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Jon Anik & Stingray Steve 11/11/16

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Thursday Night Football and it's time for America to officially heal after the 2016 Presidential Election (3:10 - 11:17). Emergency Football Guy of the Week (11:17 - 16:30). Stingray Steve joins the show to give us his call of the week (16:30 - 19:28). Jon Anik from FS1 and UFC previews UFC 205 with all the betting tips you need (19:28 - 34:01). Segments include PR 101, Spinzone, Thoughts and Prayers for Roger Goodell, NFL Week 10 picks, and the debut of Nerd Alert. End your week with Jimbo's.
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pardon my tin presented by sports welcome support him i take it is friday november eleventh in america it is time to heel i love it and
it's very important we're all right each other's throats of tough election was a tumultuous election bilbil get very emotional around election time and now it's time to heal gonna put it back together you know it's gonna help a celia is part one for our part my take us one helps or hear he'll do sports in general more importantly than sports the unifil all those people who were watching electric covered instead of the nfl welcome back its the league is better than ever ratings are gonna skyrocket we love this league yes if you guys only knew the action that awesome games that you ve missed so far this year you got a lot of catching up to do but guess what does sweet n now's the time to jump in greg bedard from sports illustrated says the nfl is in the right place at the right time to help the nation put itself back together it just so happens to coincide with a rebound in the tv ratings than all
better for the league it as team from blue states and red states it features players and coaches from all over and with different skin colours and beliefs and i felt teams reflect the divisions in this country yet they find a way to make it work i loved it feels good as it were ready to heal the browns the ravens that's healing territory right there and i just want to say everyone out there if you were one of these political people who may be skipped the nfl too watch cnn for the last three months reminded us how about that seahawks cardinals game we watch a few weeks ago because it was a duty is really good and it really is to the most healing thing might be to sit down and all watched the browns because we're all are experiencing relief that at least we're not browser ants right so that is the one thing they can polarization together are unified hatred of potentially being around him what do you think this is a tough night for people who are may be hard core democrats
big time hilary guys also bronze fence is are any reason wake up two mile gets been a rough lot of those brown spencer also indians fence yeah so rough couple weeks for you guys in the bronze due to get busted for steroids any time now yan that yeah delhi left management tough couple months for years but we're all in this together okay so we're color russian were stick it out and we're gonna get through this blood russian in my pants if you know what i mean that browns and the ravens color russian color a boner is a cholera here like it hears what people don't understand his collar rush it's the color that usually have put just more of it or it we sometimes different color a brighter version of the same color yeah so at any rate you have to watch it when the teams were indifferent uniforms your interests are out you actually got you thought i was a little curious because i said i like to watch all the highlights two just see what every game look like i feel like that too
the more person but maybe i'm not the mighty only went out their heads what do you think that's weird anyway you just you watch one is equal elliot touch anything like us all to hold on sunday night if i was may be travelling or whatever and i didn't see the games i wanna watch all the highlights recondite ok was like sunny in cleveland or it was not like i just i like to know what the jersey look like that you're big fashion guy later as i'm a guy who needs i'm film guy i care about the accident i was not so much the clock i want i have a football being a library up in my brain and i want a file away okay so weak eight weeks six of two thousand and twelve the steelers were the we're the bumblebee uniforms ok what's important i'm axes knows you're whether enclose yet we get along together it's time to heal as country speaking of its time to heal as a country shall out to morocco obama think what saddam may can turn this into a recurring segment or topic or whatever you want to call it but stick to sports
yeah if there's one thing we can all get behind in america regardless of the bomb is part politics or your person preferences obama can deliver a mean roast he's really good at hosting sports teams he is so maybe obama should just stick six hundred and forty at the cavs and the white house today heroes to jr smith for not wearing shirts ever he have a shower out two year ninety six bulls team i see said thanks to the goals that wars for losing us here and now the bulls investing madonna rang absolutely ah stick to sports important i also can i just say i'm a little excited for two things for the trump presidency one when he has team show up cuz he's probably not going to roast like obama did but he'll make you somehow make himself give himself a ring for every team that shows up that's going to be great to the andy katz bracket is going to be
must watch tat i don't even know if he's gonna do that you don't think so he's gonna if he did he piglike all private schools in the one seeds my got ya eggs is so i got wharton verse cornell here it is a big he's a big one sees guy yeah that's gonna be great also the white house correspondence dinner were people get up until jokes and can make fun of the present lotta comedians can be shown up dead i think the week i think it's gonna be a lotta jokes like hey that donald trump he's sure is tall huge did you check discuss while well installing gulf my whole arm handshake so i think i brought this up earlier but i think donald trump huh probably the most sports president walter i don't mean that he he lay sports most but he treats business more if owner rights owning team i think he might be the first president to hold out for more money he's your joy bolsa yeah i think you might do like a three we called out through january i've just like we can get interim
president cocoa to just like fill in those three weeks and then but by the way can we just imagine cocoa is present in the united states cocoa twice twenty turn over wednesday here in america i'm going to go one further he's not going to be the guy holds out but i wouldn't be shocked if he pulls like a tio and does like a press conference from trump towers you know maybe the lobby like doing sit ups and and ups but you remember tee o and you that yeah sure i would love maybe do some you know maybe your prayers in front of the media just overall president's should probably stick to sports yeah no matter what can you imagine obama being like i think it would make a good son football not reaching them up with paint manning i think you'd be electrical both yeah pugwash satan's patents licorice shots what would you think chris calls or thinks like em morning when wakes up he's easy check his phone like ok is that it is today the day he's gotta
before the patents taking my job eurasia all hole on the walls of chris concerts bedroom he's just get paid manning pictures of the eis cut out his wares like honey can we take down the paint manning is a little bit creepy is ignored when paid manning went in the booth alan crests he did the whole like it was basically an hour of painting is going like you can eat that tickers cup to live here but that do not appear to take my job area my way back i move i do that to hang all time you that's all but now i know that yes you do you do that to me i know you that's all that yesterday jasmine down my statement when i'm still eating marcel yanina protein our end you actually don't even finish it so you are done i noticed you didn't depths fifty does a child's i do that she's always like hey let me get some of those chips ok emergency football guy the week we have this one is actually for by the year nick sabin he's bet that he didn't even know the election was tuesday because he was
read more about football any practice didn't he said something like we were more concerned with other things around here yeah he's gonna bunker down in alabama in the whole world doesn't doesnt registered am i mean that's our is anyone i'm a little bit shit we're not not shocked that he said it i don't necessarily believe him savings my right the old charles barkley things are neither michael joined thing they said republicans by shoes to re saving knows that like he has to recruit republicans republican and democratic families yeah so he's just he sees every election as a threat to his recruiting that's actually good point so he's online it right down the middle he's living room guy and you're gonna get thrown out of lot of living rooms if you say the wrong thing ok yeah i do think that next saving is like a savvy football guy he knows how to play the football guy card harbour
i feel didn't know about the election that would be our light out yet be very genuine yep ages has no idea oh oh oh it's not it's four it's been for years i thought we had a king in this country right re actually about a lot of football gotta be in favour of having a king you just make things a alliance lacks a lot less mass were actually i'm taught myself into really embracing a monarchy i think america should king arthur was not really wouldn't have election protest if there were just kings sri ultimate mentioned belgic yeah what about him
press conference and people ask about trump cs saddle seattle whenever somebody asked me anything it makes me uncomfortable from now on is like a reform visiting my s name dominant dominatrix and she's like hurting me too much said hey you can really like his heart did the wires and his brains is no help notes hey caleb quickly sad that frank colleen dough what php empty does frank kelly endo does bilbil jack ready got shit no tunnel under less friendly tweeting certainly examine every penny and sea while we're hot we have real hospital look out now boys were outwards climate and the other chart i have another football guy the weak it by the way you have my right now you have my bit yeah its ceiling gave you still my baby i got no more times a day
now let me get my baby back still every fucking day emergency football guy the weak number two this is actually a hockey guy ok we're gonna get some very very it might babcock so leif yet he pulled a couple real big football guy moves this week he made the team practice in the dark i saw them and he made the teams to ground after losing a game seven nothing made him run suicides are skates well that's on the ice love it so be night that's a major make you boys throw up until the puke on the ice they associate losing with puking that's why you know a lot of kids turnout they drink and then they puke and then they know drink again after that maritime the kid in the closet with with twenty rapes and you are very kind of cigarette eta every time i throw up i say i'm never drinking again and that certainly work from ever losing again because we had to throw up from the suicides makes sense ah let's do it quick add before we get to both were interviews let's talk about
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or code p m t like pardon my take at my bookie joy in all the fun put some wages down get rich you play you when you get paid are it lets you too quick interviews we have stingray stephen as usual friday spot with a great call of the election little history therefore you and then we have genetic from efforts one and he is going to preview the huge you have each euro five by a kind of macgregor fighting on saturday night that's how we he'll try let us remember that all line up in our mutual hatred of irishman yeah that ok irish when you know an irishman get into a fight in new york city that's the first time i've ever happen well interesting as the irish joke there i would like to link the fate to fight u wanna got you want to go you brought such i rang it gets a little box
poor working on it hey exiled as our very first time doing narratives awhile for us to get there ok not everything can be the canadian boys right away thank you do an irish tax heroic ready said go as no gale that i don't know you're the best okay so how does the cow and the irish actually we steer clear that are so here is lastingly stephen john in ok we now have stingray steve every friday steve how're you doing how about you great rate array work are audiences loving the historical calls and we were all witness to history on tuesday night as we elected or forty vice president we would love for you who to call donald trump winning the presidency that will be also my just hope i don't rub any of the hilary supporters the wrong way
we will give it a shot yes i just want to go in and say that before i start i don't wanna do not want to rob any of these i am a crab the wrong way of core who has not yet whereby partisanship yeah we're all in this together yes absolutely are so i'm they like unease castor at first and then kind of breaking distingue re ok
perfect well guys as you can see we are still waiting on up and surveying yet to wrap up the count right now is tromp add to fifty four and hilary add to a teen and if tromp carries pennsylvania it will almost be but in a way over because he will then have they twenty point needed to get above the two seventy which will make him the president of the united states and we have breaking news now coming in trying to pennsylvania promise taken for buying yeah so there you have it folks from head to seven before
and he is the forty first president of the united states tramp tramp tramp and drastic this is age stingray re where that huge come from just haven't fund has been working on that that is also those great we are going to make amerika great again we don't wear anymore guys we don't win it trade we don't win and our economy but guys we are going to win now because the tromp train is heading to day say baby i think stingray set himself up a run and twenty twenty who can you confirm or deny that if if nominated would you serve again
this rights they re twenty twenty two are we allowed to say dirty things on the share of course i just started i just now thought of the perfect her fate slogan sting re twenty twenty the guy who's drowning in policy there is that's america billiard yourself we now welcome on recurrent guess john annick from you f c s one he is going to do little preview for us we have mombi for every big fight there's no fight bigger than you have see two o five first time ambassador square garden door have that right yeah foreseen for the usa in new york i gotta think that that this would get you guys in the building too expensive for me we
cried we try to drink jig laser said we couldn't come that yeah yeah yeah so are you have see to a five i'm excited i think everyone else's excited let's work backwards to the main event to talk about some of the under card there is actually a good betting fights and some close once ominous start with cowboys her own and he's minus one fifty five what do we got on that one i know you don't talk about gambling but if you were who'd you take yes i gotta say i see value on the surrounding side he's been unstoppable as a welter weight and now he's really fighting a much bigger and presumably stronger welter weight and kelvin gasoline but i think surrounding his put on some muscle since moving more permanently up to one hundred and seventy pounds from one fifty fives to me a gallop donald rony who you know brings it the way he does in that minus one fifty five range i would think almost against anyone in the world at fifty five or seventy would be appetite
link to some betters and i think he has more ways to finish the fight i think a gas when is probably by decision so price is shorter than i thought it would be answer only so strongly that way i guess i would say and then we ve got the of the two polish women fighting each other for a belt i like it is it is a joke somewhere we could tell simpler jokes yeah i do know is that like how do you think of a polish sub opens open door of the screen go get what what is it yet but is something rather screen or somebody screen do now and you can put it together married a polish one oh no i don't i'm endless alike i sing polish like happy birthday to my dad can we guarantee when i get a little you can we get a will there is still a lot still a lot yeah i mean that account aspirin do really hate just now my birthday how do you tell which ones the groom polish wearing how is one of the clean bowling shirt
ah you know if you ve got to polish women fighting each other does this mean that america can't fight anymore we're not breeding or women good enough to like be tough yeah i think there's something to be said for that i think also these women are just you know born into the game more than i think a lot of american fighters are but you'll want again j check who is the favourite and champion against carolina cobalt that's why it out the goddamn pronunciation god whose on i've got i'm glad i'm not call it can i we would stress we're gonna try both those
same again i'll do the job jaw joanna jeered jeered subject chick corrosion new jersey and now the same again yolanda young check and then the other end carolina kova cave it that's why you're approach like by the time i sit down to call these spites i've said those like a hundred times rather self out loud so they become you know what they become but let's do it i sound awful on a morally i can assure you that the duty on j check this champion just yolanda for short cheese she's the bad woman on the planet i think she stands to gain the most from being on a paper view led by conor macgregor that's how special she is i think she you know has most advantages in this fight that's why she is the biggest betting favoured or on the card so i can't make a strong case for the underdog yonder dogs undefeated complications undefeated
these tough as hell hard to put away but you know young j check over twenty five minutes it if you guys watch this fight and watch her i guarantee an economic commodity we talk about her i got one more did you hear about the pork who thought his wife was trying to kill em honoured passing table he found a bottle of polish remover poet moreover it has prepared here's another one has why dont polish women use vibrator is it shifts thirteen that is really makes hurry well yeah right these down the polish jokes about to make a big come here let's do that let's make a big come back with him there always good maybe your mama maybe your mama so fat joke still do hand in hand and bringing both back the fight before the main fight
that's woodley verse thomson talk to us a little bit about that i'm actually pretty excited about this because there could be a pretty big knock out right yeah i mean i think we're get finishes in all three championship fight so hopefully that gets fans excited this is the fact that i am most excited for though with respect to the other champions in the other main event stephen water boy thompson man i just such a special striker and the way he controls range and distance no one's been able to touch him and people have tried to figure amount they just can't touch him but tyrant woodley man is the complete package he was in straight out accompanied by the way if you ve seen that movie i don't know what what party was but i was pretty prominent role but time really can do at all and he's gonna hafta restless gonna have to run clock he's gonna have to extend this fight but he as have the bigger power shot so to me plus one sixty six plus one seventy the guy i think with the bigger power shot and all of those skills i think there's a little value there but do wonder boy thompson if you haven't seen applied before you'll see why he so
echelon why fellow fighters just can't stop talk about an odyssey why he deserved a waterborne deserves to be a tune want favorite or at least to be the favourite but don't sleep on time will the athena lived out so you just mentioned that you thought to three main fights we're gonna be knocked out so does that mean you think connemara gregory's gonna beat eddie over us well i think that flight ends in a finnish i think why where the other ok even though i think if it does go twenty five minutes i think the advantage would swing teddy alvarez and i think his career sort of speaks to that end these proven as much but no i think i you know i think there's a great chance common macgregor gets him out of there on the floor
proud to be honest we really are cars that special a striker and eddy alvarez obviously is very durable and and i think it a lotta respects in terms of his offense he still improving but conor this is his way class man i mean you guys know is competed up at one seventy against nato as an down obviously you know suckin himself out two hundred and forty five pounds but this is the way classy belongs and i think this the way class he's gonna be destined eddie ours is not some huge imposing lightweight i think it's a competitive fight i think not unlike will i think alvarez has to run clock and be smarter reckless but do the connors left hand is no joke man that's i don't know i think he'll anthony finds find how is alvarez his job because i mean you know the last two connor fights like you said he's a great striker but and nate diaz a bigger guy but he and nate diaz could eat a hunches is alvarez a guy like that all legendary she had not ds chin but legendary chin but i just feel like conor is that special and i also
feel like eddie has survived while absorbing a lot of damage especially early and fights and i think you repeat that pattern against somebody like conor macgregor you potentially pay for it but again you know it's isn't a one sided fight necessarily i think the bedding lot is pretty accurate but if i was bedding conor macgregor i think you have to look at a knockout proper if your side allows fork is and you get them in the plus money as opposed to a modest one sixty yourself so we good into this earlier but this is the first fight in new york in what like twenty one years yeah they did want yet i did want you have seashell way the day is butterby energy or something i don't think he was it was you
and we're gonna early nineties western utilised sort a bite a guy's dick off in the ring in vienna will determine our mirages crazy i was all so finally the brain violence back to new york city at long last of what was the reason like why has you have see been kept out of the big apple so that's what we call you not from new york city to understand what we called the big apple wife back i or i've heard that is the boss and other people may be called the big apple so it took millions of dollars by our outgoing ownership group and lorenzo for tita to finally get it done in new york it they have spent millions of dollars
getting this legislated and regulated and sanction state by state i mean when i started with them five and a half years ago they weren't in maine you know there were lots of different states where they hadn't touchdown in it and strange and i ran again we're in a lot of ways that new york was sort of the last final hurdle but there were just a lot of old school politician and and stuff shirts who who provided hurdle after hurdle but finally it shall be done and as promised to new york we're gonna be there for five times a year we're going to albany in december and and will do a paper view in the first quarter back into york as well as some look for them can become enough for those i will definitely be in albany in december if you guys want to use my tickets although i don't know why you guys would make your way to open the appropriate better things to do but we'd love to have obviously what about not and we talked you since the sale i don't think
we have you know i gotta let the beak it i'll do it i've been get a call from california and unknown number i feel like i'm getting fired so least right now they're keeping me around but do my boys or drop in like flies so hopefully the announces can hatchable up here you got it ok and what about it now easy did you talk to dine at all was he i mean a kind of one that one right not put on the spot well i'm again and i think a lot of what he was reporting was accurate but sometimes when dana takes a certain stance or doesn't take a certain stance it doesn't behoove member benefit him to take the other stance right you know what i mean it's like not that he is now widely lying or you know denying something that's true necessarily but to me you know i think there's a lot of side swiping things that he doesn't need to attack head on and i don't you know see tomb
jesse with that but yellow censure there in all right by thought due to a wednesday in a white coming on board my what you're looking for we asked him come on and i think we don't but i think we run the same circles we won't be wedding his beak if he came on the show you can like he responded basically so you gonna pay me a thousand hours come on down paraphrasing here because wasn't actually him that responded really asked me for money but i can kind of tell that he wanted to be paid so he was like are you going to make me shocked and spaghettios out of a beer bong actually that would be a great eggs interview dana waiting there i think you would actually be the first to either he neither fight us or he get up and just walk out i think right tell me about you i see two off i would be the only reason why you wouldn't have him it's just man it's mayhem and the request her insane but you can be sure that at some points on
he will grace these airwaves so we are talking before we got you on you are losing tour goldfish super contest we all are to be honest ninety two percent of gamblers yet in the world are losing too are going out here but did mary goes only about it yeah it's this room for man twenty six eighteen and one i think he's gonna cash i think as a great chance a cash which is just unbelievable i wouldn't mind losing too to be honest with you now i'm i'm hanging by fred i told you guys man i feel like i've been fortunate to you know get within a few wins the goldfish dad i'm written form i do it i wish i had stock i wish i was invested i will tell you what john it's it's lucky that you bring that up because you write larry right after season ended today he would be in the money so if you want to become a part owner of larry we were actually doing a one day stock sale of larry way on five joe flak oh yeah sure you get part
a ship and lay the goldfish so we we froze his we weren't we have not liquefied any of his stock i'm using financial like very in specific terms is irregular to judge reggae your tea offering but we're going to do a one day fire sale so if you want to buy a shirt now's the time alright well as soon as we're done you can be sure i will be purchasing natalie t shirt i love that and yet we need to get you up here we need to get its new york i know that you are unable to make this trip you're going to brazil though are you worried about zika you know i've been eighteen times bro and it's not it's not all its cracked up i'll tell you that you know i mean there's brazil or the zoo brazil you know and i go although our votes it yet yea and which ones not cracked up brazil will just we go to a lot of remote places you know it's not like i'm going to rio sao paulo every time i go to brazil so we're criss crossing this country and in others just a lot of places that i think would be i opening to a lot of people that their
want to flee the country now because of our presidents have you ever been fake robbed at a gas station while you're drunk i've been in a car chastened brazil but no not not a get yeah well you're chasing somebody or were they chasing ok rhine lucky i was being i was being chase i was in the backup nothin bigger than a priest and we're chased for about man cards i am jewel box hand over your man card twenty five minutes our work or would it have you why did you have their drive away now i lost the watson that but that was it worked out look at you ah what else you got now you know your patriots anyone i may add dolphins and correct now i can't believe they like kids trick or treating internal jerseys down i'll call you know these yeah i'm gonna come on more than one more than one that's that's that's screwed
i must be a clearance rack or something actually night i forgot i have one final question the election was pretty hot topic for it was big state who'd you before i wrote in a vote for my broadcast partner brian stand i don't know if you're familiar love so gay pride of the programmes on your motorway i guess you could say that waiting to your civic duty there are now man it is amazing i'm dodge a bullet for vote i guess i didn't say i got myself sticker john we appreciate come on is always and given us a little knowledge about you have seek as we don't know shit and we i look forward to watching you see to a five and then what what should we tune in to see you in brazil what did just were based they live on f s on every single saturday night the rest of twenty sixteen its absurd allow those made events a really big fight in particular the fight night so i
of that will be watching and again anytime wouldn't get you guys who show promotion would benefit so hopefully that happens sounds good so if any letters after having a good pollack jokes make sure to send monti john attic and they should have they sure given only about thank you boys appreciate it have a good one for you guys those interviews were brought to you by draft kings dot com drafting stockholm has a huge fancy football weaken coming up week ten get ready to get in some action i know your season long team is busted i just know it but traffic zack com has a solution for you can draft your team on sunday morning it is super easy you can sign up now and he can the old rivalries with friends and play them every week or you can try there fifty fifty contests where the top half of all entries wind cash and don't wait started he's in at drafting stockholm right now use code big cat and play for free with your
first deposit that's called big can be acc eighty to play for free for your share of over a hundred thousand dollars and total price that this week and a hundred thousand dollars enterprises total prices this weekend only a drafting zaka eligibility actions may apply see website for details go to draft zack com right now put in that promo code big cat and get yourself in on the action winsome money spent it around trickle down economics will little lesson for us it works and how do they re now drafting stock come let's do some segments we have our friday our in any would jimbo this week if you missed areas picks we actually treated them out throughout the day so foul part of my take on twitter and we also have very little to work so we thought there were put out a lot of video content we can all find it's all great content don't get me wrong you find a bushel sports outcome but we don't want overload we might eat each over the head with all these videos for it so we tweeted these out instead just in case it
might be case was doing down here and if so get back to your let us now look back to throw a ninety three next we gave her throne eighty lovers tells you ever some old will start doing more often and then so we have larry's pics on on twitter app am i take we have of an exit review for kurt benefit you can download the parcel sports apt and you can watch that and then today friday we have spencer hawes and frank exeter exit as well dropping so make sure you check out that there were great you chuck spaghetti us treatment watched you chug spaghetti much a beer bond spaghetti us and it's a little bit harder so the trick i know a lot of youngsters and happy fifty kilometre how can i also beer like spaghetti arose because it's kind of thick and that's a good point you have to use
take the full can you mix a little bit of water in the outer and there i saw you it's more volume so yet your stomach ready for that but it goes on easier until you throw up so you can check that out at the bar still sports app and apart might take on twitter i segment time pr one or one can you ve carl he's the saint safety and is facing a for game suspension for admiral sorry for china learn better yeah i mean just come out tomorrow say i have a learning disability pretty much washes it all away right way or are you just comes out he caught the here ok so so appear want to one come out and do your press conference and halfway just go and stand on the top table and light just are running around yet it our hasten back and forth like all man changes subject lot all this energy i just can't stay focused works now that's that's a great american amount of your little i gotta listen carefully ok ready for this year
so the nfl start suspending prayers for taking anoura in tim turbo quits football entirely to go to bed didn't we already say that he's i think you just now yeah but if we are to say he's most iter eighty hd kid in the world we would yet we are saying that we think tim tebow's thing is he is just straight up on copious amounts of admiral keep changing i'm gonna be if a popular and i'm play quarterback number by mid run but i'm also can be really got passing aerial excited and then i'm gonna be on european am really excited to denouncing ass you see in the magazine and then we'll never get a modem released by the national football somebody's shop so he's he's on at all and i think maybe this is like michael jordan type situation we tested positive amphetamines you now to link it was ok i know you ve got a really successful career but i need you to league a league sovereign to asks you to stop playing for allegedly this is allegedly but unlike it it could happen also wouldn't taking out all make it harder to play football
gotta be running to the bathroom all the time the refugees so i mean shall not now shouted can have a car for haven't bowels of steel yeah and so yeah just constant dry my dad's got a sock get a but whole like a steel trap oh ok i'll get you on the way there is a plugin himself up yeah maybe tapped abysmal under good very good actors right authorities are for you
next we have spin zone for the dolphins was the often linkage either often coordinator clyde kristensen so he great name by the way he that's that's a guy that's a career coordinator i think you're not gonna higher clyde christians into beer now and sounds a little german go a little strange skipping he might get home second in command might get hired and then a week later be like who those bad idea with someone else better came along you you're now offers important yet ass for me the height of clyde christians career actually he's a jeff his ceiling is jeff judges and ski yeah or what's got will run no ransom got hired by accident as the head coach to me not runs a fuck whom i think of
jimmy hoffa ethnic nuts they heard amazon's quota they like we can anybody else that might be required christians we write off as a coordinator and contract we meant to say head coach put yourselves the same year also if you saw corrigan bringing together because bingo numbers to replace so that i feel like i've cushats exact on that path right there okay so clyde he gave a great spends on fur right and he'll let people con until a gay manager which as you pointed out like that's a pretty good complement the upfront inhale the up and kristensen agrees he said it should actually it's actually compliment to call quarterback again manager yeah so thank you for the complex riots in hell if you walk up right here on my pay ryan you're gay manager he's gonna say thank you right yeah that's it great great thing to be four rhine tahoe at this point is clear i great game manager traditionally is like saying when if you're talking about somebody of the opposite sex saying they ve got a great personnel
yeah that's a gay manager numb he's not tall but he's kind of funny about that sometimes yet as i can reproach you look strong yeah he's like i get that sometimes i say that guy over there he looks strong i always get the big guy that always hurt my feelings linger nano like homeless people when they want like our knowledge and like the guy around where big guy i get that sometimes ironically layers a big fella yes if i get beguile times basically a nice way soon he fat guy out rather get fat guy then the ironic ironic they again will you do walked all that's true good white big thoughts in prayers this one's good a purse roderick adele yeah so fidel is going through a tough time right now but he's dealing with a lot over the last couple days he said than done from statements on women are hard for him to explain
to his daughter ah my god roger i feel so bad roger has historically been pretty good at communicating things to women clearly and the whole donald trump thing is count throne for loop he's i can't i had i tell my daughter's at sometimes they always the kid air so soon also thousand what he also brought his wife into this he said it's gonna be tough for me to explain my wife so thoughts and prayers roger de for having to explain massage any to his wife whose why who's not smart enough to understand massaging erect oh gosh is so i thought that's a transition forget out well she's a woman's or discuss small brain right so get out has to have a little help to tailor hey here's what with what's going on here this is why these people are mean tee and its such because good else you know he's done so well with women and while he just kenneth thrown into this bad situation that's not his fault while i want to throw this one out there for a good old roger i know he's probably listening here's a little tip for iraq
explain what massage me is to your wife on tape then buried cape and then the media will find out about the tape at some point release it and then you'll have to really apologia leak it to peter king you write to write like you don't even have to pretend to bury the tape just like facts it right fact exactly shape of these two factors because what i ve learned through my history is that it's not a problem until the tape comes out so really massaging he's not a problem for roderick adele and his family just got away for the tape yap also thoughts and prayers to his thirty six million dollar your salary because he said today one of the things to looking at is maybe cutting down a little bit on in game advertisements the so maybe there's no more touched commercial yeah extra point commercial he coughed commercial which is the sweetest part the nfl game yes i'm so he's gonna be cutting down on promotions and then that's going to directly affect his salary and you know what i don't
oh how middle class person america can get by these days i actually though i kind of appreciate roderick adele going along with this whole like while trump what a bad guy because spends on for roderick adele trot the best thing that ever happened because he was the number one most hated guy in america right and it's like omit iran's your basically was you know hitting on a war like hitting on a woman like in appropriately and then a real drunk i comes pumps indoor aids i damn this guy's a real fuckin asshole that's basically what roger details doing right now yes you can tell us and a great point life right now we are discussing the unifil is going to come in and save the united states also we talk practice earlier cuz i was going to fix the tie problem so he's basically well he's turning from an asshole to a superhero in about five months yet so just keep your eye on that but in the meantime nice talking to dell by he's a hard by right now he's underweight or overweight is overweight i think i said
kramer term i watch mad money once i'm he's overweight so biased right now and but doesn't at the same time because he's gonna have to explain this very complicated situation to his wife for we get to our last two segments we have our nfl picks for thee westgate super contest let's update everyone oh shouted odd shark thank you out shark checkout odd short for all your trends stats whatever you need they hooked up with contest they got us all in it larry is in the lead larry has twenty six points my right yeah there's got twenty six twenty six and eighteen which puts them in the top eight percent are goldfish shall we say this all the time if the season into today larry would win his some money if you're an investor in lieu so now is the time by iran larry unfortunately we said he and by anymore they restock guess what you can you can now one day sale until what
one o clock to morrow say for o my four p m tomorrow by the joke lack of elite shirt you get your for cotton weary the you get us get a stock certificate mailed to you with your joe flag elite shirk who was solid picks hank where'd you go the jaguars plus one f eagles is that why makes no sense to me the vikings that line also makes no sense to me that zone all the vegas and they don't know what to think so they don't know one is increasing gap classic that this is one of those weeks i think eyes were somebody out there knows something and am i i think i know what it is so i'm gonna destroy those weeks where i feel like the dogs might be barking put if they're not progress is a lot of money in the car those and the cowboys ok we'll know patriots
interesting not at harvard an ad hoc scaring you seven and a half if it didn't have the hook you gotta take it i'm going to the jaguar stu i think this is their bounced back weaker at home and would be jag off hard on sunday fire i get panthers i got the titans i've got the steelers and i've got the patriots who can you feel it frank there i also have the jaguar so that's a loss for all of us so fade the shit out of of my data we all three of us have the jaguars i have the falcons i also have the steelers the pact earth and the giants i say yes back yeah times and this is a classic case of the titans are to have dogs at home to the packers i thought that the line should be like four and a half and if so then i was like well i'm such a law you got that one yeah i got i had it for right if i did it sucks six and a half you had it were to happen when i got it i wanna get so europe now and the year to nineteen to fourteen
yeah i think i don't know that's a little inside but he's not people get to know the jaguars that's i always take points division home home team getting points in division did they get beat like fifty two nothing by the taxes last june and we're on round the gospel this week that steelers game that's your game is actually one of those like if the steelers are any good and have any pride they win by toothache applicants cowboy football guy bill o brien brought in congolese arise to talk to his team this week to ah so part she noticed i support you know tat she knows how to talked overconfident texans young people forget that europe but i with the packers i see i know what you're saying it's just errors
beaten me down so much as a bears van that i will always it's like screws my hat because whenever he's having a bad go of it my god now this now aaron rodgers aaron rodgers but as yet pays a sweetener rogers puts together he does hill then like throw for six such i buy erogenous back and then they'll come out and draw stinker about what's wrong with aaron rodgers we just summed up we just wrote like every football com in america we welcome you welcome as i once free maybe leave to pizza nor late night by shirt i have two more segments we have needler new one nerd alert whose is for cautious march on the seahawks who cash mar she's a deep it's wrong from seattle o from from seattle
so he's a self described nerd which means it's ok i don't know how to the rules work on that i since i'm not i'm very clearly on record as not being a nerd tanks eggs you were the book smart guy out of us will out of us that's not really sound the streets marker so as i guess i'm a nerd now because the so i getting on and are the younger uk commoner no i can commoner so nervous for catches marginal he can commoner you can't you oughta amateur yet but honestly i'm can only inward now here you're an end with a colleague of yours i'm a nerd is so i get to use it i haven't you have used one of my best friends inert new he's not a nerdy it one of you anyway the point is you got twenty thousand dollars with magic the gathering towards stolen out of his car and so he's asking twelve that's what they call seahawks when he says whoever he stole my magic election for my ehler for last night if you are a twelve
please return it and i will give you two tickets to the next one game you nobody needs he needs any dalton gill help from any down the losses luggage nab him find and so he said i'm grown i'm grown enough not to be ashamed of loving a game he wrote i get paid to play a game i love oh wow i guess if you're seattle person that goes round stealing i would imagine that anybody in seattle that specifically targets magic the gathering guards to steal from a car was also probably a twelve yes so if you're out there and you listening please go ro argue that back give it to us and then will videos about how we ve got his card and we ll okay now we got you guards and then little figure something out there we just wanna make fun of them but us and he was shot out everybody out there it knows that a real hobby isn't playing cards it's clean
football cards so true if you have a twenty thousand for about forty thousand or for bogart you not a nerd but if you have a magic gathering site you oh yeah what is it what's the card hank urinary what's a card like beats every other card the white lotus shelton blue eye my dragon that's yu gi oh though you're than i thought i would use a note let's do jimbo jumbles we are strong last week thank you everyone make sure you send gmos you can false part my take when i get the hundred k by the way by eight thinks so do your part retreat us tell people following our meyer video come now window we're not gonna release it until we get two hundred thousand are we we'll take mr calipers man oh yeah we forget about that quick brad cow pary gets his man card taken because
i guess he like his family was upset that he got a tattoo which said earned not given cause if you ve earned it you have to go out and get a tattoo make sure everybody knows that yearned and so this is john help our sun who's on the kentucky basketball team is power given he's earliest five star probably really high rightly what six eight to fifty plus i am on everybody urgent given maybe it was maybe was one of those things where they added the punctuation and so it said earned not and then period and then given bring it back by the way we did have the segment for while not that's right i think we had at one time he does a great segment not hague i actually like you're mustache thanks offers one nah bird want to the grocery store bought peanut butter and jelly stuff got home
as about gm instead of jelly oh what is jimbo i have no idea what the difference between jam and jelly is neither did i here's a tip for you why don't you just go with some good old fashioned fluff some white sugar butter marshmallows never heard i want our new teller intelligent basically just chocolate yeah now you wouldn't be a picnic telegram was answering your big everything ok here's other tip just avoid the confusion altogether if it comes in a plastic squeeze bottle that sugar stuff that's jelly right yeah so just what would you like a like a fancy pants by your jama gm jars aid to get i'm off for another buddy's wedding drove seven hours to the wedding only to realize it's a month early and i wasn't able to get more time off to go to the actual real quick what the fuck are preserves it just happened in that way you're talking about i think those are the reasons for the serbian and there's jam and jelly ok sir
you're saying i don't know i think that yeah driving a car to what do you know what you know and this is no one satire something like with those of the washington apples and then all of a sudden a couple months pass and we're getting into a debate about jammed jellia preserves so just let's look in the mirror for second year guys certainly would have wished but actually seriously at us please with what preserves really junk last week on the walk home so i thought it was a beer bottle and decide to kick it with all my might quickly found out wasn't a bottle and actually use a paper that was sticking out of the upper look up the next day my foot was twice a storm size had to get surgery and i can't crusher came at the next eight weeks what a dumb ass where you're drunk and european sammy that's on you i i can't fully blame on because kicking bottles is a lot of fun here especially
any kind of bottle is a lot of fun i agree that's how jack daniels died by them people talk about the severity of full injuries he kicked something kick safe fuck unfounded they died so i mean this is for injuries or series business so maybe we should make light out of the sky they hack was next one jack dns died from drifting eye when hoddan housing with a couple friends and decide to get drink for women while waiting in lima friend says my phone is dead and late for the port of body i immediately say take my phone has a life briefcase case thirty seconds later here thought and she comes out saying i can't find your phone the brain you have once again drawn our body oh i'd probably go fishing i was about to say with there had to be a five second canister off between you and her eager go it i'm gonna get you know you yeah does you have a light on a phone that i can use the term that's brutal
the driving from work in almost got hit by leading turning rate into my line i proceed to make a scene laying on horn yelling flipping the bird dublin realise had actually run a red light never felt like a bigger ass for my life check you dropped so yeah keep going you pretend they didn't happen the assets they say put things rearview you literally put that red light near where have you never look back yes on two percent doktor there aren't more traffic accidents america bad of driver as we all are we're just words were distrusting humans to drive around these like death traps at eighty miles an hour all the time people don't die descent track its charm the second while look at that you're one of those guys now i'm off i am the whole hog on board the automatic drivers here ok gimme robot car i went on social meaning the day after elections
yeah that was issued its jimbo i held a worse i opened up facebook yesterday in a closed it immediately all man i've i try this girl twitter on wednesday morning i just got so angry as they come out here is a little mouse just picture the mouse opened the door then turning round closing tells me i put the michael scott drove three hours through job interview showed up on the wrong day drove home drove back the next day and get the job thanks obama come on man that's rough come on man come on man my man come on man whose get who does job interviews anywhere yeah to show up and you stay till they give you the job i actually think about that every now and then like what if i had to go like interview for job tomorrow i'll never know what i will do
so deep in the like the fucked up world of blogging and pod casting importunity canadians and all this shit what would we should actually do that as video just like i have to go get that its aim of somebody's married for ten years and then they just jumped back into the dating game right yeah we would in what would happen would be we'd get half way through the interview and then i'll be ok yeah sex from exists acts is a job that they just stare me what what's it why you're talking about sex so much nosing aus jokers jim arbour like sir we have a lot of people than its i would know how to put together a resonate to save my life at this point and i guarantee if we went to a job interview we just part of aid in the middle of it and it's like now like just start raping as i do that now everywhere i don't drink today i penalties will judge era yet as a whole should maybe another train this is probably not right last one as working to football up in the press box my boss henry the accuracy used by didn't need them i offer them the spot or next meet before member
had he didn't have any armed your legs and was able to use them at one time playthings offer those extremely awkward for the rest it again i think that point you just have you have to hold a manually hold the occupiers in the guys like me to hold these for you at your face and his anger the next i was offering to beer told her here i'll be out of your hands i mean let's be realistic deck i probably does walk around with a holder a nudge not walk or have you certainly goes around here that's not the proper term lay moves around yeah with holder right you have them whole how you gonna eat without a whole year would sell so she just played up and i can now behold eight i dont want to make us about meeting a hero but i'm gonna be your holder to that's a wild one i wonder do we have any about ten o yourself ok lets us a little therapy derby here first one small mannequin challenge wrong yeah really knows a really good video like noticed that really is a thing now here's the thing i when i was it like one
otto corrected filled up the hash i just clicked it was ok cause so there is like three hundred people had it also spelled the wrong so i think you have robbed search dispelled wrong says i can explain the robots yes preliminary you blaming the cloud yet i was a bad one because that video went like pretty bills pretty one of our most watch videos on twitter and the hash i was thrilled rotten no what do you know what i'll spend zone we probably dominated manic unchallenged spelled with only one al gore and one in that if we were searching for that they definitely found as yet not only should the second one today i tweeted i don't know what heron feels like but i imagine it's what dropping your iphone though case feels like i got a lotta heroin followers they were put the jumped on my throat and telling me no that's not what that's not at all no that's me you're way out here it's i may better than that per as a guide has been on paying bills for the last couple weeks i know i'm pretty much know it heroin feels like this the exact
opposite of being that anxious cracks that's ok what else next i'm in the pricing anytime i could probably done a less but did you guys doing now i got one we all forget her passports when we whoa whoa thank you had your basket i do it how good for you hanging begat forgot her passports we have now is a stupid one so that a yes pointed out that we are on the american side of niagara falls the up the mistake good job on your part you're eagle eyed and that's that's our jimbo we should about or passport up the ep is so i don't know what we want to buffalo buffaloes is the best hey these guys in other accents or so convincing in real that it totally discredits the whole video when they're not on the canadian side you notice there to have a jumbo my whole life is kind of a general right now i need to sleep for a little bit said when one is
spots where just like a bet every overrun max this week album head i oh oh you were there sweatshirt five days after i have agenda haven't worn in like two weeks this is my favorite sweatshirt i'm very excited were actually going to the map championship game so i won't get ready for that and by myself new ones we have little part of my take we're going to bury the old one yeah yeah i that's our show we will see everyone monday we have a huge show on monday pat mcafee one of our food guess actually stopped by the office so we have a show in an exit review with him tat is the man and make sure you are subscribe leave review five star roast us and also check out these spencer hawes frank kaminski is in our view that we are dropping today let me guess
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