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LA Dodger Pitcher Brandon McCarthy

2017-03-17 | 🔗
rch Madness Day 1 recap, Northwestern's big win, 16 Seeds making some noise and Tom Crean getting fired (2:57 - 17:17). Plus a couple hot picks for Day 2. LA Dodgers pitcher Brandon McCarthy joins the show to talk about the upcoming MLB season, Tommy Lasorda, and what it's like to be on twitter as pro athlete. Bonus new segment, mean tweets (17:17 - 42;16). Segments include Just Chill Out Man, People Forget That, Respect The Biz, Honorary Football Guy Of The Week, and Jimbos Of The Week.
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first deposit with promo code, take two hundred get that free cash right now could decide dot com. Let's go welcome to part of my. It is Friday March, seventeenth, Happy St Patrick's day to all you irish people out there, which is it's everyone and everybody everyone who pretends at their iris for one day. No, I'm not judging. You know, as a white guy yeah, it's one of our greatest physicians to say that we're like one sixteenth, Cherokee yeah. So even if you're, not irish, you can
still claim, like little yeah, my my great grandmother on my mom side, she came over in the potato famine. My cousin married a guy whose last name is O'Connor. I like to drink a lot, so basically irish dance, group, irish blood in there have a great day. It is Friday, day two of the tournament, and it is Saint Patrick's day that is the perfect storm. How 'bout back to back holidays of Steve Austin Day, aka John three hundred and sixteen day major religious with it and Saint Patrick's day, two solid Holla days in a row Hank brought up a good point. How many people do you think celebrate Pi Day and Steve Austin Day, zero, yeah I'd say: that's o people do that which is a shame I won't say another thing. That's a shame is that the best one of the best drinking holidays of the year comes on the same one of the best days of gambling that you want to remember. So it's a waste yeah, it's a little bit of a waste. That's right! So if you were listening to this, I assume your brain
is clouded from a day full of college basketball, pizza wings over a lot of right so cycle so whole cycle. Oh that's! Right! I don't trust your day today I did soul cycle. It was great, I loved it. The instructor was so nice trust them people with my entire being great people. There got a good workout in and not to brag, but ever bracket, I think a lot of people have perfect brackets this year is the first. It was pretty easy, so we'll go through it. It was basically all chalk, except for the huge upset of Middle Tennessee, the twelve seed that was actually favored by a point. At that point of half a tip That was a and I I shot out to us at Davis that was his underdog lock of the day who are like you know they were favorite, they also sort of their put his team yeah,
but it was a wild day. It was kind of a slow start, the for a while. There you knew it was a slow start when CBS just kept on showing like highlights of the day. No just the Princeton missing a buzzer beater who how about how bout raftery, Rafferty, yep, Raftery, yeah, Raftery, Rafferty, Rafferty loved ok, yes, onions yeah, they kiss during commercial break made Amanda and is the return of the masters we saw those commercials get started today. So nice April, sixth, through ninth this year, oh tries very nice the big story, though the it's probably big story all weekend, because people who want to madill control the media northwest Advances on the dumbest foul since Chris Webber yeah, that's pretty the dumbest move, since Chris Webber called time out in the National Championship Game boneheaded, just complete brain. What up, and I'm sure you all saw. But Vanderbilt was
one and Matthew Fisher Davis decided to file with ten seconds left forty. feet to half past half court from Northwestern's basket and they end up losing by one unbelievable move. Also, you know I'm not one to criticize college athletes 'cause, remember not getting paid or amateur, so I'm going to throw it out to shadow to Bryce drew who somehow decided to use up all this time outs with seven minutes left in NCAA Tournament game. I don't even know how you can do that. That's a really yeah! Then you reads like wow: how can You crunch a math for me. I I I actually would like to figure out how to use all my time early, so I can't misuse them late right. That's really high efficiency in time. I use it. So you get to pick up to that. Guy come away! It's like when I it's like when I throw off the ice cream, even though there's little left them like, I can't eat it, yep take it away from yourself Matthew, Fisher Davis. That is the most Vanderbilt name of all time. Yes, I love it
my favorite part about this was watching. Vanderbilt alumni react online and they were all saying if we're supposed to be really smart school, what's up check this guys sat score. I don't know how he got in. You know just reminding you guys at Vanderbilt's good school too, That's just NW we're Bell Skip Bayless tweeted, something about basically said. We have more famous alumni, we're better school, better returning, coach or better. Thai coach, or basketball history smarter students and we made a bonehead play, but he's not mad no he's not mad, he's mad online group of kids. Can we just say, though, that northwestern? Because we saw it green again, then the pump up speech so probably served by Johnson, Ville, brats and tide, but green needed.
I'm a public speech, and I would say that probably propelled them to their first victory right. The measurement team member, the one eight hundred flowers pop up speech, yes, yeah for a for a limited time, their undefeated internet history, so that leaves the only team to never win a game as Nebraska who the Cornhuskers, while football school e X, that's fine, sterrett school yeah, exactly my favorite player on day, one was jp. Macura is that pronounces lesson sure Makira from the guy from Xavier he's you'll recognize him as the guy it is, I guess, he's allergic to light yeah, so he wears compression sleeves on both sleeves, both arms and both legs. Yes, he dresses like you're, going to a Mormon wedding, basically like no, no like Angela from the office yeah. That's will you again that's what he wears underneath his jersey yeah. You also probably loved Bill Murray showing up in in the on the sidelines he's so hilariously when bill just shows up places and the cameras are so weird debate.
It is bill. My I don't hate Bill Murray at all. I I hate I hate bill. Murray has become Hank. No, I can ok. I wish I was a year ahead of the curve on this. So last year, when I said this, you guys were like What's going on boomers best and now I think people are starting to realize that, just because Bill Murray shows up at bar mitzvah drunk doesn't he's pulling off. Some great comedians son is like that for save here. So I think it's fair that he's there. So it's only fair that here, but I'm just done with people laughing at Bill, Murray for being Bilmar. Cbs also has the tribe ification of bill. Murray's wants to become like every game. They wanted to be like a Lakers game or they just keep showing they want to show all the celebrities, except only one celebrity goes to every game, so they just keep showing them over and over and over and over just chill out.
Yes first sight. I agree a hundred percent, so we had we had a pretty good day gambling to them that you had some nice covers at the very end I I was just. I was sitting pretty the entire evening. I don't have to sweat out a diligence. He had some overs in the beautiful thing about gambling on eighteen year olds in high pressure, nationally televised situations Is you never know when they're going to stop following we had games where teams were falling down? Fourteen down twenty, games where they were down like seven with a minute left like that. We just give up. So that's the fun part about March madness. Is it basically drives you insane because you're screaming at a bunch of kids who may or may not be listening to their coach? What's the lawn that you know how at the end of porn movies are at the beginning, it says, like in compliance with US code. So so so with like a bunch of weird characters that you don't understand, is there something that that they play during a college basketball game? Just to let us know these kids
are all over the age of eighteen, because you're not allowed to gamble in Vegas on seventeen year olds. Right, that's the way you can't do high school. I wish you could do Little League world Series because that's just a lot of fun, but they should the porn compliance note on there. It goes both ways. It would be nice. We also had a couple of sixteen seeds making some noise, which was nice. Yes, halftime scores, Snug, South Dakota, State Jack Rabbits and Mount Saint Mary, so, it should have been doing a little more game planning a little less promoting his book and let's talk in a pardon, my take let's interviewing yeah wow that I already saw it away the other This is the day, and this is probably the saddest NEWS Tom Crean fired at Indy an Indiana was so gracious. They literally waited until the tip the first step prints the Notre Dame at one thousand two hundred and fifteen. They fired him, minute later or announced it I'm going to Miss Tom Crean, I said it before he's. Getting fired,
unfortunately, what happened to Tom Crean. I don't think he's that bad of a coach he's a pretty good recruiter. But if you have a bad season and you have a stupid fucking face it's impossible to overcome that, and so it takes. You know what he should go to Saint Louis University. I think their mascots bat there so possible. Next after we go it's just it's unfair because he really he really he he fought. The adversity fought kissing his son on the lips and having everyone see that he fought all those moments where he was sweaty and mouth breathing and just had that. Look on his face, like a deer in the headlights and it's hard and I probably took about a million pictures of him where I distorted my television and in the camera and made his head look even bigger than it is which it's a big hat. I'm really I'm just going to put it out there right now it just the fact that
he was so rude and rejecting our suggestion from Creamteam little bit. Does that have anything to do with this fire, because that shows you a real lack of decisionmaking yeah, but I actually wonder if the Indiana athletic Director set him down was like listen Tom you're, not that bad You've, actually one more big ten titles and Tom is our than Tom Izzo has in the last seventeen years will forget right, you're, not that bad But people just make so many jokes about you on the internet and do some can't do anything, but we can't do anything about it. It once people start making those jokes and it snowballs it's like the Cincinnati Zoo they shut down their twitter account. Yeah Indiana needs to just shut down Tom Crean because you can be bad. can't be bad and also be laughed that I agree with that and I'm just shocked at Tom made it past the headshot portion of screen, for this job, because you take one look at the guy's face. You know I wear a billion dollar institution, I'm probably being too generous to the state of Indiana, were
one hundred million dollar institution? We can't have Tom Crean being the face of our program. Yeah, that's why they kept the clown. Pants is because they have to have something that looks a little bit more ridiculous and Tom Crean's face right, moth to flame everyones, hopefully looking at the clown pants and not looking at Tom cruise clown fish. That's why Oregon had a bunch of shady looking uniforms and Chip Kelly, zip code. So you don't look at his little gut, exactly spins on the face or little pr, one hundred and one for Tom Cream GO be an assistant coach for the caps. I think Tom Crean's destiny to getting back is Lebron getting upset at a playoff Lawson? Remember you know how Lebron like sneaky. Does this thing where he pushes his coach yep? I think Tom Crean getting by Lebron would put him back like he gives him one of those bumps one of those shoulder bumps and maybe Tom Crean hits the deck that would be nice. I would almost like to see Tom Crean Coaching, the Knicks more high profile and just let him fail on the biggest stage, possibly wanted James Dolan. If you want take some heat off yourself, Tom Cream and then at the
why are you put it in the middle of Times Square just to blow up picture of his face? If the new error of the next put on half court, it says the Knicks logo, just a big giant fat head of his fathead boom, we just fixed the nicks and Tom Crean, Sorry, I don't say we do anything for the fallout from this. Obviously, Brad Stevens, who maybe going back to Indiana Dream job. I don't know It means to be a I'm so excited for it because he's not going to go to Indiana. Anyone with a brain knows that, but it's going to get written. It's going to get some buzz. People are going to talk about this last Stevenson up even a little tiny bit. Oh my god, this sucks losing like the second round, even it first or second round people, Tom Cruise or Brad Stevens Free Headline Fourier. If your newspaper writer in Indiana just throw it out there, here's the trick. You just ask a question in the headline: you're not saying so, would bread
even be interested in coming back to India. Through your headline, billing clicks, maybe thrown a Donald Trump just to get the extra clicks maybe go to the Kardashian, go to a white house. You know press and and asked Donald Trump. Do you think Brad Stevens would be interested in going back to Indiana. That might be the most clicked article in the entire. break. The internet yeah last stop since, you're going into a new slate of games. I want to wish everyone luck and I also want to say, I'm excited for whatever Lavar Ball has in plan. I'm assuming you have some kind of big press conference or like Halftime shows shelf life. Is a press conference he's gonna he's reached the point where everything that he says is so it's picked up by every media source possible yeah. So he knows that, no matter what comes out of his mouth, it's going to be distributed nationwide and that's kind of his plan right. He wants to develop the brandy once they have a high profile, so his kids can get a billion or
sorry only so that he can get a billion dollar contract and then his kids will get a little taste of that stop enabling with barbell yeah. So it's not picking up his store anything that he says is going to come out, so you can bet your asset after tomorrow's game you're going to he's probably rooting for UCLA to lose just so that you can blame it all? You can basically like. If I were the coach, I would have won the whole if I'm Levar Ball, I'd I'd step up to the postgame podium before my son does and then I bring him up and I sent him on my lap like Riley, curry yeah. If I'm are ball. I just tried to call time out during the game just walking to the corner. Call Tommy yeah try to stop me, I'm not going to my other two sons here. If you stopped like Dennis Dennis Hopper from Hoosiers He basically going to be that is literally full bar ball gets a little bit of a drinking problem. He will be that I'm here for it
and I couldn't be more excited all right. Let's get to our interview, we were in Phoenix last week. We did some interviews with some baseball players, so this is the first one. We have Brenda Mccarthy from the LOS Angeles Dodgers. If you remember he was, I think, like our second or third guest way way back when and we got to actually sit with him this time. This is when we met Tommy Lasorda and It's a great interview. It was a lot better because it's in person- and this is Brandon Mccarthy- from the LOS Angeles Dodgers. Ok, we're Here- LIVE Camelback ranch. The Dodgers Spring training facility were here with Brandon Mccarthy, is Brendan Bread, and then bring the card Brandon. That's pretty big cat nagging you because you don't follow twitter Twitter, so whatever yeah, that's, ok, whatever! I wasn't going to get there right away, but probably a reason, but also it is on Brendan. Thank you for dressing up. It was nice of you. I just lifted my shoulders.
be a little bit bigger. Now, if you want to show them, I think I could do two hundred and twenty five once that doesn't sound very company. Twenty five, it's not I don't know the frame for my arms are too long. Okay, saying I'm not like I'm not a come on. Yeah yeah, yeah game athlete, you're! More mental yeah, what would you put up in the Wonderlic right now? What's the what's the best, fifty less than that? Okay, like I lyrics you're, Smart, Harvard Guy, get It's we forty nine thousand and thirty five Eli Manning.
That's like six smart guys, were looking guy yeah. You you right there so we're down here in Arizona, Red Spring training fans here in Phoenix are fantastic. Do you think that it's about time that Major League baseball gives errors on its own baseball team? Like a professional team? I think there should be more here. I think I'm people just keep coming here for games. We might as well just let baseball be in Arizona, okay, we'll just take over the whole state. That's true, actually was it with the dodgers. Was it last year the Dodgers Peter moved down, backs, pull Was that the that didn't happen they make that up yeah. I think it makes interviews going. I thought that happened there, but it was. It was years ago yeah, but I was I was in Arizona flow. We mad about that. No, not a no I mean when you win you're allowed to celebrate. However, you want like that, seeing another man's like a Viking, you just get to conquer that, like it's, not our pool like we weren't. Doing the maintenance on the right
yeah, but we don't train employed by the Diamondbacks is doing maintenance on that pool. That's the guy was that's the guy who shot, but that that whole thing is being peed in all game long. You know, kids are just. and they're all game models, yeah, yeah, fair! Let's do a little serious talk. Now, how is the shoulder feeling learn everything? everything, is good to go. 'cause remember! Last time we had you on. I think we actually predicted that you were jerking off too much and let her know what I'd still rehabbing them. Yeah you're right about yeah. You probably have heard again from jerking off yeah the form so right and then right you've been abstaining. No, we kind, a kid either right after that, or so I think I like. a couple days off and then sure enough. I could happen to me so now. I'm back to do the math three days, rest yeah, exactly we! So we are at your facility, the daughter. Still he has terminal sort of been around it heats touching, go the
ok. I haven't seen him today, but he's around a couple days a week at least got any good search were big time again we've. Actually, if you see him, if you want to let him know, we saved his life on two different occasions. We went and talked to what are they called call. We had a seance as we spoke with death itself, and we just asked it to just make sure Tom he's doing. Ok. Next couple years, working Tommy's, Tommy's right, he's around yeah he's Mentale, very spry, physically he's not at the top of his game but Mentale. He is overrated. He's sharp! If your baseball mind you don't really need to be like physically sharp, It's not yeah, it's a base form, but I think he would fit on this. Show he's got a good he's. Got What time is it you know when you get older, they have like that role of like twenty lines that they can go to any situation. You can't beat them in anything. He's at that stage. So does he ever give the team like a little pop up speech? I think maybe two years ago he talked to us before well sounds like yeah, it's stuck with,
but it was two years ago. One year ago I still have a brain injury. I don't I don't like my memory is not meant to be. You call okay, so you obviously use that as the guys. Seven again it's all about is like when, when like, when I got a dog- and I was like- I gotta- go- take your dog. I can call you basically for the rest, your life, like I got hit in the head a little hard right. Well, I got hit in the head and I have a child yeah, I'm out of most social gatherings right most everything I'm free from now. Do you Do you like, say like oh yeah, we're not pitching in the World Baseball classic, probably yeah. Azure that inability exactly 'cause you're not patriotic, did you ask to pitch in the World baseball classic No, they didn't ask me fourth, fourth time in a row, they didn't ask me they, Ireland, ask you me yeah, I mean well yeah, Brandon Brandon, trick thing that I don't know why. This I don't have a baseball. I couldn't imagine they do yeah. I I I I would guess that, like in Ireland, everyone that that's got a good swing just grows up like beating people,
text Dave curling, it's really, but there's enough. Irish! and we've got people who are your parents visited there once years ago. They were on that team. In the way, I think we could put together pretty seller irish team, since we came here and spread out really really there's a given yeah classic irish guy right that was the last name. I came the only one I can think So is so here's a here's. What everybody wants to know we're down here in Arizona? How lucky are you? Do you just get up and thank your lucky stars everyday that you don't have to pitch against him T bone spring training. yeah. I just didn't, want to deal with anything else like Even today, it's already news- and I don't I just could not care less. I was just saying: If you hit a home run off you they'll be pretty bad yeah, I mean I'm, I'm not the most godly feller. So I mean the odds would be stacked against me. I think in that match up atheist verse yeah. Would you be in TIM Tebo? What if he hit a home run and then he
like point up to God like he was asking God to show you up, would you be home next time out? No, that I'd be fine with I, Actually I like hit or celebrating, even if it's in a way that I don't agree with like just do it, do your thing. I'd be ok with it. Do you now furious at myself, you reciprocate you like to celebrate a little get a little emotional on the mound after a big strikeout, now. If I was better- and I knew it was like a thing that was going to happen more and I could get into my own little routine, but it's You know what you do. Here's an idea, Fernando Rodney in retiring like within the next decade, you should take over the arrow. You can't see someone else is thing that was not like. I said like ten years from now over tire at the age of seventy five, I'm not into like outdoor sports like a crossbow arrow like what's an indoor Thank you yeah, like a like a pretentious. We send that within a week, right right like emphatically hit the send button right, walk off and Adam yeah, and then in that send tweet you follow me finally would be.
so yeah, so you're afraid of going up against him t, but we got that. Here's a great idea for you. Do you have your walk up music for when you take it back set yet no! Ok! Here's what you do show the other picture out of his rhythm. You have the national anthem as you're, welcome music and you make the picture stop and like take his hat off, face the flag. Then you get up and he's feeling too patriotic to even try to stay Go that's not a bad idea. Ok, you want. If what, if I kneel for it and then the whole crowd is in a fury and then you get in the box, everybody is thrown off here, more pitch walk going! First. Will happen if you don't like that idea, this one just popped in my head, you walk up. Music is the play by play. Call when you got hit in the head in the brain, so then people feel bad for you and they'll throw one right down pipe yeah. I'd rather have that play it like two like not at the start of the fat. Ok like, let's get,
Do it and then get to a point where, like this is not like, hey, remember my brain right, like yeah, let's have a little bit of pity. You can wear one of those like crazy, ridiculous home with that one pitcher wears and San Diego. What's his name is on the Mets now I think he you should wear one of those 'cause every time he comes up around like what the fox wrong with him. You should maybe John Old Wear helmet in the field yeah, I mean he's the only wanted it like. I actually had talked with that company and then we got nowhere- and I didn't really. hidden and then she said tried one of those on yeah. Sort of like the development, and it was not in all seriousness 'cause. Obviously this is you're funny guy, so you get what we do and this is kind of a jovial interview but like in also This is it still it was there like a time where is tough to mentally get over like every pitch is coming back in my face now that next season? When I came back halfway through the year, it's somewhere in there? I had a seizure during that season and when I came back from that, one of the first pitch is somewhere in that game. Someone had a line,
right back and I actually felt it like breeze by my head and after that game was like fuck. This is ridiculous, like I really have to stop doing and then it was just like a moment- was like I have to try and keep itching and then since then it's been fine and you haven't even thought about. It. I either you just keep it out of your head as much as you can and just know, you're going to have to mention thirty years and you're. Ok with it hey, if you're laughing at it, we can ask right, will feed you. Applesauce will do another part of my text, Abby Mary well, and understand that you can get a diaper sponsorship like like Tony Siragusa any service exactly perfect. So in like a little bit of serious baseball talk, you've obviously changed managers. This offseason David Roberts, Mattingly. Two season two all seasons ago, almost two offseasons ago is Dave Macon. You guys shave your sideburns, so now we're to do what we what we
Here- and I know- he's managed the year right, yeah yeah, he's manager of the year really screwed that one up yeah, you did that's. Ok, we can cut that part manager of the year, even though he put in Joe Blanton in a key situation in the playoffs yeah comments. Oh you had to show was our guy last year. Ok, oh did you see me behind home plate when I was Marlins woman during the game yeah like I, I might have seen it on like social media. I don't know that I was noticing it at the time, but did you see us in the bleachers when we were doused in beer, when Miguel Montero hit that Grand slam? No? No look that way. We were there. It was pretty cool with that. I was Marlins man like to to take the attention that it like I mean he makes he makes it all about the game on the field and you know continually making sure that expecting that the troops and teachers in the first responders properly.
Marlins magisterial, sweetheart of a guy. The fun thing about Marlins man going to game with him is that he pretends, like everything that your experience is experiencing, is brand new, so hit like they have a buffet here, and this is how buffet works. You pick up your plate and then you get in line and we're just like hey man. This isn't! first buffet. Everyone knows that so a retired mom like yeah everything yeah. It's while is likely in the here comes in. You got to leave you gotta get up in the sixth inning because they bring out the chocolate train. You won't be the first to it easy. I a big ice cream guy he's in about two minutes: the ice cream guys going down. That's all you're gonna! Look! I don't put it out. You want ice cream. Okay, Chechen, look, no morals, man, I think. Okay, I'll get you some ice cream he's got all Scott, and so he walks around and he'll he'll, actually cold call people to take pictures with them. We'll see somebody standing by themselves, be like hey. Can I get you will get a picture and like put his arm around them and then have somebody take a picture. Yeah.
Really, I think tomorrow, when you go to Cubs camp, if you talk to Brett yeah, you have to bring up, we will Marlins man yeah I mean it's good. It's like a nose, bleed his rage stroke at so strong, okay, definitely well. We definitely was if he looks down the dog out and sees Marlins Mandy gets his eyes were that's here, Dan Herron as well. He he also dans, obviously a little more sarcastic, so his his rage is is more of a sarcasm style, but he also does not like my. We have brought the little it is so good sarcasm? I love that we've got a we've, got a fun game that we like to play with our guest. Now this is a new one that we're doing. Okay, you ever see on Jimmy Kimmel, where they do the read mean tweets yeah, so we're gonna read, mean tweets to you, so we're not going to let you read them, but we've got. yeah. We've got a few that we pulled up here. He Brandon, what's up any arms. Why did you make that cut out shirt yourself? You bitch?
those are the stars off your head, you're, not as a no. No, no. No. What I was from at Dodger Fan seven, two five yeah this this this order is for is from at Mattingly for life. Sixty nine sixty nine hey Brendan! You ever why you keep skipping leg day, Bro your legs are so fucking skinny an you're not even wearing real cleats. Those under armour shoes look like ship, that's like six hundred and thirty. characters that was that was now that looks like a garbage like someone on Instagram trying to put out a tweet in the big comment section tweets. No, no there's two point I actually forgot to say is one of two is a very important thread. It got brought to yeah yeah, here's another good one, your This looks ridiculous. When you take a bath yeah that was actually from you yeah. You have to sell it about your son, everybody here in this room. Every guy said around knows that there's looks ridiculous when it's on the back. Nine looks ridiculous all the time. So all right, but like a look worse in the back, he just looked on
federal stupid thing, it's a bad visual! I that's take just a little that just Here's a really interesting question: who is better on men in blazers me or you? Probably you yeah, that's I didn't watch it, but I don't want shores either. I know who's your team liver. yeah I used to be a little actually hold on. What did you wear on the show? I saw a picture so I used to be a Liverpool fan that I bought part of Swansea, so I'm owner of Soi But what did you wear on the show, my Swanzy kit, what you were over yeah. Now, where did you get that idea? or blizzard. Do you know who the first person to do that on the this is there's, like I said my wife, a daughter here this is, I don't want him in my dms. I think that's why I don't follow him on Twitter, so you guys know their second guest ever was you was main wow
I wore that. So I think I've set a tone there that I it was another forget so you're, just the guy who, like yes show starts, are like we need someone and accessible. I am the guy with that, like owns reptiles, that they bring on right to start a nightly, show I got it for a second, I got excited, I thought you actually own reptiles and now we, how did you do it? How how would you rate your performance on the whole pot? No, it was so dry. It was a first. I could not do it myself. The whole thing is on brand for me, so I had to yeah. It is unpleasant. Fire was in a normal pie. It's me pine. I love like the shitty english meat. Pies are fantastic, we're getting games are this was cold and super dry to wet. My mouth is like I can't I can't talk. I can't do what do you? How do you think Liverpool ever when it when they title yeah after I'm gone, I'd rather finish right outside the relegation zone, then finish. Fourth
Can you own a part of Swansea Anti American Why do you hate America? Listen. We had him on we We, we brought him on Landon Donovan and I decided, what's guy's, name again Bob what Bob Bradley Bradley he was one. I think yeah, which I did. I'm certainly got a brain injury. Don't my members not great We had him as a coach. He was not great, so we had to Canam it's called being decisive when he got like a house for like three quarters of the game, he's their lead and he sucked? Then we go and we got it. We had the new guy, whoever that and you can tell him I'm more hands off owner here. So I sort of like a Jerry Jones is yeah right. I don't meddle in the day to day stuff, I'm more big picture just trying to take us to the top. So what's it like to sit next to a real life, EPL owner, any questions about the league, no good, ok, table, looking tables looking good were like
Look up four points out of the relegation zone. Oh here's, a good question about baseball instead of soccer. Working on any like crazy new pitches like gyro bowl, Iphis, know. Why not, I feel like I feel like that's a great way to keep your name in the news. If you just left rumor flowed out there like I'm throwing a pitch. That gravity doesn't actually affect people write about it, um, no, if you're trying to throw a knuckleball can screw around with one, but I've never tried it thrown in a game that would be cool if you want. If you want to cool with, like the younger audience start throwing the iphis or a knuckleball Does a knuckleballer. Is that really like big in pop culture? Now, like that's kind of somehow, it's that it's a good brand right like when Steve, break, goes out in like Ra Dickey like I sucked, and then he started, throwing a knuckleball and people are just. He also had a damaged forearm from jerking off too much. No, he did it and once that he actually didn't even have it yeah he was doing in the womb
like in the room and it never developed. God gave him that gift early like you will be the world's best at this. Also, if you want to pitch it pretty safe headline grab, who is your least favorite ump name names? I don't have one? come on. I really don't. I don't have a favorite one either I don't like. I try to not pay attention to the empire is a mall. Why don't you? Why? Don't you like up? You got to put the game. Will you get a scratch? Your back, like he'll, be looking good today, your letter, all fat, Joe SA great country, album yeah it Joe West. How how many a little babies Can you fit in that gold of your neck? Do if you guys ever like Chase Utley super good? you're funny guy last year had a game where every guy, he put every guy's pre pre about music to a Joe West Song Office Country album so every I went up to the plate, had a new job, so it's finally, by like the third guy Joe figured out, what's happened, sort of stepping out look in the dugout and realized whole time through the lineup is,
probably not in some ways, I can see Joe Lesbian, the first empire to eject the music player. Yes, yes, I get outta here dish it out, but this does Clayton like because he's so damn good at pitching. I see like kind of I'm better than everyone like. Don't even don't even don't even look at me. No, No, I think it's an understood thing. We all know it just don't look. He doesn't act that way, but I think it's we know it. So you haven't even looked at him and you play even his teammate for yeah. You don't the eye contact thing you shy away from that. Got it don't touch my stuff. Is he going to throw ball this preseason? at just to work on it. I think yeah yeah, so the if, if the case arises, we need water like a I practice balls. What kind of car is yes, yep. We drive in these days, I'm I'm assuming it's like one of those like rocket cars. That's ridiculous! I have no, I think, swelling out. I don't think he but there's nothing. Super impressive in the question one. My favorite stories in spring training is always the pranks that go on
Fill up anybody's car with marshmallows anything just wacky like it. If anyone of the Goal Posts so there's been nothing. There hasn't been a prank this spring; oh wow, that's about worrying about locker room talk. You guys doing lock himself, who want to someone talk with us. You won't call Lenny, let's not call, don't want all right. We got anything else. I think Dykstra This has been fantastic. Brendan is going to follow me now no, I don't. I don't need to be, but I don't need to be pressured into things like the best In other words, you can just do it organically. Just just one day I take it. I can take an ambien at night, one night I can go through and it's like right. This is worth it I'll follow this NBA and NHL season are in full swing and seatgeek is a smartest easiest way to get tickets to your favorite teams games with. it kicks seamless, mobile experience, you can buy and sell tickets and just two taps seek help. You, on the best seats at the best prices, fully guaranteed.
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all right. Let's do some segments first up real, quick before you know the segments are, you have been here want to address an issue that came out today. Part of my take broke some new oh and it hasn't, the news hasn't actually happened. Yet the news was, that Malcolm Butler is being dealt to the saints for the 32nd overall I stand by our story. Just because it hasn't happened yet doesn't mean that it's not going too. So. Happens tomorrow, just make sure when Schefter starts tweeting about it. You know when Rappaport starts, trying to break the news. You let him know this is broken. My part of my take twenty four hours ago. We have sources and will just let you know we want to become the place for two things, one. Inconsequential news stories like when we broke the David Ross is going to be on dancing with the stars story David. still didn't credit. I thought you said inconsequential. Ok, that's right! That's true!
I'm Scott darlings face mask for the winter classic, and then we also, if you ever, want to maybe do a little seaward word, the old cook of Schefter or rap. Beat him to a story. If you have a source to slide in those dm yeah. Let us know about it, yeah, let us know alright. First up, we have a just chill out man. This one goes to our good friend. Jim Harbaugh- who yes great. We did attacking this day with an enthusiasm unknown to mankind before my one hundred and thirty pm colonoscopy, so I've never had a colonoscopy, but I'm pretty sure your doctor's orders before that procedure include
heart attack this day with an enthusiasm unknown to mankind like yesterday, that you just chill out for awhile like let your butt hole, just kind of relax. I also like it because he's kind of a basic pitch he has like a black and white picture of him, smiling in the middle of a street in Ann Arbor, like hey, I'm going about to go, get my my butt hole finger. Look at me guys also thoughts and prayers to Jim Harbaugh's proctologist, because that's probably a pretty intense appointment that you have to keep. If Jim Harbaugh ever God forbid, but if Jim Harbor ever get sick in any way, do they even deliver on that news like he, You won't believe just put him down like a dog yeah. He won't believe it will just keep reinjuring himself petting his hair and just give him a cookie that puts him under and there you just have to put him down there there Jim, because he would never believe that his body has betrayed. It also have to believe that if you stick two fingers into Jim Harbaugh's, anus he'll, probably squeeze and try to break your hand off. He might break his proctologist hand tomorrow.
let's give him some film to watch on an Ipad and he'll be right at home. Yeah. It's not even know your focus, he said no idea, you could put anything inside his butt and he wouldn't yeah all right. We have next up people forget that this one goes out to people who forget that Julie, these Dreyfus went to Northwestern. I don't know her son people forget that Julia Louis Dreyfus does Son plays on northwest right the end yeah. They they shorter. I think, maybe for just a half. Second today you have to look forward yeah. This is a time even one, forty five times, yeah so yeah. If in case you forget that now you don't anymore, also she's pretty good. Looking yeah, how does she like fifty fifty five. Take it easy man. I meant to her just going to put it out there. Take it easy, Jld, Elaine, she's on my list. Elaine Bennis she's always been on my but hey. That's come on. That's offensive just got talk if she were to want me on her list. I would put her on my
don't you let her go first yeah! That's the gentleman that I like Next up, we have a respected biz predicted this. This is actually a Jimbo on our part when Northwestern goes to the tournament. There's going to be some respect, the biz issues that pop up around that game and sure enough we had from Steve Greenberg. He, out glad for northwestern alumni, covering turney and shirts. show like a family reunion, but purple. Ut T shirt in media room is bulshit is not wrong, oh you keep that out of the press box this or not. This is not the sweet. Ok, sports are not supposed to be about the teams and having fun. If you're journalists don't even think about that you're rooting for one of the other? Can you imagine being one of those hard working trying meet your deadline
play game, but I'm sure you still have that you're trying you're working you're banging out your story and out of the corner of your eye, you see a purple t shirt yeah A plea Lee ruins everything. It's just that you. How do you even write a story? You can yeah? I I would if I were an editor at the paper. I would just give my staff the day off after that, when you think last time Steve Greenberg got laid. I don't know much about yeah yeah, I mean just I'm just wondering purely based on getting this upset, calling something ship. When you see a purple shirt in a in a press and then later he clarified, he said I know I probably shouldn't get. This worked up and it was only one shirt. Yet still still is one person in the press box where northwestern shirt. This is going to be going to lose some snow. It was he's. Gonna lose sleep now. I know what happened. So it's pretty obvious the one person in the northwestern shirt they cut in front of them in the cold cut line, and so that set him off yeah. That's fair, Asmr, Adele Brad myself, I'm not, but that's that's a hot saying I just sleep out that he's not as a Madill grad
I want to throw a little congrats to the famous Good Deal grads Rachel Nichols. Michael Wilbon, Jaydon de Donde, Kevin Blackistone, Brent, Musburger, I think we hit it off. That's it yeah! That's everyone! I don't! Oh my Of course, I have your money, and my Greenberg's wife will include her as as an honorary grand hang, I'm not sure if she went or not, but yeah, basically right if you've had a gradient study that me and once you come home exactly my Greenberg's jets fandom as well. Yes, throw that in there. I think. That's everyone will agree, really has some successful team, so yeah Northwestern rejects feel good. But that's that's! That's a list. That's it. I think we had to. We listen all up. No, no okay well, good, alright! So I've got another one. I've got a new segment that I didn't mention to earlier, but I want to make sure that we cover it. It's Mcgregor Mayweather update
ok dear about this. No, so we like to keep people informed. This is a very hot topic in sports news lot of lot of big developments recently in this fight. Dana White said that he thinks it's going to happen. Oh so, just putting that out, looks like it's going to happen? What would you say, percentage wise that goes from what like eighteen percent to twenty twenty two I'd say: oh wow yeah, we're now we're getting were, it's complicated on Facebook and the real treat is once if they ever announce the fight. It will be like a year in the future, so we're about twenty months away from seeing this fight. If it ever happens, we Mayweather will be a good like decade since his last fight he'll be fifty eight. But it's going to be great. Let me great can't wait last stop before we hit Jimbos, we have an honorary football guy, not football season, but sometimes on football, guys pop up and this one close to Mount Saint Mary's coach before his big game against Villanova. He gave all
this player's horse blinders, so they could stay. Focused, yeah, just stare straight ahead, focus on the task at hand. It worked out pretty well for me yeah, I I did he didn't want to spring for lay sick and maybe a little steroids. There was a there. Was a coach there's, a national football coach that basically did the same thing earlier right. Are you talking about Penn state when I James Franklin brought juice packs for everyone to sleep during their own juice? Yes, yeah! So keep a very literal, turns out Mount Saint Mary's didn't win because they're all could only be straight ahead, but they couldn't pass for supervision right, but it good job. As a coach Maybe next time either book of lit matches like our guy Boise State, yeah too bad, he can make the tournament yeah. That would be great, right, let's do Jimbos and we will let you guys go and get back to the March madness. football season. I went on date with this girl and things are going well. She was attack. Things fan- and I say that I can't stand Jj Watt. She respond, hey Jj joke ideal woman.
Decide to play it like a nerd and not move too fast. In the time wait to see her again. She goes out with another dude. are still blowing up my feet and look fun as fuck, so yeah more aggressive. I guess it's all on you yeah it did you by the way. Did you see Jay what's girlfriend? Is the soccer player yeah? I I this is a little. This is when the internet gets a little too woking a little too weird, but it was all my time on one of the websites rolled with it that she was liking. Wedding, instagrams so there's some real internet sleuths out there huh Jj. What's up, uh, hey Jj, we're going to get invited to your wedding, probably not never say no, we be good best man, for you know what I don't want to be invited Jj's wedding. I want to be invited to his bachelor party
I'd. Imagine, Jj Watt's Bachelor party is probably going to be around a laser tag. That's why needs us yet maybe right, maybe one single beer flight for all twenty people, they're going to float a river, but just instead of having box one they're just going to bring a gatorade cooler of water, stay hydrated, hydrated yeah lot of lot of suntan lotion, every thirty minutes or get out, so you can sit under a tree cool He strikes me also is a steak steak dinner guy yeah I like the big big staked out or treat you guys to some t bones what a nine year old can be branded Jj and then you have to take pictures of them. Put him on Instagram they'll be great and then afterwards, maybe like a a little candle or maybe like a walk along along the beach just friends. Just guys bonfire is guys around a bonfire talk about the old times. My maybe some marshmallows. You know yeah Lowe, steroids, yeah and well yeah, alleged steroid legend, we a bunch in a couple different ways. They set it. So this might be a preemptive jimbo for people today, but this guy
I told my boss. I won't be able to come in because I was sick want to stay home and watch March madness. I ended up seeing them later that day at the bar. So also played hooky too later on the day he told his boss. He was sick, so he feeling better yeah. I don't think I'd say just don't go to the bar, I would say, to stay home. For that. But again I feel like we need to. We need to have like a a man law, chewy Chewy, an enact, a man law, Man Code, man, code code, just point out there who wants to watch March madness either take the day off or just be open with your boss. I mean my that crazy to think, like you should check. Hey man like I'll come in I'll come in next weekend. I get my work done. Just let me let me take off at three hundred o'clock on Thursday and Friday. If you give him enough heads up, I think that most bosses would be ok with it. again, this is why you need to quit your job before
It's also one of those things that everyone knows. Everyone knows that you know that they know situation where it's like, if you try to. If you try to call in sick the day after the super bowl and everyone's like come, and you're hungover remember the boss button that they used to have an on the watch. Oh yes, live the funny part about the boss button was people would use it that had jobs that had nothing to do with spreadsheets you be sitting there like, I don't know, writing copy, and then your boss comes by hit the boss, but like what the hell are you working on over here, like hey man, just serve the people there, coffee and donuts? Why are you looking at an Excel spreadsheet, you're at Mcdonald's and you're on your phone and you hit the wrong thing? Yeah I just started recently dating this girl and I volunteered to meet her parents and even help shovel the driveway things went great until about four minutes. The shoveling I blew my back out. It was confined. their couch in the living room. The rest of the day her dad spent the entire night, making subtle jabs at my expense and ask
couple times fast, French or a soccer player. Ok, nice dad talk just ribbon initially yeah. You know what, though Pussey talk yeah little spin zone here, that's a good way to bond with your, maybe future father in law. It's like it advances your relationship to the make fun of each other stage pretty quickly. Well also, I would say the easiest way to you know he ingratiated into a family where you are having sex with the father's daughter is just become the beta mail right away like a dog at the park like turning over and letting everyone every other dogs sniff its belly. He's just do that yeah! It's actually it's a great way to just reassure him that you're not going to be having sex with his daughter in his house, yeah you're, probably going to be weeping after the sex yeah. That's a great idea! First time you meet the in laws. Just faking injury smooth the whole week in right over yeah show him that if we were to four hundred years ago, you'd be dead by now yeah great jeans, hi,
my baby, you run around with no diaper after bath to air out his balls, like an old man in the locker room to babies, have balls- I don't know. I said dumb question on my part- would be I haven't been around enough. They do. I don't think they do. I think they just just airing out your baby scrubbing anyway. Yeah he put it off like babies, have balls, I think they do. No, I don't know how I think it takes awhile yeah, they drop. I used to think balls were played it made out of play dough other in there, but they just like yeah when I was a little ones like five. It's like well, that's weird, tell me what song is this. I must say even simply know back in the day Now there are my balls, my gum and that's where it ended up anyway, we get a little sidetracked from time to time. He pooped on the floor and the dog ate it before. I could pick it up. Oh is baby bottles for for dry ice could be what a great dog could do that for you. That's a perfect dog yeah, I'm into that dogs. Just love to eat anything. So I accidentally train my dog with that. When I say the word oops,
he now knows that that means that I drop some food, so he comes over. So that's that's. A perfect I will clean up after you, no matter what I don't. I never expected that the dog would ever eat shyt baby ship, maybe Lee RD each shift. Well, maybe it's a different animal baby. It's like you know it's basically gerbers! Then you also have to protect the dogs, understand the pack and they gotta protect the pack. That baby should sits out there. That's how bare skin get on the path he's at home, all yep last one. I moved in with my girlfriend. Has a cat notice. I had what seemed to be a pimple after few weeks of living here with her on my forehead check it out Doctor Ann it was a fucking worm in my forehead he turns out the cat has been sitting his bottle on my forehead when I sleep for money and gave me his worms such a classic cat move, if you believe for one second, that this cat didn't know exactly what it was doing, then you're an idiot your first
take was dating a girl that owns a cat by herself. That's a red flag right there. I, I think by Casas, had a cat sit on his eye when he got pink, pretty cost is a big cat cat cat cost. This is a huge cat. Guy Constance has multiple cats and he probably names them all. After, like his favorite philosopher or a sportswriter yeah, sorry yeah. This is grantland. this: is Barbara wow we're really good at sports writers? This is MIKE Lupica, just looping click that he makes that cat live outside 'cause he's such a diva, that's our show what's your gym, so my was at Soulcycle today, no no big deal! I I win because you went to Soulcycle, oh yeah, that's right! You're, my surrogate share. It's my it's my other new segment. I eat chips because my co host Wentz
like that's fair, so I went there. I did the exercise I completed the hour. I was exhausted. I go back downstairs to the locker room and I didn't know locker I put my stuff and they all look the same and think about soul cycle. Is it's a coed locker room yep? So There were about like thirty girls in sports bras, all their lockers Ann. I didn't know which one to go to so I just went down the aisle going every single locker in the locker room. Looking like a real creep I finally found my stuff trying to start any locker room talk, no mix companies. What do you? What do girls talk about in the locker to find out the fridge fidget yeah. They talk about version. Probably I think they all now it just be. Assuming is crazy stuff. I think they all like walk up behind each other and cup, each others breasts just for support. Yeah, just look in the mirror and they're like you're, beautiful yeah. They share they kissed just a little PAC yeah, and then they brush each other's hair.
and here's some software. Do you use yeah, yeah, ok Thank you so pretty. Oh, so pretty well, you're pretty you're prettier now you're so cute I saw I wish I had your boob's. I wish I had your butt and that's locker room talk for women. I I'm sure we nailed that all of our lead you listeners out there. Let us know if we were spot on about that all right. That's our show! Everyone out there good luck with the betting tomorrow. Good luck with the betting this weekend make sure you survive that more than you have it's kind of fun when you say that you just have to say that it's one of those for entertainment purposes only. I got two picks for tomorrow. For you, you are, I round pick 'em and Smu. I love me, I know I love this Smu all year, your butt crazy about Sii love Smu. I think there are very good team. I think they could go to the elite eight or maybe sweet sixteen or final four is they want to delete it they'd be in the sweet. Sixteen
right, that's our show will see you on Monday we're going to tape late again on Sunday, so we will have a recap of the entire weekend. We're going to do, college basketball talk will do anything else that pops up and those are our will we'll see. I love you guys.
A medical,
I'm going to call an uber. I'm Rob Cisternino. The aptly named Rob has a podcast where we're creating fun smart conversation around reality, tv games, like survivor and this March survivor game changers is finally here join me weekdays for episode, recaps player interviews and, of course, your feedback. So if you're ready for a game, changing your own survivor experience, Download Rob has a podcast at podcastone dot com on the podcast one app or subscribe on Itunes.