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PFT and JJ Watt are both on the IR and America is worried(2:21 - 8:49). Power Rankings drink orders at the bar (8:49 - 15:48). Hot Seat Cool Throne of the week for the Coach's in trouble (15:48 - 23:13) . Katie Nolan joins the show to talk about working at FOX, Regis Philbin, Fish Fighting, and what it's like working for Roger Goodell (23:13 - 57:09). Segments include "Uhhh Ya Think", "Spinzone", "Hmmm", "Michael Wilbon name drop of the week presented by Michael Wilbon he once golfed with Obama not to brag" and a very special debut of our new unnamed RGIII segment.
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for details get it right now drafting stockholm become a rich person and give it back to your favorite pockets let's go let's not welcome the part of my take it is wednesday september twenty eightth and all your heroes are hurt that's right i was just saying god has something against grit i made you what i'm hurt ok let's start with you
you as you said on monday show you hurt your foot i was squeezing it just to make sure was really hurt and turns out it was turns out you actually of a broken for you saying woke you thought maybe i was faking it i was milk in it so i'm not mad at you for entering my foot more i'm actually glad that you did i'm glad you're woken up to do that we keep each other on us on the show yes so thank you so ah you broke your foot from walking wait now before you say something hank that's launched and right just just walking yeah you're just drunk walking in a broker for how many years of even walking yeah how many years even walking while drunk how do you how much i love your foot doing that that i know of once okay so bright eyes like we're not getting the whole story i know what you don't have to tell us all story went on i want to complain ok i do and there are two things that i lied about on sunday night you ok number
what i didn't really so i didn't really admit that i was drunk you just are assuming that i kind of denied it i think if you check the tape and you said you'd only been driven forth for five hours here's the thing here's the thing ok there's nothing i hate more than admitting that big cat is right about anything are getting comeuppance from big cat so i lied the two things and it's just because you were right about them in that i'd i have to admit that nokia zan bradford being one yeah number one no i'm still you were wrong about sambre o k thing when i lied about i was it i was very intoxicating oh no way now i set myself a limit i said i'm going home by midnight ok i mean i did start drinking at like three p m okay but i said i was going home by midnight and i was i stuck to that but this happen at like one thousand one hundred and thirty so
that's number one you always tell me to watch it on the algarve make fun of because unlike me like a cup holdings everybody liked party sets number one number two is actually injured it i was walking but i ain't that stepping off the curb yeah i had made fun of you we can show europe we can we can run the black hawk interview through the ages how can a view i made for the big cat because he said he like hurt his ankle he'd twist his ankle and spread it pretty bert badly despite what spain and wars on a brave people don't people forget that just by stepping off a curb and so make fun of you and acted like seriously a week and a half later i did it to my car off its car mason it's really made me believe in carbon dioxide it is broken the metatarsal is completely shattered through i'm glad that it happened walking i would much rather that than like it's like some teen cross me up playing basketball and i broke it that way but i got to think of a better story
because i can't when i see people on the street i go would you do your foot i'm like i was walking and people are gonna say that because you have been milking yet harder than anyone's remote you been slowly crashing around the office you got your stupid pants on that the hospital gave you you act like i couldn't take him off i couldn't take him off you got your hospital bracelet still on that retreating about it dude my twelve hours roadie secure broken foot now here's the thing then nobody sacred burn danny would head reach out to me personally said hey man let's rehab together so he's my rehab broke and now genji watch trying to get out so let's get to it the big news captain america is down in rapport reported that j j was made
spell for the year he rehearsed he re injured his back hurt your a300 his back question number one do you think the bears probably did it to him yeah i think there's definitely they beat him up too bad and then the patriots like they always do get credit for beating of a bad team after getting your ass whooped by some gas from chicago so i'm a credit to your guys maybe they're better than the bronze yet of energy what my my big take away i'm connecting dancer where did you watch shoes gigi what wearing j j watch shoes ah ah not saying i'm just saying yeah and you know j b real shame i'd hate to get their lawyers involved over here do you know maybe region maybe greece will about data who also run j j watches me that time i didn't go work out because i was intimidated by the treadmill so they say how it actually said julia exactly
i see now you could do the thing like oh yeah entered wearing jawad shoes i was just wearing majestic may here could have a me ah here suspend zone for data good news you're probably offer the seat bad news your offices in good news you now have like ten months supposed instagram comeback videos yet how many squat hammy squats and box jobs can can he fit into ten which when you think about it is generally want superbowl like if you do not have the choice would assume rule or get ten months to talk about making a comeback and being just a kid from walk ashore and post all these videos of his rehab in saying how he loves spans for supporting empty dumb unease go that way did gator eight ever sponsor a famous athletes who rushed himself back from injury and did like a bunch of work out videos with him as a ring a bell stage has himself was as you like had his own the game his own all including one who is that ok
robert griffin things worked well for him so i'm sure things or do fine for j j also j j this gives you a lot of time to maybe do u s out or oh like maybe maybe support the troops house gonna say maybe come on a par cast o even better where would the butler is james watt needs a cone around his head like you give to a dog after surgery because like he's so anxious to prove what a hard work is this is what it's all about he rushed back from back surgery so he could be like on big tough guy picket i've got big big guy which i love i love that about i love a guy to push himself so hardly reenter some self but just put a corner on your body men around the whole body soon put around is his twitter he hasn't treated still through and i think he's still scared between now just gonna sit there with his phone for the next however many months
but his back injury and cone hey what's worse a broken foot or hurt back outside broken for i would to you broke it and i know what i'm owning it i'm still gonna work it hid ida ip cast it on sunday night i blog on on monday morning i've been tweeting up a storm the whole presidential debate last night so like not brag but i'm euro better job i don't like h i'd like to use the word here if you want to call me here again usa to get here yeah if you wanna say that's fine but i'm not going to be the ones i let's do who are wednesday business we get this every wednesday we're gonna start with our power rankings real quick and would add one more thing yeah go ahead sought more by your foot wise enter a walking awareness month in the unifil like walking into more people's disk people die all the time walking in front cardinals locking yeah but they do
i walking again there should be walking where this month if roger get out truly cares about advance about the people of amerika and some of us can actually walk without hurting ourselves you're not mere you but some pierre some people take so off no injuries hangovers hung around early today like out beyond the plaza she's walking in our face what one footing for the good news turning it scooter so i don't have to walk anymore because i hate walking and you don't want any more because you can't walk you getting his sympathies good which fishing we should actually become a wheelchair game just an idea ok that was a good idea here we go power rankings because my much more season is over we are now doing power rankings on wednesdays this one actually comes from our big boss man he asked us to powering bar orders about big bosman we mean pete adjourning the big big boss big big big bosman why don't you start hank as it bar orders or border
bar drink quarters i number one car bombs year that guy that's a big twenty three lot on saint patrick stay no murmured servile you yeah yeah hey gordon carbonized walked out of this part of the poor little prototype dont do then dublin or in northern ireland in fact i don't want to do that culture appropriation you'll get some looks yeah you're trying to appropriate their culture with the car bombs hank did that's me instead of just go i was like hey we walk in a bar and i would take it personally cage a sword me whenever you get and i came back and you
carbon he's gotta room temperature carbajal like ok i'll see you guys item two three cool russians marlena will pose the dates i got a bunch of stolen vodka mixed there was some doubt you order thereby so three different kinds of flavoured vodka and a bartender makes us for you this at what bar to gale now it's ok satirical has i think somebody just was pulling your leg on thou knowest delicious younger if you get the changed sounds good please try ok i'm through mix in the water renowned then towards good taffeta maybe maybe if you had mixed in water on saturday outward all remain our ok meaning revision says her head i showed it could were also what makes the water i went to bed had such a good time so i may take the good with bad ok now before jameson adds another classic getting out that's a bartender move to mar tenders energy
jamieson sailor jerry bigger barton get the job done yoga dismays everyone puke alright i'll go your post you got a book i want you gonna hurt ok i'll go budweiser bottle it's actually america the duchess of bad ass move when we see a guy during a budweiser you're like ok this guy this guy fox when you say i d say bud but heavy but have a yak i say but heavy bottle friend and then a james insurance side that i just leave their importunities i want to go with it of good old fashion whisking coke sometimes now certainly maybe in the year in the winter bundled up whisky diet if you want you want her figure like i am ok my hard won the super relate above one the pros punch approach sports bar yeah love that's that i've when my father slice has made our rescue with yours truly so ok you're her out i think that was
and i was like hawaiian pie it was like every color it was like seventeen it was in a car like thanks that's exactly what i don't recall rationally egg it was like a long island i see with just wider fluid and i also want to say water burma yellow more detailed awaits order the water when i'm about puke after someone urged me to kill a shot and i'm like gotta face in the bartender like this guy's but puke unlike us gonna water no ice in a police is i tell you what i better give scope this water before pukes and then i still puke but yeah loved you as you ever take shot an arrow come your nose yeah i mean sure phd might but just remember it is too busy and drunk breaking his foot also true
you really want to do this for now is it too soon now i can do ok i'm fine i see what i hate about the fact that i was drunk with salmon is just gonna confirm everything that they have been warning that flax monster so great a man god here drink before the shows break everything in the park ass studio aright number one does not appear oh yeah oh let it be especially if it's like i allowed bar and yes the bartender what's on draft and then she's talking carefully here you pretend you not you're going yardstick happier fun fact ip is create men boobs and that's why i'm gonna get breast cancer someday ok that that is very fun fact ok number two whatever the boers novelty drink is yeah there's an actual if there is ever some weird thing that i've never heard of i'm a real sucker for that that unlike if i'm out of the same which place that has like their famous type a sandwich that's a two way too big they should try to eat your allies
what are you not fail to finish it but if i see the novelty thing i'm a sorrowful yet mocked novelty cups to yap nor yet give huge taking up y all my god sites for itself when i was when i was in key west couple years ago i must walked away would like six of the light up bottom daiquiri perhaps of acts of lights on have you gotta have a number three i'm gonna go with a double rebel vodka and one for health yeah citizen i go on i like you know what sucks is when they like i will have monster and then your teeth feel like they're going to fall off just like crap yeah and then my fourth is more of a low key move fireball so
somebody says hey dangerous man card can you guys order shot i first inclination when i if i just don't think of ass i take for fireballs place what brought about not worried about the anti freeze no i think the ant every sexually good for you what do you mean so they cancer fireball overseas because there is an element of antifreeze it oh that's discuss more drunk exactly it keeps you war breaks breaks morphine keeps you warm and wintertime yeah russia in russia he has ever done why bombs now don't know that is why scares the good they sounded well oh you want tells what's in it it's like you take it take out a rebel and new shock they like a shocking a beer and then you poor either yeager miser vodka and then you shock and the rebel so it's like a rebel vodka in to say so is basically only something that border when someone taking a line of them drinking and you're not a ladder barbies impression i most shocking thereby taken at first
ok oh my god forsaken get hard rock presents floor to say these doubts or by applebee's you're ocelot do method the barn forest it's ok i let's get sore sworn our usual ones they powering kings embrace debate show it tell us what europe for favorite drink bar orders are here we go hot see cool thrown you guys ready for it yet ok give it to me whose presenting this we are yet this week it is presented by if the picnic basket eight o five third ass that's should be by a lot of people a lot of our listeners midtown so if you want out of the picnic basket just show up and tell parliament except you use the promo code p empty got to say that and their problems occur no because there just gonna shifting staff right now so but just insist on it and you'll get twenty five percent of zambia and it's supposed to be actually
you're years to whisper whispered in the year the cashier just like that and then they're gonna stay you and then you're going to say in their other ear and then you get your discount and then and then a little is a little handshake it's like a it's a i'm doing it to you right now but no sexy it it so you know what just pretend you know what i'm saying right now but yeah to the picnic basket at eight hundred and five third ave for forty five percent off your sandwich we got by hasn't got thrown on a hot see i've got joe paternal your body on the hudson us we're so they can reinstated i'm a little bit they d brought back is wines have low celebration form i think penn state just keep the have liked
fluid process of always constantly re evaluating whether not joseph jupiter knows wins stand so leg as more evidence comes out you can take it went away and then once you forget about all the bad stuff it is you give him his went back so right now and forget full cycle so he gives wins back ok because that is when the other way so that that points cobia nazi close runners up gus bradley in chicago flying over to england usually take him oh yeah their flying over england and anytime approach does that there is always the possibility they don't come all not coming home just being left over airline verse kevin mccallister situation which will be pretty hilarious because i think jim i could just pull the i literally forgotten yard and everybody we can go with it hoosier cool trunk from my cool throne is sean peyton ok because nobody knows at long last night pia painted in the plus you know everything is done for the city after katrina
you always gotta say that whenever we talk about champagne getting fired or drew breeze not getting contract you always have to bring that up to now just kind of did that of obligation ah my hot seat is going to be late given he's probably get head coach job after this year seems about time and that immediately put them back in the hot seat cartographer
within a year ok i like that yeah it's almost like a pre emptive how yeah yeah like you see this get warm feeling because you know that he's gonna mean he's been an album of furthering this second year so it's time to move on and get a job and get overpaid wildly and then his fire with an ear to toss us at her alice you who i like it i like their heads ass you like we're headset think about my cool throne is actually chuck pagano whose on your hussy they won the colts wanting us chargers and chuck gave a speech in the locker room little tier little frog in his throat when terry i'd chuck gets going now means he's got at least a few more seasons so good for him or hank on the hot seat is actually champagne oh ok you're cool thrown yeah but liberty
they lose sight they lost last oh no not yet in a like out of you guys heard about that old pounding eighteen couple years ago i think i'm gonna come together now you think is finally vonnegut finally to catch up to him and the like and localised night is really gonna like make the owners thank god don't think that out owners are capable of thinking and doing this i think they're just drunk drivers can drunken old and i'm just like they think that they're playing cards against other overtime also classic you got drew brees signed to another long term deal even though he's like forty already and you can't put that up right cuz they were good like six years ago there is such a great combination so keep them together also everything that you did during katrina thanks for getting yellow too young to remember katrina but sean payton was kinda instrumental in making sure the city got back on speeds maybe be persons have next michael thrown weight is usually been there since katrina but he of railways that further proceedings for that's what that's a people don't talk about ears like him and drew receiving
they can i went there are four or five years later they were what are the ones that we be instrumental instrumental courtroom was miles yeah he's gonna get a job and wherever he gets a job is going to be in the cool throne for i mean at least a year true many kick fired right now from eating grass in the back yard and exact would you think he's doing raina yet a quote i dont golf i know tennis but what i have done for probably twelve to fourteen hours a day for the last number years is coach football so when i say i'll tell you what les miles doing i just was going to say he's not golfing or play tennis i think he's unwittingly spending his days and meditation very think we weird weird news that less milestone a tennis player that's a shocker appeal anxiously your glasses guy he's gonna wake up he's gonna eat a eat right we'd right probably probably water instead of milk in there and he just go stare at the box of sort of cereal for eight hours
his wife's gonna come home from one then he's no goddamn it i forgot to leave the year he noah has wisely will ass you do it again and then he's gonna get the cars can circle the neighborhood for the next eight hours and go to sleep or i could see lest swinging by like a youth football practice yeah i just wanna watch your no no no i think less is more of a like watching from his car typewriter all eyes i see him is kind of standing in a distance but mumbling like like tips what he would have done yeah yeah i command you gotta give their pavlov lore like even some grass and ponder pedersen hum i we have before we get our interview can you hit us with a quick add which uncles they can't let me ask you something would you rather put your money in the bank and earn less than one percent or be the bank's landlord and get paid over six point five percent yes absolutely no you won't six point five your reality of course money the bank is safe and commercial real estate
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paid under fifteen thousand dollars by ridge uncles for this single message i let's now kick it too are very special guess katy no one i we now welcome on some one we have been trying to get on the chauffeur very very long time the wonderful the talented since last friday at least katy no one from box garbage time check it out everyone's i only show i know that on wednesday nights with several softball get how old are you twenty nine and how much weight to make a couple a couple a couple of earning a couple of hours out of you know but that was not a softball that was like the reverse
what kind of attract to loosen the thing i don't have you best questions to ask somebody is that we have actually been trying to get you on for quite some time we appreciate you coming in we you are proud most successful person in sports media his affair i think so she did you wanted emmy for all outstanding weekly fox sports one comedy show on at ten o clock right yeah yeah doesn't category i saw him not unless we get our times i write this clause that sought by the army because there has been discussion not too got to bash your emmy but is it a real any now ok as a sports emmy ok so like i didn't watch their real enemies out of i didn't want to feel loser presentation yeah and you got any like where was it at jazz at lincoln centre so as not to know i know so it's definitely guerrilla now so you're you're drunk
yeah hook us even if israel emmy yeah ok we're back here i mean it's like double nigeria have makes it an here as far as i'm concerned like the sports and these are the real aim is ok that's like ninety percent tv that are watching with true true why do you think a twitter hasn't done anything about the rampant harassment by female sports personalities against women you know i don't know maybe they just need governing example i could like expound appear like him off if you just request to see their feet or somethin they tend to get like a real stick up there asked about it s ass though i mean why not just lose no orange why not just gonna wiki feet like why is that a recent yeah i'm a week period guy not a weak leverage ok let's be for real per second now because i know you actually i admire that you do not just let trolls walk all over you how where
you out right now with the response the trolls not responding prosecutes we ask governing felt the same thing and he kind of always gets in the fights do i still respond to them too much ok especially when there's one that you're just like i can crush this person were then you do but yeah so get in trouble for like i'm not supposed to do it i'm actually i'm on work if you right now in this is one of the most bizarre way doesn't ever see my life is just like pictures of celebrities and their feet and it's not even just celebrities link when i was on youtube there i had a page somebody made of my feet are you shouldn't you feed somebody actually mean takes green jobs of the one time i put my foot upon the desk and made it made me a page on receiving this woozy looted by user rex run so that's gonna nice you're a big rob rhine guy relevant like tightly rob rhine person were robbing the people of europe
oh no i haven't met him oh yeah oh there you have not read my user use our bus we're friends saw yeah we're ready mentioned me i think so now now said he might have on the boston and quit his job and role with the road the boys in the open wrote to new veterans daddy i love us you like the ship has i believe and this good radio and i'm sure you my shirt yeah his shirt has a naked women on it and it says i hate tits who is your like number one guess besides rob crime that you would like you you have on your radar you like i gotta get back and we have j j what we need to get everyone in the shower would you very oh yeah we're we're gonna hold them hostage with with go find me for charity smart and if he doesn't if you're guys university charity terrorist if he doesn't come on the show red donate all the money we raised and i'll kill pound surgically killing thumping hans you gotta get at that
so who's whose you're like i need to have done so bomber feeling you lie when i say i feel it isn't like i thought you can say don't say tom bring him then you just attacks on the radio destroy so it's boring alabama he's born taboos born right i know but i think we could make him not boy ok that's fair lou bit overconfidence underpinning completely as a patriots fan what's your favorite racial epithet is second class good i'm unlike as a pole and employ a fox so you can see what you ve done there's nothing more i'll let you off the hook on that one thank you
who is more important a patriot spell checker brady tack ok and do you think that makes brady overrated now ballot check is under eight ok so we go out of that one does yet it's empty but has a higher willing pursues in temporary get the fuck out on the pages back three want some fifty understand mr scottie cells outrageous is he's alive no and maybe i don't we don't use now like his you're his watch dog on the internet that internet watch
i leave is richard dying i mean it was great when you're placid riley because railways worse but what so you don't have reached now because our greatest doesn't have a cell phone ok and i think his email account he shares with his wife joy and you know so i couldn't send him the things i want driver has railways can fears the glory such a closet guys why that's also just an old person movies like sharing email account sharing lego voicemail he doubled also mr scam to jerk off what s next screen shots of what european cattle schooling us on wiki feed anyone oh yeah yeah come on like you venus clearly
that's not already bookmark no ok i think if i ran into a region on the street he wouldn't immediately katy i think you'd go follow suit you feel bad for do regret then defending him as snow ok no no matter who remember you now you know there's things you can't blame old people's forgetting people handsome sexism raises hundreds of races sorry to have to just go ok inappropriate touching you don't you know what you're doing and then you'll stop of nature will stop i guess i'm just an old soldier people should just forgive me for all that stuff do it just ages just a number re so i guess
by the old guard from not gonna kane i'm have young out you're wearing you know inappropriate pants why they inappropriate because they're like pga like all people where peter piano these are suit pensive fish on them this is my gold for suit case we should follow back up a little bit short good interviewing on our part three and we invite you here was because yes your michael findley your fish passed away tragically yes she flush m or reserve them ok because we may that mistaken when the next fish the ties we're gonna freedom because you never know where sites can be a few
wait so why what than our sitting you the mistake of flushing it we and you have made me think that he came flying back now i was that of our first data horrific snake less mine ended i flesh it again and i flesh the toilet like five times just to make sure look i didn't want to come back and you don't want to excellent p under old way would be to open so this fresh this was just like a pet fish yeah milk handling perks what's up about so i this fish actually was a champion user fighting champion i went to a wedding we'll tell quick story of where to michael came from owing to a
and those centre visas at the tables were fish which seemed a little bit like lapse they're gonna get rid of these at the wedding sensitive but there are like the sixty nine send ravish yeah thing from from petko oh god they're real cheap fish and since their juno japanese fighting for their beta fish someone drunk had the idea to combine the mountain same tank because as the story goes when you do that though fight each other until one of them died so there's enough and so we did ask the slow burn so did that everybody combined their fish which i was totally was not my idea so i want to get all your aida listeners michael so maybe runs the share that proper ideally visit a couple times a year there actually there was no wedding you it's just katy and innocent during that year old how
so all the vizir fighting and my fish beat them ought like either there were fish that would avoid the fighting like they were trying to do so in a way tat person card then there are the fish that would fight and lose a guy was there too there are one died this is was fucked up taught in what will actually was the most boring letting us why we were all outside making bets on which vetoed meat which fish in death match i somewhat awful no you are and right but then anyway at the end of the wedding everyone they took all the fish and there are going to flush him and i asked for mine because he was a champion cause he bit one fishes fend off and so i thought it was a huge bad ass you don't just let a champion like now oh i brought him they gave me a little bag to take him home in and i had driven to this wedding and it was like new hampshire and so i wasn't gonna drive him back in a bag so i stopped at petko and got him like i am shocked that you were able to drive after a worrying word you thought that fish floating was
the earlier that seems to me like a blackout drunk when i hear it was the next hours you're gonna so how long did you have this fish so it's been at least it's like a year and a half hour hours yet not your wise the original last very long times unlike ok i'll just take care of him for a little bit and then i was going away on weekends for work stuff my scheduled early busying unlike this fish is gonna die because i like feed when i go away with leave like a layer of food on the top of the tank and billy eat it a little bit today however lead over tomorrow please don't die and every time i came home like he's gonna be dead and wasn't daddy was always alive until the other uses oh do know how it best were no i think that although it is taken do it no i didn't know he was set
i even bottom you're pregnant and do so in what way when he was like just floating upside down has known hook i'd wasn't internet bringing back in the dead but i was like oh he's not moving as much he was resting in as little fake plastic tree should govern radiant water yeah pulse so i did my takes us fancy is your tank attainable plastic now so if they brought the stuff on amazon that was like a blue you squeeze it in the water was to make the fish healthy again in it previously given recovery water and so we gave our like nanoparticles yes assuming that you have outlined to us although some yonder and water he's up at our gamble yes so here's a problem we offer is going to happen i know who he was
make the right picks and you always speaking too soon on there are like de la my fishermen unlike watch he's gonna go very far three rio on sunday offer we offer them to you on thursday that's fine we can't give your fish so you lord me here under false promoting church area whose it this is like to catch a predator disburden bring financial market put here's organ or do i give you the fish many sox are now yeah when it gets cold shriek any needs a good home where we all want the elite shiver wherever it is our west river near it sir henry hudson with roman the hudson or you can go find him that's why can't you know if you don't want to fish ways bad we're just gonna we're gonna flesh metal elam so that gonna be on your first of all you care to manage any of this charity terrorism on factors
you're so i'm in alarm what if i had come here with a tank and supplies are not currently had there not responsible they're gonna expect me to walk out with a fish in like a cup yes i always had wrought supplies so that i couldn't make sure your fish was while taking care of enron would now you're telling me that you're keeping the fashion because you guys is jump the gun and said sorry i'm looking at all of you you guys seti sucked and you're gonna kill him as i said the images so listen don't really know half setting much ass he led we're not gonna kill nobody nobody was like you were not we're not lead hank trotted right revisions history hank murdered the first fish in cold blood okay so the hague is not the sweet fish loving i'd advise pretending to be murdered the preamble ordered it absolutely love at the office the fishes alive we came back hank has been here all night vicious its body javert put the pumpkin
no did you ever see that episode a homicide were vincent's africa could see hog underneath the metro trend course that's what happened to our fish accepting the filter and i was happy that did it so dont full force innocent routine here the fact is what you're saying about like how good of carry gonna take about take with a fish that's making me just oh that's right decision to give you the fish when we don't want any more you don't want to lose you should have i won't let you guys didn't believe in a european value lead i was gonna take your now's gonna who said i wasn't gonna gamble with that's a great idea it again for the fish i was abiola using over gives you still bingo for me the other day yeah that's the most fun thing about your gear guys audience is anytime you guys do anything that remotely as like something we ve already done five times it's
interesting gaieties doing bingo so yeah i stole that from you and went back in time in my time machine and did it and weak one of them if you did still german government did idea that was blade were only where it is told dern revolt from you just like stole interacting with turnover those your thing no but i plead basle them yeah i've i've yes i didn't know disliking guarantor veil was i can amnesia and wipe out of her lover while just at prime market run wild and he likes the reversal that you don't lie flipped yeah do you like him now liking you're the only person working weeks turn around use follows about where my relations oh yeah i get in on the joker not restore your confusion for me because i can feel i was on views for a long time then i came through and i was like
and what disguises assyrian bring into the environment steel sweetest nerd i know what about nate low let's talk about aircraft because you got it you gotta background your last interaction with bar storm which is the website that hostess show channel two parts to interfere with another they don't know that thanks thanks for appealing against human rights on for promoting and let us rent this office space so hot stuff so alive we did the dog show you got bashed i thought was i thought you were set up to bail you also apologized and ate like a million times and people still were like two cooties worse gaieties were so i just want to say apologies from that for our part fair pout air cause that's happened yet as we're really nice and stood up for which i've read before like i did i want you guys like you rush right if need be
neither do i got out and people had the honour to many people forget it through a whole lot of the latter white hamburger you like fish fighting so short your right and as now a person who abuses animals i see the light with nay up when you buy said liking it wasn't that bad we all interacted with her in person and it was fine
on video that it looked really shitty and everyone's like now they're lying she was awful mad at you not being that it may now this is gonna get serious and i'm sorry to do this but do you actually this is this is kind of a gender think because i do think some solve it is like you know kitty no one gets a talk sports on tv and she's a woman like we would you think it wasn't i mean i didn't think that when it is happening here is a weird pressure that bar stuart like with stool ease its if the walk this fine line as if you are cool cod on quo unlike can hang quote unquote and then that people accused of trying to be the cool girl and then if you aren't that cool and you can't hang than you're like a better feminist so there's like this weird in between that in order to make them except you you have to kind of walk which i just got exhaustive trying to spear self i gave up on spirit
of thinks guy i haven t got so just yourself oh my gosh or do you think i put my period as a whole and be myself you put your pants slow but i broke my foot walkin witches yourself we are so it is your we are you from your panties slow but oh castle low but second time and what for us via whenever what what is your current interaction with clay travis i dont think we just done interact that much mr because your pc romani yeah what has brought money browser man what it is that as a groan pittsburgh sandwich is just when you murder people aren't you gonna sandwiches romania's romantic when you murder somebody would round me any free and these are not only bear any doubts i want someone to pc then you just tweet any treated them in their murdered ray it's like the causing it can do on twitter right andean twitter on the other are murdering more people pretend that twitters a giant fiscal and then to sort killing everyone
what about spirit of what about your other coloreds or so do you have any interaction with like the whole away now so no international skip known or ashworth collen now i never met get where you jealous that didn't consider you for undisputed no size called yes oh oh you're not many women are very good i wanna know because we fear that been trouble unheard of and we thought we were bad because we never mentioned birstall sportscenter personal sports what's that now undisputed cause there's so many puns of it that i always am afraid i'm gonna nod to the one that's not real gear in early april calling like us you used here all takes matter rare and am i which is the real name yeah guess you got it
media you're trying to catch us you don't hang we whitlock little know what is garbage charm in terms of work the preparation for a show always cure so much too lengthy right world you how much he'd be like are you are you kidding me august so even like being here today there like what's on a monday so monday tuesday wednesday our production days but sometimes with we book a guest though only be available on thursday friday so profound gas egmont on thursday and friday thursdays we do the park astronomic detector instrument like us is it more like this this good so monday tuesday we're like monday morning we have a meeting at eleven thirty noon at more now for me you gotta you abroad while we are in the office before you guys colored like i sometimes come in regular love forty five and launch a twelve hour com called the monday morning bow movement and other things ever been posted before three p m
yeah like i'm with you more and monday morning is a morning so you more money than objectives on a monday we gotta jean monet happy eyeing the stem cell mcgowan numbers you can then we have a meeting at noon we're all tat i like what happened that weaker what we're thinking and then we'll start to form ideas that meeting usually goes to like one thirty or to be now watch our enemy is or twitter feeds open for those who could forget what happened last week will have will have perhaps for the meeting guy got foreign concept it when you do work before you have to do our work so that your mom
prepared to do better what we get all the party my take transcription scenario we are like you may take do this we are they did bingo i've never heard of ngos somebody explain that to me we complements grandmother there like this is our work of your like ok cool got at john how can we take their take root and then in the meeting you go over how for out of your way you gonna go this would not quit it spreading gas usually we try to be too you know journalists get capital journalists they have two sources we try to go three steps removed from two from accrediting iverson vision it like you know when they do topical topical here for he does to paper up and they have like hilary has like a fake tromp like i just for you you have like a fake begun pfc there goes the meeting a major slick spit out everything was again pretty much just give like two girls concussions and asking questions about sport yeah forty separatism
what we do on industrial echo what you're out is take on this back to your preparation so dark for your crafting ashore monday tuesday yeah months on monday usually by the end of the day will have come up with like this is going in the aid lock this is going to be bought this is going to see block then most of tuesday for me is writing the aid block and filming anything that needs to be pre taped for anywhere else in the shower so for doing like you're gonna talk to this you know parity commercial will fund the commercial on tuesday wrote and then again to names guests on either of those days and so tuesdays emulate the office and on a scary amid office like a levin p m so thought a half day okra necessary with starts real late but it goes relate because i can't i'm underscores papa i'm not gonna not really don't have
he visa o reader we i know i noticed a bunch of the floor of our office is not wired for tv i dont know what that means that what we preach being told here to have all we don't know the embassy round your tv sets a production sea were for years there's no were not allowed to have tv so we all live up its immediate good here they can work we have to stay and a well known watched your votes from lord partial sport cannot ever having any women per brain that's all it's on a website as a good point people behind the sex all the time so that we do not yet know how we can definitely be going to happen if a woman or at least on this sex is laughing a little thing that would have been wednesdays
the land today normally i wake up and i m still writing the airlock because i'm a procrastinator and then its yeah pretty much like reviewing watching things that have been edited the last two days i guessed interviews and stuff and we film at like three or four ochre and then we once or gentlemen usually takes like forty minutes unless something goes wrong which is absolutely takes an hour because we don't have a studio would we have a closet we have less equipment than you his rooms are the most it's really like i can see the control room when i'm filming they're not in a different room there just sitting outside of my little corner are you a hostage it feel doesn't feel that way sometimes so then the chagos wednesday so half week then then but until there is a power cas oh ok and then friday usually i either have to go do something for united or nfl films presence or i yes sometimes i say fuck i wouldn't do that
intrusiveness one anna volvo's presents on efforts one so in a locker gig fell films presents ruin f ass one now unifil transfer just to be clear that national football is fully liable and you ve had some choice words for godot i have both about the patriots and also treatment of women you don't think the month where we are aware that pink stuff is enough itself close it is like so close to being enough it's like are we not aware we person i mean did you see does right where's pink gloves at such a good point its prostate cancer awareness month can we do like brown towels unlike brown glows for guys on the field is that the color of prostate cabot wise after wasn't where does one for all the people they dont have cancer
how does matter about us hashtag all non cancer having people matter yeah i'm saying it puts the largest but you never you never find yourself like thinking maybe i should say this about it up since you like physically such aspects now ass yet you now ok and you know when i could talk about fleet now please now please it's like i decided i too such as if we just bring it up and we say we're gonna go out in a visually talk about what would you have reviewing pigeon once sure come on don't i should say yes or no yes like you think i mean cow had they not ok ok one word scribe hogan em and dollar an element white guy you're gonna go something we're coded than polite and that our gratitude
would you say white correct you want you want i haven't short how policy wouldn't undersized scrappy scrappy scientific got that could live tv you d like to in the park ass you like what in two years what would you would you we don't i want to do live tv so much easier because you underlined here we are talking about the part of the process where after we finish them in a shall we say we then have to like wait around and fix everything will you have the time to fix it you fix it right here one of the wrong graphic come up you dont want have like a mistake air when you could cut it out so some held it so happens ursula all disaster as i have done we are urged under his father would be like if i can point to someone a room and b i just love it's like i can't even think of so if one point as we live tv so you want chasing lock cowardice job what you want jason went locking conquer workshop on our sea i would be deathly afraid to be on live tv because i say so many stupid things here we have
i have two things that i say would get me fired at a hundred euro indicted on lamborghini nobody watched it but how does while but live for an hour every day and it is easier cause you go to work has met with others then you re but you gotta work you do it and then you don't have time to think about it as you have to do it again the next day i was at the worst collection or the weirdest collection of talent that's ever been put to me probably who orders i don't like any other show at six people trevor price to time superbowl champion ogre jason gay right or for the wall street journal sport section to that were reduced behold them a host of anything and rejoice in the morning might be dead maybe i don't know i've always recipes joy my everyone wants money those emails not regis always joy is she catfish in america
like a weakened bernie hasn't been too like unloaded aim game recently no he probably have ok just haven't i took up my shit i recommend google aware like i dont want one because it makes me sad missus ray georgie thomson who is like wildly famous in poland and then came over his parameter movies are you michael cost those stanhope comedian and former tennis pro and then me little thing that's everyone all i care presidential murders rules bring me to negative people think it opens up we like the we just need if reads rosemary we seventy percent i think really we had a state on for another month oh my god i read on your wikipedia that's how we do our researcher you did research i appreciate that we didn't for girls i noticed
i don't know i don't know we did it we got is just really bad research tat used to be a bartender debt what's your favorite seven what liquor call forty five are you kick people out for into drunk a couple like i would shut them off i wasn't a servant parent kick a mountain hooker what's the worst air when bartered last request we ask everyone first one d washer apples apples at much but yeah i would if i had enough one why do i wash some yes because they spray stuff on them and so you gotta get that somewhere else i don't even come trail j someone like joe i don't believe in camp chairs so one i just buy organic apples now more expensive interest inhabit the time that you could save now washing
saddam is times money here you might even be able gonna twelve thirty on mundus water bill it's wednesdays enter know what's happening right now wants europe was not right that satellite attitude should move on your pathetic watch yourself or start start not washing your apples mostly is first of all i was thinking about this until i like it's probably corazza now you care congress we need someone i know i won't like a regressive eyes and gets oh it's almost ad i've one percent we do a review on crucial to redo interests haiti have of course my funds had i doubt was such a vow of such a savvy move by you let me run over the dead phobia come to organise our wounded i don't even like a maniac unaware
i was told by a scandal symbolism label amicable yeah cumbersome and lose weight you guys have a history with annoyed about really noticed any got him in trouble were really knows what i've tried to get him on the show of yo yo we reach a play we'd never like anyone over when it comes to this call i swear to god like i know that like we call it can it
i don't know why aren't we rely on crime are now we get mad i dont want to back him into a thing islam chekhov i've hank oates and still your phone number four together also still your dog so bill summons occur or rather to us we'd rather bill simmons but stand what are we what are we asking him to sit up capital for guys you will give us he's weird blossoms weird noah tries even get your better name so many members have said that we had a year ex boyfriend is just there's like fifteen man sprang about
i have six guys just let me now you shouldn't have too much sex unattractive togae sash semi unless i'm jason gay from on finally know also that work is not ready gonna live and i have read the people have this pipe gas jake owner drivers those conquerors and she loved him her she's gonna go what bets at ashcombe answer yes or she changed her number reality even again oh shit she might have taken over could she was gone like sex meant for a husband her excellent oh yeah what do i gladly accounts for sector in time is at an early rep forum shone ass was probably in honor third showery shows our luck i'm opposite of that here we could talk and except when it comes to oppose
you don't say than ever does it now we got that i am not animals well were borderline animals i wherein the next time you come on you're gonna have to call bosoms ok night nay stricken airports and next time yet like those a double check you has already tradesmen being here the first get it we got another fisher tricks gonna work that all these fish were grown ought to do all these fish i last question workin ass yours answer borg and ask anyway so so so
so so so decided on the sub letting you know so i katy known thank you so much for coming on we'd love to come on your part care about you having invited us warm and we're not gonna go the exit view ever watch garbage i'm alive and third eleven thirty these turned you look at me like you i know i thought you were going to say midnight it used to changes in changes every week oak i am not at all times are central times which is why i screwed up at the beginning it wasn't gazeta noise just watch it earlier there are things you can keep yourself that's one of them interesting i thank you so much we appreciate commoner am i want to say i appreciate you guys but i can
you really tommy has gained a fish and i'm not gonna fish we examined is that all you are not only not getting out of it but i'm gonna get like harassed on twitter by stories mrs like the day no harm i take listeners are the ward winning listeners for anyone to send katy of fish you since its embassy row right hoboken leaves your mobile sure house no i was most machine just be nice to me so many hours but bore ages hired a guy who is to be in military so we support the troops or when i know panty you guys are big on two reports on the truth so where big un troops the troops a garbage i'm loves attach high garbage and supports the true just stop soon over this it is on you you got it about it of you was brought to you by my bookie guys i use my bookie and that's how i win big every single
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they take pity you wanna be a pity zone right if it's an old injury like a scar than its i guess you're in ok but so gan hanks young balcony knows that a walk in all that's often use the bathroom on his own he was walking all around her you're gonna financing show utter and also make sure you check out our exit interview with katy on parcels com we're gonna posted around three o clock it went well also make sure you follow me on twitter at pardon my take that all alert you to whenever new stuff is coming out our instagram is also at pard might take and a quick shout out to our friend truly be for helping us with the crisp permanent intro on mondays actual balance you gonna fall him too he's one of the best falls on the internet what are any other channel to get to oh yeah subscribe and leave review any more reviews reviews are great we love you guys please love us back not to be needy or anything okay just like you never call maybe we should start nagging or listed little bit more pulling the hair
yeah exactly like teaism little beer you get hurt listener sat allister's that's a cool shirt that you weren't does come your size hey hey listeners i iced i used to have a hotline that then my dad got a job i think we're gonna get lottery ok i nice nice nice must do some do some segments first up i oh you think ok less miles was fired as we all know and then rick new heisel went around and talked about who could possibly fill in for less miles next year guess cocoa already has not got the job one name that's floating around that alice you is allegedly gonna go after next save it l she wants an excitement culture for party ok you think good luck that yeah was that a single that we had yeah good luck with your good luck with it i think the bare sugar after bilbil check while we're open its great yeah why not i think maybe the united states should
reelect bill clinton pull out no joy tat was all i mean that the names of ring thrown around were great it was next saving urban mire bob stoops zimbabwe for which actually might happen and tom herman which actually also might happen hay was the u s tracked him just get you saint bought two defect o thou be good here we should live we thought of that oh yeah why dont to bear just get judge it oh yes her and offer the year on him what while we have spins own for gregg hearty who got arrested with cocaine in his wallet that's a shocker that's another oh you think you're inherited got arrested he never struck me as a coke got to be really rock me as a math gaia heavy maybe maybe angel dust yeah pc pe in math okay so here was greg's spends or moral spends on form but this was his own spend the officer asked hearty about the substance in the purple baggy but hardly said he did not know what it was he said the bag he must have been put in his wallet at a party the previous night
when he passed the wall around because he was paying for everyone the affidavit says what do you know he's just trying to do in that happened he ate it when you pay for fur for everyone's meal but you do it by passing your wallet around to everyone you know it that's what he gets for being such a nice guy man ever got out for gregg hardy man that's it that you hate to see stuff like that happy like you know oj simpson have all his friends crash at his house all the time and the three parties over too big and he had people that almost took his side too much in certain disputes that he audience other people and then eventually one of them when i did some they should have done same thing happened with gregg any hate to see it happen to these guys i guess spends on form ok they said they found a top golf cart
also as well as through that after so sane woke is this need is top golf sponsoring gregg hardy to get arrested just making it a name i had little brand we should get our boy de raphael on here yeah so just what is that add costs page do that because if you're gonna pick one athlete that you can see they only the scale go to jail as an ad gray card is probably number one or two unless i got no spends own now the jerry jones knows gregg hardy likes do cocoa probably will sign him again i think if your dallas cowboys you should be allowed to do cocaine i think that's one of the rules the inner fellows a better place when the dallas cowboys using cooking i could just see jones being blocked oh shit gregg you party and i'll come on you come back he's a heel i to catch your ass a was it get your ass back and hears a who's the supply i got one more thing ok not has been so he can use the president does so elvis
don't be prohibited donald trump yeah also great up down trumped saying i wasn't sniffing that is why my living in all our face and lie the minutes i loved till the big lie so those ever gone wrong saying that rest so everyone says that he might have a co problem what if he's just really really sick feeling of budget jerks wolves yellow sniffles law cold so watching watching trump speaking of trump just onus out her interim president ed org iran whose com coach uncle john could save less room president could you bet you bet whip this country back country back into europe would he cocoa would get this country going at least foreign one we have entered a wee wee wee wee we'd bury the declaration of independence underneath the capital usa ok that's an pass you gonna write a new one in blood i i have to cocoa things one is here
please tell us the story that he got ready but he saw cocoa would have the entire state a minnesota shortlist ready to invade ontario lined up at the border are the stories from my coach oh when he took over all miss after coming from all usc first he meeting he set the tone told us teen they're gonna play defence and hit hard goddammit his team the gonna play with fuckin passion there and whipped him ass he then pass or on a box or on the room and said he wore in every earring in the room in the box hissing and have any fuckin wimpy girls this team that one every piece of bullshit airing in that box right now then cocoa soda walk toward the door he looked back the team as they passed round the box and said i am the walk out here right now that i'm a comeback in here am i shared off and i want every one of you motherfuckers add your shirt off too he walked out and everyone confused are taken a shirt off sure enough cocoa walk back in bigger than a lot of the gas and team without assured on saudi ellen in telling the team that they need to get loud he said when i pointed this out of the room i want your say oh miss when i pointed this out i want you say wild boys standing there with no shirt on in every guy in the room shoreless sword pointed each side of the room hath a team in yellow miss while the other would yell wild boys fairly got pretty crazy in the guy start flipping yelling chairs in throwing coors across room watching
oh miss while boys all miss while boys what year is us i don't over south dakota would be an awesome caught leader what or ears as hank whose first year enormous thing so yea when he went through nine over our own eight against the ssc while boys for their while they were while you wanna play is now the second thing i want to say about cocoa icon screwed up i lead so poor listeners astray i've been talking up cocoa alot betting on cocoa on saturday night saying every time he's an interim redcoats a team responds and turns out is only an interim redcoat once was the inner a mountain at usc yet its own time then that's
the second time now but did not now huge sample size i think i saw enough from one year ago i see all my pay guys my bad i thought it had been interim had coach like seventeen times so my battle not one stillwell issue minus thirteen on sovereign arrogance missouri absolutely love it and i love that he's add ellis you because he's gonna do something like the tiger eventual yeah he's gonna get us alone he's getting the tiger cage wildlife worldwide boys i we have a year we do ok i'm so tuna
those players were held out of the starting line up bryce harbour with some injury and daniel murphy with buttocks injury correct those not i'm not a conspiracy guy but goes on the thumb their lot at the ends up there seemed like it's nice fit all too tightly dusty makers in old school guy he does nos twenty sixteen table dusty baker named translates to healthcare violation slink think about dammit after the fact that we have a rare it it has been a long long time but we're gonna bring back michael wellbeing
a drop of the weak percent by michael whereupon he once golf with obama not to brag here we go we actually have big news from part my take huge we have gotten greenland to produce right and produce and maybe act i don't think there's only one actor ok right and produce a hollywood movie threat so
we were just hob were robin elbows with the big bosses bosses boss is names peter turns me actually had lunch with obama to that's it i actually it was kind of funny his big cat tried to big time any use using acute ay with us because most famous person or cell phone and he goes out even better i just gotten eating lunch with brok obama literally coming back from washing d say yes or no egg on begets face not a great way to start today also k but i e the bosses like when you get bored in front of it ended well because we're rubbing elbows with him down the bar couple guys thrown back some cold wants to stop him at the busy laughin as chuck ended up and not yet we can as we do is start talking about you maybe we could do more things and make more money and get more money from him in our pockets yeah we can spend and we said hey you ever think about maybe letters
the movie for you cuz he's made some yeah and he he said no but then i said what if we tried to write the worst movie of all time ayuda a little selling i'm going to pass off to you my friend it'll selling and he said okay so blank check green light here is our movie tear red is gonna play every part were shooting for a zero point one on brought tomatoes like anymore and i am now you professor yes cabbages alter red yo her range as an actress in none of the actor shall prevail planet arose that she's gonna play is like a middle aged woman area so it's like tarried as a baby tarried as a grandfather cherry maybe as john wanes dead body tarried as a dog oh yeah tarried is another dog either my brain stem their love his writing processes hard man i'll tell ya
running a movie is really are at the bottom line is the movies been green lead and ill look for an theatre soon yet next eighteen to twenty four years instead of this the press release we also have a new segment to end the show this is gonna be going actually honour twitter so do fall part my take we're gonna help out archie three yeah griffins been going to some really rough time really love that floor he's a homemaker know is that how you not oversight not a homemaker dispelled that rumour he's injured he placed for the browns he lives in cleveland those things happen at the same time growers are tweeting at his kid yeah discuss things your girlfriend so here's what we did we just purchased four hundred fortune cookies on amazon on amazon transatlantic thirty bucks and we are going to open to fortune cookies every single day and treat them energy three to cheer him up
we don't know what it's gotta be called we ve got every time i try to watch and chinese we're workshop in some ideas chinese i came in he hasn t can't walk can't walk to be ok yeah another when i had was candy knees ah pro football archie treats yeah that's bad one i'd want include about any other ones like better yet for g3 chin cookies while hank that was just come up ok lots of the head right ok i my personal favorite was makes no sense but tuesdays with robbie and then in parentheses put its every day and were just treating him portugal this outfit voluntary i got one car was out of town but we're gonna leave not everyone else i feel like we're missing an obvious one so it's pretty simple between him to fortune cookies
oh operators when here's the thing i just say rockwork you i'm gonna take it you're here for breaking your foot alma hero because i'm an important both fortune cookies everyday thank you for having taken it on myself i'm gonna do it someone needs eat those fortune cookies out soon we may appreciate that one more idea just as its oh you like yeah ok so we ve got fortune cookies right here yes let's open the first one you gave me the broken when the really broken just desserts g3 even better you guys guys guys you segment i stole cycle last week's allow me a fortune cookies right robert if you're after he robert hey hey robbie our dear aubert dear robert it's better to be approximately right than precisely wrong
besides i don't know what that's like great is the good is the enemy of great is out that is i don't get you none of those applied robert but large numbers twenty nine five thirty thirty one thirteen six if anyone is looking to play the lottery and queen cor each one is is fall in chinese networks so happy happy quinton everyone dear albert love in its essence is spiritual fire oh maybe see that one for greta maybe slipped asunder pillar a lucky numbers eighteen fifty seventeen ten your former number twenty seven six what i mean lovers fires bad let us fight jimmy's it means love socks five means firebrands you but love if you if you date a check
that's not your wife you'll get burned in hell and probably rests on twitter do robert love in its essence spiritual fire i and that was dear auburn make sure when i can do it on on the pike ask me onto our summation fall part my take to see did you do so like a last week on lesser yet broken for over a month you just back up off the mike when you that ship we will see everyone on friday we have a big friday planet they would have some vikings on stingray and maybe too many it's gonna be a wild he's gonna be a wild ones so make sure you check it out and also check out at exeter view that were pushed around three o clock thank you and good night lovey guess poor good morning
its part martinique presented by their stool
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