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2017-07-12 | 🔗
The guys are still in Miami, dying of heat exhaustion, and spending their off time living with a ghost. Recap of the 2017 ASG that didn't mean anything and the Home Run Derby that was awesome (2:40-10:20). We have an official Ghost diagnosis from a Paranormal Investigator and it turns out we are in fact haunted (11:54-17:18). Hot Seat/Cool Throne (17:20-28:31). Joe Buck joins the show to talk about calling 2 of the craziest games in sports in the past year (Cubs World Series and Patriots Super Bowl Comeback), whether or not he's been thinking about Big Cat every time the camera zooms in on his face, why we should all stick to sports, and the Mt Rushmore of Voices (29:48-1:02:35). Segments include Mayweather/McGregor update (1:04:50-1:07:02), Put one in his earhole Nelson Cruz and Joe West(1:07:03-1:09:53), Stay Woke the Freeze lost his foot race but was it actually the Freeze and is Jeffery Loria counting fake attendance (1:09:54-1:15:07), and a Cease and Desist to Mark Cuban (1:15:08-1:18:16).
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on today's part of my take we are still in miami feels like we ve been here wherever we have our good friend joe bach stop by are hunted hotel sweet and we talk to him about a lot of stuff a lot of fun we also have a recap of homer derby and the all star game we do little stay woke and we have a may whether macgregor updates that's going to be a lot of fun before we get to all that i want to talk to you guys about stitch fix for men if you're like a lot of guys you could probably think of a million things you'd rather be doing then shopping for clothes between the parking in crowds at the mall and the endless browsing lack of advice on mine is enough to make you want a rock the same t shirt and genes forever but you can't so let me tell you about stitch fix men they re imagine how to find and by closing you never even have to leave the house it's that easy just go to stick
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empty to get started say stage dotcom such p empty twenty percent on let's go not all its pardon my tape presented by newspapers
from the point of my take it is wednesday july twelve and i am sick and fucking tired of miami i want to blow your mind real quick somebody tweeted out that this week is palin drone weak for dates so all the data the same form as air awkward i don't have that sure i'd in fact checking but the young is do that's me right is the show yachts because now sitting here like what seven twelve twenty checks out k we went there ago race car yeah why roma there we are still in miami it feels in any event i am really happy about that well here's the thing was miami it is so damn hot muggy the air suffocating yeah and i know i'm heavy i know i'm out of shape but we walked one slash two mile today in the sun in the in the noon sun and i thought i i thought i was going to die miami is a big high noon city you walk outside you feel the high noon he has you needs it
my is to do any change up the clothing a little bit for auditors maybe just sell them the robes that you were in middle east yeah and you get off an airport just like dress up like a saudi prince soft linen walk around anywhere thousand thread ten thousand feel so so hot outside it it rains every night at the same time s and if you like the worst part as you say oh this rains gonna make it cool and then somehow hotter after the rain yeah it was going to break this heatwave up a little bit but no not really i so we just wrapped up going to the hormone derby and probably the most boring all star game ever turns out it's kind of fun when things actually matter now i know that having it matter as much as it used to was a little ridiculous but i would prefer to matter then sit there and the like
is a shit to one game neurons really trying that hard brace harper flipped his hair wow what a game with my real changes that game actually would have been twenty two ten so that's actually pretty high scorn game just make every run counter to ten points true football thus the my theory as to why the ostrog sucks is that the teams or have enough time to hate each other routine building fulfilling start yes so you don't get too like tape a guy to or just jerk a guy after judges likely leg i doubt as our jerk like guys are unable to contribute there's none of buying on the team right we do we told mac shares or that this was an excellent you impasse use mad when he pulled out for one thing he was pacing in the dugout like a tiger that's trapped in a lot i told you as it was happening as we're watching those like you know it's not the cubs year when joe madness somehow pissing off guys in experts exhibition game
we ve got him to his mismanaging other people's bullpen right exactly so and it also is in the cubs year when we somehow managed to lose the exhibition game that doesn't matter we davis gave up the game winning home run in the tenth and we're all rooting for tie but as i said the spins own instantly he was just trying to keep the adi from winning envy pay so actually he's he just turned his pinstripes here this cubs pinstripe yeah maybe the best part the entire also game was at fish thing and sinner field when that they kept hitting with dinners and the vienna derby salt did you see when it went off yes a home run its located sprays water the fish start certainly is like a big a slot machine of fish i want one of those like in my living room every time i have sex just pull it to celebrate the home run bukovsky maybe maybe maybe people will start coming if you call that luria the homer derby was awesome that
is bad as boring as the all star game was that's how fun the home run derby was i now this is is going to be like feeling like while sick brag you went to the home run derby i have never been wowed by home runs like i was like aaron judges home runs made me just sit there like holyshit how can a human being look so effortless and hit the ball five hundred five hundred feet emulate one he went off of the roof it rattled around slowed down still went over the wall yeah it is it was pretty cool be in there i was look around the stadium so we're in left field which we thought would be ground zero from the home run slant now turns out that it was a friggin launching pad last so all the hormones we're going about sixty feet up over head yes we strike we adapted our style we had her gloves we started throwing a lot they are to try to not abolish down turns out if you overhead had he can't throw out try and we're gone for me i was
we call to see those to see the thing is when there are taken like paint off the fish bukovsky the homophobic argue that was gonna call the eye the home derby and then the fact that air and judge which we predicted beforehand he is now maybe office these careful may have a face roused manfred had two big things come out of this week one the balls are decidedly not joost he wants that on the record sure thing and to errand judge could become the face of it potentially yes the here's the thing go little stay walk about the balls lot to talk about how far their travel last night lot of talk about how the balls reduce this year manfred switches balls for the austro game to bring down the score on the biggest scale so you get on further thou i ate it with errand judge the thing about him is he could be the visible his problem is he's too tall so you why he is a guy that once you certain
la success in sport that's maybe not as athletic as some other sports he'll be like why did you play football and then start talking about football take the conversation away from america's pastime all rose led back to football you re it by us us is my army did put on a good event so market begrudge that i just don't like mammy thought the also games warrant but the homer derby made up for that one of the course things ever watch they has very hale into a real quick impression of what it sounds like to be in the stands during hormone derby ready pit crack o o o o o o o below the butterflies a hundred feet overhead and was even closer like when women play tennis it sounds like you're making love when i hope my derby it sounds like what we sound would do sound like real guys like we're making love o o o o
speaking of making sex noises are good friend rick patino was actually in attendance at the ostler games on the first base line shot i'm shocked at the prospect of making into first base with be enough to make repeated come to something like that but i want to say it again it was it was fucking hilarious and i i'm going the other way i'm offended i'm offended they were in the same building with rick didn't come down his leg or when a hard enough for you you don't know that yeah i didn't shrivelled end up borders through good point inconclusive whether rick under his pants while i was largesse you know is is he was stuck to his seat the white and set up it would be perfect the most boring all star game probably ever and rip gino still came down his leg just so excited tat all the time would know that's it that's why rick it came to the game because they say if you wanted to light coming you have to think about baseball
yes so that this is a big deal just gonna go from baseball game to baseball great this entire summer sun chauvinism pox corporation tax authorities want to take a check out three hours without coming its root potatoes mind abstinence is correct facebook so we we will get to whose back or sorry huts equal thrown a second we need to talk before that quickly about our friends at seek they help us out this week and their seats
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we're sitting with call ravage doing little mouth rushmore with him that we are sitting here known was doing it we're losing on the couch and from across the room a huge like wine glass basically just jumped off the table and smashed without even though a wine glass it's like a table fixture that's about it six pounds it just fell off the table off shattered own runs yeah the roof was closed creepy as hell and then we came back from the home derby and there was like this big lamp that was overturned on the ground salt and pepper shakers relax strewn every there were like red both link on and i know what you're thinking we're slobs and we probably left the room dry which yes
you're right we are slobs yes but i would never leave lay out i drink i would drink the rebel against road on the ground right so i'm a ghost guy i love goes i've tried to purchase to ghosts in my life i've been at the finish line and live if goes to me one and a half boobs and on the richter scale one so i spent last night calling about a dozen paranormal investigator seeing if they could get to the hotel room and do a little investigation it was such short notice so none of us could do it but i found a guy and we talked at length on the phone and i explained all situation he did some research he has me an email about what could possibly because in this so here's the officially ready for this the diagnosis is different from talking to death we have something that we do this is this is a human being that i guess he can
check for ghosts you communicate with him yep yes he game no money you game no money you dont spam and he's from the war party paranormal check him out there out of west palm beach so first he gave us a little background ready for this this is a run down one hundred and one in general there are three different kinds of hauntings number one is the residual haunt this is where energy is loop like a record the energy remains in place that has been doing it for a long time ok ok number two is what they call an intelligent haunting these are schumann's that have crossed over and are still on this plane for one reason or another these can manifest in different ways they can go from hearing voices to seeing shadow people there is also the poltergeist which is also
is seen in this category they usually manifest in a home where pre adolescent kane is i don't know what that is i don't know what that is either but it sounds like maybe you know how the guy that is staying in the hotel stewart that's actually they didn't move out i think somebody just die
the hotel array like we're just gonna keep bought or to also weeks over or the ghost won't move out ghost never checks out you can check out be can ever leave what the third kind of hunting is an l mental or non human these tend to be much harder discern these can be anything from a water elemental to a native american elemental called a win dig ok that's about seemed problematic area w word okay so he's diagnosis or what it sounds like to me that you're encountering in your hotel is an intelligent spirit the miami indians settled in the area where your hotel is and were prevalent around there so it could be something related to them it also could be something that actually committed suicide in the room or as a residence there who died these
types of spirits tend to make their presence known and want you to acknowledge them ok so i guess too big it stop we acknowledge the ghost yellow ghost joseph we can we know that you're there were here we come in peace yet at a repetition i just want to say that we mean you no harm yes no we not now i am a friend of ghosts and we are leaving tomorrow finally leaving me on me i know that when you thought when we checked in you thought we're going to be your because it feels like we ve been here forever we're leaving and also that guy yes we know he had air transplant is names joe bach we're sorry that he sat here for like forty five minutes i'm just got up in your ghostly business yeah he's gone he's gone back that's what we're not coming back is too hot here you know what miami might be a great city forego ghosts because they will have to deal with humility
we acknowledge this is your trial for close yes this is your town go see ass we go you can cut us all you want we're out the fact that we have a good like we guys of ghost hunter for living and he's like you have a ghost you have a ghost i mean that's gonna for me yeah so have a ghost and we no longer have a ghost cleverly if there's anything that you want us to do just let your presence be known we'll try to help europe s again i'd still like to buy go sums were thrown out there if anyone say august i don't believe you i've gotta guess i almost potter ghost that was in a shoe box but it felt her cell took to pull the wool riera says you don't hit me up for the ghost
alright let's do hot could see cool thrown so a quick announcement we have i know that everyone thought the take these were coming on friday we actually going to push them off to next friday hank had a close friend pathway unexpectedly so he flew back to boston we have producer tom here he helps out on cares radio on the run down so tom is gonna do hot sequel throne with us so the schedule is going to be as such friday this are they so next episode were have marked assure sell us for while really funny interview told some wild wild life protest we us we peel the onion back a marked issue a point that i dont know if we can ever return no the book on market shares he's at ease nice guy he's pretty normal guy we got weird was right then we going to do gigi monday in wednesday which everyone should be excited about check it out we got some funny promo stuff too so foul part my take down the bars to sports up and then
the friday after the two did you watch episodes could hank we'll be back and we can't do that takes out hank he's a third of the shown so that he will be back and we will do the tv so get excited and that also means is it the word when it was still on trial he that's another week yet other weak that you have to subscribe and and everyone else's subscribe and and make sure that you tell everyone else to subscribe and rate five star now's the time to make your case would be real aim real shame on you shut up tom though tom's basically superhero he took a flight down early this morning to live in a ghost just to live in this ghost house and record are stupid show so tom no pressure you are going to start hot sequel throne i fear i will look in your face renown you feel pressure just know that everyone out there's gonna be judging the surety for what you're which out your twitter annul so people can tell ya stupid you are it's at tommy lay junior oak advertising away
the idea is ok that's right noise the correct way to spot you pronounce it lay ok you may be sure you if he screws up just tell me is really bad ok yeah so he asked in a big could have made it very clear that this law approach for this most of that all starting emma i just spent brainstorming and my head you guys and really noticed ok then you guys like joking that it's a big deal but i took it serious i like that the rapid policy which got so i have to start yeah yeah yeah yeah startup know you're on them you're on the mike hot seat i've just pulled out his tipp word rudy often run outgoing errand aaron judges swing because everyone knows the homerun derby whoever wins it it messes up their swing absolutely last year aaron judge was supposed to be a female he didn't do so well at immediately people said because he is so big so
to become a strike zone is not going to succeed in the end will be here succeeded this year people like he's the next phenomena who won the derby already saw cheetah chatter on whether that wanted for his swing yes flung himself out yeah you're not gonna throw their arms out he swung his back out he was on track to win rookie year maybe chicle crown but is area is there a judge of fraud is to become a frog variation of pan thinks i'm saying live an eye out for the swing what might have been situation judge never compete in homer derby yeah while ok cool throne cool so i'm going rob i should in black china ok because as well in the crash world there is now new crash in controversy i would say kim kardashian posted a selfie with what was clearly two lines of cocaine
alleged right when you and your game allegedly cocaine and she proceeded to treat about are not even going to pretend to acknowledge these these rumours but then in the same tweet acknowledge them and said that sugar from our plea time with like northwest let it is perfectly right have won a mirror you get it was on it was on the marble table so you think so you think that she is intentionally tragic head off her brother think of that but maybe i make sense if it is always more said the coadjutor powerhouses natalie idling new crashing story the news and people have already forgotten the mouse if there's one thing we know about kim kardashian she's very selfless and she would gladly like ruin her public image to take a little bit of heat offer fat brother so so dry routers pointer controversy tat now is cooking robs good night you know what i'm give you b plus what was i expect that the solid
no that was good good job tom i pity you get yours yeah my hot seat is yet but you d better to pack that's my heart is birds ok i hate words are not a burden arising have been pretty clear about that a report came out from the autobahn society or not but above all the eagle well that they are a bird and they are affected by this debate legal said that water and birds in the air west its problem habitats decline because waters going away so birds are going to face like a mass extinction out in the western part of merrick so i was it won't yet again source because like the audubon society basically they only exist gesture sound alarm bells about birds no talk of upper there never likes to never like hey quick up day from the autobahn society birds do great yeah so legs are three eggs for coming out the wonderful
this guy there's birds everywhere could job got another think about like birds why would it's more of like a fish issue right if water is going away yeah why are birds trying to get out of the sitter they like hypochondriac synovial fischer dying me to also autobahn society maybe count all the pigeons i see into your whole in a census here do of the birds because let's just beyond the world is going to end up in a place where the pigeons or the king birds and there the only birds left gotta hold not it's gonna be like a hundred years it will just be birds are just pigeons quick power ranking worse i'm gonna crackle number one number two woodpeckers pretty bad if you get one area yeah but woodpeckers they disprove city right yes you tat he i don't they don't get brand you are wrong my cool throne is globalism so globalism is we're back big and deep here yeah opts the biggest
anti globalists down from junior like durban way more countries that he doesn't have hotels and then the ones so is an anti globalists he's in hot water and then stay woke on this another politician son job bush just went into business trying to buy the marlins with the biggest noblest of all time people mr worldwide ass dollar yes dolly dollars so great common action by the way like if vincent if the miles don't work out vince with man should get people inject bush to be attacked him yeah i don't even think that they can communicate with other thirty on opposite sides of a battery yes yes people speaks party and job bush speaks like reading a responsible glass assured nay once a month yeah i actually that would be a pretty good buddy companies like job bush as people's stupid accountant yeah that's ok people maybe
it's not prudent to buy this other yacht right you have several already and then people like dollar many plans the railways and puts job which is facing two twin locked in and the ending is people shows george bush how to be relaxed and have fun so he untaxed his shirt then jeb bush shakes his glasses off jabber shows people hey maybe you don't need by the seven hundred pair of white leather pants so we all over from better in this world yeah it's beautiful place those are could my hot seat i'm going to get away from sports for a minute be careful hot seat people who think this is the controversy to bring down the trumps because my favorite part about whatever the trumps are getting into the entire family is the reaction saying this is it this is the one and guess what probably isn't the one so you only have about twenty four hours to say it's the one and two months later like and others programme the ultimate trump
in that that wasn't trying to make a riley pond but the ultimate trolling moves that donald has is the fact that he can pardon anybody yes will i get his son can get a rest and i'll be like guess what bitch pardoned and you if you think that he's going to think twice but you know what students foreseen away i would always gonna be you're on see anyone who thinks this is the one it's not my cool throne fanny packs and leonards so i haven't taking off my very pact since friday when i got it at the cubs game and let me tell you boys my life has changed i am i'm never to be a pockets guy again i just u v c p if you ve looked at me with this like longing look you even said to me today like we're gonna fanny back why not all sorts of ways you gonna very back you gotta know of rights in that sucker i got all sorts of stuff so ngos for you were walking through the hallway today you where you like a neon pink sure you're wearing us what shorts yeah you had socks i were pulled up like your calf in europe
shoes that are like high tops france the mid nineties adriano you looked like nine year old in the middle of the nineties in an amusement park like looking for it i like an old size now right do i look like the nine year old that took the moms complains like i have to spend five hundred dollars a groceries on on little timmy because he drinks six gowns of milk a day that was your scully dresses jack robin williams carry but i like the look i feel like listen i probably kinkel neon green fanny pack autumn we have to diversify my fanny pack port we are like a normal one and its it is he's very back life changing i am fanny pack i end then vineyards you guys felt a later life i've been a long time lanyard guy nine there's lanyard there's two things happened when you lanyard do you put your ticket in their one hands of free she can get stuff you buy beers you buy popcorn by anything you want boom you're free to you feel
you have the ip access and we're even they don't yeah i was where my lanyard feel pretty good about myself really film a flow tried to sneak into the diamond very thousand world they wouldn't let me in got a lanyard zoos mastercard leonard digging out and then what is really worth the landowners and serve this is the wrong landed that's from yours if you're gonna be a later guy you gotta learn the and you got to roll around with a couple different colors of land use wherever you go so you can switch them out when the security people start looking like oh no this is the blue lanyard yes and you can blending the community our you be the lander guy puts all his tickets in it so every game is ever been too he is the grown up version of the spring break doesn't take his responds off from every single senior frogs he goes to kind of look pretty bad let's go to are interview with your back we had him stop by what you got before we get
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how joe buck willingly came to our hotel sweet that's a little creepy and is sitting down with us all with a jaguar furry pillow scrapping me right he like a las vegas hotel sweet a little bit ass though we brought him up here were using the camera to record this boy it's not actually on we told joe they don't worry about that red light it's not actually accordingly until that everyone an ogre near that's a little disconcerting i know from my age group that when that red like those on the camera zaire is kind of a job an brady branch rough retreat every single camera like its auditory every might lay like it's a hot migrate so since we last spoke we actually were still i think last somewhere with you is nlcs in chicago in october you have called this is despite guess what was going on wednesday so you monday we're right before the home under review of called some of them memorable sporting events including the first
turkey and it doesn't matter anymore it's exactly i dont know how that's gonna go i actually was part of the minority that that light i did too having some sort of you know conclusion do they all stargazing met some right i like that it was stupid that it decided something so am i orton but i did ya away the fact that it meant so yeah fine like a middle common ground something that's not so important world series right yeah and here's the thing that i think anybody's thought about to get serious for one second so now they're gonna go back to or they're going to go for the first time to ever team has the best record gets to host the world series be the hunting but that could be determined literally the day before the world series begins if there are any rain out because if you get a wildcard team winning it from one leg or they can it not gonna couto the play off games are they now
but i'm saying let seeing a wild martina wins the world the elsie s answer i am i saying all of a sudden you thought well it was the dodgers obviously the girls will now the dodgers aroused right so that everybody has to pick up its ambled city american like city i don't see how that works ain't what they should do is whichever oh i know whoever has a better record in italy play both from solved problem so without facts you after you have to carry on wait here you have the it there's a little nationally worse american league pride now right eye i think that would work i also think that the league that has the team with the best record oh will get it and if let's say it's houston if we can only guess you soon again aware there now they switch back or the national again they are there and so now if it fits in the american league whoever beats euston gets that comes with the prize of being alive you get home fielded
page in the water on this show we come up with a letter really dumb rule changes those are actually too good really good ones shackling one i feel like this podcast with me again it is already boring known let's make it an interesting ok i saw it will obviously the two big things that you did call the cops world series and patriots come back in the superbowl so the to which one is gonna go down as more memorable call before you answer this i'm gonna give a third and it was the birth barlings woman oh we announced behind on play that was probably a big deal wouldn't whoop instead it is number one you know and i do of course when whistling straits let us all down because the golf course socked were big golf course group for the core so the fescue whistling straight was out what is called errand will we route for the present course enough you give the far right state superbowl when i get a cap goes wrong girlfriend
you gotta get put your place quickly you brad facts and bloggers we did not appreciate that's kind of all things the whole lags wives and girlfriends exactly guy here i had this we're guy hands with his card in his girls in every picture so you think well obviously there you know they ve been date for a long time re evidently they'd been dating for six days but she's every u s open victory picture and pvc this guy is my card here's the guys a friend go ahead and say it i said it and then max ngos oh you know what i know that he is actually get a new girlfriend that's whatever her name is and the guy in the back of the booth i not literally shed ok so what do you do there so you do do diva joe buccaneer like you're fired you never worked in this business again i mean that'll cross shoebox kind of sad the hour and he has to say this
he hasn't been heard from his family wondered pack your bags but right now i it's kind of sad and i'm really finding this pillar comfortable it's too bad this not on video it's kind of sick head but drink up joe we get a drink here for it's kind of sad that you can't make a mistake correct it and move on in the world but that's where we are i mean you think about the days of you know my doing what he did harry carry some of that it was considered cute this was a complete screw up but we got a right then we get off the air in this isn't like the greatest love of his life well that's the silver lining here is that at least she didn't call out like a girlfriend and psycho whoops he's actually married in his wife's not here well i've said a lot worse outwitted been way worse and i have done worse than even that when two thousand one i asked from the booth of tony womack after you get a game winning hit if the woman hugging him
interviewing him from up above the woman hugging him on the field was his mom and he stopped what i mean just one the division series with the game winning hit any stopped anyone no man that's my wife what bad you go away you could esplanade and just been like what i thought she was pretty and i was most gives you a single that's why i was asking now i think you just stop dig in your own home how long did that like stay awkward in your brain i got would have with you see tony won't i woke up and is it still like dummy i contact no now he was great i went down after the game i went into the locker room which i've never done after game normally i'm leaving not arrayed in earlier journalism gatling alive and our galaxy after games or i don't care after then i go before the next game i went in there and i said hey i am oh sorry and then i
that is why flowers he was he could not have a nicer than it became a cardinal and i was doing some of the games on the teams of working class class are due also to the cardinals deanna cartels are just super clash in please elaborate from abroad bad audio online do you do you think there are you are you happy with your cubs world series call because when we did talk to you you like this is gonna be the biggest moment you know and obviously the cardinals van but you you were excited to potentially have the ability to do that gap first of all a whole cardinals faith does it only factor at is yes oh yes when we hear you we are we know shot cain and you have always ask that you really can't be this can't be happening in euros in over cubs have won the world's now actually my voice cracked it was like holy shit i noticed that i wasn't say anything but yeah pretty bad that was a wild game at what point we're you i mean that
that's only twists and turns it view baggage is sitting in the booth especially during the rain gleamed like what the hell is going on here it was you i was literally easily the most intense moment in my career you're goin oh my this we have seen this first why your game seven right in any world series it's great then you get ten endings having the indians at even as a one forever against the cubs it hadn't one in a hundred years and its in point here one of these two teams is going to do something to win this game and therefore when the world series was it intense it was awesome it i dont think a moment will ever be better in a broadcast form during their rain delay was one of those situations where you don't even really have to come up with stuff to talk about you could just keep reiterating holy where's going on right now this is amazing so it was rate tv to just like here people goethe weird
the exact same thing i'm here all america was just like we just what the hell is going on rats almost like it i think was seventeen minutes and honour what the time was for that rain delay but if it was it was almost good dick catch her breath go back over the game have a moment to talk too small about this areas and then set up and in our work that long right back on the field and now you're playing again in the cubs you know the right guys come up and they won the game so two other question i don't want you to have to think about this for longer than you are because i know it's but it's painful we don't have video but it's i can see the pain in face one do you think the cubs would have won the world series at the red light in heaven yeah i don't i are they had that look in the cool in like the dugout i remember your cameras pants like a few guys and it was like y gotta tell ye are along along those lines a role this chapman pitched the most impressive ending i've ever seen after
blowing it in the great being dead tired he i think one two three neither the for sure obviously pushed a score last night to get it to the tenth and emily was in tears and the dog before that mankind in india mumia and then the winning it's it's impossible to answer that question i think they are the right guys come up and in our day they took care of the rest and also as a weird game because it was too managers that both did a really poor job why for example madame panicked i do and i didn't tito did to deal panic with putting andrew miller so early and being like we gotta put you know but it's so easy for us to sit back of your job add me go my god this is it rests game seven i thought he panicked and game cities it and the that i say and you know he has the ultimate come back to any of this talk we one rail it doesn't really matter but he took hendricks way too early
when he took hendricks out any did two things he's told us he wasn't going to do and he's not a liar is very open when you talk before games wanting broad last year and in the evening emit emitting and that forced to change behind the plate which actually work to the advantage of rossiter home run and then chapman again is in the game in the eighth letting you know it was just more there but they ended up one example care the real losers were the journalists like us who are on deadline that night we did not want to see that game extended she had to read to file columns there was a big thing yeah yeah i can see it in your eyes you would you say that that was the best ending of any world series of all time well i mean they're been walk off joke moments i mean the ending ending was a little joke that really the last out and also they celebrated too early on that lasted outline ryan started smile only through us you have to show up
you know he slipped that easily gone down the right for americans and do you know he made a good throb you now is it bill maserati hidden a walk off home run and nineteen sixty no but with all the history that was involved it's the best worlds he's the best ending the world series every indians van is listening this ambient like that asshole in it because you hate indians live yeah because i'm from saint louis already but i mean with all the history evolve for that thing in the way it did it's gonna be only thing those missing i could have done for some images and that game we had the flood looks only technical step may ledges belief that i am jobs and that's that fluent would have been so get all the biblical plagues like price of austria big has amateur athletes vessel and sky be glutton me i don't know what else can we take care that went through a joke
you think the cardinals over one another walter so ok good moving on i agree with that i utterly my daughter is like what do you mean yes she's she's an who yes or no they won't tell probably not not like tat there's no way airs cursed just cursed them in a three year curse ok so you you call s game you call this series thus series probably of all time and then you call craziest come back i think many of us have ever seen in the sea above all what i mean where did you we when that key matter we like what the hell like this has been the most amazing for months my broad guess how much credit do give yourself is right to carry out a large adds its really will also gain probably never die again exactly my u gets call that i called the first one there you go as well call it acts when i might have put ceiling
it's over and then we saw him go out in a golf cart underneath it wasn't no walking in place and it is a sad science like i sad he found it allows leirus so this people with such a bad game for so long i thought my god we're getting another blow out we had the last time we did it which was sealed denver i denver no suppress abundant ever that yeah was over asked anne oh i know but the game lad we didn't give up on it and we didn't crown atlanta champions before right it was over and then all they needed was at little opening and if your land the back and you go through ten decisions and say if any of these one tat one of these ten decisions goes the other way there's almost no time for new england right to win the game they try to throw they couldn't kneeled on the ball three i'm sick of field or won the super everything align perfectly against the falcons i came
did you have anything ready to say i give the falcons had one did you have right we're gonna go with it would angle would you to atlanta falcons view are the new world champions of the other day when it i just want to turn the knife on falcons venza would that be your life your eyes like you'd ever actually thought the falcons haven't had a chance because that ethical even even up twenty three dick during tat mouths when the game like eyes happening in the peter certainly here come back do you sit there and like in turn to troy like this can happen right exert exactly i think we probably said that to each other more than once like really is linger is brady going at the chance and now you can meet
the decisions in atlanta makes and still it's up to tom brady and the patriots are going to win it which they did but yeah i woke up the next day too kind of answer your earlier question i thought what if the referee headlines when whoever who called the winning touchdown and overtime screwed it up what if the knee was down before he broke the behind the end zone and i ll go and the page is win the superbowl breaking out again and then they review it he doesn't get in and somehow atlanta windsor game i'm done it's over it's finished you that be the brooks kept kept your guy yet there but that came later great what was it louder loud stating when the patriots one or when they booed roderick adele afterwards that's atossa i didn't like joe bach felt unsafe reactors patriots sat on it was it was classier or less classy than when randy moss pretend to pull spencer
i didn't lose joe but felt unsafe piazza patriots sat on it was it was classier or less classy than when rennie moss pretended pull spencer which was worse than pursue bring in history backer somebody's been thinking about this knobs curious like that so you said it was unnerving so it was added somewhere little booed i don't like to know i love a good blew off like a hiss will you get real deep into it we're really big forty guys so overseas yet the whistle is at a rather than the other person put her hand capet to give a half cup what i'm mad ass i wanna be heard i may i use tat this is the way the fans get hurt right yeah the last thing you know i got over that very quickly we have within the next two second i was i was over there not us it was just an every time i closed my eyes i see him pretend
pull down every time someone moods beyond my job i wouldn't like that improved right i re and in mooning is so in these all that i remember all the time yeah every temperature and people are mooning actually after that happened i was in philadelphia the next season eating breakfast at a diner and somebody walked on street in front of the window where i was an pantomime moving and while i was eating my black that doesn't sound like a nice and i thought you know what you're good they may not have you known that he would show about you might have just been like that philly guy that's his morning constitution would have been greatest coincidence of all time by where look my nose i did writer whistling streets so you know i did a good job which before we have about rushmore with you in order to bring about to get that but i want i have one last question have recently come out and said grab yet out there on that heroic
are you there are not many of us have said that we should stick to ports and we are stick to sports podcast so we should stick to the eu would you like to stick to some sorts i understand that any of these areas at its disposal a zombie never sized edwards disport you you said that when you were a user the fans since as you know a tune into sports games they don't want to hear about politics i wonder about the year so we will stick to sports would you don't talk about trump stick to sport talk about food stick source isaak who do you think is going to win the world series do think the nationals have generally the ash rose from houston i think the answer is a really good lodgers really good sport lash coy for class good jobs ticket networks do you you you should just throwing a couple part could you therefore is for random you know what i can watch my do make we have already made after taxes
holy properties deal that's actually real question in a tax bit like some of the tax proposals so you won't find mercosur i doubt not rarely joke park while men of the people not be vipers gladwell here's the thing i live in saint louis not only do i fly commercial a majority the time timing southwest so do you know how i started act like of in four so we get so you check end like twenty three hours and fifty nine one is poorly i do you pay the extra to get jumped the lie pay the extra to pay the extra did what is business get us we're just say like gonna send them a rolling out for wind feel mercosur didn't play in the u s open where you like i hear you man because if you win that's gonna be so many taxes you'll have to pay yes exiles what has provided the oil bookie so much money look you meaning the securities and exchange commission vote for evil breather oh you're libertarian y like
interesting libertarian see protracted goldstein couldn't couldn't ok a jack ramsay i voted for lead to mount rushmore ok oh eight one that's what color verse roma whose can be better cutlery remain on the fox gag month a stupid question was ramos i can now say that your request roma was gonna be you didn't say almost good though so here's the thing like we were on his conference called return ask him some dumb question we don't get too but he just gave across nightmare so boring sobering like you yeah i actually fell asleep obviously true story i think her i think he and the world is gonna be surprised at what this job demands what you said you can't be nice all the time given i saw them
i'm telling you i always a nice guy i'm not saying he's i bring do route for him but i think it's gonna be i think it's going to be a difficult transition and i know from doing gulf for the first time three years ago people are not nice to you this is not the most forgiving eighty we live in these also golf fans the like on rule violations there are special breed sensory spoken have you thought about me even once when you know there's a close upon your head here like this promoting and applies where to god i do that all the time whenever we come on camera the beginning like that rick is blowing and everyone else does it's you now if you look at my mentions whatever you have a close up right is insane outlined at any rate the dead man like mid blink i am he did not linking tape my leads up will you don't you have a good surgeon so you can probably get like some surgery to keep your eyelids permanently opened the f i think
look into this crazy artwork orange i think charles as this is wild news i actually just can update here tim tebow's just got called up to the mets for real i back from the also their thoughts while groundbreaking how do you think he's gotta why i got ass were the i think there are a handful of guys that when they come to the plate whatever you doing you're not gonna leave the television and he be that guy for the new york mats aaron judge is that either john master when he comes to the very old man that's a big story of this fourth year martello alone but over collider one so that we're just to name a shitty hidden that if they love you and how i want if he succeeds it'll be unbelievable tat ass it is made that up to now has thing people like that oh one that we gave you the mont rushmore gettin my rushmore can you please say jago on tuesday night when there's a homo come on all this time it doesn't count so i could probably yet wreckage given
yeah oh just like those little whether a year ago before if you do that for me i'll tell people to stop big had tried all the air if they think they're gonna still do it but i dont know how to pry what i hear rushmore ready mount russian or of voices we're not anyway so you can do music you can do actor you can do sports voices anything any voice you wanna throughout their your top for all time who wants to start listen snake draft ok what does it bring back so you can start so we'll go one one to one too two i won you don't say a highly critical for yes correct eventually i get to go first yeah yeah vince going suck up
read it it's not so burial radio emily left the game a little too early locating mailed it ok i'm gonna go with awe who is tough the first one freddy mercury no complaints here play mercury i'll do my best rock voice of all time ok great says it right there i'm gonna cookie on this when beget who carry carry ok love her cares voice ochre grew up watching cubs games and braves games who's the guy they they called the braves games or their own sought that's a sunrise skip yes a thousand dirty those pursuing that was a very dirt el i never area dirty state draft move by i knew it i thought i could easily take harry at four no one else would take a ride so my first carry my second is girul do you like our ok
drink up i'm gonna go with guph unless it leave schreiber yeah throw out there i see that because when you watch him what say you re donovan yes you can't believe that's the same guy that does voice over four hbo right right it was the old i shouldn't take i'm i can take it off the asses when it comes back room for yes every time we schreiber does any kind of sports documentary you know right away or like ok i'm in for us i watchers hitherto utter opening better ok i'm gonna give you a hard disagree on this one guy gets really dont give us yellow guys do right guy sit down together race debate braced debate so here's the problem that better is he does like he doesn't sing with for broader he just those science a fake fake variety than call em out he put his guitar so he tell you knows musics not gradually stuff
miss wells music stops solidarity and i am going to tat darwin began gandhi hear the voice of an angel woe so i don't think i've ever heard gone his voice low rates on loss but is at what on earth monks against ok i'm gonna have next one i don't even know his name the voice the prices right voice come on down oh bob or not my parker though narrowed the old guy the old old guy was with us the way i dont know what to backtrack represses rice voice ok me no general jones this is cnn aspirin that's the guy was my last ones can be controversial stephen hawking so it's iconic not his it's one of a kind of councils is worse sera i'll ask of us if you hear stephen hawking talk then you would automatically think like that stephen
rod roddy is the name of price right my bet that's there is no mistaking stephen hawking source or something i mean i guess that's true so ok fine whose what was the nfl guy was at john for zenda that's my fourth peck that's why i'm a big data whenever you have the documentary unlike those guys the autumn when is a pirate enough baseball yeah that's you gonna get you go it gets the chills going thank you again actually be serious we take i'm almost dead serious you do we u dont worry picked it make a fourth pick and then we can discuss ones we might have missed ok good you know you want to pick yourself now now i would have liked mel blank
oh that's it that's a really good pic i mean he did every cartoon voice known to man everyone from i mean three points down tweedy bird yeah bugs bunny elmer five daffy duck tinker irony ok that's good when we are dangerous so we'll put hank azeri on their tails hanks areas a mess morgan freeman feeling morgan freeman though everyone says morgan freeman so actually had abe lincoln on mine i don't think anyone's ever heard him talk but you have imagined i mean daniel day louis see channeled that's right i'm gonna trust anal down i other ones i had their just missed my caught were verne he jackson key jackson and when the when all packed or the rose ball with the sun setting and key jackson voice that is surgeon iconic like and they obviously it's i'm stuck in like being ten years old when i think of that but that is the best ok this tells you that yourself quite put
yourself i would say irony har well ok long time voices datura tigers yes i got to do one game with him and it was just it was effortless to watch him that's a good one is his voice also on the monica lewinsky tapes now that's me that's you would you say that i'm just it wasn't like i was a part of tat part of the text because the games on in the background right so monica and when the trip are commiserating over their bill clinton stories the background to hear me goin groundwater jupiter it also averse to out that's so good worthy age that the kind of star what was like as porn visa as i penthouse announced like you did it started the cast our report start with i never thought this would happen they thought for a while third base you had to go by cigars you had to do was very intensively i remember reading that been like while you ok that's about were outside charlton heston analyse
grateful avoided god right good one and moses and moses why indian i haven't our guy damp he's gorgeous meredith ok make from the rocky move come on rail cadets goes one does everyone s gonna knock your blocker what do you think about marv albert i mean a truly disturbed individual from downtown pang nineties mba there's an old style the guy from india jam whoever that guy's voice yeah psychological you ever aids will end on the mouth rushworths you ever think that in you know ten years there's going to be some thirty thirty year olds that are like yeah minus dodges joe back now i mean only because of but course dock with but not what
i just saw debated have an arduous you no more robert i'm thinking about them well i didn't have things will they come up to me about the yankees jim layer its home run and ninety six the the other red sox winning it in two thousand for but i'm doing tv i feel like in this day and age you gotta just say it and get out away which i did for the cubs at you let em all celebrate my voice correct per year that's because they wish to kind of all we ve thought about six years ago a letter i almost when mute right but it in there would have been real shame if someone had been able to announce that final out without their voice crack and actually we maybe a person with a role here as i trust i have some questions for you so you are kind of like you're you're at the at the peak of your profession i think we can all agree on that while i was until i walked in such a way that europe we dig it didn't you are the number one guy would you how keep yourself from just coasting and not letting like somebody else come up and take your place i myself west i fled
i've lost i'll be right there when you get honey roasted peanuts in a small plastic cup of diet coke you pretty well guarantees given saint louis new fly sylvia asked it be pretty easy just start showing up and just canada tossing and you probably last another ten fifteen if you just like shut it down entirely and just showed up yeah and here's to pitch do there's some white guy charlie blackmail the regal fantastic player out of colorado look at you and look at him run at look at him go that hair is flowing lackman think about it you do it you keep quiet and pay checks will be your pr team but i know joe book has not lost the standstill as fast and do not give us ten percent your pitch ok let's do it i'm joe buck thank you very much third time given current guess i do not we'll get him when we got a guy at walks around it was ended we have only one guy for gas and it's pretty
who else has rachel neglects as wake referendum basely beg just for one for the last year at him one scar vampa think we sent out five i think that's what i've a not five shows very clearly us moreover current gas almost shirt owners are mad at you weren't honour my rushmore recurring us now you do you know what happened i didn't know that out back right you're back thank you so much has been a pleasure always hyper i'll take a quick break to talk about the credit wise up with a message brought you by capital one please stays in shape by thing about key factors that influence their game eating practice trading and exercise says basically like what what i'm up to do on a bench press d spent drills do lenin catalysis what's this they if you're trying to keep your credit health and shape the key actors you have to keep an eye on
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that's why i reach for the miller light the original great teasing like beer that doesn't compromise on taste i let's get to some segments thanks again to you buck it's good to know that i he thinks about us when his when he gets zoom in work said he's thinking about us are allowed robotics like those stupid here plugs yeah boom roasted know joe actually is like i've and there are more of a one eighty on a guy because the first whatever they might manage a box pretty cool any let us do in exile view with him then he's got a busy week all star weak bomb personally made time to come sit with us hang out fucking good do yes really really really like joe bucky re reoccurring gas yes that's an order within the next six months will fly southwest here here so you never know i was just some segments first up we have mainly may whether macgregor update so the first of i think like a few
press conferences happened today in our area s reign away too quick things off the bat macgregor had a suit that was like pinstripes and the lion said fuck you which is awesome two may whether for the first time in his life is there clearly overmatched in the shit talking game yes oh yes he's been known as a good shit talker but in rio he's just been like i'm gonna get beat the fuck out of the sky and the needs of just me the fuck out of a guy he's there's no real creativity to should talking but the great fight any fighting guys you don't have presided ricky hydra was like you guys like okay well we're going hadn't wasn't he was that you have just british regular movement you motherfucker i may macgregor has that were basically anything macgregor says it's funny because its irish fuck you although for him up folk of this vote
let us get out and also his suit said fuck you yeah pinstriped desert that's gotta turn spencer rights exactly so and then floyd thoughts and prayers and by the way yeah he's broke big time so which is macgregor were in algeria that i'm a little about with that he was wearing a sweat soon he was he did not look as nice hymns is macgregor maybe we actually is broke it would be great if macgregor just cancel the flight fight so that floyd had to go to jail or just delayed for like a couple days that may with had to spend like a few more boxing tell wednesday s agenda for taxes likes it number october fifteenth soldiers the way out over him put it make it halloween weekend you make him sweat outcome sweat allies an idea alive it's gonna ironic those names is lingams money right that's maybe maybe lips
turn the knife a little bit on our maybe like all big money ok the fact that he made like a hundred and ten million dollars after taxes less than two years ago and now he's already asking for tax breaks i think if he's saying after is everything that he paced acts everything's out that's probably an issue here he lives entire life after tax it yes exactly right next up we have poland is your whole this was to tell you how boring the all star game was it basically is known as the nelson crews takes a picture of your west game selfie gate they everybody's calling it or you putting one in nelson grew zero you putting one in the people who called himself the euro you know what i'm i'm ok you can call whenever you want to call it i'm not big into labels but a more into like putting those increases zero but i'm gonna work that it might be a viral ad
so that's always always that's what i'm most what whereas i wait agree about a limit stopping their for second you needs a viral add with nelson crews from seattle mirrors and joe west the most hated guy basically image what here's here's your mind right yet to relate to boycott where my mind when i did and i know you're saying why would any company joe west face it to be viral add will tell you why it's for tender so they always say if you if you got up like a pick two dating site make sure that your ugliest friend is next to you that way you look way more attractive so nelson cruz he's got joe west you could probably i wish that the second time that the nelson cruz has gone too bad they just projected the image of the first selfie
to joe west gels so we were sitting behind home plate shout marlins men most humble man in the world hooked us up he's the best i actually monuments best but anyway we're sitting behind the whole place we couldn't see joe s face i watch it after joe west when he's laughing any has the mask on it is awesome because his is the mask rests on where his chin should be put his chin isn't that her because he's got the whole turkey neck and then you could see it like jiggling was i've never seen anything like it so maybe it is viral i just verve hey let's see if we can see how we're joe west is when last with a face basque right joe west has super for a neck and so when every seat i like then the wild you have to take a picture with arms just you can upload a new path to a dating site knew no it's on her nootka nipple uproar upper i don't even notice
but what i didn't like also after the picture he put that we launched into his back pocket it means that he couldn't slide so is endangering the team with us and by the answer to put one zero itsy oddy for taking the picture in stopping the game not the cardinal way respect fucking game without actually disgusting i wish to be banned from baseball i wish again being for the joe horn got find when it took a sharp eye out from under the goalposts man from going to some should if you want to control the game before yadda tries to control gunnar could have the inmates from the asylum manfred bullshit i we have also stay will from the all star game because the other big story was the freeze and freeze got smoked and the all started and we also see the freeze maybe dry ice that smokes ego
try so fucking kuhlmann because nice guy i've i've nobody i wish i was here to try to explain it to me because wait it's it's cold he added and you and it's smokes get the fuck a battle see build i explained now and we should put the dry ice apes they dont i think if we should just start having dry ice that dangerous not i'm looking at tom and light tumbling what we're fine you can save anything dries we know like dries like incredibly dangerous i learned about it like a million high schools like if you touch it you can do like your appendage but without first pillaging i'd i've seek a second opinion around new the grass thyssen get at us about dry scale words you ve been talking about oh the free that is what i have been in the army and were words passing with a go so apologia apologies and yet ass it goes to sidetracked this year rate and i wasn't us i mean dry ice paisley's ago
go back to our rapid horrifies or the freeze ran and we're all really excited cm run because the freezes awesome but the moral they really screwed with everybody because the stadium staff had a guy who is already pretty fast race against a freeze and you get a thirty yard had started in the sky the freeze came back he be narrowed the deficit the end but here by good ten yards ye also we saw that it wasn't did the braves didn't ship in their ready go guy saw marlins ready psycho guy had a soul the word on the street from hey guess what who do you think rethink had that detail the wanted tweeted up yet slow second gun reasonable rethink what what reporting you think had that detail was prepared would that be oh shoot his eyes he looks kind of like in the mnemic vampire like our chuchula fucked opportune the second nerd that nerve
there are well he had it instantly so the freeze was was was basically behind the ape all from from the start but there's a stay woke people are saying it wasn't the real freeze cause he wasn't wearing his normal shoes usually whereas maybe i'm totally usually whereas adidas and he was wearing nike tonight the freeze does not change brands so were we work on this we think that this is all its gonna be resolved in a rematch yeah so the freeze is going to there's gonna be commercial it like a documentary that comes out about this busily everything is sound we shall do so boring us at our you but i'm actually very interests in the freezer love the freeze or want to seem come back and and reclaim his his rightful spot at the top of between aiding sprinting i have another stable for you i want throw this i want your fresh brain right ok oh we gotta mile and sit in both nights its pact we notice guess what this stadium is not built for
capacity it literally is like a bar if you ever go to a bar and it's like the fire code says there will be two hundred people and there's five hundred people in there that was marlins park for the entire week because i just couldn't go anywhere is clearly built the same night what ten thousand people might show i mean the people a design it were real stick it realistic and they said this about sport we don't need to be able to fit i could put all the seats there but we know that only need to be able to walk around the stadium right because we're only gets it seriously built for about fifteen thousand and went whenever you need to go to like to the bathroom whenever you need to go get something to eat you're just rubbing elbows with everybody is very annoying okay so here's where the stay woke comes in we're in total agreement that they're probably going to be ten thousand people in marlin stadium and that's probably the correct number i think you're just ten thousand my amiens in any me island central location at one time is so the martens report that they have twenty thousand people again that's no way that that that is true here's where the
they won't and did you notice that when we are on the wifi in marlon stadium it kept on kicking us out like every ten minutes then we'll just come right back on kick out loud backing kick out log back in i bet the marlins do their attendants based on how many people will log into the wifi every night that's probably true they get a lot of different i counted as like fifty people and guess what floor has never had a problem with voter fraud or fake people voting like on million times didn't do enough load testing on the wifi writing rick potatoes there he s fourth erika ricky amorous is a hot register so that's my son and geoffrey law you like this they woke that the basically are counting all the people by how many law can they have on the wifi and then every single person counts for like fifteen i like that a lot the hotel that were in right now they're like dear god we have seventy thousand people saying yes
this is our miami just operates they just base all their stats on wifi big scam town yeah huge huge whose rebecca who is to blame we see a bug let's wait till you know if you like i let you new employees there s about gas does does does the buck roustabout does our last ignorant wrap it up we have a little seasoned and for mark cuban so hey cubes little cease and desist year he it was reported that he publicly told dennis smith junior to delete his bad tweets deborah tenesmus junior who
been dropped by the mouths guess what this our lane the tweet was everybody has god given talents mindless so happens to be slang in this would in my pants either way mark human you owns you and your team you tweet radically you deny us a discussion on the pod cast do not start duke stealing our pure wanna one tweets too delete tweets before you draft a guy that's right also mark maybe if you thought this was like such a big problem you could have done something about a few years ago and maybe design an app deleted people's messages i just and so and so they won't be sticking around on line and and and coming back and biting people at in the ass when they enter the professional world maybe thought and design an app yeah i just thought one right now i'm a call dust cyber such cyborg yet let's just each other yet is does yes i'll meet you on the dust do kids houri thompson
where'd you get up we don't know what the fuck dry ices decent work totally i'll do kid we can try to kid stilled dust off you just you does brass that means you have another i wouldn't millennials don't die i bet your final your tweets you'd need or dust you do not know a cyber doses i know somebody as yet mark humanist recent tragic creates like a lion snapchat after snapchat all right now i don't mind on last year's work when did he's he's a disruptor so here so you know what i'm going to create a snapchat where you can't send pictures of your dick so that was real big success yes so mark even cease and desist
that's our show i think we have enough cut this area i that's our show like we said no taking on friday we're gonna wait till hank its back we're gonna be doing mark to share on friday j j want monday j j what wednesday some awesome promo stuff for that and then the long awaited taking these will be on friday so guess what you want to be an award winning listener
two time award winning listener maybe maybe you know i called and said your vitamins and say your prayers what are you what are you it's not even really a title if you can't defended sorry are you dynasty hardest thing to do and sports is down your title you know what you get to a narrow we're talking dynasty not maybe maybe send text as your friends ahead download this podcast and only then tweeted at us apart my take low hey i told people downloads by gas and maybe will reach we did and then more people see it and then download it again and until their people and have a kid you don't we should actually just like the election
the social order kids and then we can make more downloaded lobby guess tat is to say the same thing
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