steamships overseas, and then there is no broadcasting at all. It was no media there. What are you just have to be a gulf tournament? Everyone keep score, and you have, I was saying just have like nor Mcdonald on Twitter walk round. Of course, posting okay, so ok salami, make sure that I'm I'm askin deconstruct this idea. Here you want to have a sporting event where none of us get to watch it put before. None of us get to watch it you're going to make everyone get on a cruise ship No, no, no I'm saying the players. He I don't know. I know I know they're going to get on a shirt, I'm pretty sure Blake would not right on royal caribbean of it, I'm pretty sure Blake Henry, we're you said aunt ones they begat what we can't be shamed. We're not we're not shaming, know what our human ideas why. I would like to know on how to know our shame. This idea, because I want to watch, I won't show me the idea that gets me to watch sports
I'll show you don't get me to watch in words, you could gamble on it and you can have Norman Doll, giving you updates. Maybe you have a periscope going, listen I've game but a lot of things that I haven't been able to watch and if you gamble on something that you are unable to watch like you know you, you you'd, be a bet on a game. That's like I. I've been unlike Philippines, basketball or basque appalling, like I think, there's a league in Nicaragua, something you if you lose and you can't watch it, you justice soon that you got like taken and that there was it never even happened and they just rigged it in stole your money, so ever will just be very upset myself included, because of course I bet it and then one of my stupid bet lost I'd like wait. This is rigged. This never even happened Ok, they could do one camera her whole findings.
Listen if they wanted, if they a periscope of a golf tournament, now you're talking now, I'm in put seeing you don't have any Gulf term, it just be played in not being will watch. It doesn't help me in my need to just watch a ball move around on my screen. Ok, every Caddy they have their phone out, and they just do periscope how this every caddy where's, like a police officer body, came, I never had any accidently turn it off right before they're gonna hit out about that goes I mean. Listen, we were gonna, there's gonna be need, be some innovation, because I don't I dont know how they're gonna get teams words goin in speed that we needed to go because April. I think we all three April is awash work, I think collective, We as a country where, like April just didn't, exist, we're just gonna put our heads down get through April. If we get a man and they're like hey, guess what nothin's changing? That's when she's gonna get bad. We sleep in May
but I think that we should consider doing something like my idea for at least the: U S open. Just having a p, wade with nothing with no fans yeah, maybe Millions is fine, but you need the cameras like our type. A camera you can have is that you can have one. Can you could just use hears you just take the fucking good, your blood and you just use, camera, that's fine and then they say like computer enhance and zoom in on which a regard for you, I'm all. For that, I I we need a camera Leir your resolution. You know camera doesn't work for me because I am convinced we're not gonna fans for a year, so dunno fans ship has really sailed. Just give me a camera with a ball on the screen, moving back and forth but did you have a drone that just hovers behind each golfer without ever that has like a Jp S tracker on the this isn't difficult. If the USA must, talk to me I'll. Take your call right now we'll hammer the sound back reacting and there will be a fucking. U S open that, we can watch yeah, I'm down for us. For, although we do have the Alban Kay,
so they ve been pushed suspended or cancelled the open is had. They have not made an official. Do U S open it, they have now. An official and asked the British out than they did say that you're gonna get if they just man. This is the problem as they need to stop cancelling. They just need to give them. Tomorrow Wednesday, the hope I lost the hope, I'm trying to get the whole back, what they He too, someone needs to create like a hey if everyone just hold out we're gonna put every single tournament like every other week. In July and August and every single sporting event like your and where the NBA like it will be nonsense? wall the Wall sports for two months I can handle that. Just being like hey once we get there, it's gonna be like the land before time when they come out and they see the fucking beautiful like all world out there. That's what we need in July and August I actually saw an idea. I think Matt Jones confront the programme tweeted this out. That is looking more and more like the springtime in cars
sport is gonna, be both football and basketball next year. That would be crazy. Tat would be knots, doubt would be fucking. You know it's worrying trend, cocaine of sport season, the only the only sport I and I get till then I am not going to. I know we're just where we just we just keep like pass the baton of whose most negative, I think that's. Actually. I know that people want to listen to show an and have an escape, but I think there also needs the reality where every single show we have someone's the designated downer, because that's like if we don't do that, then we're just not realistic, and I think there is something to be said for the overly optimistic people who are the it's, the it's, the just a flu people who think that this we're gonna pass like two seconds. I hate those people as much as I hate myself from whence they shall be my cancel everything here, krona virus, positivity, Tommy, disorder, positivity of the night, also show
our two corona Brow, Hank Lockwood representing online. Today, again, it's Margaret somehow May I ask what I got bored I got mad. Maybe that's really is night train, maybe that's a new support of America's pastime just watching clay, Travis move the goalposts all summer long ads are that's. Our group asked me we if we can come up with some sort of metric to track how far these moving and then you get and gamble on that thou. Be amazing, you're on game castrate now watching it you're like we have in fact they just how why have any more yards to go and they just had a sixty are completion. What the fuck is going up. We will draw mobility is going from ninety ninety one percent back and forth the charts, literally off to chart a little perspectives, so it is good to have Canada. A sobering mindset turned to look at this analytics. Unfortunately,
standards. We have one of those two people named turnover. Who said the biggest issue facing many businesses right Now- is They never model the scenario: zero revenue with no guarantee of a timeline for Future revenue zone. That is talk in business with part of my take make problem out there right now is when you go into business you don't do so figuring how my business make money when we're not making money right like when you're making no money put, you need to be making money. That's a problem, the new stocks. Me needs just be Darren's avatar, Speaking of making money. Everyone please support, are advertisers you're staying with us, because podcast, like we said, are what were hit. It's a recession, but if you listen and enjoy the show- and you sit here and add that you are ill, it tickles your fancy. Don't be afraid to use one of our promo codes. We also have our friends at Trojan condoms, you know what to do
don't go together, physical distancing in hooking up, but that doesn't mean the good times have. To come to an end Trojan condoms sharing the New York City, health departments, covert, nineteen sex guidelines on their instagram and we ve got some good news. You Are your safest sex partner? That's right! The government's encouraging you to pleasure yourself like the world, depends on it so stay inside and do your civic duty. This is an awesome. I had. I not enabled a millennials. You want to save the world just just get drunk in your house and jack off. If you live with someone, you have sex with congrats cause if you're both feeling healthy there, there, your next safest sex apartment partner, but just make sure you shower before it after sex. Oh Anne, ass. Eating season is officially over because virus spread through fecal matter only shit tear my children fall Georgian can't condoms on Instagram to learn more tips in New York City, health departments, covered nineteen sex guidelines and sex floor. At home with confidence. I did not think that I would be
reading, a hey, you know what the best sexes masturbation ad in the spring of twenty twenty. But here we are, I'm shocked with the whole fecal matter thing that the it's in Germany or so love gas. While they We have more than enough porn built up that people can just watch that yeah, but it's all just seems like they like the rim stuff over germs, or introduce some fire festive forget Joe Buck in Oliver Hudson there they were the only other out. Only other sports notable thing that I saw is as mellow ball. Actually pollyanna goal or move people. He bought his new Zealand timorese australian team, so that is a big ballroom. Put, then, will you now when that day, you can't even with all lock. It would then make us big dollars. We already. I was also did it and like away where he was like. I just wanna, like you know you part of his dad's legally. Obviously, got shut down. He's like I've. I've been a party leagues, I've got shut down, I'm gonna make sure all my people are like protected, which is for
as young kid, as he is a big as big a bar movies are seen. I can't wait to see well born in in these, so it s a guy he's gonna be there. Hacking, life shots from half court and people like. Are you serious man? It's not a young, though it's like that you're gonna be trail. I am now Meda melt away locked in ITALY or years ago, when he was doing it in high school knows from half corporate board like the Tsar Rageous. But now I feel it s much more accepted you got ten thousand dollars worth of shooting wild half court shots in these become a mass strategist. Press makes perfect, but I think that, like buying the australian team might be really really good for him, especially considering how is dad tends to overshadow things. Just said, Lamar down there to be a coach or just put him on the roster Thea Sweetheart half cord shots. By the way I was watching, users have been watching users all week, end
I was wondering I warned that their allies. It takes a lot watching you during radio, so we wanted a twenty minute times and we actually dont even listen to it. We just had brain and Walker near but anyway I through this, They are what, if, if staff curry It was in nineteen fifty one Indiana. Do you think they would burn him as a witch yeah for Sir Cairo to you, never know it or you endeavours in the university there probably actually just burn, carry for his weird beliefs before he even set foot on a basque backward, although his beliefs might have been like cool in Indiana nineteen fifty one, but I can't worlds actually still flat. Maybe he would be a genius, so maybe it would have been like you. Others are saying that if daughter called evolution and Nevil like which, and then they Burnham question everything are we got from five s Hank once you start, Firefox, it's kind of a two for one, but a theatre you're, tired by your local business, man still being opened the other day
My guys, not, I don't know what I'm gonna do, but also like piggybacking offer, that is, I got you smoke in the way in the way that, like we're just I'm a sitting in my like seven hundred square for department all day, all night, every day, every night like the active smoking. I guess even funding more like it just lost his lustre. I like it. I do not erratic daddy. No, not even that, like not even like used to be like you know, you gotta work and you come home and insight small volumes, whatever one, almost everything everything there is no, like. I'm gonna do this, and then I will do this just like everyone else away. Nothing doing. Nothing is not fun anymore, because you have to do something to do nothing and we do nothing so now. Nothing is nothing raising. My horse is so high that I just have had a women s. Just like I don't it's just this funding more yeah. I think I got you I think what you need to sir. Do you just build a new peace to smoke out of every,
like different ingredients. Everytime you smoke so like smoke, Ivan Apple and then later in the day, get like a mountain dew bottle in a ballpoint pen and some aluminum foil. You should here's what you should do Hank similar to that, but you should just go back in in like your smoking. History start like the beginning and end, then just live your life like you're. You know every single pc had your entire life like stars, Yes, I would like, in some had carried out in the woods everyday. Yes, there are open up to open up your own browsing history of smoking, stuff and then eventually, you'll you'll start a Google new ways to smoke, and you ll find out ways that you have. You thought of you'll come out of this thing stronger than before, we'll go to the back of the first part of it. Is that, like my building, like hasn't, been a doorman and they're, not letting deliveries come inside like the not letting people in the building, so I don't even know how I got to have to stop smoking cuz. I don't know how my get it was
happen. Nice try them what do you take? Let's take us offline. I would urge your fire vestry empty. My firefox, I stop pooping. Ok, that's I didn't even know that now you you do because I don't know. What's going on resources, also from me, pooping has lost its lustre. For you know, I just my body. I guessed is adapting to the quarantine, so maybe it may be. My body knows, though, in crisis mode I mean My body knows just like stepping up in terms of absorbing all the proper neuter it's. Maybe my body understands that there is a toilet paper shortage that software avi, no one drink. More coffee, I'm having some right now. What about when you would about like when you're fucking busting out your arm workout on your peloton? Does that not make you like? Then? I only Drenalin going. I don't see the part of the peloton Can I go to meet your legs high impact interval training to bother
more nor those erases arms and legs, though some of them have arm sections, and but most people don't do Europe's Anyways ARM Wade's. Only like two pounds We, but I say we actually took more than two pounds at a time. Normally, so we reduce if the arm work out when you're supposed to be doing it, you know always is optional honour. I will then you're still you gotta do. It, though, is overdue. If not figure. Definitely I better go We're crushes now, you know how these publicly said that he does not do the worker interesting yes, I did. The weird thing is just like like women get into a relationship with the tides and the moon with their periods is off. That's how much but is acting just with the supply chain stock. At my local grocery store like the natives higher standards, if there's no toilet paper, how scared you like I'd, be terrified for my first poop gets caught recited scanner. I saw poop Sunday morning without first time like three days, two and a half days, and it can't hurt
And then, today I sat down for a while. Just hoping is like thinking If I'm in the room subordinate. I do that too, I mean that's part of my age is like a gentleman at home and now the matter Leroy is enough. I learn that three times a craps every single tat. Maybe I should start eating dog food go next. They write group all the time. My firefox, is I bought a trumpet. I've been playin the trumpet during the a cave derby. Tonight there was a first I did my neighbour bang on the wall and like shut the hell up, so I think that I know that's where those situations where I was probably in the wrong screaming at toy horse horses as they go around a track and blasting a trumpet, but still that kind feels intrusive, like the people want to hear me, try to play the trouble So now I've got that rob for me what else Cairo that's a moment where your big cats neighbour and like
everything just gets louder and louder over the course of two weeks and then a trumpet kick Cynthia. I, like you got, you got to be fucking kidding me, but here's the thing it's only from six hundred and fifty seven to like seven hundred and seven. So I think I'm going to slide a note under her door and be like hey. Ten minutes a day. I run air and illegal toy horse track years gathered here? What those ten minutes? you got it. You gotta, you gonna, spend it all. Until I get from the corona relief, and then have had soothing mental health. Is my mental. It's my support animal. Yet, yes, yes, ok! I turns out the trumpets really hard to play. Didn't Nagoya for sure what once you get abuse it's only three buttons. I've bugle allow and there's three buttons. You go wasn't gonna get here too. Like late May, I checked out Amazon shipping times, but It's a fucking, wilds YO, I haven't talked my view, will guide. Awhile cannot know egg. The three, the three valves. On the trumpet is not like a trumpet only place three notes. Those are just used to control
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We know Jos, daddy issues. His daddy issue is his dad was super famous and he was basically born on. Third, need. A triple nepotism got like all succeed, who do dad dad security issue? your daddy issue over what all you sort of you just explain, might as well and in a way I think this is why were prepared for doing this by my I have I have. I have day issues. I would say my my dad around until I was wrong eleven or twelve and then he kind of left. The picture was of course informed, every fuckin thing in my life, whether it be relationships, career self esteem, all the bad shit you know I mean so that is my. And every issue. As far as the nepotism goes, I grew up in a family of famous people. Ok
So you know I'm in the proverbial shadow I might put myself there. I understand that as my own problem, I want to psychology session, can play always try to sort of you know. Made mommy and daddy proud, I'm not drag it. Can you name drop for named drop force for people who might not yo, My mother is Golly Han no big deal. I step by step down. Who all PA being be raised me, you know, is a rustle ever heard of Roma and that my sister is losing and Kate Hudson Pro from car. Ok, and then, of course, I've got my little brother who play a conventional. He himself was why Russell and he had heard it HOLLAND endure, many and one is growing, blew out and that basically a great Romans and I want to be an actor and
within months, you got to move it Sundance and everything's, like a great and in our urban I've been other great, I'm doing good unites. I'd live a little bit of a different path and hard cash going your basically king right now. Yes, would you guys every advice that you'd like to ask us for like now, you're stepping into our world, like Joe we have never out of respect for you. We have never gotten into you know the major market major network play by a game had been any office. You don't seem to feel that same way about our. So what can we help you with, as you're becoming a park, asked her what what I don't understand is that you give these high casts away for free, that's how you it's like drugs, so ok, the gateway. Is you get to click on a little light on everybody gets into this thing for free and then somehow you
has made money and and and some great big big wig at the top of the food chain. A airport, hundreds of millions of dollars that yeah pretty allowed. It doesn't make sense. Ok, so let me explain to you from our perspective it's kind of like when we stream your football in baseball games on the internet for free air. I don't pay. A cable bill. That's cause the same thing. Fairness, all right. Well, I I like being on this side of it. Then I like
I like living in your weight. I mean we all know, look when when Oliver and I just started decided to go into this whole thing, I said: there's really one place where we have to go, and that is my friends and pardon my take, because we have had a great relationship. We tend to fuck around quite a bit. However, where wherever I go, I get more comments on being on your podcast, then anything I do Super Bowl World Series, one That's it that's mine blowing to me and are good on you, and we can only have hoped to be. One third is brilliant. I arrived. I think that you, you know, understood the, how you can be successful outside of the world that Europe In- and you want to The ties that ended in tough times for Joe in others
a time to join other speak about your second, because I think a lot of people well, most People know each other in the bows and usually filled with some weird tied. Ok make up is decent. At the time he is here at the time he doesn't. You know His hair pending on what time a year. It looks good right but no one knows who Java really is, and I've been friends with them for a long time now golf introduced us when we got really tight, and I think this is way for export. People that you guys know Joe it's too experienced Outside of this him in a booth, you know, guy's got its use the guy's major and securities
people know know who he really is major insecurity. What are the biggest? Compliments that we get? Is you guys made Joe Buck likeable like it like? It's a really huge accomplishment for, but here's the thing. I actually think that it is because Joe when he talks to us we're. So, unlike able that it makes Joe look good process, so just we're taking over were becoming the biggest asshole and set which you're not used to, and did you have now see? Comparisons are so I chose not as bad as those two other chuckle fox, so unsafe, like base that what you're saying is it's like that whoever it is that follows Charles Manson into the parole board. Hearing there obviously go look a hell of a lot better than whoever walked out like if I was in prison and I had murdered hundreds of people. I'd say a what time is Manson's appointment.
To talk to the parole board. I wanna go after him. Yes, he leaves on the. I think, that's where ok get well, I it's good for me to put a put the definition to it to understand better because it is kind of mine blocks yeah. So Oliver as he called you Troy yet now working on a work enough. I have I have a question for both of you. It's it's a little game we play called. You have to tell the truth, no matter what I'll start with you Oliver. What's your favorite Kate, Hudson Movie, almost famous yeah same year, the same way and not Joe, how much money do yes piano for you to be the monitoring of almost twenty eight million dollars? What can we do? or tat yes, go with go back. Is that the number I'm gonna negotiate asked next time around
I know Joe is it is it there is any jealousy worked out that Tony Rama yeah good question over on my part, absolutely one million per cent zero. Now maybe for over one million persons. Here, I'm trying to figure out what that I have a jealous. I have no idea. I have no animosity jealousy anything I happy for him and he doesn't do what I do so you know I will nor by others in his business. Try to follow that mile to me wrong, always in the absolute perfect ways, at the perfect time, with two networks that were dying to it, keep them or get em and it just came up at the right time for him, He cashed in so good for him. So no, I have no no jealousy tore down at all. Okay, so it's flippity you think, they're Troy has any jealousy towards
Roma. You know you not being Jim Nance setting up Troy, make seventeen million dollars the great question of that There could be potential jealousy animosity- and I guess pure hatred on his march toward me going forward, because I have failed him. Unlike Jim Nancy, what Tony Ramos I promised to be more dance like see, problems is to be more Roma like going forward like that. Actually we should just do is go out to dinner with, yes paean executives and just make sure that the paparazzi very probably paparazzi following around anyways but call ahead, and let them know where you gonna, be you. Have your picture taken, walk and by the way the hard rise he operates. He seen at Saint Louis is massive. Mass. True it's a guy with the disposable camera Andy. I cried.
Creepy man, a trench, go with polarize get you Joe. We haven't talked to you since Superbowl yeah, yeah yeah I mean I thought that you did a great job in the second what what are you did a fine job, blatantly made up a nickname for play off, Damien that no one in America ever thought was real and thought you could just like say it. We'd like oh yeah. His name's deftly play off Damien we're ok, I will then you're a hang yourself here asked you're hanging use. Fear, because you want me to say, Yarborough, there's Rick. Do you want me to throw that in an just, cannot make that said, if there's ever any time that I can make that happen out, think back to the time when we are doing
me. I was scoring touchdown after touchdown in the play. Ass six play off games eleven touchdowns, eighty five regular seizing games, twenty two touchdowns. I read it in the cliffs leading into the game. So was I made it up? I guess I'd say but he also made it up the source. Someone definitely was like you. What have we fuck Joe, but the fact that no don't let it pass pass the buck on this one, because you still have all those stats about play of Damien buried in your head, because you did somewhat research going into it. While you were coming up with a nickel, no wrong. I did so much research. I don't even remember who won the game? I did so much. Research leading ended. This interview that I no you guys we're gonna have because I listened to your bike ass. I heard it out like other out there. They thought we did a decent job, which is, I think, and hope for when you broadcast two hundred million people, and then it's like would play off Damien like em.
I do so Danny Dimes, tee shirts. I it was just a thing and I threw it out there and I throw myself on your mercy. For a little bit of leniency in this. In this case, deny I denied that in and we we verified it with Christians with Christians in studio like two weeks after really come on, he's like I'll think anyone's ever call them ploughed, Damien them, while okay, so you're, saying Chris Jones is up on all the other clips and everything else that I read going into a game like that. Ok, I think I'll spend time with him yeah. He knows if, even if there is a nickname like play off deeming going round locker room, he would have known and put a stop to actually suggested that they call on big game Dame and you yeah that's a way better, not have Deegan play off Dame yeah. Ok, I agree with you. I agree, but you're
you're. Assuming then that I made it up and I didn't I will find the live. So how is it ok, fine eclipse? Yes, I have two things to ask you about world Series number One: why didn't you use my and the use and ask for is concerned these nets at seven separate towards you already threatened? I think that's pretty self explanatory what you're next Ok, my other one is: how come you weren't on the ball in alerting America to the fact that the answers were cheating this whole time, its own name? It's totally I may add? Oliver and I've talked about this all the time I I you'd have alerted everybody, because you know I was clearly and on it somehow someone's adequately you're at the games in your hearing trash cans being banned, ugly hardware, without too vague you love to say the name out too vague. It allows it rules right off the tongue, yeah
Yeah, I don't buy that. I still think you should have known about it. The amount of asteroids games that you attended over the course of the last two years. You knew something up and you headed from America, I did and I again I throw myself it at your mercy, I'm sorry to you and America, Oliver questions for you. I read that you were in the two thousand five world series of poker and you busted. On the first hand, how much of that suck it was Where's mom is my life. I'm I mean it not your weight, not the old. I mean daddy issues like now. This is far worse here. Right now, I am clearly worse than abandonment. With there was a horrifying experiences. The ten thousand dollar by I go I got a Vegas with my girlfriend, his wife at the time as it stay asleep,
we start at eleven if you be a long ass day, go to my table and it says, proceed to the feature table ESPN table to Daniel Daniel Negreanu, sandy, far hawks we're just paired with me, stay seated with me, so now I got my little bag lunch. My constituents, sunglasses on that I now regret. Wearing and I sit down first, having shuffle up and deal it was a hand I couldn't have never get away from if you watch it and I want to go through the whole and that it was just an impossibility to get away from the hand but you ve got out in the middle of winter, and that was that, and that was it I mean I was up or of a horrible be, and it was at that an omen records for that. I pocket hands upon his hands and after a flop, was a ten Sammy fire
eastern Zaire off. It was just that not everything everything was on the floor. Every need be always. We should rename the eye the double tens that should have its own name liked. What was dead man sand is one of them that we are trying to do. I was buying. It took a poker at the time. A comrade in us learn all. I was like a heavily into poker and then, after that I will go Vinos in people call me pocket hands that became sort of my nickname guide. Your pockets had in fact, opposition at all, that the potato hand cause you bust, real, fast, real way. Oliver you have another podcast yeah man stumbling revelry with my sister, whose users would we not Jana Jackson?
damn. I was looking at it because I was so this actually real question. Cuz I was, I was just googling it and I was hoping that you would quit it because one of my favorite things about the podcast boom is everyone get the podcast and then, after, like three weeks there like this, you can't socks awry stories. Ah, how are you I'm gonna not run out of stories. You work for in crushing right now and I got say what were it's been an amazing experience. There is now either he's talking about you and may not run out of doors yeah like to hand out of your mouth when you brought when you do a podcast, that's first up, Donny PAN we actually messed up to and that our first episode to we're we're both is actually on a hooker and Hank was ok, maybe take the pin out again very taken Paul Owen out and then start yes, yes, so how are you guys, gonna Oki, ongoing yeah? Well,
who the hell knows. Man I mean I just wanna you talking Joe, it's you. Likely situations? Does a current show right, so we're going to we're going to get on the phone as friends and sort of this crap about what that week would have in. That way. Can we ask- and I guess size well- ok, you're putting an ideal, but it is if we all know how it works right. If people it was about crime to show actually takes off. We can actually sell some ads and it becomes something viable than we keep going. If it I decided, I now the friend and talk with talk with one of my friends are its let's roll play real, quick. Why don't you I'll be Joe and you re Oliver and actually appear to you, be Oliver once you start to show in endless say it's like the third week of October, just randomly picked at the third week of October. Here we go, I got a job, the I'm Joe I'm I'm! U, Oliver yeah! Ok! What's up welcome back
to call her daddy issues. I was going to clamp down on this through the other week and it was awesome. Anyways draw my sister and I were talking. The early universe is right. You met her dear you're podcast, so my mom gaudy Hon was tell me that I should see you up for the story. I listen. Oliver ominous stop right there. I have a world series game to call tonight. I haven't nfl game to call on Sunday. I have a Thursday night came to call on Thursday, and then I have another world series game to call on Friday, so this podcast is over. That's cool, I'm available whenever and that's all We believe that you can use it. You could put in your feet. There's our brahma there.
It's a great excuse for me to get away from my wife and kids for a minute because I'm going to travel, I'm going to go on the road. If, if we ever fucking play sports again, but I will, I will go, the Green Bay. I will go to Billy, I'm many travel little bit. You know. I love that sir you'll give your kids daddy issues by working on the pakistani us and you will be. You will be Yoko Ono to Jos, John Lennon. The truth is basically split up higher career yeah. I was thinking I was thinking more candidates spooning in bed with the photographer. The room. Yes, there was such a tax would be r r, r r r cover our great picture. That would be great. Have you got cited who's. Gonna read the ads because I feel, like I Roman erected, dysfunction swipe at Rio.
Joe Box. The outline can lay go for a premium, can't wait. I went on on my upon the pipe gasoline wrestled with my sister. You now it's sheet. We have to decide on where we want to read it because she's got a thousand businesses interests, conflict of interest, but I send rising the one thing that I do want to do. I don't care what you saved us. Roman swipes is and such a greater written me, you know trying have you tried those things by the way? and never bitter, never been issue form. I guess I don't have sex, over that we're though, and Cates like I got a million businesses I don't which I had to like. I got nothing. I accept that part of the EU are the conversation I have with her. Unlike unlike hate, you know
great by the way, but I'm like look. We have to read the Sakara at I got open like it has to get done. I don't care if you wear rothys or not. It's we had asked. If I can read, Are you going to bolster crazed around the house? Now you just narrating random tweets like videos, people sentient is at an end. I saw one today, ah from a very ponderous man sitting by window looking out gazing upon the pastures outside is window in I'm gonna lay something down. That's an idea I released is for charity. I know their names, yet about the Middle EAST, the hopefully it will force you somehow some way to donate to some charity to help people out during this very difficult time and our nation yeah Actually it's tricky, because with all this time on our hands, I've found myself getting out charity just like I've.
I get bored, and so I want to do something nice for somebody else and then, at the end of the day were, and I spent all my money on charities, so you're, this is why the moment for us to feel sorry, for you will know that some do in this interview with you, because we get paid seventy five thousand dollars per show. I gotta get ass launching into the studio. Then I can go, spend it all and more charities but nice. What you're doing what's the best clip that anybody city so far Well, I mean look for this audience. I think it's probably a little too g raided and obviously I can't get into my public twitter doing the kind saying that you now, I will do the type of humour that I would typically do with friends. So I you know why there is a ban.
Clearing out an entire living room or the furniture and playing two on two basketball against one another or two kids, just playing like the best point in tennis in the basement on carpet with the with like really good shots, and it's amazing what people are doing to try and argued by their time, get out of the house break up the monotony and an eye get to see at all all flooding my why some of them are ridiculous. Some of them are you now. Look at my dog sit on is mad and eat a tree, but- Most of them are pretty cool and interesting and worthwhile would George who are you going- stir crazy? Yet without sports or you get his cunning, not you're busy season of many of the? U S open, usually
a little later on. He do baseball, but are you where you out with like we need sports back meter? I miss sports more to not be able to sit on my couch and watch it. Yes, that that's where Mr Uribe- and this is my downtime after the Superbowl after play off Damien did his thing. And this is normally the time when I kind of recharge and I'm around the house now not around the house like- I am currently which is non stop with just under two year old, twin boys, but to have all that time and in my daughters, are back in town you now, while people are literally fighting for their lives, I think the silver lining for some it is at least getting it. Ass to reconnect them. You now have a dinner error, just see. What's going on people's lives, we all moves so fast. That's that's a small silver lining. What is a national tragedy at this point, and I
Are you a sportsman yourself, yeah yeah, I've been is worse than ever long time been a big lakers Stan real dangers Dodge Untypical, lays board span annoying well not now I mean I've been at a dinner. I've been a devout Lakers stand, but other than that I will say them play off baseball fan. I can't watch all games. I can't do it all the more they got Gulf Gulf answer. How do you think God Joe does with the? U S open well actually yeah. No, I did he does a good job. I mean he's, got a sort of a bank of it's it's it's it's strange you now to hear him serves to most of them were subdued. I think it is obviously not that difficult. I mean who who laughed you sit in a trailer and you know you, you can view ratings.
You watch tv in this comment on MR. How the yardage is no wind interaction in Antwerp little things in their here and there and rely on reducing our whoever. Next to him, his colleague tossing a fund act about the person who, just once girlfriend that turns out not to be. Four anymore. It's like easy stuff, like that actually Jill. Using also did you notice that they replayed that? U S open on Fox like last week, and I watched at the very end. Just to hear you talk like were scattered storefront and they didn't cut it out as wonderful. Now, with that one was on. I know the Eunuch one was on. I did I see that why, and I could never live that down in that's just part of my it's part of my part. Am I I am DV rage. For my part of my Wikipedia lies whatever you give, you go through life without controversy, Section Wikipedia page: did you really even live through? That's true
I think, if you're on air live for that many hours at some point, you're gonna, misidentify somebody's girlfriend. I actually was worse back in two thousand one. Free social media? Thank God, when I interviewed Taiwan Maxim down on the field and asked him if the woman standing next to him was his mom and he stopped in the middle of an interview after winning a play, this game and said no man, that's my wife Stop you, don't you guys, like from a pro, that's been and has been for a while if you want to get a real pop with your very first episode, You need to have already Lange on edge a guest, yeah, yeah, yeah yeah. I actually I actually would love to have already lying on as our guest first or last or whenever it would I've been already in our good. Did you boot disfigured of that
show. Did you ever? Did you party, with Paul run after several? I never sell run for one second and down there you got you guys, may have I never we tax did. We never ran across one another. I got a picture for man in other areas Kansas City, his son Jack as a huge she's bad and was so excited when they one that he actually had a nose, bleed start It was so emotional about them winnings. So that's the picture. I have never saw him, never parted with unfairly already at all that entire week. Also, he did party yeah, I mean you have to Canada do something when not not not much saw I saw. I saw tea at some of them for someone like any experiencing, wasn't it! It was at. The Darlington caresses Thompson Party. That's right!
yeah you? You gave me a hug, you saw me, you came up and you put my hand on the way you like we're gonna hug. Now I am glad that word hug level, but I didn't know that I was what we were doing. Hi. Before then, yeah yeah, you had a random nosebleed to it that yours, you fired again about Molly. Aren't I got one that Oliver's that now right now is sitting back on. You know what I think are what to listen to this party ass, going to like yeah although actually on Wednesday, we had to a week ago, we had Those favour team, the head coach, Craig Booby, so you can listen that maybe be like hey. I was taught blues. You guys are heavily on the big you guys ever have like, like the movie actors. Are young girls, Zack Efron, rode home, Adam Sandler your sailor on David, Spade until progress tool for grace.
David Wallace from the office on the others. Did you give stage it or did you ever do you like did earlier? We should in his mouth no good NEWS, I have one last question is not a question. Is gonna be a red it sweet, this actual Joe, I actually so it's a tweet for both of you, I've one for you, Joe one for you over seventeen I don't understand why people hate your box, so much dislike is one thing. Hate is quite another, he's a homegrown talent is Canada's ever can hold its own in multiple sources, broadcasting and doesn't mind taking shots at himself. What state? Now almost all replies were in agreement being like Joe Box awesome. So I think that the job like why do people Joe Buck is actually a myth. Now I don't think it's real anymore. I don't make people hate you, except for this one guy who said
low skill level and got his job because assist systematic nepotism. He's not worry is because a merit, but if you're born with the right person ticket credentials, you can pass people with more talent, work ethic in our society, but mostly because I mostly people dislike him because he's bad debts. I rather think that cannot covers at all yeah. I think so too, Oliver, your tweet that was actually big cats and that no, it is crazy, though I think it is a myth. I really do. I think it's. There was a time when people aid you and now paper like they're, just Miss out there like. Why does everyone to ST? Why do people hate your book ever like no one AIDS, Joe Bach really is we talked about this before we when we started our part cast ragweed we are the guy who is editing are sound he's here. Dodgers back- and I said Do you hate Joe as it be straight up, and he said he did, and I said what I use it, because
He seems to always room for the other t. Ok, but then Joe had a great explanation for this people. You can say it java people watching their regional answer, their? Yes, he might achieve announcers yeah, I'm I'm the only guy to do national World Series. Since the advent of social media- so it's it just is thwarted. My dad used to get it Scully used to get it, but it was a different time. Sit down, write a letter in and you wanted the biggest times that I felt this way with therefore, mention gas, peruvian, the blues tee my route for as great as Doc AM regains its greatest candy Albert is. I wanted the hometown guys and live and die like I do with the blues. Fortunes to be calling the action like I've heard all year, and when you hear somebody get excited when the other team scores or gets a home run like what Wired so excited. I don't hear that all year, so naturally you think they're rooting for these.
Team, which is just stupid. It's not approve. Ok, I get it with based box. I grew baseball. Baseball. You grind it out with your guys. A hundred sixty two games put football. I don't, I don't think anyone really hate you anymore. I really don't. I think you have I've told you this, but you have the big game voice that its it's very rare, and every time you are announcing a game. It feels important. Well, Thank you. That is taking a long time to get there, and I, even though I think a lot of that stuff leads over a Phillies fan, is an Eagles fan. A giants fan of the Yankees fan. Is it goes? It's not like people just live and die was once word but guides is part of the day is part of the shit you have to take to do what I get to do witches. You know I wouldn't want to be doing anything else, so I don't really care, but that's why I'm doing about gas wakes among view yeah, I've talked of talk to other people learn. When someone pay me fifty million a year to be aided by everyone, I would I do that too.
Yeah easy. Oliver, your tweet is from spicy chicken, Queen November seventeen two thousand fifteen, she said she said Oliver Huts and I want to suck his dick for two hours, hell yeah.
Everything was that this german three that that's too long. I was wrong and you can see a lot of Roma too much. I like that. That way, why? Why did I get the tweet that I got you got that we use is random modem. Both up randomly completely raise ran gradual. I want to get a little and sell out. Are you and they will? Let you guys go when a sports coming back yeah, I'm sure you on the inside of all this decision making you know I honestly if we can be real fermented. I don't. I don't think anybody has any idea, and I say that because I just talk to my my boss, Fox, you know they're they're talking about all kinds of scenarios, but it
all depends on when the curtain comes up. So when does baseball start, I don't know, do you aim for the all star game and have that be the kickoff? You start a little bit before. Do you have to have eight thousand and eighty one games to feel like you had somewhat of a real season? You know what about and a jolly the NBA you're down to the end, and he got the play ass coming I literally have no idea from people who are running these sports and networks. Then I think dancers what he has any idea, what steps can start back up? Shit? I'm sorry, sorry to tell you that we are proposing the right yeah. I don't think so. Yes CS. Yeah yeah says that we will get it boiled. Like has reported that they heard a box big. We I have definitively reported. We will have football season there we go eleven, I feel better. Do you feel Alfred it now we're way better. I wait.
Are you guys we're going to come on our or air and talk about your daddy issues? No, like my dad I'll tell you my daddy issue right now, it's opening day, and so we recorded this last Thursday night, winning day. I think it was in fourth or fifth grade my dad came to the school. He brought my glove. He brought my Baltimore Orioles hat and he pulled me out a class a said. We're gonna go to opening day. They in us over the loudspeakers, so my whole class ami like get up to leave my dad puts me in the van we start driving out of school. He turns around his is April fools three back off at disclose. The Sharia whereas in everyone's like you, I thought you were going to get to know my dad just pump Mania Tass, that's worse than my dad leaving when I was.
Agreed not worse than the world series Poker, though no definitely not the dead man's hand. Put to my dad's credit. He just called me about like an hour ago and left me a voicemail saying hates opening day just want to apologise again for what I did to you in elementary school. Call every year old girl. This is exactly I this asked is needed in this world. Everybody's got a fucked up story about something that happened at they'll. Never let go. Thank you guys, Joe Buck, Kate, Hudson's brother. Check out daddy issues. You can find it everywhere, podcast our right outside its going home. Yes Uncle Jack Boxer, yeah Jack books on and Goldie, hot sun God. Yes, how seriously take you guys, though the sounds like an awesome podcast, you guys you, maybe the bank s people go on when they want to cry. That's right! That's right! Right! I don't think I guess I missed you guys.
I miss you monsieur highest yo. I would you like that, data view. A drawback in Oliver Hudson was proxy by Mccain Potatoes, Abstract, Mccain Nato's. They are a delicious treat that you can keep greater in quarantine season. There awesome for midday snacks, that we all have access to a kitchen. Since we're working from home there, I'm gonna say, did the official potato of pardon my day. Yes, I don't, I don't think, there's any controversy surrounding that. Their easy to cook up we're family since were somewhat confined to cooking at home. It's meal that you have to think about. Preparing gives entertain. Your kids, if you have an all day, can be enough work. Mccain's can take some but the work out of the mealtime cap Chris luncheon dinner is really no better food than a potato. It so versatile matches up with eggs, yams fries with a club sandwich for lunch, baked potato or some sort of hash browns.
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But if your word that you might be experiencing symptoms, gonna get roman dot com, slash parcel start your free assessment. Today they will hook you up with a medical care provider. If you need one they're gonna check you out there gonna see if you are risk and if they need to refer you to somebody. They will refer you to medical provider. So if you weren't all get roman dot com, slash parcel, let's get roman dot com, slash parcel ok. Let's get some segments. First up, we have Lebron James update from our pre eminent Lebron, James Lebron James. Fifty you have the tweet. Yes, from Lebron James Twitter account Lebron James Update Think about maybe sitting down and breaking down some of my most memorable games and moments in my career, maybe I'd you live are just film it and hold onto it for another time, so The brown James is thinking about maybe doing content at some point, I'm sure he just got drunk last night and saw a commercial for the Michael, join Documentary and was like you know what
I think I need to get in the content game because maybe Maybe we'll do an eleven part Lebron James documentary. You know what socks this is that I actually would love to see this Hank. I don't love you ever. On the same side, I would love to see this simply because the Brown James actually is like a basketball genius, and I think he has close to a photographic memory. So I would love I anytime someone. It explains like what was going through their head through a big moment. I'm all in, and I hear Let me say it because I already know the bronze can be super annoying during the M J, Doc, and try to make all about leubronn- and I don't you think, once in the Andrea Doc, which is still he awesome place yet, but I
I would watch this and I would like to hear the brown. My breakdown is biggest games biggest place. Oh, I would a million per cent watch it if he ever made it, but it s very silly, always used when it would be so slanted put kangaroo, seeing pro the brand James being like IRAN. James was good a basketball one needs new, like I feel like back in the day. I goes one thing we're like nowadays, everyone that anyone has a production company like they do like their own tv show like their own internet thing like It is way more set up for the athletes to be in control of whenever they put out. Where did Michael Jordan error? They probably just had a came rolling and he was I whatever came rolling, so it's gonna be Much better, whereas the bronze like Dwayne Ways documentary they they they didn't talk. I like the controversial shit and it has made it look like twitter. It was like the greatest ever. Ok I'll be the same thing all abroad, so here's where we need to do the bronze should do this, but he should start with the eight point game in the finals against the maps and explain what was gone.
Through his brain that and then, after. After that, it's ok, I can talk about everything else serve near just concern, ranked as can be propaganda. Oh I'm not concern. I know what the right of appeal also that may was fixed like the reason they be. They felt ex ante. Doesn't animals values fix anyway? So I know it's all private. It is also in the fact that win, win, Lebron James says thinking about maybe did you see they were show any agile and maybe lay words just I could do it. They were showing fucking game, seven of the warriors game and they did. They is being cut out curry earnings. Three point that won the game yes, I did say that she was happen. I don't I here right now. We re way that was drawn James Aims. Seventy files, the gear, George, everything around log finals. They cut that out. Yes, I saw them the broader middle down, he did the block and then
cats water, a misapprehension applicants. Calves act, like a defence exactly know, is actually la Brown, plain defence on right. They Dave. I did a green screen remake of it. Capture Look the Brian definitely will make its land about self if you ever gets round to, maybe do it, but the fact that he was like, maybe I'll just I d like it, you can hear him over the course of sweet like talking himself out of doing any the actual work that would go into like a heavy undertaking like jack. You know what document area out absolutely watch. Over the even over the Michael Jordan. One d like two thousand Portland, Trailblazers document, the jail, browsers yeah. We like Damon, started my Rashid Wallis or the way with Gilbert and end Koran, corrupt, whatever crumbling should put out to the jail. Blazers went on for twenty one day after the micro join one tab. Sick thou be sick this your mouth flush, one, unless do some king of calm fiscal quarters, most ridiculous documentary. The does get talked about enough.
Flush, more of animals right, ok, used animals, ok, we'll know it's not for sure I've, animals yeah wicked The way I we ve been doing that where people been saying you're, just you we're just doing not rush moors, but when you say it like, when we did, flush more of worse candies. We should have done the best candy the some people got itself see AIDS. I'm in my brain gets just twist around zoologist mouthwash farm animals. I first back, I'm gonna win the strap with first because it's the it's the number one most wanted. Animal in the world right now, his ruin, the entire world, its bats, bats, fuckin, suck fuck pounds, fuck said, Sir, an integral part of the ecosystem. Bogus shut up don't make very jealous march. Madness. Don't do ecosystems is a pangs all agreed on that ecosystem bullshit bats. Follow you bats That's where all these diseases come from fuck you battle
never forget that we didn't get March Madison twenty twenty scared of a lot of our are big nuisance. Insects. Ok, that's suck! Ok, my first pic is going to be. Mosquitoes scales are awful, they provide, no benefit whatsoever. Give people malaria like the number one aim systematic. They know they are. They only say you know what you know what misgives exist do feed bats. So you should actually be for mosquitoes ago, because if my, if my machine, those go away. Then that solves you're back problem too, are you guys, I'm watching videos like when you have a letter land on you and watch it suck up your blood? Yes, no the energy to smash the fuck out of it the way those juicy outside. I did attics ivy psychotic, but yeah yeah can a word. I will with the debts of the of the ground, I like to call on a rat's. Any people en us
I'll go I'll go without. I dislike snakes in general, but specifically to again like I'd, have big snake phobia as a child. Think, like Harry Potter, the bad guy was a bigger snake and my for every read every night for like two years. I was scared that a giant snake attack me in my sleep constantly scared snakes. I hate snakes yet civically. Ah, I Anaconda Anaconda the movie moving the jailer ice snakes are jerry. They are They were snakes, the only benefit they provide. Is they give you a nice little red flag of somebody owns them. You know to steer clear that person the this might sound crazy, but every time I see a bow constrictor like Fox up markets, always like a baby, lamb or something mouse suggest a giant it. I think I could take a bogus shirt or I don't like a book and sugar who take down like a fuckin well fed man.
It depends on what you gave it gets it if it gets its full funding, has just punch in its brain over and over. I would you like a ball constrictor up, isn't how can take down above constrictor Python Anaconda might get you will any pilots would kill me. I'm talking about the ones are just construct like if I just get a wrestling match. I just this is just the only guessing the handle and what its washing the ape I've seen the fuckin tape. They always go after the fucking, smallest animals, as they take our kids. They take takedown, fuckin, baby, lambs and little tiny horses. I've never seen anaconda go after a fucking, two hundred and thirty forty, maybe fifty pound man who can down five hot dogs in a night show you that We're gonna, shitty horse gets taken down by an anaconda little baby worlds. Autonomous horse is a little baby ones where there were any any baby animal that I can barely walk and accomplices go to town on them. No, I do like our colleague is always there bullies and a right or instructors are bullies, destroying it
the strangle ones are big time bullies. I do like a nice like puff adder or a cobra there. Kind of cool and bad ass, can a bull constrictor kill a grown ass man that eats hotter My second pic is going to be ticks again tax no benefit ones are the parasites they get the they get like here, non your dog, so you have to go looking for him yet, checked herself after your for high to give you line. Disease is bad animal or a text get out her alright I'll go with pigeons pigeons, fuckin sock and we always leave now, I'm I'm coming back around Hank Uk Remit come back. I started was always our Asia is a snake draft heads like an old any sort of snake. I gotta stop looking agents and leeches lieges or fucking crazy man,
like jump in a lake in a leech? Could just hop on you and you start sucking your blood they like, maybe not Missy egos. Maybe those can be the care for colonel though it was not a thing back and they, like the other dreamer blood, with leeches sister who someplace nothing that really works but yeah. They do you say tat. I don T work saying that many cultures believe that it can work. Did you ever go swimming. I guess kids and lakes, where you knew leashes where, but still one anyway and unlike those the worst like your local area, does fast out swim allegiance to see, and I stand by me yeah when he gets a big leash, Zog Ok, size, odor, Michael fifty years. My ex one is gonna be very. Specific animal Hitler's dogged blondie come on what this the dog he didn't know we with me and now he's a dog
Learning jugglers, no good, there's no bad dogs, only bad owners, I'm gonna, go I'm gonna, go on a online and say that Hitler start blondie is bad because it dogs. Take on the personalities, their owners. You know that or maybe Hitler's dog, not If Baby Hitler was gonna, be aborted, then no, it baby here. There was still intact. And I knew that one day we grub to raise that dog. Yes, I think you ve, Pick, Hitler's dog, yes pick all dogs now actually yeah we're picking all animals were paying every single tight of these animals. Mine was games. So Phd took dogs, though I do not doubt your body gum can't you got. You can't put me in that fox yeah. You took dogs make sure that will nazi dogmatist all dogs, Nazi now you it's dog I've seen like giants, you don't I'll docks, let's just patently false! That's what you just said You expect the animal dog.
I'm only gonna bring us up because we were talking about nausea right now, but the fact that all these all these movies about, like the first people on the moon and like you know all that stuff they just excluded the part that Nazis were like all of the people, NASA kind of messed up, yeah, we're November operation, paperclip, crazy, if I were to say like Werner VON Braun, would you say you you, like all rocket scientist noble were pick in a were paying groups of animals, and so, like I pick pigeons, I have would also have bats You just did a specific, don't you like dogs? There is he's a bad dog blonde you're, like dogs, dogs, at your pic zero to ten dogs outer pick Hank your last ah hyenas, like crackhead crackhead cheaters ways? Scarier? Yes,
and then I will go with just just flies. Just all all around flies like fruit flies and shit dislike of the Althea as yet in your house. Like any time yet ready ties. There's no there's no good time you out on the flies around this is lovely. Now, I'd never happens. I agree, Susie a corpse or some kind of poop, yet dead, like you, I flew down you're like Falk garbage yeah. You never happy to see a fly now. No one has ever said. Oh good, a fly exactly pity or last back. My last point. Is gonna be roaches canister. The situation as it flies neurons are happy to see a roach There's a roach rounding other. You got some, underlying issues that need to address and cities part about roaches. Is there going to be around way longer than us in the matter? Roach it'll, be here after any sort of glib, something that there's a virus that takes roaches out known roaches
Roach blood is the best blood, just stays forever what is it? I just looked up some one I don't want to look up the I'll pick, em actually I'll. Just the maggots for my last one. I think they know I'd agate, look like maggots, I thought. I just because of corpses. Langwidere magazine corpses like that's, it grows, the oil there, when I had the bizarre jellyfish but Joy Fisher the problem of jellyfish they suck, but there also beautiful. Sadly, in order located somewhere, we allow this is lovely like I'm, I'm in a beautiful like a hammock water like this is nice, and you see them in your like, while that's that's, really cool how they just come, float and do their whole thing beautiful. I had a single horn it on my list, as only one at that make it is fifty frozen. I think he's frozen, so
definitely chose just dogs or he's unfrozen. Are you? Are you back I'm big time back. I heard every word that you said and I'm not going to let you know what I think this is. I think this is just a little bit of professional jealousy knowing that I've dominated Mount flush for season so far, and somebody They pointed out that I just picked what I would have pick from him, rushworth gave terrible, allow Russia, which we also tarred you out of putting fucking. Now here free or gone, no more n, you changed my balls to waters to ballpark, so there's been some selected, very dynamic passion I say or north bars, and then you asked me to change its waters. Will because that's what it is to walk now, there's a big difference and carefree gum should have on their Cosette was the worst pick of all time. Go on for a thoroughgoing, carefree gum kitty. I should you can come race.
I think stingrays are similar to Natalie fish. Where there are, you can pet him. I have the record at the Shedd Aquarium, but I think they're bad, but beautiful, like the when they're, when they're all fucking going and they're little pack like there's something cool about that right. So did I do to travel impacts, think so I think we all just fucking cruised. Maybe those are the smaller sting rays- if they were like a flock of flock of steamers quicker. Grown of Irish negatively threat of I've been watching the like planet earth and every single episodes like it. It's like all I get is cool ass, animal and then David Amber consumers like, but in the past Fifteen years humans have destroyed this animals living in their all going to die in the next ten years. Every single time, you can see on twitter. There was some some tweet. It went like not via a supernatural semi viral. That was like, basically,
You guys here the birds out there like as soon as the humans. Stop you know in invading in their area the birds come back. The gets also fucking, sir, bring you idiot We're gonna over, be like look at how good it is for the environment that we're all stuck in our homes is no more we should outside. That's it. Take is actually come and I can feel it in the wind like we're going get. Your point worse Ike. Actually, this virus is a good thing for humanity deck is. You can finally feel the window right? The wind is back. We haven't even felt the wind in years I should talk about King Kong, fiscal quarters. One of the greatest document is ever created. Angola me, let me refresh my somewhere for his sunlight, he's been real godsend, I've got what you mean reverse. What does that mean? it's your time on it. So cunning goes back up in this kind of thing is too much son you're late,
We point the sun back up in the sky. The I just hit the other thirty minutes. Time round me some left right, but I feel better get the vitamin d gone. It's really refreshing actually happen just a little star inside my apartment. Ok, cancan fiscal quarters, Where do we want? To start, I mean we prize Starwood, Billy, Mitchell, nationalist honesty. We be one of the most sympathetic figures, I've ever watched- and I do so when we talk about this on Monday, I did watches when it first came out and done seven, but I forgot a lot about it. I forgot just how sympathetic and like simultaneously that your rooting for Steve we buy your os like disguised kind of pathetic without one quote, where's friend is like I've never seen anyone cry more then Steve. We we hear his cry out of frustration is feel so bad for because the
story about how he was a pitcher and his dad blew out his arm and like he was good at this and that he had abandoned he didn't want anyone to listen to you like come on. Man like just find something it wasn't her Vano before Nirvana body just chose not to be too. That is how they have that. Was it We spend zone by his grandmother would ever being like he was like Nirvana, but even more artistic than cocoa may. In fact, he was so so artists Take that he didn't want anyone to ever hear songs, yet so, like oil from step brothers, the overall with Steve. Yet they keep like Framingham as a loser, but he also seems like a pretty normal guy in the biggest knock against him is just like. Oh Steve's, never conquered the world and that that there's really heavily on him. He's like such a song. Spoken, guileless bodies are like yea Stevie ICE Canada he's had a I'll go of it in his life he's never gotten. The donkey car world record entered jack glimpse into my crimes are put like Overall Steve seems like a pretty.
Average human big, like he's, got a good life by any stretch, imagining alright for sure absolutely, but I do think there was there's something about him when they were talking about like his his eye dexterity, unlike his ability with his hands and like young players, and aeroplanes. Drums was a great school pitcher. I think that The inside the age old question. Would you would you rather be completely average normal or be like exceptional for a little brief period of time, but not like fully accomplished those goals? That's what he's chase like he has had moments where it feels like he's, rushed up against being accepted, and to have that haunt you must fucking sock, and then you just end up playing donkey gong in your group. Four hours upon hours to the point where shuddered Steve's wife, by the way she was actually the real hero of this documentary, who is like yeah, a kind of wish he wouldn't play Don T call every night and maybe be like around and present, but I also economy on the chase, his dream
She is utilised, lady, but she also affect the most stereotypical. I care and like you could describe just a care in the mom, like TAT, was still with his wife. Oh she's, doubly left like a few messages on twin galaxies, voicemail being our she's yelped twin galaxies before right or sir. I thought that being really really good on a little kids. Drum set with such a good metaphor for being exceptionally talented dhaka. Yes, right, he's, he is. He is just so so good at something that really doesn't mean anything so. Wait. What you're saying is a goes back. The age old question of I mean you find in sports a lot. Would you rather be Chase Daniel or Dan Marina, right right, and I think there Marina would haunt you like that would haunt you, like it HANS, Damned Marina, whereas Gc Annual his is probably very at peace with. Like you know what this was my ability, I max it out I really couldn't get more out of it, where the Ito dim riddle me
now is the perfect analogy, but still we be it felt like he was always thinking idea. All idea never fully maxed out my ability and life right. Why? anything that I got to give credit to the filmmakers for cuz. I didn't realize that I've ever watching it back in the day too, and I didn't like watch it again till the other day, but they also like did an amazing job is making him sympathetic figure like Billy the bad guy Billy's, the guidance on top, the very end, their dislike but still we be ended up running and now he helps both records in it and make it work that way in the documentary they made. It look like Stevie as this sad guy, but like at the very end. It's like see we got exactly what he wanted well, but he didn't though he didn't because then show it. No, but that's the part, that's the part that they killed me with the documentary and we'll get into Billy Mitchell and his simp army. But He never had the moments in front of his like the crowd. He never had that moment. Wherever was like do you're the best it was a fucking Lou
Sir Wrath Guy, what was his name was away. Words totter something or what was his name. I can't remember his name, but he was the guy was literally wearing like every scene. It shone, and he was sitting in his house just wearing a refuge of what I really was wont work Let's go, you arrive. We all your day day. My guy, Walter Day. Unlike Walter Day was means Steve. We be in everyone's ring. Instead, we be in a sea, we drive flies, always back home to Seattle, and he calls what I came in sorry. I should treat you like that, like that's, not winning, that's fucking bullshit! No, no! He got ii had a letter. From galaxies. It says so they wrote me a letter saying that their sorry that they treat me like some shit he's like finally want that. Like TAT was his big running achieve it. I mean to be fair. He had about eight hours at that first thing they went to where he set the world record and doggie going until Billy metals video.
Him beating that record and donkey Kong. Should I get like a brief moment? I mean that again his moment. Wasn't congratulations! You're! The best of where, at this is congratulations, you're, not a fraud like everyone thought that you right right, so alright, so Billy Mitchell. That moment was. I mean that was moment is one of the greatest moment and documentary history, so Billy Metro, let's start with. Let's go back to him for unlike his back story, he is. The start of it how he was busy like the first rockstar video game guy? They do the Life Magazine Steve Sanders, who lied about the donkey Kong and then the unbelievable quote when Billy Mitchell is like Steve. Sanders is the person he is today because he came under the wrath of Billy Mitchell and then they show this fucking Guy Steve Sanders who's like Brainwash he's like Billy, the rockstar, like I fucking, love, Billy it's a dream. It seem like he was like a successful lawyer that, like in the beginning when they shone like the skylight, got away from a video games like
and now he looked a normal life and then he's like still beholden to Billy and, like many women, the behind the restaurant behind all delays are coming in and Billy pulls up. It's like he's into what are you aware by Billy? So what? What do you think it is about Billy Mitchell that has him like? Have this loyal boot, licking simple army that he is created in the video game world is, is destroyed is it is ties? Is it his hair? Is it his hot sauce, entire, like empire or and this one I actually gonna, think his wife has big tits and I that is the greatest equalizer, unlike Nerd world, where they're like woe, Billy, look at the fuckin. The tits on your wife and then he just becomes the king of the nerves. There are everywhere, walk around looking for a strong man like Poland, by the nose and shone like this is what you do and Billy found we Mitchell has the hair of an early nineties country, music star in
personality of a saudi prince it. It started out alpha that, because he just has such confidence in everyday, doesn't matter what you say and what you find just most human beings. They want to be damned they wanted. Turn into a sub their everyone's walk around. Looking for a strong man like Poland, by the Nose and Shawnee. Okay, this is what you do and Billy found. I mean his Freddy's got a pretty easy demo. So just totally dominate, which is due to be king of the nerves, were all you It is, if you say anything with enough confidence and you ve trained yourself in my body- lay and you ve got a smoking hot wife that follows you everywhere. You can get in Do it a research and hot US empire, and it's the it's so fast aim watch this documentary in seeing these guys follow Billy around and take everything he says it's gospel and then the one guy that he's had problems with in the past was mister awesome, the guy who actually got hot chicks as well and MR awesome. What am I feel,
requests, most are one of the most under a close was Steve. We be who is a passive guy. You know gets this first moment where he like he hits is block worries Mrs score he's got the high record and then all of Fuckin Billy Mitchell's, weird loser. Minions come running in like D legitimize it, draw seems: like I told you, we bees gotta fight this and I d chump ties them and I was like fuck. Yes, let's go. What Mr Watson, Mr Acid, who are even know what he d like he was. Eat your mistress was, he was like failed, like wrestler who just never had never got like to the W F and what, add the whole stick in everything behind it and then When he got later on in life. I get male pattern boldness and he was like. I was at one point. Mr awesome will but the thing about Mr Osman ass. He was, he was a lot like Billy, except he was. He was Billy.
If he was professional wrestler, he had the same mentality is Billy. He had the same goals, Billy wages, but it heads cuz. They were to similar. Mr Awesome was the only person that didn't binds Billy shit Randy. You write what his quote was everything to fell right place, but he forgot about one thing, forget about me, convincing Steve Weedy not to be a chop, talk him out, compromising ability operates, Isaac himself and he in a yet. Mr. If Mr Awesome was good a donkey can't he would have taken down. Billy Mitchell in history would be different, but Billy Mitchell, like I think, there's We said the Billy Mitchell got the record so early and basically There was some high it now it was so high, but he also like talk about corruption. The fucking A governing body of video games. Billy Mitchell has his hands all over. It he's like one of the rafts he's. Looking at the video as with all these guys. So if it brings us too that moment in the vow. Worse,
best character in this entire documentary. I think we can all agree is Brien Brine coup like scurrying around the video game, place calling himself a prodigy calling Billy with updates, and then the Where do you go for the best stories like hey we're about to have a kill screen in donkey Kong, but have a cat like going around and tapping. It runs really like donkey Kong kill screen. If you want I don't know about no give a fuck like I'd. Like to get the fuck away from me, weirdo ease the worst crank. Who is the worst? I hate him yeah, I know it well We are talking about the difference between Steve Weaving, Billy Mitchell at this, when they first got to fund spot and he had to live through softened there's a good Billy's. The guy has been around for a while. Steve is like this. Fears rival, and I guess a lot of people are calling me. You know the prodigy like to. First of all, he was I'm guessing. Twenty eight twenty nine years old, you you stop a prodigy after the age of twelve.
Like you no longer avoid you, no wonder you! No longer a man, child or a wonder kin reach the age of eleven right, so he's like, I guess, I'm kind of the next. What people are saying that about me and you just he's a good combination of being just a big time, nerd spy so is always is like, Billy's eyes and ears when Billy can't be somewhere, and I hate the word bootlegger, because we ve been called the, but he truly is a bootlegger like he will walk around in the shadow of of Billy Mitchell wherever he goes. He actually reminds me of Philip Seymour Hoffman character in Prague unites ways just like dirty regular medium, like your ass did they are you so awesome. Can I watch you fuck your wife Billy like this is fucking sick dude. I can imagine what would you like to have sex with a woman They are very, very Bela, Jackie Enough of Billy Mitchell, like the funny as part of the parlour Brian having dine laughing Lisbon.
Stay with Alzheimer's. I can. I can I wash like the record film music note one time only like other one time did you? Yes, God and, like all the time in Billy being so awkward where he wouldn't show up like the sea, we He goes to Billy's backyard, ten miles away and Billy won't common play and light. We never saw Billy play video games. It was so bizarre to watch this guy cause you so scared of losing his status of the king of the nerves you don't there's a guy to wait, lifting love that but up he became, I think he became Steve's only friend, because he didn't really have any other friends the community we are. He rose with his own love like a mercenary brings. Our own rifle toward his exists is grey. Its await lift, first of all it wait. Lifting glove being used to play video game is hilarious. To begin with,
And then how he was like, I discovered that weight lifting gloves don't have fingers. I was like dude, you know you can just take any glove and cut the fingers off yourself. Him saying, like people don't know this weight, lifting gloves but yeah we all do know it. Is you guys going to watch? I don't know if you watch the deleted scenes, but there's a deleted scene with him. Where he's like explaining one of the games he loves playing, and he this is a quote. So there's a quote, isn't me saying it, but he was like. Actually the employment, because it so fucking funny. I think you will come through the recording what he is is that your ip after he was like the only one who heads dvds back because huge in his own world of wake not even falling into the Billy Mitchell Army that God, how much like free, hots ass. You think he had to give all these guys to life. Fallen minded all types I'll be out through the eyes of the greatest right that answers. I could be brainwash into joining Billy Mitchell simpler.
You guys have theirs is awful qualities about the only I like only I had when it wouldn't when they had done the trailer party. Further, the viewing occupied bought the pizza Ferber one I was I was still I myself like. Maybe I can invite only adjoining the Billy Mitchell and bore me until I saw its car that to me like What is the alpha status way way down he's driving like a white to Giorgio Tracker, or something like that? A guy like Billy Mitchell, absolutely has to minimum a convert minimum a camaro convertible. Like I need you to be driving in some sort of red sports car. I don't need you to be pulling up in like him, Eighty ninety one should be carefully white like as a role after after what does he never pay job on my guard, it should noted that someone, someone Demi and in an I don't I what the Americans, I was also hilarious but Billy.
I'd like suit and stripped of all these titles into those. Yes, yes, yes, which is good bet, get classic see we he has his documentary made bottom and you have to go find out after the Mitchell, got everything stripped of this one. Other thing I notice about this documentary is. It was very very short, so maybe it's just me being desensitize to watching like games economies. And all this other stuff like in I'll, be watching your king said that you can binge. It was route. Seventy five minutes and when it was over, I was like wait. This is weird wait and you mean you're not going to tell me there's three episode: Steve's, Highschool baseball team together has four backstory within it was again. This is our movies. Typically are yes, yes, Absolutely he gets it so true because it was made today would be like six hours longer. I would watch six hours more. Our. Can you guys you? this re now one. I thought my
Taiwan courses Crystal Gaskell's crystal castles was worried. Control a bear is dogmas. That sounds normally. I describe game like that is gay, but is a kick ass game because one of the few games that ending especially the elderly, like I want an ending. No, we want the game go on and on suppliers can play and new quarters won't come in the machine idiots. It's a suits and their low brainpower light bloomer. I think we talked about this before, but anything is today's. My birthday I'll eat into that in eighty three. I was twenty today terms. Ready three,
Oh yeah, I've noticed elderly and I have noticed that I didn't mention it. Do you guys this is actually technically awake? Looked because I discovered in the eighties that you goodbye, weightlifting love which was finger was, and I use it to use to deploy marble madness, see the double bearing the gas blade marble. They used to call it a marble hand, you get calices, you would get catches it. Will you good bruising from pinches? That would get it, and so I said you know this is this? Is nuts I'm gonna get a glove and protect my hand wanna play marble so occasionally apply marble? Occasionally I use this to avoid callouses from George certain Joystick games. So that's that's the purpose of the club, the top breathable, so you don't her hand and get here can do marble madness. Trackball all day long ain't gonna do jack other make a glove black So that's the Mercosur, but I'm not sure very many people where it back in the eighties they sold loves like
this private, like twenty marks or some rebuff, so the wheat lifting guy had a clip on these lessons. Go watch all the delete scenes where he's Talking about one of the games, he's awesome Matt, it's called crystal castles and he so he also thought he came up like this innovative, way of of making all the game sound shorter, so he'd call like he's like paper boy. I call that paper crystal cast I call that crystals so he's like crystal castles. You know the main characters, a bear which, as dumb as that sounds, I usually call game like that gay and he just close off on the crystal castles gave it it's like. I want to talk more about this guy because he's playing a fucking videogame with his foot he's wearing weak lifting gloves, and he becomes friends was still we be like the guy needs. A full documentary about is all The place we need talk also about after city we be gets. A donkey, can record. Billy Mitchell has his thugs show up at his house and like knock on the door,
in his wife's there in his wife's. Like I'm sorry, you are you. Could there like we're from twin galaxies, we're here to verify the donkey can reckon sheets? Cuz I got to go to work. Can you come back later? No ma'am. We need to be left inside right now, they're in the wall, my God and Billy Mitchell. He he compared self, to the Red Baron any compared himself to the issue of abortion yeah he goes unlike the abortion issue, everyone has a strong opinion on me and then he goes, I'm not a God I don't have all the answers, and you tell that you just thinking like I don't have all the answers yet, but I can't I am God he is also the other thing going Mitchell that I notice is he's a big time. Like tat, like he kept saying this like the thing over and over again like that, takes more important. The new, like you, said to the grandma, and they said the brine coup yeah and he's a big car.
He rehearsal his lines, yeah decision over and over again he workshops it every statement until it becomes a fine pointed sword, yet Billy is I he lays big time time like at whose there tell me who's that oh yeah, whose there and who they bring, what are they wearing like? Oh shit city, we just showed up on invited Steve Sanders that little Fuckin, snitch God dammit he Steve's out by restaurant I'll, be right there. They pulls up in his fuckin ninety one, twitter Corolla with a tape, deck doesnt work, but am I in their day fairly Mitchell we're we're tracking him put man. The guy has charisma, any meaning already did He also made it about country over everything, because you where's that american flag and the statue of Liberty tie, and he had that things are. You know my initials are USA there one point that he was. I think his spends on to himself was saying that its
Anyone can get the donkey Kong World record, but it's a lot harder to continuously be at the top of the leaderboard so that its lead to get like on stop and then stay on top. Then it is to just get one. He was like minimizing Steve, beating them, and then somebody asked you a question about like. Would you consider yourself the best video game player in the world, and then he This thing where he paused for a second goes g. Now that I think about it. I guess I would say that be clearly wasn't thinking about it, Louis and being like yeah yeah, I'm men they plan. Then they pull back the cameras actually brine coup, asking him that cause that's what he asked a member fucking day, like hey Billy. Do you think you're the best Everyone should be so lucky to have a brain coup until I seriously gimme a break who was tracked down by you and we forgot to say, fell ball guy. Making making a couple cameos there with the shaved head was awesome.
It seemed like he'd like that was just hang out like, yet it is they just like that. Wasn't didn't get him for documents like he was just there. Oh yeah! No, I mean that that one place in New Hampshire with all the video games looked awesome. Let me add other rather than the other normal guy was the add, the chief referee. I was just wondering how many records got either missed or like things I've got overlooked because, like there's one referee, just Don T forget, the only that's a duty in the doom three shirt ass best that guy look that guy has quarantine here before quarantine, he had like the others Fedex packages of nothing but VHF staves use a gag. This is out like eighty hours a week with the work that I put in and then there was that other guy I might have been Brian Coup, whose again just retired at the age of thirty, and I moved closer to fund spot Sancho play these games all the time. No one talked about the director situation, though, lay known wrought up how much money they are spending on this guy soon that are not free right here.
I would assume they aren't so they're. Just why if you own the machine but yeah yeah, you're right the kill, scream Medina, We knew that existed. That was fuckin cool when there's and yet the game just adds can kill, screamed, gonna, kill, screen coming up the ultimate domination of a robot. You just make it kill itself. Had you beat me human male Billy's, but it was most doctored for Malta and all time old, but remember this was. I think this was taken, two thousand one. So it's like this before real Photoshop and all this stuff so like this is the last time that someone could actually pull this kind of shit off. Yeah I'm have on the the document are makers at a very funny job, whereas, like these are the standards and then a just shows them like being like our yeah. Somebody gets Gore Billy O using operating aid are not right. Now, like a bill, you happen to send a tape in ten minutes. After Steve, we broke your record. Ok, I that works,
we never found out what happened with the Keyword score. He since lady to be the world record in Cuba and he gave her the tape did she did she end up doing that? I always that for she was a near. She was in the post credits like the origin. She passed away. There was like a memory of her come on now, but first I would like first like Whatever name was John teller. Billy Killers requires she still traveling the world. I trying to break the record of Buryin nose like in loving memory through Billy damage. That is that, the core of building right there. He will send an old like unsuspecting lady to New Hampshire. Up we are on a plain: go breakdown, Hubert Record, but really don't fucking lose this package, and who use her to get his way to be on top of the donkey Kong leader part, a bottleneck. Gilbert machine. Knowing that the only reason was that one day he could, he could send her up the New Hampshire in the winter time blockade. The cold air be good for your lungs since or up their heads. Just
depleted doctored video online, only we want, and that was there could be sitting at home listening to his body Brian Coup Tom, how the room is reacting. Really every eye is watching this tape right now, they're about twenty people. Here everyone is glued to this dream, washing you build. Your mission is a more more Racine than Hell Helena Troy's what he said. What That's our show unbelievable documentary major. We actually need to end. It was shown Jones. The second challenge, I guess Billy on the show what happened I e mail tie a bad previously emailed with Billy and as other guy shown Jones, who was like told was. This was one of his guys for advisers, any ghosts in me, and so I had him carbon there, our interested Bobo, let you know They got me again and I follow play. I please, can I get an answer? and their cigar. We always got some lawsuits going on, but he'll be happy to come on.
Whenever he has something going on the emails from Sean Jones, just a guy named John Drones. And fifty point areas are shown. Jaundice deftly Billy right talking a third person, that's apps! it's an assistant Billy made up like Trump made up John Baron back in the eightys to like talk for importers and shit, Sean Jones fact that he emailed you will be bill. He's got some lawsuits go on. He wants to talk to you and he will talk to. You could just give me a second to resolve all of us. A very very clearly it's another step is probably it's probably Brian coup. I guess it's not Billy it might not be Billy might be Brian but Briand as I too much of a workload from handling all Billy's day to day, so he created another persona to handle more Billy's work, yes dear, he might Billy might not even know about shown Jones. It might just be Brian Coup just trying to shield him Billy from the world
or can I tweeted I tweeted of assent for himself to simplify pricing for Billy Bit it was. I will say that I tweeted out, as I really Mitchell's ghosting me right now in an within like twenty five seconds. I got an email back, it was yet it was shocking response time wasted Did you tag Billy Mitchell? Yes, ok, but I saw it in and John Jones happened the email you cracked interesting. After not like, after, like three emails from the past, like two days of being like trying to get an answer, Billy verified on Twitter now go back now. We re Pelion they're. All these small clues to tell me that Billy's not not quite as big an alpha as I. I think that that he was first. We
five months or Billy, please we'd love to have your talk, talk to you about all this and that our show was also what honest videogame taco subscribed to our twitching of these guys. I've got to which these guys walked, so that we can run on twitter, do good point and then everyone throughout documentary or things we could watch for next Friday will just keep doing this regime keep picking something every week, that we can review and we'll just do it on Fridays. Could you get nothing else to fucking? Do maybe France. Maybe we all get into game with France, what's the every Monday love, yes, God
drafting. I hate Trafford. I would. I would love another giving away. No one is allowed to do its part. My take presented by bar stool sports.
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