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Lorenzo Neal + Mike Alstott, NFL Weekend Preview And Fyre Fests Of The Week

2019-09-27 | 🔗

Thursday Night Football was electric and the Packers are dead. What was Matt LaFleur thinking at the goal line?(3:45-11:54) NFL Week 4 Preview, Gambling Picks, and Big Cat's CANT LOSE ML Parlay of the week, it literally can not lose. (11:55-29:38) Fantasy Fuccbois.(29:39-36:29) Fullbacks and Future Hall of Famers Mike Alstott and Lorenzo Neal join the show to talk about their careers, what makes a fullback great, Alstott training by pushing his jeep around Purdue, Lorenzo picking up pigs, and the coaches they encountered in their long NFL careers.(37:49-1:31:50) Segments include Fyre Fest of the week,(1:35:13-1:41:42) stay classy DC, (1:41:43-1:44:30) Sabermetrics for Antonio Brown and his tweet fest,(1:44:31-1:47:18) and the return of Whoas. (1:47:19-1:49:10)


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on today's pardon my take fallback friday lorenzo neil mike os in studios go awesome interview i've never seen pm happier it was essentially like he was on drugs by analogy no it was not what would happen i have ever seen you on drugs that's what you would it looks like i was wearing a talk so's waitin form there were like ten minutes late given studios pacing around those i've thus i'll say it on the other side but i had a thought than i was like gonna and then i would never been more heartbroken eurostat on either side we have nl we urge the part i tell you re upon for second i would like to take this happens i don't know however now and i knew i was i really did i was like this is gonna be the worst feeling of all i prepare would you anymore i'd have to elaborate pumping of all time we would have had to carry around in like it i think i just wanted to
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ok i like hangs clues the antennae throughout the upper say our good and their order very good will tease yeah arts or download cash out right now tweet is our part might take if you want to get some free money for gambling losses use could partially give five dollars free there you know there's a kick start five dollars or the is pc ok let's go well
the party might take presented by the cash app go downloader right now use code bar story you get five dollars for free five dollars as peace yea today is fry yea september twenty seventh and the green bay packers are dead so go good internal that's fine i'm gonna go about packers urca escapade said aaron rodgers gets too cool in the red zone pfc i got some stats for you my first at aaron rodgers gets too cool in the reds ok here's a staff for you the packers in two thousand nineteen first quarter points twenty eight sec border point thirty three third quarter points fourteen fourth quarter points six saw that listen we invite people can make some adjustments and saw that low floor and aaron rodgers whiz kid offence listened
if you gotta under of a pat on the iraqi inside the five yard long you have to go back to that well at the game also are flocking past years six pass no us under the far i'm talking about the guidelines were as foreign role but they went over to a went out there with eleven personnel and i were no nos twenty to personnel i think at first they try to get the body if i tally who had a great game by the weather full back in there that's you looked like a bull that was ready to charge scrape and his foot is little cleats against ground on fallback friday last friday no less it was disrespectful to the position john coon's rolling where's grass sixth place inside the five six passes zero points one interception and a terrible helmet friend rogers he needs to do so not at all because he looks like a combination of michael dukakis in the tank and john
the root out there's his helmet gets bigger every single game like the added extra layer paint twelve inches grows and grows you and he looks like a martian play worry what were were watching a replay right now i won't be mean to packers fans for the entire show i'll say this devonshire atoms i was going out her yes its weak for thee the classic case though and be wary when you make your picks this week the team that desperately needs a win the team that looking like they're gonna go one in three and they were a play off hopeful team that desperate issue the eagles going lambeau doug petersen i love doug petersen i think he's one that's cause the nfl he saw aggressive even going for two when they were up seven any like our defence care stop him right now so let's try to get it to nine instead of it instead of eight with an extra point it was early
people i saw some people complaining about it but that's doug petersen you live by you die by it i'd rather live with cultures aggressive and tries to steal the moment then a guy who goes wishy washy freddy kitchens or met would do we called the pretty catches the metal but when you just passed from inside the five years that thank you gotta pee carol ok it's the freddy le floor is the friday before really over thought it really overlook so what will happen soon to coaches who are going up against tug petersen is they know dogs got balls and that he does dodgy he does these type of those four to allow those further fourth down and opposing coaches don't wanna dom in front a dog and so they try to like the punch out of their way class sometimes and they get them
into his own with their over thinking whether passing about too much they're doing stuff that they wouldn't normally do because the guy across the field for me it has as nuts in a wheelbarrow and you are trying to get a bigger wheelbarrow and you ve just cattle teabag hanging down between her legs should also has really work that way and so yeah good job doug petersen matlock floor still find his defence look bad against the wrong i'm i'm fine word and oil snarking aaron rodgers prescott i will admit that other fine finished before sorghum watch them now the third doing just fine don't worry about that i will say though that you write the at the end of sea north looks really good yes i saw the best is the group death this relies on your first place right now the undefeated detroit lions and also the bears actually kind of one that came for the eagles they join our now shown jeffrey pry the best the bears played a lamp on a while yet an almond enjoy enjoy it they came in there they played while the eagles our back they have
life back to my work has been done but one in three into and to feel it it feels so different yeah it really does as you know it's only one game it feels so different if you're like we're one in three first to into this is the exact time of the year where we start really get those takes cooking a week to week three week for is when you break out all the stats of teams that start one in three make the playoffs twelve percent right team so the season three and one make it seventy percent a dime and team started to zero one i guarantee you will not make the playoffs this year yes we can probably take that to the bank pour out well enough they have a big game here but she famously said if you sleep on the lions you'll never wake up yeah he was decided i haven't the rest rest sending a little message i think you're after sending the message of don't challenge earth
already ever on anything because we're not can overturn the costs we get it right the first right and the thursday night football haters ghost go suck on an egg khazar never really understood that now i don't either but i like it just go suck on an egg because that was a great gain or jump in a lake too bad injuries regattas may put the injury music under this too bad injury so that stocks from stretches out there twice it did so in the second and look pretty bad i don't know i don't have an abundance of caution or whatever was but it took like ten twelve minutes to get him stable that's not good ok so and then the package was in the end it right there so you norms that don't you see me yeah you got it all right ok so ah what else we got we have we have o partial dotcom such pm tee to see michael's thought and lawrence o neill yeah studio and also we bench pressing
after we did a little competition lorenzo neo benched just you what you already i won't say you'll have to watch the other seven times he wrenched seven tommy bitch more than lorenzo kneel and so proven otherwise i think you were gonna get catfish for a minute and i was so so nervous chiujio pfc dressed up in his talks up he was like being loaded me around the office he was generally you weren't in here for this they can't live with the room is set up a little differently if you see him bicycle you'll see that he walked it was like this right this is for our reach will be doing this and then everything right at enabling the names are hardest under strict where's he's sitting worse it with it we where's the flower arrangement i was agreed it looks like we're competing its jones brazil i was totally like hank was my wedding planet ended his pumping me follows annex but i was therefore me round with a video camera because i was so excited and i was just pacing back and forth was ector late delayed something's happening is that i knew i was a doubt thought never crossed my mind because i've been in touch with so many people around them
where i i knew that they were coming but yes if i was getting catfish that would have been pretty fucking funny yeah i also want to get ahead as something i've realise i've problem i've i've an issue its physical thing i need to train but only to get better at it i don't know how i socket clapping you look like really i caught you look like you and fast mode whatever you may ask beating at our i got floppy here i gotta get all i had planned to know what it is but i saw at last we can regain bling on something you we're on sunday in the gambling carried a year and then i saw it when i was i was spotting mike all start and then i brought the
back then i clap from my calls you having a little kid what it was like the worst way that you can possibly club you like all start doing your pinch but you look like a little kid just learned how to class something is showing everyone like i learned this i need to admitting as the first step that i recognise i think i'm gonna do the less miles just like everyone cute i think you should be yourself welcomes gay i m very excited i do like a dog wagging his tail knocking everything off after tea it's it's pure joy or was it was a very fun time for me when they came into the ass so that that interviews come up let's do the weekend slate this great weekend slates there is no bad weekend sleep for the nfl it's like seven children you loved them all your basely philip rivers fifty or ring it some winners i a new special thing go in for everyone a minute announcing a second we the larry's peck but were also brow
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oh yeah damn we are down we're going to hell i took check out bet m gm must be twenty one or older must be new jersey to place pets restrictions apply visit at bet mgm dot com for the full list the terms and conditions gambling problem call one hundred gambler okay we have illusory sancho yes we got a big tiny certainly down game it's also the first chapter of the pinkies game the falcons and tightens up is an ultimate loose leave town game the loser of this game is done
yes a thousand artie done but its truly over endless end a winner this team is going to be an hour we sure were there good team yeah can be possibly a play off tv winner talk about the s the winner of this game will be the most boring team that makes the playoffs here something here's a little tip i had this rule i wrote this rule down week one if i might rebel coach team is an underdog and people are carrying them out that's when you better so just take them because this is a game that the titan will win and win convincingly and ever like woe aligns back and then when their favoured next week they will drop an egg and score like three point i feel like
two coaches going against each other rebel and quinn it's like our two guys in frank thomas eugenics commercial yeah is again when is the guy with low tee and then he popsicle those pills i have like fish oil and jewelled legato nostalgia and then he just transforms i feel so much better and the wife doesn't minded either yes it's gotta be it's gonna be a fun games were on though she will not be a phenomenon tat one loser leaves tat it will be interesting to see who on yes who wins we also have very rare i am pegs green yellow me for this part i would call it in our reassure we good put its also like so its bills are we sure they're good and patriots are we how how good are the we had this again listed as new england buffalo are we sure they're great yeah because this is the patriots obviously have played not great opponents you play your schedule who cares but this is the best defence are gonna face it
their site it's the best defence of the bills are gonna face the bills it feels like every year right around this time the patriots going to buffalo buffaloes all the whole and it doesn't go well so now if the pages lose it doesn't matter because will still be there but if the bills win that's that current changes the the whole course of their seas i need to see something out of the city of buffalo this weekend i don't know how you step up from throwing a dildo onto the field maybe a doleful sec stall i was thinking just like inflatable sex dolls everyone cut off their control and yet our should even if they owe it actual you here is on the field would really step things up i don't know after committed enough that you then buffalo just yet babies from tables onto the field is full tables as i do that i'm saying i'll be a sign that there are taken seriously tables were punished even hundreds if someone punched even the face it would be like when big poppy got shot like do the person who punched even the face would would just get rag doll and it would not be good seed don't you think
it will be interesting to see what happens because because i mean parcels of buffalo town like pop buffalo loves us we love them now days gonna go in there and be a jerk to them but i think that the enemy either still love i think there is yeah i just i fucking love bills for they are the best deserve as i'm going to be on full force zubaydah tuxedos the whole nine yards this is this is your can t shine buffalo it is are we let it get alex it but of course as hankers while on monday they can't because they hate the patriot league doesn't want this game to be an primetime yeah actually i don't want to see a buffer what's came into being you want yeah the city buffalo fora for legal and safety reasons wants to limit tailgating time under thirty five minute re right so that one's going to be a very interesting one and i i you know the the
night game obviously the cowboys and the saints i think that's a true are we sure they're good yet because the cowboys similar to the patriots have played no one and now you have to go into the dome i don't care who's quarterbacking in the dome you got to go into the dome and try to prove your worth jerry jones going to be sitting there and he's binoculars set on sean paint the entire time while he's gonna go his lip second forth between kill him more and sean paden this boy leaders man all the boy stuff well yeah georgiou zombie dealing with a wicked hang over after a night on burberry that that boss is just can be part in the middle of bourbon street or frenchmen for about
ours is pounding johnny walker blue i wouldn't be shocked georgians at this point it is life is just like hey put a bed in my ass sweet and august crash there that's what i mean it dropped off from like in even though the games at night ease i just drop me off in the sweet i'll just sleep in the sweet yet he saw he freezes set up he's like i want something like that wants that i want that ok should use impacts let's do it hank once you start us off with some favorites
his cry the numbers robert on crunching some numbers right now i think my favorite that i'm going to take it will be the chiefs ok i had that too high interested minus six i thank you could pick as well do you people are talking about the snuff but this is the first professional gained the patrick nor homes is playing indoors and he's been an outdoor cat his entire life and the first game he's playing as ninety nine rating in man oh that's that's probably even more smith analogy really has to step yet will see how he can fair with a roof over said i don't i'd everyone's expecting into lighted up i'm hoping that he does i made that point thus far what you know it's crazy if you and now i wanna get nerdy on everyone here but if you look at the advanced stats he's actually he actually has taken a step back from last year thus far but he sold i'm good then it doesn't even made like here thrown some interceptions that have been dropped that kind of thing please
odium good that you don't even notice it may take a step back but he's not disappointed correctly said sylvia six thousand years when i say to you that back i mean he went from a hundred out of a hundred to like ninety nine point five out of hans someone did in contracted extension simulation forum on man and in the deal that they came up with form with seven years two hundred seventy million dollars on done that's it it's a bargain origin bargain absolute so i was thinking about this case tonight's games obviously the added packers and the eagles but i was thinking about like big fat coaches and how i miss these teams andy red teams like i missed the eagles having a fat coach laugh and i miss the packers have an effect cogia fits and would i dont like more than anything else is the car it was when you have like cliff kings but we have a hot guy that's coaching your team any does something like kika feel go from the two yard line that's a fat guy
that's a fact i coach because their brain does work really while a skinny guy irish playing conservatively socks nothing worse than that no i agree yet fact coaches they get tired is a game goes long and they just can't think as well as care the fact coaches are coming out i am i hate that no it's who's next one there's no like young hot office of coordinator deviants greener that's been being taught about as the next big s already kitchens map patricia both got hard in the last two years read i help freddy kitchens could swell up i could see him he's getting there i mean he's pretty big is pretty but also the name kitchens gonna help you is always in the kitchens all right so you taken sheaves wealthy up i want to take the bear i'm not going to do it because i'm not gonna be biased here but i think the bears a win by a hundred so instead i wanna take p if two year guy joe flak o the denver broncos minus three i love gardener menchu he's a recurring guest
the argument has been around a little too much this week went to key went out who are the police out at washington state last saturday he took a pitcher was followed uncle recalls that still makes me want to climb a tree near killers in football game i'm just saying and i think parliament is very good i think this second game in only actually is third game you started but he had his first win now he s a go to denver it still hot all that stuff the altitude i think there were finally wednesday endeavours in a true must win like the seasons over if we don't want right i was talking to us to jeff below about this and we are trying to figure out what the problem with black who has been this year and i think we thing i think came up with old number one he's just never that good no he's there's something wrong with them i think with sound to get the narrative started that just like him newton there's something physically wrong he's hurt he's playing through something right now and then are we tossed out the idea that maybe he has sickle so i like our
clark i so maybe just him playing in denver this whole time he just fight each is on the verge of death every single put which if there was a quarter back that was dying while he was playing the result would look lot like ojo flogging flat absolutely okay so those are favorites hank once you go with your underdog i will go with the earlier napkin ice palaces i said the rand last week as mandatory but they were not the dogs and that's ok sorry accounts on us for not catching my underdog i will go with the redskins ok we're haskins finally finally get to be his time fifteen zero percent chance they win the game zira procedures also he's not play so there's definitely he's playing with scouts him awake so case knows it
maybe they brought maybe that's the whole scout team play maybe this maybe the entire existence of less twenty years of redskins has been a giant rope adult for this weekend yeah and their car we finally got a like a pick and good bet has so like epic i dont chose hurl too high back everyone's loving daniel john kingdom is hurt yeah but estonian apply every if he gets hurt early he's not injured ok fifty year under my underdog i am going to go with i'm gonna go with the dolphins again and you wonder why stop charge traveling east's charges are travelling these that's all you got to say by roll it out there and when that legal they get melvin gordon coming back there's gonna be too many touches on the back field you're nothing as he's not oh no you ok you got on mobile towards a distraction that's what i'm has been this into so otto hecklers gonna be upset that movin gordon's going back you gotta philip rivers the they're gonna win the day
but i don't see him covering fifteen and one slash two okay i'm surprised this one's still on the board hear from everyone i think the browns are going to cover seven easy i think the browns going to win this game because you need it more than anyone else and i hear it all week about how freddy kitchens by the way did you see the video that it might have been a baker audible yeah but i'm going to i deleted that for my memory so was freddie kitchens is an idiot i heard baker not take responsibility for it i heard freddy tape its military weren't so a beggar baker told us that it was friday by not saying you sam some reality that i think the ravens are slightly overrated and the browser underrated in seven seems like too much also way too they point there was a choice at twenty four game and weak seventeen last year and now were we know not at brown you ve got a little better lamar's i've gotten better put feels like seven too much in general
has become the new doug petersen yeah he's he's doing the advance our analytic all the tides it be interesting to find out if there's like somebody that that does online analysis for football teams that is consult that might be working for the raven sometimes putting two and two together interesting i don't know how can a name names but he's not worry don't past thinking back to the brown so he we cross marvellous no no i'm saying which the rate or worse ravens i hate your over go patriots bills interesting i hated my aunt i love it that's my own i don't hate that logic but nicely dont yang views look at something you don't like this is so bad and there's like you know what was fuckin do like i was it you see you assume that the painter tuna shut the bills oxfam let up a touch down and they use their hatred to win by like twenty one points but then there still twenty one points right where's that coming we run it's gonna have that somewhere that's a good point hank it was confucius you said the wisest man
is the man who knows nothing who knows that he knows hank who knows they knows nothing and hank has finally realise that making the smartest man yes practice ya what what's your pic pfc for your oh my over kansas city detroit patrick homes has never played a game indoors and so he's got something about that roof over said the off just gonna work down a click faster if i am taking the giants in the redskins over i feel like there's gonna be no defence and i came over forty nine joint haskins the up that's gonna be great thanks not even listening dwayne haskins twin asking when he comes out it's gonna be what must i bet that that listen when you get dwayne haskins enjoys an ordinary aid on that field together territories i like that i was u connection back inaction anders gross actually i've patriots bills under your head had amount thou one's gonna be gross in terms of office football undergo broncos jack's ok
by the way i dont like i don't mind i would even have thirty era you could have i'm gonna settlers are forty eight i think that seattle was gonna win like twenty four to twelve hours types escort ok so those are picks amadou some special here tonight i teach this for fuel goes from cliff kings very all from within the tenure lariata okay so here's my special thing this is gonna be on my no lose parlay the week i didn't week one at one and i forgot to do it the last two weeks on back you ready for you ready for this so if you go to that i am gm right now you put in love we never been able to say you can't lose their picks walk now i'm actually say you can't lose with this pick so you personally refund anyone that lou well i am because you put him be empty borders could be empty get five hours risk free so do it right now better gnp empty five and arduous free and put it on this parlay colts now
chance they lose the raiders where this money line is money on parlor cults no chance they lose the raiders chiefs no chance they lose the lies rams no chance they lose the box that pays plus one twenty i like pontius pilate and and if you are so these are just say the sea word a coward you have the ability of the calls from the chiefs when the first part of this you could potentially hedge out if you what did you get the coward gets too kind i call you a coward it gives too complicated and that sort of message you put five hundred bet mgm you put in protocol pm to you put five dollars on that money i'm parlay next thing you know your account has a thousand dollars in it easy eve eleven hundred it never it will not lose and if it does pretend that you don't know me i just better right out perfect i love it i can you imagine at losing i can't
i'm closing miser now early k only issue might be if somehow patrick homes allergic air conditioning or young you don't know you had wronged is injured that obviously i can lose but even then it cannot yes it can not lose ok let's do fence four points the two are huge huge interview with lord
o neil and mike all start was not boys yeah there's like it also rubella oh my stardom is cube that's right cripple parking e he volley we got four deaths as one in massachusetts alone that's it is back get some tripoli don't guess tripoli stay inside don't go inside tripoli i've no i do is talk about us not focused worry talk as you you'd overall trouble tripoli does where does i offered the point on a vast scale spock in such an almond you'd die ripley might just be a positive thing a little later mosquitoes alone oh my system is uncle recall two books old has no way he could still darpa over those mountains i never believe you couldn't worthwhile student might we thought these people have found show in my own mr three or five isn't this an ethic of a party that is supposed to propose my enemies imagined dragons i dont like ice at my age the white with some prescott jihadi this weekend i'm sky tony rob that's why i couldn't tell you will be out there on the complex and if he went well your twitter account baby oh one had a hit out on whoever's in sway warheads murder some people i'm right this down we're sorry about this rebelled affair regressive that's what's going on around like this progress good ok i'm sitting referees that's right breath no what we used to do to whistle blowers back in the day political will we get new legal contact bloggers within the five yard boundaries alliance criminal acts were you u whistleblower off my fire press of the weak that's are
by sleep i'm sleeping by weak goodbye i know what you think of my teeth like i should like to point out what turkey family taking their use keeping out your game hang out with them on sunday don't tom supply we receive shout apparatus to sound out very last every all of apply what's up guys i'll have a name this week will forgive my name which is totally near some nice talk giovanni no name i started this is toby stands weeds report came out with their top fifty all time mba plans toby was forty step hurries tad colonies fifty their bad real mad mad outta town my sin is quite letter because speaking toby toby dietrich why how hard the basque would be a terrible t may that's gonna send a shiver down your spine of leaders talk by sleepers flannels this point of conflict just cause you know like again you again out by lumberjack rachel you by radio super coffee despots boys radio
pocket pussy yeah like socks windows clean off some shit because one i wanted to talk quickly about this kobe please your pointless because that's fucking funny bleach report is like figured out a way in the middle of september who the fuck cares about the top fifty mba players emma was or something recent was a reason why the product of all time volta yeah i don't know why i just happen to my eyes i stumbled across a list of the top fifty current players and j but was twenty one i do love you solidarity is falling off since we made the proclamation so my my everson squatted undertake cobby was ranked fourteen staff curry was ranked ten kobe stands please report literally i think they sat in a meeting in their like hey we need some content that is us just like having a guy get pancake block and then turn into a literal pancake what can we
you to get everyone rob up i know put steph curry ahead of coolby on an all time mba players listen and you will get the most interactions because code stands are the craziest people on the internet yeah i mean they're they're probably squeezing out a continent is cause they can very easily just take a screen shot of staff being ahead of goby and just do the who did this pham rifle cry face that's a million retweet right there then they can do a slide show of all the kobe stands a threatened to kill us for putting him behind south korea and less boom more concentrate their right so jean cats off went when they when they ve got a win like when they did that picture for the u s women's teamwork just a bunch of random celebrities natures set the inner fire or when they have cobby behind stuff curry my cap the greatest trolls that aren't really trolls there are accidents trolls the yet toby behind you is one position you do not want kobe bryant to be correct the other thing were well yeah
what is so reveals said that he's here that he would delete is twitter account if tony roma one the gulf term it that he was in this week in estonia was playing as an amateur in a pga turn him so boomerang northern ireland is it is not a pga tournament but it's it's filled with professional golfers boomer is going to homer sizes benevolent on sunday if tony makes the cut so oh darling jig whose bird that is today by the way told me for the release of five backdrop outbreak today our survival fucking pussy he did they treated before i have no before is before so yeah maybe anybody you know he's definitely pussy but not for that reason but tony birdie the first all i also feel it this is like if tony roma winds like like it's definitely see reveal like replying in being like her heart just kidding like the out we might
therefore a minute rare i'm dumb bullshit right how rulers would it be though if boomer got up in the booth and absolutely killed it and took tony shop and did adapting on shawnee again real shame real shame so that's that is are weakened preview are fence fuck boys big college football game in nebraska maroon free nebraska no issued on you guys lot i want you guys to relevant again is going to happen but it's nice to say those things is very nice lady like i know that they're not gonna win and nothing is gonna come of it so i can see after we sit here like i'm for you guys congratulates yet like you guys i want you guys to do this nebraska the college the ball is better when nebraska idea when nebraska is doing certain eighties now people are to be really mad about that i left you might also thought and lorenzo kneel before we do that another pick
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the bratz the reds was a good and it was but it's the music color it is the browns okay so pink whitney we've been drinking it think the guys were here all week it was awesome to have him here but it's delicious drink go get it go to your liquor store if they don't have it tell him to get it cuz everyone's got pink whitney's in liquor stores now thank you thank you to new amsterdam vodka are great spa let's get your interview michael's thought and lorens ok we now oh come on two very special guess so so special p of teasing is tucked seed owe their future hollow famer thank you push it its full back friday we have two legends of the game lorenzo neal and mike alstott future hall of famers i'll say it again could get in the pipeline thank you guys for coming here we randomly have a bench press that we might have to use lee it just westward hoddan had shut up you showed up today so we have the bench ass we get the full backs this
is the most nervous you better get those unwrap latterly i would however under unwrap second because i dont even know go domestic gets well ok disrespect four from both sides we have fifteen while we are smart we got the bench press but we only have two forty five slow things i was thinking of my my ribs actually work in which is where were you guys you people our team ok what would you bench right now to twenty five that's that's a max i do the anger you got a rap yeah just thrown off their whatever what are you learned yeah i'm in the same will our suddenly go that have any more to twenty five but i could ever mean we had to mean the big fella wicked
thought around my dear we don't do it anymore i willingly at issues you yeah yeah that's like austria we add or love area we anymore sound pretty sight of world health conscious partly right before we get into it because we have very nice things to say about both together right i want i want to address now from the room mike i've been talk a lot of shit about you recently and we need to redo squash this right now is about my office it's about your office that you're on your high school coach and you don't use a fall back what the owl like what you got on your back i've been coached up you know what about this is i don't have no social media never have and in a really dont get into a tender but again the boys in western miss skin or fill me in and everything was going i saw and right yes on your fan base rate and i got this last night from me by
libya has it that is actually the full that's great you know run eleven personnel so what's up with that i don't have to have the personal you don't have a full that you know you can't you hear growling that or you can just sneaking apparently than i i have a school of two hundred sixty gives a coach total on roma rights or thirty kids and so am i this plan and thirteen to sixteen right i did have a full back right i d go spread but again we came into what we learned panama i did bring a full backing i had actually twofold accent and i dont know now son have any like have you like i would imagine you just show up like the middle school been like tat kids can be a full backing what what are you there is no question when i walk through the door to shadow in the end they want their needs greater and you were is there any office going what do you do you play basle ii me play for bali palpable you play sports here what's goin on so yes we're we're all about the kids walkin in so what
what is a fallback look like like what's the type what one of the treaty that need to be too acute asked have review like that's my father six one to fifty that's it you're sitting annalisa felt any wrong i sit on every day to grant a new discussion together in the press and yet as you want this thing i just need a bible justice the ionian aggressive kid you know i mean i need aggressive kids go in there and hit the lime the backers and hit the engine power and michael into it i never thought i'd see the day i'm i'm so glad you brought it up that you're going to say don't tell me you play basketball and grass and you think you're gonna win or consistent basis i'm just a thing you that's all that's not what this so when i did come up this orphans there's two years i was tightened and full backed running back in high school
the box i didn't have the personnel toy editors so had spread about right spread about then my cook my quarterback who's who my son car so how are you going to tell her an offence right you can turn off and see your quarterback because obviously then they get no ready and able to do so you don't wanna take all of that is insulting story is you you didn't want to pay for a scarlet on a question so you're ok you run up the scores of the ear your son could get all the stats you base your lying like now regained the whole thing like thereby also don't write yet when you play be they don't have the college football video game anymore but i would always play in the first week had put up fifteen touchdowns against sligo the sisters of the poorest or highsmith you're doing then real life with your kids were
we will try and actually that's that's the goal is to go as perfect that is perfect so i think allowed people don't realize you guys used to be teammates back in the day for the euro hot second right in the box so when you guys replied together who was first ring who secondary thou is our second on everything and tobacco a mere mike when i would be aware we had package's yeah win where they always rhino rhino package oconto again with we get hot in work upset yeah did you guys ever go when i'm one of you has ever do a little sound work but you did you guys overdue oklahoma joe against each other not normal nothing i got him get him i hit and don't dip let's ride down yeah come out of this on the fire let's rock mehevi yes and i'm in a hurry bert cabaret them damone daddy list who am i wish we were
the great so where we're planet so we do that every time we had score would do the mark maguire sammy soul so that you know yet we were rolling because people who want to see i mean dinning green rest increase i think they went fifteen were to going a minute stolen game they loss was reason for we have to win and we played them michael crazy on a big we had over three hundred three hundred yards rushing weed is lined up and then hardly lose a game that we just played smash mouth football this guy's tongue hanging out of his mouth and i feel it's go buddy let's go we were just run bogged down their hilarious and rather get fired a wedding went force which was the best hit you guys are put on somebody s blocky overhead i might almost say the best run against washed in against whenever springs the house they
davy was shot sprang the hour and the white compression sleeves yeah i remember that each uganda truck job and you say get him i actually stop than is generally ran through you'd stepped in and he asked me why did you do that to me when we're in lady he became outnumbered needs that was a brougham i remember that you didn't get it on a two point version has gained by the way your site that go now you stop it from you today is on you today ready reply resource rest up for i did i did but there is some shown you love i let you know that like i'm gonna i'm gonna set its own in this interview right now like you wanna hit somebody first i game that's what i'm doing right now shown you who the alpha is at the state become overtime if we're neuron never mind what about my question what about you run against the browns which is like the mike also i always think of is that one and its pervert because it was like nine yards
and it was a you it wasn't touch everything but use basically shred everyone just thrown people off of you i want you and i recall just you know an opportunity i mean i think all a lot of times is unknown certain situations for me to get the ball was four minutes go line and i was always guy that you take opportunities or otherwise i was gonna get again you remain so in all justice second third fourth did ever guy and i always played ok and then lorenzo i was reading up some of the old interviews you did and my everything you said was it you're just eddie georgia's doorman you got the perfect way to describe a fall back you like i'm just a doormat amount there so you you block for some unbelievable running back you know l tee but eddie georgia's well for yelling mike mike asta work done all those as everyone was so unique in so many different ways a member tom on a big hit i think re childers on if you guys member member
he beckoned days my days in new orleans he's a defence alignment big strong guy we didn't wham block and i hate him hurt me too but he said i think he broke the red his lips they broke my ethanol here you have me that was it was a nice nice here the mean he sat on the ground they had come giddy minis like gave me to look like some time you get them play some time to beer get you so that that particular one was that one like a okay i got that guy needs a hey was a hell of a player but that's it while being selfish is about hey you know what you line up you know you go out there and if you want to place westward go back position you see how with just a dime breed and they don't get the reps and get the piano the praise i think that they deserve their lyman in a back fuel than michael's won an elite ones in fact you can run could catch do a lot of other things that in what could be a tell backslash fallback h back he could do it all he was versatile one of the most versatile poor backs the of the game the scene and
it's been you know that journey of just goin out there in saying you know what i'm gonna impose my will on you i'm gonna make you quit you are not to stand in last for four quarters against me that's what i do i ve often that's what i get you no kind of drove me is a fallback coming back how exactly like cow shanahan battle for all these guys you know what the patriots are doing it feels like a lot of offences now not counting mike all starts cause he doesn't run with a fall back but both most now my voices
no i think i had a good enough now and i offer step occasionally wurlitzer you and both police or two guys with interviewed were laughing than one second though just creating the rails values sarah you like i might kill you i think you like us but you still my murder slight all that's coming back right act because that georgia to forty two likely kansas city he he gets after he boy doll he'll but he'll bite you will feel hit you yes i come back enough to knock you stick man they use a pull back over fifty percent you you don't i don't know i guess there's this certainly discern team some guys have been coach and for so long and they gotta go an honorary night he came from the tree yeah right he came from their true with the pull back but you know in the other the upcoming young others corners then i'm doing a million
yeah ravens there also bear the raven suit the broncos they got you check you fall back it's actually kind of like what you guys where were you can eat i'll catch the ball little too and it is not a dynamic is more the agenda the more you know it's not the traditional like you know a put you back field we nor come naturally i don't mean ran through i think that this success the patriots have had especially the policies and over the last year like devlin is a big part of that shore yardage like it and he is an old school fullback he's yeah those play my wife sometimes but nine times at ten his job is to run directly downhill the patriots have a great system of everybody knows their role right and there's nothing selfish about so i think that's was so successful where the buccaneers and stuff like that were making our own we knew our role and we knew what the heck to do for each other and i mean and they play for each other and that's why some guys can't live in the patriot system you know what i mean if they do have you seen in a recent study
an unarmed people but again we were so you know salvation in a lot of our manners like when your time came you had to make up doing it and that's how my story is you know what i mean when i got the ball and wanted to you know do it for my team more so it the stats or whatever was that i needed to do and it just came about because we worked so hard together did you when you guys play the sioux borg incinerators as you know all the place beforehand written was due in two minutes drawn on friday i was a clever that before this review is running as rich gate he was doing gaining and we won't go to minimise fridays use doing any take everything call out everything cod every four complain earthquakes airy thinking duncan and he was actually in his first i'm never happen rail on that was only first year but i nursed whom in my six years within the data but yeah use con exactly everything has gone on that's crazy spray of john lent said it was so easy said that's who oppose like as i cannot believe they're doing everything to grounds it interesting that's not i mean it you could feel it
the game started getting out of hand but it is very weird to have that situation where coach leaves one team and goes right to the other than they meet in the super bowl and we saw by the final result was the final score was like do nicely to the g20 back in the day when she was silent yeah there's a good ten year onwards and nobody should watch to provoke escobar twenty point blow the other way around it now like like bowser address the one that was good in that run a man we should prevail unsparing it off how d often in a given year do you see kevin dyson reaching for the go on you know that register breaks my heart dislike you know you all that work hard working one yard too short it's it's great
just two weeks ago he was a hero music city miracle will use our s let's not about airport because i don't get a little more about your link don't or pass you pulled back don't don't start we have closed even like the signature play you could almost make an argument that your signature play over your career the music city miracle in the way that you start looking pretty i wanted to say that above all yeah don't don't start my answer does not become an if you know it was it we call it the homer untold epidemic it it's a gave me city miracle but it was something we got the huddle we practically every is not a friday they didn't go by that we did not practice that is every single friday we practice that and on fridays oh and saturday's when you you know you don't have pads so acts i could catch you and i could actually though the pass all across and i don't want to take all the credit that
they met that sunday afternoon i think you know what met someone else happy to impact so not a little did listen up you can give find get frank why checking your they hautala i'm up lao recalls the play we're going to do this dyson starting although the owner it is told me i'd bird ike's hurt so he can't do it the next suppose we dared mason he's gotta concussion he he was like the last guy who's never hardly even praxis dyson someone we called huddles we're gonna do it norman throwback again music cd miracle everyone huddled we tell we do the play it's going to be on i go to frank wycheck sidebar conversation i said frank they're going to kick this ball to me come get it i said i'm gonna catch it and i think they're gonna kick me watch and you can get i didn't tell anyone else because in people start looking for a job rally round my jobs which my role switch so frank the only one that i told him i am i getting friggin is
slow motion has oh my god the boss come in trying to keep make sure the apples in nice in turkey as i gotta please do not drop this could i have a lot of draft you know like sometimes at hands like rebooted ran hand istanbul in so i shoot comes sure enough the balkans me take accomplice that's why checked the handed bet pitcher back time and rank of the bank in an connecting why yes we ve had coach for sure on a couple times he said the same thing that you guys practice it and dyson the reason why it was so close to afford pass was caused dyson was not supposed to be the exactly and he didn't know exactly where we should be standing eggs that's right that's from nowhere works and i've thought the same thing watching you i just always assume that you hated the ball back because you said you'd rather block on a play than like throw a patent holder you gonna happen what we're yours at ninety six ninety nine fourteen years older eyes nor still you you were you
fighting or not the chauffeur at that time that our it i was after the game was actually jerry i know this was this is when i see what's going on might be able to be a full back as far as my profession growing until i stop growing course only end vertically but yes so low there's probably your cincture planned and we ve been talking a little bit i know there's been a lot of chatter about your campaign for the whole fame i think i think both you guys should be in the whole thing it's been a while since a truth back the rest has or has not invested ass an issue like me you're more of you would be more of a half then a fallback i guess if you were to put on your highlight real and say ok these are michael starts best place right it's u dancin running through people having insanely fast feet as a razor also people over and lower your highlight real would be you just knock the piss out of people so it's like you are both full backs but you're two different types of full back and i don't split votes we gotta figure out away like how do we how do we figure out whose given all failure for me personally i don't care
i get sin i don't care if moose johnson gets in i don't care if larry centers get in i think there should be a fullback in the hall of fame i think if you look at moose jaw then you look at guys like sam gash you look at me you know even corey messenger a guy that i loved in detroit who you know didn't block a lot but when he got in he may guys apologize same gas would get down william floyd that there's a lot of guys tie draftsman you seen you know the what he brought to the game you know i look at it and i'm just like i just think that there has been they let red guy you let punters and stuff in it should be a fullback should be in the hall of fame mike's deserving moves johnson's deserving you go and you play you know double digit years you go out there you block your putting it on the line sam gas go look at highlight reels of that guy what he did max from what he did in seattle i mean there's a lot of guys that don't get the credit until for me personally
i know i do not get the shirts and stuff and t shirts and campaign all the different things but you gotta milan ran on us yet i'd be happy if you are in a bad mood i think that one thing as though is like the people that are in are always assume you don't see the role play right the guys are taken care of in o paving the way duenna doing this don't rush down or we don't have this we don't have that mean what are their each and every day and we put in a thing is i think so you need all left and right to win it and in at one given time so that's what this whole thing you know that we're talking about is a why are we or being forgotten discuss we don't have the ten thousand yards russian and we don't have the gazillion touchdowns or we don't have this we don't have that in what i mean what are their each and every day we play in the thing is i think so we did it the right way you know
we put our hearts and souls and compassion and indeed it the right way and instead of trouble in everything that was possibly due to low a dream i mean and make sure that we're out there and when we're out there we make sure we were going to get out there off the fsu don't end up there was some type of injury and that that's that's the one thing that i think that is being forgotten a lot a lot of times when we're talking about you know you know when you when your the feller you know the actual canada what why why don't we just get the fall back position is in the hall faint so it's like everyone would that be the ultimate full by were you guys all don't take personal credit you just take credit for the position and then we induct just the position as yeah yeah i know you all get gold jackets book i like that i'd like that resolved because then you guys can we do a speech and be like my can go
you know what i don't wanna take credit ella low talking and logos over there i don't want to credit outlet moose talk that guy just go round and round for five hours it was rather than time have the idea will be better than i lose all for each area is that idea i love it i had a question beforehand lorens you your son goes to produce mike you went to purdue why do you guys not like fun why like likewise fun fun final we went to renew his mike's looking like a less again the up i've got you that every few minutes i'll just be i get him back you don't like fun you you don't you know like funding you don't want your son to have once you sounded pursue i get a lot of not fiat moon what he might my smoking mike is i have your views i gotta college was awesome i thought i might have some kind of pointing out that the people produce is it true
like the eastern train by pushing your chief yet this practice fields upper do uphill she's a price snow and would there be anybody here leaders it in its entirety all the toulouse energy would somebody being in the driver's seat ready acid rain genuine show my deepest lyman so we ever leg then we'd go back so wait longer pusher jeep you're so there is a argument that was for the band right i was all marked out painted the parking lot banking is exactly moura field you know hundred yards field and and they actually had a little slope going and going one way so you would get into turn up like metallica led zeppelin whatever and free can get after it right and push it push a lot alright next person turn around switch off and keep on doing it so i mean that's
stereotype her full back but i fucking love it then i love you know it's a secure and then you did you also train with tyres i've read something about you'd like so i actually started pushing pushing them a station wagon in in high school and so ass we started from and then i had when i went to college but we actually have a down the cornfields whereat everything and then nerve centres i feel so yeah she's go from telephone pole telephone poor pushing it and then when we was when i was in high school i used to have tyres and on forty or dashes in my garden and have a like just a strip of no grass because this retired for everyday cheese that's awesome went out yet it would watch you locate what did you to turn you know it at me i just picked up pigs in bucked hey you know
mercosur or from the former from a town called lee more california periods picked up pigs to pick them up down a pig lotta pig balls eight alot big mouth mount notion when you get a chance to come out and you come out that you come out the syndrome i now nearly more californian dig out there and form adina cook i'm not i'm rocky mountain we're out so you cut me total oil in there and you make sure you clip or make sure is pitiful we'll kind of love but vampires azure led out having actually let us absolutely so yes right so you have the need we give shots get grabbed these pigs and resolute on them wrestling pigs how'd you get a very morning blue not for thirty evermore knows all american resolutely i know i am i wrestled sumo russia be the milk and milk cow that do not bonkers bouquet you get had to get that hook boom boom you dont use your back you boy you back outside everyday admin for honey fifty yards sixteen tackles a game average and in it
to give up the next morning i did it sounds saturday my dad's they rise and shine those pigs on germany orgy ran put it i get up let's go fishery picking absolutely will work for what reason where you picking up the because it you have to give him shots you gotta move on the different patterns they got a modern borders moving picture i like you i like you too have cast you know that you have to do in that when the moment when the baby's moms had the babies you gotta get the calf psychosis coal they'll freeze outside you gotta bring me and put him in a little stall give a milk so you do a lot of rotten dave go to school you don't know that
it's it's great because it is we there's no others there is kind of like the story of every full back in having guys you don't pushing gps young up pigs cyclotron hindering ever but what have you guys have actually talk to other full backs it feels like everyone has where these stories the most blue collar position there is my pointy doesn't he did the same thing michael it's up to you so much my corny he's pushing cars doing the same thing that you did you know cause this is it's crazy guys would contact us give you pig eyes would contact me cat gonna be like you'd bounty liege all these guys they contact is pick up the phone tony richardson the grateful back to dublin went to one of the major home as well but at its core because a lot him that's just hardworking yeah its awesome yet with there wasn't modern day in technology is yours you know i mean you got one warehousing you get anything to do it all we had betrayed i mean
must be crazy walking into my college facilities now and seeing the weight room and seen in all of its saint right with assembly plants we came out of the way that the unifil and stuff now you going to be in pad sixteen days when is season so the only pad it up sixteen days bro that that's nothing i can go to that is not even a whole season yoritomo pads only twice sixteen times and sixteen nothing right at the zoo years older me when i was a pretty three days she thread is so we had individual right in in in uppers we came back for office deepens by an hour and a half after that and then we had lunch now came back for full scrimmage everyday sound so annoying i mean that's one way was blown away why your plane you but i hated it right now
i was doing i want a lot to do it i didn't know your only that ryan know any better there was there wasn't no talk of a well indiana damage its gain underline in one day in their impact so when it doesn't hurt you know remain when i was a dodgy we we had two paths and every day every when i came in league in oh there was not the not those what was that transition like between dodgy ninety and younger and cause i can't think of two people that are less likely monday night and like a transition were when i would greatly comes in your college is no gas unwanted air cousin everyday everywhere saint fuck man you saw hard knocks right i mean so dungeon i have to say much he desired didn't you handle the dragon wrangling time dodgy ever get fired his own players spot on the pakistani interesting and it's only happen probably in less than a handful times and in my career that they thought he'd kick my feelings
yet furious really eighty we actually had john lynch on and he said that you were told you that you too couldn't help each other in practice because you hate each other harder than i was ever been hit so that was with her edwards seasoning when her murders was the debbie coach so here i guess i protect him a job at our clavichord so don't tell him so you can guess you're a classical break it seems i hear you we walk around like dm all these guys are no one on i are after they hit me now but you really i mean we're really probably lesson the three times earlier i contact info in practice in a week is obviously income and box and was upon people in some way when bottom are crazy so yeah he told you don't more you guys don't hate each other anymore no harm told him don't hit him go oh so he is for its action yes way on the way he made it seem was like you guys were both natalie
to help each other in all the time you come out mrs you know i can't come down the box above one ended up here i mean after while in africa gear in i had something approve your career dislike area rocky more in nice ten twelve years and legally a the giant or mean settle down young boy right right but anyway it's villages something i just came about and i guess those conversations between hermit words and john they're gonna put you guys both on the spot her tough tough decisions for full backs cobbler collar or natural cowboy natural o chauvelin paradises are i would leisure brought you in there i am not grown a tuxedo what does he s going to be ok so why was this is making like when you get when you get assigned your shoulder beds mike you in particular you like them
get this big ass fuckin thing that covers up my entire helmets it was just just murray outfit my wife i mean heading out i had in high school actually had the horse you want the actual horseshoe that laid out and had the i'll take up in and when they got all ripped up but tom and then yeah this summer situation like ahead and imposing college and urges evolved i don't know just evolve not comfortable at a young age has never change it so we are in the times are there have journey so the arabs eagle elliot before z lorenzo wanted to do a quick run through cause you played for so many teams i was you might play just for the box for you play for so many teams who had so many different coaches so i wanted to list all the cautious give me something about all these guys khazars football guys through it
ro on your coach less so you start with jim moura who can you so tell me as aside what was the locker room like after the famous italy pooh sound bite jim more work and we will remember add he called me in the programme was bleeding i was leaning league in russian first who gained out tissue gains by india ramadan about ten yards tote end breaking the egg on he's like look you know you are good but you can machination are you just gotta concentrate being a pull back you can make a good living doing this you can play some years just let it go so remember sitting down with them in going over that and then to two years later we're in a tea meeting and we just lost we're on a week before the ain't that's what became aids and add samuel ricky jackson so i've got brought up a baptism by far those guys we try to kill me a practice should reject
brought a knife when they have scared i'm calling dad to call my mom to come stay with me for two weeks but jim moore in the freaking team meeting monday after the game and he just stands up and he said guys just to just i'm not having fun i'm done i was there i think about i was there when jim more quit walked out of the room just had a breakdown in just could think about the three other guys in a room in your head coach comes up on a monday and the whole team eating talks for a bit about an exit exit stage let and walks out tat would happen you have you and i we would at anger had two days ago you are so then poor in new york how can a bucket barcelona has been happening but me hey meal hey lorenzo come on guys with fighter practice
you gotta stop by what are you scared another month glad of it i mean a billboard ok don t you jeff fischer in in nashville amen are you guys to test again every anyone on the ball hey stevie cod and hake guys we got this you don't jeff sauce bulgaria fisher you know smooth right right ah dick low bow in cincinnati i love dick all time for one
click that had we reacted we're good we actually does like i love this we do not agree with such positive progress why people love is long he would come into camp and he would come in superman help it in a speedo mean asked why love dickie just bring me does the good guys goin he was wont to how it will propose always been hygiene rollercoaster seventy seven years only still let me get the deepens he will get up about and then marty shun armor lasted charge guys we got it crime more than better football guy move evolves you like differ meal same way where haven't degree meal rival he we know that
mr crowley and always cried about marty poets are much we would cry about four point so that their works love marty shunting yard issued an arrogant minimum marty shine i'm really really built that boy he got a bad deal in san diego and a bad deal in dc to when he had come back for him i think there were owen five and they finished season eighty three monitor and then he goes out to santiago they fired him when you went where were detained and torturing and thirteen into hired in vietnam and ate it was nuts broke up a dinosaur what was it worked well well good i've been into houses points one to what was it about those teams though not being able to get all lobsters those chargers teams were fantastic and just couldn't couldn't finish the deal we just be the team that we just new will assist us we just beat the friggin the colt they were undefeated thirteen we go in there beat him we have by we're gonna play the page after page we have beat go look into tate else
he has dornier hundred yards cared about fifteen twelve times in first have touched it born a second room in their game rama cree catches interception with four minutes left he tries around back were women just fall down any tries any form of bank data engaged on the ball back and we lose anything that year was yes we were sick or sick that's a year that initiative coltan winona superbowl where we had their number that's one the following year we go back to the sea change in ship i've just come off a broken leg we didn't played in that game l teams come and often the injury michael term solutions years are still rivers have available elsie also we played with an asia lay with a year was there on you it wasn't really details and five six so we had to euros hears of just unfortunately football goddess i guess you in that same back feel it was you michael turner spray elsie and during spring sharon's that's crazy craig
there was that there was also i thought i saw something online couple weeks ago that was basically like the greatest team to never make to play off and it was i think maybe the two thousand for in order it was later as i two thousand let out here i find the best offer right and the bell you guys were awesome in those early ought yours and did you ever hear or tibet in breezy breezes breezes year yet her yet they'll get when you got hurt an in built inserted philip money you ever hear philip rivers cuss never philip was philip does not cause john it smell emmi just all we disagree countryboys react to peat is when i get a lot of he does not cause the guy's craze always a baby make a machine his armor nine decided last week it am i going to have ten he said i'm thinking about it as a good mama let her come for air and ill what is it what's the huddled like when you down and like the fourth quarter with full rivers day aegis starts the guidelines will be just peace he saw animated sometimes in athens out he's seems like he's gonna pass out cause you just
boy he saw animate any wants it you know once the win any gunslingers man he's asia gunfire he has so much heart possess and i was lucky both him and breeze vienna a breezes error drew drew within huddled replenished cobble bears an marty say we're gonna give you a more serious and at the core of major they're gonna go the under an outward breezes made disfigured lee s equipment we showed a friggin go and do we know you can do guys bleeding skull and he goes out and friggin come that would be to cargo you hold it down to start that whole time and that more you don't think anything then be i comes out with the book and he mentions that particular that particular moment will never know anything you say some time guys take take notice us off with it was change that you had to make in your game depending on who you were blocking for the different styles running back because you can block for some of the great ones yet dies guys
the core doing you need to hurry up and get make the bot right away and try to going just get em in disk mobile mattawa because he he wants to get it cordelia and friggin or not run into you eddie george one sure to the dining you discussed in front of him hell you could fall down on his good when he broke the record hell always run and seventy toss four fall down safety is right there he makes a miss still gets in its makes me look good so some i'm certain guys is heads so there's a different anybody airs there's a slow to go guy in theirs guy that's gonna hit it right the whole you i mean so you gotta get in hall like you have a strategy to make sure that worked on got tackled inside the tool that you get us touchdown i'm the the national lottery fanciful wasn't that big banks people would agree europe is publicly there's somebody has taken no look it up on the touch on culture
talking about the house you are you the original vulture for sure i had a question you mike the today's nfl so it is interesting to see guys are now asking betrayed did say they want new deals you add famous the war and saddened two thousand three who always would save anyone needs you know defence alignment come come call me and essentially like looking for a new deal what is that due to a locker room when that when that happens will it wasn't that if that happened i never heard but you don't mean at the time it wasn't like publicize there was no social media goin oliver no people weren't tweet in it and do what they do now and talking in all behind their phones and are social media as players you now now rain it's more or say hey going up to the coachman in and and talking about it but i really
experienced that too much and i mean cuz again we we kept our group of course you know for gs8 ten years younger mean until they did you know didn't sign up a lynching because he had a neck situation that he went and played on for denver and and and the patriots for what for five more years and killed it right he had sat take off and then the main guys pray must stay there and promotional time so wasn't really ever a distraction lock them because we can shoulder locker room so well mean in it was more it was more in international law neil knows it was more is harder for a player to come in and play our type of papa and be a part of our internal you know a team that was for in order for us to go out in rain right locker room was just frickin unbelievable we solid is talk about in we can show that coaches and had to get involved in a we had our private meetings in a well we didn't do things the way they should have been done in and around eight was part of that records
to remain and some other guys and like i said in on in our day with the box arab i knew the role and thereby took it in a very serious one are you looks you're in so many do you say as in that perspective it definitely different perspective shoot where do you start i mean i was with the same tune as totally different i mean i had guys that you know i came in ninety three and frank warren's outside smoke at two hundred and twenty degrees on my day we got practice in our don't worry shut up and get out of here i mean these guys the dough patrol it was just a different era football mean these guys were just the weights they didn't care but wait they described go go dominated em like while gaza lived and is just it was totally different air and then from cincinnati did you know did was nickel bow grateful but you don't you guys want a wind and care anything about winning didn't carrying about it's sister stats in getting paid in san diego is a great place were marty had to culture tennessee was great with jeff fisher and guys kind of police themselves but seen so many
from personalities you see you know when north came to san diego you know that he wasn't a leader necessarily a man phenomenal off into coordinator but guys news it could do whatever he wasn't gonna say anything and you start to see the team is kind of start to dwindle because it i ve just put it on the players in seven certain teams and certain guys passion and that that in certain areas you can't do that because men need to have discipline they need to have structure in their lives how quickly into a game would you know that you were about to take somebody saw like that they didn't wanna hit you anymore no i'm not think back and intelligent games you know it's just special early my crew we need the running right and we had a defence and we're gonna win either sixty three or ninety six or whatever because we had we have deepened we really didn't have in on both sides of the attack
you have the peasant but many tangible yeah no question we need the panama especially for ten years but the minnesota game and ninety ninety eight right in their communist seven twenty three and worth three important come in our house and in all they're on our high and we needed we need is a must win for us in it was however is gonna pot was going like you know we're just pound in the ball right pounding in they did not want to say no we are running ninety six power down their throats and we're gonna do at each and every time right and again you you feel it feel that energy you feel that you know they don't want it and they're going to step back you know when it went low comes bloxham and i'm coming in the whole or vice versa you know what i mean no no question you can feel that sensation of of of what they're gonna how they feel in right they would china they wouldn't want to tackling we're playing the game and one downhill red red star company the way don't so
you know you can read to block him and it's just you and that guy in the whole you can see the whites of his eyes and just opens up and you like here we go then all the sudden he'll fall down or he'll try to take a nap try to slip you and try to get by your guide they don't want any more you see guy shrine attack him jump on his back or jump inside haiti middle of so you start to see the way that they try to take you on you don't see the fiscal aspect of a grand anymore you know i mean you don't eat you don't see that aspect of common straight down hill in we're gonna run between attackers and here we call but you know i mean and stop us and we will oppose our will on you please don't see them or its more targeted reductions illusion of what took place you gonna do and how we gonna do it and stuff like that and that's why you see noddies yeah so i i'd have to imagine the famous warren sap verse might sherman ways had put a jersey on did you guys just repeat that all the time and lock rooms
for my favorite lines malta and it wasn't the pre social media so didn't go like viral the same way but i remember watching that game and morn savages yelling at him put a jersey on put a jersey on because you mad about a dirty hit did that and without chad clifton yeah yeah on the interception run back yet put residing vinegar pierre did though crept back the mit remain up to mounting shelton corals has taken the back of the house and make sure you got to him after in the post game and was yelling nearest learning an error in sap wishes there has had put his jersey on put his early on fifty airline i fuckin love the preacher just one year selby like eight put a jersey honours not only good at any repeat not an or maybe the deepens allied so idea that's a guys really controlled lock vienna meanwhile aim to cloning around and in other are that
i can only media nay you could hear them coming from mild on holiday in just on each other in that they would get so for impersonal each other and with some more automatic with words happy he has no young and turn in future but you know it again but again warns type a guy that you know he's in your cornered i mean he on the matter with you you know i mean i mean don't get me wrong he's gonna he's a stir the park but again he's easily be easily read next year in the ban on the field if there's just one guy playing the game right now that you look at it say this guy curve pitiful back in the mid late nineties early two thousands back when you guys run who is it who zack era in our chiefly say no police nobody honour i don't watch the game enough i really and i mean i got you out i love what
heads on going back and forth in indiana or albeit at the box games and stuff like that but dumb unlike so in my high school four billion only mean i'm like so crazy about it in training in my own case prepared stuff like that i'm not really a guy that who gets tat i dont you fancy papa i don't doing their staff in andras all about in a giveaway maya rather we dont nine dicey nerds i great i just i just know madam i just don't know all the players in in today's game like like me snow back in the day you know i mean just it seems like everybody's moving shaking leaving come and go and everything i remain register i don't know i love you know you rate area radio deserve all back to jumps out you right now get look how he should they have him cuttin defence lyman he's running on his black and safety's he's catching a boar he'll do been back pay
is there do power they line him up and he more of an age back do you know what i know could actually you can watch last game against distillers he was the point of attack they do the rat playing with his aunt he's line upon a deep intervene where they would wham where he's wham into the three technique but he's plane full backing down here first play the game comes at the inside linebacker in drives in five years on from pancakes heat so i like what he's doing there's another guy on the miners did i love kwan alex and watch the way that he plays he wasn't ample this back or he'll hitchhiker he's not afraid he's loves contact there there are some guy
it's the only real you're talking to settle bulgaria knows i know how i know about the little he'll get he'll get after it so there are some guys out there did love contact round afraid contact still one still want you guys but he's tom up poor backside i love i just love what would he shook brington sir he's leaving the league right now and full back assist is a step that we came up with which you get you guys in her back when you play has it so we must intervene i'd love to tell your body we figure that there's all these states are here for receivers for running backs quarterbacks for full back you're really i think that shows up at the end of the day if you did a good job of you helped out on touchdown so we came up with a step inside the five yard line a rush that's five yards a shorter if there's a full backed it's in the back field that makes a block on a rushing touchdown dig
cyst so can gain access to negotiate in my twelve years ago back to my gavel do i'll have wherever sets department get on it i've actually like to know who the autumn leader and back assesses and last year was roosevelt next during the regular season for pittsburgh within devlin had like seven in the playoffs so if you don't count the plants whose negative cataplasms deftly devil of a right out do jack has i think for gas that their own pattern i guess it yet i had he patted yes right now consider patent can you get philip and that's the problems we have all the bucks fill out the benefits of films the argo get afford an approach we should have even che we absolutely have a guy who got people you haven't box guy we have a super fan who he breaks down film for the box by himself like aegis he's a weirdo put i hear you watch a reply he is my needs
you can join us like a hobby you like he does has finally made i'd like to know between the two you who had them i think it might be low concerned no question arose out that mere scorn you wanna case out that i am whose portfolio is not used rhino package in allowing me i was found him there's no question about it i just ten idea to help you guys get the whole thing i like the idea of the full back position we ain't got an opposition is so the key to get like winning over the hearts and minds of sports rudders is somehow get bruce springsteen involve gazelle fucking love bruce princeton if we could get bruce to write a song about a fallback ideas that's right up is that's up bruce sally writes about factory workers junkies annually right don't you let me speak we could i'm sure we know somebody peter king gos pierre is a friend of ours for sure or i can just
can write the song and then send to bruce and asked me to require just please sit up with you you know you know get five says right and also as a record low man went about that oh my god are you guys then we are you are you guys now going to be part of our panel for our yearly trophy colleagues you use not this last year became a low man trophy does fall back in that in college posing ass a trophy weirdly wired yeah the tyre stubby with a beer cans nailed into it and i think he reached out to you low last year to be on the final and you said no phenomenal mega hires amanda nominate i'm pretty sure i tweeted you're goin mike you don't have a social media it goes back to the fund come let's we're we're part of my voters we absolutely love to i'll get you know one of the thing about it is we'll get all we make and i will get all of what would you do that
i therefore back the border for yeah committees are so right now my god we have actually i think i think when those that we are actually worry you didn't kidnapped before backs and bring them to your pic marilla you look we turn our backs he's gonna show up with just a mocking trunkful this idea might just wants you to call me you're gonna pick up our greased up john kutuzov environmental rights and we are right now we ve got you two anthony sherman john coon who s missing out on data vital danny vitality annie tom fanelli hank you have a far larger liege right up there you know it's up shown got mother it is there that your jersey we got through nato real ends ass a rap that's my jersey cause i'm a fallback anymore lorenzo meals all people compare me do you get off
might i wasn't accurately what does not rugby so i play rugby i place i used to play for back not to brag but a lot of people said that i really like on the ground and stuff like that i'm run around the scrub unscom adjacent under via the guy that they evolve i'm the guy that they point out and then run over that's my bitch than i wind up on my back i have one last question suzuki question put him promo code take your ten dollars off seek how many times you guys who's gonna win this bench off me come on her it's only one for one thirty five one thirty five three have yet to foolish who's gonna what numbers report not but we think what's a fair number of target injured we can answer them and i are shorter labour i do i do have a couple bulging dismal necklace making lapdog don't you my belt i got some nerve damage
when in my short who and how long it a man ok come on it begin dialogue nerve damage damn that sounds so i ve a big i told you i mean big eyes or to look like you start my pride you still pissed off about this all common yeah mean dollars if those four joke we you had such little fawn that you didn't even understand you and seventy i have a long going i went to the universe was caught and so have along going thing with purdue and people get very mad about that but its support are you went like a decade ago yeah you got three to two down seven there so produce what are you guys never been really good so i had two hundred and five yards it's worse all gonna than was nine finance a pretty good day take that wherever you how many seven we're was therefore ninety four now is only five sees me no no guy here ninety five as precept that
ten for both through and through and i love them that are willing to learn about yeah that's what he should do in practice my neil armstrong that's all you think of everything but pretty right yes drew joyous worries austria and then robbie hobbled about budget i run waited rod without inwards india courtiers guy ginger beer you're gonna come out who is it lorenzo neil junior year foundry s position i never the echo think i guarantee that because lorenzo maybe the you know all i know is i am using a pre draft he would say precision pre draft fifteen ok
with the world needs another lorenzo neo liberal view that thou yours then it is the coolest thing having kid succeed at you in its most nerve racking thing the father so yeah i know i mean it's nice remembering all gonna sandra thank you i got a dog here kid you bring a new such great things you i'd unbeginning goose montana gamete says you have known maybe you're scared scared shitless i'm really are like cuba me the other day it's fucking awesome do a good job sonya very good job you don't you are tools and on him yeah jos like a false unplanned rally in ip when all rather than elsewhere rightly commented pro rata get around our lips listen there's been personally ass thank you guys been so also back the rider and you're on the committee now and we're gonna each and all of them what if i was about the committee mean first on bench
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the up and let me know about this and they have a go fuck me going so jealous concussion issues throughout does career and his family's putting together a fund that is either grown donate a lot of money to see tee research and i gonna buy really safe helmets for his high school football team that he play and so others go find me others the germans need memorial fund go find me so check it out i thought that something we are inclined to donate to i would i would appreciate in i'm sure his family would too so go check that out ok let's get some segments first up we have far from the weak yeahs yeahs hank fire forest of the weak ah my firefox of the week is this grape
that's two finer gamey team verbosity sat gazing rebate gave me a slice of wooded grandpapa pizza hot leaf how our tee and it was some absolute fire and i myself and i saw a firefox currencies to wait for your workplace was good yet again fires multimedia t pick the fact that my name is done he gave me some fire bud and invite i had a fire fest also your high right now now record note i this is this was hake tighter hours do we have to start giving you roddy test i didn't know we had chris long as our fuckin producer heads disgusting kids analysing the show the problem contact i only only only for only a night your dad lessons this show there were taping hank he's a lot i know about the purple kush are we now
as everybody got down your green i do not know how to tackle bell would see a significant uptake and sail through through another were condoning now we're not fifty guy far fetched the weak its legal with fire spoke none of the federal level yet whatever i can still turn you into those although to caution six not under asked so fast war had stupid so my fire fest the store for guys five ten and under that's actually the name the stores for men five ten and under is opening this weekend and they fucking had the nerve turkey is a sin me yeah atm inviting me to the grand opening yeah to help promote therefore sore good you should go now i thought i was gonna be i know there is making everyone without this there are really so high a tomb right now there's that and you can't be any ambien our line of your five ten or whatever you are calling for mankind i ve not a boycott a man caught of the five ten and understood or don't you dare from
that opening it that's what number wire number one of these is the best part is beauty is getting paid on the side now to be under five ten bazaar of y know i'm under five it's just a verities entity adds a very mad about it but you can check it out at these looking don't don't first of all its insulting that they called it five ten and under like five ten year basically a giant at that point in many countries you are a giant if you're five foot ten it seems like a very arbitrary number and secondly i prefer my size stores to indicate whether knives meant for a casual mail i dont know if the stores for casual meal it was casual male xl tells you that you can be casual and a man and shop there i don't want to store it what it is is it formal is it for formal boys i don't know i don't want to bash one of your advertisers pft but flies away five ten and under is kind of stupid from them because five hundred and ten is the height that the guy who's lying about their height whose five seven five
five nine says they all i'm five ten and a half so you would look that you like i'm not that you they should have five eight and they would have gotten all the honest short guys like yourself to go and you don't want those summers yeah we we will still from bagel boss i grant you absolutely they should work in all these piloting this is bullshit you may these passing here's the other thing about that store is they should it's embarrassing to be walking in a store they should level at something that less embarrassing that you would like a snuff film store they should i would much rather be caught like on camera walking into a store that sells exclusively stepmother porn then going into stewardesses five ten and under the door also has to be five ten actually so pumps everywhere and has got razors on it so cuts you if it's a bunch of deeds walking in with their tiptoes tirana hit their head and be like shit if you try to steal valor you get sliced hope it will be so cute too because we should be five ten hank in them we should put like a little hoop there so they can finally dunk dangerously
i did not die dead duck ok next up we have no right to address my usual my that mother about no name no i i i its continuation my firefox last week i store i saw something from starbucks i saw forever chino and i think the satisfaction i thought i'd get has guided the mobile order steel often and i just took the property or that looked like it had the most melted whipped cream and i took it what's nice try and i was like you know what this didn't give me the thrill i wanted so it's kind of socks i thought stealing from the mobile order section would be awesome it wasn't did steal from the man which is not her i stole from households gratulation under item also if you place your order for just like an ice coffee black then the calories that you stole don't count because you ordered an ice cough you'd in order the proper gino
so good for you know i ordered a nice coffee i picked up a nice coffee antifraud between oh yeah that doesn't count either here you don't pay so i paid for half of my order yeah good for you and i was told the other half yeah so thus far that's fine there i don't want no jewels into these products for that reason i wanted to do it just to feel like i was alive and i do store it the whipped cream with so many there's no chance anyone's picking up and have been there for at least twenty men so i was doing them a service so that they didn't have the confusion like is issued requisitions requisition drink also having a dilapidated looking product just sitting out there is not good for business for start bryce like people walking like what is that when i'm gonna be getting right it's like when i was a kid my dad when you take me to the grocery store sometimes when he wasn't by me cornflakes he would take to the cookie i'll you know like the other open bends of cookies aid could take him out would like like a a sport are what is called the he lost the pincers yup so they
fresh big cookies at the bakery up right and he would say if there's a broken cookie you can take it for free because they can't sell has a role and so i would take a cookie and then sometimes go unanswered breaking them myself yes or no broken and then there was quite a throw this was love to do apart gas with your dad just about like porno into the grocers yeah is if thrifty got you like supermarket sweepstakes with him yeah you would be created this was the we all broke the law firefox thank did weed i stole a drink pdf you like i allowed his height legally this is a big time it but if i did that on tender and would argue with all criminal screen latin malaysia guess who's that bad boys podcasting was bad boys i let's you cut more segments doggedly chef he's problem don't godly probably took his pants off when i explaining what i did it start state classy dc why
can't you see that is because price harbour got heckled any kid got heckled say heckled crew who whatever heckled rice harpers kid with the weirdness damn i'd my wouldn't we would never do such a thing by fit while there is a great my favorite notes i'll get my favorite quote from it was his wife was like when you bring me she said she tree when you bring his son or family into it yes crossing align stick to your overused overrated and harper sucks chance if you're really that loser that goes to a game to haeckel someone philly fans might boom but oh bring is four weeks son into it you sure about that god no i think you can putting your challenge billy luckily i really like what you can get through your fuckin inferior will say crucifix yeah that little shithead kid
for me dear me i'll say some bottom i think it's i think it's kind of a bad sports something force in dc yeah because when when you read the update to it it wasn't a dc sportsmen did it it was a boston sports fans who now is on the road in d c that boogeyman said the stuff about his kid and then apologize probably for so washington sports fans on the hot seat for now have the balls to go after his kid got it yeah go it i mean as a great sports town with capitals the mystics the gnats net dude is back we demand a lot from professional teams that washington dc bigtime attitude it up i also have a quick way is there baseball do you see this everyone's mad about mike minor getting is two hundred strike out so mike minor who was starting pitcher got injured for a few years struggled back he in
i'm thinking of his last start today our appearance he threw the ball pop up told his first base drop the pop up so he can strike the guy is falling foul foul ball he dropped the ball and per strand situation struck the guy out and people the old crotchety baseball guys are asked peter gammons just like exploded site like spontaneously there are people on designs and greater everywhere push league embarrassing who the fuck cares it's the two hundred break out it's a personal milestone for the guy who struggled his way back in any still shook him out money so had to strike him out it baseball writers were in charge of high school football they'll get so pissed off when they let the equipment manager that might have a disability score touch downright landscape of the season they were full of inviting out about that are speaking that suits their election
very nice house during our add were still in the at sea being duped this has been a huge add for my five point nine and understand yes speaking of high school football we have a quick seeber metric for antonio brown who antonio brown has gone crazy again at some if you heard this he basically he quit the nfl last week and then this week has a sorry today has decided the league needs him he said are the game needs me i'm like test dancers send that they said no more nike then he said next week i'm going to does it every high school one day of weak starting in miami send school and for now that's the mark sanchez turning plan i looked it up thirty seven thousand high schools in amerika i think you did i antonio brown can manage to get kicked out of and alienate every single one of those thirty seven thousand high schools and then he gonna fight with eric wendell
yeah and yet he was going after multiple people into a golden take two yes no one's ever gotten if i would go on tape i don't really know what's goin on here but yeah physic so much take his twitter or why i feel like yeah it's it's a bad situation that is infringed by i i it's you can't stop what's happening he just gonna continue software but here he did have a good idea earlier this week he tweeted out there no you tweet out it was an integral story of him training and said u s a rugby let's do this law so he wants to play rug before the lads who by the way covered against england aspect don't ask what the snow we didn't we ought we lost by forty two oh wow that's a win the only good thing that a bee did oh was when he talks you re so negative about usa rugby innocent a share they listen to the show and are not targeted for solid america i like winners i'm negative i mean on the same way with usa soccer i want winners
will they waited i did i'm trying to be in that in seven when usa rugby wins wherein we lost by forty two we lost four five to seventeen with em what winners can't have it will they care they covered is the big thing for the lifeline they cover the lively covered in my life and my own personal pocket by way a b it is nice when you get in a fight with someone on twitter and then you can actually post pictures of use to farming them so but it is on that kind of one eric wendell thing when you just like hey here's me just kicking the shit out of i think abies pissed
after june ramses canada stealing swaggered with other speakers i everyday something's happening with which the owner of the fake pregnancy is a real no the fake sickness and now i think he can take paternally for as long as you want i also think is a good move him not going in when you sick because being run tom conflict if sneeze on view just kill yet that some problems immune system is not tip top shaped etc where i must finish up with a couple woes and then we'll get you to your football weekend fuckin love every weakened in the fall there's nothing better you know away saturday night when you like or watching finish watching every college football game like still got a whole day to do this again i get to run about ass let's run back the best our common octagon has eight sides in octopus has a tentacles but october is the tenth month s pretty fuckin good woe dam in september that that should be seven correct but it's not it's nine and no november
should be nine indecent d c should be to what the hell's going on with the counter why are we always two months bind the zodiac pregnant always eight weeks you don't really wash your hands they actually watch each other while you just stand there and watch you don't you don't wash your hands you don't wash your hands they did they wash each other and you to stand and watch flock yeah that's true that is the very high thought that is very who though damn what about your ass do you wipe your ass does your hand watch your other hand wipe your ass down well down i could your hand ever be like you i don't want to wipe this ass now you got to that's your job do your job in body is the patriot way can you hear silence i just heard it
john silence is a song did you hear that yes the sound of sounds song re examining garfunkel sheriff those fuckin weirdos they always looked so we on their pictures them in holland is losing its a weird ass picture whose me cool who's gonna look more like a dad porn star on this album covered saw simon reactor air if you say dear can in english acts and at the same as saying bacon in jamaica action to appear to begin your answer la morsel beckon whereas but tat one would that be ok that was great i would enjoy it win her bedroom gm put him code pm two five hundred dollars and those fuckin win but you will not yours my life i've got my parlay of cold she's rams money lying parlour i love you guys
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