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Mark Schlereth, NFL Week 7 Picks, And A Friday Grab Bag

2018-10-19 | 🔗

The Red Sox are going to the World Series and David Price has won a playoff game. Dodgers/Brewers is going back to Milwaukee and it's the Fall of Machado, both good and bad. (3:05-7:59) Thursday Night Football was gross but the Week 7 games have us excited, including a full Sunday slate with the London game. (8:00-11:35) Week 7 picks and Fantasy Fuccbois. (11:36-29:39) Our friend and 3X Super Bowl Champ Mark Schlereth joins the show to talk about the NFL this season, what the Broncos will do at QB, how he got John Elway and the Rock mad at him, and the definitive definition of hurt vs injured. (32:36-1:11:32) Segments include PR 101 for Lenny Dykstra crowd sourcing fleeing the country(1:17:44-1:20:30), Hmmm for Kevin Durant (1:20:31-1:23:07), Hurt or Injured Dwight Howard(1:23:08-1:24:37), Thoughts and Prayers to the NCAA(1:24:38-1:26:53), and Hanks Grab Bag. (1:26:54-1:35:44) 

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on today's part of my take we have the return of our good friend stink mark schlereth three time super bowl champ we talk about the nfl whip around the league whether uh no way hates him whether the rock hate some weather kevin costner hates him the answer is actual yes to all of them but you can hear the story with always a fun interview with him we have a nfl week seven preview some pics some fantasy fuck boys recap of thursday night football and david price getting rid of demons pr one hundred and one for lenny dykstra and we end with the hanks grab bag before we get to everything though we have ads and we have larries gay bowling pixel areas gotta get back on track bad week billary badly that layer is also not no no don't do not don't say what you're going to say guess what even if lyrics
let's just say hypothetically larry wasn't looking so very healthy right now i would eat we are the ones who are taking care of larry so it's not on us it's on spider ok here we go pfc what first game our first game is going to be the titans and the charges the london game totally old london town alright here we go first game titans chargers and we got the cash app you already know the cash app number one finance app on the app store what you might not know is that you can also put cash app in your wallet with the cash card it's the only debit card it offers instant rewards and comes packed with premium features not even a credit card can offer like bruce listen if you're in college and uh take advantage of boost what are you doing titans are him write it down ok save up to ten percent instantly at whole foods chipotle
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welcome to part of my take presented by scekic today is friday october 19th and david price is exercised his demons he is good he wanted thirty one a baseball game yeah and he did it in just the way that we thought it would on the road yes on the road no pressure it was actually the perfect spot for because he's a one of if there's a football nobody's watching yep and the the the slob or knocker of stanford arizona state in the bulls and the sixers mostly bowl sixers yeah it's going forty one points in the first half installment refers court and some still somehow losing by like fifty i'm not ready to declare the demons exercised humans are are warmed up okay jazz or size in right now to be fully exercise has to be in the world series and man of my looking for david price getting a star in the in the world it will be great in the astros have been illuminated they are you're defending world series champions no longer out of the tournament like
that other are weak yeah but it kind of crazy that that whole series is crazy because you watch game on your life while the astros are a real good team and then they just kind of disappeared but every game had a thing in it shows that every game i like that that's what you say about baseball if you watch it there's something new that happens in every game which is not true but in this she told us that tim kirchen and buster only they just say it all the time but in this case i think it was kind of true there's a lot of weird shit that went down this fan interference there guys running to the walls or baseball is bouncing off walls but not really they were getting caught and it looked like it left a mark on the wall but it actually didn't it's weird and the story of the series in my mind was the red sox outfield is like insane yeah in so can we can we put the done chain on the red sox in terms of being the bryce harper sweepstakes next year
oh you don't want to mess up with that chemistry between they went to the world series are they play with four outfielders ok like a softball team yeah yeah exactly shorts taylor yeah and then the other series we have a three two lead for the dodgers tommy lasorda still alive and craig counsell pulling all the tricks i've never seen anything like that he on game five yes game five wednesday he pulled wade miley after one batter he gave him a psych and i said nope that was the plan all along we were just trying to fuck him up that's an ultimate psych i love it yeah i've never seen that done but has that ever been done i don't think so just say that baseball did a couple of months ago yeah ok yeah there was some tape out there oh yes yes go ahead you can finish the sentence now that's how i was just gonna say i liked it i like seeing nontraditional shit happen in baseball because too often it's just you know the same boring stuff well it's like for every day you go to a game or
you take your catcher out when there's no runners on base and fewer than two strikes oh your id my idea where you just being the umpire joe w got some training in that earlier and we also the other big story in the baseball playoffs is manny machado i love i love when a guy goes from a team that no one really pays attention tension too and like doesn't win like the orioles and then he has to go play in a big city under the lights in big time games and everyone's like this guy is kind of a fucking ass well that's made machado's entire october we're starting to use the b word on him and that word is bush league well and also just being out of shape and not saying sorry being out of shape and not running and not hustling kind of it's a weird like i sort of respect because he's just really owns it to a level where you like to to
really going to say it out loud like that but then but then he got the game winning hit drew got a base and then hustled score the winning run danny manny machado cycle and he hustled very very fast in the last couple steps down the first baseline so that he could kick that guy in the foot yes get friends though so it's cool oh that is are they said that the boys not yeah they don't look like friends right afterwards that was weird ass trees in the postgame is though we're friends and some minor league so it was a prank we jerk each other off in the minor leagues how it goes exactly yeah and then christian yelich afterwards call him at what a fucking asshole yeah fuck that guy i mean we have to defend christian you at all costs as you're gonna hit so it came back on who are you rooting for our national junior room for the dodgers so i'm not going my group and not really rooting for anyone i'm rooting for the bruise just so i can see that slide well yeah the man
scott sliding down yes the big you waters like my proof yeah my broker okay that's the first time you said that no i've been saying that for years the national team the reds are my america while the actual the brewers national yes i know i know hank i was actually secretly hoping to i was red bull i was secretly hoping for the brewers and the astros in the world here is just control everybody by constantly referring to the brewers as an american league team the astros national last sick yeah lasik mix up so that unfortunately you have to wait another year yeah it will happen next yeah to talk about real sports not yeah let's do it josh rose good that game sucks so bad taste keenum well still not good yeah and but if you look at the scoreboard you're like oh case keenum we we we were
joking that it was twenty three at one point like all kids can must be having a great now even the touchdowns emmanuel sanders threw a bomb he is going to throw a touchdown defined amino centers with like fifteen yards around him will i get like a force field down field yes but yeah this was probably the most boring match up you could have hope for like if you could have picked any two teams to play in a game that would be super relevant it probably would have been the broncos and the cardinals tonight yeah i i defy you to find me a more well then enters in a match up does bill have been pretty bad no no 'cause you got derek horse balls anderson out there yeah maybe like the box and i don't know yeah exactly box vikings now bucks bucks lions yeah yeah buck stack texans that'd pretty
the personnel especially if it was like playing the opposite of the of a and e's lcs gate it was just so boring yeah i do have a hot take you ready for this yes i think larry fitzgerald is holding cardinals back but i'm sorry he sort of touch on what well i don't care he's the captain and he's taking shying away from his rookie qb so it's like steve smith cam newton type thing yeah yeah so we got to alpha males down there like leri fits and and josh rosen well larry fitzgerald is doing like the saddest retirement tore his whole career has just been sad and i'm like a nice guy you know what i don't like about the cardinals color rush uniforms night that larry fitzgerald was wearing black in his ass wasn't sticking out it was too slim racist of you it was too slimming on his but he's got that larry fix gerald is why
column and he's got that bubble butt and you can't tell when he's wearing black pants yeah so i mean he did score touchdown but he the cardinals are very very bad and i think it is now official that he steve wilks might be the first coach to be fired how long is he been there year six games yeah is a coach user coach last year i was trying to think that like that's how bad he's been that you is zero is it and if even if it was new i'd like they might want to just get rid of him no it's definitely been a year in six has it now maybe now he's a rookie so fire just farm is a pretend it never happened yeah you could easily do it right now offer get help right now arnold's we will never remember that's the wilkes was your head coach yeah and you're good you know what usually an annulment on your marriage i mean i i know you were thinking the same thing that that the broncos need to puts wagon yeah a little bit in the second half just like your swag flags fly out there a little bit it's real shame
didn't do that at least our knowledge yes we're hearing the game still going on have the red sox scored again the astros by the way that was a classic situation where they like teetering on the edge and all and it was if the red sox scored first in the game was going to be over in in the entire crowd went silent and that was kind of i do at david price for doing a hell of a job cleaning up that bull pen i don't like this without us really yeah i don't like the high socks i like him the old school i think it's 'cause he's too tall there really like they're very apparent because he's very very tall so i don't know i'll just throw that out there jesus alright for
kill them on the cats degrees we have take talking about later like gerald like fantastic will take like the cardinal sin and if you like what you and hank look at me like i killed someone his arms i like your ex i i'd probably like to baggy pants to go down around the cleats on to him i'm tough crowd alright well let's get to our nfl preview week seven which is sad to say out loud because that means that were like we're almost halfway there yeah that's bad that's very very bad you want to start with our loser leaves town game what would you have for a loser leaves town so my loser leaves town game is going to be cleveland at tampa bay mmhm okay it's already think the boxer loser part okay but i this is a loser leaves like they the bucks could conceivably turn the seas around if they win this game yeah the browns could still fight for a playoff spot but it's gonna be tough for a whichever team loses this i think they're both lose this is the the merciful
this is which team has had more staff infections in their locker room in the last ten years all right so i'm gonna do for loser leaves town i'm gonna go with titans chargers not just because both teams actually will leave town because it's in london but the titans are on the ropes and the chargers right
whatever the charger start to feel themselves and then they have to cross a bunch of time zones that's when goes wrong i think we said this last week and we before about them but in this case it's it's doubly true yeah because they are traveling as far east as possible right going out to a state income to london they went from a leave it alone you know what i'm really they did yes that's really her center information okay now i got about on it yeah did the chargers over in england this is actually a really good learn the game and only for the reason that starts at nine am yeah so we have a full day of football yes so let your dog out at eight thirty in the morning and then don't let it out again till midnight because they just don't just don't even let back in yes let it out yeah let your dog home for his back yeah add add were whenever whenever the afternoon game start all right are we sure they're good game
so mine was gonna be san diego tennessee that's weird yeah i'm a synergy here because my was going to be the browns box oh okay well where you're at but you just said yeah i know i seem suck yeah but what if one of them wins you know i'm gonna talk myself into them being like yes he might this is are we sure they're bad yeah pretty much got it okay so i'm gonna go brown's books okay yeah i don't chargers okay and then gave the week we got a lot option okay you're not going to go with with your heart on this one right now okay i'm gonna go in new orleans baltimore i actually agree with you okay because i actually the only other one i had for we sure they're good is i actually think the bears are up to like if the bears can beat the patriots then they're officially good yeah it's gonna be a big test in khalil mack being injured has me very worried i have i have twitter search khalil mack ankle probably about ten thousand times you have to like
don't give me enough to stay very welcome on this because i think that this is nikki in the bears just so really had it rookie head coaches do this weird thing where bella check it's in their heads and so they're like i'm going to out build check bill check and so there's oh no cleo mac might not play he's definitely injured oh he's going to be on the injury report to be careful be careful 'cause he's probably gonna play and these absolutely go to play you know he's going to play that's never a question you gave me this theory earlier and i told you that he's definitely going to play it's just whether he's going to be fine then because he got injured dolphins game he wasn't one hundred percent one hundred ten percent he'll be fine now he's going to come out there like wearing a hoodie with half the hoodie cut off 'cause he's going out bella check bill chicks all these visor only baby advisor only that bald oma his so back to new orleans baltimore i think that's going to be the game i think that's going to be a really good one it's lamar jackson versus teddy bridgewater can i say something really work though the only thing that stopped me for second that gave me a hezzie about making it game of the week four hundred and five start that
i feel like game of the week is gonna be there to fight like game of the week yeah but i agree who's announcing it that's another probably like to see squad yeah so it will be a very fun game because the ravens they're coming off a historically good game against the titans in terms our defense eleven saxon and the saints i think stat i read earlier this week was the it's r nine in one off the by since two thousand and nine that's pretty impressive that's pretty good pretty good sean junior and sean payton if you give sean payton two weeks he's going cook up some weird shit he's going to his players laying down in the end zone ready to return kickoffs and then john harbaugh is going to complain to the nfl interpol the fbi the cia after president be like hey i didn't know you're allowed to do that
but only answer as he does the thing where he like has five of his line and out wide yeah and there's like paper you were cheating yeah because you had one guy lining that lying down yeah it is the in the rule book paul yeah the harbor to the harbor was gonna get so pissed off yes can be great all right when you couple pixel defense you boys will get a schlereth i can i a one one other thing just on the i don't like looking at on peyton when he's outside i don't
looking at any of the the saints when they're outside yeah i was especially on page well if it's snow i can watch drew brees right like in that game against chicago remember that came yeah playoff goal yeah remember that one which one then if the championship yeah that was pretty good game i was like basically this noble whose it was it was the madden snow yeah see where it's just a little bit of snow and it was off it looked like god sperm just trickling down i was like yes i'm i'm in love with this but yeah yes i have a best i ever don't like looking at sean payton in a jacket i don't like looking at him and anything except for like night games under the new orleans superdome lights yeah i think the whole saints team looks like five steps slower whenever they're outside yet it's just something about a hundred percent so so we're on the ravens then right green i love the saints of god in one of the by okay i love flattered to go against that no that is going to be one of my pics good you do you practice okay my picks up start with the over
i'm taking minnesota and the jets forty six this is also i've got a new category game we can do each week the rivalries back on game so this is my rivalries back on game between the the vikings and the jets because our time i really have for years yeah because the jets lost out on the curb cousin sweepstakes this summer yep and somebody i forget who was somebody wrote a take quake in one of the new york papers saying like this is our revenge for for missing out of her cousins yeah if you know anything about her cousins you actually did yourself a favor by not getting him because you'd rather suck out loud then be you know kind of around average for four years you have such an awesome donald verses being like you know that that frustrating kerr cousins woo one week he is exact quarterback only because the next yeah this guy is never played football is life so i don't like either of these defenses right now at least there is
even if they're a lot better like been but don't break yeah i can see that you're not like break but don't fall off a cliff and catch on fire yeah i could see this like the over okay i'll go for my over i'm gonna go with the the forty 49ers over fifty two ok 'cause got shanahan hands just going to he hits overs no matter what yes he he just goes for it and the rams yeah that's easier i actually i'm a little worried about how easy that is they're just yeah i'm i'm very well what it also matters what you what outfit cal shanahan shows up where it's gonna be santa clara so we'll probably be in shorts yeah okay i like that yeah let's check it so every person yeah reach across some stats who will be out in full force my under is kansas city cincinnati how could you could you sir i'll tell you sir could you sir i will tell you this sunday night game was show time home yeah you wanna know why because
kansas city is coming off a short week they played the sunday night game last week so they missed out on two and a half hours of prep got it so yeah that defense is going to gas yeah okay i mean no their defense is going to be gassed cincinnati's defense is gonna be full force yeah 'cause they played like three hours earlier played at least in my david price sock joke wasn't good enough yeah count my understand be cowboys redskins forty one and a half okay i feel like the rat the cowboys are team the cowboys sneaky defense very good defense and whenever they go on the road they also look a lot slower especially around john that's very raw john is going to be a quagmire usually can yup as you know that are you saying that no i'm just gonna rain they do have you ever seen the field yet always i'd say i don't know if there's extra rain now it sounds like extra quite probably not the government control harp system has been put in full factor yet but yeah it's going to be i don't know our words are pretty good at home typically on offense
if with alex smith in the alex smith barreling yourself i like that yeah it's so funny to look at alex smith pass charts wait hold on what you just did summed up alex smith's career so perfectly you're like yeah you know alex smith like he's ok ishe in like you're just waiting for someone like no or yes so you sit there like a someone give me a q here tell me how to feel i'm going to tell you exactly what to look for in this game this could be the only fun part of this game because both teams are just bus to a it's going to be watching brandon sure if the the guard for the redskins just find some guy who's like a little bit off balance and just push them over is it like four times a game okay gets credit for all these pancakes he's really good but he loves find the people that are like a little bit off balance to smother him i like that gee i call this guy ihop hop okay what do i have and i don't know that was my under so you go favorite in
okay my favorite underdog together okay my favorite is i like the patriots minus two and a half on the road chicago that's and i like things like it's it's action my story okay i sorry monsters on hand i saw two and a half okay looking at two and a half really three i think also can't we just toss up on that with underdog i'm doing carolina plus five and half of billings mean caroline was about right yeah and i've got a lot i've got great track records with michael's on that like the browns beating the chargers okay i'm a team about the year that i actually destroy june picks in general not remember that i was like two years ago yeah you owe us you owe us what college yeah an apology all right i have the bills plus seven and a half as my underdog dog okay yeah that one makes me want to puke and that's what you gotta do you get take the game to make you want and his ass is by you make a good point though because there's not a lot of tape out there and eric and or service here true and then my
i am betting this solely with my heart as a personal revenge game take the lines minus three against brock brock osweiler personal revenge game yeah so means a lot to me yeah i can only me i can see that happening yes absolutely rocks gonna be he's gonna be winded at last week hank you go bagels plus six the chief still haven't had them come down to earth game like they lost last week but they're still showtime homes i think this is going to be the week where everything everything comes back down to earth it's a little bit sloppy they might lose but they're probably gonna be with andy dalton under lights yeah careful that her brought here for that here really careful lines that's a careful is it's good that they're playing in kansas city because any read after like a big bowl skyline chili he would be pulling joe pa and sprinting to the sidelines to take a shit will know right away in that game if you have andy dalton that can win you a game or cover you a game or not almost instantly
you can tell with andy dalton under the lights all right before we get to schlereth let's do it fantasy boys let's go
hey what's up this is paulie piss a little my start of the week i'm starting nathan peterman that's right he's going to have a record high for fancy point this weekend you can't go in assumptions when you holding a clipboard i love big nate my sit up sit in hot coffee i'm not ready to give up my ice coffee just yet you dickheads you pussy dick heads hang out there don't you say that hey don't you say that you are here drinking warm coffee gimme a break get outta here you still little chilly i'm stick will i still january ok i'm sleeping i'm sleeping daylight savings time that's right i'm on kaufland daylight savings time where i set my time an hour late a week only i'm going to catch an extra hour disease wake up after college game day's already compas guidance is beside the profanity on him that's right i gotta go to church tomorrow apologizing for making a little hot dream in my p js i can't be afford to be really swear words on tv in the morning wait fuck we change our soon next week
bruce yellow scumbags ruin the show for me before that all if it is even fuck boys bubba earlier yeah it was just about a year ago that i started soprano stupid and about in like a year and a month he should have given up at eleven months when you guys fucking big it's a great show you're the only guy that started this prayers are not binge in like a week or two so that's on you there hour episodes yeah so you just like stop everything you're doing for a little bit at a tv show that's right that's true oh yeah by the way thanks to everyone came to grammar c theater that was awesome we had a show on wednesday night i saw a it will be in like i know you guys i know you guys had a show well turns out we announced did a couple weeks ago on a friday episode and we put tickets up on monday at noon and we sold out in about fifteen minutes so not a big deal we just stop talking about it which in future reference i think we're going to start i think we should keep talking about it so people at least know what's happening
it can be like hey come to our city and like yeah it felt like a pop up so yeah i don't know wasn't so that's our bad we're really bad at all loading no i think it's were bad at doing things well once they're like hey this sold out with okay so we're done when really you know like klopp loses still has billboard since shit around town even though they sell out every year you gotta do that with the image spread the word right guess landing at the secondary market for it's true so that's our bad but seriously it was awesome having it burned out there we showed some bvt deleted scenes which we haven't even seen like those are things that we had not seen we haven't watched the first episode until last night it was all are fat asses were hanging out there with matthew berry yelp that was kind of nice to see maybe hank do you think we should maybe give one little little teaser tomorrow for the people on the pardon my take twitter just one one thing we could do that one thing one small thing that will give the people that we never released and then next year
you have to show up yeah yeah you guys wait wait yeah we'll do that when we do that we'll give you a forty five second skit that was gonna treat it out i i actually thought we might get taken down for for nudity which for being too hot yeah yes he said yeah if you're checking your watch to care for bulbs might get you pregnant yeah so subscribe if you if enough people subscribe unsubscribe tomorrow we will tweet out the one skit at noon depending on it subscribe at high noon actually no we have to have a hundred retweets on the part of my take twitter saying this is the episode so the marks it's like hey episode is life we have one hundred retweets the minute we have one hundred retweets you will get the bonus what oh yeah 'cause that might happen in like three in the morning yeah i don't know this fucking retweeting will figure it out alright like don't
i think it was probably yeah i don't know why you guys could probably seawater through what we're doing right now it was generated out anyways yeah we're going to try it anyways but like maybe just do something so that we feel like we're not getting taken advantage by you 'cause right now you're taking advantage of us 'cause you know we're going to do it but we need something in return yeah sure it's one hundred retweets on every tweet or you're dead one hundred retweets are set off a live grenade in the podcast studio and we're all going to die yes we all have cyanide capsules in our mouth right now we're taking ourselves hostage oh shit it's a mind all right see a hundred retweets all right before we get to mark schlereth let's do some ads to another player's pick remember you got the titans the first one pft what game am i having larry pick here you're gonna do this and the ravens saints and ravens game of the week here we go
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welcome on our good friend recurring guest yeah it is mark's lair three time super bowl champion he is in studio you can listen to him on the stinking truth every single week yeah i know a couple times a week couple times a week and also on sundays because he's climbing up the ladder i think maybe let's call it maybe get set up once troy aikman is done marshall are going to be the game of the week with joe buck ha nobody for that probably not alright well let's start there because we we sometimes are a little high on our guys who are in the book sure nine yeah let's just say that yeah have you ever pull a rabbit out of your head i have not pull the rabbit out of my head out of my yes but not out of my head so you you correct us tell us why it is so much harder
then we give it credit for and why were real just sitting on the couch criticizing everyone in the booth there it is it'll actually it's it's challenging i mean there's so much prep work that goes into it but you know you tend to but you tend to see the game i like to say you see the game through a straw hole so i tend to look like when i watch film i don't watch the ball watch my eyes naturally gravitate to the the front seven in the offensive line and so i'll be watching in a won't pick up on some blitz pickup or whatever it is right or some great block and i'm not even auction the quarterbacks look in and he's throwing up you know he's the curl flat combo or whatever you know whatever route combination he's throwing i'm not even look and i'm like oh my god did you see that fullback and they're like hey give us the route right here go talk about it and you're like i wasn't watching the route right now you're just making stuff up right i mean that's how it goes so when you're watching it and i think one of the hardest things
for me so far to do is to couple of hey it's first down this is a potentially going to get second third down whatever the case may be and to watch the game with what might happen in mind so you can really focus on that now you're watching it from you got your tv monitor you've got your telestrator in front of you you're watching the game at from eye level so you're watching as the game goes on so here's what i'm doing i'm like ok is it open or closed or is it open or closed on defense is a single high safety razor double high safety what's the potential coverage or my cornerbacks presses that man or they off is it a cover three cover fours at quarters you know all that kind of stuff so i'm looking at that and then i'm looking for potential blitzers then i'm thinking about what could possibly go on meanwhile your producers in you're going hey dude let's look at this and let's talk about this and the whole time the broadcast is going on so i'm having i'm having a conversation with the fans that are watching the game of conversation with my play by play guy having a conversation off air with my producer
i'm trying to watch the game from from the booth with my own eyes but i'm also trying to monitor on the on my television replay and see what's going on and i'm trying to see everything at once and it's impossible yeah but i do see everything at once everybody at home could do a better job everybody that you're getting out i don't get that on on what it is it is the most intellectually challenging thing that i have done in the television world and like i said ben no virgin meat on my ass it's all been shoot i let you know i don't give a shit if you do if you don't like it if you don't like what i do and i'm going to screw thing
that that's just the way it goes sometimes i i think we almost well i think jason witten did himself a little bit of a disservice by he jumped from you know never having done color commentary before to being in the spotlight a monday football he did have the luxury of kinda learning on the shop you he put his in the frying pan immediately i'm sure when you started doing commentary there were like you know there's some learning experiences some things you probably said on the air you'd like to take back or change press but you don't have a national audience focus on all the time what i was doing tampa chicago it right you know not real it's a team game michael in revenge game yeah it was a i was a one in verses you know one jamison yeah yeah and not a lot of people probably watch and so you're climbing yeah you had the rams broncos yes we ran to get your answer dolphins okay dolphins troy this wow yeah that's a that's a this couple big markets there when you were first getting started like what are some of the things that you picked up on and you know your first season doing these games that you wouldn't have known beforehand i you know i don't i don't know that i picked up on i think i'm far more aware of of one what i know
of more aware of what i don't know so like one of the things that i have done if i've leaned on guys that i have relationships with like from a coverage point 'cause you know you know the basics of four or two or you know one or a cover three or you know you understand the basics of it but you you to become more versed in it and the more versed you become the hard part is dumbing it down so will understand it so i want to know for myself the hell's going on but at the same time i'm like but you can't talk about hey there cover to that corner rolled up and you see the it because that you just lose everybody you sound like a big you know you sound like a dummy it right yeah yeah just are you just like talking over every said in there never is like well that guys you know that guy whatever to be able to to talk about it in to get away from the football language that you
you know you've learned like i say three technique and i say things like that old time in an my produce is like what does that mean i go you been producing games forever what do you mean you said in your ear well that's just their sandwiches affect the average person has no idea what you're talking about right and so to be able to articulate the game in a way though the average guy who thinks he knows but doesn't know can actually understand what you're talking about and that's a choice launch because you have a vernacular that you you kinda learned over the course of time that to you it's it's normal right so i'm like i i went over to shanahan's house mike shanahan so tanning bed it's a man yeah it's in that that place is a hotel i
you know we have we've heard it's jackie kills next time your total take okay it was not a mike yeah let's just walk around yeah and then we'll just we'll do that thing where we just we don't leave and yes can't figure out that were still there right yeah yeah but you would not know yeah i know it's that is houses like thirty four thousand square that's like the tom hanks movie see how long we can live in mike shanahan's how's your out him knowing i think as long as we stayed out of the tanning bed we before yeah yeah i think he was that on the record cabinet right but mike like i sat with him in his office for three hours just going over it was fast then going over route concepts in and just offensive concepts and kind of the evolution of of how how these routes in these route combinations created like hey this is how we started and then it morphed into this and then it morphed into this and there's a there was a concept that we talked about when rg3 was the rookie of the year
in one thousand he probably threw it for three thousand four hundred yards or whatever on that rookie season athous of the yards came from one concept called x drift and it's essentially it's essentially an x running and in cutting router about twelve yards the x receiver and it's all of a play action and there's really just one guy you're thrown too and you roll in to a game like that when you have that ability to run it and do what they do and that's you one target like it it's you you go it's a one receiver route essentially and they picked up a thousand yards this is making me feel better because that's how i play mat find the one play that works and just keep running it right right over right it's it's it's that's exactly what it is all on the same with my chance to win the guy we guys tell you hey i think i got better by playing madden and we all like giggle about a like that guy's an idiot
you might actually just get better playing that not that work there do you think shannon is going to coach again is you want to coach again i think i've talked to him about this i don't know that here's the deal i think there are probably twelve teams in the national football league that are legitimately concerned about winning a superbowl others are just they're just trying to make we're just trying to just make a sale yeah right there you would like well can you name well i think the broncos are generally concerned about that i think that new england patriots or are you a truly concerned about winning championships i i think green bay is in that realm i think by pitts burg pittsburghers certainly in that room i think the the baltimore ravens are dedicated to that i think there are certain owners that that's what they're in
thanks for and then i sink their certain owners they're just in there to build equity on a year to year basis and watch their franchise go from you know a hundred ninety million when they bought it up to two billion dollars in in every now and then catch light yeah every playoff game right you you you make the right pics and and your your quarterback plays out of his mind or whatever and you can ride that would not feel and i know where the chicago bears land okay the watch yeah that's not really up for debate where we used to be a day when the water rescues land on the other side we had another owner yeah yeah john's dad yeah what about which book it is jerry jones fallen all that see i think i think jerry jones once is genuinely wants to win it will spend the money to win it but he won't get out of jerry jones is way to win it yeah he's almost too involved
i've always said i they'll never win until he is ready to actually actually relinquish control i mean it's one thing to appoint a guy you know head coach order is it is an entirely different thing too and power that god right and it it's the same thing and wash it you can't have a you can have a back staircase up to the owners office if you don't like what's going on and say hey i don't like this coach and i don't like what's happening over here and you guys were all children mean so we're guys way right and if you can get away with something or if you yeah i don't have it says no you go ask right exactly he says yeah right that and i think it's you know i think it's an issue you know you can sit here and say you know i mean jones the other day yeah gerry here's jerry jones the other day and and i'll paraphrase is but he says well we haven't will you know he always although it is a we haven't had a true will the number one receiver you know the
and he said we only have one in that in like decades ago mungeri you're the general manager right yeah you're the guy who's picking him right right right yeah i know it's very important on you that you haven't had a real number one because you know he was responded dez and everybody say bring dez back and you know i mean i think it's kind of on you know about this thing is just drunk all the time where would you put the thirty thousand owners in green bay for this one thirty v as in only a single yeah really want to win the organ i like what do you guys all i ask you guys a question what was it more impressive like beer concern or impressive that aaron rodgers is able to do what he did last night or you know on monday night football and bring them back in fourth quarter like he always does or was it that francisco who's got fifteen guys on ir and and cj bethards leading them it goes down
you know the last second of the game right he's got to bring like what what's like to me the story the bigger story is you're in green bay against an injured san francisco team that just lost to the arizona cardinals the week before you got wait last thirty seconds to well to me the packer and i hate aaron rodgers but he covers up for so much bad play right aaron rodgers is so you know above everyone else is a quarterback that you know you've seen when brett hundley comes in and they become one of the worst teams in the league and that's essentially aaron rodgers like he can take a team and make it he was playing with you know backup wide receiver size divine the adams last night and he too it's a team that is pretty much of look at their roster not a very talent roster but then he elevates them all to a certain level so probably say that it's aaron rodgers who makes that happen in not like the packers defense has been a problem for a long time right and i
and that's one of the things that goes back on coaching back on you know back on general managing back on i think you rest or you get you get comfortable and i think the other thing is is you lie to yourself when you got a call like i i always you say this about paid manning in his indianapolis days is that he makes up for it you know it's like compound w just neo spread himself all over warts right and the so that you get into is that i think you get this self confidence that were pretty good and i used to say it all time i like hey there in eighteen eighteen without peyton manning in indianapolis people be so pissed off at me like i'm like dude there lay like tell one thirty the team then they lose and they go to fortinos like wow i weigh over estimate how good you guys are you're not a we're all state runs up been more attacked isn't a pro ball type yeah shop and i think that's i think that's were green bay is is they they just get you know they get so
they did with the success of aaron rodgers and they think there are a lot better than they really are and then you know and then like you said you lose him and you're like ooh actually say spire five coaches the like right hey we're not developing kids enough let's far these coaches in in you now you know not now we're gonna go their defenses gotten just bad enough in green bay where it's almost become an asset at times like late in the fourth quarter they'll give up that three point lead or they'll give up you know tying touchdown with about exactly a minute to two minutes left on the clock and ensure that and rogers arrival as an elective do you also surpassed on that has like i mean you saw that in in new england to where the chiefs you know they they score on the patriots and tied up the game engine left tom brady would like fifty seconds in minutes something like that to drive down here so it's like now in in the nfl is like whoever gets the ball last lot of times if you've got that great office is going to want to buy the whole the nfl's kind of screwed because the offense is just rude like the offense rules everything now and they protect the quarterback to such a level that these guys it sometimes it looks
the two cheese patriots game look like he was playing seven on seven yeah it no it did here's here's the deal like i would if it irritates me you know i'd like i'd like to see some hits again i see some had on half for all yeah exactly right i want to see it slow down a little bit some foreman offense and all that kind of stuff but bottom line is this is we
created a generation of people who watch football based on fantasy football you know what is at stake i like this tank and now we're actually the end of all this to go to okay you look fantasy football here it is yeah there's been as he put before it goes back to the list last night monday night with a minute left it was thirty thirty those are not on the patriots game on sunday night it was forty forty with me i love it can itself you know i mean last year we were talking about like let it last year we're talking about you know anthem protests in dealing and all that kind as of now all we're talking about points a palooza mean everybody's excited that's a much better narrative yeah yes all right let's talk about go ahead i i was just going to say like so you're the guy that you were talking about earlier you study the trenches more than you look at the guys on the outside i want to
in your opinion because we're dumb you know we are fantasy football generations will we don't necessarily know that much about what's going on in there i know that the giants are probably the worst offensive line in the nfl would you agree with that yeah they're not good now who is the best you know what i just did a rams game the rams are phenomenal like todd gurley it was it was interesting the rams are they give the illusion of complex the right they've got all this motion and they've got stuff going all over the place and you think oh my god you know there i kill us in the passing game and they've got motions here in jeff sweeps here it ghost motion here and you know fly sweep over here and then they just hand it to todd gurley and he bludgeons you but the interesting thing watching them is by the time todd gurley gets the ball and he enters the line of scrimmage he's at three yards of just mosh pit runs and then he just key
moved his legs in its is in it it also you look at it second down and six and there's just as big you know big mosh pit just moving forward and they have consistently just re establish the line of scrimmage whitworth at the left tackle is playing great roger roger saffold full i don't know that there's a guy that comes off the ball and just absolute lee punches people lips better than s let me just comes the bone sinks his hips and and thunder punch i'd like to and yellow six isn't under gas yeah i was like football porn right there yes he is as an oily wasted like bender yeah study the rams what do you think there's a weakness on their team do you think what what's the way to beat the reading the broncos covered they were they were close at times yeah now i i think there's i think there's obviously they they their injury the injury to cup that hurts them a bit i think they're the biggest weakness like when it keep to leave
back he's kind of the soundtrack of the defense and he's one of the smartest football guys you'll ever talk to like he released he's i think he's really help marcus peters develop as well so when he comes back that'll solidify the back end of their defense quite a bit i think their weaknesses they don't really have an edge pass rusher guy now aaron donald is like that dude got a rock strapped up his ass i mean that that do gets off the ball how would you block him i would first i would pray that he would be you told the out of his way yeah every play thing you did that right yeah yeah i would say there's no es no question try to change it sets as much as possible and like i said just really hope that he's not permanently ill none and we would like you know just by a little under the under the weather right just the flu thing right right right right the other thing i mean the feel was pristine when i played we used to ask our our our our our turf guy was named ross crew cab and i get there early and ask
like a can you water down like the edges i want the field the sloppy paul d linemen hate messy feel like they want to turn a corner and stuff i want just to be like a just a a kind of picks die wet in it like you know because that i think that for me advantage me i'm i'm you know i'm fat i'm not athletic and i'm injured and and so that helps me quite a bit right i would be out there banging the drum from our our field guide a kind of water we actually do that you go out there like with a hose and put an extra so you don't just outside the numbers should get a little edges the study on the sprinkler straight into enough you just go ahead piss out there so it's a little bit what i got asked this question because we had this conversation last year and i'm wondering if it's the more things change the more they stay the same the quarterback situation in denver are you buying case keenum
he has not he is he just has been very good he is missed you know he's missed a bunch a wide open targets they win that game against kansas city in denver and that's an easy throw its it is there's cover to see the core rolls up the safety they ran laws or audience alright yes start but it's also a and words and stop talking okay all right so they run two receivers on on goes inside and outside receiver and inside receiver was a tight end he tied up the safety and so the same can get over so demerits tom's rundown wide open outside like you put that body on the merits is are you put the ball on his body it's a touchdown catch any sale that you know three yards over his head he he said old three or four throws against the games that were wide open like to his his eating give his guys even a chance right now part of it is part of it is your offensive line stinks you know it's a
speed up your footwork and you speed up your footwork working the ball just gets out of your hands and sometimes the timing of your footwork work in the routes don't line up and that's a big issue when you don't when you're not protected so but yeah he hasn't he played very well they're there they have play well a swag swahili people love yeah is that one of those things where it's like you know the most popular guy in town jack up quarterback ours yeah because i think he's he might be good he may be he may be you know i mean that the thing is is the preseason and everybody gets enamored with the backup quarterback preseason he was playing you know against against the twos and threes he got a couple series against arizona and they're ones in the last preseason game and he looked like a back quarterback yeah against once and so you know they paid obviously case a bunch of money and
it is honor going they're going to try to draft a quarterback in second part of the question is is there any type of sacrilegious to say but is there any type of hey what's on how we doing you can't get a quarterback in in denver there's a ton of it really yeah the talk in denver because you have to look at like there's a bunch of players right now that you would like to replace there's there's guys you like to replace on the team that your drafts have been up until this year this year was a really good draft for them courtland sutton can play you know bradley chubb can play they got josey jewell and like the fourth round he's a good player are they got the freeman kid you know they picked up phillip lindsay's awesome who's who's great so they had a really good draft this year the issue is in the in the previous two or three years before that their drafts have been horrid i mean horrid and so there's a couple of guys i'd like to replace their like well you know the problem is is no
b behind and can play right and that's kind of what that they're kind of stuck in that so when you make those kind of mistakes and you make them consistently over several years it ends up just destroying any potential death so so what what is it like what like being in denver now and having people say maybe not cold directly it's on that would be like hey what's going on here they're pretty much go are you going to adam i try not to you know casually several asian ship with them like friendly relations yeah absolutely the ever like hey why do you say that on yeah i really every now and then i get a call yeah what's the worst thing you've ever said about john our i i criticize i criticized their decision to let tj ward go a year ago and he wasn't it is when it whenever you have anything bad to say about trying to we just let us know right i'll say it will
a four year safely into your mouth piece but there are a lot of people saying that maybe john elway does one get a quarterback in denver because he wants to be known as the only denver quarterback all time i think it will he he that that theory is just busted because he did go out and get paid paid man okay ever that's alright yeah i i will i will tell you this one time i said he's in the time i got in trouble john i said that you can be fast in down play in the national football league but you it be slow and dumb and actual national football league in his offensive line or slow and dumb and a phone call but it's it's just because you're a media but you also played with him so it's a weird dynamic it is a weird dynamic and sometimes you know sometimes he's really angry at me right and then you guys
hey carl when we see each other the gets mad and then i'm like i'll stop like stop it that's what i you know it is my job right to be honest you do your job i'll do my job right exile got a job i got a job that's what you got to say that's right okay i all right what do you think about pap homes you going to just own the a f c west forever i was watching your pat my homes are actually like
he the path yeah that's right you know what i think of when i think of pat you remember the old sesame street with my naman up yes my name anna but yeah my momma not allow no no no no it's like one of those voices no matter how many times you hear it when you see him talking like that it just shocks you it's like watching cold water in your face yeah see the thing about kansas city for me is i like to refer to them as september's darlings june right okay yeah because they're all right there are you know in a bunch of games in september and january is going to come around and they're just going to get pummeled you know yeah but i i it's one of those guys it was like alcohol patch made like there's gonna be a learning curve here right rice tech tech right like those of quarterbacks that's what i did right exactly yeah and i'm i gotta admit like i i what
kansas city i watch the come back against denver you know i'm at i'm at home it's monday night and i'm you know i'm a number i'm a demo i'm a bronco you're right the broncos broadleaf of critical i'd love the broncos i found my don't tell anybody this i found no okay like the like i was like oh my god this kid like i was like totally enamored like to the point where i feel the game was done i need a shower like i did what i just did was wrong like i committed football adultery yet on my football yes and i i felt guilty about yeah as an office lyman when you have a guy like that who sometimes does better out of the pocket just like a one plays break down here but how do do you block any differently do it do is there like something in your mind it's like you know what
you know if i give up like a little bit of an inside rusher is nothing in the world can bring it out so i'll just i'll just try to wash the dude and give my guy chance like you always like you always like to be clean and protection but if a guy gets on your edge a little bit you're just like i'm just going to try to wash him by and let that guy go sound like you talk to two guys that can do at the have that ability that he has and the big thing special with young guys just go make a play for dude i might just go do something and he's been he's been so special but he's been special inside the pocket you know i think i think he's no good outside the pocket what he's done is so incredible that we tend to forget how damn goodies spin inside the boy being he absolutely guys been i hate to made it like i was like what is andy reid doing come out you can't get rid of
mehdi is good and then like oh ok yeah that's i guess abby rap just knows a lot more but it's amazing that that was actually a debate that we're having six bucks northrop mom said well i was i was saying with a drought them when you move it all the way up to ten to get to texas tech cornerback with all the idiots are you so you said at the beginning this interview that you don't care what you say meet you have virgin media there's no version over your ass yes but i was i follow you on twitter obviously and you drop the never played to a couple of trolls recently when or call me out because i was to defend you like i play defense in college where i have never strapped on anything so you could you could do the never played you could do that well let's see you have to put it contacts the never played is important okay so like for instance bill belichick has no idea what he's the greatest football coach would ever been around
we never he has no idea the ass pucker you get third down and all from your own six yard line right in the shadow of your own end zone where you could potentially give up a safety if you get a holding call and you got warren sapp breathing down your neck or lawrence taylor or reggie white i've been there there's no way that that there's no way that that the greatest coach in the world can even happen can't understand what that feels like i can
and i've been there right he can't just like i can't understand what it's like to be you know super popular podcasting stars like have you guys is on one right twenty buffalo wing right a little jacket a chinese food on top of it right you haven't been there yes yeah click away that lori was wrong you up yeah i don't know if you're gonna ask about the vikings are the steelers yeah he's with the list that we deal with this aussie it's harder than people think that we should do that was never podcast it yeah yeah yeah that's a good one but the okay so that we can because eventually somebody i think most people on twitter pretty dumb yeah well they will drop that him on there like okay you win they can see the tuck tail and and get out sound let's just do some sparring real quick okay you tell me i've never played you think you got me beat well work which better ruth's chris steakhouse house or mcdonald's the steakhouse i've never been a chef so on yeah but i
eating plenty of stakes down on what you want yeah right i watch more football than you have for that but that which is fine yeah i watch a lot of football but again you can't have the feeling like i can eat the steak and i've cooked steak like at the anything like somebody asked me this about my acting career were you what might think you're asking because you're my acting career sucks but here's the deal rocket over right yeah at least i know what it's like to suck right so when you're sitting on the couch in your fat are you thinking about
to get some defeat and your life are that wouldn't academy award i could have done that no you could know your fat and you're hungry so you know i mean does that make sense he just beat you know i don't know if i don't know if it does yeah because i think i counted and pretty great with the i've watched more football yeah but he brought up the acting career yeah that's true i did yeah i did here's what to do i just take pictures of your super war exile yeah i you know i was just talking about this too i i thought you were my problem is my problem is that i am move for on the acquaintance zone to the friend zone way too quickly that's that's my problem so i'll meet you and your son of celebrity and we're like cool because i'm like you know hey it's good to meet you blah blah blah and everything
and then i start giving you grief like you're part of the the boston yeah yeah and you are you got a bigger celebrity than i do and the next thing i know i don't get invited to go back on ballers because that would happen i'm thinking that maybe you busted rocks ball i don't even i did because it's just what i do and then i'm thinking and then i'm thinking how is it that all of a sudden you're not returning my text messages i don't know why i think that maybe i could have been in it it's your credit the rock probably has like one thousand and so he also probably never gets his balls busted yeah that's true like the rock probably doesn't have a lot of it you probably got a lot of yes men around is probably not like you know one of the guys like just you know around so okay
the rock we know your listeners will you get you get all that are both right you're back in yeah i know i know that's what i that's what i love about you that's what happened with me and arnold schwarzenegger you bust his walls okay so maybe you're just an me and also may would also hillside with me and kevin costner did you see that arnold schwarzenegger no i didn't bust arnold he didn't like because i was a lot bigger than yeah so he would eventually stis shoot it sure as i'm sitting here you bet four hundred and fifty nobody nobody cares about budget squad tober how much squad and i can't i don't squad yeah i got how much your dad benching that's a better grasp my dad my dad will bitch at seventy nine i bet you can bench three hundred or close to thirty five that's insane particularly my dad is a freak show did i came home so he was down this weekend i come home from fry i do the interviews with the broncos 'cause i'm the
so i roll home in friday it was like sixty five degrees i walked outside in my dad no shirt freaking pair it cut off shorts looks like george michael you know back in the day with the lamb i mean a couple apples poking out the back yoke is the big issue it's a pretty good of that seventy nine all right my last question it's a cd question put a promo code take you get ten dollars off your seat you can purchase another thing you said on twitter and i need some clarification on this jj i had a small back fracture and you said the only sports that have you can play with a small back fracture or hockey and football right now two part question first part did you forget about lebron's pretty much broken hand in the nba
that's a significant injury wouldn't you say is basically broken in two you sickly did you play with that were actually supporting him kind of pretty much pretty much broken hand did you play with black back fractures i played with herniated discs in my back hurt a couple of discs and how to have back surgery so and the reason i said that is like you know i always get the the you know doctor or after a surgery like after a surgery every doctor says you know it was a successful surgery like i mean don't like the fact they don't say you're dead right so they don't even be a right no they just are like hey up like it's successful surgery at this guy doesn't cover that's his fault because i was freaking phenomenal in there you see me i surgery that thing right up writing and so they yeah i mean that's
it is always like it puts it back on you the onus like nobody ever comes out goes out listen we had a holiday party i was hammered last night it wasn't my best it was my best work i'm gonna be honest it was my best work you should i don't know i fifty fifty your cover you know i mean nobody ever comes out saying that and so i had just had back surgery and i'm on i'm on i just in a pair of shorts in am in the broncos training room and i'm on the elliptical not the elliptical put the pike and just move around you know you're trying to fly blood and everything else and so this group of this contingent of doctors and med students or whatever are coming in doing rounds and you know every now and again you have that in the in the nfl of the doctors come in and other people come into kind of observe how you guys do your business and so i'm on there with no shirt on and there's doctors are and while mark just had baxter done and one of the one the doctors are like oh that's a nice car and i looked him
yes as long as it's on my back it's a great score right on your back this score suck right right any like they did state city audit great but in the nfl you know you you play with broken fingers in broken ends in you know and injuries and i think i've had i've had several teammates of mine that had a quote unquote groin injury entire season they played with and then they come back and go hey on your exit interview we recheck that mri and actually i've got a hernia right and we just didn't see it the first time all right the first time but now sure you have surgery to fix that jesus christ and then you just failed your next physical address and now you can't be yeah you're damaged goods i mean it's true the j jive playing with a small fracture in his back is pretty pretty fucking impressive yeah but it's
you the thing is and i always say this about the nfl your people so you will you can't play injured we got play hurt you you have to play injured and more importantly how to play well injured because if you don't you lose your job right and then somebody else will take it in you know that and your your damaged goods yeah we do have a segment on the show hurt or injured where we determine if somebody's hurt or injured you probably are the person ask okay where is that line what hurt or injured yeah well injured is when you have to have surgery that holds you out okay okay okay so that so i had the surgery on my foot that help me out but it turns out i didn't need the surgery actually that was an example of a surgeon when i woke up they said hey we rooted around in your foot for awhile and it turns out that we couldn't find the fracture right and so we just showed you back up maybe it was a miracle
is that about right yeah i yeah i know what you do have jesus yeah it was stigmata yeah that's what was going on okay so so an injury is if you have if you have an injury that required surgery that you yeah you're gonna have to miss time i didn't you know i mean depends on what kind of surgery you have you know i mean okay time you all right one last question then this is a gambling edge here does the bye week do you really feel refreshed after bye week like to do guys you know because it was got nagging injuries in the nfl right when you come back for bye week does the team feel better yeah better but yet the majority of guys do depends on you know what you do on your file because there's yeah every team has every team has probably four five touch guys that you have to baby sit
you gotta worry kind about what they're going to do on their bye week depending upon how important they are to your team right you know they may come back more exhausted right then write them when they left right so those guys i gotta worry about but i think for the most part most guys legs when they come back the most guys legs and joy come back then yeah yeah yeah a little bit fresher how happy the never to play thursday night football really happy yeah there is that yeah that was well i did a plate on thanksgiving yeah yeah so you felt it yeah i'm a much much happier not having played thursday night yeah fall of course for more gambling advice is a really an edge that you can get if it's like a rookie quarterback our first time starting quarterback or just have a team has a lot of first time players have never played in the altitude in denver before altitude and air yeah altitude is real but the thing is is the broncos have to be good
okay received yeah so there's a kind of yeah that is a four hour it helps if the other guy has sickle cell too yeah because i understand they can't fly yeah yeah that's good does that does help all right mark schlereth always fun thank you my furniture you can bust our balls anytime will still invite you back yeah right to want you john john elway to you know get a fistful knuckles just now actually tell john to come on the show we can reach you know we can repairs image in denver
yes yeah i hear heard that sperm some from a source of people are very down on him so okay he comes on the show we'll make him seem like level i'll let i'll let you know yeah and i'm getting make him pull it over to you you're an and we're just taking you seem cool we are the force was all right mark thanks so much all right that interview the stink was brought to you guys by mugsy jeans and we're gonna do another layer is pick will this go on big cat who we have a huge huge show me patio with your words and the cowboys and sunny rahl john maryland right i want to talk to you guys about mugsy jeans while areas making his pick i'm wearing now are you wearing your speak at damn amp there so stretchy they're so nice guess what it's fall everyone my pumpkin spice lattes footballs in full affect the weather is finally chilled out and there's no
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get to some segments oh fuck up its breakthroughs and we have chocolate milk funny how that worked out great pft commenter cracking open right now the red sox won they're going to world series good i'm glad for you as boston fan this is you know it's been a long time coming for the husband who would you rather face bruiser dodgers dodgers you will do that to tommy are you calling you going to post and they want to story i don't know if you go in yard on time on tommy tommy tommy's life's online i also have a note for big cat from friends real quick before you do that are you going to be comfortable murdering tommy lasorda 'cause you will be responsive word i mean if it's gotta happen it's gotta happen ok well it's real sad everyone's everyone's got to go now every woman is silent for hank what he just did now every yes that comes out of my tail
listen tommy when he doesn't really looked uh sorry wouldn't want us to waste anytime jesus not want us to waste anytime i'm just saying hank any future guest that comes up on my take will now be afraid that hank will murder them good i like that intimidation ok dear big cat week things have been tough really they have bulging disc the cubs being knocked out of the playoffs there's the wild card game with i don't even know if that counts as the playoffs well chocomilk is an ideal recovery drink after a tough workout it's rick three powers do not extend to back pain or emotional distress however chocolate milk is delicious so to help make this difficult period a little better we wanted you to have this care package of creamy and delicious chocolate milk please feel free to share fifteen hank but not bubba cup surely your friends at built with chocolate milk are they cool with you just drop an f bomb in the middle that yeah i talk to him last night fuck you actually did
uh let's start with restrained from trying to fight him nice first up we have our friend old friend lenny dykstra little pr one hundred and one for len dog yeah did you see the sweet hike i've seen a lot of things the past few weeks well lenny decided tonight he said anyone know which countries don't have extradition arrangement with the us asking for friend and front and then somebody replied and said my friend might be able to help you out tag this friend and it was like hey what's up lenny i might be able to help you out and then it was like following you now dmv so let's crack the code on how to get out of going to jail in the united states and that's by asking people for help on a public app on a public app asking people if he can fleet he also the rest of the entire we should we should do a true crime podcast everyone is doing like a sir well first yeah we should do in just for lenny dykstra's crimes but it's all just yeah he did it yeah
yeah i went turns out are just as well every crime he's been accused of he's done and many many more he i also then use the room the replies as a roasting of different countries and also a rating of the women in those countries so someone said i'd say afghanistan is the place to go he said fuck it all that place is dangerous so we said rush i said intriguing but some of those women lovely as they are our fears hashtag scared costa rica provide and the ladies are supposedly hot with two teas there too so it's essentially this is like anti burdine rest in peace it's like a junk yard version of traveling the world at the at the board and it's actually not a bad idea to instead of just it's sending our armies places we should just send lenny dykstra overseas and just annoy the shit out of other countries just said they don't like sure up the problem is with lenny if you were to try to like get to the airport he'd have to get into a cab to get there and then he'd get kicked out of the cab for like pulling a gun
and and and smoking meth in the back of it so ladies kind of he's he's kind of arrested himself in a way yes this one is the best one arizona he replied too hot hated away games at the marlins so we're over the place on the arizona still in america so yeah la so i told me what he likes her liked other parts my me though i don't know what's going on with lenny but i let's hope he gets out of the country safely is that what it doesn't mean you wish so are are we aiding and abetting i don't know do you wish someone that at this point i think so good luck let me yeah good luck he almost fell for league marble floor but he was too so yeah you can trust his way into the winter at all he has seen it all all right next up we have a we just convinced lenny i swear that puerto rico is a different country yeah so it doesn't have an exploration start our own sovereign country and just invite him yeah i actually it's a terrible idea so we have ready for this
yep you this okay last night opening night nba archer's two nights ago kevin durant back bench tweeted well instagrams one down at one more what a night his brother tony tony duran tony duran replied to the instagram yes sir brother fill in the hand up before we get out of here huh hi setting in finland yes sir brother feel in the hand up before we get out of here kevin durant is a free agent this year so so looks like he's going to la so he's get another ring and then he's getting the fuck out he michael so your so we fill it filling also the ring rings was yeah yeah he's got three rangers so i don't know we'll see this is
to be more is going to sign for me that my mini signing an extension will this give me the grace free agents summer of all time is our base we have come in it being like can an entire internet troll him into the going to the knicks just to try to get his like a like this made up masculinity back that weave cited he doesn't have to be careful if you go to the next we might end up becoming as best friends but we really would be like if you go to the next it is such a bad winter twitter and instagram told him if he goes to the no yeah he i've got his baby back we will take away the triple b if he goes to next gear so here we go kevin durant and when you put your pros and cons on a sheet this summer just put in the pro pardon my take will stop on the a b back pension that's a great one actually that's a huge i might be number one yeah that might be number one in like two hundred million alors whatever this gonna houston accused i think you can relax i hope so i doubt that would be awesome we would become best friends and
i should be great because we like what if we became best friends and then just became like bitches to everyone's like to the media just showed up i was like we're not talking kevin kevin's not talking today in everyone's yeah i'm pretty good at putting my hand into a camera lens she like nasa if a bomb no more fucking questions this interview is done listens like i don't know why these guys media times near me times over you can schedule in advance like everybody else yes we're out we're out of five hundred let's do hurt or injured let's go get macha staying in the nba we have a model right now we just to yeah let's do that yeah to that model we explain what marcia had a let's do that much because i don't know either much like when when on the very scared south south american wild cat eats cocoa beans and then ship them out that's much of your drink yeah that doesn't sound like fun that's a green paste it's weird okay it looks like to use from teenage mutant ninja turtles or the boogers from double dare yes it looks a
so it was basically it's coffee but it's a different colour so people are more likely to take pictures of it for instagram it is make your shits different color you know i'm not sure i mean a lot of much i haven't had enough yeah well you ignorant stricken trucking coal coal let you know regular cough i coffee i saw emily ratajkowski's husband there once really he was not as an answer did you really like hey man how you learn that i decided to you to help you would say that that would be the weirdest thing of all time yeah really up men like just give me some tips your was pretty hot that's a good starter next time we have jerry o'connell here that's that's intro yeah with how do you know how do you know what emily read your house keys husband looks like i mean i follow emily ratajkowski on instagram how to do what it
well i have an apartment i'm surprised to recognize you without without your shirt off tim hank you creep in i guess the that's what creeping i would not out of a lineup no all right so he ever heard i don't know where we are where it hurt or injured for dwight howard what now it missed this first home for the wizards tonight there might have been a second injured but you guys hear this but now know hear you hear this our pain in the ass that's why yeah there you go that's an actual thing that is an actual thing he just yes the poop yeah he's like my but it was actually his tailbone so dark it's yeah so is that little bone but it's just so it's just great watching dwight howard the start of the big three and the washington wizards and then you see cross the ticker dwight howard out but
but you have to you have to ask your team to like make up a different injuries and i think i i think wizard said hello back tailbone i think it was there's a back but then reporters right now it's but you know here it is by i've i can see about injury my away yes absolutely he got on that but machine on the jim could take some tips from leri think gerald yeah you like that i thank sorry i think we spun hank out of it like in a very very bad weather yeah and he's like dude you should not know emily radical skis husband i think i got i got some things about all right like two years ago i think we called on the show that short shorts were coming back in the nba yes what's a progress update on that they lebron's trying okay not really though in a fucking classic lebron right now he's wearing compression shorts underneath which takes away from the whole point of wearing shorts he wrote his lesson when he showed his dick to everybody before happy after he also isn't wearing short shorts because he's just he's talking he's like talking the waistband so it's not even
short so he said he's in the way they talk that's why i moved from middle school not talk a little way span he's like he's he's overlapping it so he's base leaving his appreciate his he's rolling ways yes like cheerleaders yeah i can today essentially he's wearing sophie shorts aha which are also coming back yes so that's what lebron's doing so i guess the update is not fully back but kind of back i love lebron yellow already looks great on wow brings out his belly damn two that's it's weird it's gonna take a little bit time to get used to that thank i hate it yeah it's just for something about it like just looks very very we any dozen carol passed one which was to make movies be steve jobs all right thoughts and prayers before we get to the hanks grab bag of thoughts and prayers to the nc double a the g league has come out and they have said that they are giving a one hundred and twenty five thousand dollar contract to two players that
eligible for the one and done and they want to skip college a socially they're doing what lavar ball was trying to do yes ending levar balls career before up again so this is trouble for the answer but it's not trouble for everyone because obviously like coach k pays people way more than one hundred and twenty five thousand dollars probably bill self too but it was going to be matic for some of the also rans the nc double and so they're gonna be kids getting paid like a hundred twenty five thousand dollars to go live in south dakota yeah whatever well yeah let me ask you this you're in lee prospect high school high school all right so you have an offer to go to unc and get screamed at by roy williams wearing different shades of plaid jackets for a year as if i ask kids for money edit page yes you have an posof said no no longer the coach at kansas because i got fired and rested got it so roy williams is offering you zero dollars or you can
play in bismarck for a year and make one hundred and twenty five thousand dollars riding a bus in playing in front of forty people at night do have to go to class at unc it's you and see okay so yeah true i'm say i'll go to you and say okay you'd rather play for free yeah from level game well for you know what i'm saying for free yeah for free i got you yeah free i'll play for free wink so i he got game mike this would let his eyes chapel hill are bismarck where the ladies at when he had this is gonna be layers because it's going to be basically the biggest nerds go to the g leak the guys who like couldn't we couldn't figure out a way to get paid through their aa you coach yeah just figure it out yeah everyone's getting paid just get paid by the answer by all right i'll finishing up hanks grab bag let's do it how does win stop a doesn't that's because there's a circle schools for the earth keeper well the wind is caused by the earth turning yeah i put through the air noble wind like the wind you feel right now
that was the same wind that was blown christopher columbus all over the fucking place yeah here's a little experiment breathe in real deep through those because my mouth no as i said dear revell has farted that air gross yeah fucking anchovy yeah you sucked as far as to at this very second you're the oldest you've ever been and the youngest you'll ever be whoa dammit what about now yeah okay i thought i could surprise attack getting old sucks but i did die my hair the i read i do you guys think it looks good yeah i think we need to go
darker really yeah why just because it's kind of like you can really tell we talk you can tell you know you so i had a lot of gray hairs you should go peroxide blonde like a skate park for maybe get from the night my tips yeah yeah put some sun and there are some orange juice i would allow us to do in the bleach tips little j t in the late nineties yeah talking justin timberlake guys are we're just to go to flush we all know it goes the sewers but then where that this is actually something i've thought about like not a lot but a good amount is a lot of poop somewhere in this world right now like a lot of it where it goes into our crops that we eat turns into fertilizer no i don't think human poop start okay i always now this might sound dumb that we just flush it down the earth yes in the coal lava yeah yeah burns up why don't we do that we probably should yes
like really we can just incinerate all of our trash we just get it down a volcano i think it just goes into the ocean and well the problems that were like somebody else is going to solve that official gracious given figure this out yeah we're fine i mean i think at the ocean is filled with fish it someone listening to this right now definitely is like an environmental scientist please tweet us and let us know where this actually goes because i will she curious and i'm not going to i'm not curious enough to google i'm curious enough to scroll twitter and see it well i think it just goes to twitter dot com yeah that's true go to your time oh how does deja vu work who it's a glitch in the matrix because right now we're all living in a computer simulation uhhuh that's being run by ilan mosque so when you when you see something that the second time it is just i it's our it's already happened and it's being replayed by acts it's like a cd that skips yes i i get it often and i don't know
why but i get it off and and so i think i'm actually think that means that i'm the one that's just you meeting the same people on the one in the mail lenny dykstra must have crazy deja vu yeah every day yeah everything's lazic holy crap i think i've met you before she and she's a she's like yeah you're the one that didn't pay me for the sex last week two yeah right and i'm back well crazy deja vu i got herpes again allegedly allegedly allegedly care giver caretaker to mean the same thing but given take our offices the touch not true and i learned this the hard way care taker is some is that handles dead bodies in a mortuary yeah so called recipe caretaker is okay a caregiver giver somebody that looks after somebody who's alive a caretaker has already take
care of you also when they say do you want to take care of this yeah you wanna take care of this this is my guy the iceman he's a caretaker yeah you gotta problem will take care and then if you want to say like hey i got a guy you gotta give some care too then you know what i'm saying there to rub it out no make sure you give me a sponge bath because he can't take a shower and stand up straight yes and maybe rub it out like will end on this one purple is the color royalty what is the color of poverty it's mean that's ugly that's really ugly why we don't portion green it's not shaving it we don't give a touch ironic is probably green because like poor people probably have more cash than rich people do cash on hand nine and in
what's well my catches the cloud bro lot of rich people they they're they're not fully liquid well they got to see someone actually have no idea how much money i have i like to stay on a hundred percent living would at all times yeah but to get a little bit more liquid yeah a little bit you gotta get liquid if you're not liquid you're not can move i know that's a good quote what it purple become the color of royalty i'd like some some fucking king in england who fucked like all his relatives and they just made more fuck babies relatives one of them was like he bumped into his coffee table and the hematoma like bruise got really purple on his shin and then they're like oh my god that's like king charles that's beautiful and then they said the color of the royal family and then he just keeled over and died and he was also seven years old that's actually close to my theory would be some some king or somebody in europe had like a skin disease when it turned purple and we're really fucking ugly and then they were like actually this is good
yes so you should all right yeah you should all strive to look like yeah right like us is i'm i'm the hottest one here because every time that i brush up against something i get a broad deep bruise in my skin it almost kills me like back in the day when they used to just tell people if if you're fat that's actually the most cool thing to be back in the day yeah what's coming yeah yeah aspect to it still a back power for wealth in was in yes that was there when now it's yeah but now it's munchies mound yeah right speaking munchies shout out to canada legalized one night says we should go up there we should not for the weak not just of color from the people just as important actually i really try to a lot of us great city do you think anybody's made a bong out of a moose yet they tried just only knows antler you mean doug ford definitely did it yeah porch brother correct bite but yeah same i'm all right we'll see everyone monday we have dave damashek the return of
world legend dave jam check and also if you listen to this right now you can let's keep us in the whole show but if you listen to this and you're in new york city may be positive at nine hundred and thirty cuz i'm going to be on wwf a n with boomer and gio right is that a boomerang interview boomer the fan and we got to stop saying boomer why safe everyone there like you're going to fucking chris berman like guys fucking boomers i'm just going to call him phil simms tomorrow yeah i'm going to do that only my stickman will do that the entire time and then your sons real shit head like portal yeah so why don't you tell your son to stop hating blake portals you asshole that would actually one time we should do that we should do a whole interview with someone and just pretend there someone else maybe tomorrow i would not play for anyone except ourselves but guess what were the most important people that's a little arrogant of you to say a little better you're forgetting about jesus love you guys
i'm a fun guy obviously i love the game of basketball i mean it's just more question you have to ask me in order for me to tell you about myself i just can't give you a whole school i don't even know where you sit in that
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