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JuJu Smith Schuster, Will Compton, Grit Week Stream Prep And More

2020-07-28 | 🔗
We're getting ready for our 24 hour Grit Week stream starting at noon on Wednesday. We've got a bunch of things planned and will be raising money for the Childrens Miracle Hospital Network (2:32 - 19:11). Hot Seat/Cool Throne including Kirk Cousins sandals, Patrick Mahomes has bought the Royals and Aaron Rodgers has taken to the bottle (19:11 - 33:41). Steelers Wide Receiver JuJu Smith Schuster joins the show to talk about streaming, Big Ben, and pranking people (33:41 - 57:20). Will Compton joins the show to talk about being Gritty, making an NFL roster, lessons from Bo Pelini and more (57:20 - 94:11). Whats happening today and Guys on Chicks.
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On today's part of my take grit, weak marches on and we have a two four interview for the people: JUICE, Miss Schuster from the Pittsburgh Steelers awesome Interview with him, and then our colleague Will Compton, who is currently a free agent in the inner fell talks to us about grit about making an affair roster being one of those end the roster guys. What? need to do awesome interview with him and also kind of a full circle cause. He was coach by both Polina one of the first ever group. We guess we also have hussy cool thrown guys on chicks and when you get ready for a twenty four hour stream coming on Wednesday before we do that, Parma take is brought to you by the cash app and you should be downloading the cash out, because on our twenty four hour stream, we are collecting donations for the children's miracle. Huh,
Wilmette work. They were doing a little fundraiser. You can send money to money, sign pardon my take and they were going to dump all the money to the children's Miracle hospital network at the end of the stream. So it will be fun to see how much money we can raise for a great cause and cash app is the best for that cash app is the best app in the world. It links directly to your bank account wheel of the cash app you don't need to be face to face. You can send someone money remotely. It is the number one social distancing, a pizza number one app in our hearts and, of course, we download the cash app enter the referral code. Barstool you get ten dollars for free, so go. Do that get ten dollars for free and send it to pardon. My take,
we're gonna, send it to a great cause and also great cause cash up. We'll send ten dollars asked easier, so download the catch up with the actual way. Did I get home? Ok, let's grab PETE. I know my work on the part of my take revenge replied with cash out to download a right now he's called forcefully and dollar. Ten dollars yea today is Wednesday July. Twenty nine. It is the day of our twenty four hour grit story,
and hopefully you listened to the show in the morning, because you're gonna have twenty four hour starting at noon of strictly part of my take of do it just dude stream spots by dude wife, so yeah, honour and bud lamp light, so we ve got in addition to all the different activities we're gonna do, which will get into an a second I feel like. We should do Gus the hourly challenges that we will each be undertaking because there's been some debate going on back and forth about who has it the worst when it comes to these our challenges, a big cats gonna be eating a hot dog one hot dog, every single hour. I will go back and forth between bonds, I'll probably more bonds and last, but there will devil These matters that I robbed argument you'll be switching back and forth between his bonds in his mate Billy
It will be doing? Twenty six point, two mile, a marathon he's doing my a marathon over the course of the day he also treadmill on a treadmill he's also going to be trying to get a new topic turning every hour wearing a t, shirt with that topic and he's just gonna have to keep every single t should also change shirts or add an additional shirt every hour until he's wearing twenty four tee shirts saw the end of it. By the way we should start you should, if ever ever, could The first one should just be grit stream, yet elected austrian should be the first one at twelve o clock to kick. It also assumes you wake up in here this. Let's start tweeting grit stream will get a trend and get it ready. We also this was a. I don't even remember who came up with the idea that Billy was going beyond treadmill, but is the genius idea, because we ve essentially neutral having to hang out with Billy for all twenty four hours, which put him away. We're like it's like walking a dog tat. Only a good dogs
higher dog Billy will be tired out and we don't get full Billy the whole time Billy has been trying to negotiate with me behind the scenes a little bit this we try to switch up task because I have to drink beer at the top of our own earlier per hour. I'm still, a bit nervous about that? Don't think I've ever drank twenty four beers over that long of a period of time before yeah, maybe once or twice in college and mighty, crammed those twenty four beers into a shorter time frame, but this and he's gonna be age. I dont know how my bodies criteria, I think what's gonna happen is at the beginning of the stream. Is, can be very easy at the end when or low on sleep. It's good you're gonna start getting drunk. Billy was renewed negotiating, say hey how about we trade off where he can drink ten beers, and I can run ahead of his miles out like way. Billy, I'm I'm not gonna drink. Fourteen beers. And then get onto a treadmill afterwards. I don't think that anyone Also, I was down Billy it's for his own good. There, we're not letting him drink harangue years on this haranguers so and then Hague has to read what a page out of a book every single hour.
And that's the worst. Actually it s worse than an idiot, Jane, Austen, novel Jake is going to be doing a rebellion pack of cards every single our so is open over that Fouch card. Yes, it's gonna, be it's gonna be arm. I think Billy hasn't the worst. I think you might. I think I might have a second we. I don't know I'll trade, but the real question is is obviously mean Jake you're, probably excluded from this case, will be easy for me. Read whatever twenty four pages: Jacon open twenty four Baxter cards, the real question is which one of you guys gonna bout, the earliest leg and like will p of tee. How many fears are twenty four wheel phd drink? How many hot dogs? Twenty four will pay cat eat in how many miles out of twenty four wheel, Billy actually do so that is the best Bulgaria will should be judging he'll bowel out. First he's going to have some major shits after like five or six August, I nominally eatable. Can I throw out oh yeah? Ok, my throw up
One point I actually think it does. I think you do. I think you are both you and all of you will be closer to like fifteen. Could we barter behind the scenes going to be ok, a big take two of my beers I'll to your heart. I each one, hot dogs- I wanna- be up for the child, no with Hague. I had this idea last item you to think about this. Instead of reading a book, or maybe in addition to reading a book, you room that game, the twenty four challenge challenge twenty four yeah cards that have for numbers autumn and have to figure out how to get to twenty four using those for numbers. What have we? Ok? What if we gave Hank or three dot card at the top of every hour and he's not allowed to participate whenever fun activity were do until he solves the three out one? Ok, I like that, where we gonna get that I would have a perfect so good to go.
That has to do a puzzle, what Bill Duet, twenty six point, two miles of twenty four miles: twenty four miles to a little less than a marathon young, twenty four! That's! Where we're doing twenty four beers, twenty four hothouse, twenty four, my bakers, twenty four pack of cards, twenty four puzzles it's gonna be Grant is a bakers marathon. I like that. I, like the lion, also kudos ability for waiting approximately seven minutes and recording this. Trying to get out of Armenia, he's Billy, Billy Time and place for Billy is just an irrelevant when it comes so I can't believe I do this yeah, like maybe takes a breath, is like to really do that. So we have a lot planned, though it's gonna be fun. Twenty four hours, we're gonna be raising money for the children's Miracle hospital network. So if you have no money that you, you know what a donate your great cause dollar sign part of my take on the cash app, so we're gonna rays
when its route, we're to dump it all to the children's Miracle hospital network at the end of the stream will do that live on the stream. You can watch us so that will be great. It's can be great cause, and then we also have some fun things play. We have whatever play some jenga. We have some ping pong. I think we are going to do a couple interviews. We have maybe Danny Woodhead who's going to be putting us through a work out at like six, a dot m we're going to play some video games, maybe against some guest of ours we'll get you an episode of chopped for dinner, to episodes you episode and for breakfast we're doing, spelling bee and then at the very end, we're going to do dozens trivia, which hefty loan brain and Walker, which should be just horrendous by
so I actually want to nominate by the way I saw the teams. I would like to add our like it's it's Hank Phd myself, myself, first Jake, Billy and Brennan. I would like to make an amendment nos those teams. I think that it should just be built Brandon. I think billion Brandon Billy Brandons Gonna have such a heads up like a leg up on us, because we will have not slept in Brandon you'll, be James Rank I'll, be sick at its own brain is not our camera. He is sleeping writer, hibernate or so billion. Brandon, though the combo, the two of them dealing with. So I dont mind at all actually like that. The problem is Jeff. Has it in his head kiss you on the dozen trivia contest where he has like these graphic set up Ray and the boxes set up. Jeff, doesn't like having an off kilter screen where there is a ton of people on one side and too people on another. So if we can convince jeff- or we can all see on the screen together will we we could be in one.
Cream, but the way that he has set up on screen like the way that the the graphics package is going out. Is that our to scream, one on each side, but I'm saying it could be like the four of us could sit on one screen together and the two of them could sit on ones. You just doesn't liked off balance right. Well, we'll have to walk to negotiate that we have a lock me in a room with brain. I regularly Irene phone. I want Brandon Walker to actually murdering right. Jake would be too much of a city or timely. His Jake is like a reasonable human being. The brain and water can reason with so that would eliminate the tension between good brand, can I give you a sneaky little pig into who, I think will be the first to murder. Somebody else. Could I dont think that it's gonna be Brandon, murdering Billy? I think that might be the second murderer who live stream? I think that there is now a chance that Hank murders Jake because down you don't think Hank, first Billy Hank hates Bill yeah. But what can we play? Second, our the seconds regnant and Hake and J cabin
actual rivalry and actual like Pittsburgh? Baltimore these teams, don't like each other. DR or getting you'll get mad at each other in the voters, have twenty four hours to hang out and instigate and remember that when you were a kid and you'd have like one sleep over their best friend, who is the best knight every like this sweet? Let's do it again and then by the second. I just want to kill a jail out here: it's gonna be like that in the second, our four. Yes, so we're very excited again. If you just listening this year, we usually do a great week and a training camp tour. Obviously we can't so we thought this would be a fun way to do something that follows all the the CDC rules in the pandemic rules we're all together and we're going to make the best of it. And it's Griffon happen when you can't and by the way we'll treat out, but we are going to watch two movies, we're trying to figure out exactly how we can do it, so you can watch it with us. You can just pull up the screen and see what we're seeing mystery science theater type two will do that in the middle of the night and we're also going to record
The views of that will be on Friday shouts will let everyone know what those movies are. So if you can't stay up you're, not up with us you'll be able to watch it and we're gonna pick some classic, so everyone will be able to profit I've seen it before so that is coming at noon tomorrow. Get excited other news. Baseball is all the way back except Marlins, or just done. I mean I would bet my Balzac. It was gonna, be the Mets there would have all their prayers infected in every other team defiance. That's actually saying I am also against him. I think that it is ready who's gonna get a real radio. I would bet my boss, I mean I, I would wager my being bag that it would be the Mets, so I'm shocked that it's the Marlins, but it's like what seventeen players, and the way that they handled it was probably
worse way that they can handle the situation where they had a bunch of pleasure? Think for tested positive on Monday writer on Sunday over the weekend, I believe, and then they all got in a group thread together and there. Okay, you want to keep it I and the team was sure so then dogmatically said yeah organ of yeah right. There is no checks or balances put up a major baseball snow. The whole team is sick. Listen, I am! based by what I say up to. One in the morning watching the Cubs almost blow the Fucking games, the reds and I've. Had that moment where I was like. Why am I doing this? Because this season could just be canceled any moment? Why am I investing my time but I'll still watch every game? I think I'm like a lot of people right now, every bad news. My first thought is what does mean for football, because I dont know if you have to camp tal the entire season for single team writing out. They go there yet, but they did say their cancer week, which I dont get how they're gonna like rectify the schedules and every.
The schedule for the Marlins is cancelled until Sunday, right out, everybody will be fine by Sunday, so at him and so the minds of cancer. For a week we had a bunch of people in the NFL, no like big time. Bigtime guys put it couple notable names opt out for this year and it just makes me nervous, I'm just nerve. I just want to say it again. Maybe it's been too long. Maybe I haven't been a forceful enough. Nerds come up with a fucking back, feel what you feel feel what you feel you're allowed to be nervous. I think we're all in that same boat together wherever you little bit of bad news. You like well. How much longer is this going to go on We say no big names, your kind of right, but the entire patriots defence is basically like what five or six guys. So do you think that this is belgian green, like we'll just get Trevor Lawrence? Well, There was a quote given to Adam Shafted today from an anonymous gm, and it said
you know bill is masterminding all this somehow, for what reason I don't know, that's why he is who he is. So everyone all GM, just like us, yeah everyone assumes about Jack- has his shit together. I think that the patriots might be putting together like a shadow team and just getting through camp and he's got all these Gaza he knows wants be impacts, orders his Ector get me. My shadow timber go stay healthy and then I'm gonna bring him before the season starts. That's just me being to work because Belgium is always up some hand have way more Capra. He- and he also just doesn't emily- has the ultimate whatever not like a hundred percent jobs, dirty has like double that, so he knows that he could probably tell his guys like hey. If you dont want to play, you don't have to play, look like a good guy and then possibly draft reports. Have we and the take from got Libya that all these pleasure or dropping out on the Patriots Kim Newton's bad leader, yeah orders diving fund yeah Yeah, that's another one that could be cannot get the travel allowances. Patriot, the exact opposite of a team that would be like we need Trevor Lawrence.
Against everyone needs overlords put. It would be better to have travelled the like six players, opting out like the patriots there like the dolphins last year. When things are going badly, wealth, ours and I are gonna, the other not gonna, be imminent. Hatrack harmonization takes care of his body; ok yeah, don't you think so, but to have a baby without that makes us a lot of guys, like the high risk factor really like. If I think it's her, if you be amazed over a certain point, which is not saying that you're, not an excellent Africa's? Those guys are usually the best. He said. Oh no, like any government from the from the bears opted out. I think that the nose tackle from the Vikings opted out- yes, some of the bigger guys are probably like. Yet it's not worth Marquise Goodwin Option
out from the eagles other back to having no I'd receivers conflict there ready to guy. I actually think that good wages, his saying, I'm gonna train for the Olympics eczema. I was wondering this. If you opt out like David Price write me opted out if, if the Dodgers, which they will make the playoffs, if the piles happen, can you just be like fuck em up back in? I want a chance in a ring. They're, probably some rules. Rather I would imagine because that would be the ultimate like Ahmed Opt out and I'll just wait and see how my team, and then all the fuck back it. I've been Roger clemency that for four years right breath. Five did that several things, I've a genius while the more people do opt out the more I start. Thinking, maybe you know it. Maybe breakfast could come yeah you might have another. You left him, I'm just I'm getting nervous. I am not there. There's. Also. This you get like a million retreats now on twitter to be like, Why is sports media wire sports media people, rooting rooting against sports happening? I don't think anyone's really doing. I think we're.
No, we don't it's. No, no I'll I'll, be the first to admit that. I have no idea what's gonna happen, and that makes me terrify I'll be the first to admit that I have no idea. What's happening, but I am very much rooting for there to be a football. Yes, if there's a football season, actor Elsie, Hatter, zero part of me that doesn't want for poverty plain, but I also don't know, what's going on in its sock, so yeah that it just a issues, one step for two steps back every single time, so they should there should be a punishment for the markets. Four baseball? I don't know if you can make the argument. That is not necessarily the Marlins fault, because most baseball players would say. Yes, we want to play this weekend. You know where I dont think that most players maybe a few here. There would say no, I don't show up, but for the most part they wanna play baseball. So do you punish maddeningly it, but he's not like an infectious disease expert. Not you punish baseball. I see punished Eric Eater Ok, I think that that that's where you make Durgin or go out there and he plays I like tat the eye like an old tell me, you wouldn't watch a game with Marlins. It was just like Derek Cheater gear.
I shall field all the old morlands, fucking superstars nanda and just whipping on every page yeah. I size, she's nice to see sports nice to have like the ability to go home like other sports game coming on and under scared. This gonna take. Away from us. Although the bubble life seems to be working, cause, MBA gonna start on Thursday, and it feels like they're good not gonna got knocked, as I did start Monday Show Saint Baseball's all the way back and then it was like boom. The moans had been cancelled world. I think when you see the bubble life, it's worked for email us. Its work for the women circulate, it has analysed. Policies is officially over somebody one I want to see our true. Is it still going? they play their games like one thirty job m. Alas, she didn't Emma s pleasure games as if it's a Korean World CUP soccer match it like one thirty in the morning, I can't keep track towards all at Emma. Less
I've had a single positive case after people have been like quarantined in the bubble. Yeah, yes, so will hopefully works by the way. The talking soccer. Ah, a to forty five mile swans he's got their their game to try to get to the final game before they can go up to see my finally reached the peak of the lower the correct. Allow will have that on. We won't be a short on stream, but I'll be will have it on somewhere in the stream of ice let's get to hot seat cool throne before we get to Juju Smith Schuster and Will Compton week two thousand and twenty is here. While it may be a little different this year are friends of bud light want to keep it
I helped keep it special. That's why they're giving way accustomed grit weak fridge, just like the one we haven't studio to a lucky ADA. We all do stop full of ice cold bud lights. All you have to do is enter tweet hashtag, grit, fridge and hashtag sweepstakes on twitter, again, tweet hashtag, grit, fridge and hashtag sweepstakes to enter no purchase necessary open to U S, residence. Twenty one plus ends seven thirty. Twenty see official rules put like dot com, slash grit fridge for more details. Do it do it? Do it our great friends at Bud light hashtag grit, fridge tag. Sweepstakes, ok has equal thrown Heck Mohammed is the chain smokers I? Ah they had a cordon quote social distance concert and now in the hamptons last weekend, and they like whatever reason put out of it show themselves being like look at how successful the social distant cancer was. It was. It was a driving
everyone had to stay in their own camps, six feet apart from everyone, and in the video you don't see any cars you just see like a regular concert, people I wall, the wall, yeah Next to what other freak out there is closer not like maintained a safe distance away from here, and so, and then and then in the articles I came out. This was by which is ridiculous headline organizers and the chain smokers dicey hampers concert for fuck chairs to kill a brand and apparently the opening dj are also the CEO of Goldman Sachs. Oh oh yeah that guy that guy, like he's a pretty prolific dj, I've seen em around in a few places in those is its gathered. That might be the duty of sentence you can. You come up yes or Lazarus, defend the chain, smokers, Daisy, Hamptons concept for factories to kill a brand new, not that one opening set done by DJ, whose also accept
We have a golden sack. The CEO of Goldman Sachs at a DJ, tightened the hamptons opening for the chain smokers that's again sentence ever created that actual showing it sounds like a Gary v madly. So bad, oh, my god holy. Just add like, as as an under card for Paul brothers fight yeah, the other night he picked anti were mad Cuomo mad everyone's mad, who were thrown leaking arisen? Nipple ring I lost, we don't know how nipples we're goin, for that, in the Cool Thrones Leubronn, literally Ah you guys, I'm sure you guys have seen how they're doing the NBA media interviews and they Don T like the behind the scenes, like a player sitting, the store in front of the zoom call the Braun was literally sitting in a throne and You think I need to lower my chair. Someone was like hey, looks like you're sitting in the throne, and he said absolutely when these hallway cheers every one sits in France. Although the next interview he was back in the store
only the Braun James. I was sitting in the throne and he was acting like it was like our yeah. This was a coincidence, total coins. I need to look up and see if this was actually a throw out. Yes, please Leubronn thrown. Ok, let's see I like it, though the bronze its enthroned. This is from a broad wired. I come on. That's it that's a throne now you know what it is. It's one of the its one is lobby. Its own army, hallway, chaired also lobby, gets a lobby. Chair is a lobby. It does look very thoroughness, you're right, kisses the red velvet on there by the way, had no idea that USA today had a website like a sub section of USA today is called LE wire dot. Usa time look at Frankfurt will share that at immediately. After he's sitting in like a children's kitchen, data is a lobby chair. I respect the hate Hank I've. I figure yeah you're you're on the right path to that video Leubronn pulling out a big sack of ice from just right on his penis. You just sit
on the sidelines of the game and has had an ice pack on his penis stem he's, got the grace to and is beaten bigtime. That's Diane washed king, my our he's not he's not getting any younger poverty, what you're hot he my hot seed, actually Hank Taco Tuesday, because there, as an the read: it account its seats, angry use Lasher, angry centrist. So probably put her ads on Twitter, it'll yeah seems like Polly works for the Lincoln Project. I would imagine so he did a statistical analysis of every single abroad. James game played on a Tuesday night before the taco, Tuesday era. Then, during the taco Tuesday era, I like what he fired found might shock you. He found out that pre Taco Tuesday, he had a win percentage. That was four percent higher than normal, so Tuesday nights were Lebron James Nights, he would win at a higher clipped any would any other neither weak almost in the
ECHO Tuesday era. It's mine is two percent who is doing statistically way way workable now on Tuesday nights because he's eating so may talk or maybe he's waiting to eat him till after the game. In that's all I can look, or to he's Hungary's those I'd be somehow get through this game, so I can get to talk of Tuesday. That's actually probably why he had the ice pack on either is penis or on his testicle anus area, because it was a good icy. Gooch attack was seasoning on his hand. Yes, my cool thrones, the full back, assist the full backing. This is on the core thrown Chris Collins Worth replied to our initial offer, and he has a camera, What would you like to hear it? Yes, okay, so he addressed it to New York, New York, barstool Hq July 28th, two thousand and twenty dear Mr Comiter
The affair agrees to add a new state of the art metric, the Pfc Compter Full back, assist the full back assist, will chart or touchdowns assisted by full back. Both parties enter into a full, commitment to normalize this long overlooked metric in exchange, parcels, p m t in PDF have agreed a split profits on a luxury line of affordable, full back assist and here's a guy merchandise In addition, PDF agrees to give big cat a free, PDF elite account with personalized concierge service to prove that even a bears fan can win money cheers Pierre flew down there. I mean you know what Chris of our that because I have had an elite account- and I I saw gambling still, but you didn't have the count. No, I did. I had everything I for complete everything. So jokes when you do so he's he's made a counter offer. I dont know I like the idea of the here's, a guy line of men's where I live. The idea of creating a fallback assist merge, and I I think this,
It was good to hear power shift and honest by the way I tried to pull the art of the deal. I said also boy, I worry is to do any follow up, so he just took In which means that I think I think we should just take this, but after that yeah was gonna be, I said, I would just tried forever. I said the ball is in his court. Yes, he responded, which means that I think I think we should just take. Yes now take the No, no, no, no ad Well, maybe when I find cheerfully sandwich- as I was just say- maybe just like a fifty dollar gift card to know, cycle awhile, ecologically sandwiches and twenty five cheerfully.
And which is only five unmixed of spicy in regular, yes and more spicy than regular thirteen spicy. Twelve regular and some polynesian sauce to actual Polynesia and one milkshake that your choice- yes, flavors up to Ukraine. Yes, a ball is in your court deal done. I, my hot seats is Aaron Rodgers out of you saw, but he has taken to the bottle which hoof scary stuffy said that when he found out the Jordan love got drafted, he used to kill it. No problem drinking. I thought you said that you like scotch yeah, so he's Robin drew his mixing. His letter arrived in african use like I need the hard stuff, I'm gonna, So I don't know I've. Just I'm just reporting. What I heard a Nazi, I'm not making a decision. One way or the other disasters of your packers Van
do you have a problem I broke up with his girlfriend. She might have crystal put a crystal curse on him. He's getting older. You just draft Jordan, love he's drinking way too much. Tequila is there a problem. I think it doesn't bode well form, nor can be very, very widely on that bike right at Lambeth Field, with the kids that, yes, and then my other hussy desire all of us, because we had two. We have basically live with a face time. We had to live with a clay, Travis, first turnover a feud on twitter, those that was tough to wake up in the morning that was held in U hell when I, when I opened up twitter performing a whose, whose face I'm trying to some kid hoof being a dad Lestat tweet was that we did. I retreated who's. The guy, the wrapper people said I need to get a currency, do
while it would love to get currency on and we get him on what was a treat did he said I was sick. My kid doesn't our realize you tell me yeah horn I'll, find it winded. You kiss learn how these faced on. It's, not my kid he's using the impressive hold on it was said, currencies is name. We heard what he said. My son is the homey it straight to fuck up man. This kid and even no man made my life was fought broke. My heart has like yes, I believe that my son is my home. He doesn't even now, don't you actually think it's more valuable skill to teach them how to face time, as opposed to holding the camera up and firmer Malta yeah Are you he'll get there give a man a face time you get their hill sex for a day, teach him to face time and time again I mean your sons gonna, learn about chill extra uglier, Jeffrey Upstart, one listen, I'm descend, one ah gonna want to talk to his girlfriend. She'll round Colonel husbands, crook thrown croak, her cousins because he wears
socks with his sandals and gives himself a toe reggie, which you know what I'm must say it for cousins. We always bashing. He's consistent? That is a man who uses tinfoil honest grill. First stakes, that is a man who is as corneas possible. I'm happy that he is consistent in what he wears. Holy shit. What so it's it's the socks and then the thawing sandal that goes in between your big toe in your second tat right now I don't know what it is about that look. It just makes me like shiver thinking about it. I don't know like its Scruggs yeah, it's He came out of the room as dead beyond just embrace dad life, his entire life. Also, he got the fourteenth. It was either fourteenth. Are fifteenth, best quarterback in Sandoz annual quarterback tier rankings. So that's good for causes. He's up he's normally, like
in pencil, men whose number sixteen right all the time, all right in the middle now he's all the way up to fourteen so good friend, wow great for him, I Billy, you're, hot sequel to my hot seat is reoccurring. Guest. A rebel o rebel. The commissioner of the parallel has not been playing well as a player. Interesting though he might get cut from his own leak. You might that himself. Why are we got him? No desire, but we can make the poor able clown shirts right, yes does he was your you're you're, Fucking ATLAS. Fanny, you asshole will he's on the atlas. He's terrible, ok, law, zero goals, zero assess! What do you think? The reason is, I think, he's wearing shorts to show Ok now, as a judge, not accuse us anyway is required.
Involving the often enough that are capable of away my cool throne is Patrick Mahomet HOMES buys into royals and if his clear backing doesn't work out. He can fall back on being a baseball honour hours. Five hundred million dollars- hey you guys, dear this joke patch. Now, nouns, two teams, the rules in the forty nine years- that's really get. I dont think that I would. I would like to join the Royals when I especially there. Like fans at the games, Speed Lockerbie forever. It be a lot of people, I don't think he's just buying it for the sixty Twond haven't a watch like a hundred six, three Royals is right next, the facility he asked still. I baseball team this multi moment for I'd, buy baseball team. I see like the owners box after practice, just like that.
The food they re is designed for debate really? Is they never show? They don't really show the show arrow had they don't showed the coffin Syrians right there, but it is right there. So I think if there's any you're, going to buy it on team, might as well have a right next to your job. Anyway, he's definitely going to try to play at some point right. Yeah he's got to with training, robot impact. Yes, yes, absolutely is at the first owner player in sport, Well, the Braun I think under the table is taking money from the calves, Jackie Moon, the heat, the Lakers, all those nice yeah there. I think also others. I think, there's a bunch of not only player coaches, not odor, play Jerry Richardson who owns who owns the nets which Asia others like a whole group and maybe a couple player. That's a Russian, a russian billing. I know he'd, I'm saying like Cheesy and then ok will look into it believes assumed on part of the dolphins
HU, the waves at any play on the town, the tea serene worms daughter, part of the new and of u and so she's, probably no plan that team at some point out, pretty cool, alright. Let's get your interviews, we got Juju Smith Schuster up. First, then, will Compton before we do that grit week, two thousand and twenty is sponsored by dude wipes the reasonable original flushable wipes. For guys will everyone stocking up on toilet paper? You need to be stocking up on dude wipes better than toilet paper, dude wipes for multi purpose to use anywhere on your body to help you stay clean and hygienic during this interesting time and all the time, if you're not using these yet while dropping a deuce, do yourself a favor and check them out, you feel so much better than fresh air,
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Do you know, like is our plan? first impression. I just like to thank you guys for helping me out here pretty big honestly. I feel great great, no with my body where I'm at as far as the seas, Ngos are less and less. Of air a region in opium and fell, order. I now is based in every report awfully the twenty eight may shriek and This deadly remaining tasks like every two days ago, colleges and might be desolate every a pretty much so far, so I think I first texted me that Tuesday and then from there is every few days your ear, causing interested and We do that for about two weeks, hopefully in and see the biggest idea to stir up so I'll, be out here Maybe you always do lighten sources, that's one of the reasons why you know a lot of a lot of people. You know list
yeah we're going same when there's no sports on. We barely made it through the last four months. It was like tooth and nail to get through like, a veteran as established guy in a team is a party. Excited you, like hey our attitude, like nine practices precision and maybe half of those are just Reno wearing shells and shorts almost deadly. You know I've got my rookie year out. That's the guy that I was crazy. Everyday scouting! Authors doubting, you know pretty much everything I can buy as a bet as you know, my playing time is not now. As far as I know as we want to be please don't appreciate- is up You'll see very few field me another pre season, and you know what the season starts when we get rolling so big Ben. Have you have you throw the ball with him and he's he's looking so skinny? What the hell happened
big there. Now it he has gone back. Slim been, yes, Slim Ban, Amelia Emily, and why ever seen him in a walking boot, I've never even alike that's, not true you're lying, that's fine! That's who gives Walkin booted closet like their term yeah, just like laugh when all the more reason you have your log in Bhutan, Oman, so yeah, yeah I'll see that we are working together, something I know he brought us here, whereas others as Atinas you'd, just as hard to us and in order to drown, work out and as we are working with him and autism is pretty much by Teresa, Now that's a hundred percent, as he has no law some weight as part of the better for enough for him, the bitter fourteen. So I am simply saying what he was around the table. You know you said you all be began spans yeah that affects more fun with Ben in it had to see one
the Junta. What's he like? Is he ever like fucking Jude you just get open like off african hit. You do like I'm a throne wherever I want raw winds up with an eye and a hundred of these more, like you know my boys, like we ve, been in but it's not. You knew this just prizes. You know you're done it in a sense in they want in a light, especially to go. You may often rather jams Gore. You know I was a kid I watch and in doing so fast, but for life policies later on in the same huddles Emily's. You know he turned to me and I was like this what it feels like butt It's by men like you, you haven't you, don't wanna leave let nobody down. So it's all about. You hated him yet with? Was there like adjustment period learning how to play with him a quarterback, because a lot of times you're on your room and then Ben will somehow have like to. Events, events on a shorter pads, like a stray cat, ran on feeling like bit his leg and these dragon that around
another guy around his waist, but he still like extending that play and looking for you, I feel like where there are sometimes when you Cut off around Europe go. He sat right now, oh shit. He still up the Emma within both the bandages, never know. What's going on, I told you I eyes and that something that you know in practice A lot of tramadol is a lot of you know you pretty much a running you know let the right an hour Among those that have made the season is arms. You beat off of broken a place here. How is booty do in your dog, very cute, doc? Ah, just what the minorities with his girlfriend Borgia hanging out Sir August cool. Ninety two hundred and twenty three thousand Instagram followers food and right now he's let anything out his girlfriend Porsche. That sounds like better than any one else is doing right now
and also how long you been dating for at the outset, since they first met solve, say about almost two years. That's what fourteen dog booze, you better put a ring. I on for sure universities in our agenda get some babies, though, that I, Read that you played for Snoop dog as head goes back in the days. Are it did do yes, what you like as a head coach that compared to my tomlins, is stupid devising a guy ha days. I would ever you says it doesn't really matter because he's gone. Argentina. We? How was it like the German, All of those we argue. We are very much Monday. One just because you know ye had the most that team illicitly again. It was finally they were distances are of an
I can see similarity actually between Snoop Dogging Tomlin in that, in other, probably polar opposite personality wise, but they both have this ability to see things. They don't really makes sense, but you understand exactly what they mean when they stay yeah yeah for sure I'll be one of the things like you know, one of the things I post, which would save it, relax made no matter like who you are ah, how you get here. That doesn't matter. Other matters is that we gotta go their way out of it, but we take out a dies. I always gonna win right it one, but only the story. Subway says it, but in daylight gets all of us pumped up fired up and we got there. We get the job done. We want to get him to go home, that's it how many times a day, do you think my Tomlin says at the end of the day? No that's a good cause. Yes, you can bring a clicker like
Is it bars to count people just have amount when by yeah party, like five or six ten comrade say it the owner would double figures: disease, ever say shit that dear just like? What is it? What are you talking about? We have a couple we done a couple segments. Might Tom Quotes big, I think, he's one of those coaches. There is obviously a big time, player coach, but then sometimes will say something very reliable actually, where in your head, it's This is gonna be profound. In that it comes out you like we. What are you just say what it? What was the big? on that we had last year, I mean he came up with a state or rest Andrew Rent bond thing member. He had some about now. I can't think of it. Only recently bring bring your own paint, is you want a barn z of quotes that you're just like we in what is he saying right now? I fully follow, but I know is ripe honey when you went Yasmine who's, your who's been called you put forward, ass, the as you know, you kind its repetitive. You know you're saying things: unison,
a little bit. But I done today so like when someone gets in trouble or like someone gets like a fine or he says: Bang Bang so like. If I, if you're late you get fired for 5k, you don't make a upright so meeting you walk in late. Are your phone? Mozart is bad I go. I'm gonna start using that. If we really are in turn, when you fucked up, I'm just gonna pointed guns: bang we got really find it always ends are gone. Colleagues Jesu, I have a bone to pick with you, because I was watch when you're videos that you put up on twitter the other day. It was your garage work out thing: they did you use set up a garage work out, but you left out the most important part of a grudge work out and that's the fridge that you keep him. Roger. That only has beer in it, and then you drink your beer. After that, after the work out, rigorous has to have that frisian it. Why did you not have a beer fridge I'll drink? Some
Presently the I've never been a drinker, ah I'm drunk one time in my life and I wasn't the best it wasn't the best joint. Actually, it was in college. I was playing beer pong for the first time and I'm not going to go out there and get the strap. Are you now I'm having a great You know this guy, my teammates like YO, let's play man. I was really good. I would say that he was probably the one, the best person I've ever seen and not much had too much to drink, so we lost I'm drinking beer, drinking beer and I can next morning I hope you don't like Fox sports west about twelve faster than I might not make an. I like that, because that's what's verily I woke up my voice was I all I'd rather be in everything So am I got married like I've stopped, you know dragging another, that's what I had to be initiated.
You probably a live longer than all of us. We like that that probably you can feel like doing athletic stuff. I this is a dumb question that I ask most widely fevers we have on, but do you ever have a more, went where you're, just like it's fucking, often to be this fact. Like you just running in your like? This is sick, I'm fast, ah so, dumb question almost low guys guy, so I don't know what it's like to be fast like. Is it ever just like? Oh shit, this is cool man unfair not for me. It's knows now more so, while I was, I would say, like my own fast and I yell at the basic passing away, but now I pass at you talk about like retirement other guys, passing I look at them like their. These signals got in its powers were for myself on my year, thereby the second version you how much I can give you tat. Ok, ok! I like an answer
huge college football fan. I do believe that I love traditional powers. I do believe you see not being good the last year. Years has hurt the pact twelve and college football. Overall. We need USC to be good. How the hell did they get good? What's going on ass, he might lie at any rate you gotta drew back and then that the biggest part cruelty. Is we gotta go down south? Need those big guys knows it no changes, because we're gonna have to Athens, robs get worse. California, like docile, reaches now procedures or any backs, the quarterback united as most definitely red hot, but our biggest problem. I think I could be greater is I think we can be better in the trenches yeah that's interesting problem. I never really thought about it. That way that, like to state of cow Fournier is to healthy to prove. These great off into Lyman India line. Would you would you say that accurate it yeah me our days up? You know if you think about the downside, what you think about like Alabama do about was tortured
I run again seem like they gonna want you're gonna run about how about that too much. Gonna Padua, like we talked about for a lot, It is ass, Minos, cooler, like route Obama. At the end, daylight. We have to be able to run about more than just done. In an all aspects are fulfilled. Sought the USA so we thought you know we ve been solar panels careers but you know, I think we're on the ride and I think we're going to be a team. Like I said, a traditional team. That's going to come up. So one thing I love about use you seem to you seem to be like a guy who doesn't take life too seriously any do little. Things that are always very funny. You went trick or treating as yourself in for uniform, That's an hilarious move. How many people like? How long did it take for people to realise like we does Jude you like he's wearing his for you, that's Jude you or for a while.
Commodity is, obviously we run out your own sojourn upon right to hold a jet like, oh my god, it's do you you do but his eye. Is it really did you because you have a buys you in the cavity smiled in starting out? There are almost ass usual. So it's something! That's that's my personality, a life. You know, I don't, I feel like we have a lot of We have a lot of guys, you're goin. You know proactively to the judges. The sun owns wars, which forty five hundred telling us that no, I didn't. I If you love a body, love God hockey bathwater, maybe right, that's all you, but maybe satellite, I like more than an athlete, but those are few you guys were just out there who show more who presided over while those is so hard to do that when you have a helmet on so outside, Oh boy know, I follows on Youtube. Videos
the days. I you know, I can't be Doin. I do other you two rows of use of other integrating people, but at the end of the day you know I do love about, and that's wanting always get shit like this really, love about is really care about Ababa identity. Just a human being to another. What I love about my team as a lever to Paypal, Bobo had any day. I wanna, be you know Joe Drew myself is workable. Us don't one. What am I gonna rats? idea, right is more than possible for, for some very plainly, NFL excel at the sport into have a personality off the field too. I think that we're starting to see that more and more ass, it also has won the highest needs to do, is its Domini honestly and also to be acted on offer. Because once you once you start doing that on the phone people again, other news is doing you two years he's trying to much video games survivor
I, the twitch heart, is great because you get to interact with your fans in. I know your big a fortnight we so we raided part. My take twitch raided your stream like two weeks ago and we be our only ten or fifteen thousand people over in what I don't understand, hope you can explain this to me. You play a in the NFL. You didn't you see you play in front of hundreds of thought. People, millions watching on tv but one year stream went from like six hundred people too, like ten thousand years, holy shit all these people, watching me. Why well? How is that nerve racking when you play in the NFL, as, like it's totally different. You know we have those people watching negative ants and that we want to be her watching you do. Tb is different because your out there myself,
you're out there, like no one's really focusing on you, I'd like to make a display right and then you get on computer, and now you have my keys. I just wiped right in front of you in just one. I wanted you interacting with your. Let them and is crazy people raid. Anybody like a key, be a thousand years capable crazy. You know that our economic sigh of happy You are right when you guys ready me when other people read me is cool because as I guess it's, it's a dear Papa for me this time. My original back on you know at the herring for watching me. I'm pretty sure you know my view is popular. How but you're too beyond switch it's it's Romania is, alas, my would you could do so as soon as you get excited new year, like even like a thousand Those are my scholars yeah. I saw these. You started your own e sports organizations. Team diverges at it. Yeah Basle, girls get. I was gonna huge, gamer those hours ass. It
you know I want boy, I was part of AIDS and I'll be down my I've learned so much. It's only But what they do, Look man. I come come sultans again and I love game you out, so any business of my personal from the bottom up, what I do and then they came down again and that something I've been passion of an unhealthy will be launching sooner than in an ice. We said it will be. An organization were not just gamers were also. I stop. Oh, I like that. I like that a lot so do I had one last question. It is great weeks or even run this during Grit week s next week and response by body, armor grit weak. Ah, you can. I'll get body armor I drink body, armor, dot, com or any other flavors on Amazon, almost strawberry banana guy. I love it. It's the best! So go get body armor right now, so my body armor question. So it is great week. We always ask our guests: What does the word grit mean to you and
but if you had to use it in your career, I mean the what is Jimmy Will it give me an example how you would be great? I won't making a team or you know what it takes to be. Excellent in the fell like that extra bit, when your talent doesn't get The way that you know I mean like when your talent isn't enough. You have to put in that extra work. That extra effort like what you know Has there been a moment where you said yourself? You know? Ok, I have God given talent, but I'm gonna have to dude. Exe I need to make sure that I'm getting to the next level. Yeah man go on for myself. I was a great deal that. You know, I've always been. The I was always was fortunate to be good team and all those fortunate to make the t meant to be. Do you, not what you get by and then I got the NFL like. That's when I had the right base. You know adversity and a stranger came into my life because
thousand on seal undecided me were you know, Abi Navion, beyond big ban. I had you not James COM he's from Here- I had so many other. You know what it is Brian yesterday had still players, I I've never ever had to face a big mouth started again. My whole life up we started up a blogging, whether I roused up Warner going to high school as always helped here. Animal want and are thus fell, a kind of guy like sit down like you not starting this game. And even got the power light. Am I even going to suit up this game and that's probably one of the hardest things I've had to pay? Do you know behind you know, maybe more service. By about those guys in Iraq is documents to start a gay man. That's regret came in. I pass rather premature deaths, Raw Hauser, you know stay put to me. Such my coach put an immensely no because those thousand by it wasn't a comedy. It wasn't. The David.
And what about the kids we get it. I was not sure whether the only thing I was the hardest. By was how much do you know the play, but how much people do you know where hey you play required. Where do I fitness ed? Does an example great being able to know all of this shows that all the players in on the team, because at the end of the day, you know like everyone's this is a savage and everyone they get there get their way. I love about answer. I like that answer, a lot we're here. Let's go before we do. Let me just grab one quick headline out of you. What is your record gonna be this year's? It gonna be eleven in five or twelve and for you said Eleven abiding throne, for which one am I take it yeah now I'm gonna go at the. Thirty, three thirty three even better got three. I gotta find
I really want to go back down the rabbit whole. Next time you come on. Oh, if you have heard, is if you have read paint you pay a Europe. Your barn in red That was my tom and oh yeah. He was talking about Mason Rudolf Data in the game on the average pay you paint you burn in red, simple is gonna, be on that No, why did I put that? Did you guys, like you, run a party that the other party arrived when you're out a fortune? I think he's. I think, The context that quote was. Mason rude off is our starting quarterback this week, so we're gonna start Mason. Rudolf Yea also had I think about Jacques, like he hasn't killed us, yet I hope he doesn't kill us like does like. What's going on, I love my tom. What Christ you're the best labour is one,
goodbye body, armor, oh yeah, per for actually like down too. We like strawberry banana watermelon, two youngest onawandah, go to you. I will do Thank you so much man, it's been awesome and I'll. Let us know when you went when were down to play some video games. Let's do it, let's do it man! Thank you. I appreciate it. That interview Judy was brought to buy our great friends over three key. You ve hurt us talk about three key on the show. Who knows you might even and little bit live stream. But three she is a wonderful wonderful company and they make awesome. Rx Three CHI, the other ones. I'm telling you start out with a half gummy. Until you realize how it hits you, then you can go upgrade to full gummy gummy and one slash two. That's where thing three Tri makes delta. Eighty eight,
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now welcome on our coworker. He has played in Vienna Valley played for both poignant Nebraska, currently, a free agents of some one sign and also podcast. Her bosom with the boys would tell who, on these will Compton will I gotta say we got to start with grit. Weak dude wipe is our product, you use dude wipes I do not, but I've been seeing I've heard you guys actually, Lisbon strategy entered knowing how near the park ass. He was right here, Hey would get. Will captain on Washington the Washington football teams. Legend is one the best free line baggers available in the game any upon gastric. Will. How much do you, love dude wipes? wives are credible. I use em anytime the facility I got a boxing last year for the boys had he that everyone by their ass, did even the turkish shit ever basis wipe it. Yes, guess so. Use code take ten for ten percent off a dude products, dot, com
great answer that was totally not even plan. I wait before. I guess: that's how much I love these. Will we want to have you on great weak cause. We read your blog to the gritty on drafted NFL players and we thought it was awesome and we thought what's a perfect. I too have on four grit week is a guy who eat out the guy who has to find a way to make the roster not the deal. First round draft pick the gritty guys to fill out a roster. The guys don't get claim as some of the glory boys out there. So that's right, you're, the perfect I, let's start with actually can we just gotta go through some parts of your blog, because I thought the best part was. You gave tips two guys like how can you be greedy and make an end of fell? Teen yeah list? Are there ok, shut the fuck up and lay low was the first step. What what is it like when you first going?
the locker room in the NFL and you're thinking like oh, I played in Nebraska plates and big time football and then Bam holy shit. The different different world yeah, I mean you know MRS Shit, like you're walking in a locker room with grown man, you're not college anymore, No one really knows who the fuck you are and no I like over the years, you see rookies command. You see guys the well, you see guys do poorly in camp and no one likes when please come in with some type of run in their mouth at all. Talking too much us saying I always heard shot out shown about. He was like the person, the sea, it dont speak in Lisbon. Can t you would tell rookies at the table, Jason had her who came to the who came to the fore Baltic. Here is that you already said: don't speak unless spoken to no one was a rookie speak Hebrew, I now work, so that was kind of first aid, because for me of running a blog. I replied. Yes, now I dont be sound. Was social media lot?
I put in there. I love the Falcon circle jerk as much as the next guy. Like I love joking, I love talking a lot of shit. I live in a great time, but when a rookie go in and don't don't follow suit of all the social media, you ve, been doing. Don't follow suit of everything you see around. You don't follow a veteran you gonna, fuck and put your head down shut. The fuck up and you're there to make up about them where? Where does the lines drawn, because I know a lot of players come and especially if there are high pick you were on drafted, but if, if there are high pick they come in, they ve got some pride right. They ve got like almost like a small since an entitlement, sometimes of especially if their high first round pick. Where does outlying get drawn between like hey, you can see stand up for yourself. You have to respect me as a human being and yeah, I'm a rookie, amber to shut up and do whatever the fuck. You asked me to keep my mouth shut yeah I mean it never gets it never really gets that disrespectful. It's gonna! Just assume that you understand. If you don't
guys know like sit around the table with all the boys, like somebody gets serpent. Jobs on and usually guys are able to take jokes well, but if you're somebody who, as I say for us as you up on a refuge for a rookie skit- and you know what your sign a bonus in some guys like now: a million dollars or by two starts going crazy. I oh shit, he's a pay I'm all about like veterans, don't don't care how much like a rookie comes, because that guy was like a high rendre. Think, like you still got a prove yourself, this guy's understand. I like we actually just at Asia Brown on it actually seem like an offer rookie. The way Arthur One, you're a shitty rookie but apparently eat it was like. I know, I'm not gonna take. No. She, like some kind of was. I went against the grain I want to say. Brian- might have been like that saying. I'm not gonna carry pads around and do this but it's just kind of like the fraternity. From entering in Vienna fell last year. Besides this rookie year, Wanna do rookie skip and if you suck it don't work is gets an. You know,
I, have anything to perform or make fun of, or do a presentation. They usually make you get up and see in this room there's one rookie, use action on draft again it was tat. The watch. Do I just one. Basely crash and burn right there? I knew he was gone and I'm here When you get the same kind of private thing like you know, I'm not gonna be disrespected blah, blah blah and the Davis set up- and this is also aimed at Saint like ten days and The moral David stood up in China went off about how close the saints were to super bowl and how it came. Don T start asking guys. They place away, worries forgotten your boy, I'm able, obviously that one play thereby knows about, and down he's like it's, not about yourself like you in this room you're, not you're, you're, an environment of a team like Cameron. Jordan spoke up in the back and you cottages felt like due to the team police themselves. I'm symbolises the Mario very well spoken care, a lot of respect for the Mario and he's.
Explain to those rookie lay ain't: you got it outside yourself and I don't care what what the fuck people tat you do like you're, rookie you're, doing it because you're on for the second, not shown individual self like yeah you're gonna get laughed at, and people preparing a white paper and broader but you do you often it is part of it like you, like initiated, you're part of them, your parlor fraternity, like, everyone's taken you ain't outside of that like it is part of the game, we will do this for the for the tee, not during the week yourselves and ours that's where I guess I would explain, align being drawn, because that shit does happen, guys get a little guys get a little odd, offensive and price fall about having to do. Something is something a small like sing a song, but but. You know, when leadership stands up and speaks like summer like the Mario and Kim Jordan, you got all those guys going to stand up and speak into you. Everybody cuz you shut up and listen. What was your skip? That you did? I made fun of all the Ok, so I
I set out sit in the deep, the land back room and I'm gonna take mannerisms and stuff that my line Could you do like his one liners and I would make him with a clear with is your pointer. How we watch film, I would make one I made them. But the accord eight or about how he prison film and suchlike I just did a bunch of different coaches, and then I had guys gonna reenact like what they actually did. It felt like it that it demonstrates how I would respond to them, whether its like one in Fletcher compared the if somebody had same answer: if they were a rookie and how we should on the rocky, but ought but be like Ireland on a central under that makes a lot of sense, and I also data on the tides are made for re bite, a great skill. Grable would you Dick off now those before the day cutting Belgrade, brave rave, you guys know rabies, ISA, football guided but through Yeah you see he was. He was Superfund New Eminent, his assent. That stretch out stretch
put together. This whole highlights film of, like you know, they got turned around by Jason, Pierre Paul in our joint practice and Bosnia those as about how much a John, how much we fuck and pay this guy and just the whole bit, but let's go like my stage, make an honor mark and people, so always wondering when you talk to NFL guys the Ito Data we do just care about what you can do for the team on the field as a guy who went in and it always towards the end of the room. Oscar was there a moment where some of the guys you been there for a while looked euins you like wait disk can actually help us in that like valid That's why you're there yeah, Those who are less by one of the better feelings to get is like a rookie or gone in my second, when I actually maybe take as a fresh ideas out some practice squad. But when those beds empty because what you gonna camp and like guys who have been like your room is already predetermined. Not pretty. Thermometer by China has a sense of light
it when somebody gets drafted each year and if it's a linebacker, you can understand that back about beat you're, not thinking of any draft together. They bring in your thank you from its set and then once you get, There are new star witnessing like an under dont type guy showing out in the coach talking about a meetings and bringing them up and then a voice. Comes over to you. I thought you buy, hey, may let you can make this team like you, eulogy have a shot. And you don't know how something to work out. You can't think about that. Don't think about. Are they going to keep an extra bb? Are they going to keep this like? Just keep they make us. I'm telling you like coach hasn't seen s or guys or think this way about it, but once you once you start to feel out from a veteran, I? Don't? U you feel good about where you rat, because it I just its eye, is: are you guys, like you guys already there stood you you're gonna be working with, and then some per you never even heard over was on the list in front of their kind of show. Now you're gonna YO, I respect you like who is like that should be our internal. Somebody who worked with us,
You can evaluate them. Its prey, like you know, but can waken up on Christmas morning. And the reverse happens to not to name names, but I I've I've heard stories were guys have said like you, we would bring in Yo R first round draft pick our second round traffic in almost instantly the veterans on tv like now this guy's this isn't. Like he doesn't. Have it like he doesn't. He doesn't have he's not going to be an NFL guy for long and it's crazy to think that, like jazz playing with the guy on the practice field. You could probably figure something out faster than a scout could do watching a guy for four years. Yeah for sure I mean obviously between players and like scouting department players. Think scouts sucks scouts tell players obliged to play. There's always like that division of like who can judge talent. You like that, because, as a playwright, you're fucking do this, Although bar, then you got you scouts, who judge you and people in the meat who could translation a box but yeah right. Data for those Hiram guys. Who do you mind?
I'd be showing tapping into potentially yet in guys are already trying to say you know used the word bust or something else just because it's like, You just know it's a young minds still stepping into this grow man's game so however, he being talked to whether your arms around more your hype and a mob are given a governance like it affects everybody mentally. I mean it's it's like anybody Superman and the hair. Like everybody's us, said the boy any kind of criticism. So It serves to see when that happens. Two things that I saw the Ulysses your was, I you need to get to No, the special teams coach, if you or make the team as Non draft, a guy, obviously special teams. Controls lie the numbers because he can be like. I can. I use this dude on kick return. I use a suit on punt return, Cetera a kind of gives you a home. So in other words, you say like be a sucker, be a little bit of a suck up. Get out, What did you do? Did you like bring Danny Smith extra packs of chewing gum rolling out of it in with him. Ah,
How I got it with a well, I was always arm. It took me a little bit to get to be a better spent the tears player, because I didn't play it at Nebraska and I wasn't it special timber, that's probably wires on practice, squire my first year because I was, I saw it at play. Why am I going to back up every spot with special teams outstrip are going through reason in my second year Adam Heyward took me undergoing shut out the boy item Heyward and he's like minutes. You like a minute special game, played like nineteen years in a league, and he was brought to the Washington Football team as a special tamer answer, Oh Adam and I were super type you gotta manners link. So the fact that I was around him and he would joke with me and tell this but the teams goes like now goes like I got him he's my guy ball about. Is that that help me out I wasn't necessarily suck out, but you know you got it. You gotta have some good jokes in here. Now you gotta, you have to play the game. Eighty eight, you know you go and entities
going into the world of football. I give you. China run some elbows every now and then you gotta learn how to play the game without see too much like a try yet mean pep. We were just playing grab ass for while on the sidelines, Eric is any that at the end of the day he was gonna, be the one who decided for made the team or not. If you're, if your french guy they're gonna ass, a special teams gauge, how is he at special teams? More specifically the point he began, That's the most trusted unit in that The coach is gonna, stand on the table for you, so you want to make sure he has good words sake as it is It's on you and he's got a lotta respect in the code. In the former, like you know, you're gonna be cut. That was my problem is I they asked like how is he had special teams and like while he sat stresses entire drop? It is not good at that. So is tat for me. So will the We always hear about guys veto, hurt, verse, injured and try. Make a roster, I'm sure you were in that spot. Alot worry, you were banged up and I had to show up and work what was
like the worst moment with the lowest moment when it comes to like holy shit. I don't feel good I gotta go in. I got a practice and I can't I can't give up wraps from trying to make this team. O Dell, a and there's so much gray in that question, because it's hard to judge how somebody's like feeling it stop that we might place through some other. I can't I mean whether or not we want to say is a pussy or not is just it. Just is what it is, but my heart is moment and primary most pivotal moment was my first year when I was obviously find them make any kind of part of the rest. I was seven on the depth chart on a seven linebackers. So, there's a first team of to a second team of two of thirteen of two and then me, and it was brutal. It was very humbling. And you just realise at all. These guys are both Polina and they don't they're, not his closest. Oh makes it sound to wear
everyone knows who you are, and they known some Hetty Sandy Full up like no one gives a flop and on the first, they have training Camp Keener, Robbin Tourist Peck, they first tat. He was at the year before with the pack injury and on that next year. Dana gave us must be like him in London, Fletcher many tears aspect. So mealy I got to the breeze and there is enough there under the kind of enemy named german Kimberly, and the second week of training camps? Cambridge strangers hamstring in so I now get them up with, twos and mind. You all summer long, I'm I'm I'm breaking down the Redskins office, because I'm trying to figure out Shanahan veiled Fleur there all the offers a staff, I'm trying to figure out Marie tendency that they have based on what, going to try to get better and practice during training camps. Would you gonna be some fundamental stuff but I knew that the couple rats I'll get in practice. I had to be perfect at those rats. I'd like locally
I guess I knew what the play was. I I was gonna, do spoken, screaming, yellow if it worked out. Romeo, hey watch play bats, play baseball bat by one. It happens. You want. No, I know this guy. Who knows what the fuck is going on there. So then I got precedent to the tools and that week that I got precedent This is the weak leading up to my first preceding game and I actually tear my hamstring that we I didn't know it at the time I told my answer. I just thought I had a really bad strain. I woke up the next morning like barely walk and we go out to walk through and obviously all the UN drugs like all of us. We were, we have to do the walks like we have to be the serve seen, and I can't like weasel my way into the back and then show face, and can it skip the walks or because I was trying to figure out how I can get through practice because my mind's eye. This is my opportunity- and I can't this is this- is this is fucked, because my hampering is right now, so I went to a trainer that I trusted. I called him die,
dream shadow doktor evil, and am I basically Furthermore, my hey do whatever we can to basically there take the same to where I don't have a lot of flushing kicking up and because I have to practice The guy had homies, I, with an injury, he's running stuff on the site like yeah he's an underwater. Can he chose the new do rehab and stuff- I guess it might This shows that so he like, keeps me up, I'm taken towards all on doing this shit that guy's, you know, obviously, it backs up on that you don't necessarily that's not the healthiest rather go. I'm not saying you ever by these. Do that. That's right chose because the most important thing at that time was making the register the Football TEAMS party, and on that day I go out there. Fortunately, my mentor flies in that same days, I'd biggest I did just works out that he flies and that day he just ask me is like you know. What do you think? I might add that I theirs like I have to try and go if I can just get injured. While I'm not gonna feel in front of him, because right now, the owners-
We know what happened to me. I got it. Then anything. I woke up in its way worse than it was then I thought it was. I got there have to interceptions and appeal to you in the day was the most pivotal day for me personally, because Shanahan comes out to make up my chin ahead is a circling you, like Mr Inner Shut interception, I get the nod. Be the number two that weaken precision. I live the reason I year and tackles, like all my opportunities, came to make the practice squad that year? and that kind of set me up for the next year, because our on an buys rater at that point, but that was probably my toughest like injury, the whole beef, I can move mentality that come from is like that's the moment that I feel like made my career in them. So then, what? How long did you? You had torn hamstring for the entire season? Yes or the dots I got. I mean here to you, I you might know being around the facilities that stuff You know it's. You don't get the best treatment. Washington for
What team does it have the best named in the training room? I was although it was a strain- and I didn't know until the next year from like outside source, because you start learning light, I start asking It's like how do you take your body in this man? or use another were used and other sources to go visiting it get checked on and get body work done, and that's funding from another pity I found How do you like Robin over this future scar tissue is ideal? I urge you to your entering before I, like none other lobbies. I mean it feels really bad appear like yours. I like the bottom by since the worst part at it, and that's not gonna found out I, torn answering, but I was always told I like a strain and I would just gonna, do no ice and stem and mean all this up. The bullshit they do in the training or not these anyway, at least it wasn't like a cancerous growth on your scalp through I got no, it's actually now your hamstring words. That's right on no doubt dude, I'm glad you're, like a wash it s, because you know a lot of these.
That was pretty funny. It's fun for sure fucked up in on you know, I haven't story were I was my first year you see when I sign of the times before, several times on the bills had just, I think got press Brown just signed with the yard Cincinnati Bangles answer The bills had avoided middle linebacker bills. Call me within like bright amidst a fly out, do physical, I actually found out that I had a growth, a white mask growth, in a sea, spine, MRI and dot at that This is actually say: hey we're not talking about football anymore like you need to go. It is checked out that the Redskins we looked back on stuff and why should a football team kind of Miss my seat by name, arise because does get checked out because of some stinger history, so that's. Why had an mri up there in the Redskins tat. Miss seeing now
mass in my skull, so I had the I flew back the washing about these took care of me like I know I had there's some sketchy stories in there, but they also take a lead to greater care me when I got him and they found out that. Fortunately, it was up It was just a says that I have had that I had for a while. But the neurosurgeon or than neurologist or whatever, that does the brain, MRI readings, Heath Boy- I was cancerous at first and that entire night, after my bills, visit because her I arrive, you see what I can offer you, because you have this growth. There You ve, no idea was gone. Your brain right now that you need to be checked out fortune. It turned out. It was just assist by doing going on your story with a truly like it, sir half an hour yet in the same locker is not as not like a ringing endorsement like I'd. I'd rather have field surgery in the civil war.
And you are right when I set out Smith's personal physician, cleared yeah exactly that. Yet that is TAT you see here, as I do. I heard I listen you guys. So at the end of the day, thou Spinelli, quotes about when you get offered to be at a practice. What are when you get told that they're going to try to put you on the practice squad and at that point you suck to clear waivers right. You have to go through, like any other, seem consign you to their active roster, it's obviously not lake dejected like getting cut a year. You probably not super pumped either as a practice squad right or did you have like weeds you think that's what we're gonna happen yeah you're, not you not super palm because so going into the fourth game. Scouted came up to me hey man, you are sure you have a shot of making this team like. If you just blackout, make a couple plays on special teams and ass. They had travelled fuck like I hate, specialities and He was a, u gotta shy and, unfortunately I didn't make the team but they call you,
Oh morning you wake up. You understand, tat. They come in the grim reapers coming for you walk in the facilitators. Usually the grim represents. The scouts are standing all over the rails, and you just waiting to be picked off. If you can make it down, it's kind of like walking into a buckle and you can make it to the back of a store without being taught to if you need help, if you make it down to the large room without being asked to bring your ipad than the facility urgent office, you ve made it so what I get I get a phone call, my hey. May we have good news and bad news like bad news is we're gonna catch you account or how it goes up premier is, but the Good NEWS is you don't have to extract the slot way here, but the Good NEWS is, we want to bring you back on the progress, squatted nuclear waivers of my eye and so you're gonna in the shadow of the boys. I go about the kind of guy who said that what they tell you I got, you got a phone call. Attacks in Europe. You know people are in your certainly. I am again get caught and then they yeah, I got a clear for twenty four hours, but you know that
anyone in Europe bring me back on the peace clause and it was the wrecking, because there is none of us on the shuttle and there's only hey guys, you are on the wrong peace. One at the time turned. But they bring us all there trying to sign us all and they realize they had nine guys in the end up having to let one guy go after they told me, the peace clause was devastated, were all we're all in the room like once we clear waivers, I guys were eight up like you might get picked up like your number Bree linebacker right now on peer fat for whenever one of my own, the hell you let's go, obviously don't pick up as it doesn't matter that much and then so the next time. I ok, we can there be squad Alan money to practise a few days a week and the hoping you don't get caught in a few weeks and so you'll get in a room to sign or paperwork- hey Araby. I know this, but we can eliminate nurse night of you suddenly here they're, like girl,
a man I won't say is that I came a man you gotta come with us stands at all. Reality shows who survive either Who was it account? Do I feel, like that's, a pretty basic football operate. J P P was. Back of the room, trying to figure out how many guys or learn how many get it to hang out like. You should know it should be. It should be a guy's right. That's not tat device tat. We understand when we're all senator. I E. We all think we're making the practice whereby there is none sitting in years. We're all gonna do sit and wait, but a hefty man. You know it's, it's operation hobbyhorses a number of the protein thought. One of you guys get picked up. So it's like by someone else led by its twenty four hours right about twenty four hours. The next day, you're still know till they get it. Send you a shuttle to bring you over. At that time. You gotta know like the the night guide, then I used to have already let him know once the waivers have NEA. So I know that this year's
maybe a little bit different. You addressed as a little bit your blog, but as an on draft a guy. If you only have it looks like what eight or nine practices where you going full speed to show often and show you have No precision games doesn't look like, how're you. How is the evaluation process waited towards like if you do it in a hurry? season. Game doesn't mean a whole lot more than if you're just super consists in practice. Have there been guys that absolutely sucked in practice, but then killed it during like game two and three, and they end up making the score, yeah! All of those situations like processing aids, if waited for guys at her mobile guys, guys at our seeing that are going to make the team for all those young guys it are trying to fight for a spot preceding gave me because you can ball out in practice and be terrible once you get under the lights in the game. Because when you're out their coaches and
when your hand is not that the plays aren't scripted for you, you can go back and watch days before realized. Oh, come it run period right now there are gonna, be runs, and maybe one black should pass in my set. So you can't guess but you can't say: ok we're in seventy. Seven weren't team bullets period were in team. Third down like you're out there, trying to think the game as the games go on with tempo it got just wanna see guys execute that without a good start the play stopping anything away. He needs a bucket guy issue. I'm your do get out there and trying to communicate with all the players in you're trying to prove that you can take for the project a game. They also the observations that you brought up. Were there? be a sloppy in practice. Were you gonna get a bad rub out of the gate and he shows out in the game to wear eyes, get open and coaches might be at first, but advice to give a little more attention and see if that guy ass to my practice, because he can I'd say you gotta gave a bad first impression,
done shitty rookie skates and you just gotta tarnish name but then balls out an ever increasing Airbus. Oh, he may play a little bit so all things happen. That's why I hate that precision isn't happening like being older, like it's nice, every season it isn't happening, but for those guys who are trying to make it the way. Can a gay man, it's gonna, be falcon harm me yeah I'm. So I had one last question: it is our body armor question you body, armor, right, love, body armor Drink body are brought com check it out, yes, by an Amazon loved the strawberry banana body armor the best. So my last question was we. This actually kind of full circle so are for. I think it is actually the first great weak. Ever we talked about Bellini who you played for Nebraska, so what was the biggest like life lesson grit lesson that bow instead holding you when you were playing for him in Nebraska. All that,
the easy periods, its full. I just more moderate his creed monies. Always poaching and leading its focus the process can be every day and it sounds stupid. It's cliche Spock, but I would always say like I am not here to baby sit you if you're, either like we ve, had a standard of going to classic teachers would email notes and you read em. He read em in the tea meeting room in front and you can imagine, I is in its meeting room but he'd be like job Josh, more an Joshua my biggest set up and you gotta eat, saves Amory B I Josh Malek baby. I got Moloch, sir. You back stand of feedback stained, the fuck up, They talk about sleeping classes, net bugging, chuckle, water bottle and he would say light basically I'm not here to baby sit you guys you're, either and all the time person or your none of it. You're not just gonna, show up on saturdays and play you're gonna go to class you're, you're gonna practice, you're gonna put,
air, like everything, is all about the process like if you let them into results, oriented world you're going to fail, because you're gonna be moved by external factors. Till the time people are gonna. Let able you you're gonna buy into because all you gave a shit about is what results are being said to you and what you try. To attain what you might miss out on he's like it's all about the fucking process, and that was probably biggest thing bow instilled in myself and I know he carries it forever, where he coaches its. Obviously the process can be it every day and it's funny because he can. The on in San Francisco how's the Senor guys interviewed beyond, which is awesome near the bed ever do it, but he had. A story about beyond because guys want do. You know where you'll be be: swagger dancer do stuff in college and not that bold May, guy Do it his way or the highway, but he would come to us tourism, bring up examples of somebody like the until we get the coach in San Francisco. He's a one time, they're watching film and this guy
are you messed up on a plate? the team was, I got, don't worry about it I'll get her on Sunday and he's, de on both It's not mine. I don't know the on actually put him against the wall. I grab them by the shirt collar, but the he said we are told the man Can you either going to get it all the time or there's not going to be at Sunday you're either going to put it on film, all the fucking time or you're not going to be out there with us on Sunday? and he would always say that lesson it. I just always stuck with me, but because it just The world doesn't give a shit. What what's going on with you I say it in the blog like you're, the one who lives with your stress at night like awfully fortune, everybody gets that have a wife, and I'm gonna take some stress with them, but even she doesn't know exactly what's going on in life when you're lay in their thinking about what's coming. Next, in the days ahead. Something arising next day and you have a fucking choice to either big dick energy shut up and let External Ella inlet external people in factors move your emotion
Because when you rely on that, you're just gonna fail like you and me, we scrolling twitter other time. You re bad should about yourself and you're in shit moving. You like you're gonna, feel shitty about yourself. What have you know what you're doing it wouldn't hurt me from developing, allowing like media average, Dick energy which is charged it s a great great at that level, What I have to ask what that message, what it bow we were taxing last night. I happen to be just flipping through the channel Then there was a game on the big ten network. But it both say after the big ten championship when Wisconsin one seventy two thirty one and hold on Wisconsin Kurt Philips starting quarterback Wisconsin. Is that line seven?
the points? Phd guess is that line we way when you were texting with bull s eye? No, I thought well illustrate. Will oh, I have no idea. Did they will before the show gather your section about? No with will Ok Nebraska, you play the Nebraska when they lost two seven hundred and thirty one and happy it was the quarterback for Wisconsin Constance, He probably had a was it like twenty one for twenty two. He was six four eight for seventy one yards away Well, you could have seventy Hausa by Malta, our linebacker yeah, eight rushing touchdowns five hundred and thirty nine yards Jesus Christ. I do the big I was Saxony. Is I ate my dad game legitimately, like I know, alligator, Lee played it was concerned. He talks about the game like I try and she was concentrate truly. I never feel good about up was causes name ever because I didn't so again destroyed about their performance?
these? I at least the tailor martini solid running for his courage- and yes- yes, he hasn't maple doesn't make it any less. Do what it both say after that that has to be like the po that you don't want to see No honestly, you didn't see that Bob, because we You got, we got ship pushed in so bad that I don't think anybody understood what was happening to us at the time, so when we are in the locker room. It was, it was fun Sadly it was. It was just quite like everyone, just quiet and it just like Oh there is not a lot to be said. I think everybody understood what was at stake. What we should do our leg and then a great example of knowing, like that, and is going to rise the next day, and you have a fucking choice to put their game behind you or Now, as their bellies say, let the fine you butter, the man that was dark that was dead
worse game. I've ever been a part of as a middle line by granting until they get the three running back tomorrow had over two hundred yards did. Everyone alludes to Melvin Gordon have been sore under the next year, which, thank God he brought the school record because a kind of two this same line. When we talk about the three guys like you, a hundred twenty on actually happened the year before I was actually like. Ok, the browser laws, but thank God we give the kind of diplomacy. That little bit, but man always knows scan Urban Available, Gordon at two hundred and sixteen yards. When I hear is nine care, homes are ridiculous, lied to see seventy points in eight pass attempts and then have Melvin. Gordon nine carries two hundred sixteen a dude. I think I missed a being run data. We we we fucking suck that can do it, but I will say bo. If you listen to this fucking by guess, I would tell you to your face now: dude
we did the just and we call. Call them that person now then a bolder and understand the gave a little more obvious naked wine. The slump in recent drop the edge away from other speeds. We ve guy, like we didn't adjust their game, so we take it as a team. Do I love. You know I miss you or I would thank you Well, there's been awesome: yeah busted with boys will Cotonou a legend of the. I think I have you guys as the number for our words team of the last thirty years. The are denied and seventy thousand fifteen wretched. Those that you like you re the arrows by the year two thousand. There are you like their game when I actually got my first start that Europe has finished, receive so big fan of their game. There you, I would say that it was more you coming in that's what the tide, and I, as rapporteur, I know that a big deal you where you ve been aware. Or even aware, the boy back back in my alliance of all days
yeah. I remember watching you play and I was a disguise actually good like I have no idea where he came from every time you get an undoubted free agent from a big school like a traditional power school you You think it back your head This I said that Russia, traditional, not a modern powers, early nineties powers, will think like guys got something Tax Armand Watch. You play a little undersized little gritty. So, That was a magical season, navigate. Believe him now cause. He said that you you're he was like Damn skies good. Now we're now knowing save the boys true and we Haven't you don't seem hope, Lucy soon, man, you are. Make an announcement Roquat get us some headlines here. Are you? Are you gonna play this year, going opt out now complaining here. I wish to make- and I respect that you buy without doubt out, but you know I'm trying to get it.
What I'm trying to get it for another one. While we just great will framework we'll do a press release, while Jake Marcel Press release will content officially opting in while respecting players who can be. I reckon I am officially opting into the twenty twenty Caesar. Yes my doors open, my phone so by everyone knows where to find a better name, go on in the circle. We got you sick. Appreciating I see man think tanks will see Will Compton was brought to you by shady Ray's. Shady rays are high quality shades for far less than the expensive brands. They have the best warranty the sunglasses industry. They will give you a replacement if they're lost if they're broken and they have a lifetime. Craftsmanship, warranty, plus ten meals get donated to fight hunger in America with every single order. I don't know about you guys, but I've seen the shady rays commercials on tv recently
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Okay, before we get the guys hot chicks and finish up the show, let's go over Billie Sheet, real, quick. So through a reminder, Billy has been tasked with coming up with the hottest things of the day and giving it to us before the show. We have you oppose real, who not everyone knows a real too so stupid, I'm sick, I'm sick of the. Clean shit just tell us that we know that the airline exists on all approved it Tom Delong from black way to prove this a year ago a bit sand dunes? this is old news by this point. Aliens came, we didn't care, you tried news yeah and try to get US interests in the at aliens? invaded in the past that we're not alone the universe. But honestly it's boring weeks. Exist. We know that you set demon, Sperm Billy, then said prince. Did you say that it don't say anything else? I think I'll be a sick name for the washing of about a demon, spur the Washington demons. That's that's it really. Shitty goth Blake
Van name, yet sperm skirt, the yellow hot topic, a stocking This conference table my arm last chance. Use back sports, illustrated supplements Billy, we ass. She was coming up with a p m t supplement. What do you got? Well, I so course illustrates make their own someone's oscillated cellphones counter saw. Really add their basically just colic Kool aid with caffeine for their pre work out. Just like the guy I'll. I love you by the way that the sports issues through supplements the entire like internet rossa, because, like sports, illustrates getting the supper, submit game and Billy takes the Zaragoza and he's like Alice You have every right to make some just shitty ones yet know that that's the first thing that occurred Billy was, I want to see what is actually in these things so debate on eating caffeine in their pre worked out right. Well, there's no, now much banality draw propriety blends located they own action to put them
MT, they say so what's in our supplement. So if we are to make a part my take mass gainer, I think we should make a bacon black. Way protein? First of all, you need you need to work on the branding. I like that we're doing a mask gainer, but if it's bars, which absolutely like Zoomass, should be the best it. Basket. Zoo, mass unlocked, our robber who, so it would just be like big in bits way. Protein chocolate and creed in an austrian awesome. Ass. It ain't got his tall said Emily was, it is just pretty much like big chocolate in just a little bit steroids, maybe a little toward on his fine, totally fine, ok, good Billy there we got pre work out, ok and we call it not a drug ip work out no just be bailed out an sealed than fill in then dna, the wood, the worst spin off and breaking ban. You also had a yes
nitrogen oxide right, yeah, nitrogen oxide booster, and were the other things in their owners, and nitrogen booster and silver beneficial is for a pump, images get your valuable. What about my anger in many of those rules? Silver, then I feel, is the active ingredient by aggravates sick for part of everyday life. What yeah I'm gonna? Stop you Billy. I like we're we're out with a mass gainer, I'm on board with that sounds delicious. I like heads out with part of my take Viagra yachts, a Well, it's a free work out. We know you habited people just get it general like them, so they prayed and their own kitchen cabinet, and they say like this- is my pre work out, but is actually just disguised bag hardened might take. Well, I hope it so and then the parcel recovery bar yeah, just like a protein brownie with dealt a teach c c. We I like this. So we take so we take steroids math Viagra in wheat, yes,
ok, good, shouted Jack. What we do to recover from the heart attack the Delta teach Sea Weed Contact treaty be like we want to make a protein brownie some teach. You just go to sleep so generously which actually make a stool software I just saw I like this good job. Billy. Are you also bizarre scam, as chinese students in Austria, the kidnapping themselves. Yeah. Basically they, like you, have to pay. This finds a kidnap yourself from Britain. That actually happened when I was in Wisconsin was odd receiver. She kidnapped herself she's when set witten. The woods for like two days is no, they found her. She came out and then no again why why'd you go to home depot by a bunch of rope right before you disappeared. Interesting, so did you get money ransom money? Not! I think she wanted attention. I dropped out, ok, Cuckoo sceptical. I mean, if you're, if your product,
the chinese one child policy, I imagine that that shoots, you're value way up in the eyes your parents ram. True. If you got two kids, their parents like fuckin, I can get rid of that when I get it back up in the shed and now the last one wishes Ellen socks. Look, I'm sure away? All my nose MIKE Tyson join shark weak. Again out on shark weak yeah barrage arc. We because its cause, they don't kill anyone yeah lame. I want death more like short week, is its jaws, violence from sharks, yeah, yes, yeah do stork weak and it just short decapitations, something like to get juices flowing. I'd hate, guys on chicks, and then we will see everyone at noon on Wednesday to nor today. For our strain and if your tuning an afternoon tuna now cause were promised a lot yeah, I could be die from heat exhaustion. Twenty four should over under ten miles or Billy,
he's gonna get over it is you go? I know. Billy he's gonna burn himself out. He's gonna do like twelve miles in the first two and a half hours I usually like to. I have to keep going yeah. The calculation is gonna, be when is Billy pitching at us like untenable but it's like yo what fuck it Billy we just quit. He hasn't thankful without actually took away from Naples. Think about put anymore, I gotta day from the bread, bread boy, will calm. Oh yeah, it's me again in the short time that attacks do and up until now things have become worse. I wish Oakdale actually read my issue in my boyfriend washes call him Parker found out through and who listened to your show and is now convinced that its normal, because your thought it was awesome. So, thanks for that, I dont know how these things are supposed to be, but I'm going to tell you everything. I'm gonna tell you everything, as the bread really isn't. Even the worst thing so, like I said either private through you think it's like freaking attended the him. He scoops super that real. Obviously, he uses force ices when making a sandwich two on top to the bottom.
Wrap my brain around this by friends. All think it superheroes especially they go to a restaurant and he s got a couple of bread basket for himself. I I'm fine with that, for the record like getting I read the other table. Ghana, restock that he as long as your tip. Well, I think that's an alpha move. He isn't that. Overall, what worries me is of his metabolism slows down he's going to gain a ton of weight. He does, work out, money isn't working here you boys, video games or watch movies. I love Parker. He superfluity in his very smart, but I feel like he's going way too far with the fucking bread. I'm not scared that he here's s because he already knows how I feel a need to shrug off always with something like you're overreact. Thing is just bread or so what I fucking my bread. What you going do break up of me. I mean seriously in my overreacting, unofficially giving our final say as to who wins help. I don't what to do. I really don't like it sounds. If you didn't have a problem with the bread, then there's no problem, yeah you're cool
Then it's not an issue, but if it's reaching the point, where you're embarrassed that your basically dating a dock in a park, then yeah, then you need to have a conversation we can adapt. Then some cut. I think you two seats, you suck it up this there's a lot. A bad things in the world, eating too much breads, not one of them. What I have a solution for yeah, what she's guy do they should take laxative and just keep poisoning with laxative, so ashamed. Of all dynamic, oh, maybe is becoming to gluten. Then you convince unease gluten free, ok, Don't I know about by the way I saw someone treating me like. I can't leave you guys thought that was real. I just want to make a piercing real, quick. This goes for the Waffle House, guy, to which I've heard, maybe not real. I don't give a fuck. Ok, we are what what what you think you were you get more fake. Think, that's fine! I don't give a fuck. If it sounds remotely real, I'm gonna read, it is like wrestling just shut up and let me have a good time: don't be the guy on the internet, fake, fake, fake,
shut up here. You don't need to snowplow check guys on chicks, squash, correct and this girl fall back up yeah in without anything funny just being like. No, this is serious. I what the fuck do. I do it's a great tail and it goes on for weeks and weeks and weeks and has plot twist and everything I'm just watching. You know real Why? I don't care- and I think this girl sounds awesome- the fact that she's just dealing with this, she realizes it strange at the price. It becomes a problem. When you forget how weirded as hate him, She boys, especially you hawk in cat daddy of recent beginning to argue, my boyfriend, because he has really been making me feel guilty about going out my girlfriends again last He told me he refused to get sick because I want to go out and get wasted a bar. Now he does Without me, he cooks dinner and takes it outside we're going for a long walk to avoid eating with me on the rug in our room, because he apparently came in the same bed is me. I told him countless times Other people I want to see. Is he being apparent one little bit?
Turning do I need to understand, is concerned. How do I go about ways? Lets us concern getting sick, oh she's, in the bars with their Gauss Verona virus got it. He doesn't want to get sick you're kind of being a jerk here yet get an antibody US year so you're going out all the time, and then you like, can you believe my bitch boy boyfriend like I don't want to get her out of our also, but her complaint is that he's hanging out around he sleeping on the bed or on the floor next to the bed. Scarcely staying away from yeah, but if you're going to I did not get corona virus. You wanna put a little bit something more than like two feet yeah. I do not even doing a good job. Yeah I'd say you price, Chautauqua, hey! Maybe I won't do this all the time? No, I don't think he's being the pitcher Are we also ask for suggestions for staying up for twenty four hours, and this person said for twenty four hour grit day have taken on the stream and show you how to make ranger dip in use hot sauce under the eyes to keep you awake,
without like that is like bees, and we might want to bring your wish you guys, we people said that reason is clearly shows for shirts gets bees. Happy of tea began future Obi Ex STAR Hank, be oh yeah, Congrats, Hank thanks. I don't what for but you're gonna be makes where you are, I think so my girlfriend is trying to get on reach. I feel like that. I think you're they can't say now. Can you invite me how mad would you We have really got on. She did invite you not man. I mean I didn't like the shallow. How do I make my boyfriend and I recently moved no one better apartment. Our first place together, every time I go poop. I turn on the shower, so he could not hear me. Good Bart do a bomb. He recently asked me when I say why I shower the middle a day, and I told him that is my midday sanitation to avoid covered the other day. Not from running errands news in the shower noon thing he was joined, the midday sanitation idea.
I tell him I'm not showing or to keep it a secret know. What happens when we have a code is a thing of the past and I am still pooping with the shower on what other alternative due to have me? Do I love you could do Byerly? Do Obama you'll, never know oxen right after you in it smells like, tells you wrong, as is the thing that dude products are sowing where you put it in the toilet and it neutralize all the smelt yeah take time. I think one of the boys aren't you in your hair. The boyfriend probably just saw like oh my girlfriend, take a shower everyday rattoon. I'm gonna do that to second crank. When our Asia he's jerking off. How do I get boyfriend suck? My toes ask him in a buttered gap. Colbert is globally ah, how do I get my boyfriend start, making that sloping noise when his blowing me I've asked him before because a gross me out, but he must
you're, forgetting in the moment. I don't interrupt and kill the mood. Also. I should try caffeine caffeine to stay up yeah. Ok, how do I get my boyfriend blowing me making that sloping noise? Oh ok, is the noise. That's an, I suggest, just getting your plea, nobody about smear peanut butter on european armies away. We're in addition against smooth nigh everyone in the past month or so. My boyfriend has developed the weird habit of licking me all the time we will have as he pulls away. He will lick the side of my face. I reject his hand, he will grandma hen, Likud. I've told him to stop, and I don't like it. But I think he's doing without realizing it. I get that quarantine is hard, but any advice on how to get this weird habit to stop. I'm tired of feeling lollipop and not in the hot way, not being Cotter know how will be worse. Billy yeah I just really was about in metal pretzel doom way. Or a way we ve got to say feet of- is a allergic.
Peanut butter about no does then peanut butter we'll have a poisonous peanut butter super bitter, Peanut butter slice attainable and I will list What's in there and urging evermore Iowa Moreover, I keep a weird hey: sixty cat p of tea, frat boy, hunk, Hank and big Dick. My boyfriend and start to call me milk made time we wanted to have sex. He says the child boys. He wants is milk and he says it until we do it. That's it. Then UNESCO question interest what yes, I like to act like a nice. There was one of those obviously fake, ready things go around today with this girl was, I I did a nineteen year old guy and he gets upset because when we fool around my nipples, don't let it and he thought the guy thinks it as Windows com. It issued look I'll go with you. Goin knives gets a very good job here you could become a lot worse. It's a great nickname.
I will see everyone on the stream bill. You want to talk to me. We'll give him a little. You ve done a terrible job with this by the way you're supposed to give a speech at the end of every shown, closing thoughts. Please do it. Lovey Gus,
Will I see, there's aliens of calling the government, but I think the aliens come from outer space. I actually think that they come from within the center of the earth, his thing about, what's more likely people or bees travelling from thousands of millions of miles away in different EU verses to a place with life or a place with life having more life just deeper underground, he's think about it. There's two sources of heat and energy coming to earth. It comes from the centre of the earth in the sun. We live on the surface of the earth, so yet energy from the sun and that's how photosynthesis works, but there are lifeforms down in the deepest parts of the ocean. They get energy from the centre of the earth, geothermal energy. So it's very plausible that there are beings at the sound of the earth or that are coming to the surface, indulge actually the alien.
What about your photos? They fly? Where did they come from? They come from the centre of the earth had way where there's a lot of air they come yet. They just know how travel waters like people say you, a person, retrial, aren't you
its part mighty presented by.
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