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The guys break down the conclusion of NBA Free Agent, Dwyane Wade coming home to the Bulls, and the impact of a well made "I'm Coming Home" highlight video. Mount Rushmore for best summer time pool activities. UFC announcer Jon Anik joins the show to talk about UFC 200, his new tattoo, and whether or not he'd be willing to get arm barred for charity. Segments include "PR 101" for Jon Jones, "Talking Soccer", "Hey JJ", "Not to brag but..." and a spirited Jimbos of the week.
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your first book free thirty they filed an audio block let's go lines it wasn't part of my case is friday why dwayne it is coming home the balls are circus and i'm ready on pomp
are you really excited yes and i'll tell you why because your dreams no others out his answer that for you because you're delusional they could have signed like the guy on the corner holding up a cardboard sign you may like you know what i think he works like a pip picking pop system i think that this guy could be the they you're missing the key point here though no i would have been excited about the guy on the corner unless you put his highlight tape to didion schuyler graze i'm coming home any any rostrum that's ever been made if you put i'm coming home any do a little thirty second video on the internet on re run through a brick wall dwayne way he's going to win its idle in chicago out what's gonna work it's threeg they ve renault jimmy butler dwayne wait who all play isolation basketball for coach that wants to move the ball and shoot threes none of them shoot trees but didion schuyler
gray had that video baby or you're wrong they do shoot threes they're not good at shooting they don't make three but they shoot him the key is as long as you can assemble a group of three people together i call them the big three dan you're automatically gonna be like at least three seed right that rule is used for sure yeah so you can pick any organization american doesn't matter if it's like yahoo dot comments like marisa meyer and her too ice presidents you can call anybody you big three and at the end of the day that's it sounds a lot better than it really is a bad thing close upgraded big time they they did they upgraded they got done we was thirty six twin waits thirty four got younger they got rid of an aging former hometown superstar their guide has been hobbled bilateral leg injuries recently and they brought into a weight instead yellow like that's a huge plus their huge plus i'm excited it's gonna be a circus i they're all
there are already doing the random had his press companies are doing it it's jimmy's team like i'm an alpha mail but its jimmy's team which basically means that its no one steam because if you have to say that you never see delhi or cairo being like hey guys it's lebruns team everyone knows that because everyone already knows that so it's so not jimmy's team its train we esteem maybe sometimes rondeau steam dung mcdermott i we need to get doggie pockets to go zero zero or sixty nine there's never been a sixty nine jersey in the nba if he wants to capture the hearts america he doesn't he gave away is three to world of wade because everyone knows a mystery when we were wrong about that we have it a world away we got to roll with that i think it works better we're going to cut you saying they were wrong i think we just roll with world away i was mistaken i thought that mcdermott was a mormon if there
by guy in the nba like i automatically assume like oh yeah he went to beware you am i forgot his blue j right yeah coaches son so like i gotta go just son you ve got to go to his sons on the team like that's pretty i write done levy and maternity leave is on the calves now but yeah oh that's i've used with leubronn yes how we got younger we got ready slaughter old dumbly be for thirty four year old dwayne wait you can have yeah you can have to go to his sons and locker room dressed that's just two way too many concerns so obviously europe sixty nine guy i think zero zero though cause zero zero on a white basketball player like if you get crossed up damn you just gotta vehicles broken but then you see the zero zero like make sense yeah i should like to remind you a little bit of eric montrose like yeah that guy supposed to be concluded as it is shocking that even has ankles to get broken anymore
exactly i'm so i guess at the end of the day you ask yourself is gonna make the bulls like afford because i think every team in the eastern conference right now besides like the calves is like you know i think we our ceiling is about aforesaid everyone basically the strategy the nba now is either tank and rebuild or build a team like the balls where you're hoping leubronn cairo free a whore furred quite steph currie kevin durrant c p three get season ending injuries sometime around april and i think that if that happens the bulls a position themselves into a nice spot where they can at least get these are governs finals right if you have enough players in a team that aren't athletic enough to get injured then you're gonna be in a good position at the end of the year so i think the bulls have done a tremendous job of that
i also just want a quick shout out to the bulls fan who started a petition to get rid of it we point line which i like a lot because the ball if you can get rid of the three point line the bulls actually have a shot at this thing so i'm going to i'm going to treat that petition our let's get everyone going when you really think about it the three point line is ruined basketball it's not about fundamentals anymore it's all these flashy steph curry three point shots kids aren't learning how to play inside and out you know how to rebound had a box out some of the good things that that basketball taught us how to put your but in an our man's crotch until then run do like if you have a team that full of really excellent shooters you're not gonna learn how to rebound so that's a dying art these days let's low the basket to like ten feet that's who decided was ten feet like out just a number they pulled out than air so lord put chain that's on their to also baby go to live
forty one game so that dwayne waken can play and chill and then be rested for the glass i love it i love all these suggestions mike ehrenberg each harder buddy i also i quickly want to talk about tat really being sad i don't love you size text message you really just this path riley come on man you i'd be taxing like that you're an old do ye texted like six paragraphs adela retard if you get a attacks like this he was dad so sad and any when he was about twenty five senses whenever i go to touch the quality and like that i just ignore it right away i am surprised that laboratory even like read it and then put it out their past let's hope tat while you can't be sending texas longer one sends to sends tops i mean that's that clingy ex girlfriend or ex boyfriend movies it yeah have you ever hung out with one you're boys just broke up with a girl
they're like showing you their phone online their allocation us in i send this and it's always like three paragraph it's worth of texting like you sorry babe i fucked up i'm so sorry i miss us so much and you ignored you just put your phone away don't send that that's what pat riley's doing right now it's a little unstable i'm a little concern for pat because like he asked await a whole a whole year basically to rebuild esteemed right now he's got what has some white sad and that's it yeah rarity that's the centrepiece of his team so i dont know apparel is gonna live through another year without either killing erics bostra or just dying himself yeah pat paths i have a tough time because you know pat wants to at least one more time in his career do the bill the championship team and then take over his coat trade before the playoffs yeah and now it's starting to get were starting to run out of time here the clock is ticking on pat he needs
do you know you're right we need a flash for two thousand seventeen summer so pack and take it out on the on the miami ya and tom how great miami is and then he can do no adverse bostra and when another title now did you see the banana both conspiracy theory that's other yes love that lot when we act just just cyber knows why we have to say this we have said every time because i think that people pegasus conspiracy theory guy or not and not at all what are we were connect the dots gas example if if we see now whether smokers fire that's what i always say and do you have in front of you i dont be i go head we're not order conspiracy theory guys work connect the dots guys here's how you connect the dots now the dwayne way to sign with the chicago bulls i bet you assign whiteside might be rethinking the contract he agreed to with them with heat what if we decide support the andrei jordan and changes mine and sign with the team like the dallas mavericks who were offering him the max
this would mean the mavericks would be able to complete the trade for andrew bogot or so an harrison barnes which would mean the for years now don't have the room to sign kevin durrant would you the twain way leaving the miami heat set off a chain reaction of events that would prevent kevin derived from dining with the warriors maybe this is lebron james dwayne wade we're talking about on that private jet thereon together a couple days ago those whose let the doubts that door dope she at dope she sancho that's that's a good new segment for us things just he oh also in m job she has changed is twitter name to kiev can ring durrant cabinets river yes if you get that i must say one more time just in case you don't get it can ring durrant who
just something to think about guys alright let's get you some mount rushmore everyone knows it's summertime that means it's mount rushmore season we have a hot one for you today we're going to bounce back we have a great one last wednesday will minute we always send me we always must say yeah we always say when we fuck up we fucked up here is our mount rushmore though did i this is a hot one for the weekend it is pool activities so this is going to be a more loose form one that weaken pick anything you want where'd you get the debate going you want me to show you wanna start you can go ahead ok here's my number one collectivity belly flop shit i shrink on first i'm a fat guy i love to belly fought because that's look if you're fat guy out there you can't do that dive you can't do it just get out there belly flop put yourself on the line hurt
herself you'll get some laughs everyone's like damage such a fund gotta have at the party they're not gonna look if you like a clown they'll be like damn that's pretty sexy billy's le yup i'd that's my first my sprites chicken fights are underpaid chicken rights are a lot of fun you get get the girls into it you get a lot of food you know you get you get everyone jocelyn going crazy good good time never had a bad time with chicken fight number three pool activity they like to do in the summer wearing a t shirt love to wear a t shirt around the pool lotta guys out there you know go to the gym all year all winter they eat right so that they can look caught at the pool i like to go the easy route and i just keep my t shirt on at all times unless somebody flopping now defined wearing the county should change the nipples little but no one that problem some good yeah yeah interests and then my final phase
where are my rushmore pool activity this is my number one actually appearing in the pool our bed in a pool that i haven't eaten so that's just its eye or i will sometimes pass going to the bathroom in a bathroom just like mp in the pool here's one p m t myth busters four year noble have the dye that when you painted turns programme out when we were kids yet would not when we were kids like somebody tells me that once a week over the summer it does not exist you can pay in any pool in america that you want to i know the show we tell you pdf bp goes and toilet pda ip also he goes and bull and it's the most natural thing the world so like i'm sick of being shamed for being in a pool at all i don't i don't even when i was
mexico a few weeks ago i sat in the pool for six hours straight and probably drink about fifteen beers and it was like why hasn't he gotten out of the pool once and i was just like what do you mean i'm going to keep peeing in the pool that's where the p goes p away ip if you dear friend getting out of the board you go the bathroom that's a nerd that around a phenomenal i'm working on essential because he's a wire j does anybody else he did come when the ngo p in the bathroom what what do you got ok my number one mount rushmore productivity is making out making out at the oh like back in high school that man that was good sir andrew had he got it you or take assured often like drape had overheard crotch so that you don't have the tent going on number two is getting a snack so poor they ve always got like bag of chips yonder usually pretty cheap do like it's not goes yeah it's not
like red and amusement park have to pay two dollars for a bag of chips and like usually seventy five cents up its food pool prices are definitely there like throwback prices that's that's absolutely true yet my third is poor basketball full bestial hostess ways a lot of fun unless the waters if they have it in like the does the like six or seven foot area that's just is pointless so no files and pool basque more by the one rambo rules yes yes non arab giorgio prison rules prisoner and morals and then a number for mountain rushmore pull activity is passing year poor pass through the chain link fence to your poor friend yeah always got to get what and a guy and come on you're good did for the day yeah and usually that me like his mom juicy work and weekends nights you got letterman gotten you i hate what you got i'm a number one is underwater handstands ah
like bearing shallow and yet the game demi i don't love you guys familiar with it it's when you drop our guard tea in the deepened and then everyone has to wait for the pop up a new yelled demi and jumping and try and grab it some real massachusetts shit you're drowned sounds like the worst game of all time to get done so you're just basically fighting over like a toothpick yeah you gotta have eyes all now that i put it that way it sounds one are you sure got gimme but just like everybody had such a fucked up action around you in boston that they thought there is endemic not got them ah number three taking a nap jacket yes on a sleep in the sun now make sure you get that son screen on guys what s be up to you guys use i'm an hour s be fifteen guy yeah me too bad boy life for shirt spray on almost a month is getting bigger
burning let it turned into a ten national airline amount actually answer hank that's a twenty three year old move yeah we're going through your own answer idiot and then i'll do the dies we don't put your wages dive had first like wailed i've i think it's called that also sounds miserable i didn't mean to ever to could pull you jump like you head but the waters i reaffirm what's the point about any of it you don't even get the belly flop like hey look the fat funny guy you just the indian who didn't put his hands i wait i've or for aggie's you just it's like upside down cannonball spoken let us now the head first i've just sounds like practice for committing suicide i'll do it i'll do it again if we cannot outweigh the two guys what is dragging its upside down cannibals like do a cannon mobile your head goes in first so we
we got that watermelon nos one offers a nice i thousand grandma rushmore we're back those are my rushmore three does what your favorite pool activity is let's get this on ice until friday debate you got nothing else to do the opposite let's get it i go and maybe we'll get to believe we live in your who knows when i get crazy you never know let's kick it you are interview we have of john annick from the u s c he's your breakdown you have see two hundred for us this is fawn cause we're not like huge you see guys but we love to watch it want to get more into it so hopefully this the informative nobody bet on and we have some fun couple off the wall questions like we now welcome on john annex who works for the u s see he does play by play you can hear him on f one he's actually going to be announcing tonight friday night and
we brought him on to talk about the big fight this weekend you have see two hundred huge event but obviously we have to start with the big who's it broke john jones is out of the event he tested positive do we know what he tested positive for yet now in our part of the reason he wasn't the forthcoming with details about that is because once he comes out and says this was the substance that gives the united states anti doping agency the opportunity to come out and expand upon what went wrong so part of the reason you see athlete they don't mention the substance specifically is really just to protect themselves so who knows exactly what it is i think you're gonna see their appeal process they're going to say it was a tainted supplement but what a disaster management team oval arena right behind me here in las vegas the ribbon his face off the arena you no seventy two hours out to lose a man they are hard we can obviously for the company so
so we we lose him it was a big it's a big lost because we all we're looking for this fight but daniel korea still gonna fight do we know who he is going to fight we don't as this conversation my best guess is that will be gay guard moose saucy who is a you have seen bit away but a guy who's have a lot of success at light heavyweight outside the you have see he's fighting earlier on the night of you have seen two hundred so i think that's the most likely scenario but i think virginia cornea this is tough i mean he wants the payday obviously that is you have see two hundred it's well over seven figures for him he gets paper viewpoints in addition to his show money and everything else as you have seen champion but man it's been a tough in all twenty four hours for him i mean there's a guy isn't had a carbohydrate in seven days he cuts alot await deal with the aid of georgia the right so deal with john jones pulling out of this white i think it's a huge ask for dc to mentally get around fighting somebody else and to perform but he ultimately wants a payday and he's gonna stay on the court so
jones verse call me i was gonna be an awesome fight everybody was looking forward to it there are expecting tons of people to come in or even just like casual in a fancy to him for this why not go a hundred eighty degrees in the opposite direction and get like the world shittiest fighter to bring and give them a moderate payday and just haven't be a bloodbath like i think if you go that direction you might still pick up some extra years now i think that has a lot of merit and you ve seen them do that in the past not to say the patchwork commons is the world's shittiest spider per se but here is a guy who is working as a barrister in a coffee shop when he got the call to fight daniel cornea on short notice a couple of years ago and dc dusted him in a couple minutes but you're right i mean i think that sort of the risk of our strategy in something that they're probably entertaining because you fight a guy like eight hour moves saucy i'm in this is a world class fighter who can beat you with a striking with his grappling has a ton of finishes in word dc to go out and lose to gain our moves saucy as a three or four to one favorite
that would really set back his legacy you know here's a guy who's only lost to john jones and i dont know if that belt would be on the line i think that's what we're all waiting to find out if indeed it is gay or move saucy or they actually giving him a shot at the undisputed title or do they just do it maybe it at a catch weight of two hundred and fifteen pounds in and take the build out of the equation i don't know i am assuming you have dana's ear you talk to him you obviously work for you have see why she has done since one out dollar five thousand verse plot yet all it's funny you say that because we we stay away from the freak shows man i mean you guys do see it and other promotions they're not afraid to throw and are you going but are being a freak show we go ahead and american hero what did i too i think ballots might throw bar stool big cat in there you know i'm right here i mean we know you move the needle rights but it
it's interesting to see how they proceeded it's funny dana do he's like so immune to this that he doesn't really even get upset anymore and thankfully this fight card even without cornelia jones is as good a main card on paper view as we ve ever put together so i still think you're you're north of a million paper view boss but did he's like unfazed it's a movie actually put ok let's have simply say that because i was listening last night i had a tv on one of the news broke any actually did kind of sound very upset and i agree with you he's mostly on phase without first times whereas like oh dana's really really pay said this fight has kind of broken at the last second yeah i think he's upset for core me you know he had had an emotional moment with dc backstage sort of just collapsed into him just so upset and obviously dehydrated but i dana really is just not to it but i think it's amazing to think about the fact that a brok lesser wasn't added to this fight card for five weeks ago then if you don't
brok lesser on this garden you lose call me a jones you're talkin about potentially lose and you know half a million paper view by so the fact that box on the spy card the fact is we ve also got to other title vi teenage frankie edgar josie out over the interim featherweight title me should take with her first title defence i think that makes it such the dana isn't in a real bad what would you like our our matchmaker joe silver i mean i m surprised he still living right now hasn't had a heart attack i mean to have a change like this last minute and i mean you guys know you're in this world but from a television standpoint like i'm about to head to the rate of the call fights and i mean thing about how much promotion we were doing for jones core meaning in the show tonight all that goes away our creative deportment poland all nighter get all the signage all over las vegas it's a fucking mess man i thought that might florio from pro
proper but i actually had a really good suggestion which was just like you don't have to rip down all the john jones sides you just you put crying jordan's face of john both joys posters and then we're fine so that it sends rectified still gotta make some money for dana white think with all the cash he's gonna get he's gonna be able to buy a colored shirt and how about it's funny you how i felt when i when i left espn to work that you have to say i was they might have beware an affliction tee shirts want they began to interview these guys but hey did you know dana's not gonna do anything he don't want daylight i actually born i mean he i guess on paper unite you will see him in the colored church and the suit but if you can get him to wear a necktie i am not sure he's worn a time is entirely the rest of the card work you know a market is a little bit of an unknown to people who don't follow you have see i've watched them fight a couple of times the guy i'm pretty sure you can
got any one in the entire world jack what how do you see that fight breaking down and i mean i'm guessing haunt doesn't have the best cardio he's come the fat boy soviet right come out quickly is in trouble how do you see that all playing out well you north instagram is any indication market is in the best shape of his life for this fight take that for what it's worth but you know that i mean here is a powerful striker he's got as much power in all limbs as any heavy weight in the division but a modest one seventy favour right now come back on lessons that like plus one forty you no proxy guy who cuts down from like two hundred and eighty five pounds and when you saw them at the press conference earlier this week i mean wessner is massively bigger than the sky but brok hasn't fought mix martial arts since two thousand and eleven so i see some value on market his take down defence is pretty underrated too he's got a very good sprawl i think there's one path a victory for lesser man i mean he's gotta bull rush him and try to take him down and i do think it lesson or takes him down brush got some very good submission
skills and i think he might be able to submit am i think he'll be able to keep em down if he gets in there but can't really is an improved scrambled as i said has take down defence is pretty good brok doesn't want to stand and trade with the sky whatsoever i'm not even sure how much sparring lesson has even been able to do in advance of this one so strongly for me towards market i think you always fade a guy doesn't competed in five years even an athlete as exceptional this brok lessons can have to prove to me that you know he's back in this space and ready to win against a guy who who is in the top ten road through
mean big can have an ongoing debate it's not between us is between us and listeners we think that we could knock out many pack yo if we just got like one shot at him like a running start even manages had to take the punch do agree or disagree absolutely no for sure i mean i mean we talk in the u s see right before our gloves you can knock anybody in the world out it's all about the location and try to upset the equilibrium find a spot behind the ear so all my money would be odd you guys against packing especially if you know i mean he can bite down on the mouthpiece but if he's defended the strike you're not going out sir also view do you mean like this always has to be asked if we happy if we're talking you have see may weather macgregor you actually lean macgregor because you mean to me i always the ilo both you have seen boxing but i grew up obviously a boxing thank you have see was the butter being the craziness the act on the day the hands readable
still as you can't match it and so a guy like you have fighter going in order gets a boxer i i don't think they have any chance yeah no i agree with ready roach conor would have to step away from mix martial arts and focused exclusively on boss on boxing for like two years to have any sort of chance against lloyd maybe i don't like conor in that fight at all about the fact that the biggest money fight right now for floyd may weather is against an mme fighter whose you're coming out who's coming off a loss right i mean i mean odyssey the biggest name in the sport but do come off a loss and that's the biggest money fight for floyd it's just insane but yeah i don't give conor much of a chance i i also think too when you when you're habits are such that you're used to having to sprawl to avoid take downs in your constantly throwing kicks in elbows to exclusively use your hands i think it's a really hard transition and not one that that macgregor could make easily unless you really stepped away from mme for awhile i wanted to
a real quick to the deposit drug test why do has just come out yesterday well you know little bit ignorant when it comes to some of the process i will tell you guys that you saga and these labs they're not in any rush to get these results did you ever see i mean they're not concerned with the fact that this news broke seventy two hours before you have see two hundred this was an out of competition test on june sixteenth and it was an expert i did you know so they take their time and once they find some sort of positive then they tested lot of rights and send it to other labs and they cause they won't come out and say there's a potential doping violation unless they're absolutely convinced that their there could be want so sometimes it does take time i guess for me i'd like to see a cut off like a week out right i mean if you have a guy who's fighting on a card get the results a week out or or you know let the guy fight and i wonder how you have sea will proceed with this going forward because
this is a real swift kick in the deck man seventy two hours out in all right let lance armstrong strong seems to think that it was like it was a grab for headlines by usanga and i tend to trust glanced armstrong when it comes to anything doping so it was kind of weird to define this out the other question i had was why does the eu have see test for recreational drugs well at least and the out of competition testing they don't write so when john jones pop for cocaine in january twenty fifteen that was actually the nevada state athletic commission do in the test and not usanga and they mistakenly tested him for recreational drug and it got out north south these guys yes for these guys aren't tested for wheat or anything else when they go on june sixty they're just lookin for phds and supplements that are on the man less so i dont think they should be tested for recreational draw a lot of these guys are spoken we didn't and obviously i think it helps a lot of them especially the californian who can do it legally but two
recover after you know three days i mean it really i think can be a performance enhancing at least in terms of recovery but it's it's really the list of banned substances is so long that if your john jones and you ve had all these transgressions in your life why i would you even take the chance because what what jaffna biscuit tells these guys to do and here you know he's a full time you have to employ just like i am if if you have any doubt send us the supplements will run it through the ringer and if it's clean you can take it i just for the greatest enemy fighter of all time to kick himself again like this i just i can't believe it went down it maybe i'm scared i mean if i had to go fight in like a bell for sign saw me up for a fight against butterby i'll just take a bite to each agent of the failed attack vandyke warps cancelled
bang bang scan maybe it was a self inflicted wound what does it for so to keep on the testing thing monster energy during design sharpen the recreational drug category or the p d cassock question has that's what i'll be back in october side tonight and it really is paid is basing it actually say that we do so you go bang on some months ranger scare about saying that there are many bang those monsters back it right i think it is like there's like its meth writers method there isn't a trace amounts salary did you take those monsters on an empty stomach milosevic at bus young guy you that i am a foreign nine tattoo after nature has been connemara gregor except without was nigeria's is eric odors aren't you at two o nine years so i know i know i do a pod cast an eye you know i did a tattoo bet for rhonda rosy and debt co hair but nobody picked up on that because rhonda one the fighting it wasn't a big deal but you know i did this because i'm abetting man certainly is pfc comments or knows and my eye
i wanted to raise the stakes for me on contractually prevented from bet non you fc fights and i wanted to to have some action on the fight it you know the other thing to nicky as nights brother has long been my favorite fighter i've always wanted a tattoo so i thought this was sort of the perfect opportunity to say you know grenadiers who is drinkin tequila in kabul can comment and be conor macgregor on eleven days notice you know what all forever brand myself with the two oh not and i think would happen what nay got a little bit upset and said you know john attic their keep his speech ass opinion to himself hashtag you will soon be slapped so once nay got upset
you know i i was getting the tattoo whether he won or lost just to show my respect as i felt by them in one thing for me i'm candidly as a play by play guy that the thing that i can least afford is to have these guys feel like i disrespected them in any way because i've called navy as this fight in the past i'll probably call us fight in the future so so when i'm sitting there everybody stake in britain for car did i was i was happy to see may get it done because i got a better story for for the two are not you know you should do next time you wanna do one of these bets on bar for charity get on board for charity the use of open for charity you're saying you do it well i mean it maybe a ligament tear out another we need to snap the arm no you're not allowed to tap oak that's you hasten tat of europe on the scripture there is one thing we ve been trying to put together is a fight between marlins man and fell ball guy and i don't have you ve kept up with this really hot controversy that's going on right now but if we can if we can
put together a nice charity boxing match like would you would you toss your name in there to do play by play i mean you could do remotely whatever you the man i'll do for free now i will attach now i like it s helping you guys we're gonna ask me to fight someone you know i've always wanted to do like a charity boxing event even though i am certainly not in the shape to do that right now but that's always been something better than interested not just don't feel like grappling man in a hoop we only under cards were building or it's gotta be whole thing we're gonna bilbil card rounded so we were an undercurrent loud laugh you find your rogan there now is that instability i'd like your team in the rain he would fuck and traps me quick rapid fire i get the last questions can you give us who your pixar for the main for four of whites on saturday night
i can't because ever since the two oh nine tattoo i they don't want me you know taking any strong predictions i will do you know when i look at frankie edgar and josie out in that fight to me frank you right now minus one fifteen out those modest one o five that fight to scream stay away i mean it so hard to know what you're gonna get from josie aldo after what happened gets conor macgregor by probably lean edgar but that one scream stay away at all she's a value on travis brown against candle ask has travis grounds plus two forty certainly super motivated and try to scrap he's ever gonna fight for you see heavyweight title these gotta became alaska saturday night so i see a little bit of value their me should take you know she just beat holly home in march the pretty quick turn around for her first title defence but she certainly should hold serve against demanded nunez and then i told you you know i think there's value on market i feel like hans should be closer to minus two sixty honestly just because of the the half a decade of inactive and four brok lesson or so i think you're going to see some late action come in on market on saturday would you get
for twenty and twenty since john bones jones lost his battle against drugs i would but i didn't i didn't get ahead of it so i feel i see when i did the tuna tattoo the big mistake i made was that of conor one i was a kid daddy in return for my although she now i was just a lose lose equation unless unless you see it as a with sounds like you're back into the bed i just made four year retroactively that's what allows liked me we'll see we'll see maybe we'll do a four twenty it somehow i will i will do another tattoo bad at some point the next year so i love that i love that are so we have to focus your now recurring gas so next time you come on you will have to answer these questions but the first time you do the first one is who is the most famous person in your cellphone dana why can we not chemical
yeah i think as always i text them and he says that it's ok he's actually at the konrad gregor nato s press conference right now and he's had a tough week so can we call him like in a few weeks is that ok yeah you know why i will bring you ok you know what that's fair you can get if you can get us dana white at some point we're gonna will we will a very bad rwanda yeah or bring you back on to talk about the next macgregor fight and then we'll get down on the horn then in rank just chop it up a little bit that's it that's very fair compromise the hour i last question question i would ask that you don't have to answer bomb ask anyway you are a twin i have a theory all twins at one point or another have kissed their twin on the lips oh god has that happened no most definitely
but you know he majored and musical theatre so he did have to kiss a guy at one point in his state or career i feel really felt i was the one thing as i did a little bit of acting that was the one thing i really really not sure i could do that we use our identity twins all right yeah so there you have it we're like damn you look good man don't we know that that is the twins that like tell a canary you know ability when he kissed the guy were you like did you feel a little bit like you were kissing again i didn't watch it also a bit by now but there is something to that though for sure i mean there are some weird things that happen will text each other the exact same thing at the same time it is it's definitely there is somebody there's a rumour after that you two were switched at birth actually yeah and my mother actually said she wasn't sure when we were like three who was who bought a you know i was three minutes older i wasn't gonna lose the first race in my life you know i'm sticking to that's where you go
you know also sweatshirt birth robin rock so you're in good company the here you got there can we really appreciate it we're looking for you ufc two hundred everyone tuna and it's gonna be an awesome night and good luck calling the fights tonight and tomorrow thank you guys big fan guys i appreciate it i doubt genetic you have said you hundred saturday night i'm excited i'm gonna bet i'm telling you guys market he's gonna knock brok lesser out it's gonna be an all time like internet moment we are easily stephen items of the sea right you want to get away with an aussie he's new zealand dish right is i think you ll australian no new zealand his new zealand nourish what do you call new zealand its mozilla zero sugar i let's get into some segments let's go right right from there you see too are pure what pierre werner one for john jones
he obviously is out because you heard he tested positive first of all we really need openness smoothie shop because there's never been a bay bigger need for the athlete thick cats that accidently put something in their body we they d get that's movie shop where we are the ones to blame but up up the ass someone suggested i forget who was but they said we should call it pardon my shake and then firstly the shower that's pretty good right now i'm not gonna give you any the money for it so i know what do you got for john jones like what what's his pierre werner one first of all you gonna seek treatment that's no brainer yankee less amount it on i think put it as a matter what it's for you just gotta say like him seeking treatment here's what you do kate yuri you're a u f c fighter you have to say the phrase now i must fight my
half his opponent of all time drugs so that really i think people really understand that it's a tough opponent because you're a writer and if you say like ok this is my my tavis match up is like while we get it this is really problem enough for me this is the this is the fight of my life oh that's good yeah do anything any sort of fighting weblike but i'm gonna punch back an ominous i'm going to submit addiction like just memories of knocked me down right be creative when you also kind need steroids to beat stars but that's wage i grasped the girl keep gulf or or you could just like because i know that john told us that you can't say like a john came on said it was for we and it turns out that there was like a budget steroids another southerner then that information could get revealed by usanga joe you don't that's really say that
was for we'd but you just become a big we'd guy writing like you open a dispensary in california with joe rogan you get really into incubus on a tidy yeah a lot inside i let my third my third option here is you just started fighting league where like all sorts of drugs are okay you do in nine cited ring instead of eight sides colonel one of you have said in an hour waters so there's no testing rain run boats definitely in a boat and then you get aaron rodgers to be a character witness for you and that usually works out pretty well he's never is never have been wrong about that one i i like the idea of just become and just owning it be ok listen guys i'm the you have seen as it does a lot of drugs that's me so love it or leave it and then go start fighting in in rogue mexican leads or something good
the nice thing about the you have see you can always just flunked out of that and go grass over vincent man and let him you know take over your life and you'll probably diet like forty five but that is always an option that's not a bad idea actually like if you join wwe w e and he ended up in a bachelor killing vince big man in the ring office america sweetheart yes now you debbie i think that's how rustling works so can we talk real quick about usanga about how like john said that day like gay procrastinate a lot and they take your time testing athletes like wouldn't you really slack offer your job if you only job was to poor butscha piss into a microscope well the problem is with you sought as i imagine they are not allowed to use admiral that's a good my god you thought i was able to use admiral they'd probably get these testing these drug tests out a lot faster
they put himself in a classic pickle here you work for the drug testing agency but you're not allowed to use the drugs they make you action competent your job yeah just i could picture myself in that company and i would not want to do my job because this kind of growth job right real growth rogue rose i we're talking soccer this talking soccer get the euros france beat germany to all without the help of the united states of america which is a shocker french use doesn't be germany without a little help look good old boys from my back home and once again the german subs were a little bit too late little too late and i noticed that their aggression didn't come to a little bit later to usually the germans are a little bit more aggressive early on yeah and on the game outer if you saw this it ended in enough sides call unusual
any france germany match it typically ends in a white flag not an orange yellow one and that was soccer france and germany i got one more oh yeah give it renders a handle by funds dagger in vienna that's typical the outstretched right arm of a german nothing's ever good come from that for one second factor for once fret friend i was able to defend against germany so congrats to them and that was talking soccer what do we owe you have a stay classy this is so oklahoma city fans are pretty upset that given to rent left them and kevin ran had a restaurant in oklahoma city there must have been one of the best restaurant small time i think it was even called katie's grill houses think a water to it who is it was like some some i added i
i'll bet you really want to go even in a state of common rights restaurant breakaway a bunch of thunder friends left reviews so here they are one was much like his game it was overpriced in flashy but at the end the day was average lots the little wins but no big moments on the menu gotta aspect get this guy load laugh weight that was a metaphor this guy laughter three out of five star so he's like i wanna get governed around and really bring down his restaurant but not too bad it was still decent yes most midwestern move time like he went into that review thinking like i'm gonna fuckin ashes restaurants reviews on military in disguise clear inanity and he was i can overturn this kind a harsh it wasn't the food wasn't that bad mozzarella sticks were kind of good so my eyes were given three and five this one was i recommend the long horn spell
four thousand nine hundred and ninety five and they kick you in the junk before leaving its final really i'll get that one it's pretty i just think it's funny because it dimensions getting kicked in the boss and then this one was when i first eight his food it tasted amazing food made with respect honesty entrust those are all turkey ingredients the food guys now it just tastes like the food of a traitor i haven't had this bad of a taste in my mouth since one thousand seven hundred and seventy five as you know i should have been like i tried the eggs benedict yup as advertised got there and then ears alas when this is from travis and he said if i was a waiter at cadiz i wouldn't even show up to work because you're going to be out of a job when this place goes out of business in about a week i think that was just really mean so it is here
the question is can drag on the continued and manages restaurant from now that wasn't me about kevin durant that was just like hey all you people working for minimum wage sucks for you you're going to be out of a job assholes yeah that's that's mean i would have liked to see one that thirdly says like that's fine with me i prefer a rustle westwards restaurant better put something positive in their give you give so arm now a stake ass you go home city way to stay class you guys what do you got an extra got the hay j j so what after what you hid jaywalk so anything that work does their very important ranking of the top one hundred players in the unifil every off season and it's it's a supercilious ranking that you should pay attention to otherwise going to season you don't know whose good at football so they just release their top three genji what was number three tom brady number two cam newton cameroon was number one
but this means that j j is no longer the best planning fell so i felt like we had to address them sure yeah i mean j j maybe work out a little harder because came newton number one and he lost the superbowl a j j third place is actually the second loser united best losing i don't really know how to put pepper hey j j it gets worse success is not only at least your credit score socks hey j j who you couldn't leave you couldn't even get a lease on a car idiot with i pay i can right now you're gonna posada you wrote these i didn't write anything goddammit behind hey deejay nice bronze metal did you see he also gave tips to work
he's on social media oeuvres maybe to college kids he's really st about ninety five times before you send it look at every instagram post about ninety five times before you send it a reputation take years and years to build it takes one press a button to ruin don't let that happen to you that's shocking to make his j j want does not sound like the type a guy who spends ninety five times looking at each tweet it's a mean he's not calculated at all no i mean it seems like it's true consciousness stopped us come right in the head right so little hypocritical hey j j w it's a hypocrite hygiene maybe maybe practise what we preach so yet the ninety five to a judge you are probably actually does do that ninety five times in its fight it oh that's right as a ninety nine for his number he ba rights it makes little mark on the war ok i was an awkward
what are you never know what hatred is gonna set yeah that's his age agent hey j j thanks for making do awkward silences on our show yes all the last night but before we get to jimbo we have the not to brag but stephen a smith here's the audio why do you know about how this went down and what happened to make way make this decision will i don't mean to sound right it does know everything about what went down practically everything i'll leave you taking into account the things that the ways feeling it's not just now he and i spoke last night lindsey united spoken about this on several occasions over the last year and he's had a real problem not to brag boots they re smith is probably seen dwayne wade naked they seem very close up her i mean a little to close maybe he's he's not only been taxing with them in the last couple days with the last few years and it almost
seems like dwayne wade has like a journal and it just even a smith phone i also see that a smith his job is to report the news right we also he's just been sitting on this whole thing we're gonna makes you wonder like how come he got scooped on this whole running if he was so in the loop over the last year and a half i there how grave abby of dwayne weight is like taxing world the side and then telling telling stephen psmith ojeda man yeah man i'll tell you i'll be the first to tell you and see smith sitting there like me and win wade not to brag but we're best friend site i think that's what's happening exactly because state you know it is stephen ace it is like the housewife right and then work is like aside peace that i still when he's got some like some real issues gotta get off budget yeah the juicy the bad boy stuff i feel bad for serious threat he's gonna have a he's going to spiral here in the next few months without skip without his crutch its
he's gonna be falling apart so this is the start of it i know that everyone can a hates him right now but just now he's really just crying for help no you're absolutely right because like what did stephen i make his reputation off of it was allen iverson right used closeness he was boys at allen iverson entirely chios at the draft another thing and then he was boys with all the miami he guys so like now he there's nothing down there for him to report on so it's like he is all he can do now is just deliver heartaches he is no news to break anymore yeah and an shared sharp is taking over he's gonna be skip aliases partner out out and allay so that's that's gonna hurt as well i mean it vigorously found someone who talks worse than stephen a smith and light studies and does the universe even smith does that they found someone worse than that they were sitting there he's gonna watch that show every day i damn there's my best friend i give it
like two months before steve nations a text to skip the just as i miss us i miss our smell and then we also not brag sierra in russian because are literally bragging about the sex or having they posted on snapchat saying what we did last night was like unbelievable we're gonna do it again tonight why she's chill out i get a witch hunt this issue which i dont think that russia wilson have sex last night i don't think he had sections wedding night who as time to have sex on a wedding night he was gone we had a little cake which is not a bright need sugar yellow cake maybe crashed his belly her he's a guy you now let's do it tomorrow night i can agree with the he's over england he's got jet lag so bad you up so like he's going around introducing aims are like talking everyone feels able that's their oats flush the other way
actually always here like you don't have time to do anything on your wedding night world i dont think that i think russia wilson's overcompensate and a little bit like if you get laid on your wedding night who goes out next things like i had saxon my wedding night is that doesn't isn't it a little weird like just taking a step back that disasters like this is a real story that's trending research work this is an actual story did in and it's not one of those ones were peeping i peeping tom and auntie em z in russia wilson is ya want us to talk about whether or not their having sex they need this story right in it other things where if like two young attractive people are just bang in each other's brains out before they get married it's ok i want to hear the juicy details the second you say i do and you like a bang my wife
that's nice i do this gross like don't don't talk to me about that i'm here about like your marital sexual intercourse which try to have a kid would you make love last night you lead a couple candles rear us yeah gross colonel after i also i'm not point fingers but i think a browsers is losing their fastball i'm surprise no one has offered a million dollars for sex tape i feel like that's a usual that's a porn move that happens whenever someone's about to have some big time sex so where's that then would you call a difficult browsers yeah they like is this a french company that new what is the french porn site that you go to browsers browsers here did you do to hank what do you call it process you have browsers i have a little class guys we're watching my point i didn't
the internet did you do to do because it is ever every guy was in the show right now i can just take a look at loggerheads like irrational hours i gotta get to do to fucking whistle what's good could achieve both started alien and our female audience on that one day all females watch goes watch browser sue oh ok i'll be sexist pierre and while i got my face now you don't egg speaking of browsers first jumbo this guy paid one dollar month first subscription didn't realize that after the first month there was thirty five dollars a month until one year later where'd he go like colombia music clubbed with browsers but that's not still earlier jimbo because you had a subscription browsers to like a silver lining their
hank does you understand what would i met when i just said colombia music clubbed now and things do you remember the east what what's it s right i don't care that is as a jumbo i think that's just well i it is in anger is through the is privilege i think it's banker your favorite yea pay thirty five bucks but guess what you get your mother point so do with awe hump i think if you have a point description two thousand sixteen on the internet that actually can be deducted is charity because who pays report that definitely right off if your blogger it's like it's right off its party with job ok next won t melt did let my dog out when he was bargaining father i am he proceeded to shit and have diarrhoea of my floor and phone charger as a phone joggled you're really bad dog
now i would say so you no matter what state of consciousness urine if you're done just won't stop stop working you have to go through like the main checklists you have to try to give a water you have to let outside or after yell at it and if you just like went to sleep and that's you know also check to see if i do you ps guise of the dark that usually will set off the dogs five aimed delivery yeah yeah you never know silent the heat thinking wade was coming back jimbo side by side big time jimbo not jimbo no state income tax eleven in miami we really did pretty gets by article do forget that god so drunk that all i can say to the video came round my friends wedding was you fucked up i was groomsmen yeah you know that's a jimbo because guess what is it who's going to watch that video it's going to be the bride and her bridesmaids so now
have you ve so basically the alienate the bride forever and also all of her best friends so that's gonna be rough for you not only wish you could take back for sure com college professor blacked out talks about my love for her she played the vote fail to my whole class while i was there i kind of like their move i suppose you move but its if that's the move that leg guess what you're never gonna be in the french zone without professor ever she knows good intentions the whole class knows that you're a horn dog so like you know that i think that that did you come out pretty good on this one also oh i'm not totally sure i'm not always good every began clues but i think the professor playing the voicemail she's gonna flirting with you
you're a man you're in she wouldn't do that if you were creep that she was afraid of right you would have had a restraining order instead it's like ha ha ha look out money this is see me after class wink due to do are these what this one they are still we spend on this guy i need your help i drunkenly signed up for the chicago marathon the other night to run with a charity i'm now responsible for not only running twenty six point two miles in october but i have to raise one thousand five hundred dollars two hundred sixty pounds levin run more than three miles at one time in the last twelve months hi i well the charity part is easy you set up a facebook thing you say hey i'm around the marathon an especially cushion that guy is even better you like hey i'm losing weight say you're running
say you're running for obesity obese kids in america chaired whatever that is ok boom done that that's easy the running part i think you just gotta take a cabin cheap i was just going to say you have a great easy out tonight run the marathon and that's just like i couldn't the money so like put together real half ass donation page ok tweeted out maybe once and be ok guy does this thing that i'm doing be real wishy washy about it and you're you'll get like five hundred dollars were pledged donations me like tibet it can't raise a can raise enough money so they didn't let me run i've been trading here's what you you tell everybody like they invite you to hang out that we can you know i can't because i'm running this marathon and then like couple weeks before they kicked me out they won't let me run the marathon i didn't play their game also always bacon injury that's usually good you pay dear you know you started training achilles body
armstrong groin i don't know that you're you're give your future sixty pounds per i get a little older you can say any injury and people just like who sorry we feel really bad for you here some money she might even be able to start a fake charity vacant injury pocket money horror or you think the injury everybody susan that they give you the money and then you just walk the marathon and you're like i could have done the way i can stop turned back but you know what i didn't i finished it and then you get the metal they give the meddled anybody yes we should run american as a team like now was runs like a ten mile now got such now i was thinking there's more of us who does get still it around the entire in all things could sammy opera like eight hundred yards in zero dog marathon cassettes
i'd like that would be money maker right there like nobody wants i ain't always amazes me when people go out along race courses and they like stand to cheer runners or like bicyclists for about five five seconds as they run by if you add a dog marathon would get like a bags population you'd probably get fifty thousand people on the course just watch dogs running the big smiles on their face or you get like the fastest dogs you can what's the fast start breed grant obviously you get like a track and you run them hence each other and we could bet on it that's even better what went down the river for the fourth pastel my tubing gotta somewhere and so bad i hadn't unable to work a week
how is the missing where the jimbo comes to launch an you fell asleep on a river lead you didn't have to work for seven days at an awesome fourth of july and then i took the rest of the week off while man feel about real guy sucks for that guy was second can we set up like a go funding for that guy i laughed one my also go to the office speaker via bluetooth went to the bathroom and sorrow watching porn configure figure out why the volume one place i kept playing different videos to see the salad play realize that rod seven minutes at my former still connected to the office bigger why were you why do you need sound on your phone to jerk off install it seems like india the kind of guy that can get off in your work stall
then you're probably not the guy that needs to have liked the full dolby surround sound effect yeah it's all this is one of those jumbos where this guy incriminated himself to a very much larger jimbo like too vague then his office jerking off in watching the heads you miss network does that seems all too commonplace rio this guy that's a lot of porn at work he's exciting i'm just in normal dude just a guy in the middle of the day just trying to get his rocks ocular tom abbas and be back went to turn on browsers yeah a jimbo for many reasons i would say i'd say first you obviously deal with the problem rain in which is that everyone now knows but secondly i would
they try to make it through work day without having to watch porn on here on your phone destroy see what happens i don't i'll spend zone all the girls in the office no that you like to have seen is that like if there was ever any question now they're like ok this guy he banks also i should just say i might have brought up there what if he works at a born office i think we both fucked up because what if it was a czech oh i don't know i think with genuine gender neutral right ice it's like the old you know like the sun in the car and the car accident in them the dash enough great his mom and it's like boom its doktor they those now a lot of women at their going into the store husband at the office in just just click on the mouse oh man
yeah yes so guy or girl were you ever put in this jimbo of your listening i know you are yet try to just curb the the porn at work see if it works you know maybe that's that i keep you need no one's ever been caught watch important work if they don't have to jerk off to work well if you absolutely have to whatever happens is buying a magazine yeah use the old brain using old noggin go down memory lane this is a big time millennium problem right here like in my day you would never get caught for doing something like this man i set it up i do you guys got jumbles yeah so my computer was broken for like a week and a half the wi fi didn't work it wouldn't update wi fi just like totally shut down and i could anything on it and i took it the microsoft store had to make a big trip a big to do out of it you are not enough
now why i got the surface broth breeze the official computer the nfl i much prefer familiar with that i'm not poor so i took my microsoft to the store and then said set up an appointment and everything i handed to the guy literally takes ten seconds and he had to back music ok it's fixed unethical what would you do any show me he's like here's the restart button that i had on it as i've heard that a million times music whartons very easy to do as it could you like pretend that it was it harder because our people watching irena you know what thou that's one of those situations where you just you loose in the jar when he cannot how much are in n out you're struggling within then someone walks over and you're so busy losing it so i'm going to give you some credit here if you hadn't hit the restart button like forty five times before you went in the g20 what do they call you know call genius far less than genius bar yeah some yeah you get back i wanna be able resent it so i'm i'm saying your ear and the right here i had
control in all pressed down and he just aegis he tapped delete yet exactly my jimbo is i entered targeting competition and i drank in entire bottle a pet abysmal before so i couldn t shit for like two for forty eight hours and my stomach hurt a lot alot alot that was a bad luck you joy just not you shouldn't toma do i think he was messing with you yeah they definitely don't they plighting ex lax hey what you got my jim was also populated others only them triggering bush light and like having shitty pizza for the last seven days and my stomach spent a disaster that you know that reminds me the guy in the rivers like i've been eating pizza and drinking beer for a week my chamber
on board at all and i haven't gained any weight such a tough life bank sorry for your loss that's the show we will see you on monday home under we talk major league baseball all star game talk the worse time of the sports calendar but you know we're gonna come in hot you know where that we're not gonna we're not gonna stop the heat just because the monti july sucks we ve got a huge guest to oh yes we journey here yes so get excited and we will see everyone monday actually know we'll see saturday we got to eat saturday let's get weird make sure you tune in for that that will be fun fifteen to twenty minutes good time saturday morning and then we'll see you back for a full episode on monday
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