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PFT is live from Lebron's Free Agency in Cleveland, also the RNC is discussed. Mt. Rushmore of office buzzwords. San Jose Sharks center Logan Couture joins the show to talk hockey, summer training, and what he would change in the NHL if given the power. Segments include "PR 101" for Kevin Durant Paul Ryan, "Talking Soccer", "Olympic Update, "Mike Greenberg's Dumb Rules", "Uhhhh Hey JJ" and "Jimbos Of The Week"
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let's go, let's not welcome the part of my take today's right, eight July. Twenty second p have tea is live in Cleveland COM, bring the bronze free agency, what do we got? Well, I'm telling you
I had a number of signs that I held up. That's really only effective way to communicate anything in America's your picture. Taken holding a sign. then put on the internet. You wouldn't do that. nobody really had a problem with any my signs? They thought there were funding which was. Can I guess it's was cool except the Leubronn still created sign. I had so many people come up to me that check and beyond that. As I know he has signed, and then they built year well, he said he's gonna sign and I was just like yeah lot I and run abroad would Bron told the calves he was planning on signing. Oh, so that means you signed. Ok, so to done deal then re S answer your ip. Yet what we want our Monday, they PAM! Oh you know now, because he inside I had a lot of those conversation.
So I thought that was a lot of fun. Cleveland been okay. So far, I am a little bit disappointed. There has been a whole lot of like real action. Goin on no protesters, no real can counter processors. The ones that are protesting are very good at it, like it tried to latin american flag on fire any end up flooding himself on far so that that was made. That's it that's his Jimbo, the weak classic Jimbo. So in all seriousness, you are in Cleveland, not covering, while you are covering the bronze free agency, but your mostly there for the Republican National convention. Ah, what have you gone into any? Have you got into the queue? Have you look for your wallet? I tried to get an yesterday and they won't. Let me- and I said I lost my work as and when you lose it yesterday. As I know,
It was like a month and a half ago and they were like well, I can't let you know, I put it to my wallet like it's my property, fortunately we're in this by the way, so everybody knows recording this before Donald Trump speech tonight. I think I found a way to sneak in tonight. So I went to sneak into the queue and I'm going to retrieve my wallet like a covert ops. I feel like I'm in like special forces right now, pretty much I'm so I am really looking forward to that. But if I, if I get arrested, that will be the reason why now would be great every great for the show great for the ratings, maybe we'll see you got arrested anyway. What is the word on the street with the Trump fake, kiss, my pants did. I heard that he might not have said no homo as he was going, and can you report back on that? I cannot confirm that he said no homo blood. He definitely thought it. Ok
I did it is my pants. Is he's no homo kinda guy? Here's a thank you can't lip Red somebody when they're kissing some dude so like. That's, that's a classic got you by Trump. You know you can't really fact check on that one true. What else has been going on? Have you seen Chris Christie? How sweaty is these extremely sweaty, there's not a pair pants in America. That dexterous Christie is how it's hardly want yet very hard here. What happens with Chris is like his body It is like amorphous disease. I can amoeba so like everyone Amy gets measured for a pair of pants by the like. You know, two weeks later he gets a custom suit and his body is just like now it now it's now it's an oval. Instead of like a sir and like now one leg is better than the other. So, like you never see him wearing a suit. That fits perfectly. But that being said,
if I want a guy on my side too, like be my tat dog, its Chris Christie right right, orally Lapdog, one or the other very kindly personnel, what what else has have you have you had any of the local venal restaurants and he beers, like any anything else, to report back from Cleveland that we need to know besides Leubronn still not on the weight on, don't be a still still hasn't signed gaps just want to double check the so so, resources here are doing an extremely professional job? I stood behind videotaping like twenty minutes? Just that get a vine of a police force. Shitting, as like protesters are burning of like doubly so great. Yes, they wouldn't shit. The horses like they have designated poop zones, which remind me a lot of skyline Chile. When you walk ass, it doesn't it boobs on, but I was watching as well they must have unplugged plugged up like string cheese. Would you take before them
we have no little strange shrink cheese. We usually do the trick for me, I usually when the black hawk skin, the plaza I like to stock to Frederick or full of string cheese. So I basically don't take a shit for like the entire month of April May and June yeah Well, that's a good plan in these horses or total preserve their not open on the street, but unfortunately, he's not gonna be a whole lot of food. The next time that the Cleveland Capital, there's win a world championship and after the break, so that's it wasn't me. Ah, ah, hey hey, hey our police forces ever think that the people of Cleveland need new food to live. We need a snack borough, it's hot outside that no I'm sure to find some other like human waste per like the taken that consume. But besides that, like it's been relatively dull here tonight would be awesome, cause I'm going to the actual convention and then afterwards, if a play, my cards right. Kid rocks having concert. Ah
I now now we're talking now resolve yeah, we'll see about that. That is America. I mean if you, if I told you ten years ago, that you'd be able to go, see Donald Trump, the republican nominee and then kid rock still number one rock star in the world. You you'd be pitched most pinch me right now is now ten years ago, if you had said ok, there's gonna be a cost. Anders. What have you had said kid Rock and Donald Trump one or two of them is gonna, be the republican nomination for president. You would have been it's also. It would be added to safety for me, as I would have put my money on on kid rock for sure. I think Did you ever hear american badass ass? That's that's the new national anthem for our generation. Do you have anything else? If you wanted to to kick our way. But meanwhile, while while, while you're in the middle of it in Cleveland, we're still suffering this is my way know. I have your once a pike s we're still suffering through joy.
I begin really heavy into football life. It turns out that every single episode they take him back to where it all began. Lotta of use it gets heavy. It's really good. So I've been I've been plowing through those. I could watch those all day and they're all the exact same. But yes, so you should consider so lucky you get a you, get a quick break for people like me, watching football Marathons I'll, tell you what, if you need something else to watch, watch the all nothing with cardinals. It's amazing because Bruce areas is such a football guy. I well late. So I wrote about this in the Indian a couple weeks ago, but Arians accident, like he's, never I didn't have placed long enough to develop a real accident because he gets fired all the time, so his axe and is just locker room. Yes, just like a mix of like southern good ol boy, like inner city and unlike a little bit of like Midwestern, is it.
a bizarre thing to listen to what is incredible, is such a cool guy he's every got every guy and a college locker Homer Erna Programme, combined in one person, you're saying exactly like raised by wolves three epoch raised by by us. You know sleds and gator. Eight bottles, helmet some pads. I love it. Yet his native environment is definitely like a practice field. Do not last in the city yeah yeah I so I've got one new segment. I guess, we can introduce that when we do actual segments right, yeah, that's usually when we do it, but yeah. If you want your you're fired up about it. So let's do it! I'm really fired up about it. It's
celebrity travel complain of the weak. Oh yes, these are my favorite. Ok, here's a really good one gulp now what makes the would push puts this one over the top is that it's from both Devon and Jason Mccord recording all I see this yes loved. Her twitter account is shared by the to them. They have found. Twitter account is recording twins now. You know my theory that all twins at some point have kissed each other on the lips like not in brother brother, sister, sister right. If you share a twitter account. I think it's basically decided that that has happened, crowded ass, an admission of guilt. Ok, they say, will never rent a car from at Avis, again awful service and even worse my service when gone to complain, I return to four hundred fifty dollar rental, and then I just didn't bother sing the follow up to it, because I mean I know whether this was
what made it awesome is that it was sent from a twins, joint twitter account and that should never exist in the first place. And I guess Davis would have no way of knowing which, according to one, it was right. Also nice brag on the four hundred dollar rental car. That's it that's. Why would you rent or Mustang or something? That's? That's a real real cool guy move they trying to upgrade today or yesterday at the real car place and that the highest price, often they had, was like a charter or must stay in his acceptance and five bucks a day. I don't know how you can spend four hundred fifty dollars, unlike a rental car rays and passed beyond. Maybe that was the weak, but our aim is if you're listening to this, you geyser in pretty big trouble workers. The majority twins are, after you now double shovel. You don't want that big time double trouble. I let's do my Rushmore this, the
is Mount Rushmore actually was thrown to me by a friend. He wanted to hear Mount Rushmore of office buzzwords so and let me just clarify before we start Pft and I both have work in real offices. Hank much like Bruce Arians being raised by wolves, has only worked at barstool. That is the only job he's known. So Buzzwords are probably going to be a little different than our do. You want to go first, you want me to go first I'll. Let you go first, this time, okay, alright, number one! I cannot stand when people say out of I don't even know tat means, I mean that, like they can't get back to you or they have their phone on them, they have their fallen on them, they're doing their work out of their pocket. I believe that might be wrong. I don't like people Satan context, I've I've heard people
in that context it you mentioned but have also heard mentioned leg. I can't do anything about it. I see this is the worst buzzword, because no one even knows what it means. So when you say out of pocket you're an asshole for this, because we gonna Rushmore of excuses. Yes, I'm out of pocket and when and then when someone says I thought you were out of pocket the I'd. Your phone on, you said no amount of pocket. I don't have my phone, I have anything. I'm out of pocket see how there that's actually a perfect. That's perfect summation of office library there just buzzwords that make no sense and puts everyone chasing. You know every dog chasing their tail with buzzwords circle back a circle back. You always have to circle back, no matter what was discussed, you gotta make sure you circle back with everyone, because if you don't circle back, you dont know. If everyone took in the information and then they were probably usually it's a meeting, there's meeting minutes. The meeting minutes are then sent around. So you not only heard it, but then you read it and then you still are hoping some one will circle back with you about everything that was the chess reconnect, yeah, guess: yeah, you gonna reconnecting exactly this one is more just a total off
thing and by the way, we're doing that we're doing this particular my Rushmore, because we now have a ceo, it's a female not to brag, but we want to ingratiate ourselves with our new ceo, so we're gonna have to use a lot of these words. Gus Jesse, I'm gonna, be a major office guy yeah major result. So here's that here's maybe number one synergy gonna wanna. Always you need good synergy. If you haven't office running at its peak efficiency, though synergy always talk about synergy. If you just need a feller word, you know how usually like people will use Phocas a feller word when you're in the office, you synergies, a feller word, you'll, probably promoted four times before Christmas. Ah, my final one deep dive, oh yeah, that's really in what sometimes things need a deep dive on when you really gotta get to the to the
go to the heart of the problem here and I've is like the evil cousin of the twenty thousand foot overview, yeah yeah inheres ears, little tip for everyone out there. Maybe maybe, if we got some college, you know me maybe people who just graduated college or getting into office life right now. You never want to get caught in a circle back deep. That is, then you could be a lot of trouble. So go back? Also include the deep dive. I would just make sure that year again, Euro area, real early, yeah, yeah right area, that picture you get to work really early and leave late, because you, if you get caught in a circle back to dive, some things can get exposed some. What are you? What do you do here? What exactly do you do here? Kind of questions pop up and those for for the common man and woman out there
nothing worse than the what's. So what exactly do you do, or why did you take care this? I also does have one extra bonus, one, my personal favorite. You always do this cake in the kitchen. That's going to, I mean, there's, no, no, better, no, better buzzword! then that one when there's cake when there's Bertha Kagan the gets. So here is what happens when the taken the kitchen email gets snapped like the entire company. You have to figure out like, what's the appropriate amount of time to wait after I received this email before I like stand up and starts threatening. Can today it's a little bit of mexican stand off, everybody gets email and you're looking around the room, and then you have like casually go
pretend like you're gonna get drink water than others taken you, here's here's another Tipp, it's ok to be late for the cake, because everyone in an office is always on diet. So when the cake comes out, everyone just wants a small sliver. Just one little silver now know even smaller than that. That's that's that's a conversation that goes wrong you're! Not now you give out. Give that wonder frank! No! I won't want even smaller so by that. So so they'll be a cake. Toby. Twenty people, eating cake and you'll come out ever will have a slice, no still be half a cake. What you can do it every That was a good five person. Mount Rushmore appreciate that so here mine, I had circle back, going to take it off, making a last minute switch and I'm going to put put a pin in it as one of mine. So here's what that means. If you have a shity idea and your boss doesn't want to be like that's really terrible idea. Is it okay to say what let's put a pin in it and then we'll come back to it? Sometimes it's your call back
but would it really means is like fuck? You know your back. You don't circle back in yeah I got. It means you back to circle back a few Britain opinions. Yeah. It means why did you waste everybody's time with your terrible idea, number two. Loop, you in oh yeah, ITALY need a loop here on this conversation hate. We can't get this project done if we don't looping Gregg, because he's spreadsheet Gatt jetting moved in socks. So much because then you end up on a fifty chain email there. You don't even have to reply to my judges all day emails email me email and you don't have in you're just loop. Then you'd want to be involved, but your looped him here's the thing you never lupin, somebody that above you Jane like you, never loop Abbasid, you walked your boss. Is often you like yours what's happening. Is it ok? If I talk to you, you always
we ve been people beneath you know. All you know you know is really bad at looping in Hilary, oh yeah! Well, you bench of many people. That's a great point! Tat shows you don't do that if you want a lesson on what not to do in your office when it comes to the Lupin Hillary Clinton Elsie was doing. She was just getting everybody on the same page. That's my next socio Her only crime was like trying to get the russian spies on the same basis or ignored you that do not get you dont need to get everyone on the same page. It's my fault. My fourth one is when you say my understanding was my understanding is its grip. Here's. This is a life act for everybody out there. If you, We need to lie about something or you need to just say like, oh. I didn't know about that her say I didn't know, makes it look bad in the office. He always say
My understanding was, we didn't have to work the day after the fourth of July. It also works on basely, calling someone a dumb fuck. Like all my understanding of the situation. Was this like? Basically, hey, listen, you're, so stupid, you didn't realize what was going on in some very nice. It's very nice and pleasant tool. That can be you. It's a swiss army knife of basically of getting out of things and calling people out in the most pleasant way possible. Yeah, it's great. So those are my for equity yet which affect Ok, I do have this actually feel when you say you want cue to include three in something like the first goal is really strong. You do. I'd like to very sports, actually started Eco labelling timetable. He knows he socks and cure. One three, but queue for that's a guy. You want or said I always have to take out my. I always have the like count on my fingers, the months to try to figure out the quarter
because I know you're, really your real ass, all any talk about by end a cue to yell when is April is April key one or kits, and nobody knows where he got Hake. Let's go you guys, gonna be a little different, but I'm excited my first one blog, never sleeps giver doing up at the ever do anything. Late night, you do a pod, costly, you wanna snapshots bosses to decrease new subject: strode up blog, never sleeps number two! Can Europe this time mega video like they cattle semi video, can read this and I mean like Download ITALY.
really and then upload it to our website. Yet also to me sounds like it like you, wanna banks, monsters remained banks, a monster. Energy prices are now in a report of this. You can tell you what I'll do I'll. Just? U can also just do rep like that. That can be the head of the images Rep in its like that you're gonna, now, reptiles. For me, you ve got the blog, which means, like you have to take over the blog, which, for some of that doesn't blogger, that technical times it's like the worse than ever happens like final working day will be out and others get attacks. It's like you got the blog and I just have to like literally make something up and put it on the website. You written what maybe five blog last four years, but sometimes you ve got a lot of my last one dates back to my or even older, landscaping, job
your check the rubbish. That's what it is. I mean. That's my boss, it say when you are nothing, do we want you to get lost? This go, go check the rubbish and disappear until anybody like get out of my hair for ya out. Ok now is the most reliable Mount Rushmore of all time. I've got another bonus. One It is all you always do sex. You owe him in a subject line of an email. What does that say? I didn't know either, but I gotta went one was equipped, I'm supposed to know what this means so lifted up and of message. So it's like when you can, the entire email into the subject line and then right ear when it means they don't have to let go out awaited present extra click and open up the email they can just delete. It actually read. The subject was a text message Zachary, yet a real time, sir.
nice, except in the person they send? It too has to google what EU women's exert its office. Lifely that's office live so send us embraced. The debate send us what your mouth Rushmore of Buzzwords office buzzwords are. They really are the worst, but guys we're about to reach office life. We want more months. We're gonna have to bridge, cannot be spouting he's out left and right. I mean it's just what we're gonna have to sack up here, part my tape, we don't want part. Might let's get fired so as a unit. We're just gonna have to be doing a lot of synergy. Ok, we get it. We get a loop, everybody in overlookers, gotta, be on the same page and gotta go for that synergy and we'll circle back on this entire subject and bought a month. I let's go now to a great interview with Syn.
They Sharks Centre, Logan Couture. We now welcome on to time, and I shall all star centre for these San Jose Sharks and friend of the programme Logan Couture Logan. What start at first with the launch of. personal site yesterday. It is sure thirty, nine dot com and all a proceeds go to brain research, and my first question is what kind of brains are researching here all kinds: athletes like me, self and you Dan and and everyone now there's it'll go towards concussion store. Dementia: Alzheimer's, basically just Thea entirely I'd. So I brought check that website out. I have a theory and I
you'd, so maybe kick this upstairs the doctors I think blogging is more harmful to your brain than playing football or hockey or any more women's soccer, shouted Jim Trudell. For in terms your brain health in what might be I've, I've tried to set out a computer screen, for our and I got a headache, some idea that you might be right, yeah because I mean, if you play sport and you're, hitting your head you're like building a callous on your brain, your blogger, you have like no contact with anything, so your brain become soft. That's that's my theory at least I first things. First, I was reading your Wikipedia page. That's how we prevent these interviews and its. Your bills, friends, etc. That is true. So have you been drunk through a table? Yet I haven't now I watched era I know Dan is a bills mafia, member, like myself,
I have actually been. One goes game schedules conflicts I can't gets. You were too many. I went there in the lock out, but sir, I haven't been nice and said now, if you do get thrown through a team, and you were to injure yourself? Would that be what they like trying to take some your money back and your contract genetic I get paid, but the second allergies like to do it just don't tell anyone. What do you think I was gonna get to the bills were how do you like our chances issue? there are a hundred off. I lay cabin Rex, his brother on the staff lights. Defects hasn't been events, as has been spectacular, but sir, the sidelines are gonna, be incredible, the large yes and the targets- yes, as always. I had one other question about your website. Are you planning on making a webs twitter for your website so that you can then tweet whatever
want and just say always my foundation, as of right now it's not there's not a foundation set up there, the charities. I have a business matter that says looking after it and it's really just in the early stages right now, so I'm sure we'll get around what to do in that. Eventually, ok cause. You know that that's like the loophole you can tweak like you. Could you could basically tweet from your websites twitter account like I Gary Batman ease the worst, and I got my manager tweed that it wasn't me. That is a good idea on their way down sharing So the one of my favorite part about hockey illicit show. You probably know this. We love the handshake line will take I should like us. After a tough There is in other years experience does this you're like what is it like just having to suffer?
get up and go through that line and in how are you able to be so classy at a time like that tough remain a hundred. It's better when you're on the winning side- and you are either the losing player, doesn't really say anything unless there, their body of yours, transfers. quiet from that the losing player but sir, the end of this year. It is just the congratulations to teach player on on it Even then you move on you just want to get off the ice as quick as possible. Really you have you ever considered reaching out to came Newton to just like all from some advice, just like from hate Proto pro here. This is my. This might be how we handle loss. I haven't, I can push in touch with them. We can do that. I saw speaking of the state. cup final. I had my question is the great question: the Blackhawks. Obviously there are three four three Stanley CUP files and last you know their last three appearances,
so every time they get there, they have one. What's it like to lose Stanley CUP Final, that's great question that the great question socks man I remembered years ago- and I did the year the run down with you guys, and I think it was present asked if it was worse too, The ball is in three, nothing less likely that against the kings or I'll call the wine and losing the finals. Then, at that point a census, wayward two took to blow the lead butter. I mean you, you go that way and you think you you're gonna wanna and then it just comes crashing down and even the way we lost game sexually retired up a scoreboard are tied up in a second period there and you think you're, gonna, wanna, Homer force, a game, seven butter
a definite falcon socks what they saw in all seriousness. This is actually something I'm always kind of interested in, because we never get to hear you know the winners win and then we get to see them in the parade and all the stories. The losers come of just walk away and you don't hear from them for a while. How long did it really take before like how many days nights whatever we will you just replaying it in your head and at what point did you say I like it's over we're gonna move on to the next year? Data could still go on Thursdays right. They are living in Canada. Eternity return, sort shall anti it's just an appearance. There Saki highlights Everydayness ashore at seven o clock, that's hockey that errors the summer it's everywhere at four years after tat, could not be anyone can eat in every day every day of the year, there's a show at seven o clock called that's hockey problem right now face still so
being from Canada and playing in San Jose Europe his San Jose as Ruby cocky town, but over the fence or a kind of cool? What's your experience been like that you now they are. I think people out this works vans are not in the Bay area spoiled her. They obviously have the warriors, neither the giant who seem to every other year. We ve been pretty competitive fur for a while, and I think I think they ve been supportive. We misapplied last year and air attacks, got to struggle this year, but I think the run the run at the end of the everyone on should help going into internet sure they're they're passionate fans I mean which is tough to do in California in it for hockey game. But it's it's been fun playing with her. That was really really good answer, but just know that the sound bite that we're gonna take out of it is Bay area sportsmen to spoil it
completely misconstruing just ass. Well, that's just a heads up from us obvious that computer right here you actually the words right now, just repeat after me, hate hate Bay area. We play this. We also have a segment here called my green bergs, dumb sports rules might MIKE Green Bird from MIKE Mike
he basically want to change all the sports rules make em all new. If you could change one rule and hockey, what would you change the shit Parker play penalty? I hate it lies apparently has six that you don't shit in the pocket of the stands on hand. Purpose such that's one thing. That is the challenge, I would say, no sticks, there's been some people have said he. I have gone to a couple of the competition Committee. Things are the Pierre and some ideas were they take on when you get a power play that the penalty killing it has to give their sticks up, so its basically a file on four guys, that's decks, and I think that just ridiculous, I would actually I would love watching for one game, but to have like an entire season played like that. It would be absolutely crazy. Maybe Lama goes, I mean that's what they're aiming for rights gets in that sense, it would work
Do you still think Sidney Chalk Crosbie cheats how man had I figured you ass? I do not at that point where I sat down to allow a couple of guys are big eyes were struggling just trying to get her get everyone's mind, offer being to our hall and worked. Everyone was talking about. Other writers are right about their own right in the sharks, her down to nothing, they're right in that nobody chair, think Sidney crises cheater, so you know, there's an old fool Jackson trick. He will be voting on a trout, exclaimed, trying to get us back emissaries. But do you think that you get inside Cindy Crosbie said? I don't think so I thank you, Sir he's ticket of a player I mean: do you not have fallen for anyone?
traps its work. Do you talk to him at all, because I know you played on team Canada with him right. I didn't. I went to the add to the camp. Was I'm actually make the guy better? Now I mean if we see each other for friendly harm, but he's not a friend of mine now actually convert cheater rare Probably not deathly, not anymore, so another thing that we do have lot hockey player on the show. We like Give you sixty seconds to just passed the NBA attacked by basketball, Sir you to Amsterdam, Basque. While I meant I got to watch the warriors play video games harm, so smart guy, you go from watching. The warriors gave an hour after Santa watching the rafters play in its full, its they re, but I made you saw. You saw staff wagon sounds like you? What do you have a little niece brain and he was you he was like half the guy. Wasn't. That's you for your knee before
and here you start their right right. Yeah many still played. He still try right. What I mean tat you can, if he wasn't come on labour even play by law. right and you still play well when you're hurt reminiscent of the time yeah I mean you know, many. Did you see when you through the when he threw his mouth car? Those kind of? What would you do that as passion you? Would you do something like that? I'm sure yeah, I'm through truly stick at a glance from I'm off guard, but ok, what about our common to rejoin the warriors? How I come with me first thing like see, see later Oklahoma City out, I'm mercy monarchy enough. They have enough shot someone's gonna wanna. Should the bar? No, how it's all like the little earth. Not you not not many sees that enough. Indians outside. That's how I think it's getting over was a young man. Gary's pass. You guys get points for a system and assist you don't have that, invest more right right. What about the soul? What about the whole thing where you Tunas?
at the first three quarters of a basketball game you like well, why may even watching us? I could just watch the fourth quarter break, that is true, but I'm sitting, when new action, the warriors, it's different, I think from start to finish, eminently slasher there so exciting and they shot through the boss a well. I was just there was fun watch. I am when you, when you say view I mean you can watch like just from the bronze block on of the ambient lousy com and got the gist of what happened. Pretty much I mean yeah, you usually forthwith. Have you got if you were asked like go to, you would have let me go no matter where radio and drop out like somebody's basketball players- and you don't want, I don't think, and it shall players are going to be the next Olympics really if they had the next Olympics. If they have the next winter Olympics in Rio, would you go poor.
It can says: hey Logan, we need you. Would you go probably most occupiers. Word yeah! Not ever seen all the guys have dropped out of emu as a basque war. I did. I saw a tennis guys back and out on it, but it offers to. I mean that's the thing like. Is it yourself, Vietnam, Express playfully country, but one that is it worth they ought to be such an honor? You can't name one hockey player that has backed out of going to Rio industry so facts or fax. Thank you. Thank you. Buy outs, beneficial for me to tell you that you're right, I forgot you right here. We have an ongoing debate on the show where in upper body, injury stops and where lower body injury begins. In your opinion, which alone I don't have it
the tar so area the help setting for hockey player anything below that the Hepzibah lower body. So, like the balls, I would be lower body, so I anything below the pubic is that young, and that is the case. I would ask that good spot. What about those? Like upper cubes at sometimes, if you haven't trimmed in a while. The latter, like haywire, like all over the british media here, was that I think they still call that sail whereby oh and then we'll, if you're, using cubes as like you're. U demarcation lines have to tell if it Sidney Crosbie right, I have not yet I know you ve been very great. We're gonna end with our final two questions. We ask: everyone are the first one, most famous person, your cell phone. I got myself on right here.
I think, actually rather stay right. You can do whatever be naively musician wherever a prohibition, all who give weight you don't have you don't disease number. I don't know Not right in what every com can we give bigshot uncle, I dont know if there be good- and I would appreciate ok, so levy. Let me go a different way. Would you have me? For that we can call right now in other words, the prior bigger seller celebrity, would be an absolute jumbo. Oh my team, that guy's I mean that guy's, whether the pressure mission to listen to what we call the alchemical lights waste time and now he's a waste time,
we always lulled. Ok does not define cause, it has faced time. Ok, let me see him opium Switzerland right now. I don't know what the air the time changes, but all over the world, the train this is gonna, be like the present when he caused the mental yeah. You tell me about my take real. He holds up I wore away for a way for the call back. last question. I ask that you don't have to answer, but I'm ask Anyway Joe Thornton Kaplan your team com. Jumbo was at first then see that actually not the cap in anywhere to ask you
but that wasn't on Wikipedia that checking a dance board. Sorry is its recent negative on they copyist go. I dont know I know in his home town of Saint Thomas there's, a big elephant named dad that they ve named jumbo. So I don't know if that was before him or after his nickname might be, because he six five might be because of the great fire I don't know. That's. It Whole elephant in like an island somewhere, that's the best guy, that's I gotta think ass. We think it is because there's an elephant home town when you try and today in alphabetical jumble minorities,
day, it's not alive. You believe it yourself right. Thank you so much for joining us. We really appreciated everyone. Go check out toward thirty nine dot com. It's it's like a hybrid tinder, upright some like that. It's tender for concussion research. Yes, yes, M get your offence. Thank you. As always, we will. Hopefully, you are now recurring gas, so we will hopefully have you back on some time during the season basket. Wasting travel okay, let's go into some segments. Now we have a few segments kind of a bear bear a couple days. Here is not a lot going on in the sports world, but we're going to we're going to make something work. The first one
Pr one or one Kevin doran- I don't love- you saw this news. Kevin Durrant said he stayed in bed for a few days after choosing to sign with the warriors but added. I can't hide forever. So you know I first while just want to say I feel really bad for cabin rent, because a millionaire having to hide in bed from the real world, tragic, tragic, stop for covering around he had yet to cut his Hamptons mansion vacation short to hide under his bed. From all the monsters out. There is his thoughts and prayers its while you do both you really both my my Pierre wanna. One was get a huge, to box core tattoo on your leg away. He did that. Oh yeah, oh yeah, he did you that ok right, so I guess he we we can get to him in time.
We got you already handled himself, he out pure one wonders disappear to a one for cabin dreamt. Advanced level course. Do you have any advice for cabin Rapport Kevin Rant whose really sound? about having to win like eighty games in the NBA championship of the goals set worse. Yet, basically, just don't say anything during the month of July, like anything that any professional athletes have note has to say is gonna become headline store, so just just shut up just maybe we should just I stay in your room, lock yourself in your room and just hang out. Therefore, what oh yeah I did that to eat. Did that too? But I have bad news for you. He hasn't said anything, but he accidentally brought a thunder key chain to the team USA Practice and it became headline news, so we can even say anything and it became have welcomed if you guys think he stayed in bed because he knew Tom Brady was never gonna talk him again. What happened with that
Ambrady came to his meeting. He pitched M gave him the whole spiel and Kevin Durrant just completely disrespect at him and went the other way. How much of a pitch can Tom Brady really give like for the Celtics like a you should come to Boston, nobody's racist, neither yeah we love yet being a black athlete in Boston has worked out great for me, Tom Brady, I'm an age you. Maybe they were the city, a champions wee wee one thirty shabby eight! Well, I'm not gonna disagree with thank the amount want because coming from a city that just had a championship MBA Summer League, whatever we're, hoping that that momentum is gonna propel the scandal cubs into a world series it one championship does rise the whole city. It's you know, a rising tide lives all boats. If you can just when one everyone does his car rubs off every on everyone? Do you think that, like
after you move to New York, then the Cubs are going to start winning world series. Maybe you were the one that was a curse. The whole time yeah, I could be, could very well be, could very well be. yeah, but I have another pr wanna one quickly, Paul Ryan a couple days ago- and I you know we didn't talk about this because we thought we'd just a fluke. He said to me: Speaking to a Texas delegation, he said GEO P. Unity is like agone longhorns bands rallying. If one is in the championship, and then everyone- said? No you're crazy, you dont route for your rival, one then the championship, so we we ignored it. We thought- maybe maybe you got confused whatever that that happens around this time it's hard at summer, but it turns out this. Is it just is favoured analogy cause he doubled down with it today any thoughts. He told a delegation from North Carolina that if an seed state fans would pull for North Carolina when you and she went to the finals- and everyone said
oh and he said, work with me here, so pr Wanna, one Paul Ryan, I don't think he understands how sports work, maybe we're. Maybe what game? Sometime boy- and I will say this, though so my experience with people from North carolina- are more likely to be the you know. I just I just route for the conference to do well. Yeah, I'm saying like you and you have to admit that some people in the big tender kind like that, don't write all its now. We ve now that I'm thinking about it, Paul Ryan just needs to do it with the sea sick. He needs to go to like the convention from he's a go and talk to a bunch of Vanderbilt grads and be ok. Vanderbilt goes who in turn again ones you route for album on the SSC and they all it. Oh yeah, yeah yeah, we love Alabama. You know a Vanderbilt doesn't go to the tournament. Wants route for Kentucky to win the championship, nuns, a real ass. You see moves, so maybe that's what he's gettin conferred
yeah he's sure he's got the wrong audience. My idea like if you want to communicate anything to some way from Texas like this and you you're trying to be like you, ok pull for this guy instead of the other. All you have to say just next man up, it explained so much next. May we gotta next man up under Gara are our guide and get it next manner, no excuses and I guarantee he'd have the entire room of taxes just like thrown the cowboy had sediments aid like hell. You, I'm ready ride body put in their literally putting their hats in the ring yet or president yours, can do Paul Ryan eagerness remind everyone that he's technically and Anna alone, or so wherein is man gave in Wisconsin. He's probably got a framed piece of paper worth nothing except everything because he is Aaron, Rodgers Boss, that'll make him feel good writer.
He knows ports. I also think that Paul Ryan, now that he's done this twice this. Could you please think like if this was just his go to and eventually, if you just keep doing it, I think people sort said: guessing their phantom another. I start go along with what he says like yet. Well, maybe it maybe I should read for Duke, even though I have a you and see tattoo yeah. Maybe I should be a good. The residents of the state of North Carolina start rooting for my rivals. All I could do it if you just it's gonna, take a while he's. Probably not do this probably me now ten thousand more times, but eventually I think you can change. Everyone is just like politics? You know like if, if your candidate doesn't when the election, you know everybody put centre,
and she's aside and you route for the guy that one that's what happens in America right right and also a quick, quick, impromptu, Paul Ryan screws up sports analogies and the media goes crazy. Hillary Clinton pleaded thirty thousand emails and no one said anything makes you think this same, whom I want to say right now, guess quickly become my favorite. Second, it s right to job, because you don't have a planned out at all, just its justice. Talking soccer this one, I'm kind of spring in on you did you see the Minnesota golly score an own goal by throwing his ball into them into his net now assault inside her. I want to talk about the Olympics, their real quick. It's me. They d Olympics their pr companies just knock
the parks to come up with all sorts of unique visitors and it brand impressions on people with all these scandals. Go not they thwarted at ten percent terror. So so that's! That's all the terrorists, so no more than a catchy die would they did gathers, can be it back in Rio, and now there are now it's gonna, be perfect: ok, yeah! That's that clean sat up pretty quickly re! I mean I watched it. I've got the police officers. There are other really on the ball, so they don't get paid and he said to all the act to the athletes you opted out of playing for time. You are. This house's don't get paid in Rio, but somehow these guys working for free and they broke up a major terrorist plot. So I love it hats off it. Good good on Rio. I also have an olympic update this one. I was made the rounds on Twitter day nice little letter there was written to
I all the US athletes that didn't want to go to Rio, I'm going to read it for you, real quick hits from a captain Kirk, seventy seven. He said to all the app to the athletes who opted out of playing for team USA in Rio. I'm disgusted with your lack of patriotism for the greatest nation on earth. It is a privilege to play for team USA, and by doing so, you demonstrate respect and gratitude for not only our amazing country, but for the men and women who fight everyday to preserve our freedom. That's that's the troops just so you know. That's who he's talking about well, you're, too afraid of getting hit. That's in quotes with the Zika virus. Are men and women are busy dodging bullets they put their life on the line. You were asked to put your time on the line. That's think about one knew of let down millions of fans, including myself, who admire and hold you as a role model. This guy's, like thirty five in, is, if you have it,
if you had a role model, pass the age of fifteen year, nerd out, say fifteen percent right, maybe twelve. You have always soon, as I realise it, rough wrestling was fake. That's when I stop having you have let down millions of fans, including myself, who admiring holds you as a role model. I hope your example is one we do not follow enjoy your rest. That's in quotes because who knows there probably having sex or something you're gonna biggest, enjoy your rest in the comfort of your million dollar states. As you watch the real american Heroes battle to prove that we are indeed the greatest nation on earth, because everyone knows that if you, when the ellipse that's number one nation status, I salute them as I do to our soldiers and it is an honour to cheer them on. Sincerely a: U S, citizen, slash hockey, thin slash grown ass man who as role models and thinks you're limpets, actually count for something
That's great. I can we can get the Canada I would love to. I would love to, and I would love to do it. Maybe we can get him on the show for the troops yeah yeah, what the hell, what is what will make a donation or something yet so if he doesn't come on the show of our time, no actual mild and but will tell that- will make a donation to the troops if he comes on the show and if he doesn't, that means that he doesn't like the troops who good point. Ok, that's a verbal call out so you're welcome on the show not actually reach out to you or do anything to follow up here. But if you do not come on the show Captain Kirk seventy seven, my friend, you do not like the troops we have. We have before we get to Jimbo. We have a MIKE Green Burg rule, oil change that you have for us and by the way I don't know if you saw the buster, only not Buster Posey, that was a Jimbo. I called him Buster Posey earlier he tweeted out his his name
to change baseball and they were all terrible. The first one was make came seven. It makes it all the way up on your plane, Sapo, which actually I mean that might be going to fund a pleasure drunk, but my damnable change the weakest, one that I brought up on the money goes to show you stay for under the programme s sick, brag, yeah, so There's big report came came in on European, saying that color that that professional position, coaches are hired Adam much lower rate to become a coordinator head coach. If their minority, you think yeah they I mean it's. It's been. Something has been going on for a long time, so the Romney rule is one can like lightning rod, and I suggest, in the Spirit of Brotherhood that we develop Romney will where, if the president, I say this black and therefore racism doesn't exist at the time we can do
what we can do the Rooney rule, but there should also be ruled. It says every team should have one defensive back. That's a white guy! Last white cornerback, I just looked it up, was Jason, see Horn yeah, that's racism, so I o k misspoke, not defensible It's a quarterback specifically because when a lot of hot air little did I run around out there. Yet the army, Jimmy Leonard he's nice, he's probably my favour player of all time. Now, because these white, but because these he was a walk on, he was gritty. He did a lot more with this as a person than most people. That's why I like to monitor the most, but I agree more that White free safety on the barrister it he was like really didn't covered,
you're such ass. The other is a guy wanted and feel that it was like fourth along in individual game. That's the guy! That day coach pointed out so hey. You know what I mean I'm out on the raw material. Now we're talking about risk anti written by the way we screwed up, not when we did yuppie names tag Romney with two jeez. What I did, but I love this Rami role, I think, not to go Charles Barkley on us, though I think us white people need to get ourselves and say: like Julian settlements playing receiver, you know Majority Nelson's playing receiver. Why don't you do it's good in and try to play little corner back? We need to ask ourselves: are we doing enough to make a change in society? Let's get points like? How would that look on us? As a group in like worker was out there, you can the pants off of
quite cornerback, yeah yeah. Let's take a look at our own at our own house around community before we are judging others. I like that.
I'm gonna reexamined renewal and just like just to make sure that we do not the right way. You know what I like this will put opinions before will buy one last thing before we get to Gmos. I wanted your quick shot out to our friend. Well, actually know our enemy, sorry, he hears he's early in litigation with him. I forgot about this Archie three. We currently in litigation with him, but I want to give my shout out because Santana MOSS actually just came out with his own many Mount Rushmore. Five guys like I like to do you get amount Rushmore of top five quarterbacks you play with at the Redskins with Redskins and argue three came in the top, but also is like me at towards a tough and he was he was five, but he came in the top five. It was he went
Brunel Old Old as Mark Bruno Donovan, Mc Nabbs Rex Grossman agent saying that that those were the top two like Mc Nabbs when he was their player. Maybe three games, maybe Mc Nabbs loved to do the work towards the end of his career. He loved to do the thing where geyser drawn out and he would just throw it like fifteen yards in front of them into the ground, so marked per now. Donovan Mc Nabbs, the sex cannon Rex Grossman, Jason Campbell, the coach killer and then orgy three, but hey, listen top. I supplied tough I've, tough, I've tougher and spreading it. Unless you, listing the top five redskins quarterbacks the last ten years. That's that would actually be maybe one time that is not accurate in those were the only five we played with, but still top five is top five. You can't that that's how bad is not, but it's gonna resume under like awards and achievements in its second page, nobody's gonna write a door.
The other party resume that I you know it's like basely, all the clubs you been in for the last decade and no one actually reads it. Eight, twelve hot dogs in a minute. That's that's a concise action. Exactly I we have some late breaking news. We actually finnish filming the show, and this happened so we have to call back pay of tea. He is in the queue right now at the Aral Sea J J. What it was announced that he has backed surgery, he's gonna, Miss pull a portion of trees. camp, he should be ready for the season. So because we're doing this on the fly and we had to call in we're gonna, let all of our award winning listeners handle this one force were going to read some of the funniest tweets. We got and they were very funny. So we appreciate everyone operative spinning with Hay J J. So this right now is a J J. This one is Roma at bows Hog, sixty nine
Archy bats. Hey J, J Prohibition put the team on your back so much harm. This one is from at sea are seven four for a J J, a shorter when Miss war, because we heard back this one's from when dangle Hey J, J D room you took up for your surgery could have been used for a kid, with a life threatening illness up and so brood of swans from at in tee, o t h, Ya'Ll three too J J, maybe she'll, take an easy on espies night. Hang it will achieve on this. One is Roma, Billy Hadley,
Hey J! Apparently you can't handle the sacks put congrats. This one is from at real in Turner. Ajay rent is due this month to pay up. Maybe these people were concerned with getting caught in weight in the operating room and the final one from Al Qaeda awaiting this one wins Hey J J, it's called training camp, not sit on the couch camp, and that was Hedge Asia.
I was gonna jumbos. Let you down origin. Does that's feel? A month ago I told when you ve lost that I was going to a destination wedding so that I could go tailgate before his eyebrows, causing today she asked if I was excited for the wedding to which our responded, what wedding she was non pressed come on man, that's kind of that's! That's kind of dirty move under bosses part do not like slide check in basis. That you were not at that wedding day. Recent you caught ahead of time. They just want to see if you're gonna lie about it. You need to
Oh, if you're gonna make a lie like that, you need to be on your toes for about a year. You need to Unita, you do the extends. You need to convince yourself that that lie is true. Tat. The heartfelt drawn tax to a girl into at three fifteen am sent it to my best friends acts with the same name, o o o you did by accident. I sound tat while hate when that happens in Asia, which he, when your best friends girl from the eve, had the heart forever pay. When you accidentally centre are taxed. You know a girls love by the way like especially through an x, is along heartfelt text message or email like really long. They all of that shit. That's that's the best way to get back with the next year. They wait. What was it and ass? It was his best friends acts. Ok, yeah yeah. All girls love it. When you just throw out all your emotions, it's basically the rank. What girls love to get overtaxed Dick picks number one unsolicited is better, actually
unsolicited solicited direct x number one number two, when you pour your heart out without them, asking for an email, went to Europe and left my macbook pro at T say in Boston. Yet it's rough, I dont know if, like he needed a macbook pro for work or if you just want like update as Facebook, so that everybody can be soon present. He was in Europe because that is the case that actually a positive because no He likes reading updates, like I'm I'm bathing in the Adriatic right now. Aren't you jealous feminist, a probably had a travel blog d probably had that travel blog for everyone to follow him. and when he says a blast, our on Facebook, twitter and then basically his mouth
and maybe like one of his aunts, follows it but he's gonna data. Is you know what I bet you use? Can update that travel blog every new city and then he appeared at once, and that was it yet his related one for you guys. I chased what I thought was the world's first knew too. Through the streets are one I am found it turned out to just be an arrow. It's a major jimbo that are the biggest Jimbo overtime. I I mean: can you even going to work the next day without Jimbo? No, you have to? U have to like make yet included a church and see the preacher meeting, just confess that while I wait so we thought it was a there are those who have no without is immune to dance, and it was an error as an average here, my guide, that's it That's so much Jimbo? This is a new. It's a new move. I didn't know that just that's out of you recover from that. Ever to be honest,
one, has one of those Zena sliding door moments the one the got away. I'm thinking that this was it ever now. Are you? Are you two new too? A mutual is gonna, be the one that got away when he, when it's all said and done for shoes which do right along heartfelt text message to them you to envy like I, we almost had something together and then you ll find it or you go and see your therapists too, as a vietnamese that- and you talk about the time that he gave up tickets to the Red sox- World Series to go see about a girl, and then you realise that some things are more important in life and you go find that new too along the same lines that, if we're going to stick with the veteran thing, just go, find it
a veteran until that story and just to see what the veteran says. Well, you know what you just. Did you just grandpa at Normandy, yeah tell trooped go till troop, your story, body with a view to I lost my wallet, two hundred already banned sunglasses and the three hundred all attacks all at different times. Yesterday, man, ok, can I am- and I am a take this one little tip for everyone out there if you're actually know what, if you're under thirty years old, Never ever ever by pair sunglasses, there are more than fifty dollars Dat's on you, ok, fifth yeah! I don't buy up her unless it's like under fifteen dollars. Also, here's an extra Tipp. If you do want to buy the nice
they re ban. That's fine, ok say it say it say your big sunglass guy. Ok, you also need to have the backups the ten dollars, those you drinking sunglasses, if you're gonna be in a situation at all where the wheels can come off, where a beer too can turn into twenty may you got you drinking sunglasses on it and what was the three hundred everything that we lost. He lost his check to, I mean that's, who just eggs anymore, I gave was issued again with her from her grandmother. Grandma hop on dinner. You reported diners club to then coasting since Yale your views plan on turning back up half way through the year just found out about half year views comma. I wiped the coasts, though I like to know what it is going to cost. You know undertake a week,
and often then boom next thing. You know it's. The middle of general feel like honesty is the best policy in that situation. Just be straight up like this, and I know that this is gonna happen to get us back and really like get into gear. You know what you know. What he's gotta do is get again same page with his boss. Now that's on your boss, like hey, listen, boss, we weren't, The page I didn't know that I was going to be held accountable for half of the years worth of work. My understanding, which this was immediately, that it was a good work really hard first two weeks in December and I'd be offset so here's another office thing no work gets done like starting November. First and Jan May the third week of January after and I'll get it after Superbowl. Paisley, you take up here as soon as yeah. It's mostly hollowing Superbowl, don't even try it and then you force not that I shall also memorial day to Labour day. So basically the if this guy
as any with this guy has aiming the fault. Is it you have to realise the only time you really have to work is February March April, safer spring break, so you get out. I got up and not about this or tremendous February was big workman. Everyone worry, there's not winter Olympics and then September in October
that's kind of fantasy football season, like that's one, everybody's really involved in the team. Still, sir, you forget your boss time, you're talking about you know what what what receivers and start. Next we get April in October, you gotta be in the offices of the too many months, make sure you're there had the over my brother's beach wedding drop us off a mile and a half short of our destination decided will be ok to walk down the Florida between cocky, pants and long sleeved button up in MID July. Instead of gay, another goober arrived to the wedding in sweat, drenched shirts and swamp ass and had to stand there for the whole ceremony and take pictures. Afterward, sweat was easily noticed and all the pictures. What do you do in man like his answers, just control your you got to know that you got to know when it's going to get when it's going to get sweaty and- and you know also like it's your first summer- Ru Ru from Antarctica once you start sweating, you don't stop sweating until you take a shower and then you sit in the ac for like forty five minutes.
Here's what maybe the dumbest Jimbo ever you had so long to correctly Jimbo, and you didn't so. You were dropped off Milo, have for short, I'm gonna guest, its back at a napkin matter like a forty, five minute walk. Forty minute walk on it will you're on a beach to sort sandy. That's like a thief. Imagine to our long walk after ten minutes, you shouldn't said. Ok, I'm calling it we're give another over you. Just you just March, you dumb ass down the beach for an additional fifty minutes, dealing with your misery so that to me that's the Jimbo, the weak! Are we gonna come more? I was gonna put I drops in my eyes and without looking rather nasal spray and shot him in my eye. That's a classic the old bathroom mix up for classic like oh, I thought it was toothpaste whose preparation h you're about that. never heard like, if you would a rank orifices to accidently shoot the wrong kind of medicine, and I would say that the ILO,
at the top of our list, I'm I'm gonna go it. They call, I think, the because you really don't wanna fuck with them yeah. You want to make sure that only the Dingle medicine christened. Secondly, the day Jim, Jim
Jimmy I d age. No. In order that I wanted to ask us what include up at last one day, my dick by accident, I tore my Asia out while taking a turn moving along with that was that Robert Griffin, man, Derek Grozny, York mixing, rears start up, Worley yeah, I I think you're just a week, human being. To be honest, I do you think it's a timber hope at the edges, I'm sorry for your loss that it must be rough going through life. I'm sorry! The year parents have really bad genetics. I guess what we got. Four jumbos for us.
I guess other first, so I took this flight from New York to Cleveland and packed. Backpack may had some extracurricular things inside the back back, but there are some things that can sneak past yes and no problem. Some stimulants eider pities pities. If you won't be happier for my brain, yes or no, no powders or anything like that. Just peace for the brain and
it's no problem into airport security got through just fine got to Cleveland. Sir unpacking. My stuff realise that I had put scissors and my backpack when a week ago to cut my sleeves off on the tuxedo at some point. In the past week they come apart, so I had to huge, like five inch jagged knives with handles and my backpack the whole time and nothing happened at all: csi less work as safeguards ridicule safe, but that guy who was watching nine eleven videos on the plane he got shut down. Yeah I mean like the Alex Jones, was delayed getting into town just because he's on a crusade against federal government and you and basically brought to samurai swords on the plane. And now it's at anything,
I had a pretty clean weak. I don't. I guess my only Jimbo would be that. I trusted that my boss, when he told me that need to buy a white for something that we are actually going to go and it turns out. We are so I canceled my fifty seventh white of the year. And those don't usually Gary fund it. So I guess I was my Jimbo the week like an eight hundred dollar five point: whatever whoops whoops II, would you re? I've got a pretty cleanly too. I guess I had to pick on. That's it just happened while our earlier today, I only sprint in the ocean IRAN as fast as you can we, we usually ocean you're in the ocean in the middle of the day after I took her there and I like to Mozilla, is in a word it ok
it was. It was when it was not the beach it was early morning. It was eight o clock. I woke up and you know rising ground and I just took a dip in the ocean. After all, so Hake, I need to loop theater and can do when you circle back into a deep dive on what you're up to you all day in one's going regulation, yet what's appropriate during a work day. I think we, I think we need to go back. act through the manual that we passed out when we first started this podcast, and maybe one yeah look at the boxes. I think you cited in you yeah. You cited I think everyone signed it so I'll go to round up you ever heard of it. I think it will circle back on that. I could keep calling. Actually. My Jimbo is tell I'd I'd Zimbabwe's thirty years, but I soon spread in the oceans vastly can I did that and it wishes all rocks soil. I cut my feet over the dead man. There s a lot worse
I hate when I'm running into the ocean, while my companies paying me in the middle of a work day- and I come- I feel a little bit like ever here I was ox they're, pretty cool did ecology have like has really progressed with awkward socks. Psychosocial now, like the cool thing to work or not your dad's awkward socks. I tell you that much actively measure. So now, I'm all natural oil, natural gas will think what a vessel some aka sucks. I that is our show, I'm gonna, leave us with a single tweet of our friend Stephen. A Smith is losing his mind. He lost his best friend this year in an accident with box sports. So this was his take of the currency
I've been shale serving all evening, then just turned to the hour and see after listening to these speeches. All I can say is this: I'm really miss and block its part by presenting by power tools, Balkans,.