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It's finally Tax Day but we all filed for extensions so we're gucci . The Caps stink again but what else is new (2:20 -5:16). We do our knee jerk reactions to Game 1 in the NBA Playoffs (5:16 - 14:42). Who's Back of the Week including a call to Marlins Man who has some breaking news on Derek Jeter's fraudulent filings and Coachella has us triggered again (14:42 - 38:47). NL MVP and Cubs 3B Kris Bryant joins us to talk about playing in Chicago, how much he wants Bryce Harper on the Cubs, being perfect at life, and how much he wants Bryce Harper on the Cubs (38:47 - 57:52). Segments include Way to stay relevant Baseball GIFS, Put one in her earhole for the little league coach that tried to bean an 11 year old girl, Our Bad we broke up John Cena's marriage, Embrace Debate is Gregg Popovich a dickhead, and "Whoa".

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on today's party might take we have an l m v p n world series champion chris bryant we talked to him about everything about major league baseball and also may he be plan with bryce harper next year at wrigley we also have who's back a little recap of all the playoff action from the weekend and our newest segment that is been off and running what before we get all that though award winning listener you know we are switching to the cash app the cash app is the simplest way to pay people back friends families co workers anyone sending or receiving money is totally free and fast and most payments can be deposited directly to your bank account in just a few seconds the cash app let you do way more than that now you can even buy and sell bitcoin instantly get your paycheck deposited right to the app pull money out of the atm with their free custom cash card or you
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powersaves simanimals and if you tweet us at pardon my take with your cashtag you might get some more money all right let's go take presented by seatgeek today is monday april 16th actually
it is yeah that taxes are due tomorrow though on tuesday for some weird reason the only or not so you should probably you should think about doing your taxes today but they're actually do tomorrow we've been we've been saying is tax day for like three months and now it finally happened i didn't expect him i wish tax day was on leap day that be awesome so you only have to do what's right for years you don't have to do it yeah that would be great thanks for your taxes filed next tension ok i didn't say we're extension point here we have to like october october fifteen yeah exactly that's fucking golden we're just going to future us will get our taxes done sometime in the fall alright the
nba playoffs nhl playoffs are in full swing do you guys want i i'm not going to we're not gonna talk about we want some of the caps there's talk give los team i just got to see our drywall there the entire show by saying i'm dealing with some key issues well it was it was bad it was another overtime loss and it sucks and it's the only team that i care about and they just keep ripping you know what i wish what i wish that i was in there would actually win games that would be that would be option number one okay since that's not gonna have never to is i i wish i was into like bdsm like sadomasochism in because the capstan i'd be like staying just coming yeah usually not that i'm here for the last twenty years but i told you there for four foot prints in the
stand and then when there's two it's me caring you because the caps suck again in the playoffs yes that's true yeah that's true i just like to say pft that i'm sorry that the caps are so bad thanks please your heart that means zone can't lose the penguins when you lose the blue jackets in the first round that's right also twenty is the most dangerous leading hockey in the blue jackets have a twenty lead damn ok with that this is this started group they don't say groover hanks boy groover we've been hoping big cabin hopefully guys this whole time die hard hoping at your boy has the weakest glove the psalmist love i call him oj is trash on the glove side terribly well don't patronize no i'm not s patron i'd just like i was thinking about it should have
hope you over gruber but through our really notes gerber if you know if you if you're a cavs fan like myself it's groups actually he's canadian roads uses grupo yeah and then if he's from like sweet and it's groovy at least look ahead to the next round and try kerr saw the penguins yeah yeah that's true whatever whatever move trots made would have sucked that's really kind of ever starts it's it's not gonna work right no goalie what do you your big on the no catcher yeah maybe if the cap just pull the goalie to start the game play six men that's all i'm i'm in favor of trying anything at this point they need to ship paul paul p with a ton adder all the worse his eyes back to do the thing where they would just like to which now allows eyes things yeah the worst part is toward toward toward a rally tortellini is the worst guy to lose not house pet say it's a great blues into an excellent all around human being when you see his face and he's happy it's like it's like
do the reverse of like you know angel gets its wings the devil gets its horns when tort when torts smiles yeah angel get sodomized every time toward a roast me cracks to the to the ground all right so do you guys want to do a fun game called let's over react to one game of the nba playoffs the cavaliers are done done they look like today leon james i think he's over the hill yep the the all those extra playoff series at his plate and wears only a plaque for five games over the years it's finally start to catch up to his legs well he he's not explosives and i saw a quick take after the cavs lost in i think let's take way too quick i actually i the cats going to win the series the only thing i learned today was that the cavs might not win the east that because so to put a stinker and lose by eighteen at home in game one i
immediately had just flashbacks of all the times the bulls have had lebron one no and it's been three times and i know from history if your pacers fan enjoy it but don't get ahead of yourself because lebron will probably win this series most likely i'd say it's like the chance of pacers when the series after game one went from like zero percent to now they have like a three percent chance i don't know though that the cavs to get curb stomp they just didn't lose rajasthan where i ever halflings her they were never close even when they got within ten points once or twice the other piece just put away all the depot looks amazing and stephenson i love his whole troll game yes he is he is the perfect lebron troll is run stopper the brown had bad body language all afternoon link just soaking doing the thing where he doesn't run back on defense and just talks the rest is that it was body profanity last bad language but i still
the bronze gonna win this series but the the i take quick that i saw was from patrick nardo he said lebron actually losses game on pursed purpose so he can pad his all time playoff stats okay yeah i like that i see that i absolutely see that it was yeah he he he just like he didn't he he didn't put forth any effort tonight i looked like there were there was like a two minute stretch we had a couple nice spin movers bowling people around and the los intereses like i guess i got other places the other the other night nicole brown need social media yeah i think zero dark thirty zero talk twenty three zero dark thirty twenty three twenty three is actually bad for lebron because he's such a millennial yeah he needs to be hooked up to his endorphin stream that comes from his instagram account he has suites yeah he needs to get back on social media well he probably has some kendrick lamar song that no one's heard except for lebron that he wants to tell us about and killing them right now to not to not sit in the back of his truck and rap to it while we all say what the hell's the wrappings we've not heard this song maybe he was drunk today are hung over could could be
could be a possibility so the other knee jerk reaction we had was depot went off he had thirty two points was the best player on the court everyone then said the pacers won the old depot paul george trade and then playoff p showed up and he scored thirty six points an was unbelievable for the thunder playoff peas is noon it yeah i think it's time to ask is playoff p the greatest sports name of all time food i think it's really good playoff p is even russ even russ and melo after the game someone from the media said were you surprised to see how good playoff p was and they both who the hell is playoff p we talk about paul george who has ever called him playoff p is that we call playoff p for the you know the time he got swept by the cabs or that other time we got swept by the calves listen i'm totally on board i think it's a badass nickname ok it's the most bitching thing out there like name a better nickname for
if your name is soul ag thirteen if your name is paul george you need to have a fire nickname and playoff peoples asses i like pg13 because then when he gets hot he everyone was saying making the joke he's now nc seventeen can't watch it now that's good yeah it's pretty good so the other between r and nc seventeen nc seventeen was hardcore tracy insert key in the pm yep in the playoff p in the v yeah how about that that's how 'bout playoff p in the v with little boy a who is in a plastics in the a two yeah that actually rolls off the tongue off pete some apps in the a f p in the v in the day yeah yeah i like that that's really wouldn't he
da playoff pvs and the the other series we had i can't believe that we have a warrior spurs series that no one gives a fuck about because that's really what it comes down to it and we're going to embrace debate later in segments on pop whether he's a dick head or not the celtics now hank i have a question for you they did not shit pump they went to overtime do you want the celtics so i mean you want to sell it to win this series but it also has to hurt a little knowing that what could have been if you had kairi in gordon hayward yeah but that's going to happen next ok all good experience if brad can
when i know your you're going for first name okay first name not mister stevens class are about in the players but breath yeah he shows up playoff he went to sears it's good if playoff be can win the next series he's only here to take i think that the celtics are the most likable team in the nba playoffs right now mmhm the pacers are up there they are and i liked the blazers too evenson isn't i wouldn't say he's likable he's like he's like a bull in a way that you love to hate to love him yeah the blazers loss to get blazers were for besides the cavs only team to lose our game one at home and they ran maybe like they ran out of play at the i don't know because watching the game where's like their fourth option getting a lap and got rocked by a block and i don't know
what is the coaching in the playoffs always just balance i'm disappointed in my utah jazz from a basketball i close by were ready for playoff being acted the expected more out of when snyder though quizstar is a handsome guy always an all time villain quin snyder yeah you're right he looks he looks like if if johnny knoxville got a role as like a bad guy extra a madman yet no he is he's like the high school bully grows up he he's the guy who shows up to the twenty five year class reunion and still give swirly stole the nerds that's his look always he got that resting belief actually take him living in utah is the perfect combination because yeah you know quinn likes to dip into a few things every now and again yeah he does a little dipping down to nothing don this is gonna change number two next year yeah you can have your stud be number forty five agreed to slide into the although i'm sure he did it for a minute but but that was yeah those front out in assessing arm we he let me see i'm trying to think of the other games we had oh the timberwolves that's it those offense
i don't understand i love the timber calls because they have all like it's just a flash back to when the bulls lost the playoffs all time so you to rewatch you know all those years and put their offense i'm pretty sure i think derrick rose and andrew wiggins had like almost two to one field goal attempts in cat s plan so that's good add to my favorites a merged to who's back in the week is definitely derrick rose because chris webber said he's probably one of the top four hundred basketball players on the planet right now yes end did you hear what they were doing at the rockets game there chan and the people are not really yeah as soon as for him because he's the only one who's won an mvp on that court but i might but for james harden score like forty eight points or whatever the hell cat skin he's he's a problem james harden how do you speak you can't i kind
keep watching james harden because he just holds the ball and and does a billion crossovers and sucks all the time out but then he hits a ball fade away three like all that was a good possession yeah i said that while he was doing that today like i hate watching this type of basketball they dreamed of trees like good possession he looked pissed off that derrick rose was guarding him he looked like he was insulted by the very fact that he was in the same league as director era that's fair what else do we have any other any other all the rafters i count i forget the raptors won a game seven so i so if you notice but after the game one of the raptors they they were over nine in their game once that this core so they ask
it was i think it was kawhi they asked him after the game how they won game one he said they treat it like gamestop that's their games that's they're actually raptors are the raptors are so inside their own head that they start the playoffs with the game seven they just trying to win a fucking home game game but it's a good mentality to have yeah i guess but you're kind of blowing your load when it's game one you're the one seed and you're treating me gamestop shop every game seven treat every game why don't they just build the whole plan on the black box in every game to game so although if it's game one and if it's at home they definitely didn't bring a second suit to travel to the next game yes so yeah that is a game seven we also have another problem so james harden's a problem cocky philly fans are a problem now i love watching the sixers i i've been a fan of the process the whole way i wish the bulls do a process like they're at their core so much fun put sixers for ends after the eagles victory villanova off somewhere villanova fans they're getting a little cock
p and it's it's getting a little ugly on the on the internet streets i said that the only two teams i could see when and where the rockets in the warriors and i had a lot of sixers fans say well did you see what we did to sheet in game one the sixers don't want to win this year because if the sixers if they do they want to drive if they win the title yeah traffic and also they want lebron yeah and if you think that lebron james as well lebron james is many things now but he's not a ring chaser so it if the sixers win this year then there's no chance lebron goes to fill hold on though if the sixers win this year do you know who who's opting out at the end of the year kevin durant oh i mean that would be perfect kevin durant just made it his brand of the sixers one and then he went to the holy would be incredible that would be amazing i mean i'm rooting for that now that's exactly what i take back all my khaki philly things i'm rooting for the sixers to winchester let's fast forward to twenty nineteen the sixers with kevin durant and the warriors
with lebron james who wins fuck i need it so bad i think the sixers win that yeah and then paul george accidentally gets traded to the calves and he's like where is everywhere just capitals up late it's sad kevin love in a turtleneck just sitting there be like i don't know where everyone hall short shows up with a case of wine and there's nobody to drink it with it alright let's get to our who's back hey why'd you start back the week i got a couple first one is marlins man oh he's back from the virgin islands i'm sure that everyone was waiting for turgeon islands after he gets done with him i got a text on saturday night that said just back in the usa after spending most of the afternoon in nightmare god for three thousand five hundred text while traveling data plan like unlimited we have to call let's call
you do it we got it we gotta quickly get the details on your covert operation to the british virgin islands to expose the fraud that is derek getr alright so basically do what happen is cheater bought them are as an investor and after he bought the team some he created another corporation called team co and then team code look for investors one of the inv after supposedly has a business in the bridge virgin islands and the marlins using that as a reason so trying it the lawsuit against them jeter and the new owners to pay the profits to the city of miami they're trying to get out of the lawsuit and the judge has been rolling things against them so jeeters virgin island marlon art
trying to argue that the united states judges have no control over them 'cause they're now a british were the virgin islands corporation doing bitch does and registered in the british virgin islands so what i did i went down there to try and convince all the employees to wear orange marla jerseys advisors and andy slater talk show host got the address when we got there it was a post office bob and nobody ever heard of them she's not employees nobody has for cedar heard of anybody barlas when i started hanging out divisors angola this should the miami dolphins oh no it's from the marlatt heard of you yes a lot of people hurting me when i was restaurants but they knew
they heard me an i gave people signed visors in the airport and in the restaurants hell yeah were you educating them about about how to support the troops teachers first responders um no they're not very literate people they are shocked 'cause of the hurricane damage and not the whole aisle has power and probably three slash four of houses that i saw had no ruse windows and reported up i think they are only now starting to come out of it and it just blows my mind that the marlins can make people believe that they've been running a corporation there since july of twenty seventeen as the marlins home office when it's literally a post office box in the middle of the ghetto sounds like got a dirty money yeah makes me sick or what's where do we go from here how can we sue what do we do well well
i work tomorrow and you're you're the first bidder you know nobody delivery try to interview me i'm sorry your every interview thank you and i'm talking to you guys you guys always speak the truth yes yes tomorrow in our i tried shut down the media tomorrow so threatening the media people in town of if you report this story you can't come in for stadium anymore we're going to revoke your credentials and we're not going to use your companies for advertising anymore so they essentially tried to shut down and kill the story and they denied it they denied it saying we have an office there ok we have an office there and if i went to the wrong place i went to the app chris i recognize your corporate doing business if your secretary has the government told the wrong address no problem give me here we go give it real address give us the numbers here's here's a good nude pictures put up pictures showing your office your name on the door your phone number show
your copy of the lease and show me the employees working with your shirts on and your letter head stationary i'd like a certificate out there no problem and guess what guys i'll go back i'd like certificate of our growth as well yes why don't we just start over with that universal i'm ready to go back and take pictures of their office so well you know if this was you guys all bar still doesn't really exist all you guys how do you shut up to our office unannounced door and put up pictures your office right if you really exist prove it and make lawrence levy marzban look like a jerk yeah but here's a good news so you came to us and we appreciate it we always appreciate you giving us call
they're trying to silence the media will well here's the good news here we have already they can't kick us out of marlon stadium because we are to kick them out of us going to marlins stadium when you made your band and we never get credentials anyway because we know in texas or sad voice yes so you can't give us something we never had to be who you are you guys are great yeah i have another issue for you yeah that's going to put pressure on them you're just not the fund in their averaging only a couple of one thousand a game in the perspectives that they've gave everybody is an investor they predicted in average attendance at twenty four thousand ingame fraud ok which is was wait and there only averaging about six hundred or seven thousand again and he take out the opening day so if you're and invest then you put millions of dollars in you're losing money you're not having fun if you're embarrassed what do you do either put more money in a bite the bullet or you say to them you know what the captain of this ship is telling us like the titanic
do an iceberg we need to get rid of the captain muni muni against derek cheater in in yahoo and i'm being told by some other people i know in baseball like don't attack baseball we know what's going on we don't think peter last the five years now we think that the owners and investors of a pressure on certain retired cellophane player yes now we have an existing business relationship at least big cat ties with a rod yeah that's not that's fine what if we got a rod kind of hostile takeover and push cheater out let me have cheater change positions again yeah i know a rod he's a great guy he gives money university miami i met him three times stanton introduced me to a rod do you ever think two years ago two years ago big derek cheater when he was having his retirement so many of his number and everything did you ever think that
derek jeter would be less popular alex rodriguez two years ago alex rodriguez everybody hated him and junior was the golden boy he was like unbelievable two years later this exactly op love now from a legal standpoint is what they're doing is that an actual thing that you can do to avoid being sued and being ruled against an american court just say that you live in different country item positive and i don't want it like tomatoes i haven't seen everything to have i have never seen the marlins document so until i see what the model is doing you can't explain that however you are allowed to run a company from another country but you're still subject to a where laws laws if you entered the contract at the time my understanding is that the time ended the contract this is why i'm so upset about this this is not a private deal this is the city of miami giving
couple hundred million dollars to build the stadium and an owner who paid one hundred and fifty six million dollars for the team selling it for one point two billion saying he made no profit and i don't want to give the city of miami the part of the profits that are agreed good writing 'cause i lost money he's claiming he lost one hundred million dollars when he sold something for one point two billion he played one hundred and fifty six million four to suit jury sued the city of miami is suing gloria and then marlins and that's with gina is trying to get out of this is why billionaires should pay for their own fucking state yeah absolutely great point pft just came up with that yeah bleep that out there i believe that hey models been last question because we're on this case now we're fighting with you we will fight with you however you want to spread the message i just have one last question you landed and you had three thousand five hundred text messages did you get back to all those people no it was insane yeah i was in the air in the
they're coming from this virgin islands to puerto rico and then to miami and my phone buff i have no reception when you fly over oceans you don't get text messages when i landed i turn on my phone i got like three thousand six hundred times when i go what the hell's going on here this never happened before and i was be cause some of the media had and some of the nationwide media i picked up the story you know people like yahoo now yahoo sports yahoo in sports illustrated put it out and everybody was but opinion and i'm like oh my god not answer your question i've got through maybe two hundred of am i'm here at the astros game and i'll have to go to them over the two days i will be in new york monday at tuesday another scoop for you i'm going to the mall since at the yankees game you derek cheater isn't going only be wearing a derek jeter jersey and two but i may
myself that i want to be sitting in the first row wearing my orange cheater jersey when the marlins play in new york which only can happen every three years of judah doesn't go now the model it won't be in new york by the way baseball works for another two years world series yeah so alright well i have the i have the balls to go there that he doesn't have it do you think that your alpha ingham do you think that he heard he got win the marlins man was going to show up and he's deciding not to show real quick real quick ready temperature focus radio marlins man sing a song yeah big deal and he's going to get the people they gotta get what they just made a couple yeah workout yeah so anyhow believe me i never wanted to happen if you just take your my check for two
one hundred thousand would have shot a big shot the stadium is empty and quite honestly everybody percent to the go she ate with maine he fired a malted after the season started nobody even those that even the drummer from from bottles of silence app yeah alright mount marlins man we're going to spread the message thank you for taking our call and let us know whatever we can do to help talk to you guys you do what you're doing you become the voice of the people every trying to suppress and you get the truth i love you guys is media doesn't want you to hear what we're safe i love you we love you all right on here which you have to say yeah i love you we love you all right bye guys i love you see it love you bye bye
i thought he we all we all got very very close he said i love you guys talking about parcel in general but those earlier in the car yeah i was a different he loves he loves their journal is he our journalistic integrity non us personally right so that was wild though and i might stop saying i love you marlins fan now it's been it's affecting me right now i think this is this is our last hill to climb to her white well yeah yeah i t i would watch it maybe put it on i call spike tv spike tv's looking for show marlins man just traveling around and uncovering fraud businesses while he also takes pictures with people in mid show yes marlins man as an investigative team of one is absolutely show i would sign up for i said on twitter but i firmly believe this he is like the liam neeson he's got a particular set of skills and that's to educate people about supporting the troops teachers inverted spotters
yes you gotta hang my other who's back was out too ok kanye west tweeting yeah so koncept people know this will go on twitter tweet a bunch and then he deleted the tweets after like twenty minutes a smart move delete all of his old tweet he invented cyber dust for himself so he was tweeting he was getting super woke he said some people have to work within the existing consciousness while some people can shift the consciousness i like that delete the tweet move 'cause i've i've now oh i think two months now now been triggered on twitter and i've been making it a very big point of mind to not get triggered on twitter but every now and then i get really close tweet someone something oddly like ten seconds later dinner like pocket yeah i think no it was it was a worthy ambition didn't feel good i like what he's doing though he's making it his tweets like almost more valuable because you know they're only there for a limited time so it's like enjoy the time line while you still can yeah often people working with the existing consciousness are jealous of those who are much more in touch and they become hard core capitalists
in hopes of creating the illusion that the value of money is worth more than the value of time is connie w now a communist is he have a rose in his twitter handle his democratic socialist connie wow he's run connie go on chapo connie for for president two thousand and twenty kanye west welcome to the resistance man alright what else you got that's it nice to pfc you go
all right out my whom cpac of the week is is actually a favorite of mine i think i said this last year but it's just so good i have to say it again the only okay riley the montage is of nba arenas getting change into hockey hockey reality changes in like the time lapse love it sell as you see that you see that i scanned cover up with that hard would do and then then that back and then back to back so yeah yeah so slippery it's crazy it's i'll i'll always watch those videos when they come out i can't i can't understand how they do it i have no idea like but there's ice under the quarters you people ever think about that like to the would get rotted are cold yeah i was gonna get cold right i don't know whoa well that's a big my other who's back we skip bayless so time lebron james fox up at something this is skip bayless season and this was a great great take by skip he said
funny how lebron has very few triple doubles in his first thirteen years until he saw what a big deal the media was making out of westbrooks westbrook strip those are using ours are durable that again yeah west book westport was making fun of what so you're like you're like a little thunder fan that that the his parent meeting burn a directory in jersey as we say so got westport russell westbrook is my favorite player west point is so he's my favorite point because he's so good at playing basketball all right so what happened show us your bill is is basically saying that lebron james just started to get triple doubles because he saw all the attention that the media is paying to west brown and not because he's like really good basketball or yeah do you have a do you have the because he he he also found an old tweet in i'm thirty
he said i'm going to give lebron ab minus for last night the triple double is the most overrated stat in basketball is actually yeah that's where the minus comes from yeah and then he said congratulations to russ westbrook first ever to average triple double for a second season nobody's ever played harder fought harder sacrificed some of the numbers for peach for play p and mellow still average did you watch the like how he is he's like fully it
to the playoffs yeah did you russell was forgetting his triple double was hilarious we need sixteen rebounds i think in the last night i think you know how many rebels it is it is what it in the same attack he was boxing is old us is pushing his own players of the pain god damn it no one loves their stats more than russ west book what's so west book what else you got that'll be it for me because i already had derrick rose yes it will top four hundred plus six back wow so the the t wolves have a top five player a top ten player in top four hundred yeah probably maybe a top four hundred yes all right my who's back the first is i have a playoff slogans stupid playoff slogans on t shirts so i love when fans all have to wear the same teacher we haven't got a mall yep because not even a as at a home game but we have the wolves have all eyes n the wrapped have n over everything so they got a little who's i think i think it's just so is actually farther n in toron toe it's a n off yet so n off the winnipeg
jets have an awesome one death from above that's pretty sweet that's it that sounds like it like a metal band album enable him so though the jackets are setting up the timberwolves fans all eyes north and then you get killed from above yes the jets yes yeah the jets are so yeah you're looking up and they're like well what's different sports which ones all as north is that the winner that's always north of the walls the wolves are yeah and then in the most lebron move ever he sees patrick greed when the masters on the heel on the backs of magic dragon and now the cavs are whatever it takes okay yeah classical did you see patch agreed at the well today i said he showed up in the green jacket he has a lot to get it off he is not to go up neither i will like yes you're right he has not showered yeah he is not done laundry that's pure patrick reed for yeah as a patch agree podcast i'd say we love the move my other whose back is oscar de la hoya so i
workers back because apparently someone trying to blackmail him with a sex tape so instagram models a proposition him and then he had them over his house really smart by de la hoya on that part and i guess they were shopping it around for two million dollars it grossly overestimated the public interest in oscar delahoya well well hold on it is sex tape features one blonde in one brunette so little little something for everything everyone out there and while in one scene the women are seen performing sex acts on him with kitchen utensils so now do i have i trust yes yeah exactly and all i guess there's a guy who buys all these sex tapes real scumbag out there and they try to sell it to him and he has a moral code where he doesn't do it if they're trying to blackmail him but he watches sextape and he said it's one of the wildest sex tapes everyone and now he's telling people about us well that lets a brace debate if if it's involving
kitchen utensils what could that be i think it's i think about yeah like i was out of my mind admit initially went to like a wooden spoon one of those things so it's not sure an s in the v as in the b yeah i said so that what it sounded like it might have been go went into delahoya in some fashion so i'm saying so like yeah in the aid no there's no v the s is going to in his day at his hey yeah i gotta see it but no 'cause he's getting blackmailed
you can't sue morally speaking we'll try to watch it but we can't say that we watch my last whose back is coachella and being intimidated by the music festival where all the coolest people in the world the tent yeah and i don't even know if it's i i i the like my total was like a two week thing it is and i still don't understand it because i see these videos and it's just people hanging out in palm springs i don't see any music and they just all look awesome and young and vibrant and i look at all these pictures even the yokel kit the kid he's at coachella he's so much cooler than i'll ever be to relieve your who's back a week is pretending to know what could tell it right yeah and also being intimidated by tell yes it's all it's basically if you made entire music event that was just designed to be put on instagram but there might not even be performances there i think it is a place where people show up and they get pictures taken of themselves we should try to and they all wear these stupid outfits that yeah if the if you wear a coach outfit on any other weekend of the year people are like who let this clown out of the circus forget that if you put a coachella outfit on any regular person they look ridiculous like i what i we actually should try to shop and buy one of the casual outfits that's that's really hip right now and throw it on me yeah i mean it it
look terribly i look like a bump allows people make it look cool and fashionable a lot of circle in sunglasses to yeah jeans a lot of jeans weird hats like straw hats yeah and then i put it on i just look like a fat trucker sucks all you need to know is beyonce's performance was everything yeah well it's really time sink got to she redefined the entire genre of just music of everything yes of reinvention i performance yes she reinvented god yeah the world is never they will never be the same year after after she gave birth to happiness out of her out of her little no no no someone else carried four and gave birth to she had a surrogate yes sir yeah she is she implanted or happiness ag and another woman right because she is she's going to pot exactly all right let's get to our interview with chris bright before we do that devour devour offers premium frozen meals and sandwiches in a variety of credible flavors that most freezer aisles have only dreamed of from
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the right teacher there usually rounded up all righty well if you like hand outs that yeah but if you heard it the salutatorian i was right so your second place yeah wait so so that was is that the last like mistake you've ever made getting a b him precalculus though i've made plenty of mistakes okay all right and so we we should preface it we are at the unveiling of bread bowls cabey cage at sluggers everyone knows sluggers if you haven't been to sluggers what are you doing what you have read on the entire art cages up stairs and we just went up there is pretty cool yeah and now people can like actually shoot at targets in and swing the bat it targets and drink the red bulls up with the slugger's gauge did you did you like this out yourself i did it design it but you know rebel does really good job of kind of keep me in the process of it but it's really cool because you when i was growing up my dad we had occasion our backyard
i always put we always have targets in the cage where you did the screen you get certain amount of points and now he actually to do it in real life again excellent cool targets yes most of people are going to be like a drug that will stop yeah yeah it will be exactly three pm you should get on yes exactly because i consider i i because i love you and that's not creepy i don't think it's a creeping up there okay that's some yeah all right because i love you i'm i'm gonna do a favor for you that i we don't do for most gas i'm a let you decide the course the interview do you want the bryce harper questions now or at the end yeah you could sprinkle some in here okay i sprinkle mental regarding my first question does bryce harper like thin crust
pizza like really thin like you don't get a slice and only gay i guess like or don't you like deep dish and real deep dish pizza anytime we've had pizza together it was thin crust so ok interesting ok alright that's kind of connected dots so like i was joking about the b in precalculus but when you like look at your entire resume it is a little ridiculous do you ever think maybe maybe i should strike out a couple times just to be more relateable absolutely not baseball is way too hard way too hard but i try not to strike out so you guys don't have to say anything bad about me that's a good strategy john carlos stanton could learn a lot from it you should actually teach him a little bit about what something that you are bad at you know like people are always like hey big cat pft you guys are so handsome and looking and really attractive but like we do have flaws at the end of the day
true funny i know for you what would that be i'm terrible at when i take my clothes out of the closet i leave the hangar right in the middle of all the clothes i don't sweat it don't take the hanger out and i'm not very good about having a closet and i'm very good at making the bed i just have a pile in my corner this is like what all my clothes there what's so but but a real question for second sure you have accomplished everything how do you like i know you're you're in love with baseball and you look at it you know you your passion about the game but how do you keep that like dr going when you have reached everything at such a young age arm it it's for me it's all about wanting to do that again i mean once you experience it once you taste it you know getting awards and winning a world series that's a life changing and it's almost like you know you want to get a little greedy and do it all over again because it's so much fun you got experience with you know some really awesome people and people around you and i mean my first what three years have been you know story book yeah
you know i have to pinch myself sometimes but you know nothing's ever ever good enough for me do you think you would have accomplished more if the actually called you up on two thousand thirteen okay what i i probably would at a hundred rbis yeah yeah so you still mad about that i read there's a your your agents we talked to them
as i get on a person because you did get rookie of the year do you think that been seven should be eligible for a key the year old you are not you know he is yeah but there's controversy is your rookie he's not place first year do you play one didn't not in use a rookie yeah i mean you didn't do anything on the court to you know gain experience or something i mean i don't i think user but what does that does like extra seventeen days that you spent in the minors that probably really poor quality yeah it really got you ready for the major leagues right you learned a lot that in that where was i was actually to rebel video in new orleans which is really fun i was in new
on demand fists and great couple ground balls at third base and and that was it you know what those gumballs probably prepare you for the last of the world series you go to fun facts your your debut for the cubs gets a potter is a friday afternoon kinda like today a cold like april day when you want for for what what people really remember is that's the day that mac camp called me fat from right field because i had called him all game and he actually turned around and he was like look at you you're
the motion of them that were good yeah good let that be remember yeah on my cellular talk about that yeah let's do it right and that saturday i actually went to my first cubs games i was there when you got your first said true your first rbi you those are first come again yeah so if you'd like to thank me or x contract from ever going to hit i did most of the work there yeah that's how awesome is it feel to it a home run your question eagle rock man i it's hard to explain it is really hard and they don't come very often so when you do you really have to ex you know enjoy it pat yourself on the back yeah and then it's like thirties i
that's that's a go i do play defense now yes that that little amount of time really what's your what's a better feeling like when the when you had your hands when you hit the ball on a home run or at the first like fifteen seconds we get back to the dugout and you're like yeah i'm the man the list after you get to the dog yeah more the trot you know sorry we're having a hitting hitters meeting yesterday actually in our new hitting coach chili davis uses really cool phrase describing it he said beauty of trot but when i like when you see the the out the the fans out feel stand up raising cane's trying to catch the ball that's really the best yes you have like an internal clock that goes off that's like okay if you wait any longer if you start the ball any longer you're pumping it up i don't i will i don't know how to pimp a home run i i i feel like i hit some pretty far home runs but i never know if they're really
going over the fact that i don't want to be the guy that sits there and watches it and then you run out ever that one time you hit a ball that you never saw land is that true a couple yeah like a foggy day it was in college to san diego you know we had lights and anytime you hit one over over the fence behind the field i mean it was foggy you couldn't see anything and this was probably the first ball ever hit it actually went over the light tower in left field but it was
anytime at whatever the conceit with this fog in san diego this one is like in all this is like a bruise just like four guys behind the on field just like smoking but it will and if you ask my dad the storied probably be even more yeah i exaggerated so okay bryce harper's dog's name wrigley hi anything else name regularly my account in the gum my mom actually is cathy meekly that we when you play for the cubs so if yeah so if you named pat sets the new eventually hi for the that's interesting i also had a cat named family though so okay that's that was because your dad so that that's that is that's not that doesn't count that you weren't supposed to catch on yeah no i got it i got that so yeah that's that's weird to you and when you guys like do you know like date night you like there's regularly yeah but where i play the thing is i don't even know how old greatly is it might be you might have got the dog before he got into a dangerous thing
and it's always been a dream of his for a long time so he's been yeah as a little boy because you do some research yeah yeah speaking of wrigley let's embrace debate for a little bit because we got to a hot conversation last night with hank hank says that he swallows all his gum so do you swallow them whole he spit it out spit it out okay and your mvp rookie year world series champions yeah at cigna
hank is just ain't in shower this morning what about big league chew do you swallow that or do you spit that out yeah exactly come on hey there's tons of all over the field wrigley field there's come everywhere everybody checks their gambling yes you caught lesters first bounce pass yeah how i did yeah will you prepare for that no no you guys didn't practice at all no not going to practice it to me is going to practice with the ribs but i was ryan ran you know trying to get his head ceiling second and third i mean i was just like please call in the glove please going to love it i mean it was pretty scottie pippen yeah like buses falls afterwards like what the hell was that i don't i don't know i don't really want to talk to him about it yeah when you have that you don't want to throw the ball so i mean it's in your mind you don't want anybody to talk to you about it right
wrist talks to him all the time about because you lost his balls well all the time yeah i couldn't do it no do you guys talk about it like you know when he's not around like is this group for real he came to go to podcast or something you just like talking we got cut this part we can just talk about it no
i i really do i've hi don i mean does this incidence of yeah it is a sensitive subject great how come rizzo gets it was so many more pages than you do are you afraid to lean into one because he is the area that stands on top of home plate really i mean i you know i like to give myself some space but that's how he hit him and he swings when he gets it too that happens a couple times a year with it so i made a pitch that also hits it does and yeah he's really good about life in that one off because that it might that's pretty pretty embarrassing yeah do you ever get intimidated by hobby swag now the water now harvey went off the chain when you when you hang around hobby enough you you know he has a little teddy bear okay okay because i mean he's got a lot of sway in the day when he popped the chain like it's like it too but what about what about hers all in all right away from it yeah skiers his swag intimate when he's in the middle of the game and he's focused so you don't want to be his way yeah yes already to consumers yes yeah yeah he's intense you had when you guys do like everyone goes to the mound do you just study ever make a joke to read and who who is the most likely to make a joke of the infield you know we
usually when someone's going on the mound it's not a good thing the pitching might not be too happy so i don't know if it's the time to make light of the situation but if it's going to be any it's probably gonna be jo jo jo's there to keep this loose on what about if it was ever around wacky and one make a joke around him yeah no actually that scared right now even saying that out loud by his name yeah hi so yeah yeah things like he's basically like your shoulders are screaming in my face tom what what is joe down this year to like keep you guys loose already did bring like a magician and as you can just pouring wine has been slap on the back it hasn't been doing anything i feel i'm he got some up his sleeve i mean it's only like ten games yeah i'm gonna do some or or we might come with some i heard you know the idea i sing a song and jon about the other day everybody gets their letterman jacket and they put all their accomplishments of since high school on selected reject the that we sell fund alert jg wanted that everywhere i loved
speaking of our high school would you then put like teammate of bryce harper on is what it takes what future and for the warmer in future whether this was all backed up all okay i don't know if i could add that is it true that the you the first one you ever played baseball with you love so much that you want to sign the chicago cubs on his free agent is that i've heard that all of the i would love to have price on okay here we go they were gonna read one it would yes water that see that's how you do it you like he's great it's that the magic johnson like yeah john this is great when are when you played together who hit three who had four i can tell you who is that man
was robin hey are you are you probably about men okay okay so it's going to be who he was one of the main the main attraction okay i came up with a great idea a couple weeks ago these guys don't really agree but maybe you will and pass it along to joe you know do a lot of teams are playing the shift right now against left handed batters yeah my idea is and for the first batter of an inning you just don't have a catcher and you put the catcher out in the field until there to see
thanks and then you said the catcher back then so that the umpires just back he has to deal with that you got away either where every pitch exactly but you have an extra filter out there i would be all for that but if i'm hitting and i'm enough i don't want that right exactly if that was possible i'd love to see i mean they asher's are coming up some crazy for outfielder yes they are get a one up for the games going crazy stuff all right see key question put in promo code take to get ten dollars off your seek you purchased one of the cubs game watch kris bryant are just the ever give you like a look where he's just like i love you so much and your you like made this all possible are not that i'm getting here is pretty straight faced in the clubhouse i mean you always says hello and high you know plus
well but he's he's business all the time i said feel like if our deal like you be the one where i just look at your i i did the right thank you yeah yeah yeah yeah do you ever think about do you ever like give a textile mark appel and like a sorry dude no i don't i don't the whole the whole dress situation i mean it worked out great for the first i mean we all knew where we were going to be picked in you know i i will only say be great to be the number one pick but have the cubs at number two and then write the this the history behind this franchise no state income tax in texas though yeah true good point but good point thank you yeah great people forget about that yeah are you in are there any actual x are you stats guide you pay attention like during the season to what your stats are it's hard not to it's on every scoreboard i mean every i mean you go to cincinnati and they have your war up there they have your
i so like isolated slugging like which one do you care about which which one are you like i need to improve that it depends i mean us being perfectionist has baseball players like you're doing well in a certain area and then you wake up that morning or like man man i've been home run a while we're doing great it's like it's just like this this sport is so negative all the time that you know it's hard to find ways to get around it but how how much so speaking that how much of a slump would you say is mental oh a lot a lot of it is 'cause you know you get in situations where you're getting yourself out your swing out stupid pictures and you know when i'm struggling that's usually what i'm doing i'm getting myself out so a lot of it is mental because everybody here has the skills to compete with you know like a high pitching against us 'cause you know we're all big leaguers here so you know this whole a lot of the game is really mental so speaking of next generation stats what do you think bryce harpers
trajectory is going to be leaving dc is gonna be the northeast launch angle north west yeah and what speed let x loss yes so somewhere around you go a hundred miles an hour west yeah at thirty degrees yeah that sounds about right yeah yeah do you have enough hair dryers in chicago to like we have here is yours yeah we have are you guys still live together we would never william live like next to each other may buy houses next to each other only we could know and then you don't have a pool yeah i thought i should be cool just yet sure yet you could share stuff like in your for like eight can i get some sugar had need to may ran out of there yeah exactly that's really nice april seventeenth two thousand or no sorry that was your that was the day you debuted of two thousand fifteen you left a game against the dodgers in second and
our friday afternoon those diarrhea wasn't it yeah i'm finally allow like they got a lot of a lot and that's probably some that rich gave me a hard time for yeah he probably did knowing him he probably was like a week yeah his legs are weak sometimes it just happens yeah yeah i am you can't control your on the field iran everyone was like always hung over as i don't think so i think he just probably sick as a lever i don't know what that feels like right right so but you know if you know the media clearing that up yeah really media always just like takes it like all he left the game yeah you a lot of talk about the right yeah i'm not i mean there's talk about reading yeah yeah go after yeah
exactly basin i might not play in the game today yeah i hang overs basically same thing is eating like a load of taco bell at nine pm the night before yeah so not a good idea yeah not good all right our last question for me what what position we're gonna put price at give me the he needs a rover okay position what if what if feels comes like hey chris we want we're gonna get
rice vs with third and you have to play catcher it was only after we're struggling yeah okay but i'll do it oh okay okay cycle right yeah yeah just your breath your last with a last question one of the cup so soft for canceling their home opener the white sox played really yeah yeah saab father i told you it was a solid father you i was on the field there is less now there was yeah check in at some point are you just like i want to get this season started because last so long man days offer nice ran out six northern i sometimes but then you got it the double header and right when you get to that point it's like man i wish we just played there weren't there sure you would figure it out for you yeah so like in cincinnati we had a rain out it's like a now we have a double header may but we'll deal with it yeah
we'll never get yeah yeah yeah you guys ever gonna sell let's take this right now all right chris thank you so much we appreciate ever come check out the k b cage read the letters the rebel cage cabey cage sluggers it's awesome we checked out we're gonna go take some hacks you are good luck yet if luck to you his work about go head to head i think all right yeah i mean it your use of the right the media the nurse we're not we're not regular media that interview was brought to you guys by light stream are you paying more money and interest then you need to run your credit cards we can refinance your debt with a credit card consolidation loan from lightstream light stream towards consumers have good credit with a great interest rate credit our consolidation loans from five point forty nine percent apr with auto pay and no fees the application is
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start way to stay relevant so this is our new segment for baseball baseball always trying to stay relevant they now have for some reason it was just on sunday we had a ton of gifts of noah cinder birds nasty stuff and people were doing a gnawing no no we don't know if they actually watched any of the game but the gifts the gifts were amazing bossa pitches were moving like four to five inches they would look like footballs forty five inches is pretty big hank very good stay woke on this and hank you want to unveil it right now are you ready will actually they court that they tried to court the baseballs to increase home runs this year there making the stitches little bigger make more movement better gifts more social traction better yeah i think that there's something to this because i've seen some really nasty phil from syndergaard from clayton kershaw and baseball is not a
diffi cult giftable sport but it's become a giftable sport this year in it's just from the pitching they're making pitching cool again i also want to call my shot we're going to get the column coming up and probably next two days about baseball season being too long because all the games are going to cancel like four games got cancelled on something 'cause the weather so the weather is running baseball no i think hank's on to something but when baseball tries to make a switch like this they usually get away for with it for a little bit longer that it feels like we've on covered their mystery like too soon when the pitches are going like or with a browse yeah right straight out the little suspicious yeah special woman crosses having such a hot year i also think
crosses have now is on fire yeah maryland's good again amazing at johns hopkins in princeton he's gonna be there yell prince will be there he is going to be around notre dame with a shiny how much you look is back to his back yeah no no the approved non problematic okay good meet yeah maybe he's very p correct put it back up the joke pa statue yeah or watch do you sell us forty five minutes job yes all the good parts your jobs job basically eat and he's reading contract with like a magnifying glass he looks like a big searching for oilers to scott project he dies at the anti that uses copper journals carriers hello he knows after you got into a car accident i love what i love when the i love when they cast like a fat guy with just an even fatter guy so the guy who played scott paterno that was the his lifetime because he looked exactly like so perfect
a man and one thing hollywood loves to do is they love making movies about journalists and so sara ganim she was the one that won the pulitzer i guess for her work there basically all she did the entire movie was just like look very soon saint confused should really talk that much you just like yeah video i'm doing it right now and then they and then the real news had to fix her hair because she didn't look hard enough the real news do you see you might not seem that prior to that yeah that was a subtle like she's the real journalists image try to go on cnn on it like you're wearing that all my god just wanna say sir i appreciate you for your journalistic integrity yes all right we have a put one in your your whole so this is for new hampshire little league team that apparently they literally want to put one in someone's ear hole there were one girl in the entire league and the coaches decided that if they just been her in the face during every practice shield
what's a well known fact that women hate getting beaned in the face with fastballs so i mean i think they're right in their approach but i don't thank you can trust little league kids to execute on that yeah their accuracy isn't good enough to you a day be lucky to even like just hit a person in general with a pitch to say okay hit this person in their head repeatedly you can't ask a twelve year old you got a real scumbag to do that yes just tell actually is like hey we're going to actually just throw at this girl's head until she quits yeah that's i mean i i i am not a puberty expert but i'm pretty sure at that age at eleven girls are stronger than boys so what the fuck are you thinking dude well probably not listen guys on chicks we teach yourself that's probably why because she was probably the best player in the league yeah and so it just said no davis ever heard it had nothing to do with sexism it was just she was so good that they don't use that space for little league baseball very bad for baseball we have it was probably very giftable yeah
well yeah yeah the pitch is that we're going to our head we're just extreme yeah yeah yeah those would have been some we have a increase debate we alluded to this the start is gregg popovich a ticket so i asked this question because we had a classic pop interview after they got blown out by the warriors the one of one of the reporters asked what went wrong for you guys tonight and he just repeated the question and he said did you watch the game what do you think and just threw it right i can the reporters face that's nice of them i think greg popovitch is a enormous dick it why i had a dick movies he's actually telling the media member like i respect your opinion about basketball you tell me where would think he he gets away with a lot i don't i don't think he's a different i don't think he's the same as bella check i don't think he's an asshole i think he is just old also what's different between him and belgium will check
like only wants to talk about football so when someone asked him something off field or someone like you can see when belichick gets a question that kind of lights him up like they'll ask something about the practice squad punter or something maybe like well it reminds me of watching game tape on my refrigerator with my dad an like hill light up pop if you ask anything about basketball he just he's a fucking dick about it and i get like media sometimes ask bad questions but you also even though the in between quarter interviews right those are stupid we all agree they're stupid but once you think which would realize that part of the success of the nba has been this like crazy tv can't
that they've gotten and maybe suck it up and do the interview and don't act like it's the worst thing in the world for ten seconds right but his responses in his demeanor has become like a trademark form so it's like i know he gets away with so so he's gotten like so much positive reinforcement for being an asshole that now he's just like it's good if i'm gonna ask like it's good for you it's good to have characters like yes no ok so i should define my stance in this because i actually have no problem with greg popovitch being an asshole if he just admitted that he was being an asshole i have a prob
i'm with the media being like there goes pop again he's so likable and funny he's so you know curmudgeonly no he just not certain if he just said i'm an miss can be an i can respect that because you just you're at like people chicks love yeah you know so what's it like what you just say that ones in the media just say that gregg popovich is an we'll move on i think the i think popovich's asal and belichick's dick and there's some effort is very subtle differences between a day across about two inches to be exact popovich me popovich does things to embarrass reporters bella check just has no time for your question bella check doesn't have time but they're also times that bill check actually wants to kill a reporter yeah because it's doesn't want to kill you but that he just wants to make your family see you on tv be ashamed right exactly he wants everyone to he wants it to be the most embarrassing moment of your life when you sit and talk to greg popovich yes yes it is yeah i don't even know where we settled on this i think he is a deck but i'm aware that no he was not always asal i'm okay with it as long as the media and like nba twitter just admits it and says yes he's not classic case of big cats starting to hate something because everybody else know yeah well we got said you were it has nothing to the top of it you know it has something to the public because he won't admit that he's an who's asking now i'll
so i mean so the median someone just someone at his next press conference a hey greg popovitch do you think you're an asshole if he says no then i will hate him a lot i think he would actually wear a shirt that said asshole yeah on it if i think yeah i think he'd be proud he's like almost leary i'm an asshole if everyone just was open about it i'd be much i'd be much happier about the whole greg popovitch ok such noted i mean you don't think he's an asshole at all no i think he's an asshole but i'm ok with him being asked ok so you can see we're in the same spot if you have more than one ring you can be addicted anybody for however long you look but don't pretend that you're not but he's also reached the point where he opened the whole interview doing like a little joke little stand up routine about gatorade in the sponsor he thinks he's funny he's just an asshole i think he gets away with a lot of it because he's like a silver fox now he's got the gray hair so he's got that grandpa element where it's like oh grandpa is not flagrantly racist he's just old just says
so it's like hey here's here's my press conference guys and just a heads up i'm an asshole and i think the press comes would be great i think let's watch this you should just have an asshole button that he smashed like hey guys here i go i'm going to be an asshole and i would like assholes put asses in see i see also shit on everybody social commentary also get some a lot of credit with the media yeah yeah does he does his thing where it where someone will will someone be like hey how do you guard the pick and roll it back well i what i really want to talk about is what's going on about in america i want to talk to you guys about how the how the modern media would have treated him okay if you live to right all right we have are bad so this is our fault john cena is calling off with engaged yeah calling office marion gauge at wrestlemania with nikki bella and you have to do little addition here do little math he came in in the studio he saw what a chick
looks like with four nipples he saw the size of my the size and depth of my belly button and boom now his future wife's so sacks whose future wife is not a suite that's i i'm i'm bomb producing this and i think i'm right i don't think that there's any other explanation he saw for nipples and you can't go back to after that no it's just not the same he saw that whole because all use ready to always get all all his only be saying when the blues with what was your name the greasy bell at all it was it was a real name yeah okay when his plane thank i don't know okay when he was with the get down to tell you don't believe discriminatory nikki bella yeah it would your date to extra nipple actually it was a longer name but they made a change and i'll silence so would be an okay yeah no we clear i broke up sorry john but hey you want to
back in yeah my belly button has not been fucked in along time something up and pressing my two tiny nipples in preparation for your tiny little dick john alright last up we have a wo and this is our new segment wo and this comes from a kid named danny devon so he do this on saturday just realized lebron and paul george go to houston this offseason the starting line first names would be chris paul lebron james the starting lineup last names wait that's only four people yeah i know but there's so good they want to start for catching the starting lineup last names would be paul george james harden that's crazy well
oh you segment lebron names whoa that is nuts hangs you do one i tried to do one i did too it too far i i it we what we're how far do you get okay i want to go first i tried to do one i got frank my and then martin lawrence and then lawrence frank and frank mason and then they sign mason crosby and then it just fell apart sidney crosby sidney rice i've got bad i was trying to do last names of potential free agents and i got somewhere around thomas favors young gay booker they get yeah the first names on too much yeah first of that so we're we i i was trying to get a mason plumlee plumley in there so that's how i got frank mason and then i just and then i went like this website clearly some illuminati shit i got martin lawrence in their cousins favors young gay hood
ooh i like that okay that's good that's good that's our no we have actually one last thing a little shout out to bubba so bubba hurt or injured public needs public you bubble is the nicest person in the world if you don't know who bob is it's liam he is on the fourth member part my take he does a lot of behind the scenes stuff is very scrappy guy who worked his way up from being an intern yes and he's he's actually really good at his job so we got we got we got this text from bubba on friday afternoon he said this is too horrible timing with rough and rowdy but i got hit by a car broke my ankle so i'm currently in the er and my phone won't work i'm trying to out here asap and i'll keep you updated really sorry so
well i don't know what you'd expect i don't i don't know what he thought he had to do on friday night no smoke but are not at all a child to a sport i i think he was probably on some significant pain killers no you see it just kind of the are in the first thing he did before his phone died was to texas and say sorry but listen bubba here's the thing okay nobody likes it when somebody knocks it like an ankle or foot injury yeah it's not they got my dog in the numbers zero eight different store what injuries or not yeah yes if you complain about river which is yeah i think your big time hot seat you yeah because he fractured is like to be a yes the actual injury yeah there when they do surgery on his foot they're going to open it up be like holy shit there's something just places so bubba if you need to talk to anyone here i'm your guy because i'm the only other one who's had a real injury like my dog bite alright will see you guys wednesday love you guys except for you my love
it's pardon my take presented by school sports
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