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Jorge Masvidal, NFL Week 16 Preview And Picks

2019-12-20 | 🔗

There was no Thursday Night Football so we instead bitch about how messy we've made our studio and then decide to not clean anything up. (2:35- 8:00) Weekend preview, Jameis interception watch, Pats/Bills, and Big Cat's cant lose parlay. (8:01-28:48) Fantasy Fuccbois.(28:49-31:23) The baddest motherfucker alive Jorge Masvidal joins the show to talk about his fight with Nate Diaz, putting people in the Shadow Realm, street fights, and a potential fight with Conor McGregor. (36:10-57:47) Segments include Fyre Fest (59:47-1:05:47) and FAQ's (1:05:48-1:12:56)

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On today's part of my take. We have the bad as mother, Fucker alive, that's actually title he has won its Jorge Mass, but all when we Do you see interviews we always get into a been like that on all this gonna go well, it went awesome he's great. He talked about putting people into the shadow room. It was isms fucking hilarious. We have a weak, sir. Team preview talk about big games, fire fasts ethic. Views were: gonna send everyone off, hopefully on vacation to a great show before we do all that though, were in the cash app studio and were brought to you by catch up, and not only is it the easiest place to send money to your friends, but it's also the place where you can buy fractional shares of stock with as little as one dollar Hank
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fry yea December twentieth, don't That is why an awful pointers and it's sad bite does sneaky one of the best. Football weakens the yes, because you got Saturday football yeah got Fc S play offs, you ve got Sunday Football game, soul gain by the Bahamas. Vanity were in the here and now, and I have spent all day looking for a football game, that just wasn't there just hit me too quickly. I dont know where time goes. I don't know if you want to get existential, but man this decade is almost over and football Thursday Night Football is over and I'm fucking bombed the decades not almost over yet another gear, to be that guy, because there is no use technically illegal. Do that two thousand twenty or you can it I'm not just do it not a piss off toys, that is, that is a real person that exist after that. I tell you that your relatives
no embassy see next decade. Ok, see you next year which we are not as unjust taking entire month. Colleagues eyes back, although the people forget that our party might take was started on a leap day, tour onto a brewery twenty nine through and we have another one this year, so our little podcast is about to turn a year old one year. That's actually crazy. That's so we needed doubt. We need to divide all the downloads we ve gotten in the last four years, divided by one, the most were still behind European yeah, probably fire shit. So no thirteen, I football that stinks by the way for anyone, there. We go nice Hank, but will move. In some add we do a lot of stuff in the studio produced this studio by the wireless Sakharov that real quick. So we had our aim as Rollin here yeah it was an awesome interview. I don't think he cares because he's a fighter and puts people the shadow realm what you'll find out about, but I realize
today there we have officially made this studio. Are jump pile it's a mess, so we we do a pretty good job, usually of regos eddying, charming with our uncouthness and are disorganization. Now kind of just reach the point words grossly. This is why we have what we were. We unorganized taken or were taken a month now to build this squat. Whereas what are you doing to help build the squat rack sludge? I stood nexus even chain told him. He was doing it all wrong and called him. Weakling I've never been in a gym passive aggressively side very loud every time I have to step over it that debt has to be doing something. To someone. That's true, I held both sides, the squat rack up and looked at him for a while. I get this looks about right. The up, gonna needed lug, not over here yet, but it's also just I don't know, there's my corners getting them. especially on, say some nice, but your corner- that big bottle a dip spit thee had four
a month is gone yeah. I don't know if it's still there somewhere, but it's gone out of my sight, while the big battle dip spit that you have is yours and I don't know you that's a man's. Your model at you, TAT Sat is not cat came at the king and he had you take fifty two. I once about and starts this. Isn't one hundred percent have t already an ipod? I dont alternates eyes if eight longing mountains your model ever. I would not put anger Siam back me up everything, media sick, I, as a mound do person took it, did respected because paeonies like yellow me get among do takes one of it in the gallery: shortening road houses and now they're Michael spit into beauty just pushing his gypsies radiating my horse very cute else. Right after I met that's my mind to some
I have, however, over the net that is literally the bottle that use every time you like a fool, bottle and spit in an absolutely, not ok. I gotta thing. You know we know, you know what you know: it's your that's, probably from Hanks Little Face Football podcast garment, which none of the host dip yeah. I don't know about that zone. Opting attendance at I'm a knock me mad. It just funny that you ve, moved dips could over here actually smart move, but you because I know that why look so I'd even notice that you had done that it'll be a little more it'll, be a little Easter egg, we're moving around the studio. So if you have Barston gold get to track the movement of the mountain. Do dish. Innovation told on yourself by telling me that I had no I'd, never turnover how mind that this is one of those things are big. How you say yourself up to just like be say something anything because tomorrow, what so we get those squawk up and we clean everything that next week and we get bag limit, will where's almost half where's, although no- I don't I don't. I actually dont know what I have any more, because I have so much random shit everywhere. Side I
You will not do that because I do not know what I have if you, if you say the words we'll get everything out here, we'll start twenty twenty clean. Now I lay our like ours comfortable. Let us just picture about the Mass Y know. I just feel bad, not some we have to we. This is what happens when you don't have. There's an eye for young bitch about them is a very fine line between being just kind of a lovely messy and just being assessed. Yet word cannot were falling over into the slab. Get it's like new. Really, none of us check each other like we're all kind of the same year sentence was axiom. It's me I I care can't believe, but I can believe the that Phd put his dispute over there, but I also market do anything about it. New year's leave it there. Everything that we bring the studio, every item that we bring in. We have to take one item out of the studio. We read your credit, mass I saw what we really need to do is put a bunch of like those golf pencils right at the door. Yet we can take place. taking those out and were good. I let's talk, some other stuff was, I wasn't football Tonga
I got fired, he should have gotten fired yet he did get fired, so there were going to relieve him of his duties at the end of the year, but a bunch news came out about how his finding letter from at a hundred thousand dollars for sitting down Tita yelled. A hundred thousand hours for sitting down on the sidelines, so they up his firing up by two weeks. You get fired on conflict time, he got fired a hired early. It's also very funny that Tom Kaufmann, who is the biggest stickler for rules of all time. He all it does is basically implement rules. He can't follow the simplest rules given by see Ba in the end, if we followed his own rightly falls and very very strictly, I actually I've gotta take on this. I think this bodes very well for the Jaguars, I'm actually impressed with the JAG worse and ears why they were eight. They kept all the thought the Tom coffin was doing in house
like you, didn't hear carlini around he accredited Demonian here, like littered for night, complain about yea Hygiene Ramsay, get like a woman pregnant for twelve months, but in he laughed Dante Fowler also wanted to leave, but you didn't hear anything in the news. Belike Tom Coffin, just like literally take stealing money from his blurs over made up rules that he is they don t. You one must ask, was boy portals the glue than held the jaguars together or for sure I mean that's, why Ramsay wanted to go to hell yeah and for net today sent tweeted a picture of a face time with him and blaming like the bonus, combat, confirmed and Blake. Look. He look great and I'm sure that call as I all thank God, Thomson the gone like you can come back now boat. Do you think's Lloyd S, eating for net faced times, Blake more than he did talk to him because he didn't smells breath exactly why? Yes, that's a smart move by him! Artless talk about the weekend.
Review some games. You gotta, get to you. I think we ve talked about this before off the air, but it's kind of crazy. I I think we both realise that with the professional athletes are we interact with some work here. They're big face time, guys oh yeah professional athletes much much more face Tom guys and they are of a text message or call guys its younger people and people that are attractive, Yasser faced p. That's for because every I've never not looked horrendous, uneffaced and it's essentially when you face time, your: U Base, we have to face all your fears. Because you're looking in a mirror and you're like I don't want to do that. I have no meares my house up, I'm like a vampire your own example. You have it vampires yeah yeah, so I would like cats like twenty year old kid. it's that are, you know, look the best they ve ever looked in their young dom in full. Come they face time up. If you face time, anyone over thirty were not a professional athletes. You're
actually an asshole, I'm gonna invent new app its face time, but your faces pixelate it. So you can't see they put the do you know you, you can put the animals on top your head, and I do that way. You just get stop as very no no, you can press the button and you can basically be like a dinosaur on faced. I am I right all snapshot neuro they haven't faced, I'm not its awesome. You can t you can like wag your tongue and it will lag its tongues principle that is going to try to I D weaken preview. By way of you on watch us wanna watch where hey Mascot, all bars to gold dot com, such p m t so We brought you by Belgium, GM bedroom. Gm is p empties home for sports betting this year, in addition to special new user offers for just ADA Beals every week, bedroom GM prices and boost special bets for us every single week they ve got the following every week in the lobby under Birstall specials, they ve got my can't lose Oh h, I'll get you in a second Hank Lockwood of the weak paid.
Its minus six and a half in the paths to record a defensive, touchdown turnover law, phds primetime feel goals two slash three and a half field goals in either Sunday or Monday night. Football game at two hundred and fifty and the special famous Jameis hat trick, Jameis to record over a half a touchdown, half an interception and a half humble. I love that when I love them so much as creative and I'm gonna roots your hard for that. So you can download the app deposit and check out all these lines from anywhere, but you need to be looking in New Jersey to place your bets. This Sunday night we ve got, bears and cheese and just in case people forgot the bears traded. What go on! I just put this in here traded up to what our
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Pain, free bats must be twenty one or older must be in New Jersey, place. Pet restrictions apply visit, bed, mgm dot com for the fullest to turn to conditions gambling Call one hundred gambler. Ok, oh my money, my kids, our light, voting honours generally night ravens Broncos careless, Blaine Wireless. Yet none of us can so this is the best saturday I think we ve never had. It is great these match up to our credit, because we have not only play off imprecate implications with the patriots in the bills and the forty nine is the rams, but we have James Winston, on a Saturday, which means shits gonna, go? weird lazy will be throwing interceptions. You got no is out and I got no Godwin, no Evans, I'm ready for my body. is ready for Jamieson, throw seven touched, seven interceptions in three touched. He is, Crime James was in his internal clock, is going to be even more messed up than it usually is, and he's got a fucked up internal clock who he's playing a full day early
the end? Is the early game to its early gave a short weak Texans linebacker should sharpest craps Dhabi night Mr Grasser, me as well all MR grab me, which aim is only or someone who do that or over drivers, yeah that to you did you take it over to the stadium? I'm so excited for this game, though, because James is it's been a running theme this entire year. He is the funniest quarterback. While time is also future hall, famer famer and one of one, this game, ominously, the taxes are gonna win, but JANUS who those like I'll bet on the Texans but who knows which I tell you what I'm doing. I'm just gonna bet the over I'm just better for this. This is a w word game. Fifty g shall be you know the wind, check the wind you W, and this must be high when high wind and temper Bay high winds, so just check it just check and I'm trying to help you out bills, Patriots Hank where you at this game,
I asked you before the show started. It feels like this is the biggest game. The patriots have played this late in a season no, they ve been in situations there. They have to see they control their own destiny. I thought I think it was a situation where they need to win like get in like now. Oh, but you re haunt, so you Dave had situations right where it's like one or two seat. This is the by or not so. This feels different, because if they lose this game Now they have to play three games and do you trust and playing three games in two of them on the road? No, I dont, but in terms of this game I don't think it feels because once the game starts patriot start dominating working working their way down the field controlling both sides of the ball and it's gonna feel exactly the same. Has it ever has what you just did was not answered. The question which is like this is the patriots most meaningful late engage in a long time now, once again, yet started your say:
that you think the patriots win, but I don't think I dont think I think I've been more meaningful games. I don't things this one is made. Maybe that is not just feels different like this. I can't I better go allows me it care unless I'm weak. Sixteen came around and it wasn't, like other pages, are locked into the letter. The tooth, I just really wish this game was in Buffalo. I wish this is dildo, throwing whether I address origami snowy, it's coming windy. Its can be called a shit, a little staff for the under you ready for this the bills. Ah, there has been a total of forty or lower five times a year don't form one on the under so even though its thirty seven and it feels way too low. I feel he's got take it right and truly it's a match up of which team has recovered. From the absence of Antonio Brown. This off season, which seem has adapted from I, am leaving their revenge. The revenge game for Antonio Brown about eight Sonia Brown did tweeting like the best six round pick ever in his draft card. Yeah
No more, no more white woman, twenty twenty did you not? Does he not realize it? Tom Brady was lose interest in such round, but now he does forgotten. Does he forgot? He also said here's a well, isn't it weird each word means different things: strew yeah, it's a fact well yeah, that is that yeah yeah So it is, that's great, suffer when you say six round that just mean six round. That does mean sombre Musacchio right. rams? Forty nighters is the Saturday night came. I feel like the rams might be cook. It is boner Saturday. These match. Ups are so as to trade Mark Pfc, counter, Boner sat owner Saturday. That's can be a great my game. I think that the defence for the forty nine years ago shutting down yeah yeah. This is Here's your some that I've I'd know stats back to back
up, but I feel like late in the season. Divisional just take all the others. I know it sounds crazy. I know overs or more fun, but these two teams know each other they. Yet it's tough to be the team twice its creator see other foreigners bounced back from losing that heartbreaker two young way coup in the falcons. And losing that under most importantly last week, but I feel like that's that's in a word game. That's an aberration! Game! Last week does an aberration There was also, I only know verbal. I only know what that means in the context of football. It was now patient. I think the forty nine zero steamroller yeah so that one's going to be a good game, and then we have a true true
Sunday is not great, but guess what its red zone and you'll have like a building games on the saints Titans could be a good game that has some implications, but a true, a truly loser leave town in the cowboys going to throw off the Eagles the game of the weak, Yoyo Bach, Troy Ache men. I have a problem. I saw the cowboys play last week, think they're gone ass. They were good there. I love your problem, so I will prompt Jones in my head. So before we take this progress, I put a future bet on the cowboys when this very go. It's really good odds. I mean we just saw last week. So that's which fresher mind also the Eagles, though they played well last week to dear you, gonna say that they played well when they barely beat the Redskins yeah. That's not the guy's plain
I think that was they did enough to get away. I think I did it with the giant eagles or one of those teams where it's like I, but I believe that they can catch fire. I agree with that sort of every flammable tee, but they haven't played while they have not been playing well, and I feel like every single guy on that team is injured and I'm sure I'll be wrong because I'm always wrong, but this feels like a cowboys asking just like the first on them. I did see that our finger white side is hurt so they're down to a negative one. Wide receivers just run the singling yeah. Just furthermore, Junior and Robert Davis, either to healthy receivers and jasper count. Robert Davis, ok, Gregg Ward, Robert Davis, they made those name, if ready, Freddy Mitchell needs to show up at the stadium wearing a full kid wearing. The paths that he'll probably get in the game. If you just Freddy, if you just cup early enough on Sunday to get to the game on time, you're probably get a windy contract. Robert Davison, Gregg Ward, sound like names of like the filler spot. On that website, we can't get a picture.
For the sky, we'll just throw, would call him. Robert gave out just this elegant under card fight in like a saudi Arabian Box, Matt yeah place like the princes backyard. This is gonna be for the tenth best like middle weight of the world. The here regressing either way it's not great for the Eagle contender Series. I am offended that you said we have the game with a weak on that Sunday is gonna, be the cowboys technically the game of the weak, its America's game of the way you are showing a lot of disrespect to the dolphins and the bangles who are facing office gave Sherman flax should again the bears out a prime time at which it's like I this is. Are we sure that historically bad game. And you know what Paul teams are like plucky enough and have had moments where they ve been close enough. Where I dont even know. This is also those games you have to bet on just for the inevitable tray window. Tweet like, if you bet on the Bengals dolphins, you got up,
Obscure degenerate shuts? Actually, yet these are the best game it already made on it. Just stick it to you. The tray window, but also tray, I'm ironically, watching this game on the seat of my couch wit, Jim Nan sending out now he's handing out something as the time, but we had Gus Johnson hand out the placard. Oh that's right for this game. They should have Marvell Aubert announced to the door friends bangles one and then give out the he's like instead of the toast picture that next year is wrong. I'm sure marvelled has a picture of how at how like red he wants is ass banking and just hand that, out to its Patrick for Great Wendy, a winning coach gets the ball and gag thing yards strap at around him and haven't. Do the PO scheme interview here? Go young man, let's do some picks Sunday for bothers needed. We discuss can be, should show by the way. What more note we
our most people, probably off this week. We are not so Sunday night. We will be in the studio working to recap all week. Sixteen week. Seventeen will be back in the studio Sunday night. To recap all week, seventeen we'll have a best of after Christmas as well so we get to episodes next week, giving it to episodes the following week, as will probably I will taper thirst episode on January second, but we're here It's so doing. I'm goin on think you're, you're gonna get I'm I'm excited about working next week. I'm not excited about the fact that its weak sixteen, this hearing we right. I know there are seventeen weeks in the Unifil season, but when I hear sixteen. I think in the Seas I think it's over. The one thing we do have to look forward to, though, is that awesome that beautiful score bug?
that they're gonna put up with a happy holidays, the Christmas lights a little bit of snow coming down at the end, the ETA for your Annabel team, Themed, Santa hat. Yes, but the fans like some fact guys can be fallen asleep and years. They're gonna show em and have a jet santa hat. Yeah man you got. The swedish is gonna, have a big red sack over his shoulder love, it's love! It's alright was Susan Pixels Go Hank. One should give us your favorite Andrew underdog, my under and why the raiders? Ok, though rivers stinks, their car, not that bad who I heard, I got a juicy rumor that Derek Carr wanted to take over some of the play, calling at the line of scrimmage and and Jon Gruden said no hell. No and now the raiders going to trade, Derek Carr to Chicago and actually really. That is a juicy like slurry. From no one I tweeted me with the text was just saying: you knew the Raiders Security Guard, ok and always right on the clear MAC thing. So I went
I do absolutely believe a part of that story where John grew until DARE Carter fuck off aka, the law the underdog. Is the lions owe their stuff there. So fine for petrol, No you're, not really right. So they're going to celebrate by winning this game. Our disoriented calibration of coach coming back is gonna, be a true lock, pounced backing from the drew off regression game gap fifty but see out, my favorite is going to be. I got Denver plus seven against tries Denver. My seven year at home, against Detroit, there are the throw back uniforms with a helmet with big deal than I d on em. So again, this is all known void in the event of a slaughter appearance for the Detroit lines at caviar, and then my underdog. I like Chicago. I liked it. Here's to win outright,
and they will yeah fuck with me. That's my entire logic behind this is to just give you a victory that you can't do anything when the Navy will have club, Dub, open and I'll just give very mad, yet hope, listen if the bears win, and they do so dub the bare social media team, better fuckin, tweet it and get a roasting. They better bring me that tweet in due course. Don't give me that tweet, my underdogs me the Jaguars plus seven, because the Falcons feel like that was that was issued. They were they want, is also like it's a musical chair game for hot seats yeah for these you, so whoever wins this their coach might back, no rights right and then I'll. Take the the cowboys, like I said, I'd, I'm so stupid, but Jones. Talking about how the Cowboys Wenzhou rule sure. Why does why not us Hank? you're over and your underduk my game,
the dog, oh yeah, you're over a year under down under my down on the it's gonna, be the dolphins and the bangles. Ok, my over the joint and the Redskins, or address that he who does he like playing the poop? I don't know, I just add the seaward and Hank for just for authenticity. You, I manning Eloy, Eli Manning, ok, ah Hank era, If you give me your overrun under my overs heirs of Seattle, taken the big over, I left you one points I think it's gonna be a least eighty two hottest coaches in football club, things very p Carol with the smooth face you'd. His face looks like an instagram filter who p Carol. He Carol theatrically Spock always smooth. We Germans twin, yeah, hey thanks thinking about his doing about three had picked Botox, so he's good
and then my under I'm taking the small under I'm Takin, Buffalo New England, thirty seven, the official gonna be like it and we as seventeen ten t like it. Alright, I'm gonna pay back on your over with the cardinals in the sea oxen. I have a staff for you for my under from. Ah my friend, Tony Martino Farm on Twitter might Tomlin Cleat Blake Mania MIKE Tomlin in the last five years. He is twenty three and four to the under. When the Steelers are favoured on the road. Ok, I got seems significant yeah that seem significant. So under thirty seven and a half will be my play: ok seems like a lot. I like that, also trouble in Paradise in the WOT household. I don't know if you ve been keeping track, but I have not pro football focus put out their ratings of defence events, minimum like two hundred snaps or whatever t J. Why
got great out at like point six. I wanna with their points are called point. Six profitable focus points. Higher than J J did so we officially were missing a torch being passed in the watt family while now I'll by breaking moose did it it deleted it? It just lost to offer at all. While it is crochet. Aright, Some call. An ambulance, forgot scared off here for cod basketball greatly. That breaking news is broadly by talk him, though, for real cover that Israel, good and moving on its an off here for college basketball love. Now they lost two amendments if well, if, if the game was only four minutes law, yet generals have, I ever did informants into the game pot. They would have lost the games, all informants, longhand sternly boil Conall. Actually, now it's not announced type. Fuck knows I'm. Ok,
remember: bedroom GM is a home for pay empty. This football season of your new user. You place your first bet on the bears. A cheese money line you'll get twenty five dollars for every Mahomet TV and fifty dollars for every Mitch one, but you gotta make sure to use potent bonus code. P M t when you sign up are this can be a last facebook was the airless finishes straw and get it this. Is it If we ever do well, the championship did what's up boy, That's a rebate, energy down whole your
My starting point is dogs. Blogger rams graders Eagles Panthers, put in parlay, get the money in your pocket, but its holidays have known you bullshit, like my sidham, is cat Jason to rules. Eighty complicated say this shit, fuck and movie. It can terrible used. No one likes it. Taylor Swift looks like a preview way it. I would have wanted, while the latter horny lucky swift, kick it faces what she is bogged down their agreement, especially that the hard part very educational guy, one of my best friends grown up. I spent a lot of time launch into a giant leap forward for judges before New Obama. Obstinate George Kiddo, that's right, stud George Chirac, Gregg Kiddo Donald. He saw the toolbar would forgive it. He's got a red speaker that he puts on a job. We need plain shitty, any slabs eddies its reset bodies. Yeah, he thinks he's a pocket. Video game, like tell you what he's a cheek poems done that month, I'm sitting the media that's right and we knew that killed almost pocket dialogue. No media back in terms of media reads out that you had a little help because all the scientist who sit media outlets, Swordfishes, Mama's boy, radio, free media was abroad. I'm sleeping Copsewood tied, that's right! All the clocks and the judge was facilities. First thing they did put em on real time moved about five minutes. That's right, normal Coffle Tandem, Jacksonville, deceives goody play will speed up our eye. What's up guises Luke abroad, see you might tell me for broad father when I got to tell my stardom these dead. My synonymous, the fish is not just our sleeping with the fishes. I'm talking about the italian police Christmassy said fish tuna level. I loved my fucking, my cinemas Jake Heroic, cancel play. I dont know why she's at her. I have no idea. Why does he like transsexual it? I'd like to know what are my sleep of his muppets veil of Paul used, muppets for all their announcements on signing day was creepy was weird, but it got the people go. We I love you. I love big bird like I liked. Oh Jim hints and day like eating with strings urban per whoa. I don't know you had that in you may neither again or group of work it is taking a rolling thing is: is it
is assigned just say what her opinion was, but oh, how Can I have your both sides so on? no I'd really rather please border. I actually this. I want to hear an egg, explain, tariffs and and why they, If you problematic, I didn't even know what I just subjects rolling was trending, and then I saw ass. She was cancelled and I didn't look further because I am the internet. Moves too fast now hand up I'd moves too fast, like I'd, even though there is no check ass until they get they got announced yesterday. I love jackass levels, gotten Is he gonna be featuring the same guys? I hope not because their old Rather it is it's gonna, be sad, is taken to my argument. Is it funny watching over their sixty year old, get had the nuts I don't know but bay?
They did that. There's got to be some really dark and I don't need to solve thing God that only the prosthetics anymore, which some of you will be in the hospital, were still doing this, and also, if it's coming on twenty one. That means a probably haven't filmy yet so terawatts, a scary for, like Pontius impair margarine, be like while gotta do this yeah, I'm gonna, go get hit the nuts five hundred times for people who do you think they're, like hair, clever budget is on that film? Oh, my god, I that I'm thinking about something they're gonna, do it catches and nostrils knots rules in the same person, I always talk about how he He loves getting hurt like he last when he gets. How would I do appreciate about the jackass movies? You can play them for, like any culture in the world, you can sit. That's instead of doing like a war or something with a country that we don't like, you should sit down
or the Taliban and say hey watch this movie. What are just all everyone sits round. Has a good laugh at Chris Pontius getting bit by a snake on his dick re watch, Pontius put on this huge mask. Well, while Steve, oh shit, down a funnel run any pukes on himself, everyone's Hillel, no matter what culture you live in, you will laugh, will watch man, I'm so happy Jack S Bangemann lasting the clean up from their. So I read that articles well, both Gregg kindled the reset button he actually as reset button on his arm yet and any has any as Joker tattoo that likes Islam too. It was so funny sort of best reading this article was great because it gave a little insight into the mind of GRID Kittle and how he decided turn on, because he was like a soft tight in when he first our plan. at our and he consider himself. Soft is coaches considered himself and then one day he realized. The quote. While I get it, if you just run a people is kind of tend to get out of your way. It's that simple as perfect is perfect.
That's what he's been doing ever since, and he also gave us a lot of credit for his Canada boy. He always does it mention apparent. He thinks he's canadian now I love that I Gregg, Kittle, being like the best tightened in league, is one of the best stories of twenty nineteen. I let's get your interview with Jorge Mars, but all bass, mother, Fucker, alive Owsley GRID, kiddos, gray, undershirt anywheres. It goes down like half way down the five hundred you yeah, he's gonna thing art, so parcel sports. We teamed up with New Hampshire. Vodka, do officially create our signature, drink, the Pink Whitney its created by our friends, spitting, chocolates crew and it is a delicious smooth vodka infused with fresh, pink lemonade flavour. You need, right now for unused lose out. There been off the great who have not heard about this. It's been sweeping the nation. I think we saw one point note we can't say it: we sold a lot, a lot of pink Whitney and the pink wit
he is pervert over ICE Childers, shot or topped off with a little club so to either way keep this game changer on deck, for your tail gates and watch parties is fall, and if you can't find a bottle yet tell those pigeons of the liquor store to get some cases in stock. It is certainly the most popular drink. What I was about There was a huge number that Hanks it do not say, and I'm not going to say it, but it's a huge number, because that's how much people love Pink Whitney. So you need to get it and you need to tell your liquor store to get it and where brought you. partners at New Hampshire and vodka is the official vodka, the NHL they're on a mission to help find your wins all season lawn and a special extra holiday shout out to New Amsterdam vodka. For being a supporter of this podcast and barstool sports for the past year, plus we did a meet and greet on Monday was awesome to see a bunch of people out there. That was because of new Amsterdam vodka. So they had been one of our favorite favorite sponsors who appreciate everything they do, and I hear twenty twenty in here is Jorge MA, Are we now
oh come on the bad mother? Hocker alive is Jorge Mars, but all is that clear, What is it you ever get old? Having people introduce used about Motherfucker life, no China thing about a vat in the upwards in areas even Leggum, on First is where the girlfriends introducing me to the mother and she's a mom. This is that bad motherfuker. I was telling you about the ages Then you get the idea, wait what ok? I was sure they were Batson urban or having a born. There isn't yeah. You are the ballast mother for her. Like that schools belt, you can win. You wanted against Nate D as in November. I think most people remember that fight I'd happened. Right here happened. Three, box away. So it's great to have you here, won't talk about a bunch of different stuff, but do you first thing I want to actually ask is: do you actually have the belt? Is thereabouts motherfucker belt, oh yeah, it said are safe place, not at my house Is more focused too, while the Mammy Anita
forget home invasion. Someone China get this bounding me how to shoot somebody. The heads were the boughs, not at my house is sigh someone else's safe right. Why get to it of uneasy? Because if someone, if someone, if you leave, your house and they robbed from your house. They do become about his mother, Fucker Loggia, innocent jack. You took it from me right, but if you come, if their boat is Emma House, besides the fact that you gotta get through the hounds first and then I got guns and my dad's got guns the hell yeah how'd you were talking about. I got three hounds three different dogs, in detail because I want people like none whatever poison of freedom What did he mean? How I just rolled like bacon, bits and sausage in my pockets, is hotly damn I am. I work for the to the first two ways under the Dublin. Don't give a fuck me and ask you monsieur peanut. Butter to show are not counted. Third one is, is a fucking kill him like a dog whisper, though I am fairly comfort. I can handle your hounds, but then the bullets would be an issue for me. The police of the initial amount of fully whisper yeah yeah on how to handle that. So you did,
beat the shit out of new ideas? And yes, that was nice when you, when you cut him open, did you look at that? Cotton? Zero, hey? How many beers that that things that things like a pretty good out of fact, that Jack. I don't have a choice. Yeah you fucked his face. Otherwise I heard a couple of terminology: is the the vagina? Could the indices, desperate a good woman yeah? What so my eye was always wondering this for a fight like nature S, it felt like there was no Real bad blood between you guys, Khazars, mutual respect. Is it harder to get up for a fight where you don't actually hate the guy? On the other side hated, hate? Doesn't really Moreover, what motivates me will get me like to train out of at heart is a lot of times over. If you decide to guide it does help but I'm fine somebody that I like like me at the time. I know that illegal but respect skill- I I know
The reason why I respect him is because he beats up world class individuals. He beats up fighters, but he's not going to do it to me, so that alone is enough. Motivation to wake up at whatever time I got to wake up at run, diet swim, lift. Its punch. Everyone in the face and repeat the process is many times it takes, because I was appreciated that that specific fight, but it happens all the time in the fight game where two guys respect each other and they don't fake it they're not trying to fake fit like there's bad beef, Reno bad blood between home- and I always wondered like. Could you actually get to that next level? If you dont truly despise the person while I crush them, I think so? I these are needed in Athens, want to feel like life is on the line. Manhood is on the line you and does outfit for training session. Maybe you're a little beat up and you didn't want to go. You want to stay home, but you like none and I got to go to the gym and not losing this dude Jason,
just a deafening helps you know, but I dont always need you know me perceive. I haven't I'd, know ages. It depends on the on the guy, my finding a guy comes to fight the motivates minutes drain and I'm going to try my ass off yeah yeah. A neglected example of kind of going against that was the fight was last weekend. Was, I would Covington fought yeah yeah, so he gets knocked out. Is his job broken in the points out of the answer is removed Oh, how I am assuming you ve, never done it. You don't seem like a guy, though it into fighting that fashion, but an outcry. Need I live in. Their bid cry rise at something that's gonna like is echo, stick with them for the rest of Us Greer like yours. I don't I don't ran out. I don't think you good ever erases, but other people could, I think, could walk out of the cage run under the cage crime. People for you, but stood has made literally his career because he's not fighter you his Korea bashing people of bashing. Even the fans were over and over converging virgin. Snowflake
yeah see all outside all hate your right to say in its promoted to get our reaction out of causes marks. You know anybody don't call me that was nice or your Margaret, a reaction out of you So now, you're mad trigger yet you're mad, Yad, yes, true, but this do went on social meaning, shut down his post. So you can't post on his comments. You can't come in. I couldn't Korea and then he stood important people all MIKE, so he's too so he's our guardians Zeiner boss of trigger. How did you know boss he's got his triggered or make an anti German and to get rich off his face every that's it you're. Actually, right! I don't think he has another move. You can you get if I'm making a living of getting the actions that are people now, people are ignored, but his jaws book enough for us on the dude. I the yes as I do that to you. If you do, you will do to anybody and if you just attacked the people in my weight, I be like all right. You know I get it he's in that competitive mode for everybody who can fight. I could I can kind of see that relation
but when you attack in women when you italian one twenty five pounds, renewed Sagen heavyweights, Eu Strategy and aim at the you're fucking joke, you you'll say anything for a click bait for a headlines. So you What happened to you deserve to be a fuckin mean for olive eternity. Busying you walk out. You know, because our does our VON. If he gets on the personal side that could always out if he was being the studio and on he just happen, a pop his head in an umbrella, Yogi Messina be bad guys in its answer with him right now. It's always on site with as individual, but on the business side before of the beach got u job broken by guided, I'm about to crucify Gang is known about the baptize ties washroom. I happened. And people are going to know me and Colby don't be low, never in the same cage together. You know. I love the term baptizing somebody what is what's the We ve been somebody's ass, an baptizing,
I'll give you some example. You get baptized you go to this there's different baptisms. Let me get straighten this out. Jesus, the real Jesus baptized. You you go to Heaven, my brother, if you someone unlucky and treaties that baptize you. You won't shadow round around my brother by you become I got better person from shudder, I'm sure you can earn I've already. People have seen and people are coming back. Better people have to send a shadow ramp so you go to shout around and if you do come back usually come back a better person, not everybody, but most combatant Bonaparte, LUCA Ben, do some hard thinking back about a pet askern, who I take him back about a preamble. Each went to eighty five. Yes, I do feel good. If you, if you baptized somebody into the shadow Roman, then they come back a better person. Are you like fuck? I messed up, because none of that mess up- I just you know we figure ominous and about the shadows. Yeah, no Viana. Do you helped them because they have they try the air. They come back in the shadow Romo, better person. That was your doing. Who was who weakened?
Thus, what's goin on when somebody's knocked, the fuck out an outer space worthy right now, but when it is conscious alone, it's like the upside. yeah, I don't like Austria, all things I don't know exactly, but what I do know home soon to General motors, have asked questions some of survivors and have told me things. I've seen things may be vast people. Am I gonna get in detail with the shadow round that generate entity that aware pull at the high level. Look a minute number seven of use nor underwent a deep space were worried. Yes, I was going through you see me ass here or of was David Bowe. Either fuck out see bring up an aspirin. Your knock out your flying need kick knock out five seconds into the fight. Did you work out after that? will you like fuck man. I will put in all this time and it only lasted five seconds. I would be pissed like men, I twelve weeks, I didn't mean to do all that work. Just put him in the shadow around five seconds in twelve, Toby training camps.
Everyday Monday through obsidian. It was our money decided because someday be Sunday thousand little beat up frightened but takes had enough, but it was a good, consistent sick. The seven days a week, just again after again, after again after an the five second thing: that's why I'm still a little high gloss silver running around the cage like this time to him, because I was a man, you talk too much. You should last a little longer in five seconds. But I wasn't in a broke the record, ok suit, but afterwards, if you re, like them, get a jogging because, like I got it before, I go to the club like I gotta get some kind of meaning went with him in the corner means an elegant and say you gotta, get some kind of sweat. Only ever swept me that basically wasn't off day for you. It was enough. Anthony it was on the way Little is known in the fight for sure how everybody else, if you fight, has to respect like right at the gate in the back of your head you ever do your fires, like shit, he's about to me my at the start of NATO to save on the train tracks. You got him. Outer rewired is. Is
nerves as well. You know not all put em there, you're actually gray eyes. I saw the beginning of that fight. It looked like you are kind of fainting at that, like doing it almost like a joke, like relies on baby, were actually getting you're gonna go through with. If you gave me the right reads, as I was approaching, the mover pull the trigger on there's no really half eyes jogging to me. I'm really going for now him. He movie recognise Movie, Flacket, execute it. Ok, courtesy, but if you stay, then the tracks, I would took his head when what so that fight, specifically the Nate fight Nate, is very like exceptional type, a fighter that he gets stronger as the rounds go on when you're fighting. Someone like that were you know, maybe he's not like first second round he's not gonna give you everything he has and you gotta be ready for the war. Five rounds Do you then change how you do it in like a I got to? I got to save something in the tank if we get the five rounds and he's getting stronger that that's very interesting, take on it- and this is how my mind works special in up back then the scene, the couple different ways, but them
I think, about it the morning about me. I'm sure you guys worried about the next radio show who their interview with the time are you guys whereby you, by your content, about doing whatever once I worry about me and I just go then perform. I get in the best way possible. There is somewhat of a strategy. You know that circle. This way that's kicked out with its punch like this, but the rest is up to you going to have fun. That's usually what the strategies are like so when I got the other, I don't want to think you're good in the fourth and fifth round I now abuse first three rounds and I'm going to kick your ass every chance that I had, because I'm just as dangerous in the fourth and fifth round. I'm only thinking about me and the things that I could do you know I try not to worry, what job blows dawn, who is blown in shit? I've always wanted this about fighters is an element of you that that enjoys pain that enjoys getting punched. Are you just one afflict as much original the other guy. I definitely inflict as much damage the other guy, but me and my manager was talking because he just went to the dentist other day.
I didn't know that I was only women enjoy this. I don't mind going to the dentist. I don't mind that pain in the gums and I don't know why it tickles me I like it. I don't know I don't know, we have accordingly later you are those guys at yours. Adoring get hit the face. You smile holier than thou yeah. You get that the Elise Special me as we hope like mode you get drunk. Listen, I'm just a little bit of it and all of a sudden everything's move in slow motion and you know fear nothing. You're ready You know, I love that feeling. Damn that's I wish I were yet relate. I have so far. I hate getting parts in the face. Somebody gone record. Yadda yadda found again positive spin antivirus. I've got a really good at dodging number one. I do get hey you got. The dog come anyway got aloud, Well, what is one of the rock say to you before you fight with new ideas? You talk to him right here: before the fight we talked in the day, the wanes we had a little. But after the fire at the Tugela morning, Gimme some advice just now
in a team, made things, it he's done things I'm doing a lot of good advice is not every day get to talk to Iraq. In what was the advice? I do. A million movies with Kevin Heart make one white skin rock. Give someone on entertainment, be the best like what would be the most electric wrestler of all time and then go and be the most electric like me, we guy and exorbitant sounding can, can you can you be reborn, be six seven, three hundred and twenty four roused about provide cheap meals and Instagram Bayonne? Actually, I would like to get as much in the rock and how to be better business and have him be like yes, oh here's what you gotta! Do you gonna, be in a bunch of movies, you make em billion dollars and near awesome yourself to be super charismatic, and everyone has to love. You get a private jet flyer, Mamma says in its and be able to do back lips. I like three hundred yards azalea. Yes, that too,
also that you snuck into an ancient pyramid woes on Africa, about shadow rob yeah. I didn't even did I was possible one of the guys who were we were like. Oh shit, look and we're talking about it jokingly like, What's on these, we were seeing there's ways, and then we saw one that nobody was garden. Then we can go in, but there was Its initial weeding get their fine. We will maybe like mound twenty thirty feet. There's bats very visible light on these, make it better. I back, though they drive a man and then every vows Gus. Our balance are Vampa Spiderman Spiderman, my you're thinking of becoming like a vampire becoming Dracula, essentially get depressed by suck everybody flights. As long as you find a night right that fires day Jessica point on this or that they Walker, oh, don't pay for those jack. Would you do that too? Konrad Schwaiger wants to fight you yeah yeah. We think about him. I went I'm ruined his face. I wouldn't mind I wouldn't mind collagen, jack and women is after that. That's about modifying INA.
Take note from the man has yet to, and a hundred and forty five pounds a hundred fifty five pounds, not easy weight so to winner, and both times. Anyone about it was just Unquestionably, it was no opposition. No, no! No fighting really was just you win the day. Would wondering came home with about solidarity, Finally, what about you think there's any problem with the fact that, like you might be too young for him, because I saw a video worried, I just punch an old guide. You maybe you're too young, to fight him. Now I hear more like sixty plus division yea,
like in the fifty two, like seventy two Leon, guys it bars on board at barges on the feeding of our gotta. If I gotta start, the the fight high by the Borgo does nearby born tones and now will be good surgery Jamieson in his fate. We don't really know James Andrew Moscow on a scale, so nice Hill offer you his irish whiskey and just say no and then it's on yeah. That's that's. What triggered the last fiery some seven year old, didn't wanna, get hammering dry drizzly with how there yet had ass. Yet ass fight is out. So you see I honour magic armies and Ireland illegally. That's how you sort of fights dual slapping somebody in the face and islands like I'm, not gonna, get his rotten with yeah yeah exact year, though thanks. What did you just say on every single Connor? Will not drinking whisky refuse a drink? You was on the rock of great that's right. That's an official car. I will drink your whisky if you pay for us. Do a promo deal. Yes conor! I have drink your whisky before because you you gave money to my company and I do mean that and sold. Yes, it has. I again I dont, like writing, pushed in the face, for if you want to give us money, we will drink your moscow. Even have Moscow
nobody. I do have morality, I'll come in to America in general, cable. You talked to us start our yet just talk to us to give us cash or we will be. I cash works, may carry weight and actually ashes K. L, a lot of people that fucking credit card sheer paper trail a rather gash how much cash you got on you re now. Yeah. Because a lot of people listening so we got out noises in my nerves recorded, oh shit, I got John gave him. Egoism is guys, I don't say it myself. I can say at whose most most foolish Persian. I myself, the Iraq fucking Stew, gas, still got me. I still got over the baby, the game, the gay game, you're much obliged rapidly
That's where I met. I asked my essay the rapidly. What are my exit was a prom queen, oh yeah, that's brain failure winner in Miami, so she's gotta be somewhat famous rang out, Sir that's hotter than than anywhere else in the world. My amused this cannot be done in America. Do you think that my enemies, they there the most attractive people? Are you Stephen in some aspects, yeah for sure cuz, we got some of your brown rice or white girls. Take that little break out of me to go to the gym that much because it's winter or girls down there getting it. You know, but every place has a beautiful place. You know I've been spoiled because I'm from Miami roster got a lot of models and in the taurus and come back in the women that say there year round the shape. I love New York, two,
Yeah I've always wondered in Miami. When you just walk around you ever see like a browsers camera curved, I want a new Anglesey, unaccented Naomi Naomi willing, oh shit. I have one last question seeking question: promo code take go see or his next fight. One is Rex we're working on and hopefully, by general eighteenth, we'll have a date set date set after generating I'd, so when you save up and you seek promo code taken, go see Jorge B to share someone put him in the shadow round. Ah, what cheer street fighting record? I got a luxury fight. You, you grew up street fighting. Damn right so would you take any als or were you mostly winds and urban knocked out? Ok, I never gave up.
that's, it takes and beatings and then guys gave up cause. You got tired and I kept pungent face. I always felt like a fuckin. One looks like I re fight, it happens. A lot like tat is just were gone. You goin, you're going and one guy does not give a fog easier. One guy, just you gonna, have to kill me. I'm gonna keep coming loss on the score card breed and win with heart, yeah, no energy astrea you just go to somebody gives up so in the fight game. The street I've never lost on about enabling fifteen six invites oh yeah, that's that's bad! That's more bad ass in the bad ass mother, Fucker belt, Have you ever had somebody that you be in a street fight? Come back from the shadow round to be like? Thank you. He taught me a lesson: yeah fuck you you and many of us people here how fast each of us out. Everyone talks the form Stryxe just choked, is toxic a little longer. I got to set it and I got to wait to three seconds. But if we're talking to strikes, what do you weigh two hundred and twenty three thousand nine hundred and one
yeah, you guys got about thirty seconds include eight Zack, I told saluting I'll. Not so six of us are now in here will take your guys out here. Obviously there with me: no, they learn orange. They elites and it's like Jorge you gotta, get out the door and work and trust. Stop you who's gonna turn somehow many a six of us right There came a guy navigate we're going one or two three four five.
So how long does it take you guys, but a brain real? If you don't believe in God, you better fine I'll, say hello to God in the shadow around you know, won't take anything you want to send a message. When you put me in the shadow round, we tell anyone emotionally event in taking camera, which is so people who know about it when combating like contact. You get back in its eighty nine hours, a static that you have to testify sharper than they like. Why are you here so well, we were interviewing or you have eaten so Jorge. We are familiar with your check it in just see and say hello, happy holidays, you now the whole thing will or hey. Thank you so much good luck. Ex valued motherfucker. Let us know what we're worry guys now. Do you guys know not how to combat it hope are. We are working on the show war that fight, but he cancelled because he missed,
flight. Also, not only am I but now you like a second joy. I made no, no, no, you are an option before the fight yeah, I'm like how would you know you're our guy, I'm J Villona Signal, I put nature- has our way out of our way. Disaster that our Europe hangs a big hanks, a big ideas, guile and I was Tellin Hank. I was I tag a he looks at me. I didn't we gave way. I never whether from here from the organ each year from now I never masters, but he gave were war that they all thanks again in this house. I need the essence me. I want you to wear, because this one need oversight is almost say hoary. Listen. You have shown We have a shot around with guess: Nigeria's our shadow round now, nations a battle eyes gone
until he comes back at diplomatic eyes? Is a radio one silly until it comes back with a lot of Sweden is light years. One smoke then he'll will automatically come under the secret. I got more within her horse bass. Motherfucker you get the arrogance Scarface a dead man. so my case goes multiple, I believe our very eyes. TAT interview with horror. Moskva was brought to you by mountain. Do This involves a season. Mound do is all about threes, the shot that has changed the game of basketball. I love a luxury three, some pretty wet from downtown as you can If you watch for video that we put out from our do where we did a three point contest big cat came in first place. I
I sat or I scored a hundred points, which is also would have been a record had big cat not set a record. At the same time, I had a hundred points in my three point: shoot out and then Hank, I think, was disqualified or something like tat. But mountain do is a beverage that challenges people to pursue their passions. They ve align themselves with the most bad ass, shot the game, pushing boundaries taking hoops culture too? but, as you can see in the studio, we love mountain do they're just bottles of land around everywhere here, because I can't help but drink down some of that sweet, sweet nectar before I get started. Podcasting I mountain, do They are teaming up with us there teaming up with the NBA. It's all about the threes mountain. Do this podcast nigh interviews, brought to you by mountain. Do the official beverage of the NBA do the dew and here's to twenty twenty
I like to yeah. I just I improve that at the end. I just like saying here's two things, because it's like cheers all right: we're going to wrap it up quickly. Here we got firefest, we got a fake Hughes, just another reminder if you missed it, but we will have a show on Sunday night we will have week. Sixteen will have week. Seventeen we're live. Reactions were not going to miss a week of the football season for you. So Are you download and re download and also go up to your like parents, and download on therefore, will put will we will make the graph it? We ve got kind of forgot about it right now, but we will make the graphic stockings tougher. get a gift of part of my take the as this Christmas. Yes, what we got out put on its around today, but make sure that the holiday shows you do extra downloads cause we're coming for you, people on Sunday, night Sunday night we were common anywhere, can pretty much addicted to Papa. Ah powerfulest, so Might I ask
is your last year. It is my last year earlier today we're talking you're next week, I'll just hang his lawyer break at you honor you under years. Not my have someone. Do you know o ensuring yeah got you sure yeah go ahead, I would like you to go down. I want to know why cause I want you gotta. I want you to please. No, as as I my fireplaces Hank won't go first, I my firefox pick out we're talking. Answered earlier today and that's my fires talking, I rest he was about jumps January. Yes, yes, so I'd side to get said, we do know we give each other presence on this podcast. I went home. Yes, all the zone of shit I don't get you anything. I got you guys. I've got some gifts. Woe you gotta, tell me suits twenty. Is you go out and do this? Well, hang. That's really. Nice way, though, it doesn't matter, which is where, whichever one wonders, how did you use your own money on this?
wrap up money me Adidas jumps sick. I think green. One green is my least favorite color, We got ones we nicer than mine. Thanks hey, this is cool. Others was actually Zurich, but big head you look at the the jacket of that second one. You will notice that the person at the store forgot to take off the metal thing. So I can no no not that the button it's all there still so excited you be anyway. Let me see yours hangs younger easy. You got Pfc a better wise words as the leader of the savings that one is no one's. Might I look like a traffic cone, so my anxiety is not to impose its will on traffickers alike. This was his nineteen forty on it, which is probably not be the score the chiefs. Thank you hang there's this weekend I'd. So I guess I ll talk about my firefox. This, oh really clearly run DMZ pursue those are nice go. Do I appreciate it? I have severe.
Society about jumps in January, and this is obviously a problem. He wore Scott that, because not everyone can They are jumpsuit all week all month, but my problem as I need to buy new jumpsuits fifties changing or nice me undies. Thank you. T Rex, look like a fool. I mean I do to have you got my feet, just the seismic home the so yeah, I'm very nervous about jumps January, because I, like a specific styled, the like tight joggers I'll pants and the tight sweatshirt, and can't find it anywhere and I'm nervous on everything, and you, this is basically the lame is problem over. A very excited about sums are genuine. It's my favorite money too. That's why it's my fair mother years well in one big, I was talking negatively. I was silenced by that. I want to help you. I want to help you to address, and apparently these modules worldwide in this module world we live in its own. It's ok for men to talk about their mental health through egg.
These are great I'll, see you later the joggers I know you, you do jumps general YE. Ask myself the exact I was thinking, maybe a feature I really enjoyed. Last year I started to like wearing the suits, so I might do formal fridays during jumps in January this year. that's my firefox and also not exciting, for this bears came in Fuckin sucks, its I've done. A double like roller coaster, a week, words like I was over it now that again, guided packers are gonna fuck. Savage Adler, bad there frauds if our first the week is, I died. My facial area looks like shit yeah, so they have. That was definitely white. Looks like absolutely look until I died and I sat down with Erika today to do like. The review the Erika Mister because it on this arrogant and she just she looked at me and she goes what's wrong with your face. That's always good.
To hear I kind of felt that yesterday as a car, you do like a bit or something something like did. Do I always because, because the first, how you did it, it was like a joke. A highly Medina. Facial hairs are all you're doing like this must be for it wasn't it was. It was on the radio I don't live on. The radio was totally bit and not at all, because my facial here grows into blonde just for just for laughs, and it looks like and I look like I'm Joe Darts gardener and I I went up to so we so we had washed out. You look like. Rocky I've Stanley CUP team ever like someone sailing up now, you ve got nothing of. It are ranked with capitalist, so it looks awful and I forget that it looks awful and less after the company Christmas Party, I went to a little after party added New bore down to lobby
there was the booze guy. There is a group of like sixty to seventy year old women that were there dancing. They go on the safety, they go out twice a year and they go dancing as a group and they looked lonely and I went up to him and I was gonna like start talking to him and maybe to do like an old fashioned square dancing with them or something like that, and then the woman turned she looked at me and she got like the shock. Look on her face as well. I guess I can't even hit on seven year old woman wait. What do you want? A few just a huge just like you, oranges, have sunglass son probably well, was what it was very wake up that care bp after his racial here looks great and he's not wearing sons, and what are you gonna? Do so am I think, I'm gonna shaven or I'm gonna, hear things that are just die like a more ridiculous. I gotta leave right now, I'm in no man's land, where you can't tell if I'm looking shitty on purpose or not yet it just looks bad so either have to go away overboard and make a look awful. You might do. I might just go astray.
Must, as you got it all in all it is. You have to talk to every single person and they know you better able than about wiser, wasteful here so dark when you never have in your entire life. So maybe I'll just go mustache tomorrow is really good. Just for a federal great looks like it, you know it does look like. Actually, if Malcolm Glad was head with super glued to my upper lip anyways us my firefox is I'm a bad looking person right now. It is here that it was here. That is all that I wish we do ethic use. Let's do it ppm The best holiday game memory, football, NFL, ballgame, basque, game, basketball or any other sports during the holidays big cats, Gregor cheeses, ringleader was under again, I always do Christendom, Skywalker Saunders, although it's hot on the block right from the moment I'm want of yours, I'm gonna! Do it just the first game right, no first reading
twelve first game. If you wanted you first game that if you win just walk away, but you could do first three games and if you win walk away, I have to look at sea when the games are being played to, but I yet Christmas Anders always cheese, a bull great time. Although I fucked up the sheer thy teams that score so It's not funny my favorite Christmas time. Sports memory was buying my grandparents ninety dollar, cheats to go, see Redskins game cuz. They had never been to a football game before they were big big fan of the team by spent ninety bucks on each seat and then up with him after the game, and they said that they can see thing because their seats were directly behind giants meant pillars. You saw this and actually get to watch the gave thanks Stan Snyder, those great Tom Dick. He is the girl, So the tv is the Grinch. I know it's early budget future has to be the least favoured for best chemistry taking. Every time you interview that man, the chemistry between you guys off the charts given thereupon mark drafts, even season who
the on each of your mark draft boards for best interview, chemistry, youth, HAT Blake Griffin is always up there, but all the Blake's. Really. I mean Adam Sandler, every black icicles gone world yeah items are best friend about that. He went to me here. He did Winkie saw that he kept my balls Linsey VON. I thought damn right. Now, there's a dead man, Damn Reno hated us Jesus Christ. I hope we intervene again. The Superbowl his master, doesnt yeah, nine that we just do it all again. Yes, like we do the song and dance We actually should listen, get the transcript and just ass. The exact same questions get to the OJ question the automobile. Aren't we done the others, my other hidden away, on pure chemistry, though, would be Rothstein yeah. I was like all we would like a guy where the chemistry came together and it was made at a much piper got. So you got general since gave me a call today owes on radio sorting pick up, but he left me a voice message. She said. Thank you for having is bad.
And to wish both of you guys, em you Bubba Happy Holidays on this very night. We say merry Christmas, now barbaric, respect, volunteers, how you're allowed to say it now without being arrested. Thank John, very cool. What's fit cat. My boss, Tom, while cross, but every day for about twenty minutes and is trying to convince me to join this Jim any tips on how to say no without having a hate me thanks things Robot church, go once and pull something in and yet will you won't see ya know you well so you're good. Just tell him this could tell him you're doing your own wads and he'll be like a cobra his work out of what the girl was, the girl, namely Shirley, or whenever has a words work out. You'd know others there's, like others different like work out writers nor elder actually my shirt rapto and it's like squats- is the best
across Fit is that they realise that as yet they named life threatening conditions after a clown and called it uncle Rapto Indian, if you're, not if you're kidneys are processing your muscle fibres, you're, not working hard enough to ask him. What is France are what is Murph time. It's Atwater Werner's wherever I love bosses that that try to bring you into their side, hustle like so they can be about so you and something besides you're real job. Yes, a guy, I, when I worked at a gym back in high school, my boss tried to get me to sign up for her. Like Advocate AIR Pyramid scheme, whatever thing it was, and I was taught to say no, Two, because I am, I is the pyramid scheme, and I could make a shitload of money on all have to do- is sign up for the people correct and then I'm gonna cut that revenue. Yes, I that, though you're right that the hair out- I'm not it's not enough for me the boss. Here, let me be the boss somewhere out, I'm your boss in all facets of life is
My mom doesn't take its the holidays as a good excuse to be drunk all day on Christmas with the whole of what should I say, take your man card. What had inevitably happens? wrong, I'm drunk mom deal with. It is one that usually goes anywhere. They have a stressful job, and this is your only time to let off some steam couple things one if it's on, if you get drunk on ignored, you're, not actually drunk it's just during the Holidays Spirit, you just feeling a cheer. You see, can't technically get drunk off, ignore a red wine around the holidays, yeah, and if you keep switching it up, then you can kind of stay off like what not to do is go a thirty pack abide light and drink all thirty beers drink a few bud lights then switch to wine and switch to
ski that way, you keep them off the trail. They don't know what you're doing. Also just talk a lot of politics and then, once you start talking about politics around your family, they'll just wish that you were drunk instead, also just whip out your bong and doing what you want to do this. The song bad idea? How come my brain with marijuana? How come new year's day doesn't always fall on a Wednesday. So I have Thursday, whose idea was it to switch the day every year and keep us guessing as to whether we could parlay new years into a long weekend, I'll man, the Roman Seuss's, the best new year's Christmas? a combo area. It is Wednesday the Wednesday. I mean Thursdays pretty good too, but man. This is often we feel so cheated when you get the Saturday Sunday yet which, by the way, just a heads up, it is coming as I only have. We will be able to say we must be out. What are you gonna do a leap here: do we skip always affrighting? So next, let me see counter next. January of see who it is
Friday days or Friday, we does that. It's a bad! Nobody. I mean Saturday, the next year and Sunday. An actual you? It's not jump ahead to tweet will probably be alive TWAIN's when there's a wee bit again. Robots will defeat saw the others will be on their binary. Cities can embrace this because the wednesdays the best. Last one who I know what the late one sub boys assessed Especially South Shore Boy Hank, what is the best way to bring impeachment around the families. I most families. I think they tend to be locked up about political issues right near outside them. Media family, but the extended family, not right
extended, I'm saying let Christmas harrassed ended extended once this wrong, whence they had not goals and cousins. I e the guest ice had her kid feel about impeachment. Ah, he are you. The agony is actually not. He is not really statement yet so kind of a coward how to speak to your child management. It scare. It's been a tough couple days, my how he's a bootlegger its I mean You would expect him to at least say something positive or negative. At this point, using his black to day solemn saying is a very, very glad that people have woken up and decided to kick out that Red Face Son of a bitch Tom Kaufman. There we go
perfect ending or I will see everyone on Sunday night. I don't mean that Tom Governor Lobby- and I love you guys enigmatically dollar, one of them. Actually those local people have to be settled, reload yet always nice to meet you complete. This was the young man. What makes the ISA people like you know how to three days. We might think that, for the first time I was lucky spider man like rang out beaten by you, can be called a being aware, spider man, normal somebody. Might I can't you wait a minute you, like your dignity marathon, somebody like ever met at such a moment. You to watch me could be competitive. Jimmy John told me a lot this always Nick, I'm not a coward and its political member is examined me. Let you take me, let the newborn babies. Thank me. Somebody be lazy, detonator laws like despite a man like I don't like a beaten by a band. You can be called a thing where you must find a man somewhere or other data by them is a genuine right away. You driving times and genuine, and I want you to.
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