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John Clayton and Doug Flutie

2017-01-31 | 🔗
Live from Houston, PFT talks about getting smuggled past the Barstool blockade to get some interviews at Superbowl media day. Hot seat cool throne featuring AllBusinessPete (10:25 - 16:18). Doug Flutie talks about playing for Trump, his infamous drop kick and being a short guy in the NFL (18:27-28:18). John Clayton gives us his best Terry Bradshaw impression, Shouldergate, and plays "Three Downs" with the guys (28:24 - 51:19). Segments include LeBrons a baby back bitch, Is Lane Kiffin Kidnapped, Hmm, Sabermetrics, and Bad Radio.
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we welcome the pardon my take. It is Wednesday February. First and birthdays are now in the past, birthday is run the hot seat happy nobody. Nobody cares about birthdays except Morrow, actually Groundhog birth, that, yes, we are the big one. We're filming this on p birthday, mine was on Monday, shot out errors and happy birthday. I think I got more happy birthday is an open when accounting fix him. So thirty choose new hardness. We are in Houston for the Superbowl. We live on common central, every single night
but more importantly than that, we all go. Oh bad boy in the house, long rule breaker on the pod cast. You know what it was my last day been thirty one eye is time to get all the immaturity out of my system, as it turned thirty two all then the river mere. So yet, as I'm sure most because now we got banned wetter credentials other Roderick Adele were not allowed to do any media event schedule. Radio rope certainly can't do media night. No excuse me opening night opening out the changes. Primetime event. Now the you drew
huge numbers. By the way. I want to hear everything about it, but I just want to give a shout to Dionne Sanders. First, cause your insides provident c D on Sanders, the greatest interviewer of our generation move over Howard Stern. I don't know if you saw him interview, Matt Ryan. He was ass, sound simply, electric who's asking questions such as Matt Ryan, you're insuperable. It's a pretty exciting time. Are you excited good question? Matt Ryan? Could you ever Matt did you when, growing up point about the football in your backyard. Did you ever imagined playing in the Superbowl and then shut out Southpaw Antonio cousin of Angelo Pelion, Tonia vs paean? Who got up there and he did an interview with Tom Brady and that right at the same time, while o awkward, two guys it really liked it, the longer anxiety he was interviewing them both and then afterwards, because you saw here folks, world history.
The first time to supervise quarterbacks have been interviewed at the same time. What is called when you're a lucky appear. That was what sour Salazar unlucky airs get us has some guys here, let's cost, maybe a knife towered yeah for you sound so see I was not allowed in, but I'm a pretty resourceful guy. You stole media night, so opening I so I snuck in Europe a macro say how I snuck in case I don't wanna, give waiting my secrets correct that it was a pretty good plan, are put into action. Oh no, not break chaps with me to chapter is going to come along and homey document do some sown stuff and as we get down to the floor, we see daylight. I walk stride constantly ahead. Chaps is behind me and they, let me go and grab. Chaplain is skewed me. That's not the current years news media euphoria go to energy, so I go in.
jobs and then chaps comes in by me and they stop chaps and they say, sir? That's not this year's media pass as other recreational had dangers media pass. So I'm ahead of traps and I like some died, I think about stopping, because I'm with a military guy. I know you don't leave the other behind and I see him get detained and I'm just like. I can't go back because then, though, investigate me more don't leave a military brother behind except when you're at opening night, and you want to go. I needed ask about right if you was elite and that duty to my country was bigger than my duty to my brother years. Tough, These are the decisions that you know. It's not easy to make. It keeps a lot of guys up at night. For me, it's for my mega million these types of things and die. So so you did steal Midianite or opening night. We found out a couple things one
element favour the shell, Yasser joined you're, probably listening right now, Sup has ago, and a member him member me from last night. When you point I mean you said the guy from part, my taken out, you interrupted somebody's question here and another reporter was like always doctrine me. No, I'm not the guy from poor. My techies ignore not you, the guy behind it was his plate with a club lakelet first question: I wasn't your favorites words back ass. He listened to use, may be here. What is it pardon my tankers done Spotify King S right answered. Second question skill Reagan won through, for whose most readies person between you Devlin dollar Logan, greedy and readiness yeah. You know what I'm gonna give deaf as pretty beauty in eight laid before before work out gunshot was that when they are not something I d get shot, but I think he's pretty greedy dollar these bees. These rules, really tough king, came back from Agree injury, quick hoax I'll, take I'll. Take the fourth. That's actually grace move all putting yourself for semi that you're really the number one too humble. If you're in a greedy group like that taken any day, we're all greatest we're all greatness is actually we're all going. This is so that the Julian Omen favour the show. Chris long, we already knew as fair show. He is, though he was the first ever guest of the show. People forget that Tom Brady not offend the show,
doesn't like to be asked about from no desire. I had a very vague, valid question. I think that was whether not he thinks it from could get Bob Craft Superbowl ring backward lagoons, gotta right. Yes, so the timescale looked at me and his mouth wide open a little bit and he nodded and use I m very uncomfortable, and then he looked round to get build up. Another question in I'll just go and have his dad tongue for get somebody. He takes a fifth. Yes, if fifth and then what about Polish Czech Belgic asked him. I said I took an oath, not cut my hair until dinner, what had once a suitable- and we please bring back the Socrates is free agent and I think he could win one in New England and those smiled who was it was half as much. It was ignored. I'll, actually give you credit. It was a full bell checks. My ouch means that he, like his frown, just got a little bit less here. It looks like it looked like a stroke victim
coming out of pain right. It look like a stroke victim trying to do like some kind of mouth exercise. That's what a biologist smile! Yes exactly, but I know that the house gave were my sole right yeah. He said that he will. Let me make the decision on whether I would had comes back so ipso facto. I'm dead, his agent now dams, twenty percent. The patriot ledger the Patriot, so I'm trying to think who I'm going to cut the night before super bowl I'll get back to you guys, okay, so what else do we have from Houston video media night media week feeling meeting I was fun. I was shocked that I didn't get thrown out. I left my own terms here, which was gonna, be disappointment actually, but today Florio. And a blue, the story up and wrote about it and then a bunch other sites picked it up it. Yet we are banned from all sorts of superbowl media events, but the really the big event and thank you for your kind of bearing a lead on this very humble those great via the comedy central premier was last night lie energy and its tonight again at midnight, yeah, so big Kenneth
you did you looked. I didn't envelop. Take you looked healthier, hey look! You look like you, ve been eating. Well, I'm trying to do is is is make it so that they don't say who's. The fact I on the end will never ever do anything with him or any podcast related to get so I think I see. I succeeded in that now that we can get that. Yes, my favorite was people that we're taking pictures of their tvs from below and get some good job in the home looks on yeah that I got the job market which that's full circle. I've been up in screw, you know it as capital jays. I think that there are literally to respect a shield. Yeah restrict our arsenal art. So it's like reset it's a big week. We did some rope, journalism or party did road journalism. On Monday night we did some row journalism today to get John Clayton on a roof before we get to Doug Floaty, an John Clayton know we're gonna. Do our hot see, cools Rome, which would you every Wednesday and because everyone was wowed by his electric demeanor produce repeats back Hank is anything some videos freaky PETE? What's up PETE people were like, while PETE this guy's shy of cannon, so he's here I mean I'm at a hundred all the time: hey. Can you not the diner up new wealth and a rule number one about progress in Antwerp? Those of Hegel images that separate whose surpluses are the building all business, PETE, Prickly, PETE, prettier, Cassock PETE, I'm gonna go freaky, PETE, creepy, yeah, pizza and ass. All is what I actually say, but he's here and is doing his best, so he's gonna. Give us this hot see, cool thrown Sardus hot seat is, is an offence to carry yes, the I mean the the all the bans the pronouncements than I fell, makes and and
he just Watts's wrote, read it to be fair, I'm a pretty in conspicuous guy. You lie the fact that I said what did he wear and they said. Oh you when, as Marlins one day, I said even if it so he put on his, he is Barston Uniform, basically and womb whilst it not only that you put on the shirt of the guy who's, always looking for the most attention possible right. Also, here's the thing go if they think I'm actually woman there less likely, they ve had some bad jury on higher women. A parcel we're good. So if the May, I'm gonna tell everyone how you did it to increase the level of difficulty for next year, so that the plan is yours but stomach ache. Start a peace keeping our hand. I repeat: maybe next time Israel sorted out and when I was little leave the job was you maybe just tell him. The veteran also features it S. Only the jokes us calls on PETE. You know actually not unite Neck Hank heck lobby that decent one. I know Kosovo hookers. Oh, why were because hook
let the Superbowl nowadays tramline doesn't like supervising guys rather Superbowl love, Hooker yeah, so they probably your point: urgent, hookers might say the only thing I can put it and so much pain, yet another of nuclear energy magic paying a prostitute. I take it you just we say this say this sentence for media output. Words in your mouth, oh yeah, baby, you do have to say it again puts more words. the right job it by everyone see minus job, my hudsucker thrown hot seat. I have LAS Vegas
oh Brent must Berger. Is opening up a handicap in company ass in LAS Vegas? So if you think that he's gonna move out to the desert and not take their place by storm, then you haven't been watching television for past fifty year. I agree I was gonna. Bring back. Did that golden days Vegas when it was like all gangs and Frank Sinatra: yes, leather, shit, yeah lefty, some yeah your lackey and and saw me Sonny Shorty Kip, when a german European given aim word with mafia names as chicken audio levels, Saudi, were also very ten yeah. Oh, you have any decision. Yet Africa Roast beef. We ever who could forget what who's your quoth? My call a throne is put poster board companies through evincing a lot of protests. Recently, the ass, like a record amount for the past, what to three months up, invest in Postal Board right now, yeah, that's gonna, be dinner print currency on some. Do you know what my favorite part about the protests? There's you'll see like anarchists at these Trump protest, but you'll see they also have fall, followed the rules and obey like not like. I would a piece of wood, certain cardboard peace. If they got the protests. Yes, they can't hit somebody I'll, be careful, yeah, we're anarchists, except when it comes to the rules of protest to have signed, holding yeah exactly the hump. My hot seat is the human race. It came out today that Mcdonald's could replace minimum wage workers with robots. Oh so that's the start of it and if you seen eye robot, you know the end are. If you ve seen Terminator yup, it's pretty basic stuff, thankfully well, actually, not, thankfully, for pfc- and I PETE you're, not part of this, the lasting they can take us
as the humor, so we're probably gonna be ok for a while. Yet irony is not an easy thing to program right: satire, soapy, you're, not seat! Is you actually do a job in a robot said athletic programming? You push autobahns if you spend, if you spend more than thirty percent of your day at work, pressing the button you're on the hot seat. That might be right but asked. But I think today we found out that I do the job of about fifteen guys, though not setting robot is our that's one robot sausages. We think about matters. P, art, kids! When you have a kid, that's basically like you're programme, your own robot rests and then and then they all take over the world. Eventually, yes, like we ve, we should have learned this lesson: yeah, thousands and thousands of times we don't we. We are all robots. My cool thrown Michael Vick legacy he's having ease retiring officially
Retired, a party for himself Adrian deterrent superbly, yes in use and got a humble, so I was just going to throw out there. I think Michael Vick legacy is secure, retires, quarterbacks, everytime from dog fighting or from football. I'm actually really doesn't say just as efficient we're tired parties. Ok, it's from every the quick pr lesson. If you might think the first thing you should have done when you came out a jail is: have yourself Retirement party from dog fighting when I started my yeah sign sign a piece of paper like drop a contract facts into the League Office of dog fighting, and do a press conference have your agent. You know, like Michael, loves everything that this game is given an outside for him to give back right. So he's now retiring off for real for real, and so we can all just say his legacy. Is that dog fighting, and also how asked me wasn't video games? Guess that's about it!
an average any attack on that one play against Minnesota, o anyone, a game and green ban to play off? Yes, there is Michael Mix Legacy Owen, his brother's a fuck up and really annoying onto a gap there. It is okay, I moved I I So, who had next to cope with the ever Andrew views, we dug fluidity and John Clayton go back to back. The professor was electric. Not fully was good in his own right. Here is good. He was over the phone, so it helps when the persons in person bright John, clean, thicker thighs, and I thank you, take really Loki who I liked your idea by the oh, yes away
we're not going to call the big game anymore, the Superbowl no longer the big game. It's now the thick game, you get it super its pages. There well will breathe idly. Parasites thick are us to John Clayton doubtfully. Are you hiring do nor to push your job to find the best candidates posting your job in one place, isn't enough to find water cannons. If you want to find the perfect hire you deposed job on all the top jobs sites, and now you can reciprocated com, you can post your job two hundred plus job sites, including social media, that works like Facebook and Twitter all with a single click. Fine candidates in any similar industry nationwide, just post once and watch Qualify Kennedy ruins interpreters, easy to use interface, no juggling emails, no cause your office quickly, screen candidates rate them and higher the right person fast find out today. Wiser procurator has been used by fortune, one hundred companies and thousands of small and medium sized businesses, and, right now my letters composed jobs, unzip recruited for free, that's free by going to Zapruder dot com, slash p, empty the zipper coated outcomes, less p empty one. More time tried for free, so protruded outcomes, less p, empty, big game. Sunday is awesome a day of fun, friends in football, no matter who you ruin for whether your Sportscenter, not when it comes to the thick game. On Sunday there is one universal consensus. No one wants to go to work the next day for all of us, the Monday after the thick game, is one of the worst work days of the year. Over one point, five billion people are expected Collins, sick after the Superbowl. In other words, hundreds of thousands of people will play hooky that Monday. That translates to ten percent of the. U S, workforce, who likely miss work on the day after the Superbowl. Economically speaking, that's one billion dollar lost it. A blueprint, productivity, Heintz, believes and never settling for lessen the best and American should not settle for a horrible Monday.
one of the best ports days of the year, highnesses rallying to make this game this day right and make the Monday after big game Sunday, smug day, a national holiday. The goal is to get a hundred thousand signatures. We can do it. We think that this is when it takes for Congress to take this initiative seriously. When we reach the goal will be sending assigned petition to our leaders in Congress. We want everyone to join us in this effort by signing the petition at smug day, dot org. We now welcome on Doug Fluting NFL, Legend CFO, Legend Boston, college Legend and he is joining us before we get going. I want actually mention. Doug is doing a big thing here. He's got a big game, raffle dot, Org, where what what's the deal with that? You won't tell us quickly about it, weighs our rap on line to benefit the very foundation, as was already a less down nation. Also pediatric actor cancer. Moscow, along with a prior became accommodations, blights. The whole package, as well as I do mean great on Saturday, like the bulgarian I'm doing for celebrities flat. Maybe your chest full of all round, as well as some were actually very good friends of Peat Friday. So that's great cause. Everyone go check. It out
game, raffle, DOT, Org China win that an help, a good cause. I, let's get to suitable week this, a big soup over you have you just are you reading before the patriots are the factors, because you get ties with bull teams, I'm trying to keep my mouth shut, not really route Bernie battering for like five hundred your game by both for backing down back. Ok, I told him. I think, I'm a lot friendlier and better round the Patriot Organization, a lot you want, though they can wanted to wander. Fifty! Ok now are you worried it all that if Matt Ryan does when he becomes the most famous boss in college, quarterback volta like all the power to make a better one, truly humbled due to he's out an unbelievable career on that such a first class guy, then I mean the day he stepped into the leg is performing and turning the ball. These data, big boy- I bet you do with it both in college volume, their daily with extreme extreme half, and that would stare next to him on the sidelines, Maverick Dick and why fix by every bit as it inside the amended quarterback love a man is quoted it. So a lot of people remember you for probably the most famous play in football history. That's of course, when you kicked the drop kick as New England Patriot, can you walk me through the discussions I went into that? Did you have to convince bill to let you tried are well like there's a whole story to go along with that out. You did a short version that basically Crisp Berman had been good enough and around for a couple of years ago. We must round three game and that EU like Jacket he whispered in Bela check here one day dollar checking me asked me if I could do it, I said yeah. I can do it because work on it for good practice tomorrow. They will track that a couple of weeks and forgotten about it and kind of a spur of the moment thing in that game. Salmi, coquetted, Louse, Burma legitimately want in any site, as in our minds, heart gave a can build. That's a whole historian of the game. He loves all that, but these to bring an old lady film and showed triple options back in the body from TAT Day. Things like tat- and he just wants to history, so I was looking at you Wikipedia pages. We do our research on the show I saw you were on the nineteen eighty five generals team- in the: U S, affairs nicolet me from wrong, but without when done Trump on the team, Donald Trump owner in my boss for that year, what was it like Isabel source of Walker, my staff, a number guys? What would you like his boss? You know I was searching with great. We had a first class organization, we had everything and I fell team had we were playing or danger giants stadium. We had great facilities, everything needed- I was just so young and now you eat. I would like just or no sir didn't state do in fact have been. What about my did you get to know up later in life? I bumped into him down a trumpet Basel couple: fine, I'm a man exterior monkey, actually George Forman, abandon or to fight together dinner after and I am really enjoyed the round and then I was a little more maturing. I do I felt like I was playing its part. Your conversation- I was a kid I was just very intended. It was he hands on when it came to the football operations like was he scouting? Was he looking at players and seen who'd, you wouldn't say, returns on that weighs gets man so tat the pollutants using was all that
definitely all air. He wanted to make sure everybody's taken care of Ediths warrant the wind, and I think that even later right was a happened up. Do you wanna Letterman showed a thing like that. He was on one January and we're to sit around backstage talk, and any was very excited for me that my career kind of took back off. In the end about because it can evaluate the kitchen back, then it was tat. He was really big on that. Now that you didn't, you never wants to be wrong, though you know he'd Herschel very close dominates day. We are very close by her for water with their tail back that I remember even better soldier shown Cindy's white. The time did make I come over baby sit down in lieu of location, Herschel Water has it has. It has a nice little footprint handprint on America's future, their act, which the state income tax situation like if you play the CFO, how much of a slow
This is how they don't go around. Like a charity box, it s like a give. Our many loon you want came out came after about fifty percent of burning. Come back down here, a big mistake that love double dip in Prague me. They had socialized matters there. Anyone appeared, it needs a real surgery. They come over. The thing they get it and are used, you might have to wait sixty nine months. Furthermore, I, U minus, when you talk about socialized healthcare, they do for a long time and is now running up there. The borders that that at a serious situation, rural surgeries nature they come down. Those states no pay out of their pocket, so a guy like Journeyman silly mentioned earlier, so we play this game.
With everyone on the show. It's called headline grabbing we're trying to get a headline make this interview, conness flashy. You know how it is, go viral. What have you? Ah this? Is there anything that allows the yellow. So this is the portion of the interview that you can tell us how Brian Crowley should be fired and he's doing an awful job right now one we haven't, you give other games horny. I didn't acceptable for
It's not so good! Wake up those yeah! You you had a rocky ordered forgot about it up. We use the protein changes and try to turn around bright, yellow lights on the sidelines. When you, I told you next job in a job, you ve got a lot of guys growth, american people off what he had done appeared in eight when forced to contain one can win, win, undefeated regulars teasing me: I had to do the job. They are real down your life. What is your list
you're superbly protection than I have one final question: a high school stupor ball in the Patriots close game in the third. Ok, I like anyone take the over. I found question question: asked you not to answer him. Ask everyone John Man once famously said about you in for each flew d in his prime is the best way of his generation was up before or after the famous breath, far picture the breakfast picture. How do I get back for the compliment? I wish I had a chance want to go back to my own eyes and the kids want me to take a snap and better. So I call the play and ran away and I got up understand her dropped back and looked down here on like this is what it must be like the play, this game, six by red tape or actually see down a field of cheating right, I mean it. I say here I don't know what it's like to play: the game that height I played my head. All my life in Siam sure would have been a little easier counterpoint. You that you got better pad level since a shorter and also look at progress both now working so well for him. I know less well attended. The one thing I could say is the object of speed and quickness and agility overnight. Yes, I would do anything I drew them takes dog food is hard put it in broken. Also ours body had not a whole thinking about all these guys. Like now, I like it, I want rang, keep away, can you can run with all the other adapt? The lady, like, maybe there's something else going on? I maybe just something I'm not paid Manning.
I was gonna get nervous. I dug thank you so much for your time. Everyone please go check it out. If you wanna make point one more time here, so that we can get some people to get to the raffle site. What was it again most website gain raffle back or ok, really, foundation, phrase ready, relaxed and pediatric awesome taken so much. I really appreciate your time and now who run into in Houston another something completed, differ I would we now welcome on a guess, we're excited about ass, Sir John Clayton. We are on a roof top of the merrier Marquis little journalism. Out of you heard. We got our credentials by gradually whole store. I'm gonna get the full story, are boss as a thing for Godot protest outside of could die of
fell headquarters. You argue real, quick. Even protest outside AIDS in the interval office in the lobby with Hank are user, so Hank was part and parcel of this, and so ever since then, Roderick Adele has had can a blacklist of us also is maybe imply that he wouldn't mind if someone did harm to render the council. I think that would have probably fair. It is only fair that we gotta pull. Did they don't know twenty four thousand dollar fine for unnecessary note? If somebody hurts Roger, you know he set the precedent that are too game suspicion right down its undesirably, so we are because we gotta credentials pulled we're on the roof top. If you hear a little wind, if you hear a little club music because we're at the Cologne physical, yeah it's nice, but we are very, very exciting to have you here. Let's start with the interval this year, there's been a lot of talk about it being down here. You ve cover the ETA fell forward.
Thirty, four and thirty years now do you think that the NFL is diminishing product? Anything fans are going to start going away. Now now can say what it is to be different. You work with. If you work with a millennials, it's a different viewing audience and it's a smarter, probably viewing audience so what happens now cord cutters and watching cable? If you're watching games you may be watching the Red Zone can channel so they're, not getting commercials and you see multiple gained so what's happening now. Ratings have to be adjusted. You can't go. Straightly opted tv ratings which is still good enough, because now we have to try to incorporate, was on your Iphone and all that Don't blame right now, once they blame you'll find out just probably more football fans different football right now, I'm it is a city of professor, I venture to see how Roger do actually Berlin's those ratings. If he's gonna come up with some like bullshit metrics likely
we ve got, we ve got the owner. Two thirds share. Your watch on this must always be C S. Business was perfect. Given me, ok, Ohio, state doesnt win the big ten right, and so they are seated ahead of the two teams. In the big tendering finals, how's your worries about style points. I don't get it so you going are you? Are you going to start in Pittsburgh, reckoned with seventy so you're there dressed and pretty great teams. I heard a rumour that you do a really good Terry Branch impression I do we're sure am is like one of my favorites was its I'm in Denver right now to play off came in Denver. I couldn't sleep so much for thirty in the morning, I'm a mob walking around, and I see Terry Icy Terry. What's what are you doing up here? I can I just can't sleep having, as I always have trouble, so I wish to move rooms and all that stuff.
Then I watch a movie heretic to excess. Heretic too, in all these drugs are flying around, is almost hidden away in a bit of seeing these bugs line, or that this exciting government gives some coffee debts rats russian and you managed to not. A disparage, my tom. So can we get What what do you think about back I'll? Listen! It's like! I go back and it covers entire career and, of course, you Terry's one of the great storytellers he and bread for are probably my two favorite athletes have ever covered because you never know what was coming out of his mouth and so Terry would, at the end of his career, complain about the play calling of Chuck nor in saying the Czech was really kind of screwing up to play college and you go to terrorism. Terry, you called the play right. There was a time when than what is called the rising didn't come from the sidelines and Terry would always take. The pact is, as always, is there someplace will who call in annexes I didn't huddled in years,
the old man wants to do this. Not me. I want to do this screw we're going deeper, swanny right, not a bad place legitimately Evelyn's. Nobody is so when you were in Pittsburgh, you invented the term gates. I think you're, the first person to use gate outside of water to shoulder gate.
So congratulations to all this is you're really like your party that we raise haven't, had any progress. Boston thing happened with shoulder gate and how that affected, like you're interaction with the team that your cover its workers. I wasn't cover on that. I was working to Pittsburgh Press and I was filling in on the beat now I've been covering the Steelers since high school right for various publications and free lance and all that stuff it's all spilling in many can many camp starts and I'm going around and they drafted three events of women, including a guy from noted in called woolly fry, took him in a second round, so I'm walking over there any sell me boy they get heart. This is these practices are tough. You put the shorter pads on these trying to tell me something else too stupid. I wasn't listen so now I go over to a guy named rainy. Router. Shame is a little running back special teams player and he was telling me I can. Over the weekend I went to college on Lake State part, and I was out there rolling with my girlfriend and you could sunburn you put shorter pads on sunburn. It really hurts something. Ok up means nothing to me were so now. Finally, lashes ring from my Eyes John Banner seconds, walkin over defensive. Tackle he's not. Can you help me for a second secure? What you need? Do you pull this jersey over my shoulder bears some pulling the Jersey over the shoulder pads and right behind me is Bob, have a check if its birth press, the tiger for taking a picture of me pulling the wool over this like this, I called a league office find out what the railways pertaining to shoulder badge, and I know you can't have shorter pairs in the off.
It was actually a war that was implemented by the Pittsburgh Steelers because they are worried about the Oakland Raiders Clash Organization has worked very well guess what I get banned away. I get banned from the facility, I they lose a third round pick because they were practicing shorter, bad and after a while, I thought I didn't. I was over picking up one of the main. Oh my co workers, because they would park over. There are three rivers but walk across the Pittsburgh press. So I go pick him up. An art, Mooney Senior sees me comes over as a cigar, MRS good order, toppling gap, nag yourself. This is done good kid. We come over there we go. He respect the bid. You did all tat. He would hang out with US newspaper guys in the press of or back with a common good friend of newspaper gaseous great, would that's a great story who, when that story finally gives me removing who plays. What's that took no data
Brad, Pitt, Georgia judge. Can I get a georgian George Cooler answering your reallocate Google some years get you on the whole, you fails what we think back to George cloning. I would go with Rhine Reynolds line round is on the up and governor left, you wrote an article today, fifteen greatest quarterbacks. Well, where is why was simple left was what I was about: quarterback simples quarterbacks, not operators, locate. So those now. My real question fifteen days quarterbacks all time what current player besides Tom Brady, Firstly, you have Tom Brady Number one. What could I make my good with the patriot? Vanity is an asterisk sex number one or as a general interest number one who aspects so like it wanted to play to doing everything to me, and I felt no, I won't get worse Blair beside somebody will make that list by the time they retire. You mean add to the ads
Well, I didn't get a super Derek car, maybe who I really what you want. the common? No, I love. What I would like to know about. It will examine. Rogers riders has achieved. The crowd was now let's grab. It was funny because I didn't this year. I actually a year ago I put Aaron Rodgers this number ten right above board star having this number ten. Now, if you go back, I did it about, I think, two thousand and ten and right at that time. I think I had Brady three Peyton Manning five and forty seven or some like that, and it was now they move up. Rogers. Ten right now and I think he's probably gonna jump up the like five or four and then what about any other guy? I mean like Andrew Russell Wilson guys every chance. Yes cried a fifteen year because of your cousins, her cousins. Can we get in the contract without that we got here that are in the region that was going to the next question. Could cause you're not gonna make it is he gonna? Is you gonna get paid?
Two hundred million dollars by the Redskins resources. You get the franchise, Bulgaria, twenty three eight ok yeah, because they think about the he's smart. He really smart because, like eight we're awkward, sixteen ok he's made a ninety nine. This, like now wait a second I'm making ninety nine. If I'm good at making twenty three next year s twenty two year, why would they take a six million dollar pay? God road? So it's really smart. Do you think he is a quarter practical? When you see, I don't know, it's debatable. I think he's I mean obviously supported back and get you into the playoffs. I think you'd have to have a good one and gave a new kind of look at current is kind of a man he and Andy Doll. I think a very similar- and you put him opponents say no, and so it s all extra now So if you don't make males here and you get the small hands you back at you, what about us, why he doesn't small hands? People forget that Alex Smith plants? What's what about Russia? Wilson?
Testimony of the ocean. No tenement border always got beyond his hands, are bigger than broadcast, while in order in France, but Rob Goswell stop gap which doesn't necessarily so John you are is the technical term a holler famer. I know that you're in the Hall of Fame, so you're a whole ever been voted in all measures. There's a plaque right there with my name, ok grid! You get a jacket, no jacket, I advise yellow. Can we make your jacket? I feel like you. If you're in the Hall of Fame, you should get a jacket, yeah writers That's a big. This whole thing was more important nuclear doses of show without writers, this game, what exists yeah, we wouldn't know. What's goin on registry, cleaner parking, lot, someone! That's very we're just began to arguments about food and stuff works. Let's, let's talk about you, a new item on your show today. That's what we did and reduced to renew the four, therefore down ass, correct, which was maybe our favorite segment of all our lives. It we loved it to my behavior, was when you
you always at the Trump card, which is you can play that clip of him with the Christmas tree shape under back right. Also to us, I can always it while you never played the game and, like all John I'm against viewpoint, You were like me, we will watch the same. You can you tell Sean Unexamined talked him that you pronounce the word across without an idea at the end and servicing across all the time is like a sport across across Europe. So he says across its across Ok, so they're always was discussion, whether you guys actually had some real animosity towards each other mayo, your friends, our friends again you're going to say what happened is he came near right around the same time I didn't write, and so you'd like me to you. Watch aims were supply, but
you better guide, but you say taken sharply to me, so I love it. So the great party is here he comes in and get to know each other and then after a football career, he started doing Radioset San Diego Phoenix, indifferent spots like that. So I do radio segments with him, and so you can see for whatever reason you can get. We develop chemistry we already anywhere because we're friends, we're trust, and so we get a call for more priceless lets. You listen Buffalo right now, prices we want to get to a view on the year together. Would you mind doing something which, on second, yes, absolutely he's a friend and we ve been doing stuff on radio often on for years, and so what they didn't realize you're the attention there there was all perceive, because we always did everything in one take where you never knew the questions, but will we from the very first time we were just at each other read, but we trust that each other enough to know it's like it's never
Gonna be too much. It may seem like it is, and it may seem like it because I'm ever want. I were the Superbowl them. Patrick is doing it for the first time and after each question was like woe, where the latter is a much more about to be honest, Her went too far. You never went too far. There's never mother words like ok. Maybe this was now he's gonna like ever made for him. We will pictures taxpayers. Who was that inside it must now. No, I don't I don't. I never had access to that site, and now you know what you're. Now your friends are shown cells. I am- and you claimed in this interview that reform is one of your favorite guys to cover right. Go opening for guys who have pictures on the phones was baby
They thought about just connected. I chose Warrior news, we're gonna get shown on the show in the not too distant future and will actually, we really will cut this part of the interview. Do newlywed game with them and asking questions about you. Let's get your answer soon right now, in your opinion, who would play you in a movie of about you and Sean who play you a new place on at sea? So me I guess I gotta go with Brad Pitt right, re, read the bedroom and button bright enough money, but about how to get to keep reminding all right. So that's like ok for Sean. What do we get for him? I don't open. We like a big panda beer, I don't wanna, be illegal rode on one may well when they got him on the head.
using stars. Well, what about? What is your favorite food? And what's his favorite stake in my guess, his favorite with ivy? Shrimp? Ok, ok! If if he had never been a football player on TV, what we shall be doing radio just you saving lives, we'll talk about you talk about one! That does not really it's like the thought he spread her talk until stomach, so we stuck microphone from his mouth. Their natural. You have another one. Is it ok? If so, when we get shot on we're gonna piecing together, we have. Please game with everyone. Commercials called headline grab. This is where you are going to give us a little inside information that you maybe your seat. Information outbreak- and here I am so glad you may
It's just an example. The imputation regnant I'll bring everything you got. Your brain is break it all right now, simplicity, break attractive for good reason, join us, scantily, NFL next scandal in the area from trying to figure out where the raiders were going to go. They are losing, does not really exciting, but it's like us, but they can be interesting. To see, is, does Goldman Goldman Sachs? Have the investors to be able to keep the package deal alive or Vegas or to the chargers moved a San, Diego. or even the charter you're going back to San Diego Dobbs. I re raiders, the waiters Reno just say that's a real I'd like that would be needed no backseat right now the charges are gone, that twenty seven thousand
great great. But I stop self seconds to say you think the raiders notions are saying opened there, they're gonna move and make, or you know you could stay there for the least to hear you re not moving in the right direction, but they guessed. But right now I like is Goldman Sachs right. Do they have the investors to make this thing? We're ok, so breaking news the raiders or deftly moving at some point. When they do move it part of my tab. Slash will give you have anybody could drag that counts to side? We can have a goldfish whatever we are giving a percentage elegant terms of going to Vegas or somewhere else. What's that I'd say right now is probably sixty five percent biggest really thirty, five percent, maybe sandy. I thought like pretty much a done deal, but we all wrong Botanicum, almost six hundred million dollars to get this thing,
of the Amazon somewhere. If you go, you can do a poorly. We got a big parallel fish, Larry figure. You, you obviously know believe so well do. Does the amount of p of change in San Diego versus LAS Vegas have anything to do with marked its decision? It could honey these big day of Kenya and then I think that they can build one form with ok, I'm gonna complaint because you'll be there. When you get there like three and sit there need re. Nobody ever Savior at lunch with them, never never had lunch, but he's been great over the last year and a half because I don't know I'm pretty well. It is a very great deal with nice. Everybody, although you realize Van, not another man, isn't it. you're a little sick. Invariably, then the windows install windows were made in the bag. My eyes, I should have thought of last year's commissioners press conference because I would basically standing next to him for like forty five minutes, that's awesome
because you are in Seattle, we spend obviously some time with the sea. Hans has be Karel, ever tried to like you to watch like a Youtube video about nine eleven months versus now, never because first I've I actually live within your distance of the practice. I can it s a timid, walk, real. We have a deal John Clayton Spiky. We haven't. We know we have a deal because I can hear the music on my deck every day when you're practicing and, of course peat is great because he place. Thank you place. Your pop and real good stuff well to deal is if he goes in place, tons
nine one one guy hauling, I'm on setting itself was great. Is it a lot of time on my radio show I have bought for music? That's all James rounding up like that is so PETE actually said, hey. What's your thing with James Brown Ass, it was, I grew up and Braddock Ba increases in the back of the room and listen to J B and that we listen to Stevie, wonder and all that stuff itself you when he was a stock, and he told me what you ve grown up and in college he was a big jeez round print and he actually did an entire rift in front of me doing James Bond singing was awesome. Ok is really a very low to wrap this up. We're gonna do a game. We call three downs, guys you for dollar one infringe on your source, acquired copyright. Yet the volume ruses mixes stuff like that we ve got bigger but gets. Can we actually play the part of some sort of cats? You play the part of you. I mean it's, not your all know you never really begin or you're. Ok, I think I think it's good for his question.
The Roma. Is he gonna play in Dallas or Houston? Next, you you'll be playing. I think in Chicago John respectfully. Disagree is playing in Dallas because Jerry Jones loves him. You don't know what it's like to have an owner level player, because you never pollyanna, but also its near gunning, Deck Prescott, you'll, be the one plain Roma would be. The one cynic Jack Prescott is a backup quarterback. He proved that when he lost the game to earn writers and the pact again, a game, you never point, but also the game that you were watching as you're watching all the time. Didn't you see when I was wanting to sideline so, as I don't like you did, that using the nerves second down Cleveland? How many years does huge acts and get until he s? It gets a NATO above
Unfortunately, let me go cause it's my turn. To go for a shoe. Jackson is going to go alienate next year, the coup them rather than turning around you can build on that. One wins season. You Jackson coach in the year two thousand seventeen book it they can't buy you crazy money, Sean and no, I'm not crazy, I'm more What are you crazy? No of you, you listen. You gotta be serious. You're you're on the Pacific, northwest smoking, you're dubious privacy James round. I know what it's like. I live in hue, where decisions are really I live in June. I live in real America with the people. I played the game you're out ok, so they have no quarterback. They virtually no talent and it's gonna take a four year build up just to get him to eight winds and you're gonna put em on eight may right now: Amy Radio last topic suitable, whom God Patriots Falcons patriots I get. The recent negotiator is good,
this will also receive react. We re very much for your nerd walk. I bet you listen, you barely players. Agents are gonna win because the tougher you think they're gonna win, because we know nothing. some statute. You got in your little, bring your press box, ok, so how many times of the peoples of Europe has been to the Superbowl twice as their second visit with how many guys on that earlier none right, so small Anderson kind of stolen goods- and it is now- I am actually what had been done- he's gonna, be because you got Tom Brady fourth quarter of if you notice all these games to three point games. So it's gonna be a twenty three. Twenty game, radio get the drive and out of it, I believe in that Ryan. I played about position. I know what it takes away. The quarterback vision I put to you see I ve ever heard of it. While you were writing little style statutes and its knocking on the Steelers. I was with the ban on the beach at USC.
Well, these guys really don't like each other with three down last question: have you been some gracious with your time? Let's, let's get to the bottom of it. I'm sure you ve told it before, but we need it for our listeners. The Poli tail right, you have you ever ever- had a ponytail just even first second is tucked in right now, you actually made me look, they lebanese idea might be really take bonnet and honest with our greatest. This is worth centre commercial, vaults, I'm very forts like millions of millions of views, absolutely, whereas it is hard to do with like everyone's kind of a nation these days, so that was a universally love commercial practice, but certainly like at any point you're like the general point that doesn't look like a
I want it here. I don't know if you would never have abandoned you're wearing what abandon my dear. That's the guy that closure of the already horn I called you- can only orange about you close your eyes. You can you can envision John Clayton having opponents, you could you because I was the emphatic started that got the rumour going and it was a lot of fun, and so they re born incorporated into a commercial. What a great, but you should You need to ok, media rat. That's really getting started baby steps or we can just go to alike. big store and just get a stray like a couple. Can you are going to have to hairdressers would have on the reasons is kept at her Finally, I see wasn't whistler, that's as bad as you still have your motivation. Now there was actually his childhood bedroom. Motivation is being on the wall. by the way the Chinese would be of tanks. Oh really was. I was born chicken, whether that wasn't worth taking those Martin
John claim. This is an awesome. This has been thrown upon, really appreciate it. We got, we love the ETA Oh you of Vienna felt you of debt picks. We weaken taken. We take them every now and common ground. Thank you. Thank you. I wanna talk to you about something very cool h and our block is doing this year. You can walk into pretty much any of their ten thousand offices and get an unbelievable deal. The first thing you need to know about this taxis and is there some bad news for taxpayers? The government is delaying some tax refunds. This year, duration are block, has good news and said awaiting weeks to get your refund. You could get an advance on that reform after you file at each hour block that's right, a refund advance loan up to one thousand two hundred and fifty dollars and hears the best part no interest after you file in a block office. You heard me right a no interests advance on your refund up to
one thousand two hundred and fifty dollars as John Hand says. Don't just get your taxes, Dunn, H and our block get your taxes want optional tax. We ve unrelated loan from motivate, not your tax reform, five hundred seven hundred and fifty dollar, four twelve hundred fifty dollar loans off approval and Mona he's done estimated refund and other conditions, bonds loaded on prepaid card tax returns, maybe even without applying for this beast or other optional products or products features, may apply limited time. I'd participating locations C h are blocked outcomes like loan for details. I left you some segments by word of leverage our claim back on greater yeah, great guy, the professor electric, to sit next to even those on a roof deck like in a corner, for they show of us away. Yes, are fun fact about the interview when we sat down a helicopter sort buzzing directly. Over top of this, we had just sit there, make it small talk with Clayton for like fifteen twenty minutes just way.
for the interview to be a yet not asking questions we wanted to actually walked away again handles while we were talking to when he started, making like Stinger missile jokes exhibited bazooka, we can shoot up an hour and then we're like that's how John cleaning up on the USA less eight segments first up, Leubronn and Charles, partly in a little bit of a fight. What do we say? We're gonna name this? I came I respect the business growl respect the bids. Oh no, we have respected, as I can remember, was maybe we'll bronze of aid back pitch so anyway, I really know how this fight started. All I know is labelling. on basically had some one in his posse go and look up every fact about Charles Barbuda Wikipedia because he had it like on the back written on the back of his hand, he probably improbably hired Jeffrey Rostov,
write a roast, yes yeah, and he said I'm not going to let him disrespect my legacy like that, I'm not the one who threw somebody through a window. I never spit on a kid. I never had an unpaid debt LAS Vegas. I never said I'm not a role model. I never showed up to all star weekend on Sunday, because I was in Vegas all weekend. Partying, all I've done is for my tire careers or represent the NBA the right way
How does he makes shows Berkeley, satellite cooler yeah? That's your second law saying this. There's a lot of egg is like, like almost died, because I was in Vegas too long. One through somebody threw plate glass window. Pics work, yes, was hung over cause. I had that awesome Pender in Vegas got arrested in Arizona saying as DR and get the best blow job my life from the attitude spit on a kid who likes kid: stats, awesome, yeah, spit on Roma FUCK that reforms to sit and watch movies with kids on they look room Charles Barclays, like no forget him spit on gas, so I think I think we're Braun accidently sold me on transport with he played himself aprons either way. This is a great feud because there's really Trolls Barkley just getting under skin, I mean what is like the brand should just say: I have rings. browse, Bartley doesn't and they ve done with great. With this one trials. Alyosha says you mad,
Are you mad mad? I like it cause abroad, is mad in their common apart at the seams. You need some help. The calves need help. That's what we keep hearing from abroad. The calves need a lot, I hope, even though they won the Championship and the Eastern Conference is a pile of burning tyres Raina exactly next up, we have. Oh, I actually didn't name. Any segments allows good job. May we have you want me to step in and how they are given what we combat one reading yeah. That was yours. Does your segment ironing out? It is not really dead yet is laying given kidnapped, saw play. The club, our nation is coach. Kitten. What an exciting time next week is national signing day as we sign so the best players in America Summit, thus vans America. So please join us next week.
for ass. Exciting season can watch the owls have a great year championship run, starting with you go out doubtlessly Kip in trying to get the effort, you team fans all pumped up, and now we have to wonder if he's been kidnapped. It looks like he had, I mean like it. I dont think that the clip that we play does just as you have to watch it too, because his face doesn't move right? You looks like he's bloated. He looks just a basically looks like that dude in the wag, the dog movie? Yes, I was taken prisoner, that's link if two theories here, one Nick Save and actually just made Lane Kevin a bomb and he's gonna blow up soon, like you just that that this is just link he's now. A robot is blob like
the thing aim against. Maybe this effort you have like Alice you on their schedules somewhere are not well with someone big. So it's like speed, except if you get within seven points of tying somebody in the top twenty five, you block right exactly and then my second theory is laying coffin is just overdosed on cooking in Bogota tongue. Cocked out to us of a good thing here. You can see it on his face was saying who is a joy when you had like a friend when you are younger and you loved hang out and liked sleeping over their house, but then you sleep of the house at five days, Euro Yahoo hate each other. Yes, that's what lanes going through right now? Cocking? Yes, it's likely now these doing it basically as a pro and book or time it's not funny anymore. Oh, I figure it out the F
a? U owls by the way? That's why the name they play Wisconsin next year and, as everyone knows, Wisconsin's perennial threat to international title of us. Probably next saving just try and take out his number one rival, takeout, with cuts in Wisconsin badgers. Ah, who next step we have this one is for Kyle Shanahan who law this backpack for thirty minutes. Media night isn't right his backpack with one that had all the game plans and right ha ha a lost in there are they put, will play a part in the begin patriots, the thinking of the pay, trees, so they won't steal other people's signals? Are they wouldn't they would never do that? Actually, it was found by security guard right, oh so so whom
so. There was another Atlanta security guard that found something awhile ago seems Richard Jewel. Remember him. He blamed him for some that wasn't fall to recent Bilbil rejected the olympic bombing guy, I think that from Ghana look I do know that he didn't I. I have no idea that. Ok, where were you then I being irish? We have eyes on Tom Grady all night opening night so interesting time. That's always a funny joke that their Marvell tweets whenever Tom Brady is gonna, be suspended. For deflating football happens. Yeah, but he really did hammering out Grady reports.
Tom greedy and then a little bus that item and no one of the top. There were a couple that just made no sense and is a downgrading, was a palm trading like the essence be? Oh, I must leave you put us at. Aren't you catch up next up, we have sticking with the Patriots little Sabre metrics we got yet this one comes from grog. Okay, so when grog was in high school is playing a basketball game. They had sixty eight points. Rockets fouled goes up to the line shooter that makes it the crowd. Goes. Nuss grog realises that the scores at sixty nine any yes, the ball adjust slam. Off the backward like- throws s horse again of the backward and then ran down the court pointing at the scoreboard and yet in the fourth quarter. so that is that's just as pure. Rock. I don't, but I do believe in it
browse when it comes to rock and the number sixty nine is find its way into his life. So many times rob growing. Caskey is just a big labrador retriever in its elaborate Labrador retriever that, instead of knowing what sit is AEGIS knows what six I know that the only word he knows in the english language in itself Antarctic, whenever this just shows that he's been committed to the sixty nine since day one now he came out of his room. Sixty nine yeah himself, sixty nine to have him. That's how you yeah inaccurate conception. Do you think that he had a twin because a lot of people are in the womb? the TWAIN and then one gets you think so and I ll give you a death. One gets absorbed by the other areas in order to resort to think that there were sixty nine and then rob absorbed that power, and now he has it for us, That's it I'm workin on road. I I like that there really is just gonna dig deeper sometime, throw with it.
what, if I would have Josh Mcgown what if he had thrown for exactly going to sixteen interceptions, Ginsburg christian roots extent or TIM Chiba, O three up member when he threw for three sixteen yards ya and with average three sixteen yards per death row would have just recount, because he he hates having sex and masturbating Maria masturbate eyebrows, jades, masturbating, so much tat. He never got a safety against some cause. I'd be scoring on yourself. They go I only somebody research. I think that one I like that in a number of those other. You did not write that tangled, and you know I saw that. I saw your eyes light up. As you were saying. We want to respect the period.
A really bad job right outside their own. This? It's not you! It's not! Your job is partly notice. A great shout, but with the same just Thomas, integrate, show now good chauvinist second, and then everybody that its own monitor on me. You actually this PETE peaceful. What's the respectability got I'll, take that we had a respectable o respect. The biz levy on Bell wrote a rap song. A disarm, called shrimp, Phyllis. Have you listen to? I have not nearby, so I get a matter that I can't imagine. That's very good, now put certainly manner, like the bids skip, is a legend of the game he still getting over. The Mason Crosbie feel go. Please in mourning run out yeah, so come on. I'm shrimp, he's sitting Shiva you, Cappy Faxing mixed apes into a poor woman's house, while sitting Shiva right, also living on? Why don't you try to go on our seas? About smoking? Weed was, I mean just his wrappers marks with exactly actually guns. That's actually pretty fair
So what are the odds? Are leaving bills just trying to get on Fox sports I'd say pretty strong. What are the odds? Skip Shrimp Bayliss actually wrote this district, not good, but I would like to see here's what's. Gonna happen, Kate, lady, I'm gonna go on Fox sports. Just colonists right now Schiphol is gonna. Have a mix tape far back at him? Yes, it's gonna be off, mix tape, actually know it's gonna be good, is? Can we really get? You don't mean that I know you don't mean that many of you know what, if tat, it can be good. If you have shown in sharpen the course go, you screw up just Europe. Yes, yes, yes, yes, you finally ended this
oh by the way, just shouts us, because guess what we got lots of corn onto were we're. We're slaving still were board limit of eight hours were pressing, we get paid yeah. Would you get paid, although Davis Conover does make US com has to hate us here? So he has a whip. People don't know that he whips PETE Peak getting. Speak, you'll be don't talk. I last one is John Bruton. He is protecting the shield in only away the John Bruton can, he's been doing some rounds and he had this to say. There are A genius is out there that are diminishing football right now there, a lot of geniuses that are trying to damage the game and ruin the game. Do you feel it there? A lot of geniuses that want to eliminate all sports, including recess, not on my watch
I watch. I love anybody that still uses genius in a sarcastic. Where will you go genius yeah way? Smart, one yeah! He job yeah in an the recess thing like we're, gonna ban He says we're in a ban, letting kids go outside the jungle and realise that resources there so that my teachers get a break from older, shitty ass kids Yassin teachers can go open, some yellowtail. and the teachers. Lunch were, and I think he fully realised just I'm gonna- give up their afternoon barefoot this, though its nicely with John Bruton, who last week I caught a glimpse of him on MIKE Mike, and they actually asked him kind of a similar question. What did football teach him and he said football taught without football he never would learn sportsmanship. Thus I mean that's a good point. So because he had lately other sports, but for bright. Exactly in sports teach you sportsmanship adds up yeah exactly oh yeah, it's a Gruden thinks that we're going to ban recess and then we're going to ban sports. There are bunch of geniuses out there. Hey Neil Degrasse Tyson deal. How about you?
stick to watching the stars. Laker hallucinating nerd and let the roman godson clickable. I hate mail, digress. Thyssen, Anal come on its progress or fight me one of the two year fight me nerdy. I think I think I could beat up new d sites, and they don't good. He gives us like if you put an old picture of him, there's a picture bad radio segment four segment, bought a segment for all the listeners here, just God, radio look at a picture of me: the grass Thyssen. When he was a younger man, I can be kits typing into Google old picture of Nude Ass Thyssen must have been pretty slow fingers moving. So was I to go with nearly restless and biceps. I think he's got count. See here, oh yeah series rashly out, he was wearing a gay, so you see that you see that peat yeah, I see it, offers us round again seigneur this one look down as a main common, ok
as project I allowed radio, neither gradually lighten, actually used to be Jack just one year wired, while you doing the mathematical equation for figure and how fast my fist is coming at your face too late, because that fast as fast refers so fast, I that's our show. We have a text originally planned a great show for you, Friday little Super preview through we have Scots or lack thereof, my grable we're going to try our best to get you I understand and thrown out promises year, and we are also going Roque. We're gonna be on radio row somewhere on radio round the next couple days trying to get a bunch interviews for you, the award winning listener, because you still have our back when we give you bad episode Mommy,
Ok, we're we actually the show is over, but we're back because Pfc just got so at breaking moose did they did it? Did it really did it did so? We brought Hank in for this year is a couple of years and breaking news story. I was about her at hell at the moon in Boston and some guy came up to me and said Hebrew my boys. I was way but losses, ideas or anything you can do. I go absolutely not trying to what the big, of course, usually a cool hunter will work as well as an idea. So this kid reaches in the bag and pulls out damn alright, I hate to do the sea, but you read Bartle. Obviously I said yes and he goes my boy
tells him hanging from partial Hank, shows up in a cab, absolutely drunk and says: hey, I'm heck. I laugh and Letterman. So Hague was pulling the do. You know who I am car. I will always run oil La Hague. Friends pull the card thanks for all the do you don't hate. Even worse, Hank was instructing his friends
that girl or one am I right, have you lack workers support yourself? One of my friends took advantage of me when I was very drunk and use my name to get a new body sounds like something he could have gotten in, but you forget you in the zones like two years ago. I think I remember you talk about, but are now figures no use. You know why, because can be verified. He said cap not over, yet not fake knew that figures, and also, two years ago you were twenty one. So it unless you with the world's dumbest twenty one year old. I'm thinking you to think I d wow, hey just haven't everyone throughout Asia, nay, he set out very drunk so clearly. I know no pardon that at all interesting respect if you're that drug, you really think that go into a bar was the best idea you ever served already. You wanted to go to a bar, yet.
And tat makes it a water how am going to fund a Czech did Michael, I that's the show. We will see you on Friday.
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