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Lacrosse Superstar Paul Rabil, Kentucky Ghost Callers, And Our New Intern Jill

2019-06-07 | 🔗

Stanley Cup Final Game 5 live watch. NBA Finals Game 3 was chaotic. We talk about the game, Mark Stevens pushing Kyle Lowry, The Bey Hive, and Drake. (2:55-16:15) Fyre Fest of the week. (16:16-24:15) Premier Lacrosse League Founder and GOAT of the Lacrosse world Paul Rabil joins the show to talk about the new league, what rules we can change about Lacrosse, and explains the things we never understood. (25:54-1:04:13) We hosted Kentucky Sports Radio and have a best of radio calls from our show. (1:05:31-1:18:42) Segments include Thoughts and Prayers LeVeon Bell, (1:21:30-1:23:09) Respect The Biz, (1:23:10-1:24:05) We read a headline, (1:24:06-1:26:03) and License to Jill introducing our new intern, 69 year old Jill. (1:29:06-1:44:08)

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on today's part of my take we have a packed episode for you we have paul rabal from the premier lacrosse league he taught us all about lacrosse he's some may say the guilt of the cross very very fun time interesting interview with him he's a really good guy we gave him some pretty sure fire winners for the plo yeah hi sir how to use the ratings a little bit he is what will make me watch the cross because i'm like damn that was a really likeable guys not really like the classic lacks bro that you're you know chatter brad even that wouldn't be bad but paul rabal really good guy we also host to kentucky sports radio one of our favorite days a year we gave you some clips from some unbelievable callers we also also have the debut of our sixty nine year old intern julie football and license to jill and then on top of all that we have fire fast and nba finals and drake in the owner's pushing
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fuck well on the part of my take presented by the cash app put in code barstool you'll get five dollars to aspca save some animals today is friday a june seventh if you're wondering what happened in game five of the stanley cup final we are live watching the third period for you so we will live react as the episode goes along we have an awesome awesome friday
a show for you paul rabal coming up kentucky sports radio ghost stories jilly football all of its common we're watching the game hank is reacting as we go there on a right now and play who's won nothing we got one thousand five hundred and forty five left in the third a minute left on the power for the b word so we won't we won't talk about it unless there's a goal unless something big happens but we're going to start with the nba finals we're going to start with game three we have a lot of story lines that came out of it but i want to what the actual game first we're we're we're actually nba fans were not the wealthiest league i'm not a fan i'm a journalist right speak for yourself i'm subjective okay so are absolute kicking by the raptors slevin gets paid for bank it's paid steph curry with an all time performance forty seven point eight rebounds he had the most rebounds of the warriors which is incredible he basically tried to will the warriors to victory the workers were putting out like so
whole areas lineups because no klay thompson know kevin durant and the guy that looked like detlef schrempf got the drug pulse drive co yeah good notable armpit hair no game yeah i know game drug co no yeah it did the warriors lineup was like every now and then we'll steph was on higher but every now and then one of the guys make shopper for the majority of the game it was like open shots because everyone was guarding steph and then some missing what sucks is that when it's warriors game i can't turn the game off early if it's a blow on now is you never know thank you how did you have likely never know and and it yeah it's so it feels the same story every time the raptors to gain from or when even when the rockets were beating on but you can't turn off the game even in the fourth quarter like two minutes left they're down by ten points down much will points as like i really need to lately route haven't take a massive dump
but i can't because stuff curry might just catch fire again and write my night for me right a lot of people were also complaining about the late start time to the game i like the late start time for two reasons one it separates the men from the boys as a real fan it's like i have to work for it i know that lesser fans don't stay up for it two it gives me way more time to lock in my bed so i think that the nba actually really enjoys these let's start times because it gives it it had a silver loves a betting man hole a much larger window with which told to lock in their better think about it yeah i so the other parts of the game clay thompson obviously being out hurts the warriors not only obviously on offense that's that's very apparent but defensively he's like i mean he changes everything the raptors got whatever they wanted they shot like for
seven from three they were on fire all night and then i want to give a special shout out to my guy boogie cousins because what he did in game two was phenomenal and like any fact guy he was like i got mine i'm not coming back for game three because he no showed game three and i like it because you know that he was like a little extra sore from game two he was like i've done my part i don't you guys don't need me like to do this every game right and that is exactly needed it a hundred came three and he just didn't show up for it yeah he would do the thing where he would occasionally to look like you're hustling if you're playing pick up passport out of shape guy just bring the ball up court once or twice and then pass amelie b s that play as far as everybody else is concerned you were the point guard my move to always get a laugh if i bring the
all up as i just call a fake play indiana indiana everyone get it set up and you just pretend like you throw the ball and then go send a pic and everyone's like ha ha you say triangle just set up the triangle for me alright so i actually think the warriors are totally fine i mean it's not like a hot take button clay is going to be back i think they sit in clay there like look where the warriors will be fine let's get him one hundred percent healthy or close to one hundred percent is not going to be one hundred percent for the rest of the series but they know that they can win on the road they can know they can win down i don't think kevin durant's going to play this series we've said that on wednesday did you see him after the game in the tunnel he was he was doing at least he was doing the good job good effort he also was a good job good effort kid for the warriors use icing his account to lower caps trey he also has been ruled out for camp four already so i like how we
and even further away like we're going to rule out for game five the minute game for me but i still think they're fine because of the warriors and i know people don't like the words are sick of the warriors but i actually love this series because they're being tested the absolute limit and it's like they will really earn this if they win this yeah and then there was obviously the story of the the partial owner of the warrior mark steven mark stevens given a little shove to kyle lowry as he dove into the sand i i want i want to start with the partial owner part because i don't know if you've noticed with the media has been doing in the wars of in doing and the nba he started as an owner in how is he went to order ordered a partial owner then he was
minority owner then he was an investor is definitely white yes i will no minorities steak and then he was an investor and then like by the start of game for we like some dude who just gave us a lot of money once yeah he bought a lot of t shirts yeah we just decided to give a little steak there distancing amongst themselves so far yeah this guy ever heard of him he's going to have to sell a stock here are his his investment in the warriors poor mark stevens it's like it's gone up like four one slash two times so i think it would make a shit load of money from it you think they can offer that to katie to stick around or the brand new car the brown come but but let me just say this but that is it because he can't com something owner this is almost like an you're right that's true that's a matter almost an epidemic going on like everyone's talking about how many owners are are pushing players in the stands in the nba this is the type of thing that never happens in the nbl down in australia now new zealand we've never pushed
that one hundred lee and listened it never happens we won't we promise to never even go to a game so that's how safe you are a lot of people are talking bring a lot of people are talking about players that are going to it's the nba yeah and go play overseas because they're sick of getting assaulted by the owners v r so there's like it it's could not come any because you should never ever touch a player that's like point blank end of storied ever touch a player the complicated part to me slightly is it was very clearly like he was blacked out and almost like his fan his fan came over him so you're sitting on the couch you're throwing your remote at the tv he just happened to be sitting right next kyle lowry when he went in his lab they showed them listen not excusing it but i also like understand how someone can black out in the moment and be like fuck
sky we're getting our kicked you know what this is a silicon valley guy he's ex all yes to all the finest marcello said he's from the summer so yeah understand he's expose all the finest in four k three d technology when it comes to watching these games live yeah he's probably watch games on his couch where it felt like the players were diving into his living room yes he's probably comfortable shopping at them yeah and getting away with it because they're not religious it's the technology that he has access to to is add a game he can't he can't tell what's in the major well real life no course not he also not okay okay hank no go hank calm down screaming about a no goal hank almost hang himself on that one thirteen minutes left in the game paul pierce now little hang in there the other part of like the kyle lowry going into the stands the woman in the second row she got lit up she got jacked like straight up whiplash concussion
neck brace but because this fucking little loser mark stevens who probably has more money to buy and sell us a million times over gave kyle lowry a little push that's the story so i feel that for her i do too it was she's not even a first row guy that's right she's she's not rich don't have two point three billion it was probably got like five hundred million that sucks for her sucks it did okay hid from nfl blitz that she took it was like it was a well you know what to her credit she cannot shoot yeah she got hit a rally in the thorax right yeah right the sternum region yeah and you just like sat down calmly and then kind of rubbed her shoulder out a little bit marcus mariota would have been out for the season yeah you'd be that
marcus mariota would turn into a cloud of dust so he is now going to have to probably sell his stake he's banned for a year it's going to be really awkward because i've always wanted like well actually we ourselves are might minority stake owners in it is kind of awkward because we know there's guys with bigger swinging dixon who have you know more money than us who who actually invested in that the team and put in the paperwork all the shit like we haven't that might be a goal by the way it's gotta be weird to be that guy who parallax effect already walking on egg shells a little bit i actually think it might be the parallax effect of us yes it might be be that guy who's already walking on egg shells because he's rich but he's not the richest it doesn't own the team to then fuck the team over like this yeah it's gonna be weird i don't know who even owns the lake over whatever's name is texting him the next morning gotta be fucking weird that's kinda tough for sure it's like you're dumb drunk buddy who always fuck
up at the party you really fucked this one yeah and he's just like hey man sorry that you know like i took a shit in your pool and broke your broke your jacuzzi my bad and it's like come on me i mean fair share fair is fair dre should be allowed to assault one player in the warriors okay so speaking of drake let's talk about drake and his war with the warriors going to ignore the beehive going or get it ok we're getting all right good that's the biggest we're getting there drake burned klay thompson by posting a picture of clay like basically with a bunch of women that i think you might have had sex with own that was an all time old pretty sick i guess i guess clays like in a relationship that like ended poorly because of his cheating ways but still drake bases like clay has a lot of sex which funny is like clay could come out with a mix tape right now an app blueberry drake and drake would not respond remember about your kid that pusha t said yeah why is the name why isn't any of the warriors done that just gone
find a pregame like shoot around and shit they just kept playing that song repeat all the really long yeah this league i tell you this leak all right that was a noble so yes the last thing we need to talk about before we get too far for us the week the bay high they may i have have have ruined lives this is this actually was the worst game possible for all the richest people in golden state the the golden state warriors rita oracle arena all the richest people i got one guy had to sell all those shares and be publicly shamed and then though the wife of one of the owners really like basically asked jz if he wanted to drink because i think jay z beyonce they were their gas but it was the perfect internet clip we're beyond say looked very upset right after and the bay hive attacked and she
julie her instagram and she got threatened her life got threatened wouldn't whatever been tell guys about each other no reaction at all major of one single hornet or be i think it's a bad behind when the hive starts to swarm on you i would rather stick my dick in and actual beehive then to provoke plus the bear the beyhive on instagram and i think we actually are provoking them right now no no no there beehive no that was hank that was hank that was mispronouncing it is it behind your back delete henry lockwood one at instagram he was the one that i didn't put those beats you could you imagine like the terror they basically m night shama lawn should make a movie about it like you just go on your instagram one day and you see like a couple of these running and then and then you refresh and now there's a bees and then you refresh again space there's a ten thousand b comments i have like a small case the one time during the war show i think i said something like it was like riana to agree on a great ambience say and i got off a little piece of like the bee hive coming at you the buzz the little i can't imagine like the public being in
one of the finals game terrifying she absolutely full hive she had the leader instagram and she was there i think our life was threatened they should do a sequel another sequel to my girl where instead of getting swarmed by an actual swarm of bees it you just get we'll buy stand you get killed but you get you by cyber bulling yes you said i've never experience i ruling like this no da i can't believe our players go through this that that kids go through this well your there's no not to fuck with beyonc so i think that's kind of on you yeah that they had me files so fucking funny like how many stories come out of each game it's ridiculous alright should we do firefly sweet oh before we get to fire fest the week so we have jilly football coming up peter and paul raible if you want to watch those for football nine year old into
already said wonderful been watching the game please enter an because no i said right after two maybe i didn't but if you want to watch it google dot com slash pm too you can watch julie football in paul rabal in studio barstow gold dot com slash pmt hank why don't you start with your fire fest which i'll start with one for you you want to go to game seven for your birthday and the bruins look like they might lose game five that's okay okay lot of time left up alright firefest tank anyway my fire foxfire fest is having to talk on the number one sports podcast we need rather be watching tv oh you're the one that said recorded during the game that's literally like you brought that up that's true that's on us anyway my bad i guess i was my idea to put it on if i press the week is that i watched a jonas brothers documentary an i actually really like them why is that for now that's kind of
thank you you got some internal were you going to be like oh yes because those guys are losers like only teenage girls like a mobile blah you know you think that is the product of the disney channel and it's like then he watched a documentary you realize they were grinding for like three years know what the family had to leave their house and all the i got cut like one large chernobyl is like radiations kind of data yeah all the channel was kind of every time i go on the train like what if what if like like use why outside and you're fucked yeah it's like you walk into radiation class you know you're done and you know it's really scary is that if it had gone up into the atmosphere of the way that some people predicted it was going to they like jet stream would have carried the radiation all over yeah it's it's crazy there i mean i know why it's highly rated because it was obviously very well done but man that's a bummer of a show like real bummer well we really sucked greedily sucked all right earrings other five us by fast of the week yeah yeah best okay was you like to
his brothers now yeah okay it was like you know i was my government i'm watching jones for the doctors are all jobs for those guys are losers and then i said you know i sat there watching those go they have a son to slap which which songs go your three thousand what how many are there there's three sort one of them's like joan biggest solves blues just scored a goal lose your scored a goal that looks like that might be it and while there's our son is crying into his soul patch blues you scored a goal hank that had that really happened during your fire for as tough your fire for us was still open while that happened your fire fest got fire fist cocked by your actual team yeah
that was you gotta clear the puck watching you get the fuck out of the zone look like maybe it's really got ripped look like a trip there gonna have yeah that was right there look like the boys play in the stanley cup final blues goal his seventh over the postseason number fifty seven david peron peron nine hundred and twenty four boats take this cheek wash who's in the building do doing the ingame announcing for us the arena announcing hank that stuff that should have been a trip i felt like a trip he slew footed him oh whoa that was who was act that's cam neely he just fucking rocket in a water bottle that was awesome
a man it's good being thrown a player women spend for year kim the only that was wine and dine in six nine i'm ready to us yeah yeah see the city's askey bass all right if you would you got my fire first that we can can you play some like patriotic music underneath this we'll see okay my fire first of the week seventy five years ago bunch of soldiers the original influencers got a one way ticket to an unforgiving on supplied beach without proper accommodations are return transportation sound familiar it was the original firefest there were no swimming pigs all they had was the german soldiers at the rangers your fire flow through off the cliff i'm try to give respect to the military okay how how long is this re i'm almost done i'm almost done so next time you for quarterback calling inaudible take a moment to think about the time our military so their weakness it's in the opponent's defense and responded by screw
omaha omaha okay so you're far fetched as d day it was a strong respect to the original fire fest which is device saying in my great uncle got okay i passed my family spire preston week is yeah i don't think that that's how associating the troops with fire fell i'm saying that it and also if you're a personal buyer for us the week is d day if you think that so you are blessed with the dad then yeah we'll do day was not one time it's not as bad as but a matter where it was hurt when i fire from hold one of the same as your personal fire fast to make the trivial moments in life and make light of it now you just have like the most serious moment and try to make light of it yeah i thought yeah
you're absolutely right okay because i'm required nobody else is going to show respect to that out could have said something you can always been like hey let's have some time i'll sometimes a man's gotta take matters into on that hi my fire for a moment of silence in a podcast is a great idea yeah we've done that before i do that more than that just like a lot of time my fire first of the week is i went home on i think wednesday tuesday night and my cable than work for like fifteen minutes so that was pretty bad stuff we give it was raining no i had to unplug the box and plug it back in that so you know when you like turn on your tv like what's going on and that first the first like thirty so you're like oh it's probably just slow today the announcer speaking in spanish yeah and then and then like a minute and a half later like something's wrong and that thought pops in your head where you say what if my cables just broken and now i have to deal with calling the cable company and scheduling in it the hold like thing in and it's not gonna be back for days and days and days
is it scariest thing you can happen but all you have to do it usually is just the manual reset yeah no i did that but are fine but for the moment is two minutes or your brain goes to a bad bad play you are just like this might be the end like i might just call it quits because i might not have cable for you know what that's how it's going to happen to our generation that we're going to start actually cutting cords is just going to coincide with our cable happens to go out and
just be like you know what i'd rather not deal with this so i'll just subscribe to online service also there is an element where like the cable person relationship is a very fragile one and now my trust is that are all time low so i'm like now flinching every time i turn on my tv for at least a week or two this little ptsd from the time that i wasn't able to turn on my tv for a minute and one slash two it's scary time but you have cable oh don't even start hank are you cord cutter know you have cable normal notes can have cable yeah you have cable god you have to watch the bachelor true people who are cord cutters are not sports fan so i'm just going to say it right now because you are buffering and you're watching a minute behind like but the money you're saving and yes for the actual sports in being up the you are not a real sports fan i i mean i at one of my best friends like we almost stop being friends because he had he cut the cord and i try to watch a
all game with him and it was like does the main reason i moved out of my apartment i'm yeah we got in like the biggest fight ever i was like i can't do this do you know what's great though about watching sports when there is a ten second delay you can talk yourself out of some very bad live bets because it will happen is you'll be pulling up a live bet line right now and you're trying to lock it in and then you refresh twitter on your other screen and you see that the exact opposite thing that you want to happen just happened but the problem is the live bed is ten seconds ahead of the real time so you're twenty seconds behind the live bed
so you don't even know where you are yes i would like that is so far in the foundry st com that no that's some salt like a lot of times it reminds me that i am hey i'm wrong about most things that used to yes yes in my life you were saying you're you're actually chris it's so far in the future you can't comprehend you're like wait it's like a total different ending because my stupid cord cutting ways have made me so far behind all the rest of america losers all right let's get your interviews paul rabal coming up here before we get to paul rabal audible listening makes a smarter more connected people makes is better partners parents and leaders and there's no better place to start listening then audible audible is
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take or text take two million five hundred thousand five hundred do it today you can explore all the ways listening to audible can help improve mind body and soul with entertainment information and inspiration okay here is paul rabal okay we now welcome on a very special guest it is paul revolt he is a cross legend he's also commissioner we can creator co founder of the premier lacrosse league is starting june first nbc sports are you playing as well i'm playing the jackie moon of professional ross so are you let's start here are you the goat for people who don't like what i would say most of our fan base doesn't follow lacrosse are you the goat now well i would say gary gate yes familiar with them at all yeah jim brown told brown hair was i think tom schreiber tom
no i'm very like that hank out of the gate tomtom schreiber plays in our league yeah she better than you hank hank thanks sweetie i thought we were going to be alliance when i walked in so do you what some people do you the go i you it's some half on social okay in win a national title with i did okay johns johns to one too well would you be for you do you do maybe do a thousand you know a lot more of the cross and then you think all right so my first question is very important question because i think everyone is wondering this for a lacrosse go have you ever had like in your deepest darkest moments been like man i wish i was really good at a real sport
pretty regularly i could have made thank i mean big cat i was like clawing at your last two years to get me on the show yeah i'm certain it's because very few people know about professional across so i very few yeah i've i've i'm like very empathetic to the situation at least being able to sit in here and talk about it good because that that's a big thing like it's all good i think what happens with sports that aren't the major for sports as you get a lot of please like my sport people and that turns other people off yeah so i actually think lacrosse community is a little different every time i've tweeted about it it's been a little more welcoming than like mma or soccer where people are like you don't know shit so would you say that overall that lacrosse is trying to and bases open and welcome to new fans are one hundred percent i would say widely our fan base is still in its nascent stages two million participants six million fans a relative to the core sports you guys talk about it's small
but i've noticed anytime you guys talk about lacrosse or barstool widely people just engage so like big agency is have put out reports around the cross fans and they follow other sports more than any other answers like really good demos that match with it is why we built the league to try to capitalize on it okay but yeah our our all i would say a vast majority of our fans is in the show they've all been paying in me since your tweet and that opinion is i just realized i gave a us okay a cliche yeah let's go to stimulate deeper hole in his life that concept creator right you're right well there light on the right path they're all like paul don't fuck this up yeah this is a big moment you probably are the first and last lacrosse gas bar graph so convinced me why is it across the support of the future when everybody knows that it's rugby well well we act we were built we built our model i know you guys were talking about it to shows ago trying to figure out the geo base nature of our teams yeah and there's no g o task the teams were toward based
so similar to rugby sevens right your copy cats what about yes fifteen yes some some good entrepreneurs are are are out copy cats yeah yeah good boy though so we we're copying that toward base model is the only team sport that is done it but if you are a ufc nascar pga tour their all to our base so when you're smaller sport like across we needed to capitalize on the players on venues and distribution and so but the reality is we work in a roll out a pro league with twenty owners they we're building venues in blowing this thing out so it was only really one way to make a large impact so we had to get creative and it's hard though because you guys are like who's the team in chicago is it in new york right and our thoughts with traditional sports yeah yeah
it was with six teams if we were to label cities to them that we would just be really local and we wouldn't be able to capitalize on this national growth at the sports add so by not attaching a city to a team at some fan in san francisco new york can just pick their legion okay holiday on any given year is gonna be like a weekend yes so we can long term it okay so we were just talking about this the other week i was exposed actually very easy to understand is not a how to determine how the story and not at all so right now you've got a built in fan base that understands because we've discussed it so much how like a term in okay one team that finishes first they get x amount of points is that how working so once carry over to the next tournament we we should so it's seasonal we should have looked at points honestly but what we did was knowing tour based so all six teams are going to be actual at this weekend and we're playing two games on saturday went on sunday all on nbc and three teams will be one hundred and three teams will be only one that's week one then the following weekend were new york
and then you might have one in one see just the right way not the rugby way good no no actually that's very complicated describes lights so you have you have three teams that win and then three teams that lose right and that's a weak one in there also we have ten regular season games and all star break and then playoffs and championship so you have to make your way to the top four on your season record love ok see i'm fuse how you can lose but not still win that's going to be an issue for me to get over but will handle that's but there's nothing from stopping in our community let's say chicago really does love the chaos yeah who are the chaos so chaos across about here then we built across club so we try to pull from england and let the e p l and okay liga and and build clubs because we are going to attach to cities but and then we formed the team is based on first university so a lot of our guys have played for similar universities you mentioned like duke and virginia so
whip snake so i know you guys talked about there that's all good did you decide that now i was a part of it and what is that discussion with exactly brought up whip snakes how high was that guy when he said it bro what if we just did whipsnake so so we felt like red tiles like having a reptile involved was important as all week okay and and a snake in particular kept coming up from like a rattler to you know a a copperhead or whatever there's a bunch and so when you talk about with cross in and he probably knows that yeah is that a lot of shots are considered whip yeah he was just saying that the other day so crank shots yeah credit yeah unbelievable were actually know about lacrosse did iguanas ever get on the table there now never on the table about moto dragons or something like that no but i did a science project on komodo dragons when i was young
go on please have the i or how i built komodo dragon paper mache what about fire some it was initially okay so there should be a financial matter team yeah we're considering doing pyro player intros oh okay i like that obviously we give us the team names all six okay so yep archers atlas chrome chaos which snakes redwood skate got a problem of the atlas okay because then like that's the team i play for okay well it's so dumb people take me when you're like the atlas is the atlas i how do i pluralized well i think we can make it a fish on this show we just call it at lie at lot and we'll just quote you on it that's at lilac roma brought and well it's atlas lacrosse the at lie but we need to know that i brought your t shirt that why yeah ok so atlas whip snakes chrome did you internet explorer or anything like that fire fox it would be an awesome yes also chrome was initially was we were looking at the steelers and we said we looked at
lot of other teams is a crazy i would have loved to have you guys guys been a part of the process because your brain on x one tell us will have any will help me will have expansion teams hopefully yes but but yes so we we're looking at other organizations across team sports season the steelers kept coming up but there's so much i p that's already stripped out of the market from college teams and universities to other pro leagues yeah i mean i would say from the new zealand breakers have some type of trademark yeah so you can't do breaker each time yeah yeah yeah yeah i can't do that sorry well no you with exactly sounds like in new zealand and we yeah like sweet so which takes chaos out lie archers archer here's chrome chaos wake cassie is part of it chaos is a team in the premier league yes correct got it
okay yes i have a k i like the chaos yeah alright so that is erica so that so here we are like that was yes eric is actually on the border directly to medicare she to trade over to chaos for myself he's do it yourself yeah so can we own one of these teams that's the most important i think if we own a team then will care it doesn't would real the real question is can we say that we own own it yeah we can figure that out okay i'd like to discuss that yes i i have no problem with long you have to do it on the podcast right now all negotiation so i'd like to also put on the table having you guys call quarter on nbc right okay yeah for none of the games i can use and ms let's not all it's not espn okay and the distribution for the nbc man brought over a hundred and fourteen million we're it dollars homes yeah ok so you're in yes in for calling game as long as it's just gotta be close i don't want to travel so yeah
i always like energy on is it a problem can we make the game in the bar stool is there a problem for us having money on the game openly ask for call no not a problem okay good make that rule all right will will there be a family on it well we're working on it okay so that's hardly it's it's huge a part of the problem is national cross has existed for eighteen years but it hasn't really been professional wise and that even accounts for stat keeping so when we approach mgm and a lot of the casinos then draftkings in fanduel their odds makers are looking at all the data and they're like well this ground balls miss cap to this assistance miss cab so we've got to develop a year's worth of stats before we get one of those partners to come in a game if i
okay but we will you're thinking about it yeah all right so one hundred percent in all right so doesn't win if we don't have yeah absolutely so i want to view your little off here from from the league right now i want to do a little bit about your like career in the cross so that people are familiar so you see when you start when the cross when i was twelve and did you play other sports yes okay what what was your best second sport i i actually sucked out across for most of the early years i hated it and i wanted to quit and my mom would drive me to practice is back when you would practice once we can play on a weekend i didn't play club sports so i played basketball and soccer were better at those i thought this was pre mls so i didn't really have much to look up to for mls and then i figured out pretty quickly i was in a play in the nba
and then when i was in ninth grade i just started like thing started clicking on the field across so i just dropped everything else right okay so you you play you you start getting good at ninth grade you go to college now when you were in college in your dominating in your winning national titles what is like the conversation i'm always cures for this was a conversation with all the guys on the team about like can we continue our career where does this go or do we just go get a job like everyone else it's usually go get a job like everyone else okay there is there's a league that we as called m l l so we actually tried to buy the mll with our capital partners and so turning groups an investor you guys know pete and then eric as an adviser goes p pt
well i wouldn't do that i i i don't okay but is a good call yet do not can we cut that so so you so it used to be there used to be a different league we try to buy them yeah i said you played for a long time yes i play it for ten years but to your question when i graduated from hopkins i took a job in real estate because my rookie wage and that legal six thousand dollars wow hello to my parents house family page how many games i live in my parents how many how many games were you were you getting paid six thousand dollars for a for the season so how many games is in the seas and he's an actor then it was it was twelve games in a season and would you max out at what was your best salary playing lacrosse professional the maximum salary last
there was sixteen thousand jesus not okay we're not you are really like building something from the ground up here so i i was in was in real estate and then i got my first endorsement back in two thousand nine with under armor and then red bull and i was building like a social media profile and so it's connecting with lacrosse audience because none of it was ever on television outside of the college fund for you guys saw young and then i left my job in real estate as i looked at that it was like basically twenty grand combined sponsorship sponsorship revenue so i a place in baltimore split it with with three in and i just started trying to figure out pro across okay in n bella check is is he a mentor of yours are just a friend or how does that work he grew up playing across in annapolis and he used to come to hopkins practices and at one point he actually guess coached which was pretty cool that's awesome so it you know because you'll see people come to practices in all weeks how do you cheat lacrosse how did he try to
that harry should she yeah i don't know get to like the balls in no no that's why i got out we're both skins fan so okay yeah yeah in theory not really dance niner fan not a huge not a fan no but i seem yes they get good again i'll be i love the gibbs era yeah give service you did you ever get our of k of course see the stadium but the the stands bouncing armonk gary clark yeah those guys mark rip in earnest byner yeah rip in back in ninety one yeah we can talk about skin so they backed it good yeah yeah so so it's always so bella check came down he coached the game so it comes to a practice and then we go to the locker room and we thought he was going to hey guys keep up the good work and he looked at us and he goes you guys are fucking division one athletes right here like yeah he was like then passing catch the fucking
all he was like jesus christ i've been playing this game my half of my life at least and i haven't touched a stick in in twenty years i can catch and throw better and you guys down i remember we were like all right that's awesome yeah we were kind of pumps because you just got a pep talk from bill bella check yeah and then when i graduated he just stayed in touch app one point i considered trying to do with chris hogan did yeah you guys know chris oh yeah we played that was one of my questions how much does a guy like chris hogan help lacrosse in a huge way yeah so he's a couple years younger than maine and he basically did what i wanted to do or consider doing and probably wouldn't have been able to do it because he stuck it out but yeah it's good because it shows the caliber of athlete that our sport has absolutely we have a guy like miles jones who consistently gets off
come out o t a's from nfl teams on tim sam issue played three years in the nfl he tried out our training camp last week so there's there's a lot of like athletes patrick kerney grew up playing across he loves it yeah can become robinson yeah the growers straight stud hank replace got his phone out yeah alright so we were talking about before the show is it hard to stay in elite shape as you you do have a day job most of these guys in the league have day jobs how often do you practice when you were with major league lacrosse yeah you practice once or twice a week so you're pretty much on your own but honestly when you look at even the nfl they've limited hitting so much that getting in shape is primarily off season preseason and then you just kind of stay in shape or you know when you go into this is your watching film and doing walk throughs maybe some skeleton work but the actual you the actual hitting and and
practices i mean the nba just as walk there's baseball just as batting practice so right i i think it's the allure of it though i mean you've got to be together right yeah five san to buy in yes so all right so you you're in the league it's obviously not paying like huge box like every other week what point we like you know what i want to start my only like when did that come to switch the light pole switch on so that conversation started in two thousand probably six dean but is primarily around like hey maybe we should buy a team let's look at what it an ownership position will look like in the m l l and then the more we looked at that we realize that you're pretty pretty hand tossed in that regard for number of reasons so then we switched over to potentially purchasing the league and my brother who had spent most of his time in san francisco as an entrepreneur he had just coincidentally left his latest job so we put our heads together are like let's give this
in a run but you never know you gonna do it until you actually raise the capital right so it's all conceptual right in conversations and and then end of twenty seventeen it became real and then we started having conversations with players under nda and it became like a pretty ground swell moment and then the rest of the community remain quiet about it wears like it was depicted though the worst kept secret in the cross for all two thousand eighteen but we were all still playing and allow at that time and i think a lot of the ownership groups and i'm all that that new when we walked away from where they walked away from a deal out opportunity in stony seventeen we're gonna try to build one but they were just like a lock it right really hard right that's a power move though to start your own league immediately try to purchase your former leak yeah right off the bat that's
lex i get what would they like what were they like a little bit insulted that you said that like we want to take over your league yeah they were and i understand why because rock a couple players my brother in play but he's he's still thirty five years old and and we like walk into a room with guys who have been trying to figure it out for a teen years so we were really sensitive around that and we had great investors that we disclosed after we announced two so it wasn't like hey mike and i got this thing figured out get out the way thanks but i'm sure they that there were some of them i'll interpreted that way but the reality is a non competitive market would would make it a lot easier than even us planes this weekend in mll having games 'cause they're still around right so we had one hundred and sixty players so this is crazy this been basically a three year process leading up to i think
run this next week so where's next week's new york new york read more into great so we made out of you is this right now they're gonna have the red bull reno for the weekend you can come out you can paul rabal if he doesn't or for the k i know the ally yeah but i might be on chaos yeah that's right might we might get it get injury back yeah so i mean that's crazy it's hats off to you man because like that's the that's a big rest that you talk and this is all kinda leading up to this moment where everything is coming out and it's like this is the new league yeah it's it's it is very risky but when you get all the best players to come and then you have investors the back you just operating this thing is really fucking hard 'cause there's i mean you're you're running a media business you're running a sponsorship business your right take a business a merchant a business in a youth business all at once so we have now thirty five full time employees but fifty people working in the org and it's just like every day
the grind sir right i mean we we were launching this weekend in boston will be in new york like you said but and we have you know capital behind us you know and but it's just you know it's it's at so what's a what's the biggest metric that you guys are gonna be watching to know because we've seen with you know whether it's the a out for other leagues of started recently it's like okay there are certain things that are more important than than others in terms of like long term viability for the league so are you gonna be paying closer attention to ticket sale those ratings merch sales charter twitter yeah whether or not mean big cat tweet about it a lot us as influencers right easily we will easily be sell outs was at hand yeah i'm soon okay yeah yeah because of the keys to the apartment take account take account so that many of many lacrosse streets probably which one of those things are are more most important to you as you like kind of taking the temperature of the league yeah and seeing how healthy it is yes
a f as you guys probably know were like underground building a technology business for sports betting yeah and they got out of the gates earlier than they would have like because of the xfl so they wanted to beat them to the punch for you know off season football in that was risky by them but they were building a gambling business were we're building a sports league that's in a state it's generating kind of enterprise value around revenue from sponsorship and tickets but we measure success by media so viewership across nbc and across our social what we're doing across digital how are activating through our players so single entity is what the tor base model is that it also gets us as close to possible is like the ufc which we follow them over the last fifteen years and they built it and linear decade to before social came out but they got behind their players and they told their story
so it's definitely in our vester investors knows i mean it's a ten year billed to try to get there and i think our one of our biggest op schools it isn't tied to revenue it's it's kind of appeal for look ross we yeah put itself in the gutter for a number of reasons of the last decade or so hi there just to name yeah the stereo yeah the chatham brad's on yeah i was just it's in fact rose yeah totally it's tough to shake are you could just totally turn into the skid and just rename everybody on each team a call them all like yeah brantley says make it a safe space for like white dudes we talk now i think golf does right i mean they've basically embraced being in that space right sans tiger woods right right and brooks koepke's interview was awesome but only pander to us
well pick out a pantry into him yeah i guess i should we did the interview yeah you did you know pandora but i mean it is an easy if it would have been easier but we're trying to do is basically unchain our athletes because they've been groomed almost like college coaches are in all sports to give this political interview after games to tell how great their opponents are to be buttoned up and wear a polo shirt all this other shit that isn't pro sports yeah so by getting them miked up getting cameras in their face encouraging them to talk shit about their opponents with the u s as you'd show that's what we're doing yes some personalities at one one free ideas we we actually come in with the dumbest ideas that might actually work if you just released like a hypothetical line up from when your teams and they're all like preston brantley the fourth power say names that goes viral you get the engagement you like actually those aren't real names here's a real rosters that would've been so busy yeah you can still do that that could make a difference
yeah and have it be like each team like duke virginia duke virginia virginia john science merle what do you i heard you about the rules yes yes yes yes so that's a that's a big question i have for you is like what is the basic understand understanding of like lacrosse and how it's played that that the general pop populace doesn't understand that you're trying to break through well it's complicated it's a lot like hockey in like these random two line calls an offsides and it's tough to track the ball or the puck during abroad broad so we looked at innovation on the broadcast and then we looked at basically creating this like lacrosse for dummies essential right so you have two goals you have a ball you know as a viewer that one team got to put the ball in the net more time you're really doing the dummy thing yeah
okay got it that's where we started and then we were like okay why is a whole different than a cross check different in a cross whole different than a trip so we like scully illegal body checks why a white previously dmv a that's why previously do fights take place in their objections but there's fights in the shell in the nol like let's allow fighting so there's fighting just fighting so yes you sure you should have started sooner later view with that there is finally i really fast boat with fighting yeah so there's fight but it's a little bit too it's it's mechanical though i'll say equipment can't come off okay good are you going to get tested probably but we have some tough guys are you ready invite you got and i thought i fought in the indoor game that i played professionally for a little bit and it was probably like five thousand and fifty ok because
tough guy in there you got a fight like yeah one yeah to get out there yeah you you know that right i have a league you have to fight yeah it's probably a good idea yeah i i also wrote down for a dumb idea have you ever had like a dick pic leaked i have it okay you should do that it's like people be like paul raible who predicted yeah acrostic everything has to have a dick guy yeah thanks very much remind green kind of got through exact several in football but the problem is i'm also the cofounder so it could go s pretty good that's even more publicity yeah and cofounder and play press right yeah and people at player and co founder what the hell dick gets people talking so it's a fact so we have a shot clock the college game to messrs eighty second yeah what is that it's like why even have a shot clock is wild i didn't even know there was what is their new role yeah
fast how do you cheer okay because i knew that when i turned it on on on monday memorial day i was like what there's a shock yeah so you guys have shot shock it's fifty two seconds that's a random it's yeah but i like that yeah that's we went for okay yeah the old fifty to claire yeah clearly the own nine data driven just throw out a shocking number what what counts is a shot though because you have to hit on adding on that are you hit the goalie those are probably the craziest players in the game is these guys standing with just a simple chest protector and sweat pants some we love that they were swept yes some that's a cool thing you like that yes relate
well its mandate it what am i wearing right now yeah call always have to wear sweatpants bloggers in just seventy in sweatpants and all i've got i've got two rules here one it's kind of like the puck track but just make sure that the balls are neon yellow that's exactly what we're doing ok lots to get right from tennis you actually took it from pft yeah check for me what you had in there by the way what color do you think tennis balls are optical oh there you go finally we solved all the right answers also i don't know if you didn't figure out that pantone it was damn near impossible yeah you gotta get revealed that we did the pantone that'll be big i'm telling you that will be big so i don't know if it's possible do with the live games but i know you can with replace maybe look at the lives make it like a video game where the player that has the ball has a little circle around them as they're running like on the ground you know how in madden
the running back has manage did that during the austrians you like it i didn't see that yeah but all i know is that when i've watched across on tv it's hard it's very tough to tell who has the ball because you can't see it when it's in the twig yeah every week all of us that carry the used to bought the cross but there's across what's the pouch called netting netting pocket yeah actually i don't know why i said nadine every across their listings you make the four so i like i swimsuit right right first behind it with the red bull a while ago that they were they weren't in team sports much and one with what we did the deal they like okay you know give your helmet to us so we can paint it and i was like well you can't because we're team and i have to wear my team logos there i can
that might be a deal breaker man like wait what's going on there like and they had figured out there was was not in team sports much give you like you like yeah i like it would run around yeah but so we we're actually we're we're exploring pain in our goalie home it's like hockey nice we have a two point arc so right that's why other ideas just make those worth more than one point yeah yeah so it's fifteen yards what kind of like a three point arc what about the dive dives outside guys can dive in the crease and scored the go airborne christophe what about when are you allowed to hit in lacrosse at any moment when balls either loose in your near the ball or someone has the ball you can hit him as defender so you can just run up and just like the f smoke someone with the ball yeah you can i mean you can't take someone's head off can you then culture now there they they call it tighter okay we did this thing with john branca's down at img who's the sports science guy and he did four
sos trying to decode a lot of the science behind the cross is a lot of people just don't know so one of the things that we measured was amount of force per pound of square inch or per square inch of force their defender gives checks a forearm and one of these affairs we have seems tucker dark and he cut through for cross circuit virginia he went to john top but this guy looks like we keep cally okay zach lee like graphically and i anyway cut through for karate pushed the holy it was it was pretty intense yeah i'll show you guys the video actually of of at some point what he did to because we had a player standin in just stand like a statue and so going from talk so so and that was best night it wasn't good yeah that was a hockey term yeah
to be a psychologist to volunteer for that job yeah so me tight yeah certainly does so yeah it's gonna be more of a running gun leaguer often out i think there but that's that's the same thing yes sir yeah yeah and the running gun and so what we've done is actually took ten yards up the middle field so guys can go from one of the other quicker the feel just so be it up out okay exactly i like that customer question yes hank will get the best fogo in league what is photo the outline for sure what's fogo face off get off yes my guys yeah so we have trevor baptiste and he's a beast and so he's he he the face of god for team usa got it and i may or may not have had something to do with him you know your team night stack your team so so give us yet give us some across let
i would say a you guys probably know it having listen you show a bunch more than me but let us yeah yeah i'll talk a little bit attack do you have a cradle you have a whip you have a crank shots you have what's different between lettuce and flow they're they're pretty similar okay sure just like so the hockey here yeah that's right can have short hair but have you know flow the lettuce okay he's gonna go point hang out of the home are you are you less straining to paul yeah to you you ask the questions as i has flow but not let us yeah i used to have it i used to have long hair okay i did everything i could to try to get myself in the we're out there when i was younger i was a sell out really total across like no i didn't i didn't go into the vernacular as much but you know i just i mean i was building
youtube channel on posting on social media and i still post a lot but i was posting all the time just because i sensed that it one it never existed before i communication from pro to fans and then me a lot of athletes have narcissism in the yes but i was i was i was indexing they're hard and then i know you guys have a a small feud with with you perfect yeah yeah you did you small i did did the the the gift that you posted on twitter was of me had that watermelon when i was the dude on her wedding that and and i don't delete it no please would you like to do perfect because i did i did an edit with them synergies over for everybody got me be well the cat is a leading into it because it twenty seven million views on that yeah and that that we don't deal with the largest video so but
this is now the largest show every every time we do something new it seems like after this league it's like the sport had never had a chance to even be on pmt now definitely so don't delete that sweet okay but i i you know i love bros we and how many jeeps of your own jeeps yeah yeah two yeah yeah in a course the is you standard you get one of those it's it's comfortable it's spacious and it's i was making six thousand yeah
i mean i guess you had a fucked up back you know i can't sit in a car is it true what do you do forty thousand five hundred and five s one fuck that sucks man that's kind of like what i did but not at all obviously you need to capture new audience but there's already a pretty big audience of people that have played lacrosse that have watched lacrosse already fans to support but where you draw that line in terms of like pandering to a brand new audience can sometimes alienate people that already know about the sport that i know what a goal is yeah you don't have to explain to me like how have you decided where to put that one yeah i'm so what we're a little bit split there so we're gonna figured out in week one because we have brian burke who does the islanders games he's our is our play by play paul burmeister does the olympics for nbc and then rhyme boils like our tony romo he's of the all time across player everyone championship he won or call yeah
just got a not a tony romo but they are they'll probably do some type of education during the broadcast but a lot of our fans do get pissed about that yeah because the the the college commentators do that little bit during the final four and i always see tweets going out be like hey we know what just took place we like we know that they went out of bounds in the other team gets it right there's also like a little bit of fun watching a new sport in figuring out some of the stuff as you're what like when you have that aha moment this is why this guy has the ball right now or this is why there's a face off that sort of thing like if you figure out why you're watching it obviously you you need to educate people little bit about something it through my experience as a rugby fans so when it's the world cup on for me to understand are in yeah or if it's you know the college rugby championship or whatever it is that that is on tv for a wide audience what i don't like is when they say oh this is like
a jump ball in basketball yeah we were they related to much to another sport that they assume that are it just sounds thirsty it does sound a little bit thirsty so if you do too much yeah i think it's important to do that a little bit because you do have to like our pay our knowledge base is based on you know the major for sport so when people do say little things like that it does help understands a looming offsides and you know that the you just explaining how you can hit at any time right like i didn't know that would scrap the john break is peace yeah yeah so yeah all that money down there yeah i have one last question it's eseke question go to a premier lacrosse league tournament or game game not a tournament game on one of the given week new york as the one coming up this weekend as it airs put in promo code take you get ten dollars off your c keep purchase so my last question is how much cash do you have on you right now good question probably seventeen box that's it that's it what about what about press how much how much cash
does he have an am zero well there is everything everything on credit i was going to i was going to offer tweet from pfd and myself on the first weekend for the right amount of cash seventeen not the right amount of cash i'll go to the atm no no it's like yeah i'll like a tweet for five dollars you'll like a tweet for five yeah but what if i just goes retweet new algorithm what if we're going to we're we're going to try to line you guys up to call one slash four just really want to do that yes that be awesome yes yeah that'll be a lot of fun yes people will hate us who's really going to dislike it espn oh yeah whatever will be on nbc but everyone is going to hate us everywhere i don't think so it doesn't seem like people is we don't know the rules though i'm saying like hardcore lacrosse which is great yeah that that will be the i think a lot of people will tunein and like it but i think there will be some hardcore lacrosse fans would be like fuck these guys 'cause we will probably make funnel across
yeah i'm sure av i don't know i was a little i was walking in here and and and like erika was like you know the sport of the future things kind of tongue in cheek and i'm like yeah i know yeah it contains like heck left yeah little old order he walked out the biggest lacrosse where you literally left five minutes ago we would go ahead i'm excited to be a credit to you man like we it's obviously a little tongue in cheek but seriously credits you because this is a hell of a risk and put it all in here and i'm i'm all in for more spot i'm a big believer in more sports is always better and we think that even even with this model that we built which is different in its tour based and it's not an established board or course port like the nfl the nba but we think this there's a launching pad to then going a city based model so it's not like where i hate fuck that cities don't matter they do in major way but if you don't have the number the participants and viewers already baked in and you don't have the owners
store based model allows us to get gillette red bull arena and not be stuck to these like local small venues smart because af came out and it's like i don't care about the fucking san antonio right it's just hard right right you just like if you come in your call the sudden people are going to be supporting you right it's just that that's like generational yeah so is is this league more player friendly you would say yeah our players have equity i like the yep i like that a lot okay we give our players increased wages healthcare as well and then equity look at you great blog article great boston we will see us tune in at some point we're going to call game quarter yes one hundred percent paul raible everyone tunein nbc sports premier lacrosse league coming to your tv watch interact tweet and do everything
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to stay every year shannon we have more calls we do let's go to dd a dd oh sorry edie he had a comment for you the calgary i gave it to him but now you have heard rednecks sassy before says you need to get into the eastern part of the state here that with that said these yeah hannah rednecks sassy yeah okay sorry it's double six yeah okay take it i gotta go sorry for you my family is i'm just holler for years and years and there is a cemetery at the beginning when i put the new road in there's a major battlefield just like a mile up the road they used it part of that hill there in the civil war there are several a march braves and
and in their own right at their and when they put the new record and they made this cemetery but not all of the graves correctly and the soldiers so it we think three years we've seen soldiers from time to time and different weird things have happened yeah so when i went to ted applied at on back from the graveyard about a quarter mile maybe kids make a house seat well it was my grandfather and that a few months later he got killed and again so it would not uncle five years later here then i can try and had a car wreck and he got killed then it went to his voice date turned out have the no worse like ever in my mind because and cut his last sheet non in it was awful so now then my mom bought it well she has them and is nice and probably like eight ten years later it burned to the ground well so does everyone
it's lived up there has and there's a lady in a white dress that's also been seen on the house seat and strange things do happen in the house like chairs moving every so often or you know just unexplained noises and and things happening i believe you when you say all this stuff especially when you toss in the indian burial ground that's a real wild card when it 'cause i mean all you have to do just look at fedex bold and the redskins history of quarterbacks there's a lot of bad grizzly injuries that can happen on a place like that now when it comes to this specific location if you own property that a graveyard is on do you actually own the dead bodies too is that like a toss like we're going to throw these in an i really don't
are the answer to that but i know that there have been people that have passed away my grandma has rental properties too at the mouth of the holler and when they're gonna pay people that passed away they don't family or nothing she'll let him be buried up there and i just out of respect for him an and the county or whatever usually pays for it or does it and then and that a lot of the graves we had to read a few people lost treasure hunters and which as metal detectors yeah and we try to respect the greg are you know we don't want anybody just serving it we have found so you know shells from the civil war in trees and stuff that we've collected over the years but yeah we try to you know keep you know trust festers off of it except for people that have family up there because we wanted respected
but my understanding is when they put that new road in they did not respect the civil war soldiers that were buried up there there's supposedly buried in all of them on top of each other in one spot i have a couple of questions for a quick questions one what a holler our in a lot of people call it a hollow that around here at the holler it is basic a rally in between two nice paper cut mountain setting around from around here but they're actually heels because they aren't tall enough to be mountains got it and there's usually a crate and at some wire the creek okay so number two who owns the holler now ni granny then my mom and my uncle and they i guess you own it so we're talking to you right now i had a taste that a pretty on it but i live on i
and down in the valley and i'm but nine that's non us astronaut so and it says you can tell so who right now do you think might be cursed my mom because not at about six eight years or something like that after getting our house yeah and as she which she had financial problems with the house band the out once i got to get my again there it was less than a few years later and their business burned to the ground and then yeah and plus and not house also burnt and like it two years before that she's right you lose so my last question was you mentioned the gun fights is it like a tool or talk about dool what what happened with the gun fights hi well not family thought for years with another local family that i won't mention that we are related to greg's number i'll just stick to that in there but
not and not on the good side either my side that lost that that my great grandfather was a shared here one but anyway and so the same eyes they fought for years i can remember bits and pieces of it have not had it comes in the house when the other family called and said they were going to shoot our house up and so my grandfather and this other man we're at an eagles club because he the vet a veteran and i think the other gentleman was too and they pulled out there transaction and they got shot my grandfather and my grandfather shot and killed him whoa so this is like is like to have you have like a whole thing going with these people do you see when you see he one of the family members feed on site not as not now eight i mean that's been and i went out i'm talking like when i was
i guess in the 80s you early 80s is from and all this was going on it started because a bunch of people caught my go out by sales like like five or six guys and they beat him up says when you pay on a receptor hurt one of us the whole family gets involved yeah what's to stop that yeah how did that do get together was our okay counseled to you to to parlay like pirates no it just if you they would go to each other's house hi how are you at chatter and it just can't yet marsha mars and i have not actually night because in my and that got killed with my uncle he actually spent and the grange for killing more the manager sent certain man
an overnight and then catch michael outside yeah this is this is like a little mini war that's been going on yeah i was a kentucky so when you do keep law enforcement out of this is one of the situations where the local shares just like you know what she's related to the local share yeah but is those things were law enforcement's like hey they're going to fight and it's best to just stay out of it there are not as anger but now like you said and i was my grandpa's gone my uncle's gone united says they've calm down over the years and gotten out there says in a bit back in the day date in transit that in touch as matt and grae dan she is well known around here she shot two men like an inch from there you know what and they would
can over there i mean my grand father was the only one that could do anything with their and i'm talking like marilyn monroe looking beautiful woman who wore daisy dukes anna tank top like one of them little tiny bikini tops you know with a big forty five or thirty eight pistol in her pants and she's lost it everybody coming up down the hall and you had to stop and if she didn't like you she would either tell you to get lost her she'd shoot you in the pp i would much rather have the told me to get lost yeah so how many peas did she shoot huh how many we wheeze did she shoot ding dong and she was pretty good shoot so she missed him within a couple inches just so they know you know they they walked around with the lent the one mended walker
what the land for the rest of his life i was good since it was being that the whole end of the hauler there's two sides in the whole end was nothing but in a red and blue lights they was all afraid to touch her finally the sheriff company setting out of words you shoot him at this time not me she said rolling over and pull down his pants and you'll find out sure enough they rode him over and there it was who enter the holler would say whole and hole under ho ns when rick patino that whole end entire end both both roads that this this all is so big it has two sides to an creek separates sods edie have have you ever shot anybody ask should probably not
for that boy did not know i had never shot anybody that i've been taught to suit since i was about six seven years old ok et thank you for the call that was fantastic story appreciate it that that made our day yeah yeah that was awesome alright let's go to john short john short john what's up john s americans thank you thanks there's a guard at any angle you can answer i have that problem say that again sorry i have a problem they tell us out a handy it is often three to six others have that ability cunningham ok agreed don't understand what you're saying but let's keep being is a big fan of sean hannity yeah okay on it i would like to retract my agreed yeah he is he left somebody has to be the the the live on the show know that matt jones is taken his french fake
tion of five weeks off a year so wants to be a bleeding heart liberal so what he got john short i would probably millionaire the winning change it rain check which is more important in maine i mean there's so many so that's a all the players of a one and done we don't need one does whatever i need come back but it for years like it used to be so good yes so are you saying going with that line of reasoning would you say that coach cal now we're talking about john cole here is he on the hot seat no indeedy no indeedy know indeed that's right but he hasn't won in the nba rings john cole is not one hundred am nba rings and and also i want to give a shout out to i wanna get outta somebody get out to shelby i don't know can we loot i should have sworn there do we lose shelby
buddy after has seen shelby we need to track him down is it a dog or human is it is it in car school is it off of shelby like this like give us the descriptor so we can try to find shell because we don't know where he is a cheery ok tell me if you're listening right now please call in there a bunch of people out there call john shorter worried sick about you know calling to show yeah call into the show don't get shelby on the show and just make sure that she's doing ok tell her john schwarz is giving her a shout out because there's thing worse than giving a shout out and that person never finding out that they got shot at yeah that clip from kentucky sports radio shot to matt jones was brought to you by twenty three in me father's day
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there should be an and one yeah in football and and hockey well the i mean that whenever there's a penalty like that the goalie comes out so they can they can play with an odd man while the while the ref has hand out i know you weren't well mike greenberg rule for right now off the top of my head yeah if wide receiver catches a touchdown on a pass interference the extra point should be worth two yeah i like that a lot i liked a lot all right so let's get to some segments is going to be an insane and of the game and you're gonna get to watch it with us you can get to relive it if your blues fan you're gonna love this if they win if you're browns fan going to hate this if they lose but it's going to be an electric end to the game he goes to overtime it's going to be very mysterious it's going to be very mister you'll have to tune into monday show to find out who won this game and came six segments thoughts and prayers lavion bell yeah so he got five hundred thousand dollars worth of jewelry stolen by two of his girlfriends so they teamed up together kind of
since two type deal that sentence is a route map they waited till he left and the just ransacked his house and he knows exactly who was a gas but they got away there was a car yet right so and i feel like when you have if you have two girlfriends or if you're a woman you have two boyfriends eventually they're going to team up and rob you of all your jewelry well either that or they're gonna go after each other so they kind of real i like to think it happened like you see a lot of movies with the got real mad at each other and so swing in and they'll and then a and then they actually knocked over a framed picture of lady on yeah and they both looked at it looked at each other like we should be fighting we're on the same team or then they knocked over frame picture levy on its split open and it was just like cash underneath hid behind the frame yeah we
exact take it all you need to take all the let us take i i actually have a theory that if you own five hundred thousand dollars worth of any product people should be allowed to steal if they can get their hands on and what if you on five hundred thousand dollars worth of cash no that's different okay she have any property any any any single product okay you should be like for a like five hundred thousand white howard snakes five hundred thousand dollars worth of cancer medication yeah that's the uh nobody needs that much fucked up is martin shkreli that's fucked up so like with brussels one pill you could steal air monarchs from russell wilson fall five hundred thousand five hundred thousand dollars worth are penicillin from jimmy grappolo yeah he's going to need that
all right so we have the respect the biz and that's what stanley cup finals today no ciara has a broken jaw he can't speak and he still met with the press and answered questions by writing down his answers class act that's a way to go that's that might the mice my sports words pure person of the year at a sports respect your of journalism of the year sports player who respects journalism the most of the year you win one free ticket to go see bruce springsteen along with pierre mcguire yeah and will end in a six pack of our gas white yep congratulations in alarm no that's nice it's like that the book the diving bell and the butterfly basically we did were you just blank out your
which is more scope that's what that's what a real hockey guy would do it was great it was great that he did that i had we read a headline this one is mickelson aces jim nance is backyard home that was the headline from the gulf the future headline and really good advice mickelson aces jim dances backyard hole yeah that have some that's sloppy headline phil mickelson as long at the local construction is a guy that spits directly on to his own dick a lot yeah he's like look at this baby just like takes a like not on his hand just like i sold rule you want to close this is gonna be like what to go halfway down and suck today a little bit he doesn't skittles yeah it's like look at this the what is it with the movie the atoms in the big daddy as i i got i got two ribs removed so i can tell you myself check this speed solvers okay you know what
porn you know what i'm going to do i feel like i should it's been pet passion project of mine that i've had on the back burner for awhile that have not got around to doing i need to write just fanfiction just like steamy erotic fanfiction just about all sorts of athletes are trying to have stuff now you don't i thought you say skip this even a yeah you don't have to do that i did write that don't have to do that no i think be funny i don't know if you have to do it right ok you tell me that you would use jerk off you would not read a novella about phil mickelson no sex no i just will yeah i think we got i think we just phil mickelson spitting on his dick jokes i think we just reached the capacity not phil mickelson aaron hernandez i'm going to say colin montgomerie having sex with mia hamm andy reid having sex with his wife a hoe
this is what noah hands fucking a big ham just just did you see a named mia hamm yes my name's it yeah you names at me him yeah yeah okay i could see where that okay then i'm out next month do we have any other segments up more we to do something paul pierce pr well yeah yeah i think band i think we just need to have a poop talk about paul pierce i actually don't really buy it i don't buy it either i think he admitted as much that he was just using it kinda get a headline as a joke in listen paul as someone who is hank himself in the last eight months my culture
is not your costume well i was going to say i i and look i don't want to take too much credit but i feel like i've been on this i've been campaigning for this for like five six years now that we need to destigmatize pooping your pants and ever since i got caught pooping my pants at a chicago dog park and then a stoolie asked me for a picture so i think paul pierce is just waited till it's been like the tide is turned on it and he's like now it's safe to say this so he's doing it's kind of a coward and he's not only a coward but he's doing it and i think i don't think you actually had to poop his pants i think he just thought he was really really injured and he knows that if he says this now people would be like that's funny dude it's cool now he's using pooping pants as a cover for it let me i have a broken rib if i say that it feels like i have stabbing pains in my ribs that's disrespectful to paul pierce who actually had to deal with it damn that was close to wealthy
yes so i just don't buy it i i mean i i've i've been out on the front lines for very long time talking about how it's not a big deal and i feel like he's just he's johnny come lately i don't i don't appreciate now people are are able laughed at me when i when i said that i he should he says it right on time if you wanted the credit a great no i'm just saying like i did you know all home i've been doing this is there's two minutes left so i think we'll just watch the last two minutes then we'll get the license to jail cut out all the times we don't talk i don't know this is yeah terrible radio okay that's it looks like the game's over bruins fans are fighting each other in the stands holy that was sweaters are getting tugged off left and right insane ending of the game hate to see this a game like this tear the city of boston apartments final score blues to brew and one fans we hope to see you back at td garden on wednesday june twelve for potential
game seven please drive home safely ok that was shin game arena announcer jake marsh pmt sports biz so now the cup is in the building for the blues that about that pain and never a compass never been to saint louis the cup is in the building for the blues on sunday night so we'll we'll be here we'll do it after that that game in case of the blues win the stanley cup final let's finish up the show with their sixty nine you're young you like i did that does give you guys say that the that way sixty nine all rookie kit is a hope what sir okay let's van with just holding the most still well in stoic middle finger is all the blues walked off the french that was fucking awesome fucking that kids want to go so
viral all right here she is chilly football okay we're gonna wrap up our friday show introducing our newest intern we told you about jake marsh on wednesday we also have jack who's behind the scenes end of the day and to finish the big three we have jill sixty nine year old jill jilly football chile football you probably remember her from her resume she said that she stronger than she looks she's great at laughing at jokes she is not easily offended not easily offended well versed in new york city and recovering from shoulder injury but doing really well in physical therapy we talk to your doctors they said you were doing great good to hear ok so jelly football is here we're going to do a couple things every friday where do
since the jail where she gets questions from readers from listeners from july nails from july meals but we're also going to do a little i'm not mad but i'm disappointed recap of the week so jill you listen to monday and wednesday show sometimes you get a little out of hand sometimes we make jokes of probably aren't great and as our senior correspondent that's not because of your age that's because you're you have a great resume where did we go wrong this week i have to tell you that i was disappointed now that's a woman so much work no not mad not angry but i was disappointed that i had nothing to be disappointed in all come on guys no i swear except perhaps the only thing yeah
the dump lady oh yeah so that when i'm told not to be fair this was a real question this was a real life scenario that this lady was going through our job as podcasters to help people through their issues sometimes yeah so he really wanted to know if she should take a shit in front of her boyfriend ok it just went on too long it went on too long i mean you know enough is enough we get it you stupid anyway there was a lot to unpack comp we get it you just should have taken the crap right ok no she should send him packing yeah that's true so that's good that's good feedback because you know what like that we thought it was the right amount but you're right probably went the dump lady probably went on a little too long sometimes we get carried away with things and so it's always good to have like an outside set of eyes somebody knew that doesn't that doesn't know how stupid you are sometimes it tell us
we we need an invisible fence like were dogs that you just let out yeah an open pasture but we need somebody to zap us back to reality stuff she's talking to have gills todd julie football talk about monday reading the the woman who said that her boyfriend water take a in front of them to make sure that they work she wasn't cheating on the dump lady that dumped late because the that the lady talk was too big yeah i didn't that could come from his girlfriend right right that once we were doing it together right now yeah ok alright ok ok but can i say something i liked yeah i loved the karaoke thank you oh yeah i thought that was amazing yes you guys have good voices saying well manny pacquiao
yeah well he does he really got into it i love that i could listen to it for longer the trick was when we started singing big cat and i uh we sang very poorly to get started with it and then many was like no i got this any kind of like pushed us away and he's like i want to take it he's like you guys you guys sit in the back i'm going to take the wheel alright so julie football we're going to do license the jill will questions she's getting her phone up what font do you use but i needed i needed an adult let's say she lost the password no i thought that was your password it was that's not my
i don't know if that's what you're into the phone for you because i'm very important she's got a burner okay so which twenty to read i'm going to give you the whole family by the way i do yeah but this one is my darling jake's phone yeah she's march we need the on line okay here we go we go okay so these are questions that are submitted by you part might take award winning listeners okay okay my first question is jill what were you doing in your life when big cat and pft were born one thousand nine hundred and eighty five nineteen january 30th and 31st 31st january 30th 30th they tell by maturity i'm 31st you can probably tell 'cause i have much more youthful skin yes so we are born a day apart it's crazy nicer body crazy so what were you doing i was living california who had two kids an one on the way open weed i had
of course all the way through my pregnancy talking my dress drank yeah you know i did it all okay that's honesty rented my gross but they are okay yeah what part of california because i remember when you talk to us a couple days ago you said that you were a flower child i was but i was living in a van and then and we the summer of sixty seven okay we drove up to san francisco did the whole hey dad very much i'll expand your mind a little bit expanded my mind but i was
it was a naive little girl how many grateful dead concert have been to one zero yeah i think you're narc zero no at the time you know you live in nevada your grow up there and you're closer to southern california so what are you interested in the beach boys in the surfing the surf sound ok we're server i've have surfed but i'm not a surfer right make sure it doesn't log i know next one and does jillie football mail birthday cards to family members the fuck is that question of course i do yeah i've got a lot of family and it's always nice to get a card do you have a cat
that set up so that you know when you have to send letters i was ridiculous questions of course yes like of course she does well but yeah you know there's a generator cards yeah and now you can facebook but that's not the same it's it's not a much more personal touch yeah and no i don't have a calendar okay so you just remember sometimes i've no late okay but i do how many all five your kids birthdays go at september
only eighth april eighth april 28th may second may ninth oh so you're really getting it down by doing and then in the late summer i was celebrating labor day week indian summer summer labor day yeah ok next one ok two questions first what are your favorite sports teams so the aw else can be prepared for soggy sorrows yeah so professional or college both professional football teams would have to be the forty niners okay and the sea hawks like both so doesn't really word big but i still like it i still like them okay we're gonna need you to pick one of the two though to be you have also been a time when i came yeah have to be the forty nine okay you're going to
it's a tough match if you don't mind and i was in for ty love joe montana okay all right and college yeah go blue this is again okay i don't have any big ten representation all right that's going to be problematic what other teams you root for any other basketball teams are all basketball team yeah college carolina on a blue when we got a little rivalry rank over there like what the hell is going on right now jill hank is a big duke fan oh no yeah we're no longer friends yellow that's going to be a that is going to be fun we have the live watch dfu and see next year i've been trying to get my son tickets to though to a duke carolina game four year got you i got you okay i got you there should be a white figure out ways he
you are in that any baseball basketball nba you don't care baseball you don't care i love the mets okay there we go i really we got he'd like something to give access to maybe in florida and you got all this okay i don't like texas teams florida well i used to like them on it i used to go to the i used to have season tickets to the panthers in florida
the hot i could take a strand you're all over the place i love that lived in every corner of the country to him okay all right that's great so we want any of those teams lose we're gonna have to douse you in water and you're gonna have to come on the show all right forty niners from lose too many games so yeah you'll be fine well if they lose a pry loose the seahawks so we're really okay you know what would what does too yeah you get both all right next one all right sept jelly football so your twitter cover photo is an x ray of your shoulder and have a question are you hurt or injured thoughts and prayers yeah thank you i'm i got hurt i got injured i woke nortel difference one of the other difference over it being hurt no i was injured okay okay i truly was injured yeah i know you said the other day that somebody push
over but that was so cool that you just fill that i go out and i wasn't drinking oh okay do you have life alert is an offensive to say i don't have life alert probably should okay there we go all right so but i was i was i just walking and pull down the sidewalk and aunt and i had had some surgery so i didn't want to put my hand down and hurt my my hands so i fell on my shoulder took the brunt of the force in the order up yet but you are crushing your physical therapy i am yeah you're killing me i almost destroyed homework every day did you walk around with a wrist guard for a long time i feel like that's a look that older women brought like a prophylactic you don't always get the risk are like you're going to lay the roller blades or they might have you know have carpal tunnel i don't know you know what hank is doing boulders for shoulders this summer so maybe you and him to get on the same we're yeah you guys should do some shoulder work
yes yes yes okay next question zap jelly a work yes and no the kitchen desk okay how to all i'm sorry how does a r a a r p work well you sign up when you're fifty because that's when euro they consider old yeah and you just go from there and you get little magazines and you go with harden to show what so you're you're checking into a hotel and you just flash the card in there like yours twenty percent off correct yeah we got to get an a or yes yes what else what else you get out of it you will with the best is connie got on the a r p probably hotel nice okay so when we book our hotels yeah we should bring you along so i would hate for yourself yeah use your card yeah absolutely okay next okay
oh this was wrong yeah this one is wrong ok is the last one k except jill specially julie football you seem like you have maternal instincts so get right to the point i live with my girlfriend and my little sister who just graduated college moved into our second bedroom for a month while she finds a place my girlfriend is pissed off because i don't want to charge my sister rent for living with us good guy move it's not a big deal where to stand still and i don't know what to do i love my girlfriend but i don't want to change my sisters rent or i don't want to charge my sister rent yep please help well i'm staying with my kids and they're not charging me rent oh what can i say big time moved by that i think that is a stand up thing to do family first always family fare
so yeah what do you think do you think this guy should just tell his girlfriend like hey why don't you buzz off no i don't think he should tell her to buzz off i think he should just say the sweat is take a dump in front of yeah take the dump take a dump in let me know yeah that works what do you think about the idea of having the sister or the person who is not paying rent do certain things around the house oh absolutely yup once you have what are your own dom quickly you got it you got it you got to pay your way yeah do something so what do you do around your house i clean the apartment i do their laundry you get this internship i got the internship thank you adam yeah you nailed this internship that got you out of the house every now and then you getting paid oh yeah you are that that i thought i
pay you so that was the way i was driving in the jail because yeah the way it works is you get paid but then i just transfer that money to us that's what i thought all right so julie football first day in the books you can follow rat jilly underscore football you're going to be tweeting we want you tweeting all your thoughts anything else you have for us i mean yeah it's confusing i'm sorry you know if it wasn't for my darling jake i don't think i could do it he has to come and practically hold my hand and you'll be just fine you know what you should do while you're still learning to get the hang of twitter you should write down all your tweets instead of instead tweeting them and then when you
into the office we can help you tweet them out or write down your tweets and take a picture of him and then tweak the picture that's a good ass streamline things yes she did that really work all your thoughts and by the way not to give you any pressure or anything but you are up to five thousand twitter followers so the world is watching wow i'm a lucky woman very yeah yeah you are very i also like how you call jake my darling jake i'd like to see that continues that i think i might call my darling jake yeah alright so jill refried it you're going to be out in the summer it's going to be fun little summer licensed to jill and make sure you come back with some things you're disappointed we're going to screw up oh well you will yeah well screw up but it's about getting up knocking down seven times get up eight yeah exactly alright chill thank you so much thanks guys love you guys talk to mike love you guys
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