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Judd Apatow, Kentucky Sports Radio, And Lance Armstrong Documentary

2020-06-12 | 🔗
We’re in a holding pattern of nothing so we whip through some stories. Is the new protest not protesting in the NFL? Is Saban too old? Is MLB serious? (2:36-14:10) Fyre Fest of the week with an all time Billy story. (14:11-20:41) Judd Apatow joins the show to talk about his new movie King of Staten Island, comedy in 2020, his start and sliding doors. (22:17- 59:14) Best of Kentucky Sports Radio including an all time call from Dilbert in Kentucky. (1:01:19-1:13:25) Lance Armstrong documentary review (1:13:32-1:27:43)
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This part of my take. We have a good appetite interview with Judd. Appetite, go see, king of Staten Island right now in your home, and we also have the best of Kentucky. Sports radio we love hosting every single year had some great cause. The hall of Fame calls Dilbert, you gotta, listen to my main man deal the Dilbert is. I saw a tiger tweet someone said the Dilber called into two. These words. Radio in cities he's gonna have to leave while he's not going to jail. Just wants that clear. We got for why love you sounds like Jane. You know here to measure is about gadgets. You lay low for just just colleagues telling someone like hey man, I'm not retards. Oh and I know what you're thinking jail and that's not. It lay low harm. Our three of that we have our lands, Armstrong, a documentary review, what an asshole and we have Firefox the weak, whatever Hank? What to do
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Every time they go live you go into the comments and leave your cash tag. You can get free their given in a way to give it away. Today is fry, a Jew, twelve, and why, we do in here guys we're just enemy, weird waiting pattern. It feels like another Friday, the thirteenth right now shock when it wasn't the thirteenth. This morning we weren't await our Yorba were were excited now. Gulf is back, go yet at length awesome Brooks was out there in a tight shirt. Mustache hurry. Do I use ok he's, like I think, five six weeks back, somethin like that brows out, target, Brooks issues around and get him on before the the plague of the year, and I was like You know we're gonna do break the year soon he's like fuck man. I got for complete Gulf. I love he's just our any was causing honour on open might today there he was Agnes Fuckin shot. He looked so good, though that mustache, I hope he doesn't shaded, because
he is one of those guys that if he committed to the mustache life, he could be a mustache guy forever. Instead, he's probably going to be so, I can shave it in like a week or two going to try to get someone else on board Well, he looks good. He doesn't know that works on a dried out. Their scale of you to Billy Billy looks terrible night. This amendment temper. This is currently instead as communism per gets a play off beard for not having play off when they go. Just loves stash, just not a look that people you mean Larry, heard coming retired that work come on we're cause, I'm cosplay, ok is caused by you ever know Brooks looked awesome. I really do hope. Please keep to staff, but I hope you, those two. I could also see world where Bryson De Chambre shows up the sash next week. Yes, he's just copy, adding right, he's kind. Everydayness videos were. He prevented. Saran video about what he did during quarantine. It's like fifteen minutes long. He doesn't
a single word you have just highlight video. Yes, it got music and it's got it's like. The outlet is what a story it is entitled. Browns video writer is now working to bricks and bring I do Do you share the chimpanzee grows, yeah so he's trying to do everything a Brooks already made cool about off, which is getting jacked up, but he's not I guarantee you moistens Mosher names, rice, raisins muscles are like hey, I'm way to cool, be hanging out with a gun embrace and gross. See a Brooks back, he's minus two third tied for thirty nine. Ninety minutes, for two golfers fifteen minutes. Fifty minutes long Brooks captcha. In and, of course, and then one regardless. I wrote, scam gas the course and then for a swarm of bees to attack price into shape and fill when, eight when he's in the state in York, overlook food, yeah yeah, that's pretty bad, so it was weird would know no fans, though, like gay all the goal, we thought that they were being the first person to like
I hold the ball up after you made a long putt in Lex Luthor fake fans in winter. They thought that was big. Funny thing I actually thought it was completely normal in the fact I just didn't, watch cuz it was for the first well, they got me good job and b gold making me by because I didn't want to watch the Durham reveal simulcast. They actually the great in Russia that you had denied and watch it. I watch I watch the embassy gold, one. I thought you have paid out have extra money. I hardly dare to opt out of nowhere and prevent oh, no! No! No! No! No! You know that. Doesn't thousands Pang Tibet was it ping pong right. Nobody remind me of this ban would bet. That is how you got alerted that I was happening. Yeah, like the Jake said that you guys you bet on this and then you bet on it. Any loss of ping pong remember betting on it. When I bet on it under tat, I don't know, maybe you didn't think about it into illegality or guardian eventually. But how do you know they didn't find out about Jake? I know Jake texts it because he was like this is relevant, easier phasing out and watch it.
We have to watch it back again. We gave a great idea, though, that the inner feller, really any other sports league, could use, which is just basically see the Durham reveal? No, don't even safer reveals announcing something just give me. A daring, reveal free option and I'll pay extra for right, even if he wasn't gonna, be on the original calves right they'll be ok extra, ten dollars a week to watch Sunday night. Football with no doubt repellent. I've gotta get just just to be safe, yet make sure that he doesn't show like it absolutely if, if every single person in on planet earth died right before the game and they need one announcer and Daring Rosa last personnel, they still wouldn't let him to their would not let him set foot on their put down. For that. I came like a bitched NBC go when I was again absolutely here's. Here's my nine dollars not of forty fan of Adam Bicycle for years, gotta be yeah. I got it. I get Would you know what I actually did he out? I did have NBC Golden other. Think about. I didn't. Have the Pga live an extra? That's a convenient! That's convenient excuse for not being forty fan come on appeals
back. I should wait. When is email us is coming back to rivalry. Leaking cares is Isaacs weeks of rivalry with Adam that Galaxy Guy, who got fired, got near Thyssen, Neuron embryology, poor, Knowed, Ellie Galaxy Player got caught because his I've said races, thing idea. I will I still. That story for like two minutes, and I couldn't even muster of feeling because those like, I don't know like Emma out I'll fuckin, who is this guy? I don't know yet to me. I felt like it was a player who is probably gonna get caught. Anyways depend there like we're. Gonna make a big deal out of this, because we can also get a pat on the back like sometimes you you you'll say: oh, I dont care, but you obviously care underneath I truly I couldn't I I did some soul searching as what what her feelings, going through right now and they were none
Village elders. There are not even wife right. It was like backup right, ok as the sick. I can't I dont have a take. I don't know I've. I've no feel I can muster but shot out too to Adam shaft refer addressing another controversy in the inner fell today, so Deanna Phelan announced that they were going to pay two and fifty million dollars towards combating social justice over the course of the next ten years of your cynic. You might say: oh that's, ten million dollars less per year than what Roderick Adele makes personally right, but if you're Adam SH after you get a spinning, obeys great Spencer, that water he goes district, put down all the naysayers that don't think that the inner fellows in this for the long term so that their relating to counter spreading out over the course of ten years, not because it's easier to pay but rather because I want to show that they are in
I stood in the long term why you did the bats? Are there? The Mets are invested in Bobby beneath for the long term, that's where they send a thirty year, controversial, meme, its Roger Adele and its. We got em and then, in parentheses, racism yeah got em. Racism got em; I am ass and then its Adam shifter quote tweeting then saying this is power. Yet this is this means something from the from the top of the top of the pyramid chain. That's I'd idea miss that? I also the one thing I did see that the proposed it the rules allowing them to protest. So is protest now to not protest. Well, I I thought the protest like if someone says hey, go ahead and protest, not a protest as our protest you have to now. You have to now stand for the national it into protest of the ability to ignore don't tell me what to do. I do the opposite right. If there was the KKK lining up to also
join the protest movement. Then you like, I can't be on that's right. They ruin the prototype. Ghana, fellows that's not what a protest when you like, hey guys, you're latitude, yes, and I must say of the university here obvious, I'm just saying I agree with you. I've Suffolk, I said what I said said it no backs easier. Absolute nobody's like when Jerry Jones took a neat rumour that people forget about Jerry Jones, taking a need during Ashland them back in two thousand sixteen or some out that was so hilarious. When he's looking for Cameron, he actually thought in that movement moment like I just did it solve it, solve racism, it's over re lose his knee still was the best, double me: he's gonna pass out ways you so trunk. Each one need further cause and then one need for Jesus right. The Russia dear, I looked so HO. Sweaty hung over bows.
Years ago. A fever dream to be the real issue is Jerry Jones taken any. We go, my guy, a jury when he took his knee. The fucking sky can was coming to any time, so they he's going to wait in those like a little sparkle that shown on one of his teeth and yes, Mary is Jerry Jones taken any the only other news I had well there's two other pieces. Rob Manfred just lie to America during the imo, be draft and was like I'm pretty for the players are, gonna are gonna like come off of their, how we want our salary stance, and that was totally to appease everyone, clearly not going to happen. We said like a hundred percent behind based Pierre Ebay's is like hey world like the draft is happening right now in this. For the first time anyone's actually watch the end will be draft, so we have to say all the right things, even if we don't mean, but is also a classic case of somebody just saying something that I hope will come true right and will work back from that like I know that we want to have a season. Some say we have a season, therefore sets
the declaration that we're gonna get there we're all invested in getting their I'm surprised. They didn't have like some some kid like pulling a birthday cake, as he blows out the candles away from him. After that link we're gonna have a season. Yeah, it's kid slowly, bending over of recourse, the next like three months to pick up a acrostic yeah. You can stop this at any time. It's the AIDS, the neanderthals becoming humans have slowly becoming lacrosse bars and the other thing was Paul. Firebomb has run out to take so his take now is that Nick Saving is running out of time o lightly. We all like he's on the downside of is going to rise. Sixty nine and scurvy is gonna, be sixty nine this year so he's I gazed to old, okay, so he's Got the clock on Nick Saving, despite the fact that Alabama has been pretty good ass three years- are we at way. While there are the way our ban as one of the three thousand seventeen Paul is Paul. It also sixty four, what Paul Papa
I was not like always very honest: is policy ers Paul fine bombs or to lose it, but am working, but I didn't probably like losing it needs, even if, on sixty four unloosened savings, gotta be a whole Macartney song made sixty four like the last Coolidge to be. Because I was at all when I'm sixty four and they do that whole thanks. So he proudly still thinks he's young yet have a rude awakening. Also, it's good to just have somebody that's in the same profession of you, whose five years older that way you can never be the old guy right and so he's pointing at Nick me, like I'm at old. This guy's old right, so Nick is turning sixty nine and he's on the downside, Austria, the clocks running out hasn't banana hasn't wanna national tunnel since two thousand and two unity in almost three years, almost reactors point fuck it I like it. I'm I'm on board, flouted too takes go, get truly. I read I take so here it is Slith test. The was teslas dip, our toes in the water guess what wharf zeal feels find
she was a great help. I'm in I was sure fire fest Auschwitz start with Billy dimension, the played nobody, pow yeah guidance so our drive driving the city to get to work so Billy's Firefox for people were listening, is just whatever happened. Most recently before he came to the office, No, it actually happens last time so how's. It happens every time we come so so I had to peek such as high grading. All the way and stuck in traffic. You drink water any before he left us. I was out tried trying, so they shut down the street, on the way like on thirty by the office, the police shut down for obvious
so there's a shoe traffic jam, those eggs- and I don't know that just shut everything had her. How do I need a p like a piss in my car of Pisa, like during the trial of Yemen, opened the door and, like grabbed the Adrian bottle, and I was like between the the thirty two hours or twenty four is authority. What wide wider wide mouth wide mouth, Africa, they're all the same size mouth but still, so serve one foot on the asphalt one foot in the car. Looking like us, looking strike, looking like looking was like looking forward at something, but at something, but using it to ok, the bottle get a dumb question. Why did? Why? Did you open up the door before you started pain because then piecing down what it where's the harvest. So then this lady was walking by Ngos. What are you looking at?
the sports made up like bill. You PETE have already when you hear pay sitting down you're in a car. I'm gonna do our he's too awful. How are you not setting out our cars to be kept? So so you can t buy is how I agree. I believe in the bottle, and then someone how can we was being bought inside or outside of car outside the guy I'll go next by fireplaces, listening that fucking as pretty bad Billy's is Christ, I'm also moving, but it was that actually, I'm like looking for my move tomorrow, because I had to listen that storing and want to get out of this and also more of its work, and it is a firefly. The obvious billy gets in most classic lie that you could possibly till we say we say story, that's not going anywhere, and then somebody asked you what else happened then this chick was, there then turns a wash. It was wandering Willie. I was talking Michael. I take what your firefest, that really was my fireplace listen to that.
Firefox is kind of like vacation hangover, basically by my girlfriend now. What do you guys can, I think, relate to this in some way, shape or form Mcgovern stolen vacation. She also before I did Now- is at all all clearly apartment before I go and then like it'll be clean and your back. Obviously I put off cleaning before one until this week and then this week I put off cleaning until now and now my flash, I have to do somewhat cleaning so much laundry and I've had like three weeks, and I just quoted to last a question, and I would like your one hundred percent arms down. Yes, have you at any point in these the week before the week after done any light, subtle or whatever shaming? A re ever being on vacation na no nine,
absolutely no zero! You haven't you re right will in winter again back yeah seems nice yeah, I'm like it looks awesome and happier there like you. Don't wait, say that again it looks awesome unhappy other casting up. I knew it. I knew it I know full well, the rabbit's got a gun. I trust me pick out. I'm I'll, never, shame anyone for vacation ever, but that's such a classic. Dad move. Take your kids! You, like your mom, goes out of town for the weekend or she goes on a trip or something, and then the dad's like. Ok, we got thirty minutes to mom gets home. We all need to pull together in a clean. This mess up here. You know when you go back, tomorrow morning. I think you think You better find out two she's gonna call you when she's a block away you're going to get rid of the good with a risky business. Probably just have like a bunch of pizza boxes in law.
In longer? You buy it actually like cardboard boxes. Yeah, it's kind of laundering looks its doesn't loutish loggers pretty easy to just blinded away I've been going on for some reason. I am a call me back year. The cleanest have had it for five days here or just start to load, just put it in there, as our shared on Pfc, your Firefox my firefox is actually more were shot out to the Big Jays out there there covering the NBA, it's really their fire first, but it is in actual fire fast. So the NBA is obviously going to be doing to play off stand in Orlando Florida, as well as the losers bracket for all the teams that didn't make play off and the agreed to host some journalists down there, under the condition that they stay themselves quarantined in the same room, same type of hotels, that the players are not allowed to leave and come back, so we're going
at a bunch of journalists down there. You are reporting on Orlando Florida like it's. The associate lumping with wolves run through the hallways and yup like every single minor thing, that's bad about their hotel room. I go. There was a spider in my bathtub, every podcast, his arms, you, my kids in a month, exactly but don't mean to be ass, worthy being stuck in Orlando sounds pretty sweet. A point of order July and August in Orlando sounds horrendous, very, very human. Oh my guys swamp. They built a fuckin sitting on a swamp and then put it put a fuckin big golf ball in their yea. Yet at the younger doesnt know. Sometimes you have. You have the character breakfast. You can go to everyday goofy saying, and I am also a kid they never went to Disney world. So I think there's two camps like if you never want to Disneyworld is kid users have no feelings for and then, if you did your like, oh my God is animals about you. What they should do. They were like fuck that we're not gonna were turning our vacation and feed.
They should send the reporters kids down there and just have the reporters. Kids be the reporters yeah. They would love that here s like send dude. We live for kids under whose s eye for kids easy read it be swedish via posters, ass, the as so really fireproof faces in the crowd illegal trading cards to that they had to go to school Yathrib. Who is the rig Riley of S, eye for kids, private, probably a seven year old hosing as a seven year old was too much reveal still got that last week, every now and then, when he policies like like tv, see the time that I complained to me,
crazy nets for not having like enough crazy nets in the box, and they sent me this letter tower the letter guys great lesson: yeah goddamn they should just they should have the reporters kids hanging out like being baby sat by the player, yes and then turn than to content. Yes, James hardened, like leaving them in a hot car outside of stripping ducks ethnic for why I'll be right, back, eyeless gets or interviews, we get some great stuff coming up with a good appetite and then Kentucky ports radio best of before we get to Judd couple weeks ago, I got a box of clothing from this. Actually, not I'm gonna ask that because I love free fly. This is one of those sponsors that I was buying free fly before they became a sponsor. I found it I loved it. It is the best clothes
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Where did I land with your tone? and you know for me as some loves podcast, I'm a big pack has fan The first thing I thought I was, I would listen to this. I like it, And I'm gonna subscribe and I'm really good. I like it. I like it a twenty minute conversation about Michael Jordan and did he really eat the pizza, or is that a lie? I don't know for the okay we're going to actually throw that question in later on the interview, because you bought her to stop so when people get to this point, that can be like That's why everything's going so well, I am sure you, though it is judged Appetito, filmmaker actor comedian He has a new movie coming out June, twelve, the King Staten Island. We both watched it, I loved it. I thought it was great
we have just had bill baronne and I told them that it pass my test of. Do I am I still thinking about the movie the next day and this one pass the test. My first question This movie is what was it like doing movie with PETE David somewhere, it's kind of his. It is his life. You have to be sensitive to his life, but also very funny which you pulled off? They went. Something like this, you I'll be respectful to the offering of someone's life You summons, I'm gonna, give you the truth what I went through an you, couldn't fictional eyes it and use pieces of it and make up others tat. You have to read the care to do it well, and I I always just a man of some p gives me their life as fodder, and I screwed up in the movies sucks. That's awful. It would be terrible to ruin someone's life. I feel it both as pressure and it's like an honour to
get it when you know when we did train wreck with Amy, where she talked a lot about her father. Have Mass and that's the ace in real life and how it affected her nor relationships and I was well aware that, whilst a big deal, it is willing to share that with me. And I want to make a good thoughtful funny We were then so be it. Exciting and l a scary when people will let you do yeah, I think, is the right word, which is thought full and you ve been pretty consistent over your career. You made a lot of very funny things and you ve also had a lot of things that you have produced. A and directed that have been a good combination of very funny, but also very thoughtful is early. But a mix? That's the golden ratio. When you're gone into movie like this one liking of Staten Island, are you like? Okay, we needed to be thirty percent less and we need to be. Seventy percent draw my moving a story for making people think and may be making people empathize with these characters Or how do you balance that ratio?
remains just like if your authentic, in your credible people are funny anyway, right like You could it if your real people are weird like in real life. People is nuts, so you can. If you telling you know the story about someone's life in some lesson they learned or how they got through. Something hard if you take it seriously, it still gonna be funding this things, as did Michael Jordan, eating pizza during the NBA final question. What is familiar than that right is the highest stakes thing in the world its later your hungry. You get a pizza. You refuse to share it with any of your friends and then you're sick, all night, and you have to play, and you have to play your best- why a sick it's a fake story. We don't know, now. If this aid is a fake story, say that's the Michael Jordan cover up for something else which we don't know that's coming
a sterical too. I am I gonna get away with this other thing I did Kennedy I'll be by a bad pizza? Rights like everyone life, no matter how high the stakes are on some level. It still pretty far right. If that's like what they settled on for being too big explanation, wet. Let's say he was hung over and you is no puking gets out. He was not feeling well, to settle on like just go with a pizza angle on this is also very funny as like the big, a conspiracy that they could. Behind the scenes. Workers. What is it really? It's like. I have responsibility to my team. So this is a movie. That's a great beginning of a story. I'm done, I'm the lead guy. I have to be to bet I yell at everyone. If they don't work hard and if they break the rules, I destroy them and then I make a stake, whatever the mistake turns out to be, whether its eating a pizza or pretending to be a bit of a cover up a mistake that That's high, comedy stakes what would the end of that movie? We haven't the best game of your life.
Almost vomiting the entire time they're getting a pizza audio, an ideal and then becoming the cat. Pizza in Utopia publius. Yes, yes, I'm speaking of eyes at the door, vs big it a basketball, and you just mentioned train wreck just how difficult was it to work with Leubronn to work abroad, You know before Leubronn came. I ask people like how did it? How is it to work abroad? Because other people, you know who are now actors and actresses. They may not take it seriously. They may not understand what it means to be responsible when Europe like the most important person in your world and the truth is and it's not interesting at all the brown showed up early every day, no in his stuff having his own comedic ideal is about it and when He was waiting in between things he never walked away and when, in his trailer he does hung out with us wall to Wall very balanced
irish food, which is five days. He was to Friday shooting policies I then we were just laugh. What we would laugh that like Leubronn was there that is made of flour. Leubronn is here in this room with us and he's forced to talk to us. We're a bunch, a comedy nerds? and the broad is hanging out with a bunch of weirdos us, and here oh polite and funding and he's kick your ass to us was one of the great experiences can only can bear to James T. Color was in finding people. And we needed to sing a song in this one sequence and just as a goof. I said you know I don't know what's wrong to use. You want sing a whole bunch of songs and I'll figure it out an editing, and then we just forced him to sing about ten different songs for two days Only if we loved here right and we I believe he was then with a cry and while he think it a hobby songs,
and ass it about. I would look round my oh, my god. Thank God, he's incredibly cool any did crush it ITALY. He had a real taken why that was. I was funny it confirmed that Leubronn gave Amy the idea for her sketch that she use of just drinking one glass of wine out of the gallant size. Wine glass was not part of that conversation but what was right when the branded the seemingly plays basketball with bill, One was ready through, like the craziest thing, full court euro swish like the kind you see in the documentary about him, where throws it from always according to go. Then it did do that in front of us. Everyone in town to showed up. You know it was like baby. Ruth- was on the savage like children just started appearing in selling crystal Is there with his kids and, like everyone just started appearing, because they just heard the brown? Was there
So in in reading a little bit about you, I mean we. I've been a fan of yours for a long time and all the movies you ve done. But I didn't know this fact. When you are sixteen, you had a radio show and you booked the guests. Like Jerry, Seinfeld, J Leno, and I who also Gary shambling, how the hell Did you pull that off one and how nervous were you too? Well, this is like nineteen, eighty, three nineteen, eighty four so there's. Before the internet before pod cast an eye was obsessed with comedy, and I wanted to talk to comics. And it really was no way to talk to them. And there were no longer Europeans. There was no place where you could listen to someone that you look up to for an hour and my friends by the indian bans for our Highschool radio stations, and so he interviewed ARI, am and Susie and the cheese and people like that.
And then one day that you should just like to show what does make up a show where you into become accidental, give an excuse to call them and then I would call them, and I would never say there were high school, reduce state I would just centres where a New York radio station. And I would call their publicists and giving up members a bag of eighteen. Eighty three, eighty four one jury signed dollars just get going No one wants to talk like, did their work. There wasn't a line of people trying to interview J Lan our people like that and so what I would call, I think pr people were happy to look like they were doing. A good job Then some publicity and they didn't know it was complete be ass, it was just a high school realisation that barely guy the parking, the parking lot and then Does he reached gotta from the AV squad? and they would always look at in, can allow flag.
Ok now I gotta do this work, which the little bombs and then I was such a nerd that hopefully ask some questions and interests see you invented podcast kind of an answer. Allow hall I was he to trying to invent pug casting or the Charlie Rosa. I was trying to invent some actual, that's what it has done, sixteen in in interviewing, I'm always fastened by people cause you. You obviously started Stanhope Comedy at seventeen dropped out of college. Did you just use? Do it you just new? That's what you wanted to do, and it was one focus one MIKE is a lot of people kind of float through life and don't find that one thing where you just lock, then at such an early age you knew that was what you're going to do for life. So you know I was a kid. I was obsessed with that. All the talk shows what I was geared, which was like the Merv Griffins Ellen Dinosaur. Then later Letterman hit the air
I love the comics and in my hand I thought you'd be amazing. Intensity. Martin hit And you know he was the beyond say of comedy and neo in eighteen, seventy eight and that's what I dream was born and I think I is pursued really intensely. My pants got divorced that I felt very unstable and I think my brow, you, better get a job, and even a worker ass ought to be able to take care of yourself. I think I had an irrational at twelve I twelve fourteen forging I had this feeling like learn to take care of yourself. And it was somebody irrational, but it was the gasoline that made me. The kind of kid would drive an hour and a half to Poughkeepsie the interview Weirdo Yankee was there a one comic at that age, because I feel like that age is when people really start to open their eyes to what their future interest are going to be here for the rest of their life? Was there one you saw that it was just like a holy shit moment like this is incredible. I'm obsessed with this now
What Seinfeld was won? This is before the tv show and I used to go, see him and Caroline's in New York. Back then, which is a small club, was like ninety seeds, and his act was just the perfect hours of sand. I used to see letdown Gilbert Gottfried Gilbert was one of my favorites. I'm using Pee Wee Herman at the same club, doing aversion stand, a comedy when I was a kid? I probably just as a young jewish guy along Ireland, there are a lot of guys were like me like Paul riser. I thought. Oh people like me, get to do this. In ideological than from a diversity of voices in film and television, and they allow people like Comana, Johnny, would say I never saw myself eat anything inside. I think it was possible to do the things out. Trying to do when I was little, but I was the opposite. Everyone looked like me, Harry shelling, look like me and I think a programme me to think. Oh, it's possible today.
It is an outside a grandfather who produces jazz and rock and produce the first Janis Joplin record, and he produced TED Nugent, but also pretty Charlie Parker, who I he was a hustler and I could just as well. I guess you does hustle. I guess your house, That's how you break it aside. You started hustling for me, a young So did you get your start by doing stand up? You did a lot of writing to I've, always wondered about writing for Jim carry. I read that you did some rewrites for a few of the scripts. Is he the Z S person, the world's right for are the most difficult person in the world to write comedy for, Well, he is the. None of the disease, because he so smart. And he saw imaginative and I'm not imaginative, like Jim, is, and so In that sense, it's very hard because he like Salvador, Dolly or something, and it's hard to
Come up with those visions for him, but Jim and I know are really good friends, and when I was young we would spend a lot of time together and I I think I was a good head. You know sometimes you just you're not them most creative guy in the world, but you're the kind of person gets a creep in person going yeah! I was a good audience. I had a good sense of wit where he was going. Was the right, direction or not. I knew how to get him in a good mood and I did it for Lahti comedians. When I was young, I wrote for Roseanne. I did I didn't write for all sorts of young people their careers that I was a kid I would for shamming over the Grammy's. When I was in my in twenty it's not like. I'm smart, not pretty funny, but I think I'm really good at it. Pointing them in the direction with they will think of the greatest The ever and a lot of my work with Jim was that no use having
to his house and begins to punch got movies. I grew so maybe or on line fire but alive. It was just he needed to do the rewrite it I showed up. He would do it do. You know I mean like he has an appointment with someone and I'm taking notes and asking questions, and pitching a little bit, but really it's to keep him organised so, So, speaking to being a good hang, I'm sure you ve been in some rooms. Witches I mean you ve, been in many rooms with many fantastic comedians. Is there one guy or girl? Who is always kind alpha who makes everyone else, laugh even a room that star studded they your mate, that, like that person, command, a room full of the funniest people in the world. There are certain people, but just know how to heal any Kevin Heart is like that I met given hard when he was,
really a young guy. I did a pilot with him in two thousand and one or two thousand and two it was, violent inside him started Amy, Polar and Jason Siegel and Judge Reinhold and January Jones, not get picked up your nineteen eighteen nineteen years ago. We knew it like Evans, the guy. You know What we want that show to get picked up. Then I heard about this tv show of undeclared that. If you episodes in using the forty over but he's a guy. You know almost more than anyone that, if he's in the mood to he could destroy any room, tat interest is very funny we're one of our favorite. Less from Kevin Heart is when he goes, I find it out of my heart. Did you did you enjoy that line? Also, I? U cabin an Romany were in for your virgin and there's a scene with like cursing each other out in the middle of the stereo, store up, and even the movie. It's got a short, but under them
then the version movie, I let it go for like five minutes and I just that behind the monitor due to watch them, go so hard at each other, better it is amazing, do you still proudly where cargo shorts cause? I know you had a little due to do when you are throughout the first pitch with the men up. You got him on right now. Did you expect that type of backlash yeah there they are. Did you expect, like you sure it's the people and I again dukes back the backlash when you were the cargo shorts throughout first pitch, the Mets game. Let me say it was so hot that day I can't even tell you how hard it was see decide. I got the hawk it's you want an extra pockets for our heart. It was I you know it was all about getting airflow going in order under carriage, but I never even considered wearing jeans like I'm, not gonna, shoot stadium in ninety degree, whether wearing Jean that's not happening.
And I do not want any light slacks. So they asked me about the first pitch, maybe like the day before, or that of your two days now. I M not thrown a hard ball since seven it's great. I live not held. Hardball applied, maybe some softball over the years, but throw a hardball had not happened, and when you try to, practice Eddie again after not doing it for decades you become aware of your mechanics right. You see it's not muscle memory, there's no muscle memory and then you're like? Do you throw it over the top? You throw it on the side and I've practicing My arm is going out so fast from practising, and then I but what I practice in the Bay Eastman other the stadium And they say job when you're on the mounds.
The through higher causes. It's almost like an optical illusion, you throw it in the dirt throw high. I got out there now through its streets, which this proud of his a lot of people have not furnish straight, but it he hit the dirt, and I will I got to my grave is a moment of humiliation that self, but nobody remembers that you bout sit because everyone just talked about the cargo shorts right well, but they don't talk about his first Dwight Gooden within the crowd. Ok, a key Fernandez is a little too much too much pressure. For me, Right before I did it, I said I want this either to be the worst anyone's ever done it all. I would like to do perfect. I do not want to do it in the middle. You want is to be cut of neither here nor there at all, Ever I did it. I, like you, know what I think that was in the middle of the EU was the worst throw ever, but it wasn't great, but then someone said your photo of it and I look I jerry but listen, how do I look
so crazy. But I said yes, it was one of the worst ever and I was so happy. It has great is one thing I've always have always admired about. You is that you should have stayed very loyal to a large group of people. For a very long time in Hollywood, which I imagined can't be easy, but did That's did you guys like sit down, make a packed in the late nineties and say this. Report here we're going to dominate every single. Comedic movie that comes out of Hollywood, the next thirty years and were keeping this all in house together you know what I live Sandler, which was the early that is like eighty nine. Ninety, we all the sands, but Adam was gonna, be someone who did well and then we all need Jim carry. So those are the two. The people that we thought and I think that the people there
it's gonna, be the ones I didn't think I was really gonna, be the one. I was very quickly losing confidence in myself being around people that felt like other level. And then I met still around bad timing- is Stiller those three seemed to be the ones And then years later I met Amy Polar, and I was I I think, she's the funniest person I've ever seen violence used to go on Conan them and play in Iraq, your sister, but for me I loved all freezing geeks actors and accurate, and I really had a sense that did they were great outside of the show they would be gray and made a conscious choice to try to do something with as many of them as I could, and You know I'm a loyal persons, but I feel that our group has gotten larger over the years. You know we added Eric Banner during funding. People in Euro, every once in a while somebody, you don't expect
appears in one of our thanks speaking a freaks and geeks wind, which sliding doors moment on that like so. If recent geeks had not been cancelled, it was a critical success. You only got one sees out of. If that stretches out, five, six, seven, eight years. What is the ripple effect on just comedy. In Hollywood, like what goes down. Well, you know what we did after undeclared there's. No one declared the next thing did I produced anchor man. They they probably would have made it without me, so they would have enough mutated anchor man, I'm sure so, would have been great. And then the forty a virgin, I mean a domino effect of just people doing other things and maybe better thanks. Who knows you? You say it like it's all good but made, All those people would about some completely different path and turned into data. They listen and moral street. I held them all back.
This is leading to a park ass. You do with Conan, I think, is about six months ago, and you were talking about in the day the type of day as a creative person where he felt like nothing, was working and that you felt like a fraud. And it dawned on me that, if Judd Appetite, one of the most accomplished guys in the comedy world can have those the haze then we're all screwed because we hope to one day, have the success you have have. How do you wrestle with Those days where you're like I have all the success, but I don't feel like I belong and I feel like nothing else, is going to work ever again. I think that you know sometimes nothing comes. Nothing comes that day yet, you may say our work on their scrapped and try to fix it, and then he said, like you not funny in Geneva, no that's part of it, but is really about get your ass and deceit everyday and hoping that, like you, have good ideas and then someone you have a bad moment. You know you know we were testing the
Staten Island and I couldn't seem to get the first right, it is felt weird. I loved all this beans biggest felt weird My wife Leslie Man was, I think I see that you have raised driving in the car You know that whole sequence probably should open the movie. I don't think it should happen twenty minutes and it seems like I should open the movie and I was like you, don't know what you're, talking about is the whole reason. Why that's twenty minutes? In the movie? And He kept saying like you, make a mistake. It should be the opening and then lit three months later, I still felt like the first acts, weird and I said to the other. Driving secrets as the open way, coming to see whether there is any say just like it. Unless he is wrong and then completely changed. Everything just incredible. First act suddenly makes it. Everything was kind of. The bridge had more depth. You really understood. Lupi was.
But you months where I was I I just screwed up this whole process. And so you haven't you just being from some inspiration to head That's it that's never does it does make something bad at other times you figured up after There have been some scripts that you ve worked on that were very, very funny to right and you felt like you had something gold and you had all these great set. Ups, all these great jokes and then, when it translated to either television or the big screen it didn't. Work is well in real life, as it did in your mind, is a movie. They that comes to mind that you ve done that kind of fits that script well, I did the movies that I didn't do as well as other movies. I like sometimes I like them more. I think they're weirder and I like you to like walk hard, is a movie that made You're very little money right it's one, the finest ones of all the ones we get out of people were dying for us. Movie, which is a parody of walk, the lie in re and all the music bioethics. Another these.
Pigs are giant and the Queen movie with so big. People revisited work hard and they were all these articles about how Everything in the movie about queen is already in work hard, like all the conventions of what Difficult about music bio pigs had makes him not work. A lot of the time I made a news. All these articles to say looking what our desires and so does- Abraham thing. When you something feels dismissed at the time, attic seems a hold up. Ten years later, they pop star. It falls into that, cockatoo. It wasn't like a resounding success at the time. That's one, the funniest movies I've seen the last twenty years. Yet those guys, the lonely island guys unbelievable, and it is always a bummer. When you don't have the box office, you are hoping for. And even without one, we had to send the people, discover this on television like they didn t, know the Gruber, which is not a great wonder, and so you
happy about it because a kind of Burma, because in a movie theater with a full house pops star, just crushed so hard is so good, but the universe born thing is you like for me. If I'm at home and I'm scrolling through the channel, am I I see that my movies on tv, whereby embarrassed when you That's all you care about, like you see like a movie up their newly Oh man someone's rather watching them right now they buried their animal ride. I gotta dealer makes you happy about me. This ought to be ashamed of putting up garbage. You know that one something to make we will have. Even now, everyone is home most of the time, people really bored people really down and and uniformly it is basically you. Maybe this is all worth it because I know there are people that having a rough day and they're going to put one of these things on, and hopefully, if it gives much. You know if I'm time for a couple,
so what's the ripple effect from here, gonna be like for comedy so, like. Obviously, all productions are stalled right now, at least the ones that are set in the United States. Are we just I'm going to have movies for the first quarter of next year. I think that you can be a little weird like for us that they were like you're gonna wait a year to have the movie come out. I was I No, I mean it's done. Unlike other gonna prison, couldn't have like sitting on the shelf. For a year, and I said you don't care about what's happening, I think should come out now. This is a good out there, the euro. This is about what people are experiencing and but yeah it's gonna be we're. There's gotta be a moment when we're like. Are there was more movies right there right, I did know they'll be allowed. A backlog in the spring of the summer of the theatres are all open, cranking, where they'll be like tonsil movies and then maybe net. Fall like fall to thousands of anyone
There's no movies! You think you, some studios, just have real, have of shit saved shit that they thought they thought never good enough to release five years ago, six years ago, six years ago, attacking a what fuck it lets: Polisario, NATO six men in black nineteen What do you know the truth and just something great movies that people have not seen in the movie theater is like bigger hundred the best movies all time and just go we're gonna put godfather to the theatres on two thousand screens and it would be the best thing ever so maybe they'll come up with some creative way to introduce people to all sorts of amazing movies that they never got to see. Well, we have a movie. We do yeah do only gonna pigeon. I don't
I feel like we should we already have. We ve got most of your friends that are already loosely attached. Yeah Adam Sandler has been loosely attack after we have to create rules for his wife and his oh yeah. Ok, do you wanna hear a movie pitch? Of course I want to hear the purser inherent, maybe a little more enthusiasm when you say that I love to hear the spreads. Give me all you got. Ok, it's called boner down it's a dog with a boner. Ok, that's! Basically,
Yet it gets lost and then it comes back because the boner rags enemy no and everyone, it's called rude off the Red Nose reindeer meet Swaziland thing meets, Hansel and Gretel meets Debbie does doubt everyone's ago. No, the stocks, yet a boner you'll never be good for anything, and then the dogs Ike, actually I'm very good sled die because you can use my boner as the North star to find our way back home when we get lost in the South and in Adam Sandler involved. I think we gave the roar the voice of the bonus too will feral. Yet David space is involved as well till four grace yeah Zack Efron actually is a definite yes, your hard, yes hard. Yes, not no pun, entire question yeah. What is one of the dog sad and lose This is about her that's it! That's the second act right there that's exactly! This is what I would do is producer. Ok punch, you darling, deep and figure out
What is the emotion that leads to the lack of the erection and then how does he get the erection back? Maybe maybe maybe he's running through the snow, and then he sees like on on a tree it just a big box score with everyone's batting aborigine loses the bone or right away cause. He starts reading that, like the old trick of like when we go to a batting line up, so that I can maybe not ejaculate too quick. You haven't savory, I was producing rosy. I like that, but less cumbersome and other version of why the latest really think about the psychology of wine has gained the first church whisky. He drank too much whisky Eve there were given away. Why is one dollar long island ice tease at the local bar boom border gone. Why does he need to drink? What hurt him, because she's upset that everyone makes spun of him for having a boner yeah yeah? I would not like
I like that sea were crack and eat. Maybe we crackers story so sounds like you're. It. Will you actually already? Aren't you give tweak the script so we're gonna? Put you writing credit? and where I had a made it you can't you alive action. We do animated others in theatres by November. Yeah he's a yes and Adam Sandler said that if he doesn't get an Oscar thrown cut gems he's gonna make the worst movie possible boom boner docks, I like you, we ve just packaged it. Ok, ok, any he gets it back because the he drives the sled off a cliff and like a bad snow storm it land. In the ocean and everyone's gonna drown. He accidentally inhale some oysters, which book russian alive voters back and then somebody from the shore castle line into the ocean and hoaxes boner and then they lift him back up by his red lipstick?
While these we know the end work, so we don't have to work on that part right. Yeah we're on the second act turned right. I hope Second act turn out that. Yes, that's what I was going to say to yes redoubling do that. I had one last question: your King Staten, island and also in other moves. You had. You ve had your own family. How hard as its direct your own family is it I would imagine there's gotta be moments really like. This kind of weird, because now I gotta go home any dinner together and I didn't like something you did in front of you know the cameras. Well, you know I like that they have to listen to me and generally powerless as a person in the house, and so it is the one place where they have to listen to me. I haven't worked most of them in a long time. This is forty was two thousand and twelve. So I haven't worked with anyone in the family other than Iris Iris was in love. Our tv show Netflix and so a lot I worked with actually is not just like on the set nine years.
And now you know- she's been euphoria in the tv show, Hollywood and now you're gonNA knows what she says: she's doing well, the kid I would just like you know- in Belgium, it into a scene at the kitchen table and put bacon in front of Ahern, just torture. Her and that's you know what the scenes were, this was actually at. Thing and it was. It was superfine. We are to have a really good time doing it and she plays pizza sister and is the one that gets really tell him off and tell him everything that is it doing, which is painful for her and we'll get up yet Well, I really enjoyed the movie. I hope he will go see. It began its. It's definitely good watch, it's an interesting story, because after imagine, you are taking P Davidson's life and big part of the comedy, a big part of things are pushed moving forward, is that his characters movie can be carbon ass. Well sometimes, and you have to like. You have to take that bit of his life and be like ok, p, we're gonna make.
You and ass all in this mood, because that's what you said that you are like, but were also make it funny. Was that ever awkward where you like happy? be more of an asshole walls and I feel good man. I have this awful and the scene it's a nightmare, but I feel like a lot of good comedy. Is new p were terrible. They learn how to be less terrible out of your member. From the beginning, a stripes say Bill Marie and the woman's yelling at him and he's the cab driver and stops the cab on the middle of the bridge and he tossed the keys and is the river That's like how companies star you know usually does someone who's, gonna Brad, her you know acting. Out in some way. So I was thinking first, the better in the beginning like when you ve got the boner dog in the beginning, he's got a nice boner D. Danny learns to be nice yup I like now, so I would ask them grow hurting now. I've got some growth really help us. You really sparked. You have been our inspiration today,
this. What you I did with his master classes, you guys watch it and apply orbit, your draft. You are good, hang you're, absolutely right! You ve gotten creative people's brains going over here guys in this situation? Are the gym carry and I'm the job ya? I thank you so much at all last question. If you could go back in time, which I am a freaks and geeks doing sliding door, would you still vote for tromp with ice, a vote for him like I did tat you know what that secret vote. I did for travel and told my family. You know I'd have to like see how the next few months, ok Santiago, works out. Oh yeah he's running on the job right now, so you're always he's got there. The learning curve is certainly learn Gruber, happening. I've learned, never say never let you wouldn't totally take back your vote. I got it. That's fair,
you're, not because you get pets, you know one another. That was a good big lesson. Is the icing on the cake. I will just take you so much go see King Staten, Island June, twelve, what's your picking people bite at home? It's gonna be a rental. At the very few days, darting junior twelve per ends- and I guess you know a couple months later- you can buy it and will at the all the extra dozens of come out there. I long Oscar Buzzer's, Oscar Buzz around it and its eyes. If I can win in Austria this year, where there's no movies, I haven't what we started. The idea was the only Oscar Buzz we ve heard is just when we interviewed billboard earlier, and we said: hey, there's Oscar bonds, so that council, let me tell you something you are in the media, so I don't think you're buzz is not really control under the area. Its Thereas Astor Buzz videos for your consideration, caitive Staten Island best director best screenplay Best acting billboard pass new movie. I saw this year.
I'm telling you I can get a gold globe out of this? I am out of this game best kiss the MTV video orgy. I studied at best Guess Bill Ireland, gonna walk muster a word out of this. I don't want to hear coolest it. Cause that anyone's looked smoking weed since pineapple express good point I'm trying to do in order to try to, in this whole Greer into we'd company bad. Thank you. So much really appreciate each at guy. That's fine! Your appetite was brought you guys. Bird are great friends. Overt shady raise somewhere machete raise right. Now they are the official sunglass the sponsor of pardon my take. We ve been waiting for years to get one we finally do in shady rays are selling like do we say song, a cock, cakes Seymour are two hockey excel yeah. What's up sure thing amongst the kids these days there. So, unlike their solemnly anything with a cypriot Ives through sound, like PS, fives. Shady rays are awesome sunglasses. You will love them. I love em
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entire year pdf T good morning Kentucky. So here what we have planned for today by weight. I just go shadow T J Smith. What a TED talk call t J he'll make em pay got just not just hits different. If listen affirm king for personal injury attorney in Kentucky, I'm not making a pass. The tease my phone along with J Smith. I want you to Smith, call T J, that's all we call actually T J nowhere. I have on I'm going on a canadian personal injury podcast later on today. I want to know how Kentucky handles things before I deal with a Canadian gimme me jail call TJ how to make him Paralyzer fullest, go to Jordan, Jordan. What's up I've gone out of your way home from a powerful
In Turkey loving, you know a man what's up what's cooking, when you got well placed had two ok, first, What was it like? Actually interview in undertaking it was spent yeah they like a man Like is not even a real guy, you know yes or no. Yes, that's what that's what happens when the undertaker's around he just comes back to life places, or did you agree with me that you, you have c sound like your big wrestling fan, I love wrestling. Do you agree with me that some day the undertaker will actually die, but I won't think he's dead forever, like they'll, be in fifty, it should now be like the undertakers bought come back. We read for many other here, the yes and emotion. I requested a second question. What would you rather have?
jade over angers or have a pup corn colonel permanently stuck in your toe Eugene thing. Man began to me. I did. I can mecca. Thank you. So much vaunted, thank you now is my favorite I'll hang up and listen of all time being like I want my Tito question answered, but I'll hang up take my offer. Yeah I'm gonna. Go that your fingers, because one you can always lick your fingers and thus delicious letting it has an atom. That's not a problem of liquor in they keep coming back. That's gotta be, and I agree with you. I was so chewed off, and yet you two fingers to me is like a bonus suggesting the colonel between the teeth. That's one of the worst, Elizabeth ever yet you can't get rid of it it it. It stays around for like three days at a time it's there's no win out of that was going to take a may. Take the cheetah fingers easily fishing Rico Rico. Eco Rico,
from our northern incompetent phone call from first reading and now you're gonna go doing tomorrow. You doing so on world learn coastguard. You know you go to these clinics and wandered your legs. Are you? Are you a managing getting from far from John out everybody manage the cap? Are you learn how to play the pliers bag juries? Every week we can do is, urticaria rattled buried, employing a plan for years and bake in a knock down it now. You for this is real Rico wheel. There was a fake Axa whose Rico Rita from Mexico. Well, look at current carving conduct in one of the early years, learning others there you were so it's us about this. Alright knows, I'm sure Rico has entire sheet and firm these written out about like his bio. His fate,
Rico by have gone up the same areas but feel defined. What my colleagues from the junk mail buried by Herbert Player, manage the cap, wake Rico, which you lose your favorite coach. Who was my favorite hold my breath? both the man of defended the car. Ok, so you don T pay splinters at all, absolutely not played gradual, don't go where you want to go back to your doom. Postchaise mill type receiving now would regos calling from the year two thousand and two to four coach wrinkle. What's your favorite give me one little one last question: what you better placed to eat Lexington thirty, replacing confirm that
Yeah like what everyone knows, anything good girl, but I got up and carbon goblin in Brooklyn. They talk about the far ever been that Rico from colleagues in. Thank you so much finish. Our want to get a flavour of the real Turkey's I. What are we going? Next call: let's go to Dilbert Gilbert S, Gilbert, that's fake name, right. No, no! No! No gap opened up by Kentucky entrapping Kentucky, ok here from up quick back yet we're home Ok, ok, you gave you come down here and welfare we're down here. Maiden basically food to come from wherever it knows in corporate, but eight make little building. They went home, parquet, fake, webcam, confetti colonel. You basically
techno somebody I mean. I don't mean to really talk bad about any Kentucky colonels, but it ain't that big deal just be honest with you cuz. I know some. I know some guys that you know that not have that honor, but they got it because they need somebody Nigger papers, ain't that big Dave, you gotta know somebody was somebody like it. I'm gonna look up and see who the Kentucky colonels are and see. If I know somebody what else you got Dilber inquired yet something that I think that that would you rather be in doubt. Blue barefoot about eight and have to stay that way for several hours. Or would you rather have both a calf? What were you get your hand gollop impersonal in the past,
and because it may be seen it may experience. But what would you rather do he had they want to do and I'm going to hang don't dilber. You do not hang up. Do you not hang up what ok up earlier? Why why? Why did you have to stand in dog who promote while several hours We all know- and I know it, but I felt so. How are you you know? I mean I don't mean by Turkey, of course anything, but Why am I a lot? I we ve got it. Green. They an end, and we know we had a dog and step up on the property. And there I would run it and take more active part in the big deal. Crap you were, I mean it without amazing. Tell the man, but I but I'll call you hello, hello? I went down to the pond dried water to feed off, but it did it wouldn't come. I got even now the USA that way about three four hours of work.
Now and then and then buried in a cab my papa, had had a cap arm and there is a gap. There was that the council Mama power too bad. If we didn't help and we will keep and accounting grandparent lamp and arming animals, you please take liquors apart. If one were built, Crystal Canna goes after care, for there was a real thing actually lost. His watch open air, which is kind of a funny thing, but anyway it maybe create rebelled. Messing about them are grossly prepared. I think at least I'm coming out, you got a baby cow, look at it's kind of cute. You know me if you don't eat and they grow up to be walking right when you pull them out, you just pull them out and put them on the ground.
They their Lubin wobbly. They look like they hired terrible things drank maybe apple or thought than America. They kept the kind of wobble their legs or real flimsy, but you know they grow up because you get away to her estate and that what we do here I mean and what we do, and so I mean at least he got bad. That Canada is prime lack. When you feel a woman, you had a kidney gown and that they will have you had birth, they know, but at least you gotta be you show bored. I have found that a plan you have said. I have made you walk away with with dog goop incognito grows, but when you help birth, a capitalist language looking out even eating it now, the unanimous itself is also it's. A great pick up line to use years is ok. I've, I've helped her Mamma can give birth to a cute little baby, and I reckon there's probably know whether you can do a c section and the cow either is here now it gave Mamma you don't want it at ramming icy fat man yet ready for that.
Louder, YO remained, but I'd like to hear what you got me yet have changed their islands, which I think I'd go with. The cow is what you said dear, but I have one last question: are you interesting name. Are you one of many Gilberts is along lines. Delbert. Now mom bat? So well, you know better than all the the cartoon scrape up my my dad. My dad was ably drinker ease to read out when he was a kid. When he fell drinking and eight o clock Bill Britain about it, you joke they offered you wanna grown up. Labour law goes back Alex Great, but I think that what happened? Nothing bad was just stay with just. Why didn't tell my mom? She had a rough delivery with me out They go by the other, fakir and and and They said they emanate picked out in Iraq, ermine bad about woman beneath the Aubert, and so it is quite a stir in its men
means, however, that you know there have not been able to round you right? It's no one on may soon rode on be unlikely. Have you ever gone by anything but Dilber Leg Delia are Bert. Earth is always has been Dilber. We are saying and we'll have hit the button. I told you what they called me. I was a kid, but but but the upper simply must start without I'm gonna play baseball too needs to be so funny. When they call me over the intercom Iraq now bat number four billboard and then people would laugh lucky with them. He was wounded embarrassing. But if you know how do you college, canister and now to go with it? I'm fine, I'm proud of you fuck and proud of my kids, one from long lucky. You know, speak grammatical,
never thing, not fancy dilemma. Just cover found like eight that mean that I do not know is going on. So I don't know if you want to thank God, the main you know when I grant you some day. They might call me something different, but right now, billboard home before I love it. I think you're a great outlook on life and it sounds like part of that is being named overnight. Its grown on me of over the courses call. I have one last question. You said you mentioned that your big baby, how many coming passageway when you're born I was just they entail. While I look like a date Bernie that month, Mamma said go out in the nursery with both little key a miracle. Premature babies does not know Waxlike up, let Magritte with their dicks wishes both able Mama joking said the doktor when they looked at me and said, look like it looked like a twenty eight. Yet what I mean I was acting. I had seen today,
How are the big okey dokey it, but will that after I'm not really being now rather abruptly and failed faster than I you know, probably not the ideal body weight, not bad barred. Mom I'll have begun I'm going through. I do that's it. Anyone had size. That is the ideals like it. Without the ideal mill physical for Dilber. Take you for the call has been our best call the day we have someone given students. Virtually progressed call did they give you just one satisfaction, my friend
everyone. Yet there were more like the overall working. I recall where entire world had dilbert. Had we been a much better than ever know that you want sands bags or might take over on gas. Are bad Melville your browser revenge? You got that day, snowboard the Kentucky Sports radio highlights were brought to you by Express VP, and we all know how Express BP and protects their privacy and your security online right. But here something that you might not know. You can also use express VP into unlock movies and shows only available in other countries. So now that so many of us are stuck at home, it's only a matter of time until you run out of stuff to watch on Netflix so use poor, weak, unexpressed, BP and you can binge doctor who, on Uk Netflix, you can watch
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remorseful without remorse he's not he's sweat. All you know what he's done is he's realize, he's he's the most self centered person I think I've ever has gone, like. That's not really an exaggeration, I think he's the most selfish person world, but he's reach The point in his life, where he's had to confront, would a that he's been in public so many times that the best, whether he can come out of this. The his grand master plan for feeling better about himself to make a documentary. Where he's like. Yes, I'm an hour right, but let's make a big documentary about me being and ass. We another wrought rope. Another run around the tracks of me. Let me do this, while I being on me, because that's really what it comes down to is that he ah. Every time. Someone also apologize the amount at times he has. None of them
feel like it it's the quarters like we have six apologies. You have none. He apologized to O Brien. Whatever was too done thirteen. He then did array apology, two thousand eighteen being like oh yeah. That policy wasn't really really real. Like didn't, really work he's apologize, it like he is a guy who does not give a fuck that he is a complete An unrepentant asshole yet at the same time is the problem that I have lives are wrong. He still wants us to love him and eat like there is up because you can't deny the cancer research can deny that he's done some great things, but he D wants to have his cake blue. He wants to be the asshole the when it all ah sky Le Gab doping, but ever was doping, which is true for bison, yes, but he also wants us to believe we love you lance. He has The point is life where he has like he's group: Billy pulling back from all the lies that he's told right and he's never once come absolutely clean, given
one thousand and eleven public apologies. I said so. Why am I going to think that this apology is admitting her yeah? She reminds me a lot of Petros in the way that your deals with things where he once he's like caught Red handed he'll admit thing and maybe he'll give you like a little bit passed what you already know about right, but then you ask me what about all the other stuff and then help like one blocker black. No, I never did that it's so anyone who is talking about the lady that came into his hospital room, who testified I don't like Lance openly, admitted that he was using. He still hanging onto the fact that, like that conversation, never right still hates void land still here he is she kind of in a weird way the way you just explained its genius that he has so many lies that he can basically room like release apologized for one every couple years and keep his relevancy. That's what he's doing and he has done, the great things like his charity did great things. Everyone remembers lives strong. My problem is, if he
It was a cheater in a sport like that that is just rampant would cheating no problem. If he was like, I cheated yeah, it's the fact. Even if he lied about cheating, and then some day came clean. I'd have no problem the problem, the fact that is so like litigious n n N, aggressive towards anyone who tries to tell the truth. That's what makes him implying that lady. That who is she in charge of like giving the cyclist massages on their recovery days to help them be able to take? next time, travel whatever. He implied that she was a whore right. It right in these, instead of being like either shutting his mouth, because she was telling the truth in the interview that you did. He get it just not study thing. Instead, he respond me like you know what she did a lot inappropriate things with their cyclists, but I don't want to get into all that right with we lance hee, hee ruins other people's lives right instead of having somebody slightly damage his own at an end,
The guides are now just that. I was gonna say like it's almost perfect, because he, He found a perfect enemy in cancer right I want unleashed the most ruthless asshole in the world on cancer thing most of us would be like? Yes, whenever takes, will try to defeat? Intricacy kills so many four years so having having Lance Armstrong, dedicate his life and in and focusing his ass wholeness on cancer was actually great thing because of this one guy. I would say: probably ten, Therein lies, maybe more have been saved and dozens more millions have been like greatly improved while they fought cancer so Yes he's a huge asshole, but at the same time if he wasn't such an asshole, maybe we would is far advanced in terms of cancer researchers. The other thing I was thinking about in this digression and we'll get Billy starts, and second here thinking about, because it came out in the proximity the last.
Hence in Lance, unlike the being an asshole- and I I I don't think Michael Jordan is anywhere near the possible that Louis Armstrong is even close by There is also an element of its It's very you're really out on your own. When you play an individual sport, I know there's teams and in biking, but I won if Lance Armstrong wasn't in that type of sport. If he played for while if you play basketball, if he had the the team, victories and was it to his teammates. Would we see him different because I think it's that idea that you are like solely out there? You get all the fucking actual Did you get all the you're the best ever? It's not a team sport. So when it comes to other way we're going to rip you and tear you down like Tiger woods like we're going to destroy yeah, I think with glasses. Aims. They only existed to help Lance. I think that's ever relationship that he has in his life
if you saw the different people there were interviewing in that movie there, like now, ten different subjects where the bottom lie at the screen said their name, and then their description was former business associates of Lance Armstrong from my group is businesses that he was in. None of them were like employees of lance. None then we're like current coworker Lance none reflect current best friend, the role former. I think lances everybody in his orbit as being to serve him and in bicycling your team. Quite literally there to serve right the number one person why so like you can't you can't act the same way in a team sport and re sport as you and bicycling, even if you do technically have teammates but leg, even his current. Why for girlfriend whoever was like, you could see his interactions with her, he was just there be, he likes how she makes him feel about himself right right, Hank, german, fast, worry finish with Billy's cuz,
sure the great I. Yet there died a few thoughts about the I thought the dad self was like very, very interesting in this sense. I like it. I can imagine how complicated his words like your named after this guy who's. Now your dad and like he wasn't, you know I mean like it was. It was a weird thing where he's like trying to decide what is last ain't even was the fact that he was ass, good ass, he wasn't use, fifteen people have, like steroids you to cheat her. It's like he was winning trap. Andreas fifteen Israeli, the possibility that clear the best athletes are going to talk about social Maguire like in very bonds and like all the you you there is still a lot to help make my dream is better, but you you're still better than everyone else regardless, and I think to your point, I talk about the last chance to and how Lance obsessed with himself like the interviews,
amount of interviews like Michael Jordan? They are basically cutting from the interview he did like you did like two or three interview. He sat down twice. You said unto ass. They had like thirty five different angle, hide our lands, Armstrong Lucky. They must have been analysed suitable, take guy lsd of another we're gonna, do a whole new holding all. Also tells me what I very other like running around his town in Colorado, whenever just like, having having a camera crew in a car. Follow him, his jogging through the streets or tons of those yeah. It was very much like still a shrine to Lance. I think you just reach a point where he doesn't care that alot People think that he's an ass, or at least that's what he tells himself he's real he's moved into the lance. Do you're looking in the mere in the morning, you don't care with the assholes think we're going to think about em all that right right. You got here about every pleasure in view. I also think I also was thinking after the M J Documentary and like the fact that the british doing one the there's going to be about like three or four years, the oversight Eurasian of our me
Athletes memories is gonna, be tough, there's toppled slanted, you can tell when it's like them supermarket. That's not it wasn't. A filmmaker monsieur lance aren't gonna documentary by foreign debt They also didn't say why they dropped that final federal investigation. They kind of lost that overtake well, Lance made a couple important phone calls, and that's that ass. The thing that lances currently lying about. Is why the the feds just drop the case entirely. That'll be another apology arrears, neither over interview tax yourself, no son, this ice myself, you put yourself in his king, housed in high school, ok you're a nice guy anymore. I want to hear what you thought about document without any Notes are totally interesting to see the psyche behind such a competitor. Answer here about,
The preparation, that's not Mozart is not at all. You know. If you gonna want to both general alive. I mean the in the lengths. He would take you just as soon as an argument was right up your out. You lily. I order you don't have yesterday Angola seagoing people. Have I washed Icarus? Ok, I want you to know what you think about that with Lance knows that I researched on steroids. He did- and I attach kind interesting because they're not steroids or p d in the traditional sense that that you know that the layman knows steroids, not they organs enhancing drugs yet will dare not like why not open, yellow their muscle. They'll make your muscles bigger, make you stronger the stuff they were doing was e p o, which is yet in your body secrete when you're like have on programme
yeah. I know no frostbite feel like you're trying to get on your by secretes this chemical and get frostbite to push oxygen to your regions of your body that don't have option about the fall off so and then he also did another compound, which the name of right now, but it's extracted from calves, blood, which is another, I urge you to generating dinosaur. Show I lost billions whole. Take way, was I didn't watch it, but also to can I tell you how about more still dealing with air fare. Billy came into the office, he was like. I'm gonna watch it on double speed. Up I'll go ass, far ass. You can get fast forward it. You can't,
what what is it you can do? Go on Youtube! Oh my god! I next week we're gonna watch something on hand shaking with another pair of documented, ok, something I've been thinking about on Odin document. What one other thing I had on your do. Remember that that clip in this document or where they had all the bicyclists talking about how dangerous the tour de France was really shown by Russian, how my failed deadly it is and how it didn't make one false. Yes, you gonna meet like instantly. Yes, how many? How many deaths do you think of taking place in the tour de France since it started in nineteen o through that ensures a hundred seventeen years of bicycling three thirty, five five end
The first one was a guy that went swimming in the Mediterranean Sea and off day and he had how that doesn't that voice right blood open you yeah, probably I saw jacked up on one other guy was probably doing coke turned toward they talk about how they used to do bumps during the bike rascal. That's I wouldn't waiting dangerousness. There is actually there have been There have been twenty seven spectators that have died and three sites was that of died. So it's more dangerous to not right in the tour de France, then it is right to think about things like road rash as true dancing about the chafing he also using DNA from road ran. Shout do road rashes, real thing I know, slicks, sliding, unlike Ziad like when you go in the ocean. You have to read your bike home. I hate that lucky guess
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