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March Madness With Mark Titus

2017-03-15 | 🔗
The boys are back in studio and ready for March Madness (2:59 - 5:00). First Four PMT bet with major stakes for the loser (5:00 - 9:52). Bachelor talk for guys that don't watch the Bachelor (9:52 - 14:31). Hot Seat/Cool Throne (14:31 - 19:55). Mark Titus joins the show to break down the bracket, which team is ready to make some noise, Tom Crean talk, and Lavar Ball (20:55 - 53:18). Segments include PR 101 for Baylor Football, Kings stay Kings for Michael Wilbon, Spinzone Eddy Lacy being fat again, Bad Radio, Not to brag but we called it, Uhhh Ya Think for Jim Harbaugh talking trash to his family in pickup basketball, and that's enough internet for today.
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i should take some exclusions may apply let's go let's not presented by students working party might take it is wednesday march fifteen the calm before this
the warm i tried today's last day for you to quit your job before the inevitably term instructs we said this last year is the best time of year to quit a job you don't wanna stay i'm so excited i am just bouncing around because the first four days the tournament bess ports watching days of the year best gambling days the year i my giddy little kid is are bigger let and then the feeling you feel in this first weekend and then hitting next monday morning well this sunday these are the worst sunday scares will ever get cross you have to go three days i'm more basque bright and there's no there's no sports on in the middle of the day actually now i'm thinking about it lacrosse or rugby for once become the true sport the future start capitalizing on it the monday after the first round full they turn what they are we all lead on we already know i was at the rug determined that is to support the future its solidified it shut out another
to my finals for the u s national team how are they not does anyone not to say where i wanted to they were pretty much area ok third place it's actually it's good to be back in our homes studio yes we were on the road for a long time i was out in vegas fir wood feels like a year but it's good back when you're on the road to your head starts spinning a little bit caught road head now we're back in the studio or just homebase you're getting a lot of road head for monique and i was getting so much road head so it's good to be back in and focus and march madness beating up to it i love these few days to because everyone over analyzes all the numbers there's the perfect way to make your bracket that's what everyone has the numbers or you can just do the dead dockets recurring guest of the show he just pay the michigan because a someplace for it kind of fucked up not having unbiased journalists out there were the last bastion of ah good integrity here yeah i think you should pick against your sunday out of it and when i happened to parenting in this car right where you were you motivate people by fear of disappointing
bad and i also wonder why jesus was so great house i want to mention that i have wisconsin the final for like i said unbiased journalism here's where it that also northwestern they're gonna be in a lot of journalists finally is you get big it gets your team now it is the first time that you're right now are let's talk we actually just came up with this idea we everyone talks about the final for whose your file for us that's a bus we refer more how's your bracket yet well guess what were first four guys we really love these first for games and two of them a night so we're gonna make prediction that would air after it will be really funny to laugh at us to mom wednesday night and we have a bet so we going to do a little pick against the spread thanks to our friends of william how i gotta do not lines from their who we hung out all last friday at their at their casinos awesome was the one that was the s alas they have lied
the endgame wagering which if you're goin to them yes anytime soon even if its next fall you gotta get i've been game wagering you can literally bet the game at any point does not even like a stoppage it's just you can walk up and better game in the middle the game which is usually how i hedge against myself and lose all my that's but it's the best and they brought out copious amounts of food for us i am sad like seven different kinds of fries yeah with different sources on that's the quickest way to my heart there were men fries they have the s alas casino they have men fry finally finally fries for guys up so first for here's the deal we're going to pick all four loser has to say sorry hank no i don't agree that that was not the terms of that ok the terms that are the loser has to attend a sore cycle class for three the first four days of the actual tournaments meaning thursday friday saturday and sunday you get to pick three of those days
the loser has to go to so cycle take the class there tough work i've just realising as i'm saying this we're about to get all all the sooner we get fired intensified we're going to seoul cycle is pure punishment because we're not work out guys even i worked out on monday my body still working at that i actually started diet so yeah that's a lasting there are four hours i so let's do it with these fake teamsters to two of the four games or total fake teams like has just said i hate you i do your pics first i'll go first i so i've got wake plus one point five against kansas state ok stay stay wake i've got no poland's minus one over mount saint marries nazi marries kind of ay sacrilegious name like mountain set what jirga dogma ducking or sleeping with divergent next we ve got north carolina central over you see davis yup minus three and a half and then
i've got providence over usc plus two point five overtaken providence altruistic providence hank wage weak with someone right down for us listen i entreated out us what you up here too lazy to realise what we're doing so someone just really know what no hank don't write down award winning listener please whoever listen to this first when it drops tweet us and say hashtag so cycle challenge anything else you want to say pithy not acknowledge it don't know sorry i note your turn a cat got nazi marries came to state i also have providence and you see davis ok i'm gonna take new orleans i'm gonna take case state i'm gonna take problem and you see davis ok zone you i can be a tie i don't know maybe we just said this two seconds ago we ve already forgotten wary lit larry choose
goldfish brain lives on in all of us i don't know how to do math so i guess conceivably there could be a good idea i'm not gonna worry about until it actually happens in a dish to the calm before the storm we also have quickly before we get to bats are talking hussy cool thrown we have the i'm when all of the info owners have to be worried about their players notably ziegler elliot point down breast looking at breasts in public i love this time of year where all the all the agents are not getting their sleep this time of year cuz they're worried about their clients out there doing crazy things this is the worst week of the year one of the worst weeks of the year to screw up as an nfl player to the new cycle is so slow that it's it's going to make its way out there if you even have a minor for next week next tuesday wednesday is also really bad yes so you know
just try to stay on the straight six days just a lock yourself in your basement break you can watch porn you don't have to go out grabbing breasts look at your own for in home yeah exact there are at least two besser talk for guys who don't watch the bachelor it was a finale a big finale huge for an hour we what a seasoned feels like it went all went by and is what second let's get the run down hank parcel trent send it to us listen to their podcast coming up roses give it was a napkin vanessa hung out with santa claus and finland and learn about love we haven't has that work that's the finale they they said to people to santa claus these three points coca are it there was great they went to sat finland fur santa claus gases your favorite caesar the bachelor kisses mfa sounds like it nick then picked vanessa over raven nick proposes a certain she says yes vanessa one the bachelor why i've from what i've heard it sounds like the girls
didn't when actually won this bachelor because nick seems like real jerk and finally vanessa nick appear on the abc after show and reveal that they will have i set a date for the wedding nick is going on dancing with a start where do you think that this was all one big publicity for all the known show no i know you're gonna say you can start hating the bachelor say is not about love say this guy who went to the fantasy sweden for twenty five girls over the last three months he mary one of them but i disagree because this is toy sixteen and this is how the millennials fine love did i think they're gonna last i would like to see the fantasies we'd get its own spin off reality show just different weak the guy doesn't vanozza cason couch we we watch all i would like to have that would be ratings banana also i think i want oh an update on raven did she ever have an orgasm too that happen or is no koreans have some of those she's got us the lorraine pleaded with vision
correctly lives your life in a state of heightened arousal luckily you could find out raven as the new bachelor it oh la la see how that works you gonna get a couple then think o has in case you pick it's like a rabbit vibrator as her ass her bachelor doing here just as just be different sex toy you just pick like a shower head with a with nice water flow yet that's a new bachelor just a jet inside a world what do they always proposed the end zone are you looking at me like i have answers does anyone ever said no i think you have to say yes on the show ok and then after andrew damage we're good morning american all i got you write a book no you have somebody else read a book for you i actually hate you as we say after the minute the cameras come off i'd actually watch sacho show us like that twenty seconds after every single actual are better at finale when the camera
go out there like we share and then he sent a divorce court when i liked it is keeping those
then he kept a spin off no one wants a season the bachelor end yet and that have like a reality show like john and keep us a when they break up and dislike you know one of embracing kids and all that stuff before on what happened in those guys the junket people i think john got really creepy john went east are wearing white sunglasses and cargo shorts and i think that was like oh key john yet another long anymore little taste of reality show money and forget he had eight kids you love it it's great when that happens when the reality show they start out ugly unlike regular americans like all of us and then they get a little bit of the taste and next thing you know they got new hair cut the gotten shape o warps won't you know one of them's cheating on the other with their body guard cause anita bodyguard now and then the other ones oh wow we we look through his ready history has been doing some really fucked up shit that's that's the key if you're on a reality showing you all the sun get into shape americans we don't get into shaping our forties now that doesn't have if you get into shape then you know that there's trouble in paradise you know they're fucking on the site aren't good luck to those kids nick and who have raven grin
nick and making melinda rate no not raven raven nasa vanessa enabled esa while i hope we can restore book store but let's do potsey cool thrown pity you go first tour oliver i hot seat is shirts it sure collars and ties cause called coaches gonna make a mockery of the next two or three weeks yeah ok look like shit on the sidelines nice tie pulled hot halfway down sweaty yeah legs i like when the nipple makes it its first appearance through the shirt the sweatshirt gets so transparent that's a good moment that's one is equally gets hard parliament called grown somali pirates oh they robbed for the first time in five years how you they are back your hands dialogue it is fair to say the smaller pirates are dinah siena was five years supported the same error rate is still same faces on that tita saying droppings that's a good one hank
i like it my hot seat is treated us early major as insurance ellen yourself plagiarism my hot seat is meteorologists so they promised a big snowstorm we didn't get it everyone likes to complain about the weather people turn do not do their jobs and they promised eight inches and they can deliver when you promise eight inches people know what is less than eight inches right that's like the cut off can't feel it you can say six inches and you know one or two inches either way where nobody really knows you say eight inches were expecting to be just trudged working through that were expecting to have a hard time walking work and everything at d jim canterbury did pushups in the snow the ultimate weatherman harder loving i loved him geared towards a great also i get confused because i saw meteorologists i they'll be a great name for scientists whose job it is to actually find media
oh i do we why do we give that their weathermen that's what they are there not meteor and that's our new segment when you get to high yes michael throne is math pie jokes yeah i jokes are really at its payday today thirty three forty one i was yesterday yesterday yesterday brent thomas hatrack it so you get to it's been one day making jokes about your conferences and radius and people think that you're the funniest press on earth turned out you're just a nerd every they are the yeah you're telling on yourself that you read and know what pie actually knew what is what's appointed by explaining to explain to big cap when you want to find out how big a circle is got it that's it that's that's not true that's it yeah ok pie you do pie
it's when you want to see how many numbers you can remember and show that your nerd but as i was saying how many numbers of pie you know that's that's the greatest tat i love it when there's like some carried it i think the world record holders from india and he just sat and memorizing i too like five thousand places aser more more useless skill and you life than doing i know it's it's up there with people can do rubik's groups that would be that would be a great question at the unifil combine for pillar how far can you go goodbye ambrose pie commemoration layer of james when since answer that my heart seat planes we flew in a couple and we're bad experiences i was in an all time war with the person in front of me shoving their seat back on my knees i actually got called a soul by a woman that was like five three she kept on smashing me in the knees and i told her please stop smashing me in the knees
pork from inevitably can literally like pushing the sea in front of them is hardly could being like hey i get it you're going six during that come on it was it was a small plain and i'm a big guy and i'm a bigger guy gazelles in vegas for weak so i have a hard time as having those like sweats yo you ve just eaten jumanji reuse haven't slept very well i fell asleep and i woke up to her smash mean the knees and then for the rest of the four hours i didn't sleep just so that it could stay in the sea fight with her because every twenty men she'd go back and i'll just give a form shiver to the back of her chair to push back for it just out of spite i mean it you know you'll do it we ve
tat we ve had the lean back operation before but on a small plain i understand yes or self upright it was an or it was an old playin those old planes regis stuck in there what you have you had plain issues you took a flight there was before us up like seven hours later guy almost ended up to staying in vegas because they almost cancel my flight if that was the case and i was out there for another like three days i'd swear move to vegas yeah i'm just a vague arsenal we actually talk i live in the sand who would take over for you as the cause we came up with just a wheel a wheel that says either hitler reference or jesus reference year and if i die on a plane some day i want you guys just eat a wheel a cheese and just wrote me and then you be consummated for companies but you'll be you'll remember me as your concept i feel like i fury would be pretty good replacement for ok for haze who who's your place you owe more casualty doesn't he does better jobs cool throne i have to call thrones actually awkward off
stock is on a cool thrown because the people that you talk to you all the time and you hate talking to about the same things now you can talk about the tournament who's in your file for how's your bracket yeah what's your pics looking like so that's all and then cool thrown van mon paper big month for them transactions going through with thy your college buddies might live in different cities got event mon pay pal that hit em up to we can still use paypal i don't pay so i have pay pal i do not have a moment i think that's one of the oldest things i do wish to call on this one not me oh god no did i say pay pal derives just glaser sky like when you say some like look at a map of yahoo has it doesnt i'm sometimes and a letter ok career so i'm like i have a hotmail address when they when i say have paper not them shut you can just vinho that's me at pfc countered aol come if you need the city i was now look into whether beak there like that
get to our interview we have marked titus who is i or five time occur and guess what our favorite guess he breaks down all the college basketball bracket he's a huge expert watches at all year so if you're the guy who watches like three games a year and do you dont know what to putting a bracket mark will win your bracket the extra guaranteed that on the show yet he said if you dont when this bracket comes i will then me then will you twenty five dollars so listen to this end we welcome on i would say top five favorite recurring gas and i think we did elastic are the i think your top ten now your top five it is mark titus he is from the ringer we're just sing before we started he has a podcast called teed up everyone should go check it out we're gonna give it the part my take seal of approval so there you go mark you finally meet you finally you know what you can maybe texture mom when we finish this part gas fired you finally made it my mom boyfriend
let me like i'm a lawyer and universality how she's so yeah i was looking through wikipedia page before we do this interview here at the end it says that you noted that your goal for twenty seventeen was for your interview your next interview and part of my take to make our best of twenty seventeen list so this is your opportunity don't blow it up up say some funny haggis laugh at my my college remain actually did everything which they would do a google you're doing to me right now and i never learned our lesson he would just be o k mart you're funny they don't body and i hear they gather young they offer thank you for taking down marilla you still is to offer appreciated ok let's do what you have come here to talk about you ve been how much who related content have you done in the last like weak i feel like you have done on william pod counter terrorist groups pardon ridiculous
i don't know the bracket looked like anymore because it's been i've done so often we at this point i don't remember what painter seated white ternata like i've been looking up all the term as also to other shit that's left and right players is singers like all season long i pay attention to college basketball but what that really means is i watch like twenty things maybe i watch like the best twenty i have no idea how good it is for example i don't know why in fact or the alone where guys backdoor if you need a little refugee retired people like hey we need some one another to talk about what i d like you to do and we are now talking about parents banana and fauna what fine we're haven't fine we're having a great time i hope you're doing the old fashioned stephen age is changing your picks for every different show year our dear don t said david
is just pick like every double digit eighty three fifteen thirty you like to write it looked like urging a gasoline grab lives on yes that smart i will work and make you do it again with us like we said check out the cheetah podcast put check out this park ask is better or aristotle the east first question for the east has ever been a greater miscarriage of justice then wisconsin getting an eight seed that's it i'm not saying i'm not for energy again this is the worst feeding thank you of the term of office i know the worst injustice and got bad boys you so much johnson sweat minnesota they find a second they turned and regular thine enemies or the roll up and the big internment and in minnesota get the five you know it can guarantee i don't understand it but they have reciprocity so early on triggered with you as a hive seed and ministers also here's the thing was content sought they sought for failure
they were really really bad and they could just be that bad team and i have no problem with being like a seven or eight it's just when i look at minnesota like what the fuck how is minnesota five that preparing relate they want they ve done veiled without our first they did building over an innate big conference like al the first ain't jonah like oh shit the committee eight they can and i thought that was it the vienna shake out with lake for he was gonna be like a succeed in minnesota gilligan a through and and i was about to happen and then didn't happen of this work actually i want you to a white male we got them they had to follow in february right now towards greening slums mongoloid data kissing human existences virginia is there more boring good team to watch and virginia no now virginia the standard virginia is the lightning rod of note a gradual actually guilty i just don't appreciate it art and culture battle is an hour
shut up middle street and all that stuff that's virginia lake the college rascal people swear that a tree and i am one of them i will watch in virginia play within begun eddie it's like you guys watching to see sudden treason and shooting with two second on the shock i can show like that and ignoring the girl i've i'm it boring actually as a compliment there like the still dragging the policies you gonna write you it's all about time possession the other free retorted the around the ball between the tackle diaper basketball they do the hail theme overdoing it always color coach tony blair the last few years they dig it pains me at my maid of honor for and have become a kind of a bad thing for i'm usually most go just want to make a point of order and demanding that though will you let me describe ended up ok you're ok this year they are the guy cap like them off and weapons on the bench mckenna like unbounded now can you saw used to treat you don't want to hear that
the treated every game as though it mattered and then he can a blue load in january and february ever seen and other think you're gonna like yeah we got the tom sybil right my team in the east and you could tell me if i'm stupid or not ass a meal and i pick em for two reasons one i just like them they have like the good guard play i live i bet on then a lot this year and two i think bellers the biggest fraud team in the tournament taylor is day i colleague ria you should be bailey asking you to give due to a game the thing about ducas i assume you if i didn't make it the details are so do is back and i believe the charge to get back to being back but we're convenient ignoring like duke was down fifteen and alleviate the deterrent games and they took like kind of
the front for them but when the games and you didn't get here they have good players but they're not actually your team and as emu is a good thing if though i was surprised to hear from you learned at the thought that they really have like six players on their game right which the decision i did not great throw up and then i got a shepherd girl barely one like fifteen year old duke due to me is like there the splashing team but you just people are failing to realise their defence still is in fact to their differences not over our team gimme the blue getting it the blue altogether the blueprint for beating duke is realised that they don't i defend but all i'm trying to frustrate them and try to make lake jason tatum half of all the lucan ard and by further they don't really were passed each other that score that would rather do this operation alan are you sure about is very great out o b i came in here that you like to see this boy on the theme that relative start again
watch watch indicating a party faith and tried to ignore not start shooting thirty times and i'm not gonna shit ok and obviously in the east i mean it s amused gonna be my upset pick but i don't i don't see any one beating villain over i think gone over even though they still do live a little bit on the three i just think that there be there well coach a consistent and they're gonna they're probably me back the balfour crazy hours a year a year changes every night the welded arched agitator last year there now known earlier we got the category i'm looking for a bracket here in the east and wit which seed is or how stadium yeah we on the committee forgot that's what happened i could what we as committee the energy committee too go ahead cleared weird i do day don't know if you get this last year
if i do the people i really like to be funny when march manifold round and i get the idea but what would happen if the committee's completely forgot a team question inflicted i'd if i do like a marsh man is no bag if a monolithic a mind to this year but if i did i guarantee you like free people writing unlike hey man imagining what is the committee just forgot do exist it and they dislike filled up the bracket and there was no do come like i don't know man i'd be fuckin crazy loner mind right now that's guy smoke so much of my time but they will have with eyes they re written that's there the unity and the instability passport so who's your pick out of the issue yet i probably would they do as much as i don't want you because it's not funny and they do not want i was probably the really born after but you can't having three guys that you can say like hey there remained going to help please go sailor statistic
and put in the basket with without internet in an tatum but having three guiding something's going on one and two teams have one or two and do it's three and add my matter a lot so i do like you but merrily afric they don't but events and they're not a good is what everyone's gonna backing like there sir saying the deuce get three guys they can do it whose man's is duke who's the man that team whose taken last shot through the alpha and they will have dream on their personal wonderingly to find out i'm a big luke and our rapporteur how much i like lucan art he like he's betraying everything i've thought about duke is a white guy on dual in i somehow don't right you got it you
don't you like an open because any oil regard you can call back when like is again from algeria another why guy that we ain't nobody gonna go you just hate him to you like i do if you look in art that's a good one you can only called actual please please you don't an important thing right now you just don't know yet one of my favorite yet basketball players are white duke shooters right and while we figured out also that my brain is this really small and stupid and it simply because he girls behind his back lot always gets me go and its monetary value john wouldn t i just told you little flash little behind the backdrop i am afraid i am i think it's cool like let's go to the west because we're not any geographical sense this is agatha first question is
what went when is king mark view officially be unhappy because i'm sick of sick of every second his dick in him never get to file for my few areas like they never get upset though that's the thing they got upset why they ve been up at one time the last eight years with no state the best thing that ever had to the best draw either at like you like two years ago and they were there she had a really a team they lost their leader to do you want to national body but do came people forget what i want to be with content and then as we did lumpy behind about that clearly they also the same thing was gone so which airily didn't rafts do the rough saw rigged the second half organs for duke in that one to catch gay deformed inside i think that's like yours greater middle path i married now he's got things that impurities in their talk in the realm of ok
we would like and i think it is about giving the country and another like absolutely and if they don't expect no one at all but i do think that the best team and the most complete in and out they is lake jacket on a transverse you actually did play a big schools like their point artisan magala american play a washington and any decided here you wanna play for real couch answered the data on which i know i'm over myself after jokes like i don't wanna put her couch but they have the guy that if i played a lot of my major basket billions really out the guys it's not like there you know like two stars from idle and thrown together and you know don't that sort of thing like actually have various sevenfold magog all america the bench right my strategy in march matters is just to take the team who has the best big man is carrasco best pigment ah use one of em
the three big kills lie and via the best be carried out is one of the pressure it is about making big man you gotta dig beer he like carlo ball is i don't know he looks like he's forty and i was like you realize what visual intimidation going on their right where you think i'm crazy to have the winner of the notre dame west virginia game in my final fork is that's what i'm picking now both are high varied themes lake they could lose by four hundred and beckoned one by four hundred and i'm gonna like alan bet on either one of them but yeah me like it not i created paper bickered we want for you maybe the hellenic handling and they beat the elevator and other everyday they can look really good and then suddenly they carry out a score and their president working because i quote it required the kid don't entertainment i go for on free guided us what if we just asked a couple times and then like should our pants maybe we could get away up
what we're doing a little so i don't do that greatly nobody's going the same way it is blown off into their like eight bomb three may ever they start like a six forego thinner and wrath my good but when he saw his increase delegates i have a feeling xavier always wins a first round game it doesn't matter what proceeded they always when are they gonna be hilarity maryland i think i'll be marilyn baker by the way our mutual friend gabby about love if you end up talking about that mention marilyn is this really lucky he was there all maryland fan club to be reminded of their lucky because canvas hate mail and all they ve been met your trade email and make good the up another their record is better than it should be and then europe is often they hate numbers and there's like
about this pressure there they ve got the best splashing name we have mellow tremble that's a hell of a name for so like to add a little but that's whether thirty did so we watched a game we were when we went up and did sports and we were watching the game with whisky you i think was marilyn verse penn state and they were losing in penn state stop enlarging maryland game with scott when they lose their jobs are you all loves disturbs he is right or die guy is a passionate the true fan and i only wish that we should give it shall not everywhere because yeah you see all these northwestern people better jumping on the northwestern bay lagging and can't name the coaches they don't know that other coaches are these famous people but a vampire right and dies merrily of my own plan is the ideal time that you would be watching every game every second and three million it's absolutely true it's a the i want journalists and all these guys were on tv the they their allegiance is to their teams kind of fade over the years maryland basque
poland's governed pout heat is not fuck around when it comes to that we had in that but who urea you have guns agora come another west i'll probably gonzaga arizona eleven but like i think it's it to me it feels kind of straightforward that can be one of those too but especially so the geography electric plan and california which would help other guys but i mean i know it's that's the boy thing to say that to date the wonder that game or move on but they say my pretty obviously the two that gained unmarried enemy but out out hagen day i actually i was held up my bracky i'm doing i'm gonna rolled out thank you doctor ragged lustrous though i haven't so am i break it and who i really thought about a bridge the clamour it's less riser here also now member vices yeah and you can't be wrong about asia s job i'm going to throw it out it i'd area broke out on pollyanna taken day ethnic florida gulf coast people free
there they had a lot of dogs a couple years ago to do they have any chance of winning there the i love that they had guys who could dont one time yet more years ago they had dockers although i graduated in a coach left why don't more teams recruit guys that can dump requested we requested please don't make fun of people who judge old teams on their current teams because as a really dumb gambler that's like basically i also here i'll football basketball thing where am i oh for state while they're always gotta football zone these guys were here i'll stay football let's take the undercutting travelling around the ball by lady who i take paler covers all the time passed while and then they never hit the over there they're like slow employee good defects and unlike put pillar football square seventy but one as i yes my boy would like the all baggage shit or like pressure to the back an ocean
animals are slaughtered i'd writer i went there like white what before you i'm just a big fan of of a public mob going after coach and i feel like mark fewer right there not render listen renowned or the second gear second round i feel like we're they d go from our view pitchfork in all seriousness that is our way with like all it puts in alaska gmail is the same way you ve been before the last like submarine i want the elite eight loses every time you get there to miss gaza yet you with hamilton is coach of florida state he's almost seven years old he's never going to final four mike mike braves in the last two with a cheetah go to the final four like bombarded with only coach in that region have been of our ports presently the outrage region i have no reason to keep an eye on unlike jericho it doesn't make it gonna be the iranian issued on hamper choking yet again i love at the heart of the original while the other night with a nice headway about coaches failing in march let's go to
amid west cause i am v very excited this is a classic year of seeing bill self whereas little like nice round belly just pissed off on the sidelines as kansas lump sums like a sunday nike up and round face too who s jim webs com and its common i wonder finally you dont as if i did not notice it like a copper yearly over the first i was shocked to see it like spare from its negative down are you up he's an early this year it has gone to his little he's got a little just a little nice little pouch they're all his failures in march ok i'm sorry about that because actually do think kids this is not going to go to the final for idle wire people talking more about louisville i want so here is my dear mr manuel there you're gonna love louisville is
as scored sixty nine points and they turn that more than any other programme in the country not surprised i swear to you how did the fairy who did our research did turn like looking than other independent ensured that our good movie scored sixty nine point more than any other and then you get the better of the programme that you have won the most games and hold back what history has never score sixty nine and the pyramid is below you that's all my gun words i feel like people aren't talking about louisville and they are there are very good team the plate in a very laborious and beat some really good teams and the bonus the father they go the more times we have charles burglary say lobo law yeah i won't let you take they re like the same came area where they play like they have a bunch of due to like we are going to be great if you tell errors be careful there there are like
they're like six aid really long and athletic buddy i'm coming into play in india but what i will call it with them i got you ve got the egyptian guy nevertheless remember our appeal for building up were wide open egyptian helping us tiger defense in and now they are like donovan mitchell is due to actually is kind of an nba player and can actually score so and that's kind of what takes into the the make some actually good teams though i like google out i think global i would actually people evil i'm taking leave of him out of men were right but you forget they have to play michiganders sat around with and so they i plane crash think john be lines gonna like hired sully solemn burger to fly mounted the tournament the employer in order to get it do you see being in a plane crash is something that motivates yucas for me it would just make me want to stay at home on macao has certainly made me why should i am i right
how the plane crash like our mean taking away from that that would be absolutely terrifying like at the outset of the plane crash negate like everything we know about machine disappear actually began the story i really like said lady who denounced there during the big internment championship instead this is the story of march are now michigan it must be some pretty big contains throwing the pyramid like this is a story that our efforts i'd like to actually your daily ammunition again bigger the incas day when i didn't breeze they're just like it i like every other often reminded aim like when you're hitting breathing scoring you look really good when you're not you look like shit some good how now but it is a here like this is the story of of march mitya northwestern over the work the two story about what the fighting is i actually be exaggerated everyone's imo michigan this plane crash i think of all the states go when that game overstates are the absolute number one adjusted office in the country my team
i don't know why rose illusions the team of destiny can you explain to me what adjusted often means it basically means that changes it so that it doesn't like when you play fast team in verse slow team why should i be looked the same open all the nerd virginia fans right electronic inventor on the direction that have come up at the further is basically was confirmation of apulia wisconsin scores fifty points and they can be like nor office just good is north carolina when my other favorite cliches in march is that a fast break team can't win i cant do well why did they say that wise it wasn't like do they teresa do they tell themselves out i have no idea i mean you know everyone andy and market that once ninety four their fat break and allow for an answer now dislike her age it's mostly basketball media people was being they then in this approach of about who they were being like smart and they love being fundamental and i love being
it'll only one why guys but this call what little unlike ass black ass the men like that's that's what they live for and so when i hear you guys like grotius to each other and showing some sort of that what it was under like no dispute can't work this can't possibly work stalin who niger scrambled now football guys definitely don't like being smart so that's not the case here exactly either toss up view in the midwest you can decide its to toss ups i want you to make a pic nevah or rhode island for eighteen the can make some noise makes annoy the here and now ok i know that one first argued myself i would say rhode island ok i was there alone air ok and then my second one is player you like to watch more dylan brooks frank mason our trade regulation dawn broke down and brought her kind of the great now the west coast and aid unaware
elsa peopled all know this but he's got do a flop and he has some triphaena didn't when it s so yet i can offer i do like watch employed i really player here the rest ruined the pact twelve to where he was on fire we read the game in vegas he was on fire and then there's another thing that you you love i'm sure as a college you know basketball fanatic everyone coming out of the woodwork some march which i do as well and complain about the perhaps and how they ruin it because i thought the college get right now that's that's been big right out there they did on earlier he hated eighty some only point after the nba ethics vowed and because they have only proportionately you get one february eight minutes it's not like that and they play more minutes and those action other big deal and his brain dislike melted
now now you as someone who was you saw the most famous game for this i do think there is something to be said coaches panic in march an issue is a guy gets a second fall they sit in four like thirty minutes if you know you're famous joke him no gregg odin final right but that's that's her couch but my coat you gotta get over it like this i mean like to tell the guy hey don't file that's the problem of child about one year old goat you just think they treat your playlist idiots i know alomar but that becomes guide over coach and that's why i don't know beckett called a lot about this will make the game on watch will often ended it doesn't belong on the show no i like it i like like they were i let's completed with the south you can see it feels like there i mean they're the most please team in the end this region i know that's crazy to say a word but you see allay there's no chance you show is gonna final for turkey i feel it
turkey has also like has a ton of flaws as well degree others devil enemy the artist region but for georgia all the nature so hard at all the stuff what a good team seem to be at the bottom like nor do i only at the boy like one of those names you know who ever survived the bottom half baked don't you get the artist drawn apparent to me about that of all the really good themes lake which state and damon second round is gonna be absolutely not better than you however once again you have been outlined in fact around they rapidly northern stuck in the first round which always explain it in space like that not lose this lake i don't know but it never funding to be and that situation and then ucla unusual have to have the boy tat you would probably and then play north carolina so kentucky in kentucky
after the treaty of the cargo shepard and in my opinion an alibi with or without with wichita state i've heard a lot of people say that the really good so i ve been going around telling people that wichita states really good and watch out for that upset can you tell me why there is such a getting bigger they went to the firefox i want i'm your mother oh yeah that's right the shatters seven yeah they went too far for the coach like belarus tom green looks like amber and is really weird these like not quite as bad so known are you gonna do about it i don't know that's that's very much it one thirty games plan much eyes will be and i was like they did play some good things like booster street the schedule but they lost all along all the good feeling we lost the louis i think in machines day and they learned and remember that they lost all could be lost her but i did a good team did point glass but abuse of their shrink the schedule making look like you're actually gonna good clear how much blamed
and we put on larger balls dad when usually loses god all that but all of the other part i mean i want stairs to still be some blame to go towards steve alford yes we we need it we need to we need to hate him as well for for his honesty offered lake people outside of indiana keep brown his name around like you should become the next any indication indiana people are like losing your mind about it like please shut the fuck up that we feel offers yeah who is gonna be new next in the end a coach or can we just some clean one more time green when the programme cod they were i wish they had just i wish the tournament in committee we just like listen we know banana should be in but we really need the tom crean around four comedy sake yes right acid in seats so right rome in their as like the eleven the eleven eleventh game in dayton there would be awesome novi absolutely oftener bumpo
that the concrete coming back it's some i hate to say the aid gonna come back are you a plan that the rumour that eu that plan and the idea on because they don't want people to know that they did show people doing green and the north sea and the even if in assembly hall south street but the higher seed and an idea and therefore on the road that the rumour that rural escaped death could handsome man get out i was in a bar like two weeks ago and they had a beer called tom crean logger no joke smiling ass different tom cry like many drinking remarked that same facing start a sweat bright star all right son what do you think about that video it gives you burgos where you sunday you you and you ruin the programme video what you think about the maiden wasn't it oh my god that was already ruin the programme when she say like kelvin samson and like all you know you know the mandatory on i write what
oh ok yet it has made it so funny was so when crean wondered when they want a big ten when you wanted first baked entitle and twenty thirteen they were playing misery and then i remember late point or dear the really good here in the began and michigan misses a bother beater as they were made it are you monsieur and i'll stay acting michigan today would be like a fool right i had first plates were big that anyway mission mrs shot and are you and what they can do it's a conquering goes permission assisting coach and put the spear and update and says you on the programme and make the coach there was a sitter michigan was on kelvin phantom bear these days we say like quarter look at me out of one of their can i inherited your mouth and i want they can your own my programme and i fixed it i m god so much tat is what he did
oh that's what i would call back to that yasmine phantom like hey tom bureau in the programme that await us nobody doubts amazing dat's fantastic democrats want what order and here i mean stammering first part about that stories tom crean like thinking that he reach level where he can be cocky and nothing will bite him in the ass ever it is above the law could an invasion that may be in three years he'll be bounced from the big ten tournament and not be in the internet by turning it is i'll eat one bad away from turning his team around i know that i have one last question the laval thing are you are you actually feel that exactly like it obviously annoying to fill it starting today turning the territory like almost respect them because like consistent with our absurd it all but you gotta like writing in france italy they gotta tina writers like i need an give me something to me some bullshit i
the informal microphone and and that after out i don't i don't know where else you can go with it like beside saying i would beat michael jordan how much i can say like i would have been tromp if the dnc had rigged it against me right i love it there's more to market come on we're gonna be gone away tanks that we set the world needs like a good helicopter parent we obviously tire woods father passed like we the more innovation like the williams mr are starting to be no ferries are staring tournaments but they're the tail end of their career the world needs helicopter dad too just like get intellect he eats going to end in one way is gonna end up like either screw one of his kids eligibility which can be awesome like that will very much in play here or is
no i just end up with like some weird fraud case where you just it turns out he was stealing millions and millions of dollars from his sons all these right to ask i can't tibet rolando kid i act i honestly don't know his voice foundling an error here you re like how does he feel about all the things he hated that if you go along with it i don't really know but eventually catching a bribe everything could like when you mentioned the boy like i am dead letter written it is the first thing that you think about but on the other hand is need doing can elect to distraction move and being they'll jobs in working the story about himself that weighs son is free to fail on his own that's a good point little beggar he also can do it you can deal with it now because bryce offered around and the dino sons coach so his he's not he's a man he's still not to the worst guy you know on the team with it with a crazy debt i mark
thank you so much as always we love haven't you on everyone check out guaranteed up whereby we're gonna put i think i plugged it like four times complete everytime justino upon her and hopefully i'll talk to you maybe before sweet sixteen men for fair final that work there's a lot of change and uncertainty in the country right now when it comes to retirement portfolio in life savings you don't want it all sitting in the stock market you want to diversify it do it i did look too rich uncles got come rich uncles is a red a real estate investment trusts they all commercial property they collect rent from the best creditworthy tenants and then pay you a monthly cash dividend currently is percent analyze dividend rich uncles as i do bill for areas in a great way to diversify your investment portfolio to add some steady income rich uncles dot com was recently feature in the wall street journal you can see that article and all the information you
we need to make an informed decision a rich uncles dotcom like any investment it has risks and it's not guaranteed rich was read a reg age here to offering gotta rich uncles dot com that rich uncles decamp or eight five five rich uncles let them know that you're hurt i'm on pardon my take rich uncles reducing indications of interest concerning its reggae deity securities offer any indication of interests involves no obligation or commitment of any kind no money or other consideration is being solicited and if sent response will not be accepted no sales will be made or commitments to purchase accepted until the offering statements qualified this media outlets paid under fifteen thousand dollars by ridge uncles for this single message artless do some segments first up we have a p r wanna one for bail or football they just fired the new assumes a director of football operations to marco butler who was hired to help clean up ailer football and the message out there
he was fired because he sent inappropriate text messages to a teenager that bad i think that's bad so what's his cousin demark oh boy ok i'm into marco butler truth her because i think this guy doesn't exist i think you just hired to be tired because like baylor top of another cleaning everything but if i'm going to give them more pr advice i would just say move out awake oh yeah just move the school dude you of the school and make it a public school i liked i'll hey private schools i actually think he did his job his job was to get people to get about all the awful things that biller well you just got arrested for or site fired for tat a teenager now that's all i think about with biller it's like that their strength coach who also got fired for prostitution last month so basely builders pr when one is just keep getting lasted for random things yeah just fires are on fire somebody new for sex crime every week and then
forget what the original problem raised like we send a bad tweet in just three throw its weak right turn recently gone also they they should tear down the orgy three stature that's just not a bit afraid by senior managers really anything to do with anything or tear down the orgy three statue rebuild it with the subway subs like they did back in the day member here statue of him and ensure it yeah builded shared sacho utter that's thinking now stay kings this one goes out to our boy mike wilburn i i have to say this for our king say kings usually it's like i can't really this guy's doing this the he is the king of kings at this point he wrote huge to the bristol producer who came up with the idea to put notable alarms on the tournament challenge marathon bottom line big fund those tweet one loved tweet too this guided for the producer and bristle to have me as a note
old northwestern loma had a brent cindy crawford warm be wow ok great job mike totally deflected i didn't see that that was all class by mike wilburn right there i want everyone to know that i don't accept this prestigious ward of being named the notable northwestern alarm and i so much don't want this that i met a tweet that i was made the notable alarm at north i am extremely humbled at being declared more notable than worn baby and syndic raphia this isn't about me guys and let me tell you let me tell all three point six million twitter followers and i have that is not about me by telling you how they made about me capitalized me you know what is being smart because if they put cindy crawford the second us guys we see cindy crawford's name we immediately go look at the team from fair game yeah train seen you guys know the one i'm talking to her just guy stuff there by the way it's crazy that mike wilbon has three points yes yes three point sixty nine million followers
doesn't say that is not only is there a more skewed like wrist risk to reward but his arm is more getting less for your block than falling microbes on twitter well forgotten because we love it because he's a king and he stays a king but yes for actual analysis and what make will one brings a table if you fall microbes on twitter you realise at all it does is like hell just hop in bash the bears like three years after having realised the bare sudden little man the bears have no idea what they're doing or what tipped job mike the like fire her consecutive five and eleven seasons also shots dan revenge for not even been being mentioned last week that's gotta really it's casino i used to be the head tosh of north fans right yeah think revealed through that when like a pity faith ever spins own eddie lazy signed with the
see hawks body way in it to sixty seven big boy john it out but the spends on p carol issued the ultimate spends said he likes him because he wants a big once big runabout love it so i like to call sick tom cable higher bringing a guy and then think that you can just put him in any often sublime position this is it this is a good decision by the xerox you might just be angling for skittles sponsorship so we saw martians lot maybe marshes locker is still filled with skills in places like you guys don't even have to pay me as long as i can live in this light i bet also it's a little dangerous because green bay to seattle there's gotta be better china food in seattle scobie pretty good we're saying your closer to china closer china that is how it works the taco bells are better when you're closer to mexico but i've will i get he lays he's one of those guys it doesn't like real china food you like china food through its half mestizo big panda express got exactly genoese chicken agro either way
be careful saying that he like some big i don't know why my mind just merely went to it but i could totally c p carol on craigslist sports looking for baby obvious you can you can you imagine that p carol like nine eleven truth her role winning core coach also legs himself a big beautiful woman captain leniently on like weird message boards straight now that hotel room like he's got the cane and monocle fought fought five ripped guy looking for fur well on the four no he's he's a five fifty five nine well hung ripped guy looking for woman of over three hundred pounds to dominate may teach you come with us you each other's gum girl could we w man next subway have a bad visual j williams drawing
a white board in the eu s peons studios i don't know what kind of analysis he was doing but it was some mouse he walked up to the white board and aegis started drafting incidentally i figure showing like man to man or something and it was just a dude fuckin a chick doggie style well let's not pretend that what's that assume their gender is here they're just stick people true so it could be any position but yeah that one is definitely bending another one over there and looks like the hand is but the best of our daddy hand down man down he majorities don't he knew immediately what he had done any starts or race it but guess what we captured it j williams analyzing people having sex on the white board for college basketball i like it i have no problem with the only thing is i the i'm gonna walk on this i connect the dots in football season and its even more current here this is done to get views the fastest
way to go viral is to draw dick or draw sex using the tell us evaders her and then every baser sakyamuni jha manifested he invented metric actually across college worth took it over yes i guess and always circles two players and they're all running straight and then there is another circle at the with a dark inside of it it's genius genius america lakes it's in our sex humor that's what we like like farts and we like sex that's did you get four while doing it tell us raider dick then i think that i begged the internet love it or leave it let's do a not to brag but we called it this is maybe our latest call ever in and will finally give credit for because this kind of like under the radar call but we say sean spacer whitehouse press secretary was under a lot of peat and we said that he sure should start walking out with a walking boot or big ben track when you're not in
but just say or injured sovereigns like while what's goin on control the message and turns out you did yesterday he was pictured earlier today just strutton around with his foot and cast which is the it's the perfect deflection technique is like while that guy's he's really heard out there maybe should take it easy and i have a stable for this one i don't i fall politics kind of like a peripheral sense but i know that health care is kind of buzzing right now well knew healthcare plan you think chance by just put himself in a castle that when he gets up he's ok all like me and people are losing their healthcare look at me i'm i'm affected too you know sorry i'm late gaza just got back from a death panel meeting they want to put me down because i have bought make they want to put me down but we ve got this new law coming through so i think i'm gonna survive that's what he should do it's a nice spencer it is a great spends on it's me it's like a cavern kevin turann heard his foot a couple years ago do so sean spice hurried isn't like his job trouble paradise might be article state like a better country that's winning more
what countries winning more than america northward north korea is willing korea if you five you read the news we read the daily newspaper north korea they are winning spicy would be a great press secretary area how thinking should hang on hang on hang on gotta get it sound the alarm on us sick to sports stick to sports marksmen is coming up in your duke i like kentucky basketball programme they have a lot of talent yeah you see lays back kind of kansas has good players their flawed this year not as many great teams can't wait for the nfl draft philadelphia i that was only segments dick to sports whenever we get a little off off on the politics train refresher minds last up before we ever that's enough internet for today we have a you think jim harbour there was
a interview john did ever think with peter king s hand he told the star about jim they're playing little backyard basketball kids wives everyone is involved jim jim and went down five to one he started boxing people out a box johns wife out he was like going to paint hard and then after the game he just started talking trash picked up assizes doesn't feel great jack to win doesn't feel great to win so jim harbour talking a bunch of shit and taking a little pick up basketball game with his family to seriously you think no boy what i don't understand what this story though is that i afterwards like an hour there are john said the gym walk by it and was like hey john if you want anything yet like the kit don't just figure as securing brow like what go back to ecology everything they got him run scared from the nfl heart
god you more about me seems like a guy that window like a game get sorted he says alright shirts fur skins as he's taking assured nominates his own team for skins every type your marble also seems like ever since he lost the superbowl to john he's just we like if i compile enough like pick up games it all negate the superbowl yeah give i beat john and his family and enough basketball games maybe ping pong play some laser tag we nosegay leaves dag eventually he'll reach a point where it's like yeah you want a super all but i beat you in the last four hundred and seventy five things we ve played just for fun you know how families are often asked like which child d love more which showed are you rooting for artists i bet you his parents were running for john to win the superbowl yes because jim harbaugh with superbowl ring over john would be unbearable at any family got and from that point on he would wear it everything skinny i'd give it here's what he would do he would try to get you
on his secret sent every year and then give him his rank and then ass he opened it take the ring back and we need to get both horizontal be great at the same time russell having wrestle we have finally that's enough internet for today what do you got i told you not to tell you before so his soldiers from vice vice had an article today said we asked cock and ball torture experts about the art dilating urethra us and the picture had a lady that had like razor blades as her from so there's a cock and ball torture expert enough internet for today more than enough internet for the weak come on dilating your it why would you want i don't even know what that is now is which makes your whole joining all europe to pay all just ip whole next time play second stalling hospital shower had use use the correct science nomenclature people yet your dick flight that's enough
per day and that's our show friday we will have of all of the first games wrapped up because we understand studio late smee late night thursday gonna be our view diet kind of the best day of the year that i love at first when you're hanging over so psych i was just a hanks gonna have to give source anglesey who s got a soul cycle isolated but it will see a friday after the first round everyone best of luck hopefully get some winners and we see them lovey
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